Mary Elisabeth Winstead (x2)

Posted on August 22, 2012

…or MEW MEW, as one of our seemingly dozens of cats would say. We think we might be spending too much time home lately, because our 3 cats have all suddenly gotten incredibly clingy. Lying on our desks isn’t enough; lately they’ve all been putting their heads down on our keyboard while we’re trying to type. We’re just going to blame any future typos on them. The worst is when they decide they want to curl up on the pillow next to your head in the middle of the night. Cute, but once you wake up and get a blast of cat breath in your face first thing in the morning, the cuteness quotient diminishes rapidly.

Well. We seem to have gone astray from the topic. Mary Elizabeth? Why don’t you step out here and get us back on track?

Mary Elizabeth Winstead attends the “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’ Press Conference in Seoul in a Kelly Wreastler dress paired with Elie Saab sandals.

Kelly Wearstler Resort 2013 Collection

Enh. The print is nice, but we really don’t like the proportions here. A high neckline, bracelet-length sleeves and a mullet skirt do not an elegant look make. With her arms at her side, she looks like a vibrantly colored rectangle with legs and a head. Hack off that mullet, open up a button or two and slap a belt on this thing, and it’d work fine.

But she sure turned it out for the premiere:


Mary Elizabeth Winstead attends the ‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’ Seoul premiere in Seoul in a Giulietta gown paired with Elie Saab sandals.

Giulietta Spring 2012 Collection

That’s a tough dress to pull off, but we think it looks amazing on her. Love the hair and earrings, but her face looks really odd. Deathly pale and shiny. We’re assuming she’s got some sort of shimmer on her face and we have to say, that’s not a good idea. She’s too pale for that kind of makeup. She looks awesome in every other way, but her face makes her look like she’s about 2 seconds away from throwing up.


[Photo Credit: Getty Images,]

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  • TropiCarla

    That second dress is hot, Ramona … even though I still miss your blue hair.

  • hughman

    Even tho the dress is kind of Leeloo from the “Fifth Element”, it looks great on her. But yeah, the vampire make-up is a little on the nose. 

    • kschwarting

      Whereas the makeup in the first shot looks really great, fresh and natural.  Strange.

  • alyce1213

    If they’d only split the difference on the mullet hem and made it one length it would be so pretty. I like the print, especially lit better as it is in the model shot.  A belt might be problematic with the little trim business at the waist.

    I don’t really like the chest bandage and cutouts on the black dress. It looks a little AVD Awards night to me.

    •  agree, the hem is the only thing that isnt working there.

  • That first dress is cute enough without the stupid hem. I think the problem is that the photographer was sitting at ankle height and shooting up.

  • marilyn

    Dress #l:  Wrong shoes.  Way too lightweight for this winter type dress.  Also, the conservative style, combined with the bunhead, makes her look like a 1960’s school librarian. 

    Dress #2:  Great on her.   Love the purse.   Don’t mind the bunhead hair with that one.

    • kimmeister

      Shoes with dress #1 perfectly illustrate something I mentioned yesterday – when T-straps are too long, they never stay straight and become Z-straps!

      I’m totally with you on the clutch with look #2.

    • maggiemaybe

      You say “1960’s school librarian” like it was a bad thing…

  • In_Stitches

    …I thought it was Fan Bing BIng.  The fact that she is in Korea makes me wonder if that was either a deliberate move or if she used a local makeup artist who’s experience in working with Asian faces led to the effect.  

  • nannypoo

    That first picture is kind of hilarious. Usually red carpet victims are photographed at an angle that give them giant heads and tiny bodies, but here her legs are like tree trunks and her head is miniscule. The dress is awful. No camera angle could save it.

  • filmcricket

    Someone needs to get that second dress to Jessica Biel, stat.

    • Oooh, that is SPOT-ON. That dress would be perfect for her.

      • makeityourself

        Except that she would wear her stupid hair hanging in two long globs down the front, totally obscuring the look of the dramatic cutout bodice.  Picture it in your head . . .  got it . . . yes, she ruined it.  As always.

  • MilaXX

    Look 1: The mullet makes absolutely no sense here. I’m not crazy about the hair, with this dress I think she could have worn it down instead. I also think the ankle straps make her legs look thick.
    Look 2: I like this dress on her, but agree the makeup is a bit too ow key. I think this dress could have benefited from a red lip.

  • Allison Woods

    First one’s horrible in the ways outlined by les oncles.

    Second one’s kinda….unsexy? Enh, don’t like it.

  • KateShouldBeWorking

    Does anyone else think she looks a lot like Fan Bing Bing?

  • Lisa

    Not crazy about either outfit – I mean, she doesn’t look bad or anything, but they’re just not spectacular.

    And Edison always curls up on the pillow next to my head!  You guys know you love it, too!

  • I’m 60 percent sure her make-up artist was either Asian or purposely made her up as one would an Asian woman, because she looks nothing like herself.

  • It’s only make-up. It’ll wash off. Don’t be afraid of it. 

  •  What a massive improvement with the second look.  Same hairstyle, but the pinhead effect is totally gone.  Proportions are a bitch.

  • Susan Crawford

    If that first dress didn’t have a mullet-hem, I would LOVE it. But that second dress was killah!

    I can identify with you, Tom and Lorenzo, on the cat front. Even as I try to write this response, there is a persistent little black cat attempting to recline on my keyboard. Attempts to block her result in various flanking maneuvers: I knew I should never have left my copy of Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War” where she could read it, because adding subtle ancient Chinese power strategies to inherent feline craftiness has created a relentless adversary.

    As for awakening to cat-breath – I hear that. Aaaand, just to make sure she conveys her love for Old Mom, she’s also a drooling cat.

    On the other hand, when I am feeling a bit low, when I’m under the weather, there she is, right by my side, occasionally extending a paw to keep in touch. Sigh. So after I hit “POST”, we’re going to check out Bertha’s Kitty Boutique online; there’s a slim chance that we might discover a cat toy Old Mom has not yet purchased for her amusement!

    Cats: it’s their world – we merely exist within it.

    • MilaXX

       lol, my cat does that too. I have a little cart I sit the laptop on for tv viewing and he insist on walking across me to sit on my right arm. Of course I am right handed and moving him to the left side so I can pet him with my left hand simply does not do. Blocking him only makes him go behind me and still end up on my right arm. Fortunately the only thing he does at night is sleep on my feet, although he does jump on my head promptly at 7am for breakfast.

      • kimmeister

        Our new kitty has gotten into the habit of riding us like horses.  That’s fine if we happen to be bent over, but last night I was standing when he launched himself off of a chair and flew onto my back.  Problem is, I had on a tank top, so his nails dug into my bare skin and since I was standing, his weight was just pulling down on the claws in my skin.  He got in BIG trouble!!

        • MilaXX

          My cat is old and uses my leg as a ladder to get up on the sofa. I feel ya’

          • kimmeister

            I’m looking forward to colder weather, when more of my body parts are clothed and less prone to puncture wounds.

  • I don’t think these pictures do her justice because I usually find her to be super gorg. Great outfits, though.

  • LaylaSV

    God damn I love Kelly Wearstler’s interiors; sort of Dorthy Draper goes shopping at Todd Merrill. In all fairness, the dress on KW’s model was super cute – less mullety, looser with a slightly lower waistline and more undone and carefree. The dress as styled for MEW is just uptight and unflattering.

  • Lee Anne Monm

    In the first look, MEW would have done better to cover her legs to the knees.  Her legs are distractingly chunky looking at the angle the photogs were taken.  The print would look okay on a pencil built type.

  • SewingSiren

    I think the cat breath is better than the first dress. At least it makes more sense why it stinks.
    The second dress is quite lovely.

  • formerlyAnon

    2nd dress is AWESOME, hair & earrings work beautifully. 

    if only the dress had been hemmed to the correct length 

    I can see I am going to have to consider forbidding myself from commenting on minor fit issues because my irritation is growing exponentially and I will qualify as a full fledged crank if I can’t change the trajectory.

  • RzYoung

    I prefer it when her hair’s down and she has the fringe, it really suits her face. She’s got such lovely shiny hair too.

  • DaveUWSNYC

    The guy’s awful cute

  • Vera L-

    is Kelly Wearstyler the judge from Top Design (miss that show!) She was cracktastic, I always loved her outfits and styling!

  • SpillinTea

    I’m just happy I’m not the only one who saw Fan BingBing Realness here.

  • jmorino08

    The first dress looks so light and pretty on the model, but stiff and heavy on her. Odd, that.

  • lilibetp

    I don’t mind the cat breath so much.  It’s when the other end is in your face that I don’t like it.

    • kimmeister

      Lol, one of our cats is constantly sticking her butt in my husband’s face.

  • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

    Love the 2nd dress.  As for the 1st dress — mullet dresses must be STOPPED!!! 

  • Black gown had potential…but did not quite get there in my snarky opinion! She needs a little life installed in her hair and makeup!

  • Love that butterfly clutch.

  • So THAT’S what that sleeve length is called!  Bracelet length.  God I hate that length with the fire of a thousand suns.  It always looks like someone accidentally snipped the hem too short is is trying to get away with it.

  • Love that Giuelietta dress, she looks as good as the model!Great accessorizing, too!