Camilla Belle in Jason Wu

Posted on August 20, 2012

We have a question for the younger Bitter Kittens out there; the ones that hover right around Camilla’s age (25).


Camilla Belle attends Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Launch Event in New York City in a Jason Wu dress paired with Brian Atwood pumps.

Jason Wu Resort 2013 Collection

Is the up ‘do just considered old-fashioned now?

We realize – more than most people, in fact – that it’s ridiculous to compare red carpet trends with real-world trends, but we can’t help noticing how prevalent the cocker spaniel or basset hound hair has become on the 25-and-under starlet crowd. It always looks so “Here are my extensions” or “Here is how talented my hairdresser is.”

And sure, there are puh-lenty of times when a gal should rock a big blowout or even JBF hair, but we tend to think wearing a pretty little ladylike Jason Wu cocktail dress is not one of those times. Obviously, the launch of a product isn’t exactly a time for formality, but even a ponytail or sloppy top knot would have worked here. Do the young ‘uns consider up ‘do’s to be too formal? Too fussy? Unsexy? We’re asking. But regardless of the answer, we’re still going to think this is the wrong hair for this dress.

Also: Blue eyeshadow just isn’t for everyone.




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  • muzan-e

    Cool blue eyeshadow. Deliciously warm brown eyes.   I’ve seen it done well before – heck, I’ve seen rich, luxurious purples and pinks matched beautifully to brown eyes – but if your starting-point is on the wrong end of the spectrum, the look is doomed. 

    • Sobaika

      Agreed. It’s not really that it’s blue shadow, it’s blue shadow that’s been used all over her lid and up to the eyebrows with the wrong outfit.

      As for the hair, I’m 26 (good grief, I still feel like I’m 12) and I love updos. They seem to eschew them on the red carpet though, which I don’t really understand. It has the potential to ruin a good look.

      • muzan-e

        Up to the eyebrows, which kills me. And not just because someone was likely paid actual cash money to do that to her face. A touch of gold or rich teal to brighten and anchor it all. Something neutral around the brows, so that if there has to be blue, it can be a stunning accent.

        And lord, I love a soft updo for a young face; it accents that youth while still lending it elegance.  I don’t understand this trend either.

        • call_me_schmeg

          or a navy smokey eye. this? this looks like i did her makeup… when i was 8.

      • MilaXX

         and the wrong shade of blue.

  • Nazzzy

    She would have probably looked better had she moved the hair away from her face but I like this look just fine as it is. And no, as a 26 year old I don’t think up do’s to be on the matronly side. I think it’s just personal preference.

    • Holly Holm

       Agreed. I’m 27 and generally consider a good updo to be … not fussy, but strategic and it does make any look more formal. When you have long hair, it takes time and effort to blow it out beautifully. For me at least, that’s a move for when I want to look like I made an effort, but not overdone, as I would imagine she does here. I think she looks fine, dress styling included. Eye shadow is poorly executed but I’m not mad at her for it.

  • I too, am hoping it’s just a trend. Too many starlets are actually being drowned out by their hair. See: Jessica Biel.  Unfortunately for some long hair= beauty, even when they look better with shorter hair.  

    •  If Jessica Biel would just get a damn haircut to remedy her fried ends I would be 5% more approving of her hair down. That and I hate her fringe.

  • lehen

    ponytail.  lose the blue shadow.  way better.  but then again im not 25.  

    • mjude

      totally agree.  as for 25, done that a long time ago.

    • kschwarting

      Ooh, a cute ponytail is a good idea.  Is it just me, or does the dress look, er, more flaccid on her than it does on the model?  It’s a great dress and completely suits her, but it’s looking a little limp.

      • mjude

        actually i thought the same thing.

  • I call that look “mermaid hair” ~ long and strategically placed to cover the breasts. As for the eyeshadow, perhaps the stylist was trying to match it to her clutch?  The one (okay, two) things that bother me are the eyebrows! If I look at a face and my eyes keep returning to the eyebrows, I know they are wrong…

  • Katie Riley

    As someone who’s 23, I don’t think the updo is out. There are plenty of ways to be creative with hair, and she’s lacking it here. Love the rest of the outfit though.

  • Jessica O’Connell

    Turning 25 later this year – I definitely don’t think it’s out, but it seems that the up ‘do has become one to be reserved for more formal occasions.  The extensions thing drives me crazy on all age groups though. Not a fan of them AT ALL. I agree that a ponytail or something would have been much better this look. Love the dress and the shoes (though they don’t add that much visual interest). Thank you so much for saying something about blue eyeshadow! I completely agree with that – sometimes it can definitely be great but too often, it just looks trashy.

  • SapphoPoet

    I am nowhere near 25, but I think the trend towards long, loose tresses can be dubbed “The Kate Middleton Effect.” 

    •  Ooooh, we think you might have nailed it.

      • SapphoPoet

        Thank you! It makes sense to me–everyone wants pretty princess hair. 

    • Sobaika

      She has almost certainly contributed to it, but faux ‘mermaid hair’ was around for a long time before their engagement. See Jennifer Aniston and every Real Housewife.

      Most starlets probably think they look lush and young but end up looking like they have messy polyester weeds growing from the scalp.

      • rawrgrowlrawr

        Yes, plus I have met many young women who refuse to cut their hair because they fear that men won’t find them as attractive without their long tresses. My best friend said that to me, so the next day I chopped my waist length hair into an asymmetric bob and never looked back. And surprise! Men still seem to like me. 

        • MilaXX

           That reminds me of that sad woman they  had own What Not To Wear named Jesse. She dressed too young and had this horrible too blonde weave because she thought “that’s what the men liked.”

          • rawrgrowlrawr

            Women like that don’t give men (or themselves) enough credit. Sure, some men are so shallow that they will only date big-haired blondes, but most of the guys I know respect women enough to look at more than just the physical. 

            I once asked my (now ex) boyfriend if he was an ass man or a boob man, and he said he was neither because he didn’t see women as a collection of body parts. Maybe I’ve been lucky to meet some stellar men, but I have never been made to feel anything less than beautiful despite my lack of boobs, or long hair, or any other trait associated with female desirability. 

        • RebeccaKW

           I have heard some men say ‘if she ever cut her hair, I’d leave her.’  or that they’d never date a girl with short hair.  Those men are dicks and deserve the lifetime of unhappiness they will get from loving strands of protein more than the person it is growing out of.

          • rawrgrowlrawr

            Somewhat unrelated, but one of my coworkers said he would never date a woman with small boobs because women like that are “barely female.” I told him that before any woman agrees to date him, he should drop his trousers to let her judge whether or not he is man enough for her. That shut him up.

            Thankfully I rarely come across men like that, but when I do, I find it hard to hide my annoyance. 

          • RebeccaKW

             Girl.  That is excellent.  Will be stealing this for my own future use.

          • Judih1

            Me too!

        • I think my boyfriend likes my bob better than my long hair, and I get so many compliments.

      • MilaXX

         I agree extension and weaves have been on a runaway train for at least the past 5 years.

      • RebeccaKW

         I agree.  Jennifer Aniston really contributed to the hair.  She rarely wears her hair up-actually, she rarely changes the styling of her hair.  A bobby pin sometimes? 

        Unfortunately, I think a lot of starlets are so worried about ending up on worst-dressed lists that they listen to every piece of advice the stylists give them.  If the stylist recommends the same ratty extensions that every one else has, then they accept them as well.

        Personally, I love updos, but my hair is long and thick.  If I’m going to spend the time blow-drying it, I’m showing that off.  Plus, it’s hard for me to do an updo other than ponytail.  But, if someone was paid to fix my hair, I would demand an updo almost every time.

        • SassieCassy

          aniston is the shapeless hair tanned skin style rut CULPRIT of our generation

      • leighne

        Most definitely.  I’m 24 and even when I went to formals in high school/college people wore their hair down.  I think I always pictured updos as being older/too formal.  I always associated updos with the 90s and as being less modern.  Now I usually just wear my hair down because I’m awful at dealing with it so I only wear it up if I am getting it done professionally.   I have noticed updos becoming more popular at weddings recently and they are always on pinterest so maybe they are making a comeback.

        • Yes, most of the girls had their hair down. A friend’s mom told me that boys like it better when girls wear their hair down. I wore my hair up. HA!

        • Daenyx

          25 here, and I’ve experienced the opposite, for the most part, including back high school at formals. I pretty much always wear my (very long) hair pinned up, and most of the women I see on my day-to-day do some variation on the same.

          However, we’re grad students who work in a wet lab, so that skews things *just* a touch. I’d still wear mine up, though, even if I didn’t have to, and no one I know considers updos old-fashioned.

    •  But Kate Middleton’s hair NEVER looks unkempt. EVER. It may be down but it definitely doesn’t look like that (see above pictures).

      • GillianHolroyd

        Agree but it often looks *heavy*. That’s my biggest objection… they look weighed down.

      • janetjb

        Kate’s (beautiful) hair also looks real, not store bought.

    • kimmeister

      You totally beat me to it!

    • Golfkat

      I was totally thinking that too.

      • LesYeuxHiboux

        You mentioning LC has me wondering if it’s not an L.A./Cali thing? I have lived in California nearly my entire life (minus a year and a half), and it’s pretty rare to see anyone with an up-do outside of a prom or wedding here. A lot of these starlets are living and working in L.A., maybe they are just adapting to the dominant culture?

        • Wearing your hair down and very long is definitely a Cali thing and a Southern girl thing too. All the girls I know of that way are obsessed with long long hair.

          • MemHey

            Not to be contrary, but… Speaking as a 20something Southern gal – albeit one that distinctly marches to the beat of her own drum – I question how much sweat these ladies have rolling down their necks in the heat! I’ve had supershort hair in the past and loved it in the Southern summer, then could easily rock toboggans (ok, “beanies” for the uninitiated) because I didn’t have to worry about excessive tresses or awkward hat hair in the winter. Now my hair is longer and I find updo’s a necessity, plus they’re fun modes of expression… braids, twists, knots, buns, ponytails… I’ve tried having my hair down some, but inevitably it’s just too hot, and it makes the stereotypical (read: awesome) drive through the country with the windows down completely impractical. So yeah… in my opinion, I don’t think it’s the South.

          • LesYeuxHiboux

            I’ve had my hair super-long for most of my life (except for the most hectic times in college) and I find that my hair keeps me cool on hot days. Keeps the sun off my neck, and in winter it keeps my ears/neck warm. Then again, the parts of Cali I’ve lived in are not at all humid. My hair was a misery on visits to Florida.

    • ccm800

      LONG predates her andI sount the twenties look to Kate much for style inspiration.

  • Hmm, well I have a lot of hair and wear it down because of these reasons: 1. It hurts my head after awhile to have it up 2. I am terrible at doing updos. However, if I were a celebrity I would be wearing my hair up a lot because that’s what stylists are for!

    • bookish

      Ditto everything you just said. I have long straight hair, and I almost always wear it down mostly because I don’t know how to do anything more than a ponytail with it. If I could pay to have it done for me, though, I’d probably only have it done for formal looks.

    • SapphoPoet

      Alternatively, I had long wavy hair (before chemo) and almost always wore it pulled back in a braid, ponytail, or bun. 

  • Squarah

    I am in that age group. It’s a weird question because for most people there aren’t going to be that many occassions for an updo, unlike with celebrities. I will say that it seems like it’s quite a bit less common at weddings and all of the formal functions I’ve been to lately, but that could just be my region or the people I know. I still see plenty of updos on Pinterest, so there must be some people still interested in them.

  • Jangle57

    It’s obvious she’s matching her eye shadow to her clutch; isn’t that how it’s done??  🙂  But agree about hair; what she’s got detracts from the dress which is quite lovely.

  • asampat

    it’s a celeb thing, though i wouldn’t be surprised if it trickled into real people considering the hair on young people tv shows (pretty little liars, wizards of waverly place, etc) 

    • Sobaika

      The ladies on Pretty Little Liars (NO SHAME) have incredible hair, especially the girl who plays Aria.

  • Man. Celebrities really will go to the opening of an envelope, won’t they? It’s a cell phone launch. Jesus.

    Dress is adorable. Hair is awful. Eyebrows need a little thinning and the blue eyeshadow is all kinds of wrong. 

  • The eye makeup is incredibly distracting. 

  • dsco3031

    As much as I hate the red carpet ponytail, this would have been the perfect time to use it. I’m 26 and love the long and flowy hair look, but there’s a time and place for it, and this wasn’t it. See how great the model’s sleek, out of the way hair looks with that dress? 

     Also, lose the blue eye shadow. As a brown-eyed girl myself, I wouldn’t let that eye shadow anywhere near me! Plus, she has such strong features that I’d think she could probably always afford to go easy on the makeup– let that face speak for itself. Love everything else about this, though.

    • MilaXX

       Personally I prefer a navy blue pencil on gel liner smudged at the lash line. I think that sets off a brown eye much better than a bunch of shadow spackled all the way up to the brow bone.

      • dsco3031

        Yes! A brown-eyed friend of mine does smudge navy blue and it looks bright and pretty. This pastel blue is just not working.

  • ChaquitaPhilly

    Older-bitter kitten here (maybe bitter cat would be a better description): I guess if an “updo” is too old-ish for these “girls” they might consider less stringy looking longer locks. That would be an improvement. Longer hair is OK at any age but it’s got to look great. I really think a more controlled hairstyle would be marvelous with this very attractive dress.

  • jw_ny

    Great dress.

    Agree emphatically about her hair and pulling it all forward, by others too! I like the idea of a pony tail with this.  (will be curious what the youngins have to say about it…;) ) 

    Blue eye shadow looks best when just a hint of it is above and below the lash…not the entire lid up to the brow.  And…she matched her purse to her eye shadow…hahaha and smh! 😉

  • nannypoo

    I like this dress a lot and it looks good on her. The shoes are only about one size too big, so kudos to whoever grabbed them off the shelf and hailed a cab to bring them to her at the last minute. The eye shadow is a very odd choice. I don’t like the big long hair trend. It usually looks messy and overwhelms the victim’s face and outfit.

  • Amy

    I am somewhat in the neighborhood of her age and I would have to say it has something to do with the hair/makeup/advertising industry selling this beachy waves look.

  • gabbilevy

    I’m six months away from 25, and (it’s mainly laziness) but my hair is almost always up/pulled back and away from my face. Personal preference rather than style, but hey. I happen to think that an elegant updo well-deployed is fabulous at any age.

  • Judy_J

    That dress has a great neckline….too bad you can’t see it because it’s covered with hair.

  • SneakyKitty

    Personally, my hair is incredibly thick, so piling it up on my head or even in a ponytail gives me killa headaches (it’s not even that long, either, it’s shoulder-length).  But you can still pull your hair away from your face and not necessarily have it in an updo. 

    That blue shadow has got to go, it’s getting into drag territory.  Purple probably would have worked better. 

  • E

    I’ll be 25 in a month and for me, updo’s are more or less a no-go because I can’t do them myself. If I was able to put my hair in a beautiful chignon or anything more interesting than that, I’d do it. But because I can’t, I often resort to a nice blow-dry (which I can do at home) when I get dressed up.

    These girls don’t have the same excuse because they do have someone to do their hair all the time. The excessive hair smothers them and I would love to see a trendsetter start wearing her hair up to start a revolution!

    •  I’m 24. On the first day of washed hair I wear it down because it’s long and thick and pretty, second day it’s always up and usually braided in some way. But I’m really good at doing hair. I think a lot of younger girls just know how to wear their long hair straight or curly. In Hollywood there’s no excuse. She has a hairstylist. How gorgeous would she have been with a really simple ponytail? But unlike a lot of you I don’t think her extensions are awful. They look pretty.

      • fursa_saida

        Yeah, I think her hair looks good here? Now I’m starting to worry that my hair actually looks ratty all the time to other people and I’ve been mistakenly enjoying it.

    • lchopalong

       23 here. That’s my boat, though I’m getting better as my hair is getting longer. I taught myself the french braid and am delighted that it actually stays now!

  • I don’t know what she’s like or what Hollywood is like, but here in Hipsterapolis: Long Hair that is worn Down is definitely a Thing.  When I work and run errands, I throw my hair up because it’s easier (I’ve got a good six inches of Camilla here) than having it in the way.  So when I go out, it let if flow down wild and free across the plains.

    As a consequence, I don’t see anything wrong with her hair here at all.  My own tresses are shouting, “ROCK ON! Be free!” as they struggle in their Working Day Chopstick Bun.  I don’t start putting my hair in updos unless I’m wearing anything made before 1973 or I’ve got a good neckline to show off.


    I like updos, just not on me! I haven’t quite mastered the art of doing an updo on myself, so that could be why. Camilla has a beautiful face though, which is hiding behind a lot of hair.

  • I think she looks fantastic…

  • kelsita421

    There are so many reasons for the mermaid hair. I’m a 25-er with Camilla-long hair, and think it has something to do with still feeling young enough to pull off the long-hair-look (let’s face it — most women feel that short hair is just a few years away). And most fellas I know would agree that long hair is more attractive — I try to do fun updos myself, but the boyfriend gives backhanded compliments of liking it better down or “nice bun” (which translates to “you’re going to have to undo that before we make out, you know”). So while I don’t want to listen to him (and don’t if the dress/neckline calls for an updo), I surely do take his opinion into consideration more often than not. But Camilla… her objective here is to be seen in a dress. That’s the point. So do the dress some favors and sport the mermaid hair on your own time, girl!

  • I’m 26 and I prefer updos for pretty much everything.  Mostly because I can’t stand having my hair down if it’s warm at all, ick.  And you would think the 3 feet of extensions most of these girls are sporting would be hot.  But I also have hair that just doesn’t style agreeably down/I can’t be fussed with the amount of time that takes.  Other girls I know who do have that kind of long luxurious hair will wear their hair down all day every day and for every occasion no matter what, it’s like their security blanket.  These are the same girls who are obsessive about their hair, if the stylist takes an inch off when they only wanted a half inch off they’ll cry.  I think as you get older you start to get over using your hair as that security blanket, but for the younger set, like middle to high school to college, having fabulous luxurious long hair that floats about you is kind of a status symbol.

  • jmorino08

    I just think it would be annoying to have all that hair fondling my boobs all night.

  • I’m a couple of years older than her, but I do tend to prefer my hair down rather than up for dressier occasions (no red carpets, but weddings, a couple of charity balls/galas). Though, I HATE the cocker spaniel look. I see no reason to just wear your hair down your back, or yes – even a ponytail or loose bun.

  • ninbats

    I thought the whole point of a dress this shape was to draw attention to the waist – the hair is distracting and does not have the same silhouette and effect as the dress has on the model.  I am 25 and I would totally rock an up-do with this dress and in fact any dress with this shape!

  • deltabronze

    The dress is for those who care about fashion. The long hair is probably because (straight) men like it. Even though they tend to put their elbows on it. (From a comedian back in the day.)

  • Amandack

    I’m 27 and am all for the updo (or better, short hair).  But, I’ve gone to two events in the past weeks and felt like the only one who left her weave at home.  In real people my age, I see it as the Kardashian effect.  There’s a particular all-over look that girls with that hair tend to channel, and it’s not elegant.

  • AlexisPayne

    Hate that eye make-up.
    As a twenty something I love an up do and it isn’t too fussy. Plus I have curly hair which is hard to keep from looking like prom hair when I wear it up.

  • So I hover around CB’s age and I think the thought of an updo for these younger stars screams prom or wedding, especially because whenever it is done it is poorly executed 90% of the time. I couldn’t agree more that the dress needed her hair out of her face and off of her shoulders but clearly her stylist (assuming there is one) had other ideas.

    That being said, I wear my hair in a chignon or a high pony 90% of the time because getting the salon-chair perfect blowout for longer-than-waist length hair is challenging at home and time consuming at the salon.

  • ohayayay

    I’m 25, have never worn an up-do in my life to any formal event, and don’t plan to anytime soon (including to my wedding). In general, I think they are aging and unflattering on me and on many other real (aka non Hollywood) women my age.

    But also, that hairstyle is just not very flattering to my face structure. Which, come to think of it, is actually shaped a lot like Ms. Belle’s (though she is much more beautiful and could probably pull it off!).

  • I’m 26, and I have to say that I have definitely seen the trend for tit-length cocker spaniel hair among my peers in the last two years especially. Not a lot of up ‘dos around the 30-and-younger-set. I’m taking my sample largely from Seattle and Portland, though, so we definitely have our share of faux-hawks and femme-mullets to cut the monotony. Personally, I love my pixie cut and have a hard time imagining going back to bra-strap grazing hair.

  • anotherkate

    I don’t think it’s all updos–I think this particular dress, which IS ladylike and even a bit “old-fashioned” in and of itself, is the kind of dress a stylist or a 25-year-old might think needs the “edge” of messier, long hair.

    Personally, if I were wearing that dress I might go with a deconstructed updo with braids or even a fishtail turned into a bun–gives the same “See? I’m no old lady!” vibe without going full on cocker spaniel.

  • I’m 23 and though I think formal updos are a little stuffy, a soft or relaxed updo is delicious. These starlets can’t use youth as their excuse for lazy hair.

  • I think it goes a bit with what is currently being pushed on us…we are told long luscious locks are the most desirable, so everyone wants to show off that they have that (or bought that) so everyone can go “look at her gorgeous hair!” and they get the status that goes along with it. Women are kind of trained their entire life to fight with their hair so that it looks just how we’re told it’s supposed to look, and the ones who can achieve it (celebrities) are something to aspire to. Men find that attractive, women find it enviable…hence the cocker spaniel hair to show it off to the greatest effect. Or at least that is my impression of the current trend.
    It’s annoying because that’s not how the real world works. There are so many interesting things you can do with hair! Long and shiny is just one of them. 

  • rawrgrowlrawr

    I am 22 and I much prefer an up-do to wearing my hair down. But I also have a streak of gray hair, arthritis and wear dresses below the knee, so I have old lady blood running through my veins. I cannot speak for most young people.

  • An updo is aging in your twenties, unless you have a very sculpted face and a long, slender neck.  On this particular actress an updo with this dress would have made her look like she was near forty.  The ponytail was the way to go with this dress.  Frankly, I think she should have gone softer on the eyes and with a stronger lip.  Maybe not fire-engine-red, but I think that’s where the color should have been.

  • out for a walk

    I think there is definitely some influence from each of the afore-mentioned Kate Middleton / I have still GOT IT, bitches! / hipster effects.
    As for me, I wear mine sloppily up most of the time, but vary it more depending on jewelry than neckline for whatever reason. Big earrings look really big and more formal with an updo, tiny earrings get lost if your hair’s down. I posit that if Camilla here had her hair up, the dress would look better but we’d be compaining more about her accessorizing.

  • Lexie

    As a representative from that age bracket, the only reason I don’t rock an up-do more often is because my arms get tired and I’m kind of lazy. However, if I had a professional stylist within reach and some Jason Wu in my closet, there would be NO excuse.

  • I don’t think the updo is out. In fact, if you take a brief look at Pinterest, you will see braided updo upon braided updo.

  • Judy_S

    I do like this dress, and at least the hair doesn’t hide any interesting details. Re. the updo, I was leafing through an old issue of one of those People or Us magazines and feeling like I was looking at 1970 prom pictures. So somebody thinks the long floppy locks are a good look. (Confession: the only time in my entire life I was ahead of fashion was 1964, when suddenly long straight hair went from being bizarre and basset houndish to being extremely desirable and unattainable to the bubbleheaded fashionistas.)

  • I like up ‘dos! And I’m 26! Sadly, I don’t have a team of stylists at my beck and call. When I attempt anything more than the “sloppy top knot,” it usually ends with lackluster results. Time to start practicing more up ‘dos…

    But MY GOD I am so tired of the extensions and mermaid hair. It is getting to be boring, tired, and, most of the time, so poorly done it’s hard to look at.

  • GillianHolroyd

    Long hair came back in the 60s (center part, flat-ironed) and has hung around every since. 

    It’s not so much down vs up-do, it’s that long (tit-length) hair is not flattering to everyone, especially for women with delicate features. It usually looks heavy and uncomfortable, esp when the curl is at the ends, and screws up the proportions of the outfit. 

  • Trisha26

    I think she looks great – hair, dress, shoes – but I can’t get beyond the blue eyeshadow let alone matching it to the purse. 

  • Call me Bee

    I’m old, so I’m not sayin’ nuthin’.  Except I agree with you. 

    • meowing

      Well, Aunt Bee (if I may call you that), I’m an Aging Kitten, too, so my ancient opinion doesn’t count.  Except I agree with you and TLo.

  • Maine1ac

    I helped my 18 year old niece get ready for prom last spring, and she had a nice up ‘do, but I was struck by the scarcity of them in the other girls as they arrived.  It was mostly long hair, down, with a few curly tendrils.

  • MilaXX

    Not in the 25 year old demographic but I do think if her hair was at least half up, the eye shadow was a bit cleaner (read not blue) this would be a better look. My only other quibble is I think she should have left the bracelets off. Overall a pretty good look.

  • bailey debruynkops

    it is a very real “trend,” and unfortunately i don’t see it going away. my hair is long and wavy but i put it up all the time, and i can’t stand how every “starlet” has extensions!! wear your real fucking hair!

  • Dr. Derf van der Derf

    I am 25, and while I like an updo on other people, I have a fro and its just not going to happen for me.

  • I think blue eyeshadow would have worked, just not the way she rendered it. 

    As to your actual question, I have short hair so I can’t say much, but I know that when it comes to up ‘dos I’m all for a pony over 1990s prom hair. In fact I am going to be a total bridezilla when it comes to the wedding party hair. Curls –when your hair is not curly– is just tacky to me. 

  • veronkimo

    About to be 22, and I love her hair. I don’t necessarily think updo’s are too mature or matronly. However, if a starlet is wearing her hair down, I won’t dog her for not wearing an updo. I think hair that is worn simple like that can be very beautiful. Had she pushed her hair slightly more off her face to where the gap in her hair isn’t showing, she would have looked even better. 

  • Raja would have called that blue eye shadow ‘garage doors’. One color all the way to the brow. Very distracting, but I like the dress and that’s about it.

  • maggiemaybe

    I’m sick of the Bratz hair too. That dress is absolutely adorable and sleek little ponytail would have been perfect for this look.

  • Allyson Wells

    As a 27 year old, I basically only wear my hair up when i’m exercising, running late, or lounging around the house. But I think that’s because I can’t do an “up do”  to save my life, and down or half-up is just easier.  These starlets don’t have that excuse, so I’m not sure what their reasoning is.  My husband prefers long hair on women, so maybe some girls think an up do is too much like short hair and they want to look girlier. 

  • laescupidera

    I’m 23 and believe in updos in theory. In practice, nobody my age wants to risk looking fussy-fancy with their hair, even if the effect is flattering. It was probably all those French braids growing up.

    On a related note, I’d be curious what the average 20-something woman has in her haircare arsenal. My guess is it’s more product, fewer bobby pins – in with hair “health,” out with hair “style.” This would explain both The Basset Hound and yoga knots.

  • i’m turning 24 this week (whaat??) and if i had the money i would love to have the opportunity to experiment with different up dos. sure, we want to avoid looking like we’re going to prom or a beauty pageant but if your hairdresser can’t come up with a youthful-looking, modern and elegant hairdo then you should probably get a new one. 

  • JasmineAM

    I’m nearly 21, and I love wearing updos for any occasion. I do hate the look nowadays with 15lbs of extensions down to a girl’s ass. It looks stupid/hot/obviously fake.

  • harlowish

    I am 25, but I also have a pixie cut so an updo is never really an option for me.  But the only thing I miss about having longer hair is the ability to do lots of different things with it, so, for me at least, updos are still cool.  But even when I had long hair I thought wearing it brushed in front of my shoulders made me look like a cocker spaniel (and I love that TLo uses the same term), so maybe I’m just not the right audience to appreciate it.

  • vmbedford

    I’m 25 and LOVE up dos..then again, I recently chopped all mine off. When it grows back, however, I’m rocking the shit out on the tiara bun!

  • kat89

    Even a nice sleek ponytail woud be acceptable here, and I know the young ‘uns are wearing them!

  • Qitkat

    I think it’s also the length of the long hair. This young lady does not have lush natural hair, judging by what is around the top of her head, and the overall effect with the extensions just comes across as messy, not groomed. I never know if someone has extensions or not anyway, and just go on other BK’s comments.

    When I had long hair, naturally, when I was around this age, it never reached the length that seems to be popular these days, mine was around 8 inches shorter, and I made more of an effort to have it look at least minimally styled, and kept the split ends trimmed. I rarely wore it up, because I had no skills, and sheepishly, I will admit, I thought my ears stuck out. Although Jennifer Garner made me realize that even girls whose ears really did stick out could also be really cute too.

    The look these days is indeed *shaggy dog* for the most part, and rather unflattering in my opinion.

  • An ‘up do is considered formal wear sometimes. A ponytail is “bad hair day”. A bun is lazy. Stylish ‘up does are bridal or old-fashioned depending on how it’s done. Most the women my age wear their hair down, shoulder-length is still standard. 

  • TLo, 27 year old girl in fashion editor here. Updos are old fashioned. Her hair looks perfect here as does Jessica B’s every time you say it looks like she just rolled out of bed! There is nothing better than casual hair with a dressy dress; dressy hair looks stuffy and old. Updos scream prom. That’s all, obsessed with your blog, its my go-to when I’m stressed (like today!) 

  • …She should have worn a crinoline under this–the whole shape looks deflated otherwise.

  • fursa_saida

    Depends on the updo. If it’s a ponytail or a bun, or mayyybe some version of a chignon, you’re still okay. But anything more elaborate than that seems old-fashioned and full of Try. When it comes to this dress, it depends on whether I’m trying to look casual and cute and “oh this old thing?” or if I want to Feel Like A Lady. But having the hair down doesn’t read as inappropriate, unless this was a more formal event than it seems.

  • LesYeuxHiboux

    I’m 27, and I hadn’t really thought about it too much but yes. Up-dos are for moms and grandmothers, or very formal occasions. Like, unless I’m wearing a full-length gown I am not even considering an up-do. My hair was only half-up for my wedding. What’s more, when you have very long, full hair like Camilla here (and myself) up-dos get quite painful. The weight of all that hair held up with pins pulling at other hairs is a recipe for a splitting headache.

    • Hanna Choe

      I agree. I’m 25, and the last time I wore my hair in an up-do was for my prom in 2004. At all of the functions I’ve attended recently, women my age were wearing their hair down, or in side ponytails. For me, it’s mostly because of time and patience; I have neither. My hair is thick and unruly, and it looks best when there’s been very minimal fuss.

      • LesYeuxHiboux

        I hear that: the more I touch my hair, the worse it looks.

    • LesYeuxHiboux

      ETA: Then again my face shape, hair type, and hairline do not play nice with up-dos at all.

      • Amy Ellinger

        that definitely should be a consideration.  kindof like how some people just can’t wear hats.

    • Robyn Morelli

      Agree! I’m 26 and you couldn’t have paid me to wear my hair all the way up at my wedding. I think another big influence has been all of the strapless dresses. It’s nice to have some coverage up top when you’re wearing a sweetheart neckline and big, full hair does that! I just feel totally unfeminine without it.

    • i wore my hair down at my wedding in 1977 because i’ve always loved my long hair and because i could.  everyone else could bite me, it was my day.

  • Snailstsichr

    I fondly remember the days when “Blue Eyeshadow should be Illegal” was on the bestsellers list (or at least beauty bestsellers). Friends and I seriously considered mailing it in a plain brown wrapper to another friend who needed the advice. We chickened out, but have had to live with her blue shadow for the past two decades.
    Perhaps Camilla’s friends are also a collection of wussies??

  • Amy Ellinger

    Disney Princess and shampoo commercials. That’s who I attribute it to- what little girl born in the 80’s or early 90’s didn’t want to look like Ariel or Jasmine? And Pantene ads don’t show short hair. The trend’s been around a long time, but i think extensions have “extended” it for years.

    I’ve always had very long, thick, straight hair (except for the spiral perm in 4th grade because I desperately wanted to look just like Deanna Troi) and I adore updo’s (i’m 30). If I go out, it usually starts as down, but I always carry a clip or hair thingy for when it gets hot so I can throw it into a messy bun- Chopsticks, pens, clippies, whatever is handy.

    • don’t forget pocohantas.  her love scene with john smith and her long hair were damn erotic.  and i grew up in the fifties.

      • buildmeatower

         I coveted Pocahontas’ hair so much as a kid (still do, in fact). It was definitely a reason why I kept my hair long and loose for so long. (I cut it off a year and a half ago and, while I don’t regret the decision since it’s so much easier to  take care of and it does actually look better, I still miss the feeling of having long hair. Mine was at mid-back and, hot in the summers or no, it was really nice to have.)

        • Amy Ellinger

          Thanks to a blessed combination of Black Irish and heavy Native American influence, I basically have her hair, and am thankful for it every single day!! Hubby is, too. But he’s okay with me cutting it. 

          Tower- I cut off 16 inches 2 years ago in honor of my Granny’s 90 years young, and 20 year breast cancer survivor anniversary.  Crazy woman still does the Komen walk every year.  🙂  That summer was much cooler, but I missed it as well!  Should be able to do another big cut in a month or so- probably 8-10 inches this time. 

  • turtleemily

    I think maybe an updo is becoming something for a much more formal event? I know I’m still seeing them at friends’/cousins’ weddings. A cell phone launch isn’t exactly the Oscars.

  • This youngster says ABSOLUTELY NOT. One does not simply wear her hair down whilst wearing Jason Wu.

  • Mary Pressler

    Personally, I just don’t know how to do a nice updo, like a french twist or something. And if I did, it would take too much time, and I would have to put a lot of nasty hairspray in my hair to get it to stay. Most of my friends (early-mid 20s) just don’t know how to do hair like they used to. I think some of it is just the time involved. It must have been so labor-intensive to keep up those big beehives!

    • here’s how an old fart does it.  i take my long mangy thinning hair and twist it until it curls up in a little ball, and then i stick a long comb, like the ones they used to sell at claires which they called french twist combs, i believe, or i clamp it with a butterfly clip, one with rhinestones for dressy occasions.  that’s it.  looks way classier than most of what i see on the RC and only takes 30 seconds.

  • NarimanAlkhatib

    Im turning 25 in a few months. It could be that cathy Cambridge is pushing this trend.. but personally Im not a fan of the updo on myself. I dont think its flattering, it makes my face look round and it dosnt particularly make me feel feminine or pretty. Makes me feel kind of butch unless I have a fussy collar

  • elizonthelam

    Ok, i’ll bite. I’m a 25 year old female. And when i think ‘up-do’, i think fancy fancy party/gown moment that’s complicated and took hours to accomplish. And the term ‘pony-tail’ makes me think very casual—particularly within the context of this blog and red carpet appearances. (You write ‘ponytail’ and i think the next line will most likely involve ‘yoga hair’ or ‘running errands’) So i think i understand the thinking of what’s seen here.

    That said, i think a sleek pony would have showcased her eyes and her earrings far better and not distracted from the dress like this do is doing. Maybe we need a different word for hairstyles that get your hair off your shoulders? ‘Up-do’ for fancy, gown-filled events; ‘ponytail’ for caught on the street moments or look i’m shopping and there’s a photographer; and something else for moments like these.

    Maybe ‘upswept’? ‘high hair’? ‘Shoulder freers’? I don’t know, but something…ideas anyone? Or maybe we just call fancy styles something loftier, up–dos a sleek pony and the like, and reserve ponytail for only casual moments.

  • I have a dress just like this but instead of lace, it’s just printed white flower silhouettes. I would have rocked messy pinned up curls or a wispy French braid personally (though I wear French braids all the time anyway). I probably would have gone cheesy literal about it and put flower hairpins in my hair. Speaking as a 24 year old precious unborn fawn.

  • I’m 24 and I would say updo’s can be very aging. If I go to a gala my hair goes up. Otherwise I blow it out or curl it and leave it down. Hair I think is very much a safety blanket.

  • i’m 24, and most of my female friends often wear up-do’s out, or to events. i think she was smart in this case though, purely because an up-do would have aged this look, as it reads a little older without the stiff volume of the original picture. plus, all the competing starlets in hollywood need to present a fuckable image; having your hair down helps that.

  • between the eyeshadow and the hair, she does look rather demented.  i haven’t a clue what these young “uns are up to. except my daughter’s latina friends in east oakland, but that’s a whole other ballpark.  or ball o’ wax.  or can of worms.  something.

  • I’m 23 and I love a good updo, but I do appear to be the minority. Everyone I know likes their hair better down.

  • margaret meyers

    Love the border of falling pretzels!  Is this a cocktail dress?

  • A half-up with a nice barrette would have worked as well, sez this 50 year old woman with hip-length hair.  This just looks all-over-the-place and sloppy

  • NatalieD28

    I’ve just turned 24, and I’ve always loved an updo when the look called for it. However, most of my friends didn’t feel the same, and still don’t. I tend to keep my hair naturally very long, and sometimes it’s just all too much and too heavy of a look! But I have a feeling I may be in the minority here (although I haven’t read through any of the other comments).

    I will say that I think she may very well be alone in her love of that color blue eye shadow, and applying it all the way up to her brows! Eek!!

  • Monica Valbuena

    I’m 24 and yes, I would consider an up-do on someone my age a bit too old fashioned. 

  • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

    Don’t know about updo’s, but I sure do love that dress.  The shoes are gorge, too.

  • Amy Ellinger

    for ladies who lament not being able to do anything with their hair- seriously, youtube tutorials- they’ll change your life!!!!

    “updo” sounds so formal.  How about just “putting your hair up”?

  • I’m 25… I think having my hair down is nice at some times, but man does it get in the way at times, especially if you are going to an event (or even dinner for that matter) where it is appropriate for you to pull your hair up!  I don’t like all this mess you see everywhere, but I also wonder if they don’t do anything then.  Like do they not talk or laugh or drink water or eat and then walk around?  While hair doesn’t get in the way of that, as the night goes on it can…

  • Jessi03

    Ok, I’m 27 and I pretty much only wear updos for recitals and auditions.  I think it’s clean and classic, but can have a tendency to look like prom hair.  

  • yes. the cocker spaniel look is all over the place and it is dreadful! ( I am 21)