Jennifer Lopez for InStyle Magazine

Posted on August 30, 2012

As a mother, entertainer, and person,  J Lo is kinda rocking the InStyle cover.

Jennifer Lopez covers the September 2012 issue of InStyle magazine photographed by Michelangelo Di Battista.

Givenchy Fall 2012 Collection.

Salvatore Ferragamo Fall 2012 Collection
[Wolford Bodysuit. Giuseppe Zanotti Sandals]

Valentino Fall 2012 Collection.
[Deborah Marquit catsuit. Giuseppe Zanotti Sandals]


You might be saying, “Sure, she looks pretty enough, but it’s not setting me on fire.” And that would be your prerogative as a Bitter Kitten. But we’ve noticed that her public appearance styling has gotten a little more aggressive lately. Certainly, it makes our jobs easier when lots of snake skin and fake lashes are deployed, and we have to admit, we’ve been loudly urging her to embrace full-on divahood, but these shots make a nice reminder that Jenny’s very pretty when she doesn’t strap on the drag face.

Of course, it’s not lost on us that we’re treating this spread like some sort of return to clean minimalism when in reality she’s sporting bedazzled stilettos and a leather pencil skirt, but for J Lo, that’s positively nun-like in its simplicity.


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  • call_me_schmeg

    i just can’t get on board with the many faces of jlo. it’s just… i… NO. NO, JLO. STOP IT!

  • Cindi Williams

    “Nun” is totally the vibe I was getting from these photos! 😉

    • Kiltdntiltd

       It totally reads leatherdominatrixmothersuperior, to me.

      • Cindi Williams

        All that’s missing is the studded leather wimple.

        • Kiltdntiltd

           And a Rhinestoned Rosary

    • EveEve

      Of course!  We all know that nuns wear transparent lace body stockings underneath their habits. 😉

  • Kiltdntiltd

    Most of this I love.  She looks terrific, put together and not over the top. The only exception being, obviously, the lace body stocking.  I mean, REALLY now?

    • mshesterp

       I would’ve loved to see that flying down the runway.  Lace!  Bodystocking!  That is just so…JLo.  I can’t believe TLo didn’t call that outfit out specifically.

      But the rest of the shots look pretty great, especially that leather skirt.

      • Kiltdntiltd

        yeah, and those black GPs, really MAKE that look. (coughing into hand)

  • marlie

    I understand what TLo are trying to say about JLo. She’s still all done up as usual, but there’s something a tad bit “cleaner” about these photos. I think it’s the best, and most natural, she’s looked in a long while. 

  • Sobaika

    She is beautiful and I wish I had her gift for for making fierce clothing work on an atypical body. That is all.

    • Ginger

      Ahhh…but see, I don’t see her body as atypical.  Atypical in Hollywood, maybe.  However, she has more of a woman’s shape than the lion’s share of models and actresses.

      • Sobaika

        Yes, atypical for Hollywood and other FASHION people.

        Random, but I think it’s odd when people point to Jennifer Lopez and Christina Hendricks as more normal than the rest. Their bodies are just as unattainable, Jennifer Lopez certainly logs in hundreds of gym hours. 

        • SassieCassy

          cosigning. i dont like the ‘real women have curves’ thing because all women are real women and most women have zero chance of looking like the ultra rich and priviledged hollywood types whose careers literally rely on their looks.

  • TheOriginalLulu

    She looks great and the bitch doesn’t age. I’m starting to think she’s Undead.

    • Heather

      Maybe her ex bit her?

  • Lori

    That cover photo is making me want to tell her to brush her hair. I’m a bit older than J Lo, but it’s “slightly older sister” older, not “mom” older, so I resent that she’s bringing out my inner scold.

  • Heather

    She just bores me. Even in a black lace catsuit.

  • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

    I like that the caption “DO THEY REALLY WORK?” is right next to her boobs.

    • Kiltdntiltd

       Hee hee hee!

    • CallMeJane

       “Fall, Bag and Boot” are three words you don’t normally see next boobs either. Not a good association. 

  • Kayceed

    She looks terrific, especially in the Ferragamo. I always prefer her dressed-up looks – I think she understands that aesthetic much better than when she attempts casual.

  • butterflysunita

    Yes, JLo looks beautiful.  That Givenchy model, on the other hand, is scaring me.  

  • Spicytomato1

    Just seeing her name in the headline brings on exhaustion. I just can’t with her. Her face is beautiful but her taste level is always so questionable to me. Although that black ensemble in the red chair is, refreshingly, on the demure side for her.

  • Clueless_Jock

    Very cougar-esque.

  • Sarah Winningham

    Valentino runway model is working that slutty Hogwart’s teacher shit.

  • 3boysful

    She’s beautiful, gotta hand it to her.  And to her publicist.

  • Sara L.

    I love the cover, because she is standing with hands on hips, looking directly at the camera, and her mouth is closed. See, young ladies? You can look powerful and sexy at the same time.

  • StellaZafella

    I like the first shot, all the rest, too but the cover shot makes me think of Carmen Carrera. In a good way. For both of them.

    • call_me_schmeg

      i can see that carmen vibe. but carmen woulda cut just the lace bits out of the dress, glued ’em to her nipples and called it a day.

  • CatherineRhodes

    Lest JLo gets too prim, the sheer, lace catsuit puts it all nicely over-the-top.

  • alyce1213

    I like her so much better when she tones it down, like this. Some very strong photographs here.

  • jmorino08

    What fresh Photoshop hell is going on with her mouth on the cover shot?

  • foodycatAlicia

    I hate that cover. The strappy bodysuit reminds me of some of the dodgier lingerie catalogues.

  • MilaXX

    It’s JLo being JLo. I don’t hate it, but I don’t love it either. She just is.

  • kimmeister

    NO! Not more white lower lid eyeliner!

    She does look fantastic in the shot in the red seats though.

    • call_me_schmeg

      you will whiten and you will brighten and, by god, you WILL LIKE IT!

  • Lisa Kramp

     I despise everything about this woman, including her enduring charm.

  • PeaceBang

    The lace onesie is very Lilliane Montevecchi in the original Broadway production of “Nine.” 

  • Pants_are_a_must

    Also, that’s her least “IN YOUR FACE” wig.

  • Trisha26

    All was fine until the lace bodysuit – that’s the JLo I expect.

  • Le_Sigh

    I am so excited for the day she transitions into full on unapologetically sparkle Mariah Carey diva on us.  She is gorgeous and takes a great photo, but that JLo will be SO MUCH FUN to watch.

  • Nicholas

    Reminds me of her role in The Cell. She must be pretty great to design for.

  • carpediva

    The woman has always been stunning, but for a long time there La Lopez was the most beautiful woman on the face of the planet for my money… these pictures help remind me of why I thought so.

  • n a

    You could put her in a nun outfit and I’d still hate her.  She is all smoke & mirrors- the result of electronic music (um, have you heard her ‘sing’ live?), Photoshop and some very strategic relationships who knew how to pimp her ASSets.  She’s a media whore of the worst order b/c she has no talent, intellect or even personality that warrants a spotlight.  can’t we all just agree to look away in hopes she may finally disappear? hmmm? pretty please??

    whew- sorry for the rant, but boy do I feel better! 

  • CQAussie


  • bitterk

    She is one of those fortunate women who would benefit from the less is more mantra.  

  • ccm800

    She aint go tht e edge required for full diva-ship…she is too vanilla 0 maybe THE MOST vanilla Latino gal of all. Her parts are better than her whole. Beautiful this, that and the other thing but all together she’s kinda meh. 

  • fungstyle

    she really should sport the clean make up look more often.