PR: The Unremembered

Posted on August 13, 2012

Hit it, hos!

Alicia Hardesty

We would seriously love everything here if it fit her correctly. As it is, the poor gal looks as hung as a gay porn star in those pants.



Elena Slivnyak

We give her a lot of credit for figuring out a way to marry her aesthetic to sportswear, but if she makes one more Romulan jacket, the judges are going to get pissed off. Time to retire this silhouette for the foreseeable future, Elena.


Gunnar Deatherage

A set of decent ideas somewhat poorly rendered. The skirt fabric’s too heavy for what he was trying to do, which is a shame, because it looks like a decent design. The top, we’re sorry to say, is just a bit on the tacky side. He’s starting to remind us a bit of S3’s Kayne, who had a similar flamboyance to his designs and a similar need to examine his decision-making process.


Melissa Fleis

It was perhaps a bit much in terms of volume and drape – at least for day wear – but this is surprisingly attractive. That is to say, it got more attractive the longer we looked at it. She’s got the chops, that Ashley-Kate. But she’s got to start using some color.


Nathan Paul

Just okay in terms of design. Horrifyingly bad in terms of the matchy-match accessories. And her hair is all wrong. And that color looks awful on her.



Ven Bhudu

We knew it. Given too much free rein, he has a tendency to overwork and overthink. That’s what we’re seeing, at least. He’s Rami 2.0. Extremely talented with a taste for the elegant, but too serious; which means that seriousness sometimes gets unleashed on the poor dress form. It’s an okay design (and JUST okay), but the fabric looks tortured into submission.


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  • Sobaika

    Melissa’s model looks like a chic Death Eater.

    • ChiliP

      I’m seeing Sith Lord.

      • Catiline

        OMG.  I sort of like what Melissa was going for, but now that you mention it, a lightsaber would not be out of place with that outfit…

        • Sobaika

          I like it too, in a runway context. If I saw such a person on the street in real life I would hiss and back away quickly.

        • Terrie_S

          It does scream “sci-fi desert nomad” to me.

        • jennifervney

          Yep. What Obi Wan Kenobi’s mom wears from the office to a cocktail party at Jabba’s lounge. 

      • SapphoPoet

        Yoga Sith Lord.

        • ChiliP

           Lululemon Sith Lord.  She accesses her lightsaber by using the energy stored in her chakras.

          (Yes, I’m both a nerd and a yogi.)

          • aeg66

            With naked granola for energy in the handle.

        • kimmeister

          That was my thought exactly.

      • I am seeing the ghost of christmas future.

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        Or a rather chic Nazgul.

      • lessax3

        She’s a geek girl. Attending Comic Con by day and having drinks at night with the cute guy she met at the Firefly panel.

      • aeg66

        The Jedi Robes!! Ws driving me nuts. Thanks for bringing up Star Wars. No where the hell have I seen that tosssing tonight.

    • Pants_are_a_must

      Chic Dementor, more like it.

      But I initially thought Robyn dressed as Legolas.

    • artgirl9

      Or Druid

      • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

        Well, whatever she is (and I personally vote Sith Lord over the other choices), she is one beautiful girl!  I never noticed her before now.  Very pretty face.

    • MissAnnieRN

      This reminds me very much of the fantasy cart I created at Bergdorf’s last fall only rendered in jersey and worn all at once. Donna Karan, MK, and others are doing a lot of the cashmere tunic-y leggings thing. I like it very much, but a floor length duster will never not remind me of my elementary school art teacher who wore them to disguise her weight. And yes-the hood is a little too cat burglar for the runway.

    • ASK26

       That gal that sang Ring of Fire on ROCK STAR…     Dilana?   It looks like what she’s worn

    • MK03

      My first impression was “the Virgin Mary goes to work.”

    • ScarlettHarlot

      It reminds me of what Ben-Hur’s girlfriend wore when she went to tend to the lepers. 

    • My first thought was Bene Gesserit. The spice must flow, bitches!

      • Derek_anny

         Honored Matre possibly, though that’s not quite it, either.  I’ve always seen the Bene Gesserit as almost nun-like.

  • Ven’s dress is not day wear. Who wears a one-shouldered dress to work? C’mon, dood.

    I liked Gunnar’s dress, even though I hate giving him credit for anything. 

    • 3boysful

       Ditto on Ven’s Wilma dress.

      While watching the show, I thought Gunnar should’ve won.  Now that I see it in stills, I don’t like it as well.

      But I am shocked, SHOCKED, I tell you, that we had no whining about people copying other people’s open backs.  (Or maybe it was edited out.)

  • muzan-e

    Prepare the torches and pitchforks:

    The more I see from Gunnar, the more I appreciate him as a designer and a person. 

    Oh, he’s no Ven. He’s no Dmitri. He hasn’t got that touch for exquisite elegance or overwhelming finesse; he’s not some kind of raw talent. But he’s made something genuinely interesting and good, this week and – more surprisingly – he’s demonstrated that when not mugging for the cameras (“I’m throwing a fit! La la!”) he’s actually a reasonable human being. 

    Then again, he might’ve just been overshowered by that epic breakdown the other day. Who’s was it? I can’t remember. Something like “Andrea’s gone – Kooan’s leaving – IT’S ALL FALLING APART! – sob”.  Good gracious. That was at least six episodes too soon.

    • Melissa Brogan

      I liked the skirt Gunnar was sketching. I don’t like how he executed it.

      • siriuslover

        I agree. I liked the blocking in the design, but the heaviness of the fabric and that design on top didn’t enamor (sp.) me to the actual garment.

    • Ellen Bloom

      I laughed out loud at Nathan’s breakdown and then felt terrible about it afterward. But we’ve barely seen the guy and suddenly he’s acting like he needs a fainting couch? Come on.

    • I have both torches and pitchforks ready.  When’s a good time for you to be run out of town?  Shall we say tomorrow, right around sundown-ish?

      I am grudgingly coming to accept his designs as having some modicum of merit, however slight.  But his personality?  Still not sold.

      • Nelliebelle1197

         Well, he IS more talented than JoshIamstillabarback. And I hate the lack of talent on PR lately has driven me to that thought.

  • So far I have found this season of PR to beyond boring. 

    • MightyMarshal

      I’ve felt that way about the last however many seasons it’s been since Lifetime got a hold of it. Irina and Seth Aaron’s seasons weren’t bad. Irina’s season was a snorefest in terms of personality but the talent was there. Seth Aaron’s season was like a shining beacon in the midst of the Lifetime palooza.

  • Melissa’s: Ring Wraith.
    Nathan’s: we do need more capes in life.
    Elena’s: Tim was right to point out that it’s too similar to her previous creations.

    • Kristin McNamara

      I love how within the first five comments, both Death Eaters and Ring Wraiths have been mentioned. TLo has the geekiest (read: coolest) readership EVER and I am proud to be one (and to have gotten both of those references haha).

      • Violina23

        Ditto!! I think Sith Lord was the most accurate, so far… They are far more likely to have finished/sleek/menacing wardrobes than the Ring-Wraiths 😉

        • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

          Well, and the Ring Wraiths all had crowns, so there’s that…  They scared the bejeebers outta me the first time I read LOTR.  The last book, though, the one with the spider – that’s been in my freezer for a year now. 

          • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

            Arggghh – edit won’t work – I mean the PART with the spider, whose name I cannot recall at the moment.

          • Violina23

            Is it next to Joey’s copy of “The Shining?” 🙂

            Shelob is his name. I’m glad I read the books first, because [as someone who is OK with most bugs, but skeeved out by spiders] the movie version was REALLY scary

          • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

            Yes, it is next to Joey’s copy of The Shining, LOL!  Shelob!  Yes, thank you!  I actually found the book much scarier than the movie version as far as Shelob goes.

          • Derek_anny

             Her name.  Shelob is given feminine pronouns.  And in some circles Furybo.

      • Anathema_Device

         I got more of a Tatooine vibe.

  • Catiline

    It’s hard for me to judge Nathan’s work because I’m distracted by how much I don’t like his model. Her facial expressions look like a Saturday Night Live character… kind of Cheri Oteri-esque.  Said with love for Ms. Oteri.

    Ven was such a disappointment.  The fabric reminds me of a shower curtain.  But I still think it was kind of hilarious how he had absolutely no fucks to give during the group meltdown over Andrea and Kooan.

    Another commenter on the previous PR entry compared Elena’s jacket to what Dr. Evil wears, and now I can’t see anything else.

    • 3boysful

       I believe Ven made a point of telling Tim his fabric was cashmere, but in these stills it looks like that cheap fake suede.

      • Catiline

        Really!  I missed that, thanks.

        • DinaSews

          If you go to Mood’s website, they show each of the contestant’s looks and what fabric was used.  It’s nice to get the detail.

  • I agree that Nathan’s accessories are too matchy, but good GOD the items they have to choose from must be pretty bad if more than one person had to put their model in green peep-toe suede platform pumps.

  • I really loved Melissa’s effort here. It was easy to wear, seemingly infinitely adaptable, and very chic looking.  Sure, I come from SF where such an outfit would be perfect for our ever changing weather.  All that said, i agree with our esteemed hosts that COLOR is not your enemy, Miss M.
    Nathan?  What am I to do with you, my friend?  If you had been givena  challenge to find a color less suited to your model’s coloring, you could not have done better.  And the outfit is bland to the point of invisibility.
    Gunnar, you obnoxious little self important douche, I refuse point blank to comment on your outfit.

    •  I don’t get the shorts, either, but I see them in the office-clothing sections of all the big department stores. It makes me shudder. (This said by the woman who can wear jeans & t-shirts to work – and does.)

      •  Also, what client dinner, or chic nightclub are you wearing that shorts outfit to?  Its just way too casual.  When, two episodes past, she said to the camera, that she had never done a gown before, I though, uh oh.  She has a limited range, and that’s not going to play well.

        • minnye

          To be fair though, Tim emphasized “your client” when stating the challenge. He didn’t say cocktails at an uptown bar or chic nightclub. I imagine that after work, Alicia’s clients meet at locally sourced restaurants with 30 microbrews on tap. I agree that this is not what Nina wants to see, though.

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            I agree that I can see Alicia’s clientele taking this from the office to a more casual after work venue, but it is not going to impress Nina.

            Speaking of Nina, I would so love to see some TLo Ninacaps!

      • altalinda

        I would love to be able to wear a chic pair of shorts to work, especially if they were on the long side like these.  For women, at least, it’s no different than wearing a skirt at that length — just unusual and, therefore, seems weird.

        •  Professional shorts — tailored, knee-length — are starting to become more acceptable as business casual.

          • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

            I work in a law firm, and we have staff who wear the tailored walking shorts all the time during the summer (which, granted, is about 3 weeks long here).  With the right top and shoes, they are no different than a skirt. 

      • Sweetbetty

         A few season back they visited Nina in her office to have the challenge presented and she was wearing shorts, along with very high heels.  I couldn’t believe my eyes but thought, oh well, I guess it’s “on trend” or Nina wouldn’t be wearing them.  I don’t know if they ever did catch on as office wear, but that was several seasons ago so even if it did I would think it would have run its course by now.

        • The department store at which I work sells tons and tons of “business” shorts. Things often trickle down through high fashion to department stores, so it looks like it is beginning to catch on as a thing in the middle class world.

          • DinaSews

            30 years ago (when I was in my 20’s) business suits with shorts for women had come out.  They were perfect for me because I sold equipment and many times was on platform above a manufacturing floor.  Like a skirt without the view.  Alas, the trend never seems to last very long.

      • H3ff

        I thought the proportions, material and colour of the shorts were perfect, and I love shorts as workwear for women. If the crotch and the shirt weren’t so ill-fitting it would have been a perfect look.
        I can imagine Nina in the look far more than much of the others.

        •  No.  Nina would never wear something with that sort of athletic, tomboy vibe.  No matter how trendy and well-regarded it was, it’s simply not her style.

    • Billie_Dawn

      I used to work with a guy who wore shorts (that were shorter than Alicia’s) and loafers with no socks to our office almost every day during the summer. No matter how blatantly people stared at him or how many times our manager politely indicated that khakis might be more appropriate, he held on to those shorts with a deathgrip.

      He didn’t last here very long.

      • Sweetbetty

         For about a week back in the early 70s short suits were being pushed for men.  A man, probably in his 50s at the time, I worked with jumped on that and started wearing “dress shorts” to work with a sports coat, dress shirt, bow tie, dress shoes & socks.  He didn’t hold on to that look long but he was always sort of a quirky dresser.

    • Snailstsichr

       Our computer gurus wear shorts – but then they also have everyone’s passwords (and – truth be told – we have no clue what they do), so they can do what they want!! But that doesn’t count, does it?

    • Susan Crawford

      I see Alicia’s girl as the recreation director of the town of Bolinas, California. She has a big meeting to discuss the improvements to the surfboard storage area, followed by the annual tofu-bake on Mt. Tamalpais. (And I say this as one who thinks heaven will be a lot like Bolinas!)

      • You really got me laughing here. Having been to Bolinas, which is lovely indeed, you aren’t far off the mark with this visioning of the story. Are you a Bay Area Kitten? SF denizen, m’self.

        • Susan Crawford

          I’m a Bay Area Kitten as often as I can manage to get out there. Love SF and the whole northern Cali vibe. But I reside in the Hudson Valley area of NY, which has its charms as well.

          • Ooooh, the Hudson River Valley is gorgeous. Especially in Fall. I’m originally from Pennsylvania, and got to NY state often in my youth.

          • minnye

            Pardon me for butting in. My family & I recently took a fabulous vacation to San Francisco, and I admit I was sort of hoping we might sit next to a friendly guy in a kilt on the muni train. 🙂

          • You’re not butting in at all. I would have been delighted.

      • janetjb

        Thank you for Alicia’s story!  

  • MightyMarshal

    Ven’s looks like Buffalo Bill’s garment bag. All I could see when it was walking was ruched skin suit with a zipper. I quite liked Melissa and Elana’s stuff though.

  • Susan Collier

    Yay! Some color!
    I gotta hand out props though, nothing looks too home ec here (except maybe Alicia’s).
    And I kinda like Ashley-Kate’s Jawa/Ewok burka wear (although, like Christopher’s dress flounce, I see this jetsetter’s clothng corners caught in car doors and falling into toilets all over the world).

  • GillianHolroyd

    I still like Ven’s quite a lot and I like to think that given more time, he would’ve eliminated the back zipper–but PR is all about managing time so kudos there. The only thing that bugs me is the tacking along the neckline and where it meets the bodice underneath at the armpit. Awkward, but then it could be the fabric was so soft it kept flopping down and he did what he had to do to keep it up. 

    He knew what he wanted to make and he bought sufficient fabric–cashmere! whereas that other guy (bottom 3) didn’t have enough print to make a dress with decent hem.

    I don’t see the comparison to Rami myself because Rami was full-on jersey grecian draping and he had terrible taste for colors.

    • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

      Well, and Rami was gorgeous!

  • Kristin McNamara

    Design aside, Nathan needs to work on his STYLING. Holy shit….. his model looks like she is pushing 50.

    • Plus that style is seriously embiggening to the hips. No wonder she looks pissed.

      • Catiline

        It’s not a very cromulent outfit…

        • fashionzombie

          I love you both for embiggening and cromulent! 

  • Melissa’s model might be a “woman on the go” in Assassin’s Creed…

    ETA: which isn’t to say I don’t like it.

  • siriuslover

    What’s starting to bug me about Vulcan Ven is that all his designs look alike–no I don’t mean that I think he has an aesthetic and I can tell what it is– I mean that he’s redoing the same kind of folding of the material for each challenge.  I hated the hoodie on Ashley-Kate’s, primarily because I looked at it and said, I could never wear that as a woman on the go. If the model had put down the hoodie so we could see the flexibility, I might have been more inclined to like it, but instead it looked like NYC hijab.

  • EverybodysStarling

    Ven-Bot’s dress looks like a bathrobe gone tortured by Freddy Kruger. I can almost see the claw-marks. No sleep for me tonight.

  • MoHub

    I wouldn’t even be able to wear Alicia’s to work on the most casual of Casual Fridays, much less got out somewhere nice afterward.

  • janetjb

    I don’t understand Alicia.
    Elena made garments with sleeves, a shirt with a collar and pants!  I don’t know if any were well done, but it is an impressive amount of work.
    I didn’t like Gunnar’s sketch or his final product.
    Melissa also made a lot of clothes. I’d probably drown in all of that fabric.
    Does Nathan know his model is a blond?  The colors he picked are horrible on her.
    Ven’s dress is seriously ugly.

    • 3boysful

       Re Elena–No kidding–sleeves!  Collars!! How refreshing to see something besides short strapless origami cocktail dresses and/or stapled caftans.

    • CozyCat

      Elena is being very clever in her design choices.  She made three pieces, but by designing a jacket that is not fitted she reduced the amount of time she would need to complete it.  That said, I agree with other posters that if she wants to win she needs to switch things up a bit.  I think she has to ability–the question is whether she is too stuborn or not.

      On the whole, these were  pretty respectable near misses/middle of the pack entries.  Each had some good ideas but also had some aspect that failed.

      •  I have an irrational dislike of her.  I think it’s because the people on this show who are told that something isn’t flattering (and I’m not talking about the “no woman wants X part to look bigger/smaller/flatter, because we all know that’s crap) or attractive and respond with, “It’s not supposed to be attractive.  That’s not all women want” 

        Well, no shit.  But very few people get up in the morning and go “What shall I wear today?  I know!  I’ll wear the jacket that makes me look like a bloated cadaver!  That’s perfect!”  You can have clothes that convey the same toughness, without being quite so oddly proportioned.

        • barbiefish

          “What shall I wear today? I know! I’ll wear the jacket that makes me look like a bloated cadaver! That’s perfect!”

          That is seriously funny — and I also like the description of the coat as looking like Dr. Evil.

  • Anathema_Device

    I think Alicia’s was too casual. I do like the idea, though. Is the collar supposed to be that wonky? As other designers have been advised on this show: If you’re going to do asymmetrical, don’t make it look like a mistake. I will say, the colored pumps really work in this instance. Oh god, if there were ever a reason to use your Fair Blogs Sisters’ term “polterwang,” this is it.

    I liked Elena’s coat and pants. The shirt looks tortured, but it could just be intentional gathering…and there are those pumps again!

    Gunnar’s skirt looks better than the sketch. And at least he didn’t use black or gray. He did need a rosier brown to go with that top, however. The skirt and top really don’t work together.

    Melissa’s is a bit Star Wars for me, even though I love Star Wars. I just don’t think many women want to dress like Alec Guiness as Obi Wan.

    Nathan: Baby Poop.

    Ven: Tortured blandness.

  • GillianHolroyd

    Melissa’s… just sad. Reminds me of one of those desert creatures in Star Wars, BUT she might have salvaged it (in my mind) if she’d done the whole thing in winter-white. (< that's my go-to color these days because I am sick sick sick of blacks, grunge, and red which are the default colors for PR)

    • Call me Bee

      Yes!  That would have been awesome! 

  • Alicia: looks like a 9 year old boy’s outfit, reworked with a scissor and safety pins. 
    Elena: this outfit screams Bitch. Oh, wait…
    Gunnar: Meh. S’Okay.
    Melissa: Love it. But not very professional, IMO.
    Ven: Typical. 

  • SapphoPoet

    I have to say that I liked Alicia’s and Gunnar’s designs the best out of this group. Gunnar’s dress looked pretty standard, but it had some interest in the skirt and I liked that he didn’t default to black. Alicia’s looked really interesting and I loved the elbow patches on the shirt; also loved the collar, which was different. I’m not crazy about those pants, but they’re okay. 

    Melissa’s is too long and would get caught in a roller chair at work. Also, all those layers just don’t work if you have to deal with kids–my toddler would be wiping his nose on all that fabric. 

    Elena makes angry clothes.

    Nathan (I can never remember who he is)–glad he didn’t do black, but perhaps Harvest Gold was not the way to go. That outfit reminded me of the appliances in my first apartment.

    And Ven–who wears a one-shouldered dress to work? 

    • See, I love layers with my kids, for the same reason you said it wouldn’t work — the two little ones do things like wipe their noses on my clothes!  Having layers on means that when that happens, I can just take off the icky piece.  In fact, one memorable movie I had enough clothes on that when my daughter puked all over herself and me, I was able to fashion us both enough clean stuff to get us out of the theater:)

  • l v

    I kind of love Ashley-Kate’s over-layered Death-Eater look. Now that I think about it, I kind of just love Ashley-Kate in general (and the fact that I can call her Ashley-Kate – I have to admit my love for those two little alien twins as well). Girl needs to introduce some color into her life, but for the most part I would actually wear her clothes, which is not something I can usually say about any PR designers.

  • Scarlet39

    What was with all of the open backs? 

    • Billie_Dawn

      No one here (and, to be fair, many contestants in previous seasons) seems to understand the idea of a bra, particularly in the sense that a bra is almost always necessary in a work environment.

      I get that they’re making clothes for models, and models are not the number-one users of bras, but come on, people. Use your heads.

  • GillianHolroyd

    I actually like the volume and structure of Elena’s coat but then it reminds me of a leather coat I *almost* got at Filene’s basement 15 years ago…SUCH a good deal… but I couldn’t picture myself wearing it on the street and frightening little children.

    Gunnar’s: I don’t see how the top half goes with the bottom. It looks like random separates. The proportions are okay though.

    • Sweetbetty

      I agree with Gunnar’s top and bottom not going together.  If he had made a dress with a simple bodice out of the dark brown of the skirt, keeping but refining the skirt detail, I think it would have been a much better look.

      • 3boysful

         Agreed.  I didn’t notice the color difference on TV.  Either too much wine, or need new tv?

  • All I could think when Ven’s dress came out was, “The booooob.  What did you do to that poor woman’s boob?”

    Seriously.  Breasts should not be lopsided.  And that’s all I see, is a sad breast on the model’s right side and an incognito breast on the left.  (Is it happy?  Is it sad?  Is it there at all?  Only the wrinkles can tell us…)

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      I’m thinking that perhaps cashmere was really not the best fabric for Ven’s design. Will he overpleat himself out of contention?  Are there other design tricks up his sleeve?

  • GorgeousThings

    Between Elena’s Big White Suit (see: Talking Heads, mid-1980s) silhouette, Melissa’s burkha and Ven’s drapery, I’m bored with the season already.

    And props to Nathan for using color. It’s hideous, true, but at least it’s not bland.

    • That is what I thought when I saw Elena’s jacket…David Byrne’s on the runway!

      • Call me Bee

        Ah memories!  He really werqed that big white jacket! 

    • SapphoPoet

      OMG–I have been trying to remember that that jacket reminds me of and you are right–David Byrne’s big suit! Thanks so much for clearing that up for me.

  • That coat in Elena’s design just looks stiff and uncomfortable.

    I really hate Nathan’s.  In that first frontal shot, it makes his model look thick or like she has a “pooch.”  When I saw that it was a skirt in the side shot, I liked it even less.  Something about the way the shirt is tucked into it makes my eye twitch.

    • Susan Crawford

      Indeed it does. And the whole emphasis – stated several times – was that whatever you make, NO WRINKLES. And look at those coat sleeves: Shar Pei folds for miles.

  • SewingSiren

    1. Alicia- This is pretty casual for work or early evening. But they did originally state that the challenge was to design an outfit for your client’s busy lifestyle , day to night + plus travel. So , I think she did a good job for her client, who probably has a more casual lifestyle. Weirdly the challenge ended up being a red carpet dress for Hayden, so it had to be a  dress for someone kind of short.
    2. Elena- Certainly not a look for everyone, but I think she did an excellent job of showing her point of view and designing an outfit that could travel and go from day to night. Of course it would not look good on Hayden or be appropriate for the red carpet.
    3. Gunnar has some pretty good construction skills , better than Ven by my estimation. He is the one they ought to push for a stronger point of view (not  Dmitry) in my opinion. But looking over the work he has produced thus far, I would rather be on a team with him than Christopher.
    4. I liked Melissa’s too. No way would Hayden were it though, she didn’t have a chance.
    5. Nathan’s model is very JCP catalog. His dress fits the bill, but I don’t really see his point of view either. The challenge swallowed it.
    6. Ven’s dress fits the evening bit of the challenge , but I can’t see it working for travel or work. I’m surprised it didn’t win, because it would work for Hayden on the red carpet, more so than Sonjia’s in a way.

    •  The Hayden thing wasn’t part of the challenge.  I think she just loved Sonjia’s so much that she wanted to wear it — they never discussed any of the pieces as if they were looking for something for her specifically.  It was basically the same thing as when S7 had the red carpet dress for Heidi challenge and Jessica Alba asked if she could wear Anthony’s dress.

      • SewingSiren

        Melissa’s was by far the best for the forgotten “travel” element too. You could curl up in all those layers and go to sleep on the plane and still look fresh and unwrinkled when you arrived at your destination . 

        •  I don’t think it was, though — I think it just seemed that way because Hayden’s contributions all came down to “I would/wouldn’t wear that” because she sucked as a judge:)

  • IMNAngryLiberal

    Ven seems to have missed the mark on the challenge parameters more than most of the designers.  A woman would be going from where to where exactly in this dress?

    • ASK26

       From a Gallery Opening reception to the Gallery Opening?   From the cocktail hour to the evening wedding reception?

    • Anathema_Device

       From the mirror to the closet to choose something else?

      • reganmeister

        Ok, that is officially the funniest comment I’ve ever read on this site! (And there is never any shortage of wit here….)

      • Catiline

        The commentariat is on fire today!

    • Susan Crawford

      I posted the exact same question before I scrolled down to see your comment. Great minds, my dear!

  • Alicia’s shirt is also too short.  Anything with that sort of hem should be able to be tucked in.  It’s more fit issues, I’m afraid.  As if the pants weren’t bad enough, her curved-hem dress shirt is flashing skin in the wrong places!  (This is why I make clothing for my niece–if it’s long enough, it’s too wide!)

    • kimmeister

      Exactly – the shorts don’t bother me as much as the visible belly.  I can’t even think of one place where one would wear that outfit, much less several!

  • mjude

    i forgot about all of these. god help me this monday morning.

  • How can you NOT love a superhero cape?? You know we all want to wear a superhero cape. In a different color,sure, but still. You go Nathan! Let your inner Wonder Woman out!

  • MilaXX

    I thought Alicia’s pants could have been okay but even properly made & fitted I hated that top. Agree with your comments about everyone else.

  • Amy

    I didn’t see the ability in these four to translate from day-time chic to night-time fabulous (they were all just one time of day or the other). I am cool with Alicia doing pants but a wrinkley white shirt on top? And Ashley-Kate had an intriguing look but what working gal wants to walk around with a hood on? And no, I am not talking about an international spy.Show us how you can take the hood off and somehow transform things a bit!

    • Most of these could be styled a little differently and go from day to night and, honestly, that’s what I was expecting to see on the runway.  For example:

      Elena:  It’s hard to tell what the blouse looks like but I think, get rid of the coat and switch out the accessories and she could be going to dinner.

      Gunnar:  Put a sweater of some sort (a cardigan perhaps?) over it and it’d be office appropriate.  Actually, it could be worn to work the way it is, just switch out the belt and shoes for night.

      Nathan:  Take off the sweater and new accessories (even though I hate it).

      Ven:  Just needs a blazer or jacket for the office.

      The other two I can’t think of how to adapt them.

  • Judy_J

    Nathan’s sad mustard dress.  What made him choose that color?

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      It’s a very tough color to wear-a gal has to have just the right coloring to pull that shade off, and it certainly didn’t work with his model.

  • Elena has the worst model….

  • kikisayshi

    Up until this episode, every time the camera would flip to Nathan I would ask myself, “Who is that guy? Oh yeah, he’s one of the designers”. He has never said/done anything memorable until his hissy fit about everyone leaving. I think he is going to be mediocre and in the middle of the judging pool until it really comes down to the final few. 
    And Ven seriously needs to get over himself. Can he make more than that one silhouette we’ve seen over and over? Degrees and awards do not give you street cred, my friend.

  • nannypoo

    Who is Alicia? She’s going to have to start acting crazier because I can’t remember who she is. I also am not sure who Nathan is, so he must also be normal. Elena, now, that’s a girl I remember. She’s the scary one who apparently escaped from the Ukranian army but continues to replicate their uniform. Gunnar’s pairing of a sleeveless purple top with a brown wool skirt seems to make no sense.I love Melissa’s outfit. It would be a little hard to wear, but the colors are great and all the elements are great together. Ven’s dress is unattractive but a lot better than most of his competitors. His whining and lack of personality are beginning to annoy me. 

    • Sweetbetty

       I have a hard time remembering people by their real names too.  I wish we could just keep calling them by the nicknames TLo gave them early in the season or at least by describing their hair, which I seem to have no trouble remembering.

  • Kimbolina

    Out of all of these looks, I think Elena’s is the only one that could be deemed “versatile”.  I still don’t like the jacket though.

  • MoHub

    Hate to admit it, but I like the basics of Gunnar’s. And the color of Nathan’s happens to be one of my best. I will say I didn’t catch the purple at the neckline when I watched; I wouldn’t mind seeing more of that.

  • lucyloo222

    After T-Lo said, “The pants made her look as hung as a gay porn star” how many went back and looked at the pants again?  I did.

    • Judy_J

      Yes, I admit it.  I did take another look.

    • janierainie


  • minnye

    I think Melissa’s would have been perfect without the inner brown scarf. The wearer can take off the long hoodie whilst sitting in the roller chair.

    • They never said that you had to make a work appropriate outfit — just an outfit for the woman on the go that she could wear all day and into evening.  I go weeks without ever sitting in a roller chair.

      • minnye

        Right, and I agree – I made that comment because several people have said the long hoodie would get caught in chair rollers. To me, it looks like a light outerwear layer.

        • but wouldn’t it get caught in the car door?  or if you take public trans it would be dragging on the floors.  in the subway?  ick.

          • minnye

            Brings to mind a funny picture of grande dame-ing around, holding up the bottom of the hoodie like a train.

          •  It’s not floor-length, so why would it drag?  And I don’t see why it would get caught in a door anymore than a full skirt would — in fact, I’ve torn a couple knee length skirts by doing precisely that.

  • Indovina

    Alicia: I love her aesthetic, but she doesn’t seem particularly versed in fitting things in a more feminine manner – a skill she will need to develop quickly to remain in the competition (it would also probably help her to expand her clientele base in general). Unless, of course, the fit on the pants is some sort of intentional genderfuck – I really don’t think it is, but I would so love (love) if it were. This is arguably too casual, given the vague parameters of the challenge, but from my perspective it fits the brief better than most of the top three – hence, clearly, I failed at grasping what “woman on the go” means, which, apparently, is “sexy evening dress”.

    Elena: Elena is obviously competing with Olivier of last season for a lucrative contract designing uniforms for the Tal’Shiar. It’s strange, certainly, and she is overly wedded to a very narrow aesthetic, but I am impressed with her skill set and her ability to execute looks in that narrow aesthetic. Her apparent skills are significant, because I think she has demonstrated at least that she makes what she makes because she wants to and not because she can’t make anything else. If only she would broaden her perspective.

    Melissa: Melissa’s model for this challenge is Melewyn, an 8th level Half-Elf Rogue, dressed in her Cloak of Elvenkind. I actually really like it. I can’t really imagine anyone wearing that anywhere, except LARPing, but I find it fascinating, well-made, and it has point-of-view in spades. It seems like an odd choice for the challenge, if the challenge had actually made any sense (which I shall continue to point out, it did not).

    Nathan: There’s a designer on this season named Nathan.

    Ven: Ven is like Elena. That might seem strange (and to some, insulting), but they have quite a few similarities. Both have tremendous technical skill and both have an obsession with a narrow aesthetic. If they’re ever on a team together, I shall dub them Romulus and Roses. That being said, I am decidedly not a fan of this piece – his obsession, as they so often do, is providing diminishing returns.

    •  I could actually see myself wearing Melissa’s — there’s a drama that appeals to me.

      • SewingSiren

        Melissa’s was by far the best for the forgotten “travel” element too. You could curl up in all those layers and go to sleep on the plane and still look fresh and unwrinkled when you arrived at your destination . 

        Reply0 minutes agoi

        •  And you could take the hoodie off, roll it up and nap on it — that’s a big one for me.  I get car sick, and Dramamine knocks me out (the strongest sedatives and narcotics on earth don’t phase me, but give me a Dramamine and I’m unconscious for the ride:), so I end up using outerwear as pillows quite a lot. 

          I could easily see myself wearing that while running around doing stuff for the kids and running errands — it looks really comfortable, yet it still has a sense of style.

          • Call me Bee

            Agreed about the outfit–would be great for running errands with the kids.  WOuld make a great pillow!  I, too, get airsick, but have discovered ginger tablets!  They are the best–and don’t knock you (and me) out like Dramamine.  Give it a shot! 

          •  I don’t have a problem in the air, but car rides just kill me — and we make at least one 4 hour trip a month, to visit my mom or my brother.  I tried ginger (along with everything else under the sun) when I was pregnant, because the combo of pregnancy and motion sickness was unbearable — the only thing that worked was Zofran, and even that was spotty!

            Seriously people, if you don’t have children already, don’t!  😛

          • you could adopt them, but that comes with a whole set of problems, too.  this having kids business is just not as easy as it looks, anyway you do it.  but, having been infertile, the alternative can be no picnic as well.

          •  Oh, I’m sorry to hear that — my sister in law went through that several years ago, and I know how difficult it is on your mental state and your body.

          • you’re lucky with that reaction to dramamine.  it could come in handy on a lot of occasions, and it’s legal!  like when you’re traveling and somehow end up in a truly awful hotel room.  “i’ll just be checking out now.  see you in the morning.”  that happened to me in morelia, michoacan and fortunately we had a few valiums handy.  it was an early nightthere!

            but if you were running around all day chasing kids in these clothes, wouldn’t you constantly be tripping over stuff? i would.

          •  I rarely chase them, as I am quite lazy 😛  But I have handle four or five kids in every skirt length from a mini to a maxi, and up to a 5 inch stiletto heel, so I think I’d be fine.  In fact, I try to wear things that I can pull off outer layers after getting spit up on without having to change outfits completely.

      • If only Ginnifer Goodwin had been the guest judge!

        • with her hair cut, melissa’s look would definitely be cult wear.

      • Indovina

        Well, it was something of a deliberate overstatement.

        I would wear it. But I’ve also been known to wear a habit and dress like a pirate (my apologies to anyone now regretting ever having agreed with me on the subject of fashion).

        (Also, the internet hates me. Or you. Whichever, but there were travails involved in replying to your comment.)

        •  Oh, please let me dress you!  A lot of my designs I never get to put on anyone because they’re a bit much (not for designer stuff, but for the average middle class woman)

          I actually think there’s a bigger market for that look than you think.  I think the individual pieces would sell extremely well, and I think it’s a style that would find a lot of adopters.  A lot of women would love to find a style that had a bit of an edge, that was still toned down enough to wear every day and wasn’t overly revealing, and was comfortable too.

        • formerlyAnon

           Bonus points for use of “travails”!

    • Tatiana Luján

      I agree with you about everything, except that I don’t like Alicia’s work. You couldn’t have described Elena in a more accurate way when you said “She has demonstrated at least that she makes what she makes because she wants to and not because she can’t make anything else.”

    • Catiline

      The Tal’Shiar!!!  I’m crying with laughter here.  On a thread packed with nerd references, that stands out.

    • melissa’s look could be worn by an elf-on-the-go for a busy day in middle earth.  but the color’s awfully depressing for an elf.  is she half elf/half mud?  or is she disguised as a dark earth spirit to enter the underworld?  perhaps that’s what suffices as night life in the middle kingdoms.

  • Gunnar is no Kaynebow though. 

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      Kaynebow could certainly be bitchy, but in a more entertaining way.

    • MoHub

      Gunnar should never be compared to Kaynebow. It’s like comparing Chuckie to a Cabbage Patch Kid.

  • AlwaysCoco

    Elena’s aesthetic seems to be Dune. We must search for the Spice. I swear all of her designs thus far is straight Dune-ish.

    • And Melissa is Star Wars … it’s the Jedi vs. the Sardaukar on the runway!

  • Ven, you still haven’t impressed me.  Technically his work is generally well-done (though this week I just wanted to hug his fabric and then hide it in a big trunk bound for a country that wouldn’t extradite), but there’s something missing in it, at least for me.  He reminds me of Emilio from S7 that way.  This dress in particular — the only “story” that makes sense for that dress is that his girl is broke, but she loves his work, so she buys really cheap knockoffs that are two seasons behind, just to be able to pretend that she’s wearing a Ven piece.

    Nathan’s portfolio was one of my favorites.  Not a lot of wow moments, but very marketable.  This color is simply ugly — it reminds me of baby food.  And the design itself reads as kind of matronly.  It’s a very ladies-who-lunch kind of look.  Which is a valid market, but never going to appeal to the PR judges.

    I hate Elena’s look.  I cannot envision an occasion in which I want to be a square.  Alicia — well, I’m probably never going to like Alicia’s work.  Gunnar has some talent.  I like his concept here, though the finished product could be better.

    Melissa impresses me greatly.  She’s one of my favorites.  There’s a real POV here, but it still completely fits the brief.  And her sewing skills are excellent.  After the charmeuse last week, this week she turned around and made 4 pieces, and they appear to be well-finished.  (Though I haven’t checked them closely and with the slouchy design she used, it would hide a lot of flaws.)

    • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

      Having a new granddaughter at home (my first grandbaby, named Leonie after her 3 greats grandmother, and as beautiful as they come!), I gotta say, Nathan’s is more baby poop than baby food.  What a disgusting color!

      • formerlyAnon


  • redgauntlet

    AS much as I dislike Ven, I thought his frock was ambitious and well-executed. The curving zip-line was something I’ve not seen before – and the bunched fabric did echo his aesthetic. I am surprised he wasn’t in the top three.

    • kimmeister

      I thought this was Ven’s worst week for execution.  I like the design, but the neckline was a mess and she has puckering right on her butt.

      • redgauntlet

        No, I take your point. The execution was not up to his usual standards. But, nonetheless, I thought the dress was interesting and, by the standards of other designers, it wasn’t too sloppy in its construction.

  • alyce1213

    I probably stand alone, but I think Melissa should have won. I was surprised when she wasn’t in the top three. I saw the way Kors looked at it on the runway and imagined in my head him thinking “She made SEPARATES”. 
    So big deal, it’s dark colors, so was almost everything else.  It made the biggest statement, and IMO was the most stylish and well-designed garment of the whole bunch.

    • SewingSiren

      She wasn’t in the top three because Hayden could not wear it. Unfortunately for Melissa the designers were not told that their “client” was 5′ 2″ tall !

  • i don’t remember rami every being quite as bitchy as ven has been in this first few episodes though. am i remembering that wrong?

    • Call me Bee

      No he wasn’t.  I just watched a bit of that season–he was somewhat condescending in the team challenge, but always polite and profesional–never bitchy or complaining. 

      • Lilithcat

        Can’t agree.  I just re-watched the avant-garde challenge in which he was paired with Sweet Pea, and he was not merely condescending.  He was rude, nasty and arrogant.   All the sweeter when she was praised for the second look, and he was called out for just doing more of the same.

    • Sweetbetty

       I don’t remember Rami being bitchy at all; he was always pleasant and smiling and gracious.  Ven hasn’t really been bitchy either; he’s been pretty much nothing emotionally.

      • really, rami was always just lovely.  i’m sure a million gay boys creamed everytime he smiled.

    • formerlyAnon

       I veered back and forth that season – sometimes he seemed warm but reserved, others arrogant under a veneer of good manners – and sometimes a very thin veneer.

      Even though the personality you get from a person on a t.v. show is skewed at best and possibly almost entirely manufactured, Rami seemed harder than most to “know.”

      • Sweetbetty

         He seemed rather aloof in his season but then on the All Stars he was frequently seen with his arm around another contestant and rubbing their shoulders and seemed very warm and open.  Then again, there’s that editing…

  • ziarah

    Oddly, I really liked Gunnar’s dress, almost as-is, and would probably wear it if it didn’t have the open back. Can’t stand anything else about the guy, but I liked this design. 

  • Stubenville

    Okay, Elena needs to tighten up her linebacker silhouette, but her outfit was the only thing on that runway which looked modern. And the seaming on the front of her jacket is very beautiful. I was shocked when this didn’t win. 

    • l_c_ann

      Yes, Stubenville, the seaming on the front of Elena’s jacket is magnificent, not a thread out of place.Without our TLo we’d never have seen that. 
      I’d love to see the blouse that’s under that as the fabric looks really interesting. 
      I think if we could see more, we might push for Elena for a top three.  Even with the skinny jeans (that should have had Nina panting.)

      • Stubenville

        And the jacket is lined! Contrast that to what Buffi and Eduardo Munster sent down the runway. 

        • Susan Crawford

          Agreed. And she did this in that insanely short time-frame, interrupted by drama and hysteria every few minutes. I love me some strong shoulders, but agree that Elena needs to work on achieving that strength while also fitting better. I would have asked the model to remove the jacket if I were Elena, to show off the top and skinny jeans. Any why didn’t the judges ask for that, I wonder? Oh, wait – they just thought the design was SAFE . . .

        • but are we sure it’s lined, or did she just find a reversible fabric?  i think i see a light gray seam allowance in there.

        •  Oh her technical skills are certainly quite good.  I’m not a fan of her stuff, but she constructs it very well.

      • unfortunately, they may have to call the men in white coats to haul her off in a big net before then, kicking and shrieking.

  • Stubenville

    Unfortunately it looks like part of Ven’s pleating is a chunk of fabric caught in the zipper…

    • eggs-zack-leee!  i knew it bugged me for a reason.  i just went camping and had the same problem with the tent flap.

  • Susan Crawford

    Elena’s general idea was good: a jacket over separates has a million possibilities. but she is married to that whole Fencers in Space idea, and in this case, the fit of the jacket was so broad across the shoulders that the model looked like Joan Crawford (no relation) on steroids.

    Alicia’s design just seemed meh. Yes, I know they were supposed to reflect their own aesthetic, but grey cropped pants and a shirt seemed like a real cop-out. And the pants weren’t well fitted at all! The more the model walked, the more twisted and messy the pants looked. (And the “gay porn star” comment was hilarious!)  I liked what she did with the shirt, though. Wish she had gone with a better fabric for the pants – something with a bit more elegance that these Docker-grey crops.

    Clinique Deux had a decent idea, but there is something amiss with his color-sense. And making the skirt (which I actually liked conceptually) in those panels of what appeared to be felt was cracked-out. The result was bulky and poorly finished. And the jersey or crepe top looked cheap.

    VenBot’s woman has some kind of back story, I guess, but I’m damned if I can figure it out. “On the go”? From where to where? I seem to recall Tim raising an eyebrow over the big curved zipper, but there it was, and although it was technically interesting, the way the fabric was pleated and manipulated was too much. Not impressive either was the back seaming, where screen caps revealed lumps and puckers. Ven definitely has a whole lot of talent, but this continual origami/pleated style is going to get him into trouble. By now, we know he can cut and sew; we know he can do these over-worked designs. Time to show us a little more, Ven.

    Melissa’s layered look was actually kind of fabulous. A bit too much fabric on the drapey top, which was perilously close to Bea Arthur territory, but in general, I think I liked this whole concept. It has a really earthy, rocker vibe that I think a lot of women would wear. I would have liked to see more of the top and pants without the draped overcoat.

    Nathan, I give this a mustard meh. And agree with T and Lo that out of that whole accessories wall, you picked THOSE items? Please! (Not loving the fried hair on the model, either – deep condition, my dear, and maybe a tone-down with some caramel low-lights? Just sayin’.)

    Nothing in this group was truly, truly hiddy – but everything was truly, truly unremarkable. The curse of the one-day challenge strikes again! (And let’s take time out for Atlas escapes, resignations, tears and the notion that “Fashion is not for sissies”.)

  • Stubenville

    Melissa’s outfit looks like Donna Karen leftovers… or something Enya would wear on a cold day. 

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      While Melissa’s outfit did look well made, I’m just not enthusiastic about that goth, slouchy look, and her insistence in dark, dark, dark could get boring quite fast. 

  • Wellworn

    There is nothing here that I like.  1- I hate elbow patches, the shirt is too short. 2- That coat makes her look like a linebacker.  3- The skirt should have had more subtle color blocking, would have been ok, but the blouse doesn’t go with it at all and is too busy, should have been simpler.  4- Just cover her face more and that is a burka.  5- Ugh what an ugly color, and just because a long drapey vest has a point on the back, doesn’t make it reek less of Dorothy Svornak. 6- Wilma got all old and wrinkly, and forgot where to put her zipper.

  • when i see the stills of melissa’s design, it just seems okay, but i remember this looked beautiful in motion.

  • YoungSally

    Can we please call him Ven Booboo?  Or TooToo….when he overworks things?

    I still really like the Romulan aesthetic, but really, should one take what looks like heavy felt and then interface it to make it more stiff?  Better tailored and she might have done okay.

    • ven is the love child of buddha and mr. clean.  can someone make a nickname out of that?

  • Alicia: She designed a sportswear-inspired, androgynous look. I quite like the shirt (particularly its back). Problem is, her clothes HAVE to be slouchy (otherwise she thinks she’s compromising her aesthetic). The beautifully structured and crisp back of the shirt is NOT congruent to the weirdly pulled-up-and-sideways collar or the dropped-crotch pants.

    Elena: Her look should have placed in the top. She had as much time as everyone else, and she beautifully executed THREE pieces. She lined the jacket. The seaming of jacket is fabulous. The shirt looks edgy. It can transition from day to night.

    Gun: It’s his best entry thus far. I wish the edges of the layered white panels were sharper.

    Melissa: Kudos for completing many pieces. It’s a daring attempt. She knew layers possess a lot of versatility, intrinsically.

    Nathan: Eh, it’s not terrible, by any means. She’s got a heart-shaped chest! There’s some oddly placed seams. They function to merely stabilize the design (not to give it linearity or graphic impact how Elena’s jacket seams do). I give him credit for making two pieces (because of the potential interchange between the pieces.)

    V.: I like the snaking zipper. The draping is not effortless as it could have been.

  • Call me Bee

    No kidding the nremembered.  I forgot all about them! 
    Anyway–I think all the entries were all over the place because the challenge was so vague.  Woman On the Go could mean work wear-to-evening, mom with kids running around town, exec woman with a  million meetings.  An outfit that can be versitle and could be worn in many situations is not what most of the designers brought this week 

    Alicia’s outfir was plain…uninspiring.  Just as she herself dresses.  Can you be “on the go” with shorts and cotton blouse?  THis would be a wrinkled mess by the end of the day.   
    Melissa’s would work perfectly for a mom-on-the-go.  Comfy and stylish, though the hoody vest seemed a but much.  But then, I think vests, unless you’re a fisherman or a photographer and must carry mounds of equipment around, are a useless piece of clothing most of the time. 
    Gunnar’s was just a boring dress.  I saw a bit of interest in his sketch, but the final product didn’t live up to it. 
    Nathan’s was, again, a boring dress made awful by a silly long vest and a dreadful color. 
    Elena’s was very appropriate for the challenge.  Basic pieces with a bit of an edge.  Too bad the jacket, which was a great design, was so big on the model as to make her look plain silly. 
    Ven’s was (again) a cocktail dress.  Not versitle, not pretty, not nothing but depressingly ugly.  He’s damn lucky to have had immunity. 

    • Susan Crawford

      OK, now maybe I know where Ven’s girl was going: from cocktail party to cocktail party to AA meeting on Park Avenue!

      •  I still think Ven’s woman is a one on a tiny budget during the recession who has been reduced to wearing knockoffs of Ven’s line.  ‘Cause from the fabric (which I know is cashmere but it looks awful) to the execution, it’s really not up to his normal standards.

  • dickylarue

    So is Ven going to do the ruffled flower/rose thing on the front of every garment he designs? That will get old fast. Mellissa’s was one of my favorite looks. Any girl cool enough to pull that off is “interesting” to me. She needs to use color soon though just as Ven needs to do something that isn’t a ruffled front top. 

    • SewingSiren

      I’m probably the only one who feels this way, but I hope Ven does carry the pleat or rose motif though the entire competition. Each piece he has done so far has met the challenge requirements and also been very clearly stamped with his own signature as well. Remember for the designers each challenge is only about a day and a half apart. So it’s more like they are working on a collection than separate challenges. In this way Elena has been very interesting too. When the competitors work the challenges as a collection it makes for a very interesting show when TLo do the “ologies”.

      •  I don’t mind if he does the pleat, I do if he does the rose — the rose thing is far too specific.  But his pleated/draped style can be adapted to ANYTHING they give him so I’m fine with that.  I can’t think of a single possible challenge that pleats would be inappropriate for.  And the suit he showed in the first episode showed he could adapt it to something other than cocktail dresses and gowns, but he needs to show more of that.  That was the real problem with Rami, he couldn’t make the draping work for separates or a casual look.  I’d like to see Ven do something more like that with it.

  • Elena’s is repetitive but it also had some elements I really liked. The tortured shirt was not one of them. Nor were the sunglasses as styling. But I like a big jacket and a skinny pant and that jacket was kinda’ cool. Unfortunately, I fear she is not able to edit herself.

    Ven as Rami – good call! That is a mess of a dress and not appropriate for work or daytime anything even if it weren’t all crooked.

    Nathan’s is sad. Just sad. A cape? What is she Super Lady-Who-Lunches? oy.

    And Gunnar. You had me with your sketch and your narrative. I was your target audience. But you lost me when you made this craft project and wed it to a fugly, mismatched shirt.

  • formerlyAnon

    Ven’s was relatively unsuccessful in my eyes – not working as day wear and not wowing me as evening wear. But then, Rami was nowhere near my favorite designer in his season, despite having mad skills.

    Gunnar surprised me – I like his a lot. A bit too much going on. 

    Nathan’s was adequate, Elena’s was fine (though I think the coat was a tad awkward in the upper chest) if your co-workers and friends will not question why you are dressing like David Byrn circa “Stop Making Sense,” and Alicia’s, though wonky, is the one I’d be most likely to wear myself, although I keep promising myself I will abjure all long shorts and cropped pants – they rarely flatter. Her busy day’d have to be pretty casual for it to work, though.

    Melissa stood out for me because hers was more original – or at least, less expected – than most. Working against it is that someone lacking model proportions might look as if they’d inexpertly tried to fashion some old tent remnants into a costume for Comic Con.

    Again, as a field, this group is stronger on average than the show has had in a while and that’s a major plus for me.

    • Pennymac

      “Again, as a field, this group is stronger on average than the show has had in a while and that’s a major plus for me.”

      Exactamondo, fA!

  • abigail3

    Are you kidding? Alicia’s outfit was HORRIBLE. Stupid gingham shirt–with ELBOW PATCHES?? Boring pants, terrible styling. Should have been in the bottom 3 for sure!! Agree with you however, on Melissa. Did not like the winner’s dress, in fact, I didn’t like any of the 3 dark knit flouncy dresses–too dressy. Basically I thought it was a great challenge, but nothing all that great came out of it.

  • guest2visits

    Of this group I thought Ven’s dress, Gunnar’s skirt, and Elena’s outfit were the the most attractive and suitable for the challenge.
    Although it’s very unfair not to see whats under all these added pieces. It looked like Elena may have seriously overworked her shirt,
    and who knows how many layers of mossy (or gray?) gauze to reach the base of Melissa’s lump of spinach. Or seaweed. Or StarWars
    ewok-creature. I disliked it, instantly. It doesn’t even seem original after some 87 of the films.  And what was that glittery cape on
    Nathan’s odd colored skirt and top?  I thought Alicia’s outfit was mildly cute; but not at all suitable to the challenge. It needed
    a pair of chucks or sandals; it was made for hauling groceries, kids, or classes. Maybe perfect for casually shopping or strolling.
    I was surprised she wasn’t in the bottom group.

  • turtleemily

    Ven’s dress makes his model look like a partially deflated blow-up doll.

  • alexis:  the hung look is definitely deliberate, in fact it’s the whole point (no pun intended).  hate the elbow patches.  i’d like to know where she’s going in the evening, cause it’s probably the best ladies’ bar in town.

    elena:  stop making sense.  burnin’ down the house.

    death’s rage:  kinda like the concept and the quirky color combo.  dark green pumps would make it.  loose the sloppy white trim.

    melissa:  squeaky fromme.  loosing the scarf would be a big improvement.  enough is enough.

    nathan:  cougar from orange county got divorced and had to get an office job and can no longer afford a colorist.  the color is working only because of the purple (though not on this model).  loose the purse and the mustard goes yucky.  maybe a purple lining on the cape?  or piping on the edge.

    ven:  with that prominent zipper on the front, should have hidden that off center zipper in the back.  color is bland on this model, needs some bright and shiny accessories to perk it up.   

    • barbiefish

      Squeaky Fromme — exactly!!!

  • Maggie Muellner

    Have you ever seen photos of a woman with severe scoliosis? Ven must have because he borrowed the way the spine looks for the front of his dress.

  • The general skill level is pretty high

  • If Gunnar ends up in the finals I won’t be totally disgusted. 

  • elena’s instructions to her model:  “go out there and look so pissed off you’re gonna kill someone.”  success.

  • Romulan jacket! Yes! No wonder I hated it! (Give me the Romulans of the original series any day)

  • Jane_Lane

    I was surprised when Alicia didn’t end up in the bottom three for that shirt. It looks like it was meant for someone a foot shorter. 

  • I keep looking at the top of Gunnar’s outfit and seeing the top of the evening gown that was designed for Anya.  The one  that Nina and Heidi called “cheap” and “cheesy”.

  • Victoria Reyes

    Gunnar’s would be the only one I’d actually wear. I thought it was cute!

  • OMFG Romulan jacket!!  It IS a Romulan jacket straight outta TNG!  You guys are really sucked in, aren’t you?  Those bulky Romulan coats had to seriously limit hand-to-hand combat skills.

  • For the (vague) perimeters of the challenge I thought Melissa’s was the best.  She had the styling of it wrong (the model should’ve had the hair pulled back with a bold red lip, pale foundation) but you could take off the scarf and hoddie and easily see it as evening (albeit a relaxed evening).  Nathan isn’t long for this world with those horrible colors and poor styling choices — he’s forgettable which is worse than being tasteless imho.  Gunnars is cute if too heavy and Ven, bless his soul, has given variations on the same outfit (knee length dress with worked bodice, open neck, etc.)…it’s well done but predictable.  And Elena, while I appreciate her “Life is War” vibe really should ease up on this armored look: very few women want to look bigger on the shoulders in 2012 and even less so shapeless.

  • Victoria Sharoyan

    I’m from Queens so I got really excited that Ven was from Kew Gardens and I joked that I’d probably bump into him one day. Sure enough, the other day, the first time I set foot in Kew Gardens in months, he was right there next to me coming out of the subway station.

    I also spotted Casanova a few months ago sitting on the floor in the lobby of my fiance’s apartment in Jackson Heights. (We tweeted him to make sure.) Talk about coincidences!

  • fashionzombie

    I also want to point out that I never see Elena wearing the sort of thing she designs. She claims that women want something else, but as a woman who dresses herself in the morning, Elana wears fitted clothing that does not exaggerate her shoulder width. Jeans, tanks. I’m just saying.

  • adnama79

    I agree with everything TLo said in this post.  Every. Last. Word.

  • Ann Harste

    Last season, the Duchess was all over the designers for making clothes that women couldn’t wear a bra underneath.  A lot of women would want (need) to be able to give the girls a good foundation under all those clingy jersey knits.

  • msdamselfly

    Ven’s dress was horribly unattractive

  • HelenNPN

    Loved Melissa’s offering.  Should have been top three.  It is a three part winner:  1) intriguing designing 2) actually wearable, even comfortable 3) well executed.

    Rami 2.0 is already a big yawn.  Don’t hurt my eyes with an ongoing parade of what Nancy Reagan would wear if she were 40 years younger.  Tomboy Chick isn’t going to make it – no there there.  Frokeman has left his sadness behind and it is what most of the other models are wearing in this episode.

  • Damien W

    I’ve been away, but I had to revisit this to add:

    Alicia’s = Wendy Pepper Postal Uniform.

    There. I feel better.

  • Melissa’s entry looks like an Ewok costume from a Star Wars movie that hasn’t yet been made.