Lady Gaga for Vogue Magazine

Posted on August 09, 2012

Steffi starts her engines and goes full-on RuPaul for Vogue:

Lady Gaga covers the September issue of Vogue magazine photographed by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott and styled by Grace Coddington in a Marc Jacobs purple gown.

On her new fragrance: “The fragrance is called Fame. It must be black. It must be enticing. You must want to lick and touch and feel it, but the look of it must terrify you.

On her music: “I don’t really make records for people to listen to and go, ‘Wow, she’s a genius.” I’d really like you to order a drink, maybe kiss the person you came with that evening, or rediscover something about your past that makes you feel even more brave.”


Credit where it’s due; the gal tweeted:


Honey, EVERYONE saw it. But good on you for admitting it. Personally, we are thrilled that Ru has finally become the fashion and style icon she was always meant to be. Since Miss Steffi likes to start trends, we look forward to starlets hitting the red carpet in 3-foot wigs, padded hips, and 8-inch platforms in the coming year.


[Photo Credit: Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott for]

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    • Sobaika

      It’s a really striking cover, even if I’m Gaga-ed out.

      • Sobaika

        And no kidding with the Ru reference:

    • epilonious

      She admitweeted out of any need to Rupaulogize.

      • Kiltdntiltd

         oh Epilonious!!!!!!  That’s deliciously wonderful.

      • HM3

        *Sigh* I will never keep up with these ever-changing verbs. I shall await the day when I see “Rupaulogize” in the OED.

      • Sobaika


        I’m assuming this a Drag Race reference I’m not getting? But if you came up with that yourself then I bow down to your glory.

        • epilonious

          If from time to time I am, compelled to drop an epigram, I never seek to take the credit, we just assume that Willam said it. –  Paraphrased poorly from Dot Parker
          As much as I want to claim credit… Willam dropped “RuPaulogize” during the Ru Paul’s Drag Race season finale/reunion show.  RuPaul immediately pledged “Bitch, Consider that stolen!  Coming in 2013, my new Album, RuPaulogize.” Also, “Here, have a sticker.  It’s scented!  It smells like a sticker!”

          • Pennymac

            Still, you were able to appropriately use “RuPaulogize” in an effective and memorable way. Hats off to you, epilonious!

          • LANDRU3000

             “Your tone seems very pointed right now.”

          • TieDye64

            No matter. You rock!

      • Ms. Bee

         I must find a way to put “rupaulogize” into the rotation!

        • epilonious

          OED, here we come!

    • Mando Kelly

      YUSS, BITCH.

    • NJPaganelli

      A WERQ if there ever was one

    • Kiltdntiltd

      Bring It Down To Us Gurl!   
      She is showing us the true meaning of fierceness.

    • Nancer

      Just stunning. And her face looks so soft and real! The lines of that dress and the way she is posed are liquid and very pretty.

    • call_me_schmeg

      love the photo; wish she would shut up. wonder what ru thinks…?

      • Imasewsure

        Um Miss Ru is the first to recognize the value of celebrity promotion so you know she is loving it!!

    • Scarlet39

      I always lament that we no longer have models on magazine covers, but in fairness, this cover is really quite stunning.

    • FlamingJune1967

      Does this also signal the return of the pointy bra?  lol!

      • Heather

        I think we should ALL embrace the pointy bra in all its Joan Holloway glory.

        • FlamingJune1967

           Actually, at my age my boobs could be conformed into all kinds of shapes!  Pancake bra, side-pointing bra, lipped shaped bra, ufo shaped bra……. just imagine!  Girls could start rushing their Plastic surgeons demanding that s/he remove their implants and make their boobs squishy!  oh, and throw in a butt drop!
          I do have weird fantasies

    • HM3

      Dislike padded hips. Even on Gaga. Sorry.

    • nannypoo


    • Paigealicious

      She looks like a real-life version of a fashion designer’s sketch of a dress.

      • Anthagio

        That’s a great description!

      • Nancy Abrams

        That was exactly what I thought. I’ve been trying to remember the name for those sketches. I know I heard it once on one of the fashion competition shows. Anyone?

        • mamafitz

           are you thinking of a croquis?

          • Nancy Abrams

            That’s the one. Thank you!

    • formerlyAnon

      First time in a while I’ve found the Vogue cover photo an interesting & satisfying photo of the garment. Since we have to think she was behind a lot of this, congrats to Gaga!

      Never have had strong feelings about her, despite liking some of her fashion forays. I’m liking her a little more over time, though she’s so young and involved in so much that there are going to be balls dropped and sour notes struck, here & there.

    • kelsita421

      stunning, but did anyone else not know it was gaga until they read the caption?

      • Pennymac

        This. Her many looks with make up changes, wigs, weird hats, beyond bizarre shoes have become the de rigueur of Gaga appearance changes. But in this pic her facial bone structure, hair, and makeup made her unrecognizable to me. I love it, actually. 

    • Jessica TallGirl Freeman

      As much as I like the fact that someone is giving Ru due credit, I don’t like this picture, at all.  

    • Jason M. Galloway

      Gross.  Stick a fork in it.  

    • Dixie Murphy Ross

      like the original shot (assuming the second is original) more than the blue-ed up cover shot, mostly because of what it does to the makeup. Someone take the tinting tool away from that photoshop fool.

    • MissAnnieRN

      This is a really interesting study in proportion.  I wonder how much photoshop is employed or if it really is all dress proportions and camera angles combining to make her knees look about 2″ around.  Very striking.

      • dress_up_doll

        Very striking, indeed. But, honey you know they photoshopped this image practically into oblivion. I like it, but did they really need to employ so much?

      • Anthagio

        I think part of M&M’s photography is a lot of photoshopping, but from what I’ve seen, the dress is what is causing the hips to look wide and not actual Photoshop.

    • TheOriginalLulu

      It’s really a striking photo. I can’t take my eyes off of it.

    • StellaZafella

      Looking like RuPaul is not something to which one admits…
      it is that to which one aspires…bitches! (hee,hee!)

      • holdmewhileimnaked

        aspires is way way better than either acknowledges -or- admits. good for you there!

    • Heather

      God bless Grace Coddington.

    • GillianHolroyd


    • Pants_are_a_must

      Honey, Ru would’ve given better face than this. 

      • formerlyAnon

         Well, of course.

        In a (weak) defense, it’s hard to give someone else’s face when all you have to work with is the one you yourself own.

    • holdmewhileimnaked

      steffi likes to take old ideas that once had meaning & recycle them–up[scale]cycle them [monetarily], actually–into red carpet trends from which all the gravitas has been sucked & replaced w/ commerce. this is exhausting for a lot of people, i assume, & while i have no patience w/ the people who find her tiresome cos they think she’s something along the line of ‘too weird’ [aka people who really dont know much], she also leeches the pith from those of us who remember from where & whom & what & how the stuff she has redone was already quite did & w/ a density of depth & perception she will never reach, even if she lives ’til age one hundred thousand. hers or the world’s, doesnt matter.

      but it is good that she acknowledges rupaul, if simplistic, cos once again who she really needs to acknowledge is leigh bowery. or a combination of the two as this cover looks pretty much like the offspring of both, together made viable via testtube. i will also give her that quote two, herein, hereupon, is not bad. while quote one, it goes w/o saying, oh heavens, couldve gone w/o saying, lets say. or w/o thinking, but, well, you know.

      • boweryboy

        I love you for mentioning Leigh Bowery – for obivous reasons of course.

        • holdmewhileimnaked

          w/o leigh bowery there would be no steffi. i could add several other names there & be almost as correct but she owes the great LB as enormous a debt as she owes her feudmate, madonna. maybe more.

      • Anthagio

        It’s not just Gaga who does that, though, it’s all of pop culture. That’s what pop culture is about.

    • mjude

      she really is a chameleon

    • MajorBedhead

      I love it. She looks demure, for Gaga. Must go find a copy at the newsstand now. I love the September issues. 

    • MilaXX

      GMA had this on this morning. Apparently this is the largest September is ever or something.  Yes Gaga is serving some RuPaul realness. Her perfume still sounds disgusting though.

      • formerlyAnon

         I can’t figure out if
        a) the perfume copy is supposed to sound unappealing, that’s part of the schtick
        b) the perfume is meant for exactly that market which finds the verbal imagery appealing (the ineptly pretentious?)
        c) the whole campaign is absolutely straight and meant to be taken seriously & at face value.

        Only choice c) strikes me as unlikely.

    • meowing

      Ah, for the day when padded hips are de rigueur.  I’ll corner the market without the need for the padding.

    • prettybigkitty

      Just as you guys see a picture of Lea Michelle and think “of course.”   Every picture I see of Gaga makes me think “bitch please.”  Get over yourself.   I am.  

      • Tess Danesi

        More than the photos, and I have to admit that woman can work a camera, it’s her weird blathering about her perfume that makes me want to say “bitch, please.” It’s like she strung a list of random verbs together to describe her perfume; entice, lick, touch, feel, terrify. Every thing but what one actually does with a perfume, you know, smell.

        • prettybigkitty

          It’s better than how she initially described it, which was that she wanted it to “smell like blood and semen.”  

          • formerlyAnon

             Every now and then she says something that sounds just like a 19 year old art student and I realize that while in some ways she’s probably sophisticated beyond her years, other facets of her development are stuck at about the place they were when she dedicated herself full time to establishing the entertainer/persona Lady Gaga in the entertainment industry.

            Which is not a slam at her as much as an acknowledgement of how hard she’s worked and how single-mindedly she seems to have dedicated Steffi’s life to the career of Lady Gaga.

          • Tess Danesi

            There is that!

      • Terence Ng

        Marry me.

        Despite all that, it’s a good picture, and it looks interesting, but then she opened her mouth. Bitch, please. Get over yourself.

    • SpcilK

      Awesome! Gurl looks striking and props for the Shout Out to Ru.

    • Maria Smith

      FINALLY an interesting Vogue cover after the snoozefest of the last 10 years. 

    • Kayceed

      Interesting photo, but once again, her efforts remind us of someone else.

    • foodycatAlicia

      Superb from the shoulders down, but it looks like she has serious pash-rash.

    • abigail3

      Beyond fabulous. She is so brave, willing to try anything, but within her Gaga guidelines. Can’t get enough of this fabulous creature!

    • Susan Crawford

      “Once again, people of earth, I, The Lady Gaga, appear before you in all my other-worldly power. I come bearing the Black Elixir of Desire for those among you who dare to approach my divinity. Bathe in it, my minions, and go forth to conquer drabness and conformity. And before you go, call my slave boys to carry me to my chariot, as in this dress, not even I can take a step.”

      • Alloy Jane


    • alyce1213

      I’ve pretty much had enough of her, but I do like this.  Unfortunately, she doesn’t really look like that. Either the photographer or photoshopper is at play here.

    • marilyn

      What a weird place to edit a picture:  Her knees look like they are about 1″ in diameter each.  Too much airbrushing at the knee is not a good thing.  She looks like a caricature of herself, which is difficult since she is a caricature to start with.  

      • Anthagio

        That’s the dress, not her knees or hips.

    • boweryboy

      Fierce photo.  Fierce dress.  For a moment I thought it was RuPaul in the thumbnail but damn.  She’s been photoshopped within an inch of her life.

    • LesYeuxHiboux

      Wow, it looks like someone at Vogue might actually have a sense of humor. I love that cover shot, even if her soundbites are tiresome. 

    • Anthagio

      I didn’t like it at first, which is weird for me, but it has certainly grown on me. I saw someone say that her first Vogue cover was overtly androgynous and this one is comically feminine. 

      As for people saying her hips are photoshopped or padded, they’re not, that’s just the dress by Marc Jacobs.

      Also love the hair for some reason. It’s weird, but not in the usual Gaga sense that scares you and makes you look away. Good for Grace, Anna, and all of the people at Vogue actually approving such an unconventional cover and having such an unconventionally beautiful woman on the cover. From what I’ve seen, the only people who dislike it are people who dislike Gaga and everything she does no matter what it is.

    • Call me Bee

      Hmmmm.   I realized that I have no idea what Gaga actually looks like.

    • ccm800

      That dress is amazing. 

    • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

      Stunning.  The Jacobs gown is amazing.  Love the hair and makeup.

    • BeeBeauNYC

      I saw “September Issue” from a few years ago and was completely fascinated by it; however, I would have LOVED to see the behind the scenes machinations on getting, styling, and photographing Gaga for this cover. Siena Miller was the cover girl for the issue in the movie – SO much more pedestrian than Gaga.

    • Mirakel9

      It looks bizarrely photoshopped…

    • SapphoPoet

       “I don’t really make records for people to listen to and go, ‘Wow, she’s a genius.” I’d really like you to order a drink, maybe kiss the person you came with that evening, or rediscover something about your past that makes you feel even more brave.”
      Great quote there. I have to say that I’m a complete Lady Gaga convert. I used to think that she was just another empty-headed pop star and avoided her music like the plague. Then I started taking spin classes (which I’ve continued, even through chemo!) so I’ve been listening to quite a lot of her music and I really like it. I like her approach and what she has to say. I saw her sing a duet with Tony Bennett and the girl has some serious pipes. 

    • turtleemily

      “The fragrance is called Fame. It must be
      black. It must be enticing. You must want to lick and touch and feel it,
      but the look of it must terrify you.”

      Is it just the bottle that’s black or the perfume itself? If the latter, I’d be terrified of it staining my skin!

    • Kathryn

      She is so amazing, I don’t have words.

    • Carrieanno

      By any chance does she also have an album coming out soon?

      • hoez

        ARTPOP was announced like a day ago as her next album.

    • bellafigura1

      That’s one of the few tweets I’ve actually enjoyed, from anyone, like, ever.

    • Cate Young

      I actually HATE this cover. The dress is amazing but I hate the hair…

    • quiltrx

      What a great photo.  The dress is amazing!

    • guest2visits

      This was more like half ‘real’ fashion, half Gaga. It looks good on her.

    • TieDye64

      Effing fabulous x 1000. That tweet kinda makes me love her. Power to the Ru! 

    • Lizzie Joy

      The blurb about the perfume is hysterical. Whatever. It’s a bottle of perfume.

    • PeaceBang

      Absolutely love it. She looks like what would happen if Cindy Lou Who grew up and seriously embraced fashion.

    • kingderella

      pure LOVE

    • M. Smith

       RuPaul really needs to get her own Vogue cover.  That would be amazing!