PR: Judging the Judges, Week 4

Posted on August 10, 2012


Look at the Duchess in his white jeans! You go, girl! We’re still not gonna bother rating you, though.


Heidi Klum

Wow. Kors needs to get some sleep!

While the nerd in us (i.e., Tom) appreciates Heidi’s salute to The Legion of Doom‘s Giganta …


Michael Kors One-shoulder dress, Leopard Print

We tend to think it works best when one is sitting around plotting the takeover of the world, rather than deciding which attention whore goes home this week.

Oh, we’re teasing. It’s just so easy with Fraulein Tightshortandshiny. We like the dress, actually. It’s the belt we despise. DESPISE, kittens. Maybe this Klingon belt (We’re sorry. We promise that’s the last nerd-reference.) would work on a different outfit, but it’s a HORRIBLE choice to pair with this dress. For that matter, so is the jewelry. Animal print, in our opinion, generally requires simple and bold accessories, but not busy ones. We also think black pointy-toed pumps are a REALLY odd choice here. Totally takes the whole outfit to Cougar Land. Thematically speaking, a sandal makes way more sense. One simple cuff (maybe not quite so big as Giganta’s), a pair of sandals, and a black leather belt could’ve made this a perfect score.

This Week’s Score: 3.75/5

Cumulative S10 Score: 3.1875/5



Nina GarciaPants by Balenciaga

Michael Kors Fall 2012 Collection

Giuseppe Zanotti Spiked Sandal

We don’t know, Nina. It’s chic, certainly. But it’s awfully… understated, wouldn’t you say? Granted, she probably didn’t know she’d be sitting next to Pebbles Flintstone when she chose the outfit, but Nina’s usually pretty good about yanking the spotlight away from the showier Klum by choosing chic outfits with some bit of drama to them. This looks like something she’d wear to a typical work day at Marie Claire. We might’ve gotten more excited if she’d worn one dramatic accessory to bump things up, but those shoes, while fabulous as hell, just don’t bring the drama the outfit needed to make it more telegenic. Still, a standard Nina work outfit is better than a standard Heidi “workin’ it” outfit nine times out of ten.

This Week’s Score: 4/5

Cumulative S10 Score: 4.495/5



Rachel Roy

We can’t see enough of the dress to get an idea of it, but it looks generally okay. It’s not our favorite color in the world, but she can wear it well. It’s the jacket that puzzles us. We think this jacket would look great with a pair of pants and maybe with skirt, but it seems like a really odd choice to wear over a dress; especially this dress. We also don’t think the shoes really go with anything and the necklace is way too heavy to pair with that jacket. It’s funny. We didn’t realize we had so many issues with this outfit until we really looked at it. We do love the panja, though. We didn’t even notice it on TV last night.

Score: 4/5


This Week’s Score: 4/5

Cumulative S10 Score: 3/5



Hayden Pannetiere

A bit tacky and a bit honky-tonk for our tastes. You’re 22, honey. Stop dressing like your mom. We don’t mind the shoes or the dress and we wouldn’t even mind them paired together in a different setting, but the combo of the gigantic platforms, the cleavage, and the slit in the skirt are all a bit much for this setting.

This Week’s Score: 4/5


Previous Guest Judge Scores:
Krysten Ritter: 4.25/5
Dylan Lauren: 4/5
Lauren Graham:4/5
Pat Field: 4/5


WINNER, WEEK FOUR: Nina & Rachel Roy



If we got the math wrong, we don’t want to hear it. We’re exhausted, kittens.

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  • Paigealicious

    I didn’t see the show last night, so I didn’t know Hayden was a guest judge…and I didn’t even recognize her in the first pic of the group! Honey, you’re 22, not 62!!!

  • Heidi as Giganta.
    You made this nerd laugh HARD (and at the office). I love you so. 

    • Lisa_Cop

      If you’re going to wear leopard first choice is Roberto Cavalli. Second choice is spring 2012 Dolce Gabbana. This one shoulder Michael Kors, especially with the belt – Ugh!

  • n a

    Yea- Hayden looks 35 there- ugh- be young!!

    •  I’ve given up lamenting over her dressing 10+ older than her age. It’s her “thing,” and she’s not going to stop, so I’ll stop wasting my breath. I can’t stand the hair, either.

      • Pam Winters

        Her outfit might have worked for me with an unexpected coiffure of some kind rather than the Suburban Farrah.

      • HengRu

         Seems like she must share a stylist with Julianne Hough.

  • n a

    I LOVE Nina’s outfit.  She’s just so classy- it’s how I want to dress for work, but cannot afford…  Sorry Heidi- LOVE you, but you look ridiculous… and kinda trampy in that dress.  Pebbles past due!

  • Pants_are_a_must

    Nina wins, as she should. Her shoes were plenty drama, to be honest. Perfect shoes for a fashion editrix. I’d be surprised if Wintour doesn’t wear them as her office slippers.

    In any case, girl can’t always bring the D&G bejeweled dress. Sometimes dressing down is dressing up, especially next to the Klummeister.

  • BuffaloBarbara

    We tend to think it works best when one is sitting around plotting the takeover of the world, rather than deciding which attention whore goes home this week.
    Now, gentlemen, don’t rush to conclusions.  We don’t know what they’re talking about in the hours the editors leave out, now do we? ;p

  • Violina23

    I kinda like Hayden here, except for the wonky shoes.  Maybe a bit mature, I’ll give you that, but she looks pretty.  I think her hair/makeup looks great. 

    Whenever I see her, I remember that she was the voice of the baby ant princess “Dot” in “A Bug’s Life” and I laugh.

    I’d give Hayden an edge over Rachel Roy for the style.  Nina looks good now that I take a look, but it was mostly forgettable. Not the best week, judges.

  • I’d cut a bitch for Nina’s shoes. 

    • CozyCat

      I’m sure she wore them to mess with the designers’ heads….

  • I’m starting to think that Nina could wear a garbage bag and you’d still declare her the winner.

    • formerlyAnon

      I think they just had a generous week. Nina may be a little dull, but Heidi is flat out dreadful and Rachel Roy’s score is a tad higher than the sum of her parts, judging by their narrative about her.

  • ninamadeleine

    Is Hayden dressing like that because of her new show “Nashville”? It certainly looks like she should be in TN knocking boots with some sexy cowboy. 

  • alyce1213

    You LIKE Heidi’s dress?  Oh my. Has hell frozen over?  It looks like a cheap, polyester, packaged Halloween costume.  I’d rather see her in anything shorttightshiny instead of this cheesy rag. I give her 0.
    Nina’s outfit is understated, but what’s wrong with that? I think it’s beautiful and classy, but maybe she needs other shoes. And a new hairdo. 4.5
    Rachel Roy looks okay, business-like, nothing exciting. I like her shoes. 4.0
    Hayden looks 35. The dress and jacket are okay, nothing to write home about, but I hate her shoes with every bone in my body. 3.0

    The cartoon couldn’t be more perfect.

    • 3boysful

       Big ditto on HP’s clodhoppers.

  • One shoulder, leopard and belted….it even sounds wrong when you say it.

    • Thank you for breaking this down. It reminded me of my fave Nina moment ever. In the season 1 judging session, she was clearly upset with Robert’s outfit. The best line: “And then he put sequins on the leopard!!!!”. I’ll never forget that exclamation in a white-hot pissed moment for as long as I live.

  • Also, what is up with Heidi’s hair? It looks like she forgot to rinse.

  • SewingSiren

    I like Heidi’s dress , if fact I think it is one of the best dress she has ever worn. I agree the belt ruins it TACK EEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeee X100.
    Nina should have gone whole hog and worn the collar too. Heidi could have beaten her if she didn’t have to wear that awful belt.
    The two guest judges look like young ,successful, fashion conscience , Manhattanite, plastic surgeons.

    • i wouldn’t let haydn touch my face, much less with a knife in her hand.

  • wisenhar

    I picked up on the Heidi as Giganta thing in yesterday’s preview post.  Great gays think alike!

  • What’s a panja? Googl wasn’t much help…I can’t believe you’re talking about a mastiff or a weaving tool here.

    •  The hand jewelry.

    • alyce1213
    • Super_Red

      I had the exact same question! 

    • There’s one on her foot, too.

    • Susan Crawford

      The panja is a traditional Indian adornment for the hand, the head and the foot. (There are specific names for the head and foot styles, but a lot of people just use “panja” to cover the whole spectrum.)

      A hand panja has a bracelet with chains that connect to a ring or rings. It may be very subtle and delicate, as Rachel Roy’s was, or it may be heavily bejewelled and ornamented. The Metropolitan Museum jewelry collection has some amazing examples from the Mughal era, and if you visit the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, you can revel in their awesome collection of Indian artistry.

  • MissAnnieRN

    Is this the appropriate time to discuss the fact that hayden’s contributions to last night’s proceedings consisted SOLEY of “I would wear that/wouldn’t wear that.”. Sigh. Yup. Hate watching.

    •  Actually, I thought she was one of the better celebrity judges.  She made comments about how to dress for broad shoulders and she pointed out the weird crotch on Raul’s (sp?) pants.  Sometimes I wish they’d put more of the celebrities critiques in the show.  The producers make us wonder why they even use celebrities if that’s all they’re going to contribute.  I’m sure some of them occasionally have better comments.

    • Ryan Williamson

      Well she’s not a fashion designer so I think that’s actually the most useful contribution she can give. Every designer wants to dress a celebrity don’t they? Even if it is Hayden Pantywaist. 

  • SewingSiren

    And I would love to know what Mr. “Fashion’s not for sissies.” thought of Frau Shorttightandshiny’s addition of the big wide glitter belt to his beautiful leopard one-shoulder dress. 

  • janetjb

    If I hadn’t see so many Wilma’s in the past 5 years, I’d probably like Heidi’s dress quite a bit.  It suits her coloring and body quite well.

    I think it’ll be a rare day when Nina doesn’t come out the winner.

    • Judy_S

       A leopardskin Wilma is as Wilma as you can get. Me Tarzan, you auf. Although alas this is apparently an example of a dress for a “gal on the go.” If only Dmitry had done his dress in tiger stripes!

      • but where is this “girl on the go” going?  down to the corner to look for a trick.

  • GillianHolroyd

    I thought RR’s jacket could be attributed to sub-arctic air conditioning, same with Hayden’s. No excuse for the shoes’ though,

    • but those studio lights must be hot.  i was thinking the guest hosts were thinking working woman outfits had to have jackets.  god knows where heidi thinks she’s going to work.  looks like she’s ready to hit the streets.

    • kcliff

      In Laura’s blog she mentions how hot it is in runway actually because the AC can’t be on. So jackets make no sense … Maybe covering up pit stains?

  • Lilithcat

    You’re 22, honey.

    I had no idea.  I’d pegged her for early ’30s at least.  

  • BrooklynBomber

    I love Nina’s outfit. Not the shoes, though.

    And keep with the nerdisms, please. There’s no better descriptor than Klingon for that belt.

  • I’m so confused. Few positive words about anyone, yet 4/5’s? Make that score match that description, boys!

    •  We admit; we totally overscored HP, but we’re okay with the rest of the scores, upon review.

  • Oh, HAYDEN. God, those ridiculous shoes.

  • jw_ny

    Them are some pretty serious spikes on Nina’s shoes…wouldn’t want to accidentally bump into her (or piss her off…)  Really dislike the fuzz on them. 

    Tbh…I’d have given all of them 3s right across the board.  Nina’s is too sedate for a 4.5.  The others are a mix of good  with ‘wtf were you thinking?’  (maybe Hayden should get a 2 because she’s just ALL ‘wtf were you thinking?’…nothing fashiony about her secretarial look at all.)

  • l_c_ann

    Since Heidi and Nina are both wearing Kors, imagin for a moment that a minion switched dresses for them.  .
    Now about the five wise ones just sitting there.  Four of them look as if the air conditioning was revved up and running full strength.  The fifth (but for her age) looks as if a hot flash has her in its foul clutches.

    •  La Nina would never be caught in Fraulein Klum’s getup, but FK might be persuaded to wear Nina’s.

  • butter nut

    please let heidi play the part of Giganta in the next super friends movie. i would actually go see this movie.  it’s the role she was born to play!

    • It IS a little eerie how much the cartoon looks like her. Exact same bone structure. You put a bright red Bettie Page wig on that gal and she’s got the part.

  • madamovary

    Hi.  As for Heidi, I quote one of my funniest friends:  “Dress like a hookah and take one thing off…”  This needs to be said in a heavy Long Island accent.

  • Maine1ac

    When my daughter was in high school, she went as a fictional character during spirit week, and I made the same dress that Heidi wore, only she was Wilma Flintstone.  I had to laugh when I saw Heidi in it.

    • one wonders what the duchess was thinking when he designed this little gem.  

      •  I was thinking the same thing.

  • dickylarue

    If I had a indie rock band I’d name my next album “The Duchess in White Jeans”. 

    • Pam Winters

      Oh, hell, maybe I’ll steal that for the title of my first poetry collection. (Except that then people would expect me to dress that way. Nope.)

    • i claim “the braying tangerine” for my band.  in the tradition of strawberry alarm clock psychedelia, but with better music.

  • butterflysunita

    Nina’s expression in the first closeup of her is like:  “Bitch, please.  Even on an off day I’m the most stylish one here.”

    • “and none of you could touch these shoes with a ten foot pole, you commoners.  bow down to my fabulousness.  even on an off day.”

  • CarolinLA

    Hayden had on more makeup than I own.

    • Tatiana Luján

      besides, her hair color and fake tan are horific.

      • Shannon Chad

         I’d do anything I could to cover up that face, too.

  • Le_Sigh

    TLo – I hope you NEVER stop with the nerd-references.  Its part of why I love you so!

    Can we also discuss Rachel Roy’s hair also?  That and her makeup just aged her severely.  I remember when she judged Season 8 and being so struck by her beauty.  In the screen caps make her look like Rachel Roy’s auntie. 

  • How does Hayden get everything wrong and still garner a 4? I guess compared to Heidi’s leopard dress, it’s good? Still 2.5 or 3 tops for Hayden IMO. Those shoes are fuuuuuuuuug.

    • call me crazy, i love those shoes.  but i could never actually wear them, so it’s only a theoretical love…

  • guest2visits

    I try to like what Heidi’s wearing, but the belt stopped me. Everybodys’ doing the cougar. Even girls in their teens and women in their 20s.
    I thought Nina looked fine, even her hair looked better. The red, white and blonde thing often goes tacky, as here. Sorry Hayden.
    I thought Rachel’s jacket was a sweater on my screen, and I loved her for it. She’s quite pretty and I loved everything but the half-n-half

  • nannypoo

    I think Rachel Roy is a great judge. She always has something worthwhile to say. I didn’t like anything about her outfit or her hair or her makeup last night. Nina is the only one here who found anything attractive in her closet, but I really hate her shoes.

  • MidArmJewel

    “Wow. Kors needs to get some sleep!”

    I am in tears from trying not to laugh out loud in my cubicle.

  • Tatiana Luján

    I’m sorry, but how on earth can you give Nina, who dressed perfectly chic, the same scores you gave to None of my Clothes Go Together Roy or to I Dress Like a  MILF 

    • lamireille

      THANK YOU. What Rachel Roy was wearing just seemed like a giant “????” to me. Neither color (and when I imply that the jacket had a color I am being kind) was attractive at all, and the shoes were icky, and the whole thing just puzzled me.

  • Judy_J

    Heidi is on the express train to Cougartown. Nina looks polished and put together. The other two look just OK. Nina wins again.

  • throwaneyeonthis

    Several comments regarding HP:

    Lucy Ewing circa 1981

    Rather than focusing on the designer’s work product, she made a snide remark about how Buffi looked.  Not cool.

    The winning dress, the one HP wants to wear on the red carpet, will look horrible on her.  No sense of her own style so wonder why she was used as a judge.

    •  That was not a snide comment about how Buffi looked. Much like when they criticized the rope guy about applying his style to his designs, Hayden P. was pointing out that you look at Buffi and go “Woah!” expecting a design to match her funky style.

  • Tatiana Luján

    Did Nina get a haircut?

  • Imasewsure

    Bad week all around… maybe Michael saw the panel and put on white pants to distract us?

  • GorgeousThings

    Nina totally was sending a silent shout out to the Bitter Kittens with the fur trimmed, spiked out GZ sandals. Nina FTW!

  • those are fuck me shoes on nina’s feet if i’ve ever seen them.

  • piecesofconfetti

    Ha, I thought that was Jewel, not Hayden P. 

  • Pam Winters

    I’d like to see HP in that dress, but I suspect that that’s a desire born of schadenfreude. She’s got a totally different body type.

    Lucy Ewing! Exactly!

    As far as the remark about Buffi, I wasn’t sure which way she was going with it; I thought that it might have become “Look how distinctively Buffi styles herself. Why can’t she make her model look that way?”

  • CassandraMortmain

    An off week for all the judges.  Nina wins by default, I suppose, but her look was pretty boring.  And those shoes! WTF are those things?  Feathers and spikes?  That’s a little too literal for me.

    Rachel’s look was very boring.  Didn’t keep her from being a surprisingly good judge, though.  She’s somewhat redeemed herself from her poor showing as a judge in a previous season, where I remember her focusing too much on the styling and accessories and for seeming overly impressed with one model’s tattoos.  She sounded like an idiot.  Clearly, she’s not on (an idiot, that is).

  • pookiesmom

    Completely agree with your assessment of Heidi’s outfit. I normally abhor animal print, but she’s actually working the dress (not WERQing, mind you). It’s the accessories that fail her. Though her shoes, while random, are FIVE HUNDRED MILLION TIMES BETTER than the hideous bear trap/dansko lookalikes that the Kors model is sporting. So ugly!

    • Remember those platform sandals/clogs that were so “in” back in the late 90s? Yeah, THAT.

  • royinhell

    I thought Rachel Roy looked like a chic  ER doctor.

  • rachel looks to me like she’s ready for a typical day at work at a typical office job…nothing to write home about.

  • fnarf

    Might as well retire this award. Nina’s going to win it if she wears garbage bags for the remaining episodes.

    Now what might be a contest is Nina…versus Tim. Tim’s dark suit, magenta check shirt, and purple tie and pocket square was absolutely fantastic — and I hate purple. I don’t always give Tim a 5/5, but he gets one this week.

    •  THAT I would love to see. I think I might give Tim the win every week, though.

  • bluefish

    Both Hayden and Rachel in their jackets look like me at the mall when the air-conditioning is so cranked up and I’m so cold that I don’t care who gives me what to wear just to keep me warm.  Someone should do one of those repeating visual thingies of Heidi being absurd and lunging, literally, at Michael K to say that she likes her dresses to be hot and sexy.  She looks like Wilma Flintstone and you all are so right about that belt with this dress.   Hayden, unfortunately, always manages to look like some form of the office floozy — I say this with love and longing.

  • bluefish

    Keep forgetting to say that Tim was best dressed this last segment.  LOVED his dark gray-black, purple, red-pink combo.  He looked so chic and put together.   And I commend him for being group therapy man.  Would have loved to see whatever conversation he had with Frokemon.

    • Susan Crawford

      I also commented that Tim looked fabulous. The suit was subtle and impeccably tailored, and the checked shirt, purple tie and pocket square was a lesson in how to use color with verve AND taste. Others have criticised his look this week, but I thought he shut the front door.

      (And would that we could have been a fly on the wall for Uncle Tim’s chat with Frokemon. Whatever was said, though, I am sure it was supportive, encouraging and from Tim’s heart – ’cause that’s how mah boo rolls.)

  • Susan Crawford

    Heidi, the ComicCon Fan Boy’s dream.
    Hard to fault those Balenciaga pants on NinahGahcia, and the MK top is fine. I could definitely live without the fur on the Zanotti sandals, but overall, she looks fabboo (of course).
    Hayden looks good in red, but the white jacket is too much for her tiny frame. And those platforms! Burn them instantly!
    Rachel Roy is one truly beautiful woman. This outfit is doing little to enhance that beauty, though. I like the dress color, and wish we could have actually seen it but the jacket obscured it almost completely. I would probably love the jacket with jeans and a great little top, but not loving it with the dress. I do crave the delicate gold panja, however.

    I think the score for Heidi is overly generous – I would have given her at most a 3 out of 5.

  • MilaXX

    I don’t even bother with the scores. I just enjoy reading the critiques and getting a better view of the clothes. Love La Nina’s shoes.

  • Tatiana Luján

    Heidi, who has a near to perfect body, wears clothes so tight that she looks bumpy.

  • MoHub

    When are you guys going to critique the designers’ runway wear?

    • Never. They’re just struggling designers and working people trying to win a competition.

      • Also, the producers would like us to think (and they’re probably right, to a certain extent), that the designers are working on very little sleep and have probably used every minute they could to finish their runway looks, not primp themselves.

        That may not be accurate, but It’s certainly an impression that they give. Plus, they probably don’t have the benefit of the personal stylists that the judges have hovering in the background.

        (Edited for verb agreement. 😛 )

        • SapphoPoet

          Although I do think that most of them pull something together so that they look a little more polished for the runway. 

  • geeeque

    i thought it was hilarious that they had to get a 2nd REAL judge since the only reason they had hayden on is she must be flogging some new show on lifetime. her presence was useless.

    • Shannon Chad


  • I thought Heidi had a little JBF hair — a quickie with some hot cameraman.

  • Heidi looks 100x better than Rachel or Hayden.  I love that belt with that dress.  Not for everyone, mind you, but the dress definitely needed some kind of belt and I think it adds contrast and highlights the skinny bitch’s ™ waistline & torso.  Definitely she deserved the win this week, IMO.

  • marilyn

    Tim should have been thrown in the mix too.  His shirt and tie combo were horrific.  Is he colorblind by any chance?  

  • HelenNPN

    For my money, Heidi never dresses as though she is a taste maker on a fashion show.  More like someone in the audience of “Lets Make a Deal” who is hoping to get noticed.  

  • Cat_In_A_Hat

    Rachel: That jacket looks like she pulled it out of the bottom of her laundry basket, where it had been sitting for weeks. Nothing here goes with anything else. Did she get called in at the last minute on dry cleaning day? Seriously. She looks like she just scraped that outfit together in an attempt to look “presentable”.
    Score: 2.5/5 (At least her hair and make up are good)

    Hayden: Like TLo said, she’s dressed like her mum…. After a big night out on the town with the girls. She didn’t have time to go home and change so she stopped in Zara on the way to the studio and grabbed a blazer to throw over the dress in an attempt to look “presentable”
    Score: 2.5/5 (Maybe she and Roy hit the town together)

  • Cat_In_A_Hat

    Oh, by the way, did Hayden utter the 4 words no designer ever wants to hear pass her lips: “I would wear that”?

    • unbornfawn

      multiple times

    • formerlyAnon

       I can’t help but think that if there were a chance in hell that the judge were saying that with her checkbook & pen out, it’d sound pretty sweet.

      Ahh, fantasies.

    • Shannon Chad

       I know!  When she said she wanted Sonja’s look, I felt so bad for Sonja.

  • unbornfawn

    Just a random thought… could the air conditioning been cranked up in the studio and Hayden and Rachel were too wimpy to handle the cold and the jackets were scrounged and thrown on them? 

    • According to Laura in her Lifetime blog, there IS NO A/C in the Runway area due to noise issues with filming.

      • Susan Crawford

        I read this, too. Surely, though, there MUST be AC units that are fairly quiet, white-noise generators that would help muffle background noise, and sound-baffling materials that could be used to build the set. Considering the tropical heat and humidity NYC and environs experience every summer, Lifetime might want to invest in amping up the comfort-level at least for the runway/judging area.

        However, I’m sure there are shoals of unpaid interns whose job it is to rush in with icy drinks, cologne-soaked linen hankies, smelling salts and Karl Lagerfeld’s cast-off fans for the judges in between shots. The designers have to sweat it out because after all, it’s really all about driving them crazy. (And for some, it’s a very short drive indeed!)

        • formerlyAnon

          “Lifetime might want to invest in amping up the comfort-level”
          I feel certain that if they had, there’d be prominent mention of the air conditioning equipment, sound baffling, etc. on air somehow.  They’d film a reveal amidst the equipment or something. Because as far as I can see, the producers pay full price for no product or service that could remotely be marketed to the viewers. 

          • Susan Crawford

            I can envision the design challenge now: “Designers, you have one day to create a red carpet look. For this challenge, you will each receive an air conditioner supplied by PR sponsor Emerson Quiet Cool, and a roll of soundproofing material from the Sssshh Corporation. You may use muslin as a base, but you MUST incorporate as much of yourairconditioner and soundproofing material as possible. Be careful not to inhale too much Freon, designers, and remember to keep your cool as you make it work!” 

      • alyce1213

        I can’t believe there is NO form of air conditioning. If that were the case, we’d be seeing limp bodies in sweat puddles. I mean, can you imagine Kors in his jacket, sitting with no AC shvitzing to death?  We’d see rivulets of sweat, mixed with orange self tanner, streaming down his face. No way.
        There must be some central air system that isn’t heard — unlike window units that roar and older central AC systems that hum. I mean, the building has to be up to code.

  • Meelah

    The dress would have looked better if Heidi did something different with her hair.  When she walked out I just pictured Tarzan with her hair like that an a leopard skin over her shoulder.  It just seems like Heidi never gets it 100% or even 75% right.  There’s always something totally off about her outfits, styling, and hair.

  • aeg66

    Hard to listen to criticism from such badly dressed ahem experts???

  • Meelah

    I would take a thoughtful critique from Rachel in a jacket that looks like it was balled up than Heidi who could only say “that’s not sexy” and is wearing a high fashion dress that she makes look like it was off the rack at Walmart.

  • ziarah

    Is it just me, or does Rachel Roy look like a completely different person from the last time she was on the show? Maybe it’s because her hair was back, but I’d swear her skin is a much different color, her face is a different shape, etc. 

  • formerlyAnon

    No. Heidi canNOT score more than 3/5. That dress is totally “VERY recently divorced at the dinner dance night of your 25th high school reunion”.  With a heavy seasoning of “divorced from a VERY good earner in a no-alimony state and haven’t worked outside the home in 15 years.” I dislike animal print so I’d knock it down to 2.75/5, but you may be more mature about it.

    And Nina needs to be bumped up +.25 for the furry bits on her shoes.

    Otherwise, I can concur.

  • You should judge Tim in lieu of Kors

    • holdmewhileimnaked

      purple calico, hot purple checkerboard.

    • alyce1213

      Good idea.

  • Heidi is Jane. With Tarzan supposedly showing up later.
    Nina is chic where no other chic can be found.
    Hayden is starring in a new country music-star biopic about a declasse gal who tries to make it big and fails because she is talentless and tacky. She doesn’t actually have to act in this biopic.
    Rachel. Um, what’s with the HoJo colored dress and the, ‘I might get chilly in the studio so I borrowed my assistant’s jacket’ jacket? Honestly, she is not my favorite designer but I expect more than that hot mess. 

  • My thought was Sheena of the Jungle for Heidi, so I didn’t mind it. Didn’t even notice Nina’s fab shoes.

    I think Hayden’s probably a little in character for her new country singer role. She’s definitely got a Carrie Underwood thing happening, a little.

    Possibly interesting note: when Hayden was on Guiding Light, Pat Field
    briefly did the female styling (trying to give the soap queens a Sex in
    the City vibe). She was still child at the time.

    • formerlyAnon

      Sheena! Ha! Heidi *wishes.*

  • Heidi–Definitely Wilma Flintstone.
    Nina’s shoes–AMAZING, though I would puncture a major blood vessel and bleed out if I wore them!

  • A Reeves

    I’d had the same question, too and google wasn’t any help at all. Thanks for the pinterest link. Gorgeous.

  • Lauren Graham. Krysten Ritter. Hayden Pannetiere. It would appear someone is contractually obligated to feature as many ABC stars as possible. Bunim Murray strikes again.

  • Call me Bee

    I didn’t realize the resemblance between Heidi and Giganta till just now. Thanks TLo!
    None of the other judges really looked all that great. It may have been Rachel Roy’s hair, but I kept thinking “high school English teacher” when the camera was in her.
    I have no opinion on HP. She’s cute and young and…whatever.
    Nina always looks chic and appropriate. FR

  • The furs on Nina’s shoes look like mustache or underarm hair to me.

  • SapphoPoet

    Rachel Roy is a beautiful woman, but that outfit is doing her no favors. She looks very standard to me. What’s the point of having access to wonderful clothes if you end up looking like everyone else? The only thing I really liked about her outfit was the hand-and-foot jewelry (can’t remember the name), but that clunky necklace really ruined the overall effect. 

  • librarygrrl64

    I think that 4/5 was generous for Hayden. VERY generous. I would have dropped it to at least a 3/5 for the shoes alone. *shudder*

  • kimmeister

    When did HP acquire that cleavage?  She certainly didn’t have it when she was on Heroes.  I guess Country Western has that affect on people.

  • 1 full point deduction each for Hayden P. & Rachel R. for those AWFUL jackets! They both look like Mary Kay reps and at the very least one of them should have blinked and shed the layer when they saw how thematically similar they looked. I wish I could unsee those looks! Yuck!!!

  • Jane_Lane

    When I saw Heidi’s dress the first thing out of my mouth was: why is she dressed like Betty Rubble? 

  • Sweetvegan

    Heidi looks like she just needs that Project Accessory winner’s necklaces (who remembers his name?) to complete her Wilma Flintstone outfit.

  • Scott Gould

    I have to say, I have hated everything Heidi has worn this year.  Not sure whats going on with her.