Dianna Agron in Paris

Posted on August 06, 2012

We are firm believers in the idea that truly stylish people have an innate talent for acting, whether they realize it or not. It’s trite to say it, but we all go through life playing roles; sometimes ones we choose and sometimes ones that are thrust upon us. But smart, stylish people figure out on some level that clothes are there to help you in your role and you can switch up the costume depending on your mood. Are you feeling mysterious today? Playful? Fiercely competent? There’s a dress for that, darling. Choose your outfit; choose your role.

So you’ll understand our confusion regarding Dianna’s choice here today. Apparently, the role she decided on was “waitress in a 1940s melodrama.”

Dianna Agron goes shopping while shooting her latest movie ‘Malavita’ in Paris. Shoes by Miu Miu. Sunglasses by Dolce&Gabbana.

Miu Miu ‘Ayers’ Embossed Pump

Seriously; pin an apron on her and she’s ready to bring you your chicken and waffles. She’s Mildred Fierce, except this dress isn’t so fierce. If they ever made a movie called Mildred Twee-As-Fuck, she’s a shoo-in for the role.

It’s not completely horrible, but it needs a belt desperately and those ruffles in the bodice need to go. Also, we find it VERY irritating that she had a chance to inject this outfit with some color in her accessories and she not only chose a skin-colored pink, but she matched her shades to her shoes and that’s a little gross, as far as we’re concerned.Who pairs snakeskin pumps – PINK ones, at that – with seersucker?

This whole look is kind of awful, kittens.


[Photo Credit: WENN, mytheresa.com]

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  • Noshmek

    Those shoes look as if she spilled bacon grease on them on her way out to bring those damned waffles.  Girl, honestly, if you’re spending this much effort to prognosticate your career, just do us all a favor and get on with it.

    • Lilithcat

      Girl, honestly, if you’re spending this much effort to prognosticate your career, just do us all a favor and get on with it.

      For prognostication purposes, crystal balls work a lot better.

  • Agreed, awful dress and shoes, but I would cut someone for that luggage. And the sunglasses are cute, if a little Claire’s Accessories.

    • We’ll flip for them.  Killer luggage!!

    • RebeccaKW

       Yes, I barely noticed her dress b/c I was staring at those little suitcases, daydreaming of owning them.

    • Sobaika

      I know! I want to be in Paris, swanning around with that luggage.

    • More than a little… I was just in there (don’t hate me; I have an almost-eight-year-old daughter) and I’m pretty sure they have those exact glasses (if much cheaper) right next to the Justin Bieber Barbie.

      • No judgement. By the way: where on the gender continuum is the Justin Bieber Barbie?

    • LeSourire

      It is so very, very cute. What on earth I would be able to fit in it is another story… beautiful things can’t always be practical I suppose.

  • Wow. just,…wow.  What a bland, shapeless, schmatta.  She does indeed look like she should be wheeling the kids around in a double wide mega stroller, while trying to teach them her native language.

    • MoHub

       I think I had that dress as a 9-year-old in 1960, but I had sensible flats to go with.

      •  And you probably looked adorable.  This?  not  so  much.

  • artgirl9

    Where’s Toto?

    • BrooklynBomber

      Ha! You beat me to it!

    • chlorophyll

       Am I the only one who sees the shoes as a nod to the ruby slippers?

      • artgirl9

         no- that was the clincher for me to make the Toto comment

        • chlorophyll

           Slap on head! Of course you saw the shoes! Sorry artgirl9. It took me awhile to realize the whole look might be an intentional reference to Dorothy. I like Dianna’s sense of humor.

  • thrillckr

    Ugh.  I hate ruffles of all sorts.  No one over the age of 18 looks good in them.  She looks a bit ridiculous.  Love the luggage though.

    • I would lower the age of consent on ruffles to 8, not 18.

  • SewingSiren

    I love it! The only thing that I really don’t love is the elastic fitting the waist, it should be in inset waistband, then it would be perfect. I can’t help it I love twee and 40’s kitsch.

    •  She’s not walking the RC – she’s shopping or in between scenes so she’s probably just dressing for herself. I think she looks comfortable and cool and I’d ditch the heels and wear sandals. Sheesh you guys bitch when people wear warm weather clothing in July, and now you bitch that she has on seersucker in August. Are you guys ever satisified?!

      • Amy Ennis

        I don’t think the bitch was about seersucker per say. 

      • EveEve

        dressing for hersef?  that’s funny.  those shoes look like the antithesis of “comfortable” in the city in August.  Clearly she’s out marketing the products for the sake of the cameras. 

      • Dorothy & Michael on 7/30: ” I think they could have done a better job of making her look sexy.  This seems pretty far removed from “sexy”.”

        Dorothy & Michael on 7/27: “She’s getting too old to show her knees in garments this short. ”

        Dorothy & Michael on 7/26: “This whole look just makes a little bile come up in my throat, I swear.”

        Aren’t you ever satisfied?!?

        • kittenwithaquip

           OMBob, I dream of the day TLo respond to something I wrote…but not for being twitty.

          The outfit didn’t strike me as that horrible (I too was caught in the thrall of loving the luggage) until it was pointed out that she was mixing seersucker with snakeskin. PINK snakeskin. Then I shuddered myself back to reality.

          •  Hello, kitten.

          • kittenwithaquip


            You guys are the best! You make me laugh daily and bring wit and glam to this native Californian stuck in BF, AR. *MWAH* (I’d write something witty or snarky but I think I’m a bit starstruck.)

        •  Apparently not!

      • MilaXX

         no, the bitch was HOW she wore it. (all wrong inn case you missed it)

        • janetjb


  • I think she looks adorable. A belt for sure, but still cute.

  • H3ff

    She is trying way too hard.

  • BrooklynBomber

    Toto, too?

  • schadenfreudelicious

    A ruffled pinafore is all kinds of unflattering on anyone over the age of 8……

  • Le_Sigh

    This outfit is so fucking precious, Michelle Williams would vomit.

    (I clearly haven’t had my morning coffee.)

  • joancarol

    Totally had that dress in the 60s and loved it. 

  • formerlyAnon

    Ruffles. Rarely a good thing after age 6.

  • mhleta

    Can we talk about this word, “twee” for a moment? It’s becoming the language equivalent of the fedora. Self proclaimed hipsters love to throw it around to show how hip and un-twee they are. I’m not sure who coined it but I distinctly remember first reading the word back in 2000 in Anthony Bordain’s “Kitchen Confidential”. I looked it up back then (probably in an actual dictionary with pages) and couldn’t find it. Googling the word now it comes up in all kinds of dictionaries, the basic definition being, “excessively sentimental, sweet, or pretty. [from tweet, mincing or affected pronunciation of sweet].” By far, my favorite definition comes from Urban Dictionary, “The noise a sparrow makes the moment it dies. ie ‘Tweet, tweet, tweet, tweet, twee…” 
    That dying sparrow is the perfect metaphor for this outfit. This had potential to be a really fun look because, if nothing else, there’s something deliciously ironic about wearing a designer dress made of mattress ticking. A belt, some bangles and some edgier shoes would have propelled this into the Adorable Hall of Fame. Unfortunately, Ms Agron took her little sparrow’s song too seriously and it dyed a horrible death, plummeting to the earth with a sad and final, “‘TWEEeeeee…*cough*.” RIP little sparrow. 

    •  And a special award of merit goes to, (drumroll please)     mhleta!  For one of the least twee posts about an overly twee outfit!   Congratulations, mhleta!

    • Mattress ticking!  That is exactly it! With ruffles.

    • kimmeister

      I distinctly remember the first time I came across the word “twee” – it was in a Barbara Taylor Bradford romance novel that my cousin gave me in the early 90’s.  I was like 12 and had to look it up in a dictionary (with pages).

    • Hmm. To me, ‘twee’ was always derived from ‘tween’, or ‘one who is the appropriate age to wear twee-style clothing’, ie. fussy and ruffle-y with child-like asexual silhouettes and things. This was a revelation!

  • I think I had that dress when I was a little girl. 
    It is pretty awful, but it has been so hot everywhere that all I can think is, oh, she looks so cool.

  • mjude

    its the shoes that dont make sense to me but then again its monday morning.

  • Chillmer

    I like it, but then again, I adore Forties style.

  • Amy Ennis

    I kind of like the dress, but I would never wear something like that. It takes me back to 3rd grade “cowboy” shirts that my mom made for me. 

    • Snailstsichr

       Our mothers must have taken home ec together!

  • EveEve

    Going shopping?  Snort.  She’s not going shopping.  She’s doing a marketing plug.  Notice she handed off the little suitcases to somebody else as soon as the photogs got pics of them?  I’m sure the dress, sunglasses and shoes weren’t her choice either. 

    • Judy_S

       Interesting thought. If she had ditched the shoes too, I would approve. She could be quite comfy in that dress with sandals, and perhaps preserve some privacy when passersby averted their eyes from the ruffles.

      •  Different shoes (i.e., a pair of sandals) would more definitely push this outfit from “WTF” to an entirely acceptable – if a bit unflattering – running-errands outfit.

  • Kayceed

    You won’t catch me in a pinafore anytime soon, but she looks cute. A belt would cinch it, though. Heh.

  • janierainie

    Did she make that thing herself?

  • I hate those shoes more than words can adequately express.

    And the first thought that came to mind when I saw that dress was “little girl’s art smock.”

  • MilaXX

    It’s another also ran for her.  If the dress was reworked (No ruffles & a skinny black belt), I could live with the shoes & shades, As it stands I only want the little suitcase thingys she got shopping. I;m not saying I like the shoes/glasses combo, but rewirking the dress would make them passable.

  • nannypoo

    This wouldn’t look good on anyone.

  • Susan Crawford

    I had a Candystriper’s dress exactly like that back in my long-lost high school volunteer days! Makes me think she should be pusing a cart full of books, magazines and candy around the halls. I have to say, though, that those shoes are killah!

    • littlemac8

      OMG.  You’re bringing back memories of various uniforms I had to wear.  Monday was the hideous Brownie uniform which later transitioned into the hideous Girl Scout uniform.  Every Monday I would feign memory loss and appear at breakfast in on of my “cute” outfits only to be sent back upstairs to change.  The pink/red and white seersucker striped uniform I wore on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the summer to volunteer.  I had to ride 2 buses in that think to get to Children’s Hospital.  Ride of shame!

      • Susan Crawford

        LOLZ! I also did the Brownie-to-Girl Scout thing. I was a scout until I was eighteen years old – my mother was the state GSA chair, and she made it clear that as long as SHE had to march in the 4th of July parade in uniform, I had better keep her company. (On the other hand, despite the uni of those days, I loved scouting. I can still make a mean camp fire, pitch a tent, tie all kinds of knots, and as the contents of my purses will attest, I still llive by the Be Prepared ideal.)

  • Ksagun13

    Laura Ingalls goes shopping in Paris.  I do like those little suitcases though!  

  • Pants_are_a_must

    Oh look, it’s the Halloween preview for “Sexy Anne Shirley”.

  • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

    The ruffles are an unfortunate addition.  Too bad, because this could have been a cute, cool summer dress.  But the luggage is all kinds of awesome.

  • Flashback! My mom made a dress like that from a Butternick or Simplicity pattern for my sister and me in the 1970s!. Except ours was white background with red polka dots. We looked so cute. When we outgrew the dresses (boo hoo), we gave it away to Salvation Army. We saw two cute girls with our former dresses about a year later. They looked so happy. We said “Aww, they look cute also.”

    • sagecreek

      EXACTLY! Me, too!

  • You said it…GROSS!

  • l_c_ann

    Because she’s not flat chested, the dress’s waist is riding too high on her.  I’d guess it didn’t feel right for her either.

    How long did she carry her purse by friction, since both hands were carrying those cute suitcases?  In many cities, that way of carrying a purse is an invitation to purse snatchers.

  • She looks like an over-the -hill “Bad Seed”…

  • SophieCollier

    I like the dress but agree it needs careful styling.  

  • Ugh, I had a shirt with ruffles like that in 6th grade, in 1982.  Terrible then, terrible now.  Cannot get past this.

  • chlorophyll

     With the shoes a nod to the ruby slippers. Great call artgirl9

  • kimmeister

    The look is a fail for sure.  I hate the angle of those heels.  They look like they would snap off with one forceful stride.

  • Anathema_Device

    Way too juvenile of a look. I LOVE those print cases she’s carrying, though. 

  • jw_ny

    mmm….now I want some waffles.  Diana, would you please make it snappy…I only have 30 minutes for lunch….;)


  • I just had a flashback to a Candy Striper uniform I had back in—well, let’s just say “back in the day”.  Looked just like that except it had a white short-sleeved shirt worn underneath it, and a Peter Pan collar that peeked out over the pinafore’s neckline.  Really, she should be wearing white lace-up shoes to complete the look.

    Was she shopping in a store that gives out color-coordinated briefcases to hold goods??  Must be a helluva shop.

  • tereliz

    Oh, man, am I ever a sucker for seersucker but this I would not buy. (Although I might try it on for kicks. Then laugh) Ruffles like that always read diner waitress to me. Cute shades.

  • LuLusLemons

    That dress is bargain bin Modcloth, for sure and certain.

  • alyce1213

    Seersucker is my favorite thing to wear in hot weather, all versions of it, but this dress is for a 3-year-old.

    The shoes, however, I adore.

  • MinkaL

    It’s not a good look but I don’t know, I think she dresses pretty obviously for her body type. She has a slim up body but comparatively thick thighs/leg. The ruffles give her upper more volume to balance out her lower body. I still think the dress, shoes and sunglasses are awful and she often dresses like she wants to be the next coming of zooey deschanel, but there is a purpose to her choices I suppose.

  • ccm800

    Those little suitcase thingies are adorbs though.

    • Susan Crawford

      They ARE! Does anyone know the brand? How cute would a stack of them be in a dressing area or a home office??? T and Lo – can you help identify them?

  • TheOriginalLulu

    I like the dress, but think that the ruffles are a bit much. It would have been much better without. Agree with TLo that a belt was in order here. The shoes make no sense. Seersucker screams summer; she needed some cute and colorful sandals here.

  • Gail Lannum

    I worked in an amusement park as a summer job in “75 when I was a teenager. My job was in a popcorn wagon in Frontier Town and I had a costume exactly like that…ruffles and all.  Mine was red and white checked.

  • Does this dress remind anybody else of what’s-her-face’s Project Runway dress from the Hershey’s challenge?  That one actually HAD an apron…  And a bizarre alien model walk.  Wish I could remember the designer’s name, though.  She’s the one who won the prom dress challenge (which remains the most ass-backwards judgery in show history).

    • Lisa

      Victoria!  And yes!

  • luciaphile

    Shirley Temple called. She wants her dress back. I do love the cases, just not with this look.

  • If they ever made a movie called Mildred Twee-As-Fuck, she’s a shoo-in for the role.
    oh gosh i nearly died laughing

  • AthenaJ

    “Choose your outfit; choose your role”

    This makes me think of those Choose Your Own Adventure books from when I was a kid, but now I’m imagining them with options for fashion instead… like ‘Do you follow the creepy old guy into the catacombs or go back to the museum?’ would be ‘Do you wear the overworked Stella McCartney dress, or a vintage Chanel suit?’

  • littlemac8

    Help??  Are we sure those are SUITCASES?  They’re so tiny…what could they hold???  Lacy unmentionables?  Maybe they’re full of canned dog food for Toto!

  • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

    Kenley would swoon over this dress. 

  • Claire Stanton

    Of course.

  • TSkot

    Off to clarinet practice, but couldn’t decide which instrument to take so she brought both.

  • I want her suitcases so badly. I need them.

  • Esz

    It has elements of the 40’s – but all the things that make the 40s style awesome are missing – the waist isn’t structured which would make it more slimming (on someone with her figure) and it’s much too short. Dresses with equal lengths above and below the waistline look horribly proportioned. Bleergh

  • CupcakeKate

    I had that exact same dress in 2nd grade.  I loved that dress.

  • quiltrx

    Betty Grable called, and wants her damned dress back.  She had the gams for it.

  • Lisa

    Shoes by Miu Miu
    Sunglasses by Dolce & Gabbana
    Dress by Dorothy Gale of Kansas

  • PeaceBang

    I read this as “Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm Hooks Up With a Rich Lover And Moves To Paris.”

  • turtleemily

    It makes her look thick and neckless.

  • lesmaha

    I wore this dress in 1982, when the 1940s came back for a moment. I was 17. I made it myself, from a pattern.  Different fabric, same style. Wow.

  • newtonGOTbeaned

    I love this look. Except that she totes did need a belt. But otherwise, I love it. Especially on her. She looks good in twee clothes, apparently.