PR: The Undiscussed

Posted on August 06, 2012


Buffi Jashanmal and Elena Slivnyak
Laura Bennett (Season 3)

It’s funny. We’ve been friends with Laura for so long now (almost 6 years), that we forget everyone else isn’t that lucky. During the episode, twitter and the T LOunge lit up with “It’s Laura! I missed her!” And we were all, “Missed her?” Oh. Right. We keep forgetting about that line that separates television and reality in our lives. It’s a line we’ve crossed so many times – Seriously, we must have said “It feels like we just got sucked into our TV” about 200 times in the last 6 years – that we forget how unique an experience it is.

Anyway, Laura honey, we luvya, but you should have pulled a knife out of your purse when they started giving you this hairstyle.

The dress isn’t that bad, all things considered. It’s not quite Laura’s style, but then again, we know her style really well and can’t expect everyone to pick it up in one 30-minute meeting. The bodice is kind of interesting in its design, but ultimately, the dress looks too big and blousey on her, and the overall effect is kind of funereal and depressing. Laura does dazzling blacks, not depressing ones.


Nathan Paul and Sonjia Williams
Valerie Mayen (Season 8)

To be honest, we think this deserved its spot in the middle. It’s not a bad dress, but that’s about the only thing we can say about it. The design is about as standard as it gets (although the chevron in the back is a nice touch), rendered in a very expected fabric, in terms of red carpet style. In other words, they were given a red carpet assignment and churned out a fairly pedestrian gold gown.

And to be honest, we don’t think it flattered her all that much.


Dmitry Sholokhov and Melissa Fleis
April Johnston (Season 8)

You know what? This totally should have won. We originally thought it only deserved to be in the Top 3, but looking at it again, we think it should have won over Ven and Fabio’s Ethel Mertz redux. This is dramatic and beautifully made. Even better, it’s unique and it went very far in taking the wearer into consideration. April’s not someone whose style translates to the red carpet, but somehow Dmitry and Ashley-Kate pulled it off. It’s a little funky around her midsection, but otherwise, it’s a stunning look that really sets off April’s hair and figure.


[Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke for]

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  • Aside from the last one, all these designs are amateur and overdone. Ugh. 

  • April’s dress definitely belonged in the top 3, at least. The made something different, and in a difficult fabric to work with. 

    • JosephLamour

      I agree. When it came out, I said “winner!” and then it didn’t win and they gave it to Fabio and Design-Bot 2000.

    • Amy Ellinger

      There was much yelling and gnashing of teeth in the Amynae household when it didn’t even make the top 2, much less win. Redonkulous.  The color, the fabric, ERGH!!   

      They didn’t like April or her style in her season, this seems to be more of the same bias towards pretty-pretty foo foo.  Hope it doesn’t stick.

      • annieanne

        What you said. This was judged on the model/client not the design. For whatever reason, they couldn’t give April a showcase.

  • Maria Rosenfire

    April’s dress was gorgeous. And it was made of SHAR-MOOZE!

    (I could listen to Comrade Snape say that word all day)

    • Maria Rosenfire

      Additionally, I would like to clarify that I do indeed know how to spell the word “charmeuse.”

      •  Never doubted you a moment, m’dear.

        • Maria Rosenfire

          Mille mercis, meritoire monsieur!

          • ballerinawithagun

            Agree to all of the above!

          •  Il n’y a rien de ma chere dame.

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            To paraphrase Gomez Addams, I love it when Bitter Kittens converse aux Francais!

          • 3boysful

             Tiny correction, sweetie:  you j’adore it!

          • Melvis Velour

            Le word!

      • Call me Bee

        Oh–I didn’t. Had to look it up!

    • JulieTy

      “Comrade Snape”!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!!
      Love that.

    • Melissa Brogan

       That is officially his nickname in my head from now on.

    • “Comrade Snape”… you made my day. And I agree on all accounts. There was actual thought put into this: the venue, the wearer (both style and shape), the design elements.

    •  HA. Comrade Snape. Tell your genius that is GENIUS.

    • dharmabum8

      Yes yes yes to SHAR-Moooze fan club. Never has a word been so gloriously pronounced in accented English on this show since Casanova and eggggsahhhhtlee.

  • I agree. I think Comrade Snape is a dark horse. As it were.

    • CozyCat

      On the “original” PR he would have been a dark horse.  But lately it seems that the judges pick their favorites and then refuse to deviate. 

    • YoungSally

      As long as he doesn’t slip back into the post-soviet era skating and/or ballroom sense of style — Just remember Oksana Baiul

      • formerlyAnon

        He might do anything and I’d consider him justified, at this point. He’s been treated shabbily by the judges at least twice in the first three episodes. I could forgive him for making increasingly random decisions trying to interpret & act on their decisions.

  • As soon as I saw the back of the dress for April on the runway I thought it was the clear winner.

    • Nelliebelle1197

       Me too!
       I was shocked. And funny thing is that the front look weird on TV but in photos- probably closer to what the judges were seeing-  the front looks much better.

      If Ven and Gunnar get the Anya/Josh all season, shall we make a pact not to come back?

      • On the bright side, at least Ven is talented and knows how to sew very, very well. I can live with him being a judges’ pet.

        • Scott Hester-Johnson

           Alas, Ven is obsessed with making rose petals.

          • Amy Ellinger

            yeah, he needs to do something different in the next xhallenge, or he risks the “one trick pony” box. 

          •  His dress for Kenley used some of the same techniques without being a rose, so I have hopes for him.

          • Amy Ellinger

            Same here- I think he’ll be in the final 5. Kenley also didn’t give much room for anything that wasn’t structured. Ven is kindof like a gymnast- I want to see everything he can do, not just one great technique 🙂

          •  I don’t think we’re going to see a lot of unstructured looks regardless — which is fine.  If structured is his thing, there are plenty of ways he could go with that without being repetitive, unlike the rose motif.

        • Lisa_Cop

          Me too. Ven may be one note but he knows how to sew and design. The only thing Anya did was pick out pretty prints. She couldn’t sew, dye, design etc.

  • crash1212

    Couldn’t agree more. I was shouting at the TV when the April dress didn’t make it into the Top 3 and it should’ve won the whole damn thing. And here I thought I wasn’t gonna let stupid Project Runway judging make me crazy this year. HA!

    •  Personally I loved the clear WTF looks on all the middle crews faces. They KNEW they had addressed the challenge and were justifiably miffed at their middle status.  This is particularly true considering that white pique’ monstrosity that Kooan and Gunnar sent down the runway.

      • HM3

        I was especially irritated that the chunky necklace on Irina’s dress was the ONLY thing that took a terribly-made bridesmaid gown and nudged it into the 21st century. Without it, I believe the entire dress would have been in the bottom two.

        To quote Gunnar, “Thank you Lord and Taylor!”

        •  I agree wholeheartedly.  It was the single thing that elevated that pile of laundry.  Whatever made them choose pique’ we shall never know.  But if that same dress had been rendered in a similar silk to Dmitri and Melissa’s, it would have been clear cut old school Hollywood glam.

          • MilaXX

             I doubt Gunnar could have handled that fabric as well as Dmitri and Melissa did.

          •  Soooooo true. And Kooan would have been completely out of his depth trying to work with something fluid and graceful.

      • Melissa Brogan

         The two who made April’s dress looked rightfully pissed off. They should have been in the top without a doubt and they knew it.

      • Nelliebelle1197

         That was pique! I could not tell. No wonder it looked like a formal tennis dress.

      • Susan Crawford

        I like pique – it as a certain charm for sporty, crisp little shorts, flippy little minis and so on. But when used as a red carpet look, it can photograph like thermal underwear, which is what it looked like this week. When this ended up in the top three, I snorted so hard that the wine I imbibed at the TLOunge came out of my nose. And my ears. Truly a “WTF Moment”.

      • VanessaDK

         Absolutely.  Especially for April’s dress, which is beautifully made, unique and flattering.  Another drop dead gorgeous look from Dmitri that is being ignored.  Too bad the producers would rather live in ignominy than send one of their less-than-crazy designers out to represent them at the Emmy’s. 

      • Lisa_Cop

        Have you seen the “designers dish” segment on Lifetime online? The middle thought they had the best dresses. Elena ridiculed Gunnar/Koonan look and they also think Ven is 1 note.

  • Katie Riley

    Dmitry is silently awesome. He’s my favorite so far and keeps turning out interesting looks in my opinion. Thought April’s dress was the clear winner. 

    • ballerinawithagun

      Silent but deadly, maybe he’ll still come through.

      • kimmeister

        Great, now I’m going to be thinking of Dmitry as a fart.

    • VanessaDK

       I really really did not have high hopes for him after the first challenge because his looks were borderline tacky (well, maybe  they crossed the border) but the last two have been very intriguing.

  • I was totally gunning for Dmitri and Melissa, even though I knew Ven and Fabio won.  They not only created a lovely dress, they worked that silk like champs.  It could have been a tragic mess with just one or two slips of the needle.

  • solastalgia

    You guys must love group challenges because they give you fewer dresses to critique hehe 🙂

  • Violina23

    I disagree on April’s dress, I did not like it at ALL. She just looks awkward and uncomfortable in it, and the way the fabric was bunched looked sloppy to me.  Based on what everyone was saying about how difficult that fabric is to work with, I can appreciate it to a degree (and yeah, a girly-girl gown for April would have been a big mistake), but I just find the whole thing unattractive.

    • Judy_S

       I had that problem with April’s dress, too, watching the show. It looks better in the still photos, which should not be true of a fabric like that. But it’s partly April herself as a model–and as T Lo point out, it is a great dress for her. I just am not all that nuts about her style. But the combination of “client” and team was really the very best.

      Now, Laura worked that dress–and hair, and everything–so beautifully that I thought she should have won. And that was a client + team from hell. She made it all look fabulous.

      • Violina23

        The more I think about it, the more it seems like something that Mary Kate Olsen would wear, which means:

        a) I’d still hate it
        b) It’s even more funny that Goth-Ashley-Kate made it… 😛

        It’s a shame they didn’t do judging commentary on it, I have a feeling April probably thought it was fantastic, and I can’t disagree that they were very conscious of their client (which, to be fair, so was Ven & whoever-he-was-working-with).

      • funkypeanut

        Yes, I think that you have a point about April as a model. I thought that the dress was definitely better than the white one, but April looked so royally pissed and slouched her way down the runway. I was surprised after she seemed to like the color and fabric so much in the workroom critique.

        Laura, you’re a trooper. Ill-fitting granny dress and hairstyle from hell, and you still did your best to sell it. Brava!

    • kimmeister

      The wonky midsection was terribly unflattering to her.

      • Sweetpea176

         I was trying to figure out what was going on in front — there was something odd happening, which I’m guessing is why she kept her hands in front of her.  I’d like to get a better look straight on, without her hands.

      • Lisa_Cop

        Yes. The back was fab but the front around the stomach was wonky. And Tim Gunn, in the critique, warned them not to pull the dress in around the middle. Also don’t like the way the sleeves are3/4 length but close right under the elbow. Still, Dimitry & Melissa are in my top 4 desginers.

    • veronkimo

      I, wholeheartedly, agree! 

    • BP180

      When she walked out, my inner Kors screamed “Intergalactic Empress in a Space Snuggie.”  

      • Violina23

        Bwahahahaha, love it!

  • April’s dress should have won, hands down. How did they sew that dress that well that quickly? It’s beautiful.

    But the shock on DImitri’s face when he heard they were “safe” was priceless.

  • DinaSews

    ‘we know her style really well and can’t expect everyone to pick it up in one 30-minute meeting’ Didn’t they watch the first few seasons?  I think we all know Laura’s style and this isn’t it.  If they were selected to be on this show, they should have picked up the first 9 seasons and watched them!  That is the thing that I thought would be most interesting; the fact that we all know their styles from watching them on their season.

    • StellaZafella

       No doubt. But it wouldn’t matter anyway because Frau Comrade Shoulder Pads will only have anything to do with HER ‘esthetic’ (ick) and Buffy just wanted to get through the challenge with her head still attached to her neck.
      This thing, and the styling they came up with makes lovely, sophisticated Laura Bennet look like one of the elderly boarding house lesbians in a road company Cabaret.

      • ballerinawithagun

        Stella…elderly boarding house lesbians in a road company Cabaret… I love it!

      • Violina23

        elderly boarding house lesbians in a road company Cabaret. ” Brilliant! Stick in a few more disco references, and you are the next Michael Kors.. 😛

      • VanessaDK

         Great image!  If the top were attached to a sleek, simple fitted skirt it could have looked fantastic on her–also lose the open back–she’s gorgeous, but it seems young and undignified to me.

    • Susan Crawford

      Absolutely! Anyone who has followed PR at ALL knows Laura. She has been a steady presence on the blogosphere, is often photographed and is certainly OUT THERE in the public eye. So they only had 30 minutes with her – but in that time, a LOT could have been learned. And it is a given – I would think – that if you get chosen to compete, you immerse yourself in watching prior seasons.

      When WE become Empresses, DinaSews, all these things will be corrected, no?

    •  Even if they didn’t watch all the seasons, why wouldn’t you look at the finale collections to learn what you could about the judges?

    • formerlyAnon

       Plus, I know not everyone can be an intuitive stylist, but whatever the temptation to put their own stamp on the client’s style, you’d think they’d have given her credit for judging her own wheelhouse. She is a very handsome woman of a certain age who moves in circles where people notice what you look like AND a former contestant on a fashion design show.

  • solastalgia

    I’m also just as confused as to how Snape and Melissa did not end up at least in the top. Their outfit screamed Emmy’s much more than the winning dress did.

  • AgingWell

    The first picture of April is terrific and makes the case for this dress being the winner, even though it shows some profound titscrepancy (I love how my vocab has expanded since becoming a bitter kitten).

    • HM3

      Agreed. Also, as much as I love April, she is a terrible runway model. The slouching and “Whatevs. I’m over it” expression did not sell the dress as well as she could have.

      • Melissa Brogan

         Plus I think it looked a lot better in motion than it did in her crappy stills.

    • YoungSally

      Titscrepancy that could have been solved with better posture and perhaps a small brassiere.

    • kimmeister

      Couldn’t they have given her some of those breast petal things?  The bouncing nips *really* showed through the charmeuse.

  • I thought Nathan and Sonjia’s was the best, if only because they managed to dress a non-model body without having a panic attack or making her look bigger than she is.

  • Daniel Nash

    Wait – you’re calling Laura’s dress “not bad”? They made her look like a Mormon sister wife at a funeral on the prairie!

    • CozyCat

      In Laura’s blog she refers to it as a “goth wedding dress” and says that April wanted to trade with her.  While I think April’s dress is better, both for her and in general,  that trade would have increased the level of fabulousness on the runway.   Laura would have looked better in April’s dress than in her own and April would have looked better in Laura’s dress than Laura did.

      • MilaXX

         Laura would have looked fabulous in April’s dress and vice versa.

      • Call me Bee

        Hmmmm interesting.  I think you’re right! 

  • Catiline

    I love Laura.  The dress is mediocre but she is selling it!

    Valerie is lovely, but I think the dress and styling were completely unflattering.

    Dmitry and Melissa… definitely deserved a spot in the top if not the win, but the top front was a little too slouchy and wrinkly for me to love it completely.  Mind, it’s a pretty spectacular effort given all the wackadoo constraints they were working with.

  • Super_Red

    I somehow missed the “Comrade Snape” nickname until just now. My life is the better for it now. 🙂 I’ve been a fan of his (and Melissa’s) since the beginning. They should have won…. as long as they don’t allow their turn in the middle to discourage them or encourage them to do something stupid, they’ll both make it far in PR.

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      Dmitri is slowly but steadily growing on me.  He’s got skills, has a personality without screaming “reality TV neurotic”, and has turned out some quite good work…I’m still smiling over his candy store dress.

  • Joe J

    Laura’s not the only one who should have pulled a knife.  Looking at the photos, Valerie’s hair looks AWFUL, to me.  She looks at least ten years older than she is.

    • kimmeister

      I was wondering what the heck was up with Valerie’s hair myself.  I can’t remember – did she already have that “dusting” of gray up top when she showed up, or did they style her that way?

    • alula_auburn

      Her make-up seems super unflattering to me, too–very Granny matte.  (okay, maybe just MY granny–who could look pretty fierce in her 60s, but probably not what Valerie aspires to at this point in her life.)

      Together, it’s a little bit Golden Girls, and not in a good way.

  • HM3

    Shame on me for forgetting who Valerie was. I (respectfully) disagree about the “pedestrian” quality of her gown. Yes, we’ve seen a million gold sequin things on the red carpet, but the treatment of the shoulders and the chevron in the back as something uniquely modern and original. I love the Diana-Ross-esque styling of the hair with it, though I cringe with you on the matchy clutch and satin-y shoe.

    • Even looking her up, I barely remember her (and I’m not a passive watcher of the show).  During the whole episode, I kept thinking she was Lupe from Season 2.

      • janierainie

        She holds a special place in my heart because she came up with the term “cray cray” and has a cute funny personality.

    • BP180

      So happy to see Valerie again!  She was always so sweet and sunny, definitely my favorite from her season.  And from Cleveland if I recall correctly, and I love an Ohio girl.

  • Vickiefantastico

    I agree with you guys on everything but the gold dress. I thought it really flattered her figure. She looked great!

  • I completely agree with you guys. Dmitry and Melissa’s dress was, at the very least, the most interesting one down the runway. The only thing Ven’s dress had was nearly perfect execution.

    I think the producers are manipulating the results early on to justify keeping Gunnar in the competition later when the competition gets more fierce. Not that his and Kooan’s should have been voted off this week, just it shouldn’t have made top 3.

  • SewingSiren

    1. Buffi and Elena for Laura, I thought they did a pretty good job , considering. I like the bodice , the skirt would have been way better if it had been the pin tucked (column?) that they intended.  I’m not crazy about the bare back and the hair style, I agree, is terrible. I do think that Laura did a fantastic job on the runway. She’s wearing it like she means it (ha).
    2. Nathan and Sonjia for Valerie. I thought and still think this one should have been in the top.Gold sequins is rather obvious, but they got the gold car so what the hey. Stretch fabric was a very smart choice because of the time restrictions and lack of time fitting the client. I do like the chevron insets  But I hate the hair. 

    3. Dmitry and Melissa for April. Agree this should have won. For a number of reasons. The dress worked for the client. The dress fit the challenge criteria, It fit the car inspiration criteria, and the two designers worked well together. They also did a pretty good job with a difficult fabric. It’s a shame it wasn’t at least in the top 2. 

  • Meklar

    I actually got chills when April and that silver gown came down the runway.  I am usually not affected by design…especially these red carpet looks.  But this was stunning, well made and unique.  It’s a shame how the judging is already going…..Shame on you Kors, Garcia, Klum and company. 

  • JackieOBlue

    Even with the weird fit around the bust and mid-section, this dress was very well made, perfect for April and much more red-carpet Emmy ready than the winning dress. This should have been the winner or at least the top two.  Again, judging veers toward the personalities than the actual design. 

    • Nelliebelle1197

       Except Ven has no personality 🙁

      • janierainie

        I think in this case it was the Kenley factor. Yuck.

      • JackieOBlue

        Agreed about Ven, but I actually meant Gunnar and Frokemon being in the top two.  That is actually too much personality. 

      • Lisa_Cop

        So what! We’ve all been complaining that “personalities” win instead of talent. Ven is very talented and really turns out a beautifully designed and executed garment.

  • Yeah, I was really dubious about the cowly front on April’s dress (every time they showed it in the workroom it looked like swaddling) but I was really impressed with how it looked on her, and the fit in the back is gorgeous. It really does speak to April’s style, and lo, it manages to be a GOWN. Trying to please Kenley just made a Kenley dress, and not an Emmys dress. It is a clear and alarming statement about the production of this season that they didn’t put that dress in the top, because the people who made it were too boring, I guess. I would rather see Gunnar marginalized and the right dresses be honored, and I am a fan of the show, so that’s whats funny. Who do they think they’re entertaining with low-talent drama queens?

    • blixtme

      That’s the question I have. I get that reality TV is going to do these things, but who is out there watching this show that would prefer seeing Gunnar over seeing, you know, awesome dresses?

      • Definitely. And if they actually spent time working, and not freaking out and acting crazy in the workroom, as they are wont to do because of personalities that have been handpicked for nuttiness, then they might be able to actually produce good things in the short period of time they have. I would gladly see them head down, working hard, for a few shots to then see great stuff that is the result of thoughtful concentration on the runway. I mean, I’m an artist, and I know you’re going to blow off steam under stress, and chat, and all that jazz, but if I was competing for those prizes, I’d be pretty effing serious up in there.

  • msdamselfly

    I agree that April’s dress deserved the win–the back fit her beautifully

  • April’s dress just fit so WEIRD. I get it, SHARMOOOOOOOZE. but still, it looked awful walking. It pulled in weird places, I literally felt uncomfortable watching her walk in it. but it photographed much better than it looked on TV. 

  • janierainie

    Aprils dress was so her!!! She looked great.  I’m trying not to get so worked up over PR so that the judging  makes me crazy, but it’s MAKING ME CRAZY!!! (or should I say cray cray?) Are they really going to decide on Ven this early? He’s so boring. Okay I’m whining, sorry.

  • Jangle57

    I liked April’s dress the most too but thought I was just being odd.  Clearly not as odd as I thought.  Did you ever think it would be more interesting if the judges had no idea who created what dress?  I think that all the time when I watch any shows like this, or Chopped or Top Chef.  Though I suppose if the winner is scripted, it would make no difference…..

  • NDC_IPCentral

    Wow… now that I look at April’s gown, I realize that I actually had a silver gown back in the 1990s that I wore to several black-tie events, and it looked almost exactly like Dimitry & Melissa’s effort.  All silver, straight skirt, high neckline in front, long sleeves, revealing back and self sash that gets tied into a knot.  It was a show-stopper back then.

    The photos you’re giving us, T & L, help us to really see this dress.  As we know, B-M rushes the footage of anything they don’t want to dwell on, and this one deserved much more airtime.

    The dress inflicted on Ms. Bennett – boy, Buffi and Elena did not do their “watch all previous seasons of Project Runway” homework before getting tapped for Season 10.  This is not a Laura look.  It has Mother Of The Bride stamped all over it.  I wish we could have seen the interaction at length between client and designers here.  If Ms. Bennett didn’t indicate that this was not her style, well, she should have.

    • Call me Bee

      I’ve been a MOB and I wouldn’t have gone near that thing!  LOL…

  • Totally agree about April’s gown!  This was the only one that had a dramatic, glam red carpet style, and I was sure it’s was going to be the winner when I saw it on the runway. 

    If only Comrade Snape would cackle maniacally like a Bond villain during his interview segments he’d improve his standing with the judges.  You know, give them a little “I vill vin! Zeese other deezingers zar not feete to shine my shoeez!  BWA HAHAHAHA!!!!”  Then he could compete with Clinique Jr. by giving BM what they want above all else, bitchy drama.

    • CozyCat

      If he got into a nice shouting match with Gunner he would be guaranteed top 4, maybe even the finals.

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        I’m hoping that Comrade Snape will whip out his wand and put a confundus charm on Gunnar!

        • Catiline

          “I’ll go Half-Blood Prince on your ass!”

        • StellaZafella

           “You DARE use my own spells on ME?!? I AM the Half-Blood Prince!!!
          – Oh, and you have your mother’s eyes.”

  • I loved April’s dress, but I agree with the funkiness around the midsection. I don’t know what was up their. I feel like the yoga hairstyle brought it down, though – if they’d zhuzhed the hair better instead of leaving it so limp, it would have read better. The other two were eh for me – I agree that Valerie’s dress was less that flattering (I think the V in the front needed to be longer and narrower – it might have been a little shocking, but like Valerie said, she can do deep cleavage). 

  • ChaquitaPhilly

    Totally agree, guys! Dimitry and Melissa deserved a much higher position. They wuz robbed!

  • MeredithCallahan

    Can’t disagree more 

    • DeTrop

      They should have turned that dress around. She has the shape for it.  The front folds make one boob look higher than the other and it just does not fall gracefully.  The dress I mean!  The material is beautiful and very Emmy appropriate.

      • MeredithCallahan

        I think the cowl neck was actually really fascinating– I just wish there had been more structure or at least an accessory to make her not an unbroken pile of silver. A little pop of black would have gone a very long way.

  • April always gets robbed!

  • Vlasta Bubinka

    Haiku for Laura:

    Many pleats over boobs
    funeral home matron hair
    skirt swishes silent

    For Valerie:

    Golden sparkle shine
    diva smirk as bag blends in
    flat’end butt sighs low

    For April:

    Serious glances
    back plunges in true glamour
    liquid silver flows

  • OMG – I had the exact same opinion about Dmitry & Melissa’s dress for April.  Tlo, get out of my head!

  • MilaXX

    This was the post I’ve been dying to see. It’s hard to make a snap judgement on a dress you glimpse for a few seconds.
    Laura: Looks like an extra from Downton Abbey The hair/makeup team really screwed the pooch this week. Everyone’s hair looked awful. I cannot figure out why they did all these bad weaves.
    Valerie: At first I liked this dress, but looking at the stills I realize it was the gold that caught my eye. Now seeing it I think it adds 10lbs and 15 years to her. That said I think it’s better looking than the dress Irina wore.
    April: I was concerned this was pulling in the boobs when I saw it on the runway.Now I can see it’s just that April was in desperate need of a bra. However, it’s well made and reminds me of the white dress Kate Hudson wore a while back. They should have done something better with her hair though.

  • Pass him some lube ~ Dmitry is gettin’ screwed!

  • mjude

    it was so good seeing laura even with that hair style. i thought april should have been in the top 3. 

  • nannypoo

    April’s dress is a little tight around the hips, but it definitely should have been the winner. The color and fabric are great and the back is really beautiful. I was glad when April herself said that her hair is “obnoxious”, because OMG is it ever, but I think she looked fabulous. Valerie’s dress was also very nice, but it was not flattering around the middle. Buffi and Elena made a very ill-fitting, unattractive, fat-looking dress that no woman in her right mind would wear.

  • Susan Crawford

    Laura is a class act all the way. She strutted down the runway in a dress that wasn’t bad, but really did nothing to flatter her, and she worked it for all she was worth. There were some nice elements to the dress, but the fit was off and the styling was just NOT our Laura! She is sleek, chic and cheeky, and the hair made her look soccer-momish.

    Nathan and Sonjiya made an efficient, drama-free team, and their dress for Valerie wasn’t bad. I wasn’t a fan of that fabric, but they worked out a dress that wouldn’t be booed off the red carpet. A few fit issues at the waist made Val a little straight up and down, but I liked te back a lot.

    WHY  Snape and Melissa got totally stuck in the middle when they clearly deserved a top three I just can’t figure out. First of all, I would have given Dimitry a prize for saying “CHERMOOSE” a million times! Love that! But mainly, this team managed to really LOOK at their client and see her clearly. The design was a really great representation of April’s style, the color looked AMAZING with her hair, the fit was flattering and the dress moved beautifully.

    Imagine what Snape (and others) could do with TWO days to work. This used to be a show about creation, execution and good solid skill. Now it’s about driving the contestants nuts and parading schmattas down the runway so the judges can drop one-liners. Sigh. I’ll stick with it because I’ve drunk too much of the PR Kool Aid to abandon it. But, like Frokemon, I has a sad for what might have been, what could be, and what will be.

  • CassandraMortmain

    Comrade Snape just can’t get any love from the judges, can he?  I thought April’s dress was the clear winner and so, apparently, did Dmitry and Melissa, based on their expressions.  Shocking that it wasn’t even in the top.  They made a dramatic, different and beautiful dress that really exemplified the client’s style, translated to the red carpet.  And they handled the difficult material very well.  I’m not taking this show seriously any more but still, the judging is so wack.

    I hated Valerie’s dress.  It isn’t at all flattering and it looks a little vulgar.  To the extent that it works at all, the fabric is doing all the work.  Valerie is a quirky young woman and they really could have done something interesting with her.  Instead, they churned out a very standard-issue, obvious, tacky dress that ages her.  Looks like they didn’t even try with the styling either.

    Laura’s dress wasn’t horrible and it could possibly have worked for someone else but it was all wrong for Laura.  Not her style at all.  Not flattering at all.  Ditto for the hair, which I like in theory but which looks all wrong on Laura.  And it’s time for Elena to try something different.  She’s used some variation on that shoulder and bodice in every piece she’s created.

    • Was Valerie styled at all? It didn’t appear that her hair was even combed.

    • Lisa_Cop

      Valerie’s dress might have been standard but it looked better and didn’t have the sewing problems that Gunnar/Koonan’s did.

  • Christy Cricow

    COMPLETELY AGREE!!! My husband and I watched and I thought, April’s is the winner, hands down….and then, of course, I second guessed myself. I mean, the judges couldn’t be THAT off, not AGAIN, not this early in the season!!! Thanks for clearing it up.

  • silvertreese

    There was a lot of yelling at my TV over this one. While I really liked Kenley’s dress; it’s totally my style and I thought it was beautifully made (although I thought it needed a belt or something), the dress for April was gorgeous and really, really interesting.  For it to go without mention in this episode was crazy.  I had pegged it as a winning look too, actually. 

    I don’t even know what to say about that white dress. I totally agree that he’s just getting built up to make a bigger fall.

    I can tell this season is going to make me angry.  Project Runway, i wish I could just quit you.

    (but I can’t)

  • What I loved the most about April’s dress is that not only it suits her style, but it looks like something she would have made in an Emmy’s Red Carpet challenge. They nailed it!

  • I am going to disagree with some of the comments on here…I think April’s hair is very flattering, as is the toned down makeup.

  • I wish they had showed more than 3 seconds of these three dresses.  Then we could appreciate April’s dress more.

  • Cathy S

    The three middle dresses were better than the top two. The black dress was the weakest but it was better than that horrible white dress. Dmitry keeps getting screwed.

  • lizajane1776

    I was surprised at how blank faced April was in this. It looked like she didn’t like it, and I think the judges may have picked that up. I think it is lovely and she looks amazing in it and it looks amazing on her, but that “model face” says she didn’t like it.

  • I’m sorry, when I saw April’s dress, all I could think of was, “Aren’t you a little short to be a Stormtrooper?”

    • mjude

      nothing like star wars chic! 🙂

  • The fury of many contestants and models in this episode should have burned the building down. Sonjia and Nathan, Meana, Dmitry… so many angry people.

    April’s was the only one that made me feel surprised, in a good way. I thought, “Wow!” It suited her so much, although I believe April would never have picked out such a dress on her own. 

  • piecesofconfetti

    I haven’t watched the episode yet – I’ve yet to see something that actually makes me want to :/

  • DeTrop

    Laura’s gown would have benefitted from a different hairstyle.  I liked this gown very much.  It showed some serious thought and design.  Laura admitted on her blog that she has to do something about her posture and she’s right.  She could have sold that dress if she felt pretty – i.e. had great hair.  Good hair does a lot for a woman’s overall attitude.

    Are you sure about the raves for April’s dress?  It looks ill-fitting in the front.  As I said below, imo they could have knocked this out of the park if they’d turned it around.  She has a rocking look.  

  • ballerinawithagun

    I still don’t understand the ironing pleating technique…Basting would have been so simple. No wonder it took her forever.

    • Sweetbetty

       And someone even suggested that to her, but it was after she’d already spent hours on the pressing so no action was taken.

  • kat89

    I think anyone who watched even a few episodes of Laura Bennet’s PR season would know her style and this certainly was not it. Wouldn’t you think that by season 10 these designers would know enough to watch all of the previous seasons so they would have some kind of a clue? It’s like going on a job interview and knowing nothing about the company. 
    Honestly, I wasn’t wild about any of the designs at all for this challenge. They got 3 of the bitchiest designers ever to compete on PR, and threw in Laura, April, Anya & Valerie so our TV’s wouldn’t explode, and it was still a crappy challenge that probably looked better on paper than in practice. 

    • Sweetbetty

       “Wouldn’t you
      think that by season 10 these designers would know enough to watch all
      of the previous seasons so they would have some kind of a clue?”

      I think this comment has been made every season after the first one and still so many of the designers show up seemingly clueless about what has gone on in previous seasons.  Andrea even said that she purposely didn’t watch the previous seasons.  But then, she’s an “artiste” who doesn’t want her aesthetic compromised (said with sarcasm).  It’s like so many actors who portray a real-life person and say they purposely didn’t do any research on the person because they don’t want their portrayal to be influenced. 

      • Well of course, why would you ever want to know what your market is looking for?  (In this case the judges are your market)  Don’t be silly — everyone should bow down before them because they are clearly so very talented, and anyone who has a negative word to say about their work just doesn’t get it.

        God save me from pretentious, self-obsessed artists.

        In fact, that was one of my favorite things about Kenley, April, and (somewhat) Valerie’s. All of their designers clearly listened to them and worked to give them something that suited them and their taste.

  • My daughter mentioned that Dimitri sounds like Gru from Despicable Me and he also looks somewhat like him as well so in our household he is Gru.   Just like Gru, I think he’s under appreciated but I hope that changes soon.  

  • Totally agree about April. I was amazed it wasn’t even in the top, but I would have given it the win. 

  • Absolutely agree on all points, except that the designers should have known more about Laura’s style — seriously, she made a finale collection!  It’s not like she was there for 3 episodes. 

    Love the dress for April.  It’s fantastic on all levels and perfect for her.  I really liked the dress Ven and Fabio did for Kenley, but this was so much better for the event.  And let’s not even PRETEND that Gunnar’s white thing is worth comparing.

  • It helps that Dmitry and Kate Ashley were a) kind of the perfect team, aesthetics-wise and b)the perfect duo to design for April. Also it totally should have won because they made that charmeuse look effortless and it was anything but. 

  • GillianHolroyd

    I thought April’s gown deserved to be in the top along with Kenley’s but seeing it again has given me a flashback to something Celine Dion wore–to the Oscars? the hideous backwards outfit with the fedora. Not to compare the two because April looks lovely in this.

    I feel bad for Laura, having to parade around in that unflattering dress and awful hair. Ghastly.

    As usual, the producers sacrificed quality construction time for reality drama.

    • Call me Bee

      Celine wore a backwards suit jacket and pants with a fedora. 

  • bitchybitchybitchy

    Looking at the stills, I’m much less impressed by Nathan and Sonjia’s design for Valerie-it is a pretty safe, standard RC design, and it isn’t as flattering to Valerie as I initially thought it was. 

    As for Comrade Snape & Melissa, I completely agree with TLo-they was robbed.  April does have a very distinctive look, and they created a look that really works for her.

    As for Buffi and Elena, Elena’s concept was overly ambitious given the time constraints. Laura appears to have been a good sport about the whole thing.

  • Anathema_Device

    I agree that that April’s dress is pretty great. It and Irina’s looked the most “award ceremony” to me, and this was far better than Irina’s. Should have been top 3 at the very least.

    Laura’s is actually quite pretty, now that I see it again. I  really like the cap sleeves and the bodice. The styling is AWFUL. Laura was a great client. She understood the pressures and was constructive in her feedback. She is so great.

    Forgot about Valerie’s. Man is that thing unflattering.

  • EverybodysStarling

    If I had the choice between a perfectly executed dress, which doesn’t suit the challenge at all (come on, Ven’s dress is nowhere near red carpet unless for an daytime event) or an imaginative, beautiful and very creative gown with some fit issues, I would choose the silver dress. As Michaels Kors often told us: it’s Project Runway, not Seamstress! 

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      TLo nailed Ven’s design for Kenley-Ethel Mertz redux-it was very well done, and it certainly suited Kenley, but in retrospect I would have chosen Dmitri and Melissa’s design for the win.

  • UsedtobeEP

    I thought April’s dress was the clear winner from the beginning. From the tricky fabric choice (stunning with her hair) to not being afraid to glam her up despite her toned-down personal style and then doing it pretty successfully on top of that, they took risk after risk and made a great dress. How COULD they not win? Sigh. It’s feeling like the Bunim-Murray fix all over again.

  • ASK26

    so which should have been the top 2 ? I said before that I thought the fabrics carry the weight for valerie’s dress I like the 1 that was done for april but didn’t think the front had some issues like the sleeves. I saw parts but I thought laura’s was supposed to be mostly pink so it was a pleasant surprise though the back was better than the front

  • GorgeousThings

    Totally agree – April’s dress should have won. But the judges get all moist whenever they look at anything Ven, so of course they are going to give it to him.

  • frannyprof

    So agree about Dress #3. Should have won. But, this is not a design competition, as the judges reminded us.

  • Bozhi

    Dmitry was robbed.  He doesn’t even get in the top, and he should have won the last two challenges, or at least been in the top.  He must be getting very confused at this point.  If I were him, I would.

  • ccm800

    The April dress definitely should have won. And man oh man were you right about Miss Laura’s hair! Somewhere right now that Josh asshat is laughing like mad.

  • YoungSally

    Dear TLo —

    Based on BM’s need to wrangle drama out of team-based challenges — can you bring back a special edition of Virgins vs. Vixens.  My suggestion for first match-up  Frokemon vs. Precious Moments.

  • I absolutely thought April’s dress should have won. I just loved the way it looked with her hair, so stunning. I admit I do have a strong April bias, I really want to be her friend :)~

  • Maybe because I can’t stand April and her faux angst-goth persona but I thought that dress was ugly and made her boobs all wonky and deformed.  I’m not a fan of shiny and this was too shiny and drapey for my taste.  Would it hurt you to smile at least once?  LOL.

  • fringebenefit

    Thank you very much, TLo. Here in this living room, we thought we were losing our minds that Dmitry and Ashley-Kate were not named winners of this one. Or more to the point, that the judges had lost theirs. Given the challenge of the schedule, the material, the model–and her hair–April’s dress is a masterpiece. We were stunned that it was snubbed by the judges. Kenley’s dress was ugly, unflattering–she usually rocks that style–and wildly inappropriate for the Emmy’s. I do get, though, that the judges and producers wanted Ven to represent PR at the Emmy’s. They probably suspect he will do big things, and this is a great place to debut him as a PR wunderkind. 

    Dmitry’s candy challenge also should have been top three–maybe not the winner, given the restrained use of candy, but definitely top 3.

    • EverybodysStarling

      Well, the installing a wunderkind point is actually very logical. They need somebody to get the attention of the industry back. There wasn’t much after Cristian Sirriano, was there? (Except for Mondo)

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        I’ve been wondering if Bunim-Murray are angling for someone with actual ability and skill to win this season in a not too subtle attempt to show that PR has some small degree of credibility after the mess that was season 9.

  • Call me Bee

    Yes!  Dimitry anb Melissa were totally robbed!!  This dress reflected their styles, and April’s, perfectly.  And–they managed to use charmeuse without it looking all puckery and overwrought.  An excellent job. 

    Val’s dress looked much better on the runway than it does here in stills.  It was dramatic, but it was the fabric that made it so, not the design nor the styling.  So–it was right where it should have been–in the middle. 

    Laura’s dress, after all that drah-mah, was…um… just ugly.   Since Buffi and Elena had so much trouble with thei roriginal pleating idea, they shoulda just played it safe and made a dress that Laura would have made–low V neck, no waist, simple and elegant.  This was a dress of my ancesters in the Old Country (I have pictures of old ladies in about 1912 wearing exactly this.) They are darn lucky that Mila’s dress was worse.

  • Snailstsichr

    I was so looking forward to this show – with high hopes of seeing more of Laura and April, two of my faves. They were barely blips compared to the screen time for Kenley.
    I’m confused as to who the producers think their target audience is – someone who wants to lee a lot of Kenley shrieking?? Yuck.

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      I suspect that Bunim-Murray sees Kenley as a polarizing figure who will bring in viewers-those who (inexplicably?) like her and those who want to see other designers beat her senseless with a bolt of fabric…

  • Laura Osborne

    The dress April wore was Stunning, and should have been the winning design. 

  • Laylalola

    I don’t find the top front of April’s dress flattering at all.

  • EEKstl

    “It’s not quite Laura’s style, but then again, we know her style really well and can’t expect everyone to pick it up in one 30-minute meeting.” I think you’re being kind, TLo.  Anyone who watched Laura’s season of PR should know her style and ergo know this is definitly not it.  That said, I think this (almost) could have worked if the skirt had been narrow to the body.  It still wouldn’t have been “Laura” but it would have been closer.  Yes, hair is bad but all in all she doesn’t look horrid.

    • alyce1213

      Laura’s got a strong, striking look and personality.  I think anyone who met her for 30 minutes, even without ever seeing her work, would get her vibe and know this is not her dress. 

    •  Especially in Laura’s case.  Her style was always very consistent and defined while on the show.  I would find it much harder to dress Irina, for instance, because we didn’t see her in anything particularly formal.

  • Agree that Snape and Groupie were robbed.

  • formerlyAnon

    If this is, as it purports to be weekly, a DESIGN competition, Dmitry & Melissa absolutely hands down won. The major flaw here is the fit through the hips. That there wasn’t even room for this dress in the top three after meeting the producers’ taste for camera-chewing dramatics, real & faux, is frustrating.

    Buffy & Elena made a nice gown, but not terribly suited to Laura – and whomever ordered that hair doesn’t understand hair & its relationship to facial configurations.  (I don’t well understand it well enough to choose hair styles for people, either, but

    Nathan & Sonjia did a respectable job. Better than at least one of the top three, IMO, but had the judging been to my tastes they would still have landed in the middle.

  • Elena/Buffi: I’d place it firmly in the middle. There’s sufficient design detail (the back pleats, the striations) to advance them to the next challenge. This dress looks too austere, though. It’s funereal, yes. It also looks kind of tortured, and that’s due to their frantic attempts to transform fatigued-looking fabrics. They designed the hell out of those fabrics.

    Nathan/Son: They, on the hand, selected a golden fabric (those are paillettes, right?) that does most of the work. They achieved a tone-on-tone effect with the beige panels they inserted (chevron at the back & stripes beneath the shoulders). It’s nice. It’s much better than Gunnar’s.

    Mel/Dmtry: They chose an unforgiving fabric (silk charmeuse) and draped it beautifully. The dress managed to coalesce both of their aesthetics (Melissa likes gothic/edgy & Dmitry is all about this gown/evening sophistication). The dress also speaks to April’s dark, gothic sensibilities. It is a very fitting silver-grayish color that encompasses so much. It’s the clear winner.

  • Miss Laura…Love you. Your PR designs were 100x better than the junk on the runway this season.

  • alyce1213

    April’s dress isn’t even close to perfect — there are certainly fit issues and I really don’t get those sleeves with a gown like this — but it deserved 2nd or 1st place, I can’t make up my mind. I do love the color and they worked the charmeuse quite well.
    The dress they made for Laura is simply awful, especially because it was made for her and it’s so wrong.The gold dress for Valerie is ugly and unflattering. This challenge had potential, but turned out to be one of the worst in recent memory.  I mean, even picking the least bad was difficult.

    • Laylalola

      It produced such underwhelming results and I’m not sure why.

  • Lilithcat

    I can’t agree about April’s dress.  The back is great, but from the front she looks as though they draped her in a bed sheet – a king-sized bed sheet at that.

    Valerie’s dress is way too heavy, and it makes her look heavy (and older).

    Laura’s just isn’t Laura.

  • BuffaloBarbara

    Please explain the love for the gray dress.  A lot of people have expressed it, and I’m honestly confused–the front if it looked weird and sloppy to me, and the back didn’t seem like anything special, either. I don’t think I’d be inclined to like it even after an explanation–it’s just not my style–but what is it that people like in it?

    • ASK26

      I thought it looked better from the back – but did NOT like the sleeves – thought the front looked sloppy and again disliked the dolman-y sleeves.    The flow-y shiny fabric was what I assumed was the attraction

    • Stubenville

      It looked pretty good in motion as I recall. And that fabric is supposed to be a total b*tch to work with… and unlike all the others but the winning dress (Kenley’s was NOT a gown and didn’t meet the brief IMHO), it actually flattered the wearer.

      • BuffaloBarbara

        Huh.  I didn’t think it was flattering, but maybe that’s looking at it too quickly in motion, and now in stills, where they got the weirdest angle possible in the front shot, making poor April look like her upper shelf is on two separate brackets.

        • Stubenville

          You may be right – I’ll have to try to catch the repeat and see if I still like it in motion. But I do think the color is flattering to April’s cray-cray hair!  =)

    • pippitypup

      There’s a couple of factors at play here. One, the charmeuse is glorious. It is also an absolute bitch to work with.

      Two, the effect it made in movement is striking and wonderful to behold. It seems as if liquid silver has somehow been contained in the shape of a dress, so that it is not static like Kenley’s navy blue or even Val’s gold dress, but alive in a way all its own. Paired with April’s purple hair and vaguely imperious look, you have an ethereal vision.

      Which lost to vintage frumpdom.

      • BuffaloBarbara

        The cloth is gorgeous.  I’ll definitely grant that.  As I can’t even sew denim without going crooked, I’ll take the word of sewing types that it’s very hard to work with.

        I guess I still don’t see the glory in it–what you see as fluid and lovely, I see as shapeless and drab.  But I appreciate the explanation.

        •  Anything that feels slippery when you touch it is a pain to work with — you put two slippery pieces together and they slide out of place constantly, leading to wonky seams.

          A lot of what there is to love is the fact that it is DESIGNED.  How many red carpet looks have you seen that were anything like this?  The sleeves, the draping, the fit — it’s all unusual.  Most of what we see on PR lately doesn’t fit that bill.

  • KathKo

    I saw the dresses’ pictures before I saw the episode so, when I saw April’s, my thought was “yikes ! fugly !”
    That outfit isn’t made for still pictures, because when I actually saw the episode, I literally gaped when April went down the runway.
    Watching Dmitri and Melissa play with the fabric and saying it was like water made me unslouch myself from my seat. I was like “Okay, now I want to actually see the garment move”
    I am astounded how nice and stunning it looked, moving on screen.
    Still, in picture it doesn’t look that nice.
    Well done, kids. You should have won this one.
    My feeling that Dmitry is one to watch on that season… And maybe Melissa, also, but for now she has note really picked my interest.
    Wait and see… 

  • KaileeM

    Totally agree about April’s dress. Looks like the winner, for sure. Not that I didn’t like Kenley’s dress, it just wasn’t as “red carpet” as the silver one.

    Oh, and Kelly Osbourne, take note. THIS is how you rock the lavender hair! I love the purple hair color on April!

  • JMansm

    Completely obsessed with April’s purple hair and that gown. Good job Dmitry and Melissa. 

  • Magpi

    I read Laura Bennett’s PR blog and she actually mentioned that her and April wanted to trade dresses, which would have made a lot of sense.

  • tired_mommy

    I wish in the 90 minutes of the show, they would have included each former designers feedback during judging–not just the two top/bottom.  I would have loved to hear Laura’s and April’s comments during  judging.

  • tired_mommy

    I kind of get the feeling they would have rather sent Kenley or Irina to the Emmy’s than April.  I was rooting for Valerie to be in the top 3 just because she looked so happy in her sparkly gown 🙂

    • dharmabum8

      Egggggahhhhhleee. *tm Casanova

  • I went back to examine the pics more closely, and it looks like Valerie is growing out a head full of gray roots?!?!?  Is that what you guys see, or is it just my monitor? She just seems too young for that much gray!

    •  If her natural color is as dark as she had it on the show, she’s not really that young for graying.  Really dark hair seems to go gray earlier — my mom has had a silver streak since she was 17 and my brother is probably 1/2 gray at 34.

  • TSkot

    Charmeuse is difficult to work with, yes, so kudos for a decent job with that, but the ties in the back are too short and it bunches oddly around her stomach in front.  Doesn’t work for me.

  • 3boysful

     April’s dress was the only unique one out there.  Shouldawon.

    I want to like Laura’s, and they did a much-better-than-I-expected (I was expecting Epic Fail) job, but with that awful hair, it has a whiff of Little House on the Prairie goes to the fancy dress barn dance.

    The gold one is boring, with the chevron insert as an attempt at a new and interesting “design.”

  • cleep1000

    I don’t know. I think April’s dress is wearing her, and not the other way around.

  • hearkentoit

    That’s Valerie? Is that just terrible pictures and a terrible dress? I remember Valerie being so, so much cuter.

  • indigospade

    I hate how they styled Val’s hair. Makes her look older

  • nancylee61

    Wow! As soon as I saw this pic right now, I thought “they totally got April right!” and the dress is very beautiful and very unique! I haven’t been watching, butnthismisma winner!

    And that dress makes the thin Laura look blowsy , so you know they did a crappy job designing and making it. It almost doesnt even look like Laura!

  • dharmabum8

    Team Charmeuse wuz robbed, and I don’t think April has ever looked prettier. I still think this is a case of the judges grading the real life models looks vs. the design work.

  • emcat8

    I’m not watching this season, just reading the TLo commentariat, but when I scrolled down, before I hit TLo’s comments, I thought, “that didn’t win?” Not only is that dress perfect for April, it shows off her hair magnificently, and truly looks like a red carpet dress. I’m gobsmacked it was ignored. 

    (And man, I want April’s hair. I just got my hair did for a convention I’m attending, and I went with ruby/burgundy with flame and violet streaks, but I was torn between April’s/Kelly Osbourne’s hair color and that. Kinda wishing I’d done that now; even though everyone seems to hate it.)

    • holdmewhileimnaked

      her hair is gorgeous.

    • HelenNPN

       For what its worth, I like it very much.

  • BuffaloBarbara

    Anyway, Laura honey, we luvya, but you should have pulled a knife out of your purse when they started giving you this hairstyle.

    Agreed there.  I guess she wasn’t given much choice (any more than Mila was with the silly ponytail), but I’d have loved to see footage of her actual reaction.  I remember being a bridesmaid once and telling the hair stylist the bride hired, “Just make sure to leave some loose, because I look terrible in a total updo.”  What she ended up doing to me… I think I’d have rather had Laura’s style.  But I couldn’t pitch a fit because the bride was nervous enough already.  All of which is to say, I really felt for Laura being subjected to that hairstyle.

    • Lisa_Cop

      In the extended judging on Lifetime online, the judges blamed Mila, not the designers, for coming out in such a bad look. They felt she could have said “no” at any point and steered the designers in a better way.

  • Samantha Irene

    Thank you! I was so shocked that the dress for April wasn’t in the top 3 – and didn’t in fact win.

  • marilyn

    Laura’s dress should have been worn by someone much younger.  It did not flatter her, nor did the hairstyle.  Valerie is thick through the middle, so her dress did not flatter her at all.  April’s dress should have been worn by Helen Mirren, or someone else over 70.  I see April has got a headstart on old age with the pink/purple hair.  That dress did not flatter her at all.  If she wants to be edgy, she should be wearing black, not silver.   

    • VivianAdvanced

      I read in Laura Bennett’s Lifetime blog that she and April loved each other’s dresses and wished they could trade. But the assignment was to use the color of the product-placement Lexus vehicles. Dimitri and Melissa’s car was silver; hence, the dress had to be silver, and as I recall, they had a heck of a time finding a suitable fabric. I felt that they deserved the win because they came up with the best design for the assigned project. I actually liked Ven and Fabio’s dress better (I personally don’t like metallics), but Dimitry and Melissa solved the problems they were given. I couldn’t see why Ven and Fabio didn’t make the skirt of Kenley’s into a longer, 50’s-style evening gown with lots of pouffy petticoats underneath, thereby satisfying her vintage preference and giving it the red-carpet look necessary.

      • Sweetbetty

         “I couldn’t see why Ven and Fabio didn’t make the skirt of Kenley’s into a
        longer, 50’s-style evening gown with lots of pouffy petticoats

        Yes, Kenley stressed that she *loved* tulle and I didn’t see any sign of tulle on that dress, unless it was used as a petti under the skirt.  Since she mentioned it, though, I’d have let it show, if just peeking out from underneath.

      •  Yeah, that didn’t make sense to me either — her dress could have been turned into a gown relatively easily.

  • Amy Ennis

    Comparing it to all of the others, the silver was the best. This was the first episode I can recall where everything that went down the runway looked like ass. I couldn’t believe how far off the mark everyone was except for Dmitry and Melissa. Of course, I’m already in love with Dmitry, but…

  • l_c_ann

    April’s dress looks as if money went into the fabric purchase.  Too many of the others look as if they all had to split $300 seven ways and bought lining instead of dress fabrics.

  • Amy Ennis

    I’m reading over everyone’s comments, and I have to wonder…do you guys think they gave Ven the win specifically so they could justify more Kenley air time? And if they did, why? It boggles the mind. 

    • holdmewhileimnaked

      yr not asking me but i will give you my answer: absolutely. but only partially too–i think, regardless of how they played it, they made certain kenley was paired w/ ven cos theyre on a prescribed ven kick right now. when or how or by precisely who this was imposed i dont know, nor do i know how long it’s gonna last. but none of it’s by chance, all of it’s according to whoever’s running the show & very little of any of what happens thereupon that show has to do w/ anything else.

  • Trisha26

    How much do I hate April’s gown? A LOT. The others are worse, but her dour expression, blah hair, the extra droopy fabric, she looks like a very unhappy denizen of the hereafter. 

  • guest2visits

    Thought Laura’s gown was at the bottom of the middle group, unfortunately. I would have loved to have seen her dressed in
    something even half as beautiful as the things she created for her season of PR. I didn’t mind the different hair-do.
     Also to her credit she seemed to assist and give un-snooty input and direction to her very-opposites design team.
    I liked the way the Dimitri/Melissa team approached April’s hair and aesthetics; even though I can’t see April designing this herself –
    it really looked nice on her. I especially liked the very classic back. But I thought Valerie’s was even prettier, and that it actually
    fit her very well. As nice as those two dresses were; I still preferred Ven and Fabio’s, even though it wasn’t standard RC, had what
    looked like a couple of sewing flubs, – I loved the style, the color. It would have made sense however, if any of these 3 (April,
    Valerie, or Kenley) had won the challenge.

  • Miranda Prince

    I’m sorry, I have to say this YET again, regarding April’s dress. BRA, BRA, BRA, BRA, BRA, BRA! They do make bras that can be worn with open-backed dresses, ya know. Even some of those stick-on things would be better than just letting the girls bounce.

    • CozyCat

      Yes!  I think some of the fit issues with April’s dress are the result of (ahem!) lack of proper undergarments.  I keep imagining Rachel Zoe’s team with their magic bag of lifters and shapers making sure that dress looked just right.

  • I was screaming at the tv when April’s didn’t win…

  • ziarah

    Valerie’s dress might not have been unique, but she looked so happy in it, it almost made me cry. 

  • quiltrx

    April’s is really pretty.  I wish they had done a bit more with her hair, but she looks great overall.

    The combination of Laura’s hairstyle and the neckline make her look very lantern-jawed–not flattering.

    And Valerie’s isn’t bad, but it’s doing nothing for her.

  • jjfg

    April is shutting it down in that second photo.  They really did do a nice job with her, and I was surprised she wasn’t at the top. 

    However, the gold number – she looks like upholstery.  And agreed, it doesn’t do a damned thing for her.

  • Sweetvegan

    Yes – *loved* April’s dress!!!

  • Lisa

    April’s dress should have absolutely won!  Comrade Snape is quite the dark horse, isn’t he?  

    And full on confession – anyone else crushing on the Comrade?  Just me?  This show does it to me every season – EVERY season, without fail.  I wind up with a wicked crush on some dude who bats for the other team!  Austin, Daniel V., Emmett,  Jack Mackenroth, and now Snape.  It’s ridiculously unfair. 

    • Sweetbetty

       My only crush was on Seth Aaron and he was married 🙁

      • Lisa

        Yes!  Seth Aaron was pretty much the only straight PR crush I’ve happened upon for myself!

    • HelenNPN

       I don’t think any indication has really been given on who Snapes bats for at all…or is it pitches?  I get a hetero radar reading from him.

  • holdmewhileimnaked

    i dont know laura at all &, in fact, have probably watched much less of her season than a lot of people here–but i know her glorious, beautiful, sophisticated, & exceptionally well-executed work. all anyone would need to do to understand that this dress, while not terribly bad, is just not her style would be to have a nanosmidgen’s worth of familiarity w/ the stuff she made for the program. i would think–i would hope–that the people who desire so much to be on this program that they go through all the rigamarole of applying & then play the game all the way down through their own final PR personality redistrifurbification, anyway, i’d think they should & would be at least knowledgeable about what came down this rocky rocky road before them.

    not that it would make any difference in the outcome, of course, but it would make a difference to the people watching what they create. i dont know who’d hire either of these folks to make anything that required skills of either observation or design after seeing what they made here. & yes, the real topper is the real topper: that hair. which belongs on nobody nowhere but certainly not on laura, here. she does a way way better job doing her hair herself.

    i believe i already said somewhere that dmitry shouldve won this; shouldve won, i think, last week; maybe shouldve won the week before, & probably should win the whole kaboodle [at least based on what’s so far been shown]. i’m sticking to my very guns, not that that means anything. redux.

    did not recognize valerie until people here began to talk about her in context. either she’s had a couple years as awful as the couple years i’ve had or the people who made her dress were even less able to take their client into consideration than were laura’s design team. people! there dont seem to be any fancy underclothes available [dont ask me why] so you gotta take what a person’s gonna look like w/o them into into consideration! ach, poor valerie. if i’m remembering correctly, i remember her comforting the guy w/ the cleavage & the vegas gold garments. she deserved better.

    edited for grammar & weariness.

    •  I don’t understand why you wouldn’t watch everything you could find from PR — including the clips up on Lifetime’s site.  I always watch the extended judging clips, just in case I ever do apply.  You have the same 3 people every week determining your fate; if you can please them, the guest judge doesn’t matter much.  Why wouldn’t you study them and what their likes and dislikes are?

    • Sweetbetty

       ” there doesnt seem to be a single stitch of fancy underclothing
      available [dont ask me why] so you gotta take what a person’s gonna look
      like w/o it into into consideration!”

      In Laura’s blog she said that she and April made a late-night run to buy some spanx after they saw themselves in their gowns the night before the runway show.  Valerie should have gone along and April should have picked up something to support the girls that could have been worn under her gown.

  • I am still – nearly a week later – still so stunned that this dress wasn’t even in the top three when, like TLo, I thought it should have won. It was the most original design and it was so well executed and suited her to a T. weeping….weeping…

  • PeaceBang

    YIKES. ALL of these lovely ladies would have done their designers a great favor by standing up straight. Laura’s dress is lovely but that hair is really destroying the look. The gold dress on — Sonja, is it? With messy hair, bad posture and thick, unflattering fabric… not impressive. April’s dress is so close to rocking but the terrible fit issues around the chest are very distracting to me. Still, I think it’s a lot more interesting and successful than the winning look.

    • holdmewhileimnaked

      believe it or not i think it’s valerie from only a couple seasons ago. you know: young, perky, lively valerie?

  • Ok, FIRST OF ALL, this is mostly 1,000% ugh with April’s baggy gut dress topping them all (not saying much at all) in suitability to the wearer (I don’t count Kenley’s because it’s Kenley ok? ok).  Sooooo not watching this season and these posts just confirm that yes, I am done giving PR/BM/LT my viewership.  

    Also, am I wrong in remembering the posts making it all the way til Wednesday in previous seasons?  I remember getting a steady stream of stuff to comment on at the beginning of the season when there are a ton of contestants, but now it seems as if our beloved TLo are trying to get through the muck as fast as possible.  Thank you for braving the dumpster that is now Project Runway, T & Lo.  I wouldn’t have it in me to give all the PUFs & BKs the inimitable, charm-filled bitchery you rain on this now-tragic crap parade, thus imbuing it with the only scrap of virtue it retains. Also, Valerie looks like Mother Gothel from Tangled before Rapunzel sings the healing incantation.  How did this happen? 

  • bitterk

    Dmitry and MaryKateAshley deserved a top three spot as this dress was infinitely more interesting than the gunnar/kooan vegas wedding dress.  I love that they didn’t go with black.  I suspect the fit was the issue with the judges.  Something around the boobs is off.  Also, would it have killed April to smile?  Kenley sold her dress 100%. 

  • SapphoPoet

    Just got around to watching the episode. Wow–what a train wreak. Anyway, I thought April’s dress should have won. It was beautifully made, interesting to look at, Emmy-worthy, and suited the client perfectly. 

    I think I’m watching a different show than the judges.  

  • I thought the sleeves on April’s dress were a matronly length and broadening since they hit right where the horizontal design line on the body did. It would have been a much more flattering, slimming dress with a cap length sleeve that allowed the flesh of her arms to show.

  • Vodeeodoe

    I’m just hoping none of the girls have to wear any of those dresses to the Emmy’s if they don’t want to. Dmitry’s was the only one that came close, but I haven’t been loving very many of the designs on the show so far. The winning dress looked more like something you wear to a tea party or baby shower. Poor Mila and Laura! Also, are cap sleeves really in right now or something? I hate those things.

  • Kathleen Gillies

    Did no one watch PR Laura’s season?  Girl is all about the bare chest.  That high necked pleated mess made her head look huge.

  • HelenNPN

     I thought it was gorgeous, sci fi meets 30’s screen siren. 

  • JudgesBeDamned

    I completely agree. April’s dress should have won. Hands down. Not a navy blue church dress. Ugh. Judging.

  • fashionzombie

    I agree re: April’s hair and makeup. Not only that, I thought the styling for the runway was great. I know other people thought it was too casual, but I thought it looked great.

  • fashionzombie

    wtf? So then they should have kicked Mila off. Again.

  • bethannstamps

    April’s look was amazinginly well done with that fabric. Laura should have just flat out said there was no way they were going to do that to her, she looks like a really pissed off headmistress/gym teacher. and the dress made her look BIG. and that sequin thing was blah.

  • Given the time constraints (even for PR), April’s came the closest to fulfilling the brief: it’s elegant, modern yet with a nod to old Hollywood, and suits her.  The fit is not quite there but you can see where they were going with it and this dress was many times more ambitious than Kenley’s well-made cocktail retro number.  As far as Laura’s, they really did a number on her with the styling…just awful!  (Actually she and April should’ve switched dresses.)  The gold number has an energy to it but is expected and has some fit issues.  Overall you have to love B/M’s sense of humor: create a couture gown(!) in less than 24hrs.  Impossible, but good tv.

  • ZnSD

    AGREED! The silk charmeuse should’ve won for Miss April, dammit! Love Ven, but COME ON! I’ve liked Dmitry from the start and the last two episodes have just shown that he’s the “dark horse” in the running, definitely. Poor Laura had to wear that, ugh. Almost as awful as poor Mila! I just about died.

  • In Laura’s blog she said that she wanted to wear April’s dress and April wanted to wear hers. I can see that.

  • fashionablylate

    Dmitry, Melissa and April – great collaboration, great dress. I would’ve been on board with them winning, though I was not disappointed with the winner – loved Kenley’s dress.

  • Allison Woods

    That silver dress….at first I was all meh on it, and honestly, there are some fit issues around the hips…. but it’s really gown on me and it’s interesting as hell.

    I like what they did with her hair too, which is a bit of a trainwreck. Yep, I like this a lot more than the white dress or the Kenley dress.

  • Ksbw5

    I really feel like Dmitry is the dark horse of the season. I find him a bit prickly in personality (so what.), but let me just say something from last episode: One seam. And his gumball dress was terrific. He is doing some special things.

  • George Mortimer

    I was DISGUSTED to see that April’s dress didn’t win. I was enjoying the season so far up until this point, then I was like fuck me, the judges have taken up the crack-smoking again! Grrrr.