Vincent Kartheiser for Mr. Porter

Posted on August 07, 2012

We have nothing to add to these ridiculously fabulous pictures except to say: Pete Campbell with a pornstache in loungewear? Whoever envisioned this one deserves a raise.

Shirt by Etro

Vincent Kartheiser models for Mr. Porter, photographed by Kurt Iswarienko and styled by Gaelle Paul.

On what he has in common with Pete Campbell: “A whole lot! He’s perpetually unsatisfied, and that’s a trait I share. Peter is a little man, and so am I. Little physically, but also in the game. Remember, a lot of our similarities come down to the creator, Matthew Weiner, knowing his actors. He writes to people’s strengths. So he might look at me and say, ‘Oh Vinny has an inferiority complex’. Well Pete has one too!”

Jacket by Etro | Shirt by Yves Saint Laurent | Scarf by Dolce & Gabbana | Trousers by Alexander McQueen

Cardigan by Yves Saint Laurent | Shirt by Pink House Mustique | Swim Shorts by Hartford | Shoes by Car Shoe

Polo Shirt by Orlebar Brown | Shorts by Façonnable | Shoes by Car Shoe | Scarf by Etro

Robe by Naturally from Derek Rose | Tank Top by Sunspel | Trousers by Loro Piana

Swim Shorts by Hartford | Tank Top by Dolce&Gabbana | Slippers by Bottega Veneta | Cardigan by Lanvin | Shirt by Gucci

Pajamas by Brooks Brothers | Tank Top by Sunspel

Robe by Naturally from Derek Rose



[Photo Credit: Kurt Iswarienko for]

    • Ginger


      • Melvis Velour

        AND HOW!

    • lovelyivy

      Sleazy, yes, but so much better looking than on Mad Men. I can’t even BELIEVE how much hotter he is here, despite the porn stache and lounge lizard wear.

      • Amye

        Actually I think it’s because of those two that make him look hotter.  Very few men could pull off the lounge lizard double whammy, but dayum!  When it works, work it baby!

        • mshesterp

          SO TRUE.  I think this is the one time IN THE HISTORY OF EVER that a mustache is working for a man like this one is working for him.  It makes him almost appealing!

          • Alana

            So, I came to post about how he somehow looks super-hot with the stache, but you beat me to it! Except I don’t think it makes him “almost” appealing…I think it makes him DAYUM FOOOOINE!

      • Jen Hughes

        I know! I almost don’t feel right liking this so much.

        • fursa_saida

          It is FREAKING ME OUT how attracted I suddenly am to him, what the fuck is happening here.

    • ccinnc

      I love this so much and now am sad because my life is empty without Mad Men.

      PS. On edit … that picture of him in the BB pjs, even with the ‘stache, is delicious.

    • CassandraMortmain

      What incredible photography!  Vinny’s not too bad, either.

    • Sobaika


      I mean, it’s awesome. But skeezy.

      • SassieCassy

        thats sort of vincent kartheiser in a nutshell

    • Eclectic Mayhem

      Freaky chameleon man!  I swear I can barely recognise him from role-to-role…

    • Susi R

      Reminds me of Edward Norton in The Italian Job movie.

      • MissAnnieRN

        Cosign. They should play brothers in an upcoming movie.

    • Squarah

      He is weirdly attractive in these pictures. I know he shaved his hairline back for MM; I wonder if this is him at “full capacity” or not.

    • AbbottRabbit

      Do you know, the moustache makes his face way less punchable, somehow. It’s like the opposite of the effect it would have on any other man, ever. 

      •ía-Gavello/1253586868 Lucía Gavello

        I know! This is a group of words I’d never imagined I would use in a sentence but: Little Vinny is working that pornstache!

        • AbbottRabbit

          I love that group of words irrationally, and would wear it on a t-shirt. 

      • Sartorial_She

         Right? He almost looks…swashbuckling in that second photo!

        • Oekmama

          Because he almost looks like an old school style movie star… But apart from Lawrence of Arabia, nothing it coming to me..

      • mshesterp

        And that first shot is just making him so desirable.  My ladyparts are confused since I loathe Pete Campbell.

        • fursa_saida

          I don’t know how to feel. What is this strange new world?

    • Kate Andrews

      Gorgeous! Love it. He really suits the ‘stache!

    • Brian @ PWYJudges

      Kind of a Jude Law vibe in these pics, no?

      • foodycatAlicia

        Oh good spot! That’s exactly what it is! Also, that’s one of the more interesting celeb sound-bites I’ve read.

    • sweetlilvoice

      Strangely attractive…reminds me of Ryan Gosling a little. Must be those baby blues.

      • Ali

         I thought that, too. A weird blend of Edward Norton and Ryan Gosling, particularly in the second to last one.

        • ceceliadid

            I see a young and sexy Christopher Walken.  Very Pennies from Heaven, if anyone else is old enough to remember that one …

          • formerlyAnon

            Pennies from Heaven: Remember? I still re-watch it every couple of years.

          • Nancy Abrams

            Love that movie. Critics said it was unrealistic to have people burst into song during a conversation, but I do it all the time while the chorus line in my mind does fabulous Busby Berkeley dance routines.

          • Stargatefan

            I definitively see a young and hot James Spader c. Less than Zero, especially in the first picture. And Vincent looks breathtaking here…

      • VicD

        And Giovanni Ribisi

    • Judy_J

      FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Thank you for posting this one!

    • Trisha26

      He makes my skin crawl on MM, but here it’s just one LOL after another! I can’t imagine anyone buying anything based on this spread. Who would ever admit an affinity with this persona?

    • MilaXX

      Poor Pete, Trudy left him so he moved to California and bought a bachelor’s pad where he had nightly orgies.

      • Sobaika

        Sounds kind of fun.

      • charlotte

        I just came across this old comment and realized how much of it came true (minus the orgies, but maybe off screen?).

    • cornpicker73

      Wow, Connor has really grown up. Rwor.

    • MK03

      He is a chameleon. He’s almost unrecognizable off the show.

    • Kiltdntiltd

      He’s yummy, the clothes bore me.

    • UrsNY

      LOVE IT!

    • marlie

      These are GREAT! He looks so different, and a little sleazy, but a little bit sexy too. I’m so conflicted! Really great job with the photos!

    • JMansm

      I normally hate moustaches but I’m so turned on by this man right now. 

    • Vlasta Bubinka

      This is really awesome. He is amazing on MM– one of the best actors on that show.  These almost look like he’s getting ready to play in a Michael Bennett biopic.

    • HM3

      Best men’s editorial *ever.*

    • Call me Bee

      No kidding that’s Pete Campbell, eh?  I never would have guessed.  He looks…good.  A little “Christopher-Walken-on-SNL-trying-to-convince-us-to-have-some-champagne” sleazy, but good.  The pornstache looks better on him than on Austin Scarlett, that’s for sure…

      • n a

        yes- you nailed it- what was that skit? The Continental??

        • Call me Bee

          I don’t remember, but was hysterically funny!

    • frannyprof

      Fab. Beautiful eyes.

    • Super_Red

      I never thought Conner could be so hot. 

    • Mod_girl

      If there ever was the BEST example of “two wrongs making a right,” then it is Creepy Pete Campbell + Pornstache. LOVE!!!

    • Rand Ortega

      Fab shoot. Fab dude.

    • n a

      OMG- if you hadn’t expressly stated- this is Pete Campbell I would NEVER had recognized him! wow- speechless.  Is it weird that he looks so great and little creepy all at once?

    • cmb92191

      Pete- in the early 70’s!  I can picture him having a swingers party- without Trudy, of course!

    • NurseEllen

      Pornstasche—VERY funny!  I love that blue velvet jacket.  Right now I want to cast him as Mack the Knife in a remake of “Threepenny Opera”.

    • Megan Sterling

      Wow. Just, wow.

    • SpcilK

      So Good!

    • L.

      Ummmm, I’m conflicted about the soul patch!  

      LOVE VK, thinks he looks hot here, and that he’s a wonderful actor.

      • ccinnc

         I normally hate soul patches, but that first picture, man … he’s sooo kissable, and I would NEVER have thought I’d say that about Pete Campbell.

      • ccinnc

         I normally hate soul patches, but that first picture, man … he’s sooo kissable, and I would NEVER have thought I’d say that about Pete Campbell.

    • FashionShowAtLunch

      I have never once thought him attractive, but HOLY SHIT.  I just got a little hot and bothered. 

    • PrunellaV

      Sort of reminds me of William Powell or David Niven. Throwback in the nicest way.

      • MsMajestyk

        For sure.  That’s why I don’t mind that moustache.  Who knew that pasty Pete Campbell could be so hot.

    • prettybigkitty

      Oh my!  That makes me feel dirty and good at the same time.  

    • Merneith

      I’ve never seen  him look so good! The dark hair and stache makes him look like a grown up!

    • PaulaBerman

      He has been completely transformed by this! It’s unbelievable. Nice.

    •!/Space_Kitty Space Kitty

      Somebody give that stylist a raise.

    • deliadee

      Love it, he looks so debauched.

    • ryenerman

      I am so confused by my reaction to these photos.  Pete Campbell is horrible, pornstaches are horrible, together they are . . . great actually.

    • i have wasted my life

      He is absolutely unrecognizable.

    • cindy_lightballoon

      ha! that ‘tache is kind of….awesome.

    • LesYeuxHiboux

      This is insanely gorgeous. I never thought I could say that about something involving porn-staches and loungewear. I also didn’t realize how much Vincent Kartheiser could resemble Giovanni Ribisi with the right wrong hair and wardrobe.

    • neadsie

      I have never been more attracted to him. Which is to say I have never been attracted to him until this moment. Now I fear I will never be more attracted to another.

    • formerlyAnon

      Thanks to PrunellaV, above, for nailing my reaction: David Niven. Very David Niven, but without the aura of European sophistication.

      It’s a great shoot, totally encapsulates the guy you (I) would initially dismiss – not even consider – as Of Interest. Maybe even be a teensy bit put off by. But all it would take is a glimpse of the right mind behind the ‘stache and it’d be hot monkey lust.

    • schadenfreudelicious

      it’s a rare man that can work the porn stache, i thought it was best left to Freddy Mercury, but Vinny pulls one off too…

    • sleepycat

      I want that cardigan, looks super comfy!

    • mommyca

      Amazing pictures…. I almost didn’t recognize him! He looks incredible

    • Delaney Davis

      Wow, yes, whoever imagined this deserves a raise and a bonus! 

    • SannyDee


    • littlemac8

      Great editorial!  All the allusions to old and new Hollywood are fabulous.   Love the picture on the diving board.  It has an air of isolation/loneliness that defines California.   Maybe I see a whiff of William Holden in Sunset Boulevard.

    • Karen Tully

      He makes a pornstache and flavor saver look good.

    • Girl_With_a_Pearl

      Creepy, sexy and fabulous.

    • Nonnah

      Best guyditorial I’ve seen this year.

    • Wellworn

      Although it is too expected to photograph any Mad Men star in mid century motif, I really like these.  I have never seen him look so adult. Usually he looks like he should be wearing a onesie and pacifier.

    • Joyce VG

      Have never watched Mad Men and don’t intend to, but this guy makes me uncomfortable in a good way.

    • MzzPants

      He’s beautiful.

    • A. Valera

      OMG, I’m conflicted… I find him highly attractive in these photos.  What’s going on?
      Well, at least we know what Pete Campbell will look like in the 70s.

      • Ksagun13

        But with better hair.  How annoying that he has to keep shaving his hairline for Mad Men.  

    • margaret meyers

      He’s your Bad Uncle.  The one mom warned you about.  What a great (sinister) fashion spread.

    • Sammi M

      He is the handsomest douche(-y looking guy) I’ve ever seen. Also: I totally see Pete Campbell trying to rock this porno-stache in the 70’s while trying to convince Trudy to participate in a key party. It will be sad. So very, very sad.

    • theblondette

      These photos are amazing. He’s created a whole character for this shoot. <3 So good. Such a contrast to so many guys' editorials where they're just standing in front of a motorcycle/store with a battered logo/generic urban landscape, with hardly any expression. LOVE!

    • sk8tfan

      He’s never really done it for me but darn if his beautiful, expressive eyes aren’t luring me in for a night of cheap booze and memory blackouts. Since I’m currently obsessed with the Olympics, I vote Enrique Sepulveda (I know, who?), the Chilean men’s bronze medal gymnast, as winning the look-alike porn stash contest.–oly.html

    • boweryboy

      At no point in time until this very instant did I ever find him attractive.

      That second photo down has my pants moving in ways it’s never moved before.

      I said God Damn! God Damn…  

    • guest2visits

      This was just such an interesting story line going on here; I want to see the rest of this little film.

    • TSkot

      Wouldn’t have recognized him in a million years.   Lookin’ good!

    • Sandra Oh

      WOW!  He’s so freaking sexayyyy!

    • Barbara Benham

      He’s like the greats, Sean Penn, Meryl Streep, in that he physically transforms himself into his character. Something we’ve learned from these photos: He’s got nice legs.

    • quiltrx

      He comes off SO Zachary Scott in these pics.  Which is a good thing!

    • luluransom

      This is the most interesting man-ditorial I’ve seen in a long time. 

      • Pennymac

        Agreed! Interesting pictures, interesting clothes, interesting man. I really love this.

    • Lisa R-K

      Wow, I’ve never seen him looking better! 

    • Renaissance_Man_ATL

      This man knows how to do a photo shoot!  The pic of the BB PJs, WOW!

    • Ganell Dunn

      He’s ooozing sex appeal. I never imagined.

    • Angela

       Oh my! I’ve been wanting to see this! There’s no “smarmy Pete” here, instead I see a grown~ass man who knows what he’s got and knows how to work it, baby!

    • Sweetvegan

      Wow – I would not have recognized him!

    • pookiesmom

      It seems like he’d be totally insufferable in real life, but in these pics he’s awesome.

    • LinXGUA

      The first picture is a look-alike of a young Chico Buarque. Mm-hmm, I approve it.

    • Susan Crawford

      I had to scroll through these photos about ten times to soak up the awesomeness that transformed dear, drab Pete into this vision of lounge lizardness. I am LOVING it! Wouldn’t it be a gas if Pete gradually morphed into this character on Mad Men? Imagine the storyline to explain THAT!

    • Louise Bryan

      Goodness, he has skinny legs.

    • RzYoung

      Cute! aw, look at his little skinny legs!

    • ChaquitaPhilly

      Love the pictures. Who would have thought he could look so…sleezy…and yet…somehow…romantic. Very noir-ish.

    • MrsAtaxxia

      In that first picture I almost mistook him for Aaron Johnson. Amazing photoshoot. 

    • EEKstl

      Best I’ve ever seen him look.  I hate ‘staches but on him it’s absolutely working.  Also, he’s looking intense/complicated in a very attractive way, vs. the Pete Campbell hapless way.

    • Kristy Evans

      That mustache is MAGNIFICENT.

    • Katie Wolf


    • YolandaHawkins

      Vincent plays Pete so damn well that I almost hate myself for loving this spread so much!  But love it I do.  Fabulous!

    • Ashley

      I….just dont even… Thats Pete Campbell?! I wish I could get past his slimy character cause that first picture is smokin!

    • Bernadette Moke

      Am I the only one who doesn’t find this the least bit attractive?! He’s a douche on the show, and just confirmed it is because he’s a douche in real life. The porn-stache is hideous. I wish I could un-see this.

      • Tom and Lorenzo

        This isn’t “real life.” It’s a photo shoot; as directed and styled as your average Mad Men episode.

      • Laylalola

        Those quotes? OMG. Please. He’s basically the anti-Pete(I discovered this after being so impressed with his acting as Pete, and wanted to compare it to a role completely different from that, he has such a huge energy that jumps off the screen) right down to favoring grungy-long hair and living … ascetically. No, seriously.

      • Bree The Vole

        I love how actresses/actors who play unpopular characters must always be exactly like their characters in real life, while Jon Hamm could never in million years be anything like Don Draper! And if he was, it’d be in that slick, cool, admirable way.

        • Bernadette Moke

          I understand the shoot was styled, and I appreciate a good styled shoot along with the next guy. Actually I love the setting and style here, I would love it more with another actor. I read some of his interviews, to me he comes off douchey in real life. I don’t know, this guy is always going to be on my “can’t stand list” no matter what he wears or what he acts in. 

          Remember, a lot of our similarities come down to the creator, Matthew Weiner, knowing his actors. He writes to people’s strengths. So he might look at me and say, ‘Oh Vinny has an inferiority complex’. Well Pete has one too!”

          • SnazzyO

             “this guy is always going to be on my ‘can’t stand list’ no matter what he wears or what he acts in.”

            Close-minded much?

    • Heather

      I love the house, and the way the photographer really incorporated the location into the story. This is so superior to what seems to have become the standard fashion editorial: guys in jeans and tshirts in the desert, etc.  Nice.

    • tereliz

      Where is his “Mustache Rides, 5 cents” t-shirt? Kidding! I think he looks (mostly) great here. It’s a nice change from the receding hairline and paunch Pete Campbell’s been sporting lately. I love that he’s not afraid to admit that he’s less that perfect. 😉

    • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

      With the porn stache AND sideburns, I had no idea who this man was at first.  Looks like the man Pete wishes he could be!

    • P. Capet

      this is great!  there’s a whole movie in here!

    • boomchicabowwow


    • Sara Munoz Munoz

      Ohhh shit. Well there goes my productivity for the rest of the day.

    • Sara Munoz Munoz

      Yes, his ‘stache was a standout!

    • DesertDweller79

      Wow!  These photos are amazing!  Photography is great!  And wow, he is doing a great job.  He is working that skeezy pornstache and bathrobe!  Wow.  Who knew? 

    • SnazzyO

      Great catch T&L.  And I love the “pornstache” connection.  As a Maddict I had to be TOLD it was Vincent Kartheiser or I wouldn’t have seen it.

      As mentioned above, he’s a chameleon.  Which is a good thing as an actor.  He really needs to get a completely opposite role (play a good guy, full of confidence, etc…).  First, I’m sure he could do it and it’d be great. Second, I’d just love to see him blow people’s preconceived notions away.

    • Infinine

      Yes! I’d love to know how he overcompensates for his inferiority complex, lol. 

    • Larkin21

      First Chris Colfer, now Vincent Kartheiser. I think I’m in love with Mr Porter.

    • Breanne E. Bennett

      Damn, Vincent. Looking sexy as hell, as always. Fell in love with him when he was on Angel.

    • Cheryl

      While not fond of the mousestache, I’m glad to see his hair grown back, and that the ‘Pete padding’ has been removed.

    • MelOhDee

      JUst had to visit again to say “Daaaaaaaaamn.”

    • Ruth Fischer

      What a fantastic career move on his part. Pete Campbell has been exorcized.

    • Qitkat

      This post may have been from nearly 3 years ago, but Holy Smokes, VK is smokin’ hot. This is intense in that younger Jude Law manner.
      How very odd (random, I suppose) that this appeared on my feed under Recommended for You on the first season finale review of Outlander.