Elisabeth Moss is Not Fooling Around Anymore

Posted on August 22, 2012

You guys, Peggy Olsen has HAD IT with being the frumpy go-getting good girl.


‘Mad Men’ star Elisabeth Moss attends the “For A Good Time, Call…” premiere in New York City in a Dolce&Gabbana lace black dress paired with nude pumps.

Y’know, we never really noticed this before but she really knows how to serve up some classic red carpet posing. Look at that 3/4 turn in every single shot. Marvel at the fact that she hasn’t crossed her legs in that “I’m just a girl; a girl who has to urinate” pose that instantly takes intelligent women and makes them look insipid. Look at that direct gaze and slightly smug smirk. Either she’s a natural prodigy at posing or she got some excellent advice from someone who knows what they’re talking about.

On a style level, the dress is fine, but the shoes are tragic and she could’ve used some statement jewelry. It puzzles us why she wouldn’t be sporting a kickass pair of earrings to show off that sassy new cut. As to the latter, it’s a really great cut for her. Unfortunately, that bleach job wasn’t the best idea. She has fine hair and it only serves to highlight that. Besides, it’s just not a good match to her coloring. More of a strawberry blonde or even a full-on red would look better.


[Photo Credit: Jason Kempin/Getty Images]

    • dsco3031

      And some eyeliner on the bottom lashline. LOVE the haircut.

    • piecesofconfetti

      I’m not loving this slip, I mean dress, on her. It’s ok, but makes her look broad shouldered? Love the haircut but totally agree about the color. She’s getting there!

      • 3boysful

         My exact thought–she  forgot her dress!  (And in this day and age, where’d she buy a full slip?!?)

        BUT, somehow, for all it’s faults, the whole is way greater than the sum of its parts.  She looks the best I’ve seen her.  Love the cut, and I even like the bleach job.

      • 3boysful

         My exact thought–she  forgot her dress!  (And in this day and age, where’d she buy a full slip?!?)

        BUT, somehow, for all it’s faults, the whole is way greater than the sum of its parts.  She looks the best I’ve seen her.  Love the cut, and I even like the bleach job.

        • kschwarting

          Couldn’t agree more–the bleach job isn’t perfect, but she looks so young and fresh!

        • LesYeuxHiboux

           Word, I have been fruitlessly searching for a full slip that is not chock full of elastic and stretch fabrics for weeks now.

          • jenno1013

            Try Vermont Country Store.  They specialize in things you can’t find anymore.

            • Adriana_Paula

              I love the Vermont Country Store!  They’re great for giant white cotton panties…

          • Sweetbetty

             Try a vintage clothing store or website or ebay.

          • momjamin

             Clearly, you need to try the Mad Men wardrobe department.

    • lehen

      i kind of like her as a blonde.  its unexpected.  she looks hot.

    • theblondette

      Oh Peggy! It’s so nice to see you looking glam. I love the cut but that blonde is just too light for her. BUT she looks really happy with it, and every girl deserves to try to go ultrablonde at some point. Even if it doesn’t work out, it can make you feel old-school glamorous.  Hopefully she’ll tone it down to a more caramel blonde or something anon.

      • minnye

        I agree! I went light blonde for a short while. The color really didn’t suit me, but it lifted my spirits when they needed lifting.

        • ballerinawithagun

          She looks great! Sometimes you have to go past the comfort zone and then come back.

        • theblondette

           Definitely – when I was finishing my PhD I went for a Debbie Harry blonde and in hindsight, kinda brash. But at the time? Good to give me a punk rock push to the finish line.

          • VictoriaDiNardo

            As a perennial pixie cut bleach blond I support it – it’s a great way to break you out of a shlump-slump.  But I’m not a fan of the trend to style short cuts so flat these days; same with Michelle Williams.  Tousling it a little bit helps keep it from looking too juvenile.  If you put a barrette in her hair it would be a kiddie cut!
            And wear some earrings!
            ( But she does look great! )

            • Sweetbetty

               That’s my problem with Ms. Moss’ new do;  too flat and smooth, looks like a bathing cap.

            • Glammie

              Yep.  I like it with the upper part of her face, but its flatness makes me notice her heavy jaw and short neck.  If there was some definition in the hair, I don’t think I’d notice the rest of it so much.  She should darken her base color and then get the really light stuff on top.  

              I can relate though–my neck’s wide and it makes really short hair a no-go for me.  I’m wistful about pixies.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2CNDPMVO4W23R5TVC2QMTJ5BZE Heather

      Man, Peggy is HOT! Agree though that those shoes are awful.

      Anyone know who the dress is by? I’d actually love it if it’s in my price range (doubtful).

    • MoHub

      She’d look amazing as a redhead. The blonde just washes out.

      • Sobaika

        Imagine if all the Mad Men ladies became delicious redheads in their off-time. A testament to the impact of Joan Harris.

        • charlotte

           Oh, I had forgotten about red-headed JaJo!

          • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3JSTXMWWVZN2QNP2UEKJMTWD7U Isabel

            Can’t be a red head. The other one would upstage her.

        • sweetlilvoice

           Kind of like how all the men sport beards when MM isn’t filming…

    • http://joyouslifesf.wordpress.com Kiltdntiltd

      And Peggy, who knew you were hiding that hot l’il bod under those mid century duds?

      • leftcoastpickle

        Stan knew.

        • http://joyouslifesf.wordpress.com Kiltdntiltd

           (smiling slyly)

    • mshesterp

      Oh, I hate the hair.  I can’t even comment on the cut, I dislike the color so much–it just doesn’t suit her.  But definitely like the posing.  Why, oh why, wouldn’t you show off a short ‘do with some fantastic earrings??

      • http://kingderella.tumblr.com/ kingderella

        agreed. the colour is so, so wrong, i just cant get over it.

    • Patricia Gillett

       The shoes are wrong but I can bet that very few people in that room even saw her shoes. She’s WERQing some serious RC confidence here.

    • http://twitter.com/Alyssa_T_Robot Alyssa T. Robot

      i reject your criticism. get it gurl! 

      • makeityourself

        Me too.  I reject it all.  I love the brashness of her blondeness.  She doesn’t look perfect, but that’s what makes it fresh and fun.  The only thing that creeps me out is that under it all she’s a Xenu follower.

    • Le_Sigh

      Awright Peggy!  Baby steps gurl – I can also see her as a chestnut brunette.  

      • formerlyAnon

         This! or a subtle auburn. Not too dark.

    • Sheila Luther

      The new hair makes me concerned for Peggy’s fate . . . perhaps she doesn’t play much of a role in the new season of Mad Men? 

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Matthew-Vella/666619877 Matthew Vella

        My first thought! I doubt Peggy would’ve dyed her hair blonde. Although she might have, seeing she’s in a new work environment and would probably want to stand out.

    • Hermione_Granger

      Those shoes were a missed opportunity.

    • miagain

      oh honestly..

    • kikisayshi

      DO IT, girl!

    • http://www.epilonicast.net/theydontknow epilonious

      Shoes match the hair… Now when her roots grow out she can start wearing nude sandals with brown straps…

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1183772509 Jen Hughes

      Daaaang. She looks gooooood.

    • http://twitter.com/marared Jaime

      Dress is pretty. Blonde is not.

    • charlotte

      Oh no, Miss Peggylicious! That is not your color.

    • http://twitter.com/TMamBo Therese Bohn

      She’s rocking this! Yeah, we’re all tired of nude pumps, but they sure show off her gorgeous legs.  And as Abe said on Mad Men- she’s got shoulders ‘like a swimmer’.  I think she look great — but I wonder if this color and cut is Peggy’s new look for Mad Men (last seen in the year 1967) or if it’s for another role?   God, now I really can’t wait for MM to start filming again! 

    • LaylaSV

      Well. For what it’s worth, here she is as a strawberry blonde: http://imgur.com/4nLcy

    • http://twitter.com/watchinginkdry Krysta

      Yeahhhh the color ain’t good.

    • http://twitter.com/almcafee Alison McAfee

      She always looks like she’s sucking in when she’s on the red carpet. I realize 99.9999999% of all stars probably do, but she always looks like she’s holding in a really deep breath which makes her chest in shoulders look big. no judgies girl, I do it to! 

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/FEP56YB4DUIXBWSLIMSSSGQHWY jimmack

      The girl can work it for the camera. Good for her! Applause. So tired of the “I have to pee” pose, poor posture and blank expressions. Ms Moss has to be a graduate of the TLO School for Starlets.

    • call_me_schmeg

      “i’m a good girl gone bad. just look at this nightie!”

    • http://theargiehome.blogspot.com/ Gus Casals

      Ok, Mad Men filming starts in October. She can always don a wig, or maybe New Professional Peggy has a pixie cut? So far, so Mia

    • http://twitter.com/iraki86 IraKi

      Had she worn more jewellery this would look less like lingerie. Great haircut!

    • holdmewhileimnaked

      she’s been practicing! everything, seems like, to make her look like a moviestar–something she’s doing a lot better here. she looks good, even if even i cant approve of the shoes. it’s also too bad miley cyrus just did virtually the same hair & that to endless amounts of publicity. as an aside, i dont think she could do red for a similar, obvious reason. unless the show’s over, something which i dont think has come to pass. anyway.

      edited cos i didnt stress enough just how much nicer i think she looks. which is a lot.

    • http://profiles.google.com/gillianholroyd gillian holroyd

      Girl that is not your hair color. 

    • Kayceed

      Just call Butterfield 8.

    • Tamara Hogan


    • GorgeousThings

      Michelle Williams just called. She wants her hair back.

    • jmorino08

      I just want to know how she managed to match her shoes to her hair?!?

    • RzYoung

      I really like this, I think it suits her and I never noticed her bright blue eyes before!

    • fungstyle

      totally disagree with the hair color, i love her as an ice blonde. and if nothing else, she thinks it makes her look good and that shows. 

    • http://frockpaperscissors.blogspot.com/ kvlm

      GO PEGGY!!!  Smokin’!  I heart her.

    • VioletFem

      Love the dress, hate the hair. 
      This hair color does not work for her. She almost looks bald because of how close to her skin color her hair is. A red shade like, strawberry blond, would suit her much better. If she felt she just HAD to go blonde she should have gone for a darker more golden tone. 

    • http://www.facebook.com/katiewolf2002 Katie Wolf

      I really like that she’s rocking her sexy dress/sassy hair so clean – virtually sans makeup/jewelry. IMO it makes both the dress and her cute hair (underline LOVE the color) stand out all the more. I like that her shoes match her hair – it “bookends” the dress. Lastly, she has rather a short neck so she is probably wise to forgo earrings. She gets an A in my book.

    • Judy_S

      She looks fabulous. I think the dress taught her to pose. She’s posing like someone who is wearing that dress (and in a movie with that title!).

    • nannypoo

      This neckline is good for her because she has the world’s shortest neck. I like her haircut but I hate the color. She always looks like she has allergies. I think eye makeup would help. 

    • Judy_J

      She’s going for the va-va-voom! look, that’s for sure.  I agree that a darker shade of blonde would suit her better, but I do love that cut on her.  The side-swept bangs look great. 

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jessica-TallGirl-Freeman/1043623567 Jessica TallGirl Freeman

      Who would have known that slamming body was under all that frumpy crap she’s been wearing.  Love the cut, but the color is too platinum for coloring. But way to go for getting out of your box!  

    • http://twitter.com/TravelSweeps Barbara Benham

      Oh T + L, your commentary always cracks me up. The shoes are tragic. I’m just a girl, a girl who has to urinate. 

      (As for the shoes, the color might be tragic, but the shoes themselves aren’t that bad.) 

    • TheOriginalLulu

      I agree with everything you said, TLo. I think red hair would make those gorgeous eyes of hers stand out like crazy.
      Love the haircut and agree that she needed some super-blingy earrings here.  

    • tallgirl1204

      Not buying the lingerie or the hair color.  But she has such a look of “I”m the hottest AND smartest chick in the room.”  Like she knows a bunch she isn’t telling, possibly about nuclear physics. 

    • umamikitten

      I don’t disagree with any of the TLO assessment, but man… none of those points bopped me in the face at first.  The initial impact was, ooooh baby!  You smoke that red carpet!  Totally agree that she’s werqin’ the poses.  Her expressions are fantastic, they show a lot of personality and make her look more intriguing as an actress than many other red-carpet faces.  
      Although there was a little hint of being reminded of something.  Finally came up with it.  Ashlee Simpson.  

    • kittenwithaquip

      I can’t get beyond the ubiquitous nude pumps. Have they always been everywhere and I just never noticed before? Putty colored shoes are to lady stars as Crocs are to suburban moms (for the record, I’m a SAHM, but I own neither Mom Jeans nor Crocs). I just can’t wrap my head around the concept. So many glorious, fun shoes, and women choose nude heels or nude stilettos. Or nude platforms. Blah.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jessica-TallGirl-Freeman/1043623567 Jessica TallGirl Freeman

        It’s been a red carpet travesty for some time now.  Just seems like more and more are showing up instead of going away. 

    • MarissaLG

      None of this suits her. The hair is all wrong, the dress is wrong, the style is wrong and even that smirk on her face that says, “Yeah, I can be the sexy one too” is all wrong. 

      • l_c_ann

        I think of her as someone established in her field, and the whole get up suggests that she is someone desparately trying to be photographed and remembered for whatever reason.

    • Hell Yes, I Would!

      Love the two ladies in the background in the last pic giving her the side-eye…. Not their look, but their expressions.

    • imperfectlaura

      Pretty sure the dress is Dolce & Gabbana. 

    • Ozski

      I like this look for Lizzy! It’s fun and flirty and so easy to maintain (until the roots show up). If you look at photos of her from past MM hiatus, you’ll see that she tends to go back to her natural color, which I believe is probably a dark-blonde, mousy brunette color. They’ll probably dye her hair back to Peggy Brown in October.

    • Ozski
    • Fordzo

      I love the cut!  She has such a high forehead, but the side-swept bangs balance her face out beautifully.  

      I think the colorist did a good job – there are some pretty tones in that blonde.  It doesn’t look flat.  

    • jw_ny

      Those shoes ruin the entire look.  This dress called for a kick ass pair of heels…sparkly sandals or some color, and yes, a statement piece of jewelery could have added a lot.  As is, it’s a bit on the lackluster side, although I like the dress…which I’m typically not a fan of the slip type. 

      Her posing, yes, is better than most…elongating her neck would improve it.  She does have an air of confidence about her which translates thru the pics.  

    • Pants_are_a_must

      How weird is it that startlets are getting the short bleached ‘do a year after I started seeing every other girl in her 20s in NYC do the same. Isn’t it supposed to be the other way around?

    • PinkLemon

      She’d be AMAZING in a full red head.

    • granddelusion

      Too bad she wore her nightgown to work.

    • http://twitter.com/jen_canary Jennifer Ford

      Yeah, that color does not work for her at all which is a shame because she otherwise looks pretty fab but it’s so off, it’ distracting.

    • http://phantomminuet.blogspot.com/ MinAgain

      Love the hair, despair at the shoes.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_JSGAZPEESHQT47ATH55GNOHHBY Erin

      I agree with y’all about the hair color, but I think she was going for something here.  Platinum makes a statement.  

    • MaryMitch

      It looks like she went to the wardrobe department and got a slip. I like the hair, and the “dress” fits, and she sure is working it, but that looks like the slip my mom used to wear when she was running around getting ready for a night out.

    • Anathema_Device

      Yeah, that’s a bad blonde on her. It really washes her out. The hairstyle is incredibly cute on her though.A bolder bracelet and some earrings, even small ones, would have made this look less like she is truly out in her slip or nightgown. 

    • Tatiana Luján

      Love that lipstick on her. I never noticed hoy pretty her eyes were. 
      If the shoes were black, they wouldn’t be bad.

    • alyce1213

      I hate the hair, Seems she’s going for a Michelle Williams thing; alas, the pixie cut is not for her and the color is bad light yellow.  
      Posing? Shots 4 & 6 (actually the same shot) are cute, but I feel she looks very stiff and uncomfortable in the others.
      The dress is flattering, but it goes a bit too far into lingerie territory.
      Overall, washed out and meh.

    • BelladonnaRising

      I love her hair. Sure, it’s not the ideal shade for her face. But the cut and color together are just a bit Twiggy. It’s fabulous because it brings out her blue, blue eyes. 
      She sure wore some nice lingerie to this shindig. A necklace, and perhaps even some EARRINGS, would’ve really helped. Shoes are terrible. The worst. If I never see another nude pump again it’ll be too soon. 

    • ClevelandburbsBeth

      Wow! SO much better.

    • Susan Crawford

      I love the shorter cut! And, like T & Lo, I agree that a less “bleachy” blonde tone would be more flattering, or a strawberry-blonde, but that can be attended to in good time.

      OK, so in addition to the mullet hemline, silly-putty shoes, and mermaid-tail gowns, I am officially adding “dresses that look exactly like lingerie from my mother’s dresser” to things I detest and wish would go away.

      She DOES have the bod to rock a tight sheath, all right, but this is very Spanxy-looking. And . . . accessories maybe?

    • Candigirl1968

      ITA.  She also could use a more dramatic eye, or a bit more color in her cheeks (her face seems bare).  

    • CassandraMortmain

      I think she looks amazing – maybe the best I’ve ever seen her look.  Sexy and confident and very pretty.  That said, the shoes are all wrong, she should have put on some glam earrings and the shade of blonde is far too light.  But overall, it works. 

      I think the haircut is really flattering.  She doesn’t have great hair – it looks like it’s thin and fine and super straight – so this cut works with all that.   If she tones down the blonde this should be a really great hairstyle for her.  And I would love to see Peggy rocking a Mia Farrow-style pixie on MM, but I don’t think that Peggy is fashion forward enough to do that.  Megan, maybe.

    • msdamselfly

      The haircolor is so wrong.  Her legs look pretty popping though

    • MsALVA

      Great hair, but on the wrong girl. It’s not good for her face shape. Maybe it needs to grow out a little more. I guess this means that if she went and cut her hair, they’re not getting ready to film the next season of MM for a while, which makes me sad. I am in withdrawals.

      • Czarina5 Czarina5

        Filming of MM season 6 is rumored to start in October and to air next March.  

    • RL McGruder

      Finally!  She’s needed to bring it for a long time.  Kudos!

    • SuzBald

      Still….va va va vooom!

    • http://sharpandkeen.wordpress.com/ Katie

      She just never looks like she’s actually breathing on the red carpet. It always makes me feel so uncomfortable and anxious for her.

    • beebee10

      She is calling it out to all those who won’t cast her cause she is not “sexy” enough: EAT IT SUCKERS! 
      While Moss’s Scientology makes me crazy, I love her portrayal of Peggy. 

      • http://www.wordydoodles.com WordyDoodles

         Lord have mercy, did you say Scientology??!!?! An internet kitten just died.

        • luciaphile

          Yep. She is a Scientologist. Lord help her.

    • http://gabyrippling.tumblr.com/ Gabriella M

      She probably didn’t want to trigger a piece on all the Mad Men women becoming redheads. Blame January Jones, who should’ve gone with another color if she needed the change. Personally I think JJ would make a marvelous chocolatey brunette. Girls, trade colonists, please.

      Agree about the need for a statement piece. But I wear big earrings with practically everything so I’m biased.

    • MilaXX

      The good: I like the cut on her. The makeup looks great and the dress fits her like a glove.
      The bad: I’m not crazy about the color, I think she would have looked better as a red head. Silly putty pumps, ruin what could have been a kickass look.
      The quibbles: She needs some earrings

    • marilyn

      The ‘dress’ looks like a vintage slip.  

    • http://twitter.com/#!/Space_Kitty Space Kitty

      I’m surprised how much I love this look, including the blonde.  Burn those ugly shoes and give her a werq – she’s earned it.

    • http://twitter.com/yankeefoxtrot Alex McGeagh

      All of these Dolce and Gabbana dresses either a) look like slips/lingerie, or b) (in the case of the bejeweled ones), drizzled in glue and then thrown into a whore’s sewing basket. 

      That said, the sassiness on her face is WERQing this look like it owes her back rent. And I kinda dig the pixie cut. Makeup is fab too. Oh gosh, and her calves. Girlfriend…impressive effort! 

      (but yes. burn those damn shoes.) 

    • Wellworn

      Actually love the bleached look on her.  It’s retro glam and cool.  To me it doesn’t show how thin and fine her hair is, as much as a darker color would.  A nice change for her to sex up her image, and with her quirky looks it’s edgier.  Agree with the shoes and jewelry.  Love the pale face with a red lip. 

    • sashaychante

      I sort of like the blonde hair, but red would look AWESOME on her.  She is rockin’ that dress, but the shoes…NO! 

    • theblondette

       Ooooh good photoshopping!

    • http://tinyglimpses.blogspot.com/ Meg P. W.

      I just chopped off my hair and was thinking of trying a platinum blond, a la Michelle Williams. After seeing this, I think I’ll go for a light golden blonde instead. LOVE the cut, though. :)

    • http://cheekypinky.wordpress.com/ Rebecca

      Agreed on every point. She is werqing the shit out of that dress, in spite of the faults, though!

    • janetjb


    • http://profile.yahoo.com/7CV4UESSOMKN6EWENKFA5KMMFA Nicole

      Nuh uh!  Blonde hair is the BEST LOOK for her!!  (and it does well at camouflaging fine hair… hides contrasting scalp from peeking through).  But total UH HUH on the shoes and lack of earrings!!

    • Trisha26

      The dress looks like a slip and the shoes look like Payless or worse. I love her new look though – love!

    • elleg929

      She needs to smile though.  The smirk scrunches up her face and it is not cute.

    • Larkin21

      Wow … I surprised how much I like the hair color. I agree that strawberry blond or darker shades would be better but this looks much better than I would have expected. And the cut is great. Not much to say about the rest of the look. She looks great but the new ‘do definitely gets all the attention.

    • cleep1000

      Everything works but the shoes. Maybe she decided she wanted all the attention on her face. That’s the only explanation for those oatmeal pumps.

    • Rebecca J.

      She’s closer to looking like every other Hollywood gal.  

      Fabulous figure, but I do wish she would full-on smile rather than smirk. 

    • http://twitter.com/dollsaga Dollsaga

      is it a full slip you wear underneath the dress?

    • formerlyAnon

      I love the hairstyle, HATE the color. Too white-blonde. The shoes really drag this down, it could’ve been full-bore Gina Lollobrigida sexy (in a fairer, less busty way) with some sexy shoes.

      I think it’s a stunningly sexy slip dress, aided by the fact that my  mom had a late-1950s full slip that looked a lot like this, lace and all.

      And, she’s got a great toned-without-being-skinny look going here, pretty close to perfect.

    • http://www.wordydoodles.com WordyDoodles

      She is WERQing it!!! LOVE the outfit, the direct gaze, the confident pose. She looks terrific. I’m totally with TLo on the need for better shoes and accessories that complement this new direction, but overall, this gets an A.

      But on the hair: I’m not sure about the shape or the color. You know she couldn’t do red with her colleague Hendricks still alive and kicking, but I definitely agree that a change is in order. Something more golden/tawny, less yellow? Or even a rich warm brown with highlights. That would make the sweep across her forehead more of a statement, I think.

    • http://needtherapy.tumblr.com/ skadi1

      I hate the hair. hatehatehatehatehatehate. Maybe it’s a cute cut, but who can tell behind the glow of the terrible terrible terrible bleach job. It’s the worst possible color for her. Hate.

    • TieDye64

      Loving her new cut.

    • LesYeuxHiboux

      She forgot to put her dress on. It’s a very nice slip, though.  The hair is much too light, but strawberry blonde/red would doubtless invite comparison to Christina Hendricks. The shape of the cut really plays up her beautiful eyes. I can’t with the shoes. Whenever I see a stiletto with a pointed toe-box all I can see are the gnarled, deformed toes beneath forming bunions.

    • Lisa Kramp

      Haircut is fabulous and I agree about the color, but maybe she’s offering it up to the platinum sex goddess of Hollywood to get more film work.

    • http://vhanna26.typepad.com Vera

      She really does know how to work the RC.

    • michelle shields


    • Lisa

      I LOVE this new look of hers!  Yes, granted, the shoes aren’t fabulous, but everything else is GAWWWJUS!!  Good for her!

    • GTrain

      cute cut but the color is wrong for her

    • MissAnnieRN

      I fear she might be Tom Cruise’s next GF….  But she does have a lot of work to do to break out of her image as the good girl.  This goes a long way.

      • Mefein

        Bite your tongue!  I don’t know which is worse, that or a Peggy-Don match-up.  Or a Peggy-Don match-up where Peggy converts Don to Scientology…

    • Mefein

      The strong shoulders, stellar posing, and killer gaze are going a long way to bringing the slip of a dress just a little into the Rita Hayworth kneeling-on-the-bed pinup realm.  I guess if you’re going to be foolish enough to wear an unaccessorized negligee dress, the least you can do is bring your Rita!

    • ccm800

      LOVE the makeup! LOVE LOVE LOVE it. The shoes are practically vertical and a crime against her poor feet crying out in photo one!  The hair is VERY cute – but agree that a honey blond would have been better. 

    • luciaphile

      She looks great, but I can’t get past the fact that it looks like she forgot her dress. Fantastic figure though.

    • lilibetp

      I like the blonde.  Unlike Miley, she looks like she could actually be a blonde.

    • guest2visits

      Wow – that baby blond hair really suits her. Agree the shoes were a miss.

    • Jennifer Coleman

      I know a 10 year old with Elisabeth’s coloring with the exact beautiful strawberry blond hair color that would be so stunning! I really like the dress. 

    • Kathleen Gillies

      Is this hairstyle like a Twiggy look?  Not that I think these ladies make new style changes with the filming of the next Mad Men season in mind or anything. (I ask because I was born in 1965 and was not reading fashion magazines for at least another 12 years).

    • andreawey

      no!!! hate the hair cut and color awful, her face is too round for the cut and the color…….well that’s been covered……

    • littlemac8

      KUDOS!  I agree: she’s giving good posing.  I don’t know how people can say that totally love the haircut since I would need a 360 to be able to say that.  There are some wispy things I’m not sure about.  I kinda love her in the dress/slip.  She looks like she’s having fun.

    • LocMama

      The shoes match her hair!  All that fabulous posing completely distracted me from the fact that her dress isn’t that great.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VZLU6YVO4BRTELTTH3GRAAMWZQ Dot

      How did I miss this?! Aside from the shoes, she looks fantastic! I am loving this haircut on her.