Nichole Richie in Alberta Ferretti

Posted on August 31, 2012

Nicole looks really fresh and cute, with a great little dress and killa shoes, along with some really pretty hair and makeup. Attagirl.

But, and you’ll pardon us for our highly uncharacteristic bluntness…

Nicole Richie attends the launch of her new fragrance ‘Nicole’ at Macy’s in Glendale, California in an Alberta Ferretti dress paired with Brian Atwood booties.

Who the fuck is lining up to buy a bottle of Nicole Richie’s perfume?


[Photo Credit: Getty]

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  • Sobaika

    I’m not usually a booties fan but those shoes are to die for.

  • The shoes are great, but they don’t fit her.  What is up with celebrities and too-big shoes?

    • call_me_schmeg

      for real! all these ladystars look like they’re playing dress up with mommy’s heels. 

    • schadenfreudelicious

      there must be some type of mystery benefit we non-stars are unaware of….more calories burned due to excessive calf/foot flexing to keep them on?

      • Nelliebelle1197

         I saw a woman at Target with too big heels. I think she must look at these types of photos for inspiration! And the shoes were so Payless! She was walking like a drunk chicken

    • amian3

       As a lady with wide feet I wonder if they are going way up in size to get into the shoes?

      • TheLaurenJean

        That’s what I have to do. Sucks.

      • Lori

        That might be it if it was one or two people, but it’s nearly everyone. I don’t see how it’s possible that so many lady stars have wide feet.

        I assume it’s because the shoes are borrowed, but that leads to other questions. Why do shoe designers loan out shoes that don’t fit? Most of these people have plenty of money. Why don’t they just pony up for correctly fitting shoes when they know they’re going to be photographed? It’s a mystery.

        • Maybe when stylists request to borrow shoes, since they can’t really ask for 5 pairs of the same shoe in different sizes, they just request the largest size of the client they have (9 or 39 for all those tall ladies?) and then loan them out to everyone?

        • fashbible

           It’s actually the designer’s press offices/agents who loan out the shoes. They do not have all the sizes available to them- just some sample sizes.

      • NC_Meg

        Yea but I’d be surprised if Nicole Richie has wide feet.

    • Call me Bee

      I really think the shoes are always an M width, and ladystars are all skinny little things with teeny feet, and the heels are so high, that their little feet just slide down into the toes, leaving the heel gap.  I have narrow feet as well–happens all the time. 

      • formerlyAnon

         Which begs the usual question, why not messenger over a pair that fits? I mean, they’re not shopping the clearance racks, at this level I doubt the stylists even go somewhere to pick them up – these are delivered from some outpost of their designer/manufacturer.

    •  I bet that the shoes are loaners, and they don’t always have the starlet’s correct size. Doesn’t excuse it, but maybe an explanation.

    • fashbible

      It’s because they are borrowing them for the event.

  • mjude

    TLO says “Who the fuck is lining up to buy a bottle of Nicole Richie’s perfume?”  EXACTLY!   are her shoes to big?

  • Tatiana Luján

    Pretty hair an make-up? That coloring makes her look like a cougar!

    • Sobaika

      I think her hair is cute, but she has a long issue with heavy kohl liner. It’s a look, but it doesn’t generally go with her outfits or venues.

    • mshesterp

      All the stuff above her neck is aging.  The makeup seems way too heavy for the dress (as do the shoes).  I’m not loving this look.

  • HomeOfficeGirl

    Cute.. yes.  But fresh?  Not sure – that is a ton of eye makeup she’s got going on.  Making her look old beyond her years…

  • Susan Collier

    Wow. Everybody has a scent these days—even people who once had a reality show 10 years ago. I don’t think that Lionel ever had his name slapped on some Avon aftershave and he was way more successful.

    • She has a semi-successful mid-price point shoe, sunglasses, jewellery and clothing labels. It doesn’t seem so outrageous that she’d branch out to perfume, especially considering she’s somewhat of a style icon for girls my age, even if the clothes she designs are a bit too Cali-boho for most people.

  • Does she just step out of the shoes when she’s done on the red carpet? FFS. They’re at least 2 sizes too big. 

  • BeeBeauNYC

    For some reason, bangs do not work on her, and her hair color just looks sad.

  • I’m lining up to snatch those shoes right off her feet, she can keep the perfume.

  • tinyredlocks

    The same people who are buying her clothes on QVC…

    •  And Tori Spelling’s jewelry collection.  (BWAH hah hah hah!!!!)

      • tinyredlocks

        LOLOLOL!!! Thanks for that-I literally burst out in loud guffaws…

        •  We got a copy of her catalog at our business, yesterday, and we had a GRAND time laughing, ourselves.

          • tinyredlocks

            She has a catalog?!  Hilarious!!!!

          • A wholesale one, which, when you look at the cost pricing, and realize she’s getting her mark up at that rate, then you KNOW how shitty this stuff must be.

      • Call me Bee

        Ahahahaha…you are so right.  They sell Tori’s junky jewelry elements at Michael’s.  It never sells and is constantly on clearance. 

        •  Color me, not surprised.

          • ballerinawithagun

            Heidi’s perfume is in the junk pile at Target.

    • annieanne

      Her big photo-call is in Glendale.
      That’s who’s lining up.

    • Jacqueline Wessel

      Yes, so why isn’t she wearing something from her own line I wonder?

  • afabulous50

    I don’t get why they all wear shoes 10 sizes too big for them.  How can they walk??  Especially in heels.

  • Squarah

    Probably the same people buying Paris Hilton’s perfume.

    I’m the sort of stubborn type that even if I LOVE the smell of a perfume, I won’t buy it if it has a celebrity’s name on it. Maybe I would if there was one for Tilda Swinton or Debbie Harry or someone I actually think is cool, but sure as hell not any of the ladies who’ve done it so far.

    • julnyes

       I have a vague memory that Tilda does have a perfume … yep here it is:

    • Sobaika

      I really like the ones by Sarah Jessica Parker and Jennifer Lopez. I think because they work with stronger perfume manufacturers, or got into the game earlier. But they’re layered with multiple notes, last long into the day, and aren’t a waste of money. Most are of such poor quality, because a lot of people will buy anything with a celeb’s name on it. I remember smelling Taylor Swift’s piece of crap. The bottle was fug and it smelled like sugar water.

      • NC_Meg

        I LOVE SJP’s Lovely. It really is a good perfume.

        • Sobaika

          Yes, one of my favorites!

    • Seriously, though? Just because Tilda is an outrageously enjoyable dresser and a great actress, you’d accept that she knows anything about a nice fragrance?

      I also like to avoid Celebrity frangrances, but it constantly annoys me that Sarah Jessica Parker’s Lovely has a lovely soft scent. Whoever consulted with her knew their stuff.

      • formerlyAnon

        I think the most attractive thing about SJP is that she seems to be far smarter (or maybe shrewder or more practical?) than the average celebrity. It shows in the projects she gets involved with, in her business ventures and in the way she avoids a lot of the looking-and-sounding-like-a-jackass-in-public that seems to dog other wealthy successful women with families.

  • teensmom99

    TLo called it: another celeb in white at the end of the summer (with a great but non-summery shoe). And I’ve got to say the tattoo really bugs me. I thought the shoes had a chain & it was not a great look.  As to perfume:  lady in a perfume store just told me that sometimes they give people samples to smell and only after people like it do they tell them it’s britney spears or whoever.  I know it’s all marketing but I think even if I loved the scent I wouldn’t be able to buy it.

  • TheLaurenJean

    It might be just me, but that hair looks awfully wig like.

    • formerlyAnon

       It’s certainly enhanced in some way. Her natural hair is in no way that thick.

  • I NEVER saw this woman emerge from her days with Paris Hilton  
    Every year that girl gets more elegant and (dare I say it) beautiful.  But I still don’t have any desire to buy her perfume.

  • kimmeister

    The dress is cute, the shoes are hot, but they in no way go together.

  • Those are not her shoes. 

    Also, that’s not her dress. She looks terrible. These pieces individually are great but were clearly not meant to be paired together.

  • Judy_J

    Arrrrrrgh!!!  Those shoes are at least a size and a half too big!  And no, I’m not buying Nicole Richie perfume, either.

  • Shoelover1512

    Shoes that look like little girls trying on their mommys shoes irk me so much!!!!!

  • Beardslee

    When I saw those shoes all I could think of how she must have looked hobbling and wobbling to and from the photo session.

  • granddelusion

    Why can’t someone with her $cred get shoes that fit?

  • CheriCPat

    It is time she recognized that she passed the “cute in a little girl frock” stage.  Her look, body, makeup, posture all reads too old for that dress.

  • Janelle Hoxie

    She looks like a train wreck! Is this what fashion people call pretty? Her eyes look like death, like she stayed up all night partying.

  • therealkuri

    Those shoes are cute as hell, but they’d be way better if they weren’t so gigantic.

  • theblondette

    I just don’t understand why they don’t put goddamn INSOLES in their loaner shoes.

  • ojosazules

    I love fashion, but live in the woods and garden, so I don’t actually move around in high heels, ever. So, maybe y’all could explain something to me: how can a person wear such incredibly high heels and not have their toes shoved so far down in the front that, without wearing shoes that are too small, there wouldn’t be a gaping area in the back? Please forgive my ignorance.
    I love the shoes Nicole has on here.

    • If the shoe fits, your feet can only shove down so far.  If you look at her foot, you can tell her foot isn’t shoved down in that shoe, it looks like it barely is in the toe region.  I know with my stilettos, if the shoe fits, there is a small small space, but nothing like what the lady stars are sporting–otherwise you’re heel slips completely out.  Someone earlier pointed out that the width of the shoe could also be a factor, because I’m sure Nichole has narrow feet, but the width of these shoes is probably an “M”.  

      • ojosazules

        Thank you.

  • formerlyAnon

    Shoes, too big. Page back to last week for related rants.

    I can say that I like her perfume bottle better than those for the last few celeb perfumes.

  • I don’t really think the shoes go with the dress, but I do like them.  I hope that the actual perfume bottle is smaller, not even my large hands could imagine holding and spraying such a thing. 

  • Carrieanno

    Dunno who’s lining up to buy the perfume, but I’d gladly wait in line to get those shoes.

  • quiltrx

    I like the dress, but I don’t think she looks “fresh”–I think she looks 50 years old.

  • Victoria Sharoyan

    Disagree on all counts. 🙁

  • Dot

    Can these lady stars not borrow a damn pair of shoes that fits them?! I love the shoes, but she looks like a toddler in mommy’s heels. Also, that hair color makes her skin tone look awfully sallow.

  • Another victim of bangs. 

  • People at a Macy’s in Glendale? For you east coasters, that’s about like a Macy’s in Long Island. (Not the hip parts.)

  • Wow, she’s old. Either that or her makeup artist hates her. She looks 40+ in that close up. 

  • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

    I don’t think she looks fresh and cute at all.  She looks overtanned, over Botoxed and just plain scary!

  • petalfrog

    Her hair looks like a bad wig… it’s simultaneously flat and too big, and an odd colour on her. Agree with everything else but the shoes are also too big.

  • marilyn

    Don’t like the shoes with this dress.  By the way, that close-up of her face is almost scary.  She needs a more mature haircut.  

  • MilaXX

    Surprisingly enough those celebrity stink oils sell really well. Hence the reason everybody and their mother has one.

    I’d love her look more if the darn shoes weren’t 2 sizes too big. I ask again, how on earth to the lady celebs not face plant teetering around on 5 inch heels 2 sizes too big?

    • Anathema_Device

       There’s probably a yoga toe-clench pose they all do with a special yoga toe guru.

  • TheOriginalLulu


  • Anathema_Device

    I so agree. I can’t not believe the staggering number of fragrances being introduced on a seemingly weekly basis.

    Not loving the shoes with the dress, and I think her hair color is a bit harsh on her. She’s kind of looking like Paula Abdul’s little sis or something here.

  • Yeah, not sure I want to know what Nicole Richie smells like.

  • snarkykitten

     da fuq? she looks like she’s pushing 50

  • I think her makeup is WAY too harsh. 

  • joe_tey83

    Then again, who buys all those other celebrity perfumes (whoever it may be) anyway? Why in the world will anybody buy a product like that? WHY?! If somebody tells me she’s wearing a perfume by so and so, I’ll probably give her a tight slap.

    (This is the second biggest mystery next to Justin Bieber popularity.)

  • Those shoes are too big, and they don’t work with her dress.  Other than that, I do think she looks really cute!

  • GTrain

    I don’t get the celebrity fragrance thing at all. She looks cute, a little…strained

  • I think she looks like she’s in her 40s here!

  • Trisha26

    The dress looks tatty and the shoes are way to big (or do I not know how to buy shoes?).

  • “Who the fuck is lining up to buy a bottle of Nicole Richie’s perfume?”
    Not me!

  • turtleemily

    I’m going to invent a silicon toecap that I can peddle to celebrities who need to make their borrowed shoes look like they fit.

  • LesYeuxHiboux

    Ha! This is easily the best I have ever seen her look. Well done, Rachel Zoe. The actual bottle looks kind of cool, but I have zero interest in tracking down that fragrance. 

  • mike__tv

    That hair makes her look like Kathy Griffin.

  • DesertDweller79

    Too much makeup.  It makes her look old.  And it doesn’t go with the dress.  The dress is indeed very cute. 

    And I really don’t understand why so many stars have shoes that are too big.  I know a lot of other people have said the same thing, and I apologize for the repetition.  But still…. Why?

  • can she walk in those shoes without the heels flapping?

  • CarolinLA

    Maybe it smells like pot and vodka.

    • mhleta

      You say that like it’s a bad thing. 

  • CarolinLA

    Her hair has a slight green tint to it like she’s been spending too much time in a chlorine pool.

  • She looks so much better now that’s she’s not so thin, and the dress is lovely. The booties, while cool, are too big and don’t work, and she really needs to ease up off the eye makeup. Overall, she’s still cute.

  • guest2visits

    I wouldn’t have thought fresh. Or cute.  She’s pretty but the dress isn’t. A cross between beach cover-up and something to run
    to the store in hoping no one sees you. And I don’t understand the fit.  The make-ups’ a little un-fresh; harsh and cougary.
    Same as the shoes; which I kind of like – but don’t go with the dress at all. 

  • mhleta

    I agree with the peanut gallery here. This is disappointing. I’ve seen the ads for her perfume…maybe in Rolling Stone? She looks amazing in those. 

  • unbornfawn

    I hope you guys were being sarcastic. She looks neither fresh or cute. She looks tired and old. The hair and make-up look cheap and that dress looks all kinds of thick. 

  • LambeeBaby

    I think she looks dirty.

  • I wouldn’t have been able to tell who this was in these pictures.  She looks way overdone & older than she is.