PR: Shrieking Howler Monkeys

Posted on August 17, 2012

So Heidi pulls out her Big Bag o’ Crazy (now with added tassle action)…


And Nina pops out!


Everyone is thrilled.


“Blah blah blah. Marie Claire @Work blah blah. Designers, it really doesn’t matter. We’re going to apply arbitrary criticisms unevenly, based on an understanding of the challenge that conforms with absolutely nothing you hear here, and then we’re going to let the producers tell us who to send home.”


Also: product placement.

Now, a question: How do you drive insecure, defensive, shrieky queens right around the bend?


That’s how.


That is the face of a man who knows he has no allies. That is the face of a man who’s about to go Full Metal Drama Queen.

And yet, for once, the actual queens making up the Drama Queen Brigade were outshone by someone who’s working magnitudes higher on the Drama Queen scale:


This shrieking marmoset. What a freaking wackjob. We knew she was nuts when she insisted on emergency medical care for a hot glue gun burn; an act that had crafters nationwide laughing and rolling their eyes at her.


But she really outdid herself last night, freaking out and melting down over pretty much anything. “A fly has landed on my work table! This is HORRIBLE! HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO WORK IN A WORLD WHERE INSECTS ROAM FREELY?!?”


Usually, we have some idea of why someone is having a meltdown. For instance, Raul and Gunnar were obviously pissed that they were chosen last and Raul in particular was worried after being on the bottom and getting sent home once already.


They were annoying bitches and terrible team players, but at least we could understand what set them off. The worst you could say about them was that they refused to listen to the group and went off to do their own things.


Insane in the Ukraine here just wound up lashing out at everyone who crossed her path, including her team mates, the photographer, the makeup people and probably random passers-by on the street. You could argue that Raul and Gunnar were bitches because they were defending their skills and right to be there. Elena was just a hardcore bitch to anyone who walked in front of her and we’re not even sure why. No one really seemed to argue with what she was doing on her dress form. It all looked like her yelling at everyone else because she didn’t like what was on their dress forms.


We’re not quite sure how to take the fact that relatively few people called for her to be Auf’d when the question was asked of them. We suppose you could look at it a certain way and praise those people for choosing a skilled person with a horrible personality over an unskilled person with a slightly less horrible personality. But we can’t imagine anyone in the fashion industry ever wanting to work with someone like Elena, based on how she acted here.


So congrats, Ashley-Kate! We knew it was only a matter of time. The judges have clear favorites from the beginning and the first half of the season is always about getting rid of the cannon fodder and giving each of the teacher’s pets one win to bolster their confidence and make things more competitive in the second half. It’s sad how easily we can all see this playing out.


We like this dress a lot, but it’s an absolute joke that this is considered normal work wear. Show of hands, working people of all stripes, have you ever seen a co-worker come into work wearing something like this on a normal work day? This is, essentially, how two fashion magazine editors and a model think people dress for work every day. We could buy the argument that this was the most interesting design offered – and it certainly photographed very well, which played a huge part in its win – but we can’t accept this shiny cocktail dress with a giant diagonal zipper across the back, a slit, and a very dramatic neckline as anything but a fantasy for work wear.


And it’s Auf Wiedersehen to Raul, an elimination that makes less sense to us the longer we look at this outfit.


Is Raul a bitter, defensive, unfriendly competitor? Absolutely. Is that blouse somewhat troublesome? Yes. But does this look like appropriate work wear? HELL YES. Again; how telling that the two fashion editors, designer, and supermodel eliminated the one outfit that looks like how the vast majority of women dress for work – or at least, office work. We don’t love the flapping pleats on the blouse, but they’d be a hell of a lot less annoying than the turtle neckline on the winning dress. And besides, that skirt is kind of killer, with some interesting seaming details, although you can’t really lay that at Raul’s feet.

But we can’t defend the way Raul walked out. Turning to a competitor (no matter how nasty she is) and saying “I fucking hate you” on the way out the door is incredibly poor form in a competition. Have some class, dude.

And if you want to know which designs should have won and should have received an elimination… well, we can’t do that at the moment. The designs were all relatively bland and unimpressive and we can’t remember many of them in the light of day. What does that tell you?


[Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke for – Stills:]

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  • Sobaika

    Full Metal Drama Queen is the new name of my alter ego. Or band.

    • tignor

      Maybe we can double bill! I’m going to name my band “One Way Monkey.”

      • Sobaika

        As long as the opening act is ‘Shrieking Marmoset”

        Thank you TLo, for your hilarious contribution to making our days a little bit easier. Happy Friday to all.

        • I have to defend my beloved Marmosets.  Having worked with them for 8 years in my youth, I think a more appropriate monkey could have been chosen!

          • Scoobydrew

            I’d go with face rippin’ chimp. 

          • I’m not a fan of squirrel monkeys….how about Screamin’ Squirrel Monkeys?

      • Meg0GayGuys6

        And you both can get on stage at the end of the show to close with a duet of “Insane in the Ukraine”

      • That was my favorite thing in the entire episode — Dimitry being ADORABLE. 

        • I kept expecting Dmitry and Elena to start screaming at each other in Russian. He certainly has no time for her.

          • Call me Bee

            Me too!  Highly disappointed. 

          • adnama79

            If she speaks Russian.  I know most Ukrainians do, but she may only speak English and Ukrainian.

        • JosephLamour

          I think he’s my official season crush. Dmitry? Tweet me! 

          • drdarke

             Ehh – I don’t really like Dmitry, and think it’s just a matter of time before he goes Full Metal Meltdown himself, @JosephLamour:disqus .

            Still – can’t fault his comments about Elena this week. At all.

        • Catiline

          YES.  I was pulling for Dmitry, but I think I’m now officially stanning for him. 

      • My husband and I couldn’t stop saying, “He is a one way monkey . . . wait, one trick pony.”  God I love that Dmitry!

        • rougeort

          That was HILARIOUS. I am the only one of my friends who still watches PR so I have no one to share the joke with 🙁 

          Other than that, Dmitri is my current favorite. He makes amazing clothes and he is a laugh and a half. What could be better?

          • Also I am pretty sure he is actually Dracula! HE IS PERFECT. Also his dress probably should have won if they were actually judging in terms of what women would wear to work.

          • I agree! Loved the winning dress but how exactly does it work if you’re sitting in front of a computer or simply writing something down? 

      • MissAnnieRN

        I hope we have some russian readers who can inform us as to whether the russian equivalent of “one trick pony” translates into “One way monkey” because I almost pissed my pants when he said that.  I love language barriers.  And the more episodes that go by, the more I am pulling for Dmitri.

        • tignor

          Oh, yes, he was my vote for fan favorite. How elena is leading, I have no idea. Maybe everyone in Trinidad & Tobago has voted for her. Wait, what season is this?

          • MissAnnieRN

            Someone somewhere along the way in this thread pointed out that the fan favorite is actually tallied through using hashtags on twitter.

            So there is no such thing as a bad tweet, I guess.  As long as you’re getting talked about, even if it is to say you’re a shrieking marmoset, it don’t matter.  Honey Badger don’t care.

          • suzq

            Then, quick, I need to go tweet “I miss Kooan” 100,000 times….

          • Carleenml

             Tignor, that is brilliant!

          • drdarke

            Difference is, @tignor:disqus , Anya didn’t freak out at the first sign of trouble. Actually, Anya didn’t really freak out, period – well, except when she risked blowing the whistle on her own plans for Global Domination With Sleeveless Resortwear by showing her Secret Island Lair to Tim Gunn, that is….

            Am I the only one who hoped Tim’s visit to Anya would turn into a James Bond movie, with Tim in a smashing white dinner jacket as 007?

          • tignor

            eh, just saying that I don’t understand the love she’s getting leading with Fan Favorite. They are not alike in any way. 🙂

          • drdarke

            Asking the wrong person here, @tignor:disqus ! I don’t get it either – unless there’s some deep dark desire to watch her Melt Down Completely at Fashion Week…

          •  I just read on tumblr (credible source, am I right?) that “Elena Slivnyak has pledged to support the World Wildlife Fund’s global conservation efforts with a one-time donation of $5,000!”. That could at least explain some of her votes.

        • TheOriginalLulu

          Me too, “one way monkey” had me in stitches. I live for the moments when my Brazilian parents try to translate their expressions into English and get odd looks from people. My mom is a good sport about it when I laugh and tell her the equivalent in English. She waves her hand and goes, “they understood me”. 🙂

          •  One of my fondest memories of my husband’s grandmother (who was cool as hell and had a spine of ademantium) was her telling me that the guinea pig we just bought was “poisonous”.  She meant dirty in the health risk way, which I understood, but it took me a minute.

          • FloridaLlamaLover

            I was freaked about by a poisonous classmate who told me that, as guinea pigs got fatter, their eyes would eventually pop out. She went on to say that she and her brother were massively overfeeding it so that would happen very quickly. <> I guess I was in class with Dexter-ette.

          • formerlyAnon

             My former father-in-law is famous for mangling idiom in English. There are a myriad of three or four word phrases that reference some of his funnier ones which instantly reduce the kids & kids-in-law (and now, the older grandkids) to involuntary laughter, while those who do not know him look at us quizzically.

          • drdarke

            And like your Mother said, @TheOriginalLulu:disqus , we understood what Dmitri meant just fine – and he’s right, too.

            So – think we can all make “One Way Monkey” a thing…?

          • TheOriginalLulu

            I’m on board.

          • Derek_anny

            Why not?  Selling like bagels became a thing. 

          • adnama79

            I guess he was just trying to remember the weird English saying…  “Pony” in Russian is “Pony” and “Monkey” is “abezhahna,” so it wasn’t mixing the animals. 

            Points to him for learning the idiom and applying it correctly.  Also, mad points to him for using articles – Russian has no articles (e.g. the, an).  He must have been speaking English for a long time.

            I had a blast teaching a Russian friend idioms when she moved here years ago. 

          • TheOriginalLulu

            Oh totally. Mad props to anyone who moves to another country and dives in and learns the language, ESPECIALLY a language with a completely different alphabet.

          • adnama79

            Seriously. All I can say in Russian is “I’m sorry, I can’t eat/drink/smoke any more. I’m American. Thank you, but no more.” That’s all I really need, though…

          • Sweetbetty

            If you watch NCIS you probably get a kick out of Ziva occasionally messing up American idioms .

        • Rebecca Zmarzly

           I confirmed with my friend and mentor who grew up in Ukraine about an idiomatic equivalent of “one trick pony” in Russian and if it in any way involved a monkey. She said no, the expression is more along the lines of “doing it over and over.” Too bad.

          As an aside, the French equivalent of “one trick pony” is “has only one arrow to his/her bow.” 🙂 Although, I’d think Elena would be more likely to bust out a bow and arrow in the workroom than Vin.

        • CT14

          I think he was just trying to remember the idiom.  He got the “one” right!  Pony…monkey…honey badger.

          It was hysterical.  I know he can’t win, but I love him anyway.

      • Even if I didn’t already love Dimitry, he has my eternal love for giving us “One Way Monkey”.

        • Susan Crawford

          Yes, that’s definitely going into heavy rotation in my conversation, along with “screaming marmoset” and “full metal drama queen”.

        • Terrie_S

          I think it’s safe to say that “One Way Monkey” is THE phrase of the season.

          • tignor

            someone, quick, run to cafepress and make us T-shirts…

      • maggiemaybe

        I think Paul Simon did his best solo work on “One Way Monkey”…

    • My band will be Insane in the Ukraine!

      • YoungSally

        Although I was thinking it should be a wrestling match between Elena and a dressform.

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        singing “One Way Monkey” and “The Marmoset Shrieks Tonight”

      • Insane in the membrane, INSANE IN UKRAINE!!

    • See below for the name of my new band, courtesy of you.

    • FloridaLlamaLover

      Don’t forget to stick “Tom Cruise’s Left Nipple” in there!!

      • Go listen to Jonathan Coulton’s Tom Cruise song — it’s gotta a great many lines.

  • Pupioso

    Meh I couldn’t disagree with the auf although I really did not like most of the stuff on last night’s show. I thought the flaps on Raoul’s blouse were really distracting and I didn’t care for them. I’m not really sure someone where I work would wear that. I have to say you are totally spot on about the winning dress not being work wear. Absolutely no one in my industry would wear that. Not even at Home Office. That is not work attire. So oh well, Raoul’s was as bad as some of the others but I could live with the auf. 

    • I suspect Raoul was seen to be on thin ice anyway, having been auf’ed once already.  Sending out a marginal look didn’t help.

      • Pupioso

        I agree. He was totallly uinspiring and couldn’t afford that if he wanted to survive. It’s really like he didn’t care though which does seem to be a theme this year with many of the contestants.

    • Who would want to wear that high neckline all day? Imagine trying to type or take a meeting with that collar halfway up your face. And that diagonal zipper bears a striking resemblance to Vin’s last dress.

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        I’m with TLo about the delusions that the judges have about appropriate workplace wear. I’m fine with Melissa’s dress winning, but as you said, that neckline would be awkward-I can see make-up all over the edge of the collar, and can you imagine trying to drink coffee or eat lunch in that?

        • turtleemily

          can you imagine trying to drink coffee or eat lunch in that?

          A higher, more literal crumb catcher.

  • Amy

    Didn’t Sonjia make that skirt?  Raoul just made the top.

    • stardust462

       She did make the skirt.

    • That’s what I thought.  It looked like he made this top and the other sleeveless one.

      • MoHub

         Exactly. Sonjia made both skirts—the good part of both outfits—and Raul (no “o” folks!) made the hideous tops. It was unquestionably the right auf. Can’t agree with the win, though. I would never be able to function in Melissa’s dress. I’d be choking on the collar every time I leaned forward and would find that zipper making me crazy. In spite of the cutout back, I’d have given the win to Dmitry.

        • ampg

          Raul not only made the worst, most boring pieces of the collection, but unlike Gunnar (whose dress was equally bad), he’s never made anything that’s been praised.  Not that Gunnar deserved any of that praise, but I appreciate the attempt at narrative consistency.

          • formerlyAnon

             “I appreciate the attempt at narrative consistency.”

            Damning most elegantly with faint praise.

        • siriuslover

          I’m guilty of adding the “o”. oops.

          • MoHub

             No big whoop. It just took me so long to see it without the o and not think it was wrong. Also, T-Lo usually get all this spelling stuff right, and I was surprised they didn’t this time around.

        • Elizabeth Davis

          Sonjia’s dress is beautiful, but how do you put it on and take it off by yourself? By the time you contorted enough to get the dress zipped, the menacing collar would take its revenge and smoother you.

          • MoHub

             That would be Melissa’s dress, not Sonjia’s. Sonjia made the two wonderful skirts for Raul’s unfortunate tops.

          •  Well, she could work at the circus as a contortionist.

          •  I think Nina Garcia has people who dress her in the morning. Peasants.

          • formerlyAnon

            Thank-you for today’s involuntary laugh/snort!

  • Joe J

    I am going to make it a point today to call someone at work a shrieking marmoset.  That will be a nice way to cap off this week.

    And speaking of appropriate work wear, I am currently wearing a T-shirt with an angry robot on it that reads “KILL ALL HUMANS” and my boss is wearing flip-flops, khaki shorts, and a hideous lavender polo shirt, so all the stuff this week seems a skosh overdone for my office.

    •  Actually Shrieking Marmoset is my new cover band’s name.
      Oh, and you work in IT, doncha?

      • Joe J

        That obvious, eh?  Yep, I’m in IT.  My boss, on the other hand, is just an utter toolkit.

        •  It was your description of your work attire that was the dead giveaway.
          Sorry about your toolkit boss.  There’s always one around somewhere, no?

          • formerlyAnon

             Always! Sadly, if you can’t identify one at work, you probably are the one.

    • TropiCarla

      I support you, sir. Try to get it on tape. “This shrieking marmoset” made me LMAO. I pledge to call someone that at work also, but I have to wait a while longer so I can back it up with the proper disdainful look instead of dissolving into a fit of giggles.
      I’m making the most of my coworkers’ sympathy for my hormonal pregnant state. I got away with telling one of the senior editors at our publisher to “Put down the crack-pipe” last week. Heh heh. The marmoset line will top that even.

      • Yes, it will work much better if you can call someone a “shrieking marmoset” and back it up with your best “we are not amused” look.

        •  Also best if said with dead calm, and rather quietly.

          • formerlyAnon

             Pretty much everything critical is best said “with dead calm, and rather quietly.”

      • suzq

        I have perfected the full McKayla Maroney scowl.

        • amywinns

           Hey did you see the team on Colbert? They were all smiling, except McKayla, quite in on the joke. I thought, good for her! 🙂

      • Eclectic Mayhem

        Hey, congrats on the upcoming baby TropiCarla!

        • TropiCarla

          Thanks a lot, E May. As a first-timer, I am simultaneously excited and terrified. It’s sure to be the greatest adventure of my life though, and I’m grateful for a steady diet of TLo to provide comic relief.

          • formerlyAnon

            You already know the two biggest things: it’ll be one of the hardest things you ever do and one of the greatest! Trite but true. Good wishes!

    • I am wearing a t-shirt and shorts at work today.  And for the judges, I used to be a lawyer and wouldn’t wear a lot of those outfits. Too fancy except Maybe Ven’s, or possibly Dmitry’s if I wore a blazer with it.

      • kschwarting

        Karen, congratulations on being a recovering lawyer!  Someday I will be too.  And I agree–while the winning design is pretty, it isn’t really office wear except for the aforesaid magazine editors.  However, I would wear the hell out of that blue pencil skirt.

    • Hell, I work in publishing (though not GLAMOROUS MAGAZINE publishing), and I wear jeans, t-shirt, and hoodie every day.

    • Yeah, Fridays are unofficially “Hawaiian shirt day” at my work. Even in the winter.

    • Rebecca Zmarzly

      I’m a tech writer, and I tend to flip-flop (heh) around with my style. Some days it’s crop pants, t-shirt, and flip-flops, some days it’s full on 50s housewife skirt with heels, sometimes it’s denim skirt with a tank and ballet flats (today).

      My manager, however, would totally wear Dmitry’s dress, cutouts and all, on a weekly rotation. Put the color block in purple instead of navy? She’d wear it every damn day. 🙂

    • Your boss needs to be arrested for the lavender polo shirt alone.

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      Khaki shorts and a hideous lavender polo shirt? No, just no.

      • Joe J

        It’s not just the lavender color, peeps.  Let’s just say that if your shirt clearly shows the outline of your nipples, to the extent that your chest looks as though it has two teeny-tiny shelves, it should not be worn in polite society.

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          That is a true fashion faux pas.

    • turtleemily

      We wear scrubs, so I’m envious of anyone who gets to wear real clothes at work. Although it does mean more money to spend on whatever clothes I want since I don’t have to worry about buying anything specifically for work.

    • fashionzombie

      I hope that robot is Bender.

      • Joe J

        ‘Fraid not:

        I don’t think the person/people who make them would be able to procure rights.  A shame, because I would also love a T-Shirt that reads “Professor!  Lava!!  HOT!!!!”

  • ChaquitaPhilly

    Raoul didn’t do the skirt. He only did the lace (which he absolutely insisted on using) top!

    •  But neither of the tops he made is lace.  The ruffled horror, is organza over a striped fabric. The other one, which was forgettable in every respect, was I believe, leather.

      • ChaquitaPhilly

        Oh so true! Thanks.

      • suzq

        My boss today is wearing a blouse almost identical to Raul’s last night! 

  • What does that tell me?  That tells me that I made the right decision in NOT watching this episode last night.  I get enough drama from my 6 year-old daughter and I can find shitty designs in my local mall.

    • And it tells me that I made the right decision in giving up on PR altogether after the Gretchen-Anya double whammy. Why bother working myself into a frenzy watching each week when I can have TLo’s priceless recaps without the risk of a psychotic break?

  • I was wanting to reach right into the screen and slap Elena and Raul, and tell them both to grow the fuck up. In the Fashion Industry, no one, NO ONE gets to work, “alone”, it is a collaborative industry, and unless you get some getting along skills under your belts, chillun’s, no one, NO ONE, is going to be willing to work with you, which means your work will not get promoted, photographed, marketed, or sold.

    • CozyCat

      I want Elena to get an episode of “All on the Line” so she can deal with buyers and get a smackdown from Joe Zee.

      •  Chicky needs a wake up call, something chronic.  Nobody is going to be willing to put up with that kind of harangue.

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          Unless she goes to socialization boot camp, our shrieking Ukrainian marmoset is going to remain feral.

    • And the thing is (and this could of course be editing), it seemed like she was just be a bitch for the sake of being a bitch.  At least with, say, Irina there was a sense that she was sometimes bitchy because she had a vision and she was determined to see that vision realized.  That kind of behavior is — one suspects — ubiquitous in the fashion industry.  It would have to be, with so much resting on the designer’s creative vision.  But just being difficult for the sake of being difficult . . .  I’m guessing that gets you shown the door sooner rather than later.

      • Even ion you continues to work only at the private client level, thee
        Re will be clients that will try your patience for any number of real and imagined reasons. Though I dislike Ven, and am beginning to see how narrow his vision is, his calm considered work ethic is far preferable in the industry.

      •  Was Elena that much of a bitch? Sure she was loud but she didn’t actually call Dmitry stupid (editing made it look like that). And she was assertive by saying that she didn’t like the props. Her “crime” was not sugar coating everything she said  (“You guys, I think the prop isn’t working. I think we should try something else.”). She is from Ukraine and English is her second language. The others didn’t call her out so a great deal of what we saw might be editing. She seems to be on edge but her frustration in the work-room is directed at her own clothes/designs.

        She repeatedly said that she doesn’t like working with others but that was clearly stated in the context of the show. Which is understandable since there haven’t been any leaders or clear concepts for the challenges so far. She is being difficult because the situation is difficult. That doesn’t mean she is like that in real life.

    • MissAnnieRN

      I kept thinking to myself – so we know that Gunnar, Elena, and Raul will most likely not be able to make their own line of clothes, and if they want to be in fashion, they will need to go work someone else.  How will it go over at Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren, Donna Karan, etc, when they walk through the door and all diva-tastically announce that they don’t work well with others? 

      They are certainly not the first contestants to behave this way, nor will they be the last.  But if I were their mother, I would be face/palming wondering where I had gone wrong that I didn’t properly instill the value of teamwork into my child.  Seriously kids.  Go back to kindergarten and learn how to build a lego tower with your buddies, umkay?

      • ASK26

         well yes and no.   I give Raul a bit more leeway – he was prescient in his concerns..   And as I posted last night (and far too often in the past)  following Tim’s advice is the quickest way to be Auf’ed

      •  My child would not escape a tongue lashing for that kind of behavior, and they’d be lucky to get by without a spanking, no matter how old they were.

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        I read an interview with Fern Mallis and at the end of it she said that when she’d asked Donna Karan for one piece of advice for designers Karan recommended that they spend time working in retail to get to know the customer, their likes, dislikes.  Some of these people need to remember that they might have grand visions and concepts, but unless they can sell those to stores, they really don’t count for much.

    • meowing

      These sewtestants are unknowns, so where do they get off with the diva crapola?  It still would be gauche for well-known designers to act this way, much less wanna bes, many of whom are just out of design school.  And, yeah, we can talk editing, but fact is, she DID say all this stuff and order around people, so it’s not all just producer manipulation. Looks to me that she could use some good quality anger management or insight therapy on her narcissism. Wouldn’t hire Elena for all the beluga caviar in Ukraine.

      •  They can’t use what you don’t give them.

        • bitchybitchybitchy


      • formerlyAnon

        Oh, I’m in a “right to work” state so the bar for being able to fire someone at will is pretty much at ankle height. I would DEFINITELY hire Elena for even a fraction of the beluga caviar in the Ukraine. 😉

    • Susan Crawford

      Amen to that! Maybe it’s just the point I’m at in my own semi-retired life, but I’m going to point out that LIFE is a collaborative industry. Sure, we all need “alone time” to re-charge and re-group a little, but thinking we can make it through without understanding that we actually DO need other people is a dangerous misconception.

  • ccinnc

    Insane in the Ukraine!!! I died. 🙂

  • I think instead of having Joanna there for the judging, they should have had a few real people there to judge what is appropriate work wear.  Of course, the producers wouldn’t allow that..

    • Pam Winters

      Hey, that’s a pretty good idea. Maybe the head of some corporation who’s nevertheless stylish. Or someone from some really boring government job (here in DC we have plenty of contenders).

      Or they could at least narrow down what kind of “work.” An art gallery, a corporate law office, a storefront law office, and a scientific association (where I work) are going to have drastically different standards.

      I liked the winning design because it was a nice dress, and I wrote off the collar to “editorial.” (I pretended that the model worked in a gallery.) That zipper was wack, though.

      It’s funny: when people talk about “work wear,” they fall into all of these cliches. It could be seen in the props for the photos as well. I’m not defending Elena for a moment, but maybe that’s one of the reasons she didn’t want to use the props.

      I wouldn’t have hated Raoul’s ruffly blouse if the execution had been better. Make the ruffle straight; have some purpose to where it begins and ends instead of just sticking it on there. I’d probably still have aufed him for his work being sort of boring compared to everyone else’s.

      •  I’d like to see them do one next year where everyone has to draw a profession out of that little bag, and design something appropriate for that job. 

        • OH I like that idea very very much.  

        • formerlyAnon

           AND bring in someone who actually works in each professional world to rate the result.  Ohhh So Much Angst! Because I get the impression that many of the designers chosen for PR don’t really know a lot about the bigger world, I can see some panicked blank faces as they realize they have No Idea what their profession’s work world is like.

        • ASK26

           wasn’t that kind of the assignment when Joe  and Suede did the jackets and “the braying mango”  (ty that so fits)  mocked them about  ooh I am so professional, let me make a jacket    Photographer, teacher,a etc.      

          In their unrealistic world (talk about 1%ers) their (female) doctor would be wearing hot pants and their lawyer would be a a strapless cocktail dress.   Jr High teachers in belly shirts, and bike delivery  gals in spandex with 6 inch platform heals.     ( and computer consultants in mittens with high cowl neck fitted linen dresses (for the wrinkling :)) 

          •  Sort of.  But Suede deserved to be mocked since he made a dress for a photographer.  That was a mother-daughter thing, too, though.

        • CozyCat

          That would be a great “real woman” challenge–you draw a client and have to design something for her job.  I bet the peakaboo backs would be nixed pretty quick!

          • meowing

            Retired now, but was a psychotherapist.  Can’t imagine wearing 90% of what walked the runway last night.  And open back, Dmitry (albeit a small open back)–no way in hell, altho’ otherwise I did like the dress.

        • Lilithcat

          There was a similar challenge in season 5.  The contestants had to design for a recent college grad now entering the workforce, and it had to be appropriate for the kind of job they wanted.

    • MissAnnieRN

      I agree.  While we’re at it, can someone design a pair of scrub pants that don’t have me showing crack everytime I bend over or squat down to empty a foley bag?

      •  I’m sure I could MAKE you a pair, but there’s really no “design” in scrubs:)

        • MissAnnieRN

          Indeed.  That is the problem.  There is no design in them.  A company called Koi makes a fairly decent pair of scrub pants, but I still have crack in them.  I have to wear those belly band things the pregnant ladies wear to keep from showing skin when I stand on my tip toes to reach stuff or crouch to pick something up or whatever.  

          I don’t really understand why no one has tackled this.  This is work wear for millions of people.  There is no reason why we have to wear glorified pyjamas.  We can have pants that are practical for getting blood/vomit/pee/poop/spit/phlegm on that still flatter us and protect our, ahem, assets.

          • formerlyAnon

            “We can have pants that are practical for getting blood/vomit/pee/poop/spit/phlegm on that still flatter us and protect our, ahem, assets.”

            Yeah, the problem comes in with the “logic” (term used loosely) that four or five sizes are supposed to fit everybody, male, female, tall, short, etc.  Which given the size of the market makes no sense.

          • MissAnnieRN

            Exactly.  And I still want to have a nice ass in my scrub pants.  I also don’t want to have polterwang™.  I’m willing to pay the $30 for the koi scrubs because they almost get there.  If someone could actually start making pants that truly fit us, you know in regular sizes that’d be great.  I don’t mind wearing a fabric, washable belt with my scrubs because the 8’s fit me in the thigh/butt but not the waist.  Just like….every other pair of pants I own.  

          •  I know that problem well.  What are the requirements for scrubs?  I assume there are some, but I know nothing about them.  And now I really want to take a crack at them to see if I can make them better!

          • BrooklynBomber

            You should team up with someone who designs and sews and make them yourself. It could become a lucrative sideline for you.

  • BuffaloBarbara

    Tells me that the challenge was pretty much what it looked like.

    Everyone there seems to have trouble understanding work-wear.  Heidi was also saying that just showing a little back skin wasn’t going to be trouble for anyone in the workplace.  How long since she’s been in a normal workplace?

    And yes, the cocktail dress, while striking and not likely breaking any actual office dress codes, is not work-wear, either.  Fabio’s dress is a lot more appropriate, if just a touch too short, though white is usually a bad choice for work, since by the end of the day, it looks like all the dust in the office supply closet has landed on it.

    Raul’s blouse was work appropriate, but ugly and outdated (I think it would have looked frumpy and outdated in the ’80s).

    •  I thought Dmitry’s dress was brilliant. If it had been paired with a jacket, then it’s totally wearable to work and becomes a great work-to-evening look.

      • BuffaloBarbara

         Oh, it was gorgeous and it photographed better than any of the others.  But I have yet to see a workplace whose dress codes would allow that in professional positions.  If he’d just left the back un-holed, it would have been the hands-down, absolute winner.  But you can’t make a for-work dress that the boss will send you home for.

      • MissAnnieRN

        I agree – put a jacket with it, and no one knows that skin is there, except when you take it off and sit down on a barstool and order your first martini after work.  

    • Funkykatt

      Heidi has been a model since the beginning. Someone looked at her and told her she’d never have to follow rules for the normal mortal. She’s clueless and it shows all the time. 

      •  Frankly, when was the last time ANY of these supposed professionals even walked into a normal office situation and observed what people around them were wearing?  These people live in a world where they have personal drivers, ferchissakes. They never set foot on public transit, deal with anyone below the top of the pile in the business world, or walk into any shop, anywhere, that isn’t chic to the 10th power.

        • BuffaloBarbara

           Maybe they should have brought in their lawyers as guest judges.

    • ampg

      Hell, in many offices around here bare shoulders would be frowned on (I’m in Washington, DC).  A dress with back cutouts would prompt whispered meetings and a hasty recirculation of the dress code memo.  Although I agree that it would work very well with a jacket.

      • BuffaloBarbara

         Oh, hell yeah. If he’d made an awesome little jacket that would let that dress show itself off while keeping it office appropriate, I’d be all over that action.

      • And not to get all Gloria Steinem up in here, but aren’t we trying to get beyond the day when women are expected to “show a little skin” in a professional setting?

        • formerlyAnon

           I think if you gave Heidi a pop quiz she might recognize the iconic Steinem long hair & sunglasses photos but doubt she could give a 3 sentence precis of the woman’s significance. Hell, a lot of people who are educated and consider themselves to be living in a post-feminist era can’t accurately place her. (And no, sweeties, it has precious little to do with bra burning which pretty much never happened as fabled.)

        •  No.  Because if a woman WANTS  to show a little, she should be able to without being a sign of anything other than she has a high body temperature.

          • The difference between wanting to do something and being expected to do something is vast.

          •  Gentleman, I couldn’t agree more.  Unfortunately this was one of those times when I should have read every single word instead of reading the gist of it. 

      • janetjb

        I was the HR person to put out that dress code memo every time someone pushed the boundaries.  That memo  was updated almost weekly in the summer.  It would have been easier to put some departments in a uniform.

      • Lilithcat

        I wore bare shoulders a lot, but always with a jacket or wrap available, because one never knew if the office would be a freezer or a sauna.

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        Indeed!  I worked for the Justice Dept. for many years and there was definitely a dress code. Now, if it had only banned those dreadful power suits with the floppy yellow ties during the 80’s!

  • E

    I *totally* agree. I work on Capitol Hill and there is no WAY anyone would wear that blue dress in any sort of professional work setting. It’s an interesting dress, to be sure, but I would wear and have worn outfits like the blouse/skirt combination more times than I can remember. It’s so ridiculous.

    And Nina saying that the neckline on Dmitry’s dress was outrageous had me screaming. It was barely showing clavicle! I would have worn that dress to work today if I had it in my closet. I also didn’t really get the swooning over Fabio’s dress. It was a fine concept, but the fit looked a little funny around the model’s midsection… sort of floppy but not intentionally loose.

    This episode frustrated me.

    • I thought she loved the neckline and was objecting to the cutouts on the back.

      • E

        Michael Kors didn’t like the cutouts; Heidi was fine with them.

        Nina definitely loved the neckline on Fabio’s but going back and watching the extended judging, you’re right. Joanna was the one who said that “if you’re in the financial industry or the legal profession, you can’t wear that at work”, but maybe she was talking about the cutouts again? I don’t know… Put a little blazer on over it during the work day and take it off when you go out for drinks after work and you’re set.

        (I think Dmitry was kind of robbed, in case you can’t tell.)

        • formerlyAnon

           Dmitry is turning into the almost always-robbed one.

        • Somebody didn’t like the neckline, although I can’t remember who it was. I don’t know what they were going on about. I thought the neckline was a great feature on a fair-to-middlin’ dress.

          Dmitry was kind of robbed. Although the cut-outs don’t work for the typical office dress code, it was still a terrific little dress, and, IMO, the best piece on the runway.

          My memory could be failing me, but I’m pretty sure the challenge was to make work clothes with an editorial touch. Thus the cut-outs on Dmitry’s dress and the collar on Melissa’s dress. (I did love the dress Melissa made, and was really happy to see her get some recognition, but Dmitry’s was much more special).

    • As Fabio’s voiceover discusses the perfect fit of his rectangle dress, the model tromps along with fabric love handles poofing out at her sides with each step.

      Uh, yeah. PERFECT. Also: ugly. That was for my money the blandest, boringest thing on the runway. It looked a little  (*Heidi voice*) SAD!

      • Pam Winters

        I couldn’t understand all the rapture over that dress. I’d wear it. And that’s a bad thing. I’m at my job, and I’m currently wearing a KMart linen shirt with two buttons missing. I dress for comfort. That dress looked comfortable, like a muu-muu or your husband’s extra-long T-shirt. How is that “workwear” or “editorial”?

        • formerlyAnon

           “I’d wear it. And that’s a bad thing.”

          Oh, I strive for the day when I can no longer say exactly that.

          •  Come to Chicago and I’ll dress you!  In fact, I have the perfect outfit for just this challenge that I’m doing for my sister-in-law.  Jacket shaped like a tux with tails in the front (though no tails in back) and a three quarter sleeve, a knee-length pencil skirt with a very subtle tux stripe down the side, and a blouse with seaming representing the pleated tux shirt. 

          • formerlyAnon

             Oooh if only Chicago weren’t so far away! I’m doing a complete re-vamp of my work wardrobe over the next six months, prepping for a job change that is as yet entirely theoretical but WILL be happening in the 12-18 month range.  Right now I’m tapping the grapevine looking for a well-recommended person to do alterations not-too-expensively, if ONLY I could find someone like you!

            P.s. based on the precis you gave some time earlier, you DO know that you are undercharging enormously, right?

          • Well, I really only started designing pieces myself a few years ago, before that I’d just do alterations and knock-offs of stuff I wanted but couldn’t afford.  So I use everyone as guinea pigs, now:)  As long as I cover my materials, I’m content.  And I only work for people I like, which makes a big difference.

      • CT14

        I thought he should have been in danger of aufing for that fit.  It was bad.

    • Thanks for noting the problems with Fabio’s dress.  It frankly astounded me that he couldn’t manage a sleeveless, A line dress, without screwing it up.  As far as the over praising from the judges on it is concerned. Nothing astounds me anymore.

      • NDC_IPCentral

        I thought Fabio’s had more than a whiff of the convent about it – the collar seemed wimple-inspired to me.

        An updated look for the modern nun.

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          I didn’t get the love for Fabio’s dress-it just seemed unremarkable to me-then I thought about what Joanna and Nina were wearing-black and white, and it made sense.

        • Now that would be a cool challenge: make updated looks for modern nuns!

    • Sobaika

      I work at a legal nonprofit, so there’s a big mix of employees – buttoned up lawyers, colorful bejeweled polyglot academics, recent grads in jeans and t shirts, etc. Currently I’m wearing a bright pink pleated maxi skirt because our Fridays are casual.

      Absolutely no one would show up to work in that dress. It’s ridiculous. I get that designers have a skewed version of workwear and runway is a bit of a fantasy, but I was hoping for someone to turn out a chic pantsuit or professional dress.

      • “Colorful Bejeweled Polyglot Academics” will be the name of my new band, since that’s a theme today.  :o)

    • HM3

      Fabio’s dress was incredibly boxy. If “box” was the desired effect, then yes, Michael Kors, women of ALL ages could wear this, and still achieve that new-fangled Box Effect! So versatile.

      • formerlyAnon

         I believe Box will take over from Tent for lowest-common-denominator dressing. He’s a trendsetter!

    • In addition to its inappropriateness (it just screams “Please don’t take me seriously as a professional”), I can’t imagine sitting at a desk for 8+ hours with that neckline in the way.  Standing around being photographed near a desk?  Sure, looks great.  Actually sitting at one and trying to get work done?  Quite another thing.

      • I’d take a pair of scissors to that neckline before the end of the day.  Even a boatneck would have kept it interesting, especially with the zipper detail

    • ampg

      I totally agree about the blue dress (and I work in DC, too, but for a nonprofit), and you’re right about the blouse-skirt outfit, but I think that was part of the problem.  They were supposed to *design* work-wear, not just make something you could find at Ann Taylor this afternoon.  If it weren’t for the back cut-outs, I’d give Dmitry the win.

    • MissAnnieRN

      I agree – the fit on Fabio’s dress was totally weird.  All puckery along the flanks.  I would have liked it if it had fit like a dream, but as it was it was just a color blocked shift with a poor fit.  Thumbs down.

      • CozyCat

        Fabio’s dress looked like what he intended to make last week.

        What was odd was that Team 5 agreed to make a fall collection and ended up making a summer collection.  Fabio’s dress would have been a nice work outfit for the hot, slow, dog days of August.

    • DinaSews

      I expect to see the neckline of that blue dress prominently displayed in Michael Kors next collection. 

    • meowing

      if we’re frustrated with the lack of reality testing in this challenge, can’t wait to see the real women kerfuffle next week.  Altho’, alas, looks like the plus-size issue will be ugly, once again.

  • My epiphany last night was that Elena looks like a Russian, totally unhinged version of Olivia Wilde. 

    And that I change my  mind about whether I love her or hate her about twice a second. 

    And that we live in a nation where she’s leading the votes for fan favorite. Come on, people.

    • lessax3

       Well, is the fan favorite still mostly determined by who gets the most hashtag mentions on twitter. With that system its not the fan “favorite” but the one the fans talk about the most that wins. Crazy gets talked about.

      • Sam

         Fan favorite is rigged anyway, I bet Anya wins again at the last minute.

      • Seriously? I’d no idea. That makes much more sense, then. 

    • Lucy145

      I hadn’t noticed but yes, yes, yes! Olivia Wilde’s evil twin.

  • Scarlet39

    While I loved Melissa’s dress, it is totally impractical for the workplace.  I can’t imagine myself sitting across from anyone in a meeting with that neckline all up in my face.  Talk about distracting!  And an asymmetrical back zipper?   No.

    With editing, I’d be more inclined to wear Raoul’s blouse. 

    • Pam Winters

      “I’d love to review your proposal, Claudine, but I can’t see anything below my nose. It’ll have to wait until the vet removes this collar.”

      • siriuslover

        haha, the cone of shame.

  • One of the people who needed to go home went home and one of the people who needed a win won. So that is fine. It’s early. Insane in the Ukraine – love it! – was the star of the show last night and we’ll all tune in next week to see what she does next. Fling herself out the window, shred her pillows in the middle of the night, make another massively shouldered garment? bingo! My puzzle for the night was how the hell the judges thought that Nathan’s Boca Raton loungewear was work appropriate. One shoulder? Really?
    For a later post.

    •  They didn’t really — they hated that look, but not nearly as much as Raul, Gunnar, and Elena.  Plus, no one said he was the weakest member so he got passed on.

    • And the judge’s thought Nathan’s one-shoulder blouse was only for older women?! Maybe the fabric, but certainly not the style.

  • This is the first season ever that I haven’t watched Project Runway. Looking at your recaps, I can tell that was a good decision. I am so sad about what has happened to this once-great show.

  • I agree with Raoul’s off because he only made that ugly ruffle top and an ill-fitting tank. He had nothing to do with that blue skirt.

    I would have given Dimitri the win. Heidi’s insane to think that back cutouts would fly at any office job, but that dress would look great with a jacket, and then–surprise!–a sexy back for after-work cocktails.

    • lessax3

       This was my thought. A fitted jacket would look amazing with that dress and make it work appropriate. Then, dinner with the SO after work by adding a change of heels, jewelry and the jacket comes off.

  •  That just summed up my whole PR experience last night. Also I’m at work right now and I’m wearing flip-flops. Maybe if you work for Miranda from Devil Wears Prada that would work, but I can’t imagine it.

    • That’s what I kept thinking – these would work if you were employed by Miranda Priestly. 

  • VicksieDo

    The other designers must be afraid Elena would stay anyway, and they’d have to deal with her, so they targeted Raoul, who was almost as obnoxious as Elena.  

    The judges asked for editorial runway that could be easily converted to actual office wear, and Dimitri’s awesome dress did this perfectly I think.  The colors were on trend, the shoulder shape is of the moment, and the construction, in one day, was fabulous.   TLo’s comment on Twitter that it’s a ripped off Victoria Beckham design is a legitimate complaint of it though!

    • stardust462

      It definitely reminded me of the Victoria Beckham dress and that made Elena’s comment about navy ridiculous. I don’t think navy will ever *not* be fashionable – it’s all about how it’s used.

      • VicksieDo

        Navy is always in for me, love it~!  Elena’s obvious belief that she is an expert on all things fashion — UM, NO! LOL

      • MissAnnieRN

        Elena is clearly off her rocker as evidenced by, well, everything.  But I was lol’ing at the navy comment.  That’s like saying “no one wears jeans anymore you guys.  Come on, navy is so over.”  WTF.  Elena, news flash honey – navy is a staple “neutral” in every woman’s closet.

        • carolclark12

          And when she said that to him, she was wearing a navy …. um … jumpsuit?

        • holdmewhileimnaked

          i think what she mustve been thinking of is that blue, particularly the deep & dark ones, were huge two or four years ago. i guess. but not necessarily navy. in fact, the blue they wound up using was definitely closer to the blue that was the black when blue was black, if i make sense [& if you unwind that far enough, i do].

    • lessax3

       There was little worry that Raoul would stab them with a pair of scissors while they slept, while for the girls in team six, that was probably a valid concern. I certainly would be looking to sleep on the floor of the other bedroom if I shared a room with Elena.

      • siriuslover

        Yeah, that’s what I said in the TLounge last night. Back to the wall and one eye open.

      • VicksieDo

        Yup, she is seriously scarily deranged!

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        The female designers are probably sleeping in shifts to insure that at least one person is awake to alert the others should Elena move into shriek mode during the night

  • kat89

    If my lawyer walked into court wearing that winning dress, I would question her competency. 

    • I loved how Heidi was OK with certain dresses until she thought about her own lawyer — someone representing her actual interests — dressed that way.  Then she gets all conventional.

  • Love your blog. You had me dying at “Insane in the Ukraine” and “shrieking marmoset.” But just a point: Raoul didn’t do that blue skirt. Sonjia did. Raoul did two tops: the flappy ruffle one and the totally forgettable other one paired with Sonjia’s OTHER skirt (the drapey one). So yes, that skirt IS killer, but wasn’t Raoul’s work. I had no problem with him getting Auf’d again for those designs. As Kors put it, one was crazy and the other was boring. 

    • janierainie

      ” And besides, that skirt is kind of killer, with some interesting seaming details, although you can’t really lay that at Raoul’s feet.”

    • CozyCat

      Sanjie not only did the skirts but had to do them without any idea of what Raul was doing–he wouldn’t even give her a sketch.  She’s pretty drama free (and talented too) but you could see she was losing her temper.

      It was pretty clear that no winning team was declared because the didn’t want a weak design hiding behind the good ones and escaping elimination.

  • formerlyAnon

    Well, the winner photographed well, but put me on the bandwagon for questionable as office wear in most places I’ve worked. Mostly because it just stands out too much. It wouldn’t get you a quiet chat with human resources, but everybody all day long would be commenting on the dress.

    My big beef is not even the high neck, it’s the general rumply bumply “interest” running most of the way down the front:

    1) I’d look more like an unmade bed wearing a dress that didn’t fit than a woman wearing a dress with “impact” to work.
    2) Every crumb from my at-the-desk sandwich would go into one of those folds.
    3) I’d set off every OCD coworker with a burning desire to pull down/adjust the dress so it’d lie smoothly or at least in symmetric rumples. (I know this because looking in the mirror would set me off).

  • CPK1

    Insane in the Ukraine!!! hahahahahahah. You guys just made my (heretofore shitty) morning!

  • bluefish

    I don’t like anything stiff and major happening around my neck when it comes to clothes so the winning dress didn’t appeal to me at all.  Hated the zagged and tacky zipper on the back.  If one were working for Miranda Priestly, I suppose that dress might work.  I’d have trouble doing such basic things as drinking coffee, eating lunch, looking down at my desk.  Also hated the styling on this one — the awful hair, cuff, and shoes.  Still these judges being the way they are, not a big shock that this one took it.

    I didn’t hate Raul’s blouse — not at all — Not the best pairing with the skirt, which was very nice indeed. 

    Once again, Dmitri robbed.  And I think Nina had a much needed hair cut — definitely some inches taken off the bottom, I thought.  For all the zany drama, a kind of boring chapter.

    • lessax3

       What is up with all the zig zag wrap around zippers! Now I have to be even more of a contortionist to zip up my clothes?

      Oh and another non practical feature of the winning dress. The bathroom. Most office workers share a bathroom with a dozen or more people, you really don’t want to be wrangling that dress in a bathroom stall.

  • tignor

    I work in a law firm. I loudly laughed at every design they said would work in one. In fact, the only one that would would be Raoul’s paired with Sanjeay (sic) skirt, even though I can see that ruffle getting caught in every file and shuck in the place, quite possibly the copier or paper shredder. It could pass though on a day of depositions or client meetings.

    Um, one shouldered tops and exposed backs would not be allowed in any office. Even if an office is smart-casual, which could mean jeans and polo shirts, you cover your shoulders and lower back. Big poofy jackets are also way out.

    • BuffaloBarbara

       Yeah, I didn’t bother with Nathan’s one-shoulder on the office dress codes because there was a lot else wrong with the look, but that’s another one that would get a closed-door talking to.

    • I too burst out laughing when Joanna Coles said a lawyer would wear Elena’s ruffley jacket. I volunteer at a legal non-profit for people with mental health issues, and I’m pretty sure they’d think I was a client if I strutted in wearing that.

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        Joanna’s comment about that jacket was hysterical-more proof that Joanna has never, ever, stepped into an actual law office.

  • I thought the auf was fair. Sonjia’s skirt is doing all the hard work in both the outfits that she and Raul put together.  Neither of his blouses were interesting or appropriate. Mind you, there was very little on the runway that was actual work wear for real people. Team 5’s whole collection – white silk, anyone? – was ridiculous. 

  • I almost spit out my coffee after reading “This shrieking marmoset.” Amazing.

  • Billie_Dawn

    “Insane in the Ukraine.”


  • I LOVED Melissa’s dress but that collar was awful for doing anything be being photographed.

    Elena was giving serious crazy-eyes for the last half of the show. I thought she as going to start chasing people with a pair of scissors.

  • Workwear. I laughed at the magazine cover with Salma Hayak in a power suit. Is that a still shot of her on the set of her next movie, a reboot of Legal Eagles? I thought that the original Marie Claire already catered to the working young woman.

    I can’t believe that Natasha ran in front of Gunnar, Christopher, and Raoul for the Drama Queen Crown. Didn’t see that one coming.

    The Never Before in the History of Project Runway two-team tie was BS. They wanted to jettison the already-aufed loser AND give the win to the obvious winners. Team 5’s collection was horrible. And Raoul didn’t make that skirt, Sonjay did.

    • Lizbits

       The cleavage on the cover suit would get her a talking to! 

  • EverybodysStarling

    Heidi in the first Runway: Shiny and too tight. I really don’t wanna see her bellybutton through the dress anymore.

    Ven made a) a slighly new version of his one way monkey – which looked b) very much like the top Nina was wearing in the first shot. Did anybody notice, how the judges struggled to NOT see the big white elephant in the room, that he did a slightly changed version of his… of every garment he has made on the show? It really pissed me off.

    Kudos to Dmitry, who had the balls to call Elena out. I didn’t get why Sonji was mad at him for that. He was absolutely right. Eduardo Munster had a terrible attitude – but he was working on his own shit and not meddling with the others. Elena made a peaceful Teamwork impossible. 

    And, here again: I still don’t get the praise for Chris’s skirt, which was fraying like crazy and looked like it had raw hems.

    • ChristinaRi

      I think Sonji and Elena are friendly.  Sonji’s first pick was Elena.    Maybe it’s because she has respect for Elena’s construction skills.  Perhaps it’s because she thought it should not be based on personality issues.

    •  I didn’t get why Sonjia thought it was any of her business who Dmitri said or why. 

      • EverybodysStarling

        Yes, exactly! They had no problem ganging (righteously somehow, I must admit) up on Edurardo Munster – but Dmitry had the same right to voice his opinion. And he did it reasonable. I would have found MUCH clearer words for that shithousecrazy behaviour of hers. 

    •  Plus, isn’t the dress SEE THROUGH??? Like, I think I can see her nipple petals (tho thank god she’s wearing them)…

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        The dress did look as if it was see through-and I don’t know Heidi nearly well enough to see so much of her.

    • CozyCat

      Maybe she took what he said literally–it IS wrong to criticize Elena’s “work ethic” (as in hard working, taking responsibility for her tasks, etc.)

      We knew what he meant, but she might not have gotten it.

      • EverybodysStarling

        Oh. That could be. I thought he wanted to express his feelings about her “attitude”. So maybe it was just a misunderstanding, perhaps. 

      • Yes, this. He probably just could not think of the correct way to describe Elena’s problem in English, and ended up using “work ethic,” which wasn’t quite right. I felt bad for Dmitry then.

        •  No, I think he meant work ethic too.  She stood around not getting anything done while whining about how she now hated everything, even though it was too late to change that.  So to my mind she didn’t work hard, and she didn’t take responsibility.  And I see no reason why that should be off the table as a criticism.

          • Yep, I agree. Not being able to work with other people is a big problem in just about any industry. In that regard, fashion is no different than any other business.

            Elena’s behavior in the workroom was terrible. She was even worse during the photo shoot. Just watching her was giving me an anxiety attack. I can’t imagine how the rest of her team was feeling. Poor Melissa tried to reason with her, which just made Elena more angry and defensive.

            She was disruptive, and irritating as hell. I consider that a lousy work ethic. I don’t blame Dmitry one bit for calling her out.

      • siriuslover

        Yes, I see your point, and I thought about that too. But the more I thought about it (yes, an insane amount of my evening was spent on this), the more I thought he was absolutely right.  Who YELLS and kicks and screams like that when you have to work, especially in a group setting? It could be argued that he really meant teamwork, but I see teamwork as part of a larger umbrella of work ethic.

    • Susan Crawford

      I thought that skirt Costello-Lite turned was so over-praised. Maybe he intended to do some feathering/fraying, but if he did, I don’t think he fully committed to it, and the result looked unfinished and as though it was ripping at the seams.

      • bitchybitchybitchy

         Costello-Lite has used that technique, or one very similar to it-twice, in the first challenge and last night. It did look unfinished, which, given the time constraints, isn’t surprising.

  • Insane in the Ukraine.  Genius.

    I have taken PR off my “must watch” list.  I watched the first 2 episodes to get a feel for the contestants, but I know with TLo’s recaps I can be kept well informed, and much more entertained. Kudos TLo. 

  • EEKstl

    In my former job at a NYC ad agency that blue dress could have been worn and would have been admired.  In my current incarnation in the business world of St. Louis, no flippin’ way.  So it is workwear, but for a very small percentage of the population in more creative fields.  Raoul’s blouse and Sonji’s skirt actually made up a pretty sharp work look.  I agree the ruffle was on the large side but I actually liked the blouse and the skirt is stunning.  He’s a douchebag, but didn’t deserve the Auf, IMO.

    • CozyCat

      I also thought the winning look MIGHT be appropropriate for a senior partner at a creative firm (ad agency; fashion; entertainment) in a big city–someone who’s job is meeting with clients and impressing them with how hip and innovative the company is.  In general, the more creative the industry and the higher you are on the food chain, the more “fashion forward” you can be.  Associate at a law firm?  Black suit, grey suit, navy suit.  Repeat.

      This was a challenging assignment:  the designs had to be work appropriate but impress the judges with how innovative or fashionable they were.  Team 5 succeeded more in being workwear (but that print was awful).  Team  succeeded more in being fashionable.  There were a few designs that cam close on both criteria.

      • Tatiana Luján

        I work as an associate at a law firm and I would wear the winning dress in a heartbeat. Thing is, in Colombia women can dress in a more informal way.

      • siriuslover

        but how do you eat if you take the clients to lunch? 😉

        • CozyCat

          If you wear high fashion clothes you are not allow to eat.  If you do, you will no longer fit into a size 2.  🙂

          • EEKstl

            Exactly.  You’d just sip your water from a very long straw…

  • I love Dmitry. Ach, Elena.

    I think the producers manufactured the tie, so they could send Raoul home. Team 6’s clothes looked more like office attire, than team 5’s, but if they let team 6 be the clear winner then they’d have to send Gunnar home.

    •  The duchess fairly shrieked “NO” when the possibility of Gunnar going home was played.

      • I saw that too. Kors’s new boy toy is Gunnar?

        • Okay, so that thought just brought the bike up a little. (shuddering)

        • Lilithcat

          Maybe, but I think it was more that Gunnar has been in the top, or safe, and they want to see more of his work.  

  • ASK26

    His blouse looked like it was tucked in off center, but otherwise, I would wear it to work in a heartbeat. 
    (I have large breasts and consider this a pretty camoflage. and btw the top Sonjai’s was wearing had a center placard big ruffles – similar to Raul’s top, but was in a less pretty fabric (demin/chambray?))

       NOT the dress that won – and others (like Alicia/Elena’s outfits, or Nathan’s!!! or Fabio (which looked blah and old to me and I am 50)

  • tresfabuleux

    Thank you, T Lo! As an HR Guy, I was looking at most of these “work appropriate” outfits and laughing. Sure, the winning look was a cool design, but could I see it in a typical office setting? Absolutely not.

  • I’m liking Ashley-Kate more and more. She used COLOR in a dress and we didn’t see one tiny bit of crazy bus. Plus, she backed the shrieking marmoset down without becoming one herself. 

    I can see myself wearing the blue dress to work…and stalking my co-workers down the hall with only my eyes peeping over the neckline. Or maybe hiding a bag of cheetoes in there to keep as a snack. Or asking one of them to zip me the rest of the way up since I couldn’t manage it before I left the house. It is pretty but not really work wear for around here. Then again, I do have an aluminum foil hat so what do I know.

  • SneakyKitty

    Hell, I work for an arts organization, and even our director, who has a KILLA wardrobe, would never wear something like that dress to work, or a meeting, or a fundraiser, or… anywhere, really.  I don’t love the weird pleats or whatever on that blouse, but pencil skirt + blouse is much more work appropriate than a giant flapping collar and diagonal zipper.

  • tylka5

    Ah, but Raolul did not make the skirt.  He made this blouse and then leather vesty think that Elena had to fix.

  • Funkykatt

    This episode reminded me of Ally McBeal. Those characters were never appropriately dressed for work. Maybe that’s what Project Runway was going for, TV office. 

    • Pam Winters

      YES. TV office. (But not “The Office,” where people dress more or less like the folks at the Park and Planning Commission in suburban DC.)

  • Funny, I LOVED the way Raul walked out. Under normal circumstances, what he said would have been classless. But Elena got away with being just inhumanely rude to literally every person who crossed her path that day, and didn’t even suffer for it on the runway, because her fellow designers ganged up on Raul instead of the person who destroyed the team dynamic such that they had no chance of a cohesive collection. Walking out by saying, “I like some of you, and I really don’t like you – no, I don’t give a FUCK what you think” is, for me, pretty much the best way to deal with a monster-bitch like Elena. 

    • ampg

      I also loved it, even as I recognized that it was totally classless.  You’ve been eliminated twice, might as well start a fire on your way out, right?

    • formerlyAnon

      I can hardly wait to see how they manage to pair Raul with Elena when she’s a decoy & they bring him back as her assistant in the run up to the finale.

      Because you KNOW the instant he said that on camera, the production assistant made a note.

  • Frank_821

    I think it’s funny how Elena, in 1 of her calm moments, rightly critiqued Ven, Christopher’s and nathan’s constant use of chiffon and how you don’t use that material for office wear. Nice it was mentioned in the extended judging

    Melissa did have the most striking outfit up there but office wear? The only office appropriate wear that was made was what Sonjia and Alicia did. Oh well at least they used practical fabrics

    • siriuslover

      well, but she taunted them, right? Yes, the critique might have been appropriate (Melissa even talked about it), but laughing at them and saying in a sing-song “Chiffonzies” is not cool. Maybe it was already a running joke with everyone in the workroom (how could we know, we get so little look into the workroom and then it’s terribly edited), but the audience couldn’t see that.

  • I was actually really impressed last night.  I understand that from a design standpoint, they were all fairly bland, but that’s what work wear is supposed to be!

    However, I wanted to bitchslap Joanna Coles last night, which is rare because I love her as a judge.  But when she was talking about how a lawyer couldn’t wear Dmitri’s dress and raving about Melissa’s, it was so incredibly nonsensical.  Is any lawyer really going to wear Melissa’s dress to work?  I sure as hell wouldn’t like it if mine walked into court that way.  With Dmitri’s, you could easily throw a jacket over it and be fine. 

    I did love Melissa’s dress, and I’m going to defend the win here.  Is it something to wear to work all day?  No.  But as a professional almost anything, you have to do some social events for your career.  I could easily see wearing this to dinner with a client, and that’s important.  Now, it could be argued that they weren’t asking for cocktail dresses, but I think that there is an element of that needed in a work collection.  Cocktail dresses for work occasions have to be judged differently than just cocktail dresses — you still need to look competent and pulled together and not baring too much.

    As for Raul, he was a tacky ass.  And not just his designs — him personally. 

  • B

    I have gulped the Dmitri Kool-Aid. He’s so fab. I am now watching the Dmitri Show, with Other People on It.

    • formerlyAnon

       I have been resisting doing this since the first episode.  The will to resist is weakening though.

      • siriuslover

        I don’t even think I can call him Comrade Snape anymore, but I also love Snape… But Snape never wore really cool socks.

  • Jangle57

    I LOVE your recap – it had me laughing my ass off.  Much more entertaining than the show which actually me muting it at one point  because I got tired of all the rantings and ravings.

  • Raoul’s blouse flaps reminded me of those coffee shop bulletin board notices for babysitters/tutors/window washers, etc.; you pull off one of the little tags along the bottom of the page that have the service provider’s phone number on it.

  • Agree, but it’s not just magazine-editors’-fantasy-work-wear, that blue dress is my fantasy-work-wear too! In my dream I’m a CFO in Japan – also it’s a parallel universe where everything is like “The Fifth Element” (tied for my favorite fashion movie w/ Pret-a-Porter)

  • Also, I want to smoosh down the funnel neck of the winning dress.  That reminds of me a pop-up laundry hamper.

  • barbiefish

    TLo, your last paragraph perfectly sums up my feelings about last night’s PR.  Judging by the entries over the first four weeks I was expecting a fair number of decent-to-good designs — and last night was pretty much a big nothing.  With a few exceptions, the clothes were neither work-appropriate or “editorial”.

  • crash1212

    My take-aways from this episode: One Way Monkey – my new fave. Insane in the Ukraine – apt.


  • janierainie

    That has got to be the nastiest exit in all PR history!
     BTW if Elena gets voted fan favorite just by virtue of being from a country that has the most votes, then they need to do away with fan favorite. I can’t get over how much energy Elena has that she wasted on negativity. If she put half the energy she used up yelling at everyone, and getting in everyone’s business, she could have made all 6 looks! 

    • l_c_ann

      The Ukraine has a population of 45 million

      Trinidad and Tobago has a population of 1.3 million

      Neither population above includes expats.

      •  Russia is bigger than the Ukraine as well, so if that’s the criteria Dmitri should be leading.

        • Dmitry’s actually Belarusian for the record, a country with slightly under 10 million and only about half of that has internet.  Not to mention I’m not even certain they show it televised over there.  Alas for poor Comrade Snape.

          • Indovina

            I want to thank you for mentioning that he’s from Belarus, not Russia, which has been driving me crazy, but I’m trying to restrain my inherent pedantry.

          • Your resident pedant at your service.  Now if I can only get people to stop saying “the Ukraine.”  Being part-Ukrainian myself, I’m trying my hardest not to go full-on Elena crazy over here.

    • Susan Crawford

      You really put your finger on it, janierainie. Elena expends SO much negative energy of a physical and psychological nature that just watching her makes me feel exhausted. And sad for her. This is no way to choose to live, and believe me, this IS a choice.

      I have had numerous students over the years from the Ukraine, and many of them are quite intense and anxious to excel. Perhaps this IS in some measure a culturally-influenced behavior, and there is much to be said in favor of being focused and goal-oriented. But I have rarely seen anyone as madly driven as Elena, and as willing to lash out at anything that moves. I worry about her a little, when I’m not wanting to open a can of whup-ass on her.

      There’s the Type A Personality, and then there’s the Type Asshat Personality.

      • Spicytomato1

        Hmm, I’d have to respectfully disagree with the cultural generalization regarding Elena. Her craziness transcends ethnicity, I believe. We’ve rehabbed three houses and each time used a contractor and sizable crew from the Ukraine. Other than the contractor, who was smart, polite, ambitious (he built his business from the ground up at a very young age while speaking very little English) and usually efficient, I saw scant evidence of intensity or anxiety about excelling. For the most part they were rather disaffected-seeming and one was a downright slacker who worked hard only at avoiding work.

        • Susan Crawford

          Oh, I definitely agree that Elena has a very special, non-ethnic, multi-cultural, and totally transcendant form of craziness all her own. Maybe the kind of intensity I’ve observed is due in part to maintaining the “student in good standing” claus of their visas???

  • SewingSiren

    I liked Melissa’s dress alright. I looked like it was from the same collection as Ven’s dress last week. In fact the parameters of the challenge were similar too. I’m not saying she copied or anything. Those two dresses just go together.
    Rauol was being a real sour apple they had every reason not to want him to do pants. Last weeks were a comic disaster. He never had a chance this week . Even though his team won the challenge the judges still kicked him off. His blouses were very basic , they should have been better constructed considering he just did two shells. All his posturing about wanting to do more was for nought. He couldn’t even do what he was ask.

  • HM3

    I liked the volume of Raoul’s top. I would wear it to work (with a simple, structured bottom) in a heartbeat. I would wear Insane in the Ukraine’s jacket to a Lady Gaga concert, but that’s about it.

  • Although I was never one to dress work appropriately, especially after 20+ years cloistered away managing an accounting dept at the same company, even I wouldn’t wear that one shoulder top to an office. Seriously, that’s so resort and so not workplace, I have no idea wtf the thought process behind that was.

    Insane in the Ukraine needs to smoke some weed, I’d suggest a drink, but I can only imagine her as one of those mean drunks and Elena even meaner is a terrifying thought.

    • CozyCat

      The one shoulder top would work as workwear if your job was cruise director on “The Love Boot.”

      I was seriously insulted when Heidi claimed it was what an “older” woman would wear. 

      • formerlyAnon

         The ‘older woman’ comment makes me wonder how Heidi’s mother & grandmother(s) dress/dressed.

      • siriuslover

        I would have loved it if Nathan came back with an “uh, but this is the look for the 30-something person in the office.”

    • Logo Girl

      She’d probably be a paranoid stoner…

      • can you imagine elena on coke?  she’s be a genius for twenty  minutes and then…….yikes!

      • Oh, now that would make a good episode, especially since I don’t think we can seriously watch PR for the fashion anymore. Just let everyone get high and roll the cameras. “This is Project Runway…on drugs!”

    • Susan Crawford

      The prospect of Elena after she knocks back a few vodka shots is enough to make one’s blood run cold! Yikes!

      • formerlyAnon

         Yeah, I’m seeing her as the mercurial drunk – weepy and sentimental one moment, flying off the handle the next.

    • nathan’s outfit is appropriate for work only if you’re a sixty year old mary kay saleswoman making a pitch in a florida retirement home.

  • I don’t know. I kind of liked how Eddie Munster told the other designers to work to get Elena eliminated. Her attitude is so foul and toxic. He didn’t exactly have a good one himself this episode with being so stubborn, but at least he wasn’t so controlling over others.

    And Gunnar had a sad. It was so unusual to see him so down and quiet. His whole team was so low key. I am surprised they didn’t pass out from lack of energy.

    Chiffonies. LOL!

  • I actually didn’t mind Gunnar this episode, which is shocking because I usually really dislike the guy. I sort of was pulling for him though. He was put on to a team where he didn’t agree with the design aesthetic. He bitched to the camera, but he never really made work difficult for his team members, and he tried to do something that was him without compromising the vision. When it came to the runway, he took responsibility for his work and acknowledged that it was a bad week for him. Raul and Elena, on the other hand, made ugly clothing and tried to pass their mistakes on to other people. Their runway critiques were way more personal than technical. 

    •  I thought his response when Heidi was asking about who was the weakest on their team was really mature — he acknowledged that his didn’t work with the others and that it was a problem.

      • Susan Crawford

        Yes, this was classier than I expected from Clinique Deux. He made a poor decision in terms of opting out of working as part of the team effort, but at least he just went to work on his piece and kept the workroom snark to a minimum, unlike Elena who ran around waving her cray-cray flag in everyone’s face.

    • GillianHolroyd

      I dislike Gunnar usually but I thought the souffle comments were unfair because it clearly was the fault of the model for not wearing a bra. 

      • AnneElliot

        Could he not have told her to put on a bra?

        • my thoughts exactly.  the designer should see problems like this and address them.  it’s possible that she showed up for the job with no bra.  but i would think a professional model would bring a variety of foundation garments with her to a booking.  maybe because our designers are young, and many of them are men, they may be shy about discussing such things with the model.  they better get over that quick.

      • CozyCat

        Right!  The bust of his dress was not that bad, it was her lack of “proper support” that caused the problem.

        The worst thing about his dress was that he worked in the horrible print picked by the rest of his team.  Without that, it would have been a pretty nice black and white dress.

    • AnneElliot

      I agree, he actually appeared to be sane and not difficult to work with.  Even when Tim came around, he downplayed his reservations with the whole concept without accusing anyone and being bitchy about it.  He’s acting less and less like Josh 2.0, which is a relief.  Although this is in comparison to Elena, who makes everyone else look good. 

    • formerlyAnon

       I wondered if his energy for keeping up the manufactured persona is flagging (after what was probably a week and a half or so of filming in real time) & something closer to Real Gunnar is showing through.

  • After last night, I’m climbing on the Dmitri bus.  Ashley-Kate a close second, but that dress, while I guess fashion forward, in no way could ever be work wear.  With a jacket, Dmitri’s could have been.

    • Susan Crawford

      I thought the same about Snape, Debby, His dress was really immaculately sewn, but the minute I saw the back I knew the judges were going to fixate on it something fierce. I can see why he didn’t do a jacket that would have covered up the amazing work he did on the shoulders, but I wish he had not kept those cut-outs, because they cost him the win, I believe.

      I SO want Comrade Snape to get some love very soon. And I loved his reaction to Elena’s madness: “Yelanna – essch.” Yes, dear Comrade, you said it all!

    • dimitri’s dress would have looked great with elena’s jacket, the one without the football shoulders.

  • Sam

    I liked how Raoul called out Elena. Her behavior on this show has been terrible. Someone needs to teach this girl self awareness. While I wasn’t in love with his delivery I’m glad he at least didn’t fall into the “I’m leaving so everyone here is now my best friend” nonsense.

  • Perhaps the judges should dig in the archives, pull out the Season One mail carrier uniform challenge and watch it again.  You know, to remind them what the show was like when they actually critiqued the designs based on specific real life parameters.

    • alyce1213

      I remember it well, without having to look back.  Kara Saun’s knocked my socks off.

    • i seriously would like to see a challenge where the models have to ride around on the subway for hours in their looks, full makeup and all, and then walk the runway.  we’ll see what works for the girl on the go then.

  • JennaGill

    Anastasian Steele (or Grey, depending on which of the 3 books) would totally wear the blue dress to work. Probably Snape’s dress too. In other words, yes – fantasy work attire.

  • I appreciate your sacrifice in sitting through the crazy (and admire the competitors for living through the crazy). We just watched the intro, Tim’s critiques, and the runway show and that was plenty. Just seeing Elena’s crazy eye was enough. 

  • holdmewhileimnaked

    before i even finish reading this wonderful thing:
    YES i have seen someone wear something like this to work on a regular work day. oh, yes, yes i have. it was by betsey johnson, it was a while ago & that person [guess who] was not often but always getting in trouble for wearing stuff like this to work. that person was just as not often but always considered the very best of the workers therein [wherever wherein was] but the wearing of the equivalent of this dress to work caused more problems than that work could offset. thereby after awhile the person in the dress decided to become self-employed cos the person in the dress understood that the person in the dress did not quite understand precisely what the person in the dress was supposed to wear to work & it wasnt worth it to try.

    hope it helps! somebody else!

    • Pennymac

      It helped confuse me! But seriously, yes, I get it. I have a dramatic personal style that has been known to get me into trouble. But at work, I dress mostly by the rules, except for the occasional passive aggressive fuck you Fridays thrown in.  I think this dress seems a little too dressy for Middle of the Road” corporate America, but they did praise it for having an editorial edge to it, so that’s something.

      Is the person who whore the dress happy and content with the person in the dress’s decision to be self employed? Free thinkers do well at that, I’m told. Me, I’m a lemming.

      •  You have to read it aloud with correct pausing for punctuation.  (I have this thing with punctuation and pausing, my kids are constantly told about the importance of the pause:)

      • holdmewhileimnaked

        when i get either design or writing work, it’s fine, it’s great. but i have to really hustle those & i’m really sickly & almost as averse to hustling–in all senses of the word [except, maybe, moving fast]. selling clothes avoids the hustle but, although it may not seem to be, it’s a very physical job & exhausting. i do better than many & would, in fact, probably do better than, even, most–if i could only stay well. as i dont seem be able to do that & havent since i was [approximately] three, it doesnt look likely. i wish i had health & dental. not having decent insurance is a real wrench in the monkeyworks, if you will, for the self-subsister. at least in LA, anyway.

        i am aware that what i should do, & this pretty absolutely, is write a blog–believe it or not people either hate what i write cos they dont get it -or- love what i write cos they do [never any in between]–& i’ve always had enough on the plus side to make this profitable. & i guess i am expert in a variety of interesting ways & about a curious cornucopia of items–both good & enough, anyway, that this should work–if not on a grand scale [as per TLo] than on one a smidge better than the hardest of scrabble. but i am so beat. & i just cant seem to wrap my mind around that all or any of this [or all or any of anything, really] would be interesting enough to me or anyone else to make it sustainable. still. still. whenever i’ve done anything like it, followers stick to me in a skinny minute & mostly they stay. i dunno, thinking out loud. i would never mention any of this had you not asked. i guess i thank you cos i need to work some of it out & you gave me some kind of tributary upon which to swirl it around a bit. again.

        edited for grammar.

        • you go girl.  i’ll read your blog because you are brilliant, fascinating and funny!  i dare you.

          • holdmewhileimnaked

            oh, thanks, thanks.
            vun dayn moyl en gots eyern.

          • Indovina

            Me too. At least until I forget every few months like I do with this blog.

          • formerlyAnon

            Me too.

  • Tatiana Luján Ruiz

    I would totally wear Ashley Kate’s dress for work (I work in a lawyers office), I din’t notice the fabric was shiny.

  • LCTerrill

    The entire episode, I was yelling, “In what world is any of this office-appropriate?!?”

    And as for the Screaming Banshee, I even said to my husband, “What does she think real designers do?? You think Michael Kors is back in his warehouse sewing all of his collections himself??” Please. Collaboration and delegation is the backbone of how the entire industry operates!

    • i can’t see most of these people getting a job in fashion after this display of bad behavior.  although i do have to admit that a few of them displayed admirable restraint by not joining the simian melee. 

  • Pennymac

    “This shrieking marmoset” coupled with the screen grab is absolute Tom and Lorenzo genius!

    Also, the rumpled funnel neck of the winning dress coupled with that cockamamie zipper would NEVER work in my work environment (Sales for a psychiatric hospital). I’d be forever pushing down the material at the neck to keep it from bugging me, and can you imagine what a zipper set in the back like that feels like? Like one of those annoying skirts that always migrates around your waist so you have to yank it into place all day, that’s what. 

    Raoul obviously lit his resentment fuse when he was the last to be picked for the challenge. It burned brightly through out the episode. Was his exit classy? No. But I’ve wanted to say “I fucking hate you, who cares?”  to so many folks as a parting line that I couldn’t help but cheer him just a little bit. Bless his bitter little heart.

    • SewingSiren

      I didn’t really get why Raoul was so mad at Elena though. It wasn’t her fault he got the auf’ . She wasn’t the only one that didn’t pick him ( everybody except Gunner didn’t pick him). She was one of four team members that picked him for the auf.
      None of his team members wanted him to do an entire outfit. And lastly the judges wanted to get rid of him so bad that they auf’ed a member from the obviously winning team.  

      • Pennymac

        It seemed to me that she rode his ass pretty dreadfully during the photo shoot. In the long run, her choices were better for the pics since her team won, but her behavior during the shoot was pretty nasty.

    • okay, sales for a psychiatric hospital…what do you sell?  could you take comrade marmoset along on a leash as a sample?  take death’s rage too and you can have a two for the price of one sale.

      • Pennymac

        I market our services to physicians who may have shrieking marmosets on their patient roles but aren’t sure where to send them when they decompensate. Its amazing that a lot of family practice docs have no clue as to how to treat mental health issues or addictions. 

  • mjude

    this episode just wore me out.

  • EverybodysStarling

    I mean, we are talking about Business Fashion for Marie Claire. I bet, there a very, very few things in that magazine, that real world women would wear to work (either because of the looks or the prices). In that terms, I can see Melissa’s dress winning. 

    They are thinking business outfit and are meaning: some mighty powerful women who normally doesn’t have to stick to dresscodes and we are thinking: Ground control to Mayor Kors…

    (edited for spelling reasons)

  • Now, I’m not saying I’m a fan of the neckline on Melissa’s dress…but a big part of me DOES wish that the professional world were more accommodating to unique outfits like it. 

    As long as you’re not showing off the goods or splashing your love for Satan across your chest or anything, I don’t see how a more off-beat look translates into your level of professionalism. I can love crazy colors and shapes and still work my butt off to do a good job. 

    Maybe Heidi hit me over the head with her crack pipe while I wasn’t looking. 

    • Tatiana Luján

      I don’t understan why people asume a work attire has to be boring.

    • Susan Crawford

      I agree completely that there should be a LOT more room for individuality in the workplace. And not just in workplaces like fashion mags, galleries and so on. Bottom line: if someone can make a contribution, do good work, and treat colleagues and clients with respect, that’s the important thing. And what they choose to wear is (or should be) their choice, assuming it isn’t completely offensive in some way.

      I think we’re still trying to shake off the clinging remnants of the “Dress for Success” era, when women marched around in bulky mannish suits, nude hosiery and prissy blouses buttoned up all the way. God, that was an AWFUL look, wasn’t it? And remember how “professional women” wore all that with running shoes and carried their medium-heel work shoes in a tote bag?

      I can’t think of too many workplaces that would actually grind to a halt if women (and men) added some color and some interesting textures and shapes to the mix.

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        Do you remember those awful, awful navy blue power suits with the floppy ties that seemed to the the uniform for professional women in the 80’s? Lord, but those were dreadful. Ditto for the running shoes with suits.

      • arduinna

         “And remember how “professional women” wore all that with running shoes and carried their medium-heel work shoes in a tote bag?”

        I wish that hadn’t gone out of practice, as I can’t walk long distances, drive, climb stairs, etc. in heels. I can wear them for short periods, and manage not to fall over, but if I need to travel at all while dressed “professionally” (or for social events), I’m in sneakers and carrying my dress shoes. I used to look perfectly normal, because for a while women weren’t expected to suffer through the pain of wearing heels to do all that. Alas, now they are — and the heels are 5″ and often stilettos, to boot. Awesome.

        So now I look like an (old, outdated, stodgy, frumpy) idiot when I travel in a skirt or dress (and equally frumpy when I put on my carefully preserved 1.5″ non-stiletto pumps once I arrive), but at least I’m not half-crippled at the end of the day, and for most of the next day.

        OTOH, I wear color to work every day. It’s not mutually exclusive with not wanting to be in agony.

    • i know exactly what you mean about dress codes at work.  as a true radical, since junior high i’ve devoted my life to violating dress codes.  i was ready to take to the streets in protest when public shoes started requiring uniforms.

  • Judy_S

    Just chiming in to agree with the TLo opinion on Melissa’s (??? anyway, Ashley-Kate’s) dress and also Raul’s blouse, which really is an edgier version of normal workwear. I think Sonia made a big mistake with the idea of splitting up looks, since all the high scorers were people who had done an entire look–no way someone was going to win for just making skirts, but Raul was criticized on the fly for managing *only* to make the 2 tops he was assigned.
    The drama was hilarious and exhausting. The jokes about it are merely hilarious.

  • MilaXX

    The problem was the blue team did a Gretchen and mixed the pieces. Thus may have looked like an acceptable work outfit, but Sonjia made that skirt, leaving Raul’s only contribution the awful flappy shirt. He also made the leather look top.

    That said, his exit was classless. I wish these desperate designers would realize that parting remark is the most enduring impression we will have of them. As for Elena, bitch CRAZY!

    • CozyCat

      I think mixing up the pieces may have helped them.  So many people wanted to just “do their own thing.”  If they hadn’t been forced to work together they probably would have flown completely off the rails.

      • i agree, mixing up the pieces made for a more cohesive collection. but when it cam to winning the competition, it caused problems, esp. for rasta girl and cutie-tootie.  they couldn’t give toots the win and send raoul home for the same outfit.  and since alicia “only” made two pairs of pants (in one day!),  no matter how perfect and chic they were, she wasn’t gonna win.  you need to have a whole look that expresses your point of view to win the challenge.

  • TheOriginalLulu

    TLo, you guys could not be more spot-on. I’ve got 15 years of office experience under my belt and I have never seen a woman come to work in a dress like that. This is not to say that I didn’t love the dress. It’s pretty awesome, but come on…it’s a cocktail dress!
    I can’t even imagine going through my day with that collar in my face. No, that’s a dress for someone to stand around in with a cocktail in her hand. I had to laugh every time freaking Heidi Klum of all people had something to say about appropriate office wear. Yeah, ok Heidi. There’s a reason why models aren’t paid to have an opinion.

    I find the whole idea of “office wear” so funny. I feel like people have this Mad Men view of office workers, like we’re all sachaying around in Chanel suits and chic updos. I think that the whole non-office-working world would be surprised at how casual many offices actually are. Of course there are offices where people are expected to dress in full-on business attire, but I think most offices are more on the casual side. If one of us were to walk into my office in that blue dress, there would certainly be “hot date” speculation around the water cooler.

  • MilaXX

     I would too, ( a non shiny version) and I can’t see the neckline being any more annoying than a turtle neck or cowl neck top.  I work in Social Services in a hospital

  • Raoul didn’t make the skirt.

  • afabulous50

    Dear Lord I wanted to slap her last night.

  • Luee_T

    “Insane in the Ukraine” BWAHAHA!!

    My husband and I were rolling at the judges’ comments about how work-appropriate the garments were. We decided Melissa’s neckline was good for hiding snacks. A chip-and-dip dress, if you will.

  • Dlou 212

    I’d totally wear that blue dress to work–in fact, I was walking here this morning thinking I could rock the bejesus out of that.  Admittedly, I work in a internet movie production place in Chelsea and no one gives a crap what I put on, but. . .oh yes, I’d wear the hell out of that dress, and buy it breakfast after.  BTW, what the hell were the women saying about navy?  I know some people associate that color with politician’s wives, but it can be incredibly chic. French women wear it with black and it’s just fab.  (I got that out of Ines de la Fressange’s book on Parisian Chic, which is crazy good and gives excellent, affordable advice).  

    • TheOriginalLulu

      Wasn’t it Crazy Elena who made the comment about navy? That woman is nuts.

    • navy and black are very chic together, and i totally agreed with our ballroom comrade when he noted that it was a deeper counterpoint to the cobalt blue of goth barbie’s dress.

      this is my fashion edict, issued from on high in strawberry california, population 53, elevation 5300ft.

  • FloridaLlamaLover

    As I am running late for work, and do not have time to scroll through all the messages, I will just throw this in:  I thought I would fall out of my chair this morning when MC-Lite’s outfit was praised. My reaction was “JC Penney Workwear Collection 1984” because it reminded me of a horrid suit that I hated (the kind that makes you feel old and fat simultaneously), but was stuck buying due to limited college resources, from that store in that year.

    Now I wear cotton slacks, a cotton tee shirt, and sneaks to work.  I get paid to watch children in the afternoon at a school and ensure they don’t kill each other, while trying to stay awake some days.


    • you only have to stay awake on some days?  that’s my kind of job!

  • GorgeousThings

    “This shrieking marmoset”
    “Insane in the Ukraine”

    OMG you guys slay me! I’m so glad I finished my coffee because otherwise it would have been spew city all over my monitor. Thank you, TLo!!!

    • i hung the marmoset moniker on death’s rage earlier in the season.  but now i see he looks more like a columbus monkey.  they have a prominent white stripe in their fur.

  • Ceur

    The blue dress is unflattering around the waist area of the model. A MODEL. All my colleagues would probably look pregnant in that dress, even though they’re slim. Snape for the win. And the more I see of him, the more attractive he gets. Maybe it’s a spell, because I do of course see the creepy too.

    And Fabio and dreadlock girl should make some babies. Holy smoke do they have naturally pretty faces.

    • i don’t think rasta girl would be up for it…and who’d be on top?  i just don’t get the attraction to the ballroom dancing comrade.  yes he’s a lovely, witty man with great creative sewing skills,  but sexually?  i don’t think so.  too insipid.  i like a man with some meat.  

      • Indovina

        She certainly wouldn’t the old fashioned way, anyway – but, if memory serves me, neither would Fabio (I seem to recall him telling a story about coming out to his mother in the Road to the Runway).

      • Pam Winters

        I didn’t get it until I saw him from the back last night. The man knows how to fill out a pair of trousers. Pretty eyes, too.

  • I think the key to the challenge wasn’t what real people would wear to work, but what people are shown wearing in an EDITORIAL that is supposed to be about work.  It was all about what photographed well. 

  • Emily Myers

    I live for your commentary on PR.  It’s what is making this season bearable.  And as a working girl myself, I can tell you that shiny, gathered, tight, and high necked garments do not do well for a day of meetings and client interaction.  Even if it does photograph pretty.  Definitely belongs in fantasy workwear, where only someone who actually works in fashion or a like industry can get away with it.

  • Tatiana Luján

    Elena’s jacket was totally wrong for this challenge.

  • Elena’s a nightmare even just to watch. Someone needs to slap some sense into her.

    And I thought the exact same thing on Melissa’s outfit – “Cute, but that neckline would drive me INSANE at work. I’d end up cutting it off with my desk scissors.”

    • ASK26

       Elena’s a nightmare even just to watch.  I can picture the producers deciding that she and Clinique should do an “ALL-Stars”  sHUDDER

      •  I would actually have to watch that — I’d want to know who was left standing at the end of the mud wrestling session.

      •  I just died (laughing) a little inside… I might have to watch that, too!

      • i’d love to see elena, dimitry and irina in an all russian all-star smackdown.

  • If I showed up to work in the winning dress I’d either a) be laughed at, b) talked about behind my back about how ridiculous it is for the office, or c) sent home to change (or ridiculed enough so that I would feel that was my only option). And all that because my coworkers LIKE me. Think what would happen if they didn’t like me.

    With a few edits, I’d totally wear Raoul’s ensemble to work. It is completely appropriate. Just goes to show how out of touch fashion people are with us common working folk.

  • NCDFan

    Raul’s blouse screamed ‘safety hazard’ to me. “Do not walk into the plant, do not lean over machinery with moving parts!” When Melissa’s dress walked down the runway, it screamed. “I am uncomfortable. Do not eat anything or you will have crumbs in your bra for the rest of the day!”

    • janetjb

      My thoughts exactly.

    •  I actually have a few of the wide mouth turtlenecks, and they aren’t bad — I’ve never gotten crumbs down them. 

      • NCDFan

        I must be a messier eater!

  • siriuslover

    As I said last night, the boys on the team both picked Elena for not being a team player. All the women picked Raoul. Look at how Melissa was crying. I think the women are afraid of Elena, especially since they have to go home and sleep in the same apartment. I absolutely did NOT like how Sonjia turned on Dmitry for speaking the truth that they all said in their confessionals.

    As to the win, totally not work wear. I’d be laughed at wearing something like that to work, and I would not be comfortable at all. Even with the triangles, I thought Dmitry’s was more suited to work (no, perhaps not a courtroom). I don’t know what crack Joanna Coles was smoking when she said Elena’s jacket is work appropriate. As for the loss, I’m OK with it. It didn’t help that he didn’t get a chance to do anything else. I wonder if he defended himself up there and said that’s all they  let him do.

    • formerlyAnon

       Either the women are afraid of Elena OR they’ve had some good experiences with her in the apartments that have not been shown on camera.

      • SewingSiren

        I doubt that they are afraid of her. I think they gave the honest answer to who was the weakest link. Dmitry answered honestly as to who was the most difficult to work with. But perhaps he was also thinking that Elena was much stronger competition than Raoul. Dmitry could have been playing a little strategy.

        •  I think it probably depending on the person talking at the moment more than Raul or Elena.  The women looked at Raul’s looks and felt they were weaker.  The guys looked at Elena and felt her attitude most impacted everyone else’s looks and abilities to work.

      • siriuslover

        that is possible, to be sure.  And so is editing to make her look like the crazy one.

        I know that I wouldn’t be able to divorce someone’s “at work” behavior from their “off work” demeanor. No matter how stressful the job, when  someone gets that crazy over PROPS, you have to wonder about their general stability.

      • Indovina

        I don’t think they’re afraid of her (I even think that’s kind of a silly claim), but it is quite possible that despite Dmitry’s comment that everyone hates Elena, even if they claim to like her, some do in fact like her.

        To read way too much into little things: Sonjia picked Elena first (ostensibly, and rightly, for her construction skills) and took issue with Dmitry’s criticism of her (I wasn’t paying attention at the time, so I’m not sure exactly what she objected to). Likewise, if you watch several episodes ago, when Raul was eliminated the first time, I seem to recall Elena giving Alicia a full on couple-in-the-airport-who-haven’t-seen-each-other-in-months hug when she wasn’t eliminated (of course, given her relationship with Raul, she may just have been happy about that). On the other hand, Melissa did not seem to get on so well with Elena, but she was also from the other women’s apartment (and hence has probably had little interaction with her outside of the workroom).

        But I think they were just being honest. It’s sad, but clear that nobody was at all impressed with Raul’s work up to and including in this challenge.

        I also suspect that Elena isn’t really that difficult to work with, but, like Dmitry said, has trouble controlling her emotions (and responds overly intensely to everything).

  • ASK26

    said it before, will say it again:

       following Tim’s advice is the quickest way to be Auf’ed

    He supported Raul and his blouse

  • Susan Crawford

    The screen cap of Clinique Deux and Raul waiting to be chosen: priceless!

    I wasn’t surprised when Melissa’s dress won – it DID photograph well. But as for being a work environment dress I’m not so sure. Speaking only for myself, a woman with a less-than swan-like neck, the idea of spending a whole day with that funnel design around my throat and tickling my chin would drive me crazy.

    Raul’s jabot blouse wasn’t a bad concept – just really bad in execution. At one point, someone told him to make the pleats smaller, but by then he was all “Bite-me-bitches” and just went on with the floppiness. And his “I fucking hate you” exit line to Elena was an all-time low for PR.

    Granted, Elena was an even bigger train wreck last night than she usually is, but really Raul? Really?

    My absolute favorite moment was the discovery of Frokemon’s Lost Comb under a work table. And Joanna’s “puppies fighting in a sack” comment about Clinique Deux’s dress was just awfully satisfying.

    Next week: the horrifying spectre of having to design clothing for women above a size 2! From the closeups of the designers’ faces in the previews, you would think they had been asked to design looks for a group of long-dead corpses rather than a group of women who looked to me to be quite lovely. I’m already putting my money on VenBot for the win, and Elena as the one to make her client cry.

    • ASK26

       re the puppies.   How many times have we bitched about the lack of bras – even the few times it would be possible to wear one under the outfit?  Gunnar’s dress (at least from the front looked like it would have been just fine with a bra.     (Anya and the blond amazon , heck Chloe all consistently made things where wearing a bra was almost impossible

      • Susan Crawford

        Yes, and there are about a bazillion options in the bra world these days. Gunnar’s dress was not so over-the-top that a suitable bra could not be found. And knowing that Ms. Joanna with her bra obsession was going to be judging should have been all the encouragement needed to leash those puppies!

    •  I’m all set with my pitchfork for next week:) 

  • That is a perfect Swiffer on the losing shirt.

  • At least Raoul had the balls to speak up to Elena! None of the others would really speak out what she put them through. She could have cost the team the single win. I would have called a big skank!

  • Imasewsure

    Yes this episode’s clothes made me realize (again) how boring it is to work in an office… and of course, I work in an office….blue dress was insane… someone should have sent their model down the run way in jeans and a company logo sweatshirt which is how most people actually dress in the office (on Fridays anyway)….Insane girl please go home next…

    • This is exactly what I was thinking.  Except for uber professional offices, or fashion offices, everyone is walking around in khakis/jeans and a logo polo.  

      • formerlyAnon

        Heh. One of the things I LOVE about where I work is that a few years ago they made a big deal of giving everyone unit-logo polo shirts in the university colors. They were excellent quality too, must have cost a pretty penny. And after the first month, I’ve NEVER seen anyone, even managers, wear one, except at the periodic “outreach to students” events when someone is manning a booth.

        Yes. We are cats and herding us is a waste of your time.

        • Lilithcat

          a few years ago they made a big deal of giving everyone unit-logo polo shirts in the university colors. 

          We got free shirts several years ago, too.  In lieu of a raise.  While the powers-that-be gave themselves a raise.  NOT appreciated.

          • Susan Crawford

            Do we all work at the same university?! Or are all universities using the exact same playbook?

        • Susan Crawford

          OMG, I work at a university and we went through this same deal, too. Every summer we had orientations where we had to wear that year’s version of the “team-building” tees. Now I wear them to bed with yoga-style pants. MOST useful.

          But indeed, trying to get those who work in academia to agree on ANYthing is like herding cats.

  • I loved that comment Dmitri made about Ven – what was it – “He’s a one note monkey”? (with the Russian accent – that’s what makes it so funny).

    I didn’t ‘get’ the winning dress (for work?) either. 
    Or the praise for the one Fabio made (“a 60 year old could wear it!”).

    I feel sorry for them all with these team challenges. Its a wonder anything good comes out of them at all. Who puts a bunch of hissing snakes in a bag and then expects fashion gems to pop out when its opened? But of course its entertaining for the rest of us. 

    • LuluinLaLa

       I think it was a “one wing monkey” like a one trick pony, but lost in translation. Dimitri is great.

    • ‘a sixty year old could wear it.’  you notice that joanna is wearing something very similar.  this tells us something about her taste….and possibly her age.

  • LuluinLaLa

    I received the September issue of Marie Claire yesterday, which came along with the Marie Claire @ Work supplement. And the cover girl of said supplement? Chelsea Handler. I like Chelsea Handler as much as the next person (which is to say, not very much, though I did love her books which I read long before she became a TV personality), but she’s not exactly who I’d hold up as an example of excellent workplace fashion. I honestly don’t think she’s ever worked in an office.

  • janierainie

    Did Elena remind anyone else of Carol Burnett in the skits where she would play a Norma Desmond type character? She would look down her nose and have that crazed look in her eye. Maybe Elena is drinking way too much coffee.

  • carolclark12

    I noticed that and commented on it on another live blogging site.  I laughed out loud at the look of horror! revulsion! panic! on his face when that was mentioned.

  • l_c_ann

    Let us not forget that Elena had worked with a teammate from hell several days earlier.  Buffi (you know, the one with no construction skills according to the judges ‘yesterday’ in PR real time) had darned near driven Elena to distraction.  Then up pops Raol with the “I’ll do in my way.” attituded.Then the fabric that was supposed to be there for her jacket didn’t make it in the massive fabric move from Mood.  Would you panic if your jacket fabric disappeared?  I would and most would. 
    She may be taking this too seriously, but I appreciate that she at least still has her eyes (with not great makeup) on the end product.

    • SewingSiren

      I think she has the highest skill level too. As to the bag of fabric “disappearing” ,that’s happened before. I think the production crew must snatch them if the designers take their eye off of it for a minute. 

      • hac51

         That was my first thought too– ‘a producer took it to force some drama.’

        •  Clearly, those girls didn’t have my mother.  “NEVER set your bag down in public and NEVER leave a drink unattended!”

          • EverybodysStarling

            + Always wear clean underclothes in case you get into an accident!

          • Oddly enough, that one never bothered her — I guess she figured if any of us were in an accident we had better things to worry about.  Plus she passed on her love of great lingerie to all of us, so it would never need to be said.

            But if I set my purse on the floor to this day, she and my great-aunt would have a fit.

      • Susan Crawford

        Remember Anya losing her cash at Mood? Dramarama!

        (My theory about the missing bag of fabric? Swatch did it.)

      • i remember that kenley lost a bag with some tulle in it, and they let her go back to mood to get it.

  • EverybodysStarling

    Just a random fun fact: As I was working for an (crazy rich asshole) boss as his personal assistant, I started only wearing b/w striped dresses and skirts and tops – because that were the colors of his favorite football team. Always made him happy seeing me – and gave me a free pass on his bad moods. 😀 

  • I enjoy doing Elana imitations while I’m watching.

    “You think that I’m stressed?  I am not fucking stressed!  Am I stabbing you in neck right now with scissor?  No, I am not.  You will know that I am stressed when I am stabbing you in neck with scissor! Then I will be stressed!!!  Now I am very calm, so get back to work and stop making the clothing so ugly or I will get stressed and stab you in neck with scissor!”

    I have to admit that she was right about getting rid of the tacky backgrounds on the pictures.  The clothing photographed better against a white background.  There was a Dilbert cartoon years ago that said the difference between a primadonna and a sadistic nut is that a primadonna has useful skills.  Elana comes off as a sadistic nut, but I think she has enough useful skills to be a primadonna.  That’s the best defense I can come up with for her.  And I’d like her to stick around for a while so I can keep doing imitations of her because it makes the show more fun to watch!

  • lilibetp

    Now see, I thought the blue dress was perfect for work.  At least if you need the neckline of your dress to hold your phone so you don’t have to do the tilt-your-head-to-hold-your-phone-so-you-can-have-both-hands-free-thing.

    As a single woman, I’d have a little trouble zipping it, of course, and my boss would totally be offended that my outfit was showier than hers, but the color is great.

    In other words, oy.

    • Susan Crawford

      Plus, you can store a whole day’s worth of Post-It notepads and energy bars in the funnel neck!

  • sockandaphone

    I was surprised elena wasnt eliminated last night and surprised there was any complaints about her numerous meltdowns for absolutely no reason. and her jacket was fucking ridiculous. Sure, Raul was a bit of the weakest link there but with some minor quips, his outfit makes sense for an office setting. 

    Also I think I lost it at “Insane in the Ukraine.” Dying of laughter still.

  • Zaftiguana

    I agree that Raoul did an okay job but still agree with his auf. To the degree that an actual critique of the actual designs has any impact on the winning and eliminated designers (HAHAHAHAHAHA, right?!?!), challenges like this that call for practical real-life garments can be the toughest. Most professional environments are full of people who dress like they shop in department stores (because they do), but a designer shouldn’t turn out standard department store fare. Raoul’s skirt really is great, but it’s not a statement piece and the blouse is pretty H&M. If you can’t strike the incredibly difficult balance between real-life professional work wear and original, exciting high fashion and have to err on one side or the other, Ashley-Kate chose the preferable of the two evils.

  • BrooklynBomber

    So, I’m visiting relatives, and when I sat down to watch PR last night, one of them–who, apparently knew NOTHING about this show–asked me if I had every aspired to be a fashion designer. I said no. To which he said, “Then why do you like to watch it?” And I had to stop and think how to answer the question. I know why I used to like to watch it. I really did enjoy seeing the problem solving, the coming up with an idea quickly, the making-something-beautiful (or interesting, etc.) with limited resources and within specific parameters. Sure, the personalities, the conflicts, etc., added to the fun, but it really was the “make something out of nothing” factor that was most engaging for me. And while on paper that’s all still there. . . somehow it’s very diminished.  Maybe it’s that it’s not new anymore. Maybe it’s the producer manipulation factor. Maybe there are not longer as many contestants who can make magic. I don’t know what it is. But I guess I watch it for the same reasons one visits relatives.

    • Lattis

      “Why do you like to watch it?” is a topic we here at casa Lattis could spend a week debating. And probably will.

      “I know why I used to like to watch it. I really did enjoy seeing the problem solving, the coming up with an idea quickly, the making-something-beautiful (or interesting, etc.) with limited resources and within specific parameters.”

      That perfectly expresses the original appeal of the show . I have been meaning to go back and re-watch the first 4 seasons and see if they actually did spend more time showing people designing and making things . . . or do I just remember it through rose colored glasses.

      BTW I’m hankering for some screen caps. That picture of Ashley Kate and Insane in the Ukraine standing side by side is pregnant with hilarity. 

      • BrooklynBomber

        I wonder if I’ve got a rose-colored glasses situation going on, too. Maybe it’s just getting old. It’s kind of like most successful sitcoms – eventually the characters become more extreme, the writers start writing, and the actors start playing, into the aspects of their personalities that get the most response, and they end up as caricatures of their original characters. 

        • Lattis

          I think the only thing that stops that trajectory (where “they end up as caricatures of their original characters”) is when a show has people working on it who have an uncompromising vision and enough control to see it through. And that must be a damn rare combination.

      • Amy Ennis

        Why do I watch? If I could have one super power, it would be the ability to design and sew clothing. This season, I’m watching for one word: Dmitry. As soon as I saw his picture when the lineup was announced, I knew he and I could make beautiful Russian babies. Turns out he’s cool as shit too. I didn’t watch a lot last season and completely missed the one before. So he is the reason I turned back to the show. Glad I did. “One way monkey” proved just how awesome he is. 

        • Lattis

          Amy Ennis – you really made me laugh! 

          It’s fun to watch PR because you’re following someone you really like. Is it more fun than watching to see the downfall or incomprehensible rise of someone you loathe? I’ve watched for both reasons. 

          I loved the season where Jeffrey S. won (who we call “writing neck”), because I loved Uli, and Laura Bennett – loved them and loved the stuff they made. And it had the bonus of having Jeffrey who I hated and incomprehensibly won. 

          The worst are the seasons that strip you of all hope for the human race. Like Anya’s season. And also, Gretchen’s.

  • sockandaphone

    thats what i thought too. obviously maire claire offices work wear is very different from regular ole office workwear. sure I try to look nice but my boss has set up a pretty flexible dress code. 

    And also “work” clothes was so general. Sure a lot of people work in corporate offices but it honestly varies through types of jobs and all.

  • Too bad Raoul didn’t make that skirt… maybe I’m buying too much into the editing, but I was glad to see him go. Now just get rid of Elena and Gunnar (who they obviously kept because of his personality… Michael Kors et al. made a very interesting face when they realized he’d be in the bottom two… as if they were saying “Oh shit, he’s crazy, we need to find a way to keep him on the show for more drama. Auf whoever’s left!) and I’d be okay. But of course they’ll be milking those nut jobs as long as they can. 

  • Lilithcat

    Melissa’s dress was practically a carbon copy of Ven’s from last week.

  • CarolinLA

    I said yesterday that I wish I cared more.  Then I was wowed for the first time this season – I love that blue dress.  Is it appropriate for work?  Only if you a high class prostitute.  But nonetheless, I loved it.  It was good to be enthused a bit.

  • CarolinLA

    I didn’t understand why Gunnar was chosen so late.  He’s been in the top twice and frankly, I like what he’s produced so far (last night’s was a misstep).  Hell, I don’t even know which one is Nathan and which is Fabio yet. 

    •  I think that we don’t know who Nathan and Fabio are, really, yet, is sort of the producers’ fault. They focus on the drama queen who has lots of nasty things to say in the sit-downs. Fabio has gotten some praise and is an interesting-to-look-at person, but I think he’s just too mellow for TV. I don’t know — my take is that Gunnar is so nasty that no one would want to work with him; that’s why he got chosen last. I’m surprised anyone picked Elena! I saw her craziness coming from a mile away!

      • holdmewhileimnaked

        has there ever been any proof that the way these teams are chosen actually is at the discretion of the contestants who are supposedly choosing them?

  • I believe Raoul-Raul? made two tops, one with ruffles and the grey/shiny/pleathery tank top that was paired with the weird stripe skirt that Sonjia made which is what I think sent him home.

    I’m glad I don’t have to look at his oddly grown and cropped head of hair anymore.

    •  I’d like for him to do it in broken English.  He should call her a one way shrieking howler monkey!  I’d pay good money to see that.

      • What would be funny is if they were all on the runway being judged and Dimitri and Elena aren’t getting along and he finally rips into her in broken English and then transitions into Russian and she screams back in Russian.  Heidi gets agitated and starts screaming at them in German.  Finally Nina gets fed up, stands up and starts yelling out in Spanish, silencing everyone except Heidi who continues to speak loudly in German.  

        • it’s a poly-lingual multi-cultural simian slapdown fashion melee….i can’t wait!

    • l_c_ann

      She’s Ukrainian and he’s Russian.  Yes?
      Two distinctly different countries only brought together briefly for less than a century and not with the OK of the Ukrainians.
      Two different languages.  Sometime read about the Russians moved to the Ukraine to Russianize the country.

      There may be some historic dislike between the two. Remember how German Heidi had a visceral dislike for Gordana?

      • Yes.  However they are both Slavic and in the Ukraine media, for the majority, is in Russian and from what i’ve read they can understand each other; the language is even comparable to that of American English and British English.  By all means Google it.

        • Again, Dmitry’s Belarusian, not Russian.  Both Ukraine and Belarus were part of the USSR, however, and had Russian as their de facto second language.  All three languages are as you said mutually intelligible.  So here’s hoping for a Slavic showdown of epicness.  I already put in for rinkside seats. 🙂

          • Didn’t realize that he’s from Belarus, must have missed it, I stand corrected.  But yes, a verbal duel in Russian (I still stand by that they can communicate in Russian) is in due course.

  • “Insane in the Ukraine” = lol. Last night’s episode seriously stressed me out. Like, I couldn’t sleep. Between Elena’s craziness and the deep-in-negativity Raoul and Gunnar, and then those ugly-ass office clothes. Too stressful. 

  • crash1212

    Thirteenth picture down is the embodiment of the “bad angel/good angel” on your shoulder. 

  • Indovina

    This challenge was actually a lot easier to figure out than most. Work wear, of course, meant “clothing for models in a photo shoot with a work theme”. Compared with “woman on the go” as “sexy evening dress”, I think it was straightforward. On that count, Melissa’s, which photographed the best, makes perfect sense as the winner. The dress really looked fabulous in the photo.

    At risk of being cruel, I can’t defend Raul – at all. Oh, his work was probably more wearable than most, but again the real challenge had nothing to do with actual work wear. And I give him credit for recognizing Elena’s skill in spite of his hatred of her. I think one can make a legitimate argument that his team didn’t take his concerns into consideration, but I’ve seen a few people claim they ganged up on him – and that’s not what I got from the episode. He went into it afraid he was going to be sent home, did not want to work with other people, refused to be concerned with the theme of the collection overall, and, to top it all off, refused to sketch what he was making so the other designers would have an idea of it. At that point, he was effectively sabotaging his team. And then he complained about other people not thinking of the group. Yes, his teammates did dictate what pieces he would make – but they basically let him make what he wanted to with them. All of his teammates had negative things to say about his teamwork. Four of them told the judges that his was the weakest work on the team – which was objectively true inasmuch as things in fashion ever are. His own response to the judges question amounted to “Elena should go, even though she’s talented, because I hate Elena” – Dmitry by contrast gave an explanation of how Elena was detrimental to the team. If one wants to argue that narrative concerns were central to winning and losing, I can see the point, but to claim that Raul was anything other than petulant or that he did anything other than set himself up for failure – I don’t see it.

    But then, I don’t hate Elena (everything everyone has said about her is basically true – but I enjoy her in a unintentional comedy sort of way), so I don’t have an external motivation for defending Raul. 

    Now, by contrast, the other team did genuinely shut Gunnar out, but that’s for another comment.

  • marilyn

    I realize that there was little time on Project Station Break (aka PR) to fit properly, but both the best and worst were too tight.  The best had all those horizontal lines (were they intended or not?) and the skirt on the loser was also too tight.  The losing blouse was also weird, because it had those long flat ruffles, and was sleeveless.  It was made from sheer fabric, also.  Too strange.

  • granddelusion

    Sense? You expect it to make sense? And you’re right, a-k’s dress photographed well, but it looked like crazy-ass shit everywhere else. And I loved Elena decrying navy while she was WEARING NAVY!

  • Bozhi

    Sonjia’s skirts are really cute. 

  • The challenges are growing repetitive**. Last episode, they were to design for “a woman on the go” (about as vague as it gets). This episode they’re assigned to make clothes for the professional woman (still fairly vague– it depends where one works, although most designers interpreted the customer as a woman who works in the fashion industry). Someone like Nina may wear Melissa’s dress to her work (Didn’t Nina choose Kimberly’s glittery, fold-abundant top as work-attire last season?). Melissa’s dress is sufficiently demure to wear to work: we’re not seeing boobs and asses and midriffs here. The length is appropriate. I like the draped stand-up collar (sufficiently exuberant to give the outfit some design interest) and the curvilinear zipper. Is the dress flawlessly executed? No, not quite (although the time constraints of this challenge were ridiculous– you want to see tailored, crisp, pristine looks? Then give the designers an extra day, or two hours the next morning, or even the one hour the producers cut from the routine schedule: the designers usually are allowed to work until 12:00). For this reason, I’ll forgive the wrinkles (the little side-slit/the thing the bag is not concealing quite as well as she’d hoped– NOT SO MUCH!). The dress is very photogenic, though. The photo-shoot was the most relevant element in the challenge, I think. It’s important for the designers to view their work from a third-person perspective (how an editor would view it).

    Raul: He doesn’t make garments in 7 hours? We figured as much. Then why did he sign up? The ruffled embellishment wasn’t a terrible idea, but it’s poorly executed and looks clunky and inelegant. The pencil skirt is fine (actually it’s got some nice seaming and detailing), but it is the work of Sonjia. Raul constructed the other tank-top which was beyond elementary (and BADLY made: it didn’t have darts or anything to stabilize it).

    ** I miss design-oriented, problem-solving challenges such as “re-purpose the clothes you’re wearing now into a new garment” (S2).

  • maggiemaybe

    I think that blouse is totally appropriate for work… if you’re a waiter in a bullfighting-themed restaurant.

  • I’m thinking Elena might be one of those people who turns into a complete bitch when sleep-deprived. As one of those people, I can relate.

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      I could see that. When I’m sleep deprived I either become very, very grouchy-bitchy or shut down.

  • Poor Raul was out the moment he decided he was doing whatever he wanted BUT I would’ve sent Nathan out for producing another bland, boring, Real Housewives of Orange County outfit down the runway.  (Can someone please pull his model’s fried hair back out of her face?  Please!)  You could see a woman wearing Raul’s top (though not with that skirt) and props for him for calling Elena out…after all someone has to be the bitch, so why not you if you’re on the way out anyway.  “Insane in the Ukraine” is the perfect name for her as she was on one: yelling at teammates, the makeup people, the photographer(!)…I’m just waiting for her to pull a Kenley Pt.2 and get fresh with Heidi.  She’s good but not the visionary she thinks she is to be throwing these tantrums.  

    The judges/producers kill me though: Melissa’s dress was pretty but no way on earth office wear.  Even in a creative field her dress was inappropriate…perfect for happy hour or a night out, but not 9-5.  I just love how they give them these vague perimeters for the challenge and then decide the winner on the most arbitrary of reasons.

  • Charis G

    These sorts of episodes make me wonder … how many workplaces allow the sleeveless thing? I’m used to the requirement being at least cap sleeves for women, so I’m honestly curious.

    (And kind of glad I’m just reading the recaps instead of actually watching this season.)

    • ASK26

       I don’t know that I have been in any offices that have a dress code requiring sleeves.  Speaking for myself who has worked in the swampy climate of DC and now in an incredibly similar climate in SC, I frequently wear sleeveless with a jacket or sweater over it, but if it gets miserably hot, I will take the topper off at my desk/cube.

    • RedAgain

      That was pre-Michelle Obama and back when pantyhose were mandatory.  Now it’s all sheath dress all the time.  Hell, I don’t even think the winning look would work on Michelle.

  • Snailstsichr

    I think they were wise to not concentrate on the crazy zipper in order to give Melissa the win. I noticed they didn’t have the model turn around.
    My husband was watching with me and he was pretty horrified at the crazy zippers on several of the looks. He thought they were all unattractive. (Lucky for him he only watches sporadically so he has missed the zipper madness of the last several seasons.)

    Then, when the show was over, he sighed and said, “Boy I miss Mondo! Why don’t they get him on to judge??” Out of the mouth of innocents… 🙂

  • “Insane in the Ukraine”….too good! Gave me a very much needed laugh this week.

    I did not think that Raul’s outfit was that bad. It reminded me of a blouse that Chris March and Christian made in a “couture and day challenge” a few years back. I could see a girl wearing that blouse in an office. I did not see the Ukraine space suit at all and Lawyers do not dress like that (in any office I have ever worked in). Good for Heidi for saying so. Some of these “Editorial Women” should look around real offices.

    “Insane in the Ukraine” will keep me smiling for a few more hours 🙂

  • Tawreos

    I was surprised that the dress with the dandruff catcher neck and crazy zipper won.  Is that really a good look for anywhere?

  • onetinkerbell

    ” This is, essentially, how two fashion magazine editors and a model think people dress for work every day.”

    And yet they sniped at some other outfits as not being appropriate office wear, even though they were more appropriate. Particularly Heidi, when she said the if her lawyer wore Elena’s jacket she would be afraid.

    ” Again; how telling that the two fashion editors, designer, and supermodel eliminated the one outfit that looks like how the vast majority of women dress for work – or at least, office work. We don’t love the flapping pleats on the blouse, but they’d be a hell of a lot less annoying than the turtle neckline on the winning dress. ”

    Yes. And all that would need to be done is to stitch the ruffles down so that the look is more one of pleats and less of ruffle. The fit is slightly off, too, with the neckline gaping a bit.

    I, too, am loving the moniker “Insane in the Ukraine”.

  • Kim N

    Did anyone else wonder how a ‘professional’ woman was supposed to pull up the zipper in the blue dress by herself?

    • holdmewhileimnaked

      it reminded me so much of old betsey johnsons that, until i watched it [i saw the stills first] i thought it was made out of the same stuff, meaning: zipper or no zipper, it would pull right over one’s head. i dont like it as much as i did now that i know it’s stiff as a board. it loses a lot of interest for me cos of the fabric.

  • luluransom

    ‘Insane in the Ukraine’ made me laugh harder than I have in a looooong time. Thanks boys!

  • KathKo

    Well, I kind of disagree with you, TLo, and most of the bitter kittens.
    First, I think Team-full-of-drama had stronger looks than Team Chiffonniers and more appropriate to a workplace.
    Team Chiffoniers was pure resort. So maybe it was designed for an LA office, but even then I don’t see it work.
    I agreed with the girls when they were laughing at the mere idea that silk chiffon would actually work at a sitting station.
    There’s a very good reason why Team-drama didn’t go that way. They thought “wearable and practical”. The boys thought “fashion and sophisticated”.
    I can see why people would like the chiffoniers better, but my love lands with the girls. And Dmitry.

    secundly, I don’t see where all the Elena hatred comes from. Is it because I’m european that I don’t get it but the fact is, I don’t get it !
    Yes, she was excessive and her team mates had every reason to feel insulted, annoyed and stressed by her. But the fact is Raul’s behavior was way more shocking, neck on the chopping block or not. I found his behaviour both repulsive and insulting. He discarded everything his team mates said without even listening and went on with his frippery.
    Elena had loads of good points and she asserted them very strongly. The girl knows her stuff. She was totally right about the photoshoot and how the props the team chose made the shoot from editorial to commercial. She made her point accross very badly. She also has a very strong while narrow point of view. She’s, sadly, in a creative nutshell and she’s certainly not a team player.
    I would hate to work with her, but in comparison with Raul, she’s creative and talented.

    • ASK26

      First of all I disagree with your contention that she is talented.    Her clothes have not been good.  I truly liked Raul’s blouse and did not like either of hers (although the zip up top, I liked better – but then again she didn’t consider that her design anyway)

      “Shrieking Howler Monkey”  fits for her.

      Re excusing her OTT rudeness and OTW tantrums on being European – way to insult an entire continent.
      If it were just a few too blunt/rude comments, I might be able to concur somewhat – I have a very “good” friend who is an older woman from Russia who frequently is “it’s all about me” and says really inappropriate things – we (the friends who put up with her) basically describe her as having NO FILTER.  And then recently I worked with a Russian man who did the same thing  (make inappropriate/rude comments) – and was genuinely surprised when anyone would take offense (because I really don’t think he meant any offense).  So maybe that part could be somewhat cultural/communication; but Elena is wayyyyyyyy past that

      • KathKo

         First thing, a little geopolotic : Ukraine is not located in Russia. It’s a country that was part of the Soviet Union but gained independance when it crashed. Yes, Ukraine suffers heavily from the russian influence and the orange revolution attempt to free it was a failure in the end since the power changed of hand and went back to the russian’s lapdogs in the last election.
        And Russia’s not part of Europe. The CEE is a unit of nations and Russia’s not part of it.
        As for a continent, it’s Eurasia because the whole continent contents also China, both Koreas, India etc.

        Second thing : I said that maybe because I AM european, I don’t get why everybody found Elena so horrible.
        I wasn’t insulting the people I live with to begin with.
        And I don’t find her horrible, or at leats not as horrible as the Tlounge comment section made me expect. I expected a behavior up to last season Josh’s level. So I was surprised when I didn’t see it.
        She’s rude, yes. She’s obnoxious, certainly. She’s complaining a lot and I do get why her competitors doesn’t like her as a person. Working in the same room has her must be stressfull and painfull when you need to concentrate on your work or make a team challenge work.
        Still, I also get why, apart from Dmitry who said he doesn’t think a lot of her talent, the other didn’t point her as the weak link. Let’s face it, she’s not. She’s competent, she’s talented (even if it’s my point of view), she did her job and add a critical eye to watch she did. And she tried to make compromised with her teamate, even if she didn’t like it.

        Raul was all “I want to do lace !”.
        Lace. Right. For office wear. You should have joined the chiffoniers team, kid. Oh, right, they didn’t want you. They’d rather have Gunnar. That is such a clue as to how his level is viewed.
        I found his behavior far more irrespectable than Elena. She didn’t criticize her competitors. She confronted them when she wasn’t agree (yes, she was far to much agressive). Raul was just snotty and dismissive of everybody’s work. He doesn’t know how to step back, assess his own work and course correct it. And for all the stressed speach about having his neck on a chopping block and having to kill it this time, he didn’t manage to churn out anything more than two sad and badly made tops.

        I guess after that it’s a matter of taste but I think the right one went this week.
        And I think it will be good bye to Elena next week.
        But I stand to my opinion : not the worst competitor this week and not deserving so much hatred.

    • RedAgain

      Did you see Insane in the Ukraine’s jacket?  You’d be like why is my lawyer shopping at Goodwill?  And why is that woman yelling at her about her clothes from outside the window?

      • KathKo

         Well, maybe Heidi’s lawyer wears that kind of stuff. I mean, with a client with a taste level that stops at tight, shiny, short and in animal prints, I would feel pretty much at ease with wearing the crazy when I’m meeting her. Won’t you ?
        So it was not a lawyer jacket so what ?
        All the office in the world are for lawyer. I mean, I wear jeans at the office, and I’m part of a Financial Group.
        You have creative offices, commercial offices, etc. To every workground its “uniform”.

  • Catiline

    Sonjia really got the poison prize this week – having the “bonus” of a sixth person meant she had one extra howler monkey to wrangle.  By the time of the runway you could really tell she was at the end of her rope, poor girl.

  • VivianAdvanced

    I scrutinized these from my point of view as an office worker. While the winner’s look was cool, the only working woman that could stand wearing it would be the model getting her picture taken in it. I’d hate to have that high cowl neck bugging me all day, even if I had the luxury of being the boss and not actually doing much sit-down toil. Dimitry’s was my favorite as far as style and comfort were concerned, although the cut-out feature in the back would be irritating rubbing against the back of a chair. That could be eliminated, however. I didn’t think Gunnar’s “wrestling puppies” dress was all that horrible. I’d rather wear it to work than Insane in the Ukraine’s big, puffy-sleeved thing. But really, when it comes to work, I prefer a casual environment where I can wear a T-shirt and jeans, or a sundress in the summertime. I hate serious work suits.

  • paulmkane2001

    I don’t get it.  Raul was pretty much demeaned and trashed by the other designers, and you expect him to be sweet and kindly on his way out the door?  I give him a lot of credit for refusing to play nicey nicey games with the other designers, ESPECIALLY the really vicious one he called out.  He was right to call her out.  She fully deserved it.  

    What was really vicious about Elena wasn’t that she had a lot of nasty things to say, or that she unleashed her bad feelings on others without restraint.  What was really vicious was that she constantly presented her nastiness as more than just her own opinion, pretending that her nasty views were group views, and also that she was actively trying to organize a Mean Girls clique.  She comes off a bit like a socially incompetent version of Gretchen.

  • Joyce VG

    “Insane in the Ukraine.”  She freaking scares me.  The cowl neck dress, although lovely, is not work wear. Well unless you work as a… (fill in the blank.)  This episode put me to sleep and gave me nightmares.   

  • enonymous

    Elena was such a fucking bitch. I’m glad that Dimitry wasn’t taking any of her crap.

    Maybe Raoul was out of line, but I can’t blame him too much.

  • enonymous

    Give that ruffly blouse long sleeves, it looks like something Joan would wear with that skirt.

  • GTrain

    What a nasty piece of work that Raul is. And he makes ugly clothes so good riddance. Melissa is my fave so I’m glad she won, though I couldn’t wear her outfit to work (and I work in the music industry).

  • guest2visits

    Poor Elena. She was nearly bug eyed with the distress of not having it all under her control. She’s so used to laboring over the
    details of her intricate designs; the lack of time to do so and the need to depend on a bunch of other heads to help get it done
    was just not in her orbit. She immediately tried however, to take control and steer everyone like so many errant sputniks into the
    right direction.  Hers.  I do wonder how much calmer she might have been if her bag of fabric hadn’t gone missing, and how much
    better her pieces, and everyone’s on the team might have been with an entire bag of fabric they’d planned on using.
    Although ‘calmer’ may not be possible, for Elena. It would be nice just to maintain a lower state of frenzy.
    Too bad, if she doesn’t get it together I’ll be disappointed.
    I loved that two-toned black stripe fabric both Raul and Sonjia used. And I really loved the skirt she made with it. I thought Raul’s
    top for the blue skirt was fine except the ruffles just appeared a touch too floppy and awkward. His other top however, looked
    less sharp, and the material was odd for a top like that; and it seemed he needed help on both pieces, regardless how much he
    tried to tell the camera what a great designer he was. And his very loud and aggresive middle finger to everyone else on his team
    from the very start, just made me decide that inspite of the fact I thought Fabio’s was less of a successful design than his; this
    little A-hole just had to go. Sorry. I would have been fine with giving Fabio the auf; I thought his t-shirt dress didn’t fit the model properly at all and it just wasn’t flattering either. But the judges seemed to like it.

  • In the photo above Raul/Sonjia with Melissa’s it looks like R/S is what you wear to work and Melissa’s is what you wear out after work.  It also looks like R/S is a blue/mauve colour which would have been fantastic instead of the grey it turned out being.  Iit also looks like the top is made out of the same fabric as the skirt which didn’t end up being the case and made it look worse on the runway.

  • I think the editing has a lot to do with only seeing Elena´s bitchy side,im pretty sure there is more to that. I like her strong ass personality. 

    • enonymous

      There’s a difference in being strong and being an overbearing bitch. Elena’s crossed way over that line.

  • Lisa

    So seriously – check out photo number 8, the “Elena Crazy Eyes” picture with the fists under the chin.  That is *totally* Gloria Swanson after she goes batshit crazy in “Sunset Boulevard”!  That is Nora Desmond coming down the staircase where the cops are waiting for her.  And what do the two have in common?  Again – Batshit crazy.

  • msdamselfly

    This looks like a great look to me

  • LambeeBaby

    Fabio’s dress was awful. Their critique regarding matronly garments should have been directed at his look. Throwing on a patterned turban does not make a look youthful.
    Melissa reminds me of Brita from “Community”. Although the dress was cool, my favorite look was the Sonja/Raul stripped skirt and tank.
    Elena is rabid. She reminds me of “Cujo” and those ugly mutton chop sleeves on her jacket…yeesh. She may have sewing skills but I have not seen any designs from her that are inspiring or even wearable.

  • LambeeBaby

    Fabio’s dress was awful. Their critique regarding matronly garments should have been directed at his look. Throwing on a patterned turban does not make a look youthful.
    Melissa reminds me of Brita from “Community”. Although the dress was cool, my favorite look was the Sonja/Raul stripped skirt and tank.
    Elena is rabid. She reminds me of “Cujo” and those ugly mutton chop sleeves on her jacket…yeesh. She may have sewing skills but I have not seen any designs from her that are inspiring or even wearable.

    • mhleta

      I too hated Fabio’s dress and when I first saw it suspected it might get him in trouble. Stunned beyond belief at the praise it received. 

  • BigWhiteGrannyPanties

    That dress is just ridiculous.  I hate Heidi for thinking anyone could do anything approaching work in this thing.  Unless you are a high priced call girl.

  • BigWhiteGrannyPanties

    That dress is just ridiculous.  I hate Heidi for thinking anyone could do anything approaching work in this thing.  Unless you are a high priced call girl.

  • CarolinLA

    This team expected the shoes and the zippers to do a lot of the work.

  • CarolinLA

    I actually like Raul’s top.  If you’re a party planner going to work an evening event, it would work.

  • Can somebody please explain to me why Elena is consistently #1 in the fan favorite voting on I DONT GET IT

  • Judih1

    You’re so right – great dress if the competition was for a cocktail dress. But something to wear to work? What a joke!

  • lucasuk82

    I actually do work with a few women who would wear that dress.  And yes, we would talk about them behind their backs for looking inappropriate.  

  • ccm800

    Balki had the lines of the evening for sure! Even people who say they don’t hate her, they hate her. LOL! One way monkey!!!!!!!!!! OMG I love that. AND never thought so but Balki was looking pretty hawt in his red jeans and back T hullooo

  • mhleta

    Raul’s biggest problem is his arrogance and refusal to consider advice. One of the things that helped me learn to like Michael Costello was that, when he was paired with Mondo, an infinitely superior designer and skilled craftsman, Michael shut his yap and learned. He did not get pissy when Mondo showed him how to improve his technique, he didn’t whine that he wasn’t getting enough respect. Michael needed growing up and he had the wisdom to take the necessary steps to do so. When he came back for PR All Stars his skills and his vision were much more solid. Raul will never move forward as long as he continues to behave like a baby dumped on a hot sidewalk.

  • mhleta

    And yeas, Raul’s a douche, but I really like the blue skirt and the ruffled blouse. The ruffles need to be tacked down or managed somehow, but over all, I think it’s got a J. Crew vibe, and to my mind no one does office wear better than the Crew. Both of Sonji’s skirts were terrific.

  • littlemac8

    “Shrieking Howler Monkeys”…double spit take without reading one word further!!  Perfect summation!!  I can barely watch Elena who needs anger management classes – what a bully and a ranting abuser.  Gunnar is tame by comparison.  Concur:  Raul’s parting words were poor sportsmanship.  Not that good sportsmanship is something PR strives for, quite the opposite!  I’ll tell you what would be fun to see:  Papa Tim telling them good manners and team work count toward  winning the next challenge!  As we can see from next week’s promo:  that’s not gonna happen.

    • Thathoodwink

      I thought Raul’s remark to Elena was scripted. It seemed so fake, and Elena was smiling. I am going to suspect just about everything is scripted with this show from now on.

  • Kthrow

    Funniest post EVER … of course, until the next one!  J’adore reading your recaps and honestly, it is the only reason I continue to watch PR.

  • it says something about their clientele, doesn’t it?

  • Apologies if this has been mentioned, but I was pretty surprised that no one mentioned the similarities to between the winning dress and a standout Gareth Pugh dress for Fall 2012 .

    Check out slides 33/34:

    I realize it could be a coincidence but it seemed like a pretty obvious overlap to me. Strange the judges didn’t even mention it.

  •  Ooh you’re right, Melissa does look like Britta! She has that same mix of bad-ass rock chick/coiffed blonde in delicate make-up, and she does very Britta things with her hair.

  • Laylalola

    Elena became unhinged when the bag with her fabric was somehow lost. The show never really brought that up again, and it’s not an excuse — what an absolute nightmare to work with, that is a woman who will let the first thing that goes wrong throw her to such a degree that she will never, ever regain control (and in fact I suspect she secretly loves having a reason to fly off the handle).

    • Thathoodwink

      I was also confused by the lost bag…couldn’t one of them run back to Mood to see if it was there? Kind of like the Mystery of Anya’s Missing Money from last season, only without the dramatic win at the end!

  • I’m sure I’m the 1,000 person to say this, but Raul didn’t make the skirt – he made the two blah blouses. I agree, it’s the most sensible, practical “office woman” look, but they’re dull & poorly constructed. Eduardo Munster said himself “I don’t  make garments in 14 hours” – well, don’t be on Project Runway! 

  • adnama79

    Raul’s ruffles are too big (his teammates told him in the beginning to make them 1/2″ shorter and he should’a listened), but I do have several shirts very like that which I wear to work (office job) on a regular basis.

    Melissa’s is more interesting and photographs well.  If you could maybe push the neck down, you could maybe wear it to work – depending on how shiny it is.  There’s one girl in my office who occasionally wears shift dresses in shiny fabrics to work and every time she does, people are like, “Did she just roll in from last night’s party?” behind her back.  Cocktail dress is NOT work dress.

  • adnama79

    Is it Disqus that changed the way the threads are displayed or TLo? Tom and Lorenzo, if you’ve changed the settings on the disqus threading/sorting, please change it back! I have lost the ability to sort and I’m finding the new layout harder to follow in terms of replies/conversations.

    • Sweetbetty

      Thank you! No one else had mentioned it so I thought I was the only one being driven crazy. I doubt very much our boys had anything to do with it, though.

      • adnama79

        And… it’s fixed!  Thanks TLo, if y’all did this.

    • adnama79

      I doubt they did it, either. I put in a request to Disqus to change it back…

  • Thathoodwink

    Did you catch that moment when the judges were discussing who would be leaving..I believe it was Heidi who said, “That means Gunnar would be leaving..” and Michael Kors kind of groans, as if to say, “Oh no! We can’t let our most annoying talking head go home! What would the producers think?” I thought to myself, ” Aha!! A-HAH!”

  • Thathoodwink

    The blue dress that won…come on. Picture wearing that at work. “I’m sorry guys. I can’t read this report because I can’t see past this flipping huge neckline draped around my neck.” 

  • Does anyone recognize the top Raul was wearing when he was eliminated? Do you think he bought it somewhere or made it? I LOVED it and want to get my hands on it! Thanks!