Blake Lively in Gucci and For Gucci

Posted on September 04, 2012

Blake looks okay here. Not incredible, not WERQ-worthy, and probably not even worth asking if she’s IN or OUT. She just looks … okay.


Blake Lively attends the Gucci Première Fragrance Launch in Venice, Italy in head-to-toe Gucci.

Gucci ‘Kinga Spike’ Strappy Sandals.

It’s a snazzy little frock and the color looks great on her. But the shoes are matchy and her eye makeup looks really weird.

We’d probably be less critica if she wasn’t celebrating the fact that she’s the new face of the Gucci Premiere fragrance, and that she looks STUNNING in the ads:

Yes, yes: Photoshop, lighting and all sorts of trickery were employed to make her look this way, but still. In all her time in the public eye, we’ve never quite understood why the fashion world loves her so much. Now we get it. Why can’t she bring some of that intensity to everything else she does?

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  • I was really creeped out by the fact that she found such matchy shoes until I scrolled back up and noticed it’s all Gucci. Love the color, but not form head to toe. And that collar is…foofy.

    • If by “okay” you mean “like a slutty fish” then, yeah, she looks

  • Patricia Gillett

    She should have worn the black shoes with that dress. And she should act like she gives a crap and not stand there looking bored. Because now I’m bored. 

  • teensmom99

    Sandals and dress could each be a size larger and she’d look better (though maybe she’d need tailoring at the top of the dress).  I think the dress would look better with a few inches more on the bottom.  But mostly as you say it’s fine but not great.

    • I agree.  While doing a scroll down, I was taken back by how abruptly the dress stopped.  Not necessarily scroll down fug, but definitely not what I was expecting. 

      •  I did the same thing! Whoa! Where’s the rest of the dress.  I think the proportions are off – the length of the dress doesn’t balance the frou frou at the neck.  The length almost looks like an “independent” alteration but we know that can’t be the case.

  • call_me_schmeg

    those ads are serving up some lana turner realness. 

  • Looks like maroon Rebecca Romijn in the Xmen. But I like it, with black or metallic shoes maybe.

    •  Yes, exactly! Mystique-skin dress grosses me out a little bit.

    •  YES – I was going with “Oh, they skinned Mystique” but you got there first.

      • Haha that just made me picture a whole scenario of non-mutants clamoring for the latest in mutant-inspired fashions, like wings and freaky contacts and dresses made from the skin of Mystique…

        • If it gave me Rebecca Romijn’s body I would definitely buy that.

  • nannypoo

    If by “okay” you mean “like a slutty fish” then, yeah, she looks okay.

  • kelsita421

    the one with her hair flying back and her itty-bitty waist is all “little mermaid” to me.

  • imperfectlaura

    First off, I buy Blake as a Gucci girl so much more than Chanel.

    Second, to me this is an “of course”-worthy dress.  It’s cute and all, but I’ve seen similar things on Blake numerous times.

    Those ads are gorgeous though.

    • makeityourself

      Me too.  Chanel and Blake weren’t a good fit, no matter what the Kaiser thought.  It’s funny how he did a similar “reflection in the mirror” shot with her and a handbag and it didn’t do much for anybody.  

  • RebeccaKW

    Makeup and hair seem a bit casual.  I like the dress and I LOVE those shoes, in both colors.  But she certainly reads as boring in the red carpet shots.

  • Her makeup and hair are making her look old. She looks like a soccer mom who threw on a dress and smudged her eyeliner after dropping her teens off at practice.

    Sweetie, take our advice, find the stylist who worked with you on those photos and hire them. Whoever you have right now is not your friend.

    •  I thought she looked older, too! I think it’s the pounds of foundation caked on. She looks older than her 25 years.

    • NC_Meg

      The hair is bad. You’re in head to toe Gucci and your hair looks like that? No. Go home or to a salon and come back when it’s fixed.

    •  Blake is the one who never.shuts.up. about not having a stylist, doing it all herself, blah blah blah. Explains a lot and she definitely could use one, despite what she thinks.

  • Jessica O’Connell

    The shoes are matchy, but they’re also killer. And love that for once a star wore an open-toe shoe without having one or more toes hanging off of the damn things.

    • Magatha

      I am simply amazed at how perfect her feet look. Yeah, she’s young, but still. Those are her real feet, not Photoshopped feet. I used to have feet that pretty, but then I started to walk. And now, well, hell, it’s umpteen dozen years later, and god bless my feet, they get me from Point A to B and usually to C, but they are not pretty.

      And yes, killer shoes *that fit*.

      • Yes, that was my biggest reaction. Her feet sure got pampered. 

  • AthenaJ

    The ad pics are stunning, but I’m still irrationally annoyed by the fact that someone so uninteresting was blessed such a gorgeous face and figure.

  • oohsparkley!

    I’d have given her a WERQ! 

  • ojosazules

    It’s good to see some shoes that are delicately, elegantly fierce, instead of needing-a-rabies-shot fierce. The dress, to this amateur, looks cheap, short, and wrong about the top.

  • PinkLemon

    cuz bitch can WEAR. CLOTHES.

  • Judy_J

    I’m not impressed with the dress or hair and makeup, but damn! those shoes are killer, and best of all, THEY ACTUALLY FIT!  Extra points for the french manicured toes.

  • Trisha26

    As for the dress I’d give it not a WERQ, incredible, or IN/OUT, but an “of course.” Short, tight, shiny. The smiling photo is vastly better, otherwise she looks dead in the eyes. I agree the ad photos are pretty but I’m getting a distinct Kesha vibe…not a good thing.

  • SapphoPoet

    I love the color–it’s unusual. I’m not crazy about the actual dress–too short, tight, shiny. 

  • The weight of the dress seems to call for a bit more substantial shoe (and of course, a less matchy shoe would be nice).

  • Love those shoes.  At least she’s not making that “I’m exposing myself” sexy face.  And agreed on the dress being like a maroon movie version Mystique. Hate the unexfoliated looking shoulder treatment.

  • IMNAngryLiberal

    I don’t really mind the matchy here because the shoes are so delicate (at least from the front)…but the dress is about 6 inches too short and her hair and makeup are too casual for the rest of the look.  But yes, the print ads are stunning even though Ms. Lively herself makes me yawn.

  • I love the ads. Blake looks amazing.

  • The shoes are cool.

  • Sabina Kallstrom

    I LOVE the look and I love the ads.

  • her hair is really what is killing the look.  As in, “I have on a very expensive dress and nice shoes, but I couldn’t be bothered fixing my bed head”. She is definitely a better model than actress.  

  • I love her dress and the shoes (even together).  SHE doesn’t really do it for me, and is WAY up near the top on my ‘Irrational Celebrity Hate List.’ And it would have been nice it she’s done something with with her hair.

  • Sara__B

    She looks great, weird eye makeup, matchy shoes, cocked head, and all, but the ad campaign is truly spectacular, especially that hair.

  • jmorino08

    You boys are CRANKY today! She looks amazing in that dress!!! Heidi Klum should bow down and kiss her feet!

  • marilyn

    What is so weird about her eyes?  That is a way for pale women to have a smoky eye.  It photographs well.  The rest is starlet/unforgettable.

  • Agree completely. This girl has always looked the same kinda blah-ok to me, whatever she’s got on. But those ad shots transform her into the epitome of glamour, and she’s truly bringing it. 

  • mbelchic

    What shoes would you wear here?

  • joe_tey83


  • jilly_d

    I think she looks hot.  If you were asking, I’d say IN.  But you’re not, so I guess…..I think she looks hot.

  • This is looking very Aniston to me so, not Gucci-worthy.

  • unbornfawn

    Points for wearing shoes that aren’t big ass hooves!

  • Rebecca Johnson

    I just…don’t like her. I can name some reasons, but those same reasons could apply to a dozen other starlets. I don’t know why she bothers me so much, but she does. So, an irrational out from this irrationally bitter kitten.

  • Just like her acting…just okay.

  • Lisa Kramp

    Wow! How a quarter century changes things. Back then, actresses looked unusual and models were hot house roses. She doesn’t do a thing for me and the dress is odd.

  • margaret meyers

    She always makes me think of Joanna Pettet — minor actress of the 60s.

  • BigWhiteGrannyPanties

    Dress is too damn short.

  • Love the ad photos!  Don’t love the dress in the top photos – it’s too Heidi; Short, Tight and Shiny.

  • MilaXX

     The dress and shoes are boring, but I think the fail here is the makeup. The foundation is a bit pasty looking. It looks like the makeup artist decided to smoke the outer corners of her eyes. Perhaps it’s just not a technique that works with her eye shape, whatever it is looks weird against that bad foundation job.

  • It’s like she’s in character.

  • Judy_S

    She is the face of Gucci like Andy Serkis is the face of Lord of the Rings.

  • Wonder if she scratches up Ryan’s legs w/ those toe talons? 

  • VictoriaDiNardo

    I think the big difference in her appearance in the ads is they’ve plumped up her lips, which makes her face look more  – sophisticated?  something.  Softer I suppose.  Irrational hate list for me too.

  • Le_Sigh

    Every time I see her I automatically think “Oh look its Boobs Legsly!” and have to correct myself.

    (Credit to the Fug Ladies for the moniker.  It always makes me giggle.)

  • She’s on my Celebrities I Irrationally Dislike List so all I can see is Boobs Legsly

    She looks good though. But Boobs Legsly

  • She is werqing the Serena van der Woodsen here.

  • KC

    You should watch Gossip Girl, while her character wears some cracktastic things (as you know), she’s definitely had some really amazingly fantastic fashion moments. I think the fashion world loves her because she’s got amazing charisma, long legs and a really nice figure. I personally think, looks wise, without makeup she’s mostly just *cute*, but she’s really got an extra something. I wouldn’t say she’s my favorite (Leighton, who is often a fashion victim outside of Gossip Girl, is AMAZING on Gossip Girl, just truly fantastic) and I totally thought the casting was off (I thought she wasn’t modelesque or pretty enough), she’s really got an extra something that makes her really sparkle. I can see why people like her. Some people just have that extra bit of charisma, and I think even when she looks a hot damn mess she still has that charisma to carry her.

  • Candigirl1968

    She needs a new Blue Steel.  The double hands, tilted head thing is getting a bit old.  
    Perfectly fine outfit (black shoes would have been better), but the makeup seems a bit blah. 

  • Call me Bee


    • Lilak


  • Shawn EH

    It’s her color. She’s hot. The fraying around the edges is supposed to look casual and carefree.

  • TieDye64

    Maybe cheesy Veronica Lake.

  • ccm800

    This one is perfectly ordinary to me. No IT factor AT ALL. 

  • Call me an old fart but it’s just too short for the occasion and the branding.

  • TheOriginalLulu

    Wow, she does look amazing in those ads. When I saw the first pics, I was like, what’s their problem? She looks great. Having looked at the ads now, I see what you’re saying. She’s almost a different person.

  • janetjb

    I wish the dress were a bit longer and her shoes were a bit more substantial (and not matching).  I like her eye makeup, but her hair looks unfinished.

  • EEKstl

    She’s clearly been attending the Heidi Klum School for Too Tight and Shiny and she needs to drop out.

  • Carla_Charlton

    Too short and I don’t like French tip pedicures (or manicures, for that matter). However, I do like how the neckline brings attention to her face, which is lovely.

  • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

    She just doesn’t seem like the intense type to me.  This outfit is just meh, although I do love the shoes.  I think her makeup looks much better than usual.  The Gucci ads are amazing.


    Those shoes are fug.

  • It’s the hair. It’s just impossible to make ratty, stringy hair look classy. In the ads, her hair is shiny and styled, and it really elevates the look. In real life, she could have the exact same dress, accessories and make-up, but her hair would look like that of a drunk sorority girl barfing in the bushes outside a frat house.