Cathy Cambridge in Alexander McQueen

Posted on September 14, 2012

Mrs. Cathy does it again.


Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge attend an official dinner hosted by Malaysia’s Head of State Sultan Abdul Halim Mu’adzam Shah of Kedah. Catherine wore an Alexander McQueen gown.

That’s not only a gorgeous dress, it’s doing double duty because it shows that Mrs. Cathy supports British design and that Mrs. Cathy is pretty good about dressing appropriately in another country without looking like she’s wearing a folk costume.

And can we just say how fucking thrilled we are that Mr. Bill is wearing a modern slim-cut suit in a very modern blue? Oh, Little Prince! You stopped dressing like daddy! We’re so proud.


[Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews]

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  • Gorgeous! Sublime! It’s so appropriate and kick-ass! Very well done indeed Kate!

  • Simply gorgeous!!!


  • Sobaika

    Stunning, graceful, without being over the top or forced. BRAVA!

  • Judy_J

    Fabulous, the two of them!  Her dress is gorgeous, and I love his blue suit.  Perfection.

  • Erm,….wow, just,…wow.
    I think I need to lie down a while.

  • She does look beautiful but I have to say I found the dress not really McQueen material. It looks a bit 80’s to me. 

    • A. W.

      It really looks like a design you could pick up in a shop on 30th and Lex, just rendered in a luxury textile.

    • lovelyivy

      Agreed- this is pretty, but I know I’ve seen folks wear similar dresses to their quinceniera. You can buy them on 149th street in the Bronx.

      • Introspective

        I LIVE for this comment. Maybe because im BX born and bred. I know 149th st. & the stores youre talking about all too well (!!!)

        I love Cath, and I love McQueen, but Im so glad some of my BKs spoke up about the rather pedestrian effect of this dress. Ive been to many a christening/wedding/sweet sixteen party in an outer boro and seen something akin to this number. And not even on the guest of honor…

        • Sobaika

          Hello fellow New Yorkers!

          In response to the ‘pedestrian’ comments on this dress – Can’t you find cheap alternatives to pretty much anything she’s ever worn? Or practically any piece of high fashion, for that matter? In all seriousness. With the exception of her hats and maybe a few key pieces, I’ve seen similar outfits on the general public. There was a sheeny coat-dress she wore during the Olympics that I was pretty similar to one I saw at Macy’s. Granted I thought hers and the Macy’s version were both pretty average but it still stands.

          What sets the upper echelons of fashion apart is the craftsmanship that goes into the pieces and that these are the people setting the trends as opposed to following them. Now, if you say that her dress doesn’t look like it had the same level of work put into it or that the overall effect is cheap or 80s, others would disagree but it would still be your opinion and valid. But I don’t really think saying you’ve seen it at a Quince before is the same thing.

          Random but, the Duchess and I have the exact same fcuk sweater dress, something I’m still very smug about 🙂

          • Introspective

            Yes, cheap alternatives exist for all forms of high fashion. Agreed. And CC’s style is very accessible so many a woman could put together an outfit that mimics hers successfully in a way that those wanting to emulate say a Tilda or a Cate Blanchett couldnt. Also I hear you on the issue of craftsmanship as being what sets high fashion apart from high street stuff. But the folks who begged to differ with those who thought this particular look was a knockout was because the dress rang quinceanera, which I think implies the very point that even with all the work put in the effect was cheap. And when I look at this dress again upon my return to the thread to respond to you, I still see cheap. Cant help it.

            on another note, nice to know how many NYC BK’s there are!!

  • Jenna621

    I agree; this is a gorgeous look.  I am sad you are not doing a play-by-play on her on this trip like you did for her America tour, but you have understandably been busy.  🙂 

  • A. W.

    Not thrilled with her dress to be honest, but I AM thrilled with his suit! When she was wearing a head scarf earlier today, I thought she was as chic as could be. I also can’t wait to see what happens regarding the nude photos…

    • Martha Deutsch

      Exactly what I was thinking. I can appreciate the dress for all the reasons mentioned, but I just think it’s ugly. He, on the other hand, looks smashing! 
      But, pray tell, what’s this about nude photos?

      • ChiliP

        I think the dress is beautiful, but I can see how some would think it’s a little Ren-Fair. She and William look beautiful, and very regal, together.

        The nude photo thing is a bit disturbing. She and William were on vacation in southern France earlier this month, and she was photographed sunbathing topless in their private residence. She wasn’t parading around topless on a nude beach or in public, so this feels rather stalkerish and like an invasion of privacy. She was lying out in a private location with only her husband around- I’m not sure why these pictures are fair game just because she’s a public figure. Poor Cathy.

        ETA: The link is to the story, not the pictures. I’m a little annoyed that some blogs are condemning the invasion of privacy while simultaneously showing the pictures. Hypocrisy much?

      • Sobaika

        Basically, she and Wills were sunbathing in a private French villa resort thing, and a creepy photographer was hiding in the bushes. The British press is refusing to publish the pictures because it’s such a gross invasion of privacy and they like to stay on the good side of the royal family. 

        It’s all rather tacky, especially given Princess Diana’s relationship with the paparazzi.

        • Patricia Gillett

          Especially the FRENCH paparazzi. 

      • ChiliP

        Why was my comment flagged for review? The link I provided did not show the pictures, nor did it even provide a link to the pictures. In fact I chose that very link because I didn’t want Ms. Deutsch to have to google “Kate Middleton nude pictures” and see the results. It was just a news link explaining the story. And I was editing my comment to clarify that the link did not contain any pictures and express my annoyance that certain blogs have condemned the invasion of privacy while simultaneously release the pictures.

        Anyways, irrelevant now, the “scandal” has been explained. Poor Kate.

        I’ll also repeat what I said about the dress- I think it’s beautiful, but I understand the criticisms. I think she and William look very striking together here.

        • All comments with links get flagged for review.

          • ChiliP

             Ah, I see. Thank you for clarifying. Probably a good thing you two do that- I can only imagine what gets posted on here at times.

    • pulpytomato

      You can’t wait to see what happens? Gross. What an awful invasion of privacy.

      • A. W.

        Please don’t jump to conclusions, dear! I’m excited to see if they’ll sue the magazine that published the photos. It is truly disturbing that an invasion of privacy like this is allowable, so if they sue and win, it would be a good precedent to help protect normal people (especially young women).

  • Oh, she looks very princessy!

  • jenno1013

    I love her hair pulled back and I would buy a coffee table book of just her clothes on this one trip.

    • grouchywif

       I wish she would wear her hair pulled back more often. When it is down, especially when she keeps it pulled forward over her shoulders, it is so heavy it overwhelms her small features. When it is pulled half up you can still see how luxurious her hair is, but you can also see how pretty her face is. A win-win.

      Now, if she would just ditch the constant heavy black eyeliner….

      • jenno1013

        I too have a love-hate relationship with her eye makeup. On the one hand, I love that she always does her own makeup with such a sure hand, but on the other hand, the picture of her I’d pay to see is one of her barefaced. I have this fantasy that when they have a kid, the first official pictures will feature her cuddling the baby on her shoulder with not a molecule of makeup on her face.

        • imspinningaround

          Like the photos David Beckham took of Victoria when she had Harper?  Which I thought were BEEEEEYOUTIFUL??

  • Leonardo Alves

    I love how it references a sort of peasant middle-age gown! It’s stunning! She looks every inch a princess!

  • ecallaw1977

    I’m ecstatic that he isn’t wearing a double-breasted suit.  I think it looks like Cathy has put on a few pounds, and it looks great on her!

    • The rumors of her being preggo are ratcheting up right now. I just think she ate something. Whatever it is, she looks beautiful.

      • jenno1013

        Based on the belted white eyelet suit she wore a couple days ago, I’m thinking the baby bump is a mirage.

        • Oh, I don’t think there’s anything to it. But I think she might have gained a little bit of weight, or eaten well a couple of times.

  • Jillaine13

    Two Thumbs Up!  For both of them. She always seems to hit the right note. I love her style.

  • mmgk

    I don’t love it.  The way the bodice is framed is throwing it off for me.  Also, the colors, shape and length of the gown make it slightly reminiscent of a tree topper angel. 

  • janetjb

    Wow.  They looks so regal. 

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Appropriate, gorgeous, all the good words!

  • Pants_are_a_must

    I like the dress, but I honestly think Will in that suit eclipses, for once.

  • PinkLemon

    Does anyone know if this was custom?

  • I died when I saw this gown, it is literally breath taking.  Then I almost died again when I saw Bill in a modern suit.  Gosh, what a difference, and what a pair.  I really enjoy them. 

  • DaveUWSNYC

    TRH look FAB

  • TheOriginalLulu

    That is such a gorgeous dress on her! I like the hair like that too. BRAVO!
    William – OMG YAY! I SO hope Kate has burned all his fuddy-duddy double-breasted suits. This is MUCH better. He’s a very handsome man, but the way he was dressing was so sad. The color is great.

    These two look fantastic together.

  • Neptune6

    Stunning fabric and the dress looks fantastic on her from most angles but I’m not a fan of the boobs-in-a-sling design element.

    • l_c_ann

      the boobs-in-a-sling design element

      is the way true dirndles are made.  A dirndle isn’t just a full skirt.

  • In_Stitches

    It’s a little Dubai Bride, no?

    • call_me_schmeg

      dubai barbie princess realness.

  • Jessi03

    I gasped.  She looks gorgeous.  

  • MoHub

    Double WERQ!

  • sarahjane1912

    Screams class, screams ‘princess’, totally in synch’ with the local cultural mores [covers her shoulders because she’s in an Islamic country] while still working a bit of cleavage in a beautiful way. 10/10, Mrs Cambridge. Thanks for the great pix, TLo. 🙂

    • PastryGoddess

      They were pretty high.  The official pics show them towering over the locals.  it was kinda funny 🙂

      • sarahjane1912

        Oh yes, I did read that! Chortle!

        But even so, I also understand that a couple of the royal bodyguards were injured — at one point on the Cambridge tour — because a push of tiny fans broke the security barriers! 😉

  • Yay, I was hoping you guys would talk about this one!  She is stunning!  And Wills looks great too.

  • call_me_schmeg

    can i just say how happy i am that it looks like she’s using a lighter hand with the blush. AND there’s not so much with the heavy lower-lash eyeliner. way to go, cath!

  • Morning gentlemen, agreed that Bill is looking great in his slim suit and I love the colour. However, they are typically more coordinated as an evening wear couple so I’m not sure what is happening here. I think her gown misses the mark a little. I feel the sleeves should have fit tighter and either have being longer or shorter. I adore the sweetheart neckline and the delicious creaminess of the colour but I feel McQueen (who rarely takes a misstep) doesn’t quite nail it here…..sorry !

  • Spicytomato1

    I’m sorry but I think Bill is the real headline here — he looks amazing in comparison to when he sports those DB suits! Taller, thinner, more mod. Wow.

    Cathy looks good, although I’m not a fan of the hair. Too girlish.

  • SapphoPoet

    Gorgeous. I love this gown and hope that we get to see it again. I read on another blog that the fabric is embroidered with hibiscus flowers (Ven!), in a gesture to the host country. 

    The dude in the suit looks pretty good, too. 🙂

  • AudreysMom

    One of my favorites for her, and for once, I can’t imagine (for this occasion) where anything but short sleeves would work. Gorge!

  • GorgeousThings

    There was a picture of her in a pleated skirt yesterday that had me wondering if, with the prints, the flared skirts and the enhanced cleavage that you can see her, maybe she’s in the family way? Plus, she has been looking positively radiant lately. That is one seriously gorgeous dress. 

    • sarahjane1912

      There’s been a LOT of chat about whether Cathy C has a little bun growing, largely inspired by several of her empire-line dresses, AND that she has been drinking water throughout the tour. Congrats if they are preggers, of course, but to those observations I would point out that the loose style Cathy C is wearing would be infinitely more comfortable for her in hot temps, and also, being in an Islamic country, they’re following the rules ie EVERYONE is drinking water/non-alcoholic drinks. 😉

      • ChiliP

        Agree on all points except for one- alcohol was served at some of the events. The Fug girls have a picture of William drinking wine during dinner the first night of the tour. Still, maybe Cathy just wanted to stay hydrated, ya know? It’s probably hard enough to attend events and look camera-ready all day, let alone if you are hungover.

  • Ann Erickson

    She looks fucking fabulous and he looks incredible, too. That color looks amazing on him and he looks slimmer!

  • mjude

    love the dress, they both look great.

  • Magnificent. I am reminded of Megan’s gown in At the Codfish Ball.

    • sarahjane1912

      Ooh, well noted. I loved that dress Megan wore for that event. Not sure Cathy C could pull off Megan’s hairstyle, however! 😉

  • Am I the only one seeing the Doctor and an elegant dalek?

  • luciaphile

    I love the detail of the embroidery. According to another site, they’re gold hibiscus flowers, which are the national flower of Malaysia. Bill’s suit is a bit too bright for me, but I like the cut of it.

  • Anna Tree

    Love the earrings. And the dress.

  • I actually gasped when I scrolled down. That dress is stunning. Stunning. 

  • Beautiful! Love McQueen. Sarah Burton is doing a masterful job developing the house’s legacy.

  • Squarah

    Shocked at how much better William looks! I can’t believe the difference. Her dress is totally embarassing to me though. No thank you.

  • Where_is_the_Champagne

    TLo, I’m actually disappointed that you’re not actually taking the time to judge the appropriateness of the dress in the situation.  If stars get critiqued for wearing jeans on the red carpet or ball gowns to the Teen’s Choice Awards, then Kate should get hammered because as pretty as the outfit is, it should be noted that it is completely inappropriate for the occasion.  

    What had people angriest is that it was SPECIFICALLY requested that high heels not be worn, and this was obviously ignored.  The fact that the bust-line is so low shows little regard for the religious Muslim country.  Look at Kate with other members of the dinner, and you see how out of place she is.

    • l_c_ann

      Seeing the dress yesterday in a single view, I thought she was wearing a jacket to make it more appropriate.  No. She wasn’t.  She is wearing a true dirndle, with a bit of a blouse added.I love the dress, but not for a cover-up formal dinner.  The chest area could have used several layers of organza, and it still could have looked lovely. 

      Cultural sensitivity does matter, especially in diplomatic circles.

    • Sobaika

      I really have to imagine that her people were briefed and fully researched what was and was not appropriate. I mean, the embroidery on her gown resembles the national flower of Malaysia. I haven’t hear of anyone considering her outfit inappropriate or getting upset, and haven’t heard anything about the high heel request. Are people in Malaysia angry or is it just Westerners commenting?

    • Where are you seeing this? I am reading the NST and The Star and there is no mention of it.

    • SassieCassy

      Okay so I thought the neckline was innappropriate too at first glance. But i did a quick google and havent heard of any po’d malaysians so I think we’re good?

  • SublimatedRage

    I swear, I had to scroll back up to look at Wills to see the blue suit you were talking about.  I got all the way through these pics without even noticing him!  Brava Duchess! Is that high waist hiding a tiny baby bump???

  • nannypoo

    It’s a beautiful dress and she looks gorgeous as usual, but for some reason I can’t get that little tune that the birds sang while they flew around Cinderella constructing her gown out of my head.

  • siriuslover

    Love that gown. It’s just beautiful and it looks striking on her. And Wills — reow! me likey!

  • carolynmo

    I’d like to think Bill looks at her and thinks, “Well. That’s who I married!” (With apologies to “Julie and Julia.”)

    That is a splendid dress.  I love it.

  • I simply can’t get my head around the collision of ghawazee coat and formal gown. It’s not bad, it’s just … incongruous. She’s pulling it off, though. And William looks better in that suit than I think I’ve ever seen him look in a suit.

  • Nazzzy

    Meh. Looks way too costumey and precious for me to like it.

    Bill looks good, though.

  • pulpytomato

    Gorgeous. I love this dress. The colors and flowers pay a lovely tribute to her hosts.

  • MilaXX

    She looks great and I’m glad to see she pulled back her hair to showcase that dress. I still wish she would use a makeup artist, the face is just okay. He looks a lot slimmer and younger in this suit than those old boxy suits he typically wears.

  • joancarol

    Oh,to be a Princess…

  • Does she have a stylist? I’m guessing they have a royal stylist right? Surely. I kind of hope she picks a lot of things herself, and by all accounts, she was still very stylish when she and William were dating. Obviously the girl has great taste. I just wonder how much help she gets now that she is a national envoy everywhere she goes, rather than just a papparazzi’s dream. 

  • That dress is tour de force.  Well done, Cathy!

  • trisker

    I’m pretty sure Prince Will was influenced by Tom & Lorenzo to change his fuddy-duddy ways!  As he should be!  She looks gorgeous.

  • elirt

    She really does look like a princess in this (in a good way). I don’t know who else could pull this kind of dress off.

  • nancylee61

    Hate the tit slings. Really don’t like this gown at all, although I do admit it is culturally relevant. Her hair looks gorgeous like this. 

  • gabbilevy

    (FIrst, love Bill’s suit.)

    The thing that strikes me the most about this is just how culturally appropriate this is. When I lived in SE Asia, I never made it to Malaysia, but this looks like a really wonderful echo of the fabrics and styles you see in traditional formal dress in the region, but rendered in a pattern of a western dress. Masterfully done.

  • Monday1900

    Very pretty but I wish she’d put her hair up!  I think her hairstyle is too casual for the event.

  • TVKimmy

    Lovely. <3

  • dharmabum8

    They both look smashing. Wills has rediscovered his inner handsome prince with that suit.

  • Love it!

  • That’s a princess dress if there ever were one.

  • Srw27

    I knew you guys would love that suit!  And it’s purple (or maybe blue)-tres chic!

  • EEKstl

    He is bringing on some GQ Realness and I dig it!  She looks splendid.

  • galcurly

    Though this is lovely, I can’t help but think I would have preferred this (with long sleeves) as her wedding dress.

  • CassandraMortmain

    Love the dress and she looks just every inch the modern, beautiful princess. Then again I’m a sucker for updated takes on traditional Indian and Asian dresses. Marchesa did an early collection based on the British Raj that was stunning. I think of it often. The dress Chris March did for Lord & Taylor clearly references Indian style and is in the navy blue of India (per Diana Vreeland), pink. I went to L & T to buy that dress for an upcoming black tie wedding I have to attend. And it is a gorgeous, gorgeous dress but I felt it was too much for a wedding – you would definitely overshadow the bride if you wore that. It really is a red carpet dress. So I didn’t get it but bought Jay McCarroll’s dress instead. Also gorgeous but not quite so over the top. But I’m still dreaming about Chris’s fabulous creation and wondering if I would ever have an occasion to wear it to and if there’s any way I can justify buying it, especially since L & T is having a big sale right now.

    But back to Will and Kate, they both look amazing. Love them.

    Also belated congrats to our hosts for their book deal, newspaper articles and success at Fashion Week! I’ve been too busy to read the posts and properly express kudos up to now. Hopefully this weekend I can catch up on Fashion Week stuff.

  • marilyn

    Her dress seems to be appropriate for the occasion, except I wonder if the neckline isn’t cut too low for such a conservative occasion.  Oh well, I guess she knows by now. i would like to have seen her in more vibrant colors. Her (faux) tan is dark, she she looks okay in white, but there are so many other colors she would look smashing in. Also, the dress looks a little bridey overall.

  • She looks lovely, but it does not look like Alexander McQueen.

  • BazoDee

    One of her best high profile event looks! 

  • meowing

    Love the dress on her, and love her acceptance of modesty designs in another culture.  Altho’, for the first time, her eye makeup looks a little harsh to me. Much was made on the news yesterday about her drinking water instead of wine somewhere on this trip–anyone know if that’s ’cause there’s rumor of a baby on board, or a cultural thing?

  • imspinningaround

    It’s a lovely dress and certainly appropriate for the venue and the country, but I see no McQueen aesthetic in it whatsoever.

  • Jennifer Frazer

    Yes, she looks beautiful as she always does, and frankly, as anyone would with what appears to be her clothing budget.  But, especially in light of the offensive film coming out of California, and the riots all over the middle east, I disagree about the “appropriate” part of your assessment. Do any of the other women around her have their cleavage exposed?  She is not in the U.K., but a guest in Malaysia. She is an elegant, beautiful and intelligent young woman who has plentiful access to diplomatic advice and should have known that her clothes, as tasteful and conservative as we might find them, would make other women, and perhaps even some men,in Malaysia uncomfortable. Given that just about any designer in the universe would be thrilled to design for her, why not have a dress created that was both stunning and appropriate to the country in which she is a guest? Lucky for the handsome prince, it is far easier for him to meet that standard of “appropriate.”

    • mayavaly

      I did find it a bit perplexing myself, given that she is obviously giving a nod to the traditional style of the country she is visiting and yet going quite saucy with the cleavage (something she doesn’t do that often anyway). I find it especially surprising given that I suspect an awful lot of thought goes into her wardrobe choices. So either this was an accident or, (and in my little fantasy world I hope this to be the case) she is actually sending a message to all the young women in that country, who are undoubtedly drooling over her (just as we all are) and who are a bit fed up of *having* to dress the way they do (emphasis added to stress that the issue here is about choice, not whether or not someone feels comfortable/sexy in a sack, albeit gold embellished). It’s good to have a role model who is beautiful and intelligent (and clearly a ‘good girl’, despite the latest royal nudity scandal), and yet a role-model who has clearly not become a victim of those qualities (which I think underlies why women in several religious groups, not just Islam, tend to get bundled up into variously unattractive garbs). I have been accused of over-thinking stuff in the past though, so perhaps she just really loves getting her ‘tits oot’. After today’s photos, who knows?!

  • clairellis

    So not only is her dress kick ass, but her hair! It’s not the norm and I loves it! Such a beauty!

  • That is one of the most beautiful dresses I’ve ever seen, and she is gorgeous in it!

  • jmorino08

    Drop dead gorgeous. Both her and the dress!

  • They look like they’re dressed to have a portrait sitting with a famous painter. Love them both!

  • Call me Bee

    Simply stunning. 
    So–is she or isn’t she? 

  • Yeah, she looks good, but she ALWAYS looks good. I think his snazzy sartorial turn is more noteworthy.

  • carpediva

    Oooh, Bill looks bitchin’! No double-breast and what a great color!

    She looks lovely as well. But is it just me, or does anyone else think the dress would take us even higher without the sleeves? Those straps alone would make a gorgeous neckline with that contrasting white. I miss the usual runway picture with the model because I was half expecting to see that those sleeves had been added afterwards for modesty’s sake. (Which would be totally appropriate in Malaysia.)

  • HobbitGirl

    Jaw literally dropped at this. Wow.

  • Gorgeous! I wish she’d do something to her hair or makeup though, so she’d stop looking like she’s 40. She’s young!

  • Beardslee

    You are so right.  This dress pays tribute to the country she is in without being in any way mannered.  Beautiful, graceful, and she can move in it.

  • Lisa Kramp

    You can’t improve on perfect.

  • guest2visits

    I love this dress on her; very ‘princessy’ too.   She only needs to change up her eye make-up abit, she should look more her age;
    (young!) and that means someone (a stylist) needs to play around with afew other tones for a more natural look.
    Still –  there are very few people who would look so gorgeous in this beautiful gown.

  • She looks like…wait for it…a princess. Yay McQueen!

  • God, what a difference a suit makes!

  • ChristinaRi

    I’m kind of expecting a pregnancy announcement —  more than one loosely fitting dress and more than one photograph of her standing with the clutch in front of her tummy.   

    Not that I can detect the tiniest bulge.  She looks as slim as ever, but there’s an awareness of her tummy in these poses and dresses.

  • quiltrx

    WERQ to both!!!

  • Susan Crawford

    WERQ that dress, Cathy! And Bill – now you’re stylin’ like a Prince!

  • ccm800

    These two are VENTURING! Nice. I LOVE it. they look fantastic!  

  • Rebecca Jay

    The dress is very pretty, but it does look sorta costumey.  And really, that blue is modern now?  I hope it’s a passing trend; I think it’s glaring and hideous.

    Together they look like souvenir figurines come to life.

  • That is a gorgeous dress, but I do have to say, I’m not nuts about the “Here are  my tits!” aspect of it.  It looks like she’s wearing a white bra in a dress with a cut out front.  If that element were better, the dress would be perfect all around. 

    And Bill!  Ditching the old man double breasted suits!  I hope he realizes that just took *years* off his appearance.

    • i also felt it was a little exposed and wondered if the host is muslim.  this is based on the elder lady wearing what looks like a hijab in the first photo.  if so, it seems her “people” would have warned against this neckline.


  • jjfg

    Impressive!  She looks amazing, and I too love that he’s wearing a brilliant blue.  But really, it kind of stops at “she looks amazing.”  Damn!

  • bellafigura1

    It’s a nit but I’m gonna pick it — I don’t like the looseness or the length of the sleeve. Slimmer and to the elbow, or capped.  This is an odd stopping point, not the most flattering to the arm. Otherwise, zowie, and him too.

  • Iroqhard

    LOVE THE SUIT. That suit does things for him. For me. 

  • PeaceBang

    I don’t love the dress but she wears it beautifully. My quibble is with her hair and make-up, which are really awful here. I suddenly realized that she’s styling herself right out of the 1980’s, and it’s dowdy. She’s so incredibly gorgeous. Now that she’s VENTURING (thanks to cccm80 for cracking me up with that), I hope she’ll get some help entering the 21st century in face and hair. The real story for me here is Prince Fabulous!! He looks so great it makes me want to jump around like an over-excited chimp and make jungle noises.

  • Cathy S

    Absolutely fabulous.