PR: Tops & Bottoms

Posted on August 24, 2012

To be honest, we think what’s most disappointing about the output this week is how bland or awkward it all is. Except for Fabio’s, none of the other designs seem to have any real style to them.


Dmitry Sholokhov

We really felt bad for Dmitry. You could tell he was beat down a little by his lack of a win. But we’re sorry to say, the minute this walked out on the runway, we knew it wasn’t going to happen.


It’s a perfectly nice dress, but that’s about all you can say about it. She looks good in it, but there’s nothing particularly exciting about the design. This would be a perfect ending look for What Not to Wear, but for a design competition, it’s underwhelming. But hey, she got a great haircut out of it.

Step it up, Dmitry.


Gunnar Deatherage

Gunnar had a leg up in this challenge. He has had more experience with private clients than a lot of the designers.

There was a bit of a redemption edit going on with him (and we once again point out the suspicious “random” assignment of clients), but it didn’t surprise us that he was sweet and pleasant to his client. We’re starting to think his earlier bitch act just got too exhausting to keep up. Although we won’t count out any future shriekfests.


And she sashayed down that runway like no lady ever has before, bless her.

But those were the only reasons this wound up in the top 3: Gunnar’s redemption edit and his model’s runway strut. The dress itself is pretty bad. It’s poorly made and demonstrates some questionable design decisions,; that neckline is is unflattering as hell, as is the … empire waist? We guess that’s what we’d call it. Really, it’s just a line cutting right under her boobs. And the whole thing is askew.


Sonjia Williams

This is what it looks like when when we open our dryer after having put too many bed sheets in it.


Not much else to say except it’s too short and that knot is too large and set too high. A rare misstep from Tootie. But hey, at least her own outfit is kind of fabulous.



Ven Budhu

The top is absolutely awful. The skirt isn’t bad, but it’s OBVIOUSLY not the skirt for her, if for no other reason than you can tell she’s not comfortable wearing it.

And he made her look much larger than she actually is, which isn’t all that surprising. If you think anyone above a certain size is impossible to fit, then you’re going to turn out something that fits them terribly and does nothing to flatter them.

Bleh. We’ve said all there is worth saying on this one.



[Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke for – Stills:]

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  • I thought Gunnar’s was one of the worst. Her boobs looked insane! And that’s two consecutive weeks where he’s had that same problem.

    I also thought it was hilarious that Nina said absolutely nothing about the dress being good during her critique.

    • His model worked it like it owed her money, and because she sold it, he was in the top.  But on the merits?  I thought it was a hot mess.

      • kimmeister

        For sure.  I immediately noticed how crooked the ruffles between her boobs were.  For half a second I thought maybe it was because she was sashying so much, but no, it really was just that crooked all by itself.

    • Clueless_Jock

      I agree! I was puzzled about all the praise for Gunnar’s dress.

      • Lisa_Cop

        Yeah, Gunnar’s dress was terrible although his attitude and client relationship were stellar. IMO, either Christopher or Alicia should have replaced him as the third top look. I really did like Dmitry’s dress, as well as the hair and styling. But I (not usually a Fabio fan) loved Fabio’s dress as soon as I saw it on the dress form. As for Sonjia, I thought her dress was awful, too, and turned her short girl (and I’m only 5’3″) into someone who looks like a dwarf. Can not comment any more angrily about Ven than what has already been said, but I promptly unfollowed him on Twitter.

        • Amy Ellinger

          Yes to Alicia’s!  Talk about stepping out of her comfort zone, and it was really, really cute!!  adding straps made such a huge difference- i was so worried when they showed it at the fitting (eeek boobs!!)  I kindof love her and her incredible dreads.

          • YoungSally

            Alicia’s dress = one more indication of how “randomly” the clients were chosen.

            Still — she really did it.

    • Introspective

      yeah, i definitely call a collective hit of bunim-murray supplied crack on the gunnar love, cause the dress was such a dud. a frou frou, uneven, boxy dud. and double yes, nina didnt take a hit, hence her damning of the garment with faint praise.

    • ampg

      As I said in the other thread, I thought Gunnar’s design was very smart, but his execution was just awful.  But since he made his client happy and turned out something with a little bit of style for a plus-size woman, he gets top 3.  It’s sort of the PR version of the “soft bigotry of low expectations.”

      • lonepear

        I feel like that dress is basically exactly what she would have picked out with a $200 gift certificate to Dress Barn Woman.

        • formerlyAnon

           While I admit I haven’t been in a Dress Barn in over a decade, I am sure I’ve seen better clothing there.

        • ampg

          Oh, I think it’s more “designed” than a Dress Barn dress.  It looks cheap because he can’t sew.

          • Agreed. He basically said as much during the previous week’s episode, didn’t he? “I’m a designer, not a tailor,” or something like that.

          • He said he wasn’t a seamstress- and what he meant last week was that he expected to have some input on the collection design, but the others were just telling him to sew. He was pissed off, and rightfully so.

          • emoxic

            i thought it was interesting that the situation was similar to his team up with froke, who had a sad that he he had no voice in the design, and now it was gunnar’s turn?

        • 3boysful

           I would give the Dress Barn award to our friend, Ven.

          • Amy Ellinger

            my mom shops there a lot, and i think she has that exact outfit somewhere in her closet.

          • lonepear

            Gunnar’s client actually liked her dress. Ven’s client would have found her outfit, grimaced, and put it back…

        • YoungSally

          Haven’t been to DB in years — can one actually spend $200 on a dress there?

    •  I was fairly certain that his client’s runway walk and his conversations with her would spare him the chopping block, but there’s no way I expected it to land him in the top 3. That was some cracktastic judging/producer intervention right there.

  • Sobaika

    Ugh, Ven’s client looks better BEFORE. How does a talented designer manage that, setup or not?

    • snarkmeister

      I was disgusted with Ven.  Not just because he was a complete ass to his client – I could almost forgive that (almost) if he had put forth any effort towards actually making her a great outfit.  That outfit was a hot mess, and he should’ve gone home for it.  Ven’s draping/ruching aesthetic could have resulted in a gorgeous, flattering dress for his client, but instead he pouted and just threw some hideous blue tent together.  That woman isn’t much larger than I am, and I would NEVER EVER wear that godawful shiny turquoise mess with the enormous fluttery sleeves.

      • EveEve

        Watching the Ven-loser edit during the show, I was wondering if he would redeem himself with a killer outfit for his client.  Nope – it really is embarrasingly hiddy.  She had every right to stomp down the runway with her hand clenched in that tight fist.  The upper half looks like a church choir cast-off, and the bottom’s zipper slit brings all the attention down to her less-than-svelte inner thigh.  Way to go Ven – in the “real” world, of “real” women-he would have been sent packing.

        • Sweetbetty

           That clenched fist jumped right out at me.  It said so much more than any of the words she spoke.

    • You can just feel the disdain in that outfit.  Frankly, I was hoping she’d storm out and leave him high and dry with no model at all.  Now that would be an abrupt departure that would make for satisfying TV!

      • sashaychante

         AGREE…I wonder if his model and her friend tried to storm out, and the producers talked them into staying.  This was supposed to be fun for them.  Poor thing up on the runway crying…whole scene was quite ridiculous.  PR should try not to be so assy from now on.

        • Maybe she stayed for the free hair cut and make up. I’m sure they were nice to her. How about when Ven told her how much better she looked with her new hair….I would have left then. God forbid you have to make something for a real person….much better to make something for a person who walks on stilts I guess.

      • BerlinerNYC

         And as a follow-up departure, Ven should have been not only auf’d but forced to clean up his workspace and leave while wearing that ugly dress. And no bitching about the fact that the L&T accessory wall didn”t have a belt to fit his gut.

        • Oh God, that was the worst! I was ready to beat him with that stupid belt!

        • …forced to clean up his workspace and leave while wearing that ugly dress.

          Honestly?  I don’t think the dress was big enough.  He’d’ve had to let it out a little.

      • I wanted her to not show up the next day but send her friend in with a note: “Ven – We’re about the same size. You should model the dress yourself.”

        • Sweetbetty

           “And good luck finding a belt to fit you”. 🙂

        • yeah, I couldn’t tolerate that the hugest man in the room was repeatedly demeaning his client’s size.  unreal.  and then after they kept him, he told all the other designers that he saw a lot of weaker looks.  ha!  buddy, you can’t just make a fucking rose out of everything every week and win.

          • Uh, all these comments about Ven’s body size make it sound like you think his demeaning treatment of his client would be ok if he were thinner. Fat-shaming him doesn’t right the wrong.

    • Because he started obsessing over her size, and didn’t stop. In his mind (you know, the place where he’s Denzel-sized) she was an elephant.

      • Lisa_Cop

        And according to him he was the ONLY designer with a bigger client while others had “model-size” clients. Excuse me but no one on that runway was 5’11” and a size 0.

    • Those sleeves, wtf?! I agree with everyone: he saw her differently than everyone else on the planet does – why else would he make those turquoise tubas since, in reality, her arms are perfectly fine? (To be clear even if they weren’t, I don’t think that style would help)

    • Spicytomato1

      My thoughts exactly! She looked cute before, matronly after.

    • She is hardly plus-sized. She’s a pretty average woman with a fine bod. You are right, she looks better and happier (and slimmer, take that Ven) in her jeans and top. It makes me want to throttle him anew.

      • I was about to say that she was about my size, but I actually think she is a couple of sizes smaller than me (judging from her jeans and top photo).  He made her look bigger than she actually is which  is talent.   The skirt with the zipper that draws attention to her thighs.  The huge belt around the biggest part of her waist.  A tent like shiny top.  (Just what every woman wants, a shiny tent sized top that makes her look twice her actual size.)   I’ve seen better looking clothes at Lane Bryant and JC Penny and that is saying something.    I normally watch the show online a couple of days later.  I’m thinking I should probably spare myself.  Throwing my computer would be a bad idea.

    • zmayhem

      Yes yes yes, so much better before! The before and after photos are just painful. Granted, the slightly-too-short momjeans she favors are  unfortunate, but the drapey neckline of the t-shirt frames her face and neck perfectly, and with the swept-back hair you can actually see her very pretty eyes. The horrible bangs she ended up with, obscuring half her face and totally swallowing up her eyes, make me want to punch him, the utter shitheel.

      I hope Stacy and Clinton were watching this and called her in for a *real* makeover, with love. She so deserves it.

    • funkypeanut

      Exactly. That top is simply unforgivable, and what’s with the slit in the skirt? How is that appropriate office wear for a working mother? Ven is one of those designers who’s very comfortable in his little box, making fabric petals for models, but outside that box he just freaks out and blames everyone else. He won’t be able to sell clothes because he doesn’t realize that the majority of women who buy clothes aren’t models. In fact, Ven, here’s a news flash for you: models tend to get clothes for free! Get your sizeist, ageist (and if the previews are to be believed, sexist, too) non-svelte butt out of my view.

      Let me point out one thing.. Ven didn’t just insult Terri about her size but about her age, too, when he was talking to Tim. I wanted Tim to slap him right then and there, but of course Tim is too politic for that and just simply set him straight about “almost 40” not being geriatric.

    • He made her look so much bigger. She actually has a pretty straight shape with a large chest.  A well fitted straight dress in a good fabric that fit well across her chest would have looked great on her. And I’m sure she has a hard time finding dresses that fit across her bust, but aren’t too big on her hips.  

      It’s doubly annoying b/c her friend, who is probably around the same size, is standing next to her and looks amazing.  Ven, you should have just copied her friend’s outfit.  Asshat.

  • Dhammadina

    Once more, right on, TLo! Especially the too many bedsheets snarly knot.

  • 3boysful

    Maybe it’s because I was at the jv game last night, but Ven’s poor client looks like she’s wearing shoulder pads–of the football variety.  She actually looks smaller in her “before” clothes.  You don’t throw yards of shiny fabric at an already generous bust (sayeth one who is generously busted).

    Gunnar’s version wasn’t really flattering, either.  And Sanjia’s needed less bust twist and more hem.

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      Amongst the many problems in Ven’s design to my mind is that he appears to have very, very limited ideas as to what silhouettes would complement his client’s shape-as he defaulted to a straight skirt with a slit, in  a dark color because that constituted slimming. 

  • Joe J

    I didn’t think Gunnar’s outfit was terrible, until I saw the closeup of the bodice.  Ye gods – that’s awful what it does to her bosom, particularly the one on her right.

    • Introspective

      total titscrepancy for sure.

    • That’s all I could see last night was how wonky her boobs looked. Like the bodice was too tight and pulling. I hated the detail on the bodice. Glad that she loved it but I couldn’t really figure out why.

      • Sweetbetty

         Yes, the bodice was all off-kilter and did I see a bizarrely curved zipper in the back?  It may be just the line formed by those flouncies that Elena thought were so great.

        • It wasn’t great but at least Gunnar gave her something flirty that attempted to flatter her instead of hiding her. He did try.

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            Gunnar got points for treating his client as a lovely woman whom he really wanted to dress and to flatter.  The dress was overpraised, it’s a bit of a mess, but she loved it, and worked it.

        • Maybe it was Gunnar’s turn to use the asymetrical zipper.

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            If I could wave a magic fashion wand one of my first acts would be to make asymmetrical and industrial zippers disappear.

  • piperkitty

    Setup or not…shame on you Ven.

  • Frank_821

    It’s so crazy with all the nonsense about the belt and she actually looked better without one

    Ven should just own up that he totally effed this one up and he has no one to blame but himself. It’s like that whole Nancy Kerrigan debaucle when she was caught bitching before the medal ceremony and instead of admitting she acted like a sore loser she blamed the person who had given her some misinformation

    Yeah GUnner’s was not great. Not nearly as good as Christopher. But she made it come alive. Shows you how important a model is

    That reminds me it’s funny that in the extra video Christopher and Alicia were prepared to be in the bottom

    • Lilithcat

      That reminds me it’s funny that in the extra video Christopher and Alicia were prepared to be in the bottom

      Until she was pronounced “safe”,  I thought the “hoochie mama” remarked was aimed at Alicia!

    • fragileindustries

      I didn’t understand the belt fixation at all. She didn’t need one, with the right dress/separates, you dont do a big tight belt for that figure anyway, AND even if it had been essential to his genius design, make a fucking fabric belt YOURSELF, they sell buckles at Mood and the client would love the personalization. But Nooooo, he has to hold up every belt in Lord & Taylor’s inventory and scream, over and over, “You’re too FAT for this one, too!!” I don’t blame her for crying. Maybe at the end of the season they’ll show the part they edited out (if I had been the client) where the friend is holding her back from stabbing that asshole with his own scissors. There’s no coming back with a win no matter how good he is for the rest of the season. He may stay all the way, but they like their winners to have at least humanoid characteristics.

  • Kayceed

    So I have a little crush on Dmitry like I did on sweetiepie Seth Aaron. Ahem. Anyhoo, this was a good, but not great dress – neckline seemed a bit high. Gunnar’s dress was wonky, and as you say should not have been in the top three. It was not good. Sonjia’s was both ill-fitting, unproportionate and pedestrian. I can go to the mall today and find 50 variations of the knotted dress. Ven (one-way monkey), I spoke about in the last post.

    • CozyCat

      Every week Dmitry does a variation on the same dress–a sleeveless sheath.  They’re all beautiful variations, but it’s still the same dress.  I don’t think he has a chance of winning until he does a jacket or pants.

      I mean, I can hear Nina now:  “If we give you a show, are we going to see 10 sleeveless sheath dresses?”

      • onyxkatze

        Agreed. I also have a crush on Fashion Snape, and would love to see him step up his game and get creative so we can keep him longer!

        • JillK

           I love you for Fashion Snape.  I needed that laugh.

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          Definitely we need to keep Fashion Snape in the game!  I don’t know how far he’ll go, but he could develop a good business designing kick-ass little dresses-for the office and beyond.

        • BP180

          He was looking particularly good in this episode, wasn’t he?  In previous episodes he looked sort of greasy, but I found myself saying “Damn!  Comrade is looking sexy! 10 points for Slytherin!”

          • onyxkatze

             Smexy One-Way Monkey forever. <3

      • Spicytomato1

        I thought it was ironic that he was calling her “plain” when that’s just how his dress might be described.

        • DonnaL

           I got the feeling he was referring to her style, not her personally.

    • Nothing can top my crush on Seth Aaron (in the people-I-don’t-know category), but Dmitry is quite lovable. I agree this was, at best, a good dress. She seemed happy with it, and the photos aren’t showing any major construction issues, so there’s that. But, along with it being too short and not particularly interesting, I hate that color with a hot flaming passion. It’s a good color for her, but I just can’t get past how quickly it can go from colorfully fun to tacky.

    • Sweetbetty

       I love Dmitry too, and also loved Seth Aaron, but was so let down by this dress.  And in the close-up you could even see how poorly done that raised waist seam was.  Oh, Dmitry, what happened to you this week?

      • I think the waist could have been done very well if he’d had more time- but I can’t forgive that huge shiny ziller down the back- and he WANTED it! – he said “YOU DON’T HAVE ANY METAL ZIPPERS?”

        • Sweetbetty

          I know!  I was hoping Mood really was out of huge shiny metal zippers but no such luck.

    • BerlinerNYC

      Wednesday night someone at the bar here in downtown Jersey City said they’d just walked past Dmitry on Erie Street. If only they’d had the presence of mind to yell “One Way Monkey!” and high-five him. So he’s potentially a neighbor here, if you want to try to stalk him. 🙂

  • ChiliP

    I didn’t watch the show last night, so this is a completely unbiased perspective. From a design perspective, I agree that Ven should not have gone home. Yes,the outfit is bland, the shiny fabric for the top is awful and his client does not seem comfortable in it. However, execution-wise,  it looks better made than Gunnar’s design, and was more tasteful than the auf-ed design. I can’t really fault the judges for this decision.

    Now, based on what I can tell of Ven’s behavior from the comments… what an asshole. I would probably have a different opinion of the auf-ing had I watched the show, especially if he did not take his client’s thoughts (apparently he didn’t ask for her input at all? I don’t understand why designers do this) into consideration while Nathan did.

    • Ven went out of his way to make comments about her size. I know the work room isn’t that big to begin with but the fact that everyone heard every comment he made, made things even worse. The whole idea was to create a makeover to make them feel better about themselves and all Ven did was make the woman feel worse.

      I think the main problem was Ven saw himself! He’s not happy with the way he looks so he decided to put someone else down that he felt was in the same position.

      I am a full figured woman and was so offended by his nasty little comments and even on the rare occassion when he said “sorry” he didn’t mean it. In the beginning of teh show I kind of liked him. He wasn’t there to make friends, just make some clothes. Well he’s proven that not only can’t he make friends, he can’t make good looking clothes either!

      • ChiliP

        Oh definitely, his behavior sounds absolutely inexcusable.  I actually don’t want to watch the episode because it will probably make me sick to my stomach.  Ven needs to recall that old-age adage about glass houses and casting stones next time he makes a comment about someone’s weight.

        I’m always surprised that at this point in the show’s run, the contestants are prepared (or at least expecting) to design for at least one non-model size woman.  And furthermore, if they do have aspirations to be a lasting designer, who do they think the majority of their future clientele will be? There are only so many model-sized women in the world. Why limit yourself to such a narrow asthetic?

        • BuffaloBarbara

          The episode is worth watching–Ven is horrible to his client, but all of the others are actually pretty delightful with theirs.  Elena laughs, Gunnar is sweet (though TLo are right about the actual dress), Alicia pushes her limits to please her client.  And the judges are relatively sane and on point, too.  It’s actually a good PR episode. Wish the clothes had been better.

      • Catiline

        Right?  And as someone who’s kind of introverted, I tend to give benefit of the doubt to the “I’m not here to make friends” types, but Ven was actively awful about everything.  I enjoyed every side-eye the other designers gave him – I think on the runway they cut to a beautiful shot of Nathan rolling his eyes when Ven started in on the real woman crap.

  • How about Ven’s client’s friend? I think she looked fantastic, and it’s a great example of a full-figured lady dressing to her strengths. Ven could have found some inspiration there.

    • piecesofconfetti

       This, exactly.

    • greyhoundgirl

      But Ven doesn’t take inspiration from anywhere–he’s above that!

    • Glammie

      Oh, and the speech she gave on the runway about her friend’s life.  I thought for a moment, Ven felt some sense of shame, but as soon as he was off the runway he was back to his self-righteous bitching.  I do think some of the asshattery is defensiveness, but still.

    • Plus 1000. The friend was ultra-glam.

  • MissAnnieRN

    That top that Ven made reminds me of one of many dance costumes I had for lyrical and modern dances in HS.  It seriously looks like shiny lycra.  The sleeves are horrid.  Adding too much volume to her top half.  If he had made that top in a dolman sleeve, it could have been fabulous.  I have a dolman sleeved sweater that is so flattering, and I think it may have really worked for Terri’s body shape.

    I’m trying to be objective about asshole’s design.  Basically, what I’m saying is that if Ven had made something completely different, it would have been better.  

    • Glammie

      I think the blouse/skirt combo in contrasting colors was a big basic mistake, compounded by all that drapey shiny fabric.  Say he’d made a black sheath and used the blue at the shoulder level–as straps, say–that might have worked.  But the moment he visually cut her body in half, he was going to have a bad design.

      • 3boysful


  • 2ndhandchic

    I was really hoping for more from Sanjia. Her client was gorgeous. I was hoping for the movie cliche dorky-girl-is-really beautiful underneath-the-ponytail-and-glasses kinda moment.

    • Spicytomato1

      I know, I was hoping for that moment, too! While Sonjia did elevate her from her gym attire, it was oddly anti-climactic.

      I think the problem with a makeover challenge on PR is that the client is stuck with whatever the designer makes them, in a very short time frame, with stress being a big factor…a recipe almost guaranteed to fail. Whereas with a show like What Not To Wear, the client gets a boatload of stuff carefully selected, edited and often professionally tailored. There’s no comparison, really.

  • SewingSiren

    1. Dmitry. He had a very shy client. I think he he designed anything more than the did she would have been extremely uncomfortable. Nice dress too short. I don’t think she would be his client in real life. 
    2. Gunner- His client was game for the challenge. She was very , very different from Ven’s client, who very obviously did not enjoy being there from the go get.  The dress is okay. I kind of feel like it was in the top as a lesson to Ven, because the bodice of that dress is worse than the one that sent Squiggy home.
    3.Sonjia’s dress is too short and the knot is too high. But the judges were awful to that poor girl. 
    4. i thought Ven’s outfit ended up being very flattering to his client. She ended up with a hourglass silhouette when it appears that she has a rather straight one.  The skirt is long enough but the zip front provides a modest flash of leg. The blouse is too shiny, but I think the sleeve looks nice on her.

    • onyxkatze

      I have to disagree about Gunnar’s client. Remember, she started crying within the first few minutes of being there. She said it was because she was “excited” or something, but to me (and this is just my opinion) she seemed really overwhelmed and a little self-conscious. He gave her a big hug and made certain that she was treated like a queen all the way through (and by everyone around), and her shift in attitude came through so well that the judges looked right past his awkwardly made dress.

      • I believe she said that she was “just so happy.”   She looked very much into being there and her friend further encouraged her by saying what an outgoing personality she had and that it needed to be reflected in her wardrobe.   Ven, on the other hand, had someone who was frightened and angry from the start.

        In any case, Gunnar’s garment was far worse than Ven’s.  

      • Spicytomato1

        Awkwardly made is right. Not only that, the overall style seemed way too youthful for the client, and also sorta “hoochie mama.” But she did sell the crap out of it. And Gunnar got his redemption story.

      • Scoobydrew

        I completely agree.  

        I think that the real point of this episode was not what was actually made, but to show  the power and honestly the point of fashion. Fashion can transform.  Everyone should have something that makes them feel like they shine.  And while I was not a fan of Gunnar’s dress, that is exactly what it did for his model. He made her feel special – in the same way Fabio’s model did. I think Dimitry’s dress had the same quality.  It wasn’t earthshaking or new – but it was out of her wheelhouse. 

        I think Ven was given an opportunity to really do something. His model was obviously a hard working woman, who did a lot more for others  than herself.  He could have created something just for her that made her feel good, he always talks about how he is the best – this would have been a chance to really show what he can do – and to show how someone FEELS when  they wear something he has created.  The point of a fabulous outfit is to make the wearer feel fabulous. He failed completely. 

        Also, say anything you want about me, but no one talks to my bestie the way Ven talked about his model, in front of me … I think he’s lucky he got off the runway with his teeth. 

    •  Disagree #4 – Ven made her look like a sack of potatoes tied in the middle, NOT an hourglass! Those sleeves…ewwwww! Trumpets, tulips, tubas, whatever you want to call them, they would look disgusting on anyone over the age of five! There is a way too flatter a larger figure, and this is not it! He could have used any number of techniques to draw the eye to her face/bust area, and glossed over her lack of a tiny waist, rather than try to force one into being with his clumsily gathered and belted mess-of-a-dress. He deserved to stand there and feel threatened with an aufing, I wish they would have made him wait even longer than they did!

    • I’m sorry, but Ven’s sleeves would flatter no one. Not even a model.

    • ITA re Gunner’s vs Ven’s clients.

      Gunner’s client’s friend kept saying her pal was very bubbly and had a great personality and needed a dress to match.

      Ven’s client seemed like she had to be convinced to come there by a friend who “knew” she needed a makeover after some health issues (gleaned from reading another post).

  • BrooklynBomber

    I can’t decide which line I like better; this:

    This is what it looks like when when we open our dryer after having put too many bed sheets in it.

    or this:


    I thought both Ven’s & Dmitry’s clients looked better in their before pictures. And I wish we’d seen the judges talk about the fit on Sonjia’s & Dmitry’s.

    • In_Stitches

      There’s certainly something off about Dmitry’s dress.  It gives her a tummy and saddlebags, things she clearly does not have in the before picture.  It looks constructed well though, perhaps it just needs a lining? 

      • BrooklynBomber

        I really think it’s too small. Yes, it’s in keeping with the current (among many) thinking that form-fitting is the best way to show off a figure, but I think that’s rarely flattering. I think if he’d made it a little bigger and a little longer, and left something to the imagination, the proportions all the way around would be better and the dress would really flatter her.

        • 3boysful

           And half the time (don’t know if it’s the case here), they seem prone to not incorporating enough seam allowance to make appropriate adjustments on the model, or not making the hem long so they can later hem it up to where it is most flattering.  From my sofa, that would seem much easier than running around with 20 min to runway trying to add to the bottom and the like.

          • BrooklynBomber

            I know–I have the same view from my sofa.

          •  I make virtually everything with a full inch allowance.  Yes, it’s way too much, but I never have to worry about not having enough room after the cutting is done.

        • formerlyAnon

           Yes! I don’t think it’s body-hating to think that something which slips & slides just OVER the curves is sexier than something that hugs them tightly. The Spanx/girdle/industrial strength containment layer should be UNDER the clothing, except in rare cases  (like the “bandage” dresses) where tight & body hugging are an aspect of the design, not a default fit.

          • BrooklynBomber


      • Lisa_Cop

        Dmity’s dress was light colored and fitted. Unless you suck in your gut or wear shapewear that dress will make it look like you have a stomach (witness many of Heidi’s missteps re: tight).

  • Ryan Williamson

    I hate the hairstyles they gave Dimitri, Ven and Fabio’s models. Not good makeovers at all.

    • Sam

       I totally agree!

    • formerlyAnon

       I do think that many hairstylists default to “change!” when doing a makeover, rather than doing an analysis of the client’s face and style and creating something flattering and/or arresting [not every client is up for “arresting”]. I suspect that it’s because for most, the idea of what’s “most flattering” is a set of rules just as formulaic as the “rules” for what’s slimming, and they [the stylists] start to find the resultant styles stale & boring.

      I think it takes some talent (as well as perhaps more time with the client than this show allows) to flatter the client without being formulaic about it.

    • I was noticing, too, that those makeup and hairstyling people go way overboard.  Some of those ladies don’t even look like themselves, or even like people, anymore.  Some look over 10 years older after the makeup.  Not counting the new clothes.

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        When you take into account the product placement for the L’Oreal hair and make-up, and that those people are probably encouraged to incorporate the latest lines from L’Oreal in their makeovers it isn’t surprising that some of the clients didn’t get makeovers that genuinely enhanced their best features.

  • Jenny Stark

    No doubt Gunnar came across well, but that dress was way worse than his outfit last week.  Awful! 

  • mom2ab

    Gunnar’s dress is a disaster-  I just wanted to grab it and give it tug to straighten it out and pull the seam line under her boobs- I wouldn’t have given him top 3 but he should have been safe for being a mensch.  Dmitry is still making clothes- well made clothes- but just clothes.  With the exception of the candy challenge we have seen the same jersey dress with the honking big zipper down the back every time so no win for him.  Sonjia could have had something if she had used a lighter fabric so the knot would have been smaller, lowered the neckline to move the not below the bust and added 2-3 inches to the hem.  And to be fair- the shape of Ven’s outfit was okay but the detailing was totally wrong- the shiny top with the floppy wings and the asymetric zipper were awful.  If he had made a more fitted top and just detailed the skirt with seaming he may have been safe.   

    • Sweetbetty

       “Dmitry is still making clothes- well made clothes- but just clothes. 
      With the exception of the candy challenge we have seen the same jersey
      dress with the honking big zipper down the back every time”

      Did you notice him at Mood looking through the zippers and asking a clerk if they had any metal ones?  It’s like he can’t make an outfit without a honking big zipper.

  • A lot of the dresses looked an inch or two too short.  Some of them, like Tootie’s dress, for gynecological reasons; others, like Dmitry’s dress, for proportion reasons.

  • GorgeousThings

    I loved the fist that Ven’s client clenched all the way down the runway and back. My husband turned to me and said, “Jesus, she looks like she is going to cold cock him first chance she gets!”

    He would have deserved it, too. Hey Ven – get a clue. The average dress size in the US these days is 14.

    • Terrie_S

      I saw that, too. It’s very telling, the way her hand never unclenches. And that’s not something that can be done with editing magic, which tells us a lot abotu how Ven treated his client.

    • Zippypie

       I wish she had decked him right off the runway.  Asshat douchebag dickhead.  This is the first episode this season that I watched (my mom convinced me to give PR another shot) and I had to listen to some cold self-absorbed jackhole make a woman feel like shit.  This is why I stopped watching last season when Clinique was rampaging on poor Becky.  Enough of this misogynistic garbage!  He could have took on the challenge as an opportunity to really conquer preconceptions about dressing full-figured women but NO.  He charged right down Douchebag Lane.

      That being said, I did love Fabio’s dress.  Dimtri’s was almost there – too tight on the bottom but the color was lovely.  All the rest – meh.

      Grrrr…..I’ll go back to just reading TLo’s posts.

  • I really cant appreciate the beauty of zippers, but everyone is eagar to show off their metal zippers.  front, back, side…zippers are everywhere.

  • pookiesmom

    Um, ok, so I haven’t watched the episode but going off of these pictures, Ven’s obnoxiousness is not only unwarranted, it’s delusional. I could’ve maybe at least understood when he cried conspiracy if his model were the only one on the runway who wasn’t stick thin. But she’s not. There are a range of body types represented by the models. What an infuriating dick.

    Oh, and I guess I’m in the minority, but I actually really like Sonjia’s! It needs to be longer, but the color is great on her model and I think the bust is interesting.

  • I would have been happy with either of the top three winning, including Gunnar. Agreed Fabio had a sympatico moment with his artist-client, but I think Dmitry’s girl went from bland to glam. That dress is pretty rocking, she could wear it as a creative corporate look on a tv show/soap.

    • Spicytomato1

      Haha you’re right, that dress would fit right into Revenge!

      • And it would work for Madeline OR Emily!

  • BrooklynBomber

    This was supposed to be an outfit for work, right? Question for people who work in offices: would a skirt with a zipper that can be unzipped all the way be considered appropriate for work?

    •  Depends – are you a working girl? or a “Working” girl?

    • lilibetp

       Yes, as long as it wasn’t actually unzipped.

    • ASK26

       I have one, and as long as it is is not unzipped (more than a suit slit) I think it is fine – most of my offices are business casual to casual.  But on a formal business dress day, it would not be a good choice

    • Susan Collier

      We all know that the Project Runway judges have a different view of what Actual People wear to the office.

      • BrooklynBomber

        True. That’s why I was wondering about Actual People (as opposed to “real women”!).

    • formerlyAnon

       I’ve worked in offices where it would be fine, as long as it *wasn’t * unzipped too far (like, at all) and the top the woman wore was appropriate.  I think most people wouldn’t even register that the zipper was really functional all the way to the top, if the wearer and the rest of the outfit were work-a-day and matter-of-fact rather than come-hither.

      It would fly where I work now (even unzipped a token 4-5 inches), but though we’re an office, the population is so eclectic and the average style of dress is sooo casual (we have no contact with the public) that I can’t say THAT means anything about what would work in most offices.

    • ampg

      I personally think it would be considered “edgy” in the workplace, and whether a specific woman could pull it off would depend on personality, age, and field.  I actually considered buying a similar skirt from The Gap last year, but decided against it – even if I thought it would be appropriate (and I wasn’t sure), I thought I couldn’t reasonably make it work.  But I think it would have worked on one of our more junior people – that detailing reads “young” to me.  That’s one reason I thought it was a huge mistake on this outfit; the client was absolutely not the kind of person to feel comfortable in that.

      • BrooklynBomber

        To be fair (though not sure why I should be) it might have been difficult to figure out what she would have been comfortable wearing. . . but it sure as hell wasn’t that!

    • Sweetbetty

       But did Ven’s client work in an office?  I never heard it mentioned where she worked.  Since she said her usual attire was jeans and t-shirt maybe she worked in an environment where that was appropriate and her skirt and top would have never been.

      • BrooklynBomber

        Yeah, I’m not sure about that either, but I think they talked about it as “going to work” clothes. So wherever she does work, it seems like that’s not the right kind of outfit.

  • Enough with the zippers.

    • Introspective

      my god- I first felt neither here nor there about the exposed zipper. now ive seen it beat to death so much on PR that I spontaneously self-combust every time yet another one appears on the runway when a model turns around.

      • piecesofconfetti

        I think it’s an easy way to add some “visual interest” to a garment without having to design anything. Stick a shiny zipper on it! Instant edginess! Or something!

    • alyce1213

      It was over last year really.

      • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

        It was over when it started.

  • Jangle57

    My initial take on Gunnar’s was that it was flattering but I think that’s because I was taken in by how well his client strutted her stuff.  On second look, I realized it was all askew and poorly made.  He owes a lot to his model but maybe that’s karma coming back to award him as he was so nice to her. 
    As for Ven – someone should make him walk down a runway wearing the outfit he created for his client – and show it on tv.

  • I have a dress just like the one Sonjia designed. I got it at Penney’s. And also, it’s a blouse.

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      It looked to me as if Sonjia took some of her favorite ideas about working the fabric without taking into account her client’s height into account, which then created the problems with the proportion of the dress.

  • sdtripper

    I almost feel like Ven was defying the judges to auf him.  Certainly he could have done a better job, with or without his client’s input – but he was pissed about getting her.  And pissed is about the only emotion we have seen from Mr. Ven.

    I also love it that the judges put Gunnar in the top.  It wouldn’t be the first time a model saved a designer’s bacon, but it was certainly one of the most delightful.

  • janetjb

    Considering how upset I was last night, I am surprised I have nothing to add at all.

    (Thanks for the voodoo doll earlier today)

  • A Tale of Two Larger Ladies: 

    The minute Ven’s girl started down the runway, I said to my husband “She’s trying to get him voted off!” What sweet revenge – the sour expression, the klunky walk, the whole “I hate this and everything about it” vibe. (Would have been nice if it actually worked.)Gunnar, on the other hand, made a dress that was itself just average (at best), but his girl was so clearly thrilled with how she looked – and so clearly wanted to make him look as good as possible – that that’s what propelled him into the top 3. And today’s lesson, kids? Never underestimate the power of actual – you know – people. Even plus-sized ones.

    • SewingSiren

      Except, the client whose designer was auf’ed  loved her dress and showed it very well on the runway.

    • Judy_S

       I actually thought Ven’s client walked pretty well. Maybe what you saw as angry I saw as sassy. I was a little surprised and admired her for making the best of it.
      Gunnar’s model was amazing and did boost him, I think. On the other hand, Fabio’s model had a ridiculous posture and walk, but he won.

      • SapphoPoet

        Yeah, Fabio’s client did not have a good walk–she sort of stomped out there. Reminded me of how Julia Roberts always looks at the Oscars–she always just galumphs across the stage. I always wish someone would teach her how to glide in her ballgowns. 

        • Glammie

          There were a lot of bad walks last night, clearly women who don’t normally wear heels afraid of stumbling.  Fabio’s girl walked like someone who always wore pants.  I wonder if he gave her booties because she wouldn’t have been able to manage a real heel.  Beautiful dress, striking woman, galumphing walk–it was actually kind of funny.  Glad the judge’s saw past it.

          • Sweetbetty

             Some seasons back in one of these “real woman” shows they showed a clip of the usual models giving the “real women” lessons on how to walk on the runway.  I wonder if they do that every season.  It seemed to me that these walks were worse than usual but you can’t criticize a woman for that who hasn’t been practicing a runway walk for years and years.  But Fabio’s client was the worst by far and I get the feeling she just said, “Hey, this is how I walk”, and went ahead and did it.  To me, the walk combined with the booties detracted from the entire look but the judges loved it so what do I know…

          • Cautiously Pessimistic

             That was in an episode of the show about the models.  Season 6, I think.  It was the one with Irina, at any rate.  I believe the challenge was making a new dress out of a woman’s wedding gown.  I doubt the models do that every season, though – they had to have them doing something related to the main show that week even though they weren’t in the challenge.

      • Spicytomato1

        “Fabio’s model had a ridiculous posture and walk”
        Seriously, could she be any more clunky? She got rid of the lumberjack attire but not the lumberjack stance.

        • My daily style is very close to Fabio’s model.  I turned to my boyfriend and said, “good god, I hope I don’t walk like that in a dress.”  This is also why I try not to wear high heels – just a disaster waiting to happen.

          • Sweetbetty

             I often see slim young things walking in sky-high heels that they’re not used to and they look clumsy as all get-out.  I don’t think they take that into consideration when getting dressed in their carefully chosen outfits.

  • Pupioso

    Gunnar’s dress was hiddy. It only was in the top three because they felt so bad about what had been done by Ven in trashing his client they wanted to make her feel good for at least rocking it as she came down and Gunnar for owning the challenge and making her feel good as well. Okay I can’t really argue with that. This show is about drama after all. But make no mistake the dress was terrible and there’s no way it was winning. Sonjia’s? Well that knot was just ill placed and terrible. Agree with the winner on this one. I wasn’t too much a fan of the color, but it worked on this client and Fabio made a great attempt to actualy :;cough: design.

  • I’m not sure Gunnar’s design itself is that bad. It’s just So. Poorly. Executed. I can’t say anything about the neckline, because it’s practically sideways. But it he was going for a top that fit right under the bust and then had a pencil skirt type thing happening below the bust and then a sheer overlay so she doesn’t feel like she has to suck in her gut, I’d be fully in favor. I think the mistake was the ruffles or really anything that took time away from fit.

    • ampg

      I think his design instincts for “real women” are very good.  He did an outfit a couple of challenges ago (day-to-evening, I think) that I also thought was a great idea, but then he couldn’t execute it properly.  He’s never going to be cutting-edge, but he seems to have a knack for bringing style to regular off-the-rack clothes.  It’s too bad he can’t sew.

  • Ven’s model looks like she’s about to slug somebody…

    • SapphoPoet

      Probably Ven!

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      This is one episode that I won’t watch again. I cringe thinking about this woman’s discomfort and unhappiness.

  • Susan Crawford

    I’m on Team Dmitry, and I really wanted him to nail this challenge and get the win he deserved a couple of times already. But –  no. Not with this dress. It was nice, it was wearable, it looked good on her, but it didn’t have the old pizzazz.

    Clinique-Deux was . . . actually . . . sweet! He definitely responded to his client, and while I didn’t love the empire-waist and the neckline of the dress he made, his client obviously adored being in it. Was it Kors who said she could teach Gisele a few moves? True! She was on cloud 9, and WERQing on that runway!

    A bit disappointed in Sonjia’s design, but as all the salient design issues have been covered, I’ll move on to . . .

    Ven. He should have been eliminated. Period. Or else long-suffering Terri should have smacked him over the head with that ginormous granny-purse he lumbered her with.

  • lilibetp

     Please.  I’m nothing like a professional designer, but I made a size 18 bride look gorgeous a couple of years ago.  We worked well together and it was a real collaboration.  Would I rather the dress had been crepe than satin?  Yes, but she still looked gorgeous!

  • Ven is atrocious.  At one point he said some paraphrase of “She’s huge, she’s like a size 14!  She’s old, she’s almost 40!”  Considering nothing is youthful about the clothes he designs, she should have been right up his alley.

  • Joshua

     I was really hoping to see Dmitry design for a bigger client. He’s been fitting his dresses well week after week and I thought he’d really have a chance to show how important fit is for making regular women look their best. But I just kept waiting for someone, anyone, to look at Ven and say, “Shut up, fatty.”

  • ASK26

    In looking at all the pics, I’d say that most of the designers made their clients looks larger than they are.

  • VivianAdvanced

    Ven’s outfit looks like it was thrown together from a couple of purchases at Torrid, this plus-size store at my local mall (I don’t know if it’s a nationwide chain). It caters to large women who want to look sexy, but don’t necessarily have good taste (lots of shiny fabrics and rhinestone-embellished stuff). Ven should have picked out high-heeled shoes for her, if only for the runway, because they would have elongated the look, thereby slenderizing her body. It’s like he just gave up on her and assumed that she was a hopeless case because large women don’t look good in anything.

    • SapphoPoet

      I wondered about the flats. Perhaps his client isn’t used to heels; if you’re not, it’s really hard to wear them and walk gracefully. 

      • VivianAdvanced

        She probably isn’t used to wearing them. Maybe she insisted on flat shoes, but high heels would have improved that look. However, Ven didn’t even bother to find out what kind of lifestyle she leads or what clothing would suit her. He could have designed something flattering for her and worked with the right accessories, including shoes appropriate for her and the outfit. His own prejudice and stubbornness ruined the challenge for him and for the woman, who should have gotten a nice experience out of it. 

        • SapphoPoet

          Oh, I completely agree. 

    • Nice_Shirt

      Torrid is for plus-sized teens, so they sell all the same tacky, shiny, blinged-out crap that all the teen stores sell – just larger. 

  • mjude

    i just hated that top the poor girl had to wear per ven.  awful.  i know how she feels.  as for gunner at least he was sweet this time, but alas tlo is probably right. 

  • The back on Gunnar’s dress was just heinous. No one with larger arms wants an armscye that open in the back. And, the front ruffle was crooked (hey, didn’t they send Raul home for that last week?). But, she was very happy! I know Dimitry’s dress wasn’t as special as Fabio’s (which I love and would wear in a heartbeat), but I really appreciated his fabric choice and his tailoring. That would honestly be a great dress to own. I think if Sonjia’s dress was two inches longer and less shiny, she wouldn’t have been in the bottom 3. The length was a totally distraction (esp with the front flap – speaking of tootie!). And, Ven needs to be dressed in his own outfit and dragged down the runway.

    • DonnaL

       I would love to wear the dress Dimitry made; I’m surprised at the lack of enthusiasm for it.  Then again, I don’t have a lot of “pizzazz” myself!

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        I really like Dmitry’s design-it might not be earthshaking in terms of innovation, but I’d be pleased to find it in my closet!

  • PeggyOC

    Both Gunnar and Ven made things that made the client look much bigger than they are.  Both women look cute in their jeans and t-shirt shots and like hell in their outfits.  And when the clients look better when they dress themselves, you know the designer has done something seriously wrong.

    • Sweetbetty

       That makes it all the more ironic that Ven brought up to the judges, “If you could have seen her “before”, and the judges all said they had.  He actually thought he had improved her look; I’m with those who think she looked better in her “before” pic.

  • Sonjia’s girl looked like she’d stepped out of the bath and wrapped a towel around her instead of putting on a robe, did her hair and makeup, and then forgot to take the towel off and put on clothes before she left for work.

    • Spicytomato1

      Yes. And that just reminded me…at first I thought Ven’s client was still wearing the smock from hair and makeup, not realizing that the blue top was part of his finished piece.

      • Sweetbetty

         Kors agrees with you.

        • Spicytomato1

          Ooh, I guess I missed that…we had a little fashion emergency in our house near the end of the show. My kids reminded me it was school picture day today so I was hurriedly ironing each of their one nice shirts, which luckily I had recently washed.

  • MilaXX

    Ven was on on twitter last night swearing. Before Jesus that the producers set him up. To which I say “duh” just like the team challenges these types of challenges are there to shake thigs up & see if you can perform under added pressure. Ven failed miserably.

  • Susan Collier

    Yeah, just about all entries sucked this week, whether the designer was nice about it or mean. At best, I felt like I was at Macy’s (Dimitry).
    Meanwhile, I cannot believe that Gunnar wound up in the top three with that one. Everything on her was crooked and the neckline was horrid. Yuck.

  • Gunnar’s dress confused me. That top is AWFUL….. And it’s not really that flattering. 

  • piecesofconfetti

    Waitaminute… THAT is the “large” client Ven bitched so much about (I haven’t seen the episode yet)? From his hissy fits on Twitter, I assumed she was 600 pounds. She looked better BEFORE his terrible outfit. Shoulda gone home.

  • sashaychante

    I felt so bad for the two women that had to work with Ven.  They came to the show to have fun, and were then made to feel crappy about the whole experience.  Regardless of “setup” or not, it does NOT excuse him from simply being courteous to his clients.  A really good reality show contestant would have recognized this and risen right up to meet the challenge.  He has now stamped himself with “ASS” for the remainder of the season.   PR is also getting a rep for being assy…why treat regular people who are fans of the show like dirt?  Doesn’t make any kind of good business/branding sense at all.

    It was actually fun to see a lighter side of Gunnar this week.  He actually does relate to regular people quite nicely, as did most of the other designers (Elena…surprise!). 

  • I thought Gunnar’s client’s fierce sashaying threw the outfit askew. The outfit could not handle her. :p

    Didn’t Sonjia deploy that knot on a previous outfit?

    • Spicytomato1

      Yes, I immediately thought Sonjia’s dress was a variation of the gray dress that got her the win a couple episodes ago. It was a good foot shorter in length, though, a result of, I think, Sonjia being flummoxed by this client’s height/stature.

  • Lilithcat

    Gunnar’s design was way overworked.  Sonjia should have listened when Tim warned her about watching the proportions.  Dmitry’s was just dull.

    And can we please have at least one challenge from which visible zippers are banned?  Thanks.

  • SapphoPoet

    Dimitry: A rather bland dress, but he chose a fabulous color for his client. She looks wonderful and comfortable. I don’t understand why he called her plain; I thought she had a stunning face with wonderful bone structure. 

    Gunnar: I really like the idea of his dress. I love clothes with lots of texture, so this piece appeals to me. It does look wonky in places though (neckline, bust area), so there were some problems. But the client clearly loved it and had a grand time on the runway, so she pushed him into the top three. I thought Gunnar did really well working with her. Also, I loved his comments about how he came from a happy family. 

    Sonjia: She kinda blew this one. Her design made her client look about two feet tall, although I think the color was a good choice. I wish they’d done something more interesting with her hair. 

    Ven: As TLo, he made her look larger than her actual size. That top is terrible and the skirt does not look comfortable. She looks like she can’t breathe in any of it. Anyway, ’nuff said. 

    • Glammie

      Don’t think Dimitry meant “plain” as in unattractive, more like “plain” as in low-key in style.  English is his second language, after all.

      • reganmeister

        I think he means “plain” as in “unadorned.”  
        And/or add in East European directness–lots of folks from there (like my mom…) will speak pretty directly and they don’t see it as rude–just direct. (“Yes mom, I’m aware I have a large pimple” is a statement I’ve made a lot.)
        Either way, I’ll cut Dimitry all kinds of slack because he’s adorable. 
        I’ve enjoyed this season so much more than usual because so many of the competitors (Dimitry, Sonjia, Nathan, Fabio, Miss Granola, etc.) seem smart, self-aware, wry, and basically good-hearted.  Even the annoying ones (Gunnar, Christopher, Elena) have good points and just seem young/clumsy/trying too hard.  
        I can’t even dislike Ven because I don’t think he is connected correctly. I expect a Tragic Asperger’s Reveal later this season.

        • Spicytomato1

          Agh, enough with Ven and the Aspergers! Sorry, I may be defensive since my son is an Aspie. But even if he is, a) I would hate to see it revealed as “tragic,” and b) it is still no excuse for treating someone so poorly. Seriously.

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          Good point about English being Dmitri’s second language-and about his directness. My husband and I have a number of German friends, and trust me, direct should be their middle names.  They call it as they see it, which took some getting used to.

      • Sweetbetty

         I took it to mean more as “classic” or “tailored”.  In other words, he’d have never put her in Gunnar’s frou-frou dress or Nathan’s hoochie one.  So he made her a plain, classic, tailored dress, but it was lacking.  My poor baby.  Maybe next week…

    • DonnaL

       Again, I think Dimitry was talking about her style, not her face.

      • SapphoPoet

        Ah, yes. You both are right. That makes more sense. He probably meant she had a simple, low-key style. 

      • Scoobydrew

        Oh that Dimitry, when it comes to English he’s a one way monkey!

      • Tatiana Luján

        So do I.

  • onyxkatze

    Yep. I think Gunnar has some decent ideas (and great client etiquette — take note designers!), but some issues with editing and fit.

  • Trisha26

    Aside from Ven’s attitude the one thing that disturbed me most last night was the judges’ praise of Gunnar’s dress. After watching 9 seasons of this show I still don’t understand how some looks end up in either the top or bottom.

  • formerlyAnon

    Nothing much I feel compelled to add, except that Ven’s client clearly knows how to dress her figure better than does Ven. I bet she was stunned in utter disbelief when she realized he was going to put her in those sleeves.

    On the up side, I guess I now know where the many piss poor design decisions one sees in larger-sized women’s clothing come from. A fashion industry which can graduate somebody (with an award for their performance!) from a respected design program possessing excellent technical skills and ZERO understanding of how to design for the the 90% or more of the market which buys most retail clothing. Because even if the buyer is a size 2, they’re unlikely to have the proportions of a model.

    • Kayceed

      Yes, I thought Ven of the Serious Studies would have nailed this challenge.

  • Ven is doing himself no favors anywhere. His Twitter feed shows he hasn’t learned anything from the experience. 


    Ugh…Ven.  What an ass.  Nuff said!  
    Dimitry was so close!  I think the dress was just a skosh too snug in the hips for his client, but the color was great and the hair and makeup were lovely!
    Gunnar was so sweet!  You can totally see that he works well with a specific client.  I think the skirt part of his dress was pretty and feminine which his client WERQ’d, but the bodice…Yikes!!!  All kinds of wonky!  Front and back!  Can’t imagine why he would add that crazy ruffle in front when Raul got auf’d for that a week ago!  The little peephole in the back was weird and unnecessary.
    Sonjie’s dress was so so so done.  Nothing special about it at all.  

    • Tatiana Luján

      I don’t get the crazy ruffle either.

  • GTrain

    I liked Dimitry’s dress a lot but her haircut was what made the look for me so I don’t think he deserved the win.

  • n a

    Ven was such an ASS to that poor woman.  He basically called her fat- even at the Runway explanation.  Said, maybe he another client would’ve been better suited for him (or something to that effect)

    I was actually disappointed that Heidi didn’t give him the beat down, German-style.  

    • Spicytomato1

      She seemed to be threatening him, with the “one or more people might go home tonight” line…but she never followed through in the way I was expecting.

  • Victoria

    Gunnar was able to give his client something that she absolutely loved and she was the same size as Ven’s client. 

  • houseofestrogen

    I really feel bad for Ven’s client. She has a nice new cut and color, and judging by her before picture, her figure isn’t bad at all. He really did make her look bigger which is crazy! I think any of the other designers could have made her a beautiful, flattering dress. Ven just put in zero effort which left her feeling worse about herself rather than better.

    • formerlyAnon

       I don’t know if effort mattered. It was bone deep ignorance about how to dress a person’s shape rather than her size.

      The before picture shows her as relatively slim-hipped without a sharply indented waist, with a good bust and proportional shoulders. He could have made a long line through her torso and showed off her shoulders & bust. Instead he obscured everything between neck and hips, made her waist look larger, her shoulders look sloping and her bust has no particular shape except large.

      And this from someone whom I am damn sure CAN make a dart and a structured top.

      •  I think he probably did define her waist more than a plain tee, but so what?  He didn’t do nearly what he could have for it — tees aren’t ever made to really define a waist, so of course it was less defined in the before.  But overall, he made her look heavier.

  • greyhoundgirl

    Ven’s skirt looks great on the client.  If he had paid as much attention to fitting her top with something sleek and tailored she would have looked great.  But he couldn’t see beyond the fact that she has curves and that his drapey design wouldn’t work.  Aside from how horribly he treated her–he doesn’t seem at all adaptable.

  • Glammie

    Ven’s was the worst, but what is with Sanjia and several of the others that they did these tight, short dresses for women who don’t have model legs?  So few of them made anything that just sort of followed the rule of emphasizing the good points and de-emphasizing the less so.

    Sanjia’s emphasizes her model’s pear shape, even though the girl is fit and would actually be pretty easy to dress well–a different neckline and a couple of inches on the skirt would have made a world of difference.

    Ven’s blouse is unspeakable, but the skirt, which Nina PRAISED!, is unspeakable for this client.  A real what-the-hell?  His client has broad shoulders and relatively narrow hips proportionately–really not that hard to dress.  

    I do think Ven was sort of set up, but he was hardly alone.  Gunnar got the rose-to-the-challenge third place.  Though my favorite ever real-challenge designer was Uli–she chose Kayne’s mom, who really was plus-sized, over some thinner moms and then did a really beautiful job of dressing her.  

    • BrooklynBomber

      This is my complaint, too: short and tight fitting, as if that equals sexy no matter who’s wearing it. It’s like they get their idea of sexy from the Long Island housewives and the Jersey Shore girls.  I realize they had very little time, but why are short, form fitting, and bust-emphasizing the defaults for sexy?

      • Kayceed

        I know – it’s pretty over the top.

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        I agree-and the Snookifaction of sexy is not a good thing.

        • BrooklynBomber

          “Snookification of sexy” 🙂

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            :))!  Looking “Snookilicious” isn’t good!

  • greyhoundgirl

    The fit of Gunnar’s dress is terrible–she looks wider and very short waisted than she really is.  But  his relationship with his model was perfect and it was a nice surprise to see how he embraced the challenge, was sweet, upbeat, positive, calm and confident.  Sonija was sadly down from the start and it shows in her design.

    • mhleta

      It was bad, front and back. What was up with her undergarments? She had one boob pointing north and one pointing southwest. From the back, the sleeves were cut in too deep, like a t-back, showing an unflattering amount of skin. This dress had potential with some fairly significant tweeks. The best thing he did, though, was to give his client his love and compassion and for that I congratulate him wholly. 

  • Jasmaree

    THANK YOU. I thought I was the only one who didn’t like Gunnar’s look. 

  • onyxkatze

    Fabio’s well-justified win was refreshing, but then… they didn’t send Ven home. This was disappointing to me for the following reasons:

    1. The outfit he made for his client was HIDEOUS. I don’t know a single woman over size 8 who would wear an atrocity like that — most average-sized women do NOT want to wear a bunchy, super-tight skirt and a shapelessly draped top. He paid attention to her body, but instead of taking the opportunity to accent her lovely shape with an elegant and interesting design, he dressed her in the most cliche and ill-fitting garments possible. It’s like he threw his hands up and said to himself, “Oh, she’s plus size, so I can’t make anything cool for her.” Please.

    2. A lot of people have already mentioned this, but he blamed and shamed his client entirely — to the very end of the episode — for HIS lack of creativity and poor knowledge of non-model figures. He decided right away that her body was undeserving of his talents and he would not. Shut. Up. About it. The level at which he was unprofessional was way higher than anything Precious Moments brought to the table, and I think we all remember how ridiculous that was. Way to screw with someone who is already shit on everyday by body-shaming media and weight-obsessed society. Ugh.

    3. If the judges had not seen his past work and given him two wins, I’m pretty sure he *would* have been sent home. So, Ven thought that he was being set up for failure? Seems like a pretty sweet deal to make an outfit that terrible and behave that badly, yet still be kept on the show. If anything, the judges gave him a free pass this week because they want to see more drama (both design-wise and personality-wise) from him, when nearly anyone else would probably have been auf’ed.

    Okay, angry rant is done. At least voluptuous would-be clients will now know to steer clear of him after the show is over.

  • I thought Gunnar’s look had some construction issues but I found the silhouette and design very flattering to his client.  If you look closely at the “before” pictures for Kim and Terri, it appears that Terri might be about 10 – 15 lbs heavier than Kim at most. They look like they have very similar proportions but Kim has better posture which might make her look slimmer anyway.  By the time their makeovers were complete it looked like poor Terri was 30 – 40 lbs heavier than Kim.  Ven made Terri look heavier and older with that awful Lane Bryant reject blouse and ridiculous (at least for her) skirt.  Gunnar gave Kim a slimming and youthful look that was very flattering to her.  But I do agree that the bodice should have been lowered at least an inch and I could see issues with the sewing being off in the back.

    I have no doubt that you guys are correct about the assignments not being picked at random because that’s how it works on reality television.  I am a little baffled as to why you think Gunnar was given a bigger than model size woman to make him look good and Ven was given the same body type to make him look bad.  Especially when that kind of sizeism is more common among the supper thin types like Gunnar than a rotund guy like Ven.

    • Looking at the post again, I understand better where TLo is coming from.  Gunnar has more experience in designing for private clients which would give him some advantage in this challenge.  But given how much of a bitchy drama queen he’s been through the first half of the season I was pleasantly surprised to find out what a mensch he can be!

    •  I don’t think Gunnar was given a plus size to make him look good — I think the motive was the same for both of them, and Gunnar just surprised them by being great.

  • scrappy1

    I would love to see them do a special season of Project Runway that was ONLY “real women.”  Not plus-sized models, who are proportioned in a way that’s just about as rare as your size zeros, but women like Terri.  ALL SEASON.  Because it has GOT to be possible to design kick-ass, well-fitted clothes for larger women, and it would be great to see (and great experience for the designers).

    • Given how much of a response the real-world challenges get every season, we’re surprised they haven’t tried a spinoff entirely devoted to plus-sized models and designers who specialize in plus-sized clothes.

      • ampg

        I think there’s still too much fat-shaming in society at large for this to work.  There would be all sorts of hand-wringing in the blogosphere about whether “we’ve given up on being healthy as a society,” and oceans of semi-literate “eat a salad” Tweets after every episode.  They’d never get enough people to sign up as clients, knowing they’d have thousands of people body-snarking and concern-trolling them every week.

        •  Nah!  If internet snarking stopped folks from grasping for their 15 minutes of fame you wouldn’t see thousands of people desperately compete for every chance to become reality television stars.  Also, if the designers specialized in plus-sized clothing they’d benefit greatly from the exposure.  I think it’s a great idea, I just hope TLo gets credit (and residual checks) when this show launches!

        •  So use plus size models.  Granted plus size models are usually a 12/14 (I think, I could be wrong), but it’d still be interesting.

      • mhleta

        There’s that show on TLC…Brooklyn Style, but it’s more like a What Not to Wear than a PR. I’d like to take it a stepp further and see a show called “Out from Under” that takes people who are in desperate financial circumstances and helps them pull their lives together with a financial planner, a career coach and a fashion makeover. 

    • Not just for plus-sized people, I’d like to see this for all kinds of people. Tall and broad shouldered. Short and round. Athletic. Boxy, no-waisted people. Apple. Pear. Whatever. Just not tall thin model types.

      • scrappy1

        Totally agree.  With rotating guest judges Clinton, Stacey, Trinny, and Susannah.  Woot! 

  • Stubenville

    I was busy with work last night during the original broadcast and got SO bored during the repeat that I turned it off and went to bed.  Can’t we just give it to Mondo? 

  • Zaftiguana

    Even if you count out his shitface behavior, the major crime behind Ven’s work is that his client actually has a nice shape and he obliterated it. You can see that he had some kind of externalized body dysmorphia here. He’s a fat dude who looked at a chubby, shapely girl and saw her as a giant sphere. Projecting much?

  • snarkykitten

    I haven’t actually seen the episode, so based on the freak out, I thought Venn’s client would be…larger. She has a nice body! Too bad Venn Diagram shat all over it

  • CarolinLA

    This season can be described in two words:  safe and simple.  Not the best words to use for a design competition.

  • siriuslover

    I love Dmitry, but I too thought he could step it up. I just keep thinking, Jay won Season 1 without winning a challenge, perhaps Dmitry is on the same path… I wasn’t terribly bothered by Gunnar’s. If the split between the top and bottom were just a bit lower it would have worked better on his gal.  Let’s face it, though Sonjia had a great attitude toward her model, she clearly didn’t understand the female form well enough for this challenge. I was surprised how BAD it looked. It made the poor girl look stumpy. And Ven, oh Ven, that woman hardly has a stomach. How can you go from a woman who looks so good in her jeans to making her look so bad in that skirt? The top is so hiddy it goes without saying, but for Nina to even say she liked that skirt was beyond ridic. And then for him to go to the green room saying, “there were problems with everyone’s designs”…still self unaware.

  • CarolinLA

    How is it possible that ten creative people are all turning out such similar work?  Three blue dresses and one blue top in one round. Two black dresses and multiple uses of black as a secondary color.  When are they going to start showing us work outside of Macy’s?

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      Part of the reason has to be the overabundance of one day challenges.  I wish they would give them two days for some of these challenges.

  • ChristinaRi

    I was surprised that so few of the designers seemed to understand that most of these women needed body skimming clothes — not clothes that clung to them.   Also longer skirts.    Really, unless you are some kind of model or actress,  women over 35 don’t look good exposing knees and thighs.  

    And with Sonjia, Tim talked to her about proportions.   Even with the knot, the dress would have been so much better on her if  it were a few inches longer — to the knee for instance.  She needed some lengthening.    Dimitry’s dress was also too tight and too short.  It looked a bit tasteless.  

  • Dmitry: Uh, I’m not liking the back zipper at all. She looks as if a large chunk of metal fell out of her ass. Bad, bad, bad. The dress itself? I found it competently made but unremarkable. The seam-work and the subtle structuring of the bodice do not provide sufficient design interest. I know he can sew very well. I know he’s overly meticulous with his work (which compels him to “play it safe”, lest he send a half-ass mess down the runway). On one hand, that’s good, for it shows a realistic assessment of how much he can accomplish WELL within the time constraints. On the other hand, it prevents him from taking risks. He’ll make it far enough in the competition, thanks to his sewing abilities, but he won’t win with one minimalistic dress after another.

    Gun: Nope, not liking it. It’s poorly designed and poorly constructed. Keeping the garment monochromatic wasn’t a bad idea (for it allows the different elements to coalesce as opposed to their overwhelming a garment in their multitude). The ruffled skirt wasn’t a bad choice, either, but look how badly it’s rendered. Look how uneven and half-done those ruffles are. The high waist of the skirt is proportionally unflattering. The bodice, too, is badly designed (that ruffled central embellishment looks limp and unresolved). The fit of the bodice is off.

    Son: Skirt’s too short. Ha! Who’s Heidi to bash anyone for “slutty” clothing? She’s just started to wear *skirts* (actual skirts, not standing-skirts). For me, the skirt part is too short in terms of proportion (and there’s a disparity in front-length and back-length of bottom portion the dress, plus all that wrinkling in the back). Quite bad. Oh, and she’ll need to show the judges she can do more than this twisted draping.

    Ven: I don’t know what more to say. Top’s quite frumpy (the neckline and those billowy sleeves). Skirt is incongruent to the top, and the skirt zipper looks clunky, not edgy.

    • mhleta

      “Ven bashed his client’s lack of personality.” Wow, coming from a guy with all the personality of a replicant on lithium, that take an incredible lack of self-awareness.

    • kimmeister

      I thought the same thing about Heidi saying Sonjia’s dress length made her client look like a “working” girl.  Hello pot calling the kettle black!

  • alyce1213

    I like him a lot, but I wasn’t highly impressed with Dimitry’s work this week. The puckering of fabric where the pleating meeting the wide waistband is jarring to the eye – it could have and should have been attached smoothly. Also, since it’s such a simple, body fitting dress in a fabric that you can see every crease and lump, the lines of Angela’s undergarments were too visible.  She really should have worn different undies or some shapewear, just to smooth her.

  • Tatiana Luján

    I think Ven’s client would have looked beautiful in the origami shirt and the skirt he made last week. He just didn’t want to make her any favours.

  • Tatiana Luján

    Alice Temperley looked ashamed to praise Gunnar’s dress.

  • Up until this week, I loathed Gunnar.  Now I want to invite him over for milk and cookies and buy him a cuddly puppy.

    • Quentin K Sweetcrackers (was that his old nick?) is reborn.

      • EverybodysStarling

        Or went back to his old self. I remember him being very sweet and nice, almost shy last season. Glad he dropped the bitchy persona. 

  • mhleta

    Ven’s attitude is emblematic of the way much of society and certainly the fashion industry views women of a certain age and weight, as if they’re somehow insulting to their sensibilities or at the very least, an annoying inconvenience. Poor Miss Terri did not deserve that. She’s really a CUTE girl! I’m glad her friend spoke up for her, but I wish they had given her a consolation prize, like a confidence-boosting love sesh with Gunnar. He would have turned that mother out. Really disappointed they didn’t send Ven packing, or at least spank him much harder. He was an asshole to his client. Inexcusable. Gunnar is off my shit-list.

    • Lisa

      EVERYTHING you said.

  • In re Gunnar: “under her boobs” is a lot of credit. That crosses right over the underboob. 
    In re Ven: it reminds me of the “shirt” from the menswear challenge that was just swathed fabric and the designer said it represented the idea of the shirt. Ven had a bad idea. 

  • Strunkette

    Poor Terri. It is obvious in the side-by-side. She looks 4 sizes bigger after “makeover.” He should have lost for that fact alone.

  • tripletmom96

    i have to agree with all of your assessments here… i was pleasantly surprised at gunnar — he’s been such an ass through the whole competition so far, then here he embraced the challenge that usually has most if not all of the designers whining about having to design for a model with proportions other than those of a model.  he seemed to be truly excited about doing it and really made his client feel beautiful.  as for the dress itself — i kept saying that the construction was really wonky with that crooked little ruffle up the center of the ill-fitted bodice.  i don’t believe that the dress belonged in the top 3, but it was refreshing to see him act so sweetly.  as for ven, i have not really liked him but i had alot of respect for his design skill despite his being so full of himself.  he just lost several points with me with his behavior in this episode along with the shitty outfit he designed for that poor woman.  but as soon as i saw ven and sonjia in the bottom three along with nathan, i knew nathan was doomed — there was no way they were going to send home 2 of the most talented designers over one horrid challenge. 

    as for dmitry – i felt so badly for him being passed over again for a win, however when i saw his garment i knew he was not going to get it again.  frankly, i love dmitry’s clothes — they are classic and beautifully made.  the problem is that they aren’t necessarily fashion forward nor do they have the “wow” factor the judges tend to look for.  he should stop worrying about winning and keep putting out the designs he does best — he is clearly gaining a fan base of people who would actually buy his designs — not just a bunch of wack-jobs who vote for the most cray-cray and dislikeable (<>elena<>) designer. 

    i am  finding that for the most part, the judging this season seems to be less crack-induced and more based on real talent and quality output. 

  • I think they should pretty much all go home. 

    Where is the new Christian Siriano? He had taste and the chops. Or Laura? Did she whine about not having enough money or time, even though she was hugely pregnant? And she always looked FABULOUS. 

    There has been nothing actually designed so far in the last two seasons that you can’t get at some downmarket place like J.C Penney. No one seems to able to pick decent fabric, cut or sew, let alone design or have an ‘aesthetic’ even though that word is thrown around constantly. And ALL of the pants are ugly, ill-fitting and amateurish.

    With very few exceptions, they all look like hell, so their taste is questionable from the get-go. Just saw the documentary Ultrasuede and there was mention of the fact that even very early in his career, Halston could select a fabric, lay it on the floor, cut it on the bias and then fit it perfectly in about 20 minutes — essentially designing on the fly and letting the material speak to him like Michelangelo saw the figure in a block of stone — and the piece he designed was always flattering, beautiful and fashion-forward. I know artists who understand women and their bodies are out there, but for some reason, they are not casting them on this show. Depressing.

    •  Really?  That’s kinda how I work, though generally not as fast.

    • MaryMitch

      I don’t know if they have cut back on the time given for the challenges, but IMO they need to give the designers more time. No one wants to see crap on the runway. The drama isn’t enough to make this a satisfying show.

      • The more recent seasons they have definitely cut the amount of time given. I went back and rewatched the first few seasons they were frequently given two days to complete a challenge and every once and a while they would give them an “easy” (read: not so creative) challenge and only give them one day to do it. Now, it is almost always one day. 
        Now that you’ve mentioned it, I think this is the major downfall of talent for the show. The designers aren’t necessarily willing to work outside their comfort zone because they only have 10 or so hours to complete a garment, where as before they had at least 20. Which is a huge difference. 

  • Buffy

    I didn’t love Gunnar’s but it had potential and his client was happy, so he’s on the right road.  And I’m glad that Bitchy McBitchy is gone, hopefully for good.  Sonjia’s would have made a great top with a skinnier (but not too) trouser.  Ven should have gone home (with or without Nathan).  He all but said “oh you’re a fat cow” to his client and made her look worse and *feel* worse than the before photo.  I liked his stuff at first but now he could turn out the most perfect dress and I wouldn’t care.  He’s out for me no matter when he goes home.  I think Dmitry’s was great and I loved the color and the styling but something about the proportion was just a little bit off.  

  • guest2visits

    I so loved that Gunnar got creative with his design, more than anyone except maybe Fabio. It looks like his idea was almost there;
    but it needed to lose the crooked ruffle down front, the fit and construction was off… I wanted it to be better than it was.
    I would have given a top spot to Christopher, for his dress alone (well, thats all you could see anyway); and put Gunnar in the
    middle somewhere. I also thought Sonjia’s was not one of the worst and belonged in the middle. But it was so short the proportions
    on the client were terrible. 
    I would’ve put Fabio for the win, and Christopher at second; for the fit, the way it flattered the client, and it’s value as a very
    useful or practical design. I thought either Dimitry’s or Elena’s designs were fine for third.
    I thought Melissa’s, Ven’s, Nathan’s, and Alicia’s were on the bottom. I would have cut either Alicia or Melissa (if it not for immunity)
     – their designs were badly constructed, tacky, and lame. Melissa’s was a lazy flop.
    Ven’s was a design suited for someone else, and even the construction was not his usual standard. The shiny blue fabric was loud
    and unattractive on both Ven’s and Nathan’s clients. I wonder if Nathan made his dress black on black, it may have been less
    cheapy looking. And I couldn’t believe Kors berating him about the black illusion netting for her arms and shoulder area; as though the very idea of illusion netting was something from a distant time or place. I thought Nathan used it well, and it didn’t appear as
    ‘old lady’ as MK’s Tarzan/Jane dress Heidi wore a few posts ago.   

  • emily mcginnis

    the fact that Ven is still insulting his client speaks volumes. 

  • CarolinLA

    Melissa should thank her lucky stars that she had immunity.

  • CarolinLA

    Dmitri better step it up because he’s never gonna win making sleeveless dresses alone.  This is the third time he’s sent down that same basic silhouette, only the other two had back cutouts.  I’m so shocked at the lack of variety among all the designers this season.  Each week there is one clear winner who does something outside the realm of BASIC.

  • CarolinLA

    How was Gunnar’s dress made?  I couldn’t see the detail about the sqaures on my TV.  

  • What do you mean by redemption edit?

    • Kimbolina

      He started out appearing to be a bitch, now he appears to be a total
      sweetheart.  Where he actually falls on the bitch-sweetheart spectrum is
      really anyone’s guess, though I’m inclined to believe the bitchiness was more of an act.

      • CarolinLA

        It just goes to show you how quickly the audience can turn.  Gunnar was reviled early on for being an annoying bitch and with one episode, he’s redeemed himself because he showed his client such love.  Last week, Elena was hated for her behavior yet this week even Dmitri said she was liked.  You never know.  Even Ven could change our minds under the right circumstances.  

        • MilaXX

           eh, it would take a LOT for me to like Ven. I barely liked him before this episode, and this episode sent him fully into the dislike column. He’d have to save a village full of drowning orphans and widows in order for me to like him.

          • CarolinLA

            Yeah, and knowing Ven, he’d only save the skinny ones.

          • redgauntlet

            And very slowly and unemotionally.

          •  I didn’t like him before this either — his stuff always leaves me going “meh”.  It’s generally well-made but it lacks a certain passion.

        • Sweetbetty

           The unfortunate thing is that we’re all being manipulated by the editing.  Each week they choose less than an hour’s worth of clips out of many hours of taping.  Gunnar could have had some perfectly charming stretches during the shows where they showed his bitchy clips.  Same with Elena.  Even with Ven this week, how many minutes of the show were filled with his clips?  The producers could have chosen to ignore his nasty minutes and show an equal amount of minutes of him behaving as his usual robotic-but-not-offensive self.  I know that Ven’s Tweeting has done him in, though, and that had no producer meddling.  They choose what to play up and to ignore each week on the show, however, and thus how we, the audience, feel about the contestants.  I, personally, don’t like to be manipulated.

          •  Yeah, according to his model, he didn’t have any nice moments.

  • CarolinLA

    When a designer treats a client like shit, it generates buzz.  If they eliminated that designer, the buzz would stop.  That’s why Ven is still here.  

  • Nonnah

    All of the clients look larger than they actually are.  They shouldn’t always assume a dress is slimming.

    • ASK26

       My mother only carries her weight in her stomach area – and she RARELY wears a dress.  She prefers and looks better in skirts, shorts, and pants.

       I carry weight in my stomach area as well but also have boobs and butt… when I choose a dress it is empire or strong shoulders and flowing, to emphasis the bust and flow loosely from there.  

  • redgauntlet

    I Kind of sympathise with Ven. I imagine that with clients above a certain size, it is extremely hard to give them a flattering shape without covering them up entirely or making them wear a costume.

    • CarolinLA

      Oh come on, RG.  You’re saying that no one above a certain size can look good in clothes.  That’s not the case at all.  Look at Oprah, Kirstie Alley, Gayle King, Queen Latifah, Trisha Yearwood, Adele.  

      • Lisa

        Exactly!  It’s silly to think that bigger women just don’t look good in clothes.  

        • redgauntlet

          No, I cheerfully concede that point – that said, I – as a non-designer – would not immediately be sure of the principles around which to design clothes for fuller figured women (anyone can dress models who are, basically, just peaches stuck on the top of a bunch of Twiglets).

          •  And I get that.  You probably know how to dress your body type, and possibly a few friends who you shop with.  But Ven is an educated professional, according to the bragging he does anytime he can.  So he should sure as hell know how to create a flattering look for a size 14.

      • MilaXX

         How about all the lovely designs Tadashi Shoji made for Octavia Spencer this award season?

      • redgauntlet

        Yes, point taken – those fuller figured actresses do dress gorgeously, I admit it, though I can’t think specifically *how* they dress.

    • DeTrop

      Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.  If he wasn’t feeling so sorry for himself and if he was really up to the challenge, there are plenty of designs for the fuller figure.  The Aline or Empire style for starters.  A more sophisticated fabric rather than that turquoise poly would be a good start. Less volume too.  A kind word and she might have smiled going down that runway, instead he made her insecure and unhappy.  I am so glad they didn’t auf him. He would have blamed the client and never owned up to his failure.  A failure as a designer in this instance and as a human being.

      BTW TLO, I love that you called Ven robotic. Right on!

      • redgauntlet

        I believe that is precisely what Ven did do in his post show Twitter feed.

    • MilaXX

       No it’s not. More fabric, sure, but the idea that you have to cover them up entirely or make them wear a costume is the very sort of thinking that caused Ven to create this fugly outfit.

      • redgauntlet

        Well, I am obviously not a designer and my suggestions were obviously those of a layman. When I watch the show, I often think ‘What would I have done’ and, in this case, I have no idea. I do think that Ven’s attitude and approach were all wrong but, nonetheless, I would have said that he faced design challenges that the other contestants did not.

        • nannypoo

          If he had left her in the outfit she came in she would have been better off. The lines of her jeans and tshirt revealed that her figure was perfectly in proportion, just larger. She was not the only client who was larger, and in fact her height was an advantage over Gunnar’s and Sanjia’s clients. To cover her in shiny flounces was the worst possible direction he could have gone. I’m glad she came out of this dismal and insulting experience with a great new hairstyle and a few makeup tips. And regarding his perception that he faced more difficult challenges than the other designers – that would have been his opportunity to demonstrate the superior skills that he keeps bragging about. My apologies to all innocent rectums, but Ven is an asshole.

          • ASK26

             I wouldn’t go so far as to say “perfectly in proportion” and this is written by a woman who has the same upper abdomen/stomach issues.   ( I USED to have decent proportions just larger, but ever as I just breath or drink water, my stomach blows up as the day goes on)

      • Sweetbetty

         Right.  Of course a larger woman is not going to want to bare her midriff or go backless or wear a micro-mini but there are plenty of ways to dress them fashionable without swaddling them in a tent or (?) putting them in a costume (?).

    • holdmewhileimnaked

      maybe, but not this size. he didnt add twenty pounds to his client, he added fifty. if he has no idea what he’s doing above sample size he has no business being a designer.

  • CarolinLA

    I love that Ven’s first defense on Twitter was that the truth hurts sometimes (as if that’s going to win him any friends).  That’s when TLo said that the truth was he’s an asshole.  LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

    • Lisa


    • Catiline

      Set and match.  That’s beautiful. 

  • KC

    It says ALOT that the client’s (Terri’s) outfit that she walked in with is more flattering than Venn’s design. She looks MUCH thinner in the before picture.

  • Lisa

    I hope my boyfriend Dmitry steps it up, I really do.  I’m getting worried.  The dress was beautiful, and impeccably made, no argument there.  If Fabio’s dress had been half-assed in the least, Dmitry would finally have won last night.   But the first thing he said at the beginning of the show is that his confidence is taking a hit because he hasn’t had a win.  And a lack of confidence can only hurt him later down the road.  And it’s not his fault – his candy dress should have won.  The gown he and Melissa made for April should have won.  The guy should have had at least a couple of wins under his belt by now, but that’s on the judges, not on Dmitry.  So if the judges want him to step it up, even though I see nothing wrong with his designs, he’s gonna have to do it to make them happy.  I don’t want to see him go downhill because he keeps winding up in the top with no wins over and over. 

  • Ven gave a half assed apology via twitter:

    [email protected] of episode was horrible..but I am sending my sincere apologies to everyone

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      It’s a tiny, tiny step forward. Ven needs to sit down with himself and talk.

    • 3boysful

       I’m not sure what he could’ve said after his mean comments that was edited out that could in any way improve how we view him.  “You’re too fat for these belts.”  “Opposite day!”???? 

      His statements pretty much speak for themselves.  And him.

  • Call me Bee

    I am a plus size woman, and I just bought a dress for a wedding at Boston Store (a local BonTon store) that has tons more style than any of theses outfits.
    It seems that the fabulous new haircuts carry these makeovers way more than the clothes. Which is not good for a design competition…

  • oh. I just watched the extended judging. Ven’s client actually LIKED her dress. 

    • holdmewhileimnaked

      ven’s client is just a nicer person than ven.

      aka: last season even oliver‘s client pretended to like her dress [although she was no nicer than he was].

    • SewingSiren

      I don’t find that hard to believe at all. I really do think the outfit looks good on her.

  • rainwood1

    We’re having a mind meld this episode, T Lo.  I couldn’t understand Gunnar being in the top three except to make a point.  That dress was hideously unflattering and badly made.  

    I’ve liked Sonjia probably the most of any of the designers,  but she seems to be repeating herself a little too much a little too early in the competition.  That knotted look is getting tired and so is the blue.  I’m hoping she breaks out something radically different for the next challenge.

    Ven.  I liked your designs at first, but you’re impossible to root for at this point.    

    I completely forgot about Dmitry. And that’s the problem.

  • ccm800

    Tootie is starting to fall into the “One Way Monkey ” category. 

  • KathKo

    Gunnar = Hellooooo pucker land ! Is there a reason why the bust seams are so twisted ? And the frippery on the front was like, uneven. So is the cut out on the back or is it just a weird neckline ? Is it on purpose ? It’s so badly made it’s horriffying !
    But there was no way Gunnar wouldn’t be a sweetheart to his client. If I remember last season’s first episode correctly, he designs outfits for Southerns lady. He, on the opposite of Ven, has based his work on dealing with real people. And from the look of it, he really loves it. And, hearing him telling how happy his family is, there’s no way that the b*tch persona is nothing but fake. I hope he definitely let go of it and stay the sweet queen he is at heart, because the b*tch’s annoying.
    Still, that thing is a hot mess.

    Sonja’s client is a social worker and she made her a cocktail dress. Honestly, girl ?

  • sonja reminds me of anna, from The OC. or is it just me?

  • GillianHolroyd

    I don’t think much of Sonjia as a designer but she certainly knows how to style herself. I love her haircut.

  • RedAgain

    He can only make oragami in 5 x 5, no breasts (gross).  12 x 18 WILL NOT WORK!!!! MELTDOWN!

  • BelleBook

    Dmitri could have won if he’d done a dress that had a more exciting design.  But while his dress is impeccably made, it couldn’t compete with Fabio’s design.  As for Gunnar, I think there were two reasons why he got into the Top 3.  First, he’d probably been set up with a “larger woman” to test his ability to work well with her, only he passed the test.  Second (and perhaps even more important, his client rocked the dress on the runway.

    As for the others in the Bottom 3, Sonjia just made a misstep.  It happens and she should recover from it.  On the other hand, Ven self-destructed and is probably a dead man walking from now on.  His massive failure to be flexible and his idiotic behavior towards his client doomed his chances of winning.

    • amian3

       Dmitri’s isn’t impeccably made. Look at the close up picture. The seam where the bodice meets the waistband is a real mess.

  • CarolinLA

    The use of Twitter is backfiring on both Ven and his client, Terri.  Terri started her own Twitter account just to have a forum for this episode.  Look, I feel for her and for what she endured.  However, she calls Ven an asshole and a piece of shit while at the same time saying that she didn’t react on the spot in the workroom because “I teach my kids not to be prejudice or to bully”.  Sorry, Terri, but you’re doing just that.  You lose all your moral authority when you name-call (she called him Fatty).  She missed the perfect opportunity to take the high road and she blew it.  

    • Sweetbetty

       I agree.  My respect for her has dropped several notches.  And I don’t believe she was a size 10/12 either, at least not in the stores I shop at.

    • SewingSiren

      Look she doesn’t have a spin doctor. She’s just angry at the way the show edited her and Ven. She should be angry with the editors and producers of the show. Because the outcome of the program was exactly as they intended.

      • formerlyAnon


    • formerlyAnon

      I can’t ding her too hard (of course, I spent less than 3 minutes looking at Ven’s twitter and so far, none on hers) if she’s sounding unpleasant. She’s a regular person who’s had her feelings hurt on national t.v., and not anyone used to managing a public presence.

      No doubt the smartest thing in her situation is to be quiet and let the tempest in the teapot pass. But the natural human impulse is to speak up. (And the difference between what one says face-to-face and what one says into the digital void is great, subject of a lot of sociological study, and something most of us have had some personal experience with – either being more abrasive than we’d ever be in person (or than we intended) or being shocked at how abrasive someone we know in person can sound on social media.)

      • Sweetbetty

         I’m not a Twitter user but I was curious enough to check out Ven’s Tweets after TLo posted the link and then Terri’s after they were discussed here.  Am I not doing it right?  I can’t follow a conversation; I can see only what Ven posts on his account and Terri posts on hers.  I can’t see comments others make.  Is that how it works?  Like only listening to one side of a phone conversation?

        • CarolinLA

          That’s pretty much how Twitter works.  You send out a message and only if someone clicks reply to yours can you follow what seems like a conversation.  It’s all designed to be pretty one-sided.  

          • Sweetbetty

             OK, thanks for the explanation.  I’m not sure I see the point of the whole thing but then I’m an old dinosaur 🙂

          • Lingus

            I’m in my 20s and have been into social media for 12 years now. Totally do not see the point of Twitter either. 🙂

          • MilaXX

             I’m an old -ish fart as well. Twitter is more like a party than a one:one conversation, I think it’s fun and has it’s place.

        • MilaXX

           you can click and see entire conversation but that usually only give you one or 2 post, but unless you follow both parties, it does feel like a one way conversation. I just saw that Ven deleted a lot of his nastiness and post an apology.
          When will people learn nothing is ever deleted on the internet?

    • CarolinLA

      I have to question why she interjected the word prejudice into the conversation.  Because that opens a whole other can of worms.  I feel more sorry for Ven today than I did yesterday.  I think he’s trying to show a tough skin about the business and he’s being vilified.  He didn’t run over a puppy for Christ’s sake.  

    • CarolinLA

      I guess Terri tried to get Heidi or Tim to sensor Ven’s tweets.  I thought honey, they don’t want to sensor him.  They WANT this shit to go on.  

    • HelenNPN

      Her name calling is a bit too much for me as well.  This whole thing just seems like a schoolyard shakedown.  Terri probably doesn’t have much time to watch and debate the nuances of reality tv and doesn’t understand how the shows are scripted/edited to create heros and villians for the audience to boo at.  Only the rare cool cat like Chris March just saunters through reality tv unfazed and unchanged by it all.  So Terri was sucked into the drama twice now, doesn’t come off well (if you don’t want to be called fat, it stands to reason that you would not haul off and call others Fatty) and is pseudo-victimized a second time by her own socially unacceptable bad manners.  When you decide to appear on reality tv, it goes without saying (though someone needed to tell her) its not always going to be a unicorn fart rainbow and kittens makeover with a happy ending.  You place your bets and you takes your chances.

      • CarolinLA

        Come to find out, her friend was on one of those bride reality shows.  Something about a punk wedding I think.  Clearly, she had a good experience so maybe she had no sage advice to give Terri.

  • GillianHolroyd

    I think one of the reasons the client went on her Twitter rampage is that the edited version of the show was even more upsetting than the actual experience.

    Ven didn’t cover himself in glory this episode, that’s for sure but he’s still in my top three to win. After all, Jeffrey won his season somehow (I thought Laura was much better). He let himself get caught up in the unfairness [sic] of the producer’s choice for his model… I mean, what a set-up. I just rewatched the part where he was introduced to her and their discussion was very pleasant. In his asides, he is saying it is a challenge to design for someone with a thicker waist, wider hips. Ungracious, yes but not untruthful. (Otherwise stores would be full of beautifully designed plus-size clothing to fit the “average” woman). If Ven works for a large company (have no idea what his work experience is), he’ll never need to meet with a private client and possibly offending her. Getting along with his co-workers, also not an issue if he follows the brief and churns out designs. So I’m not worried about his future prospects.

    I’ll wait for the inevitable Ven redemption arc coming in a couple weeks.

    Gunnar has served his purpose. He succeeded with his model where Ven didn’t. Putting his awful dress in the top three was just another part of the smackdown. His lack of construction skills will get him booted soon.

    So who will the producer’s focus on next… oh no, it will be fan favorite Dmitry…

    • CarolinLA

      Jeffrey made me SICK, he was so despicable.

      I’m really interested to see what TLo posts about the remaining four designers.  Melissa should be ashamed that she sent that garment down the runway (unless there’s some magical element to it that I can’t see), Elena’s was fine, I have no idea what to think about Alicia’s other than it seemed a little junior, and I never really got a good look at Christopher’s jacket which might’ve been the wow piece in that ensemble.

  • This Ven uproar really got me going.  Frankly, I don’t think he treated his client abominably, he merely needed improvement.  I feel that he tried to mitigate how he came across in his client’s presence and tried to say many nice things, and he never raised his voice nor did he actually call her fat and old.  He has some sense of reacting to other people’s emotions.

    However, his biggest problem is his belief system.  He assumes people are not essentially equal–that it is fair to devalue a heavier non-fashionable female, but not fair if he himself gets a bad client pairing that shows his creative weaknesses.  Why is he better than others and more deserving of fairness?  Why can’t another person be equally deserving of fairness?  Perhaps he really thinks he’s grandly better than everyone, rather than merely better at a smallish skill set (like nearly all of us).  The episode aftermath vitriol is a huge comedown but is also an opportunity to learn and rethink.  Is he willing to learn if he feels he is so superior? 

    He also needs to face the fact that his skills and knowledge (and possibly talent) are insufficient to make it in his chosen field.  Heidi calls this inflexibility, but I don’t think it’s quite the right word and no wonder he doesn’t get it.  Maybe it’s better to put it more concretely.  He needs to learn the hows of designing for all sorts of people.  He needs to regularly come up with new ideas to make a very wide range of people look good.

    • Lisa

      He didn’t treat her “abominably”, technically true, but I’d say he needs a little bit more than just improvement. Other than that, I totally agree with you.  For me, it simply comes down to – he had the opportunity to not treat her badly, and he did it anyway.  Whether it was a set up or not, how it shook down was up to Ven.

  • Rrroza

    why all the shiny blues/turq/teal?

    • Sweetbetty

      I have a theory that Ven got his blue fabric from Sonjia or Nathan.  He started out with the idea of a black dress and that’s what he was first shown draping on his client.  I get the feeling that he was pressured into using some color and one of them happened to have a lot of their blue left over and donated it to him.  But why Sonjia and Nathan both chose such close colors to start with is a mystery to me.  Can you imagine in some of the previous seasons?  Whaaa!  He/she’s copying off of me!

  • Yes, when ARE Clinton & Stacey going to make an appearance?  Loooong overdue considering the lame-o judges that PR has foisted on us in the past. 

  • HelenNPN

    I am not a fit persnickity, and I am probably more forgiving of Gunnar than most, but this dress fit Baaaaaad.  real baad. She looked better in her T shirt. The squares are alright but he literally drove the car into the garage in this case on fumes – nicety fumes.  As only a major fluff can put out when survival is at stake.

  • pamela nakanelua

    Ven’s model looked better in her Banana Republic top and jeans.  Dressing like that is comfortable and as flattering as I can get with casual clothes myself.  I would say I have a completely similar body to her and Ven didn’t do her any favors.  What a fugly shirt and skirt he made.  Yuck, you said it right when you said cut off frock, horrible, horrible top.  It made her boobs look huge and he was super rude to her to top it off.  It can be a mental challenge to accept yourself as you are, then to have some other fatty designer talk shit to you about everything being to small, lame.  I bet everything is too small for him too, he is heavy also.

  • pdquick

    Ven’s client and her friend are about the same size, and the friend looks fantastic. This show was on the verge of redeeming itself by sending Ven home, and then they blew it.  For once, couldn’t they show that being an asshole about your client and making her look ugly gets you fired?

  • All these ladies would’ve looked much better if they’d been wearing dark tights/hose 

    • Sweetbetty

       Yes, yes, yes; less-than-perfect legs need the color evening and surface smoothing of hose, either dark or skin-tone.

  • Stylishspice

    Gunnar’s dress made his client look shapless and heavy. The fact that she sache’d/chante’d down that runway saved his hynnie.

  • WERQitspice

    Gunner’s dress made his client look shapeless and heavy; on a rounder body, less is best. The only reason he was in the top three was because Kim hit that runway harder than RuPaul!!

  • Interesting – re-checking Ven’s tweets – he deleted/replaced all his “it was rigged” tweets from last week with “I’m sorry” tweets.  

  • Adrienne Krieg

    How is it that these women look better in their work out clothes than they do in some of these dresses.