PR: Streetwalkers and Drama Queens

Posted on August 03, 2012

What an odd little episode. We found ourselves, upon waking, questioning whether it really happened the way we remembered it.

Bizarre blocking in a public space, with Tim standing so far away from the designers he has to yell at them? Check.

Clumsily obnoxious product placement or obnoxiously clumsy product placement? Check and Check.

Former winners treated like princesses? Check.

Former non-winners?

Forced to stand in alleyways and on garbage barges like low-rent hookers waiting for a potential john to come and pick them up.

Utterly unmanageable teams? Check.

And check. We’ll get to these two later, but we’ll say this: Buffi would drive us a little nuts too. The problem with Elena is that she passed “a little nuts” at 90 miles an hour before she ever set foot in that workroom. We think that, among the viewership, we’re probably two of the most understanding people when it comes to the behind-the-scenes pressures and prodding that goes on here, but she was so far off the charts with her stressing out that we just wanted to throw a bucket of cold water on her and tell her to lighten the fuck up.

And Frokemon had a sad. Don’t even get us started with the ridiculousness of their dress winding up in the top. No, really. Don’t get us started. We’re saving that for the second post.

As for Mommy and Me, it’s always a crap shoot trying to figure out what really happened in any given instance on this show because so much is left out or re-arranged in order to get a certain storyline. Even so, it’s fair to say that Costello-Lite needed to confront Andrea in the workroom rather than on the runway, passive-aggressively (“Oh, this is so demeaning for poor little me! I don’t like to point fingers but … HER. IT WAS ALL HER. SHE MADE ME DO BAD THINGS! OH, I HATE HER, I HATE HER I HATE HER!!!!! STOP LOOKING AT ME!!!!! But I don’t want to place blame.”).

“As Executive Producer, I am loving the shit out of your tears right now.”

On the other hand, his frustration was more than understandable. If Andrea wants to treat this competition as a lark, she should do it on her own time. It was extremely selfish of her to bring this attitude to a team challenge and force someone else to deal with it. As far as we can tell, it really did take her an entire day to cut a skirt; she really did laugh off the time she was wasting; and she really did say she didn’t care if she went home or not. Christopher should have confronted her earlier, but he wasn’t wrong to point out how she approached the challenge and how it hurt them.

And she was kind of obnoxious. “Well I’ve never been to the Emmys, but –” Stop right there. What’s the point of doing an Emmys challenge and plopping an actress in the guest judge seat only to find out she’s never been to the Emmys?


Ven Budhu and Fabio Costa
Kenley Collins (Season 5)

So congratulations, Ven! The judges have such a hardon for you that they pretty much openly dissed your teammate on the runway. “Well, we don’t know what … Fabio, is it? What Fabio did here, so we’re giving it all to you, Ven. We love you! Fabio frightens us.”

But this was pure horseshit. Not the dress, which is kind of nice; but the fact that it won, which was laughable. “I can sort of see this at the Emmys!” was the weakest justification for a win we’ve ever heard. Yes, it’s very pretty and it suits Kenley to a T while remaining a little modern. But despite what Nina said, the Emmys are almost entirely populated by gowns. You might see a costume designer or under-age starlet in a cocktail dress, but not many.

No, the judges have a hardon for Ven and it’s going to be very tough for the rest of the designers to break that shell. In fact, we were a little depressed last night because it seemed to us the bullshitty , character-based judge decisions (Gunnar and Frokemon in the top? Oh, please. Tell us another one.) started a little too early in the season for us. If they’re struggling to explain their choices now, what kind of BS are they gonna foist on us in 6 weeks?


Alicia Hardesty and Raul Osorio
Mila Hermanovski (Season 7)

This is hilariously awful. We would have sent both of them home.

HORRIBLE. Nothing fits or drapes correctly. It’s absolutely the worst possible style for Mila, and that ponytail is a joke.

They’re both menswear designers (according to them) and Mila favors wearing suits – or at least, pants with a jacket. This should have been a no-brainer for any designer with some imagination, but clearly, these two had no imagination. If you’re a designer who thinks he HAS to make a gown for the red carpet, then you’re not a particularly interesting designer. And if you’re so dismissive of the red carpet that you can’t be bothered to apply your own aesthetic to it, then you deserve to go home, Eduardo Munster. Seeya, cannon fodder.


[Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke for – Stills:]

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  • I have a few of those Hippy Dippy Spacey Andrea types in my life.  They just wander through tasks without any drive or structure and as long as they are the only ones responsible for their actions, no problem.  They don’t stress the work they lose, the people they let down because they’re too self-absorbed to notice.  

    Ven’s dress was clearly a Kenley/Ven collaboration, I didn’t see Fabio in it at all.   But then again, would Kenley have allowed anything other than that exact dress to be designed for her? I think not.

    As for Alicia and Raul’s monstrosity.  Had they never seen Mila before that challenge?  Does Mile EVER use a pattern?  Its either all black or black solor blocked with something else.  Nutso!

    • MilaXX

       Mila does use color and pattern. I think her latest or at least one of her collections had those elements. She just does it in a very clean/minimalist way.

    • It sounds like Andrea is the one who just took off (last few minutes of show) do you think that Squiggy will be brought back?

      • JosephLamour

        I really hope not. I’m sort of tired of looking at his speedometer bang.

  • Bye Bye, Squiggy! We hardly knew ye.

    I guess the producers love Ven, and thought Kenley would be interesting at the Emmys. Meh. I liked Valerie’s dress so much better.

    • MoHub

      Valerie’s dress was the best thing out there, and once again, Sonjia was robbed. No way this should have been middle of the pack. It was miles better than Gunnar/Frokemon’s entry in every way: design, execution, and how it was received by the client.

      • VanessaDK

         Did they decide in advance which former PR contestants they wanted to go to the Emmy’s (April–no way!)

        • MoHub

          I think they asked New York-based designers who were nice looking and had good figures.

          And were, of course, female.

  • Argh!!!!!  I couldn’t see the show last night, due to work, and I’ve been all over the web this morning trying to see it, and of course NO ONE has it up yet.

    • Pupioso

       You didn’t miss much. Arguably one of the worst PR’s I have ever watched in the 10 seasons it’s been on. Hands down.

      •  From the images displayed here, I suspect you’re right.

        • MilaXX

           Here’s the summary; Lexus car product placement, teams, former designers, 1 day challenge, melt downs, crappy designs, bus throwing, undeserved winner, and a runner.

          •  Laughing out loud
            And I would want to miss this clusterfuck of crazy, because?

          • littlemac8


          • CozyCat

            The real disapointment was that in some ways this wasn’t a badly designed challenge (once you got beyond the especially obnoxious product placement) 

             This was the “client” challenge.  They were given clients who’s very defined styles should have been very familiar to the designers.  The clients had been on the other side of exactly the same process, so all them knew how to communicate and be helpful.  When a client was demanding, it was because she was trying to help them improve the garment (example:  Irina)

            It was so disappointing that the final results were so lackluster.  A number of the dresses not only did not suit the client, but were ugly and badly made (Milla, Anya, Laura).    

          • VanessaDK

             Absolutely–I was actually surprised at how uninteresting the whole process was and how poor the outcomes were.  They are still giving less time for each challenge now, aren’t they? This also is a big problem with the success of the show–past designers have set the bar very high for quality, and increasing the time constraints only makes it worse to find passable products to show in public (like the Emmy’s).

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            One day for a red carpet design challenge? Ridiculous.  I wouldn’t put it past the gremlins of Bunim-Murray to be doing one day challenges simply to hype the drama.
            Of course, I reallize that I’ve just insulted gremlins….

          • Lisa_Cop

            I don’t believe the garment designed will be worn at the Emmys, just that the winning designer & client will get to attend.

          • ven and kenley…talk about the odd couple.

          • ccm800

             Loved the ide of the challenge and thought the clients would make for great pain in the ass television – but it was a snooze fest of sorts and the product placement is just obnoxious. There is no show worse and more obvious.

          • and there are no uglier colors in the universe.

          • TxMom2011

            …and a runner!  LMAO

      • Oh remember the stilt walker challenge last season? This was a little better…..

        •  OUCH!  Man this must really have sucked.

          • ccm800

             really about average…

        • H3ff

          That doesn’t say much…

      • alyce1213

        Worth watching for funny, though.

      • ballerinawithagun

        Yawn!!! How could this be so boring with all the drama going on…

    • has it. They always get it there pretty fast. Enjoy!

    • Jarethee

       Psst, try a bit torrent site, that’s where I got it, since I’m not on the same continent and have to resort to sneaky ways of watching PR, haha.

      • Thanks. I back at work now though, so it’ll have to wait. Sigh.

        • Jane_Lane

           Careful with that torrenting, though, they monitor that.

    • Cathy S

       It’s still not up; it’s driving me crazy.

      • I tried accessing it through project free tv, but the few listings they have for it take you to project runway Australia.

        • Cathy S

           It’s up now; I just finished watching it.

        • H3ff

          Sidereel is always a good failsafe.

          •  Thanks. I was finally able to see it last night on Lifetime’s site.  Sigh, what a totally crazy mess.  And though Ven and Fabio’s dress was very good, it was certainly not an Emmy red carpet dress in any way.  And Gunnar, and Kooan’s dress was, badly made, and boring in the extreme.

  • Billie_Dawn

    Alicia and Raul with Mila should have been pretty much the most perfect set-up of the challenge. It’s bizarre how they completely muffed it.

    • Spicytomato1

      It seemed like they had a collective brain freeze. They were deer in the headlights from the moment “Emmy red carpet” was mentioned. Shame, because as TLo said, had they somehow been able to harness their strengths they could have come up with something really cool.

    • onetinkerbell

      I was thinking that they were the perfect match-up for Mila, too. I kept hoping that they’d end up with some kind of a cool-looking tuxedo-type outfit. But either it was the editing or Mila insisted on a gown, because she clearly said something to them about not wanting to do (or being afraid of doing) a gown. So maybe they thought that she wanted a gown. Either way, they should have stuck with the suit look. A black tuxedo pant with that print as a top would have been way better than the dress they ended up with.

  • That cocktail dress will be perfect for Kenley at the Emmys because she probably does see herself as an “under-age starlet.”

    • Terrie_S

       That certainly explains why she was dressed as a 50’s style elementary school student at the beginning of the show.

      • littlehousebigmind

         Gosh, I thought she was dressed up as Mini-Mouse!

      • littlemac8

        Japanese school girl – note black hair!  LOL

      • while she was announcing that she is fashion forward!

  • indigospade

    Mila forced to be paraded in a miserable gown in a miserable hairstyle. Someone at B+M really hates my darling cruella deville :c

    • Spicytomato1

      I know, it reminded me of Carrie being humiliated at her prom. Sans bucket of pig’s blood, of course.

      • MoHub

         The pig’s blood might have improved the look. And I’d have loved to see Mila’s expression when it hit.

        • write_light

          “RED, FINALLY, thank GOD!!”

          • littlehousebigmind

             And that mixture might have actually looked like the original print that the two foundlings abandoned when Uncle Tim called them out for using a printed fabric!!  You know, if Alicia and Raul  weren’t smart enough to create an awesome Menswear inspired suit for Mila, they should have just gone with their gut and busted out the print dress despite Mila’s protest (which looked like it had some style with the leather straps and halter-y top) instead of just changing everything and effin’ up…

      • BuffaloBarbara

         But it missed the amusing denouement where she telekinetically tears the whole thing down!

      • Terrie_S

         That would have been a better inclusion of red than that awful belt.

      • TxMom2011

        It could just be the edit…. but it seems like Mila wasn’t offering them any insights to her style.  Thought she would have said  “Menswear would be a perfect style for me”  instead of giving that quizzical look when they admitted they didnt do gowns.  That dress was just plain awful.  I did better sewing back in my 6th grade home ec class. 

    • ASK26

      forgive me if I am wrong, I missed some of the earlier parts…..  But wasn’t she one of the least helpful?    I mean  Kenley kind of dictated what she wanted, even Anya was talking structure, Valerie was saying sexy and fitted.  

      what did Mila say – was it “elegant”?

      • Sam

        I also think the designers mentioned their menswear backgrounds and she directed them into making a dress, which they never recovered from.

        •  Have not yet seen the episode, but her blog says she was hoping for something more like a suit.

          • LesYeuxHiboux

             The episode was edited so that when they brought up menswear she said something like “but how are you with gowns?”

      • TxMom2011

        I watched it twice.  Mila was not helpful at all.  But… they did some pretty bad work regardless.  It was ugly, ill-fitting and the finishing was just embarassing.

  • Noshmek

    Ven’s dress is more apropos for the Golden Raspberry’s, oui?

  • joancarol

    Worst guest judge ever. I have an overripe banana on my kitchen  counter that would have made more sense.

    • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

      Her name is Krysten Ritter, correct?  Is she any relation to John Ritter?

      • Lilithcat

        Not according to Wikipedia.

      • Spicytomato1

        I wondered the same thing. I loved John Ritter.

      • holdmewhileimnaked

        i always think she’s his daughter but nope, she isnt.

      • MilaXX

         Not unless it’s a distant relation. I hate that her personality turned out to be so similar to the characters she often plays.

        • Chantelle James

          That’s usually the sign of a poor actor. Great actors can play people other than themselves.

      •  No, but Jason Ritter is his son. 

    • Kayceed

      So unlikeable. So little credibility to be spouting her sarcastic bon mots.

      • Funny enough, a lot of the characters she plays on TV is this whole ‘I’m a bitch and I love making sarcastic comments’. And then judging from her interviews, it’s the same thing. So…is she playing herself in these roles? (Basing it off “Apt. 23…” and “Breaking Bad”.

        • alyce1213

          Unfortunately for her, in real life she doesn’t have writers providing clever sarcastic comments for her to make.  Clearly, she has no wit of her own.  I think she’s cast in these roles strictly on her looks, which are kind of hard and “mean girl.”

  • I really loved Laura’s dress.  I think you guys are spot on (As always).

    When Costello-lite started crying and they cut to Krysten trying her hardest not to laugh…and then Heidi, you could tell they were really enjoying it.  That was definitely like watching a train wreck. Uncomfortable, but you couldn’t turn away.  

    • alyce1213

      This is all manipulated by editing (shot selection, duration, etc), and was not necessarily the actual response.  It may have been, but maybe not  . . . just sayin.

    • CozyCat

      I think Laura’s dress wasn’t bad, but it was wrong for her.  (or maybe I just can’t get past the unflattering hairstyle)

      • YoungSally

        I really thought it was matronly….hated the pink underneath….The pleating was an admirable idea…but it just screamed cheap lingerie….

      • KC

        I thought Laura’s dress was awful on her. She looked like she was going to a funeral. The pink underneath was a horrible idea…it gave the dress and awful, somber quailyt. And the style was horrible on her, not flattering at all. Laura is super stylish and elegant and they made her look sad.

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          Comrade Snapanova and Buffi the Taste Slayer really screwed the design pooch.  Such a matronly, joyless gown, and a hiddy hair style.

    • Sweetbetty

       But then, you’ve got to consider producer manipulation of the editing.  Those reaction shots could have been from something else entirely.  Not trying to defend Frau Heidi or Snarky Krysten, but just pointing that out.

    • alula_auburn

      I was flipping back and forth waiting for the gymnastics finals (the leotards!  the eyeshadow!  the crazy mother!) and the glee on Heidi’s face totally reminded me of the way the commentators practically salivate when someone falls.

      Although Heidi could probably give more interesting commentary than the clowns they have now.

      •  I was pleased that at least a couple of the Russian gymnasts seem determined to keep the “little girl with mom’s make-up meets drag queen” look alive, since our girls have figured out how to apply make-up after only a couple of decades of body glitter.

  • MilaXX

    Agree all around. Sonjia was right, that *IS* a church dress. In fact, send it to me , and I’ll wear it this Sunday.

    Now I’m wondering who the mental case is. Honestly my  money is more Elena or even Christopher than Frokemon.

    • Alina Badus

      It’s Christopher, I bet – he looked awfully sad and scared in this episode. 

      • GTrain

        I hope so. And good riddance. I had enough of his act with the original Costello.

      • MilaXX

        Honestly I’m leaning towards Elena. Lots of crazy in those eyes.

        • YoungSally

          Totally Elena….Although Christopher might have an asthma attack which would bring the EMTs.

        • Didn’t the Daily News say that one of the women left and one of the men left? According to the paper, the woman left during the night (Andrea), and man left because he was so nervous, and continued to melt down even after talking to a psychologist/psychiatrist. That leaves someone like Christopher or Nathan or possibly Fabio, who looked extremely upset in the previews.

      • Lisa_Cop

        I think it’s Nathan. I slow motioned my DVR after episode 1 ( during the “coming up on this season”) and Nathan is crying in the workroom with people consoling him.

        BTW that slow motio is also how I figured out that Andrea was the one leaving. Melissa and. Buffi were talking about it and by seeing who was living in which apartment (Lantie was in a different apartment) I could tell their roommates were Beatrice and Andrea. Since Beatrice was auf’d in episode 1, I knew Andrea was the person who escaped on the middle of the night.

    • BuffaloBarbara

       Yeah, given the way they edit previews, I suspect we can eliminate Frokemon as a possible flight risk, since he’s the one they showed talking about it.  (Like showing Buffi going on about how she was going to leave, then walking down the hall, which of course turned out to be, “I’m looking for Elena.”)

      • formerlyAnon

         Gosh, I hope you’re right.

        • BuffaloBarbara

           Me, too.  I like him.  He’s weird and I wouldn’t wear his clothes in a million years, but I’m not his target market, and he’s nice, in an out of this world way.

  • SewingSiren

    I didn’t catch how the teams were formed ( was one member the leader?), but I assumed that the were supposed to make a dress following the color of the car.
    Andrea and Elena are opposite sides of the coin. Andrea is trying to be too laid back about the competition and Elena is so freaked out by it that it is a detriment to her ability to perform. I do think (up until this point) that Andrea does want to be there.

    Ven did make a beautiful dress for Kenely and of the top two it was certainly the best. I guess you could argue that the attendees of
    the Emmys who are not up for an Emmy usually do not dress so flashy as the actresses who are up for awards, so in that way Ven’s dress is appropriate. I do not see any Fabio in the dress, but after to challenges I can say Fabio does have a recognizable style. Dip dyed, loose fit, up-cylcled looking, kind of like he dresses. He would have been a better designer for Anya.

    Mila’s red dress is the most un-red red dress that I’ve ever seen. If both of these designers are men’s wear, why didn’t they make a men’s wear inspired outfit for her? Mila would have been perfect for that. Or a color block dress? Half him , half her? Anyway I can’t shed a tear for either one. I feel that Alicia will be gone soon enough too. Ps I don’t hate the switch.

    • Spicytomato1

      The teams were formed by luck of the draw. They pulled car keys/clickers out of a bag and whichever car theirs fit was where/with who(m?) they went.

      Edited to add: There were no designated team leaders.

      • BrooklynBomber

        I missed the beginning; was there no other tie-in to the car (like SS said – a garment the color of the car, or some other connection to the car)?

        • Spicytomato1

          They had to incorporate the color of the car into their garment. 

          The whole tie-in made me want to scream. I was glad when Chris pointed out the obvious — pretty much none of the designers will be driving one of those anytime soon.

          • BrooklynBomber

            Ha! I wonder if it’s one of the prizes this season.

          • A Lexus is one of the prizes this season. At least they said so in an earlier episode.

          • BrooklynBomber

            Ah, yes, it usually is a prize.

          • YoungSally

            Serious step up from the usual Ford Focus or whatever they get.

          • Spicytomato1

            It was Saturn at one point. Definite step up. At least in the car department.

        • NDC_IPCentral

          Hi, BB – yup, the car was, I assume $$ in LT/B-M’s pocket for placement, but the designers had to use the car color as/or part of the colors in their garment.  Tortured.

          • BrooklynBomber

            Oh, yeah, that’s lame.

      • l_c_ann

        Tim drew and handed them the keys/clickers IIRC.

        • SewingSiren

          So the pairs weren’t random at all.

          • Snailstsichr

             It looked to me like he randomly drew clicker/keys out of a bag, but I could be wrong. I watched a DVR after the Olympics and fell asleep before the end.

          • H3ff

            How does that suggest that the pairs weren’t randomly selected?

    • MilaXX

      Ven did make a beautiful dress for Kenely and of the top two it was
      certainly the best. I guess you could argue that the attendees of the
      Emmys who are not up for an Emmy usually do not dress so flashy as the
      actresses who are up for awards, so in that way Ven’s dress is

      Nope unless you’re a tween or child star you wear a gown. The judges are currently in love with Ven and as this season”s “chosen one” (so far), everything he does is somehow justified as the best ever.

      • Violina23

        It was the best of crappy entries, though. He made what Kenley wanted, but added some of the structure that fits in with his aesthetic.  I have no complaints about his win, given the utter garbage that the other teams came up with. But that doesn’t make the design terribly impressive. We’ll see what happens next week

        • MilaXX

          I’m going to wait for the stills of April & Valerie’s dresses, which I think were better.

          • KC

            ITA…I’m sick of everyone acting like just because the dress is short it is COMPLETELY INAPPROPRIATE for the Emmys. I thought out of all the dresses (including the gold dress that made Valerie look larger and like a box and also made the fabric do all the work AND the dress that looked sloppy and like a sheet wrapped around April’s shoulders though the basic idea and fabric were lovely) this fit the client to a T, showed the designer’s personal style and was adorable on top of that. So it isn’t a long gown….its still the best out of all of them.

            (Valerie is in her early 30s or late 20s and she looks MUCH older…the gray hair on top doesn’t help but this dress is not for a pretty, peppy, young woman….and it makes her look really wide in her midsection and brings attention to her lack of boobage in a negative way. And the print is fine, but it does almost ALL of the work. I also don’t think it looks very Valerie either)

            (c’mon, this is a LOVELY color on April and I love dresses that are very covered in the front but open in the back but this looks so sloppy and does weird stuff to her body)

      • MadrigalMolly

         However, a little styling to go with the dress- a beautiful cuff bracelet or some killer earrings would amp up the the whole look to make it more Emmy appropriate

        • MilaXX

          I disagree, not matter how much you style it, a casual dress is never going to be appropriate at a black tie event. Sonia nailed, church dress.

      • At least this “chosen one” has talent and training. I have no problem with them favoring him in comparison to past favorites who didn’t deserve the praise.

        • MilaXX

          Yes he has talent, but then again so did Gretchen even if I don’t like her aesthetic. I dislike them praising and trying to shoehorn a win in because they have taken a liking to a particular designer.

          • We can dislike it all we want, but they’re not going to change. As I said, at least this one has talent, even though, like Gretchen, he seems to be a little one-note so far.

          • MilaXX

            Oh I’m not disagreeing, but I see no reason not to call it what it is.

          • Lisa_Cop

            Ven has been my favorite since episode 1 because of his taste and how well made his garments look. However, because he’s pretty low drama, I figured he had no chance. I’m pleasantly surprised to see the judges liking him.

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          I can certainly live with Ven as the chosen one of the moment-I’ll take ability over last season’s debacle anytime.  I also can see the judges moving on to promote Gunnar or Costello-lite, especially after the over-praising for that white schmatta Gunnar masterminded for Irina.  At this point, anything’s possible.

      • H3ff

        Their deciding criterion seemed to be “Which of these dresses would we be the most proud of at the Emmys?”, which suggested that the technical aspects were the most important.

        • MilaXX

          In which case just make it make a pretty dress contest. I get that these judges contradict themselves a lot. This is just another case of them awarding a win against what they stated was the brief for the challenge.

    • But Anya did not want an Anya dress. I was shocked when she specifically said she did not want flowy, but structured. It was like saying she would not wear her own designs, or that she admitted she is not up to designing for the red carpet.

      • SewingSiren

        When I said they made a dress should could have made herself , I did not mean it as a complement. 

  • Why is Gunnar in the top for the second week in a row? No. The dress wasn’t well executed, it wasn’t exciting, it wasn’t even as flattering as they said it was. I am just becoming increasingly tired of the bullshittery that goes on in this show. WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO YOU, PROJECT RUNWAY? 

    • You knew it was bad when Frokemon actually wanted to be auf’d for it. 

      • Spicytomato1

        Yes. But he won my heart when he was so gracious and humble about giving Gunnar full credit for the possible win.

      • I am seriously falling in love with Frokemon. I thought he was going to be like a novelty like Starr from season 1 or Elisa from season 4. BUT I am actually rooting for him. I think he does have potential, even if it is the potential for completely blown-out crackitude. Completely adorable, and incredibly gracious all things considering.

        Gunnar on the other hand… you could practically see his ego inflating on the runway. Err-lack.

        • TxMom2011

          I agree about Gunnar…. but ya gotta give him credit for how he worked with Frokemon.  I thought they would be the team to implode… but they were pretty tame.

          • Melissa Brogan

             Probably because Frokemon totally deferred to him since he felt completely out of his element. If Gunnar had anyone else as a partner, he would have given Costello-lite a real run for his drama money.

      • YoungSally

        I wonder if any of that is purely cultural.  Although it seemed gracious.

    • MoHub

       I loved that Irina tried to call the judges’ attention to the poor sewing, and she was clearly unhappy with the dress. I wish she’d have turned around, whipped the scarf detail out of the way, and made the panel look at the scary rear seaming.

      • There was at least one long prominent thread hanging off the bottom of the white dress. I don’t understand why this was not picked at by the judges, since they have done so in past seasons.

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          My money is on the promotion of Gunnar for his melodramatic possibilities-as they did with Michael Costello and Josh in Season 9, bunim-murray will milk the drama queens and attention ho’s for everything they can give.

      • fashionzombie

        She could not have had a more hateful bitchface on that runway. I never loved Irina, but I was laughing until I wept over her complete refusal to hide how much she hated that dress.

        • venusvelvet

           I had the same reaction to Mila’s pained looks. Esp during the “horse-tail” comment. Priceless and poetic.

    • BuffaloBarbara

      I think the long scarves in back covered a multitude of sewing sins, and Heidi liked the idea of having them flowing out behind her, possibly with a lackey running around with a wind machine just to make it happen.

  • Wendy Wetzel

    I hardly recognized Kenley…..  perhaps a bit of facial and attitude reconstruction has occured along the way?

    • Sam

      No, she just had her makeup done decently. There’s a pretty girl under that retro pancake makeup, if only the insides matched the outsides. 

      • Snailstsichr

        I thought her hair and make up were beautiful. Hope she learned something. She looked lovely instead of cartoon-ish. Not that I don’t like Betty Boop, but after a while you want a real person.

        • Sweetbetty

           She had her hair and make-up done in her season when the designers had to make clothes for each other.  She didn’t seem to take anything away from that.

    • I didn’t recognize Irina!  And thought the same:  what did she did to her face?

      • write_light

        Gained weight (as Kenley, Anya, etc)? And that’s a GOOD thing not a snark.

  • caune

    How perfect would it have been to have Joan Rivers as the Judge? Or Kelley Osbourne? hell, even Melissa Rivers would have been better then some third rate sitcom star.

    Loved Ven’s dress, but not for THIS challenge.
    I liked Aprils dress best. I wouldn’t wear it, but it seemed red carpet ready and totally suited to the client.

    • tignor

       Agreed. Ven may be the early favorite, but I think Melissa is the dark horse of this entire year and will come out very strong.

    • Violina23

      I HATED April’s dress. It looked sloppy. It did suit her, I suppose, but it still looked just messy

      • BuffaloBarbara

        Yes!  I dropped by the Lounge last night and everyone was saying they loved it, but… it didn’t work for me.  And those three human beings should have created a shared-aesthetic show-stopper, too.

        • Sweetbetty

           I agree.  I thought the back was lovely but the front just looked sloppy.

        • KC

          ITA, it boggles my mind that people love April’s dress. Again, beautiful color and it worked really well with her purple hair but just so sloppy and bed sheety. 

      • YoungSally

        She needed a bra….or at least a couple of band-aids….her boobs acted like little speed bumps for the pleating.

        • Sweetbetty

           I noticed the little bouncies too; really added to the sloppy look of the front bodice.

    • GTrain

      Kors and Rivers on the same stage? I think the snark one upmanship would be unbearable.

      • Snailstsichr

         Oh! I think it would be terrific! The mere thought of it is waking me up more than my coffee!!

      • formerlyAnon

         Maybe. I could also see him deferring to her a bit, especially if she and he are friendly (meaning, she is warm & friendly to him) off camera.  Mr. Kors may have been raised with some old fashioned manners that don’t always show when he’s “performing” on PR. & though she may not want it acknowledged, Joan Rivers is more than old enough to be his mama.

    • CozyCat

      I felt that April’s dress was the most imaginative, in the sense that it did the best job of suiting the client and the event in a non obvious way.

      Kenley’s was perfect for the client too, although it really didn’t have the red carpet “wow” factor.

      • Re: Kenley’s dress: they managed to make a Kenley dress better than Kenley herself.  But red carpet?  I think not.

        Well, for a D-level celebrity like Kenley, it’s probably fine, since no one’s going to photograph her anyway (I don’t think there was any direct promise that either of them would actually be on the red carpet — they’re just going to the Emmys).

    • Sweetbetty

       There’s probably something in those Fashion Police gals’ contracts that keep them from doing PR.

  • Thank you so much for the post. I have a particularly hard time watching this season because of that wall of winners where it seems the producers force Tim to stand when he enters and exits the room. The viewer is subjected to looking at Anya (and Christian Siriano on the bottom. The apex and the nadir of this show). And with Anya as a client in this episode, I was definitely not going to watch. I never thought I would not enjoy Tim’s presence in the show, but everytime he stands next to those two pictures I want to throw something at the screen.  

    • granddelusion

      Thank you! You articulated my feelings exactly! (and Gretchen next to Anya! Aaarrgh!)

      • Lisa_Cop

        It did kinda make my night to see Anya in something so ugly and, even more, see her pissed off face when she knew she would not be attending the Emmys.

    • MoHub

      Last week, there was a very quick reveal of Leanne Marshall’s portrait, but there was a quick cutaway as if B/M didn’t want to acknowledge the winner of the last season of the real Project Runway.

      • Sweetbetty

         Speaking of Anya, wasn’t her hair shaved on the other side of her head last season?  And speaking of shaved hair, does anyone have any idea what techniques were used on Buffi’s do?  It appears that they are leopard spots on the shaved side of her head, but how were they done?  Permanent tattoos?  Temporary dye?  And then there’s what looks like a large bruised area but I assume it’s that shade of blue for a reason.  How does one maintain such a hairdo?  She never holds still long enough for me to get a really good look at it and none of the still photos I’ve seen seem to show it well.

        • dear_sweetlings

           I’ve seen quite a few girls do that leopard print in their hair, it’s temporary dye and I *think* you use foil or something to make sure the dye only goes in the pattern you want it, but I’m not 100% sure on that.

          • Lisa_Cop

            That hair is way too short for foil. You can buy spray on color, (usually really “wild” colors ) that is temporary. I think that’s what Buffi is using.

          • Sweetbetty

             That makes sense.  I suppose they use a stencil?  I wonder how often it needs to be touched up?  I understand PR takes about a month to tape; could she have gone that long without a touch-up?  I’ve wondered how contestants with high maintenance hair-dos keep their look on the show.  Do they get the use of the L’Oreal Hair & Makeup studio or do they have to go out to a salon and pay for their own services?

  • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

    Is it wrong that I’m REALLY happy Gunnar got so close and lost?  He’s so obnoxious it really is difficult for me to look at his work and judge it on its own merits.

    • His use of knee socks also makes it difficult for me to look at. 

      • MilaXX

         Yes because dressing  like a boy scout is such a fashion statement.

        • YoungSally

          Knee socks worked for Kenley….in her mind.

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          He and Kenley could have gone to the sock hop as besties, I suppose.

    • Lilithcat

      You are not alone.  He was smirking up there on the runway, so sure he was going to win.  I do wish they’d shown the part where his head exploded when Ven was named the winner.

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        I confess I would like to see that footage, too!

  • caune

     They took away her red lips and gosh, she’s a new (modern;) woman!

  • And did Kenley call herself a modern day Grace Kelly? The previews made it look that way. That was a laugh. Although if Princess Grace had thrown a couple of cats at Stephanie Monaco might have saved itself the embarrassment of her wild years.

    • Spicytomato1

      I gotta defend her on that one…the previews made it look that way (damn B-M) but when you saw the remark in context it was clear she was talking about the dress, not herself.

  • Kayceed

    Must say, didn’t mind Ven for the win. So much better than Gunnar’s, at least. Was trying to figure out what Raul and Alicia could have done – they specialize in men’s wear, but with only a day, and I assume not so much experience with men’s wear tailoring on a woman’s body….I think I would have gone with a long, straight column gown with a pretty good slit, and then a maybe a sharp little bolero of some sort in a beautiful fabric to show off the tailoring skills.  

  • holdmewhileimnaked

    i dont think that dress suits kenley at all–no, i will be specific. the only thing that suits her is its shape. she likes wearing, so help me, vintage-inspired garments & that cut is definitely, while not vintage, definitely the old VI. so that works. but the rest of it? it ages her, for one thing, as it thickens her &, even moreso, it changes her from someone who came in dressed exactly the way, i, ancient punkrocker dressed age fourteen & turns her into an office worker at, if not an Xmas, then a thanksgiving party. it isnt her at all. i can see her act as if it is, & as if she loves it–kenley loves camera time. but she would wear this not one nanosecond in her real life. maybe if she were forced to go to court or to an especially conservative relative’s wedding–but, even still, she wouldnt wear that hair. this is probably the only time i have ever felt any sympathy for her whatsoever even though, of course, she kinda sorta helped bring in the winning entry. only kinda sorta, however: for whatever reason, theyve decided ven is their early favorite & they aint gonna budge. for some reason they cant.

    as per the bottom: how they turned the almost amazonian & very sophisticated mila into a somewhat chunky somewhat depressed early 70s housewife wearing a cocktail gown in advance of her evening fondue buffet party, oh heavens, i know not.

    • Kayceed

      Mila is Not Amused. 

      • Radiating the Vulcan disdain strongly.

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          If only Mila could have used the Vulcan mind meld to impart some design ideas to Raul and Alicia.

    • formerlyAnon

      “somewhat chunky somewhat depressed early 70s housewife wearing a cocktail gown in advance of her evening fondue buffet party”

      PERFECT description of Mila in her dress.

  • Neither of those dresses should have been in the top.  When Heidi was calling out who was safe, I thought they were going to be the top & bottom.

  • That was one rather baffling episode of PR. 

  • Spicytomato1

    I’ve been enjoying this season so far but that enjoyment came to a screeching halt with this episode. So much of it was appalling — attitudes, garments, product placement. 

    And I was reminded why I enjoyed the last PR All-Stars…the host and judges were so much more diplomatic and constructive. Heidi, Michael and Nina can be so utterly vicious, and seem to take such glee in humiliating the contestants.

    From Irina’s disdainful attitude toward her designers, to Andrea’s recanting on the runway of what she said about wanting to go home, to Raul and Alicia’s hapless entry, to name a few tidbits…what an effing train wreck.

    • tignor

       Irina’s disdain was justified to me. They didn’t seem to care or want to fix that horrible problem in the back. That dress was pure fug but only because it was sewn so badly…it could have been beautiful, and Irina looked so sad about being there and having to wear it.

      • ASK26

        I agree.  She was trying to help them.  Damn why should she care is they didn’t.  TO be fair it was Frokeman who just stood there.

        • Sam

           I don’t think Frokeman had a lot of input or design in the dress, so he really didn’t feel comfortable working on Gunnar’s dress.

          • ASK26

            But then he is SUPPOSED to participate.  Wasn’t his Idea the see through sides that Tim and Irina were horrified about?

          • SewingSiren

            If two designers styles are very different it is better if one takes the lead. Otherwise you end up with a big ol’ mess like Alicia and Raul.

          • ASK26

            YEs, but…
              If it is late in the process and there is a huge construction flaw, do you just stand there?  Lead is one thing but I am curious as to what he did do?

          • formerlyAnon

             This series of questions is EXACTLY what is wrong about PR, at least for the part of its audience that wants a little design & construction process mixed in with the forced emotional drama. Would it KILL them to use more of the time to edit in scenes that actually show how the stuff on the runway came into being??

            (Well, probably it would their Real World-fixated selves, at that.)

      • Kayceed

        My burning question is whether the flowing scarf business in the back was part of the original design, or added as camouflage.

        •  According to Laura Bennett, it was added to hide the construction flaws, and it was Irina’s idea.

          • SewingSiren

            Then Gunnar and Frokemon should both write her thank you notes for keeping them on the show.

          • formerlyAnon

             Thank-you notes? They should darn well offer to make her their plus-one at every interesting  or career-advancing event they get to go to as a result of their time on PR, as well as sending a lavish holiday gift this year.

          • spititout

            Is Laura Bennett blogging PR this season?  i did not see her blog on the Lifetime site.  After TLo, I really look forward to her takes on the episodes. 

          •  Yeah, she and Nick are both still blogging for Lifetime this season, as are Bert and Mila.

          • turtleemily

            Although you can barely recognize the pics of Bert and Mila since they’ve been airbrushed to hell and back.

      • Spicytomato1

        I don’t know, I realized she was trying to be helpful but her lack of warmth rubbed me the wrong way. The other “clients” were much more personable and easier to work with, from what I could tell.

        • Melissa Brogan

           She IS known as Meana Irina after all.

        •  “Her lack of warmth?”  When was Irina EVER WARM?!?  To anyone?!? 

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            I don’t recall Irina as ever coming across as warm during her season on PR.  I recall her as focused on winning.  Irina is who she is-not warm and cuddly, but focused and direct. 

    • TxMom2011

      Recanting?   She just outright lied.  She couldn’t even lie well.  She made a spectacle of herself and she knew it.  Which is why the skunkered-off in the middle of the night to her city Apartment (with a doorman).

      • Sweetpea176

        Did she lie?  I thought she had something along the lines of “on some level it will be a relief if I get sent home.”  That’s not the same thing as “I want to go home.”  Some ambivalence in that situation would be perfectly understandable and normal.  Of course, the conversations backstage and on the runway were much longer than what we saw, so we can’t really know.

  • BrooklynBomber

    I didn’t mind that the Kenley dress won because none of them looked like winners to me (though I do want to see the pictures of Valerie’s & April’s).  

    • ASK26

      From the brief views I thought the back of April’s and the handling of the fabric were better than the front – the dolman (?) sleeves were kind of “off” or sloppy – but over all I liked it.

      Valuereie’s  looked great on her, but I do think the fabric carried  lot of the load.  And it seemed a bit too narrow from the hops down to the bottom.  She seemed to have some trouble walking in it.

      • Sam

         I thought they really did pick a wonderful fabric for Valerie’s dress.

      • BrooklynBomber

        Yeah…I’m withholding judgement till I see them (not that it matters!!).

      • Spicytomato1

        I thought she was having trouble walking because it was so damn long. It seemed like she was working hard not to trip.

  • NDC_IPCentral

    The Lexus tie-in/promo only served to hamstring the designers with dull colors.  Lexus was unnecessary except for the BUX that the car company must have shoveled at B-M/LT.

    The staging of the meetings between S10 contestants and the clients was just dumb.  What unnecessary locations, which had nothing to do with the challenge or the personality of the client.  They weren’t even arty.  A fail there.

    Yes, the judges are enamored of Ven, who has been cranking out the most finished work, but I do agree that – granted only 3 challenges seen – his POV is clear as a bell.  I happen to think it is very attractive, but whether it’s ultimately too narrow for the changeable judges remains to be seen.

    Why Raul and Alicia didn’t make a sharp smoking tuxedo-type outfit for Mila is beyond me.  That would have played to their strengths and put out a garment that ought to have been awards-ceremony appropriate and a stand-out on the PR runway.  Bad strategy on their part, but Raul’s loathing for the RC guaranteed his jettison, as PR lurves the red carpet.

    I commented about Andrea and Chris last night in the Lounge.  Andrea did need the whip cracked to get her moving, but Chris’s whining and fussing without facing the problem and firmly but not childishly telling Andrea to produce was a major mistake on his part.  Our Boys dissected his game quite nicely.

    I had had some expectation of real interactions between the contestants and the past designers; what we saw was minimal.  It all seemed terribly contrived, for not much at the finish line.

    Still (and yes, only 3 into the season), this seems to be a better competition than S9.  Talk about ‘darn-ing’ with faint praise.

    • Lilithcat

      Chris really annoyed me.  I, who have no experience in sewing other than Home Ec decades ago and the occasional button, understood exactly what Andrea meant when she was explaining to him how to fix the top of the gown.  And he buries his head in his hands and moans, “I don’t know what she’s talking about!”  Whiner.

    • l_c_ann

      There’s a whole world of difference between proclaiming yourself a menswear designer and being able to turn out a tailored jacket (tux or other) in limited time. 

      • NDC_IPCentral

         Very true, Ann, and this would have been R & A’s opportunity to put their money where their mouths were, so to speak.  Indeed, cranking out a tailored jacket might have been a long shot in one day, but as another BK mentioned, a bolero jacket, maybe smart pants and… a cami/easy tank, perhaps?  Well, we’ll never know.

        • Spicytomato1

          I think other designers have cranked out stuff like that in the same amount of time, singlehandedly, so I think it’s not that much of a long shot had they more determination or energy. They were so lackluster.

    • ASK26

      I had to work on a major proposal with some one who was like Andrea and after nearly 2 weeks of busting my ass, no sleep (no make that no more than 3 hours a night), a shower every other day and one meal  a day (it would take too much time to cook/prepare) I am sure that my meltdown would have been viewed like Chris’.   A SUPPOSEDLY more experienced and season “partner” who drags their feet, does not communicate and produces crap, when you are fighting for your career… yea pretty much

      • Violina23

        Yeah, I got the feeling he was genuinely TRYING to be mature & diplomatic about it, but when Andrea wouldn’t own up to her weaknesses, he melted down and didn’t know how to defend himself without looking like an ass. He was whiny, not doubt about it, but I related to that.

        • BuffaloBarbara

           Yeah–I’m mostly never with the person who starts crying on the runway (it’s not attractive), but in this case, it actually did feel like  he’d been trying through the whole challenge to not snap, and he finally snapped.

    • dear_sweetlings

      It felt to me as though Raul and Alicia just got scared, if I remember correctly Mila kind of hinted that they should think about a gown and from there they ran around like headless chickens and got themselves into the idea that they HAD to make a gown.

  • Pupioso

    That whole show was awful. PR has thrown out some bombs over the years but this one took the cake. Poor photography, poor casting, terrible challenge groups. Yuck. The whole cast should have been auf’d for what was done last night as far as I’m concerned.


  • I kind of loved Irina in this whole thing. I was never team-her during her season, but MAN it was awesome having her call out the shitty dress she was wearing and how half-assed they were being about fixing it.

    And the skirt was too short on it. I’m so glad it didn’t win.

  • mjude

    TLO said “What an odd little episode.” thats exactly how i felt too.  then you have costello-lite, oh please give me a flipping break.  he just pissed me off.

  • BrooklynBomber

    Oh, also: when Nina said Alicia why didn’t step in to put the kibosh on Raul’s poor choices, I thought, BECAUSE SHE ONLY MAKES OVERALLS!

    • Violina23

      Oh god, Mila in overalls! With a ponytail! *shudder*

      • YoungSally

        Worked for Ellie May Clampett.

        • Sweetbetty

           Ellie Mae never wore overalls; she wore snug jeans with very fitted plaid shirts, definitely not off-the-rack from Drucker’s Store.

          • YoungSally

            Oops — maybe I was thinking Jethro…..but he didn’t do the side thing.

            Speaking of fitted plaid shirts — what about Sir Tim’s ensemble this week?

  • I totally can see how Irina might just kill the two should that pale dress won it all. (OH gosh nightmare)

  • Susan Collier

    Yes, yes, and yes.
    New-Costello’s “I won’t point the finger but I will throw you under the bus” hysterics grated on me. I’m already hating this season’s Characters.
    More design please!
    Kenley did look nice and the dress did suit her, but yeah, it’s not an Emmy red carpet dress at all.
    Poor Mila. That dress was horrible with its stretched-out wifebeater top and shapeless bolt of material at the bottom. She deserves better.

  • Leigh Ann Carroll

    DId anyone else catch when Anya told her designers, “dont make something like I would make, it needs to be fitted”………and I thought, Sewn!!! LOL

    • Sam

       Also notice how opinionated she was when meeting with the designers the second time? Boy that Anya really knows how to tell other people how to sew!

      • formerlyAnon

         I feel that Anya has much practice telling others what to do. Charmingly, but with no doubt about who’s in charge.

    • She should have said, ‘Don’t make something I *can’t* make’

      • But if Anya had directed them to not make anything better than she could do so her win wouldn’t come off as the joke that it was, that piece of dreck they came up with would have been a huge success!

        Still, as much as I can’t stand Anya as a designer, I’ll admit she’s sexy and has a rockin’ bod. They had to work really hard to make her look like a lumpy frump.  Well played, Team Passive-Aggressive, well played.

    • Sweetbetty

      I also thought it was odd that the person who made a sex tape said she didn’t like to show her stomach. 

      • That’s not fair. Making a sex tape (which in any case seemed to be a personal venture and not for public consumption) doesn’t mean she wants to show a lot of skin in public.

        • Sweetbetty

           Sorry, I was under the assumption the sex tape was made as a commercial venture.

          • TxMom2011

            teehee….. meow

  • nannypoo

    That picture of Kenley in the yellow dress with the absurd white knee socks says it all. I absolutely cannot stand that woman. Mila is just as cold as unpleasant as ever, and Irina can’t even be a guest on the show without being nasty. 

    These team challenges always bring out the worst in the contestants, and this episode was truly a spectacle. Elena appears to be seriously deranged. Andrea is completely clueless and insensitive to the needs of other people. Frokemon was at least gracious enough to acknowledge that he was nothing but dead weight during this challenge. Even Ven found the evening’s events so stirring that he almost smiled. This might be the least appealing group of contestants to ever appear on this show.

    • formerlyAnon

       “Even Ven found the evening’s events so stirring that he almost smiled.”

      heh heh heh heh heh

  • I liked Kenley’s dress well enough, so I wasn’t pissed it won, even though it was SO not red carpet AT ALL. But it was a nice dress.

    But Gunnar/Frokemon in the top? I literally yelled, “WHAT THE FUCK?” in my living room and then had to quiet myself before I woke up my husband. (He’s used to getting awakened by me yelling at reality TV shows, especially PR. Poor guy.)

    I thought the dresses that wound up in the middle were WAY better than the top dresses, and the designers knew it too. I was actually pretty stunned by the proceedings.

    And I agree about Andrea being a little too lackadaisical with her work (OK, a LOT too lackadaisical) but Christopher was SUCH an epic whiner. I wanted to reach through the TV and slap him. And then I would have slapped Andrea and, for good measure, the judges. Slaps all around!

  • l_c_ann

    I misread the sign in the back of the room at Parsons as

    Prisons the New School for Design

    and last night, it seemed to fit rather well.

  • MilaXX

    I have to give the former designers credit. Most of them weren’t very demanding and at the end of the day they allow the  current designers to pretty much have their way in terms of makeup and styling. There i no way Kenley choose to forgo her trademark red lip of Mila & Laura agreed to those ridiculous weaves of their own volition.

  • granddelusion

    It kills me that they’ve sucked me back in and I watch parts of this show. But I stop after the runway, and do NOT watch judge’s comments. For this very reason.

  • Just shows that the show is not so much about design as putting the designers in positions that lead to melt down and back stabbing crying fits. I knew as soon as the dread locked girl said that “he drew the initial concept” he was done. Next week looks even worse. Then you even make the winning designers choose between each other. Makes me want to watch re-runs (which are usually on the Style Channel the day before

  • GorgeousThings

    I’m already bored with this season. The only thing that interested me last night was the “Where’s Andrea?” coda at the very end.

    • stardust462

      I totally unintentionally read “Where’s Andrea?” in Santino’s Tim impression “Where’s Andrae?” voice.

  • ScarlettHarlot

    Kenley belongs in a psych ward. Is she capable of speaking without moving her hands obnoxiously? I don’t know what was worse about that scene – her total lack of self-awareness in describing her style, her repetitive hand motion, the collar, or the socks. I felt so bad for Ven and Fabio having to deal with her. 

  • My bf is sick with something awful, so when PR came on last night he just couldn’t move off the couch and watched it with me, something that never happens. The hysterical laughter that came out of his fever-crazed self after the judging scene with Andrea & Christopher was AWESOME. ‘The marrowing! The marrowing!’ We were crying it was so funny. But yes, passive aggressive. I kept shouting “JUST ASSERT YOURSELF” during the workroom scenes. And not just Christopher. I mean, Buffi should have said something other than ‘calm down’ to Ukraine’s Toughest Urchin, and Frokemon just folded, defeated from the jump. C’mon, people, fight for yourselves!

    • Spicytomato1

      “Ukraine’s Toughest Urchin,” lol. I thought it was hilarious when Christopher said something about how she acts like she lives in the woods. Wish I could remember exactly what he said, it was one of the few moments when I wasn’t cringing.

      • Oh, yeah, I remember that. Something about how she came out of the woods and should go back, I think. It was such a whirlwind of crazy that it was refreshing when there was a moment to laugh at something. “You’ve gotta be tough in Ukraine! No one’s going to hand stuff to you!” If ever anyone needed a Xanax…

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        Elena was giving off a very feral designer vibe with that little speech. So far she’s coming across as very, very tightly wound, which is not a good thing.

        • Catiline

          The moment that sent me into utter hysterics was when Dmitry, off camera, casually remarked something like “But she’s always like that.”  (about Elena) 

    •  Ukraine’s Toughest Urchin!! You know how to paint a picture!

  • stardust462

    I really want to see a red carpet challenge where they have more than one day to work on a gown. It feels like every red carpet challenge has been a massive disappointment.

  • Indovina

    I had said in a comment on the preview post: “I am rather looking forward to this challenge idea – which means they will ruin it and it will be boring, obnoxious, or somehow both. But I’m optimistic like that.”

    They managed “somehow both”.

    I actually kind of like Elena. She’s just so intense in a ridiculous way that I enjoy her, in spite or because of herself. She’s so serious about herself that I can’t take her seriously – and I find that fun. I felt bad for Buffi, who clearly did not share that sentiment.

    I agree, largely, on your assessment of the whole Andrea-Christopher fiasco. She behaved in a way that gave him absolutely legitimate reasons for complaint, but he chose to complain to the other designers instead of addressing his concerns with her and then spent a great deal of time being passive aggressive about it with the judges (when he said he had “too much respect” to say what he was thinking, I thought, “Oh, was it because of your great respect that you kept complaining about her to everyone who would listen earlier?”) The exchange between Christopher and Elena when she told him that there are polite ways of telling someone that they need to do something was kind of a highlight of the episode, though.

    I think Andrea’s leaving probably had more to do with realizing that this whole thing was a lark for her and deadly serious to everyone else than with “being paranoid about being in the bottom”, per anonymous pre-premiere leaks.

    Anyway, Ven and Fabio’s look is not my choice for the winner. It’s not a bad dress by any stretch, but it just seems inappropriate for the challenge, honestly. Of the judges’ two top choices, it was the better, so on the level I suppose it had to win. Other than that, Ven was emotionlessly arrogant as usual and Fabio was oddly charming in his attempt to say he should have won.
    I don’t know why Raul and Alicia went the direction that they did. This would have been one occasion where sticking with what you know would actually be the creative thing to do. I understand that they wanted to “challenge” themselves and make something more stereotypically red carpet-ish, since gowns are different from their wheelhouse, but I think the result speaks for itself. And so, sadly, I guess, Raul moves from “also there” to “not there”.

    Oh, and I like that Fabio seemed to be rocking the Haredi look at judging – the previews suggest he goes Sikh next week.

  • yulaffin

    Why was Mila picked to be a client?  That woman always looks like she’s sucking on a lemon.  As for her gown – boring.  Ven & Fabio’s dress looked better on the show – in the pictures here it doesn’t look as good.  It was definitely Kenley though.   

    • Sam

       She’s a tall skinny woman who I assume lives in NYC, and makes herself available for filming.

      • reganmeister

        Doesn’t Gretchen live in NYC now? We are SO LUCKY….

        • MoHub

           Especially since Gretchen actually has modeling experience. We should consider ourselves saved.

    • Kayceed

      I think Mila is a perfect client, because she has such a strong point of view in both how she dresses herself and how she designs. Her aesthetic is crystal clear, so Raul and Alicia didn’t need to waste time figuring out what her “look” was, assuming they’ve watched previous seasons.

    • Spicytomato1

      It was such an odd assortment of past contestants that I have to believe many of the producers’ preferred pick were unavailable.

  • Ti-Lo:  how can you simultaneously think the judges are making their decisions to keep “characters” on the show and also that they’ve got a hard-on for Ven who’s got the personality of beige paint?

    • Because we don’t think they’re doing the same thing across the board to all the designers.

    • alyce1213

      There’s no contradiction. Ven, with his dull personality and flat affect, has exhibited obvious talent and skill that the judges can’t deny.  Keeping “characters” on the show doesn’t mean aufing someone with talent who’s not.  And in a way, because he’s so zombie, Ven is a “character.”

      • Spicytomato1

        Oh yeah, I totally agree that Ven’s relative lack of “character” makes him a character.

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        For all we know,there may be a secret tape of Ven singing “My Funny Valentine” to a party doll or teddy bear that hasn’t yet been leaked.

        • alyce1213

          I like the way you think.

  • BobStPaul

     I totally agree with the poster who said this season – based on the first two episodes – has been pretty good.  But really?  I actually liked the premise of this episode but the judge’s choices mystified me.  The two best garments for the runway were deemed “safe.”  I would have liked to have seen the losing team’s original idea come to fruition.  Yes, Mila typically isn’t one much for prints but the print garment looked as though it was going to be much more structured than the mess they created, which appeared to be completed in about two hours. 

    • I feel she really threw them off when Mila rejected the printed top they showed her. Who knows what they were working toward? 

  • TheOriginalLulu

    “Eduardo Munster” AHAHAHAHAHA!!

    Wow, Mila is a pretty good sport to agree to walk the runway looking like that. What an ugly dress. What an odd neckline. Her boobs look weird in that dress, the belt is too high and she looks hippy as hell. The makeup is unbelievably harsh and aging.

    But the WORST has GOT to be the HAIR. What. The. Fuck. That horrible hairpiece? Those bangs that look like my mother cut them in 1976? OMG, poor Mila. I’m surprised she didn’t curse those two out for what they did to her.

    • Sweetbetty

       I’m pretty sure that those clients got paid and had a contract for their appearance on the show and that contract probably specified that they must walk the runway in whatever creation their designers come up with.  Curse them she probably did, but I don’t think walking the runway had anything to do with being a good sport.

  • DeTrop

    As you said, it was extremely selfish of Andrea to bring her laissez-faire attitude to a team project.  Christopher, who we all know is wound tightly, did not know how to handle the situation.  He would have come off as a mean control freak if he yelled at her or stormed off, ala Elena.

    Koan was way out of his comfort zone this challenge.  Good thing he had Gunner as a partner, who was very pleased to be the lead dog.  Someone else may have called him out.  

    I loved Laura’s dress done by Buffi and Elena.  Too bad she didn’t sell it on the runway.  Kenley may be a pain in the butt, but she worked that runway and her smiling the whole while was a big plus.  Think Irina and Mila.  Sourpusses both.  

    I have to take issue with Tim Gunn’s advice.  Twice now he’s made questionable suggestions.  Last week with Andrea and this week with Raoul and Alicia(?) Where did ‘make it work’ go?  This team should have made a tuxedo for Mila.  I think Raoul took too much on himself.  That piece of hair hanging down on Mila was a joke.  What group of stylists are they using?  Bad idea.  

    I agree that the judging is very subjective.  To ignore Dimitri/Melissa’s gown and Buffi/Elena’s and put Gunner/Koan in the top is very questionable.  Well, we’re off and running.  (and so are two of the designers – pun intended).

    • Spicytomato1

      “I loved Laura’s dress done by Buffi and Elena.  Too bad she didn’t sell it on the runway.  Kenley may be a pain in the butt, but she worked that runway and her smiling the whole while was a big plus.”
      Agree on Laura’s dress. My guess is the designers were so drained by the drama they had no energy left to sell it. And I don’t think was Laura’s job to sell it. Kenley is simply incapable of the restraint that Laura showed and was selling her dress every step of the way. That definitely helped them get the win, I think.

      • Sweetbetty

         Isn’t it the model’s job to sell a dress on the runway?  Since the clients were also the models it seems they were somewhat responsible for selling the dresses.  Then again, many professional models in highly prestigious shows seem to walk like zombies so what do I know.

        • Spicytomato1

          You’re right. I meant verbally. 

  • Mila looks so utterly disgusted that I’m sure after the runway she ripped off the ponytail and (rightfully) strangled Raul and Alicia with it. What a horrid, shapeless mess they made, not really right for anyone but even less so for someone as sharp and chic as Mila.

    Like everyone else I was shocked to find the middle was not the top and worse, that the white pillowcase with a scarf was actually in the top. Irina didn’t look good in it, well, she didn’t look bad but that’s because of her and had little to do with that gown. 

    Ugh. Another season shaping up to be a misguided mess. The “never again” cries of the Bitter Kittens can be heard already. 

    • formerlyAnon

      “Mila looks so utterly disgusted that I’m sure after the runway she ripped off the ponytail and (rightfully) strangled Raul and Alicia with it.”

      Sadly, no. It’d have been in one of the teaser clips mixed up with the contestant who leaves unexpectedly implying that New York’s Finest arrived with paddy wagons and carted off designers wholesale.

  • GTrain

    Word to this entire post!  They managed to age poor Mila about 15 years in one hair and costume change. And that guest “actress”, i don’t know where to begin with her sad attempts at snark.

  • Pennymac

    Ven’s dress was the better of the two chosen for the top, but those origami folds were tacked to the skirt in an unfortunate way and made the movement of the dress really weird. Can anyone imagine wearing a dress to the Emmys with the butt seam that they had to put into Irinas’ dress to make it fit better? Ack!

    I’m so glad I’ve been able to watch this season with an I don’t give a F*#K attitude about the outcome. This show is so not about design anymore. But the character development (Or tortuous producer manipulation, take your pick) is sooooo heavy handed; it makes me feel like I’m a voyeur watching something akin to “The Truman Show”. Did these contestants even watch this show before auditioning?

  • suzq

    I’m going to defend Alicia and Raul here for a minute.  A) They identified themselves to Mila as menswear designers.  B) Mila still suggested a gown.  C) Who can pull off an Emmy-worthy suit in one day?

    The biggest mistake they made was choosing a charmeuse.  It’s an impossible fabric to work with.  Gunnar kept prancing through Mood shouting, “Look for the jersey!”  Perhaps his was too think, but his approach to the shape was the approach Alicia and Raul should have taken if they were set on producing a gown.

  • Violina23

    I was really optimistic about this episode, and it was god-awful.  I think Ven deserved his win, but for being the best of the worst. I kinda liked the IDEA Behind the dress they made for Laura, but it still managed to look sloppy.

    I wonder if it would have been better as an individual challenge with more previous contestants.  But that’s me wishing to see better designs, not have the maximum inter-personal drama, which I know is against the Bunim/Murray credo.

    TLo summarized Chris exactly the way I saw it. He was being an ass, but I think he was genuinely trying not to be. It’s like he drew a blank on how to defend himself without being critical of Andrea, but the reality is he COULDN’T, and what we got was that cluster-f*** of “I don’t want to throw you under the bus, but lay down and hold still while I gently ride the bus over you”.  

  • BuffaloBarbara

    That was the most bizarre product placement In Project Runway History ™.

    The winning dress was the cutest dress on the runway.  Emmy-appropriate?  Probably not, but I’m not going to quibble.  It wasn’t what I was picturing when they described it, though.  I was thinking more of an old-fashioned-style gown, with a puff of tulle at the bottom.  The problem was, it was a Kenley dress.  I’m the sort of person who loves me a Kenley dress, but it was supposed to be a Ven and Fabio dress.

    The bottom dress?  Yes, that deserved to go, and maybe this was one of those times when the designers should have  held out against the client–that pattern was actually kind of nice, and they probably could have made an interesting suit with it, which would be in Mila’s wheelhouse.

    Mommy and Me?  It started out well enough, and I almost respected Li’l Cos for saying that he wanted to learn from her (“almost” only because I wasn’t totally convinced that he wasn’t just playing the part of the humble student), but it went south on the personality clash between earnest young designer and academic who thought she was on a lark.  I don’t have anything against designers having fun (they’re playing a game, for God’s sake; they should have some fun), but having fun and taking it seriously aren’t mutually exclusive concepts.

    And may I just say, I’d forgotten how mean-a Irina could be.  I haven’t seen anyone from that season for a while, and… man.  Meow.  Is it wrong that I wish Frokemon had just said, “Screw it, I’m doing it my way” and sent her down the runway looking like a cartoon?  Not so much because that would have been good for ol’ Fro, but because, well, I think Irina would have gone insane.

    I can’t honestly say I liked anything on the runway last night particularly well.  I wanted to like Dmitry and Melissa’s, but I thought it was unflattering.  The gold one, Val seemed to be tripping over.

  • MoHub

    Best p0art of the episode: The reappearance of Swatch. I got so excited, I called to him from my seat.

    • I’m sure I heard a collective “Swatch!” when he appeared.

  • Susan Crawford

    What an episode! I guess I knew all along that sooner or later Lexus product placement would go into overdrive, and here it was in all its glory. Dresses to match car colors? Sure – women would be lining up for THAT. Not.

    The teaming was typical for Bunim/Murray and Lifetime – guaranteed to bring drama where no drama has gone before . . . except in every other season since PR left Bravo. Andrea/Christopher – obviously, either Andrea went OFF her meds, or upped the dosage, because she was acting like this was some sort of party game. And he was milking it for maximum effect: “Oh, poor delicate flower that I am, I can’t make this older lady feel bad if I tell her she’s not helping us win.”

    And then he kicked her to the curb, under a bus, and pulled her haqir just for good measure. Nice job, kid. And thanks Heidi for your assistance.

    Andrea in her home visit seemed to me to be living well in her lovely apartment, and working on her designs with apparent enjoyment and fulfillment. I never got the impression that she was truly HUNGRY for the win, or for the insanity of the one-day challenge, the workroom psych-outs or the camera-driven meltdowns. None of this excuses her from blowing off the challenge, but it explains why she left. Elena’s very correct adminishment to Christopher about being honest about his behavior and owning his passive-aggressive whining.

    Ven and Fabio DID make a pretty nice dress, all right. For a photo call or a luncheon. But an Emmy red carpet design? Well . . .

    More later, dear kittens. And as always, thanks T and Lo for your hilarious tweets last evening.

    • I am laughing hysterically at your comment about Andrea and her meds, while my lip curls contemptuously for poor, poor Christopher. If Andrea took ten hours to complete her skirt, Christopher’s bodice should have been perfect. It wasn’t. I didn’t know that was supposed to be a cowl neckline until they told me; the back was laughable; and the front made Anya look like an overstuffed pouter pigeon. How is any of that Andrea’s fault?

  • Terrie_S

     She managed to look both younger and more mature at the same time. Mainly because, as others have said, she looked like a real person, not a cartoon character.

  • jennifervney

    Ha, Eduardo Munster! You guys are amazing. 

  • Sweetbetty

     Boy Scout is exactly what I thought when he first walked out.  And Fabio looked like an Hasidic Jew, which I doubt he is, and next weeks previews showed him in a turban.  But then I guess we expect our fashion designers to have a quirky sense of style.

    • YoungSally

      Fabio was rocking early Boy George…which of course was heavily influenced by the religious brothers of Brooklyn.

    • formerlyAnon

      Yeah, I think a Kosher freegan keeping Kosher would be REALLY skinny.

      edited to make sense

      • holdmewhileimnaked

        or dead. the utensils….. oy vey…..

  • I liked the way the teams were sorted out. It’s a big and expensive way to do it, but it was certainly different and new.

    I felt bad for Dumpster Hipster getting dissed during judging (“Who are you? What are you doing here?”). At least he was genial about it… At least he didn’t look upset about the things being said in front of him.

    Both of them should have gone home for that losing look. Add to that Andrea leaving and we’d have the most designers gone in one challenge in Project Runway history. A Project Runway first! Ever! History! First!

    Jeez, Kenley and Irina! Ugh! Loud and bitchy. There was not enough Laura, Valerie or April, who was surprisingly likable to me.

  • Joyce VG

    OMG Project Runway is now officially a runaway train wreck.  I really loved the dress they made for Kenley but it’s not an Emmy dress.  I’m so glad T Lo is still here for us.  We need you guys to get through this. 

  • ballerinawithagun

    Poor Mila!
    How does Andrea actually teach???
    The unsinkable, unstoppable Ven. What an ego! He didn’t hug or even shake hands with Fabio! Perfectly executed for the most part but it was definitely lacking even as a cocktail dress. It needed a contrasting texture or color somewhere.

    • Sweetbetty

      “He didn’t hug or even shake hands with Fabio!”

      But did you notice how Fabio gave Ven’s arm an affectionate squeeze after Ven stated why he should be the one to stay.  I’m beginning to think Fabio has more class than any of the other designers, if not the most talent.

      • ballerinawithagun

        Yes, Fabio has very “soulful” eyes and great personal style.

  • Oh my god, Kenley. Geezus. Knee socks. 
    I didn’t even like that dress all that much, and especially didn’t like it for the Emmys. 
    I loved Fabio’s look (on himself) on the runway.

    Poor Mila. She looked like she wanted to evaporate, and who can blame her. I can’t believe she let them attach that horse tail to her head. They sent the right one home – I guess. There were so many to choose from. I’m happy to not have to look at that pointy bang thing anymore.

  • altermyego

    Why are these past PR contestants going to the Emmys? I can’t seem to find where it explains that.

    • Spicytomato1

      Probably because PR is always up for an Emmy and they are probably allowed a certain number of attendees. I guess past contestants would make decent reps at the event.

  • Couple thoughts about last night.

    I wonder if Ven & Fabio had done that exact dress but floor-length if it wouldn’t have blown everyone out of the water.

    Also…yes, the Emmys are all gowns…for actresses.  But no PR designer attendee is going to be on the A List or the B List, or probably even on the D List.  A short, gorgeous dress like Kenley’s seems very appropriate.  The color was not something that stands out (like that very well done gold glitter gown) but was gorgeous and suited Kenley perfectly. It won’t pull attention away from the stars at the PR table–Heidi and Nina and the Duchess. And I bet that’s a lot of the reason it got a nod. PLUS…there’s no way it’ll be seen except from a sitting position and that bodice was gorgeous.  It looks good when she’s sitting down and she’ll never have the chance to stand up!

    Not to say Ven isn’t this year’s Anya, already identified as probable winner unless he screws up badly, but still…

    I’d like to see Dmitry start to get some attention, though. I don’t really think he’s as good a designer as Ven, but he’s darned good.  I’d like to see his stuff in more detail in the judging. I think there are also a couple other very good designers lurking in the middle of the pack. We’ll just have to wait until they cull the field a bit–or the field culls itself!

    I just sure hope Frokemon isn’t the one who disappears for psychological reasons.  Frankly Gunnar and Michael Lite are both candidates for that too!

    • Sweetbetty

       “Not to say Ven isn’t this year’s Anya, already identified as probable winner unless he screws up badly, but still…”

      The difference, though, is that Ven has identifiable talent in design and construction where Anya had none.

      • holdmewhileimnaked

        ibid. i was gonna say it but you beat me to it by the half a day i was still sleeping.

  • sashaychante

    What is up with two designers who get the right client, Mila, for their skills, and then totally BLOW IT!  Auf with the both of them. 

    Andrea did the right thing in leaving the competition, since she decided it was all ridiculousness, and at her “experience” level (trying not to say age…since I’m not far behind her)  I can totally see why she didn’t want to waste anymore of her own time on it.  Life is short after all.  However, her attitude did NOT make me want to SLAP Christopher around any less.

    I did not get the judging once again this week.  Several of the best dresses turned up in the “safe” pile. Typical PR outcome.

    • TxMom2011

      Being a woman of a few years myself I could easily understand Andrea deciding she was “above the ridiculousness”  But I think she left because she was embarassed of her actions and the poor quality of her work.  If she hadnt done the  “mid-nite sneak-out” I might’ve agreed.

      • formerlyAnon

         Caveat: haven’t been able to watch yet.

        But speaking as someone whose ‘panic button’ burnt out for everything except medical emergencies about a decade ago, and who was still in graduate school after it happened, I can relate to being the least stressed person on a team that’s running around like chickens without heads.  However, that doesn’t mean you don’t work hard & with focus!

        So I can see why she thought it was time to leave, and if she realized how badly she’d let her annoying and immature partner down, that she might want to leave with no fanfare.

        I don’t understand why she didn’t see what she was doing at the time, though, unless there were too few or too many meds involved.

      • barbiefish

        As someone closing in on 60, I have a soft spot for the older designers and want them to do well.  But Andrea being SO disingenuous during judging about a number of things (slowness in working, expressing a willingness to or resignation about going home, and laughing about her team’s progress even after Christopher told her to knock it off) really bugged me.  He has some OTT-drama queeness about him that is offputting, but I definitely could relate to the frustration he was feeling — he wanted to call her a liar (which she was) yet realized how bad that could make him look in the eyes of the judges.

      • holdmewhileimnaked

        i cant promise this is correct but i’d put my money on that at some point around the same time as yesterday’s challenge the PR team finally started becoming more overt in telling people what to do whilst playing a bit more of their crooked hand re: who was to win place show. my guess is that this stuff combined w/ the inexcusably nasty way they apparently critique the designers beyond what is broadcast–even more inexcusable cos none of it actually matters, the winners & losers are already chosen regardless of output–&, perhaps, having to work w/ anya might have all congealed & convinced her to leave. i dont know that i could do better beneath that glop myself.

    • Munchkn

       I’m not far behind Andrea age-wise either.  I wonder if some of her attitude was due to not seeing the challenge as life-or-death as it might seem to some of the younger designers.  She knows that she’ll be OK no matter the outcome of PR.

  • Ya’ll should read the delicious dishing about Kenley on Laura’s Lifetime PR blog.

    • NDC_IPCentral

      Boy, Ms. Bennett-Shelton pulled no punches in her remarks, that’s for sure.  Her post’s title, “Reality Television vs. Reality,” sums up the disconnect quite well.

    • Wow.  I never read Laura’s blog because I’m not a Laura fan. But that was something.  Better than Andrea’s Twitter feed from last night.

    • sashaychante

      Wow is right!  Thanks for that post.  Kenley is so phony.  Her school girl outfit was ridiculous.  Channeling Disney characters when you are any double digit age, and it is not Halloween, is just plain silly.

  • I wouldn’t call having to stand at the entrance of Tompkins Square Park as something meant for a princess, unless that princess likes seeing foot-long rats mount each other in the middle of the sidewalk ever ten feet.

  • EverybodysStarling

    I think Kenley’s dress looks matronly. There, I said it. Nothing “fresh” there for me at all. Plus she was even more obnoxius this time, wasn’t she? At Allstars, she didn’t bother me that much, but in the few scenes of this episode I just wanted to slap her mouth shut. 

    I knew Eduardo Munster was a goner as soon as he said, that he would stick to the fabric – and didn’t. Bye bye. Won’t miss your disturbing hairdo. 

    And how on earth, HOW ON EARTH, could anybody think, that that dress would be Mila’s style? Ok, so you wanted to make a gown – why not something sleek and structured for Mila? 

    And Anya’s? Well, you get what you deserve.

  • drnels

    I just read what Andrea’s been posting on Twitter about her leaving. Wow.

  • spititout

    Matronly. Great description of Kenley’s body-thickening frock. 
    It was so nice to see Valerie-realness again, breath of fresh air!

    • Laylalola

      Valerie! I was just thinking how cute and peppy she was her season — but sexpot she was not. That was one heck of a transformation and that dress probably should have won.

      • You’re right; that dress was magic.

  • YoungSally

    It really looked like Ven’s dress had a few pins in it holding the pleats — at least on my TV…Anyone else see hints of silver shine? Or was it just some metallic threads in the fabric? 

    Note to future contestants — if you ever need to pin something — bring a marker or two so you can camouflage the pin.

    • TxMom2011

      I saw it too in a couple of places.  Pins or bad-stitcing.

    • Sweetbetty

       I’m not sure about any pins but whenever I see dresses like Ven’s, where critically placed soft folds are an important part of the design, I ask myself, “How do you press that garment?”  It’s got to be transported from here to there and it won’t be hanging in a bubble of air so it’s going to get crushed and mashed out of shape.  A steamer can only do so much and you can’t put an iron to that bodice without turning those soft dimensional folds into sharp flat pleats and tucks.  That might not necessarily be a bad thing but it would change the look of the dress considerably.

      •  Dry clean only.

        • Sweetbetty

           Of course, but dry cleaners press garments too.  And after being smooshed into a suitcase or even a hanging garment bag a dress like that is going to need reviving.

          •  By the way, I am Bitter Betty!

          •  Iron it first to get rid of the wrinkles then use a steamer to soften the folds and eliminate the hard creases.

          • Sweetbetty

             Once you iron a crease into that type of fabric it’s next to impossible to get them out and a steamer won’t do the trick.

  • Veronica1022

    Honestly, if I was going on the show I would tattoo a layout of Mood on my forearm as I’m sure the fabric is not tossed on the shelves in a totally random manner. But that was a train wreck

    • formerlyAnon

       Yeah, I’ve always wondered why contestants don’t visit Mood clandestinely ahead of time to familiarize themselves with the layout. Of course, perhaps some do.

      •  That presumes a certain caliber of memory.  My husband can’t remember where we put butter knives in our own damn kitchen that he’s in several times a day. 

  • fnarf

    The white dress was pretty bad, but that thing on Mila had THE WORST NECKLINE IN THE HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSE. It looked like a runner’s top, four sizes too small — or maybe it was just on back to front?

    Listening to the judges babble in shock at the very idea that anyone could possibly have interpreted “red carpet” as meaning “gown” was as cringeworthy a moment as I can remember.

  • leilah

    “Eduardo Munster” — ROTFLMAO!!!  Oh my God…I’m never gonna be the same again….

  • Cathy S

    I didn’t like either of the top dresses. I thought Kenley’s dress made her look really thick around the middle. It was better moving than it was in stills but it was still awful. Although not as awful as that white monstrosity.

    • SRQkitten


      Yes! The word that sprang to my mind was “matronly” which is never a positive term for someone Kenley’s age. I made a positive comment in the lounge last night about how the judging the first two episodes had seemed reasonable and perhaps the producers fe taking the measure of viewer discontent from previous seasons. DELETE that thought! Crack pipe was out for sure last night with the judging.


  • formerlyAnon

    This week’s winner was Kenley. Hands down.

    She got a good dress that suits her to a T (and if it’s falling apart due to the short time frame she’s got the skills to fix it), she goes to the Emmys (? I assume, haven’t seen the episode yet), and bonus: if she’s even marginally ready to depart from her usual schtick,the positive feedback she MUST be getting from all over the place should convince her that she can look good without the period persona.

  • lilazander

    I cannot stand “the Andrea Thing”. I had a couple of bosses and colleagues like that when I was teaching for the Women’s Studies Dept. , f#$&@ing airheaded with completely impracticable ideas, who never remembered what they had said before, and infatuated with their own world of ideas to the point of dragging the dept. meeting for 3 or more hours. I learnt very fast to say “NO” and left the meeting after 60 minutes (needless to say I was not very popular).
    That Andrea chick wass pissing me off throughout the whole episode; I would problably popped or popped her (baloon, of course). 

    • ixoki

      Erm…do you know Andrea personally? If you don’t, why are you so quick to judge her so negatively? There’s no way anyone can know what a person is really like just by watching them on 3 episodes of a programme. Learn some empathy.

  • Melissa Brogan

    Ven and Fabio’s dress is bothering me. Or I guess I should say Ven’s skirt is bothering me. It’s not really supposed to look like that, right? Some of that pleating or whatever looks so sloppy.

  • VEN! Smile! OK, you don’t have to. Give us some voice inflection at the very least. “I’m very happy, very excited,” you uttered in a monotone reportorial tone. Come on, man. There have been many quiet, intensely serious, focused PR designers; yet, I can’t think of someone who never raised an eyebrow or whose mouth never twitched. Mind you, for all his propriety (it’s a pleasure to meet you, he says to the guest judges), he’s blandly arrogant: I’m stuck with Fabio. He’s slowing us down because there are technical things he doesn’t understand. Well, Fabio’s aesthetic is very minimalistic. He’s shown a propensity for dye/ombre/shade/gradation. Why hadn’t the judges noticed? His previous entries were all about the clean silhouette and the dyeing effect. I like this dress. Ven knows how to sculpt. It is the sculpting technique that makes this dress. The dress is also fitted, and the hem is beautifully finished.

    Raul/Alicia: Quite frumpy. They made a good-looking woman with an edgy and severe aesthetic & personal style look dull and bulky. The dress is poorly constructed. The belt’s hideous. It somehow thickens her waistline. I did feel kind of sorry to see Raul go. My respect for him rose when he bluntly refused to succumb to Heidi’s goading as to who should go home. He’s not a bad designer, either. I thought his candy-look the previous challenge showed much promise. I’d have sent Andrea home. Well, she sent herself home; thus, it seems likely they’ll bring Raul back.

  • rainwood1

    I’m glad I watched the Olympics instead.

  • Rebecca Jay

    With a combination of verbals and non-verbals, Mila discouraged the suit-menswear thing and encouraged a gown.  

    Too bad, but gotta say… the end result of Mila pissed off and looking like ass was fun as heck.  

    • Laylalola

      And she basically shoved away the print and color — she was having none of it.

  • Kenley’s dress is pure Sunday Morning at Southside Baptist Church!  All she needs is some white gloves and a sick hat!  (It’s well done and looks expensive but is NOT an Emmy gown…they need to put down the pipe.)  The dress created for April was the winner for me this episode.

    Poor Mila, forced to wear such an ugly dress which ages her 1,000 years.  And for a woman so (dourly) stylish?  Whew.  Man, I would’ve sent both of them packing!  And is it me or do these actress guest judges add nothing to the judging?  Wouldn’t it be better to have Hollywood stylists or, here’s a thought, fashion designers whose aesthetic is different from the Kors/Garcia Cartel adding their two cents?  Honestly, this one wasn’t as bad as the first episode’s but what do they ever add aside from “I would wear that.”

  • I just googled “Freeganism” and I find it very ironic that a FREAKIN’ FASHION DESIGNER embraces an ideology so ANTI-consumerism. What did Fabio eat during the taping? Did he check out the garbage bin after everyone else was done?

  • alula_auburn

    And Gunnar was able to fill his drama quotient with Irina, anyway.

  • Okay question, who does TLO think should have won? Because I actually really liked Kenley’s dress! But this is also the first time I’m watching for the season so…

  • MilaXX

    It’s not only that the dress is short, the dress is too casual, period. If the judges want to award the win because it’s one of the better made dresses, so be it. just don’t try and pretend that’s a black tie dress cause it’s not.

    • KC

      I’ sorry, but I disagree. I think that dress could very well be “Emmys” if it was made a little longer. Its not the Oscars, and I think its more important that it fit Kenley’s personality. I was clearly the best fit and best mixture of styles on the runway. Some of the others may have been more “Emmys”, but they weren’t great dresses.

      • MilaXX

        That’s my point, it’s not longer. I agree it was one of the better made dresses, it was not, however, an Emmy dress as presented no matter how well it fit her personality.

        • KC

          I really think that’s a moot point. The dress was beautiful and it was perfect for Kenley. I wouldn’t pick another dress  just because it was longer, because I personally didn’t think the rest were up to par. That’s not picking the best designed outfit. That’s like season one when Nancy O’Dell got so caught up in what was “Grammys” enough or not and ended up picking Wendy frickin Pepper’s dress and getting Austin cut.

          • MilaXX

            It’s not a moot point when Nina tries to tell us that short dresses are making a comeback for the Emmy’s.

          • KC

            Seriously, lets just freaking agree to disagree. I don’t think its a big deal, you do, that’s fine. I don’t care enough to keep arguing about it. I like the dress, I don’t think it being short is a huge deal, but that’s just me.

      • Lisa_Cop

        Again, although it was cleverly worded, I don’t think Tim said the winning LOOK would be worn, just that a red carpet dress had to be made and the winning designer and client would attend the Emmys. In fact, I would assume the “clients” will choose whatever they want to wear at the Emmys.

  • MattCooper27

    I thought Kenley looked gorgeous. Her hair and make-up were so flattering and really showed how pretty she is. I also thought the dress suited her style perfectly.

    • KC

      I TOTALLY agree. I think its more important that it was the *right* dress for Kenley than if it was this super glam “Emmys” dress. They could’ve very well done that but would that have fit their client?

  • Holy cow! I haven’t watched the episode yet, but poor Mila! She looks mortified!

    • janierainie

      with good reason

  • Eduardo Muenster! Oh man, too bad he’s gone now, such a great nickname. But yeah, that dress was awful.

    Costello-lite lost all goodwill from my couch with that horrible display.

    And HOW was Irina’s dress better than April’s? Of course, the producers lost all my goodwill about 4 seasons ago, so there ya go. Don’t know why I’m shocked. UGH. I really thought April’s dress would be in the top with Kenley’s, although I think ultimately Kenley’s was more interesting (but April’s would be a justifiable win).

    It’s episode 3 and this season is already pissing me off. UGH.

  • What happened to the “it had to be the color of the car” part of the BS, er, challenge?

  • bitchybitchybitchy

    If Mila could have sent death rays at Raul and Alicia would have been appropriate.

  • Citric

    Mila is an attractive woman. This made her look like the world’s oldest sister-bride.  Auf deserved.

  • Chantelle James

    If it was made a little longer, the proportions wouldn’t work on the dress. It may have been made well and Kenley clearly loved it but she could wear it for any regular evening function. It’s a cocktail dress, not a red-carpet event dress.

  • Chantelle James

    For all we know, she did exactly that but the executive producers (aka Heidi) didn’t want to show that part.

  • Chantelle James

    Even D-list celebrities end up photographed on the red carpet. People without the ability to borrow designer clothing generally wear something a little more understated than the flashy A-list outfits but they still fit in with the red-carpet dress code. The dress made for Kenley is not a red-carpet dress for the Emmys. she might get away with it at the Grammy’s or at a Teen Choice awards where standards aren’t as high.

  • SewingSiren

    That is very interesting. 

  • Laylalola

    I think Ven’s stuff looks cheap and cheesy. I do not understand this recurring refrain from the judges on how expensive his stuff looks.

  • cam_lo

    “Anya doesn’t want flowy fabrics or for it to look like something she made herself.” 

    Because … what Project Runway winner of the past wouldn’t want to wear his or her own designs? Because they know it’s just draping and pinning and under-designed bullshit? 

    To me, when Chris said that, it was the most hilarious moment of the episode. 

    It’s also hilarious that Gunnar was in the top 2. And as much as he complained about  Irina he was lucky he had her because she saved him and Kooan by making them fix the details in the workroom. Also, it’s funny that the top 2 finishers were both the designers who happened to get the clients with the strongest points of view. 

    ALSO. What the shit do the judges have against Dmitri? Yet again, his dress was BY 800 MILES the best one, and he wasn’t even in the top 2. Even the dress Valerie wore was much better than Gunnar’s. 

    Also, Chris’s move ratting out his partner for saying she didn’t care if she got eliminated was so incredibly bush league. I didn’t want to have to hate him. Like, at one point it started to be painful to listen to him during judging. I think we misjudged Gunnar as being the sociopath. 

  • Sara Loud

    I am so depressed that the GOWN challenge turned into such crap.  It’s a gown for G*d’s sake!  Run with it!

  • guest2visits

    I agree both Raul and Alicia were as lost about this challenge as Kooan; but Kooan had Gunnar and Irina to take over.
    Technically; Kenley’s dress probably shouldn’t have won; it wasn’t a more formal, or special gown. But I LOVE IT. It appeals to me
    the most, af all the designs this challenge.

  • DCSheehan

    The judges are not the only one with a hardon for Big Chocolate. That dress wasn’t perfect, but it was on the mark. A few tweaks and I can totally see that on a red carpet. Is it a ‘gown’? No. Is it Kenley and will look good for the cameras? Yes (but tweak it guys, her upper half looks wide!).

  • ccm800

    Mrh. The white dress looked much nicer coming down the runway than expected. I had no prob with the top two. 

    • ccm800

       OMG  take that all back – I  must have hit my head! April’s dress was my fave and the one on Valerie was HELLA better than Goonie and the little pokemon person.

      • MissAnnieRN

        I loved April’s dress, and I’m very disappointed that it wasn’t shown more love.  Particularly because they managed to successfully work with the charmeuse.  That white thing was awful.  

  • holdmewhileimnaked

    this one little line should be brought up to the top of the page, or wherever it is that people will see it. cos she’s saying a whole mess of interesting things.

    • Sweetbetty

       I saw some interesting things but I don’t know how much weight I put on them.  We’ve already seen how she twists things that she and others have said.  The one thing that interested me was her saying they didn’t show Tim telling her to pack up and go home.  Now, that sounds like a cruel and nasty thing to say, but knowing Tim as we all do I picture a scene something like this:  In the workroom Angela is blathering on about how stressed out she is and how hard it is to work under all the pressure and time constraints, and he’s possibly witnessed her making light of her screw-ups, and he has one of his stern but genuine heart-to-heart talks with her where he tells her with heartfelt concern that if the competition is having that effect on her perhaps she should pack her bags and go home.  Sure hope Tim talks about this some time.

      • holdmewhileimnaked

        oh, we’ve seen maybe an hour of her in the last, i dunno, ever. & i’m being generous when i say an hour.

        we’ve seen a decade of PR. from what i’ve seen, we cant count the bravo years in w/ the lifetime years–at least not for vicious & flagrant fraud. & you gotta remember, it’s lifetime’s people who are editing andrea into whatever they want -not- andrea editing lifetime.

        i dont think we see very much reality from any of the contestants. i’m thinking gunnar, here, & the way he changed from season to season–but he is surely not alone. more & more it becomes more & more obvious that they are all coached into personalities that PR can use, & in no way judged on their work or talents or lacks thereof.

        therefore, i take her more seriously than i take them.

        •  I don’t know that I do.  I could definitely see a circumstance in which Tim would tell her that, certainly — if you don’t fix this or find a way to make it work, you might as well pack your things and go home, OR if you don’t care about what you’re doing, then you should pack your things and go home, etc.

          But she did say that it’d be a relief to get cut, and that clearly came out of her mouth — no amount of editing can make you say something (without being ridiculously obvious about it).  And then she insisted that she didn’t.  To me, that says that either she’s a liar (which I really don’t think she is) or she’s one of those people who “misremembers” — you know, the ones who will swear up and down that an event happened a certain way and you realize that they clearly are having hallucinations from some kind of medication because that’s not at all what actually happened.  I have a couple of those in my family, so I’m well-acquainted with them.  And most times, you can’t really hold it against them because they aren’t lying — there’s no intent to deceive, they just have the emotional recall of a goldfish. 

          • ixoki

            Andrea did not deny saying it’d be a relief to be eliminated. When Chris whined about her saying she didn’t cared if she stayed or not, she said that was not what she meant. She said what she meant was, if she were eliminated, it would be a relief. Don’t be so quick to judge her. Anyway, being relieved about being eliminated is different from not caring whether she was there or not. Chris twisted her words. It would be natural for some people not used to extreme stress to feel relieved when it’s all over, even if, in this case, they do want to continue.

  • ccm800

    I know I’m alone in this but I LOVE ME SOME KENLEY! Always have and man she looks GREAT in Navy. Would love to go to the Emmy’s or anywhere with her…too bad her date is dull as dish water. 

  • Samuel Donovan

    I don’t even think that skirt is cut on the correct grain–it’s like the cut the fabric on cross grain, gathered it into the waist, and called it a day.

  • It’s laughable that on the runway, Ven said Fabio was responsible for the bust-half of the dress and he did “all the draping with his masterful draping skills and all the award-winning techniques he learnt at the best of schools where he excelled as top student”. But clearly, to me, the upper part of Kenley’s dress is the best and the lower half seems poorly constructed. I dunno, me not standing the sight of Ven and his aptly hidden obnoxiousness might be the reason to bash him. Though, seriously… And I do think Fabio is an interesting designer as well as kooky character that is still undershowcased.

    Oh and how irritating was Irina? Ugh.

  • bluefish

    The Ven adoration seems inevitable as he appears to be one of two or three, tops, who actually seem able to sew and to design.  Frokemon is a love — I’ll continue watching for him.  So far, his quirky coveralls from the first episode are the single most interesting garment created by this motley crew.

    And the treatment of Fabio was embarrassing.

  • Dragon Tattoo and Mini Costello should have an eye-bugging contest. Who would win??

  • I don’t agree that the blue dress should have won, but since it did, why was it considered a win for Ven? Didn’t Fabio construct the bodice, which was beautiful and well-made? The skirt, which Ven claimed as his work, was pedestrian and not well made.

    • Sweetbetty

       Ven was very careful to note that Fabio constructed the bodice according to Ven’s instructions, making Fabio just the seamster and Ven the creative genius.

  • michelle shields

    Every single design was butt fucking ugly. They should have sent everyone home and started all over again with new people. Did anyone catch the eye daggers Ven got when he walked into the room and announced his win? This is more of a “who can be the biggest drama queen bitch” show than what it orignally set out to be. Makes me sad too. I’m in Frokemon’s corner.

  • michelle shields

    And here is a PS….Valerie’s hair looked like she walked through a wind tunnel. Ye Gads!

  • allcapsERINN

    “Bizarre blocking in a public space, with Tim standing so far away from the designers he has to yell at them? Check.” – I’m way late to this party, but that made me LOL

  • KathKo

    Raul said “Mila doesn’t look like she’s happy to be there”.
    Well, why should she be when she’s wearing an uninspired, ill-fitting dress ?
    And what’s with them basically claiming “you wear a jacket ! Hey what do you think about menswear ? Let us make you menswear, pretty please! ” and then freaking out and flailing about when Mila just asked “are you averse to gown ?”
    Well, you could have done a menswear inspired gown. Come up, pups, you’re only on your 3d challenge, you’re not so drained that you can’t think clearly and let yourself be misled, yes ?
    And, boy, were they mislead in Mood.
    What were they thinking with that print ?
    When did you see Mila showing any interest in prints ? Never ! She’s the 80’s godess of colorblocking ! You mistook her for Uli or what ?

    Well, let’s say the silly Lexus-drab-color-should-be-used challenge did bring down the skill level this week.
    Hey people, let’s just do Emmy dresses in brown, navy bleu and grey, shall we ?
    Sure, that will totally pop out on the red carpet !

  • i have never screamed aloud so much at an episode of anything. my ridiculously-loud-while-watching-sports boyfriend kept asking me to calm down and i just couldn’t. i know this isn’t the post to rage about gunnar/frokemon, but even the poor costello-lite situation was making me spit fire. i cannot with these judges. 

  • LinXGUA

    I’m loving that one of Fashion Hobo and Ven. I didn’t recognize Kenley! She was stunning.

  • Watching Ven ghouling it over Kenley at the Emmy’s is going to be interesting. She’s already supremely obnoxious, and to have him as her date? Yikes.

    And did Gunnar skip off the runway when he was dismissed?? What was all that noise?

  • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

    Well, gosh, it was lovely to see Laura’s lovely face again!  That’s about all I got.

  • bitterk

    Why o why do these designers come on the show declaring that they 1) know nothing about anything before 2001 2) know nothing about style A, B or C 3) Hate clothes for fill-in-the-blank?   what did they think they were coming to do?  Spend 10 weeks designing their favorite look?   Raul and the Boy-girl should have gotten the boot.  They managed to make Mila look dowdy and borderline creepy with that ponytail.

  • Robyn Garrett

    I would love to see you guys as guest judges on the show! Such a good critique and I appreciate that you call a spade a spade when the design is just awful. 

  • ixoki

    I couldn’t believe they didn’t make Christopher shoulder some responsibility for the ugly brown dress. The top half was uglier than the bottom half!!!

  • ixoki

    Oh come on, she didn’t lie. She said it would be a relief. Christopher twisted her words and said she didn’t cared if she stayed or left. She explained that that was not what she meant.