PR: Tops and Bottoms

Posted on August 31, 2012

Really, these dresses aren’t worth the time it’s going to take to discuss them. In fact, during last night’s judging session, we all bemoaned how much nothing was coming out of those flapping mouths on the judging panel. Whole lotta words spilled over boring garments. And what makes this all particularly hilarious is that they were all apparently so blown away by this string of standard dresses that they put FOUR people in the top, only TWO in the bottom, and sent NO ONE home. Puh-leeze, Product-Placement Runway.

Let’s do this quick n’ dirty style.


Fabio Costa

It’s fine. Take away the hem and the necklace, though, and you’ve got nothing. Admittedly, the straps in the back are nice.


Melissa Fleis

Gotta give it up for the girl; she didn’t make a standard dress. That neckline is interesting but the hem is awful and the fit overall is problematic


Elena Slivnyak

This is horribly overworked and it’s rendered in the wrong kind of fabric for it, but design-wise, this is the only dress that has any real interest to it. We think they wound up scoring her high not because there was ever a chance of her winning it, but because she’s the only one who actually designed something.


Gunnar Deatherage

A pretty dress that can be found in every single department store in America.


Alicia Hardesty

A truly awful dress. We give her some credit for once again trying to work outside her comfort zone and for offering something with a little interest, but this looks like the uniform of a depressed waitress on Star Trek.


[Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke for – Stills:]

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