PR: Boys Town

Posted on August 20, 2012

Hey, remember that show Project Runway? Here are some reminders:

This is the collection we will discuss today. It’s admirably cohesive. Smells a little bit more like a resort collection than workwear, though.


Here are the designers of this collection. We will make them cry at some point. It is our life’s goal.


And here is how everything looked in pictures. Like stock photography.

And now, the individual assessment portion of our program.


Christopher Palu

He’s annoying as fuck (the patented “wide-eyed disbelief that anyone would act that way” look is getting TIRED, kid), but Costello-Lite does seem to have the goods. The jacket and top are extremely well made, but they couldn’t be more basic from a design perspective. It’s the skirt that deserves the real praise here. It’s a really sharp and interesting way to take a fabric one would normally assume to be totally inappropriate for a work skirt and making it work in high style. And it’s beautifully rendered, for the most part. We realize the fringe was intentional but a little trimming would have made it look less haphazard.


Fabio Costa

We really loved this look. It’s sharp and modern-looking, but minimalist enough to make it a perfect workday outfit. The only issue we have is the weird way it fits around her torso, giving her love handles. Fitted just a little better, this could have been the winner. The little half-turban is fun and photographs really well, but we don’t really see it as anything but a fanciful bit of styling. We got seriously annoyed with Kors when he acted a little put out by the turban. Literally two days before, he was praising Fabio for standing on the runway in a turban and ropes, urging him to put more of his style into his designs. Granted, it wasn’t the best way to interpret Kors’ advice (perhaps a bit too literal), but it was irritating to see Kors pretend to express puzzlement over it. Just come right out and say, “When I told you to utilize your personal style more, I didn’t mean you should be so literal about it.”

Gunnar Deatherage

Sweetcracker’s got the partial good too. His execution is always off and there are times when his taste level isn’t, as Nina would say, “quite there,” but he does seem to understand how to fulfill the dictates of a challenge, which is a better skill in this competition than you might think. This isn’t bad, but the pieces are kind of standard department store finds with a little flair.



Nathan Paul

This isn’t a terrible look, but it’s ridiculous to pass this off as standard workwear. We have no doubt that there are working women who have the kind of jobs where an outfit like this would be appropriate (Cruise Director comes to mind), but it’s clearly resort wear. We realize it’s been close to a decade since either of us had standard office jobs, but we’re pretty sure the rules haven’t changed all that much in the time we’ve been away and we don’t recall seeing many one-sleeved, off-the-shoulder blouses or side boob in any of the offices we worked in.



Ven Budhu

Of course.


[Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke for – Stills:]

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  • What was up with the method of attaching the front of Ven’s origami-vag jacket to the back? It looked like it was haphazardly basted on, not some version of showing the structural elements (like exposed zippers, fake inside-out seams, etc). Can’t believe he didn’t get dinged for that.

    • Jennifer Coleman

      I smell a huge Ven set-up. They praise the heck out of him now, get his head all big and then shoot him down mercilessly for the very same thing he was praised for at the back end of the season. The only way out of the trap is for him to have another fully realized skill set other than the origami petals that he can whip out, and I doubt that.

      • For real! I see the critique flipping from expensive to dowdy—frankly, it’s both. Like Talbots couture.

        • I disagree.  I see Ven as a shoo-in for the finals, although I don’t think he’ll win the whole thing, because Bunim-Murray will prefer that the win go to someone more telegenic, like Costello-Light or the dark horse Ashley-Kate.  But the judges never REALLY critique the finalists that harshly.  By the time they get to the finals, it’s all “you were all so amazing, it’s hard to pick one winner!”

          • CozyCat

            In the old days a disappointing final collection would get a bad critique:  Michael Knight, Daniel V.

            But you’re right:  they don’t seem to bother anymore.

          • Jennifer Coleman

            Too early to tell. There are a few strong contenders now, but usually there are 1 or 2 still in hiding yet. Usually for drama, an early frontrunner goes home real late in the game – either the 5th or 4th runner up. The 4th, of course could be the designer making the runway collection, but dissed at the last minute. Ven’s style is not as versatile as Rafi, IMO and as the challenges get more outside his wheelhouse, he might be in real trouble.

          • MilaXX

             I’d bet good money that Ven make top 5, even top 4, but doesn’t make the finals.

        • MilaXX

            I always see Ven’s work bordering on the mature. Expensive looking and well made, but always with and older woman vibe.

          • I always get a distinct whiff of ‘rich bitch’ (if you’ll pardon my French) when I see Ven’s clothes.

          • MilaXX


          • MilaXX

            which says so much. of course bitchy Ven would cater to the rich bitch clientele

      • MilaXX

         I saw this coming since they week 2. IMO the judges over praised his work to begin with and once they see that”s all in his bag of tricks they are going to get tired of seeing it.

    • 3boysful

       Good catch!  How does one get that blouse on and off, if one has no personal seamstress dressing them?

      • I suspect it folds around like a robe, and there are hidden hooks and eyes there in the front, unless the mini belt is holding the whole shebang together, but I suspect Ven would not stand for that kind of poor craftsmanship.

  • merciblahblah

    There was nothing in this group of clothing that I loved (like certain pieces in the other group’s collection), and I REALLY didn’t understand the praise for Fabio’s dress AT ALL – especially over Dimitry’s dress. And Ven? Needs to build a bridge and get over himself. He is not as good as he thinks he is.

    • Violina23

      I liked Ven’s quite a bit, but he truly is a one-way monkey

      • LOVED this. He’s such a one-way monkey.

      • His work is a more sophisticated version of Kenley

    • Sobaika

      I think Ven is very good at what he does (and probably the best this season) – but PR is all about changing it up and applying your aesthetic to the challenge at hand. I’m waiting for the judges to pick a week to beat up on him for not showing range, it’s practically part of their playbook at this point.

      • If it’s like past seasons,(and they aren’t just engineering a final three already, with Ven included) they will design a specific challenge wherein Ven literally cannot do what he normally does, like “Ikea challenge: minimalist and no seams” or “Industrial: No Floral Inspiration Allowed.” Something to truly put him out of his element and force his hand.

      • I think they’re not done crushing the cannon fodder yet (although Frokemon and … I’ve already forgotten her name … what’s-her-name’s early departures may accelerate the crushing of Ven).

        • Definitely. While those left are not as bad as those who are gone, there are still some that can’t cut it in the long run (Alicia & Nathan?).

        • You’re right (Nathan & Alicia?).

        • VanessaDK

           That’s my problem right now–since Andrea and Frokemon left, we have to go through the elimination of the fodder ALL OVER AGAIN.  It is just extending the process so much longer.  PLUS, if they hadn’t brought Raul back, they would have had even numbers on each team, as they obviously planned to do at this stage in the competition. 

          PR tried to generate excitement about losing two designers to walkoffs, but it is hurting the show.

          • annieanne

            Why on earth didn’t they postpose this challenge to next week, when they had even numbers again? Had they not yet figured out what the next challenge would be, so they couldn’t move it up a week? Or was the Marie Claire @ work publication schedule the determining factor?

          • Lilithcat

            Not just a publication schedule.  What would Joanna Coles’ availability be?  What challenge would they move up?  The next one uses “real women”; what is the likelihood that they’d all be available on a different date?

            The real question is:  why didn’t they bring back two designers last time instead of just one?

          • Excellence_and_Elegance

            Or even three teams of three…

          • MoHub

             Eleven is a prime number. It doesn’t divide into threes.

          •  Because even the producers couldn’t stand Lantie?

          • Shannon Chad

             But she was so beautiful, and so gracious about it, inviting other pretty people to be at her pretty girl table!  Bahahaha, someone get that bitch a mirror.

          • KathKo

             That was my thought exactly.

          • VanessaDK

            Actually, Kooan left after the challenge had started–so they may have thought that bringing Nathan back to replace Andrea settled the matter and didn’t feel they could send him back to the holding pen.

    • Vickiefantastico

      When Fabio’s dress walked the runway, my husband and I looked at each other and both of us said, “ugh”. To me, it’s boring and shapeless. And pucker-y. Ven’s dress was also boring and not quite right.

      • NDC_IPCentral

        As I said in another PR post string, Fabio’s dress has more than a whiff of the wimple to me.  I see it as a modern-ish version of a nun’s habit.  I thought it was very convent-y.

        • Vickiefantastico

          Yes, I see what you mean. Which makes the turban all the more ridiculous with it.

      • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

        I hated that dress!  It did not fit, the turban was just stupid, and it was bland, bland, bland.  I admit I sorta liked Ven’s jacket.  The one shoulder bit just made me laugh.  I would like to see anyone wear that to work!  My fave was Christopher’s skirt – gorgeous!

    • It looks like the superhero dress from Seinfeld. 

    • annieanne

      I will NEVER understand the gushing over Fabio’s dress. It looks like a basic beach coverup to me. Especially with the headwrap. As big as Ven’s ego is, at least his one-way monkey designs have some visual interest.

    • LambeeBaby

      I’m with you. I really disliked Fabio’s design. Although I dig head gear I can’t imagine wearing a turban to work.

      • BerlinerNYC

        I just kept thinking of Sally Field in Soapdish: “I look like Gloria fucking Swanson!!”

    • madamovary

      ooh, can I steal that “needs to build a bridge” line?  Love that…

  • Michee Rose

    This collection looks far more like items I’d wear to the office than the other collection. Even the one-shoulder shirt would be wearable (although maybe at specific functions rather than general officewear).

  • GillianHolroyd

    What annoyed me is Nina complaining about the waist of Nathan’s white pants, that he was trying to hide bad workmanship, and then she goes on to praise dreadlocked girl for her insane crotch pants.

    I love these pants. Have no idea how they work IRL and yeah, not work attire, but lovely drape.

    • merciblahblah

       Insane Crotch Pants, Weird Al’s answer to Insane Clown Posse…

    • mom2ab

      Right???? I thought Rastagirls pants were horrific but no one else seemed to mind so I thought it would just keep my mouth shut.

    •  I don’t think they work very well, but I LOVE the idea — it’s hard to come up with ways to make pants interesting.

  • I was in love with Gunnar’s outfit until the exposed zipper. It just ruined the whole look for me. 

    • PinkLemon

       Exposed zippers never look chic to me. Can’t stand ’em.

      • CozyCat

        Exposed zippers are something that looks good on a hard edged, “industrial” type of design.  But they stick them on everything, whether it adds to the design or not.  That’s one of the problems with the current weak judging:  it doesn’t point the designers in the direction of better design, it just generates sound bites.

        • PinkLemon

          You’re right about the judging. I noticed for the first time they made a genuine critique about a dress last week. When they said Fabio’s look seemed ‘shrunken’, it was as if they finally get what they should be saying to the contestants. Instead of the tired and overwrought soundbite.

        • anotherkate

           Agreed! They should get Rachel Roy (or really any other actual designer who cares about critiquing, not soundbites, *ahem Duchess*) to be a permanent judge. She was so interesting to listen to–I know nothing about design or construction, but it’s fun to hear someone else explaining what went right and what went wrong. I actually LOVE (some of) the judging on SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE for that reason–suddenly I’m being told what a foot should be doing in modern/ballet/jazz, and it enriches my understanding of why someone stays or goes.

          • Melissa Brogan

            As loath as I am to stand up for the Duchess on this matter, it’s not really his fault that the production team makes the judges continue critiquing until something memorable pops out. For the most part, the audience just sees the edited versions of the critique. I have no doubt that the judges now try to hurry the process along by coming up with jokes instead of real feedback.

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        I really wish that this fascination with the exposed, industrial zipper would go away.  If nothing else, the bleeping things are horribly overused at this point.

        • PinkLemon

          Truth. When I see one the only thing that comes to mind is Wet Seal….that’s never good.

    • E

      Even with the floppy-boob effect? I doubt the model’s boobs were actually large enough to do anything resembling flopping, but the way the fabric moved was exceptionally unflattering.

    • 3boysful

       For me, the “racing stripes” down the sides of the hips ruined it.  I didn’t mind the contrasting epaulet-pieces, but the side stripes took it into “the-challenge-where-I-must-use-this-fabric-somewhere” territory.

      •  I don’t know why he had to use that fabric anyway.  Ven didn’t, and Fabio only used it in the head wrap. 

  • Sobaika

    J’adore mini-Costello’s skirt and Fabio’s fun little headband/turban. Let Kors sneer.

  • I am waiting for the (you know its coming) turn around when the judges start slamming Ven for always going to the origami fold barn to find his techniques. Also, has anyone else noticed that his first rose top, the dress for Kenley and this top all make the models look too bulky upstairs, and not in a good way?

    • Ven makes rich grandma clothes.

      • Spicytomato1

        Yeah I was thinking his black top looked like something Martha Stewart would wear to a buisness-related cocktail party. I don’t hate it though.

      • Sobaika

        He and Casanova should team up!

        (I dig rich grandma clothes.)

        • YES! I like rich grandma clothes, only for the hope that I shall be that someday (rich more than the grandma) and will need something to wear while I am ogling poolboys and drinking before noon.

          •  My dear, when you’re rich, you can do FAR more than just ogle the pool boys,…..

          • This calls for a patented George Takei “Oh myyyyyy!”  I srsly lolled.

          • MoHub

             Ya know, Takei has that available as a ringtone. Really.

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        And there is a market for those kind of clothes, but designing them isn’t going to win PR, especially when the designer doesn’t have a “camera-ready”-read neurotic/psychotic- personality.

    • Susan Crawford

      God help us if VenBot discovers his inner Westwood and adds a bustle to his work! Then we’ll have a return of the Pouter-Pigeon Effect.

      “Going to the origami fold barn” – this made me laugh out loud!

      •  Except the model will look like a toppling pile of badly folded laundry.

    • Maybe that’s what it is.  Even when it’s something that I would normally love, Ven’s stuff just really leaves me cold, and I can’t figure out why.  It might well be the bulkiness.

  • janierainie

    I’m getting really irritated with Ven’s designs. It’s good that they are usually well executed, but he is definitely boring the hell out of me. And I just don’t like him. If he makes that plus size girl cry next week, I plan to hate him. 
    I agree with all you said. I can’t believe the judges didn’t yell more at Nathan for that top. 
    I’m with you about the turban, but maybe Fabio needs to realize he needs to find the “inner turban” for his model. He’s playing it too safe and not listening to  himself. (seems to me)

    • siriuslover

      I like that: “his inner turban.”
      and I’m right with there re: Ven this week.

    • Spicytomato1

      I’m thinking we’d all be better off for finding our own inner turbans. I think I would be, anyway.

    • How hypocritical of Ven to complain about plus size, though. Considering HE isn’t model material himself, to put it nicely. I really hope it was just editing and he isn’t really that put off by a woman who looked to be a size 8.

    • this is the week that ven stoped looking all that impressive. his designs were never to my taste to begin with, but now hes starting to really bore me.

  • SteveKl

    I honestly don’t normally notice the models that much, but Gunnar’s model is *rocking* his look. He owes her!

  • MaryAtRealityTea

    Am I the only one who hates Fabio’s dress? It looks like a tennis outfit to me. Ick. Christopher’s skirt was amazing though. 

    •  Not at all.  I dislike it too. Mostly because it is so simple, and yet he STILL managed to mis-cut it.  The reason it bunches the way it does on the sides is that it skims too tightly over the model’s hips, so it can move freely over them, and rides up, instead, with every step she takes.

      • Vickiefantastico

        (Just scrolled back up.) You’re completely right. That makes me like the dress even less.

      • Call me Bee

        Yes–that.  Plus, it looks like two different weight fabrics that don’t play well together, so the heavier fabric (the black) is causing the lighter fabric (the white) to hang and move all wonky-like. (From what one could tell in the photos, anyway…)  Did not understand the love for this at all. 

        •  Its entirely possible to pair two disparately weighted textiles together. It simply requires more attention and time to make it work correctly.  If for example you use the lighter fabric on top, the needs to be cut and sewn so that the lighter fabric is not overly stressed, or pulled out of true.  He may well know this, but simply didn’t have time to address it correctly.  Then again, with such time constraints on them, choosing to go in that direction, seems a misstep.

      • muzan-e

        Re. the bunching, I spent the entire show trying to decide if that was a bug or a feature. Days later, I’m still not quite sure. Damning in either case, though.

        MaryAtRealityTea : Tennis Dress! All this time I couldn’t quite put my finger on what it’d reminded me of, and you’ve nailed it for me. Thank you.

      •  Absolutely.  I was wondering if it was a length problem, but looking again, you’re right.

    • I wouldn’t say I hate it but I just don’t get the love. It’s totally gets a blah from me.

    • Spicytomato1

      I didn’t like it, I thought it looked like a poorly-made version of something from Ann Taylor, circa 1995. I didn’t get the judges’ love for it at all. 

      I feel like somehow praising him must be part of the overall narrative that’s being concocted, even if the garment wasn’t worthy.

      • Susannah Perry

         Yes.  This.  I HAD that dress and it was from Ann Taylor and I believe it was, in fact, 1995.

    • ballerinawithagun

      Yes, tennis dress. Which really puts the whole collection into resort mode.

      Did they show any details of him making that skirt? That idea has been worked in the wearable art world forever, but it is a perfect use for the chiffon floral.

    • Elleachaudaucul

      No, it’s terrible. Tennis outfit or some sort of uniform. Upscale hotel maid? Flight attendant at monochromatic airline?

    • FloridaLlamaLover

      Did Christopher put a hem in the fabric of that skirt or did he just cut it out and sew it together? I did the latter in my 8th grade home ec class, but I got a “C” for my efforts.

    • DCSheehan

      My husband literally said ‘tennis dress’. But I liked it. Yes, improve the fit but I can see it in offices.

    • carolclark12

      Are you the Mary at Reality Tea who writes some of the recaps?

  • EverybodysStarling

    Ven-Bot and his Origami-Blouses are starting to bore me to death. And they make a model look thick around the waist. Don’t know, which is worse.

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      I don’t mind Ven or his designs. I’m relieved to have a cast member who isn’t a walking, talking bag of tics and neuroses ginned up for the camera, actually. As for his hissy fit about a plus size woman, we don’t know how much of that is real and how much of it is editing by Bunim-Murray. Besides, if you’ve watched PR for any length of time, you know that at some point we’re going to be presented with one or more designers behaving badly about working with “real” women.

  • That god-awful flap on Nathan Paul’s pants reminds me of a pair of red Rocky Mountain *shudder* jeans I had during high school (anybody from Texas will remember the skin-tight cowgirl jeans paired with big Reba McIntire hair phase in the late 80’s/early 90’s).  Don’t judge….

  • Susan Collier

    I just hate that print so much that I can’t get beyond that. And pairing it with black and white also seems so ’90s workwear. It all looks like Macy’s from 20 years ago.
    As much as it pains me to say it, Christopher found a way to mitigate the awful print in the skirt, but I hate that his ruffling spells out a big V on the model’s V.
    The photography was hilarious. I just would hate to have judgmental bitches in black-white-and-ugly-print dresses leaning over me doing my work like that.

    • Scarlet39

      I agree.  Aside from Ven’s look, I didn’t like this collection at all.  for me, it just had a very dated feeling to it.  

      • VanessaDK

         Exactly! and  they were boring looks back then too!

    • Spicytomato1

      I know, the photos were much more workplace nightmare more than workplace reality.

    • Yeah, the fabric choices were hella uninspired to me. Black and white! Uh-oh, we’d better add some color…pink and black and white! Watercolor style! This really looked dated to me. I also don’t like the “mini-turban” at ALL. I think it looks like something you’d put back in your Caboodle after you finish with your home facial. Then again, Fabio’s dress kind of looks like a spa employee’s outfit, so maybe a professional facial…

    •  I just read through the comments to see if anyone else hated the print as much as I did. It’s just so offensively ugly. And looks like it came from a bargain bin in the 80s. And isn’t flattering to anyone in the history of complexions, particularly when combined with black and white. How do you go into a place as rich with options as Mood with hundreds of dollars in your pocket and come out with THAT? Ugh! I wish this entire group of contestants got aufed on the spot.

      Accordingly, I kind of dislike the garments here based on how much of that print they used. So Ven’s garment is my favorite. It’s also the only one that does what designer office clothes need to do — cover a woman up, follow the dress code, look classy, and still be interesting. You can’t play too much with shapes and skin exposure in an office outfit. It comes down to pleats and seaming and details. Christopher’s skirt COULD be interesting but it’s just too ugly for me to look closely at how he constructed it.

      Nathan Paul and Gunnar’s garments are the worst offenders. Everything about Nathan Paul’s look is aging and dated and tasteless. The poor model looks about 17,000 years old.

  • Laylalola

    Ven is determined to make women look like delicate little linebackers with those ridiculous tops. All his models look huge up front, imagine a woman size 2 or larger.

    •  BLESS you!!!!!  I’m not the only one who sees this.

    •  …and Elena makes them look like not-so-delicate BIG linebackers…hee hee…

      • MoHub

         Yep. That’s why I’m longing for a Ven ‘n’ Elena partnership.

    • ampg

      Actually, as a plus-size woman with a big chest, I find that structured tops do a good job of giving me a clean line on my upper body and counteracting the jiggle without making it look like I’m wearing a tent.  So I’d wear that look in a heartbeat. I do hate how he finished the back, though.

  • xmixiex

    THOSE PANTS. MY GOD HOW HAS NO ONE TRASHED NATHAN’S PANTS?! That stupid crotch pleat thing is atrocious. it just looks like her pants are all twisted around. awful. and you guys are dead on about not wearing a one shoulder top to 99% of all offices. only somewhere extremely progressive/forward would allow that.

    • PinkLemon

       HATED that outfit. IMO it was the worst one up there. It just screamed ‘Cougar wearing EXPRESS’ to me.

    • Frank_821

      Well didn’t Nina majorly trash them? I thought they were a little silly and impractical. Alicia’s looked far more functional in comparison

    •  I loved that he tried to do something cool and interesting with pants, though it failed.  But it’s not just a question of whether you could wear a one-shoulder top to work — even if you could, would you really want to?  It doesn’t project competence or confidence.

  • eclare

    Have to disagree with your assessment of Fabio’s dress.  The poor model looks like a steroid era East German tennis player.

    • MoHub

       Actually, if it were cut a bit more as an A-line and paired with white Courreges go-go boots, it would take me right back to high school in the mid-’60s.

  • xmixiex

    best line of the show. dimitry is a GEM.

  • kikisayshi

    I know it’s supposed to be a good thing when you can look at an outfit and know who designed it, but for crying out loud if I see one more pleated top from Ven I think I’m going cry.

    • E

      Werd. It was interesting at first but now it’s just kind of booooring. There tends to be someone like this every season though. Uli (breezy dresses), Rami (origami stuff/interesting draping), Anya. Let’s get more versatility in our designers next season, producers!

      • DinaSews

        The problem is that the judges keep telling them that they can’t ‘see them’ in their designs.  They keep repeating concepts so the judges don’t bark.  Of course, after a few weeks the judges complain anyway.

  • Kayceed

    I didn’t respond well to this collection. I thought most of it looked a bit Dress Barn, with the exception of Ven’s, for which the proportions on top looked a bit off. Despite the praise given Fabio’s design, I was decidedly underwhelmed. I think the color palette, which so much cream and floral, was a misstep. A lot of women don’t care to wear cream skirts and pants for work, especially in urban settings. 

  • kikisayshi

    On another note, I am always disappointed in the team challenges. The designers are so appalled that they have to work together (have they EVER seen the show?), that their work suffers tremendously.

    •  And have any of them worked in the real world of fashion, where teamwork is VITAL to survival?

      • TRSmith

        Although in the real world I think it’s clearer who the boss is, and the employees know they are answerable to their bosses and can’t just do what they want. There often is collaboration and idea sharing, but the manager actually in charge has the final say and employees have to acknowledge that.

      • Or maybe just ever heard “Hey, don’t be a dick” — even if you don’t like working with other people, you have to do it.  They aren’t going to change the challenge if you throw a big enough tantrum, the producers are not your mommy.  So rather than whining and pouting, maybe just get to work and do everything you can to make it a success.

        • Amen, Sistah!

        • AnneElliot

          That reminds me of season two, when the designers sat down with the woman who basically runs Fashion Week (I’ve forgotten her name). Daniel asked her for advice and the first words out of her mouth were basically, be nice and learn how to work with people.

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            That would be Fern Mallis, and that was great advice. 

  • Am I the only one who didn’t even realize that Nathan was on the show until about last week?  While watching it, I kept saying, ‘who the heck is that guy, and where did he come from?’

    Anyway, these are all ok, except that one sleeve is stupid for office work (though that outfit would be nice for a party or something).

    • YES! You’re not the only one. I stay forgetting about Nathan. And watch us say the same thing this coming Thursday, too. 

      • Violina23

        Me three 🙂

        • Spicytomato1

          Me four. I’m always vaguely startled when he appears onscreen.

          • DinaSews

            He went to the college that my daughter attends (and we had many notifications of it) so I had the advantage of looking for him from the first episode.  Since they never mentioned him, and he didn’t talk during that episode, I thought for sure he was an early goner!

    • I knew he was there, but as like a void, in that I would see his outfit in TLo’s critiques and be like, “oh, yeah, whathisname” but he has a startling lack of charisma. And his clothes, while not being hideously offensive, are also not charismatic, and in the last couple of weeks have had some missteps (mustard? flappy pant panel?) that might put him on the Auf radar.

    • Wendi126

      My husband and I usually watch it together and this week we’re watching and he says upon seeing Nathan..who is that and where did he appear from? I say he’s been there from the beginning and my husband is …hmm..really..I never noticed him.

    • Sweetbetty

      Nathan made his big impression on me when he totally lost it when Kooan announced he was leaving. I did notice in this last show that Nathan seemed to be getting a lot more face time so maybe the producers had realized he was flying under the radar.

  • siriuslover

    Perfect, as always! I liked Fabio’s (sans love handles) and saw it as the most work-friendly outfit on the stage. Very versatile. And I’m so tired of Vulcan Ven’s “variations on a theme.” When are they going to call him out for doing the same schtick over and over? What good is a joke if you just change one word of the punchline every time?

  • Tracie Bezerra

    I rewound to make sure I hadn’t imagined the model’s crotch eating Ven’s billowy white skirt as she walked down the runway, so I was surprised none of the judges mentioned it.  Didn’t someone from the other team mention early on that the boys’ team had picked all floaty fabrics that wouldn’t wear well for work wear? (You can tell I’m a serious seamstress from my technical jargon, no?)

    • ballerinawithagun

      I kept wondering the same thing. Did it just need a lining to keep it out of the crotch area? 

      • MoHub

         Or a simple half-slip.

    • kimmeister

      Even my husband thought Ven’s skirt were shorts at first, due to the crotch suction effect.

    • KQ67

      I’m glad I’m not the only one who saw that. I had started to think I had imagined it when it was never mentioned.

    • StellaZafella

      The entire men’s team this challenge was nicknamed “the Chiffons” because they ALWAYs choose to work with such froo-froo fabrics without considering the end result or the upkeep on the finished garment…
      And I thought only us drag queens thought of chiffon and sequins as “work wear”!

  • pookiesmom

    I looooooooove Christopher’s skirt. Like, I want it. In my closet. Now. 

    • pookiesmom

      But I do agree that it’s less impressive in close-up. The fraying is kinda crazy.

      • Pupioso

         Yeah the fraying can go. I do like the overall skirt and thought it was a great idea and certainly he stayed within the confines of the challenge and made workwear unlike :;cough:: the winning dress.

      • Spicytomato1

        I love the skirt, too but the fraying was very unfortunate. And very noticeable. Even my 11-year-old son commented on it immediately.

        • ballerinawithagun

          Fraying is part of that technique. I wish they would have showed the process. I’m assuming he sewed the chiffon on in one piece, did the directional stitching and then cut. The only way to do it without fraying would be to make bias strip tubes and then stitch them down one by one. It would have taken forever!

          • SewingSiren

            I agree that the fraying is part of the technique. Too fragile for day/work wear.

    • the big problem with the skirt, which is i presume made entirely of silk chiffon, is that it’s gonna wear out immediately, and if you do wear it to work in an office and you sit at a desk all day, as someone else pointed out, the butt will wear out  first. 

  • Pupioso

    I don’t know I didn’t care for Fabio’s look. It looked kind of doudy to me  for some reason and it also looked cheap. The head wrap didn’t bother me at all though I didn’t think it was necessary.

    As much as i despise Gunnar’s antics I didn’t get the amount of criticism by the judges. It wasn’t my favorite but I didn’t think it was horrible.

    Ven’s was “meh”. Christopher’s to me was the most “workwear” of the bunch and I liked the take on the skirt.

  • Thank God I’m not insane for thinking “he put the headband on her because he thought that’s what you wanted.” It was WAY too literal, and anyone who wore a headpiece like that to my office would be mocked non-stop.

    • what kind of nicknames would be reserved for someone in that turban thing?  i shudder to think…a racist office could be unspeakably cruel.

      • especially because I work in a military group that is hopelessly conservative. It’d be “Osama” this and “Arab” that. *shudder*

  • l_c_ann

    I can’t see most women who work in offices even wanting to try on any of these fashions. 

    Christopher’s jacket in bland black is boring but might work if someone needed another unstructured buttonless short sleeved jacket, but at least it isn’t offensive.

    Fabio’s is ok, but it isn’t special. 
    Ven’s is worse than I remembered. 

    The real problem is that women do work that’s in front of them.  WHO would want all that fabric in the way?  Under a lab coat?

    I know that none of these guys are women who work, but surely they realize that there is life beyond TV sitcom/drama offices?

  • SapphoPoet

    Most of this worked for me, except for that one-shouldered top. In what universe is that office wear? I even liked Ven’s design (please don’t pelt me with rotten cyber fruit); or rather, I liked the idea of it. I really appreciated what Christopher did with that fabric–made it look modern and relevant.

    Also, I think that Fabio should have made his model a rope necklace out of that fabric rather than a turban. 🙂

    • siriuslover

      or a nice knotted scarf? That would have been interesting.

  • Call me Bee

    Oh my.  I forgot all about this stuff. 

    I like wearing a pretty silk print to work now and again–but not as a frayed skirt, Wilma blouse or turban. 

  • Frank_821

    I think it’s interesting that in the extended video they do slam them for their fabric choice. It’s also interesting that Gunnar is actually slam for his dress not really being right for the office. Heidi thought it worked better for a party

  • 3Beaz

    Favorite line of the night was Joanna Coles describing Gunnar’s top as ‘two puppies wrestling in a sack’ lol.  So spot on…

    • kimmeister

      It was a funny comment, yes, but one that wouldn’t have been a problem if the model had been wearing a bra.  99% of women wear a bra when they go to work, so I thought the criticism was kind of moot.

      • once again i’m part of the one percent…

        • kimmeister

          Well, your username & description say it all!

    • and, in passing, when did spot on become a commonly used descriptive?  i don’t think i ever heard it before i started watching fashion reality shows.

      • 3Beaz

        Not sure, I think of it as a pretty common saying throughout my life and surroundings. That being said, I am a fashion designer so perhaps I picked it up from coworkers and accounts after being in the industry for a while now…

      • Sweetbetty

        When I first started hearing it, it was said by British people; then I started noticing non-Brits using it and thought it was just an affectation. Still, whenever I read it, I hear it spoken with a British accent.

  • CPK1

     I loved the easiness of Fabio’s dress, although I agree with TLo about the bulky middle. Gunnar’s dress looked cheap to me but it fit within the parameters of the challenge and I do think that they had the most cohesive workwear collection overall. Ven is beginning to seriously bug me. He comes across as very conceited and one-way monkey.

    • i will once again announce my challenge to the kittens and fawns to create a nickname for ven based on buddha and mr. clean, as i am convinced he is their love child.  extra points for incorporating the simian concept of one way monkey.  the prize is a big sloppy virtual kiss from sleah.

  • mjude

    i did not like the print at all.   also didnt care for costello-lite’s jacket.

  • Oh shit! Ven got hit with the ‘of course’. HAHAHAHA.

  • Those white pants are atrocious. There’s too much fabric and have any of these people BEEN in an office? Ever? Even the nicest offices aren’t the cleanest places. Those pants would be filthy in two seconds and god forbid, you have to ride the subway to work. You’ll be a mess before you even get to the office.

    I liked Christopher’s the best but I’m damning with faint praise on that…’s the best of a bad lot. 

    • Spicytomato1

      I’m with you on the pants. The folded-over fabric has diaper-esque feel (maybe partially because it’s white?) and also looks like a mistake of some sort. I feel like a few designers have been trying to make this folded/draped effect happen and, with the exception of Sonjia and her sling-ish skirt, it’s just not working for me.

    • another good argument in favor of my idea for a challenge:  design a look for a woman-on-the-go and then make the models ride around on the subway for a few hours before hitting the runway.  we’ll see who understands the needs of a working girl after THAT challenge!

      •  I like that idea, but the poor designers would probably keel over if they had to actually design things that didn’t just go from the work room to the runway. They’d be following them around with glue guns and masking tape.

  • muzan-e

    I do not understand the praise for Fabio’s dress. Oh, it was one of my favourites at first glance – but the moment I saw how the torso was shaped (or shapeless), all that affection just drained away.  It’s not just that it’s shapeless.  And it’s not that the set of the sleeves is depressing or that the color-blocking is predictable.

    It’s that when you combine these three features together, you end up with a matronly thing that I’d be glad to wear once well into my fifties. 

  • Anathema_Device

    The fit on Fabio’s is awful. So tight in the hips that it causes the midsection to ride up and poof out. I liked Nathan’s pants more than the judges did. The one-shouldered top for work is a joke, though.

  • Susan Crawford

    I don’t envision working women rushing out to buy much from this collection. While I thought adding a colorful print into the mix, the one chosen really screams resort, and when I say resort, I mean a resort located in Del Boca Vista, NOT Palm Beach or Mustique, Kittens.

    Aaaanyway, at least on this team, despite Clinique Deux’s relatively minor hissiness, nobody got a faceful of monkey poop.

    The three-piece skirt/top/jacket design Costello-Lite turned out met the definition of office wear: it certainly is the go-to in some variation for millions of working women in hundreds of professions. But his jacket was in need of some further fitting and tailoring, and the feathering on the skirt just didn’t work at ALL for me. It looked unfinished. And as though if a co-worker leaned in and pulled what looked like a loose thread the whole thing would come apart.

    Fabio’s dress also looked workplace-friendly, and it got lots of love from the judges, but like Costello-Lite, the fit was just off. And in this case, I can’t see why that happened. In C-L’s case, he had three pieces to do in the usual maniacally minimal PR time-frame. But Fabio’s design was a pared-down dress – not a body-con sheath, either. Something should have been done – and probably could have been done – to work out the fit so the line was smoother and that bunching at the waist area attended to.
    I actually liked the turban/headband, but not in that print. And yes, a tote bag of some sort is a working woman’s friend, but I think Fabio’s huge bag was a bad styling choice.

    Clinique-Deux’s dress? OK, everything that could be said about the breastal issues has been said. To me, even if he had done a little more to resolve the fit, this was a cocktail dress. The judges hated Dmitry’s back cut-outs, which were relatively subtle compared to C-D’s racer-back style.

    Nathan’s ensemble was more Margaritas on the Lido Deck than coffee in the break room.

    VenBot. Of course.

    • kimmeister

      It’s the placement of the cutouts that makes all the difference.  Gunnar’s cutouts showed the top of her back, which isn’t inappropriate to show in the workplace.  Skin at the waistline, however, is another story.

      • i would also quibble with the display in the workplace of an entire shoulder with side-boob cleavage.  notice they covered it up with her hair in the photos and on the runway.

  • nannypoo

    The only thing I liked here was Fabio’s dress. The turban thingy would be pretty silly at work, but the dress would be wearable anywhere. 

  • What is it with the exposed zipper in the back?  Or is it that nobody knows how to inset a zipper so it’s invisible any more?  It may be a current style but it just looks like shoddy workmanship to me.

    • it also looks tacky and cheap.

    • It’s not any easier to insert, in my (very limited) experience. I agree that it’s overused. It’s like all designers have the same facial tick.

  •  OK, so I think they deserved to lose, because they said this collection was for fall. Also I wouldn’t wear a lot of this to work, not even in the summer. And I don’t get the love for Fabio’s look. It looks like a pretty standard, boring, shapeless tunic dress that wouldn’t even look good on most of us.

    • there is absolutely nothing autumnal about this collection.

  • Annie Leung

    Thank you so much for pointing out the “love handles” on Fabio’s dress! I liked it too but I thought I was going crazy when the judges were praising it and no one even mentioned the torso. Sadly, besides Fabio’s and Costello-lite’s skirt, nothing here really screams workwear to me. I actually said “of course” to myself when Heidi said she could see a 50 year-old woman in an office wearing Nathan’s outfit.

    • as i said on another thread here, nathan’s outfit would be appropriate for a mary kay cosmetics saleslady making a presentation in a retirement community (or nursing home) in florida.

  • Methinks Fabio’s model has been partying a little too hard. I have bags under my eyes like that after a late night, meself.

  • SewingSiren

    1. Christopher- The jacket is fine, as is the shell, though both are unremarkable. The skirt is okay. It’s a abasic straight skirt with the strips of raw fraying fabric sewn onto it. It looks nice done in a pattern. But I think the fraying was somewhat intentional. If you trim the frays they will just fray again and eventually fray away to nothing, so it wouldn’t work for work. The seat of her skirt would eventually have nothing on it.
    2. Fabio- The dress is okay. I love the turban/headband=Turband.

    • “the seat of her skirt would eventually have nothing on it”:  that might make a much more interesting look!  and speaking of christopher, haven’t there been an inordinate number of people named chris, christopher, christian etc. on pr?  what’s up with that?

      ven’s is probably the most work appropriate if it doesn’t get stuffed up in your crotch all day.

  • VanessaDK

     This!  And it was boring twenty years ago.

  • TheDivineMissAnn

    I’d like Gunnar’s dress a whole lot more if it didn’t have that awful zipper!

    Love Fabio’s dress – it would work on all kinds of different female shapes. I would wear it in a heartbeat.

  • Gunnar’s look may be a little “department store” but at least it actually resembles clothing a real person would be able to wear to the office without looking inappropriate.

    • i have to tell you that my daughter named her favorite baby doll emily (i still have her and her daughter now loves her).  in fact she named everything emily;  her favorite bath toy was emily duck.  it’s a long story….anyways, gunnar’s look may resemble actual workwear for a real woman, but that woman has no taste.

  • YoungSally

    “Of course”

    Thank you TLo — my desktop crashed (it’s probably totally dead)… chi-mix dog has the croup and I was supposed to hear about a new job last week.  Those simple two words made me laugh for the first time in a week.

    Thank you.

  • SewingSiren

    I thought Fabio’s looked like a high fashion scrub nurse.

  • When I first saw Christopher’s skirt, all I could see were those ever prevalent “laser cut” fabrics everyone is wearing. It looked cheap cheap cheap. Definitely not appropriate for the workplace. Once I realized what it was I was too put off to like it. 
    I’m scared that Ven will be this season’s Anya. (“Don’t make three dresses…oh, Anya, you made three dresses? Great job! You win!”)

    • Judy_S

      I knew he had constructed that fabric but from a distance it looked like those creepy prints with white slices through a colored print, which may be what you mean. Close up it’s interesting, but from a distance….

      • “Sublimation print” as the cheap clothiers like to call it. I didn’t see that, but now I do and it won’t go away. A pox on that look!

        • Yes, exactly what I meant! I have one dress like that for the beach, but it is very toned down and not something I would ever wear to look “classy” or “editorial.” (I know that isn’t what Christopher used, but it’s all I can see!)

          • And the Judges acted like it had never been done before, have they been to a mall?

      • i just realized this trick is an old standby in the art quilt world: you sew through two layers of fabric and then cut through the top layer to reveal the bottom fabric (or the next fabric if you’re doing several layers).  it’s really easy but looks like a lot of work, in this case looking like he cut those strips and then sewed them on the white matched perfectly.  i must admit, however, that using silk chiffon would increase the difficulty level quite a bit.

        • Sweetbetty

          Right, we call them “rag quilts” and I’ve seen the technique used on jackets but never on skirts. Cutting the upper fabric(s) on a diagonal means the fraying will be minimal, just enough to give a soft, fuzzy edge. Of course, the fabric used is usually cotton or a firmly woven rayon, not a slippery, ravelly fabric like chiffon.

      •  Exactly. I hate those prints and I hated this skirt.

  • NCDFan

    I think Ven’s jacket hooks in the front. If you look closely you can see a spot right in the middle where some flesh is peaking through. I don’t get the love for this look. It is interesting but to me it looks sloppy and when the model was walking down the runway the skirt seemed to get sucked into her crotch – not something I would ever want to have happen in the office.

    • eggs-zack-lee!  when his model was on the runway i said to myself, “self, that’s and insane crotch if i ever saw one.  wait, that’s a skirt!  WTF is up with that?”

      this may be my new band’s name, after Braying Tangerine flops…. “Eggs Zack Lee: The BM Years”  will be our first retrospective album.

  • BuffaloBarbara

    We got seriously annoyed with Kors when he acted a little put out by the turban.

    Exactly!  I just kind of sat back and thought, “Duchess,  you need to check on that amnesia problem.”  And I actually kind of liked the almost-literal translation, to tell the truth.  A full-on turban would have been too much for work (it’s a sort of hat, and we don’t tend to wear hats in the office), but taking the idea of a turban and turning it into a funky little head-wrap actually worked well.  Not sure how it would go over in a corporate lawyer’s office, but I think an editorial assistant at a publisher or an assistant at an ad agency or an internet company could rock the hell out of that look.

  • NCDFan

    Fabio’s dress is the only one I might actually wear. It was too tight in the hips but with a better fit I think it would work as offce wear and I quite liked the front vs back look.

  • Lilithcat

    I’d have worn Christopher’s, Fabio’s or Ven’s to my office any day.  (Well, Fabio’s would have to fit better, but the style would have been totally fine.)

  • MilaXX

    The thing that really threw this collection off for me was they opened with Nathan’s look , which out of all of them  practically screamed resort wear. I agree Fabio made that turban in an effort to please the judges. My only other quibble was I didn’t care for the print added to the skirt of his look.
    I can’t complain that their photos look liked stock photos. The brief was to make it editorial and they at at least tried to make it look office like. The other team just had the models posing in front of the white back drop, so in my eyes they at least get points for trying.

  • belfebe

    This is sad.  I usually DVR Project Runway, as I need to go to bed early, and I eagerly wait for Friday evening to watch it.  This time, I was so bored by the general whinniness of the first 10 minutes, not to mention the whole ridiculous cutting their time to work down to nothing, that I just turned it off and deleted it from my cue without watching.  I am finding it much more entertaining just to read your recaps.  Really, I don’t need 90 minutes of asshatery and bitchiness.  And it would be nice for the producers to give these people enough time to do their work.  Sigh.

  • Trisha26

    I loved this collection – and that it was a collection – so much more than Team 6. I had tiny issues with each look but the judges’ comments were so ridic. Criticizing Gunnar’s dress because the boobs were like puppies (kittens?) in a bag – how many times have models appeared braless to much worse effect? Too many! Upset with Nathan’s pants because they didn’t understand the draping skirt/pant effect? That outfit was beautiful. I didn’t like the turban, but I also didn’t really get the praise for Fabio’s dress – a little too uniform/maid for me. And if they’re going to complain that this looks too “resorty” then define the challenge better. “Law firm wear” or “Hospital Administrator” (albeit not Lisa Edlestein in House!) I can see any of these outfits in the halls of Marie Claire.

  • Chris: The jacket is fine. It’s a little wrinkly, but I’ll take into account the time constraints. The blouse is very basic. The skirt’s great. I appreciate how he artfully manipulated the print to create ruffles.

    Ven: He brought it! It’s very work-appropriate, well designed, stylish, and photogenic. I love the skirt. It’s very fluid. I like the structured folds of the jacket. Yes, Ven will continue to sculpt and drape just as Christopher will continue to pleat and ruffle.

    Gun: I hated it on TV, and I hate it now. Which woman wants cauliflower boobs? He likes to shirr/gather/loosely pleat the bodice. You’ve got to be very meticulous when using such techniques; otherwise you end up with, well, cauliflower boobs (or as Joanna put it, with wrestling puppies). That resort-oriented printed fabric does not work as trim.

    Nathan: It’s a resort-focused garment. I don’t hate it, but I don’t particularly like it, either. He transposed this skirt-specific leaf-edge cut/pleat onto a pair of pants. I credit him for designing with a clear idea in mind. The idea IS interesting, but I don’t know that it’s practical. Which woman wants to look as if her panties have twisted?

    Fabio: I’m drawn to the graphic impact of the dress. The design is simple and clean. The fit is off. The headband/headscarf/bandana is incongruent to the dress (not least because it is rendered in that kind of ugly resort print).

  • adnama79

    Fabio’s dress is adorable and I would buy it, but it seems a tad too casual for work (and I work in possibly one of the most dressed-down cities in the country).  It seems too resort, just like Nathan’s.  And Nathan’s – seriously judges, thank you for entertaining the hell out of me with your ridiculous comments, such as claiming that Nathan’s is appropriate for 1) work 2) older women to wear to work.  Gravity + boobs + one shoulder shirt = Please don’t wear that to work, anyone over 25 or anyone who has born a child or anyone bigger than an A cup. And you childless, small-boobied young women who decide to wear that to work? We will roll our eyes at each other behind your back and point.

    I would love to buy Gunnar’s skirt for work and thus will go to Dress Barn and Cato’s where I have seen similar skirts in the past (but kudos to him for doing that under time constraints and making the inappropriate fabric someone else chose transform into a perfect work skirt – the sort that you buy to have for years and years as a go-to piece for days when you need to look great at work).

    • Lilithcat

      Fabio’s dress is adorable and I would buy it, but it seems a tad too casual for work

      I practiced law, and I’d have worn it to work.

      • DeTrop

        Absolutely agree.  Very work appropriate. It’s clean, crisp and professional looking.  

  • EverybodysStarling

    I hate Chris’s skirt. It looks unfinished, sloppy and not well made, even if he was going for that look, nobody would wear a fraying skirt in the office… or elsewhere.

    • I thought the same thing. I thought it looked cheap and they do already sell stuff with that kind of fabric manipulation (pre-teens wear them). I don’t know anyone who would wear that.

  • I didn’t like this collection at all.  I preferred Team 6, because even if it didn’t look work appropriate, it at least had some editorial flair.  Almost all of Team 5’s looks reminded me of a bad resort wear collection you’d see on HSN.  Christopher’s was the only piece that I liked a little bit; it bordered on being dull but the detail work done on the fabric of the skirt made it fashionable and it would be fine in an office setting.  The turban wasn’t my problem with Fabio’s look, it was the poor fit.  If you can’t flatter the body of a stick-thin fashion model then what is your clothing going to do to any woman over a size 2?

    As for Ven, I concur with Dmitry that he’s a one-way monkey.  I’m fully prepared to start hating him next week when I suspect he’ll bitch and moan about how fat people shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near fashion without any sense of irony considering his weight.

  • It killed me that Heidi said she could see a woman of 50 wearing the off-the-shoulder look to work. I’m in that age range and there is no way I (or anyone I work with) would come to work with that blouse on. 

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      That really was a hilarious comment from La Klum, wasn’t it?  There’s simply no way that that blouse was office appropriate-for any age.

      • Oh believe me, some women don’t know what Office Appropriate is. My father ran an insurance and real estate firm in a small town and in the 70’s our bookkeeper (in her early 50’s) wore animal prints and stirrup pants.

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          Your reference to stirrup pants (the horror, the horror) reminded me of the things being sold as “jeggings”, which will also not be quite office appropriate…

  • Candigirl1968

    Did someone steal some outtake designs from Elie Tahari?  

  • jonnyf8

    I think Ven’s skirt looks like its got camel-toe.  And at our water cooler we all though Fabio’s look seemed very Halston II — yeah that was the line he did for JC Penneys.  All of these guys are making clothes that add 10 years and 20 lbs onto the models.  What woman would want that?

    • Meelah

      When Vens model first came out I thought she was wearing pants until she turned and the camera panned out to show a skirt.

  • Team 5 should have ditched the floral chiffon altogether, it’s
    horrible.  Hated the whole collection; not
    that Team 6 was much better.  Snape
    deserves a win soon.

    Christopher – Horrible intended ragged edges on repeat
    performance skirt texturing, bleah. That wouldn’t last a week in an office, it would
    be frayed to a butt band.

    Fabio – Far from Fabulous: Lumpy, boring, K-Mart, slapped on
    last-minute half turban to bring interest.

    Gunnar: Flappy boobs and sloppy seam work. The satin stripes
    add nothing but weight.

    Nathan: Flappy crotch –AWFUL- and sloppy one-shoulder blouse
    — for an office?? Ugh!

    Ven: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.  A One-Trick Pony, if a talented one.

  • is this collection made entirely of silk?  if fabio’s dress is silk chiffon, that would explain some of the fit issues.

  • Qitkat

    I guess I’m a Bitter Kitten to the core because I just can’t stay away ;-/

    Maybe I’m in the minority, and I haven’t read all the comments so I really don’t know, but I truly disliked Fabio’s dress and don’t understand the praise. It definitely has fit issues and looks cuter from the back; kudos to him for not using the giganticus zipper du jour.  But what bothers me more is the unflattering line created on the top front where black and white meet. I would never wear this style, it instantly makes her boobs look droopy and simultaneously disappear. And the sleeves look bunchy under her armpits.

  • mom2ab

    As a real live working woman in America in 2012 I can assure you I wouldn’t wear any of this crap (except maybe Ven’s jacket assuming it is actually sewn together and not just pinned (look at the v in the front you can actually see a pin).  Its all inappropriate ugly and cheap looking.  And am I the only one who noticed QSC snotty little comment to the judges as he walked of the runway about”thanks for giving me a heart attack”????? Maybe its the mists of time but I like to think in the good old days before Lifetime they would have followed the rules and auf’ed his craptasm as the worst look on the losing team.

    • janierainie

      Yes he earned that heart attack, they didn’t give it to him!

  • mom2ab

    Its actually last years White House Black Market- every season they add a color to the black and white looks- last spring it was blue, last fall it was hot pink and this fall its purple.

  • i have one question for christopher:  beige patent pumps with a white black purple and pink chiffon outfit.  why?

    • maybe the other choices were worse?

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        That’s a good possibility. I read an interview of a former PR contestant who said that there might be only one of each design shoe, bag, etc.,and if you weren’t quick you were left with slim pickings.

  • cclaussen3

    Isn’t Christopher’s skirt the same “strips of fabric” technique of his dress from the first episode. Not impressed, hate the abundance of frayed edges.

    • Yes, that’s his one trick, and this fabric didn’t take well to it. However, I get what he was going for, and I think the skirt would be fine in a more creative, edgy sort of office. Maybe with a different top and no blazer at all.

  • FloridaLlamaLover

    WHEN will the designers get over the gigantic honking zippers? I have detested them since the first time I saw them on PR. Now I see them on so many women, I wanna just run up and unzip the damned thing, and shout “See there!!! There are good reasons those stupid zippers should disappear!”

    Of course, then the police would haul me off to jail, not sure if it’s worth it. Or is it? Hmmmm….

  • Love handles = too much length in the bodice above the waist

  • Meelah

    I didn’t get the adoration for Fabio’s dress. It looks like something I would wear to a pool party and never to work unless I worked in a very informal setting. I didn’t get how they were nearly slobbering over it. And like you guys noticed the fit was horrible because she couldn’t pull it below her hips which caused the rippling on her sides.

    With an aside to that I would have put Gunner’s and Fabio’s dress on the same level as far as fit and professional setting appropriate. They talked about Gunner’s as if he made the most hideous thing ever when it really wasn’t that bad. Lose the stripe down the side. Cover the back so she can wear a proper bra. Make a jacket to go over it with the themed print as a lining and have the model remove the jacket on the runway and everything would have been fine.

    Christophers skirt wasn’t that big a deal to me. He should have sheered some of the fly aways off. That just looked tacky to me even if that’s the look he was going for. It looked like she was appointed shredder duty and got her skirt stuck in the machine.

    Nathans looked too lose. Like others have said it looked more fitting for a cruise line party coordinator and not someone who works in a professional office on land. I get what he tried to do with the pants but they looked very haphazard.

    I think Vens time is coming soon. He can only do this petal theme so many times before someone gets tired of it. That would never work on any woman over a size 4 or with the average bust size. It’s not realistic at all for the average sized woman who would wear that.

    • mskgb

      The fit issue on Fabio’s simple silhouette bothered me. Didn’t he have similar fit issues last week with this model, who he claimed has “some butt”? :Snort:

      The dress also reminded me of a Very Easy Vogue dress pattern I contemplated buying last week (V8805), although the sample makers at Vogue Patterns know how to fit an A-line shift.

  • guest2visits

    I think some of these designs would work out better on a sales person in a department store, or an upscale boutique where a little
    bit of skin or something more flamboyant would be acceptable. I saw where Nathan was going with the flap-over in the front; but
    it wasn’t executed well enough, it ended up looking like a mistake. Ven’s was very attractive, although the way those folds were
    finished (unfinished) at the back took away from the design. Christopher’s 3 piece is a standard office ensemble, and the skirt detail was a good idea; but I had a hard time with all the fray – I wondered why it wasn’t considered an issue by the judges.
    And Fabio’s simple dress was a great idea, but the placement and the proportions of the black and white were all wrong, and the
    fit was terrible. If Gunnar had left out the print fabric, or used it as a scarf, and fixed a small fit issue; then his would have been
    a nice design also.  Some may have been suitable for an office, but it wouldn’t be typical.

  • First skirt was kinda nice but otherwise, it’s a butt-load of yawn.

  • ccm800

    The only thing resort about this is the off the shoulder piece. The rest is work appropriate almost the Y for yawn. 

  • GTrain

    I’m surprised at the amount of praise Costello-lite’s skirt got. I think it’s cute but wow the judges really went koo koo over it.

  • Jane_Lane

    I’m enjoying how, in the photograph, Gunnar’s model is inexplicably holding her gigantic purse as she stands over her coworker’s desk and discusses TPS reports.

  • Agreed that Nathan’s outfit is NOT workwear.  I can’t imagine the looks I’d get running my department meeting with one bare shoulder and some side boob.  There is no such thing as business side boob.

  • KathKo

    I have a theory about both “collections”.
    The girls (and by consequence Dmitry and Raul) being girls (OK, maybe not Dmitry and Raul), they obviously had the direct point of view woman at work. So they decided to stay on the practical, “wearable” side of the challenge. Hence, sad but corporate colors and rather conservative silhouettes.
    On the other hand, the boys being boys got sucked in some kind of a fantasy of a workplace where women want to be fashionable and fabulous, women of power impressing their peers with dashing clothes. Did they picture a woman working in a creative office in Miami or LA ? Maybe.

    Well, of the lot, Christopher’s is the most “wearable” garment. The descontructed feeling is nice but it doesn’t look polished. You don’t want to look like you’re covered with cat hairs every time you get up from your chair.
    Fabio’s suffered from a model looking litterally pissed at wearing either a turban, an ill fitted dress or both. Or maybe she was pissed because she indulged in eating a pickle and thus gained infinitesimal weight…
    Gunnar’s was not that bad and I didn’t get where Heidi’s hatred went from. I guess, her lawyer wouldn’t wear that dress but I guess her lawyer doesn’t give a sh*** about what her client might say on that matter, given Heidi’s taste level.
    Ven has the same problem as Elena : same garment since episode 1. He might stay longer than her because : 1/ he’s a judge’s pet 2/he doesn’t seem as rude and obnoxious as Elena 3/ he’s a judge’s pet.

    Is anyone as surprised as me at the lack of “storytelling” so far ? No dead mother, no testicular cancer, no first time sewing ever.
    Do they keep it for the second half of the season or maybe we won’t suffer any ?
    For know, all the drama comes from stress, tension between competitors and bad behavior, but no heartbraking backstory and teary homecalls.
    So far, I like it that way.

  • The challenge was for the working woman, and not all working women are shop girls or editorial assistants. I appreciated Ven’s design because I could wear it in meetings with my high caliber clients. Although I would never wear a white skirt. And I think it’s nicely all-season in that I think it would great with pants, boots and even a turtleneck. It was the only piece (the top) that I thought was versatile enough for meetings with a variety of clients.

  • Rebecca J.

    Why does Nathan Paul have a 40-year-old model?
    Gunnar’s model about to cut a bitch.

    Oh yeah… clothes.  

    • onetinkerbell

      “Why does Nathan Paul have a 40-year-old model?”
      Exactly what I was thinking.

  • Maybe you boys should stop watching/blogging this show. It’s pretty obvious that you dislike the production, and your comments have become so bitchy and rude – it’s too much. Reading your blog used to be a high point in my day after the show, but now, it’s just a crab apple session. Your reader comments used to be thoughtful, insightful and enhanced this blog. There are those of us who get what it’s become, but still enjoy it. So please lighten up or move on.

    • Maybe you should stop reading this blog.

    • ShamelessHWAddict

      Love TLo’s bitchiness.  Hate the bitchiness of whiny readers.  Just saying.

  • piperkitty

    Did anyone else hear Ven say “good choice

    Did anyone else find it offensive when Ven said “good choice

    Did anyone else find it a bit much when Ven said good choice to whoever picked him to be on his team?

  • dharmabum8

    I called this the saggy pooch collection….you had Gunnar’s saggy boob pooch, Ven’s saggy hip pooch, and Nathan’s saggy pooch pooch. I know Nathan and Ven likely thought they were being clever with the odd draping, but unlike, say, Judy Noodles’ noodles, it wasn’t an interesting or cool way to sculpt the fabric. Do not want.

  • fashionablylate

    I didn’t like this collection at all, I much preferred the other one. I was very surprised when they called a tie.

  • Nixonesque

    I’m not sure if someone else has already brought this issue up, but from what passed-the-expiration-date pile of socialite sluts did they dig up that blonde model from? Did anyone else notice she was a head and a half shorter than the other models? And continually wore that awful Paris Hilton I-wanna-suck-your-dick smirk. Gross. Whoever’s producer’s daughter/wife she is ought to be sterilized.