Project Runway Collection for Lord & Taylor

Posted on August 28, 2012

This is absolutely the best thing to happen to Project Runway in a long time. We’ll let Mr. Press Release have the floor:

“Lord & Taylor announces the exclusive launch of the first-­‐ever Project Runway capsule collection in celebration of the show’s tenth anniversary season. The collection of ten cocktail and evening dresses represents the best of Project Runway, featuring the designs of a notable contestant from each of the show’s ten seasons.

The upcoming episode of Project Runway, airing next Thursday, August 30th, features the Lord & Taylor challenge where the winning designer is chosen to represent the 10th season in the capsule collection. For the challenge, the contestants are instructed to create the tenth dress for the capsule collection. The winner’s dress will be produced along with the other nine dresses and sold exclusively at the retailer as part of the anniversary collection. Following the airing of the episode, the collection will be available on beginning Friday, August 31st and at the retailer’s Fifth Avenue flagship store beginning Thursday, September 6th, in time for Fashion’s Night Out. All of the dresses retail for $350 or under.”

Why is this the best thing to happen to PR in a while? Because all of the pieces are really great. There are some seriously covetable looks here and this display of talent serves as a nice reminder that Project Runway may not always give the win to the right person and might sometimes get a little too focussed on interpersonal drama, but they do know how to find talented designers. Count your pennies, ladies. If you’ve always wanted to own a Chris March or Jay McCarroll or Gordan Gehlhausen, now’s your chance.


Bert Keeter, Season 9, $328


Chris March, Season 4, $348


Gordana Gehlhausen, Season 6, $275


Jay McCarroll, Season 1, $298


Korto Momolu, Season 5, $275


Mondo Guerra, Season 8, $248


Nick Verreos, Season 2, $275


Seth Aaron Henderson, Season 7, $275


Uli Herzner Dress 1, Season 3, $275


Uli Herzner Dress 2, Season 3, $275


“The ten designers behind this anniversary collection will be at Lord & Taylor for Fashion’s Night Out on Thursday, September 6th from 6-­‐11pm, where they will meet and interact with customers as they play arcade games. The designers confirmed to attend include Chris March, Nick Verreos, Mondo Guerra, Bert Keeter, Uli Herzner, Korto Momolu, Jay McCarroll, Gordana Gelhausen, Seth Aaron Henderson, and the winner of next week’s challenge. Both past and present Project Runway designers will also be at the store to customize complimentary t-­‐shirts for customers. For more information on Fashion’s Night Out, please visit”

Ooooh, that sounds like fun. Should we go?

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  • MoHub

    Of course you should go. I would if I could. Saw these on BPR and want every one, but especially Bert’s Gordana’s, and Jay’s.

    • makeityourself

      Absolutely you should go.  And while you’re there, please tell the L&T people that I cannot see the details on most of these garments’ bodices or shoulders because of the model’s hair.  But then say hi to all of the good designers there who used to make me love Project Runway.

      • MaryMitch

        Thanks for mentioning the model’s hair. It’s beautiful hair, but I want to see the dress details.

      • Sweetbetty

         The hair is all I could see.  It made me so angry.  Who the h-ll’s decision was it to spread her hair all over the bodice and shoulders of the dresses?  Surely she could have pulled it back or worn it up or done something so the details of the dresses could be seen.  Even if I could afford or fit into one of these dresses I wouldn’t buy one, just as my little protest of one.

  • donnaINseattle

    These ARE wonderful! LOL, how much time were they given to design and produce them?

    • formerlyAnon

       More than one day.

      •  yes, these are clearly 2-day designs. LOL

  • cmb92191

    Very nice.   Some I could even wear to work.    I was reading about video games with the designers.. which ones?   That part didn’t make sense.

    • Joe J

       Maybe “Project Runway” for the Wii.  Yes, that is a thing which exists.

  • theredheadd

    ummmm… YES YOU SHOULD GO!!
    if you can stand the crowds.  personally, i’d end up hurting someone.

    • TheOriginalLulu

      That’s the reason I didn’t go to the first episode taping at Times Square. Just the thought of being squished with all those people was giving me palpitations. I definitely live in the wrong city.

  • Sobaika

    CHRIS MARCH’S DRESS WILL BE MINE. Although I don’t think it’s best served with that slip thing under it and that’s not how I will be wearing it.

    And yes, you should go!

    • 3boysful

       Perhaps some granny panties?  😉

  • Sara LaBatt

    You should definitely go to Fashion Night Out!  

    On the collection, what a neat idea!  I am a little underwhelmed by the collection, mostly the dark and conservative colors, but I guess it’s still Lord & Taylor and couldn’t be color & print crazy.  Although I wish there was color in Mondo’s dress, and more edge in Seth Aaron’s!  But I like the concept and the pieces are pretty, if a little boring.

    • SignLadyB

      I agree on Seth Aarons’. That was probably the most underwhelming–not bad just so unlike anything we saw from him. Beyond that, if I was younger, slimmer and richer with places to go and people to see I’d by every one of them! And I agree with ‘formerlyAnon’ that in general all the designers represented were either my fave or second favorite.

    • EveEve

      I agree – a whole lot of blacks and solids.  I wonder if there will be more than one color story for some of them?  So glad to see Bert getting some recognition.  I can see Ven getting the nod for this season’s pick.

      • VRuss

        Hope not! After Ven’s attitude last week, someone else deserves to go.

        I’m happy to see Bert getting the recognition as well… Did Nick Verreos win his season? Can’t remember, but I love his design.

        •  No, Chloe Dao did — I think Nick was 6th, but I’m not positive.  I know he was auffed in the “make over a fellow designer” challenge even though Santino’s jumpsuit was literally falling apart.

          • VRuss

            Oh Ok… I remeber the episode, but it was a lot of seasons ago… I do like Nick a lot though.

          • Miranda Prince

            Yeah, that always seemed like total BS to me. I didn’t love Nick’s design, but I loved his concept (making Danny V. into a mod with a skinny suit). Santino’s jumpsuit was just ass from start to finish. And then he had the unmitigated gall to blame poor Kara for not holding still enough. Ass.

          • Jacqueline Wessel

            Chloe was selling her wares on QVC for a while. I don’t know if she’s still in their line-up (they may have had to make room for Nichole Ritchie and the Kardasians?!!??). But I do have one of her sweaters and get complimented on it.

          • Melvis Velour

            The last time I was in Houston, I stopped by her shop and business was quite brisk.  I snagged a couple of items for friends and they still get compliments on them.

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      I’m really pleased for the designers that Lord & Taylor selected for the collection.  And yes, TLo should go!

    • Sweetvegan

      I agree – most of these looks are unrecognizable as to which designer they’re from. Mondo and Jay doing all black? Uli not doing a print? And where’s the rock & roll in Seth Aaron’s look? I know that each designer has some range, but for something like this, the fans are looking for signature looks. But this collection is obviously for the average L&T shopper, not PR fans or fans of a particular designer.

      • LP

        Yeah, I guess for L&T they had to go conservative.  My color-rich/cash-poor self would love to see Mondo or Jay do something for H&M or similar.

  • Yes, go!! And take lots and lots of pictures!! I love all of the selections and only wish they’d come in my size.

  • everest19

    Faves: Uli’s & Korto’s. Chic & Fabulous!

    • homofascist

      Those are my two favorites as well (also Gordana’s)

      • Burkyquirky

         I yearn for Gordana’s; even know where I’d wear it.

      • AudreysMom

         mine too. I heart Gordana’s in a major way. Only Uli’s just don’t look like a Uli design. Why nothing flowy and halterish?

        in some way, most of these look like Laura Bennet whipped them up during her break before the final.

        • We were in San Diego on vacation and walked by Gordana’s store — I flipped out and my husband was all “What?! What’s going on?!”. I was just so excited to actually see a designer who I liked doing well and to see her stuff in display windows:)

        • Sweetbetty

           I was surprised by Uli’s design too.  It’s good that she could break away from what was always expected of her but I kinda wish there was something flowy in the collection.

        • ballerinawithagun

          You absolutely called that one! Lovely dresses a la Laura Bennet, but they don’t show each individual designers’ aesthetic from the show. But in the fashion world that always seems to happen. Your first few seasons are fabulous and then your backers require that you make more money.  

  • formerlyAnon

    Cool! And even cooler that either my first or second favorite designer is participating from each season. Maybe that means my taste is “department store” – but I can live with that.

    Maybe they’ll let Dmitry win next week – his work’d fit in with this group.

    • Imasewsure

      I thought the same thing… some of my favorites (and not necessarily the top fame whores/drama queens from each season). Can’t fight the department store part of my own taste level too… I’m head to toe Eileen Fisher/Anthropologie at work and Lucky Brand sweats/tees on the weekend… go Dmitry…

    •  Virtually everyone’s taste for their own wardrobe is department store — that’s why virtually all designers have a RTW line in higher-end department stores.  There are very few women whose lives allow for avant garde clothing and formalwear. 

    • Lisa

      Dmitry would rock this bitch!  This is perfect for him, I hope he wins it.

    • When I heard “go into production” in the teaser, I thought, this one is Dmitry’s! Seeing the collection, I am doubly sure. Hopefully he doesn’t snatch defeat from the jaws of victory…he’s looking pretty exhausted.

      • formerlyAnon

        Yes. If he turns out something so off that they just can’t give him the win I will be sad, sad, sad.

    • Lisa_Cop

      Yeah. Korto’s dress reminds of the kind of silhouette that Dmitry often makes.

  • Kyle Crawford

    which one was Seth ? 

    • PastryGoddess

       That tailored as SHIT! top and skirt

    • Kyle Crawford

      no – which guy was Seth – I cant remember… 

    • The rocker-ish guy who won his season, had a family and wasn’t an asshole (meaning, wasn’t Jeffrey)

      • Lisa_Cop

        Was one of the main judges selecting this season’s PR designers. Wears black eye makeup; has a goth look.

  • Kayceed

    Wowza! The dresses are great, but even better, they picked designers that I like as people (not that I actually know them, but you know what I mean…) Congrats to all of them!

  • HomeOfficeGirl

    Love Korto!!  If only her dress was in one of the vibrant greens from her PR runway collection… I STILL think about her colors…

    • Her collection did have great colors, didn’t it?  I still think about the colors and the music.  It seemed a lazy chic but SO SO well done. 

    • I am pretty disappointed hers isn’t more colorful. I love the design.

  • lilibetp


  • terpsichory

    Hm, Mondo’s was the only one where I could identify the designer from the look. Haven’t been keeping up with the alumni.

    I love Korto’s and Uli’s. I would wear them in a heartbeat. But the rest looks great, too.

  • ULI!!! Who knew you had that dress in you!!! I actually need one of all them please…

  • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

    Honestly?  Maybe it is because I’m not feeling well; I just find these outfits — underwhelming.

  • AlinaValero

    Uli’s dress looks nothing like anything I remember Uli making on the show?

    • 3boysful

       I was just going to write that.  But it’s cute.

    •  If you look at her finale collection, it’s much more like this dress than her challenge stuff.

    • AudreysMom

       I did just write that above (sorry – hadn’t gotten this far). Nothing very Uli about these dresses at all – just glad she’s represented.

    • CozyCat

      She was moving in this direction by the time she appeared on the first “all stars” season.  (Then the judges complained that they didn’t see the old Uli, and they went on to award the prize to Daniel V. because he had shown so much growth…)

      • barbiefish

        Yeah, she got robbed — loved her mini-collection for the abbreviated All Stars/consolation prize for Daniel V.

  • All the dresses are great, and precisely the L&T look. Damn, I wish I could go!!!!!!

  • lilibetp

    I wonder if any of them will come in size 20…

  • Amandack

    I love that it’s “notable” designers and not winners.  Maybe someone on the Lord & Taylor team picked who they thought should have won each season…

    • Seth Aaron and Jay were winners.

      • Amandack

        And rightly so.  Not saying who should have won didn’t line up with who did win.

        • Oh, I see what you meant. I thought you meant none of them were winners. 

          I kind of wonder if it was more who had the time/inclination/submitted designs L&T liked. Some of the former contestants never show up (my fave from season 4 Jillian, for instance) and others always are around to pitch in on PR things.

    • CMCH

      Seth Aaron did win his season.

  • Judy_J

    I was trying to decide which dress I’d want more…Gordana’s or Korto’s…then I saw Seth Aaron’s dress, and that was that.  I’m saving up my nickles and dimes for that one.  So very lady-like and proper.  Would love to go to Fashion’s Night Out… guys have fun if you go (and I know you will!) 

    • I am with you.  I love Seth Aaron’s!

  • PastryGoddess

    OMG OMG OMG! My L&T credit card is going to MELT on Thursday.

    Love Korto, and Gordana, and Seth Aaron, and Nick, and SissyBear’s.  I love Bert’s but where can I wear it? Maybe to the grocery store for a beer run?

    • TheOriginalLulu

      Might as well. Hey, you never know who you’re gonna see right?

  • CurbGirl

    Ooooh yes, go! What’s a party without the two of you????

  • snich11

    Very somber and conservative! No color or prints in Mondo’s or Uli’s?? Have they been turned into Stepford Designers?

  • Uli and Seth Aaron really surprised me — awesome but unexpected.

  • Mondo’s was disappointing… was expecting more!

    •  Yes, they managed to squeeze all the life out of his “bubbles”!

  • KateWo

    This is super cool!  I do wish it had more personality….you can buy stuff from Jay on his site and it’s all crazy colorful, I never would have guessed that was his dress.  But he’s still my favorite PR person.  Also love Uli’s!  I wonder who will win this week, so many of them are good at department store looks.  Based on this I’m guessing Gunnar, Christopher or Dimitri.  

    • My money’s on Dmitri.  I see the judges rewarding his patience and overall restraint.  He also comes across as a desirable representative, personality wise.   I don’t see them giving the win to anyone whose name has been or could potentially be mentioned in the same sentence as the dreaded phrase “taste issues.”  Both Christopher and Gunnar could have the possibility of a big enough misstep with almost any remaining challenge to be thusly tagged.  I doubt L&T would be pleased with anything that even remotely smacks of such an association.  

      • l_c_ann

        Remember in the preview, Heidi was demanding “Sexy”.

        • Heidi would demand “sexy” if they were designing dresses to wear to grandma’s funeral.  I must be gradually tuning her out.

      • Lisa


  • Annie Leung

    You should definitely go! I wish I could!

    I absolutely love Uli’s, Korto’s, and Seth Aaron’s looks. Hopefully I’ll be able to get my hands on one of them!

  • rawrgrowlrawr

    WANT Gordana’s dress. Gorgeous.

    And you guys should absolutely go! Take pictures!

  • Magpi

    I got excited for an Uli dress to buy…it’s a beautiful dress but I want an Uli dress.  I hate to box her in like that, but I loved the aesthetic.

  • Should you go? SHOULD YOU GO? You write that LIKE IT’S EVEN A QUESTION.

    I covet Mondo’s, Korto’s, and Seth Aaron’s pieces.

  • For the most part beautiful, but Mondo, Chris, and Nick disappoint me. They aren’t the most advanced designs, are they? The silhouettes aren’t interesting, and the dresses are simple. All of the others are fabulous! I especially like Seth Aaron and Uli’s designs, along with Korto and Gordana. It’s really funny, too, because Chris and Mondo were always big favorites of mine, but I’m just not feeling these pieces.

    • 3boysful

       I had the exact same reaction.  Of course, they were under constraints to make a dress that would come in under a certain price point, and had to figure manufacturing costs into their designs, like with that Nanette Lapore challenge from Season 8(?).

      •  Yeah, but they’re being carried by Lord & Taylor. That store isn’t exactly known for their cutting edge stuff. It needs to be affordable and wearable.

        • That’s true, but I still think that there was room for more  of their personal style in these. Isn’t that why we want to wear particular designers; because we like their aesthetic? It’s a shame that when they get a chance to produce something that we can actually wear, the style is watered down like this.

          •  Oh, I’m not disagreeing – I would have loved to have seen more of the designer’s aesthetic here, but given the shop they’re being carried in and the price constraints, I’m not surprised they’re more understated than we’d expect.

  • Eva_baby

    Korto and Uli’s dresses are calling my name, y’all!

    Bert and Nick’s dresses are underwhelming me.

  • Those are really cute.  I’m impressed.  I will not being buying them sadly, because I am broke, but if I had extra cash lying around and lack the ability to knockoff things I liked, I certainly would.

  • Gordana’s dress is a knockout.  And I love the color.

  • They can produce fantastic stuff, given enough time, professional construction and (one suspects) useful input from industry professionals.  I vote for a Project Runway in which the contestants get tons of time and professional seamstresses for each challenge.  Screw the production costs!

  • SapphoPoet

    Some nice dresses in here; a very wearable collection. If I had the figure for it, I’d buy Chris March’s dress in a heartbeat. Seth Aaron’s sort of surprised me–seemed very unlike his usual style.

  • ohayayay

    Korto’s dress is the only one of these I actually remember clearly – and omg, it is FIERCE.

    Also – Seth Aaron!!!!!!!

  • Spicytomato1

    It’s a lovely collection but I’m kinda shocked at how restrained each piece seems to be.  The designers’ personalities seem to have been erased from most of the pieces. In fact they almost look like one person or team designed the collection and then slapped a PR designer’s name on each piece. Boo.

  • I’ll take: Gordana’s, Korto’s, Mondo’s, and Uli’s. Now who’s got a grand or two to lend me? 

  • dress_up_doll

    Wow. SOme of these designs really surprised me. My personal faves are Korto, Chris & Uli. I plan to go and hope to see TLo there as well.

  • blissful2

    I wonder which will sell out first…my money is on Gordana, Seth, and Korto.  Yea, the designs are muted/simplified, but the clean lines work for Lord and Taylor.   Plus the moderate pricing will impact what can be manufactured economically.  

    I’m most diasppointed with Mondo — he could have done more with that shift — and a lesser extent with Seth (unless it’s a two-piece).

  • TheOriginalLulu

    Wow, what a great collection. I was trying to pick three favorites, but I couldn’t decide. If I were to buy one for myself, it would have to be Uli’s, because it would look best on me (sleeves). Gordana’s would have been my choice if it had sleeves.

  • 3boysful

    OF COURSE you two should go, BUT L&T should invite you as VIP honored guests!

    And you can bring me back Jay’s, size 10.

  • Rand Ortega

    You better! How else are your BK’s & PUF’s going to get all the delish dish?
    I must admit, I’m very disappointed the incredible Laura Bennett didn’t present an offering to this anniversary collection. I still swoon when I think about her silver/grey gown w/ the ombre jewel accents. Not to mention your awesome reaction to it: “Girl, we fell out. That fucker is GORGEOUS!”

    • That one was a PR hall of famer, in my book.

    • l_c_ann

      If you love Laura’s ombre silver/grey gown, you need to buy her book that tells exactly how she did it.  (“Handmade Chic”  published earlier this year-  I borrowed it from the library and liked the contents so much that I bought my own copy.  Especially for the how to on leather work.)

      • Rand Ortega

         Just did from Amazon. Thanx for the tip!

  • LesYeuxHiboux

    Does the model have scoliosis? What’s with the lean-and-slouch?

    These designs are nice but I’d rather have an Uli that looks like an Uli. I love Seth Aaron’s and Korto’s, but no room for boobs of course. Most look overpriced. 

  • Anna Maria Diamanti

    These are great, BUT wouldn’t it have been even better if L&T had gone back and picked a particularly memorable look from each season and manufactured them? It would be a great way to revisit the show’s history and highlight some designs that stood the test of time.

    • Frank_821

      The primary advantage to making a new dress is the designer could get a cut of money. Anything they make on PR is owned by the show. And it would be hard to create a true capsule collection

      • Anna Maria Diamanti

         Yes, I understand because of the way the show is structured that this wouldn’t be possible. But, I still think it would be fabulous.

      • l_c_ann

        The pesky PR ownership of all designs from a broadcast season rears its ugly head yet again.

        Although I would like to see Heidi and the Weinsteins going tooth and nail over the dollars involved.

    • Cautiously Pessimistic

      I agree with Frank, and besides, when you look back at the early seasons, some of the most memorable designs look really dated now.  Ten years can be an eternity in this business.  (Much as I would have loved a chance at the Chrysler dress from the first season…)

  • Samuel Donovan

    Of course you should go!! OMG AN ULI DRESS!!!

  • God, I miss Seth Aaron. What ever happened to him?

    Also, Uli’s is my favorite.

  • Frank_821

    I agree that Mondo’s is a bit of a disappointment. Almost lazy. I think any feeling of underwhelmness people might have is the restriction in style. Jay, Chris and Mondo clearly could not go to town with their normal style. They still had to fit together as a capsule collection. 

    Bert I think benefits the best from this-chic, a little sly and understated but very sophisticated. Gordana and Korto are able to remain in their wheelhouse here as well. We can still see Seth in terms of polish and structure. Uli has shifted more towards structured, sophisticated. I think she could have incorporated a subtle mix of prints and textures into her dress. I think she would ahve been more successful at it than Mondo for this collection

  • mjude

    OMG…love them all.  i am missing the launch by one damn day! boys you just HAVE to go!


  • another_laura

    What a question!  Of course you should go, T Lo!

    I’ll have that Gordana dress.

  • That sounds like loads of fun. You should definitely go!

    The model in these photos is really gorgeous.  

  • I want Korto’s!!!

    But as fun as this is, you don’t have to wait for this collection to get a great dress from a notable PR designer – Emmett McCarthy has a shop called EMc2, in downtown Manhattan, and his clothes are gorgeous, and very flattering. Check them out!


    • Call me Bee

      Thanks for the tip, GT. 
      It’s looking like, if I actually get to NYC in this lifetime, I’ll have to do a “PR tour”.  Find any boutiques that carry PR alum wares, shops like Emmett’s mentioned above, Chris March’s studio, Parsons, the Altas, Laura’s house, etc. 
      Say–you NYC natives could make a fortune coming up with tour stops and shuttling us Midwesterners around!!  It could be the UnbornFawn/Bitter Kitten Tour!

  • Lisa

    Of course you should go, silly TLo! Who better than our uncles to represent the PUFs and the BKs?

    I love a LOT of these! Mostly the shorter ones that I actually have a chance to wear someplace!

    As for me, I’ll be over here, hyper-ventilating into a brown paper bag again at the mere thought of Dmitry not winning this challenge. This is totally in his wheelhouse. Even without seeing his dress, I hope to god he runs away with this one. He’s way way overdue from other challenges he should have won.

  • crash1212

    Uli? That’s from Uli? BIG shift in aesthetic right there. Covet a few of them – mightily. 

    P.S. Of COURSE you should go! Jeez. We want pictures and snark!

    • Rand Ortega

       Agree! Did Uli move to NY? I remember reading that somewhere (just don’t quote me. I’ll deny it lol). Maybe this is her NY aesthetic, now that she’s moved there?

      • Those flowy dresses that everyone associates with Uli were from six years ago. Any designer worth their salt would have shifted their aesthetic by now.

  • nannypoo

    ” … a little too focussed on interpersonal drama…” Ha! That’s a good one.

    Some of these dresses are awesome, especially Gordana’s. And Mondo turned out an adorable little Mondoesque entry. I guess if you have more than one day, a team of assistants and loads of talent you can make a pretty good dress. 

  • kimmeister

    My favorites are Gordana’s, Seth Aaron’s, and Nick’s.  Unfortunately, the color of Gordana’s probably wouldn’t look good one me, I couldn’t cram my linebacker shoulders into Seth Aaron’s, and I don’t have the slim legs to pull of Nick’s.  Blasted!

  • PeggyOC

    Wow.  Those are some nice dresses.  The Seth Henderson needs to come live in my closet. The model is a little too small-breasted to carry it off, and I could show it a much better time!

  • Miss_Magpie

    I’ll take Jay’s in a 16, please!

    •  I’m really interested to see what size range these come in.

  • crash1212

    Also, might’ve been nice of somebody had thought to move the hair off the intricate detailing of some of these looks – you know, so we could actually SEE it? Just a thought.

  • boomchicabowwow

    GOOOO!  And report back, of course.

  • RedAgain

    If you are not going, it better be Mondo’s quinceanera or something.  Seriously, what could be better than this?  Did you miss the part about the custom t-shirts???

  • boomchicabowwow

    OH, and I will be saving my pennies for Korto’s, Uli’s, and BERT’S!  And I already own his challenge win dress….

  • CarolinLA

    Korto’s!!!!  Covet!!!!

  • Lilithcat

    Oh, my gosh, I love Seth Aaron’s!  It is the perfect little black evening suit.  I suppose I’ll risk ordering online, but I don’t see why availability should be limited to Lord & Taylor’s Fifth Avenue store.  

    Should we go?

    Of course you should go!  How else will we know which designer is best at arcade games?   

    • PinkLemon

       Very Cathy Cambridge, that dress. Classic.

  • MilaXX

    Sounds like fun. Please go and snap pics for those of us PUF’s unable to attend. Of this collection my favs are: Gordana, Mondo & Nick’s although I won’t get my hopes up that any of this will be available in plus sizes.

    • mjude

      one would hope we would have a chance to try at least a dress or 2 on.

  • pincushion

    All very attractive and polished dresses but very muted and edited for retail.  It looks like all the designers elected to, or were told to take the conservative direction with these.  Without the captions, I never would have guessed most of the designer’s work, esp. Seth, Jay, Chris and Uli.  Not surprised, just disappointed.  Happy for them to make the most of this opportunity though.  Hope they get back to their originality again.

    • Kathy Schrenk

      Agreed. I wouldn’t pay these prices because they just aren’t unique enough and don’t bring to mind what we love about these designers. Mondo’s Nanette Lapore dress, that I would have paid $300 for.

  • Ceur

    I saw Uli’s first dress and said ‘Oooh damn, I want this, but in another colour.’ I felt quite powerful scrolling down and seeing that someone listened to my style instinct that quickly! That was the stand-out to me.

  • muzan-e

    Bert. Gordana. Seth Aaron. Uli, dress 1. Korto, in a shade less cool-toned. I would slap down my dollars for these without a moment’s hesitation.  What a gorgeously classic ensemble.

  • I”ll take one of Gordana’s, Korto’s, Seth Aaron’s, and both of Uli’s. OK, thanks.

  • fursa_saida

    I agree a lot of these are lovely, but I HATE the expression on this model’s face. It’s like she’s trying to decide whether to cry or throw up.

    • PinkLemon

       Yeah…for some reason the model choice is odd to me. Dunno why.

      • couldn’t they put her hair behind her shoulders so we could see the design details?

  • I wish they had a Daniel Vosovic design but I do love some of these looks.

  • pookiesmom

    Oh, looooooooove!!!!

  • PinkLemon

    Uli FTW

  • ShivaDiva

    Nice pieces!  Ah, that’s right, they used to have actual designers on that show, didn’t they?

    Uli!  Why so serious?  What happened to the Miami beach blowouts?  Still nice to see her represent.

  • rainwood1

    I like Gordana’s best.  The style is lovely, the color is rich and warm, and the styling is perfect.  As the PR judges say, “It looks expensive.”

  • meowing

    Sleeves!  Thank you, Seth Aaron and Uli!

  • Stubenville

    Interesting that all of the designers are very well liked by the public and most are not their season winners. Finally some well deserved recognition for these folks!

  • Go.  Engage and gossip.  Take copious notes.  Post your adventures and dish-dish-dish on the gossip.  

    Ask Jay, “Whattup YO? You still in Philly? We gotsta hang in Philly.”, please include gesticulations that would indicate North Philly street cred.  Holla back!

  • CarolinLA

    Based on these dresses, I’m gonna guess that the winner is Dmitri.  And if I had to guess the other top three, I’m gonna guess Christopher and Ven.

  • VRuss

    These are great! And really, really wearable… I want one of each, seriously. I can see myself wearing these dresses to events in my life… Wish I could go to L&T to see these in person! And meet the designers, of course!

    Now, THIS is what last week’s challenge should have produced.

  • Burkyquirky

    At least Lord & Taylor can spot a good design — take note, pr judges.

  • belfebe

    OMG!  Thank you Lord & Taylor!  Sooooooo cool!

  • mom2ab

    Ooo give me Jay’s dress in a size 10 please- I have a wedding in October and it would be perfect.

  • alyce1213

    All beautiful and wearable — very L&T choices. I must have Gordana’s.

  • Korto’s for me please!

  • I’m gonna need Mondo’s, Chris’, Korto’s, and Jay’s dresses in my closet immediately. Anyone want to help a poor public school teacher spice up her wardrobe?

  • Anathema_Device

    The only clunker for me is the Chris March dress. I like the color, but the sleeves look SO stiff with that gold trim. The rest are really great, though. I love Uli’s dresses. The shoulder/sleeve detail really elevates the look.

  • What happened to Uli? Totally not what I remember of her look. And what’s up with Laura Bennett these days? 

    • hoez

      She grew as a designer. 🙂 Look at her output on All Stars (the special where she competed with Korto, Daniel V., Chris March, Sweet P, and some others) and it’s much more like what you see here.

  • Jess5628

    Those Uli dresses are fabulous!

  • Please go, and report back to the rest of us sad sacks!  I wish I could buy the shit out of that entire collection, but I’m getting something, I just have to narrow my scope.  This is fabulous!

  • Burkyquirky

    Am I right, that the designers aren’t allowed access to internet? Too bad. It would be so easy to look at this line up and make a dress that would fit.

    • harlowish

       The episode was filmed months before this collection was unveiled.  The winning designer’s look has already been manufactured.

  • Korto or Gordana, please.

  • Miranda Prince

    I really, really love Gordana’s dress. They’re all pretty good, but hers is one I would LOVE to wear (especially if I had that model’s body, which I do not, sigh.)

    • I agree about Gordana’s and I have the same problem

  • Nels Highberg

    If you are going to go to any FNO event, be ready for extremely large crowds.  I walked into SoHo last year during FNO to catch a subway and hit the huge crowd.  Took me forever to get a block away.

  • petalfrog

    Oooh… love Korto and Uli’s own! I’d buy those in a heart beat if I had $300 to spend on a dress…

  • Pants_are_a_must

    Uli’s dresses, please.

    And yes, you should totally go, if you’re doing Fashion’s Night Out.

  • I know that it says cocktail dreses, but Gordana’s, Uli’s and Seth Aaron’s looks are solidly “day into evening.”

  • Hey, Bert Keeter! If you’re reading this, love your dress. How about sharing some insight into the creation of your dress, how designers were chosen and what parameters you were given?

  • If they are made in real women’s sizes, I could wear most of them. Some I could even work to work with a jacket over them.

    Signing off before I lose electricity.

  • It’s so nice to see what they can produce when they have the time. Some gorgeous stuff there.

  • these are all so conservative, and look so much alike.  so much black and grey.  chris march and burt keeter are the only ones that seem unique, although i can’t say i like chris’ design.  this season too there are so many department store dresses.  working woman, girl on the go, lord and taylor, snooze……….

    • Lisa_Cop

      Like Bert’s dress but think the bodice could be a bit wonky depending on the size of your breasts.

  • I want Mondo’s dress SFM.

    And Gordanna’s. 


  • marilyn

    The only dud was Chris March’s.  I love his other stuff.  Why did he do a modified caftan?  Also, where is Christian Siriano?  Where is Laura Bennett?  Overall, the looks are great.  Much better than the junk we see weekly on PR, or PSB (Project Station Break) as I like to call it.

  • Yeah…she has that expression that I get when I’m overwhelmed with nasal congestion and can hardly see straight.

  • I like Nick’s dress. The color is gorgeous.  And Seth Aaron’s suit.

  • janierainie

    You have to go for those of us who can’t!!!

    I like all of them. I really love Jay’s and Mondo’s. 

  • Jean-Luc Bresson

    I want Uli’s brown dress

  • a_liking

    oooo DO WANT Korto’s!

  • msdamselfly

    Beautiful collection-great model.  I love that they used the same model thoroughout. And Uli’s dresses are stunning.

  • Why are they so into Giordana? I dont get it – she was really a no one on her season- first she is selected for all stars and now to represent her season on this. I do understand that all the other designers are very popular. Of course there would be a Mondo.

    • LesYeuxHiboux

      A matter of taste I suppose. Gordana made it quite far in the competition, and I feel she made some memorable garments. I still think about her interpretation of that Monet.

      • Lilithcat

        That Monet gown was absolutely gorgeous.

    • hoez

      Gordana almost made it to the finale in her season but was denied despite making the best garment JUST BEFORE THE FINAL EPISODE. X_X

  • DaringMiss

    Must have (almost) every one of them!

  • Amy Ennis

    I would wear all of these. Love them. I think Chris March’s is my favorite, and I’m a bit disappointed in the lack of color on Mondo’s, but overall, great, gorgeous work!

  • I want just about EVERY single one of those… Unfortunately, I have a very hourglass figure and I can only imagine the tragedy of trying to wrangle my bust-waist-hip ration into them.  Sigh.

    And it’s very tempting to go up there for this, too.  It’s just a little wee drive!

  • There’s not a single one of those dresses that I’m not drooling over. They’re all lovely, some are downright stunning.

    Now if I could just win the lottery and lose *coughcough* pounds.

  • Clueless_Jock

    Nice work! There should be a menswear version of PR.

  • formerlyAnon

    You should DEFINITELY go if they’re offering you VIP passes. Maybe you should just make an after party of some sort if you’d have to wait in a long line with the masses.

    ‘Cause fellas, in PR circles you have long ago “arrived” and Lifetime & the PR producers know it. One hopes they are according you some perks for all the free publicity you provide them.

  • Anne At Large

    Love Gordana’s and Korto’s, dying for Seth Aaron’s, but I was crossing my fingers for a wild-ass Uli dress that I could actually own and we get brown OR black? In what world is this fair? Sigh. Also I was lighting prayer candles for there to be a Jillian coat and now I have to go extinguish them ALL. This is all lovely, but so sedate I hardly see the designers there. Somebody tell me Seth Aaron’s has a plaid lining at least.

  • Tracy_Flick

    Seth Aaron’s and Uli’s – MUST have them. 

  • Violina23

    These are absolutely gorgeous. Can’t spend $200-400 on a dress right now, but still… beautiful stuff.

  • Jarethee

    Does anyone know who the model is? She’s gorgeous and working the crap out of a whole lot of different styles. 

  • imakeart

    Wonder how they selected the designers?  Cool group.  LOVE Gordana’s!

  • Kato16

    Need that Korto dress now.

  • tinyredlocks

    GO! Please go! Some of us have to work that night, so go and take pics and report back! Thanks ever so!

  • IMNAngryLiberal

    Love, love, love Gordana’s, Korto’s, and especially Uli’s — these dresses look like a very natural extension of where she was going with her designs on her PR All Stars season.  And I still firmly believe she should have won that season .. had the producers not pre-selected DanielV as the winner right from the start (as they did with Mondo in the second All Stars season).

    • Lisa_Cop

      There were 2 All Star seasons? I thought the one with Mondo was the first. When was the first All Star?

      • Lilithcat

        The first All-Stars show wasn’t actually a “season”, just a two-hour special.  It was won by Daniel Vosovic.

    • hoez

      Yeah, Uli should have won that special. She made such beautiful pieces… wasn’t she not even considered for the win? UGH.

  • BigWhiteGrannyPanties

    I am just sure that there will be NO WAY that any of these will be in my size.  Sigh.

  • snarkykitten


  • tinyredlocks

    I do a lot of my shopping at L&T, and I wear a 12, 14 or 16, depending on the item. I rarely have a problem finding things in my size. I’d be surprised it these dresses didn’t go up to at least a 12, if not a 14….

  • Cautiously Pessimistic

    I have to say, I remember reading some criticism of Mondo back during his season, but he really doesn’t work in interesting silhouettes or construction. Which is fine! It’s a perfectly valid point of view. But take away his prints and there’s just… not much there. That’s a nice dress, but I have issues paying that much for a shift dress I could make easily at roughly a tenth the price.

    He has a master’s eye for patterns, but that’s the most generic look in the collection. Although obviously somebody could outdo him this week! 😉

  • shut up! all these looks are adorable, editorial and appropriate.  Miss Nina would approve.

  • I want the Chris March dress SO BAD

  • frannyprof

    Uli got TWO dresses!!! And I want them both!

  • guest2visits

    Yay for PR designers !  I like alot of these; especially Uli’s, Mondo’s, and Gordana’s.

  • Call me Bee

    Damn right you should go.  And tweet your little hearts out–with lots of pics of these, our favorite designers for us, you UBF/BK who live vicariously through you already. 

    About the fashion–you are so right.  Totally wearable and accessable dresses that do reflect their designer’s style.  I am running out to get Jay’s dress, along with Seth Aaron’s.  And look at Uli using solid colors and lots of structure and all.   Gorgeous! 

  • quiltrx

    These are all pretty great!

  • The big question….do any of them fit over a size 10?? betcha not

    • Lisa

      If they’re smart, they will. 

    • SewingSiren

      I don’t know what the size range will be. But I imagine that these dresses will be offered under Lord and Taylor’s own in store label and use the Lord and Taylor sizing/grade chart which is  2-16. In which 2 = 31″ bust, 23″ waist, and 33″ hip  to
      size 16 which is 40.5″ bust, 32.5″ waist, and 42.5″ hip.  Depending on the style of dress they may go 2-12 on some and 6-16 on others. If they offer any in Womens or Plus I would imagine it would be the less fitted ones like Nick’s or Burts, maybe Mondo’s.

  • LambeeBaby

    All of these are great. Even if the judges don’t always get it right, Lord and Taylor did.

    • unbornfawn


  • Pennymac

    Pretty Please go, Uncles T and Lo. And tell Seth Aaron I WANT his dress. And I really like all of these, BTW

  • unbornfawn

    Yes GO! This is a great wearable collection. My favorite designers! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!

  • This is such a smashing idea!!!!  What a great way to honor some of the better talents from past seasons and connect their work to the public.  Nice.  

  • I’m a tad confused.  Why does Uli get two dresses? there are ten total here– so will one of hers be replaced by the Season Ten challenge winner’s design?  Did everyone get to do two dresses but they only put one in the collection?  If not, why was Uli picked to do two?

    So excited to see Bert’s name.  I loved Bert!

  • lucasuk82

    I would have picked Mondo’s as being Jay’s contribution.  Where is Laura?  This project seems like it would be awesome for her style.

  • Gordana’s would be incredibly flattering on a size 18 like me. I’m gonna bet that it won’t go that high. *sigh*

  • bitchybitchybitchy

    I’ll agree-this is the best thing to happen to PR in a long time. 

  • Angielynne73

    I LOVE NICK. And Korto, and Seth Aaron, and Uli, and Mondo. Oh, who am I kidding, I like pretty much all of these. Except Burt’s. That one, not so much.

    • adnama79

      I want to love Bert but I cannot love that dress.

      • Bozhi

        It does not look like Bert, and I love Bert.

  • Please go and take pictures!

    Oh my goodness, I love almost all of these pieces (and the ones I don’t love are simply because they’re not my style). It would be awesome to see a yearly special collection with other great designers!

  • DesertDweller79

    Very exciting!  A lot of these are wonderful.  I would love to have at least half of them.

  • adnama79

    Very pretty!  Tempting.  But I’ll stick w/ my $40-Calvin-Klein-from-Ross routine. I don’t have a life that calls for cocktail dresses… Gordana’s is super-tempting for a work dress.

  • frankystein123

    All the dresses look fabulous, but the qipao-inspired one looks especially awesome.

  • frankystein123

    All the dresses look fabulous, but the qipao-inspired one looks especially awesome.

  • gabbilevy

    Oh! Gordana’s dress is to DIE. And Uli’s second dress, although maybe in a muted color instead of black. And maybe Bert’s, although this isn’t what I would have imagined he would do… those side panels don’t say “clean” and “classic” the way I remember his designs on PR doing. 

    And you guys should OBVIOUSLY go.

  • Korto’s dress? I die. I am dead.

  • Bozhi

    I can only afford one, and I am really torn.   I guess I’ll have to go and try ALL of them on.

  • Bozhi

    I need at least three.  Seth, Gordana, Jay, Uli, Nick, and others.

  • Bozhi

    And Korto, I need that.

  • Sweetbetty

     Sorry, Lulu, but I’m giggling at you requiring sleeves and thinking how that would eliminate all of Anya’s designs from your list of favorites.  Could that be why she wasn’t part of this group?  L&T maybe required at least the ability to make sleeves, even if you didn’t use them in your  final design?    🙂

  • Sweetbetty

     What’s up with Uli having two dresses in this collection anyhow?

    • formerlyAnon

      I would assume it’s because L & T’s think they will sell by the bucket load.

      • Sweetbetty

         Nothing against Uli”s designs, but that’s sort of an affront to the other designers.

  • Sweetbetty

     Right.  The look on her face and the hair hiding important details.  Definitely detracts from the presentation.

  • Asija Chappel

    It would be so awesome if you could link to the designs that inspired the looks!

  • diempascarella

    I want Korto’s! Must get!

  • holdmewhileimnaked

    if you wanna buy something from jay mccaroll you can buy from him directly for a whole lot less money & no middle company:

    • Lilithcat

      You can’t buy that dress directly from him.

      • holdmewhileimnaked

        no, you cant. but you can buy something from him. & most of the stuff is really inexpensive & i dont think he’s selling a lot of it. cos i like his work i try to promote his website when i can.

        • We don’t want to speak on behalf of Jay, but we would imagine he wants his Lord & Taylor dress to sell well.

          • holdmewhileimnaked

            i’m sure, but, oy vey, not everyone can afford an over two hundred dollar dress these days. so if they dont know he has his own site, & they see this, well, now they do. & maybe they can afford a sixty dollar bag or a pair of sunglasses.

      • Sweetbetty

        And much as I love Jay, there’s nothing at that website I’d want to buy.

  • I love all of these–especially Uli’s dresses.  Yes, the model’s hair is seriously distracting.

  • yulaffin

    I love all of them but I think Bert’s garment is my favorite.

  • Susan Crawford

    So great to see Gordana’s design included in the collection – it’s simply elegant and chic. And Bert! Yes! I want that dress! Frankly, this is a terrific collection that definitely reflects the L&T aesthetic while giving the designers a chance to show their talents. GREAT idea, and it shows a nice level of commitment from L&T. (Aside from all that great publicity, that is!)

  • Sorry that Chris March gown is hideous and the sleeves are not in a good place for most women.  FAIL

  • nancymae

    I love love love Uli’s dresses but I would never have considered tgem to be Uli dresses without the caption. Looks like she’s traded in the Miami beachy vibe for some serious NYC down to business ness

    Korto’s dress looks sharp as well. Go Liberian Girl!!

  • MissAnnieRN

    AS IF you would miss it? Pissed Laura’s dresses didn’t get produced. I still love her best.

    • Sweetbetty

      I wonder if Laura was invited but chose not to participate.  I know she blogged about turning down the invitation to be part of the All Stars.  She’s not at a point where she’s trying to grow her fashion design business like the others so she has the luxury of turning down offers that don’t appeal to her.  Too bad, though, since this collection is tailor made for her esthetic.  

  • I want Mondo’s! And…is it me, or is Seth Aaron’s a bit… plain…for his aesthetic? I wish it had some color!

  • blondie65

    Oh…love, love, love this!!  Yes, TLo, please please go and bring back pics and scoop and details.  This is just wonderful….I hope it is incredibly successful for L&T and  all the designers so we’ll see something like this again.   And, they got me…I just went over to L&T’s website to apply for an account so with any luck, Gordana’s dress will be mine! Great color, perfect for work & it is the best silouette for my body type (size 4 but hour-glass…too much up top for the other dress that I love (Korto’s & I would so love to have something of hers…).  Seriously thinking about Seth Aaron’s or Uli’s too…want to see what the material is first b/c I need something with a little give in it  to get thru a 10 hour day at work. Also seriously considering Mondo’s …looks like it might be a great date-night lbd.  And if I ever had a reason for a gown, I love Bert’s as well!!  The only downside, no Laura B.

  • jmorino08

    Those are gorgeous! Would love to see them next to the original winning designs to see how much they were changed in production.

  • imspinningaround

    Chris March’s look is throwing Liz Taylor Cleopatra REALNESS.  Respect.

  • SewingSiren

    This challenge and this collection are “Taylor” made for Dmitry. Almost every dress he has made so far would fit right in here.

  • Chris March’s gown is a surprising failure. Bert’s is exquisite. My favorite in terms of what *I* would wear is Korto’s–it is FABULOUS. But honestly, none of these will come in plus sizes, so why dream?

  • suzq

    I could easily spend $1,000 on many of these, if I had it.  As it is….should I find them in my size, I’ll be getting at least a couple.  Good stuff.

  • afabulous50

    I will be buying Gordana’s.  Perfect for my trade shows..

  • CatherineRhodes

    I wish the model’s hair was out of the way so we could see the necklines and shoulder details. 

  • BobStPaul

    Favorites:  Seth Allen, Uli, Korto, Bert, Gordana (in no particular order).  Don’t particularly care for either Mondo’s or Chris’ dress which pains me to say.

  • Wow, a Mondo??!

  • Is anyone else enjoying that last year’s winner isn’t in here? That it’s Bert, not the lady who can’t make sleeves?

    • Oh yes, very much.  And I really love Bert’s dress.

  • I would lurve an Uli dress but these don’t look at all like Uli.  

  • I’ll take one of each please and thank you!

  • Jennifer McBride

    Go and report! I’m disappointed at the lack of color. I was hoping for Jay’s quilt squares or one of Uli’s bright prints.

  • BrightsideSusan

    The hair is covering the dresses – geez.  what are they selling here? Shampoo?  This should be Dmitri’s win.

  • Coralie Legister

    I actually don’t like any of them :/

  • ccm800

    We should all go! Thats a pretty great little collection in time for holiday partays! I am just a smooch disappointed in Jays dammit! SO conventional – cute – and he s and always shall be my fave but dang.  

  • Wow! No dog designers in the bunch! Hooray for all these talented designers!

  • aristida_girl

    Please go and tell us all about it! I love every piece here 🙂

  • hearkentoit

    Really impressed with how all these designers managed to capture the L&T aesthetic, while still keeping enough of their own that you could say, for example, “Oh yeah, I can see how that’s a Seth Aaron dress.”

  • margaret meyers

    Love the model.  Who is she?

  • lintvedta

    Oh!  A happy mind f**K!

  • spooki C

    those dresses are Uli’s? they’re so not how i remember her, but i love them. she’s one of my favorite designers from the show.

    • e jerry powell

       They’re Uli’s within the parameters of the collection.

  • TxMom2011

    Of course go!  The dresses looked better on the mannequins btw   That hairy wafer thin model was distracting.

  • Evelyn Uyemura

    Ooo, if I were a person who goes out at night, I would absolutely wear any one of these. What a great collection! It would be hard to choose just one. Very nice, and not priced in the actual stratosphere. 

  • Rebecca J.

    LOVE the Elizabeth Taylor Nightgown by Chris March!

  • I think this collection looks better here than it did on last night’s episode. I wasn’t able to see the circles on Mondo’s dress when they briefly gave us a look of it on the show. That makes it more his aesthetic than I previously thought, although I wish he had made the circles white instead of black. That would also fit his aesthetic and make the circles stand out more. Seth Aaron’s dress is boring and doesn’t look like his aesthetic at all, which is far more interesting than that. And I found most of the other dresses to be pretty blah too. Korto and most of these other designers here gave us more exciting stuff on PR. The only dress that I would wear would be Chris March’s. It’s the standout in the bunch, as was March when he was on the show.

  • Dhammadina

    Can somebody explain if these were actual dresses —and were they winning dresses for their episode– during the contestants’ particular seasons on PR? 

    Then the dresses were modified for Lord and Taylor, right? 

    I just don’t remember some of them if they were on the show in the past. I like them all though, quite a bit. 

    Also I am glad that all the designers were safe in that challenge. It was generous gesture and the show can use that, at least for the space of an episode. Sometimes I need a rest from snark.

  • missrozanne

    I loved Gordana’s Gelhausen’s dress.  The style is so sleek and clean plus the color is beautiful!  I loved the designs of Keeter, Momolu and Herzner too…oh heck they’re all very special!!

  • Like Mondo’s. And Bert’s, kind of. Rest don’t catch my eye at all. Chris March’s and Korto’s are at least slightly interesting?