PR: The Tracks of My Tears

Posted on August 10, 2012

And now, a melodrama, in three acts.

ACT 1: The Michael Kors flagship store, morning.


“Designers, welcome to the flagship store of Michael Kors!”

“Hi guys. Stay on the rug, please.”


“Designers, before we tell you about your next challenge, we have to tell you that Andrea bolted in the middle of the night without making her bed– ”


” — and has left the competition. Without making her bed! But Designers, DON’T WORRY; SHE’S FINE.”



“Designers, we rang her doorbell but she set some pitbulls loose on our producers, so we’re probably not going to get an explanation. Thankfully, designers, she wasn’t kidnapped in the middle of the night, like we originally hoped. THOUGHT! Like we originally thought, designers. But I know you can all pull together, designers! This will be tough for you all. I can only imagine the intense emotional pain you’re all feeling right now, but it’s time to, as I like to say, “MAKE I–”


“Well. Carry on, then. Designers.”


Act 2: The Parsons Workroom, later that same morning.


“Designers, gather ’round. I think you need some of my gentle, prodding love right now.”


“Tim, can I say something right now?”

“Well, actually, I wanted to  –”


“I’m happy. I’m a good designer. I’m leaving.”



Excuse me, I have to have a hasty, whispered meeting out in the hallway. Designers, say your final goodbyes to Kooan.”


“I – I’ll never get a chance to love him the way he really deserved to be loved.”

“I’ve never known a man as great, as strong, and as morally upright as you, Kooan.”


“Kooan, I’ve only known you a week at most, but I feel like someone just shot my grandmother in the face! I – I don’t know if I can go on.”


“Keep going, Kooan. You just keep going until you see mountains, and then you climb right over those mountains until you reach FREEDOM.”

“I’m taking emotional comfort from your body, Fabio.”

“Yeah, I saw that.”




“HA! Rein it in, you little narcissists. You’re going to be forced to attend parties and make public appearances with each other for the next 9 months at least.”


Act 3: The Parsons Workroom, even later that morning.


“Look, I know this morning’s been shot to hell, but can I have your attention one more time?”


“Kooan, really. You need to go now. Have some dignity. AND MAKE YOUR BED BEFORE YOU LEAVE. We’re not barbarians here.”


“Anyway, with Kooan finally gone, we can spread rumors in the press that he left because he was mentally unstable, not because he had too much self-regard to whore himself out for a measly hundred grand. Thankfully, we have someone who IS willing to do that. Welcome back, Raul!”


“It was a mistake! Someone else was supposed to go home instead of me! They never got to see what I could really do!

Can you guys lend me some fabric or something?”


“Forty minutes wasted on this bullshit when I could be drawing roses or draping. Human emotions are so strange to me.”


ANNNNNND Scene. That about says it all about these crackheads, wouldn’t you say?


Sonjia Williams

So congratulations, Tootie! We knew you were going to win one soon. We could smell it.

It’s a great design and a wonderful way to showcase her skillset. The dictates of the challenge were ridiculously vague (“On the go!”), but somehow she sussed out what the judges wanted to see here. And while the challenge wasn’t strictly workwear to evening wear, that’s how pretty much everyone interpreted it. Personally, we think this looks pretty showy and impractical for workwear, but we’re not the judges, who are the only people who know what the hell the challenge is about – and even then, the three of them never agree. We love how clingy and sexy this dress is, but we think it might be a bit overdone, to the point that it looks like she’s suffering from a massive case of static cling. And it’s so … lumpy. She’s got a big twisted lump of fabric at her shoulder, a flouncy lump of fabric at her hip, and a bunch of criss-crossed fabric at her back. It looks great, but we imagine it’s annoying to sit down.


Buffi Jashanmal

And, right on schedule, it’s Auf Wiedersehen to Buffi! Which is kind of a shame because we were just starting to like her.

The funny thing about this look is … well, everything. But the one we’re going to point out is that this really does look like something Buffi would wear. She might have saved herself if she’d styled the model to look more like her and come up with an energetic and funny pitch about her, going through her day on Project Runway, wearing this dress.

Not that we’re defending this shmatta – and never was that word more appropriately used – just that it was obvious the judges wanted to keep her in because of her personality, but she couldn’t even give them that on the runway.

She knew she had something indefensible. What she didn’t realize is that how you defend your work can sometimes push the judges one way or another in their decision-making. Maybe she was just burnt out after watching designers drop dead left and right. But we kinda don’t think so. She really wanted to stay, she just couldn’t give the judges what they wanted – in more ways than one.


[Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke for – Stills:]

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  • I’m glad Squiggy is back just so I can use the word Squiggy more, but yeah; what a clusterfuck last night. At least I agreed with the win for a change (and the top 3, for that matter).

    • JosephLamour

      His egg timer bang! It drives me banana sandwich. Even more than that self esteem trainwreck last night.

  • Too much black in everyone’s looks. I loved Tim’s ties and shirts for both days. So colorful! The designers need to get a clue. 

    Why did Christopher’s room have a bowl of decorative urinal cakes?

    Damn you, Kooan, you quitter! And with Buffi gone too, is there anyone left in the workroom who is actually fun? Or is it just full of all the dour, grumpy people?

    Fabio and his dimebag around his neck. Ha!

    • Vickiefantastico

      What are the ropes all about?

    • Tawreos

       “Why did Christopher’s room have a bowl of decorative urinal cakes?”

      I was wondering the same thing!

  • I would have preferred Dmitri’s effort for the win. It was classy, easy to wear, and could flawlessly transition from a meeting to a dance floor.  Sonjia’s dress, for all its charms, had one thing that KILLED it for me.  Under the right breast, the fabric just hangs limply, pooching out, and flopping around.  It was a major fit issue which should have been addressed.

    Buffy.  Really girl?  What crack were you on?

    • Judy_S

       Yeah, that bunching under the right breast was a defect. I guess it had to do with engineering the knot, but it was distracting. I thought it would cost her the win, really.

      •  And looking at the dress again, during the runway segment, it had a similar problem on the back, on the opposing side. Plus, honestly, that dress does not say, “work appropriate” to me in the slightest.

        • ballerinawithagun

          Yes, the bunching was a definite issue and nobody brought up the undergarment issues for that dress to be worn during the day. Yuck.

          •  Hadn’t thought that one through, but you’re right. How does one wear a bra with that when there is that one sided peekaboo spot at the shoulder? And panties are gonna show through that thin knit like crazy.

          •  You wear a strapless that doesn’t come that high, and you do seamless, nude underwear and bra.

          • Here’s a concept–how about a slip? The right one hides the underwear, gives a smooth line and reduces static cling.

            Things often drop from use because fashions change and they are no longer needed, such as girdles and slips in the ’70s when skirts became loose and flowy. Well, now fitted dresses and skirts are back and slips need to reappear, just like girdles (Spanx) have.

          • madamovary

            I got all excited reading your comment because recently, I started making great use out of half slips saved from the beginning of time – in the summer, when the mere thought of spanx gives me a yeast infection, a regular old half slip smooths everything out perfectly!  GO SLIPS!!!  

          • adnama79

            I wish I hadn’t gotten rid of all my half slips.

          • Sara__B

            “Old lady” catalogs and websites still sell them. Try one like National (shopnational), Old Pueblo Traders, or Vermont Country Store.

          • adnama79

            OMG, Vermont Country Store has COTTON slips!  Bless you, Sara_B!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            (I’ve been using crappy cheap skirts as slips for the last decade – this will be better.)

          • Sweetbetty

             Check out those places for long-legged knit cotton underpants too.  Very comfortable to wear under skirts in the hot, sweaty summer if you have thunder thighs like mine.

          • Maggie Muellner

            or buy vintage.

          • DottyMantooth

            Your entire body shows through like crazy! Truly, am I nuts, or was that thing completely transparent? Especially when backlit going down the runway?

          • littlemac8

            You are NOT NUTS.  When I saw it backlit I gasped a little.  Transparency is one thing in financial dealings but not in your clothes when you’re at work!  

          • adnama79


          • tignor

            No, you aren’t crazy. I noticed how sheer it was right when she was leaving. And the bunching. I thought the twist idea was neat, but didn’t think it was executed well at all. Actually, I didn’t like most of the outfits last night. I think I liked Melissa’s the best but I wish she had just removed one layer-there were way too many.

            As for undergarment-friendly — at least 3 of the outfits shown last night you couldn’t wear a bra with. 2 of them had the entire back out. Because, yeah, when I’m traveling or wearing an outfit all day I want a cold back and I don’t want to even think of wearing a bra.

          • adnama79

            Dmitri’s poor model – you could just about make out the areola.

          • TheOriginalLulu

            Definitely. It reminded me of the shot that photographers got of Lady Diana so many years ago, standing in the sunlight in a light colored skirt and she wasn’t wearing a slip.

          • DottyMantooth

             Ah, bless you guys!  It was one thing when they judges (lamentably) didn’t bother saying anything about it, but then when T&Lo didn’t call Tootie out, I began to reevaluate my own teeth gnashing last night.  And it’s really quite incredible to me that the dress manages to look opaque in the still shots.

          • Amy Ellinger

            Nope, no crazy for you.  Tootie showed the model’s Tootie.

          • adnama79

            I had a shirt with a side keyhole like that and a regular bra worked with it.  Anyway, bra concerns are for PR All Stars, not this version.

        • adnama79

          I think hers was work appropriate, barely, since she shortened the flounce and did it in gray.  Christopher’s, on the other hand, was waaaaay to evening for all the praise it got. 

      • And they didn’t mention it AT ALL. I think that dress would have looked fine without the flounce on the hip (sure, a gather, but leave the flounce off) and maybe a slightly heavier weight knit. I don’t like the way the hem looks tissue-ey walking. Engineering the knot taken one step further would include taking a small tuck when you put that dress on the model and saw the flappy bit there. It was just a silly oversight, whereas Snape brought perfection, albeit in a bo-ring color.

    • Hermione_Granger

      I would have picked Snape for the win, too. That was a great dress.

      • Snape…such a great nickname for him. Love it! 

        • :)

          I have been calling him Vladimir since Day 1, and it always surprises me when that’s not his real name!

      • madamovary

        Snape!!!  PERFECT

        • bitterk

          I’m thinking slitherin.  he’s talented but evil.  would love to see him and vin in the finals.  

    • TheOriginalLulu

      Agreed. I do think Sonjia’s was pretty, but they raved about how well made Dmitri’s dress was made and how perfectly it fit her, but then gave the win to an equally pretty dress that wasn’t nearly as well made. I think it all came down to the Guest Judge, who really wanted to wear Sonjia’s dress, so they had to give her the win.

      Speaking of guest judges, I want Rachel Roy to become a permanent member of the judges panel. She gave more helpful advice and constructive feedback in one episode than the regular judges give all season.

      • I would be happy to jettison the Duchess in favor of Rachel’s far more well considered critiques.

        • TheOriginalLulu

          Absolutely. Especially since he recycles his snarky comments way too much for my taste. As far as I’m concered, if you’re the Designated Snarky Queen, you need to work on keeping your material fresh.

        • TheOriginalLulu

          Absolutely. Especially since he recycles his snarky comments way too much for my taste. As far as I’m concered, if you’re the Designated Snarky Queen, you need to work on keeping your material fresh.

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          I really appreciated the way in which Rachel gave the designer some constuctive criticism that they could actually take with them and consider for their future work. What a concept!

          • H3ff

            I find she also has such a comforting, soothing voice! Her soft S’s calm my nerves.

        • madamovary

          Yep, she wasn’t trying to look quippy and clever – her critiques were dead-on.  I was kind of cringing looking at Buffi’s face as the Duchess went off on her…it was a bit too much giggling at her expense.

          • I thought that their out right laughter at her expense was needless, tasteless, and totally unprofessional.

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            One of the aspects of the current PR that I really dislike is the meanness of the judges;even if their comments are being taken out of context by the Bunim-Murray editing gremlins there seems to be a propensity to pile on for the sake of a usable sound bite, with little regard for the fact that the designers are actual human beings.

          • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

            Which is totally business as usual for the Duchess and the regular judges anymore – their sound bites are seemingly much more important than respecting and being professional to the designers.  I blame B/M and Heidi for that.  It isn’t fun to watch, at all.

        • formerlyAnon

           Oh, I’ve become fond of MK, despite how he seems to “judge” by rote these days. I’d miss the odd chemistry he seems to have with Heidi and Nina – one of my musings while I’m bored with the show is to imagine them as a trio of middle school girls and try to figure who truly likes whom, who’s being fake(st) and what do any two say about the third when gossiping.

          None of which belies the fact that Ms. Roy was a far better judge.

          • I can absolutely see the three of them huddled together in the hallway, devising some nasty plan to embarrass the “smart girl” in class.

      • madamovary

        Great point – Rachel gave them real feedback they could use in a concrete way.

        • TheOriginalLulu

          I gained a lot of respect for her. It was obvious that she took her role as a judge seriously and was far more interested in utilizing her time there to try and help the designers with the benefit of her knowledge and experience than in being clique-y with the other judges and joining in their point-and-laugh routine. I got the sense that the contestants appreciated her comments too.

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            I recently bough the Project Runway book and it includes a short interview with Rachel Roy and she specifically said that whenever she has to tell a designer something negative about their design that she also tries to include comments about how they could correct whatever problem that she’s pointed out.

      • H3ff

        I LOVED the awkward indifference of Sonjia when Hayden Panatierre told her she wanted to have her dress. I don’t think she even knew who she was.

      • adnama79

        In addition to Roy rocking the panel, I thought Paniettere did a pretty good job of constructive feedback for a teenaged actress. (Or is she 20 yet?)

      • fashionzombie

        Agree! When I saw the line up for the judges, I said, “Rachel Roy! I always love her critiques!” And I continued to feel that way during the episode. I love having designers on as judges, but she in particular is excellent.

    • bluefish

      Dmitri should have won this one. 

      • madamovary

        You are probably right but why does that guy frighten me so much?  I want to stick him in the sun and give him a sandwich!!!

        • bluefish

          We’re talking NYC here!  He looks about right.  I am still trying to figure out all the horrific tatoos — scalp tatoos now? — What is that? — and horrific gelled hairdos.  Dmitry looks like a reg.hum. at least. Winking at you.  Russians guys are great too. He’d love being stuck in the sun and fed a sandwich by you — You’d not be able to get rid of him for a few weeks!

    •  Yes!  Thank you!  I was beginning to worry that I needed to call my neurologist and tell her I was clearly seeing things, because no one seemed to notice that the fit was off in more than one spot on that dress!  There was one spot on the back, right under where it wrapped over the other side, that was off too.

      • It was the first thing I saw. There were places on both the front and back, where the frantic had not been controlled at all.

        •  I could understand giving her points for concept, and even giving her the win — but to not even see them?  How is that possible?

    • The chest flap was driving me nuts from the moment the model started to walk.  I tried to look at the dress as a whole, but it was the only thing I could look at.

    • GillianHolroyd

      Sonjia’s looked twisted and tortured, not effortless like Dmitri’s ONE SEAM design. If he’d made it in winter-white jersey though…

      • meowing

        Winter white would have been stunning, and I don’t use that word often.  Plus:  1 seam!!

      • If he’d made it in white, I’d be having a majorly covetous moment.

    • TheDivineMissAnn

       I was rooting for Dimitri’s dress too – a different color would have gotten him the win, I bet.

      This will probably show my age, but Sonjia’s model should have been wearing a slip.  Every time she did that Wonder Woman pose you could see the silhouette of her legs and *gasp* other things.  Mum always told me to wear a slip if a skirt did not have a lining.

      • madamovary

        Yes, SLIPS!!!!

    • dear_sweetlings

       I’m glad people actually did notice that weird pooch under the right breast, I kept waiting for the judges to mention it and then they said nothing about it and I was sat there going ‘Seriously? You’re not gonna mention that giant weird lump?’

    • KathKo

      But, Miss Klum wouldn’t have agreed to give him the win : too conservative, not sexy enough.
      Dmitri’s was actually wearable at the office, happy time and dancing at the club.

    • DCSheehan

      Praise the sewing lords for concurring opinions, that droopy boob bit killed me!  How on earth did it win with that big hunk of fabric just flopping around like that?  Can we assume that part will be fixed before Hayden P wears it on the red carpet?  Or do we suspect that little imp ran backstage and tore it off the model?  

      Snape’s dress was stunning.  I don’t know why they didn’t think it was sexy – it fit the model in all the right places and it had a cutout back!

      Buffi needs to learn that you can be as quirky as you like, but you still gotta sew straight.  That hem looked drunken.

  • Can we please talk about Gunner’s neck beard??????

  • Sounds like I picked the right night to miss the drama.  I’m sad Frokemon is gone, and now there is even less reason to watch with Buffi gone too.  Tootie’s dress is quite pretty. 

    • My 10-year old was so sad about Buffi leaving. Of course, this is the same child who told me this week “I think glitter is the new black”, so I see the appeal.

      • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

        “I think glitter is the new black”.  Your child is obviously a genius.  I want that quote on a T-shirt.  In glitter, of course.  🙂

        • And I’ll print this quote from her: “Project Runway Season 10: The Best Project Runway Ever!!!..since Project Runway Season 9”

          • madamovary

            Can I add a cute comment from my daughter who is obsessed with glitter, although it has nothing to do with PR?  “Mommy, you have such a pretty neck…it looks just like a turtle’s.”  Then she attempted to smooth out my 47 year old flesh.

      • BuffaloBarbara

         I can see the appeal.  I think she’d do great with children’s and junior lines, for the wacky kid on the go.  Not in what she made last night, but in other things.

    • madamovary

      My 9 year old daughter saw where Frokemon was going and she just threw up her hands when Buffi was auf’d and said, “There is no reason to watch this show.”

  • I really do like the winning garment (excuse me if I can’t muster up the enthusiasm to remember their names).  However, I do believe it would’ve been better without the criss-crossing on the back.

    TLo, I do adore y’all.  I don’t even bother to watch the actual show anymore.  Your recaps are MUCH more entertaining.

  • Wendy Wetzel

    As I watched this episode, I knew you would have a field day with it.   Such drama, such screenshots!  Buffy and her ego will not be missed….  Anya-wannabe that she was.  She was overdue for an Auf.     

    • zelavie

      Anya WISHES she was as awesome as Buffi!  If you want to see ego, watch Ven.  Buffi’s attitude is just being 100% true to who she is.

    • I really will miss Buffi’s voice and accent. I loved listening to her speak.

    • Yeah, I’m with you. Buffi and Anya have a ton in common: narrow aesthetic, bad sewing skills, reliance on fabric to do the heavy lifting for their clothes, haircut, cute accents, perfectly fine personality. I didn’t really get annoyed with Anya until she started winning for no good reason. I’m glad Buffi is gone before I could feel that way about her.

  • Violina23

    I love how they edited it to seem as if the contestants had NO CLUE that Andrea was gone until Tim showed up at Michael Kors and brought it to their attention that she had left.

    I know it matters little on a show like this, but I liked how Sonjia’s dress looked like it could be flattering on pretty much any shape woman. Same is [partially] true for Demitry & Chris’s as well. Buffi wins points for her smackdown of Chris, who I still find endearing despite the desperation of trying to remain on everyone’s good side [which I relate to]. Dude, it’s a stress-inducing reality show TV competition. Not everyone is going to like you. Relax.My husband was watching with me, saw Gunnar, and said “If he was a gremlin his name would be ‘Stripe'”. Maybe because it was so random, it completely cracked me up.

    • dress_up_doll

      I do love an ’80’s reference. Loved Stripe! He was the badass Gremlin who wreaked so much havoc. It’s hilarious how Gunnar does resemble him.

    • Call me Bee

      Your husband is absolutley right!  Stripe was the one causing grief, and Gunnar does look much like him!  

    • Terrie_S

      Gunnar was so self-satisfied when Raul had trouble with his pants. Yuck. I’m starting to think of Christopher and Gunnar as the Good Twink and the Evil Twink. 

      • I’m somewhat with you on that one Terrie_S, but I’m with Gunnar on this one.  I literally can’t stand Raul.  I mean, I was glad he got a 2nd shot, cause I really couldn’t see what he could do.  THEN, he comes in and starts talking smack: “well, it was a mistake that i went.  We all know who doesn’t have talent…and it’s NOT ME!”  he finally gets a challenge he can do ANYTHING with, and it literally was just as bad as Buffi’s.  He should have been Auf-ed agian.  His styling was the worst EVER and they even gave him extra time to catch up to the designers.  I agree with Ven — Raul is all talk and no walk.

        • Terrie_S

          I could have dealt with an eye roll or are sarcastic comment on Raul, but Gunnar has a smirk like someone was giving him a handjob outside the shot.

          • formerlyAnon

            “[he] has a smirk like someone was giving him a handjob outside the shot”

            Sweet jesus, but it makes me sad that I can imagine no way to work this into a conversation!

    • mhleta

      “I love how they edited it to seem as if the contestants had NO CLUE that Andrea was gone until Tim showed up at Michael Kors and brought it to their attention that she had left.”  Excellent point. Andrea and Melissa surely had a tete a tete before Andrea skulked off into the night. I’m sure Melissa knew more than she (or the editors) let on. 

  • greyhoundgirl

    Love Buffi’s personality and outlook but she did have to go, though I would have been happy with Raoul leaving instead (different post, I know).  And for once, I agreed with all of the top three picks.

  • Sobaika

    Buffi and Kooan were my favorites, personality-wise. This season just got a whole lot less interesting.

  • Judy_S

    Perhaps Kooan was discouraged by the fact that nobody learned to say his name correctly. The only time he really seemed like an attractive adult male (male adult, attractive? attractive male, adult?) was when he was leaving.  I will miss him, particularly because we can’t say Frokemon any more, but also because I wanted to see more of his stuff.

    •  He has a really important aesthetic, which is HUGE in Japan.  And he was brought on PR, clearly, to be the quirky, wacky, crazy boy designer, who gets auffed.  He chose to leave before that ignominious end.  I wish I had gotten to see more of his work, and more of his sweetly childlike outlook.

      • Agreed. I think that he had such a really unique, fresh fashion perspective that I would have loved to see more from him. Plus, he’s so adorable that I just wanted to take him home and keep him as a pet!

        ETA: I seriously doubt that he would have won, but his perspective would have been a welcome addition to the runway, where so many designers’ looks are so painfully unoriginal. Nice, but unoriginal.

      • mhleta

        Apart from the candy challenge, none of these challenges are remotely in Kooan’s wheelhouse. How on earth does a guy who designs for tweeked-out Japanese teenagers come up with an outfit for a business woman on the go? It’s not his thing. Nor is the red carpet. I feel like he was set up for failure and I don’t blame him for feeling utterly dejected about the entire experience. Sweet, quirky little Koo Koo Kooan, fly away to your nutty universe where everything is fuzzy neon and corduroy. We will miss you.

  • Hahaha! You guys are the BEST! Hilarious and tragically accurate summary of the melodrama portion of this show. How could anyone get attached to a stranger in a week enough to cry like that. As much as I dislike Ven’s pompousness, I appreciated a realistic emotional response.

    The clothes are really becoming an afterthought now, aren’t they. Win and auf are fine. Tootie’s cool. I like Buffi as a person, and respect her POV, but this wasn’t a good expression of it. Too bad. She was fun.

  • janierainie

    I hated to see Frokeman go, but whatevs. I certainly can’t work up tears about him, even though I probably knew him nearly as well as the designers. What are they doing to these people?

    I agree with the top three this week, but the clothes really reflect the dreary mood in the work room don’t they? Except for Buffy, and look what happened to her.

    I thought the critiques by the judges were way more interesting to listen to this week. It seemed like they were being more constructive. Not particularly the blonde guest, but everyone else. (of course MK had to get snarky with Buffy)

    • I was particularly impressed with Rachel Roy’s critiques. She was clear, honest, fair, and addressed the actual issues with each effort, rather than going the Duchess’ route of pointless, and vague snarkiness.  That she saw right off that Raul had gone over the top with his ambition in the challenge was totally on point.

      • janierainie

        She (Rachel Roy) was a breath of fresh professional air wasn’t she?

      • Sobaika

        This episode further cemented my immense crush on Rachel Roy.

        •  This episode is what has *started* my crush on her!

          • Sobaika

            Oh I looove her. So smart and elegant. She’s always very put together.

      • guest2visits

        She could be the most useful guest judge ever.

  • MilaXX

    I liked Sonjia’s look and could see someone wearing that too the office, albeit with a good set of spanx which would both smooth things out and help with the clingy factor. It was a coin toss between Raul & Buffi. Neither is long for this competition.

  • neeva

    I don’t understand how it could have taken Buffi all day to make that look.  It looks like the kind of thing you used to see in the Simplicity pattern book that says it only take an hour to sew.

    • And to make it so poorly! Still, I liked her and wished she could have pulled it together and stayed around a bit longer. The bright point is we get to call Raul Squiggy for another week (I don’t give him much longer).

    • Kristin McNamara

      I agree! I myself sew (albeit mostly purses, clothes only sometime, but I can easily imagine how long it takes to make something and I can mentally envision how a piece of clothing is pieced and sewn together just by looking at it) and every time they kept showing her at the sewing machine I thought…. what could she POSSIBLY **STILL** be sewing on that pink thing?!?!? 

      • neeva

        AND she was rushing at the end and even had her model doing hand sewing in the workroom to help her out.

      • Oh, it was bad, no doubt, but as longtime seamstress, I can tell you that working with chiffon (which she admitted she had never done) is very daunting, even to the experienced. I suspect she felt she had to hand sew (or have her model hand sew) after she realized that the sewing machine was chewing the fabric up like Kleenex. Nevertheless, she should have spent more time on the zebra part, and left the heinous pink smock outta there.

        • Sweetbetty

           Yes, the edges of the chiffon do seem to be finished nicely and to do that right you must press under a tiny 1/4″, then press under another tiny 1/4″, then stitch it in place.  It appears some of her edges are cut on the bias and that will multiply the problems of sewing on chiffon.  But as simple as both pieces are it still seemed to taker her too long.

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          As soon as Buffi said that she hadn’t worked with jersey or chiffon before my heart sank for her.  Choosing a difficult fabric such as chiffon when  the time constraints are so tight was not a good choice.
          I don’t know how much longer Buffi could have lasted, but I rather liked her persona.

  • voter1

    I just loved the way Christofurrr was so generous in sharing his “constructive criticism” with Buffy.  Why would any one want his opinion?  And the way Buffy rebuffed him was great.  I didn’t like what she made, but it was what she wanted to make and that’s the point of the program, isn’t it?

    • Violina23

      I wrote this on the T-Lounge, but I think he was being sincere — in a “I have self-esteem issues and want everyone to love me” way.  

      He gives himself FAR too much credit for influencing others (e.g. genuinely thinking his [tame] jabs at Andrea pushed her to leave), and obsesses constantly about what people think about him. I think he genuinely believed his advice for Buffi would be welcomed, and that he could “redeem” himself. But there was nothing to redeem himself from, and the overcompensation managed to piss off Buffi, who seems the most laid-back of all the people in the room. 
      I totally relate to this, I’ve always cared too much what people think, and the overcompensation almost always backfires.

      I hope Chris grows a thicker skin and gains some confidence.  Because that’s something I want too and work on every day 😛

      •  Great post! I think you are spot-on about Chris. I also think it is a self-esteem/confidence issue. I hope he finds his footing soon, and I wish the same for you! :]

      •  Right on Violina!   As another of the army of people who struggle with this, I think you’re assessment of his issues is right on the money. I was seeing that as I watched, and seeing myself a bit, too.

      • Susan Collier

        Yeah. He made everybody’s drama about him. That might be self-confidence or it might be youth. I do wish he wouldn’t use the Project Runway filming time as his therapy sessions. Tedious to watch and listen to. I came for the creative process, not whinging.

        Less talk, more rock, producers!

        • Violina23

          I think he’ll need MORE therapy after this show! But yeah — it’s exactly why I would NEVER go on a reality show 😉

      • BerlinerNYC

        It’s a particularly noxious blend of low self-esteem and narcissism. Everything is about him.

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          I look at Christopher and see a young man who still has so much maturing to do-which, considering his youth, is true.  Hopefully he’ll learn to dial his overeagerness to please/make everyone like him.

        • YoungSally

          Agreed total narcissism.  Too bad every shrink in NYC is on vacation.  I think that some of his “issues” are age, but I wonder if early on someone (parent perhaps) told him he was really talented and that’s become his personal label.  

          • BerlinerNYC

            Good point. He is the age of the oldest of that generation of children raised by helicopter parents convinced that their child is a Special Snowflake. It was just a few years ago when I noticed that the college students I was teaching had clearly been raised that way, which was a noticeable difference. Public school teaching seems to have shifted to accommodate that Special Snowflake mindset, and there are plenty of students who sail through high school thinking they are god’s gift, only to arrive at college (where the standards haven’t changed) and fall apart the first time they encounter a real challenge. These kids don’t seem to get the concept that college is supposed to be hard, and instead they feel like an abject failure if it’s not relatively easy. A lot of college faculty are having to adapt their teaching styles (if not their standards) to work with these emotionally fragile hothouse flowers so they don’t just give up and walk away.

          • YoungSally

            I like your hypothesis. I wasn’t thinking it was helicopter parenting, but then I went back to the article in the NY Times about successful parenting — and while the wordings are somewhat different, the endpoint is the same. There’s a high level of anxiety in his trying to help….and in putting himself in the center of everything….very much “I’m to blame for things not being perfect.” Poor guy…miserable way to feel and difficult to relearn how to look at failures.

          • Susan Crawford

            As a university lecturer, I agree 1000% with you! I get emails and calls from students and their doting parents who are in a full-blown panic because I gave a B as a final grade. A freaking B! Which used to be a damned respectable grade, but is now seen as the ruination of self-esteem.

            We should meet, BerlinerNYC, and share war stories over large tumblers of suitable beverages. And I don’t mean latte!

          • BerlinerNYC

            Agreed! If you’re ever in NY, the first round of happy hour cocktails is on me. 🙂

          • Susan Crawford

            “Too bad every shrink in NYC is on vacation.”

            Perhaps PR could film an episode in Dennisport up on Cape Cod – the beach is littered with shrinks in August! The challenge could be to design looks that reflect Freudian, Jungian, Skinnerian or R.D. Laingian modalities – designers would work in teams, of course, in a nod to group therapy.

          •  Hee hee.  Now I’m just imagining someone sending a model down the runway in a box (probably Elena, she seems to like obliterating any hint of shape on the model’s body) in an attempt to be Skinnerian. 

          • YoungSally

            And the hour would only be 40-45 minutes long.

          • Susan Crawford

            And Tim would say in his critique, “I’m concerned about your focus, and you need to make it work but I see our time is up.”

            Heidi would ask, “Can you explain your design to us, and how you feel your mother’s neglect contributed to this effort?”

            Kors would quip, “Honey, your design is totally without focus, but I’ve left you a scrip for Adderall back at the Atlas. Use it!”

            And Nina would take copious notes as designers struggle to find the Balenciaga jacket at the end of the Parsons Maze.

      • Call me Bee

        You are absolutley right about Christopher.  His offer to “help” Buffi was for selfish purposes–so everyone can say, “oh look at that Chris isn’t he a nice guy to help so much!”  He’s totally self-centered, as evidenced by his remark when told that Andrea bolted:  “Is this some kind of joke on me?” (paraphrased)  He thinks everything that happens around him has something to do with him and his actions. 
        Josh exhibited the same thing in the Anya season.  No thought of anyone but himself. 

        I think we’re all like that to some extent as youngsters. I’ve tried very hard to get passed that, and now it’s so easy to see it in others. Hopefully Christopher will grow out of it. It’s not attractive.

        • siriuslover

          but remember the old days on PR (ie: on Bravo), when people were willing to help each other when time got tight? It’s not like it hasn’t happened before.

          • Sweetbetty

             But he wasn’t offering to help, like I remember Kara offering to help Chloe glue leaves onto her dress once Kara had finished hers; he was offering his opinion and the use of his leftover fabric.  She refused it more than once so he should have just dropped it instead of expressing wonder that she wouldn’t jump at the opportunity to use his suggestions.

      • Oooo! Maybe now he’ll see himself as a bad omen if he tries to help people, now that he has personally auf’d two contestants! Every week, someone he advises will be sent home. Every week, his self esteem will go lower, until he is a jittery crying mess on the floor, while Gunnar stands over him, laughing his obnoxious laugh. Or that’s my version of reality TV.

    • BuffaloBarbara

       Yeah, I guess TLo didn’t have space in this post for the three-act melodrama’s mandatory subplot, in this case, “Oh, why don’t you like me?  I am willing to bestow my wisdom on you… and lend you black chiffon!”  Next week, he’ll be angsting about how he clearly drove Buffi into a bad showing.

    • Heh, I was kind of with Costello-lite on that one. I think he thought they were friends and that she was going to get sent home if Nina saw hot neon pink with zebra print, so he wanted to get her out of that situation. 

  • I think this was the most egregious example IN PROJECT RUNWAY HISTORY of the disconnect between the challenge, as we were told, and the challenge, as the judges read off of cards.  Did we hear the word GLAMOR at all?  Yet that seemed to have been written down for the judges.

    Also, what did this challenge have to do with the Michael Kors Flagship Store?

    •  Nothing whatever, besides an opportunity to push the Michael Kors brand.

    • Lilithcat

      Did we hear the word GLAMOR at all?

      No, but then we don’t hear “all the details”.

      • Well, now really, if they told you all the REAL requirements for a challenge then they would have to abide by all of it when judging, wouldn’t they?

    • Uh…LIke free advertising??

      •  I suspect there is a contract clause that requires once a season to showcase Mr Kors work. 

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          And that means that later in the season they will be designing a look for one of Heidi’s other businesses, too.

    • AthenaJ

      Or Heidi’s ‘sexy’ requirement? I think Comerade Snape might have been a stronger contender for the win if not for Heidi’s sudden insistence on this – because it’s what SHE would want to wear. Wait, was this a challenge for an ‘on the go gal’ or an ‘on the go former supermodel’??

    •  No, the Jackie Kennedy one from the miniseries was worse.

    • HM3

      Not to mention the fact that every other week, at least ONE guest judge on the panel dons a Kors creation.

  • Vickiefantastico

    I loved Sonjia’s dress, but the pucker above the knot made my eye twitch. Buffi’s was a complete disaster and she knew it.

    As always, you’re spot on with the dynamics of the show!

  • First: Timmy Gunn used to more fun. Now he either looks bored or ticked off. Just going through the motions and taking home the dough. Second: These people hardly know each other but just the range of emotions demonstrated (except ven) over the Asian guy leaving. I guess Heidi needs to add a contractural agreement to stay with the show. Why does the KORS shop look so much like a JCPenney, especially the lower level with all the clothes on racks against the walls. All I could think of was TJ Maxx.

    TLO: Bravo. Fabulous show recap.

    • AthenaJ

      I’m hoping in my heart of hearts that Tim is there because he truly wants to be a mentor to up and coming designers, and not just for a big check at the end of the day. But yes, the spark he used to have has dwindled quite a bit, just like any semblance of reality or logic on this show…

      • funkypeanut

        I wonder whether this is because he left Parsons and isn’t in the classroom anymore. Tim made a great mentor because that’s what he did in real life outside the show every day; he mentored and guided aspiring designers who weren’t on a reality show and who really wanted to learn to design, not just mug for a camera. Now he doesn’t do that, so perhaps mentoring on Runway only has made him jaded and just over all these prima donna attention whores. I know that I would be by now, and actually I kind of am.

        • Sweetbetty

           Or because the producers have beaten him into submission to behave the way they want him to behave and never, ever make the show look bad.

  • Meelah

    Did anyone else find it strange that Melissa and Alicia designs made it in as “safe” while Fabio’s did not?  Melissa and Alicia’s outfits were not day to night.  You couldn’t wear Alicias design to a cocktail party after work.  I think they’ve set their fangs on Fabio because he keeps going the safe route which I understand but at least his work was something you could wear day and night.

    •  Plus they keep asking for more of his own personal aesthetic, as in what he wears himself, which he keeps not giving them.  It may be that, though he dresses that way himself, that is not at all how he envisions his design work.  If true, its a sad thing, since his personal style is great.

      • Call me Bee

        And that’s probably why they called him out on it.  Both Alicia and Melissa made clothes they themselves would wear, and Fabio’s didn’t reflect his own style at all. 

        • I dunno, I think maybe he’s seeing himself as a distinct character. I can relate to this, because in my younger years, I dressed very eccentrically, and got constantly reprimanded in art school for being a traditionalist in my work. He may not think of his style as something to be shared with others, but rather his personal “skin” that has evolved with him through time. Not that he shouldn’t think of using it as inspriation, but I do get where he might not be coming from there in his head.  

      • Sweetbetty

         If Michael Kors designed according to how he dresses we’d see racks and racks of nothing but black, with an occasional pair of white pants, in his store.

    • CassandraMortmain

      Of course the challenge instructions are always vague, and the judges ignore them when it suits them, but this was not a day-to-evening challenge.  It was to design something for a woman who is on the go, and as such both Melissa’s and Alicia’s designs work very well. 

      • Sweetbetty

         I could swear I did hear something said about a design that could be worn to the office and then out to dinner, or something to that effect, during the challenge description in MK’s store.  Can anyone re-watch that part and see if it was mentioned?

        • Teddy Partridge

           My recollection — sorry, don’t have re-watch capability — is that the design was for the woman who got on a plane, went to a meeting, and then attended a cocktail party.  That’s how Kors presented it, anyhow.

        • He said that as a description, but they were pretty much allowed to decide where their woman was going for themselves. As long as she went multiple places, it didn’t seem to matter whether she worked in an office or not.

          • Sweetbetty

             What I was trying to clarify was that did the challenge specify that it was supposed to be a “day to night” look.  I guess the “day” wouldn’t have to be spent in an office but the “night” would require a dressier, more glamorous look, achieved by amping up the makeup and jewelry and maybe the hair and perhaps removing a jacket if it was part of the design.

    • BuffaloBarbara

      I actually think it’s because they wanted to give him the screen time, which isn’t bad in itself (though it could be, “Let’s give you screentime before we auf you, so there’s more drama”).

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      I was particularly fascinated by Melissa’s creation-I was of two minds about it. It totally looked like something that Melissa herself would wear, and at the same time I could see the consorts of the Nazguls from the Lord of the Rings wearing it.

  • My sister used to be wear a day-glo pinney over her t-shirt…in high-school…in the eighties. That’s what Buffy’s look reminded me of unfortunately. But she was a sweet gal and it’s too bad she couldn’t hang around a bit longer.

    Loved the play boys. ‘Don’t forget to make your bed’?  Priceless. My sentiments exactly match yours re: the drama bomb. What was that with the crying? oy vay.

    And re our lovely winner: I heart her. I liked all of the top three but I am glad that Tootie won one and doesn’t have to be in Ven’s shadow for the entire season. And I am glad that Ven-bot wasn’t in the top three ’cause he needed a bit of a slap down yes? Just a little. For fun and giggles. hee, hee…

    •  I thought Ven’s effort this week was a disaster.  It was lumpy and ill fitting, And ferchrisakes why in hell do you need a zip in the back, when you’ve got that snaking zip going up the whole front of the dress?

      • 3boysful

         Not to mention, did he call his a daytime look?  With one shoulder?  I was most disappointed, as I had high hopes when I saw his fabric in the workroom.

        •  I thought it pretty funny that he had to mention that the textile was Cashmere. 

          • Susan Crawford

            I know! Now if he could have given us the delight of Snape’s “chairmoose”, I could excuse the textile name-dropping.

          • Ah but our sublime enlightened Ven is far above such petty things. He would far rather be contemplating the wonders of his sublime enlightened self.

        • funkypeanut

          Exactly. I thought that he just ignored the challenge and made an overwrought dress. He had immunity, right? So perhaps he decided that it was okay to let it slide some this week. He did look angry when the safe designers went backstage, though, so perhaps he really thought that he was going to win. As overwrought and lumpy as it was, at least it wasn’t black. Now that Buffi’s gone, I would like to see a challenge in which the designers are given a pile of neon-colored fabric and told that that’s all they have to work with. (Remember the first challenge in season 4 when they had to run through Bryant Park and grab fabric? Like that only more garish.)

          • Oh yes, he thought it was fantastic. Don’t think for a second that he was letting it slide. He felt his cashmere/ace bandage/sausage casing/zip thing was a champion entry. He can’t be bothered with dealing with riff-raff in the workroom (like his weird, irrational hatred of Raoul, who is not a threat to him in any way) because he’s creating GENIUS WORK, dammit.

      • ballerinawithagun

        Yes, that double zipper ruined it for me immediately. I hate zippers, button, bows any “closures” that don’t serve an actual purpose.

        •  I’m okay with a decorative closure that is functionless, as long as its positioning makes some sort of design sense.  I would have LOVED his dress, if the front diagonal zip was the actual closure, instead of the back zip doing the heavy lifting.

          • I need my closures to function — they can be used as a decorative element as well, but I hate when there are buttons with no button holes, for instance.  Even if I would never button it, I want the option!

    • Billie_Dawn

      A pinney, that’s exactly what it looks like!

      Ah, that takes me back to the wonderful days of elementary school, when you didn’t have to change your clothes for gym, and everyone looked forward to the last half hour of the day, when the classroom would fucking reek with the scent of fourth-grader sweat.

  • I loved listening to Heidi criticize Buffi’s zebra pattern while sitting there in that Pebbles Flintstone tiger pattern.

    (Clarification — HEIDI was sitting there in tiger pattern; I was not.)

    • Total Pebbles Flintstone! Wonder why she didn’t just commit and put a bone in her hair?

      • ballerinawithagun

        Yes, the pot was calling the kettle black on that one.

    • funkypeanut

      Leopard, I think. But you’re right that she looked like Pebbles… Maybe she just came from the Project Rockway scene in a new Flintstones movie and didn’t have time to change, just put on shoes.

    • That and saying Fabio’s look was TOO SHORT! Was Heidi listening to herself? Does she not know what she wears?

  • Frank_821

    Hurray for Tootie. Rachel Roy really is superb as a judge. Even the others had some good comments in the extended cuts online. I also like how the judges were genuinely divided about who to give the win to. Remarking on the strengths and drawbacks of each.

    And let’s just forget Andrea. At the end of the day she really has no excuse for bolting in the middle of the night. very childish. Frokemon was at least respectful enough to tell everyone.

    • siriuslover

      and if she were hoping to save her reputation, she didn’t. She was skewered on last night’s episode…by designers, by judges.

  • dress_up_doll

    As much as I dislike Buffi’s personal style and aesthetic, I do wish she had been given a pass for this one. It was tacky and a bit vulgar, but no where near as much a mess as Raul’s outfit.

    Also, I have no problem with the way Tootie manipulated the fabric of her dress. I own a couple of shirts with similar twists and wraps and they’re jersey material so they’re actually quite comfortable to wear.

  • YoungSally

    Is it really the Michael Kors flagship?  I thought he said something along the lines of “flagship lifestyle” – translation: high margin stuff the little people might want to drool on — so I will have a separate store for them. The important customers won’t be repulsed by having to interact with the great unwashed.

    • hac51

       Ha!  (Although I think his great-unwashed line is “MICHAEL by Michael Kors”– I, as a member of the G.U., have one of those dresses– so I think this is the actual flagship.)

      • YoungSally

        I thought the flagship was further uptown on Madison….near the Carlyle…west side of the street — I pass it on the bus…not in a limo. But these stores change all the time.

    • siriuslover

      I have a couple of MK blouses. I always get them on clearance at Macy’s when I can. My last blouse (great for work and evening!) was only $12! I couldn’t afford to breathe in his NYC store.

  • Please keep doing melodramatic re-caps like this one. It’s GENIUS.

  • Kimbolina

    It was annoying how, when Heidi was talking to everyone before the runway show started, she said something about how “some people just can’t handle it” or whatever.  That may be true for Andrea who just ran off in the middle of the night, but Kooan’s leaving was more of an informed decision.  He realized that PR wasn’t the best way to jumpstart his career and decided to forge his own path and get his career going in a way that’s more conducive to his work habits/style.  There’s nothing wrong with that and it’s stupid for Heidi/the judges to perpetuate this idea that THIS is how you have to break into the industry.  Maybe the judges didn’t know the whole story with his leaving, but I just thought Heidi’s condescension was kind of gross.

    • homespunner

      Hmmm. And I was glad Heidi said something, although I get your point. Had Kooan never seen a previous season? He must have known what he was going to be up against. I’m going to miss his point of view and would have liked to see him manipulate challenges to meet his aesthetic. Dropping out without trying to push the envelope further? For me, not so cool.

      • siriuslover

        I just read an article that mentioned that Tim was on the Daily Show. According to Tim, both have seen the show, but apparently thought the time constraints were not real, or were engineered only for the television audience. According to Tim, they thought they had like a week to finish garments.

        • Sweetbetty

           Thanks for the tip.  I watched that segment of the Daily Show online.  In it Tim  also mentions how the show has kept its integrity.  I’ve got to argue with that one.

        • I’ve seen that, but I don’t buy it. It just seems like too easy of an excuse for the producers- it doesn’t make them look bad, but it makes the fleeing designers look like quitters/dilettantes, which might be accurate for Andrea, but doesn’t seem like Frokemon to me.

    • I get the feeling Frokemon’s biggest issue wasn’t the constraints of the show, but how little the judges seemed to respond to his aesthetic.  He was creative cannon fodder.  He’s weird and quirky and that plays well to the cameras, but they were never going to give him the win.

      I could easily see his realization process being, “I’m not enjoying myself because X, Y and Z, and it’s increasingly obvious they’re not going to let me get to the final three…so why am I staying?  Would this time be better spent doing ANYTHING else?”

      This is one long-shot way of getting into the industry.  I know it seems like if Anya can win, ANYONE can, but even she dazzled the judges with a remarkably conventional sense of personal style.  I know a few lolita designers, punk/goth designers, one of whom now specializes in millinery, and this show would never help them.

  • Jangle57

    Maybe they need to rename the show to Project Scripted Drama and start a new designer show that goes back to the orignal roots of this show and actually have designers who can, oh, I don’t know, design?  Sew?  Both?  For the record, I would have been ok with any of the top 3 winning. 

  • “Have some dignity. AND MAKE YOUR BED BEFORE YOU LEAVE. We’re not barbarians here.” Oh my gosh, I laughed so hard! I have to start closing my office door before I read you, TLo. LOVED this recap, please, please do more like this! 

  • I am sitting in my bed reading this with tears rolling down my face! Love your humor and take on things! Cracks me up! I felt Sonjai or how ever you spell her name…her dress had a two dresses to many in that look! Pick the top front, bottom front or back n make a statement! All in one garment it was a bit much! 

    • dress_up_doll

      OMG. Hi, Bert!

      • HomeOfficeGirl

        I was just going to say that.  Hi Bert!!

    • smultronstallet

       I love you, Bert!

    •  So, Bert, as a designer of real skill, let me ask you, did you see the fit issues, both front and back, on Sonjia’s dress?  They gave me fits.  I’ve worked with plenty of knits before and that was unforgivable in my book.  There were times that her model looked like she had a third breast on the right side.

    • G

       Bert, you are right about the dress, but more importantly – HOW ARE YOU DOING?  Hope life has been good to you…keep commenting, please!

    • SapphoPoet

      Bert! Hi! So good to see you here. Hope you are doing well and thriving. 

    • nancy

       Hi Bert, so nice to see you here!

    • bluefish

      Too much dress for me too.  Dmitri should have taken this one but Heidi’s “It”s not HAWWTTT enough” comment, so annoying, probably killed it for him.

      Best to Bert — You were the best part of that entire season — hands down.
      The super drama comments are really funny as hell.  I especially love Venn’s!

      • Yeah, I couldn’t believe Heidi there. I kind of wanted to slap her for that. I know in HER job, she gets to look hot all the time, but it’s been proven (in studies, even) that being too hot of a woman is a great way to not move up in your career. 

    • Your Hello Kooan became Goodbye Kooan. So sad.
      Love ya, Bert!

  • When I saw Buffi’s all I kept thinking was – it looks like something out of Logan’s Run layered over a print dress. I think I even tried that back in the 70s at one point.  It didn’t work back then either.

  • Susan Collier

    Ugh. Anyone I like or is vaguely interesting has gone or is leaving and we’re stuck with Christopher and New-Josh. And it really gets me that Christopher has enough time to get on screen all the time AND create a top 3 frock. I’m never going to be rid of him, am I?

    Will miss Kooan tremendously. Will also miss Buffi, but not her clothing.

    • HM3

      Don’t forget Crazy-Eyes (Elena).

    • rab01

      You’re so right.  The producers should have been at least a little perturbed at losing three of the most distinctive cast members back-to-back-to-back. Everyone else is a repeated type from a prior season who gives interchangeable sound bites.

  • Michele Whitney

    Actually, I’m surprised to see people applauding Buffi for her behavior with Christopher.  He saw she was going down in flames and offered her an option (different fabric) if she wanted it.  It was kind of him.  She’d been loudly complaining in the workroom about how bad her design was, it makes sense that he would quietly make her an offer.

    If she had handled it well, she would have dropped it all after thanking him and telling him no.  Instead she went into the sewing room and quite loudly trashed him behind his back.  That’s just straight up bad behavior.

    Also, I find it interesting that when Elena defended her point of view a few weeks ago, everyone decided she was a clueless, arrogant bitch.  Last night Buffi, who has zero taste or talent as a designer, defends her point of view and everyone’s applauding how strong and confident she is.  

    Face it, you’ve been sucked in by the power of her onscreen persona.

    •  “Also, I find it interesting that when Elena defended her point of view a
      few weeks ago, everyone decided she was a clueless, arrogant bitch.
       Last night Buffi, who has zero taste or talent as a designer, defends
      her point of view and everyone’s applauding how strong and confident she
      is.  ”

      “Everyone?” Everyone decided Elena was a bitch and everyone decided Buffi is strong and confident?

      Face it, you’re making a highly selective reading of the audience response.

      • Michele Whitney

        We’ll have to agree to disagree boys. 

        • No, we don’t think we do. “Agree to disagree” is something one says when one’s opinions differ. You made a statement of fact that is demonstrably untrue. “Everyone” did not decide Elena was a bitch and “everyone” did not applaud Buffi’s point of view. A 2-minute scan of the comments here disproves it.

    • Sweetbetty

       It was my feeling that Christopher should have dropped it after he made his offer once and Buffi refused it.  He kept the subject rolling.

  • When I saw Buffi’s dress I kept think of Logan’s Run. It looks like one of the costumes just layered over a print dress.

  • homespunner

    “Kooan, really. You need to go now. Have some dignity. AND MAKE YOUR BED BEFORE YOU LEAVE. We’re not barbarians here.”


  • homespunner

    Missed this before posting my own similar comment below. Yes, TLo – more of this.

  • Oh T-Lo. You guys crack me up. Best recaps ever. 

  • So glad Sonjia won one!  Yay, now both my faves have won challenges!  And I love you guys for this:

    “Keep going, Kooan. You just keep going until you see mountains, and then you climb right over those mountains until you reach FREEDOM.” 

    and this:

    “Forty minutes wasted on this bullshit when I could be drawing roses or draping. Human emotions are so strange to me.” 

    Thanks for making me laugh! 


  • janetjb

    Terrific recap and funnier than the show, of course. 

    Congratulations to Tootie.  She made a very nice dress that I would never wear in the daytime.

    Sorry Buffi couldn’t make it work, I’ll miss her.

  • ASK26

    (I only got to see parts of the show, anyone else have to deal
    with weather flight delays yesterday?)  I like Sonjia and am okay I guess with the win,.   but I’d say it would be tough to wear a jacket over that – even worse than sitting.  

  • Watching the designers drop is reminding me of the Hunger Games.

    • holdmewhileimnaked

      i thought that last week!

  • lilibetp

    Why is everyone so upset that people are leaving?  I’d be “Yay!  Less competition!”

    • ASK26

      Well the ones who left were not really serious competition.  And Ven seemed to have no problem with them leaving.  Did Sonjai?

    •  I would be upset by Frokemon leaving — the judges were never going to be that into his work, and he was fun to be around.  Now, in cases where someone had real potential in the competition, like when Maya left a few years ago, I’d be happy and bummed.  Happy because my chances were better, bummed because I wouldn’t want to win that way.

  • CassandraMortmain

    What a train wreck this show has become – and yet I continue to watch.

    Koan had to know what he was getting into.  He’s just now realizing that this isn’t the best way for him to achieve his career goals?  Extremely lame to wimp out now, but he did at least leave with some dignity.

    I love Buffy’s accent and humor and could listen to her talk all day.  And the show will be much less interesting without her.  But her “style” is so egregious that there’s no way she should have ever gotten on the show in the first place.  She got a well-deserved auf.

    All the top 3 looks were fine.  I did love Tootie’s dress but it was definitely over-designed.  I’m surprised the judges didn’t mention that.  Glad to see Comrade Snape finally get some attention from the judges.

    • Susan Collier

      I keep calling Dimitry Boris and Elena Natasha.

      • CassandraMortmain

        That works too!

      •  “Vee must get Moose and Skvurrel!”

    • I don’t know- Kooan might’ve thought that since the judges are in the fashion industry, they’d at least have some knowledge and respect for his aesthetic instead of calling them clown clothes. I think he was totally within his rights to leave when he realized the producers were only going to use additional footage to make him look like a joke.

  • I’m so glad I’m working from home today because my chortles and snorfles over your recap definitely would have been noticed at the office.

    It pains me to say it, because I find him insufferable, but I loved Gunnar’s dress.  And I think Comrade Snape should have won. His dress looked much more wearable than Sonjia’s, although hers was lovely – it just didn’t scream working woman to me.

    • I would wear Sonjia’s dress to work but then again I’ve never been known to actually dress “appropriately,” so my opinion must be taken with a large grain of salt. 

      The more I look at the back of the dress, the less I like the heaviness of the draping. I also agree with other commenters (and BERT KEETER) that there’s at least one too many elements in that dress. Personally, the one I’d love to have is Christopher’s minus the fabric overhang. Despite the drama, this episode produced some wearable clothing. 

    • funkypeanut

      I think that if Comrade Snape had made a shrug or the like to cover the back opening and then argued that it was a day-to-evening look (See, remove the shrug and she can go out for drinks after work with more skin showing!), he would have won. The judges seemed to think that it was missing a wow factor, and a reveal might perhaps have made it more interesting.

  • Jepham

    I was annoyed when Dimitri was criticized for making a gray dress when almost everything on the runway last night was gray or black.  I agree that I would have liked to see his dress done in another color but I could have said that about the other top 3 dresses also. I liked Christopher’s dress except for that long panel hanging down from it. Also, I believe it was Heidi who said Dimitri’s dress wasn’t glamorous. If glamorous was one of the criteria, why weren’t the shorts with button up top in the bottom 3?

    • SewingSiren

      All the top looks were dark gray or black. The look with the brightest color went home. The camel/tans were in the middle. 
      Obviously it was black  dresses that they wanted to see.

  • holdmewhileimnaked

    this is the funniest thing i’ve read here in ages. kudos.

    as per the clothing?

    i think maybe where you live & what you do might make a difference in whether or not you could wear sonjia’s dress to work. cos i can easily seeing wearing it to jobs when i was working as a designer. it’s a little risky, i guess–but only a little–for design/entertainment LA. i also really really like the dress. it’s the first time this season that i havent thought dmitry should win outright [regardless of whether i, personally, like kooan’s work better. i pretty much always did–but it’s not PR winning work. not that that’s an insult, mind. at least not to kooan].

    now everyone i liked best is gone. dmitry, sonjia, melissa & ven have quite a bit of chops between them, however. even the nasty & less nasty doppelgänger flock o’ seagulls twins can once in awhile pull out some decent work. even w/ the walk outs, the overall level of talent this season is a whole ketchful better than it has been in so very many seasons past.

    not, of course, that it matters. i’m sure the fix is already in. the knowledge of which, of course redux, is why i think there were two walkouts.

    • CassandraMortmain

      The four you listed – Dmitry, Sonjia, Melissa and Ven – are clearly separating themselves from the pack and should be the finalists.  Christopher maybe gets into this group as well.  These should be the last five standing.  And out of the rest of the mediocre bunch, even though it pains me to say it since I really can’t stand him, Gunnar is probably the best of the lot.  The rest, cannon fodder.

      • alyce1213

        Agree. Barring some unforeseen stroke of brilliance or major failure, those you named (I include Christopher) will be the last five standing. And we may even have a good contest! They’re all pretty good.  

  • alyce1213

    Your script is delightfully funny and right on the money.

    What’s up with Tim Gunn?  It’s like he’s been chewed up by Lifetime and WABC and spit out.
    Come back, old Tim Gunn.

  • Call me Bee

    “Forty minutes wasted on this bullshit when I could be drawing roses or draping. Human emotions are so strange to me.”

    That was so perfect, gentlemen!!   And it would have been completely delicious if Raoul had been aufed again! 

    Anyhoo–I loves Sonja’s dress and I’m glad she won.  It was wearable, but a little edgy, and I think it’s that extra interest that the judges liked over Dimitry’s.  I can see a woman of any age or body shape wearing that. 

    Poor Buffi.  She could have saved herself by making sure the dress underneath the salon cape was perfectly done.  But when the pink was lifted and the stripe hem was all bunchy and poorly done–she was done for. 
    I’ll miss her, as, despite her outward appearance, she was really down to earth, tolerant and kind. 

  • Did anyone else notice that the knit Sonjia used was TRANSPARENT? Seriously. You could see the model’s thong panties as she walked away and you could see pretty much everything through the knit from the front.

    don’t get me wrong–really liked the dress. Just wish she’d chosen a knit you couldn’t see right through.  How come no one commented on that? Huh?  I thought Comrade Snape’s dress was also beautiful.  Those 2 were my favorites.  Snape is not getting the love and he deserves some because his designs have been really good so far, generally speaking.  

    I certainly thought Comrade Snape’s dress was far better than Michael Lite’s piece of crap.  that ridiculous hanging flag was WAY too long and out of proportion to the dress. That would annoy the hell out of anyone during the workday! No…wait…maybe the model is supposed to be a hotel maid, and the flap is her dustcloth!!! Yes! That must be it…she dusts the rooms, maybe wipes down a few bathrooms with the flap, then adds a pretty necklace and she’s ready to party!!!  

    But truthfully, I thought Ven’s dress was a knockout too. I think the problem with his was that it wasn’t all that good for daytime. But it was truly gorgeous.  Besides, they couldn’t give him 3 wins in a row.

    • janetjb

      My husband noticed the thin fabric right away.

    • SapphoPoet

      I saw the thin fabric, too, especially when the model stood against the lit backdrop. The dress needed a lining or she should have used a heavier fabric. 

    • Call me Bee

      Yeah I saw that and I’d still wear it with a slip.  (Does anyone wear slips these days?  Are they still sold in stores?) 

      • NDC_IPCentral

        Well, I’m definitely “of a certain age,” and yes, I wear slips because clothing fits better and moves better with that undergarment.  I still remember the ‘wardrobe malfunction’ of then-Lady Diana being photographed in her gauzy skirt, back-lit by the sun, and mortifyingly for her, nothing left to the imagination.  If that fabric of Sonia’s were a jersey WOOL, that would be even more reason to wear a slip – a buffer against some scratchy-ness.

    • I hated the flap on Christopher’s dress too, it was too long.  I love Sonjia, but I thought this dress, though well constructed, was too lumpy.  I loved Dimitri Snape’s dress, I’m surprised the judges didn’t go nuts over him using only one seam.  I love the criss-cross front.  I sort of agree that a brighter color would have been beautiful, but this struck me as perfect day to night. He should have won.

      Since two people quit this week, I wish they offed both  Buffy and Michael-light.  Flappy vampire jacket with bad crotch pants?  Seriously?  Hideous. 
      And TLo –your dialogue was a hell of a lot better than the scripted crap here! Bravo!

    • Sweetbetty

       If Sonjia had used a heavier, less transparent knit she would have never been able to get the same draping and the knot would have been even bulkier than it is.  A slip would help, especially a spanx-type slip for those whose weight falls into the three digit range.

  • AuntieAnonny

    Can someone give me a summary of what Froke said to explain his leaving? I only watch the last half hour of the show, so I missed it.

    • BrooklynBomber

      He said something like “This isn’t the path to a fashion career for me. I’m a designer and I can make it there in other ways.”  I’m very much re-wording, but I think that’s the gist of it.

      • SewingSiren

        And he is 100% correct about that.

        • BrooklynBomber

          Absolutely. But I was looking forward to his designs breaking up the parade of proper (or trying-to-be-proper) dresses. To borrow a quote from my favorite movie, “The Seven Samurai,” which was on TCM yesterday:

          “We were counting on him to cheer us when things became gloomy. And now he’s gone.”

      • siriuslover

        and I really appreciated his explanation.

        • spititout

          Yes.  You could see by his other videos that he is a fine artist.  He was slowly dying from the constraints of the show, I am glad he saw how unhealthy it was for him to stay.  When he designed for the TLC show, he was allowed to go home to take a break and watch cartoons.

      • Sweetbetty

         He also said something about how he’s used to, and prefers, working alone.  How many times have we heard that from other designers on this show and how many times have comments been made that to make it in the fashion industry you have to learn to work with others.  Unless Kooan is content to sell his individual creations from a booth at a street bazaar I don’t think he’ll ever “make it”.

  • SapphoPoet

    Well, I’m sorry that Kooan and Buffi are gone. They both had fun energy and a warmth to them that was nice to see. I think the temperature in the workroom just dropped by about ten degrees with their departure. All we’re left with is good designers who are fairly colorless in personality (VenBot anyone?). Although I have to say that Gunnar was far less annoying this episode. I do love Fabio’s voice, though–I could listen to that man read his shopping list. 

    I’m ok with Sonjia winning the challenge, although I would have preferred Dimitry to have won. I thought his dress was just beautiful. Hers seemed a bit too fussy to me for workwear (although perhaps not in NYC?). 

    Buffi’s piece was just a mess, although I really enjoyed that shot of coral on the runway amid all the neutrals. I’ll miss her Cyndi Lauper approach to clothes. 

    • Sweetbetty

       “I do love Fabio’s voice, though–I could listen to that man read his shopping list.”

      I feel that way about Dimitry and I’d hope that charmeuse is on his list every time.

  • The re-cap is soooooo much better then the show! I have not seen it yet, but the picture of the winning dress is pretty. The loosing dress looks like what little girls make with scraps of fabric while playing dress up.

  • MissAnnieRN

    I still can’t believe she went home over Raul. His garment had way more wtf going on to my mind. As much as I hate to say it, I really liked Gunnar’s design and thought he deserved a spot in the top. The top 3 looks were all so incredibly similar. Loved your hilarious dialogue. I also particularly loved Tim’s totally dumbed-down instructions: “designers, make something that won’t wrinkle!” and Gunnar’s subsequent definition of the challenge as “we’re supposed to make something that doesn’t wrinkle.” I think watching PR has just crossed te line into “hate watching”

  • I had to make sure to watch Project Runway as soon as I got up this morning JUST so I could read this recap. It did not disappoint! So much weird drama last night.

    I am sad Frokemon is gone, because he was fun and I loved his aesthetic. Then Buffi got auffed! I definitely understand why – her dress was a hot mess! – but I really liked her crazy, tacky style and her personality. I just can’t imagine that it’s going to be as fun – the only real personality we’ll have left is Christopher and Gunnar snipping at each other, and that gets old fast.

  • Scarlet39

    Although I liked Sonjia’s dress, it had some really obvious issues with the draping.   I agreed with it being Top Three, but I much preferred Dimitry and Chris.   

    I’m just excited that there are designers this season who really know how to design and construct clothes.  The talent level is definitely miles above that of the last few seasons

    • siriuslover

      I liked that MK took notice of Dmitry finally and said we haven’t yet had an opportunity to see his work this close up but it’s impeccable. Maybe that will throw Vulcan Ven off the podium…or at least knock him and Gunnar down a few pegs.

  • BrooklynBomber

    I rarely root for any one designer, but I’ve been rooting for Sanjia from the start. Yay!

    As for Buffi, I feel mean saying it, but she should never have been there in the first place. From her audition “designs” alone you could see she’s not a designer.  She’s a fun girl with her own sense of style who puts crazy clothes together to make outfits for herself, in a Susan (of Desperately Seeking) sort of way. Likable and fun, but not a designer. 

    • nannypoo

      Apparently I don’t mind being mean here, because I’m willing to say I found nothing likable or fun about her. Loud and obnoxious, I’d say. But I totally agree with you about Sanjia. She and Dmitry are the clear winners so far for me.

      • Snailstsichr

         I will miss hearing Buffi talk – I guess I’m a sucker for a nice voice.

    • mhleta

      I am nuts about Ms Sanjia and very proud she’s from my home state, not that has anything to do with anything, but I’ll borrow a bit of glory from her anyway. I love her style, her voice and how very self-possessed she is. Tough cooky, but completely adorable. 

  • TerryMH

    I love Tim but is he the only person on the show NOT wearing make-up. All I could think about while watching on my HD TV at the Michael Kors shop is how smooth and orangy Kor’s face was and how Tim suffers from rosacea like ME! I just wanted to dap a bit of MAC Studio Fix on his face to even him out. I know its totally petty and shallow of me, but seriously, I couldn’t help notice and I want better for Tim Gunn. Anyone else see that?

    • barbiefish

      Yes, it was very noticeable when they were at Kors’ store.  I didn’t know what it was, and when Tim’s face looked OK later, I thought maybe it was flushed while at MK because he was flustered and upset about the designer departure melodrama (as so wonderfully described by TLo).  In particular Tim’s chin was really red.

    • mhleta

      Oh, honey, I thought I was the only one who thought myself petty and obsessive for fixating on Tim’s red chin. It makes him look like he’s shagged out from crying. A little dab of Dermablend or, as you say, the MAC wouldn’t be a bad thing. I do love Mr. Tim and want him to always look his best. 

  • SewingSiren

    Okay I really have to side with Uncle Fester on not getting into the emo orgy. What a bunch of horse shit. I think they all have Stockholm Syndrome. When someone leaves the show the remaining competitors think they have died or committed treason against the King.
    Sonjia’s dress was good. All three of the top dresses were very similar. So I can’t really say who should have won. I’m glad it wasn’t Christopher though.
    Buffi’s was bad, but no worse than her other stuff. A trash bag out of expensive material cinched with a store bought belt. Raul’s was worse though, by quite a large margin..

    • VictoriaDiNardo

      Uncle Fester.  Brilliant!
      And I completely agree with all.

      • SewingSiren

        I was kinda saving it til I could give him a complement. I do love him for refusing to get in to all the emotional stuff that they producers love. And for being so honest about Raul’s return, he and Alicia. 

        • VictoriaDiNardo

          Yep, I think he’ll be challenging for the producers; avoids conflict, quiet personality, practical and low drama, keeps his head down and produces good work – can’t live with him, can’t vote him off!  

        • Watching everyone cry last night kinda reminded me of back when I would go to girl scouts/music/church camp for a week as a kid, and there would be these sobbing kids at the end who acted like it was an unbearable burden to leave their new best friends.  And I would be the Uncle Fester thinking to myself, what the heck?  We’ve been here a WEEK, people….

          • alula_auburn

            Camp was exactly what came to my mind, too.

            Of course, my quasi-camp experience couldn’t live well enough and forced us to give, like, Secret Santa gifts  while we sat in a circle and talked about how awesome everyone was for six hours.

            (And we had to make the gifts–which is why I have a photo album made out of vinyl house siding somewhere in my parents’ attic.)

    • Call me Bee

      This.  Is why we love you, SS!  🙂

    • VicksieDo

      They must be  extremely exhausted to be so emotional already.  Venn is above all this, he just wants to win and get his prizes and get on with it!

  • I loved the look on Gunnar and Ven’s faces when they realized they were only safe, and not top 3. I think Ven is a robot.

    • alula_auburn

      It cracked me up that in the two different times at the boys’ Atlas apartment, he was lying on the bed in the same position while the others were drinking coffee or whatever.  The VenBot 9000 does not eat.  VenBot 9000 does not sleep.  VenBot 9000 merely returns to the docking pad at night to recharge.

      (Of course, if he IS a robot. . .I kind of want to see what will happen on the runway if he’s ever in the bottom.  Will he fry a circuit?)

    • CarolinLA

      I was really disappointed in Ven’s look.  It was a retread of what he’s already done TWICE.  I hope he isn’t a one-trick pony.

  • GorgeousThings

    Thank god I finished my coffee two hours ago or my monitor would be covered! 
    “Stay on the rug, please”
    “we rang her doorbell but she set some pitbulls loose on our producers”
    “Rein it in, you little narcissists. You’re going to be forced to attend parties and make public appearances with each other for the next 9 months at least”

    And so many more – THIS is why I continue to watch PR – not for the fame whores, but for TLo’s commentary afterward!

  • mhleta

    This may be my favorite TLo post of all time. Thank you for the hilarious recap. It really highlights the ridicularity of it all. 

  • l_c_ann

    They were sitting in Kors’ light, airy and modern store surrounded by colors of bright and interesting and so many, many of them got inspired to go to the black or gray fabrics.  It’s not as if they had to sit on hot asphalt and look at a huge dark and somber parking lot.

    I have sewn a lot of clothes, I do no understand how it took Buffi so long to sew so little and to get what few seams she had …to get them lumpy and wrong.  The problem seams would be easier to sew right and quickly the first time because to get them that contorted could take hours….or did I just answer my wondering?

    •  I know that knit is a pain to sew, but I was surprised that Buffi had trouble too.

    • alyce1213

      I know — when you compare the work that all the designers put into their work, some making multiple pieces, it’s astounding that she came up with so little: a poorly hemmed shift with a colored shmatta thrown over it.  
      She may be a fun person, but she was way out of her league in this competition, and that was evident to me from the start.

    • siriuslover

      I’m not a sewer at all, so this is just a guess… Wasn’t she trying to create a tulip-shaped skirt and wouldn’t that construction take a bit longer to do? It seems to me that’s what it was supposed to look like, but not how it actually turned out.

      • l_c_ann

        I think you’re right, sirius.  I thing I heard “Tulip” shaped, but forgot it.  Underfacing and darts could have been her friend.

      • Sweetbetty

         I do remember her mentioning a tulip skirt but was it for the dress or the pink chiffon?  The chiffon has curved edges so it looks like she might have been planning on that having the tulip skirt but then she turned the openings to the side and that did away with that.  Since she already had the curved edges stitched, which admittedly could have been a bitch, I don’t know why she didn’t proceed with her original idea.  It doesn’t seem like it would have taken that much more time to have the curved edges overlap in the front somehow.

    • Jepham

       I took sewing in 9th grade home ec class (yes, I’m old) and I could have made that piece of crap that Buffi sent down the runway.

      • Susan Crawford

        I was in home ec sewing in ninth grade, too, and if I had made that outfit, Miss Lichtenberg would have failed me.

  • nannypoo

    Sanjia’s dress was great and she deserved to win. I hope that Hayden whats-her-name decides, unlike the model, to wear underpants. But despite its transparency it was a really nice design. I was glad she won. Now let’s all turn to Dmitry, the only other normal, hard-working and professional person in the group.

    • siriuslover

      I think I am in love with Comrade Snape and his designs.

  • altalinda

    That’s a classic post, boys.  Bravo!

  • MoHub

    This was my “It’s About Time!” episode. It was about time:
    Sonjia got a win
    Dmitry was in the top 3
    Ven was not in the top 3
    Buffi was auf‘d
    Andrea was gone

    My only regret was the loss of Frokemon, but he left with dignity and the understanding that Project Runway was not the best way for him to establish his career.

    And those sneaky B/M bastards did it again. They gave us the obvious departures of Andrea and Kooan, but they advertised—very dramatically—that three designers would leave the competition, not letting us know they were including the regular auf as one of the three.

  • mhleta

    I strenuously object to Buffi being auffed over Raul. The onus should have been on him to redeem himself or lose his spot. In other words, having been auffed once, he should have been judged by a more rigorous standard, such that if he ended up in the bottom 3 again he should have been automatically given the hook. This is not to say that there was anything remotely good about Buffi’s outfit. I don’t even know how to use a sewing machine and I’m confident I could have made a garment equally as wretched. I do love Buffi, though. She’s like some fabulously eccentric society maven slumming with the creative kids. Pretty sure if she walked into Andy Warhol’s Factory back in the day, he would have been humping her leg inside of two seconds. I’d love to get piss drunk with her in a piano bar and watch the gays fall all over her. Find your way back to us soon, Madam Buffet. The world needs your fabulousness. 

    • GillianHolroyd

      And he’s a menswear designer no? Pants are his specialty. He couldn’t draft a pattern with some extra allowance for a woman’s hips–and a model-woman at that.

      And it was funny the big reception he got when he came back… and all those designers thinking, thank god the cannon fodder is back so I don’t have to worry this week.I like how during the judging Heidi repeated a couple times that he had already been aufed.But Buffy’s outfit was egregiously bad. I wish the two of them could’ve gone. Then the “extra days” could’ve been used for SEWING. 

      • mhleta

        I agree completely. The time could be used much more creatively. I wish they’d spend more time showing all the completed looks. They’re up on that runway for such a short time!

      • Susan Crawford

        OMG, I had totally forgotten that Raul Munster does menswear! And those pants were TERRIBLE! He got extra time to make up for re-joining the competition later than the others, and even so, he couldn’t execute a pair of basic slim pants? As I said in an earlier post – don’t  bother unpacking, Raul: you’re temping.

  • Hilarious. I’m surprised they kept Raoul. Is this the first time a previously eliminated contestant wasn’t immediately eliminated on their next garment? I can’t remember. I think if Buffi had made a better argument for her POV, they would have chosen to oust Raoul again based on his past crimes. That outfit was AUF-ul.

    And my little Russian is doing so well!! SQUEE!!

    • ASK26

      Is this the first time a previously eliminated contestant wasn’t
      immediately eliminated on their next garment?

      Chris March?

    • Tawreos

       No Anthony and Chris March made almost to the finale before being booted again.

      • turtleemily

        Anthony came back and won the challenge, IIRC. That was his black/white dress with Jessica Alba as the guest judge.

    • AthenaJ

      Yup, just another example of how one can sway the judges either way depending on how well you sell your garment. Same applies to whoever is modeling it, too… If Meana Irina hadn’t been so down on the dress that was designed for her last week, it might have been a winner.

    • Susan Crawford

      I think he’s going to be aufed again VERY soon, but with all the other drama last night, they let him slide. But he’s going b-bye before much longer, of that I am certain.

  • VictoriaDiNardo

    Could there be a TLo Project Runway ScreenCap FlipBook, like the old MadLibs?  
    B/M should be paying you residuals, because at this point the main reason I watch is to see what you guys have to say about it.  This is priceless! Thanks!

  • Interestingly Andrea posted a tweet last night asking to be voted Fan Favorite…

    • alyce1213


    •  But no one likes her that much…

      • holdmewhileimnaked

        i gave her a vote last week. so far i’ve voted for her, kooan, dmitry, sonjia. maybe someday i’ll add ven but he’s gotta change up his stuff a bit. if melissa lasts i’ll probably vote for her once too. i like voting for everyone i like.

      • GillianHolroyd

        I do. I liked her designs. I don’t know her personally of course but I did feel for her being raked over the coals in last night’s episode. It was a pile-on by the producers. 

        Let’s face it, it’s a reality show that has lost any professional credibility that it had during the Gretchen & Anya seasons. Designers agree to participate for a variety of reasons, not always well-thought-out. When that designer left a couple seasons ago, Heidi made it sound like she was traitorously abandoning the One True Path.

      • Susan Crawford

        I haven’t voted for a fan favorite, but I liked Andrea’s work and her style.

        The real story of her departure is yet to be told, and probably has many chapters. I’ll go out on a limb and say that sometimes in life, even when we think we know exactly what to expect and feel confident that we can take on a challenge, the reality can be far more insane than we figured.

        I’ve had a few occasions when I realized something I thought I could manage (and even looked forward to) proved to be a stress-filled mess that made me truly uncomfortable and unhappy. Sometimes I chose to grit my teeth and power through.Sometimes, after careful consideration, I chose to cut my losses and leave the situation behind.

        So, out here on my limb, I’m going to give Andrea some slack on her decision. But I am disappointed that she left that bed unmade – thus preventing someone from uttering the classic “And her bed had not been slept in” line in hushed and frightened tones.Such a shame to miss out on a little film noir element! 

  • HM3

    WHY was Costello-Lite’s look in the top 3? That long, drape-y thing on one side was the only aspect of the look that separated it from something you could buy at Macy’s, yet it was also the most eye-twitchingly awkward (not to mention functionally uncomfortable) part of the piece. If I were Said Fictional Mother With Four-year-old, I would never approach it.

    Also: although Snape’s dress was the best executed, remember that this is (SUPPOSED to be, anyway) foremostly a design competition. Despite the side-boob bulge, Sonjia’s dress was generally well-constructed and, more importantly, thoughtfully designed. 

    • Susan Crawford

      Any mother of a toddler who would wear Costello-Lite’s dress would have said toddler swinging merrily from that side flap, leaving sticky handprints all over it. And after exhausted Toddler-Mom drags herself and her by-now mangled side-piece home from the PTA Silent Auction, she will discover several Legos and the Pre-K Classroom gerbil lodged in her drapery. Yes, what Mom-With-Four-Year-Old would not consider this her go-to dress for those trips to the playground, where the side-piece can double as a tether-ball rope?

      On the other hand, when Darling Toddler has a screaming tantrum in the cereal aisle of the supermarket, embarassed and burned-out On-the-Go Mom can fling the side-piece over her face and escape through the loading area.

      Yep, HM3 , “I would never approach it” – you got that right!

      • HM3

        –and at that point (according to Costello-lite’s fiction), you would drop off said toddler with a babysitter/overpaid nanny/relative/neighbor and take your burned-out-yet-fabulous butt out on the town, for a glamorous dinner with your husband! By then, the mangled, stained, and partially-ripped side piece will certainly read “sexy.”

  • MoHub

    I did like that Kors finally figured out that Buffi was hiding behind her own quirkiness to allow her to get away with some godawful designs.

  • granddelusion

    1) “Fashion is not for sissies!” Thanks, asshole. 2) How is it no one noticed Andrea wasn’t with them until Tim pointed it out? 3) Sonia’s design was nice? Okay? But the fabric was soo thin/tight I could see the model’s thong and her bum. 4) Kudos to Kooan for recognizing there are other, more amenable (dignified?) ways to get what he wants. 5) Michael C. Lite has actedlike an immature (ironically, but I think that’s a lot of what it was) douche.

  • I’m sorry, but are there really a lot of people pairing heather gray jersey with dripping diamonds?  To me, heather gray is never that dressy, but I admit it may be me. 

    • AthenaJ

      Yeah, I’m not sure if that dress would go with loads of diamonds either… but then again, when I’m old and Ms Havisham-like, I’ll probably end up pairing fabulous jewelry with a hot pink fuzzy bathrobe.  

  • Anathema_Device

    I never read your recaps w/o watching the episode first, but today I made an exception. I have NO doubt your recap was far better than the episode. You guys are so fucking great.

  • EverybodysStarling

    Me has a sad for Kooan (and a major crush on Fabio.)

  • siriuslover

    Personally, I think Raul should NOT have been brought back…and with that crack he put on the runway think he deserved the double whammy of being aufed twice in a row. Buffi’s wasn’t great either, mind you, but gah! I just want to chop that guy’s reverse hair tail off and toss it in the wind.  My daughter cried and cried when Buffi was aufed (she’s only 8, so grant her that).
    Poor Kooan! I will miss him, and am sad because I think he really had a niche and wanted to see what he could do in the time constraints.

  • granddelusion

    If two designers left, why did only one return?

    • justsayhellno

      because the next in line to return would be… LANTIE???

    • AthenaJ

      wondering that myself

    • Lilithcat

      Probably because in next week challenge the designers are divided into two teams, so they need an even number.

  • Thanks for the wake-up laugh!

    Dimitri should have won.

    And WHY was Hayden there? Bless her little heroic cheerleading self, but I was embarrassed for her, i.e. telling Dimitri he should have done more with the shoulders.

  • HomeOfficeGirl

    Thank you thank you thank you.  It is such a relief to NOT have to watch the show and get all the entertainment x 10 from a TLO post!  Hilarious!!!

  • Indovina

    I always find the audience reactions when someone voluntarily leaves the show fascinating (though note I am judging by comments here). Since it’s become a regular feature of the show, people seem to have become a bit jaded about it – which is nice.

    If I understand his reasons correctly, Kooan was absolutely right – this was not his opportunity. He was, one way or another, eventually headed for the same fate as Buffi and only allowed on the show, whatever their relative merits as designers, for the same reason – to fail. PR is and has always been cruel like that. Kooan was too good for this sinful world… or something.

    I largely agree with TLo on Sonjia’s look. It’s pretty and it’s a great dress, but it has some odd bunching and ultimately doesn’t really seem to fit my idea of “a woman on the go”. The fact that one of the guest judges wants to wear it on a red carpet – which, short of bridal, is as far away from “woman on the go” as it gets – only cements that to me. But the relevance of any of that foolishly assumes that there is some rhyme or reason to the challenges and judging thereof. No, this challenge was as vague and dispensable in judging as usual.

    Sadly, Buffi is gone. As, inevitably, she was destined to be, because, again, she was on the show to fail – and bring personality in the interim.

    • Jepham

       The guest judge better hope it’s not a sunny day when she wears Sonjia’s dress on the red carpet.

  • michelle shields

    No more Frokemon 🙁
    Loved Snape’s creation! He was cheated.

  • mrmonkeybottoms

    Lmao, that was an awesome recap

  • Neverbuynewclothes

    Sonjia’s dress did suffer from a little too much fabric.  I’d like to have seen the same design with 30% fabric less in each twisty, drapey area.  It would then be less lumpy with the same drama.  Also I would like to see her interesting-looking model standing consistently tall and straight.  She slumped when next to Sonjia, not continuing to “sell” the dress during the critique.

    • That’s kind of unfair to the model. It apparently takes 6-8 hours to tape the judging session, that’s an awful long time to be “selling” a garment.

  • fnarf

    I would have given the win to Dmitri, and the auf to Raul’s hideous, terribly made bag of rags, but I can’t really argue against these choices either. Raul’s, though — I almost shot my TV when Pumpkin Face said he loved it when the tie came off and the huge, wrinkled flaps of the jacket drooped free. That thing looked ASS.

  • unbornfawn

    Great recap. Very funny! An awful lot of truth in there. I’m getting to the point that I think it is less crazy to walk off the show than to stay on. 
    The winning dress was nice and showed off Tootie’s talent’s nicely, but it is over-designed. I think the twisty stuff at the neck was one element too much. I’ll miss Buffy. 

  • marilyn

    The only drama I found in all of that was the horrible mess Tim was wearing.  Yikes!  When you critique the judges this week, you might throw Tim in too. 

    Since the designers are one short (they lost 3 and replaced 1 by the end of the episode), is it possible that Buffi is on her way back?

    I did find her interesting.  Each week, she seemed to have less hair and more tattoos on the left side of her head.   Maybe her head would have been completely bald and tatted out by Fashion Week.  And she alternated saying rock solid practical things with wacko things.   Unfotunately, she did not have any talent, design-wise and sewing-wise.  She was someone to hang out with, and she did it on a superlative level.  But, of course, that is not enough to stay here, believe it or not.  She should be in someone’s entourage, just hanging out, saying the right thing in the situation, being the gopher, but all first class.  She is not a designer. 

    I think she could have saved her mess, if she had left the pink overblouse, and used the black/white fabric to make leggings.  Then put the model in flat shoes with a big bag.  Maybe a big piece of jewelry, maybe not.   Maybe put her hair in a bun with big sunglasses, maybe not.  That would have made it wearable 80’s stuff.  Better than what she turned out.  However, she may not have had the sewing skills to turn out leggings. 

    It is sad Kooan left.  He was an odd, sweet designer with an out-of-the-box perspective.   Whatever he is doing, it will be world class some day, particularly in Asia, where his perspective will be better appreciated.  

    •  Tim’s outfit threw me too. Each element was fine in itself but the striped suit was fighting with the gingham check shirt, and the tie didn’t help.

  • snich11

    GENIUS post once again…TLo you bring such joy into my life!

    But I am very sad the tiny Frokemon is gone…

  • Fordzo

    Are Buffi’s leopard spots tattoos, or does she do that with hair dye?  

    • i am so sad that this question will never be answered for us.  how cruel.

    • Sweetbetty

       I asked about them last week and someone suggested they were sprayed on with a stencil guide.  Not sure if that’s correct but it seems like they’d have to be retouched at least weekly as her hair grew out and who’s going to do that?  I doubt it’s something you can do to yourself and I’ve always wondered if the designers can avail themselves of the L’Oreal Hair & Makeup room for themselves.  Seeing Austin set Kenley’s hair in the All Stars made me doubt that.

      • Not necessarily — her hair may grow really slowly.  I can pretty much guarantee that I’d only have to do it every 3 weeks at most.

  • Wow, that is really weird, when if you see the show, the whole meat of it before the runway and judging is “OMG! WE HAVE NO TIME!!” Better to go live in your own world, since you don’t seem to understand this one.

  • BuffaloBarbara

    Buffi’s had to be one of the worse outfits I’ve seen on the show.  It’s a shame.  I’d have liked to keep her around.  But even the judges don’t have that little self-respect.

    My only issue with Sonjia’s win was that kind of bubble that happened on the right side.  If I were wearing that at work, I’d lose a lot of productivity trying to tuck it in somehow.  It was a nice dress though.  And dark gray is at least not black.  I think the judges have been heavily hinting that they want to get the string of black dresses off the stage (comments in previous episodes about losing details, etc), and I suspect that it cost both Christopher and Dmitry.

  • guest2visits

    Encore!! It was a pretty fabulous play last night, and I love when Tlo supplies the best rewrites, ever.
    Still, how many thought Tim may have decided to hide his diabolical little velvet bag under the table for awhile; faced with 2
    defections after only 3 challenges.  I am so impressed by these designers for creating something from scratch, often interesting
    or even beautiful, and for their willingness to put themselves though this kind of competition. So it is a little disappointing not to
    see what Kooan or Andrea might turnout for a specific challenge; but since they’re right there, – only they know whether enduring
    the ridicule, or just knowing they don’t have prayer of reaching the final three is enough to stay or go.
    That being said; Raul?  Looks like they brought him back just so he could make one giant mess. It’s like he made the model wear 5
    different designs at once. They were both bad, but at least Buffi’s resembled a wearable dress; I couldn’t say what in the world Raul’s
    model was wearing. I mean; I don’t even like her style; but at least it was one. So I guess I would have sent him home again.
    And I thought Melissa’s Ewok shroud was right there on the bottom as well.
    But I have even more questions about the winners; I agree about the top three. But I would have thought Christopher’s was the better
    design; it seemed to carry more of the adjectives that MK and Tim talked about (wasn’t it supposed a powerful, glamorous, career-
    woman), and it certainly was alot of look for the money (wasn’t Sonjia’s a see through jersey?); it had what looked like quality materials
    and a very attractive, appropriate design.  I thought Dimitry’s and Sonjia’s were close seconds, but that Sonjia’s pretty design used a
    lesser quality fabric than either Dimitry or Christopher.

  • Yeah, I thought she should leave the flounce off and just have the top front action. That may also be because she was not the only person to DO the hip flounce, and I hate it pretty much every time I see it, anywhere. It looks like a napkin got caught in your lap. Nevertheless, you are right that she pulled out too many stops for this one. And, nice to see you, one of the few emotionally mature people that has been on the show in recent years.

  • G Spencer

    …and this is why I still enjoy watching the show! because Tom and Lorenzo comment’s the next day. 
    This was utterly hilarious!!!! and right on!!!… 
    Two of the more colorful characters are gone now: Frokemon and Buffy! They belong to “Project Runway -ANIME EDITION” – 
    With those two gone, Now  the show is gonna feel like a rerun of old ones or a competition between contestants from previous seasons –  (Joshua, Michael Costello,…etc.) …hoping for someone to make the difference. In the meantime, I am completely ok with just having T&Lo comments the next day to spice up this experience! 

  • Wendi126

    Of all the wtf moments in this episode…I found the most insane one to be Hayden popping up to ask Tootie if she can wear her dress on the red carpet. A gray dress specifically designed for a woman to wear on an average day….on the red carpet? Was this a plan? Or did Hayden Pantry go so cuckoo over this dress she lost her mind and blurted it out! Idk but it made me want to smack her.
    I won’t miss Frokeman. He annoyed me greatly. Gunnar reminds me of the character Alan Cummings played in “Circle of Friends”if you haven’t seen it..that’s not a good thing.
    I have a great desire to shave dreadlock girl’s head.
    I keep wanting Comrade Snape to say yippie Ki O motherfuck
    Recaps are killer
    Seeing Bert Keeter on here caused me to go all a flutter

  • VicksieDo

    I agreed with the win and the auf.  That schmatta of Buffi’s was truly tragic.  The 80s are over baby, and even then, clothes were sewn much better than that. Oh lookee, Bert posted!  Hi Bert!!

  • Emily Myers

    As I was watching this last night, the only thing running through my head was, “What would T&Lo say about that?  And THAT? And oh I can’t wait to read how they are going to skewer this manufactured designer drama.”  I have to say though, I wasn’t surprised to see Koonan go.  He didn’t seem like the type to hold out in a competition like this.  Especially when his style, while cool and most definitely from the judge coveted Point of View, would not make it to the finals.

    Last thought, Dmitri should have won this one.  His outfit had the coveted “clean” look that the designers keep touting.  And the winning dress had something strange going on with the draping, but it was definitely a close second in my opinion.

  • bitchybitchybitchy

    TLo said:  not because he had too much self-regard to whore himself out for a measly hundred grand-Word.  I like to think that Kooan had figured out that he wasn’t ever going to wow the judges in a positive way, and that he was just fodder for the reality TV bullcrap. If so, good for him.

    I’m OK with Sonjia’s win-the dress might be a bit overdesigned, but it’s cute, and it could work for day into dinner and drinks.

  • My only problem with Sonjia’s dress is that it was too sheer. It needed a lining, I could see wearing it in a certain kind of office/job. Or putting a smart jacket with it like Christopher did.

    I think Frokemon was completely demoralized by Irina. If he had a client like her in real life … well, he wouldn’t have, because she would never expect him to make the kinds of clothes she likes. Problem solved, back to iridiscent bubble raincoats!

  • This comment was brought to you by Michael Kors.

    I had a nagging thought that Michael Kors flagship store was in part built upon shattered dreams — and as the designers left, MK stood there laughing an evil villainous laugh.  Really, that’s all I could think of when watching that scene.  

    And TLo, love and really miss your PR captions.

  • Susan Crawford

    The Kors showroom is pretty damned cool, all right. I was hoping for a few close-ups of those handbags, which look pretty awesome.

    I was thrilled that my fave girl Sonjia won with such a fabulous look. I loved that she chose a charcoal rather than black, and although the dress was really more evening than day, I think there are plenty of women in creative jobs who would definitely rock this in their workplace. I like that she didn’t overstyle it, too. There were some fit issues, but considering that this was a one-day challenge (of course), and much of the day was taken up with sobbing and group hugging and pep talks, this was my pick FTW.

    And I have to say I adore Miss Sonjiya’s personal style. She is what Kenley can only dream of: a little bit retro, a little bit girly, and a whole lot of stylish.

    Frankly, Buffi had to go, but I am going to miss her. I have NO idea what went through her mind in creating that look – it didn’t really reflect the brief, although it certainly reflected her personal style much more than many of the other designers’ works. But her sewing skills were painfully lacking and fully on display, and there you have it.

    I LOVED that as she tidied up her workspace, she vowed to amp up the glitter, color and wackiness! Now that’s the way to go out with a bang, honey, and if I were you, I would be on the phone to Chris March ASAP. Buffi and Chris together would be a glitter-bomb of fun!

    Tim certainly had his hands full this week. (Loved TLo’s focus on Tim’s horror at Andrea’s unmade bed! LOLZ!) Must comment, too on St. Tim of Gunn’s FABULOUS suit with checked shirt and purple tie . . . one of his Best Looks Ever.

    Costello-Lite’s anguish over Andrea: self-serving and “it’s all about ME”. Clinique Deux is having a harder and harder time controlling the bitch-face, isn’t he? Always that little smirky lip-twitch; always that ironic head-tilt; always that hint of side-eye.
    Venbot’s program does not permit tears – they might damage the hardware – but he was able to say what many were doubtless thinking when Raul came back: “This. Does. Not. Compute.”

    Next week’s team challenge looks as though Tim may need a Taser to control the rioting workroom mob. Wheeee!


    • holdmewhileimnaked

      She is what Kenley can only dream of: a little bit retro, a little bit girly, and a whole lot of stylish.

      yr right about that. but she’s very subtle while kenley is very, ah, not [i’m putting it that way to be nice]. & i think kenley’s lack of subtlety is actually the driving focus behind what she wears.

      • Lilithcat

        arent they in a hotel?

        No, they’re in an apartment building.

  • VivianAdvanced

    One sure misses a lot of the details on the TV. I went to the Lifetime website to take a good look at this week’s designs and feel that Dimitry really should have won. I liked Sonjia’s winning dress a lot, and at first, liked it the best, but if I were the so-called “Woman on the Go,” Dimitry’s would have fit my bill perfectly. It looks more comfortable and could easily go from the office to a cocktail party, which is what the term on-the-go seems to imply. Dimitry’s had an intricate criss-cross design on the bodice that brought it out of plain territory. I don’t the reasoning behind Nina’s criticism of it as “safe,” when something that’s supposed to be “on-the-go” shouldn’t have a lot of bells and whistles (“fish whistles”), making it suitable for an active day. Michael Kors’ shop merchandise didn’t exactly look “dangerous,” although his colors were livelier. I agree that Dimitry’s might have made a bigger impact in a different color, but that really shouldn’t have mattered.

    And, say what you will about the brat Gunnar, I liked his effort as well. I wasn’t particularly crazy about the color combination of the top and the bottom, but I loved the design of both. 

  • jsywilson

    I would actually wear Tootie’s dress. I don’t think I’ve said that in YEARS about a PR garment.

  • Susan Crawford

    I meant to comment on Kooan’s departure. I really am sorry to see him go – he brought so much fun and color and wit to the show. Obviously, the judges would NEVER “get” his perspective, and he is not designing clothing for the mainstream retail market, and those are BIG considerations on PR lately.

    I have a feeling that Frokemon was someone’s idea of Season 10’s Mondo – quirky personal style, loving color to death, fearless with pattern and texture and generally the pocket-sized mascot of the show. Maybe Frokemon thought he could go with that, too. But no. We won’t really know exactly what happened for a while, with Froke AND Andrea, since I imagine they are both being told to stay under the radar until the season ends.

    I think Froke’s comment that he did not feel that this competition was his only way to prove himself/test his skills as a designer was a good point. But as several of the remaining contestants said, there are literally thousands of designers who would have loved the chance to compete. Same for Andrea’s departure.

    I will miss seeing what Frokemon and Andrea could have created had they stayed. And I will look forward to seeing what they do in the future. Most of all, I look forward to all the crazy speculation that will fill the blogosphere about them – That will be a fun way to pass some time this long, hot summer. 

  • This recap was so fantastic. Thank you TLo!

    Also Kooan recently posted this ‘dance/thank you PR” video. There are no words but it is awesome, particularly the shout-outs.

  • ChristinaRi

    Here is my problem with Sonjia’s dress, and I don’t see how the judges did not point it out.  Well, TLo didn’t either.

    There is a big pouchy thing right under her boob.   I could not take my eyes off it.   It’s horrible. 

    So much of Project Runway is selling yourself to the judges.  Dimitry doesn’t do that very well.  Sonjia does it skillfully.  She’s not over bearing about it as some have been in the past, but she knows how to smile and make herself attractive to the judges.  

    One thing that was amazing about Kenley was how she talked herself out of elimination and by tooting her own horn very loudly got into a top 4 position.   Dimitry better get the moody look off his face and start sucking up or he’s going to be overlooked.    

    I like Sonjia though, so I’m not sorry she won.  

  • Srw27

    Bahaha! I love you TLo!! This ep was a giant WTF and you encapsulated it perfectly!

    And did I see correctly that the Duchess was wearing WHITE pants last night?? Lort get me my fan!

  • Between all the people ready to burn Andrea at the stake and Christopher being so upset because of what Andrea leaving did to him compared to the way people were prostrating themselves over Koonan, just about sent me over the age.  Sexist prigs.

    People quit things all the time.  They quit jobs, they quit TV shows, they quit marriages, they quit parenting, they quit games, they quit life.  Get over it and move on.  They left.

    I also love Michael’s “Fashion isn’t for sissies” when he spent Santino’s seasons saying “It’s just fashion.”  Can’t have it both ways, Kors.

    • Sweetbetty

       “People quit things all the time.  They quit jobs, they quit TV shows,
      they quit marriages, they quit parenting, they quit games, they quit
      life.  Get over it and move on.  They left.”

      Good advice.  I got a big kick out of Melissa, though, when she looked at Kooan with wide eyes and said, “You’re leaving?  When?”, as if she couldn’t wait to get rid of him.

    •  I don’t think anyone’s really reacting that way — most of the reactions I’ve read have basically been that Christopher is an overwrought drama queen who needs to look past the end of his own nose and realize that very little of the universe is in any way about him.  As for comparing Frokemon and Andrea…

      Andrea stood on the runway just a few hours earlier, after saying that it would be a relief to get cut, denying her own words outright.  She let someone else get cut, while knowing that she didn’t want to be there — she could have just as easily admitted to what she said and explained that she didn’t think the PR environment was for her.  They could have booted her instead of someone who was desperate to be there.  Then she ran out in the middle of the night with no explanation. 

      Frokemon, on the other hand, told everyone he wanted to leave and why.  He gave a reasonable explanation of his feelings and  handled himself gracefully, after having been in the top the previous week and being very gracious about it.

      Even then, I’ve seen a lot of people saying that they could understand why Andrea left the way she did, and why she wouldn’t want to stay, the same as for Frokemon.  I think the big difference is that a lot of us have said that we hate to see him go, because he was fun and we liked him personally, where not as many have said that about Andrea. 

      • Sweetbetty

         “I’ve seen a lot of people saying that they could understand why Andrea left the way she did, and why she wouldn’t want to stay”

        I think a lot of people understand why she did what she did and the way she did it but if they’re a person of integrity they’d still feel a little guilty about doing it.  If it was me, I’d have been tempted to take the easy way out, leaving in the middle of the night, but I’d be haunted by the thought that I didn’t face up to my problems and discuss them with Tim and/or the producers the way other people, including Kooan, have when they’ve chosen to leave the show.  It would have been difficult to face everyone and go through the goodbyes but it would have been the adult, responsible, professional way to do it.

      • I don’t believe Andrea said she was willing to go home in the stew room.  Every time they showed her “say” that, they never showed her face.  They showed the faces of everyone in that room, who didn’t show any reaction on their face.  I believe that she said that in another context.  Otherwise, they would have showed the words come out of her mouth.  Instead, they hid the words, which is why I don’t believe she said them at that time in that context.  Especially since she said on Twitter that it was that manipulation that really pushed her to leave.

        That, and I don’t understand why no one under pressure is every allowed to say, away from the judges, I’m sick of this and want to go home.  At least on America’s Next Top Model, Tyra would call someone like Christopher on this bullshit move and say, “I won’t believe she feels that way until she says it to my face.”  How many times a day do people say they want to be out of their jobs or marriages or away from their kids or families but don’t mean it, saying it because of stress?

        •  If she felt strongly enough to pack up and leave 3 hours later, she should have said so right then.  Honestly, I don’t find her any more credible than the PR producers, especially since this would have been about 1 1/2 weeks into filming so she had no way of knowing what would be shown and what wouldn’t (manipulation). 

          Frankly, she herself said that she didn’t watch PR before coming on the show — which to my mind, makes her a fool.  Why would any reasonable human being turn their entire lives over to strangers without getting some idea of what they’re signing up for?  She didn’t do her research and she went into a competition on TV that she should have never even applied for — oh the judges don’t “get” you?  Funny, that’s the same judging they’ve done every season.  If she had bothered to watch, she would have known that it wasn’t going to be her cup of tea.

          I don’t think she left because the producers manipulated anything and everything, I don’t think she left because the judges comments were often rude and insensitive rather than helpful, and I don’t think she left because the people sucked.  I think she left because she’s an ivory tower academic who is used to being the absolute authority in her classroom and she couldn’t take being questioned.  She reminded me of nothing so much as the professors I’ve had who could not stand a student disagreeing with their interpretation, even when it was completely valid.  I think she wasn’t being praised as a genius and so she took her ball and went home. 

        • Sweetbetty

           ” Especially since she said on Twitter that it was that manipulation that really pushed her to leave.”

          But she would have had no way of knowing about that manipulation until the show aired.  Again I say, she (and Kooan) didn’t do the research so shame on her).

          • I think she could tell by the questions she was being asked in the interviews.  Many people on Bunim/Murray shows have said publicly that they could tell after just a few days how they were going to be portrayed on the show by the questions they and others were asked in the interviews.  If everyone is asked, “Do you think Andrea is too arrogant for the show?”, and those people tell Andrea that’s what they’ve been asked, she then realizes what is going to happen to her, and she leaves.  Or, as others have done, once they realize everyone is being asked about a particular behavior, that person stops engaging in that behavior.  I guess I’ve read too many interviews with people from Bunim/Murray shows who have said the manipulation is present from the start, and you either play to it or play against ti to think this was some pure environment where Andrea had no idea what was going on.

  • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

    Best.  Screencaps.  Ever.

  • Just two things to I need to get off my chest: is it really necessary that we see Anya’s face every episode (WTF) AND Christopher girl, I see you: you are serving up some faker shit than what Gunnar/Clinique Deux is trying to pull off.

    ANYWAY, I thought the winning dress was cool if overworked and with some issues around the bust.  Dmitry’s would’ve been my pick but, all of the sudden, the judges deem impeccable tailoring not worthy of a win, until it is.  Pass the pipe!  Poor Buffi, imho, was stunt casting (just like Konan, neither of whom were going to please the judges ultimately): pleasant but never a contender.  Now Lifetime, can we focus more on the design and less on the drama with this show please.

  • Lynn Landry

    I was playing Ticket to Ride on my ipad throughout this whole episode. Your recap almost makes me want to go watch it. Almost. It was almost a matter of time where your writing would completely shoot ahead of the actual program so much so that watching the actual program is unnecessary. 

  • formerlyAnon

    Um, well, you guys are funny. Really, really, funny.  I (continue) to think Kooan is smarter than the average bear. I am going to miss him and to miss Buffi just as much – I’d have preferred Raul to go over her, but it was a matter of personalities, not design.

    No problem with the win, though I don’t have mad love for her dress, it seemed a little too complicated to be as chic as it is on first glance. And it wouldn’t work for my workplace, but I think that the executive secretary for a Bond movie arch-villain might find it just the thing!

    What really matters in this post is the variety of ways Dmitry can look bored and distracted. Not only can he make a good dress, he can entertain me without talking, even.

  • LinXGUA

    I stopped at each picture like 5 minutes, laughing at your smart captions!
    Poor Tim aged 5 years in that morning.

  • KathKo

     I have mixed feeling with this episode.
    On one hand, the challenge was kind of vague and silly. On the other hand, we really got to see some of the designers point of view and even skill.
    On one hand we had an overdose of drama and Kosuke-kun is going and I will never survive this season without his happy face. On the other hand, we had a good judging session with opinions exchanged back and forth (I thought it was a little staged, but still)On one hand, it was a joice to watch Michael Kors shoot one line after another and Nina basically telling Heidi she didn’t know shit about design. On the other hand it was again a judging based on “I would TOTALLY/ I would NEVER wear that.
    On one hand, we had the marvelous Rachel Roy, soft, polite and giving good guidances to the designers. On the other hand, we were given air-headed Hayden Pannetiere. I swear she’s the worst judge ever (until the next one). And here, not really knowing her outside of Hero’s universe I was thinking “well, maybe she’s not as obnoxious as the cheerleader that just don’t want to f****g die already”.
    Now I think that, in comparison, Kim Kardashian was a genial judge. I mean, at least she had an opinion based on design, not solely on “I want that jacket !” “I would never want to be seen dead in that pink bathing cover-up !”.
    The worst was the lines feeded by the producers into the earset about wearing Sonji’s dress on the red carpet. That was stretching a bit much. I thought I was going to puke.
    That put aside, I thought Sonji’s dress was well made but managed to be equally boring and busy, that and it was way too sheer to wear at the office. But I guess it was not the point.
    As for Buffy, I think Raul’s outfit was worse… Well kind of… Oh, right he should never have been brought back or they both should
    have been aufed.

    • formerlyAnon

       “I swear she’s the worst judge ever (until the next one)”

      So much of PR can be critiqued in this way! You have hit a great many nails on the head, all at once.

  • GTrain

    “Kooan, I’ve only known you a week at most, but I feel like someone just shot my grandmother in the face! I – I don’t know if I can go on.”  THIS!

    Loved the winning dress. Buffy’s was laughable.

  • veronicadis

    I just have to say Bravo (whoops! No pun intended) Gentleman!  A funny, funny play by play !  Have a martini on me for a job well done.

  • JMansm

    The gap in skill this season is pretty frustrating. At this point, there seems to be very clearly a group of people who are way stronger and a group of people who barely deserve to be there. I would put Dmitry, Melissa, Sonjia and Ven in the strong group and I’d rather just see them fight it out for several weeks and just have Christopher, Gunnar, Alicia, Elena, Fabio, Nathan and Raul leave immediately. Of course, as happens so frequently with this show, a few people from the weak group will outlast people from the strong group because they cause drama and tension (which people unfortunately think makes for good television). I have a lot of anxiety about watching that process play out. 

  • LesYeuxHiboux

    I was practically tearing my hair out watching Buffi with her nearly-neon pink and zebra. Choose ONE, Buffi! Just choose one and maybe Nina would have unclenched from your ass for five seconds.This was definitely her most restrained look so far, but still Buffi. She needed perfect execution every time to surmount the taste clash between her and Nina. I’m going to miss her crazy everything, especially now that Frokemon is gone. Everyone else is dull to the point that I forget they are there, or grating. At this point I find myself rooting for Dimitri. I actually really like Melissa’s look, much to my surprise. I think she might have fared better if her model had done at least part of the runway with that hood down. Ukrainian Designer’s outfit was absolutely ridiculous. Office worker costume for a genderless Communist future dystopian sci-fi.

    And Venn could have been drawing roses.

    • Anathema_Device

       Yeah, that one guy was sobbing over Kooan leaving, and I was thinking, “Wait! Who the hell is that? Did Fabio shave? No, wait, Fabio is over there! Huh?” Turns out it was Nathan…had to check the PR site to figure that one out.

      So, yes, a lot of meh in there this season.

      • Oh yes, the sadly cypher-like Nathan. He will last about 3 more rounds before the Axe of Auffdom falls.

  • Love Kooan, but he’s serving up some “Japanese Richard Simmons on weed” realness. (although Richard Simmons is neither that cute or likeable nor can he dance that well). 

  • CarolinLA

    While on The Daily Show this week, Tim said that the designers that left thought the show was faking how stressful the competition is – they thought they really had a week to complete the looks of each challenge.  !!!!!!!!!  

    • Logo Girl

      That is too funny…

    • Sweetbetty

       I think this comes up each season, especially after the season ends and the designers give interviews all over the place.  They all stress that the lime limits are very real.  Further evidence that Angela and Kooan didn’t do their research.  Shame on them.

    • I said this earlier, but that excuse just seems way too convenient for the producers, because it places all the blame on the designers who left and makes them look bad while getting the producers off scot-free. If Tim had said that they didn’t realize how stressful taping the show is (practically no sleep, challenges every day, 6-8 hour judging sessions), then I could’ve believed that. But neither of them thought the time constraints were real? That seems very fishy to me.

      • Anathema_Device

         I agree with you that it is unreal to me that anyone audition for PR wouldn’t understand the time constraints and sleep-deprivation involved. Then again, I thought I knew what people mean when they said having a newborn would be exhausting. It is one of those things you can’t possible understand until you actually experience, even if you’re close to and have witnessed people going through it.

        • I have plenty of sympathy for how tough it must be. That said, there are far classier, and much more adult ways to bow out. And if you want more of a clear picture of the situation they are in, read Laura Bennett’s latest blog post on Lifetime.

          • Anathema_Device

             I totally agree that bolting in the middle of the night is BS. I think quitting, other than for illness or family emergency, is kind of BS, too.

          •  Especially because a large part of the reason she wasn’t prepared for what she was getting in to was her own fault.  I’ve watched every episode of this show, and I’m quite sure that I don’t REALLY know what it’s like, because I’ve never lived it.  We see 65 minutes, at most, of footage that they spent 2 or 3 days filming.  So clearly, we’re missing a lot.

            However, Andrea wasn’t missing MOST of the information, she was missing ALL of it, because she herself said that she never watched the show.  That’s asinine.  The logic that would suggest you should jump into ANY sort of competition totally unprepared and just expect to win because you’re so special how could you not… it’s just totally unreasonable and immature. 

            And I have absolutely no patience for her post-show comments.  If it was too much for you to handle, fine.  If you had to walk because you just couldn’t take it or you were unprepared for the behind the scenes crap, I can respect that.  But to then rant to the world about how awful it was?  Knowing that you have no way to back up your claims or for them to prove your claims false?  It’s rude and it’s grating.  Especially her comments about the other designers, where she basically said she left because she was too good of a person to stay in that environment, but then felt totally fine calling them out on the internet.  It’s a very Nixon-esque mentality — when she does it, it’s okay.

          • I am on board with Kooan’s leaving. I get that he realized that PR was not the right environment for him, under any circumstances. But one has to wonder, what went through his head to make him think that becoming America’s Next Top Fashion Designer (read: ready to wear designer, suitable for department stores) was his career path?

          • Sweetbetty

             The fact that English is not his first language was used to defend him earlier so perhaps he just didn’t understand the whole thing.

          • Entirely possible. i can’t imagine that teh Bunim Murray people are too terribly concerned about making sure the contestants truly understand every bit of the contract they sign.

          • Anathema_Device

            He probably had a lot of friends tell him he’d be perfect for the show (unusual design aesthetic, fun personality, etc.). If you hear that enough, you can fall for it. I though he was going to be a great contestant, and my heart broke a little that week he said, “I can’t design if I’m sad.” Poor little peanut.

          • I was really in his camp, too. I would love it if PR would actually champion some aesthetic outside of the middle of the road.

    • dharmabum8

      I didn’t get the impression that time limits factored into Frokemon’s decision. He seemed to realize his special sparkly powers were not needed or wanted in this Anime-unfriendly setting, if you know what I mean.

  • I was so meh on Ven and agreed with all the “Venbot” comments until last night. When everyone else greeted Raoul as their long lost best friend-hugging, screaming, jumping up and down, and at the same time Ven had the evil “I’ma cut a bitch” look and I’m not sure he even said anything in greeting to Raoul. Then they cut to his talking head shortly after the ‘death glare’ and he eviscerates Raoul for his lack of skill (which was proved to be the case this week more so even than the week that Raoul was eliminated). I now am cheering (somewhat) for Ven. Not to win, mind you, but for some reason this little thing endeared him to me.  Maybe because I don’t usually like fake people or fake displays of emotion (not that the reactions of the others necessarily were fake-but I liked his attitude of “I’m NOT glad, and why should I act like I am?”)

    • Laylalola

      Ven is only appealing to me if I start seeing him as the anti-hero you describe here. 🙂 

    • Anathema_Device

       I’ve liked Ven so far, mostly for the reasons you give above. He seems to just want to work and hopefully win the thing. He isn’t there to be a personality or, as the reality-show cliche goes, make friends.

  • geeeque

    the auf was right on but it really is a shame since buffi seemed to be the only one with genuine personality. i think the goth girl seems interesting but the producer’s clearly don’t give a shit about her. the rest of them are just tired old fashion cliches. except tootie. she’s cute.

  • CarolinLA

    While Kooan was doing his swan song, I wish they’d interjected someone saying “Jesus, we can’t miss you if you don’t go” or something to that effect.  EVERYONE cried or got upset (except Ven, of course)?  NO ONE was concerned that Kooan was sucking an hour out of the day?!  

    • formerlyAnon

       Yah, I kept thinking that after one sad good bye hug I’d have been edging over to my work station . . .

    • Sweetbetty

       I said this earlier, but didn’t you notice Melissa saying, “You’re leaving?  When?”, with an almost comical eagerness.

  • CarolinLA

    Shouldn’t they have brought back two designers, not one?

    • Logo Girl

      I was worrying they would bring back Lantie (who seemed like the kind of person who was Tawny Kitaen’s stand-in for Whitesnake’s “Here I Go Again” video and always mentions it when she gets drunk). Thank goodness they didn’t. I’m betting that they won’t have a double elimination a few weeks down the road.

    • Sweetbetty

       According to my math, yes.

    • silaria

      My guess is that the end of the show will be more drawn out than usual to make up for it.  An entire extra episode of home visits and pre-Fashion Week prep.

  • UptownNippy

    Tom and Lorenzo your comments in three acts made me laugh harder than I have in months.  You have the best senses of humor.

    Just one comment about Heidi’s comments, if a woman is working in most offices I know,  a sexy dress is not what will get  ya any points (workwise).  “But it’s not sexy” just shows the Heidster has never had to work in a typical office environment.    

    • Yeah, seriously. I wanted to tell Heidi that attractive women in normal working environments have to downplay their looks so people will take them seriously. “Sexy” doesn’t really fly in the vast majority of work environments.


  • I literally laughed out loud during part 2. This was beautifully written.

  • Linderella

    I watched a soap opera last night, and a design competition broke out.

  • melizer

    So long Buffi Ga-GA.  

  • oh my gosh, so funny!!!  i was snort laughing, not a pretty sight.   but many thanks.

  • CarolinLA

    I think they should have a challenge where no one can use black. 

  • Mr. Bathroom! You quitter. I think he was having trouble adapting his quirky, explosive aesthetic to the parameters of most challenges. I didn’t want him to leave as he was 100% the character; at least he announced his decision to go. Andrea– the self-proclaimed brass-balls woman– escaped in the middle of the night (ashamed, perhaps, of being schooled in sewing by someone young enough to be her grandson), and her brass-balls proved to be nothing short of saggy.

    I’m not on board with Son’s win. It’s a decent entry, but it’s not a winner. She embraced draping and twisting, but quite a bit of the draping appears to be an unintentional result of her using the above-mentioned techniques. As one can see, there’s a lot of pulling in the dress. The whole garment is a bit fussy.

    Buffer: I like her. She’s very mild-mannered, and her personal style (yes, the HAIR) is inspiring. It’s a shame she does not channel much of what she wears and what she uses to style herself into what she designs. She wants to design deliberately tacky clothing. I get it. I can respect it (provided it’s utterly unapologetic and meticulously rendered). Let’s take a look: The jacket she’s wearing is quite tacky. It is also eye-catching, sharply tailored, and rich in detail (those purple-and-white embellishments look very pristine). Good design and great technical skills can mitigate the tackiness and attribute thoughtfulness to the garment, thereby bringing the garment to its fullest so that the viewer perceives it as purposefully ostentatious.

    • minnye

      I loved Buffi’s hair. 

  • Nibbles42

    Every time I see one of those “attention everyone” workroom shots of Tim, carefully framed to include Anya’s shining face on the winner wall, I want to hurl.  I stopped watching the show, and I STILL CAN’T GET AWAY FROM HER.

  • Why does Buffi’s design look TANGERINE in some still shots, and SALMON in some others?  TLo, what crack are you smoking?  You always do this.

    • Sweetbetty

       And it was called “hot pink” on the show.

      I don’t think TLo have any control over the quality of the lighting of the pics they show; and then there’s the whole thing about colors looking different on different monitors.

    • You’re kidding; right?

      Every season we have to deal with a contingent that gets itself confused and thinks we have to answer for decisions the judges make, but this is the first time anyone’s accused us of also being involved in the shooting and lighting on the show.

      We watch the same show you do. We have absolutely no control over how the images on your screen look in terms of lighting and color.

  • dharmabum8

    Haha. Project Runway, you got served! <3 him.

  • CarolinLA

    From the NYPost article back in June:  A male designer “had an episode [and] a psychologist was brought in to talk to him, but he seemed too nervous and it was decided he should leave the show.”  
    So Frokemon must’ve been counseled long before his announcement.  Fuck HIPAA – why didn’t they show us THAT?

  • NvSr D’Wanna DeWitt

    What? No comment about the duchess and the whole “Fashion isn’t for sissies” from the biggest sissy in fashion???!!!!! Boys, you surprised me. 

  • ccm800

    I did not care for the bag of sag on the boob front on tootie’s garment. 

  • ccm800

    Funniest recap ever BTW.
    Christopher’s BS is on my last gay one already. I respect her experience…SHE SUCKED AND WANTS TO GO HOME…I Feel so very bad. You’re dress is cra…Why is she so angry…I’m right here listening. Fuck you dude. Your a little snake. At least gross ass Gunnar wears his ass badge for all to see. Worse kind of jerk. Anthony and Costello had a child and managed to distill the worse traits of each of them into one. voila.

    • CC, you really know how to make me laugh.

  • Trisha26

    Very sad to see Buffi go. I really like her vibe and just wish she’d upped her “taste level” (ugh, channeling Nina) to match her audacity. Note: I saw a top in Macy’s (yeah, I know) with a white chiffon layer over an animal print just yesterday. But Buffi would never design for Macy’s. As for Sonjia (Tootie – LOL TLo!), totally agree about all the lumps. I really didn’t like this design and the fabric is so thin – you can see right through it.

  • minnye

    Manic pixie dream fro realness.

  • bitterk

    I might have picked Squiggy over Buffi for the off.  But it was a essentially a tie for worse.

  • fashionzombie

    I am willing to bet that Ven is still pulling ideas from his bag of tricks, and believes that his technical skill and “taste level” will excuse any disconnect from the actual dictates of the challenge. He hasn’t broken a sweat yet — can’t wait until he does.

  • Qitkat

    I’m breaking my silence.
    BEST RECAP EVER. Thanks boys.
    That is all 😉
    Fur naow

  • blondie65

    “Forty minutes wasted on this bullshit when I could be drawing roses or draping. Human emotions are so strange to me.”

    Thank you…best laugh I’ve had all week.

  • PeaceBang

    Wait, so two designers have dropped out of the season? Thanks for the caps, TLo! I never mind TLo spoilers. They make going and watching the actual episode way more fun.

  • kaydenpat

    This post was HILARIOUS!  Had me laughing my head off — at my desk — at work.  But no one can say anything since I’m on my lunch break.

    Great work!  (Y’all need to be writing for a sitcom or movie).

    I didn’t like Sonjie’s dress as much as I liked Dmitry’s, but I’m okay with her win.  And Buffy probably should have taken Christopher’s help.  It couldn’t have hurt her since her dress was so awful.