PR: Boys on the Top, Boys on the Bottom

Posted on August 10, 2012


Before we get to ripping his dress, we have a few words to say to this one. GET THE HELL OVER YOURSELF, QUEEN. It’s not all about you.


We were sympathetic when he expressed some anxiety that he was the reason Andrea bolted. But then he wouldn’t shut the fuck up about it. And then he decided Buffi could benefit from his expertise, so he started critiquing her work without asking her if she would like his opinions. Look, Buffi’s dress was shit, but unless a fellow competitor asks you for advice, shut the fuck up. Even worse, he started pushing his own fabric on her. It was all way too “You need my expertise and taste to help you get through this.” Bitch, that’s what Tim Gunn is for.


But what really set us off was the whole wounded, wide-eyed, oh-so-noble, “How can anyone take issue with my actions? I was just trying to help. Oh, this is all just too much for me.” Ugh. Those kinds are the WORST. They think too highly of themselves and still want everyone to love them. Bleh. “Costello-Lite” looks more and more like the perfect nickname for him.


EXACTLY, Buffi. Exactly. That was the look on our faces too.



Christopher Palu

Maybe the judges loved this, but we thought it looked awful.

On what planet is this a day-to-night look? Who dresses like this during the day, or when they’re “on the go?” That’s an evening dress with an ill-fitted leather jacket over it. And it’s not even a good evening dress. That flounce is WAY too long. Who’d want that bouncing on their shin every time they take a step? Who wants a leather jacket so small they can’t zip it up?

And is it us, or was there an awful lot of copying going on this week? How many drapey dresses with twists did we see?


Dmitry Sholokhov

We weren’t a hundred percent in love with the bandoliers across the chest, but we have to agree with the judges that his execution skills are off the charts.

It’s tasteful, perfectly executed and well-fitted, with just enough of a twist to make it interesting. Personally, we would have been absolutely fine with a win here. In fact, even though we don’t love the criss-cross effect (We question whether it would work on any cup size larger than this chick’s.), this entire look is more elegant than Sonjia’s, which we loved, but thought had too many elements to it. Besides, this dress is deceptively simple. We love the little touches, like the way the opening in the back is constructed or the ever-so-slightly enhanced shoulders, which gives the garment more shape and allows it to hang better on her. The problem with Dmitry is the same one Laura Bennett had: the judges are taking his skills for granted and they’re not taking note of the little details in his work. They tend to wave him off as being too understated. We cheered Sonjia’s win, but he is way overdue for one himself. Unless he crashes and burns next week, it’s practically a given that he’ll get a make-up win.


Fabio Costa

This was cute. Standard as hell and to be found on department store racks across the world at the moment, but still; cute.


We’ll give the judges credit for the rather astute observation that this dress, while acceptable, looks nothing like Fabio. Obviously, a male womenswear designer wouldn’t be expected to dress like a woman himself, but look at the personal style of Michael Kors or Ralph Lauren or Calvin Klein. Their womenswear has always reflected the way they dress themselves. Even someone like Jason Wu, who makes very lady-like dresses, tends to dress somewhat prissy himself. We wouldn’t recommend draping a model with ropes, but we’re all for plopping a turban on her head. But the judges weren’t being that literal in their critique; they merely meant that he has such a strongly declarative personal style that the rather standard dress he made doesn’t seem like he pushed himself or did what he really wanted to. Also: the necklace was a horrible choice.

We are SO JEALOUS that we could never look half that good in a turban.


Raul Osorio

Eduardo Munster needs to stop sticking his chest out and telling the room about how talented he is because every time the stiletto hits the runway, he looks more and more foolish. This was pure crap.






His ego got the better of him and he bit off way more than he could chew. He doesn’t have the technical and time-management skills to produce three pieces in a day. He should have scaled way back and toned his impulses way down. Even then, we doubt he would have done all that well. He left the show last week as cannon fodder and he remains so this week. Tick-tock, Eduardo.


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  • If Raul lasts through next week, I’ll be surprised, and annoyed. Costello lite? I can’t even. I wanted to stuff his garment fabric in his big mouth.

    • tignor

      What confused me was the editing of his outfit on the runway. The shots were horrible in their continuity – she’d walk a few steps with the collar a-flappin’, then a few with it rolled under and tucked in the belt, then she would turn and it would flap away again, then she walked up the stairs and turned and it was tucked again. Did anyone else notice this? On the runway critique it was flappy again.

      • I sure did. But in Laura Bennett’s blog, the states that the runway takes about 8 hours to shoot. So they may have tried different things, and then in editing it got mashed up.

    • Hermione_Granger

      Either Raul or Allison is going next.

      • KathKo

         I hope it will be Raul

        • Yeah, he needs to go.  He got lucky that Buffi crashed and burned this week, because otherwise…

    •  You’re being far too kind to him.

      • How about this, then?
        He’s a talentless jerk with an unreasonably inflated opinion of himself and his obviously questionable skill set.

        •  I mean about the fabric-in-mouth thing.  At least if you strangle him with it, someone can still repurpose into a more reasonable look.

          • And being charitable, he is really, really young. Hopefully living in the real adult world will smooth out some of his tough spots. If not, I say repurpose him as a floor lamp.

          •  LIke one of those crinkle-fabric thingies from IKEA.  Only with more expensive fabric, clearly.

  • y’know, it’s funny how they criticized the way Fabio’s stripes didn’t match this season (IE execution), but last season,  they were making fun of Becky for perfectly sewn garments with stripes that matched….  (And matching stripes isn’t the easiest thing to do!)

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      Last season’s script was to promote the fledgling newbie designer, hence the mocking of designers with actual ability. I’m still not sure just what this season’s script is…

      • StellaZafella

        This season’s script theme is “How do we send the most people screaming out of the studio without actually Aufing them?”

        The drama outweighs any show of talent, as has become sadistically usual for this show, but runners don’t have to be paid.

        Even Mr. Gunn is becoming a bit tedious…like the dentist that doesn’t want to tell you how much this is really going to hurt.

        • These people are under contract. How can they just walk off? Of course, it does make good PR before the season launch.

          •  Because there is no way anyone is suing for breach of contract, even if the contract did requirethem to stay until eliminated.  1) Because that’s a fairly unenforceable clause and B) because having all of their reasons for leaving come out in court, such as “They had a prescripted winner” or “They put us all through emotional torture” is such incredibly bad press that it wouldn’t be worth it.

          • rab01

            Also, a New York Court will not and cannot enforce a personal services contract.  They can’t be forced to come back onto the set.

            The only remedy is to sue them for damages. Since none of the wannabe designers have any money, there’s no point in suing them.

          • Lisa_Cop

            Certainly Harvey Weinstein is not scared of legal troubles or court. Hell, PR was off the air for more than 1 year while they litigated changing networks. But I agree that the bad publicity outweighs any gain (monetary or otherwise ) they could have from a breach of contract lawsuit.

          •  Weinstein is smart enough to know it’s a case he can’t win and even if he won the suit, he’d lose — they get to promote the “drama” of the runaway contestant in pre-show interviews, and they get to keep all their secrets secret.

          • H3ff

            I love how when contestants on these shows walk off, the host always tries to attack their determination and work ethic. Heidi came across as extremely bitter when she mentioned Andrea and Kooan’s departure.

          • Yeah, I didn’t love that.  While it might be true that show recreates some of the realities of the fashion industry, albeit at a superficial level — the time, budget and creative constraints that up-and-coming designers must deal with — it’s still just a game show, and it’s clear that the contestants (not just on Project Runway but on all reality shows) are exhausted by design.  OK, they left.  They probably shouldn’t have, for contractual reasons if nothing else, but also because they should know the game they’re getting into.  But for Heidi and Tim to act as if leaving a bad situation that won’t deliver much professional advancement is a sign of immaturity rubbed me the wrong way.

          • Indovina

            I have probably “liked” this comment 10 times, but Disqus is refusing to acknowledge it.

            So, let me just say that I agree – wholeheartedly. Yes, Andrea and Kooan probably should have known what they were getting themselves into (and hence not gotten themselves into it), but it’s just ridiculous for Heidi and company to treat it like it’s practically a sign of moral laxity when a contestant decides that it is not, in fact, time to play the feud.

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            If Andrea really had not watched previous seasons of PR before auditioning, I personally think she was foolish not to learn more about the show before becoming part of it.  That said, if Andrea and Kooan both decided that they no longer wanted to be the human equivalent of lab rats in a cheesy reality show, then I have no problem with them salvaging a bit of dignity by exiting on their own terms.

          • adnama79

            Sleep deprivation is a major tactic in torture – throughout people have signed false confessions that can lead to a lifetime in prison/Siberia/exile b/c of extended periods of sleep deprivation.  i.e. People have done way worse when deprived of sleep other than leave a game show.

            Heidi, Tim and MK’s comments regarding contestants leaving are patently ridiculous.

          •  I find it ridiculous that people are still going into this show thinking that the time and budget constraints aren’t real, if Tim is to be believed. 

            One of the things that always annoys me is that Heidi and Tim don’t know what it’s like to be on this show either — they may see what the designers go through, but they haven’t lived it.  My husband sees my inability to sleep, but he doesn’t really know how it feels. 

          • holdmewhileimnaked

            they cant know the game theyre getting into. i’m absolutely certain a contractual requirement–one far more important than not walking out–is not spilling a single declamatory bean about what actually happens behind the scenes.

            edited to add:
            i seriously dont think any of them has walked out over overt, televised &/or contestant blameworthy stuff. i think it’s most instructive that they all wanna leave at the same time.

          • Geoff Dankert

            It’s certainly disingenuous for a contestant on a fashion-based TV game show to declaim — especially after multiple seasons of this shmatta — that they had no idea what they were getting into. That said: does it seem to any other BKs that the time constraints, challenges etc are getting even more difficult? It’s never been easy, but — and maybe I’m just looking for Magical Elves-vs-Bunim-Murray contrasts where none exist — it always seemed that before the move to Lifetime the challenge was largely a creative one, whereas now it seems to be one of endurance. 

          • I seem to recall that a two-day work period was standard on Bravo, but perhaps I’m having repressed false memories?

        • Lisa_Cop

          I am again longing for Isaac, Georgina and Joanna Coles.

        • LOL at thinking we get paid. 

      •  Mostly it’s about color-coordinating the judges’ crack with their crack pipes.

  • I like Christopher’s look, but I don’t think it fit the brief for the same reason you guys gave: the dress is not daywear.  Sticking a jacket over it does not make it day wear, it just makes it confused. 

    Really impressed by the close-ups of Dmitri’s work.  Absolutely impeccable.  And he has just enough little touches that you can see the designer price tag making sense without overwhelming the dress.

    I have no explanation for Raul.  If menswear is your thing, shouldn’t you know how to make pants?

    • formerlyAnon

       There is no need for me to comment on these individually, you have summed up my opinions perfectly.

    • Anne Lucchesi

      Part of me is hoping Dmitri will end up being this season’s Seth Aaron. Hope that fits the script…

      • Gail Mallimson

         Sorry, but there is no way a dress that you can’t wear a bra with is day/work wear.  I think that was an obvious flaw that should have been brought up.

        •  I don’t see the bra difficulty that other people keep bringing up.  You could easily wear a bra with at least Dmitri and Sonjia’s — I know, because I have worn ever style of bra known to man, and they aren’t really that hard to find, especially in less endowed sizes.

  • Stubenville

    Christopher = fabric goiter
    Boris Badanov = did he pee in the judges’ drinks? Why so little love?
    Fabio = meh
    Eduardo Munster = hot mess. His construction was heinous.

    • bluefish

       Fabric goiter deserves instant classic status.

    • H3ff

      Fabio himself is SEXY though.

    • Lisa_Cop

      This week Dimity’s dress was very tasteful but some weeks that awful ballroom/ice-dancing aesthetic comes out. This week, though, he got my fan gave vote.

  • And Buffi handled him so well, too: “No, thank you darling, you really helped me firm up my ways of saying no! Cheers! Ta!” She needs to work on her skills, she likes tacky clothing, but she’s a class act.

    • Melissa Brogan

       Exactly. She clearly needs more time to execute her work, and she and I aren’t even on the same planet as far as taste go, but she seems like a stand-up person. And despite seeming “kooky,” at least she wasn’t a drama queen.

      • I think Elena was probably right in their team challenge that she doesn’t work fast enough, ie live and breathe sewing. She strikes me as a stylist in training, honestly.

        • Lisa_Cop

          In last week’s blog, Laura Bennet also complained that Buffi spent way too much time talking to others and that the editing was too kind to Buffi and too tough on Elena.

      • madamovary

        Absolutely, she was way classy in her responses to him…and she’s just damn likable, I think…and I realize there is not a real comparison here but so many people love Betsey Johnson, and I saw that potential in Buffi…she’s missing something somehow, but had the potential to make really happy fun clothes…

        •  Betsey Johnson or Patricia Field, someone like that. Who may look cray-cray themselves, but makes other people look good.

    • H3ff

      I would have CUT him for his “I was just trying to give constructive criticism” spiel.
      Bitch, “advising” me to use a completely different fabric ain’t constructive, it’s naive and patronising. Shut up.

      • rab01

        All of that’s true but … he wasn’t actually wrong was he? The judges absolutely hated her garment and a different color for the top might have been enough to let her work another day.

    • Lisa_Cop

      In Christopher’s defense, Heidi ( in the extended judging) said the same thing- is this a beach cover-up?

  • B

    Does anyone else besides me remember that Dmitry has been on another reality fashion show? When they had 24 hours and three helpers to make three looks? I can’t remember the name, but it came on after last season’s PR, and he was a contestant and winner on one of the episodes. Anyone else remember this?

    • KQ67

      24 Hour Catwalk or something like that?

      • Vera L-

        yes, 24 hour catwalk on lifetime. Google it. 

        • KQ67

          I’m aware google exists, so sorry to not have bothered.

    • 24 Hr. Catwalk with Alexa Chung as host. Yeah, I remember now. I probably smoked too much weed, but I knew I knew him from somewhere and couldn’t remember why. He was good on the episode he won, too.

      • B

         I wonder if he used “shar-moooooze” on his episode? Ha ha…  He had to use pieces of plastic blow up globe in at least one design, I remember.

    • I knew he looked familiar! I keep thinking I have seen Melissa somewhere also.

      • Anathema_Device

        I thought she was the Olsen’s (Mary-Kate & Ashley) lost sister.

  • alyce1213

    It’s hard to decide which was worse — Buffi’s underwhelming dress and over-shmatta or Raul’s overly ambitious horrific hodgepodge mess.  Should have been a double elimination.

    • MissAnnieRN

      I agree.  Or I would have kept Buffi over Raul because she was the ONLY person in the Top 3 or Bottom 3 to at least use a COLOR.  Too much black and grey on that runway.  Apparently everyone thinks work wear=black.

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        I’d love to see a challenge in which the designers could not use black in any way whatsoever. Challenge them to use color.

    • Raul’s hodgepodge mess. At least Buffi was true to herself, and while it was badly sewn, it really wasn’t as horrific as, vesty thing? You couldn’t wear that in the day, or in the evening. You’d look like a crazy bag lady who got old clown clothes from the trash. Plus, I could sew better pants than that when I was fourteen, and I don’t even claim to be a menswear designer. I think they felt that they couldn’t bring him back and then dump him again.

      • SapphoPoet

        But didn’t they do that with the Mormon guy last season? 

        • Yeah, they did, I recalled as I typed that. But in this instance, with all the shaking up, maybe a little different feel? As people have said, there’s really no sense in trying to figure out what they were thinking.

      • Susan Collier

        Ha! Clown clothes business wear.

      • formerlyAnon

        But as dreadful as it looked, that vesty thing would be different-but-appropriate in many places I’ve worked where Sonjia’s would not – even in a heavier fabric, hers would be seen as too body conscious and sexy.

        Well made & with some editing of the proportions and placement on the vest and with a nicer blouse – I could see me wearing Raul’s back in my younger days.  Now, realistically I’d have been too short to pull it off, but I have photos to prove that back in the day that didn’t stop me . . .

        ETA: which is all to say that while his was a mess that I’d have been fine to see auf’d, there was the germ of a wearable and slightly different idea there. A slightly more interesting idea than there was in Buffi’s, IMO. And I’m so beaten down by bad performance on this show that I’m happy with that.

      • Lisa_Cop

        I disagree. Buffi had no taste AND no sewing skills. Raul has poor execution but his taste is way better than Buffi’s.

    • bluefish

       I was totally expecting a double whammy on the elimination front.  Bet the judges talked about it too.

    • Lisa_Cop

      Even though it was hideous, at least Raul tried something difficult. Buffi’s taste is just so horrendous and throwing that pink organza schmatta over the black and white simply sewn dress. Yuk. I liked her personality but design wise she should never have been on the show at all.

  • Hated Christopher’s look. It’s not practical for daytime wear AT ALL. The (much) longer side is super impractical for anyone who sits in an office with a rolling chair (so everyone) and would likely get caught ergo not a daytime look. Get over yourself and shut up already.

    • SapphoPoet

      Years ago, I wore a silk skirt to work and it got caught in one of those rollers. Ripped a huge tear in the skirt–practically shredded it. I had to tape it together and ended up having to throw it out because it was so badly damaged. 

      •  You’re living proof as to why long stuff on your dress at work is a hazard! Sorry about your skirt, I would have been crushed.

      • Apropos of nothing, this reminds me of when I could no longer bear to read Danielle Steel anymore. The last book of her’s I read had its heroine wearing silk dresses to work and getting so overexcited at her desk that she would ruin dress after dress by soaking with her lubrication.  My friend and I would call each other after work and ask “how was your day?” Invariably the answer would be, “it was fine except I lost another silk dress.”

        • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

          Um, and the title of that book would be…?

        • madamovary

          I also just about died when one was made into a miniseries, way back in the 80s, and after a tryst in a closet, the female character sniffed her hand…seriously?  And she does it on the way back into the opera or something…

  • If it’s not Scottish, it’s crap! (Poor little Squiggy)

    With that out of the way, I just noticed how awful…and not at all thoughtful…the Lord & Taylor accessories are. I hate the cobalt platform pumps Christopher chose, and they aren’t much better in hot pink (a la Snape).

    • madamovary

      I have two pairs of those kind of platforms but just not as extreme…I wouldn’t be able to walk.  The ones I have are about 4.5 heels with a 1 inch platform so I can manage a 3.5 heel and they do look kind of cool, BUT these NEW ONES I see everywhere?  Is it me, or have we crossed over into bizarro land?  I thought Hayden Panetteri (sp) platforms were just RIDICULOUS.  It’s like slightly sexy becomes drag queen when the platform gets that high…I dunno…

    • fashionzombie

      “…and not at all thoughtful…”  My husband kept saying — “Are those the same shoes in a different color? THEY ARE!”

  • Sam

    I do love how Christopher couldn’t open his mouth last week to tell his own team mate to hurry the heck up, and keep himself in the game, but this week wouldn’t stop giving his opinion to someone who had no reason to listen to him and he had no reason to tell them.

    • Yeah! I think if I had to work with him, I’d be hateful. He is fake, just like Costello was. People who try to ingratiate are highly offputting to me.

      • alyce1213

        I don’t think he’s fake. I think he’s insecure and wants to be liked.

        • alula_auburn

          And very immature. 

          • Violina23

            You’re both right 🙂

      • Costello was no where near fake. He was just highly emotional and sensitive and that rubbed a lot of folks on this site the wrong way. 

        • You’re entitled to your opinion, as am I. It is possible to be highly sensitive and perceptive enough to know when you are not having the effect you’d like on people. Sensitivity is not concomitant with emotional immaturity.

          • ‘you’re entitled to your opinion, as am I…’

            Um, I know you’re entitled to your opinion. And I respect that. All I did was comment that he wasn’t fake to me. That’s it.

          • I see that you don’t agree with my opinion of Christopher, or Michael Costello, but I certainly am not trying to argue with you. I was responding in comment to a person who shared my feelings, and therefore I noted that we differed. I’m sorry you did not like my choice of words.

          • madamovary

            So here’s the problem – we have no NONVERBAL here!  Nonverbal tone changes everything…if you two were face to face you probably wouldn’t even feel you were disagreeing.  (I teach nonverbal communication – tee hee)

          • You’re right, Madamovary. I didn’t feel combative. I am fascinated by how both of the aforementioned characters seem highly transparent to me, and very childish in their emotional responses to things, but others find them endearing, or at least defensible. I was making the differentiation out of that place. And for the record, I am a big fan of nonverbal communication 😉

          • My apologies. I thought that comment was towards me. 

          • No problem. I do feel the need to defend my defenition of “fake” for the record. I don’t think that Christopher is not being who he is, on camera, but I do think he is not honest with his emotional responses. I don’t know him, he could be sweet and guileless, but I detect manipulation and passive agressivity in his actions that I’ve seen, and feel that’s a sign of not being “real” with regards to interpersonal relations. So perhaps Fake is the wrong word to use, in that I’m not suggesting that he has an agenda, just that he’s not secure enough to behave with maturity.

          • Lisa_Cop

            In last week’s extra online interview with Raul, he outright says Christopher is 100% real – that what you see is really Christopher. However he does imply Gunnar is fake, saying Gunnar is getting his 5 minutes of fame now because he didn’t make season 9.

          • formerlyAnon

            aaand . . . that sounds right.

            So often what “sounds right” isn’t – but I’d bet this way.

        • bluefish

           I didn’t think he was fake either.  You got him right, I think, or at least that was my take on it.

        • TxMom2011

          I didnt get Fake from Costello either.  I never understood the CostelloHate here either.  He didnt bother me at all.  In fact, I liked his personality more than I did Mondo’s. (Mondo has him by leaps and bounds on the designing front) I guess it’s just a matter of preference.

    • Anathema_Device

      Not defending his actions, but just recalling that last week he sad something about being respectful of an olde, more experienced designer & teacher. Also, maybe he regretted not speaking up until th runway last week? Regardless, he should have not offered an uninvited opinion.

      • Precisely. You don’t offer assistance in a competition. However, of it is asked of you, fair play dictates that you should do what you can.

  • Btw, I can’t wait till we get to Elena’s look in the “middle!”

    • MissAnnieRN

      I KNOW.  That jacket thing she made scared me a little.  It reminded me of something Dr. Evil would wear.  And it was all wonk and shit, too.

      • Lisa_Cop

        You couldn’t really see underneath that ugly jacket but it looked like the pants were fab.

    • KQ67

      Sincerely one of the ugliest things I’ve EVER seen on PR and it got a total pass. WTF?

      • Nina was there, of course. It was probably “editorial.”

    • SapphoPoet

      That was one horrifying jacket. She’s angry and defensive and so are her clothes.

      • I agree. That was an angry look if ever there was one. I kept looking at it and thinking how big and boxy and scary she made her model look. I’d cross the street if a woman in that jacket was coming towards me.

      • madamovary

        YES!  She scares the shit out of me!

      • Lisa_Cop

        Hard to believe she currently (8/12) is “fan fave” with 36%.

  • Sobaika

    I need me a turban.

    • Susan Crawford

      Wonder what the judges would have thought if he had added a turban to his design? I think it would have worked.

      • Sobaika

        I can see it. Would have at least made it less basic.

    • OK…who else wrapped a bath towel around their head to see if the whole turbin thing would work?

      • StellaZafella

         Anyone who’s ever wrapped a towel around their head knows it give you an instant face lift!
        Turbans rock…if you can wear one… without getting a headache.

    • Stubenville

      You all set with a crystal ball to go with?  =)

      • Sobaika

        Haha I had no idea what you were saying for a second. Different reference points I guess, you think palm reader and I think fabulous international woman of mystery.

  • Violina23

    One thing I thought was odd was that they praised Sonjia for using a grey-jersey, but for Dmitry, they said it was too dull and needed more color.  What was it about Dmitry’s dress that needed the color that Sonjia’s didn’t? They were both going for a simple, chic, soft/elegant look.

    • Sobaika

      If you’re looking for logic and an equal playing field in the PR judging, then I regret to inform you that the ship sailed long ago.

      • Yup! It’s like searching for meaning in a Pauly Shore movie (I still love Clueless).

        •  Clueless wasn’t a Pauly Shore movie

          • CLUELESS is a new american classic. AS IF!

          • The quote from Clueless is something like “Searching for a boy in high school is as useless as searching for meaning in a Pauly Shore movie”.

          • alula_auburn

            I was in eighth grade when that movie came out, and the next four years totally bore that out.

          •  Oh, I get it now!  Sorry, I kinda suck today:P

    • SapphoPoet

      Yeah, I didn’t understand that either. 

    • GillianHolroyd

      I’ll bite. The judges were looking for more drama. Dmitry’s dress was elegant, tasteful, well-executed but not exciting. Sonjia’s dress was twisted and tortured, less well-made but dramatic. 

      All Dmitry needed was a bit of extra oomph (< technical term) which could've been provided by a different, brighter color or an accessory.

    • madamovary

      I thought the same thing…what, no silver shoes for Dmitri?  The Duchess just wants him to get a spray tan so he doesn’t look so dracula.

  • DinaSews

    Where do they get these people that can’t match a pattern?!!!  Ugh.  My eyes are twitching.

    • GillianHolroyd

      It doesn’t look like a symmetrical print so he needed to find of way of seaming that would disguise the fact.

      • DinaSews

        What part of that does not look like a symmetrical print to you?  The lines are all running horizontally even in the back, up until the waistband, which is where it goes awry.  And if it wasn’t a symmetrical print, then his design stinks and he should have thought of something better to work with it.  The hem was crooked and too short which was why he had to add the piece on the bottom.  I can’t imagine anything (besides horrific sewing skills) that make a garment look cheaper than mis-matched prints..

        • GillianHolroyd

          Did he add an extra band around the bottom? I didn’t see that. It looked to me that the wide horizontal band near the hem varied in depth and it threw the rest of the pattern off.

      •  No, the issue isn’t so much that it’s not perfectly matched, which would be difficult.  It’s that the straight horizontal lines are off — those should have lined up easily.

  • janetjb

    Chris? Let me help you.  You should have made that dress into a sexy top and made a better fitting jacket, then put them together with a fabulous pair of pants.  

    Raul you are one lucky man, everything you made turned out poorly.

  • I loved Comrade Snape’s dress. IMO, it should have won over Sonjia’s.

    Costello-lite is becoming uber-annoying. 

  • When Dmitry’s look came out my 13 year old daughter said, “The judges are going to tell him that he should have made it in another color so the details stood out more.”  She just smiled at me when the judges said it should have been another color.

    • BuffaloBarbara

       I think that’s why he didn’t win.  They’ve dinged people a few times this season for leaning so heavily on black (to the point where they were hilariously effusive to Sonjia for breaking the mold and using dark gray).  Well, that and the guest judge wanted to borrow Sonjia’s for a red carpet event, which would make it look silly if she didn’t win.

      •  I was also laughing over the excitement of gray.  How groundbreaking!

        • BuffaloBarbara

          And the funny part is, it may have been a function of the lighting–here, his dress looks more gray than hers did!

        • turtleemily

           It’s like a choice in-between wearing black or white!

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      That’s one astute young lady!

    • alyce1213

      Can we get your daughter to replace Kors?

    • Susan Crawford

      So can your daughter meet me for a shopping/styling afternoon? She sure sounds like one savvy little fashion maven to me!

  • SapphoPoet

    Christopher: In what universe is his outfit appropriate for work? I really disliked it, and that long swath of fabric was annoying as hell. He did a really bad job copying Sonjia’s work. The jacket just looked tacky.

    Dimitry: He should have won this week. That is the perfect day-to-evening dress. All you’d have to do is change your earrings, intensify your make up, and you’d be all set to go from work to a party. His work is beautifully executed and right on target. I loved how the straps were attached at the back of the dress in those little “v” shapes–such a nice detail.

    Fabio: I would love to see him translate his personal style into some interesting clothes for women. I’m really surprised that he sent out such a standard look–it seems so not in keeping with his personal aesthetic. I keep waiting for something really cool and edgy from him. 

    Raul: What a mess. And his hair makes my eye twitch.

    • Melissa Brogan

       Yeah, Dmitry should have won. At least we know he could have a job after the show’s over if he wanted it. Rachel Roy practically offered to hire him on air.

      • I thought the offer to hire was a bit of a backhanded insult…the impression I got is that she would like him to sew her samples because he is great at construction, which seems to be another version of the “just a seamstress” comment of doom last season.

    • KQ67

      Agreed. I said that if one added a jacket/blazer over Dimitry’s dress to cover the sexiness of the back, it would be perfect for the office. Take off the jacket, voila’, perfect evening dress.

    • alyce1213

      Dimitry’s dress was lovely, but I have the same problem with it that you have with Christoper’s. With the open back, it is simply not day wear, even requiring a special bra or none. For me it was strictly cocktail.

      • SapphoPoet

        I agree, but Dimitry’s dress has a quiet elegance to it that Christopher’s lacked which helps it for the office. Just need to add a jacket. 

        • alyce1213


      • I have about six knitwear open back tops in my wardrobe. I have a belly, so I try to emphasize the best part of me, which in my estimation is my rack and my upper back. I can usually wear a bra no problem, if it comes just under the low cut of the back. I think you’d probably have to wear that dress with a sweater or wrap in any climate-controlled workplace anyway. I don’t think the back makes it un-daywear automatically.

    • madamovary

      Hey, is Fabio the dumpster diving freegan?  Is that why we are doubly unimpressed when he goes traditional or safe?  Maybe that just set us up, combined with his personal style, for all sorts of cool stuff…

  • BobStPaul

    I would have given the win to Dmitry for the reasons you state and I would have auf’ed Raul despite Buffi’s being so bad.  I couldn’t believe the judges placed Fabio below Raul.  Aside from the length of the dress and the mismatched pattern in the back, it was cute.  And I disagreed that the proportions of the jacket were off.  Raul’s was just a flat-out mess.  I can see some women wearing Buffi’s but I doubt there is a single woman out there who would wear Raul’s creation.

    • Yeah, it’s like they like Fabio MORE than Raul, so they wanted to teach him a lesson by scaring him. Like TLo said, Raul’s cannon fodder, so they don’t really care when he goes. But him getting a pass from Rachel Roy for just being “overly ambitious” is insane. That outfit, made perfectly, would still have been atrocious.

      • AthenaJ

        The judges also seem to punish designers when they play it safe… What they love most are awesome and cutting-edge or just completely cray-cray designs (either is good for ratings).

    • That someone who would wear Buffi’s is a cast member of the Jersey Shore right?

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        I hadn’t thought about it, I can see Snooki thinking she’d reached the heights of fashion in Buffi’s creation!

  • BuffaloBarbara

    Wow, Christopher’s and Raul’s look much worse than I remember them.  I liked the really long coat idea for Raul’s, but until the stills, I really didn’t see how weird it was.

    And I remembered Christopher’s as something entirely different. (My brain interpreted it as a turtleneck jersey dress, about shin length, without draping.  I guess black really does hide the details.)

    So with the still, I change my mind.  Dmitry should have won, though I agree this wouldn’t have worked well on a woman with a C-cup or above, at least not without major alterations.  (How about a big rack challenge?  Here are a bunch of trophy wives who just got implants.  Please design clothes that flatter and show off their breasts, kthnxbai.  I don’t kid myself that they’d use those of us with real big racks.)

    Fabio didn’t deserve to be in the bottom two, though it wasn’t good.  I maintain my belief that they just put him there to give him screentime and tell him on camera to be inspired by his own personal style.

    As to Christopher/Buffi: So with you guys on that one, and yes, my face also looked like Buffi’s.  Granted, that dress was terrible.  But his actions were bizarre and his expectations moreso.  Maybe Costello-lite.  Maybe Man-Gretchen.

  • The only thing I will say is that I try very hard to separate a person’s personality from their work. Even though Christopher may have been slightly annoying in this episode, I had no problem with his outfit. It was fine. The jacket size is a smidge small and sideways but the only part of this look that grind my gears was the blue shoes. I really like the dress and how it was styled. Also, just because a lot of folks did draping in this challenge doesn’t mean that they all copied from each other. 

    Dmitry’s dress was beautiful. I agreed with Michael that if it was done in a bright color, it would’ve been a showstopper. Also the length is a tad bit too long. But I do not agree with the 3 judges that Dmitry is safe. That has never crossed my mind.

    Fabio’s look is nowhere near cute. The fabric is cute. But not the look. 

    Raul’s look was just hopeless and I think he should have been ousted.

  • Holy FUCK do I want to rip those silly little strands of hair Raul has gelled to a point off his forehead — I find it completely vexing.

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      It just looks as if Raul is trying way too hard to be a character with those wispy gelled strands of hair.

  • Pam Winters

    I really wanted to see Fabio’s dress with the ropes instead of that KMart-xylophone necklace.

    Also, Nina said the dress was “comfortable,” but I don’t think that having to be aware of my bum with every movement is “comfortable.”

    Also: no love for the fabric, even though if Anya had chosen it they’d be falling all over themselves at her ingenuity?

    • Susan Crawford

      I would have liked to see Fabio’s model sit down in that dress. Or bend over. Because I have a feeling that Peach’s Good China would be on full display!

      • alula_auburn

        That was part of why the encklace made me cringe.  It was just pointing. . .there.  (Not to be all Ana Steele about it.)

        “Fish whistle” haunts me still.

    • MilaXX

       I wonder what it would have looked like without that ugly necklace or the too small jacket and the ropes instead? Maybe add a red shoe for interest and viola!

  • Jangle57

    Ooooh, I vote for double elimination too.  Raul’s look and execution was shoddy as all get out.  I think the only reason he didn’t get the boot is because they had just brought him back but for sure next week unless he pulls a rabbit out of his hat.

  • tallgirl1204

    I love the criss-cross dress, and would wear it myself in a heart-beat.  I’m neither model-skinny nor young, but I think the criss-cross would enhance my somewhat modest bust and balance out my ample assets elsewhere.  The beautiful grey vs. the cut-out back make it look both sexy and professional.  Throw a blazer or cardi over it in an air-conditioned office, and go straight to cocktails after.  I think it was obvious for the win.  Put it into production NOW! 

  • “Eduardo Munster” is the silver lining to Raul’s return.

  • beaver999

    I wonder how the judges never commented on the fact that Dmitry’s dress needs to be worn without a bra, how “on the go” is this?

    • alyce1213

      Agreed.   It was very nice, but not at an all-day dress. Strictly cocktail.

  • Indovina

    I am willing, to a small extent, to give Christopher the benefit of the doubt, because I think he genuinely means well, but he does have a frustrating tendency to make everything about him coupled with the inability, or unwillingness, to understand other people’s perspectives on something. If the editing is to be believed, and it never is, his attempts to play Tim Gunn appear to have been a factor in the start of the whole obnoxious Gunnar-Christopher thing, actually. Now, I don’t hate what he made. It’s decent enough, though probably better suited to the middle than the top. The hem bothers me, as hems of that sort do, the look doesn’t seem to fit the challenge (but again, the challenge is largely irrelevant to the judging), the pieces make no sense together, and neither piece is particularly a standout.

    I think you’re absolutely right about Dmitry, in general, both in your assessments of the look and how the judges perceive the look. It seemed like they were almost refusing to look at the details and elements of interest, actually. He had said to Tim that he was doing it all on one seam, and if he managed that (I’m not really sure), it seems not to have been mentioned or noticed. The judges made it all about his craftsmanship – and I think that was an unfair reduction of him as a designer. This does not bode well for the future of the season.

    Fabio’s absolutely looks more interesting than his work has been so far – I just can’t say I disagree with the judges on that. It’s rather like the final challenge of S2, when the judges found the dress Kara was wearing much more interesting than the dress she had made for the challenge. And it was. In any case, the dress Fabio made was not half bad. It wasn’t half good either.

    Raul’s progression seems to be from “also there” to “not there” to “there again” to “soon to be not there again”.

    • MilaXX

       Believe it or not I think Gretchen also thought she was being kind. That doesn’t take away from the fact that people lacking that much self awareness bug the bejeebus of anyone who has the misfortune of being the recipient of their “help”.

      • Indovina

        Oh, no, I agree. On both counts. Gretchen was nothing if not completely lacking in self awareness or awareness of others and genuinely thought she was being helpful. To the recipients of her “wisdom” maddeningly so. Likewise, I definitely don’t blame Buffi for reacting negatively to Christopher’s “help”. I think he means well. It’s just that intentions don’t really amount to anything.

        And sometimes it’s almost less obnoxious when they’re trying to be obnoxious.

  • Sally3000

    Is it possible to wear a bra with Dmitry’s dress? If not, it’s hard for me to consider it wearable for work. Of the 3 in the top, I thought the only true “transition” dress was Sonjia’s, but maybe they weren’t really looking for transition dresses, considering they later stated they were looking for glamour.

    • Snailstsichr

      I’ve worn a strapless bra every time I was in a wedding, so yes. You can also find bras for open backs.

    • MilaXX

       As mentioned you could get a lowline strapless for Dmitri’s dress, but also for the day to evening look one would were a jacket during the day and remove  for evening wear.

  • bitchybitchybitchy

    Eduardo Munster! BWAHHAAAH! Raul was saved by Buffi’s ineptness, but I don’t see him lasting very long. He was overly ambitious with his concept.

    Loved Dmitri’s look, and yes, TLo have nailed it-the judges are just taking his skill for granted.

  • Frank_821

    The sad thing about raul is he had a good idea with the top and the pants. The vest/jacket was just crazy. He should have left it out or just made a simple vest out of the patterned fabric. The even sadder thing was he chose some fabrics that could work together to make something sophisticated yet still youthful

  • Vera L-

    Chris’ model is frighteningly thin. Yes, I know they’re all super thin, but she’s looking unhealthy. 

    Styling on Raoul’s model is HORRID. That pink lip? Crap hair? ~shudder~ Bright blue shoes and a puddle of fabric at the ankle. Yuck.

    • MissAnnieRN

      Not to mention the crimes of ASSion being committed to her backside.

    • Was I the only one that was distracted by Snape’s model’s twitching on the runway? Those shoes must be awful to stand in for so long, but if standing still and hiding your boredom is your ONLY job… 

  • TheOriginalLulu

    Christopher: That flounce was insane. I liked the idea behind the outfit and would have loved it had it been better executed.
    Dmitry: What I really like about this dress, besides the great execution, is the fact that this is the kind of dress that a woman will reach for over and over again because it’s appropriate for so many different situations. It’s just a great little dress to have in your closet.
    Fabio: I really liked his look, but I suppose that from a design perspective there isn’t much going on. And this IS a design competition. I also feel that the judges had an excellent point about the way he dresses vs the designs he’s showing us. Step it up, Fabinho! I don’t want to see you go!
    Raul: Shit was hideous.

  • KQ67

    I will forever be referring to him as “Comrade Snape” from this moment on.

  • nannypoo

    I thought Dmitry’s bandoliers were a beautiful detail. No dress works for every woman – this dress works for thin women with small boobs. She looked great in it and everything about it was flattering. Fabio’s dress was way too short. I did not understand the judge’s love for his fabric, which I thought was hideous. Christopher is a detestable little whiner and his dress was odd. The jacket would have been cute if it were properly fitted and paired with something attractive. Poor Raul made some pretty awful pants to go with his pretty awful vest and his pretty awful styling, so I’m guessing next week will be his last. 

  • Pupioso

    Raul’s was terrible. He got lucky that Buffi made a mess hotter than his. I was Meh on Christophers. Didn’t like the jacket and thought it looked ill fitting. I did like Sonji’s better than Dimitry just the fit. I liked Dimitry’s I just wish all of them had picked other colors. Was this black day or something?

  • holdmewhileimnaked

    i’m virtually positive i’m alone in this but i actually liked hairboy 2’s outfit. i do, however, have pretty close to exactly the same problems you have w/ it, up to & including that the straggly thing looks like the hem just came undone on that side. but i like the collar &, again, probably singularly, i kind of like the jacket. as per the christina hendricks post: i’ve worn a zillion jackets that i cannot zip. this is LA, though, so, you know, it’s almost never necessary to zip them so i guess there’s that.

    second one [cute guy in turban & chains]: oh oh oh oh oh, if he couldnt match the fabric in the back–delightful as that fabric may be–he still should not have used it. it’s soooo glaring. the whole outfit is, as you quite righteously note, very common so there’s very little wiggleroom from which a viewer’s mind can escape. that flaw is front & center [even though it’s back & center]. &, while i can see why he thought the necklace thing would tie in w/ the pattern, you are correct in that it just doesnt.

    third guy: maybe couldve made a pair of decent pants–a prospect in which there is no sin–had he not tried to create a pair of wings from which it was supposed to, i guess, fly. it wont, not even metaphorically. i wonder why he didnt know that. i wonder if he knows it now.

    of course i have to add that none of this means anything, nor would it if the judges made the same critiques. i still think & will say again: the two that left suddenly came into an understanding that they didnt like the understanding they were supposed to understand beneath the competition that was, in truth, what was really running the competition.

    edited cos i seem to always need to edit everything.

    • Indovina

      “i’ve worn a zillion jackets that i cannot zip. this is LA, though, so, you know, it’s almost never necessary to zip them so i guess there’s that.”

      If I may be so bold, though, I do think there is a difference between a jacket that cannot be zipped because it was made strangely and a jacket that cannot be zipped because the wearer is too much of a woman.

  • Joe J

    Oh, look – a jacket over an evening dress.  How stunning.  How innovative.  Thus endeth the sarcasm.

    How thoroughly DONE.  In triplicate, 960-point bold font “DONE”.

  • voter1

    Your comments on Raul the Magnificent made me chuckle.  Thanks.

  • janierainie

    Ditto about Christopher. I could visualize myself being strangled a la Isadora Duncan with that “thing” getting wrapped around the wheels of my office chair. He is unbelievably immature.

    I hope Dimitri takes the advice of the judges and goes with some color. He seemed to be listening. I would love to see an arc of him busting out of his comfort zone and killing it. Not that he isn’t already awsomely talented. I’d take his talents over boring Ven any day.

    Raul’s was pathetic. 

    • VivianAdvanced

      I thought of Isadora Duncan as well when I saw C-Lite’s dress. It would really be a pain in the ass getting in and out of a car. Sonjia’s would too. That’s why I thought Dimitry should have won. It looked comfortable enough to get you through a work day, yet fine for gliding into a more formal situation later in the evening. It also looked fine for all types of weather. In fact, he’s nailed the challenges every week, working within the confines of the problems they’re given. The judges don’t seem to take this into consideration. I thought the criss-cross effect made the outfit, myself. It didn’t show up at all on my TV; it just looked like a Little Black Dress.

      On another note, these celebrity judges are useless. Who the Hell cares what Hayden Panetonne thinks anyway? You might as well just pick a random woman off the street to say, “Oh, I’d wear that!” Season 9’s Bert was right when he said that Adam Lambert was the best celebrity judge. He was articulate and appeared to know something about fashion, what works and what doesn’t. Why do they even have celebrity judges? They use stylists anyway, so why are they in a position to critique someone’s creativity?

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        I’m beginning to think that the phrase “I would wear that” merit the sayer being tased immediately.

  • It’s funny you would mention copying. Everyone having similar ideas, an aversion to color, the “make a pretty dress” challenge, and “I would wear that” Hayden made this episode reek of Season 6. Rachel was great, though. Can she be a permanent judge?

  • I wanted to like Christopher, but after all that I just can’t. His dress was only okay, not worthy of all the praise, and his personality is annoying.

    I’m on team Dmitry.  Loved his dress the most, including the details on the front.

  • ThaliaMenninger

    I think the guy with the drip of bangs (total tangent — there used to be a guy with that same hairdo working in a magic shop in St. Paul, and I itched to lean over the counter and rip that damn drip of bangs off his forehead) got a free pass this week because he came back. There is no other reason anybody who did that hot mess should get to stay. But we’re still about two designers short of a full deck, aren’t we? Or at least one? Drippy came back to replace the fleeing old lady, but then Frokemon also fled, so nobody replaced him? Yes, Buffy’s work was terrible, and yes, she was living on borrowed time, but still… Drippy needs to GO.

    Meanwhile, I can’t remember anybody who had what should’ve been a winning design three weeks in a row getting no wins. Maybe Viktor? Can’t recall. Snape is overdue, and I hope they’re reserving his accolades for later. I’d wear anything he makes, and yes, the crisscross over the boobage works fine on ladies with ample chests. Adrianna Papell had made a career of ruching and wrapping across the bodice and other areas of concern to mature women in evening wear, and it works to hold you in and up, which is great. Cross my heart!

    • NilBlur

       Magic shop?

      • ThaliaMenninger

        It was a place where they sold magic tricks and paraphernalia, like the foam balls and scarves they make disappear and rings that magically string together. I don’t know — I was only in there a few times when we needed some tricks for a marketing presentation — but there was a magic shop right in downtown St. Paul, not far from the St. Paul Actors Theatre. I suppose the shop and the theater just disappeared one day? Poof! It would be fitting.

        • SapphoPoet

          Maybe someone waved a magic wand?

  • Maybe this is far too optimistic but…you guys? With the exception of last week, the top choices this season – and even the middle choices – have been mostly interesting, well-designed and well sewn. I suppose it could be that the last few seasons have lowered my PR bar exponentially, but this season is so far somewhat a return to form. Am I crazy? Have my sensibilities been totally worn down by Lifetime’s real world drama meets department-store aesthetics?

    I think this season is decent. Hope has swelled in my heart again.

    • ChristinaRi

      I think things are going pretty well so far.

      We’ve got a few very good designers who can execute, and also some pleasant personalities.

      There’s always going to be someone who grates — they make sure of that, but if I focus solely on that, I won’t like the show.  As long as there is someone to balance it out, I’m ok.   Even with the Anya joke last season, nothing has been as bad as watching Gretchen talking and talking and talking.

    • SapphoPoet

      No, I think you’re right. There’s more talent this season and the clothes are definitely better. 

    • MilaXX

       over hyped drama aside I do think the designs have been interesting this season. Then again, after a season of non sewing I think we all may be experiencing lowered expectations.

  • NDC_IPCentral

    I found Dimitry’s criss-cross detail – “bandoliers” is an interesting characterization – to be very attractive and part of what made this a tailored executive woman’s on-the-go look.  The large opening in the back takes it from workplace appropriate, but that’s my quibble.

    Christopher is tone-deaf and immature, and the pandering to him from the producers only adds kerosene to this flash in the pan.

    Fabio – how could he have purchased too little fabric for $150.00?  What gives with these designers being so off on their yardages?

    Raul – a waste of celluloid last night.  I look forward to his departure redux.

  • dschubba

    I never expected to feel sad when Buffi got the inevitable auf. I wouldn’t wear any of her looks, (perhaps I’d buy one outfit and then parse the pieces out over a couple of days, like a sane person) but I’d definitely have a drink with her.

    Dimitry’s model is giving me a Jane Kerkovich-Williams vibe, in the best way. Christopher’s jacket has potential, but it’s too sloppily asymmetric and obviously unfinished.

  • Rand Ortega

    Dmitry reminds me of Daniel Vosovic from Season 2. Streamlined, modern, extremely well crafted aesthetic. Final 3 fo’ sho.
    My prediction– Ven, Dmitry, (for the drama) Christopher. Hope I’m wrong about the latter.

    • granddelusion

      Maybe Ven, Dimitry, and Sonjia. That would be interesting.

      • Rand Ortega

         Agreed wholeheartedly. But those 3 don’t have that Bunim-Murray “personality”. Just talent.

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          For Bunim-Murray talent is never enough-you’ve got to have “personality”(shudder).

  • LiterateWonderful

    I happen to think you guys would look great in turbans.

    • LiterateWonderful

      P.S.  Maybe not at the same time, though.

  • unbornfawn

    Dmitry for the win! That dress was flawless in execution and design. It was perfectly suited for the office and evening. Why was he the only one dinged for lack of color?  Is he getting a come from behind to win edit? Who knows.

    Christopher’s was overwrought. Fabio’s was standard, saved somewhat by the print. Raul was given a pity save. That was a mess.

  • Laylalola

    Fabio’s portfolio is basically psych ward wear. And not glammed up, either. He’ll be kicked off the first time he does something in his style.

    • SapphoPoet

      Really? That doesn’t sound reassuring. I didn’t see his portfolio…

  • siriuslover

    I am loving Comrade Snape– from his sock choices to his accent to his piercing eyes to his accent….oh yeah and also his designs. I’d have given his dress the win here.

    Eduardo Munster better be aufed next week

    • granddelusion

      Yes! I loved his green skull socks!

    • Comrade Snape- PERFECT!

  • HM3

    I commented on this with Tlo’s last PR post, but I think it bears repeating: didn’t Costello-lite invent his dress for a Mother of a Four-Year-Old Who Is Having Dinner With Her Husband Later at Night? What mother would feel comfortable with a giant blob of fabric slapping against her shin all day? In what universe is that daytime-Mom (even daytime-urban-mom) practical, or comfortable?

    • Should have read yours first, I said the same thing! 

      • SapphoPoet

        My 3 year old would be wiping his face on that swath of fabric. 

  • “You need my expertise and taste to help you get through this.”Who was it in a previous season that did this excessively, and annoyingly? Gretchen?

    Dmitry changed his dress after Tim’s critique, right? Because he was talking about some hip darts back then.

    Eduardo’s model is totally a woman on the go, from the insane asylum.

    Fabio’s going to have to take the spot Kooan left for my “designer whose attitude I like most” out of the remaining designers. He’s so mellow but upbeat.

  • ChristinaRi

    I loved Dimitry’s dress.  

    I did think that Kors was right when he said that if the dress had stepped out in a color, e.g. red, it would have caught the judge’s eye.   It was a dress that looked better the more you looked at it.   

    I agree that an open back takes it out of the workplace, but it’s a dress that would look good with a jacket too.

  • Susan Crawford

    Costello-Lite’s dress/jacket definitely did NOT deserve the love the judges gave it. The idea was fine, but the overall design and execution was not.

    That long, droopy side piece was out of proportion – way too long! And the jacket that could not be zipped? Please, Christopher, don’t try to pass that off as part of the plan. It was bad fit. The sleves were way too tight, the leather buckled across the upper chest and shoulders.

    I would have been fine with Snape for the win, because this was one exquisitely crafted piece of workmanship. This man has proven again and again that he knows his stuff. The one thing I am waiting for is to see him really push himself and use his skills for something jaw-dropping. Because when he does – look out!

    I had a couple of issues with Fabio’s entry. Overall, the idea was great: a modern graphic print with a cool jacket is a strong response to the brief. But the length of the dress? Whoa, baby, that’s pretty damned short! Another two inches would have made it MUCH more wearable. The print-matching in back was a little sloppy, too. And the judges were right in wondering where HIS aesthetic was in this.

    Raul Munster was brought back to create this hot mess? That is just all KINDS of wrong. Horrible, drab, droopy fabrics; tailoring skills that are pathetic; styling that he himself admitted was a random mess. Don’t get too settled back into your Atlas suite, Raul – you’re going to be aufed again.

    Christopher’s attempt to “help” Buffi – am I the only one who saw this as a blatant attempt to throw another one under the bus? Next week, will he be feeling “just awful” about trying to “help”? (And am I the only one who wants to run him through a surger?) 

    • alula_auburn

      Something about the way the halter neck stuck out above the jacket bugs me, too.  I wouldn’t mind it in an outfit someone actually put together from two discrete pieces, but since the jacket is basically the whole point of the outfit, it seems a weird jumble, at least in the still shots.

  • dorothea_brooke

    Re Christopher “but it was the most editorial!”  With all due respect, shut up NIna.  And Costello only wished he could bring this much drama.  OY.  

  • I just want to say that Dmitry’s model is perfect for his aesthetic. 

    • mhleta

      She reminds me of a less busty Eva Mendes, who could wear the living shit out of this garment. 

      •  Oops, you beat me to it, I’ll go get rid of my much later echo!

  • Judy_S

    Loved Fabio’s turban, not so much the back seam of his dress.  He was one of those who had no side seams, right? So either the fabric was printed in wavy horizontals that could not be matched, or he somehow managed to cut it slightly on the bias.
    Of the three dark dresses, Dmitry’s was certainly the most interesting and appealing. 

  • Karen Tully

    Snapes’ dress was magnificent in both its execution and its design elements.  I agree that had it been in red it would have been the hands-down winner.  The shoulder element was perfection–just enough added oomph without being OTT.  It was very much the understated elegant high-end dress that I’d expect to see on a design professional in New York.

  • jacklaudia

    Usually when there is a top 3 garment, we will at least get to see what the dress looks like without it. We didn’t get that reveal for Costello-lite. And the one picture from the back showed that the turtleneck was more of a halter. I wonder what it looked like and if it was finished.

  • MilaXX

    I didn’t hate Christopher’s dress, but agree the flounce was way too long. However, after his behavior with Buffi, he is firmly on my shit list.
    I liked Dmitri’s and would have been okay with either him or Sonjia winning.
    I’m worried for Fabio. Michael told him last week he didn’t know who he was as a designer. This week the judges were a bit more firm in their warning to him. Fabio better wow the judges soon or he’s out.
    Raul’s was just a hot mess.

    As of now my final 3 are Sonia, Dimitri & Christopher. Christopher won’t win, but he’ll get the drama queen slot previously occupied by Josh & Michael Costello. I think Ven is going to be this season’s Emilio and will be out somewhere in the top group.

    • mhleta

      Astute critique from TLO and all of the above on Chris’s behavior and his design. I had the same issues with his look and could only think how much trouble I’d have keeping that fucking flounce out of the toilet or from slamming it in the door of a taxi cab and getting out to find myself dragging a mud soaked mess to my evening’s soiree. Exactly what job does this “woman on the go” have again? Magazine editor for Marie Claire, perhaps. An absurdity for the daytime anywhere else. 
      RE: top three, what about Melissa? I think she has it all going on over Christopher. Loved her look except that it kind of reminded me of a taller version of Stefon’s “Human Suitcase”, ie “It’s a thing when a midget on roller-skates wears all of your clothes and then you pull him through an airport.”

    • minnye

      I want Fabio to wow ME, too. Design-wise, I mean. 😉

  • I didn’t hate Christopher’s dress as much as I do now, after the pics. I mostly just thought it was too long in front, and kind of too fancy for day. But now I’m looking, I see how that jacket wouldn’t close (silly) and is awry (meh) and the fabric on the dress is chintzy looking with the light showing through, and from the back, his neck-closure looks more than a little strangle-y. Also, what rides there? Back shot, beneath the black neck closure, over the jacket, what is that? Not a necklace, surely? Hmm.

  • EverybodysStarling

    Christopher’s fabric is sooo shiny. No wonder, Heidi loved it. I didn’t.

    I so would love to see more of Fabio’s true esthetic. He seems to force himself into pleasing the judges, not stayin true to himself. But he is cute as a button and I really like him.  

    Snape was robbed again, I really loved this dress and for day and night, I think it would have been the perfect winner.
    His model looks like that chick from 90210, doesn’t she? Irritated the shit out of me, especially because she was making silly / unnerved faces all the time. 

    •  I suspect Heidi is one of the major reasons he didn’t win. It was “sexy” enough for her. Not “glamorous”. She wants them tight, shiny, and short…

  • BrooklynBomber

    “Eduardo Munster” hahah! you kill!

    Mr. Bomber thought he should be auf’ed, but as dreadful as this is, Buffi had to go. Raul is next, unless something really unexpected happens.

  • Kristin McNamara

    “And is it us, or was there an awful lot of copying going on this week? How many drapey dresses with twists did we see?” NO. THAT WAS NOT JUST YOU!!! I was thinking the exact. same. thing. There were about 5 dresses up there last night I would swear, if I didn’t know any better, were made by one person.

  • Susan Collier

    Dimitry: “I design beautiful jetset dress for moose and squirrel.”
    Elena: “Dahling, my customer is 1980s worker woman who is also married to David Byrne.”

    Absolutely didn’t get the Christopher love. Like Buffi’s, his dress looked like a hairdresser’s cape, but with a mock turtleneck and cinched at the hip. Plus too much fabric on the leg. Plus teeny-tiny leather jacket. Know how he stretched his budget to allow for a leather jacket? Because it was fitted for a 12-month-old fashionista baby. Send it to a Kardashian spawn.

    I think I preferred Dimitry’s dress before all the criss-crossing was complete. It’s a bit much. I dunno. Perhaps he should have added some gumballs from last week.

    Raul’s was dreadful: awful fabrics, awful scale, awful shapes, awful execution. Home Ec reject. What’s his POV anyway? At least his entry made Fabio’s look downright incredible.

  • BrooklynBomber

    Also, shouldn’t they have brought back 2 people, since two left?

    • Lilithcat

      I wondered about that myself.  But next week seems to be a two team challenge, so perhaps they did that so there’d be an even number of designers.

      • BrooklynBomber

        hmmm… then how would it have been even…. oh, hell, I’m too lazy (and busy) to figure it out!!!!

  • SewingSiren

    1. Christopher.  His dress looks like a combination of Sonjia’s (before she trimmed the drape) and Fabio’s jacket (which they hated). 
    I wonder why they didn’t ask who came up with the waterfall drape on the jersey knit dress first, because they are very similar.
    2. I liked Dmitry’s although it is not his most outstanding dress so far. It kind of blends in to the other two ( Sonjia and Christopher).
    Very well made. I didn’t like Rachel Roy’s suggestion that he work in her sample room. Just because he has construction skills far above the other contestants does not mean he should be  a sample maker. A designer that understands and is able to execute difficult patterns only stands to be a better designer. It also indicates that they are a hard worker that has been at it for a long time.
    3. Fabio’s is too short and too tight. Heidi would have loved it if it had only been shiny. 
    4. Raul’s is a shameful mess. He really should have been sent home again. Even if it had been well made it would still be extremely ugly. It is worse than Buffi’s because there is no consistent point of view.

  • I’m becoming more convinced that Buffi is a drag persona of Santino Rice.

    I feel so predictable.  Last week we saw Comrade Snape in tight leather pants, and now I want to board his Hogwarts Express.  Accio Dimitry!

    • SewingSiren

      Spit take!

  • guest2visits

    I liked the design Christopher came up with; but had no idea that the jacket didn’t close. Or what it looks like without the jacket,
    for that matter. But I thought his was closest to the type of woman described for the challenge. I never thought it was for someone
    working a 9 to 5 office, or retail position.  I heard high power career woman, jumping on planes, dinners, events to attend, just a
    more expensive clientele. That is also why I considered Dimitry’s beautiful, but backless design was still acceptable; because it would
    not be worn in the conventional work place.  I also feel that we should have the chance to see under ALL the designers added coats,
    shawls, outerwear, etc.; it only takes 5 seconds.
    Also loved the print that Fabio chose; can’t believe he hacked it so short. If he had made it a length similar to Gunnar’s then I think it
    would have been more appropriate for the woman in the challenge. And no tiny teen jacket.
    I really thought Raul’s and Buffi’s were horrible; but possibly Raul’s was a little worse.

    • SewingSiren

      Dmitry  did have some kind of shawl/ scarf in the work room that he was draping around the mannequin’s neck. I wonder what happened to it,

  • Jane_Lane

    Oh thank God. I was looking at Christopher’s dress and thinking it looked like he’d made a mu’u mu’u, gathered the fabric at her hip and tied it off with a piece of twine. And I couldn’t conceive of an average woman with a four year old wearing anything like that, much less with those monster platform heels. When the judges praised it, I thought it was my usual inability to tell what’s fashionable half the time. And I couldn’t believe Hayden Pantierre making over that stupid jacket. If you have the broad shoulders, do you really want to wear something that makes the model look like a linebacker?

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      Christopher’s backstory for his woman was so funny-a mother of a four year old?  Oh, honey, more proof that you’re oh so young!

  • GillianHolroyd

    An on-the-go dress challenge, your fabric has to be jersey. Or something with stretch.

    Costello Lite’s dress looked effective from the waist up in front. What I liked about the jacket was the narrow sleeves and their length, that was cool. The style of the jacket worked well with the high neck of the dress but the execution was lacking and the drapeau was a mistake. The judges praised him so much, I think his heart broke a little when Heidi thanked him and told him he could leave the runway.

    Dmitry as Laura, now I hadn’t considered that. High praise. I hope he and Ven make it to the end. My third choice would’ve been Andrea.

    • granddelusion

      Yes. I would love to see Ven and Dimitry face off.

      • Lilithcat

        If they maintain their current level of work, you will – at Lincoln Center.  (Almost wrote Bryant Park!)

  • Eduardo most likely be auffed next week unless he gets some drama going which equals screen time. He is just so lucky that Buffi was such a total crash and burn. Nina gave Buffi that laser eye look which means death.

    Does no one on the show understand that PR is not just design skills? It is the drama and unique personalities that give you some staying power. As the small type at the end of the show says…production company has an “influence” in deciding winners/losers. MAKE IT EASY FOR THE PRODUCERS TO EDIT YOU IN AND YOU STAY ON THE SHOW. Sorry, done yelling.

    Can someone explain how so many outfits are too small or too short. Does no one use a measuring tape?

    I think Fabio is starting a trend. I saw a guy last weekend wearing rope. Seriously. Fashion from Home Depot!

  • THANK YOU! I thought the same thing about Christopher’s dress. I could not understand how the Judges could go on about it. I hated that thing hanging in the front and cannot think of a woman who would wear that “for day”. Particularly a woman with a four year old, a job, running out to dinner with her husband (on what planet does she live?). Also hated that tight jacket with the goofy length sleeve. Sometimes it seems that the Judges get all excited to see that someone used leather I thought Dimitri’s dress was okay. but the first thing I thought was ” no woman with a chest could wear it (again THANK YOU!) and with the open back, it would be hard to wear a bra (which real women have to wear).

    I also agree that Christopher had to shut up and leave Buffi alone! Constructive criticism my ass…… 

  • mhleta

    [It was all way too “You need my expertise and taste to help you get through this.” Bitch, that’s what Tim Gunn is for.] Go all Jessy Pinkman on his ass!! Yeah!

  • bluefish

    Great comment re the Laura B. and Dmitry business.  I do indeed think the judges are taking his skills for granted in not having given a clear win by now.  He’s made consistently impressive garments.  The bandolier effect across the breasts would certainly look good on me and I’m a woman in her late 50s with a figure that still works given the proper undergirding top and bottom.  That crisscross action would totally benefit me, I think, and many other women — highlights a still goodlooking bust and minimizes the waist.  And the back of the dress was lovely and so well done.  Perhaps that’s why I wanted the boy to win this one.  The winning look would’ve killed me — His one would only have helped.

    The droopy droppy thing with the jacket that Hawt Heidi loved so much looked dreadful to me.  Cute jacket — yuck dress with all that falling fabric going on and did we get to see the back?   Well made but just so — I dunno — trying too damn hard. Make it long or make it short.  Pick a lane.

    I feel for Fabio — I’m Brasilian too and I can see the link between his Iemanja look on the runway (although that would have been all in white) and his black and white graphic dress.  We’ve a long tradition of bold black and white graphics in dress and art–and movies!  So I got that and wish he’d been able to articulate it — maybe he did and we didn’t see it.  The dress didn’t  need the little very little bolero jacket.  Wish he’d been able to get a better handle on the dress itself. 

    Heidi was a proper ass for the entire episode pretty much but she did make one good comment — a short short dress doesn’t need a short short jacket. Does indeed make it look like the clothes just shrunk on the model.

    As for the annoying kid — He is annoying but folks seem to be freaking out under the stress and pressure — Maybe that’s how he freaks out — By turning into irritating savior of those not looking to be saved. 

    And Frokemon won my heart forvever — I also applaud Lifetime for letting us hear his reasons for going.  He was right to leave and it was honest of the show to get it on the air.

  • granddelusion

    So right on. Costello lite can leave now.

  • bluefish

     Yes!  Thank you — Totally!  Re Dmitry and Daniel V. 

    • Lisa_Cop

      Daniel V definitely should have won his season.

  • bluefish

     Hilarious Boris and Natasha dialogue … Love it.

  • StellaZafella

    In reply to VivienAdvanced (In case Disqus is acting up again):

    Isadora Duncan’s sister to Isadora: “Wear the green scarf Izzey, it’ll bring out yer eyes!” (Thank you to the great Charles Pierce)

  • granddelusion

    I loved the cross cross detailing on Dimitry’s dress, maybe because it was so beautifully done. Also the execution of the back, though I am getting tired of backless dresses. Mainly because one CAN’T WEAR A BRA with it. Thank you Ms Coles for harping on that, but no one was paying attention. And since the wearer CANT WEAR A BRA with it, it’s clearly designed for model-sized women with no chest, which makes the bandoliers question moot. And I’m okay with that, because not every woman can wear every dress.

    • meowing

      100% agree.  I have flown to a meeting, only to find out there was a prelim. cocktail party.  While a jacket would make the open back okay for business, a braless dress would be a disaster.  And, must agree with MK that this dress in red (or for me, deep forest green) would be stunning.

      • SapphoPoet

        I thought the dress would have been wonderful in a deep purple. 

    • formerlyAnon

       I’m not convinced one couldn’t get a bra that would work with it – the back scoop looks shallow enough, though broad, that I think it would work with one of the ‘backless’ -really an arrangement of thin straps anchored down near the waist – a bad descriptions I know – bras I have from the olden days.  (I don’t know if these bras work on someone with a sizeable chest, even nursing I was never more than a barely-C cup).

      But those things can be fiddly ( I had one dress I had to sew little little loops onto through which the straps of the bra were pre-threaded) so I can see taking points off for not meeting the ‘busy day’ criteria.

    • Lisa_Cop

      There are bras specifically made for low cut back dresses. I own one, got it at Bloomingdales.

  • bluefish

    Just to say — would love the abolition of these phrases — “in this competition,” “exactly the look I was going for,” and “woman on the go.”  I think that Kors actually made some ridic comment about the woman “who FLIES to a meeting” and then lands somewhere for cocktails.  Really?  I want to see the “Sunset Boulevard” challenge or the “I Want to Live” challenge. 

    And it’s too bad that no one had the wit to make a dress or outfit that reflects waking up as a PR contestant and going through a day that involves–(glamorously, comfortably and Heidi-hotly)–being safely ensconced in one’s own sweet pad after having deserted.

  • Lilithcat

    What is going on with the right leg of Raul’s trousers?  It looks as though the fabric is torn, or has chalk marks on it.  Can’t believe he’d send that down the runway.  Well, maybe I can.  The whole outfit is crap.  Worse than Buffi’s.  He should have gone “home” a second time.

    Personally, I’d have given Dmitry the win.  I’m not unhappy Sonjia won – I like her style – but Dmitry’s is much more of a day to evening dress.  I do think the back is too open for a day dress, and I’d like to see what sort of jacket he’d design to throw over that.

  • granddelusion

    I don’t care about Buffi’s design, taste, or friend potential. She made good television, and I’ll miss that.

  • StellaZafella

    Removed by author

  • Why do they keep having actresses as guest judges whose depth of critique is “I would wear this” or “I wouldn’t wear that.”  Actually dearies, it’s up to your stylists if we’re talking about you being seen in public, but I digress.

    Raoul’s outfit really is the pits and no doubt had Buffi stuck up for her design more, he would’ve been out.  Girl it’s your second time at the rodeo and that’s the best you can do?  And wearing Liza Minelli’s Cabaret hair (badly)?  Girl.  It was unflattering, poorly constructed, frumpy, and badly styled.  And poor Costello-Lite is really working my nerves with the passive-aggressive, I’m a bitch but also a victim routine.  From where I sat, it was a drapey mess with an ill-fitting jacket.  No doubt the producers have decided they can get some more drama out of the Christopher-Gunnar subplot or the judges may have read him for that dress (this is all very similar to last week’s judging where they inexplicably praised Gunnar’s bad bridal number).  We see you B/M.

    Dimitry for the top three. (Of course he won’t win, similar to last season’s Victor, if he makes it there.)

  • Dmitri’s skill level is off the charts. Look at that perfectly finished dress and well thought out dress that he whipped up in a day and compare it to what seemed to be a simple slip of a dress that Buffi made a mess of. I really liked Buffi and her chill and classy attitude but that dress did deserve an AUF. I think Raul’s was actually the worse hot mess but since they just brought him back perhaps they felt obligated to keep him around longer. Can’t wait to see him AUFed.

    Fabio’s was cute. I think Heidi was wrong when she said it needed to be paired with a long jacket. That would make the whole thing look schlumpy. As it is, it’s a cute little outfit. 

    • NCDFan

      And a long jacket would emphasize how very short the dress is.

  • I feel like “editorial” is used as an excuse for ugly or really obtuse. As in, “how would the little people who know nothing about fashion watching this show what is well designed” (in a haughty voice and nose in the air).

  • madamovary

    HI!  I am desperate for you brilliant TLo fans and commenters to answer a question – I’m assuming that even the designers who know they probably won’t get their own line compete in the hopes that someone will watch, notice them and give them a good job in the industry.  Maybe I’m wrong, but given that, don’t you think some of the bizarre antics and extreme personalities work against them? Like Gunnar – would you hire snippy boy?  And that scary brunette – Elena?  Do you want her in the next cubby?  Maybe I’m naive but I’m thinking those extreme outbursts and mooning the industry with their big white narcissistic butts is not so smart…What do you guys think?  I’m really curious.

    • hkgs

      I always wondered about this too.  I think in shows like Design Star and Food Network Star being liked by the public is a must because the ultimate prize is to get your own show.  But shows like Project Runway or Top Chef where the jobs gained would be away from the public eye, employers would overlook some of the antics that went on on camera if they felt you had the talent they wanted.

    • StellaZafella

       Too often these days, people in creative fields labor under the mistaken impression that true genius is exemplified by the level of eccentricity/egocentricity they display. I’m sure that most of these people would toe the line in any design firm where they were trying to stay employed but, here on PR, as on other reality television, their amount of “screen time” is not based on talent but on the level of angst they can bring to each episode. Hence, everyone decides what “role” they want to play in the reality show drama and proceeds to put that forward instead of their design talent.
      Even Ven has made a character of himself by playing his “snooty emotionless robot queen of the drapes” to the point of schtick…but Rami did it better in a previous season – and was sexy as hell while doing it!

    • 1_other

      In actuality few of these designers could get a job. Employers in the fashion industry want degrees, from rated fashion
      schools. Many of these people on TV don’t not have those credentials, and therefore little chance of being hired.
      Ad that to the fact PR is seen as a bit of a joke in the industry.
      All this said, I do know a contestant that was on, and has the credentials, they said ‘I’m not going to act like an idiot to get screen time, I want to be seen as a professional. 

      • Lisa_Cop

        Apparently Ven and Christopher went to FIT. FIT always tweets proudly about them on PR nights. According to his bio, Dimitry graduated from Parsons.

        •  A lot of the designers over the years have had degrees from FIT or Parsons.

    • DinaSews

      I think that each person balances their level of talent with their personality.  The really talented (Rami, Ven, Dimitry) don’t need to act out because their skills will keep them around for awhile.  However, people like Gunnar or Raul will need to act out because their talent may not keep them on the show but their drama-quality will.  The goal will be to stay around as long as possible to show a collection.  They may feel that they would at least have an opportunity that someone would see their work and hire them for that.

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        If Gunnar watched season 9 of PR, he knows just how far Josh McKinley’s antic took him-all the way to the finale, sadly.

        • Lisa_Cop

          But what is Josh doing now? Back at bartending???

  • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

    I can’t wait until we get to see a full on Elena meltdown. 

  • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

    “I am big.  It’s the pictures that got small.” 

  • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

    “Maybe Man-Gretchen” — love it!!!  “Mantchen”.

  • Chris: The judges praised his mixing the hard with the soft. I tend to agree. I appreciate the cropped leather jacket, but I’m quite sure one cannot zip it up; therefore, it is merely decorative and has no functionality. The exaggerated flounce creates an odd proportion to the cropped jacket.

    Dmitry: I like that the weaving is structured yet organic (as it concerns draping techniques).

    Fabio: It’s not terrible. It’s not good, either. The garment relies almost entirely on the graphic, inky print. I’m not sure he fully succeeded in matching up the print, particularly in the back. He can’t have wanted alternating stripes (look close). I don’t mind the jacket. I don’t find the longer-in-front-shorter-in-back thing especially flattering or comfortable (it looks annoying to wear), but omitting the reduced-back detail would have made the look utterly boring (as it if weren’t already). Why didn’t he do some dyeing? Isn’t that what his aesthetic is about?

    Raul: I’d have sent him home. We’ve seen a suit that closely resembles this from him (1st Challenge), but that suit was completed at his own pace and leisure. Evidently, he has trouble delivering a finished garment in the time allotted. I’m not even sure what the hell that thing is. He piled fabrics to cover up mistakes (don’t do that unless you’re Gunnar– URGH!).

    • minnye

      Re. Fabio – I thought about his ombre stuff too; maybe he thought that effect would be too casual? So he defaulted to club wear. Disappointing. Raul deserved to go back to cheap hotel purgatory for that horrid outfit.

  • KathKo

    Christopher : I wanted to hack that silly flounce ! I get how it got so much love from Heidi and Hayden : they have the taste leve of a squirrel !
    Dmitri : I absolutely loved how Nina managed to basically slap Heidi in the face when she began to say “it’s an okay dress, It’s not sexy enough” (meaning : not tight, shiny and short enough) and answered by a “it’s very elegant”. exactly. My pick for the win : well made, flattering and tasteful enough for daywear while retaining the sexyness of the evening. Was it Mickael or Nina that mentioned “powerfull women would wear that dress” ? Well I can see very well a powerfull woman running wild at night wearing that dress.
    Fabio : deserved an auf.
    Raul : shouldn’t be here to begin with.

    • Lisa_Cop

      Michael K said that about a powerful woman wearing Dmity’s dress.

  • GTrain

    Lord I am so glad I was not the only one (presumably) screaming at the TV re: Costello-lite’s whiny egotism. I was thinking the judges liked his look because they thought the jacket was cute because no way is that dress work wear. Or maybe they just wanted to keep him on stage so he’d think he won and then…womp.

  • LinXGUA

    That’s what i like about Fashion Hobo. The way he dresses! he’s so much fun.
    I would live in Comrade Snape’s dress, like little girls do with the clothes they like. I would breakfast, go to work, go to a date, go to the gym, visit some friends … even sleep in it. It’s a beautiful dress.

  •  Tim was on the Daily Show recently, talking about this season.  I found it very interesting that Dmitri has gotten so little love from the judges, yet the two looks shown on the backdrop when Tim was entering were both Dmitri’s.  SOMEONE there clearly appreciates him!

    • Meelah

      They were probably the only 2 pieces that wouldn’t fall apart in transport.  I often wonder when they have challenges where they make a dress for a celeb for the red carpet but you see them hodgepodging the garment together; how does it work out when it needs to be worn longer than just the runway.

      • formerlyAnon

         I’m sure the dress the celeb wears is a considerably re-worked version. Few of even the slightest celebs are working model-size & proportions, and, as you say, nobody’s going to wear something for an entire event that is held together with whip stitching and fabric glue.

      • Lisa_Cop

        Transport 25 blocks? I live in NYC. Parsons is on 40th street and 7th Ave. The Daily Show is filmed at approximately 55th street and 10th Avenue.

      • Sweetbetty

         On the show Jon Stewart asked Tim what they do with the creations once the season is over.  Tim told him they auction them off.  He went on to say that the people who win them are probably very surprised when they take them out of the box because of the slapdash construction.  He said they may look beautiful (or not) on the outside but the inside looks terrible.

        • Lisa

          Who’s gonna want to bid on a candy dress though?  Unless the person wants to eat it a bit at a time, along with some hardened glue!  How would it keep? I’m wondering how you’d show that off to guests in say, a year’s time:  “Here, let me brush these ants and black flies away so I can show you Kooan’s dress made of gummy worms, which are completely covered in sugar!”

        • turtleemily
      •  No, I’m talking about on the screen behind the guest, where they usually show the movie poster images or the book’s cover art images — this had screen shots of two items, both from Dmitri.  I find it interesting that those were the images that were either grabbed by staff at the Daily Show or selected by the PR people.

    • Lisa

      You know, I saw that show, and I was literally so tired that I didn’t notice both looks were Dmitry’s! I’d like to try and catch it again.

      •  I spotted his candy dress, so then I looked closer, and the other was one of his pieces from the first challenge.

  • Catiline

    Dmitry is this season’s Viktor.  I’ve had that suspicion brewing since he was shut out during the candy challenge.

    • Lisa

      I have a bad feeling you’re right.  He’ll deserve to win, but will come in second, which gives me a sad. In fact, my dream final three would be Dmitry/Melissa/Sanjia (flip-flopping Sanjia and Melissa as necessary). And if Ven comes in fourth in my fantasy, then that’s the way it goes!

      • minnye

        I have the same dream! I am excited about Dmitry. I let out a cheer when Rachel Roy mentioned that she’d love to have Dmitry work in her studio, and (2) Sanjia won. Hey, it was nice to shut off the TV in a happy mood.

        • Lisa

          I actually felt kind of bad for him when she said that!  I know it’s a compliment of sorts, but she said she wants him to work sewing their samples together, if I recall correctly.  I thought, “Noooo, nooo, Rachel!  I know you mean well and you meant that as a compliment, but he wants to design his own fashion line, not be stuck in a back room as a master sewing genius!”

          • minnye

            True. I’m assuming a typical “struggling artist” backstory, but I guess I ought to read up on him. I think last episode he said he gave up everything to be there. If he doesn’t win, a job like that would give him a foot in the door, no?

          • Lisa

            Well, that’s true too. But I just want him to win this whole shindig, not be stuck sewing samples in Rachel’s back room till he can break out on his own.  He’s really been pretty awesome so far – I’ve thought his candy dress, his and Melissa’s gown for April, and this dress were all winners, but he hasn’t gotten that love from the judges yet.  I mean, yeah, he was in the top three this time around, but still.  

          • minnye

            Yes, I so agree. He seems to have what it takes to go all the way. I was being pessimistic, but I like your positive energy much better 😉

  • Neverbuynewclothes

    Did Christopher dress that way for the runway show to subconsciously tell Michael Kors that they were buds, the separated at birth type of buds?

  • One of my favorite moments of last nights ‘dramedy’ was when Fabio was fitting his model with the dress, and it was about ‘hoo-ha’ length in front and even shorter in the back-he didn’t freak out, just stood there pensively, “My, that’s really short”, has her turn-“Wow, that’s short” (meanwhile I’m thinking “Fabio, how quickly can you whip up a pair of pants and turn that miniature dress into a long  top or something”? I was way more panicked about it than he was. I love his mellow demeanor. 

  • I want to see Christopher try to provide that kind of ‘help’ to Princess Gunnar-and for Christopher to not let it go when the ‘help’ is not accepted (like he did with Buffi last night)-leading to the inevitable slap-fight (Or hate-(*&^) that started brewing between Christopher and Gunnar since the first episode. Then I wouldn’t mind either (or both) of them to be eliminated-Gunnar has gotten more tolerable to me than the first 2 episodes, I’ll give him that. Don’t know if he course-corrected when he realized he was becoming “The second coming of Clinique counter”, or if he’s just been getting less screen time. Either way, I’m really glad-it makes the show more enjoyable for me to watch (even with all the other high level drama going on last night)

  • marilyn

    While Christopher’s advice to Buffi sounded kind of condescending, what he said rang true.  She was up shit creek and he was throwing her a life preserver.  She made her choice to go down with the ship and did. 

    I did not care for the back of Dmitri’s dress because it was not appropriate for daytime.  The rest was great.  The other dresses were disasters.  However, Buffi’s was worse than anything here.

    • guest2visits

      Completely agree about Christopher offering help to Buffi. His suggestion was actually a good one, it showed he had really
      looked at, examined, and considered her design in a thoughtful way. He had the time, and he had the inclination to help.
      Big deal. It wasn’t the first time PR designers have helped each other out; with advice, or materials, cash (Anya, – last season’s
      winner relied heavily on the kindness of strangers).

      I thought her response, while entertaining, was pretty immature. I read her take on the episode in her interview; and she
      seems to have mellowed her feelings about his offer. I do imagine of course, in the heat of the time-crunch, that panic
      can just inflame drive and focus to such an intensity that any outside input is a very unwelcome distraction.  Thats just the
      risk taken when offering help in this little PR pressure cooker, and plenty of other places, I’m sure.
      And I can’t really know how irritating Christopher was in his style of ‘helping’; due to the notorious editing at Lifetime; –
      but I’m pretty sure he has the potential to be whiny and grating, even unintentionally condescending.

  • formerlyAnon

    These illustrate why I’m enjoying this season. NONE of them were all of the following: shapeless, pointless, unwearable, falling apart and showing no sign of a creative thought process. I remember an awful lot of challenges in recent seasons where a third of the field produced garments similar to Buffi’s final product and couldn’t produce the mess Raul made if you gave them three times the time to work in.

    I was okay with Sonjia’s win, even though I like Dmitry’s dress better, in part because I think this dress needed a jacket to be appropriate in many work places. (Same is true for Sonjia’s but often bare skin is verboten where even ‘sexier’ looks are o.k. if the skin is covered.), Even more so because I think it would be wearable by fewer women than Sonjia’s  – the fabric needs more body and possibly some darts, I think, to work over larger breasts,

    • Stubenville

      Don’t forget they have sleeves!

  • mom2ab

    Hate to say it guys but cruise the daywear department at the nearest upscale department store and you will find the top 3 dresses- many  versions are actually in the same grey jersey the designers used.  The differences are minimal  ie the drapey hangy hip thing is more abbreviated but otherwise its been done from $149-$425.

  • Was Dmitry’s final dress one seam like he said he was going for in the workroom? Did he even mention that? BECAUSE ONE FUCKING SEAM GUYS.

    • Lisa_Cop

      Yes, he did on Lifetime’s extended judging.

      • Sweetbetty

         When he mentioned in the workroom that he was going to make a dress with just one seam I wondered why.  It’s a slick trick to show off his skills, but I didn’t see how it would be helpful in the competition.  In looking at the finished dress I could see that the lack of side seams allowed the tucking detail to travel more smoothly around to the back, but it still could have been accomplished with side seams there.  It also cut his sewing time since he only had to sew the one seam instead of three, but the time it would take to sew those seams would have been nothing compared to the time he spent on his tucking details.

  • Meelah

    Fabio and Alicia should have been switched in the standings.  The bottom of her pants looked odd and I would have taken the time as a judge to find out if that was on purpose or a flaw in construction.  Further more you’d never wear that to a night event even if you were hipster inclined.  I think they put Fabio in bottom 3 to rattle his cage.

    Christopher was a bit out of line for being so forceful in offering the suggestion and his fabric but at the same time I don’t blame him for confronting her after hearing her complain about it in the sewing room.

    • Stubenville

      Oh please; they could replace Heidi with Folgers Crystals…

      • GillianHolroyd

        Made me laugh.

  • Dagney

    You know, I have not watched one single episode this season, and every time I read the recaps, I realize I am not missing anything.  The clothes are so ugly.  Everything looks like it came from the bargain rack at the 99-cent store.  

  • DCSheehan

    I really didn’t understand why Ropes was singled out here.  His dress was light years better than Squiggy and Buffi and yet Ropes was someone almost going home?  I guess they didn’t want to put Squiggy in the bottom after he just got back but his outfit was so laughably bad that I though he deserved to go again.  

    I also don’t get the ‘your style should be reflected in the dress’ bit.  If he’d put a turban and ropes on the girl they’d be screaming.  Michael K wears the same damn thing all the time so I don’t see how his style can be reflected in his gear.

    They should have brought two people back though, yes?  We’re still one down…  Personally I wanted Jersey Girl back.  Still don’t see how she was the worst that first week.

    • Catiline

      This.  I was kind of shocked at how hard the judges went in on Fabio’s outfit.  Was it the best thing up there, heck no, but it sure wasn’t the second-worst.  (Raoul, Elena).

  • adnama79

    I’d rather watch Buffi than Raul.  Not that she would have ever won the show, but I’d have taken another week of her apparently sincere wackiness over another moment watching him.  She’s also a more entertaining personality (and nicer) than Raul – mean people aren’t the only entertaining people!

    And her pink thing was bizarre, but if she’d executed it like she wanted, my college self would have loved to wear it.

  • Rebecca Jay

    Christopher’s model is gorgeous.  Finally.  I am so over ugly models.

  • sashaychante

    Christopher’s storyline for the woman in his dress was ridiculous.  She’s the mother of a four year old…ha ha ha ha!  No mother of a small child is wearing this dress and jacket ANYWHERE…unless she lives on Park Ave and has a team of nannies working round the clock for her.  The kid would end up wrapped in the saggy thing hanging off the side of the dress.  He is just unlikeable.  

    Why do they insist on giving eliminated designers another chance just to stretch the season?  They are obviously going to be eliminated, and fast.  Time to come up with a more creative way to fill the season since it’s become par for the course to have designers drop out on their own.

    • Catiline

      Christopher’s story got so weirdly and hilariously specific that it started to remind me a little bit of TLo examining one of Chloe Sevigny’s characters.  “This is Charlene, she’s a Sagittarius…”

    • Laylalola

      They could stretch out the season instead by just once giving the designers time to find fabric they actually want to use. Wasn’t that one of the biggest issues this episode, with basically everyone having to use something bland they didn’t really want.

  • frankystein123

    Dmitry’s creation is simply stunning.

  • ccm800

    I didnt love anything this week.

    • redgauntlet

      I agree. Everything was dark and recessed. It was all good, solid commercial tailoring, no high fashion fun.

  • SVLynn

    Dmitri should have won this and the candy challenge, he actually listens to what the challenge is about and delivers.

    • Lisa


  • Catiline

    Ahahahahahaha, it is totally a Dr. Evil look! 

  • Michelle Gennari

    I felt so bad for Buffi – she didn’t seem to show any talent but she lit up the workroom – friendly and just a great personality.  I did not like Christopher’s design at all – I thought Dimitri brought it – really thought he should have won.  Fabio’s dress was a tad too short and there was nothing to it except it was a great print.  

  • Catiline

    Yup.  I was a little annoyed that they dinged him for being “safe.”  While it’s not an unfounded criticism, the challenge was supposedly about dressing a woman who is going to work and operating in a business context.   In the real world, women do dress “safe” at work. Erring on the conservative side makes sense.

    •  His look would be so perfect for someone like like Eva Mendes; someone who’s chic, but hard-edged.

  • Trisha26

    Dmitry was my pick for the win. Raul. Ugh. Awful. He should have gone home again instead of Buffi.

  • bitchybitchybitchy

    I, too, am jealous that Fabio looks so much better in a turban than I ever would, even in my wildest dreams.

  • silaria

    I was so glad when Raul left last week.  Every time he’s on screen, I just want to grab his stupid hair and attack it with a pair of scissors.  It’s like the entire program narrows down to that single, greasy point.  Ugh.  

    And now he’s back.

  • Laylalola

    This is off topic but has been bugging me all season: Is that really Jeffrey Sebelia in that lineup of winners’  photos? It doesn’t look like him to me, it looks like they stuck some random thug off the street in there.

    • Lisa

      I think he’s grown a beard and pimpstache – to varying degrees of success – since his season.

    • Sweetbetty

       Thug describes him pretty well.  Of all the past winners I think I resent his win the most.  He abandoned fashion almost immediately after raking in his winnings and started a rock band.  I have no idea what he’s doing now.  He seemed like a thug when he first appeared on the show with his hoodie pulled up to hide his face and it wouldn’t surprise me at all if he ends up with a criminal record one day.

      • TheDivineMissAnn

         Yeah, he rubbed me the wrong way too for some reason.  I’m not a fan of tattoos and I always thought that might be it.  In his defense, I believe he was designing stage wear for rock bands before he was on Project Runway.  I will never forget his plaid dress for the couture challenge in Paris.  I didn’t much like it, but it was an inventive dress.

        • Lisa_Cop

          I remember he was designing clothes before PR because during the finals, the other designers accused him of cheating (having his garments professionally made) and Tim demanded he produce all his receipts.

      • holdmewhileimnaked

        i can probably find out what he’s doing but it might take two months or so. he’s a friend of a friend of my third spouse [finding out anything this extraordinarily complicated might take the three of them even more than two months. could take six. could take forever]. as per: if he goes to jail for anything it’s just gonna be drugs. he runs in a higher end crowd, drugs & all, than you might expect.

        edited to add:
        then again, there’s something weird about people over forty running in crowds at all. just my weary opinion.

  • Renaissance_Man_ATL

    Eduardo Munster should have been aufed this week.  Buffi could have lasted another week.  Dmitry, Shonji (whatever) and Christopher all made Donna Karan dresses, with varying levels of success.  Fabio and his ridiculous turban, I just can’t.  His talent level is limited at best and he tries too hard at being weird.  “Freegan”!  Give me a fucking break!

  • Hated the rippled zipper on the jacket.  Amateur sewing. Why does no one no use INTERFACING on this show?  Even if  you don’t have any fusibles in the PR workroom (and I know for a fact they sell fusible interfacing at Mood so no excuses allowed) then Christopher at lease use a strip of selvage from your muslin.  Honestly kid it takes take 10 extra minutes.

  • I am so glad you guys said that about Chris. I am looking at it and thinking, ‘who the hell could wear that to the grocery store, work and out for dinner?’ Dimitry nailed it.

  • RroseSelavy

    You know when people keep telling you what a great OPPORTUNITY this is and how it’s FOOLISH to pass up such a great OPPORTUNITY — that what they really mean is they’re setting you up for such exploitation that it would make Traci Lords’s head spin.