Chloë Sevigny in Versace Jeans Couture

Posted on August 14, 2012

We’re not quite sure which of her alters Chloe chose for the night, but one thing’s for sure:

Chloë Sevigny attends The Cinema Society & Manifesto Yves Saint Laurent screening of ‘Lawless’ in New York City in a Versace Jeans Couture dress.

Versace Jeans Couture Cotton Sundress

Whoever she is, she doesn’t know how to accessorize. Yeah, we’re not gonna do another alters post for this one. For once we want to talk about what she’s wearing.

It’s a really cute dress; almost ridiculously so. The colors and the shape look fantastic on her. But it’s a cotton sundress mini. Which means – and we would have thought this goes without saying – your sci-fi booties just don’t go. We get the whole L.A. thing of wearing boots with sundresses, but not these boots and not this sundress. Also: that bag looks like an iPad case and everything north of her neck needs to be styled.

Gal, we luvya, but none of this is working for us. We don’t expect you to look normal, but we don’t like seeing you look half-assed.


[Photo Credit: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images,]

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    • Sobaika

      I feel this way about most of her outfits, but she has this innate ability to make them work. She’s losing her magic touch.

    • marlie

      Irrational Celebrity Hate List.

      I almost always think she looks like a smacked ass, but there’s at least something funny to go with it (her alters), but this just sucks, period. 

      • Meg Burgess

        She’s on my ICHL too. Just looking at her annoys me.

      • MelVT

        Not me.  She’s on my Perfectly Rational Celebrity Hate List.

        • Meg Burgess

          It’s only irrational for me because I have never seen her act and, now that I think about it, I don’t think I’ve ever heard her speak at all. I’ve only seen her in photos and it just seems that you shouldn’t be so annoyed by someone you’ve only ever looked at photos of…yet I am.

          • turtleemily

            I only know who she is because of American Psycho.

          • jayme

             She, and Hilary Swank, are tearfully amazing in Boys Don’t Cry. It’s a very powerful watch.

          • luciaphile

            She’s actually a pretty amazing actress. I recommend Shattered Glass and Big Love. Her style is usually not to my taste, but she generally carries it off. Not here though…

        • sojourneryouth

           I agree.  It’s perfectly rational to hate a celebrity so far up her own ass.  She is the epitome of an annoying hipster so convinced that she is a special little snowflake that everything she does is ART!!! and FASHION!!!  and INNOVATION!!!  She is a great actress, though, so I can’t hate too much.

    • MarissaLG

      Oh, that hair! Come one, Chloe- what’s going on?

    • Ceur

      With my -4 eyes, that totally looked like a world map dress first. Now I want a map dress. 

      • schadenfreudelicious

        why has no one done a map dress i ask??..i would be all over that!

        • Sobaika

          I’d wear the shit out of a map dress.

          • schadenfreudelicious

            that’s it then, someone needs to desgin one, Stella McCartney need not apply however….

          • turtleemily

            I think Ms. Frizzle has worn the shit out of a map dress. :)

        • alyce1213

          There are map dresses! Google. There’s one in silk of the NYC subways, Paris, etc.

          • schadenfreudelicious

            who knew? thank-you!

      • DeborahJozayt

        If you google “World Map as a dress” you’ll find all sorts of stuff! My fave is by Elisabeth Lecout. She seems to have an entire line of map-related schtick!

        • Sobaika

          There goes my budget.

    • letter_M

      She’s almost getting too old to wear such frocks.  Or maybe it’s just “old hat”.

      • maggiemaybe

        That’s what I was thinking. She’s a little long in the tooth for this get up.

    • Ceur

       Maybe Chloë thought it was a map dress too! Then the shoe pairing makes a tiny bit more sense than with flowers.

    • JMansm

      Can’t deal with the Courtney Love hair and makeup strategy of having everything be washed out and blahhh with a strong lip. Ladies, if you favour bright lipstick look up Alexa Anderson to see how it’s done properly. 

    • Kiltdntiltd

      She looks like she stole her boyfriend’s IPad bag and his shoes, when she couldn’t find her’s this morning in the pile of hastily discarded clothing and accesories. The dress is, however, super cute.

    • formerlyAnon

      Sometimes a mismatch is just a mishmash.

      • NDC_IPCentral

         Whew, try to say that five times fast!

    • sleah_in_norcal

      whoever this alter is, since her lobotomy she’s happy as a clam.  and has the IQ of your average mollusk.  she doesn’t even know her feet stank in those boots.  and she doesn’t know her purse from a hole in the ground.

    • Deitra S.

      Absolutely zero of her dozens of fashion alters would get behind this look.  And that’s saying something.

    • Kathy Marlow

      That dress is so cute and she totally ruined it with those accessories.  I need Ariel Winter to put it on and show it off to wash the nasty vision out of my eyes and memory

    • Judy_J

      Cute dress.  That’s all.

    • alyce1213

      Another woman in her late 30s wearing a little girl’s dress.  Sheep.

    • TheOriginalLulu

      The only thing working here is her mascara, which looks awesome!

    • Anathema_Device

      Totally half-assed. And I think the dress is too young for her. So I guess this look is wholly assed, in my opinion.

      And she can’t use the excuse she used a few weeks back about not getting designer clothes.

      She needs to figure out a better shade of lipstick and get a big-girl haircut. I think she can step away from SuperCuts now.

      ETA: I had no idea how cranky she makes me.

    • ccm800

      I’m sure someone thought all blacking the accessories would make it ironic or something but no. AND her hair always looks like redneck end of summer 13 year old. thanks for passing on alter-ego.

    • GorgeousThings

      That’s a 1970s Tiger Beat pinup boys hairstyle. It could be cute, but it just looks limp in these photos. And there’s something off with her lipstick. I know red lips are one of her signatures, but they just don’t work this time.

      • kimmeister

        The problem with her lipstick is that it’s orange-red and doesn’t work on her at all.

      • PeaceBang

        Thank you for referencing Tiger Beat. I knew I was feeling some Willie Ames here.

    • Pennymac

      Come on, isn’t it obvious? Chloe obviously is dating a biker, and forgot to throw the purse and shoes that matched this faboo dress in the saddlebags before leaving for the event. The hair? Helmet hair, of course….

    • Jessi03

      I think this Chloe incarnation lives in the early 90s again.  She’d be friends with the Reality Bites crew.

    • MoHub

      What would be wrong with a cute pair of strappy white sandals?

      • marlie

         White, a metallic, even black. But *sandals*.

    • Call me Bee

      Looks like a twelve-year-old running away from home with Dad’s boots and Mom’s purse. 

    • Little_Olive

      Can we also talk about the tragicality of her hair? Or is that a (bad) Florence Henderson wig?  

    • lilibetp

      Can’t stand her, but this dress is almost cute on her.  Of course, the makeup is all wrong, and the hair is all wrong, and the boots are all wrong, and the bag is all wrong.  I know she’s supposed to be descended from royalty and all, but she always looks like trailer trash to me.

    • RebeccaKW

      That lipstick is not her shade and that hair is sad.  The boots are tragic.  That purse looks like my dad’s binocular case.  The dress is cute.

      • mountainFashionista

        Ha ha — I used to carry a vintage binocular case as a purse!  Ah, the dream of the ’90s was alive in the ’90s!

    • SewingSiren

      I don’t think she’s wearing panties.

    • IMNAngryLiberal

      Do you get the feeling sometimes that when Chloe looks in her closet the main thing on her mind is — “How can I screw with Tom and Lorenzo TODAY!” 

    • clatie

      wtf is versace jeans couture?  that makes me hate things.

    • sockandaphone

      no alters post in a chloe post? no “of course” in the lea michelle post? WHATS GOING ON.

    • MilaXX

      Cute dress, bad everything else.

    • janetjb

      I think the accessories are the real Chloe, but the dress and makeup belong to one of her other personalities.

    • Gabriella M

      If she HAD to wear boots – and I quibble with the idea of summer boots generally, although I have a fabulous pair of blush pink leather ankle boots in the softest leather I’ve ever felt (and they work for summer) – they should have been a non-black neutral (maybe a light bluish grey similar to the background of the dress? or a pink like my boots – actually my boots would go great with this dress- GIMME). 
      I bet her hair would look nice with some soft waves. 
      If the bag were in white, it would lighten the look considerably. Or any of the colors in the dress. 
      A pair of enamel earrings would also have gone well with this dress. Or, you know, any jewelry at all. 

    • nannypoo

      With the right styling she can look interesting and fashionable. Here she is washed-out, sad and frumpy.

    • 3boysful

      Chloe looks like she’s channeling the character Bridget Fonda played in Doc Hollywood.  

    • ludivinethegreat

      She is the star with the best style in the early 2000s, but today i think that she just don’t care. Great actress, though.

    • H3ff

      If the boots were sleeker and had laces they would work for me, but that bag is just tragic.

    • YourBaloneyDontGotNoSecondName

      the waist doesn’t begin where the boobs end, so she gets major props.  she is free to wear the footwear of her people with them.

    •!/Space_Kitty Space Kitty

      I thought her entire schtick was half-assed, with a side of barking mad.  Only TLo’s patented Alters have redeemed her for me.

    • Susan Crawford

      Insanely cute dress!

      Boots? Well, yes. Bag? WTF? (And this from a major fan of the smaller-sized structured bag.)

    • bitchybitchybitchy

       Chloe had perfectly wonderful  selected, but regained consciousness after her alter  Nancy’s most recent caper and found that the minx had made off with the exquisitely quirky shoes that would have suited the Versace so much better.  This would also account for the unfortunate make-up and hair.

    • EEKstl

      Yep, what you said.  Also the skirt is too short, it’s throwing the proportions off.  

    • LambeeBaby

      Wacked AND she looks like she is carrying a 35mm camera, circa 1980.

    • J.

      The boots and the hem line and then the BAG!!! Sooooo gawdawful.

    • quiltrx

      I totally see what happened…one alter picked the dress, and another picked the accessories!

      (This dress is adorable, btw, and the fabric looks very Kaffe-Fassett-ish to this quilter!)

      • holdmewhileimnaked

        kaffe fassett! have you seen his glorious work w/ bill gibb [RIP]?

    • bellafigura1

      She needs to q-tip under the eyes, stat.  The booties/bag don’t even warrant a mention.  We get it Chloe, you’re a hipster! Ok! The big clodhopper with the babydoll sun romper-y thing is soo five years ago!

      • holdmewhileimnaked

        it’s thirtyfive years ago. & the boots are wrong. she should know that–they need to lace. & the pocketbook looks like just that: a book in a pocket. w/ a tongue. but the romper thing is great.

    • lrhoff

      I’m sorry, but she never looks good.  Perhaps being a sister wife was her calling, after all.

    • julnyes

      that purse looks like one you receive as a free extra when making purchases at Macys. 

    • iCouture

      Why does no one speak of her hair!???  It has to be one of the most tragic, limp styles in Hollywood!!!

      • blue

         Agreed! Fix your hair, Chloe!

    • CurbGirl

      What they all said and just never like lipstick that matches the carpet.

    • BeeBeauNYC

      That lipstick and haircut just make her look like a sad drag queen, which is really sad. 

    • ASK26

      WTH is a Cinema Society & Manifesto Yves Saint Laurent screening  SCREENING?

    • Rachel Council

      This would be cute on Hailee Steinfeld.