PR: Various Trainwrecks

Posted on August 03, 2012

The sweet, creamy crack smoke was wafting through the air of that studio, kittens.

Gunnar Deatherage and Kooan Kosuke
Irina Shabayeva (Season 6)

We figure you want some sort of examination or breakdown of this look, as well as a reaction to the fact that it wound up in the top, vying for the win.

But we promised at the start of the season that we wouldn’t get too worked up anymore and we’ll do our best to keep things light, so here it is in a nutshell

  1. It’s a shit dress and it looks like it was made out of dishtowels.
  2. The only reason it was in the top was to give Gunnar an even bigger head and fill him with pie-eyed dreams of winning the whole thing (See: Josh and Michael Costello), which will cause him to become even more obnoxious and delusional and hopefully lead to a dramatic meltdown when he finally gets cut.
  3. Frokemon should never be sad.
  4. Irina’s still kind of a bitch.
  5. Gunnar’s dress sense is both deplorable and hilarious at the same time. He has no idea.
  6. Irina stood with her arms crossed in front the entire time and we were never shown any footage of the judges asking to see the back, where all the worst problems manifested. Discuss.


Andrea Katz and Christopher Palu
Anya Ayoung-Chee (Season 9)


Anya’s a minute little thing, but this actually managed to make her look … we’ll say “curvy.” At the very least, it added pounds and inches to her. Look how tiny her head looks all of a sudden.

It looks cheap and poorly made. End of discussion. The “solution” to the neckline issue was an absolutely terrible idea; hence, Christopher’s melodramatic response to it. We can’t blame him, really. He was trying to (or at least paying lip service to the idea of) be respectful toward people he considers to have greater experience than him, and yet, here’s Tim and Andrea saying, “We’ll just cover it up!” Problem solved!” We would have looked at them both like they were nuts too.

As we said in the previous post, he didn’t exactly handle it in the best possible manner, but everything he said about Andrea appeared to be true based on the footage we saw – and she pretty much lied when she denied saying she didn’t care if she went home. And if it’s true that she bolted in the middle of the night, that makes it all even worse. If she wanted to go home, she should have said so when she was directly asked that on the runway. We don’t particularly care about the fate of Raoul, but she watched them cut him loose and then bailed a few hours later herself. He might have handled all of this better, but saying that puts all the work on him. Bottom line: she made herself an issue that needed to be handled, denied it when she got called on it, and booked in the middle of the night after claiming that she wanted to stay. We’ll reserve final judgment until we get the rest of the story next week, but if sides must be taken, we’re on his right now.


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  • If pre-season reports are to be believed, Andrea is the one who, after bolting, refuses to speak to producers and makes her doorman turn them away.

    • VanessaDK

       Which gives B-M the platform to tell the story whatever way they like (although she may also be legally constrained from saying anything).  I agree that it looks bad for her, but it is also clear that the show was edited to prepare us for her departure, and I am waiting to see if any other information comes out now that it is open knowledge that she was the “runner.”

      • Samuel Donovan

        Or you could read her twitter. It’s delicious.

  • donnaINseattle

    Anya’s dress looked like she made it. It didn’t look like her style, it looked like it had the same quality issues she had with her sewing ability.

    I wish Irina had been able to say more . . . or I wish she had been editted for all she probably did say. I also don’t think she was dark enough for that white to be the stunning dress it could have been. And what about the length of the hem on Irina’s dress — drove me a bit nuts. 

    And I’d have LOVED to have heard from all the “clients” on what they thought of their dresses.

    • Violina23

      I agree! Would it have killed them to include everyone? 

      • You heard from Kenly, but she MAKES you hear her.

        •  Seriously. I wanted to put the TV on mute about 30 seconds in to her interview with her designers.

    • SewingSiren

      I have no doubt that the edited a lot of what Irina had to say about that dress.

      • I didn’t love her that much during her season, but I loved her as a client.  “Doesn’t anyone else care about this?”  And while sad Frokemon is, well, sad, there was a side of me that was all “Man up, dude — the fashion industry isn’t going to be unicorns farting rainbows 24/7.  There will be some rough days.”

        • Spicytomato1

          Agree about Frokemon. He needs to toughen up. And he — as well as a lot of the designers — needs to work on professionalism, both with clients and with the judges. So many of their behaviors and actions would never be tolerated in the “real world” and the sooner they can figure that out, the better off they will be.

          •  It’s the very first stages of “I’m a _designer_ and I design for myself and for the good of all mankind, not this silly _client_ person.” There’s always a couple every season.

          • “I’m making art, not clothes for people to wear.”  Which is a valid position for a fashion designer to take (assuming you can find a wealth patron to support you), but Project Runway has pretty much always been client- and marketing-oriented (and increasingly ready-to-wear-oriented).

          • annieanne

            If Frokemon has any future as a designer it will be for teenage japanese girls. Who a) will love his aesthetic and b) aren’t reared to be assertive consumers. He’ll do fine with them.

          • hoez

            Some adult Japanese women love that kind of aesthetic as well. Very Kyary Pamyu Pamyu which is super in right now. I think Kooan’s just way out of his element in a very conservative (compared to Japan) design competition. I do wonder how far he’ll make it since I feel he has the potential to make it at least to the “decoy collection” stage of the competition compared to some of the other competitors.

          • siriuslover

            I don’t think he’ll make it to the final, but I’d love to see what he’d do with a whole collection.

        • For some odd reason I can’t even remember Irina’s season or rather I don’t remember her at all

          • blondie65

            The very forgettable season in LA (s6) & the first season on Lifetime…(sigh) 

        • Whoa, hold up, are you trying to tell me that fashion isn’t for sissies?!? I always seem to mess that rule up, if only someone could repeat it endlessly for me and make it their catch phrase…

        • Irina does not suffer fools lightly, and for that, I love her. She came down pretty damn hard on them, but they should be kissing her ass for saving the dress – it WAS in their best interest to listen to her. 

          • Irina must have really wanted to go to the Emmys.

          • KathKo

             maybe, but you can see in her eyes that she doesn’t want to go in that mess of a dress.

          • fashionablylate

            Definitely a perfectionist – if I recall, her finale collection (which I really liked) was impeccably-made.

        • Samuel Donovan

          Unicorns Farting Rainbows is the best thing I’ve heard all summer.

      • donnaINseattle

        Of course she was — I don’t see Irina holding back. I will make my yearly wish for the DVD (I’m closing my eyes and tapping my heels) — please include interviews from the clients from this episode, please include interviews from the clients from this episode, please include interviews from the clients from this episode — (open eyes . . . “damn”).

    •  Well, if you go to Lifetime’s site, they have blogs up by Laura and Mila, in which they talk about their feelings about their dresses and designers as well as some others.

      • DinaSews

        Laura has a scathing commentary on Kenley.  It’s worth the read.

        •  If Kenley said that her style was “fresh,” “young” and “forward-thinking” one more time, I was going to throw something. That shows such a staggeringly huge lack of self-awareness, if she really believes all that crap.

          • DinaSews

            Haha.  I couldn’t agree with you more.  I’m glad it was just a guest shot.  The thought of her coming back another week would give me a migraine.

        • She also writes at length about Irina’s dress and how the fabric was very shiny and almost shear. Neither of those attributes showed up on my TV. Also, it was Irina’s idea to put the streamers on her shoulders to hide the hideous fit on the back of the dress.

        • blondie65

          Loved it…would pay good money for the outtakes of that episode…Laura in the same room as Kenley and add to that, April, Irina & Mila…

      • donnaINseattle

        Thank you for the reminder. But I’d still like to hear them too.

    • andcoh

      The best thing about Irina’s dress is that she’s hot and makes it look way better than it should have.  

      • ballerinawithagun

        Yes, it was only Irina’s looks and her instructions that saved that dress.

      • annieanne

        The only good thing about that dress was the neckline detail. I’d love to know whose idea that was.

      • kaydenpat

        I guess I am the only one who LIKED Irina’s dress.  Oh well.

      • H3ff

        Exactly. Though it was so obvious when the judges kept saying how gorgeous she was (as opposed to the dress).

    • meowing

      On the Lifetime site, both Laura and Irina have blogs–Irina is particularly verbal about her feelings.

      • No, it’s Laura and Mila. 

        • MoHub

           Right. Mila, not Irina. And unfortunately, Mila not only takes a very narcissistic approach, but if we’re to believe the footage we saw, she lied about wanting a suit. What we were shown was her asking for a gown.

          • formerlyAnon

            Though I’d believe a contestant over the editing any day. Even knowing their remarks might be self-serving.

    • Linderella

      Seriously–I kept waiting for Irena to trash them on the runway.  If she did, they edited it out.  I like to think Irena is somewhere laughing her ass off that this thing was in the Top Two.  She obviously thought they were incompetent and the dress was crap.

    • Anya would have made a better dress than this- She doesn’t know how to do much but at least her stuff has some kind of natural flow and drape going for it. This is just contrived crap that doesn’t fit.

  • Joe J

    Lumpy bosom, crooked back, too-high slit, cheap-looking-attempt-to-be-edgy studded belt?  Oh yeah, Christopher and Andrea’s dress has just got it all.  Sex-aaaayyyy!

  • BrooklynBomber

    Geez, that brown dress is awful. The car was brown? I guess that explains the color choice.

    I’m beyond sick of open-back dresses with belts across the opening. The judges always say they love it when someone sends out that look; at least this time we were spared that.

  • GorgeousThings

    She makes clown clothes, and she bolted in the middle of the night, kinda like the circus. Seems appropriate.

  • and THIS is the lady with “Balls of brass”?

    • mjude

      i am disappointed andrea left.  granted their design was awful but i did find her interesting. i am guessing there is more to the story?  aslo  the white dress was horrible.

      • holdmewhileimnaked

        i’m thinking that semi-demi fashion triumvirate, there, was created purposefully while fulla malice on the production team’s part–in order to light the fire beneath a whole mess o’ almost ready to fire crackers, if i make sense. i cannot, for example, see a worse pairing than andrea/anya [my guess is that andrea would go for the descriptor colonialist for our dear championette even faster than i did during her wonderous season]. & christopher seems the right kind of balky to make it even more ruinous. just a guess.

        • Kristin McNamara

          That was SO many big words. I’m impressed.

          • H3ff

            It doesn’t read well, though.

          • watchmeboogie

             hee hee

        • Shannon Chad

           You get a C, that was awful to read.  It had no flow, just a bunch of SAT words thrown together.

    • We can assume, I think, from Tim’s chipper tone in some of the coming attractions for next week, that she didn’t get abducted by aliens (or worse), but it annoys me when reality show contestants don’t seem to realize what they’ve gotten into.  Is it beneath your dignity to work in that way and to have it critiqued in that way?  Fine.  Then don’t got on a TV show where that’s what they do.  It’s why I don’t do any reality shows in my field.  (That, and the fact that a reality show based on my field would be the most boring TV ever.)

      • I concur! After 10 seasons, how could anyone approach this show without having a pretty clear view of what actually goes down? Several of my freinds have suggested I try out for PR, but there is no way in hell I would tolerate the bullshit that routinely goes on.

        • VanessaDK

           You know–Heidi’s leak didn’t confirm that she never returned to the show…..Is it possible that there were a few well chosen omissions from the info that slipped out?

          • formerlyAnon

             Any Lifetime “leak” is almost certainly scripted – or at least left as ambiguous as is possible with maximum sensationalism, so that the events referenced can be fit into the story arc during later editing.

          • On the likelihood scale, it’s off the chart.

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          Word- PR is a known quantity; surely anyone who decides to try out for the show has at least a passing familiarity with previous seasons-I’m trying to be somewhat kind here- and they should be prepared for what ensues.

          • formerlyAnon

             And yet, season after season we get people who seem unfamiliar with an industrial sewing machine.

            ‘Tis a puzzlement. 

          • H3ff

            I have a sneaking suspicion that contestants pretend they have never watched the show before, just to lend themselves credibility.

        • Kimbolina

          You know how they have a Q &A on the PR Lifetime site for each designer?  One of the questions they ask is who the contestant’s favorite PR designer is.  Andrea’s answer… “I decided not to study any shows or winners and just go into it cold.”

          • spititout

            She should have watched what Burt Keeter had to go through to be respected.  Then, she would have known the ageism that she needed to transcend with the younger designers.  It took time for the others to “get” and appreciate Burt in his season. 

          •  I think this group was far more responsive to her initially than the S9 designers were to Bert.

          • formerlyAnon


          • annieanne

            Starting with Christopher. If the editing was to be believed, he admired her and was prepared to learn from her.

          • Spicytomato1

            Interesting. Further proof that she’s not a serious contender and not nearly as invested as the rest of the group. I hope she’s gone — it’s the only right thing to do after a) being caught in a lie and b) realizing that the others have given up so much to be there and that challenges aren’t something to be laughed off, especially when working on a team.

          • Kimbolina

            What really sucks is that there’s a designer out there who missed out on being on Project Runway (as much of a train wreck/drama fest it has become, there’s no doubt that it provides a lot of exposure) so that Andrea could have a spot.

          • Then she was foolish. Going into a competition, having no notion of what you’ll be encountering is just flat out stupid.

          • blondie65


        •  See, I would find the bullshit vaguely fun — I have fond memories of my time in the mental hospital, and I’m quite sure being on PR would bring them all back.  It’d feel like home…

          • formerlyAnon

             Gosh, you cannot possibly imagine just how much I’d love it were you to be a contestant. And I don’t care WHAT you signed, I’d head up a crew of Bitter Kittens to abduct you (do you think your husband would cooperate with our plot?) afterwards and force you to Reveal Much, if not All.

          •  I would never breach a contract!  But I have been crazy a long time, so I can’t rule out the possibility that there’s an alter with a big mouth in there somewhere….  Pretty sure I could make the insanity defense hold up in court.

          • This made me roar with laughter. Thank you!

      • Spicytomato1

        I don’t know…I can imagine Tim delivering news of the apocalypse in a chipper tone. “The world as we know it is ending, this is a ‘make it work’ moment if there ever was one.”

        Ah, Tim. I kid because I love.

  • Violina23

    Totally agree on Chris. To quote what I wrote on the other thread: 

    “He was being an ass, but I think he was genuinely trying not to be. It’s like he drew a blank on how to defend himself without being critical of Andrea, but the reality is he COULDN’T, and what we got was that cluster-f*** of “I don’t want to throw you under the bus, but lay down and hold still while I gently ride the bus over you”

    I don’t know, I can’t find myself hating on him.  But hopefully he learns that when you see disaster ahead, take evasive action, even if nobody else does.  And if you still can’t save it, at least think about how you are going to spin it in the best possible way. 

    (Easy for me to say at home, not under any fashion-related pressure, but still)
    Irina was a bitch, but she was a somewhat justified bitch. I knew from the beginning though that she was easily going to be the toughest customer to please, mostly because she wasn’t going to be a pushover and she was going to have a strong opinion.  I wouldn’t want to work with her on…well… anything, but she always struck me as someone who gets shit done, done well, and doesn’t accept excuses.

    • I’m inclined to agree re: Chris.  I think it was more naivete than anything else, e.g. how flabbergasted he was that Andrea would say one thing backstage and another thing to the judges.  Though she was technically correct: she didn’t say she didn’t want to be there; she said it would be a relief to go home, which isn’t the same thing, exactly… but compared to the sorts of things the other designers were saying, it’s in the ballpark.

    • CozyCat

      The Chris and Andrea pairing reminded me of the infamous Vincent and Angela pairing in the sense that both parties were equally responsible for their professional and artistic failure.  Interestingly,  Vincent and Angela failed because they were both being too aggressive.  Chris and Andrea failed because they were both being too passive aggressive. 

      • alyce1213

        Good assessment.  Thanks for the reminder that the Vincent and Angela pairing mad for one of the most bizarre and memorable episodes. 

  • Kayceed

    I am just thankful than Elena and Andrea were not paired together. My goodness, can you imagine?

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      Our feral Ukrainian might have snapped and broken Andrea into tiny little pieces had they been teamed together.

  • Susan Collier

    I gotta say that I took great glee in seeing Anya have to wear something so poorly fitted and sewn. Where were the kudos from the judges that they never made a cowlneck based on a luxury car before and it’s great that tried? These same judges would have probably given Anya the win for this disco bridesmaid little-head Lexus dress last season.

    Frankly, I don’t care who is right or wrong, I just want these people gone. Frokemon can stay; I like him. These other passive-aggressive trolls and obnoxious monsters (Andrea, New-Costello, and New-Josh) should also all leave in the darkness of night. Good riddance.

    New-Josh and Frokemon’s dishtowl Lexus budget bridal gown. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! They’re killing me with this great fashion!

    • Kayceed

      What IS that fabric? White pique or…? It looks rather leaden on the runway.

      • Susan Collier

        Dunno. It probably was white pique but it looked like my waffle-weave dishtowel on TV.

        • DinaSews

          Mood online says it’s white pique and white sateen.

        • Knightley

           But think how handy wearing that dress would be in the kitchen!  Or doing your cars oil change! It’s the perfect dress for all your kitchen and car maintenance needs!

      • janierainie

        That center panel looked like cotton to me. 

      • NDC_IPCentral

         I was wondering that myself.  Pique for a RC gown?  I think of pique as a summer frock fabric.  Inexplicable.

        •  And absolutely, most certainly, NOT formalwear.

          • Unless we are discussing a traditional men’s white vest for a white tie evevt.

          • Spicytomato1

            Pique is always something I think of for polo shirts, a la the J Crew catalog of yore. Is that really the same fabric used for white tie garments? 

          • Yes. A traditional white waistcoat for white tie formal wear is made if cotton piqué’ and backed with either white satin or white crepe.

          • Sweetbetty

             Knit pique is used for the polo shirts you’re thinking of; woven pique can be used for white tie, and other, garments.

        • Kayceed

          I know – the “fabric of our lives” product placement episode is coming up soon enough, I’m sure. 😉

      • Billie_Dawn

        It sort of reminds me of the white shirts that you see at the gym. Like the kind of shirt that’s supposed to wick the sweat away from your body or something.

      • muzan-e

        It looked like a combination between the edging on my judo uniform and a swiffer pad. 

  • NDC_IPCentral

    Multiple views of these two dresses sure don’t make either look better.  I think that Kooan/Frokemon came off well last night – he recognized that his and Gunnar’s dress was a mash-up, and he had the integrity to apologize for it.  That was more mature than much of the behavior we saw.

    The Anya dress – holy moly, what a dog’s breakfast.  Anya must have been seething under her pageant smile. Andrea/Christopher – dreadful pairing, dreadful interaction.  I agree that if Andrea really was not committed to the competition she should have conceded gracefully rather than faff around.  But that Christopher – irritating and juvenile to the nth degree.

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      Anya’s pageant experience certainly came in handy when she had to walk the runway in that mess.  Christopher’s youth and accompanying deference to Andrea really served him, and their client, poorly.  If Andrea had decided that she wasn’t serious about the show anymore (if she ever was), then she could have bowed out gracefully on the runway, and given another designer a shot at staying.

    •  Kooan completely won me over this week. He was willing to admit that he had to defer to Gunnar and that, of the two, Gunnar deserved to win. I think he probably couldn’t lie if his life depended on it. I love that strange little man.

      Not that Gunnar knew what the hell he was doing either, but he’s had some experience making gowns, I suppose.

      Watching Gunnar standing on the runway like Miss Gay Texas ready to accept his crown, and then losing on Ven, was the highlight of the episode for me.

      • blondie65

        “Watching Gunnar standing on the runway like Miss Gay Texas ready to accept his crown, and then losing on Ven, was the highlight of the episode for me.”

        Thank you for that silver lining!

      • MoHub

         In the extended judging video, Frokemon says he followed Gunnar’s lead, but they put the look together as a team, and Gunnar sort of grins and half-nods in rather condescending agreement. (Sort of like the equivalent of the Royal Wave.)

        My love for that little Japanese elf is increasing exponentially with each thing he says.

  • I am becoming a major Frokemon fan. I love that he didn’t suddenly decide he liked the dress after the judges (inexplicably) did. Take a bow little Kooan! Oh wait, you already are.

    • ChristinaRi

      I loved his “Gunnar should have the win because I could never make a dress like this”  lol lol lol

      And Gunnar just lapped it up like cream never realizing that it wasn’t a compliment at all.

      • Kayceed

        I laughed out loud at that!

      • muzan-e

        …. didn’t even realise that until you’d said it. How delicious. *g*

      •  Yes!  That moment was truly priceless.  Also, did you notice the look he gave Gunnar the moment they were announced as the top?  His face just screamed “You have got to be fucking kidding me!”

        • TropiCarla

          Yes! But that was only my second-favorite Frokemon moment. The BEST was when he gleefully sprinted over to the car at the beginning to join Gunnar. He did this awesome mid-run leap that cartoon characters do. It made me LMAO. He really is anime.

      • Spicytomato1

        I don’t think he was that backhanded. I really think he was being gracious not solely because he wanted to distance himself from that horror of a dress, but because he’s a good guy. He could have seized the opportunity to try and claim some credit and get a win under his belt but I don’t think he’d ever stoop to that level.

        • Sweetbetty

           I truly felt Kooan was being sincere when he said he could have never even thought about making a dress like that.  Granted, it had its problems, but from a distance it looked like a perfectly  fine dress for a low-level attendee at the Emmy’s to wear.  Looking at Kooan’s past designs, can you picture him coming up with *anything* that wouldn’t be far-out and gimmicky and that only someone trying to imitate Ga-Ga or Katy Perry would agree to wear to such an event.

          • Spicytomato1

            Yes, it was more like an awestruck acknowledgement/realization that red carpet fashions are not his thing. At all.

          •  I think he could do red carpet — but only for a very specific client. 

        • Kayceed

          I completely agree that Frokemon was being gracious and not snarky – but it still made me laugh because I heard a potential double-entendre.

        • ChristinaRi

          Sorry, that it came off that way because I do think he was being a good guy and very sweet because that is his nature.  But saying he couldn’t even think of this dress on his own wasn’t not really a compliment coming from him, but more of an acknowledgement that it was Gunnar’s concept totally.   I think this was the beginning of his realization that the competition was not for him because he wouldn’t be able to go to his happy place.   I’m really sad about that.

        • MoHub

           I agree. I don’t really think Frokemon is capable of irony or sarcasm. He acknowledged his part in the work but honestly credited Gunnar as the guiding force.

        • SapphoPoet

          He seems like an honorable person.

    • mskgb

      Gunnar drinks in praise and joins the judges in ignoring the “What the hell are you people smoking?” looks on both his teammate’s and client’s faces. The moment made for surreal television. I wonder if Irina was considering the quality of judging that handed her the win in season 6 (a win she deserved, but one that might have felt less precious after last night’s judging performance).

      I disagree about Irina’s supposed bitchiness. The former contestants with any degree of technical skill gave useful advice (Laura tacitly warning Elena and Buffi about executing an ambitious design, Mila pointing out that prints read daytime). Irina telling the designers not to bead the dress reflected her personal taste, but also her knowledge of what contestants could accomplish in the time allotted. While she didn’t want to look ridiculous on the runway, she seemed shocked that Kooan had checked out and Gunnar was annoyed by someone calling out a major construction issue. I’m not sure she had much more to say on the runway–wouldn’t the producers have used it if she had? The former designers were generous even in their negative critiques, voicing their initial excitement over the design or designers’ backgrounds.

      • Spicytomato1

        You mentioning Mila and the print fabric issue makes me realize that’s when things really went south for that team. Maybe if they had been allowed to use their beloved print, which I actually thought might be kinda cool for the RC, the end result wouldn’t have been so tragic.

      • CozyCat

        Gunner never seemed to realize that advice from a client who, you know, WON THE SAME COMPETITION might be valuable….

        • Spicytomato1

          Seriously. He was/is utterly immature.

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      I’m on the Frokemon-Kooan bandwagon-there is something very likeable about him.

    • SapphoPoet

      I love his bow.

  • Jarethee

    The last fifteen minutes had me biting my pillow and making cackling sounds. I couldn’t believe what was going on, this episode was the biggest train wreck ever it was actually amusing.

    So many hideous outfits, for God’s sakes, give them more time next week, PLEASE. 

    • I was going to watch it live, but got caught up reliving my teen years by watching one more episode of “Dawson’s Creek.” Best decision ever because that meant I had the power of fast forward. 10 minutes of he said she said was way too long. I was looking forward to the justification of the win myself, but I guess the producers couldn’t script that part well enough for it to last any longer than 3 minutes. 

    • Violina23

      I don’t think it was the time, it was the team element. This would have been an interesting enough challenge on its own. The team challenges create drama, but stifle creativity more often than not, especially with a 1-day challenge.  If each had ONE person to design for, we would have had the normal bell-curve of quality, I think.

  • Vlasta Bubinka

    The only good thing about “Dress unflattering unimaginative whiteness” being in the top was seeing a very genuinely gracious Kooan. Such a contrast to the melodramatic, preening, skill-short camera whores that seem to be the typical competitor on PR the past few years.

    • Clueless_Jock

      Agreed. Kooan isn’t such a cartoon character after all.

      • Kate Clausen

        Kooan is Japanese, and that kind of self-effacement is really part of their culture.  Not to diminish how graciously he handled it, of course!

  • holdmewhileimnaked

    i’m wondering if the personality clash between anya & andrea was just too much–regardless of what was seen on televisions across the world. i can only imagine–or, rather, make educated proxy guesses–as to what andrea wouldve thought of anya last season. my guess is this may very well have been the fire beneath the madness. i cant say for sure, though–i honestly dont think i can tolerate watching five more minutes of anya, not even five, not even while she gets a degree of comeuppance by being made look almost ridiculously unattractive before an international audience. at least we can give the krazy kombo who kreated that look, you know, that.

    • ChristinaRi

      As much as I’m an Anya non-fan, I think she handled herself well.  She wasn’t obnoxious as was Irina.

      • holdmewhileimnaked

        ah, but she’s always gonna do that. her whole thing is looking & behaving quite perfectly on the surface while conveying, then getting, precisely what she wants.

        • formerlyAnon

          This, a thousand times over.

          She was wearing a badly made, unflattering dress in a bad color for her, and came out with that pageant girl smile nailed onto her head.

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            Anya certainly could have drawn on her pageant experience to slap that smile on and then work that sad dress as much as she could to salvage the situation. 

        • malvernite

          i dont understand why that’s a criticism. how would she have to behave, in your opinion, to get what she wants? be mean like irina? not everybody’s the same.  

          there’s a certain level of irrationality in the anya hate. which i suppose is people’s prerogative. just a bit mystifying.

          • formerlyAnon

             On my part, it’s certainly not hate. A judgmental observation, yes.

            Observation because from my POV it’s entirely what I’ve observed. Judgmental because while I admire the self discipline the Anyas of the world exert, and admire the skill with which they handle the situations in which they find themselves, I ALSO find that being successful at using your pleasant personality to get what you want leads to situations in which you don’t seem to think you need to put in the work that others do. 

            Witness Tim’s home visit during the time the finale collections were being created when she hadn’t done much, and the collection she brought to the finale – where she obviously hadn’t used the weeks she’d had to work in which to try to improve her sewing skills.

            That her approach worked – she won while skating by on the judge’s favor-  doesn’t change how I feel about it.

          •  I don’t care that she’s manipulative as all hell.  That’s fine.  This is a competition and selling yourself is certainly a part of success.

            I do, however, mind GREATLY that the girl is LAZY!  I get that there are varying levels of skill in the sewing department, and that the 5 weeks she had for her final collection weren’t enough to become expert.  But you cannot in any way justify her raw hems.  She had 5 weeks to put together, what, 10 looks?  12?  That’s not an insurmountable task.  And we saw her finish hems on the show, so it’s not that she was so befuddled by the concept. 

            If her tailoring sucked, I could forgive her that.  She wouldn’t have deserved a win, but that’s not really her fault.  The fact she didn’t even make a poor attempt at it, though, is completely her fault, and I’m not giving her a pass on not working for it. 

          • malvernite

            i can understand this.  still can’t help feeling tho that the high degree of ill-will thrown Anya’s way ought to be redirected to the producers who rewarded her apparent laziness. she did have shitty hems in her final collection. but did she hold the judges’ hands to write down their scores and make them give her the win? no. so why, a year later, are people actively wanting to punish her for the judges’ error?

            is it that people feel she knew she was the judges’ pet and therefore she (wrongly) coasted?  is that what is so unforgivable?

          • Can we not rehash old anger about past seasons? Stick to this one.

          • Agree with you about the irrationality. That’s the only way a person an conjure up an invisible clash between Anya and Andrea based on absolutely nothing. Andrea bolting the show had nothing to do with the criticism of her work, or the grueling nature of reality television (where contestants sometimes only get two hours of sleep), or the lack of respect from some contestant. It was all Anya, Anya, Anya.

            Seriously, how do you turn this:

            “Anya wasn’t happy with the brown gown, but she remained relatively easy going about it.” (According to Laura from her blog)

            to this:

            “her whole thing is looking &
            behaving quite perfectly on the surface while conveying, then getting,
            precisely what she wants.”

            Maybe some people are actually pleasant. It’s not that hard, it generally takes a lot less energy then being obnoxious. I generally hate this being used as a critism the most becasue it punishes women for simply existing. I’ve seen it countless times on these forums, if a girl isn’t a outright bitch like Irina, she must therefore must be a quiet, manipulative bitch like Anya.

          •  Absolutely. And this even though everyone does this “playing along to get along”. That’s how social interaction works. But it’s been used countless times against Anya.

      • Stubenville

        I thought Irina was just being demanding and rightly so. That dress really was a mess.

      • ASK26

        At least in the work room Irina seemed trying to help them and then exasperated at their (frokemon) standing there just staring.

    • MoHub

       In the extended judging, you can see Anya’s smile disappear a few times before she recovers and puts her pageant face back on. She’s clearly unhappy, but she really tries to put a brave face on the disaster in which she’s involved.

  • MoHub

    No question: Andrea should have had the auf. Raul wouldn’t have lasted much longer, but he deserved one more chance.

    • Weirdly, I think that it came down to sex appeal. I mean, they made much of Mila’s dress not having ANY. It was horrid, and drab, and uninspired. I think the Anya’s brown mess was at least meant to be something with design, although horridly executed, and unflattering in the extreme, but there was the slit, which gave you more to look at than Mila in a cocoon of black with a crappy v-neck.

      • Agreed, and I think the “don’t bore Nina!” adage came into play as well.  Boring is always going to lose out.  (Er, well, this month, anyway.  I think.)

  • janierainie

    I agree with everything you say.
     Discuss the judges not wanting to see the back? What’s there to discuss? It’s Josh/Anya all over again. If that twit is in the top next week with something like this I am going to quit watching. Especially if they ignore Dmitri again.Irina was practically begging the judges to look more closely at the construction! Also, what about the front under the neckpiece? They just used that to hide whatever was going on underneath! You could see the judges minds turning when they mentioned it. It was almost like they backtracked about it the second it was out of their mouths! Talk about beachwear, this is a freakin’ halter dress!! What was the fabric? It looked like cotton. sheesh. 

    I think it was sad about Andrea and Chris. She didn’t have to flat out lie and say she didn’t say that stuff. She could have said yes I said it, but I’m tired and upset, and I didn’t mean it. Then to schlep off in the middle of the night, not her best moment. Not his best moment either. 

    • ChristinaRi

      Anya made a PR career out of halter tops, so nothing wrong there.

    • Susan Collier

      I imagine that Irina was begging the judges to look closely because she didn’t want to be seen in public in that Lexus dress. Now there’s a RC show I’d record on my DVR!

  • I kind of adore Kooan now. I was sure he’d be totally obnoxious based on the pre-show stuff, but I think under all that kooky hair there is a sweet person. I hope he can do something that surprises everyone.

    Felt bad for Christopher. He should have been more assertive with Andrea in the workroom, but I totally understand why he wasn’t. Must have been terribly frustrating.

  • I loved how the camera would cut away in Iriana’s dress before it got to the bottom because the ONE closeup they did show had threads hanging down all over the place. I bet Iriana expected them to be in the bottom and was ready to state her experience, but when she found out (the producers placed her) this was a top dress she didn’t know what to do. She was probably thinking that even in her time shit would have been called shit on the runway. 

    Also, what is up with the bust on Anya’s dress? It looks like she’s trying to run off with a honey ham up there. 

    • blondie65

      I know….the split second we saw that ridiculously SHORT, UNEVEN hem with THREADS.  And  no one asked her to turn around??!!!

      I can’t imagine what Iriana must have been thinking…not just this would have been in the bottom in her season (as boring as it was), but PLEASE don’t let me go to the Emmy’s wearing this!!!!!!!

  • I just don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t come to TLo for justification for my righteous indignation. Thank you T and Lo for supporting my cries of  ‘wha????’ when they put that frickin’ white dress in the top. April’s dress wasn’t better? Valerie’s? No? What is going on and you can tell me that Kenley’s dress was well made till the cows come home but it looked like a bridesmaids dress you could order in any color with dye-to-match satin pumps. oy vay.

    As for Andrea: I hope she is sitting on a throne of shame. Truly. For a grown woman to act that way? and then for her to admit in front of all those young people who, for whatever misguided reason, gave up everything to be on PR, that ‘it would be a relief for her to be cut.’ Guess she woke up in the middle of the night and remembered that those cameras are actually filming and that her bold-face lie on the runway would be seen by all. Maturity doesn’t always come with age. sigh…..

    • Yeah, my thinking is that the combination of “good god, what kind of craziness have I gotten myself into?” thoughts and the “I sold my left ovary to be here!” conversation were what drove Andrea out into the night.  She’s not interested in playing the game (which begs the question of why she auditioned for the 10th damn season–the point at which everyone should really know what the show’s MO is–but I’ll let that lie), and other people want it more, so she cut out.  I confess to being eager to see the fallout…

  • StellaZafella

    Dress 1, Gunner’s Boner: Bad drag, bad Bridesmaid drag…just. bad. Poor Frokemon, he can’t swim in these waters and he doesn’t breath under water.

    Dress 2, Anya’s Embarrassment: Poor Christopher…I felt for him because he actually seemed to be trying NOT to overreact. Andrea’s a bitch, I’m her age and I see too many of my contemporaries thinking that mere age and personal, negative life experience gives them precedence over anyone else…It’s not that she didn’t know how to work with chiffon…it’s that she wouldn’t admit it and then threw Chris to the wolves for it with that passive/aggressive “I won’t point fingers” bullshit… I have nothing invested in her so far and from where I sit, if she’s gone, good riddance  – and it’s not Christopher’s fault

  • OhSayNow

    Irina hated that dress so, so much, her body language said it all. I knew the fabric for her dress looked familiar, and now I know, It looks like my dish rag, good call.

  • BuffaloBarbara

    Irina’s still kind of a bitch.

    Kind of?  Still, she’s not a bitch who was wrong.  She’s a bitch who was completely right about everything she said, and her designers should have listened to her.  (I got the impression that Fro wanted to, but that something about that seam that we didn’t see had been an issue and he didn’t quite dare.)  But I really wanted Frokemon to say “Screw it” and send her down in cartoon colors and designs just to watch her squirm by the end of it.  And honestly?  A little exuberance would have helped that dress.  This would have been a great opportunity to see if the exuberance could be contained and trained into a really interesting and unusual embellishment of a gown.

    Whatever one might think of Anya, she’s a beauty queen and not a half-bad model, and she tried  like hell to sell that monstrosity of a dress on the runway.  But it’s not sellable.  Brown is (I assume) the color they were stuck with, but wasn’t there talk of doing something fitted with it?  (It wasn’t quite fair for the Duchess to complain about the color, since they were stuck with it, and there was enough to complain about otherwise.)  I’d assumed when they talked about filling in the neckline that they meant using some brown net to create a translucent panel that would show the architecture.  I’m not sure when the “cowl” came into it, and it seemed like a bad idea.  I wasn’t as horrified as Chris was about pulling remnants out of the trash (sounds like  good challenge idea, actually), but whatever they did with said remnants didn’t work.  Maybe if they’d sewn together odd shaped scraps, used gold accents around them, and made a fitted bodice of it, it would have turned out interesting.  It couldn’t have taken any longer than Andrea took cutting the skirt.

    The conflict?  I had a feeling when I read Andrea’s profile that she was a little flighty and not trying to finance a career based on the ability to design clothes that people would want to buy.  (Isn’t she the one who said something about her strength being that she didn’t care about mere commercial concerns?  I had a feeling that would translate into something along this line, in comparison to the really hungry kids who really want to sell.)

    • Spicytomato1

      Interesting how you saw the red flags about Andrea so early on, very astute. 

      One comment on the brown-ness of the dress. The directions were to incorporate the color of the car into the garment, which means they didn’t have to do a solid brown “Hershey bar” as Kors said. I wonder why they (and most of the other teams, now that I think of it) didn’t try to mix their car color up with something else.

    • StellaZafella

       No, she’s not a bitch who is wrong…a good assessment. There’s the bitch who needs all the attention and then there’s the B.I.T.C.H. who’s merely “Being In Total Control of Herself” (which I thoroughly credit Irina with). Still I wouldn’t have wanted her in my bar as a customer…she’s the kind of person who wrinkles her nose when she doesn’t like her hand-made Pink Cosmo and rolls her eyes at the other customers – “Doesn’t anybody care about this but me?”…she may be right, it may be not be what she wanted, but she’s still a bitch.

    • blondie65

      “Kind of?  Still, she’s not a bitch who was wrong.  She’s a bitch who was completely right about everything she said, and her designers should have listened to her. ” 

      THIS!    Never been a fan of Irina, but damn…girl was right. And while I want to say she saved their asses, I think the fact is the producers were not going to let either Frokeman or Gunnar go.  I would still pay good monney to see ALL the outakes from that workroom!

    • Sweetpea176

       Yeah, I’d like to know how Andrea and Chris’s dress so far off the rails as well.  Didn’t they start off talking about boning?  And the discussion about filling in the neckline did sound like they were talking about a panel and not draping over the whole thing.  On the runway, Andrea said something about Chris screwing up the bodice, and her never wanting a bustier anyway.  They started out talking about something fitted and tailored, then got chiffon, then Chris complained on the runway that chiffon is hard to tailor…  So I’m inclined to think there was more to the process of things going wrong than just Andrea working too slowly and the original neckline being so low.  Also, they only had to incorporate their car’s color, so they weren’t really stuck with brown.  I remember Tim saying somewhere that the challenges are really won or lost at Mood.

      Anyway, to the sewers among you — what’s the big sin of merrowing chiffon?  I had to google “merrow,” but I’m not a sewer, so I don’t know why Chris was so horrified, to the extent that he felt he had to mouth the words to the judges while Andrea was talking. 

      • Ellescene

        I’m a hobbyist at best, so don’t quote me on this, but to my knowledge, due to how delicate chiffon is, merrowing (serging, overlocking, whatever you wanna call it) chiffon creates an edge that ripples and puckers around so that it ends up looking like a piece of lettuce (thus the name “lettuce leafing”).

        Anybody more experienced in the field of sewing is absolutely free to correct me if I’m wrong.

        • Sweetpea176


  • I was shocked and astounded when Gunnar and Kooan’s look was in the top. Good point about the judges not looking at the back. In seasons past (waaaaaay past), the judges would have asked to see the back, and then torn the two of them apart for how half-assed it was. And I can’t remember – did they ask Irina her opinion the way they did Mila?

    You can tell that it’s poorly made; the fabric is all wrong for the look, and is anyone else as irritated as I am about how the hem of the dress is a skosh too short?

    As for Andrea and Christopher, I think he missed several opportunities in the workroom to have a conversation with her re: his concerns. Instead, he resorted to making faces and passive-aggressive comments in Andrea’s general vicinity. I do agree that she didn’t seem to be taking any of this as seriously as he – or a lot of the other designers – was. For all of their dramatics, Christopher, Ven, Sonjia, and most of the other designers seem to really be there to try to launch their careers (design or otherwise). Andrea seems more of the type to think that this might be a fun little diversion to dally with for a while until she gets bored with it.

    If she did really leave in the middle of the night, it speaks volumes to how little she respected the other designers during the elimination process. If she really wanted to go home/didn’t care that she stayed, she should have spoken up when they were being interrogated by the judges. Also, the fact that she sneaked out in the middle of the night – if that’s what she in fact DID – makes her seem cowardly and disingenuous,  as if she didn’t want to face the other designers. I know I’m placing some judgement based on a snippet of a preview for next week, but I really do think that Andrea should have been the one to go home this week.

    In sum: there were other designers who deserved to be in the top two WAY more so than Gunnar and Kooan; and Andrea should have gotten the boot. **WHEW.**

    • BrooklynBomber

      We didn’t see them look at the back, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t look at it. 

      •  That’s very true. I guess I was thinking that in the olden day of PR, the judges wouldn’t have let something like that slide. We, the viewers, would have gotten an earful about how some of their shortcuts were tacky and/or lazy. I can hear Nina’s voice now…

        • BrooklynBomber

          Yep. I’d rather have seen more judging than that conversation in the waiting for the verdict room.

    • MilaXX

       Yes, because she bitched, “It could have been sewn better.”

      • dschubba

        Next week’s preview contained a clip of Melissa saying that she heard Andrea get up in the middle of the night. I don’t know how she could have packed up without anyone noticing (unless she had planned ahead).

        • Spicytomato1

          Which made me wonder if Melissa heard her leaving, why didn’t she try to intervene? I’m not sure I would have, but still I’d think in that environment you’d be awfully curious why someone’s sneaking out.

          • MoHub

             Andrea’s in her late 50s. Perhaps Melissa initially thought she’d had a midnight bathroom call and rolled over and went back to sleep without waiting to hear the toilet flush.

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            That’s certainly possible-and considering how sleep deprived PR contestants are, if Melissa drifted back to sleep, that’s believable, too.

      • formerlyAnon

         I also wonder about how clandestinely one can leave a building in which you are being sequestered – it’s not as if ANY of them are allowed to wander the city freely – and filmed.

        But hey, it’s not reality – it’s reality teevee.

        • MilaXX

          THIS! Sounds as realistic as Anya’s money getting lost & suddenly there’s a bonus $100 for everyone.

        • Sweetbetty

           I know I must sound like a broken record about contracts, but we all know the contestants sign contracts to be on the show and certain behaviors are outlined.  Others have left the show but they’ve always discussed it with the powers-that-be and the parting was mutually agreeable.  Then there was the guy who disappeared for most of the day and came back and they sent him packing because he conceivably accessed the internet while he was on his little escapade.  That would preclude Andrea returning to she show after a cooling off period.  The contract probably lays out terms for contestants to leave the show and I doubt Andrea’s method met any of them.  And are there guards there 24 hours a day?  I would think that in the wee hours they could sneak out unnoticed, except by a roomie who might hear you.

          • Yeah, she could totally get out without attracting attention.  They aren’t sequestered like a jury. 

          • formerlyAnon

            I think your attention to the power of contracts (at least on rational people) entered into with large corporations is completely apt.

            It did occur to me that there may be little emphasis on leaving – it’s the getting back in once you’ve gone AWOL without being detected that might be the audit point.

          • MoHub

             “Then there was the guy who disappeared for most of the day and came back
            and they sent him packing because he conceivably accessed the internet
            while he was on his little escapade.”

            That was Keith in Season 3, who was also sent packing for having pattern books. He violated so many rules that PR almost denies his existence.

    • Spicytomato1

      Maybe I’m giving Chris too much credit but maybe he didn’t feel like he could waste time with a confrontation with Andrea. Chances are a confrontation would have veered her off track into an even slower mode, not faster. 

      •  Oh, that’s absolutely true. Given the time constraints and the consequences for screwing up, I’m sure he just kinda thought “I’m gonna go with it and TRY to make something work.” Right before a deadline is not the time for confrontation.

  • EverybodysStarling

    Ok, I scrolled over the entire post to not spoil myself, since I’m only watching it now. Which is the reason, I ran here like crazy. I just saw the scene, where Fabio and Ven arrive at their client, and the disgusted look on Ven’s face as soon as he realized who is client was, was the BEST THING EVERRRRR! 
    And off I am to see the rest.

  • BethR52

    Re: getting worked up. Just don’t have the energy. I think the “outrage” occurred when they sent the best looks off as safe.

    •  That’s EXACTLY what I thought! There were a couple of looks that, while maybe not winners, certainly deserved a little discussion from the judges.

      • DinaSews

        I was hoping that the judges would have talked to all the ‘clients’ on their opinions on the dresses.  I suppose that I was more interested in them than the new designers.

    • MoHub

       Check the backstage footage on the Lifetime site. The safe group are understandable angry and particularly point out the white waffle as hopefully having been called as bottom two. We also get to see their shock when Teams Anya and Mila come back and inform them that Team Irina is in the top.

  • BethR52

    Plus, Irina’s dress looks even worse in these still photos. And she looks none too happy.

    • MilaXX

       I agree it looks much worse in stills than I thought when I saw it come down the runway.

  • I would have liked to see all of the judging. The white dress was terrible, but it looked kind of okay on the runway. We know that she HATED it and we know that she probably told the judges so ( and how about her little hissy fit in the work room). She was the client and since she hated it, and Kenley Loved hers, I guess that was how they picked the winner (?).  Irina was the winner that got screwed over in the law suit a few years back (am I right about that?) and she did not look over it……. Oh, and Frokeman should never be sad. Never.

    What is there to say about the brown dress….

    • MilaXX

       How did Irina get screwed over in the lawsuit? I think she has done as well as most of the previous winners.

      • Indovina

        She’s arguably done better than any of them except Christian. If memory serves me, Irina, Christian, and Malan (who, of course, came in second-to-last) are the only contestants from the show who have regularly shown at NY Fashion Week.

        But, she was inconvenienced, at least, by the lawsuit, since it greatly affected how the final runway show was handled and delayed acknowledging that she won.

        • 1_other

          You’re wrong, quite a few have shown at NYFW since leaving PR, Althea Harper has regularly, Leanne Marshall has at least displayed her clothes, Gretchen has shown as well. 

          • Indovina

            It’s highly possible I am wrong, and I’m pretty sure Leanne has shown at New York Fashion Week at least once (though I don’t believe she has done so regularly) – but I was under the impression that Gretchen and Althea have shown at events during New York Fashion Week, but not strictly speaking at Fashion Week in Lincoln Center (or formerly Bryant Park).

          • 1_other

            FYI, NYFW is not just in Lincoln Center. Many big names i.e. Tom Ford) have shown
            with great response, and coverage, out side of LC. 

          • Indovina

            I know. Which is why I’ve edited what I said – I don’t think I was being fair.

        • MilaXX

          I can concede it had to be both stressful and inconvenient, but I don’t think it has effected her career that much. I don’t imagine she’d be any more as visible if the season had started on time.

          •  She didn’t get to introduce her collection at the time it was shown, and so any buzz it might have sparked was worn off by the time anyone knew who had designed it.

          • MilaXX

            If there was that much buzz from her collection, it would have reignited after the television airing. The delay was a few months, not year, not even an entire season.

      • Spicytomato1

        What lawsuit?

        •  Yes. What lawsuit?

          • Lilithcat

            The lawsuit between Bravo and the Weinsteins when the show was taken to Lifetime.

        • MilaXX

          The lawsuit between Bravo & Weistein when they decided to take the show to Lifetime.

      • My memory could be off here. Was she the winner in LA, but we did not know that she won for about a year until they were able to show that season?

        • MilaXX

          Yes there was a delay in the season airing, but it did air. Can’t see how she was shafted.

          • I did check her website, she does bridal. I guess I have not been in the market for that for a few years, so I did not know what she was up to. Laura’s blog on the Lifetime site explains a lot about the episode (makes Irina sound very different)

    • Dark runway set conceals hidden butt flaws! 

  • SewingSiren

    1. Team White Car. They placed in the top for entertainment. I agree completely they are setting Gunnar up for a fall.
    Michael Kors claimed he didn’t know what Fabio’s style was, but I still don’t know what Gunnar’s is. Gimme camera time? Is that is signature style? Anyhoo, the fabric is a bad choice( It looks like stretch pique like a mens polo shirt is made out of), the designers were a comic match for the client, who apparently designed the best dress she could with both hands tied behind her back. She is going to fire her assistants after they humiliated her on the runway though.

    2. Team Brown Car- Managed to make a dress that Anya herself could have made. Brown is not a great color for an evening gown. So they started off with a deficit, but they probably had the best client to model a dress and one who would be pleasant and non-critical on the runway. I would have thought that these two could work together better, and yes everything that Christopher said about Andrea was apparently true BUT how long did it take him to cut and sew the bodice, hmmm? Much less fabric there and it is just as bad as the skirt , actually much worse.

  • You said everything I was thinking about the white dress team. It should not have been top two. Kooan, don’t quit!!! Do not become Goodbye Kooan. Ganbatte!

    Anya sure knows how to present on the runway. Then I pointed and laughed at the extreme sad face she was making during the low score critique. 

  • hmariec19

    Haha the best part of Irina’s dress is how furious she looks in it.  Well done, boys!

  • DaveUWSNYC

    Thank you, boys, for making me feel like I’ve watched this – without actually having to watch this! and adding so much pleasure by your commentary. 

  • Indovina

    I believe my response when Gunnar’s dress was one of the top two was identical to that of the designers backstage, but then I thought, “It’s last season all over again”. Irina was, of course, Irina – but pace her nickname, I don’t think she was behaving particularly “meana”, considering. Or no more so than expected and in many ways merited. In fact, I think she did more than any other client to help the designers she was working with.

    When it came to the judging and they asked Kooan who he thought should win if their team did, I wondered what they honestly expected him to say. Even if he had been the driving force behind the look, which as it happens he was not, he’s Japanese – his cultural background all but precludes him from taking credit for himself.

    But, anyway, I like Kooan – may he put his sadness behind him, move on to bigger and better challenges and never be sad again.As for Andrea and Christopher – I am on neither side at the moment. I think he handled it terribly and was passive aggressive about it, but he does seem to be factually right. I would be more sympathetic toward her (simply because I agree with her general stance of not taking it seriously) if it weren’t a team challenge and if she had been upfront with the judges about not taking it seriously and not caring about staying in the competition anymore. Although, per my defence of someone leaving in the cursed last season, the hated last season: if she had actually voluntarily left the show rather than given the judges reason to eliminate her, the judges still would have eliminated someone else (in this case, Raul). It’s a tightrope – but she didn’t even try to walk it.

    I don’t even want to talk about what they made.

  • tired_mommy

    I was so irritated that Anya asked them to make a stuctured dress–much harder than anything she ever made on the show.

    •  And the dress she ended up with was far from structured.

      • holdmewhileimnaked

        the dress she ended up w/ is the dress that she deserved. ha. for once.

        • tired_mommy

          Agreed! It actually looked like Anya made it herself 🙂

          • EverybodysStarling

            But she did them in a bold and irritating pattern, so no one would see it for the crap it is – and win with it. Irony of fate.

          • Good point. Her prints hid SOOO many flaws.

    • “Don’t make it look like something I made – make it look like something a designer would make.”

    • MoHub

       In fact, she specifically asked for something that didn’t look like what she makes.

  • muzan-e

    Gunnar’s handling of Frokemon was surprisingly adept and kind. I honestly believe that he snapped at Irina because he hated the gown and was sick of working with her – but also because she’d been sniping at Frokemon. Because it’s like you said: Kooan shouldn’t be sad. He’s a nice human being and Gunnar clearly realises this. 

    I’m not convinced that Christopher knows how to speak to people. Period. You don’t let your partner spend the entire workday cutting something badly. Having done just that, you don’t hop onto the stage and cry about how hard it was to watch her spend so long cutting something badly. I’m sure she deserved every condemnation he delivered up there, but it’s stuff he should’ve been saying hours ago, when it might’ve done some good.  They had Anya, for goodness’ sake: the woman has model proportions and she knows how to walk. This could’ve been a cakewalk.

    • holdmewhileimnaked

      wasnt there another, even less talented guy who did the same thing last season? i think his name was blake or bryce or somesuch? & he was thoroughly of no creative value–none–yet he spent a lot of time dissing, if you will, everyone else for not having as fabulous a design education as did he, himself, while at some point he also attacked his partner for not cutting a bodice properly & on & on? it was either last season or the season before–i think last, before we were all aware that nobody mattered at all for all of those weeks other than the pretty sleeveless princess. now seen in a dreadful dress. the best part of seeing her in all this time, i think.

      • Alina Badus

        I think it was Bryce. He was awfully condescending with his fancy education, and he made boring, ugly clothes.

      • spititout

        didnt Bryce make an umbrella dress too? Or was that the mormon guy?

      •  It was Bryce.  I remember wanting to slap him viciously because he kept bitching about how she didn’t know how to cut fabric and how could anyone not know how to cut fabric (valid points) rather than saving the 3 hours and just cutting the damn pieces himself!  If he was as expert as he acted, he should have been able to cut it in about 10 minutes.

    • ASK26

      earlier in the episode Christopher had been hoping to learn from Andrea who supposed had  dressed celebrities.     I’d vote for Bai Ling and that goose dress woman whose name I cannot recall (and anyone on a worst dressed holly hobby list)

      • holdmewhileimnaked

        i think you mean bjork & no, andrea did not make that dress. it was created by the often wonderful marjan pejoski–it was also a swan, not a goose. as an aside i can also not imagine bai ling & andrea having much contact either, sartorial or elsewise.

        • ASK26

          You misunderstood me… I wasn’t saying that Andrea made the goose/swan dress – but I can see you are a fan so this might go right past …..  I was saying that IF in fact Andrea had dressed a celebrity, it would have to be someone perennially on the worst dressed list.

          • holdmewhileimnaked

            certainly not. & i cant understand why anyone would even think andrea would make a dress in the manner of marjan pejoski–or, in fact, anything distinguishably odd or distinguishably bad. her aesthetic is something like a somewhat calmer version of mila’s if, perhaps, created by someone a decade older [more hippie, less new wave]. it certainly is not foolish & it’s antithetical to the exhibitionism of bai ling. there’s absolutely no reason whatsoever to think she’s bad enough to be noticeably bad or wild enough to be avant garde.

          • MoHub

             In looking at what Andrea wore to the runway, did anyone besides me think Margaret Hamilton as Elvira Gulch? Except that Hamilton looked far more fashionable.

          • Kaonashi

             I actually liked what she wore to the runway last night; she was serving up Steampunk Miss Havisham last night and I would gladly fork over $$$ for that skirt.

      • DinaSews

        Bjork. She wore a snake/intestine dress this year.

      • muzan-e

        Naive thing that I am, I was terribly excited when he said that. Team challenges had always felt to me like an opportunity to learn, and I’m thinking of someone like Bert, when I say that. Or even someone like Tran from… what was it, Fashion Show?  Who might’ve been abrasive sometimes but also managed to teach… and had so many clever, useful tricks to share.  It blew my mind that one of the contestants was willing to approach the team from that angle!

        Only to find that what she had to share wasn’t worth learning.

        •  Yeah, that always bothers me too.  I’m never sure if it makes me a better or worse person that I look at all of those situations and think “What an amazing amount of experience I can steal and take advantage of from this person.” 

  • At first, I sort of admired Andrea for not taking the whole thing too seriously, and having some perspective about the situation. I have respect for people who have reached an age where they are wise enough to be calm in the face of stress, and I thought that was what she was doing. But then I saw how she seemed oblivious to Christopher’s overt horror at her speed, and thought that was NOT wise, and then her blatant lies about how she clearly considers PR a lark and not the be-all-end-all of her life were shameful. SO, as much as I DESPISE passive aggressiveness, I feel for Chris. But eff respect for your elders, he shoulda just made that dress -and made it better – while she was farting around with skirt panels

    • SewingSiren

      Here is the thing, the skirt panels and lining would take longer to cut than the bodice, although it should NOT take 12 hrs. as he claimed. The dress depends on the bodice and it is badly cut and/or draped the armholes , neckline , and back are a mess. The bodice is also too short which after the skirt is attached makes the front slit too high. So many of the problems can be laid on the shoulders of Chris.

  • nannypoo

    I am not a fan of Anya, but she did not deserve to be paraded around in this crappy dress. It could not be less flattering. She was pretty gracious about it. I guess all her pageant experience paid off here.

    Gunnar’s little boy scout costume was one of the high points of the evening for me.

  • ASK26

    TOTALLY agree with the last sentence.    She  came off like a Bernadette Arnold. 

  • MilaXX

    Thinking back on it I feel a little bad for Raul who got auf’d for someone who then bailed. Raul’s not even close to winning this but at least he could have had a chance to make something to redeem himself for that horrible dress he made for Mila.

    Poor Anya looks barrel chested in that fugly dress. I wonder if kicking her leg out was her attempt to distract the judges from the poor construction.

    irina’s dress is bad, but that doesn’t excuse her stank attitude. Anya & Mila had worse looks and managed to not act like raving beyotches.

    Forgot to mention Gunnar. Just like the judges have fallen in love with Ven, they will also overpraise his mediocre work. Since he’s Josh 2.0 that means he will make it to final 3.

  • “But we promised at the start of the season that we wouldn’t get too
    worked up anymore and we’ll do our best to keep things light, so here it
    is in a nutshell” — Why would we want you not to get worked up?  Or to put it in a nutshell.  Expand.  Expound.  PLease. 

    • Because it’s exhausting trying to care about a show that doesn’t actually care about its own premise.

  • Also, I finally watched Road to the Runway. It was nice to see Nick Verreos again. If anything should happen to Tim, or if he decided to retire, I would not mind Uncle Nick taking his place. He wears the suits like Tim and was (is?) a fashion instructor, and is just generally lovable and fabulous. Could there be any better successor?

  • I don’t understand. I know it is a game show but still to be able to praise Gunnar’s dress in any way, shape or form just puzzles me. Disregarding Heidi as a shill and the actress as clueless, how could Nina and Michael praise that poorly designed and sewn piece of crap?  When those two are forced by producer manipulation to essentially lie about a design, I find it hard to believe anything they say and that bothers me. In the past I might disagree with their decisions but respected them nevertheless because they are talented, intelligent and successful people in their field. Now, I am baffled and sad enough to bail on this train wreck.

    • Spicytomato1

      I hear you. It’s like they’ve become shrill, hollow versions of their true selves.

  • Vlasta Bubinka

    Haiku for Anya’s dress:

    shit brown drapey-ness
    fripple nipple boob shelf seam
    hear fabric crying

    • Alina Badus

      “hear fabric crying”… I love it! (the haiku, not the ass-tastic dress)

      • HelenNPN

         And a koan for Kooan –

        If sadness permeates a dress but no one sees it, does the sadness continue to happen?

    •  In addition to the nipple-y front, let us not neglect to mention the vulva on the back.

      • Vlasta Bubinka

        Since you aall are so kind:

        Stupid key hole belt
        poorly sewn seam makes ass lips
        sad snaps glance downward

    •  Thank you for that! xoxo

  • Irina still “kind of a bitch?” LOL….

  • Anna Maria Diamanti

    Thankfully I don’t watch this show anymore for the fashion–any interesting clothing that comes out of this show at this point is purely incidental–because I’d surely be fuming right now. Instead I watch it to see whether they can top the ridiculous machinations of the last couple seasons, and on that end I am not disappointed AT ALL. I’ve now come to enjoy watching the judges make asses of themselves trying to justify these decisions. “Ooh, white was such a good choice of color!” When color was the ONE THING they had no choice about. Fabulous!

    I had a brief moment of panic at the start of the season that the judges (only behind the scenes, of course) had been so humiliated by what Josh sent down the runway in Bryant Park last season that they might not be game for this kind of bullshit anymore. Clearly I overestimated the value they put on their reputations. Carry on!

    • ASK26

      I do think that a simple design was the best choice for the color white . navigate execution is another matter

  • Also, how about Anya totally lying about how she NEVER reveals skin in BOTH the front and the back? I’d like to submit Exhibit A:
    Your first dress belays your producer manipulation, Anya. And Tim, I’m pretty sure you were just mouthing words the producers put in your mouth too.
    It’s that bust that kills me. Why is it so lumpy? Also, hair-matched to dress. And since the back wasn’t even started, wouldn’t it have been a better solution to cover up the back? What a crock of bad advice. 

  • I’ll say one positive thing: Anya’s hair looked pretty.  So kudos to the hair stylists in the back room.  the rest? not much to say – I’ll catch up on the BK’s comments.

    • nannypoo

      Anya’s hair would look a lot prettier if she had it on both sides of her head. 

  • That butt dart on the white thing was like a scar –  like they’d done emergency surgery to remove a bustle and just had to sew it up the best they could. Unbefreakinleavable that that thing won*. I don’t think they could believe it themselves.

    Andrea flat out lied, yes she did. I’m with you – I had to side with C on this one, at least for now. Can’t wait to find out what happens to A.

    *OK, it didn’t win. I haven’t finished my coffee. But it was UP THERE.

    At least it was entertaining?

  • Trisha26

    Gunnar & Kooan’s original design was so much more interesting (scrapped because it was too ambitious & for the see-through fabric panels), ditto for Alicia & Raul’s original red/black print idea, etc. Why do these designers instantly scrap their ideas when anyone questions them? Having to change plans when fabric has already been purchased and a design course plotted makes no sense except to “increase drama.” As for Christopher and Andrea, I’m team Christopher for now as well. And have to say that I’m thrilled Anya was the recipient of the losing design! Mean, I know, but still haven’t recovered from her win last season. (The studs had her endorsement too!)

    • Lilithcat

      Why do these designers instantly scrap their ideas when anyone questions them? 

      Because they don’t have faith in their designs and/or lack self-confidence.  Which I guess amount to the same thing.

      • MoHub

         Because they don’t know how to problem-solve. If life gave them lemons, they wouldn’t make lemonade; they’d just throw them in the garbage and get some oranges.

  • Wellworn

    I watched it again last night, and I think Christopher was completely wrong.  If it’s a team, then you work with your team member and help them, or at least talk to them instead of complaining for 12 hours behind their back.  Even Nathan helped her, and he didn’t have to.  Andrea was just trying to stay calm and philosophical about the situation, while he was having a meltdown.  And they weren’t in the bottom because of her being so slow anyway.  They were in the bottom because the design sucked, and he seemed to have a say in that design.  His top was just as bad as her bottom, so he should have taken some responsibility instead of blaming everything on her.  His immaturity showed.  If you are too afraid to talk to your team member because she is older and you respect her, then where was that respect when he was throwing her under the bus while being judged?  Really bad form, and I don’t care about his tears and that he wants it so much.  They all want it, and that is why they are there.  Even if she was laughing, it didn’t mean she didn’t want it.  She was trying to diffuse the situation, and what she said or did shouldn’t have been tattled to the judges like they were 3rd graders.  It didn’t help him, just made him look bad.  In other news, what was Irina’s dress doing in the top 2?  It should have been in the bottom, and April’s dress should have won.  Although Kenley’s dress was very nice too.

    • ybbed

      I totally agree with you about Andrea and Chris. It was uncomfortable to watch and I imagine 100x as uncomfortable for Andrea on the Runway. Without really knowing these two people it just appeared to me that Chris was extremely immature all along the way and panicked when he thought he might be out. He was throwing her under the bus and she was trying to diffuse. He was a tattle tale! I also thought April’s dress was the best and was shocked she didn’t win. I thought Kenley’s dress was OKAY but shouldn’t have won. It had some weird puckery areas in the skirt and the back.

  • mom2ab

    I would love to hear Irina’s opinion of her dress and her designers- that would be pure entertainment.  As for the Anya debacle- its sort of poetic justice- truly a big brown piece o’ crap- but even in its crappiness it showed more sewing skills than anything Anyan ever made.

    • DeTrop


  • Joyce VG

    Oh I changed the channel to the Olympics after Squiggy was let go.  Andrea bolted in the middle of the night?  How tacky and rude of her.  

  • Wellworn

    And if Kooan does also leave next week, that will be sadder than Andrea leaving.  He is one of those entertaining quirky contestants who don’t backstab and snark behind others’ backs.  Plus he has a refreshing Japanese design sensibility.  And someone on another blog mentioned that in Japanese custom, you don’t toot your own horn, and you don’t throw others under the bus.  He handled himself very well throughout, despite his obvious language issues.  Good luck to him, and season 10 will suffer from his loss.

    • MoHub

      I think the clip of Kooan saying he’s ready to go is a typical B/M red herring. They want you to think that since they more or less gave us Andrea’s runner, we’d believe that bit of Frokemon was also to be taken seriously.

      • Wellworn

        I was thinking that too, and I hope that is true.  Sad that anyone would leave such an opportunity, but the show isn’t for everyone.  And watching it every year probably doesn’t completely prepare you for the reality of the non-stop filming, lack of sleep, crazy egos, and  idiotic judgments. I think the contestants go in with positive attitudes, and hope for the best, and it often is the worst instead of the best.

    • ASK26

      I think people who want frokemon to stay just want him for the drama complain about project runway keeping contestants for the drama and not for the clothes but they want to keep frokemon who almost nobody would wear his clothes

      • fashionzombie

        I don’t agree. I liked his first challenge offerings, and since ep2 was candy disaster and ep3 was team disaster, I still want to see more of his work. His design AND his personality make him someone I want to keep watching.

        • ASK26

          ” liked his first challenge offerings”    you would wear it?

          •  Actually, I would consider wearing his second look — which he described as being more what he’s doing now while the more outlandish was how he started out in design — the one TLo described as Star Trek.  I say consider because I don’t know how it would work on me personally, but I liked it.  And the more I look at his stuff, the more I like all of it.  Yes, it’s outlandish and it’s loud and it’s certainly not for everyone.  So’s McQueen.  I think there’s a lot more vision in Frokemon’s work than in that of most PR designers, and not limited to recent ones either.

          • fashionzombie

            If I was 25 years younger and I ever wore color, yes, I would absolutely wear his stuff.

          • ASK26

            IOW – NO

          • fashionzombie

            Since my first comment here was that I wanted to see more of this designer’s work, I’m not sure how my willingness to wear something of his TODAY means that I can’t be interested in him. I am not a celebrity judge, so I get to go on more than “I would/wouldn’t wear that.”

            Anyhow, moot point. Kooan’s gone. And I will continue to enjoy looking at and admiring fashion that I would not personally wear.

  • blixtme

    Looking back at the post you boys made when the departures were leaked, I think it almost has to be Andrea and Christopher who left. We already know she left in the middle of the night, and which other male designer besided him is stressed enough at this point to have an “episode”?

  • TheOriginalLulu

    THANK YOU, when Heidi started lavishing praise on that white dress last night, I figured fine, she knows fashion better than I do, but I think she’s absolutely insane. When she said she would love to wear that dress, I screamed LIAR!! You’re a LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE!! She wouldn’t be caught dead in that ugly thing and she knows it.

    Irina is a total bitch, hahaha. You don’t know how hard I was wishing for Gunnar to piss her off royally and for her to destroy him.

    •  I wonder if the producers just have her say “I would wear that” and “I would never wear that” and then just drop the sound bytes in wherever it might be the most interesting, when they edit later.

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      Given the number of short, tight, shiny numbers that Heidi has worn over the years, I’m not bowled over by her taste or knowledge of fashion.

      • Sweetpea176

         Or last week’s python print running suit with knit cuffs and waist band!  The horror!

        • Or the pooch enhancing Christmas cocktail dress she wore on the first episode.

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          Oy-I’m going to look for that python print the next time I’m in Kmart-it looks like what I expect our local Kmart aficionados to wear.

        •  Which she wore with nude make-up and undone hair, to really drive home the pajama theme.

  • DeTrop

    I hope Tim isn’t drinking BM’s KoolAid.  The neckline on the original was much finer than what they sent down the runway.  Aren’t they instructed to ‘ go with your gut ‘ by MK.  Something’s amiss.  Tim might just be too detached.

    • Tim’s been muzzled for the past couple seasons. 

      • Eclectic Mayhem

        It’s Stockholm Syndrome Tim.

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          It’s Stockholm Syndrome Tim, or the Timbot 3000

    • blondie65

      Tim has long since left the building….at least the Tim we know and love.  

  • Oh my god, you guys, go read Laura Bennett’s blog on the Lifetime site. deeeelicious.

    • blixtme

      Definitely a clue that the episode isn’t the whole story – not that I needed one haha. But it’s awesome to get the inside scoop.

    • mskgb

      Loved her discussion of the editing that transformed Kenley and her description of the white dress: “The half moon ass seam was a disaster and it was Irena who suggested they add the chiffon train at the last minute to hide the sewing flaws. The dress fit her terribly. It was extremely tight and virtually see-through. The hem was way too short and it was crooked. Those designers are lucky that Irena has a rocking curvy body and would look good in a potato sack because that dress was a disaster.”

      Although Irena clearly helped her designers in any way her talent and genetics allowed, she looked panicked that they might win. What would be worse: wearing a hot white mess to the Emmys or attending with Quentin K. Sweetcrackers?

      • Wellworn

        I think the editing also transformed Kenley in PR All Stars. 

      • formerlyAnon

         “What would be worse: wearing a hot white mess to the Emmys or attending with Quentin K. Sweetcrackers?”

        Totally wearing the dress. I firmly believe that QKS’s base personality (under the tactical PR camera-hogging awfulness) is actually benign – or at least a MUCH milder strain of bitchery. And if anyone could strip a companion of the temptation to act out during an evening with a combination of steely gaze, direct instruction, and pleasant smiles for positive reinforcement, it’d be Irina.

      • MoHub

         Loved the blog. If only Laura had spelled Irina’s name right, it would have been perfect.

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        Laura’s blog really puts this episode in a different light, and not to Kenley’s advantage; it was also quite informative as to the flaws in Irina’s gown, which the judges either didn’t see, or ignored.

    • ScarlettHarlot

      Just read it – I loved her honest appraisal of Kenley’s behavior.

    •  Loves, loves, loves Laura. If she had the time available she should be on set for every challenge. Loves behind the scene stuff.

      • MoHub

         Maybe if Tim retires and Nick is not available, Laura could be the next mentor. She would certainly pull no punches.

    • alyce1213

      Thanks.  Laura’s great, very frank.  

    • JimiG

      Thanks for that suggestion. Her comments about the episode’s editing are eye-opening!

    • It really did explain it all, thanks for the suggestion!

    • Quite delicious.  Although you know who I long for to blog this show?  

      Jay McCarroll!

  • ddfrog

    My favorite part of the whole episode was when they announced the ‘safe’ designers.  They were all telling it real when they were like, ‘what the…’  

    For what it’s worth, I liked Andrea’s stuff.  It had interest and depth to it.  Her style wasn’t anything I’d wear, but at least her work made you think.  

    That white dress was so 27th street-wholesale-prom looking that I had to laugh when it was on top.  Didn’t you love how Irina just kept herself covered with her arms?  Clearly she did not enjoy wearing that thing and she looked like she was smirking when the judges were praising it.

    • blixtme

      Yeah, the collective shock and horror among the designers that “Gunnar’s dress” was in the top was pretty awesome.

  • ddfrog

    I think Christopher could have just used a bit more tact and said something like, “That skirt took longer to cut than you expected, right Andrea?  What do you think went wrong?”  Instead of saying, “She spent 10 hours cutting the skirt…” and later “She spent 12 hours cutting the skirt…”  You can make someone own their mistake without being whiny and childish about it.  

    • LuluinLaLa

      He’s 24, right? He is a child. Unless you’re a natural leader, which I don’t think many fashion designers are given the nature of the work (very independent, in-your-head, etc.) it’s really hard to articulate frustrations and address conflict. I think of myself at that age in the workforce, and had so many self-doubts, I know I could have handled so many situations better than I did. I think I have a soft spot for him because he does seem like he has a lot of heart, but was completely out of his element this time. Many of the designers are – that’s why they’ve been able to drag 10 seasons out of this!

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        Spot on assessment of Christopher.

      • SapphoPoet

        Yep. Also, it’s easy to direct/take charge of someone your own age but Andrea has 20+ years, easily, on Christopher. It’s really, really hard to do that with someone older than yourself. It’s not even that she’s older, she’s of a different generation. 

  • granddelusion

    What the hell is Andrea wearing? Please? Is she playing Marmee at a community theater?

    • sashaychante

      Oh my gosh…it is odd isn’t it?  I kept looking at that outfit last night thinking is it overalls, a skirt, oompa loompa garb for a funeral…just WHAT is it?

      • formerlyAnon

         It’s the kind of thing she designs.

  • no, please. get worked up.

  • JijaS

    I think Irina is so relieved it doesn’t win because it will be a public embarrasment for her to wear it to the Emmy, or anywhere for that matter.  Christopher hams it up a little much on the runway. I don’t say that it’s wrong to explain what happened in the workroom to the judges. However, saying ‘I don’t want to point fingers..’ while you’re doing exactly that it’s not cool.

  • sashaychante

    The white dress looks like a roll of Bounty on my kitchen counter…YIKES!  Irina’s face says it all. 

    I’m wondering if Andrea thought the competition might be a little more fun that it turned out to be.  Most of the designers this season are so tightly wound, I’d be afraid to be in a confined space with any of them for too long.  Anyway, not really excusing her taking off in the middle of the night, but Christopher is gonna have to mature up a bit.  His behavior was childish, as was Andrea’s.  She pretty much told the judges straight that she thought it was very demeaning the way they were talked to on the runway, so maybe she felt taking off in the middle of the night was the all she really owed them at that particular point.  She kinda stated her case. 

    Lighten up designers…fashion is fun 🙂

    • ChristinaRi

      lol  Irina could have been presented with a dress designed by CoCo Chanel herself, and have made the same face.   Nothing is or ever will be good enough for Irina.  She is cut from the same cloth as Elena without the histrionics.

    •  Absolutely. Christopher was basically talking to anybody else instead of telling Andrea to hurry up. They both behaved childish on the runway and even watching it was making me uncomfortable. Still – I thought Elena might be the one who would run away. Glad, she didn’t.

      Also, the preview of the next episode was edited differently but let’s all remember that Andrea didn’t die (‘let’s gather around’?), she just left the show.

      And I hate it when designers try to top each other with their “I want this so much” stories.

      • formerlyAnon

         “And I hate it when designers try to top each other with their “I want this so much” stories.”

        Yeah, but I bet the producers do everything except beat them with pipes between takes to get them to go there.

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          “I want this so much” is mother’s milk to the producers-right up there with the hard luck, dead/dying relative stories that B-M adores.

  • I’m not watching right now because it’s too many designers and too much crap early on, so I just read the recaps.

    I say that to make clear that I appreciate TLo saying the dress made Anya look fat, basically.  I was wondering how much weight she’d gained until I read it was the dress.

    •  She was her normal petite self at the beginning of the episode, and then she suddenly had all of this… bulk on her. Very unflattering.

  • VanessaDK

     It is true that he seemed to start melting down before they even got to the time issues–when Anya wanted to change the design and raise the neckline.  I still think that every story on PR is more complicated than the kindergarten version we get in the edit.

  • ScarlettHarlot

    Does anyone here watch FaceOff on SyFy? It’s a movie make-up & special effects reality show. The best thing about the show is that the judges always get up and inspect the costumes and make-up up close, even pulling on seems and poking the make-up. They make the models turn around, and lift things up. If those judges were on last night’s episode, to say nothing of last week’s, Gunnar would have been out, no question about it. Project Runway needs to wake up and stop letting Her Orangeness, La Nina, and Lady Tight&Shiny sit on their bottoms, judging garments from a distance and allowing the mediocre and the just plain awful skate by. It would be like if the Top Chefs looked at the plates and judged only on appearance, and never actually tasted the dishes.

    • mskgb

      I had the exact same thought about incorporating FaceOff style judging into PR. Sadly, though, I think we would see more verbal jujitsu to justify cracktastic judging. There’s also the fact that Kors has repeatedly said, “This isn’t Project Seamstress.”

      •  True that it’s not project seamstress, but if something is going to be sewn less than perfectly, the design behind the garment had best be outstanding or interesting or creative. There’s none of that in PR anymore.

        • mskgb

          I’ve always had problems with the design/construction binary Kors’s comment assumes. Design is lost when construction can’t produce the vision. To put it another way, design details can only be as complex as one’s ability to execute them. By “execution,” I mean draping/patternmaking, cutting, fabric manipulation, seaming and finishing.

          You’re right about the diminishing talent in all these areas on PR.

    • sashaychante

       I LOVE FaceOff!  Those people are creative, and it’s a fun show.

    • alyce1213

      I love FaceOff! These PR judges really should get off their stools and look at the clothes. I just don’t get why they sit at a distance and don’t get up to see what’s really going on. There’s no excuse for the crap dress Gunnar and partner sent down the runway, and I agree they’d be at the bottom if the judges got a good look at the mess they made.

    • l_c_ann

      Thank y’all.  I’m off to add FaceOff to series record.

      • turtleemily

        The back half of season 2 is on Hulu if that’s a site you’re able to use.

  • Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t Andrea say she was/is a teacher?  My god, I’d be flabbergasted that people are paying her to teach them.  SHELLSHOCKED!!!  

    •  My thoughts EXACTLY.

    • Dutch1960

      Teachers are not used to being publicly held accountable, so they often don’t know how to handle it. Professional criticism is generally doled out privately, with an understanding all around (thank you tenure) that a nominal effort will be made to changeor improve, and all parties then go on their merry way. She was way out of her comfort zone, so she first tried to blow it off and make light of it, like she didn’t care. Later, she realized that she was committing professional suicide with her antics, so a quick midnight getaway became the most viable solution. A few more weeks of what we have seen up to now could really have finished the job of her getting any respect in the classroom ever again.

      • SewingSiren

        No one in the fashion industry takes this show seriously. It is just good entertainment. The situations that the competitors are put in have nothing real life garment production or design and everything to do with game show/reality tee vee melodrama.  She will probably get quite a bit of kidding in the class room but it won’t impact her career at all.

        • You think so?  I don’t know, even if it was just ‘entertainment’ that showcased your so called ‘talents’ and exploited the fact that you couldn’t even accomplish the simplest of tasks like sewing … I would be fuming if I was a student or an employer of hers.  But then again, what is she teaching?  depending on what she’s teaching IRL it could go very bad for her.

          • SewingSiren

            Yes. The industry does not take Project Runway seriously as a test of skill or talent. 
            An equivalent would be trying to find the best swimmer by chaining  their arms and legs together , taping a plastic bag over their head and throwing them in the East River. If anybody makes it to the top they win. A very good swimmer, even the best, may not survive. 

          • Not sure I understand your comparison.  Are you saying Andrea is a very good swimmer/designer?  I’m confused and I think you missed my point.  I’m saying despite what it may be taken as, from ‘industry-folk’, and as ‘entertainment driven’ this show is, exploiting what you can’t do, can’t be a very good thing for the person IRL but you seem to think it doesn’t matter either way?  Even if this person couldn’t even accomplish the simplest of tasks, like some basic sewing methods, you think that it will go unregarded?  Unable to do these basic sewing methods under time constraints, you believe is the equivalent of chaining arms and legs together with a plastic bag over their head of a swimmer?  I must say, your logic is skewed.

            Let’s leave ‘winners/professionals/very good/best’ out of this discussion and speak only of Andrea.  I feel like when people draw these general parallels they tend to make non sequitur points.

    • ratgirlagogo

       I don’t know what Andrea’s teaching background in fashion design is or isn’t. I do know that her CURRENT job is as development director for WBAI, the New York outlet of the Pacifica public radio network.  She did not need to quit her job to be on PR and is in fact back at WBAI now. As a WBAI listener I’m kind of upset that they let their chief fundraiser go appear on a game show when they are in such desperate need of fundraising that the home office in California is debating selling the NYC station.

      • Interesting.  I tried to look up her bio online and all I can come up with is a linkedin account stating that she attended Vermon College of Fine Art in Painting.  I’d rather she teach fashion than painting, to be honest, if we had to go with one.  

        Whatever she’s doing, she seems to be turning things to shit … good for her?  Someone else on here said it best, at least I believe it was here, she’s the type that doesn’t deal with consequences and just floats through life making nonsensical decisions and leaving everyone else to clean up after her. 

  • ChristinaRi

    I think the two bottom teams made a mistake in not sticking with their design concepts.   It’s always a fine line in these challenges with “clients.”   You can get in trouble for not paying attention to the client, but I think it’s best to go with your concept because if you go home, at least you are leaving based on what you thought was right and not because you made a mess by trying to please someone else.

    I side with Mike-Lite because first, I was brought up in a home where I was not allowed to call an older person with anything other than Mr. or Mrs. or Miss.   At Christopher’s age, I would have had a hard time challenging an older person.  I think Christopher was trying to be respectful and humble, and her laughing and making light of what was to him very important, was the last straw for him.    I think probably this was her way of handling her nerves, but it’s easy to see how it could be misunderstood.   Christopher can mature and grow, but possibly so can Andrea.  Obviously, taking off in the middle of the night is not mature behavior.

    •  Oh, you’d have been screwed at my house!  My parents didn’t allow anyone to call them Mr and Mrs — you would be mocked relentlessly by all involved. 

  • fnarf

    Man, that brown bodice looks like she’s smuggling ten pounds of pistachios or something. just horrible.

    The neckline on that white piece of crap was as bad as the back. They covered it with the necklace. I swear, the producers ran out to Macy’s looking for “the fattest necklace you can find” just for that purpose once they realized Death Rage was going to need it.

    That fabric reminds me of a nurse’s uniform.

  • Lynn Landry

    I swear it looks like they stuffed a bag of cats in Anya’s bra! Something is going on with those boobs. 

    • turtleemily

       Probably to hide them from Kenley.

  • amian3

     This. Also, I am not sure this design benefited by being split top and bottom for construction.

  • Ok but that guest judge… When she made a crack about Chris and Andrea’s dress, saying that it was “halloween drug store” or something… that’s the kind of thing ONLY Michael Kors gets to say. Not someone who isn’t even in fashion and has never been the emmys. 
    Ok that just pissed me off. 

    • Spicytomato1

      I know, who is she to hurl the scathing insults…show some respect for the elder judges. 🙂

      At least she didn’t say “disco” or “mother of the bride.”

    • turtleemily

      Krysten Ritter got her start as a model, which I thought was odd of the show to not mention when she was introduced.

  • Cathy S

    Irina was right to look pissed off–that dress was terrible. Good for Kooan for telling it like it is. And it takes a lot to make a beautiful woman like Anya look so awful, but I really felt sorry for Chris.

  • Christopher had a leg to stand on, but he and Elena both bother me a lot. I would have said it was Gunnar who annoyed me most, but he’s just hilarious now. I find that I am trying to follow the TLo example and either roll my eyes or start giggling like a madwoman when people do stupid/dramatic/omgwtf things.

     I liked Kenley’s dress, but IMO it didn’t deserve the win. Her style is very close to mine, and I would consider that one of my “cute cocktail dresses” rather than red carpet chic. (Not that I own any red carpet stuff, but still.)

  • I fully agree that they both are to blame. If Chris felt that strongly about the neckline, for instance, than why on earth did he let it go that way? (Although, a big square low-cut front wouldn’t have helped either.) I just felt that if he was going to complain about Andrea’s speed then he should have picked up the slack, and like you pointed out, with better work than he seemed to produce.

  • I’m in the minority here, but I didn’t hate Irina’s gown. I thought it was quite nice. Not earth shattering and definitely not deserving of the win, but it was an acceptable gown. Same with Kenley’s. It was nice, but nothing special. (Ven bores me already. Unfortunately, I would bet large sums of money that he wins this competition.) Now that I think about it…that’s how I felt about most of these. They were alright, but nothing special. Just a very, very drab lot. I would have chosen Sonjia for the win. That dress was the only one that stood out.

    • SewingSiren

      I felt like both the Sonjia/Nathan dress for Valerie and the Dmitry/Melissa dress for April were more striking and red carpet worthy than the white. Plus both  Team Gold and Team Silver were seemed to work better together and although I think Sonjia and Dmitry lead their teams they didn’t smoother the partner or the client with their own ideas. Lastly both team Gold and Silver used the car color for inspiration or whatever the hell they were supposed to do with it.

      • Amy Ellinger

        entirely agree, Siren. April’s dress was perfect for her, unusual, and would have showed beautifully on the RC. Excellent combo of client/designers, and they even coped with the charmeuse well!  Team Gold was very pretty, suited her body, and Val obviously loved it. Should have been the top two, IMHO, but the drama factor wasn’t enough for the producers, I guess. 

        • I almost think it came down to who they want representing the new Season at the Emmys. Kenley is obnoxious, but she is a well known name from the show. Same with Irina – she was a winner and a drop dead gorgeous one at that. I think people would care more to see them on the red carpet than April or Valerie (the latter of which I had a hard time remembering….but I hated Season 8.) 

          • LuluinLaLa

            Agreed.I think the personalities of the subjects had as much, if not more, influence as the designs themselves. I loved loved loved Valerie on her season, but forgot she existed until she showed up half-way through the show last night. And Laura Bennett and April don’t bring the drama or name recognition that the two top and bottom contestants did. I think this was fixed from the start.

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            After reading Laura Bennett’s Lifetime blog about this episode, Kenley certainly did get a winner’s edit, so we can speculate about the producers’ behind the scene machinations.

          • holdmewhileimnaked

            i agree w/ you. since this started i’ve always thought that had a lot to do w/ the outcome.
            & there you go, it did. otoh, so thats valerie. i couldnt remember who she was for the life of me.

      • Susan Crawford

        I thought Dimitry and Melissa really captured April’s free spirit, glammed her up, and created a fantastically flattering red carpet dress. Can’t wait to see T and Lo’s assessment!

      • mskgb

        Silver and gold were my top two. Both teams made smart choices–purchasing embellished fabric for impact (Team Gold), not overworking/overpiecing a second-choice fabric (Team Silver) and marrying their design aesthetics to one another as well as to their clients’ tastes. April gets a WERQ; that’s the best I’ve ever seen her look. Valerie gets a “Shutting it down, sequin style.”

      • MissAnnieRN

        I liked April’s dress, but Valerie’s dress just seemed a little too standard for me.  It seems like they relied on the sequins for the wow factor and forgot to design anything remotely unique.  

        • Sweetbetty

           It’s like one of Jen Aniston’s sparkly towel dresses.

    • Vlasta Bubinka

      I agree. I thought that white dress was “safe,” in almost every definition related to a dress on PR. Let’s be honest: a high necked, backless gown in a solid color with some scarfy things flowing from the back is hardly original on the Red carpet. I think the fabric looked a bit bulky, especially at the bell-shaped bottom, and there were some construction and fit issues, especially in the back. But that’s what happens when you have 10 hours to make something. And those back issues were covered by the scarf-things.  That brings up that those things seem to have been Irina’s suggestion. So they were a good idea and epitomize the idea of make it work. Yup, this dress was a basic RC gown and shoulda been a safe.

  • i am actually a bit worried about andrea.  i think her behavior when under pressure turns, well, odd.  all the cutting last week with the candy challenge, and then her strange behavior this week.  it’s weird. 

  • TSkot

    While I agree that Gunnar and Kooan’s dress is really bad, which of the others would have replaced it in the top 3?  I think they made it as merely the lesser evil.  Suffice it to say this was some of the ugliest work to come down the PR runway.

    • Amy Ellinger

      Dmitry/Melissa’s dress for April. Unusual design, difficult fabric, beautiful color, perfectly suited to the client.  The back especially would have photographed wonderfully for the RC.

      But, not as many people would have recognized April vs Irina or Kenley.  Dmitry got screwed in the candy challenge, too, and they’ve never liked goth/industrial esthetics like April or Melissa, so I can’t say I’m surprised.    

      • holdmewhileimnaked

        that’s the dress that shouldve won. not place or show, even, & no question about it.

        • MissAnnieRN

          I agree.  I suspect TLo will as well.

  • KC

    Does Irina look really constipated to anyone else?

  • To me, the most interesting thing on the gown on Irina is the neck piece, and it’s not even a part of the design but just a great accessory from the Lord & Taylor wall. I am so bummed about this episode and really want to see a challenge where the designers have time to create something spectacular. I’d also love to see a red carpet look for Gaga or Katy Perry because I so want to see Frokeman triumph. He’s such a gracious little anime character who, despite being praised, knew that dress was ass. Love him.

    • While we’re on it, why have they NOT had Gaga on this show yet? I can’t imagine a better challenge. Frokemon would have a ball

  • Super_Red

    What I keep reminding myself is that it doesn’t matter who wins (even though fabulous deserving dresses were just “safe”) — what matters much more is who is let go. And Raul, as you said, was just cannon fodder. I was trying to figure out which was the worst offense- spending time making a shit dress, or spending time making a shit dress when all your instincts should have allowed you to be truly creative and try something amazing. There was no joy in either of the bottom dresses (to quote the orange one) and it’s all the worse when the team of Raul and Alicia COULD have challenged what the red carpet “should” be and made something they both at least liked or at least liked working on. 

    As far as the white elephant in the room, I’m allowing the judges their larks, but it’s gonna get old really fast. I did agree that Gunnar should have been in the top last week, but this week was just utterly ridiculous. All kudos on the world to Kooan, though, who immediately owned up to the fact that Gunnar brought anything that was good to it. Poor Kooan– I can’t help but wish I could hear what he was thinking about these crazy americans and their crazy fashion sense. 

    I’m sure you’ll get to this later, but I firmly believe that Melissa and Dmitry should have won. That said, while Kenley’s dress isn’t an Emmy’s dress, it’s one hundred percent something that Kenley would wear to the Emmy’s, and for that I can justify the judges giving it the win. That same dress on Irina or on Mila would have been terrible, so there’s something to be said for how beautifully they took their clients very specific style and still made it their own design, but one that would only work for her. 

    I’ve almost talked myself into accepting the win. 

    Thus far, I’m firmly on teams Ven, Dmitry, and Melissa based on their level of work and their attitudes towards their designs. That may change as time goes on, but I’m calling it for them now. 🙂 

  • Would you try to take credit for this mess?
    I hope he doesn’t leave.

  • They’ve got it in for that little slimy bitch (Gunnar). He’s Christian Siriano 2.0. (without a tenth of Siriano’s talent). This dress is atrocious. Let’s cover up the frown-face ass-seam. Mr. Bathroom! Why didn’t you add some of your quirky touches to the dress? A bit of graphic impact wouldn’t have gone amiss, if only to break up the infinite whiteness.

    Chris/Andrea: I hate the chocolate tone. The bunched-up bust is quite frumpy. I’m a sucker for studs and spikes, but they did not/do not coalesce with a/the flowing gown. It is precisely the belt (placement of) that blows up the bust. I’m over Chris’ histrionics, but I think Andrea deserved to be knocked down (It took her too much time to sew, and she was frivolous about it).

    • Lilithcat

       He’s Christian Siriano 2.0. (without a tenth of Siriano’s talent). 

      Y’know, I never liked Siriano.  Always thought he was a bit of a poseur.  I don’t know if this will make sense, but the difference I see between Gunnar and CS is that Gunnar seems to be putting on an act for the show, whereas CS was (is?) an “honest” poseur; one felt he was always like that, even when the cameras were off.

      • formerlyAnon

         The thing that redeemed Christian’s airs & graces for me (other than his youth) was that he seemed to work like a demon and had been doing so since high school.  I can forgive a lot of attitude if somebody’s doing everything humanly possible to live up to the attitude.

        • blondie65

          Agree…I think the person we saw on PR was absolutely CS..on and off camera. He irritated the SH!t out of me in his season.  Rather like Santino. But, he is talented, smart and works hard.  He puts more effort into what he does and not who he is.  Which is the difference between him and folks like Joshua from last season and what Gunnar has turned himself into.

          • holdmewhileimnaked

            [ha, i’m well enough to answer more than one question, or type more than one response. by the end of next week i should be fine! anyway.]

            i think the season that included CS was one of the last where the competitors werent trained to act in the way the producers of PR wanted them to behave for the cameras. & it is surely a whole lot less offensive to see a seriously talented hardworker behaving badly cos he behaves badly than, instead, someone whose work & work ethic are both iffy & who is acting badly cos he has to to stay on the program–to more than stay on the program, actually, but to be featured & put ahead as if he were an important bit of business.

            i’m talking gunnar, here. if the ridiculous discrepancy between the gunnar 1 of last season & the gunnar 2 of this is not enough to convince the viewership that nothing is what it seems on this program–especially added to every other convincing thing from the last several years–i dont know what would work.

            edited to add:
            well, maybe i can write them but still, well, maybe not all that well.

        • holdmewhileimnaked

          also that he was, & often still is, overtly & honestly talented. that makes a huge difference, at least to me.

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          I know some viewers found CS to be a bit (or more) or a poseur, but however dramatic the boy was during his season, he’s talented and worked damn hard during Season 4, and has continued to work to keep his name out there and to continue to grow as a designer. 

  • Darva Sutra

    Irina’s utter contempt for that dress positively SEETHED out of her the entire time including on the runway.  I loved the moment when they “fixed” the wonky fit on her rear by sewing a frowny face dart or tuck of sorts.  THAT is the screencap TLo should have used for this dress post!

    • fashionzombie

      Utter contempt is right! 

  • The producers might be playing it up with this one: Gunnar/Frokemon kept in the top for that horrible number, really.  On another season, they would’ve laid into that dress with its too short and uneven hem, unflattering fit, and cheap bridal look. I was living for Irina’s face this episode as she was right to be horrified.  Perhaps because Gunnar is playing Bitch-in-Residence this season (not very well mind you) they want to set him up so the other contestants will hate him?  I don’t know but I would’ve had that white number in the bottom.  

    Anya’s dress looked like something she would’ve made on her season…I found it amusing.  To think Andrea spent many hours on that…girl if that’s the best you can do after so many years, time to hang it up!  Out of all of them, I though April’s silver dress and the gold one were the best showings.  Kenley’s was cute and looked expensive BUT didn’t meet the brief…something which would’ve gotten you auf’d in other seasons…good thing the quality was there in the design! But the win? No. What is wrong with these judges/producers this season?

  • It’s not that Irina Isn’t a bitch but…everything she said was true. She was pissed that when she pointed out the mess in the ass-area of the gown all Frokemon did was stare at her and look like Sad Kitty. If she cared more about the poor construction than the designers who supposedly are there to win, what does that say? I kind of see her point. Also, the necklace from L&T totally saved that mess of a dress. 

  • From reading these posts I can see once again I have chosen wisely to avoid yet another season of PR-The Vastly Inferior Years.  What a clustereff.

  • Susan Crawford

    The effort by Gunnar and Kooan that made it to the top two was a total mystery in design terms. But in terms of good weekly planned-out “reality” TV, it made perfect sense. Keep Clinique Deux for the innate insanity he brings to the show, and Frokemon is just indispensible, IMHO. But it broke my wizened little old heart to see Frokie looking all sad-face. He should always be picking flowers and riding My Little Pony to the end of the rainbow.

    Andrea and Costello-Lite were not meant to be together in this world. After a re-watch of the show, I have to say that her “Isn’t this a funny little joke” attitude really screwed things up. Their design was nothing special, but there was NO excuse for the overall shoddiness of execution, and the really poor time management and lack of commitment. Costello-Lite has only himself to blame for not taking five minutes out to explain to Andrea that she needed to step up to the plate and use her time better.

    Being communicate with colleagues and clients, being able to manage effectively and strongly is 100% essential in the fashion game, and this challenge showed that Costello-Lite has much to learn.

    The behavior of the two of them at the final judging was unbelievable. Nothing smells worse than blame and finger-pointing, and it was really rather painful to watch them bot backing and filling up there. (Except for the little evil sparkle in Frau Heidi’s icy blue eyes, ja?)

    Anyway, this challenge was at least one of the more interesting ones (except for the awkward Lexus product tie-in, which was totally unnecessary). I would LOVE to see this as a regular PR challenge.

    • Spicytomato1

      Once again maybe I’m giving Christopher too much credit but I think initially he was looking for Andrea to take the lead because of her experience (aka age). So he didn’t go into the challenge with the mind-set of a leader or manager, and by the time he realized Andrea wasn’t taking the lead too much time had gone by to salvage the challenge. They were both at fault but I think she was more at fault (at greater fault?).

      • Susan Crawford

        This is a good point. He did say early on that he was looking to learn from the experience of others, so perhaps this is what happened. Sigh . . . certainly LOTS of things went awry for them both. And now the next drama: Andrea flees into the night, taking her hoop skirts with her. Well, I’ll miss her, but this being PR, there’s still a few twists and turns ahead, I’m sure.

  • spooki C

    SO. MUCH. FUG. I can’t believe how many badly made dresses went down the runway last night. 

    Also, why does the fabric that white dress is made out of exist? It looks like a paper towel! WTF was that dress doing in the top 3? It’s poorly fitted, too short, BORING, cheap looking and gross. The only interesting thing is the collar which turns out is from the accessory wall.

  • There wasn’t any tape available to cover Anya’s nipple? 

  • mskgb

    Very good point about the bodice attachment throwing off the proportion of the slit, not to mention giving Anya an unflattering short torso and mono-breast. I liked Andrea and Chrisopher’s original sketch. They should have talked Anya into sticking with the lower front. Given her hair and skin color, that shade of brown did her no favors, especially when it came up to her chin.

  • LesYeuxHiboux

    They didn’t even call out that raggedy thread hanging from the front of the waffle-cloth dress. The camera lingered on it. How long to snip that thread.

    I hate that Kuosuke was sad and Irina was too much of a socially blind moron to see that her shrewish shrieking was making it worse.

    I laugh that Anya had to wear such an ugly, lumpy dress in public. They were too ambitious? Chris was basically working alone, more like. 

  • mochajava13

    I’m in a minority here, but I really like the cut of the white dress, or at least the intention behind it.  Especially with the silver accessories.  The execution is awful, but I like the design behind it.

  • hannala

    It looks like Anya actually ‘grew’ a honey ham up there, sometime between last season and now, and that kind of cut does it no favors. Deep v-necks are probably out for her now, too.

    ETA: that was in reply to Alison Sigman’s comment, which is now pages back:
    “Also, what is up with the bust on Anya’s dress? It looks like she’s trying to run off with a honey ham up there.”

  • PantherontheRunway

     Can I buy some pot from the judges, because CLEARLY they’re smoking the good stuff.

    Andrea should have been sent home WITH lantie last week.

    And the “good” gunner(chris) just broke my heart with his conviction and frustration with her.

    Goooooood! Kenly is still so irritatingly kenly -______-

  • kaydenpat

    I watched PR (in between flipping to watch Gabby Douglas in the Olympics) and I don’t understand why Christopher wasn’t more firm with Andrea about his dislike of the design.  Seems like he did a lot of talking to himself and grumbling behind her back in talking heads, but never really just made it plain to her that he wanted to do something different.  Being part of a team means that you have a say in what goes out in your name.  Perhaps he’ll be more assertive the next time he has to work with another designer.

  • Linderella

    Here is the nutshell version of everything wrong with the show since the evil B-M took over:  watch the “Next on Project Runway” preview again.  Drama, drama, drama–DRAMA!–drama, drama.  THEN the last few seconds of preview, they show the judges actually judging clothes.  I turned to my partner and said, “By the way, they also made some clothes.”

  • guest2visits

    I’ve been so congested and headache-y for the last few days; I just had to close my eyes for awhile last night. ( I’m not sure, but I think
    I saw an ad where the salad dressing had in fact, left the lettuce for a chance to go off and live it large.)
    So I was dreaming or delusional, but it seemed like all the designer-pairs got along together much better than I would have thought.
    Initially, anyway. Then the inevitable friction (Elena-Buffi), and melt down (Christopher-Andrea).
    I know others think Kooan was graciuos to credit Gunnar with the designing of the dress, but that just means he was responsible for
    the not so great construction, and had zero ideas to help with the challenge; could not even concieve how to go about putting togther
    a gown, or a look for the RC. Why… this is PR; it’s probably 90% about making dresses or gowns. Now I’m getting grouchy.
    Their dress was pretty (with Irina’s input, I’m sure); but a plain, somewhat standard design. I would have thought Valerie’s dress to be
    considered over Irina’s, as one of the top two designs; if only because the material looked much more tricky to work with, and it
    seemed to be better constructed; it was also very pretty.
    I think Andrea’s designs are basically pleasant art projects. But a little bit limited as functional clothing. I don’t know how the pair of
    them came up with this concept, or if alot of it was from Anya herself. It looks alot like her style. And it was a wreck, yay!
    And I wonder if Mila could have helped Raul and Alicia out with more constructive input. It feels like the designers/models who DID give the most ‘help’, were the designs that succeeded best. But of course, I have to keep in mind how the show’s been edited.

  • Shannon Chad

     Please God, no.  I’d rather JOSH take his place than Nick Verreos.  Cannot stand either of them, but I had to mute my TV and occupy myself with something else when Nick was taking up precious airtime.  No, honey, just no.

  • Shannon Chad

    I’m usually floored by what she wears.  She really shouldn’t judge clothing based on her personal taste level…

  • formerlyAnon

    Little that hasn’t been said at 320+ comments. But:

    Christopher, Andrea & Anya:

    Christopher had one of those painful workplace learning experiences most of us had in our 20s (& some of us keep having). Unfortunately, he had it on national television. No, he did not come off at all well, in my opinion. But he has the (partial) excuse of inexperience.

    I started off with more sympathy for Andrea – sometime in my late 40s my panic button burnt out for just about anything except medical emergencies. I’ve been the relaxed one on a team with persons much younger running around like chickens without heads. And I discount heavily anything anyone says at the judging – those runway conversations are even more heavily edited than the rest of the show, is my impression. But STILL. Just because you’re not panicking doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be working hard & with focus. There was something really off, there. With her or with the editing or both. She’s got to carry the burden of the censure because she’s old enough and has been working enough years to know better.

    That said, there was a lot more than that wrong with this entry. I’m not even a great home sewer but . . . I kind of think I could have cut and sewn that garment that well (sic), given a pattern, in the time allowed, unless the material is truly a b**ch to work with. There were two of them, and aren’t these guys supposed to know – how to make a pattern and to fit a dress?  And in what universe is that admittedly beautiful brown a great color on Anya? It could have been used as the accent color.

    Gunnar, Frokemon, & Irina:

    These two owe Irina big time, even if she wasn’t all that nice about it. Without her input, I don’t know what kind of hideous dog’s breakfast would have resulted, but given the apparent mandate to give Gunnar camera time it would have ensured them a spot in bottom three.

    Something I Haven’t Seen Said Before:

    Gaze for a minute on the ensembles Gunnar & Kooan have chosen for their runway presentation. Imagine the party to which both of these men have been invited. I think it would be a pretty good time.

    • Sweetbetty

       ” I kind of think I could have cut and sewn that garment that well (sic),
      given a pattern, in the time allowed, unless the material is truly a
      b**ch to work with.”

      Chiffon truly IS a b**ch to cut, especially large pieces like the skirt of a gown.  It slips and slides and sags and drapes if it hangs off the edge of the cutting table.  A trick seamsters learn early on is to pin the fabric to tissue paper or newsprint, using a lot of pins, inside the cutting lines; the paper will provide the body missing from chiffon.  Andrea knew this because she mentioned it several times while trying to defend herself on the runway; why she didn’t do it, who knows.  Maybe there wasn’t any paper available to them, but she would have said that if that was the case so as to deflect any blame from herself.  Cutting many panels of that chiffon without using a paper backing could have stretched the time out to many hours (10-12 seems like too many, though), but it’s no excuse for her since she had the experience and background to know the tricks of the trade.  But the kiss of death was the way she just made light of the whole thing.  I’ve known people who pull the same thing when they know they’ve screwed up so that you come off as the bad guy if you call them out on it.  Not professional at all.  And I’m older than Andrea and did want her to succeed so that whole bit saddened me.

    • Laylalola

      How ugly is Irina? That bitch miraculously found herself vying for a trip to the Emmys, and the impulse that trumped all others in that moment was to … shit all over the two other designers rather than fight for all three of them to win a trip together. I mean that just was jaw-dropping and says everything anyone needs to ever know about Irina.

  • ybbed

    I actually thought to myself at the beginning, she’s gained weight since I saw her last! She may have put on a few pounds.

  • Nibbles42

    Probably has been said already, but I find it amusingly appropriate that they made a sleeveless dress for Anya.

  • Jane_Lane

    I don’t even understand how they called Kooan and Gunnnar’s dress dramatic when that silver thing that what’s their faces made for April was gorgeous. It made her look like some kind of futuristic princess or something. Even that nasty looking dye job looked cool with that dress. 

  • The look of absolute horror on certain competitors faces when told they are expected to work in teams pretty much foretold how the whole thing would pan out, but I don’t understand the designers constant ‘I work alone….’ mantra. Fair enough, the initial design process is fairly solitary, but these people presumably want careers in fashion/design and are aiming higher than always working in their lonely garrett as a one person show…..this being the case surely they must have some experience of fashion as a collaborative process? Don’t designers have teams- cutters, seamstresses etc. Surely some of them have even worked in design studios?? Any kind of long term career must surely involve working in more of a ‘workshop’ setting, directing others, sharing ones initial design and being able to at some point trust others to execute it, and yet still being hands on enough to ensure that the finished result is what they envisioned? One woman and a sewing machine do not a career in fashion make and it’s this apparent complete lack of understanding of the industry in which they all profess to have given up everything for that baffles me…….

    • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

      Well said. 

    •  The problem is that there is no leader on the team. There have been challenges in the past where people were leaders (and one where they had to execute the design the another person and vice versa) but it’s deliberate vague in this challenge so people who are willing to do the sewing work might still get slapped down with the “where is your design in this?”. I think that’s why people were like “I do the front and you do the back and we hope it matches”.

  • bluefish

    The show has become unbearable and largely unwatchable.  Who knows what happened with Andrea.  I have a certain amount of sympathy for her in all this — Bolting in the middle of the night might have felt like her only option.  The over the top praise for the white gown was ridiculous and, yes, Irina is thoroughly unlikable — as is young Christopher.  The return of Anya does the show no favors either. 

    • holdmewhileimnaked

      i have a feeling even christopher was being a combo of baited by the judges & told [by them or by the production team] to act a certain way.

      i’m surprised some of the people here have such a short memory. not all of them, mind, but some. ie: i do not get why some of the commentariat does not remember from the last several seasons that so very much of this show is fixed & that even those for whom it’s fixed are treated badly. someone further along posted andrea’s twitter. he didnt post any comments from thereupon so let me grace this space, if you will. it’s instructive, for heavens sake:

      artyst31 [andrea]  on twitter:
      If everyone wants to leave – maybe they might think they are doing something wrong to contestants behind the scenes????
      No one said a thing when Chris really started crying- they just sat and stared. They egg contestants on relentlessly – they cut that out.
      They cut so much out! I said send me home!

      &, of course, there’s more.

      i should also & lastly note that, from her twitter, i can tell that she is pretty much exactly who i thought she would be. i’m surprised that there’s more animal rights than human rights stuff but that may just be the notices she currently has going. it’s not exactly like she’s got no human protests acook.

      be that as it may &, a combo of that & what she said, said, i would think if anyone would like to hear, as they say, whats really going on on PR, this is the person from whom to hear it. & i would think an understanding of why people behave the way they do–that they are & why they are so coached–& why the viewership sees what it sees. what this boils down to is why the viewers & the contestants are so calculatedly & cynically manipulated by the people who run PR. & i would think getting a good gander at any of that would be at least more interesting to even the hardened fan than andrea’s committing the crime of leaving in the middle of the night & not giving her spot to any other contestant she knew would soon be eliminated & not, by any means, for merit or demerit.

      • Vic

        Thanks for this analysis. This episode spelled out the cynicism of the PR producers in ignoring the well-made outfits in favor of supporting and encouraging fake drama. I had mentally tuned out the show at the end, so missed Andrea walking out. I am not sure I want to watch the episode again to see those few seconds. 

      • SewingSiren

        I am sure that the judges were pestering Christopher to throw Andrea under the bus. I think he truly believes that this show can make him a fashion star, therefore feels more pressure in the bottom. Andrea is more focused on getting name recognition for an existing business. The tweets suggest that she feels a great deal of sympathy for Christopher.
        I think that it is safe to assume that there are a lot of “tricks” played on the contestants that we don’t know about.
        For instance malfunctioning sewing machines or dulling the scissors (which would make chiffon impossible to cut).
        Anyway I don’t think you can judge the ability of the designer by their performance on the show, because the time/material/client restrictions are so ridiculous.

        • Tatiana Luján

          Why do they have to give the designers just 1 day? I would like to see well finished garments on the runway and happy designers, that’s why I started watching the show, it seemed like a professional reality where people were treated with dignity, for a change

          • HelenNPN

             I agree – why 1 day?  Meet, Mood and start working on Monday, design Tue, design and Runway on Wed, and the show still would have 2 days to do post production, or 4 days – plenty of post prod people will work on the weekend with no extra charge. 

            Also, why make them stop at midnight?  Let them work for 3 more hours if they want to.

            I agree, it does  not make sense. 

  • l_c_ann

    A thought:
    What if Kooan had been the design leader?  The dude has the ability to take a design motif and run with it.  I can imagin a white on white dress that featured the Lexus logo in all sorts of permutations and combinations, all subtle and all winners. 

  • crash1212

    I just watched this episode. What nonsense. Several things are still in my brain in need of air so that I can get on with my life: 1) I cannot believe that the dress for April was not in the top 3. 2) I was embarrassed for Andrea and her behavior and horribly disappointed because I really liked her design sense and her quirky personality. 3) That white dress was crap. 4) I have no problem with the auf as that dress was ass, but this brown thing was no winner. 4) Krysten Ritter is a waste of space in a judges chair. 5) The only thing worst than Gunnar and Kenley on the same show would be Gunnar and Kenley on the same ‘team’…that would’ve been shut-the-TV-off worthy.

    I vowed that if I was going to watch this season, I wasn’t going to let it upset me…looks like I broke my vow. You are on borrowed time Season 10 of Project Runway.

  • Yeah if she bailed after saying she wanted to stay, I will be so pissed. That is just not cool.
    I didn’t think Gunnar and Frokemon’s dress was THAT bad, but it’s definitely not Top 2 material. It also made me so sad when Frokemon was sad. Don’t let that happen again producers!

  • MoHub

    Hmmm. Previews are saying three designers will be gone. So Andrea and—? I’m thinking Elena and maybe Costello-lite. Any other theories?

    •  Okay. I’m ready for some conspiracy here.
      Last week, after episode 2 there was a preview. They showed Michael Kors, in a shop (probably his) and the designers shown in a bunch. THAT is supposed to be after two designers quit and Michael Kors gives them a prep talk (Fashion isn’t for sissies.) I have looked for the video on TLo and Blogging Project Runway and the space that used to house the video is blank. Still set up but empty. My plan was to go see which male designer was missing. I think Lifetime realized they had a huge clue in that preview and took it down. I even searched YouTube and could not find it.

      • Who still has it on their DVR?

      • 2ndhandchic

        They’ve posted the video again but this time they don’t show the designers in Kors’ shop (just him saying “fashion is not for sissies.”) And now they are saying 3 designers will leave this week.

        •  Went and looked and took notes…. (bwa-ha-ha!) Tim is talking to them and it looks like the shop scene. They cut to the designers who are in front of windows. I see Fabian, Frokemon, Christopher and ComradeSnape. Not show (but that doesn’t mean much) Nathan, Ven and Gunnar. Different from the first, yup.
          This happened with Top Chef. They re-cut a preview to completely change a storyline and got caught. That one I had saved. Unfortunately did not save the episode that showed the whole set of designers at MK’s shop.

  • KathKo

    The designers-client pairing was mostly odd.
    I found absolutely delicious that Meana Irina gave Gunnar a ride for his money.
    But kosuke-kun ? Oh baby panda, you shouldn’t have a sad. You should sparkle the world with your fairy powder, giving joy to people just by watching you.
    Meana Irina, you should have focused on Gunnar, because he’s the one reponsible of the hideous back.
    Well, Irina might be mean but the whole time she at least tried to direct the designer into doing what was right for them. She was there, she know what they have to do to win. You could see she was pissed that the dress was so poorly made. She like well made clothes and that dress wasn’t.
    When Heidi said she loved the dress, I could almost read the thought in Irina’s mind : “Are you crazy, you tasteless teuton divorcee ex model ?!? You would actually send me to the Emmy in that dishtowel dress ? And I’m the bitch here ?”
    Great television.
    Bad fashion.

    As for Andrea, I’m puzzled. She did gave the editors tons of footages showing her acting kind of silly and making viewers doubt her skills, both sewing and human. I don’t get it. I mean Christopher seemed geniunly happy to work with her in the beginning so she can’t be that horrifying to begin with. He even say that on panel.
    But the judging panel went ugly.
    I don’t get it, really.

  • LambeeBaby

    The modification of Anya’s dress was obviously horrible. Even I could tell that, and I am no designer. The finished product was a turd for an overweight, middle aged personal assistant at the Emmys. Andrea was very lackadaisical in her responsibility to Christopher, and although he is a bit of a drama queen, I think he is right to be so upset. But, on the other hand, the top part of the look that he sewed was poorly made. I think he would have had a lot more leverage if he had made that impeccable.

  • HelenNPN

    They are sending Kenley to the Emmys?  In that “fresh, young” mourning attire? 

    That dress made for April was clearly, outstandingly THE dress to look at.  What an intriguingly draped classic 30’s siren meets sci-fi look.  And lavender tressed April in that dress with either one of those attractive edgy designers at the Emmy’s would have stimulated people to talk, in the right way again, about PR.  It also would have been about the dress, not her her her.

    But no, of course not.  PR dodges the edgy forward thinking glamor and goes for the invisible traditional dress on a bankable loud mouth – nobody is looking forwarding to enduring the Fran Drescher of Fashion with an array of captive cameras in front of her.

    Yawn and fail PR, we are very much questioning your taste level.

  • PeaceBang

    Has anyone referred to Andrea as “Frau Blucher” yet? If not, please let me be the first.

    • mhleta


  • Tatiana Luján

    Who designed Anya’s dress? Because, for me, teh fact that it was poorly executed was barely important compared to the fact that the design was terrible.

  • Raoul did spill something on Twitter to watch next week. I wonder if he’s coming back … 

  • mhleta

    That white dress looked like it was made from a baby’s burp cloth. Irina hypnotized the judges into thinking it was fabulous with her Fashion Bitch Mind Meld. I actually respect the hell out of her for making a stink. She’s got the cred to back it up so why not? The best thing about this dress was that it has the train under which to hide her broomstick. 

  • mhleta

    And what is going on under Anya’s top? At first I thought she was wearing a kevlar vest but on closer inspection it looks like she’s smuggling cookware. That’s either a handle for a pot lid or a very impressive nipple. 

  • bitterk

    You could hear Irina screaming inside

  • Vodeeodoe

    This is complete conjecture on my part, but when the designers were in the back room after the runway show and they were all talking about how hard they worked and how much they wanted to win PR, Andrea got a look on her face that seemed to indicate that she just realised she was only there for shits and giggles. She hid behind nervous laughter and a blase attitude, but it looked like a lightbulb suddenly went off in her head and she realised the longer she stayed, the more she would screw up some other person’s dream.

  • Can I also point out how BULLSH*T it was the judges were like “White is striking, white’s great with Irina’s skintone, white would stand out!” when THEY DIDN’T HAVE A CHOICE (really) IN THE COLOUR? Unbelievable. 

  • I think Anya did gain a lot of weight.  I noticed it right away.

  • George Mortimer

    Lol, that’s hilarious! I just left a comment saying the judges were smoking crack on the review of episode 3 where you said April should have won, then I come here and your opening line is “The sweet, creamy crack smoke was wafting through the air of that studio”. Fabulous minds think alike, my dears.

  • George Mortimer

    Plus, I hate you! I recognised that name Michael Costello from the depths of some trauma, but I had to google him to remember… Once I saw that grotesque grin, it all came flooding back… Oh god, he could not leave soon enough! Though at least there was some mild pleasure in seeing his foolish hopes dashed twice, they let him stick around for waaaaaaaaay too long!