Christina Hendricks in West Hollywood

Posted on August 21, 2012

Miss Christina is learning that extremely important and useful celebrity skill: working the shit out of a camera while either pretending you don’t see it or pretending that you’re terribly put out by its presence.


Christina Hendricks takes a shopping trip in West Hollywood carrying a Farbod Barsum bag.

Farbod Barsum ‘The Isabella’ Tote, $23,980

Serving up Joan Holloway realness without looking remotely like Joan Holloway. Attagirl. You did it. Because we lived through the 1990s, we hate chambray shirts with the white hot intensity of a thousand suns. And to be perfectly honest, we don’t even like it here. But everything else is working so well that we can’t even bother working up the high dudgeon to criticize.

Here are the things that are working for us:

  1. The Hair. It looks to us like she’s had a color touch-up because that’s some seriously rich red hair there. It also looks to us like someone figured out how to make her hair look fuller, which has been a problem for her in the past. This is absolutely the best hair she’s ever sported outside of Mad Men.
  2. The Makeup: Part those fire engine red lips, girl.
  3. The JEANS. Oh, Christina! We know how hard it is for the ladies to find a pair of jeans that does the job for them and girl, YOU DID IT. You must immediately go out and buy at least ten more pairs. It’s insane how perfect those jeans are for her. They almost look custom-made.
  4. The Shoes: She’s demonstrated such poor footwear choices in the past that we sometimes wondered (and we’re being serious as a heart attack here) if she didn’t have some sort of medical issue with her feet. She tended towards rather cheap-looking, low-heeled shoes that gave off the whiff of orthopedics. We sincerely hope she doesn’t have foot problems because there’s no way these stilettos are a good idea if she does. But this is the shape, Christina. This is the exact shape of shoe that flatters you the best. You should be able to find low-heeled or even flat versions if you need to.
  5. The Attitude: “Why yes, Mr. Paparazzi, I DO look hot as shit today, don’t I?”


And yes, girl. We see the label on your fabulous bag. Nicely done. Bet they’ll let you keep it now.


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  • MoHub

    I’m sorry, but I don’t buy the pointed-toe stilettos with the rest of the outfit. And I’ve never slung a shopping bag over my arm like a second purse.

    • Sarah Dickerson

      Really?  Never?  I love doing that and pretending I’m a very important celebrity and everybody wants to know where I shop.  It makes the schlep back to the car much more fun 🙂

      • We see people carrying their shopping bags like that practically every day.

      • MoHub

         Maybe if it’s a tiny bag, like from a cosmetic store, but not a big honkin’ suitcase-size bag. I hold those dangling in my hot little clenched paw.

      • MoHub

         Well, it is interesting that she switched the shopping bag from behind the purse to in front of it.

        • She had to plug the bag AND the boutique, non?

      • LeSourire

        Ha! I carry bags that way all of the time, but never with such a fun reason in mind. I will now always enjoy my shopping trips more due to you.

        I really wish the shirt was a different fabric, but the shape is great for her. I’m glad she has either figured out (or likely has found someone who has figured out) how to dress her in non-period clothes that still work for her.

        • MoHub

           I do occasionally carry a heavy bag over my shoulder, but it’s always the opposite of the one I hang my purse on. I don’t think I’ve ever double up two bags on one arm.

          • Glammie

            Sounds like you don’t have kids.  Trying to shop with a baby gets you slinging bags all over while you’re balancing the baby with one arm and unearthing your car keys from the bottom of your shoulder bag with the other.  

          • MoHub

             My one kid is 35 now. However, when she was a baby, we shopped only in pairs, and when she was a toddler, we used to carry her or walk with her and put all the shopping bags in the stroller.

          • MoHub

             My one kid is 35 now. However, when she was a baby, we shopped only in pairs, and when she was a toddler, we used to carry her or walk with her and put all the shopping bags in the stroller.

    • KC

      Really? If the bag is heavy I absolutely hold it over my arm like a purse. I’ve seen lots of people do that, it is much more comfortable.

      • janetjb

        Me too.  I hate blotchy numb fingers.

        • KC


    • Kimbolina

      I have no idea how this started, but one of my friends and I always refer to holding a bag like that as the “douche bag hold”.

    •  How the heck else would you carry it? I’m sorry, but are we supposed to use our HANDS?! Then how do we carry our coffee while texting? Get real please.

    • Call me Bee

      Some of us do it.  Every time. 

    • ccm800

       REALLY? Why wouldn’t you? 

    • Nelliebelle1197

       I carried shopping bags like that just this morning.

    • I schlep my shopping bags like that all the time. 

    • KathKo

       I do it too.
      Carrying bags is a pain in the ass, I need my hands free.
      I even carry my bento bag that way, and it’s shaped like a briefcase.

  • i dont love any single piece here – well ok, maybe the shoes – but everything fits, her hair is perfect, and she looks poised, resulting in an overall very put together impression.

  • I agree. Jeans and a chambray shirt call for relaxing shoes too. Those just look painful. But, she does look good! 

  • RzYoung

    That’s a $24,000 bag…. $24,000! There’s a line in Working Girl that I tend to say in a thick Nu Yawk accent: “Six thousand dollars? It’s not even leather?!’…sadly though I can’t use the quote here as I’m sure that bag IS leather…. in fact I hope to god is it otherwise she’s been ripped off, in fact I hope it’s unicorn hide otherwise…$24000?!?!? 

    • Hell Yes, I Would!

      For reals. I had a heart attack spending $500 on a bag last year. My brain can’t handle $24,000.

      • RzYoung

        Ditto, my brain literally can’t handle that value…that bag is worth, like, 16 months of London rent and she’s paired it with a stone-washed denim shirt

        • kimmeister

          I’m glad you also see the shirt as denim rather than chambray.

      • GorgeousThings

        Well, if it makes you feel any better, she probably didn’t pay for it.

        • TieDye64


        • AudreysMom

           and it looks rather new and in half the shots the label is in the front. So perhaps, the bag is a recent ‘gift’ from the designer and CH is fulfilling a promise to use it in some celebrity ‘natural but of course will be photographed’ way.

        • They probably paid her to get a new outfit to go with the bag so at least she’d look good while carrying it.

        • Sweetbetty

           There’s probably somebody (or more than one sombodies) somewhere who shelled out that dough for a purse that costs more than my first house did.

    • Unless she can drive that bag home, it’s wildly overpriced.

      • luciaphile

         Most of them are.

    • I’m going to start designing bags that cost ridiculous amounts, but hold the same shape as the things you could have bought instead…

      “Why is your bag shaped like a Mini Cooper S?””Because it cost as much as one…”

    • SapphoPoet

      Really? Yikes. I can’t even wrap my brain around that. 

    • jennmarie19

       I just posted the same comment second ago. That stopped me in my tracks. It’s really kind of obscene.

    • NatalieD28

      Oh gosh…that is, no lie, what I make in a year PRE-TAX. I love my designer bags just as much as anyone else but that is obscene to me! To think whoever has the means to buy that could pay my salary for a year in one minute! Of course, that can be said about a lot of other things too, but when you view it as “buying a purse or paying someone’s entire yearly salary” it sounds even more ridiculous to me! Le sigh..!

    • We’re a little surprised to see the kittens reacting so strongly to this. Not that we don’t think a bag that expensive isn’t grotesque, but it’s not really all that notable in the realm of celebrity, either. The vast majority of our celebrity coverage features them sporting equally as outrageously expensive items as this one. It’s why we’re so hard on them. If you can’t get it right after being handed a hundred thousand in clothes and accessories, you deserve to be bitched at.

      Do people not realize that Oscar nominees are often sporting items that total in excess of a million dollars? Have we done a poor job of educating our kittens?

      • Sobaika

        I think it’s that a) this bag isn’t exactly the cutest and b) more people have heard of Prada, Louis Vuitton, etc. as opposed to Farbod Barsum.

        I think you educate us just fine 🙂

        • Scarlet39

          It’s “A” for me.  It’s just not aesthetically pleasing (as Nina said to Santino).  🙂

          • Sweetbetty

             Right.  If I was shopping at Walmart and a bag that looked like that was part of their stock I’d pass it by.

        • schadenfreudelicious

          Agreed Sobaika, the bag is somewhat underwhelming, and when i think bags heading into that price range i think Hermes not Farbod Barsum…

        • KrateBay

          Yes, totally unknown brand — although I suppose having Christina carry it is part of the effort to make it KNOWN. But the far bigger gripe with the jaw-dropping, truly obscene price is the fact it’s so ordinary looking, so already done. I suppose it must be real crocodile. But a black-and-white bowling bag? Wasn’t Prada doing those like 4 years ago?

        • Sweetbetty

           And often the price isn’t included in the caption on this page; some of the BK’s go searching and come back and report the ridiculous prices.

      • theblondette

         Maybe it’s because it’s not the red carpet, which is a fake kind of world, but this is just… on the street with jeans. I think it causes a bit of a mental stutter. “Shirt, jeans, b-b-whaaaaat? that bag is $24k???”

        Also, I guess when I see a beautiful couture dress I might think it’s overpriced but at least I see the work that went into it. This is a pretty standard, not even that pretty, bag that costs as much as some people here earn…

        • Oh, honey. These “on the street” posts are almost always just as fake. She didn’t get this dolled up for no reason. She knew a photographer was going to be there and in all likelihood, he was tipped off by her publicist.

          • theblondette

             Oh, I know. But at least they resemble real life? I really think that’s what’s bothering people here. I bet if she was carrying a $24,000 clutch whilst wearing a $50,000 dress at the Oscars people would just shrug.

            But these posts remind me that although I would love to be sent all this free beauty and fashion stuff, being a big celebrity would be the most incredibly weird, fake way to live. Like being a goldfish bowl. Full of piranhas.

          • theblondette

            Replying to my own comment… I was thinking about this more. The strong reactions seem to me to be a response to seeing the price of the bag as more than shocking: as obscene. There is for many of us something offensively indecent about something that is not especially aesthetically pleasing, that has limited function, and that has a high cost. What would reconcile us to the cost? If the bag were more attractive, maybe? If we were viewing it outside of a situation like a shopping street that seems to bear too close a resemblance to the possibilities of our own more frugal lives? If the bag were more exotic – in style, location, or social context – maybe it’d be easier to swallow.

            There’s also an element of cognitive dissonance in how we react to luxury items, I think.(To borrow Wikipedia’s quick definition, “Cognitive dissonance is the term used in modern psychology to describe the discomfort felt by a person seeking to hold two or more conflicting cognitions [e.g., ideas, beliefs, values, emotional reactions] simultaneously”.) To be reading a celebrity fashion site in the first place you have to be at least somewhat aspirational, but a quality characteristic of the Bitter Kittens is also critical evaluation. The price tag on this bag is a jarring reminder that in fact what can often seem like a fantasy world is actually a place where real world economics happen, thus forcing a comparison to our own more limited means. That something as simple as a basic bag can cost so much then creates two responses:
            1. Disgust – disassociating ourselves from the values that legitimise spending like this
            2. Reconciliation – rationalising the high cost (“it was a gift, she didn’t buy it”, “celebrities aren’t like us”, “this is how marketing works”) by putting it in a mental category far away from ourselves.
            The result of both is similar – we’re disconnected from “how the other half live” but the emotional effect is quite different.

          • out for a walk

            I want to like this multiple times. How are you this smart so early in the morning?!

          • theblondette

             Haha, thanks! 😀 Actually it’s later where I am. I ate a doughnut. Clearly that fuelled me.

          •  I bought donuts (or doughnuts) for tomorrow morning. I hope they give me an equally eloquent state of mind-ish thingie.

          • RzYoung

            I love your comment! So much thought and you really articulated my problem with it too. I was struggling to understand my own strong reaction against it when I know full well that celebs wear thousands of dollars of jewellery at awards ceremonies. But like you said I think it’s about context, it just seem so inappropriate ‘on the street’…maybe also I thought Christina H was more down to earth than that? Silly me.

          • I think another factor contributing to the obscene is the lack of a comparable profit from this investment.  On the red carpet, you wear a million dollars of borrowed or gifted clothing and you get press, the cover of People magazine and interest through a variety of search engines and websites, general buzz.  You are promoting film and fashion industries, sometimes even countries or economic systems as in the case of FLOTUS.  But here, she’s walking down the street….. there is no reason, no promotion, no possible profit equal to this level of investment.  She/Someone has put a whole lot of money into nothing – that’s what I find obscene.   This may be staged, but it’s small scale and not deserving the large scale prop.

            She might as well be walking down the street waving flaming hundred dollar bills – 240 of them.  And that would get a lot more press than this.

            But to TLo’s point, I wouldn’t have commented on this aspect ordinarily.  I’m usually immune to the excesses.  But the Bitters got me thinking and there you have it.

      • Beardslee

         Well, I knew celebrity bags were many many thousands but I didn’t know they could be as much as that.  So perhaps I am not alone in being really taken aback by that price.

      • SapphoPoet

        No, I know they get expensive stuff. But so often I’m just looking at pictures and not prices. And then I see a price tag associated with a particular item that I’m looking at and my brain explodes. 

        I think it just really emphasizes celebrity economics–that they live in a completely different world. It really does blow my mind that a BAG costs more than my cousin makes in a year. Or it equals a year of college. Or a car. I mean, I make a good living and can buy pretty much whatever I want (within reason). But to me, $100.00 is a lot to spend on a pair of shoes. I simply can’t imagine living in a world where I walk down the street carrying $24,000 on my arm. 

        The rich, they are not like you and me. 

        • mshesterp

          Also, of all the celebs, I wouldn’t think Christina Hendricks would fall into that category (not that she paid for it, mind you, but that it would be given to her to sport around town).  She’s on a well known but relatively small-ish watched show, and not a big name star. It makes more sense for JLo to carry it, you know?

          • She’s on the one show that the fashion industry adores above all other shows. And even cable TV actresses get a ton of free shit.

          • mshesterp

            You know, that makes a lot of sense.  Interesting that you see a lot more of her lately than January Jones, which could be due to Jones’ baby (and lack of “man about town” appearances) and also their characters’ getting more and less screen time, respectively.  

          • I number among the regular readers who have surprised you (and myself) by being a bit shocked and horrified by the price of this bag (seriously – I thought I had read it wrong at first). Maybe you should include the prices of more of the outfits you so brilliantly critique – surely that would help in our collective education..!?

            (I would just like to add that I love Christina Hendricks and I wish her well.. but still, that’s just too much money!)

      • mshesterp

        I kind of assume it with gowns and jewelry, but there comes a price point watershed moment, where it’s just…are you kidding me?  It’s so excessive it’s laughable.  I’m not sure what that is–at $10K bag?  $15K?  $50K?  But yeah, jeans, heels, denim and a $25K black thing that resembles a bowling bag is just…please.  It’s all relative, I just know I made a face when I saw that price.  There was nose wrinkling.

      • mommyca

        Could it be because you usually don’t post the price? I know you have in the past for many items (usually handbags), but I don’t remember being the norm for the “Gal on the street” posts. Can we find out which jeans she is wearing? 🙂 

      • Sartorial_She

        I’m a little surprised by my reaction! After all, you had a post a while back where one of the Olsen twins was carrying a bag (one of their own designs) that cost more than this one. I was dumbfounded and amused. But for some reason, my reaction to THIS handbag was…”I question the ethics of a 24K bag”.

        ETA: That was poorly worded. Bags don’t have ethics, that I know of. But you get my point…

      • CozyCat

        It’s just not the special a purse.  When I checked the price, I expected something like $2,500–which is still more than most of us could/would ever pay for a purse but is in line with the high end leather goods.

        But $24,000?  For THAT?

      • For me, it’s 99% jealousy. 

      • mountainFashionista

        The million-dollar Oscar ensembles have a lot of jewelry in the mix, and we’re used to diamonds costing a lot, and couture gowns costing a lot. 

        This purse will be knocked off (in comparable materials) and found at H&Ms around the world 6 weeks from now.  That’s the difference, I think.

      • DesertDweller79

         No, no.  You educate us just fine.  This is why I don’t feel bad reading your posts when you make fun of people.  And I don’t feel bad making fun of them myself.  If they are given a million dollars of crap to wear at the Oscars and get it wrong, then by all means make fun of them!

        But….  honestly….  She is walking down the street in a denim shirt and jeans.  And carrying a bag which costs way too close to what I make in an entire year.  I know, I know, it is a gift.  It’s marketing!  But….. just…. holy crap!

        Good Lord, T and Lo.  I already thought bags were overpriced.  I mean, tens of thousands of dollars for a leather bowling bag because it says Prada on the side is beyond ridiculous.  These are just bags!  What the f*** do they do that makes them cost this much?  How hard is it to make a bag?  What material is it made from?  It is just insane!  I always think the prices are insane, any time you post them.

        Perhaps it was just the “casual” appearance of the photos and her attire that makes it seem so ludicrous.  I don’t know…  My goodness, I just don’t understand the appeal of these overpriced bags.

      • Us unborn fawns (and I speak more for myself here) have a reality distortion field for such things… you say “million dollars” and we process it as “million yen” or “million pesos” because, well, clothes shouldn’t cost as much as a really nice house. 

        I suggest you put a “CostRage” widget in the upper right hand corner of celebrities-on-red-carpet posts… just so that one of the first things we see is “This is $1,345,678 USD worth of donated clothes… Our criticisms of the styling were written with this in mind…”

      • My guess is that since she tends to carry bags that are fairly realistic– like that Coach Stewardess bag ($350)– it’s a bit jarring to see her carry one that much more expensive.  

    • GorgeousThings

      For 24 grand, any bag would have to be a Birkin in my fantasy land. That thing she’s carrying may be $24K, but it looks like a cheap bowling ball carrier.

      • Agreed. I don’t judge Christina for carrying it as I’m sure she got it for free. I just think it’s butt-ugly. I WOULD judge someone who paid $24K for it.

    • mshesterp

      It’s so offensive I don’t even know what to say about it.  What could it possibly be made out?  The skin of infants?  It’s just…I don’t even think I’d have the balls to carry it around.  It makes the infamous Hermes Birkin bag look like Payless.

    • Roughly $4,000 more than my annual income as a graduate student.

    • EveEve

      No bitter kittens really believe she actually PAID for that bag, do they?!?   TLo, please, please think about doing a book chapter on the “best and worst” of celebs flogging the merch!

      • LANDRU3000

        But does she get to keep the bag?  I mean when celebrities show up at the Oscars, they are often wearing borrowed jewels (Harry Winston comes to mind) and they have to return those.  Do they have to return the $24,000
        bags?  Or $50,000 dresses?  As far as merchandising goes, is Girl on the Street the same as Girl on the Red Carpet?

  • Hermione_Granger

    Her hair is gorgeous!

    • Sobaika

      Favorite part of the ensemble! I love a deep red. The lipstick too.

    • Definitely.  I’ve tried so many times to get that red, and it NEVER works for me.  Probably because I don’t look like Christina, but DETAILS. 

      • Sobaika

        I feel you. If I were white, I’d be a redhead. The closest I came was dying my hair a red-black, but the end result was a sort of eggplant color.

        • Le_Sigh

           ME TOO – my hair was maroon for months! 

        • Haha.  I am white and Irish as can be, and I still cannot pull off the redhead thing.  It is baffling (and upsetting) to me.  And I swear my colorist is talented as all hell, but no dice.  It just does not work.  Le sigh.  

  • call_me_schmeg

    snaps up for rodeo drive realness (even if this isn’t rodeo).

  • She looks great (love the hair!) but that bag she’s advertising is dreck.  Looks like it should have a padded interior space for a bowling ball & shoes. 

  • Agreed, she looks AMAZING, and as a curvy gal myself it makes me so happy to see her looking great. (Because then, you know, maybe I can too.)

    Any idea where the jeans are from? I’d love to try them on myself. Designers would be so wise to pin themselves to ladies like the lovely Ms. Hendricks. Lord knows when she looks great like this I want to buy every piece she’s wearing. 

  • Scarlet39

    I don’t care how much that bag costs, it’s ugly.

    • MoHub

       That is one expensive bowling bag!

  • greyhoundgirl

    Why is Disqus back to the old format?  Yesterday it was different.  Just wondering.

    • 3boysful

      I’m just glad it came to its senses!  Much more easily readable this way.

      • kimmeister

        And, I can actually post, instead of being told that I need to upgrade to IE9 (which is not supported by my workplace yet).

        • Call me Bee

          Yeah–I was told that as well–and I use IE9! 

  • miagain

    $23,000 for a @#$%^& purse?  Is that a typo?

  • boomchicabowwow

    TLo, I’d like to thank you for ALWAYS reminding us – when Christina is on the red carpet – that she’s not really a “big” girl.  Nothing illustrates that point better than these shots.  What are those jeans…a size 6?  MAYBE an 8.

  • sweetlilvoice

    Agreed with all of your comments gentlemen, I too hate that 90’s shirt but she looks so good it doesn’t matter! Her hair looks amazing. Purse is great but I can’t believe it costs more than my college education…..

    Work those cameras Christina!

  • RebeccaKW

    I don’t have a dislike of chambray shirts.  But even if I did, I think I would get over it here b/c she looks so great.  I’m jealous of how those jeans fit her.  I like that she added the stilettos, dressing up what is a casual outfit.  Hair and face are gorgeous.  The only thing don’t like here is the bag.  Personally, I think it’s ugly.

  • CozyCat

    I’m I the only one who thinks the girls need a little more support?  And as another curvy girl I usually avoid the chest pockets.

    I think if she were “supported” a little higher and the shirt had no pockets this would be a really sharp casual look.   

    •  Agree x 1000! That shirt ~ it’s too tight, giving her gaposis, and the super-high position of the pockets makes her breasts look like two watermelons rolling downhill! Aaaarrrgh! And even though that shade of blue is perfect with her coloring, I’m sorry, she looks like a refugee from Thelma and Louise! Christina, PLEASE throw this shirt out! I think a plain white tee would have looked super sexy…

      • Yep. As a very top heavy person (30JJ) I’m pretty sure that a) she’s not wearing the right-size bra  – her breasts look too low and sort of smushed all over her chest, instead of supported up and front in in cups that actually encase of all of the boob flesh and in a tight enough band; and b) her shirt is not the right cut for a busty person – as is the case with most shirts, but surely she can afford alterations or custom made tops. (for those who can’t I strongly recommend the Bravissimo/Pepperberry (UK) and BiuBiu (Poland) brands – it’s such a difference to have button-up shirts that do not even slightly gape at the bust while neatly nipping in at the waist!)
        And generally, I like the look, (I’m a fan of chambray shirts) but I think a less skinny cut of jeans would probably flatter her more .

        • formerlyAnon

           Totally agree on the jeans, but these are in style and she looks so much better than usual that I think many of us are not looking to closely at how this might be improved upon!

  • SapphoPoet

    I have to say that I really like chambray shirts; I love the color and they’re so comfortable. I think Christina looks great here; comfortable but pulled together and stylish. Everything goes, even the bag, which I quite like. The jeans look a teensy bit tight, but I’ll forgive her that. Nicely done.

  • sorry, while the rest of the package looks good, that shirt is AWFUL. I would not have worn it 20 years ago because it looked awful then too. Now the top of her looks like she rolled out of bed with a ranch hand and had to wear his too-small shirt to go milk the freakin cows. Blech…

  • jennmarie19

    Wait a minute, her bag is $23,000+????? I know she didn’t pay for it but . . . I can’t even . . .

  • newleaf1

    Holy cow, a $24,000 bag?  Sorry, that’s where I get all ‘you could feed a lot of kids in Africa for the cost of that bag’.  That’s insane. But she does look really good.  Love her hair.

  • YourBaloneyDontGotNoSecondName

    we love our uncles T and Lo for letting us have a delicious strawberry ice cream sundae for breakfast!

  • theblondette

    Oh Christina!!

    Whenever Christina shows up on here, even when she looks crappy, I feel a bit misty, because that’s how much I love her. But she looks great in a totally everyday sort of way. Her hair looks AMAZING! If only that hair colour weren’t ludicrously high maintenance I would go for it. (It’s amazing how fast red hair fades into orangey-ginger, oof.) Also, I’ve rarely seen her legs fully like that, and actually our legs are quite alike. Needs to get me some jeans like that. Except I doubt I can afford them. *small tear*

  • SewingSiren

    1. She and Viola Davis need to go into some kind of wig therapy session.
    2. The make-up looks good, if not a bit heavy for such a casual outing.
    3. The jeans fit and are flattering.
    4. Barbie shoes.
    5. Attitude. Very look at me, don’t look at me. Pefect.
    6. Why is she covering the bag as soon as she realizes she’s being photographed? Does she have a contract to carry someone else’s bags?

    • mommyca

      She doesn’t wear a wig…. 

      • hexiadetrix

         Yes, she does. You never see her hairline or much of a parting for that matter.

        • mommyca

           wow! I had no idea… so I did some Google search about that, and there are tons of sites where they explain (and show) that she wears a wig…. that’s why then her hair can look “fuller” so easily and how she can keep that color so perfect…. it seems her hair is very fine, although it doesn’t seem she is losing hair… I don’t know… I’m a little disappointed, I always wanted to have her hair, I guess I should go the wig route 🙂 (not!!!!)

  • ChaquitaPhilly

    How can any handbag cost $23,000???
    It’s ONLY a bag!

    • Not only that, I would be freaked the fuck OUT worrying about someone stealing it!!

      • ChaquitaPhilly

        Oh, well…if I actually paid for the thing I’d probably have so much money that I’d never even miss it!
        Still…Christina Rocks!

  • NatalieD28

    I think she looks stunning here. I’m not a fan of the purse at all, but to each their own! The red lips, the lovely skin, her beautiful hair…I’m so proud of her!

  • Judy_J

    Miss Christina looks fabulous in those jeans!  Hair looks great…a shade too red for my taste, but that’s just me.  But $24,000 for a bag?  A bag that looks like a bowling bag?  I’m sorry, that’s wrong on so many levels. 

  • Aside from that ridiculous shirt, she nailed it.  That hair is ready for a shampoo commericial! 

  • SneakyKitty

    I can’t stop sighing over her gorgeous hair.  I’m so jealous of redheads, it’s such a beautiful color and no amount of dye/salon work will allow me to be able to ever pull it off.  

    •  God, me too. What color is her natural hair? I keep shooting for this look but winding up with more of an auburn color, but my hair is pretty dark naturally (and grey, dammit).

      • theblondette

         She has dark blonde hair, apparently…

        • UsedtobeEP

          And lucky, because very few people can pulled off red hair if they aren’t natural redheads. I LOVE red hair and it would look awful on me. 

        • artsykelly

          Yup, she’s a natural blonde.  I have the same natural shade and I haven’t found a shade I can’t do yet – platinum, black, chestnut, bright red, strawberry blonde, even pink and dark blue… It seems blue eyed medium/dark blondes with fair skin can pull off just about any color.  I’m currently red, but darker/richer/brighter than Christina’s.  LOVE it.

      • SneakyKitty

         I’ve always assumed she must be either naturally blonde or a different shade of red, but I have no idea.  My hair is dark too!  Dark brownish, though sometimes I get some nice reddish highlights if I get enough sun.  But I’ll never be able to have gorgeous coppery curls (it would look weird with my skintone anyway, but still!). 

      • MilaXX

         I think she’s a natural blonde.

    • Corsetmaker

      My mum had pretty close to that colour naturally when she was younger (faded now). It kills me that I didn’t inherit it.

  • jilly_d

    Those jeans are SLAMMIN. as someone who is a size 8, this is how I would like to THINK I look in skinny jeans. Somehow I think I’m falling short of the mark……. Good work Christina, love u girl!

  • Eh, I love chambray shirts, but since I’m 24 I didn’t have any interest in fashion during the 90s. I don’t know if I like this particular chambray shirt – too much fraying and westernisms, I prefer mine slightly more tailored looking – but for Christina, this look is practically a WERQ. 

  • janetjb

    Sure the purse is ridiculously expensive, but aren’t most things we see here?  Christina earns enough to pay for a bag in every color if she wants them, but we all know it’s a freebie so who cares.

  • PinkLemon

    Glad to see I’m not the only one who doesn’t get the fascination with Chambray…

  • I am having lust issues over that purse. 

  • dress_up_doll

    I love the bag, but still have a case of the vapors after reading how much it costs.

  • I won’t add to the 24G price tag discussion, nuff said.  I do like the pic where her bag is open and it looks likes it’s filled nearly to the top, reinforcing the law of nature that the bigger the bag, the more crap you’ll find to stuff in it.

    Christina looks slamming here. I want jeans that fit me that well, they are amazing on her. I have shoes that look like that and I can tell you first hand that wearing them for a shopping spree would be a Dante like rung of hell. Mine are Nine West, I’m sure these are not and I do swear expensive shoes are really more comfortable. Maybe she can wear them comfortably for more the than 10 minute limit I have on mine.

  • Le_Sigh

    Holy expensive bag Batman!   She looks fabulous though.  

  • no offence, that design of the bag doesnt even worth $239.80….

  • Susan Crawford

    If I had a spare $23,980 lying around (and immediately after posting this comment, I’m going to check the pockets of my jackets and pants just in case) I would NOT spend it on a bag that looks pretty much like the bowling bag I had back in junior high. Of course, Ms. Hendricks didn’t lay out money for it, as we all know, but still: $23,980? SRSLY?

    However, I think she looks really great here – those jeans are perfect for her curves, and I love seeing her sporting a shirt without front-ruffles or a pussy-bow.

    And whatever color her hair person used I want! I’m due for a color renewal (faux-red hair is SO DAMNED HARD to maintain!) and this is exactly the color I crave, but never seem to achieve.

  • I like her vintage Coach bags better but she still looks great.

  • Snailstsichr

    Her hair looks so beautiful, she gets a pass on the shirt. I’m not even noticing the bag next to that gorgeous hair.

  • nannypoo

    I like chambray shirts, and I like everything about this outfit on her. I am surprised to read all the positive comments about her glow-in-the-dark hair, which I think is way too bright and bordering on hideous. I’m pretty sure the man coming behind her in the last picture is bringing the wheelbarrow full of money needed to buy one of those bags.

    • Sweetbetty

       LOL!  I thought the guy was holding a dustpan and, no disrespect to Christine, my first thought went to the guy who walks along behind the horses in a parade cleaning up after them.

  • Kim Sheehan

    I can’t get past $24K for a purse. 

  • gabbilevy

    My goodness I would kill for her hair. 

    • artsykelly

      Considering it’s a wig, you don’t need to kill for it.  😉

      • gabbilevy

        Does that mean nobody will mind when I grab it off her head?

  • Merridith Kristoffersen

    Agree with you guys 100%.  She looks fabulous.

  • TomBord

    Girl that bag is not only hiddy but it says u got to,ooo much baggage.

  • guest2visits

    I don’t much like denim shirts either (except for painting); but this whole outfit fits her so well – it’s a complete Werq.

  • The bag looks like a bowling ball bag

  • kimmeister

    I’m in the minority in totally digging the bag, but yeah, I wouldn’t even pay 1/100 of the price for it.

    The shirt is horrible first and foremost because it doesn’t fit her rack at all.  A button is about to fly off and take out someone’s eye.

  • marilyn

    The shirt:  Too short, ragged on the bottom, too tight (gapes between button holes.  And it’s denim.  Thumbs down for ALL of this.

  • jjfg

    Um, I could pay my tuition this year for the cost of that bag.

    And it looks like a freaking bowling bag!  Must. Back. Away.

  • This is the best she’s looked in a long time! I’d switch out the shirt, but even then, this one isn’t bad. Her hair looks great, the girls aren’t being tortured, and the shoes are hot!

    ETA: That bag is $24K. OMFG.

  • BrooklynBomber

    Hair is a little thicker/fuller right after color. It lasts a few days.

    I’m with you on the chambray shirts. Oy.

  • mom2ab

    Well I’ll give you the shoes- they are first pair I have seen her wear that don’t give her cankles.  But the rest of it is meh…as always I muse how does such a beautiful woman with access to all the help/clothing/money she could ever need end up looking so bad?

  • Emilie Wagner

    Any chance we can find out what brand of jeans she is wearing? I’m shaped like our friend Joanie! 

  • Dot

    Her hair is absolutely stunning here. Definitely agree that it’s the best her hair has ever looked outside of MM. I know she usually wears a partial fall/topper, but the way she has it styled this time is flawless and completely natural looking. Everything about her ensemble is working for me here — I don’t particularly care for chambray myself, but who cares? She is rocking the hell out of those perfectly tailored jeans.

  • She got so much right here, I haven’t the heart to vent my spleen over chambray.  Well done!  (And I for one like the bag, it’s just that I can’t take it seriously.  It’s all monopoly money after a certain point, and if I really think about it I’ll just weep.)

  • umamikitten

    Sadly, Ms. Hendricks does appear to have a medical issue with her feet, as can be seen on a number of Google images.  Severe bunions.  I see enough “Hollywood feet” with that problem that I’m guessing more money and better insurance than the regular workingwoman doesn’t make bunion surgery and recovery that much easier to deal with.  I truly sympathize.  The shoes she’s wearing above must be excruciating.  Anyway, outside of that, I love these photos of her.  She’s splendid.

  • formerlyAnon

    She HAS hit the right cut & proportions here. But I’m skeptical that it’s going to  happen again any time soon. Past experience would suggest that this is a fortunate fluke.

    Hope I’m wrong.

  • margaret meyers

    A $24,000 bowling bag!

    • I’m just … why? Who needs such a thing?

  • Jillian3538

    Perhaps she won that bag for bowling a perfect game.  In stilettos.

  • DaveUWSNYC

    I hope she had a lot of fun bowling.

  • Snarky_Amber

    That shirt is damn near unforgivable, but I am about ready to take this photo to my hairdresser and ask her if she can make this color work for me because DAYUM. 

  • librarygrrl64

    Patch pockets on a shirt + a big rack always = a bad idea. I know of what I speak.

    •  Her kingdom was lost for want of a safety pin.

      Her undergarments show, her shirts gap. She’s kind of a slob. I love her just the same.

  • formerlyAnon

    And re: Bag of ridiculously high price?

    For me, there’s nothing aspirational about liking these celebrity fashion posts. Will never have the money, if I did, that’s not where it’d go. But I like looking at what people do with their clothes and accessories. The morality of how much money some people have to spend is So Much Bigger than how much it costs celebs to dress for their strange (and to me, burdensome) public existence that my brain doesn’t engage.

    Plus, it’s not like I suffer. There are plenty of people (not all of whom live in poverty-stricken third world country) who’d trade for my life in a heartbeart.  Even if Ms. Hendricks is carrying & wearing waay more than I made last year.

    • MilaXX

       I like them, because I mentally do a look for less.  I can swap my Dooney & Burke or even latest Target find for whatever overpriced bag the celeb is carrying, hit up Ross or Marshall’s for off market knock off or if I’m lucky score the real deal at a thrift or consignment shop for the accessories.

  • JMansm

    I covet that Isabella tote.

  • FlamingJune1967

    I love this blog… and I know it is all light-hearted and fantasy.  But there are some days when the shallowness and superficiality of fashion slam me square in the face, and this is one of those days.  In the future, I think I’d rather not know what designer bags/clothing costs.  Yes, I know that everything is relative – but even in one of the richest countries in the world a $23,000 bag seems ridiculously obscene.

  • MilaXX

    She may be one of those people who can do the casual look better than the RC. I love this entire look, including the chambrey shirt because you have no idea how hard it is to have boobs ad wear a button down.  The jeans/pants comb is spot on. Forget buying tn pairs of those jeans, buy those shoes in every color they make! I bet her legs look would look killa in a dress with those stilettos. The hair, the makeup, the shades, the skillful way she manged to show both the shopping bags & the handbag; girl friend that is a perfect 10 on the paparazzi walk. Well done Christina, now just translate these skills to the next red carpet event and your all set.

  • Her hair is just gorgeous. She looks great here, the best I’ve ever seen, except for the grungy shirt. I would’ve picked a fitted blazer (very fitted as in made-to-measure). God, the hair. It should have its own show.

  • Her hair is just gorgeous. She looks great here, the best I’ve ever seen, except for the grungy shirt. I would’ve picked a fitted blazer (very fitted as in made-to-measure). God, the hair. It should have its own show.

  • DaveinAlamitosBeach

    I’m a little mystified and kinda intrigued by all the hand-wringing over the cost of the bag and fashion merchandising generally.  Christina definitely did NOT pay for that bag and may be getting it for free, or probably more likely, making a few thou in cash and handing off the bag to the handlers/security when this shoot is done.  And make no mistake, this is not real life, but rather it’s work.  I’m not sure who paid for the hair, makeup and styling for the day, but I’d guess that was in the neighborhood of 10k right there.  And switching the two bags makes me think that she is getting equal pay to promote both items, or they’re splitting the fees, whatever. 

    And now, as for a 24k bag, I’m wondering how many people on earth would spend that much money for that kind of bag?  Maybe 100?  Let’s see the Queen of Dubai and Ann Romney perhaps?  For all the rest of the world, it’s just promotional.  It’s saying this no-name brand is as luxurious as Hermes or Prada or whatever.  You can’t make that impression with a 5k bag.  Wierd, but true.  All the rest of us will just someday buy a t-shirt or perfume from this brand and think, wow, we’re luxurious, just like Ann Romney! 😉

    • Call me Bee

      Or maybe The FLOTUS to go with her $6800 jacket. 

    • Sweetbetty

       And just because a bag is priced at $23,980 doesn’t mean anyone will buy one for that price (I know, I just contradicted an earlier post I made, but I’ve been thinking…).  I sell vintage clothing on ebay and I can list a marvelous 1930s gown and put a four-figure price on it but if no one is willing to buy it at that price it will just sit there.  It would be interesting to know how many of these $23,980 The Isabella totes sell for that price and how many will be discounted eventually and sold for half that price, or less (but still way more than it’s worth).

  • I hate that shirt with a hot and holy passion. And I love denim shirts. Just not that one. Everything else is so clean and polished and practically perfect, so of course, the right shirt must be a ratty-hemmed, unartfully-patched shirt that would look just perfect weeding the garden. Sigh. So close.

  • Is this right? “Farbod Barsum ‘The Isabella’ Tote, $23,980” OMFG. She looks hot by the way….

  • Pants_are_a_must

    I’m giving her the McKayla Maroney for pairing a 24K bag with an old, unflattering shirt she’s owned for years. If you’re prototing a bag like that, wear a better shirt.

  • TieDye64

    Those jeans look great on her. Not loving every piece, but overall she looks amazing. Hair looks gorgeous.

  • Natalia Osiatynska

    Yes to how great she looks, yes to how outrageous the price tag on that bag, but a loud no to the very suggestion that this here bag is not the most fantastic piece of bag ever designed. To me it is. And if it cost a fiftieth of its price (still an outrageous amount to drop on a bag, in my case), I would splurge.

  • patticake1601

    I think she looks hot as balls. The jeans are perfect!  She has a killer bod and amazing hair. 

    ps…I carry my bags like that also. It makes me feel posh and glamorous ♥

  • Rebecca J.

    Hair looks like a wig.  Lips clash. Shoes look cheap and ill fitting.

    The jeans are good, and I love the TWENTY-FOUR THOUSAND DOLLAR “tote.”  Not even a real purse.  A tote!

  • turtleemily

    Things I Could Buy With $24k:
    1. 2 years’ rent in my apartment
    2. Final payments on my college loans
    3. A new car
    4. That purse

    • adnama79

      $24k will pay for an entire degree, depending on the school/major.

  • Man!!! Those jeans are *perfect*!! I wanna see her give us a spin!B)

  • Lisa Kramp

    Say what you will, TLo, but busty girls and fitted chambray shirts were, are and always will be hot as hell.

  • Lisa

    Hate the shirt!  But LOVE everything else – the hair, the lipstick, the shades, the pants, the shoes, the bag (yes, even the bag!) – she looks ridiculously gorgeous!

    But yeah – $24K???  (*clutches heart and stumbles around room*)  “It’s the Big One, Elizabeth!  I’m comin’ to join ya, baby!”

  • LOVE.  HER.  I would die to have that hair and she is rockin the shirt and skinny jeans.

  • Love everything but the shirt. As a girl with “girls”, I’d never be caught dead in a shirt with pockets over the chest.

  • Thathoodwink

    Look how high the pockets are sitting on her chesthahahaha!

  • LittleKarnak

    Disgusted by a $24K purse.

  • Lilak

    Exceptionally fine from the neck up, and happy about the also-exceptional shoes.  I just can’t resolve the head and feet with clothes I associate with a quick trip to the post office (it’s the shirt, I know).

  • Yes, Christina looks great, but that bag is $23,980!

  • LuluinLaLa

    This had to be a PR set-up by either Vince or the bag brand. No one goes shopping in those shoes unless they know they’ll be photographed.

  • xoxo

  • DesertDweller79

    I can’t believe that bag costs $24,000.  $24,000!!!  I just don’t understand this.  Why does anyone need a bag that expensive?  WHY is the bag that expensive?  It is just a bag.  It isn’t lined with gold, right? Encrusted with diamonds?  I mean, WTF?

  • $23K for that bag? Ouch. Love the hair and the shades and the makeup. Don’t like everything else.

  • I don’t like the shoes with this outfit for her shape.  I think some modern flat/ballet slippers would look much better.

  • I don’t like the shoes with this outfit for her shape.  I think some modern flat/ballet slippers would look much better.

  • Vanja

    The jeans are a keeper, her hair is smoking, the jeans shirt and bag are just plain ugly but the price tag for that bag is obscene!

  • Sweetbetty

     OMG.  Her feet look worse than mine, and that’s saying something.

    • Kate Clausen

      Yes, and I’m guessing that your job doesn’t require you to be photographed regularly looking appropriately glamorous.  (Though I could be wrong.)  She must be in pain, poor woman.  I wear spiky heels, too, but I’ve been fortunate enough not to develop bunions (which are partially genetic) and my livlihood doesn’t depend on looking glam, so I don’t have to wear them if I don’t want to!

      • Sweetbetty

         You’re right, my livelihood doesn’t depend on how good my feet, or any other part of me, look.  I spent the better part of three decades wearing heels and pointed toes and am now paying the price with bunions on both feet as bad as Christina’s.  Now I can’t wear much more than a 1″ heel and can’t stand or walk in even them for long.  Oh, the price we pay for fashion!

  • Sweetbetty

    One thing I like about this look is that she’s not carrying a cell phone in her hand like so many celebs (and ordinary people) do. 

  • nancylee61

    23,000 dollars for a bag? That borders on immoral. Shame on her.


  • Every time I see someone carrying a bag (purse) that way-and all the celebs do it to show off the goods-I think of how my mom & my grandmother carried their purses.  I still can’t deal with a bag that doesn’t have a shoulder strap.