Zooey Deschanel in Paule Ka

Posted on July 24, 2012

It’s slim pickings on the red carpet front today. The stars have abandoned us in order to romp on some beach somewhere in the kinds of bathing suits they don’t wear in America.

Sorry, Zooey. We don’t want to imply that you’re somehow not worthy of our loving attention.

Zooey Deschanel attends the FOX All-Star party in West Hollywood, California in a Paule Ka metallic gold jacquard sleeveless cocktail dress from the Fall 2102 collection.

But your outfit’s kind of a big nothing. We’re glad you decided to forego the tights just this once. Otherwise they would have made this dress, which already looks like a New Year’s Eve dress, into a full-on all-purpose Happy Holidays dress.

What’s with the ladystars wearing their best Christmas party dresses in July? Is that why the pickings are so slim? Has everyone abandoned the summer red carpet because the only dresses left to wear are heavy metallic ones? Darlings, how many times must we tell you to plan these things out in advance so you don’t run out of free dresses to wear before the summer’s up?


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    • Little_Olive

      I’m officially bored with her now. Always the same silhouette and pumps. 

      • http://twitter.com/PhDKnitter marlie

         At least she got rid of the teased hair. Though she does need some serious makeup help.

        • PinkLemon

           Yes, her makeup has been looking a bit…severe..?…lately.

      • PuttyGalore

        Dunno, I’m just glad she realized that if she wears her skirts/dresses a skosh longer like this one she can bring herself to leave the house sans black tights. So I’m totally willing to give her a few months of this silhouette with newly bare legs.

      • HobbitGirl

        I like that she has a style. Clearly she responds well to these sorts of clothes, and she’s branded herself as retro/quirky anyway, so I don’t really care that she doesn’t vary it up too much. This would have looked SO much better in a nice lightweight colorful fabric, though. She looks like she’s wearing a couch ATM.

    • kimmeister

      That fabric looks like golden bubble wrap.  Also, she needs some eyeliner fairies to help her out badly.

      • Jacqueline Wessel

        Yes, that was my first thought…golden bubble wrap.

    • http://twitter.com/dixielou8 Ashley

      is that supposed to be some type of bow? WTF?

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/C5T2QPOAWOBDRHFL2MFAV7KQCY Tracy

      I give a gold-plated yawn.

      • EveEve

        Indeed.  These young’uns are virtually interchangeable.  Cover up her head and you’d have no freakin’ clue who this was.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ailsa-Martin/644946901 Ailsa Martin

      She looks cute, for Christmas. But why are two of her nails different colours from the rest of them? I hate that.

      Also, she looks, um, different lately. I’m not sure if she’s had work done or is just sporting some really unflattering eye makeup.

      • mountainFashionista

         The ring-finger nail thing is A Thing now, I guess –I saw the same treatment in a nail polish print ad last night.

      • http://twitter.com/Mylynka Mylynka

        yea, it’s an “accent” nail… Pinterest is ablaze with them

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=713709401 Randy Noak

      She does the same shape in every dress she wears lately and the same hair/makeup as well. All that changes is the color/fabric choice.

      • http://www.GiftedCollector.com Nancy Abrams

        Like a paper doll, she doesn’t change, but the clothes do.


      That dress looks like it weighs 40 pounds. Maybe that’s why she’s not sporting all of her normal “I’m a conventionally pretty unconventional girl!” poses.

    • kittenwithaquip

      Heavy hair, heavy eyeliner, heavy dress, heavy shoes. Heeeeeeeeeeeaaaaavvvvvvvvvyyyyyyyyyyyy. Sorry, it’s 94°F here, with 40% humidity. I have sweated out all other adjectives.

    • http://joyouslifesf.wordpress.com Kiltdntiltd

      That thing looks like its a middle grouping dress from some PR challenge in involving foil gift wrap.

      • http://twitter.com/londonpenguin Teresa M.

        Yes! I saw this and was sure I’d seen it before on PR!

        • Call me Bee

          Yes–that’s just what I posted!  It’s the fabric–it looks familiar….

          • Jashley Fryer

            Totally reminds me of Kimberly from last season…

            • http://gabyrippling.tumblr.com/ Gabriella M

              It was silver then, wasn’t it?

              It looks like upholstery. Ugly upholstery. 

      • mjude


      • lovelyivy

         I can think of no more damning assessment than this…

      • http://twitter.com/Merneith Merneith

         It reminded me of the Car Parts challenge.

    • Vlasta Bubinka

      If it weren’t for her bellybutton exploding into giftwrap, I’d be so filled ennui that I wouldn’t be able to taste my coffee.

    • http://twitter.com/delysia_lafosse Delysia LaFosse

      Sad holiday dress. God-awful nails. Boring shoes. Under-done hair. Bad makeup. The trajectory is still not looking good for Miss Zooey.

      • http://CallMeJane.com/ CallMeJane

         I had to go back and look at the nails – what is that? did she white tip them?  or maybe it’s gold?  Seems really silly.

    • charlotte

      Maybe she’s going to spend her holidays in Oz and decided to match the Tin Man.
      Oh, you say she was on a show with that name? What a coincidence!

    • butterflysunita

      The same silly pose with her head tilted!  And yes, the dress is dull and unflattering.  

      • sagecreek

        But only in one shot! It’s a Christmas miracle!

    • Sara__B

      Zooey is stuck in a rut. She managed to let go of her tights and now she needs to move on from her tired old hairdo, makeup, and favorite dress silhouette.

      • http://twitter.com/cornekopia Shawn EH

        Of course.

        • SRQkitten

          LOL! That was exactly what I was thinking too!

          She needs a new stylist. Stat.


    • YourBaloneyDontGotNoSecondName

      zooey just spoiled who wins the unconventional materials challenge on this season of PR — the one who took bubble wrap and spray painted it gold.

    • MissHellDial

      also, that makeup is HORRIBLE! It makes her look 20 years older. Fire your make up artist. FIRE HIM!

    • rivula

      Is her ring finger painted a darker shade of red?  Is this some sort of pinterest manicure?  I think you’re doing it wrong.

      Her eyes are doing that thing mine do when I’m super-uncomfortable. If she is one of those stars who hates public functions, I feel bad for her and her weird manicure.

      • MilaXX

         yep, it’s a fad to paint one nail a different color

        • rivula

          Yeah, but shouldn’t the colors contrast a bit more?  weird.

          • MilaXX

            I’ve seen everything from high contrast to sort of a ombre effect. The problem here is the nails don’t really go with the dress,and it give the look a 5 year old playing dress uplook

    • sagecreek

      Hey, in 2 out of 3 photos she is NOT doing the annoying cutsey-pie head tilt!


    • formerlyAnon

      I’ve tapped into the zeitgeist, apparently. I looked at her and thought “god she’s so predictable it’s not even annoying any more, just dull.”  Then read onwards, and apparently boredom with her is rolling down like the waters.

      But, two consecutive sightings without tights. That ought to be a plus of some kind.

    • Sue_Asponte

      Looks like the Glee season one Regionals dress to me. Which does not, NOT make it any better. http://www.tomandlorenzo.com/2010/06/glee-s1e22-journey-2.html

    • TheOriginalLulu

      I do think the dress looks good on her, but wow I’m schvitzing just looking at her.

    • elirt

      This makes me sad because I really like her and the roles she’s played, but I can’t defend this. It’s just not good – wrong season, bad hair, bad make-up, boring shoes. The only thing going for her is she looks kinda happy.

    • http://twitter.com/AmberAndronicus Fucking A.

      I feel like Zooey Deschanel & Taylor Swift need to live in the same house together singing indie songs about boys who have broken their hearts, and discussing why they have an affinity for dressing like over-sized thirteen year olds. I don’t even think Hailee Steinfield would touch this, and she sure wouldn’t wear her hair like that with that dress.

    • EverybodysStarling

      If you’re known for your big round blue eyes, this cat-eyeliner is horribly wrong. If you’re known for your not-so-good styling choices, this outfit is… expected.

    • Call me Bee

      Love her pumps, though.  They look as though human persons could actually wear them. 
      But I swear up and down that I’ve seen that dress as one of the entires in one of the PR episodes on one of the seasons (or another…)  Guess it’s kinda…generic.  And the front bow is just silly.  Zooey–you’re cuter than a button, but you shoulda just left this dress alone. 

      • MilaXX

         very similar to the gold dresses the Glee gals wore at regionals 2 seasons ago

    • j_anson

      Mmm, tacky upholstery.

    • LesYeuxHiboux

      The eye makeup is making her eyes look small, which is silly because we all know she has huge Bambi eyes. The dress is making her look thick. Again, silly.

      • MilaXX

         She should be going the Adele route and doing 60’s inspired winged liner.

        • http://twitter.com/cornekopia Shawn EH

          After all, she got the London Look.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000088447181 Sam Smith

      Does her face look different the last couple of weeks?  Also, why is she always slouching, stand up straight I say.  

      • http://twitter.com/Goldielox73 Goldie

         She does look different.  I almost didn’t recognize her.  Click on one of the “You Might Also Like” links from last year above and look at her.  I don’t know if it’s bad makeup or the angle or if she’s had work done but it’s definitely something.

    • EverybodysStarling

      Sayin PR: it kinda reminds me of Kimberly’s silver dress, which made an equally heavy impression (Kimberlyology, 
      http://www.tomandlorenzo.com/2011/10/kimberlyology.html, last row, first pic) fabric wise. 

    • Rand Ortega

      She looks like that Christmas gift you get from that friend who always tries too hard.
      (& by “friend” I mean me)

    • Judy_J

      Two Zooey posts in which she is not wearing tights!  It must be awfully hot wherever she is.  And she needs to fire whichever makeup person has convinced her to go the SJP route with the dark eyeliner.  She looks squinty-eyed, and that’s definitely not our Zooey.

    • http://twitter.com/lenabena_ Elena

      Her RC makeup and hair always looks so, so bad to me. But on the New Girl, she looks cute and normal. What gives?

    • MilaXX

      It’s not great, but the fact that she has abandoned the heavy, black tights is a great improvement. I can give her a pass on the head tilt. I have a friend who also does it, completely unconsciously. Now if she would only get rid of those way too heavy bangs.

    • elemspbee

      OMG the dress literally a gift wrap, complete with a bow. What the hell kind of material is that? The ones you use to wrap breakable objects? 

    • MilaXX

       thanks for linking I posted the same thing but was too lazy to look it up and link

    • SapphoPoet

      I agree that the dress is very New Year’s Eve, but I do like it. 

    • BigWhiteGrannyPanties

      She is wearing lame’ packing material that I would use to wrap my lamps in if I were moving far away and if I were just FABULOUS in my choice of packing materials.  

    • http://twitter.com/stellaphone Stella Zawistowski

      T.Lo, I don’t know what you are talking about. This is TOTALLY summery. I mean, those things that you put on your car windshield to keep your car from being totally broiling on the inside? You use those in the summer, right? And that’s exactly what this dress looks like!

    • http://bonobochick.livejournal.com/ Miss D.

      That outfit looks terrible down to the shoes. I like that her hair is so healthy. Bit jealous, actually. 

    • l_c_ann

      The fabric is lovely and has so much potential, mostly unrealized. 

      I do want one of the stealth air conditioning units that starlets use in summer to appear cool with cocker spaniel hair.

    • MK03


    • Pants_are_a_must

      When Hipsters Grow Up.

      She’s the butt of jokes in Williamsburg, surely.

    • http://twitter.com/cornekopia Shawn EH

      Of course, Zooey.

    • Candigirl1968

      Shoes are too heavy and the bow is silly.  Makeup looks a little DIY.

    • http://twitter.com/MandySCG MandyJane

      I think this is a big improvement for her. This is about the 3rd time in a couple weeks that she hasn’t worn the black tights, her hair looks better than usual, and even her makeup looks less caked on. 

    • http://twitter.com/ndpndntfilm Susan Velazquez

      Tights actually would have worked well with this dress but it IS July. This is such a winter holiday party dress. Come on! It’s summer! Where are the bright prints and the fun fabrics?

    • luciaphile

      Plus: she doesn’t look like a blow up sex doll 
      Minus: someone used a trowel to apply her makeup and the dress and pose are horrible.

    • Beardslee

      Don’t worry, Tom and Lorenzo.  We’ll be seeing chiffons and linens about the time we’re hauling out our sweaters.  We just have to be patient.

    • http://twitter.com/juliafoxtrot Julia Fox

      She is adorable and I love her, but she wears the same three dresses in different colours.

    • rocketgrrl

      what happened to her eyes?

    • Deedles

      Alright ladies and gents. If we are going to give Lea Michele an “of course” regardless of what she wears, when are we going to do the same for this dame?

    • quiltrx

      Looks like a Kimberley fabric…you know, the chick who made nice pants on PR.  She always picked weird, itchy-looking shit like this.

    • guest2visits

      I love the dress; but the hair feels a little casual for an all gold metallic frock. Not that this isn’t pretty as is, but….
      A sleek up-do, pretty earrings, and a spicier pair of black heels would make her all grown up.

    • frankystein123

      Look at me, I’m so quirky! Yeah… LAME.

    • http://twitter.com/vintagesewing Utter Chaos

      Poorly done remake of a vintage Dior, from the Y line, I believe.

    • RzYoung

      I love her but can’t she just do something, ANYTHING, to her hair just once? Like a beehive or a half-up-half-down?! My neck’s sweating just looking at her

    • greyhoundgirl

      Her face looks sort of puffy under the eyes and makes me wonder if she’s allergic to all that awful makeup.

    • afabulous50

      I think she needs posture lessons.  Her head’s always tilted, and she slumps a lot.  The dress?  Well let’s just say I want my wrapping paper back!!

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2B6U4UNVYIV5DLEG6Z24ALYOC4 Dan Alexander

      That rat’s nest on her head!!! Looks dirty and needs a few extensions yanked out!

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2B6U4UNVYIV5DLEG6Z24ALYOC4 Dan Alexander

      Looks like similar fabric used by Frokemon on Project Runways purple romper!

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1476648069 Scott Cooper

      It looks like a New Directions costume.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1129137319 Paula Pertile

      Oven mitts, maybe, but a dress?

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VZLU6YVO4BRTELTTH3GRAAMWZQ Dot

      I generally appreciate the style she’s going for, but both the dress and eye makeup are so unflattering. That dress looks enormous on her.