Alexander McQueen Fall 2012 Knuckle Clutches

Posted on August 06, 2012

We think these are so ridiculously bad-ass chic that we almost wish we could get away with carrying one. Sure, they’re not for everyone, every outfit, or every occasion, but you have to admit, they’re not boring.



So our question to you is a simple one (and one we haven’t asked in a while):


Alexander McQueen Knuckle Clutches: YEA or NAY?


And if “YEA,” pick your favorite.


Oh, what the hell: If you picked “NAY,” tell us the one you hate the most.


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  • abfidy

    This is the biggest YEA of all time. That snakeskin one can make its way over to my nightstand any time.

    • Clueless_Jock

      YEA, I love them all.

  • Jill_3


    I particularly like the ones in black and white… no, I like them all. Period.

  • Yea, oh hells, YEA!   And were I a badass chick, it would be ALL about the pale pink ostrich frond covered one.

    • I knew someone would put dibs on that one before me.  But I also like the first one for its understated badass chic.

      •  Tell you what, we’ll get that one too, and trade em back and forth.

    • That one’s my top pick too, though I wouldn’t mind wearing one with every outfit, from jeans to my pajamas.

      •  It would probably start to annoy you pretty fast, how little you could actually carry in it.  But, fashion and style have their sacrifices, no?

        • Oh, you have no Idea! My everyday tote is inmensurable like the Bermuda Triangle, but when I go out I hate big bags so I usually carry half my stuff in my boyfriend’s pockets 😉

    • Sartorial_She

      Absolutely my fave too…but how would you hold it without crushing and/or getting hand grime all over the delicate feathers? Perhaps the wealthy do not bother themselves with such practical concerns.

      •  Considering that one would only be carrying it into and out of the venue of choice, it shouldn’t be a problem.

    • Nelliebelle1197

       How did I know you were pink ostrich?

  • YAY, and I pick the oblong black one with the white lace (penultimate), although I wouldn’t kick the ostrich feather number out of my closet, either.

  • petalfrog

    YEA with the last one being my favorite. Rihanna and Gags are going to cream over these.

  • Thathoodwink

    Oh YES. Any of the clutches that have the cacophony of metal items sticking out, especially the one with the skeleton head. I’ll buy one for my daughter and she can use them as a classier version of brass knuckles for protection in our sh*tty neighborhood.

    • ballerinawithagun

      Protect that purse!

    • They all have a skeleton head.  Look closely.

    • j_anson

      It’s true! These are really very practical! Like buying pepper spray.

  • yes x 10000000

  • Sweetpea176

    Yea!  The first one or the third from the bottom. I also live in a sh*tty neighborhood!

  • Just what I don’t want:  a tiny useless purse with built in brass knuckles.

    • LesYeuxHiboux

       I like your style.

    • alyce1213

      Neither one of those things is useless.

      • Sweetbetty

         They are when they’re welded together.

  • HELL YEA. I LOVE the fourth one down and the last one. Granted the absolute perfect shoes and outfit have to be paired with those two (or any for that matter) but I want one just to put on my dresser and stare at it’s beauty.

  • I love them.  Especially the last one, but the first one is a close second.

  • librarygrrl64

    Out, but mostly because I suspect the rings wouldn’t fit all of the fingers on my man hands. 🙁

  • YEA. Especially the last one. Love the mix of feminine and kickass

  • crash1212

    YEA! Third one down – because..SKULL. The first time I saw one of these on a celebrity, I thought – jeweled brass knuckles – COOL – then realized it was part of a clutch and swooned. LOVE…well actually ALL of them.

    • That’s my favorite as well, with the last one coming up a very close second. I wish I could justify having one of these, but as a lowly technical writer, I suppose it would be a bit much. It would add some nice excitement to my otherwise drab cubicle.

  • StelledelMare

    Yea. Perfect for self defense/punching some creepy, rude guy who won’t stop hitting on you. The third and last ones are ridiculous though. The only one that I’d ever really want would be the first one

  • YEA!!! Ohmigod, so VERY YEA. 

    I wouldn’t refuse any of them, but the snakeskin has to be my fav. 

  • ChelseaNH

    Sorry, but the grotesque knuckle figures are making me cranky.  Everything else about them is pretty fab, though.

  • Heather Urias

    Yay! The first one and and the snakeskin need to be mine!

  • kimmeister

    Nay, because I don’t adorn myself with skulls of any kind, much less blingy ones.  My least favorite has to be the pink one just out of sheer incongruousness.

  • theblondette

    HELLS TO THE YEAH! These are badass. The bottom two are pretty fug but I like the rest.

  • hughman

    Oh hell to the yes. I want the snakeskin one as a case for my eyeglasses.

  • JasmineAM

    These are totally my style. I want them all! A big YEA!!!!!!!! from me.

  • Squarah

    LOVE! Speaks to my punk sensibilities. Wish I could afford one!

  • BlondettaChick

    YEA. I’ll take the second one, please.

  • Pennymac

    YEA! Third one down, please!

  • YEA.  I want the last one.  Because if you’re gonna go there, act like you mean it.

  • Definitely YEA! I’d like the second to last one.

  • AlexisPayne

    Yea, second and third one down!

  • SpcilK

    YEA – I’m all about numbers 1,3, and 6! Give me, give me Now!

  • elirt

    YEA! Big time! 3rd from the top – love the pattern cut out and how crazy the knuckle piece is and the pink one with fringe. I’d love either of those.

  • NDC_IPCentral

    LOVE the rings as the clasps.  The furry/ostrich-feathery one: no.  The first, second and last, yes, because they make me smile.

    Heaven knows that my having a social life that requires such OTT bags is well in the past, but looking only means that I don’t have to find a place to store ’em, either.

  • ChaCha_70

    Hellz to the YEA! Gwen Stefani and I are gonna rock #1, thank you very much.

  • Oh, YEA!!!!  Some of these could do serious damage!

    I have very small hands, and holding large clutches is a problem for me.  So my fave is 2nd from last–the narrow black with lace with death’s-head knuckle-busters…that should just fit my hands perfectly!

    Kinda also love the pink one at the very end.  Actually I kinda love all of them except the plain brown one in the middle.  

    All the others please.  I’m contacting Santa today….

  • Elizabeth Riley

    I would pay good money to see Cathy Cambridge sporting one of these.

    • out for a walk

      I was thinking #5 would be especially great for her!

  • YAY! Fourth and fifth are my fave. I love the combo of the pink fluffyness with the roughness of the knuckle duster

  • Haley Buchanan

    YEA YEA YEA!  I love these so much.  I was just drooling over the mohawk skull necklaces and such on their website, trying to figure out how I could pull of wearing one to my brother’s wedding next month.  As far as these go, I think the first one’s my favorite.

  • Nina Windgätter

    I’ll say YEA, but mostly because I like all the ones with lotsa shit exploding on the brass knuckles.  I think that if you are going to go for this look, you shouldn’t half ass it with only a little dangerous.  The third from the top is my favorite.

  • Yea! Number 7. 

  • Yea! The pink fuzzy one!

  • greyhoundgirl

    Yea.  Like all except the pink hairy one.

  • MilaXX

    Hell YEA, even the muppet one!

  • YEA! And ALL OF THEM. I adore these full stop. Every last one of them. But maybe especially the burgundy velvet one?

  • Amy

    Now I get why it’s fun to have access to designer goods! I’ll take the black and white “lace”!

  • Rebecca Jay

    YEA to the solid brown velvety one for me, and the triangle pointed star one for The Sweetiegirl.

  • kittenwithaquip

    YEA! I love the 3rd and 5th the best, but I’d take one of each if I could afford them…which I will never, ever be able to in my entire life. Or even if I *could* afford it, I would never be able to justify it. “Hmmm…a semester at college for one of my sons, or an Alexander McQueen clutch?”

  • Omg YEAH. The second one must come play with me. We’d take some bitches OUT.

  • Bozhi

    Yea, 1, 2 and 5, in that order.

  • artgirl9

    A total YEA.  Brilliant idea! W A N T

  • DesertRodent

    Oh YEA! So glittery, I feel like the proverbial thieving crow who cannot resist shiny stuff. I have a daughter who would die from phosphorescence overload to open this on her birthday, except it would probably cost a couple months of her rent, which has far superior utility. Sadly. But I would have to get both the snakeskin emboss and the white lace for myself, though she might prefer the black leather and triangle stud.

  • Enough with the skulls already!

  • LesYeuxHiboux

    If there was a single one without a skull somewhere on it, a resounding YEA. As they are, NAY. 

  • alyce1213

    Yea!  I like them all, but #s 1, 3 and 8 are my favorites.  I’ll also take the pink fuzzy, even though it’s not really me.
    I like these so much more than the Marchesa clutches last week!

  • Sara R

    YEA!  Black/white lace (2nd from bottom).  I was excited when I saw Aldo sells the knock-offs… made with Chuck E Cheese rings that turns your fingers green.

  • Amy Ennis

    I love these. Of course, House McQueen is my favorite design house. I love #3 but will take any of them at all. 

  • I’m not so enamored.  I can just imagine what a production it would be to do something as simple as switch the clutch to my other hand.

    And I don’t care for the skulls.

    •  Finally! I thought I was going insane, all the yea-ing going on around here. I was also trying to puzzle out how you would carry such a clutch, and how you would open it, or, as you said, pass it to your other hand. So no thank you, I’ll pass on these. Nay.

  • BrooklynBomber


  • mozzer0906

    YEA.  I can’t pick, it would be like picking a favorite child!

  • Kate4queen

    Yea to the second one please!

  • Eclectic Mayhem

    Yea – fifth one down, or the third one down.

  • Trisha26

    Yay to #1 (badass) and #5 (chic). Nay to #3 and #7 – hate anything that looks “laser cut.” I hope that technique dies out – it just looks cheap.

  • kim i

    yea, and next to last.

  • YEA. I love the first three, as well as the black with white lace.

  • Those are badass. I love the first one the most, but they’re all pretty awesome.

    I think I would frame them and hang them on the wall in a tasteful yet punk grouping. They’re completely impractical for my every day life with kids and dogs and cats and a job, but man, they’re gorgeous. 

  • MzzPants

    Abso-freakin’-lutely!!  My fav’ is the black with white lace.  Oh, hell, I love them all.

  • Joyce VG

    Oh YEA oh YEA. Oh to have thousands of dollars and a lifestyle to match. I love the burgundy one with all the glorious metal flippery.  


    And I love the pink ostrich-feathered number because of how beautifully the soft feather contrast with the silver skulls.

  • L.

    YEA! Humorous & chic.  Love the pink feathers.

  • SewingSiren

    YEA!!!OMG YEA!!!
    The one with the snowflakes and skull heads (last) or PINK FEATHERS! i die.

  • marilyn

    NAY.  These do not begin to have the class of the Marchesa purses.  I do not like the gangsta brass knuckle look of lots of fake rings at the top of the clutch.  Marchesa got away with it, but these do not.  I am starting to put this designer in the same group as Stella McCartney-one who consistently makes ugly, unattractive things.

  • ASK26

    I will like them better if the skuls were more humorous. I don’t really like those skulls.

  • bellafigura1

    Brilliant, yes, I need.  Need.

  • allisankelly

    Wholehearted YAY! My favorites are the first and last. I am in love.

  • n a

    yay! LOVE them- and genius putting the ‘brass knuckle’ detail to help you hang on!  love love love!  Like them all- thought the last one is cool- nice contrast of delicate and punk. 🙂

  • MissAnnieRN

    Yay. I’ll take snakeskin, please. I have loves this since the first one his house put out. Can’t wait for a knock off I can afford.

  • Yea- although I don’t much like any of the actual designs, I love the concept.

  • luluransom

    Oh hell YEAH.

  • Amy Ellinger

    Um, it’s McQueen. Always YAY!!!!  

    One of each? oh, alright, the last one, just because it’s super-fun 🙂

  • boweryboy

    They’re a big YAY for me but I’m partial to none of them.

  • Anathema_Device

    Definitely a Yea vote from me. I drooled over some of these at a Neiman Marcus once. I literally squealed “OH MY GOD THE MCQUEEN BRASS KNUCKLE CLUTCHES!” and grabbed my husband’s arm. I am such a rube.

    Of these, I’d take the first one, but there is a bronze-y one floating around out there with my name and knuckles on it.

  • If only my fingers fit in them. 

  • TheDivineMissAnn

    They can double as brass knuckles if you find yourself in a jam.

    Having gotten that out of my system,  I quite like them all.

  • Kimbolina

     YEA times a thousand!  I love the first, second, sixth and seventh.

  • SannyDee

    Yea…luhhhve the last one!

  • kaycem

    yea — i’d pick the burgundy velvet b/c it best fits the dark romance kinda thing i associate with mcqueen.

  • Elisa_G

    Yea. Love the contrast of feminine frippery and the brutality of skulls and brass knuckles, bordering on tacky but somehow really stylish. A conversation piece, not for the style-timid.

  • tbk2

    Yay. The brown one.

  • prettybigkitty

    YEA!!   If I must pick only one, I’d pick the third from the top.  Heart.

  • yea! ALL OF THEM…but if I had to pick I would say the last one, then the two before that. and the one before that. and the others too. all of them.

  • demondoll

    I want them ALL.

  • SatelliteAlice

    YEA!  Big friggin YEA!

  • CassieLee22

    YEA in the biggest way. So fabulous! Love the last one in white!!!!!

  • altalinda

    Yay, third from the top.

  • Pants_are_a_must

    YEA. I WANT THEM ALL. But especially the first one.

  • guest2visits

    I love them! Especially the first two. If those are spoken for; I’ll take 6 and 8.

  • MrsKrause

    Yea!  #1 and #3.  Now.  

  • YEAH, second to last. Or all of them.  This post makes me wish I actually had money. 

  • momato

    OOOOOOOO yeah.

  • Daenyx

    YEA!  Third from the top.

  • Sara__B

    Yea. Not my style at all but I like them anyway.

  • jjfg

    YEA!  But pick ONE?  And I don’t even carry a purse!  1, 5, 6, 7…  

  • YEA. Most definitely. 

  • StrandedFashionista

    YEA! And my favorite is the lace one, second from bottom. 

  • GorgeousThings

    God, YEA. I have loved the knuckle clutches since he first introduced them. I keep saying that if I hit the lottery I’ll buy two things: a Birkin bag (in a regular leather, regular size) for day, and a knuckle clutch for evening. Of this group, I’d go with the burgundy velvet. I’m in a burgundy mode these days, and it would look fabulous. The BIG question is what color nail polish to set it off?

  • PrunellaV

    YEA! The first one is quite enough of a statement, although the brown velvet with the skulls is fabulous. If you don’t own your look, though, these bags will eat you alive.

  • Kate Middleton needs one. 

  • rumcg66

    Holy cow. A giant YEA and I’ll take one of each, please. Damn.

  • quiltrx

    YEA.  The black/white overlay with the skull wants to be my best friend.

  • Linzenberg

    A big, badass YEA.  Any of the black-and-white ones and the snakeskin are welcome next to MY Little Black Dress.

  • allj

    YEA! The second one is my fave- the print is simple and chic, but the badass bling makes the perfect juxtaposition!

  • leave_Blake_alone

    TOTAL YEA! The metal snakeskin one is probably my favorite but the first one is incredibly striking.

  • IAmJ

    Ooh, hell to the YEA! I LOVE number three, but I will graciously accept any one of these babies.

  • travelingcat

    YEA! The last one is my fave, but I could put every one of them to good use. 

  • eclare

    I’m getting married next fall and the last one totally matches my wedding dress. Unfortunately, it probably costs more than my wedding dress.

  • kat89

    Hell to the YEA! I want all of them!

  • Lisa

    YAY!!  They’re just so gaudy and fabulous!~


    Seriously gorgeous. I’d carry every last one of them (where’s my sugardaddy to pay for it though, hmm???)

  • PastryGoddess


    If only I was a gazillionare, I’d wear these to the store to pick up cat litter

  • AmeliaEve

    I’m told you can’t take these on an airplane. Yep, the TSA thinks they are actual brass knuckles. I am all in favor of accessories that can be weaponized. YAY for the snakeskin number.

  • Judy_J

    YEA! I love them all, especially the little pink feathery number. So impractical, but so beautiful!

  • Yea! I want the burgundy velvet one and the white one with the tassles. I can’t stand the pink feathery one though – pink feathers almost always say tacky to me, especially those long stringy ones. 

  • Beth G

    Yeah, and a couple drinks into the evening your fingers swell and……

  • YEA.  YEA. YEA. YEA. YEA.YEA.YEA.YEA.YEA. (especially the one with the pink fringy)

  • bailey debruynkops


  • Meredith_P

    They are fabulous! And there’s no way to pick just one!

  • YEA!!!!! Line forms behind me for the first one.

  • formerlyAnon

    Oh YEA.

    Though more as large jewelry than a usable clutch.

    For badass-dressing girl only:
    Last one for dress up. Sixth down (reptile skin) for business wear.

    For faux badass girl who has too much money to be safe & frequently goes out looking rather proper wearing a LBD & wakes up unsure of where she is: Pink ostrich feathers.

  • Yea, but I hate the skulls.  I like am all, love the pink fluff.  They’re all a hell of a lot better than the Marchessa ones.

  • Call me Bee

    Can’t wait until some old dowager carries one to the local charity ball. They will instantly OUT.

  • littlemac8

    I learned in graduate school: more than three rings = histrionic type!  Watch out for over expressiveness, seduction and a tendency towards hysteria!  Perfect for some of our Hollywood types!  And I say, what the hell, if you’re gonna play, go big! I say YEA and YAY. I vote for the black bag with the most stuff!

  • I think YEA.  They’re fun, especially the less plain rings, like 3 and 5.

  • PeaceBang

    YAY. Numbers 2, 3 & 6. Although… how does one actually wear these? 

  • tonibaloney

    Brilliant! I love the brass knuckles gone couture. 

  • mila_8

    YEA! 3 and 5 are my fav, but love them all.

  • Colleen Robinson

    Yea and I’ll take the last one (and the third one for when I feel especially bad ass)

  • Susan Crawford

    YEA! I would take any or all of them in a heartbeat. I sport a McQueen skull ring – gold with ruby crystal eyes and butterflies and flowers with brilliant little CZ crystals, and it is a total badass joy. Best of all, it makes the college students in my classes wonder about this old gal up at the front of the room – and any time I can make kids stop taking life for granted and compartmentalizing it, I feel I have done a good thing!

    I’m definitely up for a seconf McQ skull ring – maybe the koi fish skull this time. And a knuckle clutch? O, but I would squeeee for hours! 

  • ccm800

    Eff YAY. Ya know I get the value of brand and name and all that – but continuing with a name after the artist has passed is ridiculous to me. Why not have paintings by VanGogh long after his death? It seems ridiculous to call it an art on one hand and then have it be nothing but a business on the other. These are certainly NOT designs by Alexander McQueen. Even if they called it So-and-so for McQueen – something…I find it very unsavory.

  • yea – i covet the 2nd one from the bottom, the one with the white lace. <3

  • My precious!!  (Want them – want them all)

  • Yea.  Wine….suede?  Velvet?  With the extra googa metal on it.

  • holdmewhileimnaked

    i’ll take pink feather fuzzy & the one on top of it.
    as an aside, i really like em but these things are gonna date like crazy.

  • Y. E. A. Spells. YEA!!!!!!  All the WAY!

  • j_anson

    OH YEAH. I want either of the last two.

  • RzYoung

    YEA! I love these, every variation. If I had one I’d take it everywhere regardless of the event

  • I want one.

  • Yea! These are fun as hell.

  • LOVE them all except for fluffy ones. Cannot afford them, do not have anywhere fancy enough to go and carry them but still LOVE THEM.

  • Reneesance

    YEA!  And the red velvet needs to be mine mine mine

  • yea yea yea yea yea yea!

     i guess i like the first (silver stars) and second-to-last (white lace on black) best, but theyre all fab as fuck.

  • Scarlet39

    I dread the knockoffs that are going to be floating around. 

  • YEA!  Number three is fab!


  • Loves. Hasn’t there been some of these before?  Anywho, write me down for number 2. 

  • Yea…any of the lot can end up here.  (However, is it wrong that I hope Angie picks up one and just carries it? or uses it as a movie prop to punch someone out?)

  • YEA YEA, 1000 times YEA! I can’t pick a favourite. They’re all magnificent. I would stop eating for a month to save money to have any one of these clutches.

  • YEA, 7th one down.  I love it so badly…

  • YEA, YEA and YEA again.  They’re all great, but I’m partial to the lace one that’s in the thumbnail.

  • Vaniljekjeks

    Yea!  The first one, and the reddish velvetty one, please.  

  • mjude

    YEA. i love them all but i will take the 1st one!

  • YEA – I’d totally wear that pink feathery frothy one in a second. 

  • YAY. The bottom one (or any of the other ones with the fireworksy skulls).

  • YEA!! The second to last, black with lace. LOVE!

  • Ash

    All the black and white ones!

  • call_me_schmeg

    hell YEAH! and i’d take them all, except for the feathery one. but if my imaginary sugar daddy was being mean that day and i could only have one? well…. i’d probably go for the first one with the triangular black studs.

  • Tamara Hogan

    Big-ass YEA. I love the first one. 

  • CYVH9000

    LOVE. YEA!!! I would take the velvet/suede one to the ballet. I would take them ALL to the ballet actually.

  • YEA! Full out crazy for the very last one!

  • miagain

    Yea… I can’t pick, I love them all!

  • LOVE the fifth one down, simple black with a kick ass knuckle ring! Totally rock & roll.

  • YAY! love them, especially the red velvet. 

  • Jellybish

    YEA, especially to the second one.

  • PeggyOC

    Holy crap, why has no one invented these before?  A clutch you can use to punch out someone who annoys you and still look fabulous while doing it?!  Total win.  Yeah and Yay.

  • boomchicabowwow

    HELL YEA!  The one at the very bottom is SUCH a Savage Beauty!!

  • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

    I just can’t get into skull motifs unless it is Halloween.  And the purses are beautiful; but wouldn’t your fingers feel a little sore after clutching this all night?  But if you needed to punch someone upside the head, these would come in handy. 

  • VioletFem

    YEA!!!! I like them all, but if I could only pick one, I’d pick the first clutch. 

  • Jessica O’Connell

    I’d never pull these off, but a big YEA from me because they’re so fabulous. Third one down is my favorite :-).

  • Would these legally be considered a weapon? Brass knuckles (even those made of plastic) are outlawed in New York.

  • MoHub

    Love the look, but I have scary visions of a purse thief grabbing on of these and taking a few fingers with it.

  • tereliz

    YES PLEASE! The burgundy velvet, the cutout-lace looking designs, the studs, the snakeskin… I can’t decide!

  • sherrietee

    I WANT!  Gimme!

  • Merridith Kristoffersen

    YEA!  Particularly the first one.

  • hmariec19

    YEA – I oddly like the frilly pink one.  I think I like the juxtaposition of the feathers and the hardware.

  • jsywilson

    Yea… give them all to me now.

  • bitterk


  • Le_Sigh

    YAY.  Third one down.  Not usually a fan of filigree, but its bold and matches my hair (my bangs are bleached white a la’ Rogue or Pepe LePeuw).

    Also a big plus if you got into fisticuffs at any point – no need to dig out your weapons, the clutch has your back!

  • KathKo

    The third one is to DIE for.

  • Rebecca Zmarzly

    Absolutely YEA! All of them.

    Faves: #1 for a serious event, #4 for an OMG, why the F did you skin a muppet for a purse? reaction. Awesome all the way home.

  • fursa_saida

    HELL YEA (can we do that?), and the third one down is my favorite.

  • EEKstl

    Love ’em all.  Fabulous.

  • YEA.  third one!

  • Definite YEA. I love the idea that the clasps can be rings. (Or am I crazy?)

    I covet the second one. 

  • Snarky_Amber

    A million times Yea. And if I have to pick JUST ONE, the second from the top, but truthfully I want to catch them all. Somebody needs to make an Etsy “homage” (*cough* knockoff *cough) of these for my budget.

  • Yes! In fact, I am so in love I may get a hard glasses case, some white thick lace and some skull cocktail rings and blatantly infringe the shit out of the copyright laws. 

  • evahansman

    I never carry a purse and I want all of them!!  Of Course YEA!

  • deliadee

    YEA!!  The bottom pink one, please, with the tassels.

  • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

    Yeah, although I would never have anywhere fancy enough to wear it.  My favorite is the third one down – the black one with the white snowflake cutout and the skull on top.  A lovely mixture of feminine and badass, just like me.

  • Tatiana Luján


  • macostacruz

    Yeah! Burgundy velvet.

  • stagmania

    Definite YEA. I think the top is my fav.

  • MarissaLG

    They may not be for everyone, but they are definitely for ME. (If I made 40X my current salary) Love them all especially the first one and the red velvet. 

  • Vodeeodoe


  • oohsparkley!

    Yea! And I’ll take the black and white, second from the bottom, please.

  • Hells yea

  • aristida_girl

    YEA! I love love love them, and would cut a bitch for the black one with the studs, but would be super happy with any of them really…so cool!

  • The snake/alligator clutch is really interesting, and goes hideously well with the closing halloween head mechanism.
    I like the first one, the sparkly piccolo case, too.
    Well, actually, I like the clutch parts, HATE the closers.
    Those are made for preteen delight and strange noises, imo.
    Grandma speaking.

  • MemHey

    YEA. Third from top.

  • Judih1

    Yeah – top 4 and bottom 4 are my favorites, I can’t pick just one

  • LinXGUA

    An unpopular opinion:
    Nay … the mauve one and the third one. The idea seems lazy and glued on. I see it … sad. 

  • YAAAAAAY!!!!! The second one in nude: be still my heart. But then the slightly favourable shape and chunkiness of the maroon suede will also be worth spending an entire month’s worth of student income on. YAY!

  • YEA! They look like punk rock Faberge eggs. DELICIOUS.

  • mznormann

    YAY. I’ll take the fluffy pink knuckle duster please! Wouldn’t say no to any of them!

  • Oh H E Double hockey sticks yea

  • bethannstamps

    oh yes sir, i could so walk down a dark Philly street with these and not feel afraid cuz i could beat up up w my fancy brass knocles. no seriously i love em. and saftey too, hey the clutch is just big enuf for my credit card, a phone and tear gas canister. gotta have one

  • melanie0866

    YEA.  I love the black one with the white lace.  I want one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Loving the top two and the feathery pink one!

  • Truly_Outrageous

    YEA YEA YEA! And if I were a young lass (with a lot of money) I would pick the one with the white lace (7th one down). And even though there’s a lot of detail in the brass knuckle part I would totally choose the pale pink one with the tassels (8th one down) and the black and white one (3rd one down).

  • YEAH HELL YEAH. The second last one has my name on it.