Project Runway: Shall We Begin?

Posted on July 20, 2012

“Welcome to T.G.I. Fridays! The beating heart of fashion! Can I interest you in some potato skins or a sampler of delicious Tapa-tizers?”


Yes, it’s back darlings; bigger, tackier and more obnoxious than ever, our beloved Project Runway came roaring back into our living room last night with much screaming and cheering.  Aside from the frantic fans in Times Square, it was mostly a standard Project Runway premiere, complete with long introductions to a cast of characters determined to be described as colorful.


There was Goth Ashley-Kate…

Tootie and Dumpster Hipster…

Buffi the Taste Slayer and … other freaky chick…

…ummm…Blonde Lady…

Okay, maybe they all weren’t that colorful.

Save one, that is.





God bless him. We kept waiting for him to sprout whiskers and cat ears. Or to launch into the sky with sparkles shooting out of his ass.

We know a star when we see one, and that hyperactive little candy-colored Japanimation character is just the shot in the arm this show needs to keep it interesting.

Is he talented? Well…actually, yes. It’s just that he’s not likely to ever really produce the kind of fashion the judges are looking for.

But he is one hundred percent a “character” and let’s face it, without some sort of genial freakshow in the cast, the show gets awfully boring.

And Frokemon is many things – irritating, bizarre, possibly a little crazy – but he’s certainly not boring. You know what else he’s not? Calculating. We’re pretty good at sniffing out posers on reality TV and we’re pretty sure this is who he is. Maybe there’s a little playing to the cameras, but not on the level of, well…

This bitch. Oh, Quentin W. Sweetcrackers. You done fucked this one up.

It seems his takeaway from his elimination last season was “I should’ve acted more like Josh.” Dumb, Quentin. Really dumb.

Your name, your voice, your personality as you originally presented it last season – all of this would have worked in your favor if you’d just presented yourself as a sweet little queen who just likes to make dresses for southern ladies and wants a shot at the big tent.

Instead you opted to act like a psycho bitch and here are two reasons why that was a bad idea:

  1. Now we’re going to spend the rest of the season destroying you, and
  2. This is a little mean, but after 9 seasons we’re just going to say it: Take a good look at the career trajectories of PR alums who decided personality was more important than talent, Quentin. You’ll see a lot of bartending.

Costello-Lite seems like a nice enough little weepy queen, but our respect shot up when he said Quentin was better suited to Toddlers & Tiaras than Project Runway. Reality show BURN, bitch.

Also, this seems to be the season of crazy hair. So thank you, Josh and Anya for creating a bunch of clones. We’ll never forgive you for this.

Why can’t there be a lot of Jay McCarroll or Laura Bennett clones on this show? Why do these little attention-whoring bitches always have to copy the contestants we can’t stand?

“Designers, behind me is a visual representation of the history of Project Runway. The bottom row represents that period when everyone loved the show. The top row represents all the seasons you suffered through.”

We are totally digging your suit, Sir Tim.

We were live-tweeting this fucker like our lives were dependent on it and downing wine at the same time (as you do).  At some point, it all became a bit of a blur. Basically, the challenge was to make a companion piece to the piece that they already brought with them. Okay. That sounds like a fairly basic PR challenge. The confusing part came when the judges opened their mouths (as it so often does) and seemed to be basing their scores on the outfits they brought with them rather than the outfits they just spent a day making.

Anyway, let’s cycle through the major bullet points before we get to the dress-ripping, mkay?

  • Tim is concerned. And surprisingly, very few of the designers got defensive or nasty with him.

  • Cheap, particle-board apartments decorated for 14-year-old girls.
  • Beds that look about as comfortable as a plywood slab.
  • Chalkboard.
  • Product placement.

  • Gigantic street promotion that every single Manhattanite will fail to notice on their way to or from work.

Guest judges!

  • Lauren Graham: mostly useless.
  • Pat Field: the kid in The Exorcist.

Okay, that’s enough. Let’s hit the runway.

We bid a trying-to-look-sincerely-upset Auf Wiedersehen to … um… it’ll come to us.

Frankly, we don’t know how she got cast in the first place. Her clothes are drab and shapeless, demonstrating virtually nothing in the way of style or skills. That so-called “cape” looks like something you’d buy out of a van at a Phish concert.

And frankly, anyone who shows up for SEASON TEN of this show complaining that they don’t know how to sew should be sent home immediately. Then again, look who won Season 9.

The follow-up outfit was, surprisingly, the better of the two. It had some shape to it, at least. And it looked like something someone would actually wear.

But “I like shapeless knits” combined with “I can’t sew” is not a path to reality show stardom… whatever your name was.

BEATRICE! It just came to us. Okay, goodbye, Beatrice.

And congrats to Costello-lite. We weren’t entirely convinced on this win.

It’s true that the original piece is a fairly impressive design demonstrating fairly impressive execution. But the fabric is flat-out hideous and we’re not totally on board with the proportions. The back is nice and the skirt moved beautifully, but we didn’t like the size and shape of the bodice. We suspect this dress looked more impressive in person.

But come on. This was a disaster.

What woman doesn’t want a tiny little dress that makes her boobs look non-existent and her ass look 3 times its size? Hanger appeal! Essentially, he made a pretty gown at home and a shitty dress in the workroom. Result? CONGRATULATIONS! YOU ARE THE WINNER!

We’re gonna need many more bottles of wine to get through this season, darlings.

And as always, there will be much more PR bitchery more to come, starting later today.



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  • Hearing Michael Kors say “I believe in Python Bibs” in reacting to whatshername’s dresses….made my night honestly. 

    • Breaking news!! Bert Keeter is blogging PR on the Lifetime website.

      I particularly found his comments about Ven interesting as they sound an awful lot like what people said about him last season.

      • MoHub

         Yep! Saw that. Made my day. He needs to loosen up a bit, though.

        • It seemed like he was very aware that he was on the Lifetime website and wasn’t going to take a chance at rattling any corporate cages. Gotta keep future gigs in mind.

  • Oh Quentin!!!!!  How could you change overnight from Quentin W.Sweetcrackers into Nigel K.Evilheart?

    • I know it’s my inner homophobe peeking out, but I just can’t stand queens like that. Maybe because they’re gayer than I.

      •  My dear, its the difference between a true and avowed queen, like our outrageous Anthony from seasons gone by, and poseurs, who think that one can adopt such an attitude like a Chanel suit, and convince everyone of their superiority.  Wrong wrong wrong.

        • Sobaika

          Anthony Williams? Good god, how he made that season bearable.

          • Honestogod.   Give me a real time in your face true queen, anytime, over one of one of these, self important snots who think they shit diamonds and perfume.

          • Anthony was still respectful even if he disagreed, never snotty or whatever Gunnar was doing.

          •  Precisely my point.  You can be full of personality, without being a raging, foaming at the mouth mess.

          • Spicytomato1

            I think maturity has something to do with it. Although there have been some pretty young contestants who handled themselves quite maturely. So maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about!

          •  Maturity has nothing to do with age.

          • AthenaJ

            I second that!

          • StellaZafella

             Loved Anthony, LOVED Chris March (his biggest insult to the rest of the cast was to finish his challenge early and go take a nap), and still love Christian…he’s a genuine little alpha snip but he backs it up by producing something – taste is in the eye of the beholder, of course.

          • MoHub

             Also Andrae, my queen of queens.

          • StellaZafella

             “Where’s Andre?” — Oh my yes…His “hand-worked” Grey Satin gown on $100.00 budget inspired by a a wet NY gutter – THAT was a ‘Gimmee!’ moment of genius, but sweet Andrae wasn’t snippy…just really sniffley. I still loved him too!

          • siriuslover

            the little lamb

          • Nelliebelle1197

            You know I met him last spring in the produce section at Whole Foods??? He was ADORABLE and I want him to be my best friend. Alas, he has avoided me for months now.

          • AthenaJ

            *sniff* I miss my sweet, hilarious Anthony. I have an idea – let’s get rid of all these actress guest judges (who contribute nothing) and Anthony can take their spot every episode!

          • bitchybitchybitchy


        • greyhoundgirl

          EXACTLY (says the girl who grew up in Ptown in the 70’s and 80’s).  It’s the difference between trying so hard your eyes bug out and you will probably have anxiety attacks soon, as will everyone having to be around you, and an out and out funny, bitchy, speaks-the-truth Queen.

          •  Bless you, my child!

          • greyhoundgirl

            Honey, I’m pretty sure I’m way too old to be your child, but I like being blessed!

          • Well, I’m 55 myself. So this will just have to involve some kind of time warp incident.

          • annieanne

            “Funny” is the keyword.

            Anthony, Chris and the rest of the engaging queens on the show have all had a sense of humour. Josh and the Josh’alikes can’t imagine laughing — it might cause a frownie.

        • dbsewer

          Oh, how I miss Miss Anthony. 

        • Cathy S

           I wish you hadn’t mentioned Anthony; now I’ll have to go through Anthony-withdrawal all over again. He should be on every season. Maybe he can narrate all the episodes.

          • SRQkitten

            That would be one way to boost DVD sales – have an “anthony commentary” track.

            And of course a “TLo commentary” track would be fabulous as well.


        • Celandine1

          I adored Anthony so much! I so want to watch a show with him and Austin on the road together. I don’t think even BM could screw that up.

        • Some queens become designers to make the world beautiful.  Others are out for revenge.

          • Nicely succinct! I like to think that I fall into the first, rather than the second category. I do hope the exhibition we witnessed was an aberration, and that we can have sweet Quentin back.

          •  True of non-queens as well.

      • This show isn’t just gay….it is queen sized gay. And none are dateable.

    • What’s the K stand for? And I think when they let QWS back it, his head swelled to the size of the workroom door. 

      •  And SO amusing that he claimed Costellolite was going to become Swelled with Grandeur.

        • Lilithcat

          Yes, that was a definitely a “Pot, meet Kettle” moment.

          •  I actually said to the screen, “HONEY, are you listening to what you are saying, AT ALL?”

      •  And the K stands for Knifewielder

        • “snort”! There goes my coffee! Thanks, I really needed to laugh this week. 

      • Excellence_and_Elegance


      •  Still, GUNNER DEATHRAGE is a great band name, you gotta admit.

    • Introspective

      A fellow bitter kitten by the name of Kathleen Gillies christened him Gunnar Harlequin Bitchface the third in the TLounge boards. She’s my hero for such pitch perfect naming (Kathleen, pipe up now).

      GHB3 was so sad to watch. It didnt work for Clinique counter in the the most crack induced of seasons. honey it will not work for you either.

      As for Christopher’s looks, that puckering zipper on that regular lbd was so damning. Clearly, Ven was robbed.

      •  I was certainly rooting for Ven, who clearly had both the skill set and the clarity of vision going for him. 
        I wish I could take part in the TLounge during the show, but I work late that evening each week, so i’m hot in the middle of my work when its airing. (sigh)

        BRILLIANT naming job, Kathleen!

        • lilibetp

          Yes!  Both of Ven’s dresses were lovely.  And they weren’t black, so you could actually see how pretty they were.  He should have won.

          •  Ah but its been YEARS since the person who should win, actually did.  They are probably not going to really acknowledge Ven much, since he just seems to be quietly doing his work.  Hell, the most negative thing he said was that “some people shouldn’t be there”.

          • alyce1213

            You know, I don’t recall his comment even being as negative as that — didn’t he say “some people should be worried (or concerned?)?”  (Oh gosh, will I have to watch it again?)  
            Ven surely looks like the one to watch . . . lose, that is.  Shame.

          •  You could be right. i may be misremembering it, myself. Either way, pretty tame, and fair sounding.  Yeah, he is unlikely to be a final 3 designer, mores the pity.

          • Kimbolina

            He’ll be the last one eliminated before the final.

          •  me has a sad.

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            We can always hope that Ven made a favorable impression during his season on PR and get a chance to design.

            I sadly have given up on the judges actually rewarding genuine talent on this show.

          • Oh I am quite sure that they see the talent, but are contractually obligated to skew in the direction the producers wish.

          • CozyCat

            His tone of voice was pretty negative.  Not snarky or arrogant, but decidedly unsympathetic.

          • VanessaDK

            I think this was a case where the judges liked them but wouldn’t wear them. They wanted to wear the poo-colored gown.

          • Vanessa, are you trying to say the judges have shitty taste?

          • Idk, to me it seemed less like “quietly doing his work” and more like “calculated thinking.” I get the feeling he is going to snap at some point and the inner bitch will come out. Also, what was up with that second dress he made? It looked wrinkled and sewn badly, which was a shame because his first look shows he has the skills.

          • CozyCat

            I agree.  He strikes me as highly professional.  And some point all the playing to the cameras is going to get to him.

            My worry is that after a season of making beautiful clothes the judges will eliminate him for producing the “expected” and being “boring.”

          • Cathy S

             I thought the skirt part of the dress was lovely, but the bodice was terrible and just didn’t look like it fit.

          • annieanne

            I dunno. I think a big part of the reason Knits-Girl went home instaed of Python Bib was because the judges knew this show would be OVER if they allowed another Anya with no sewing skills to advance very far.
            I have some hope they’re going to take ability to execute into consideration, along with design skillz.
            Which could mean great things for Ven, as he seems like he’s got both in spades.
            I would kill for either of his designs last night.

          • I will certainly agree with you, but it will take a lot of convincing to make me a believer that they’ve really changed.

          • fashionzombie

            I am of the opinion that Knit Girl was a plant. A young, pretty girl with no sewing skills and no POV. That makes Anya defensible, because although she was also young, pretty, and unable to sew, they all peed themselves over her POV every episode. I will bet you that they were specifically scouting for someone who fit this profile so they could prove their point. 

          • AthenaJ

            You can tell Ven knew he was robbed. Good for him for showing class about it. As for me, I shreiked in disgust and almost threw my wine glass at the TV.

          • MoHub

             Trust me: The wine is better in you than on the TV screen.

          •  And if it’s red wine, it’ll stain — even walls.  That’s how my brother ended up with a green wall in his living room; the white had to be painted over.  And painting’s a hassle.  You don’t want to do that.

        • Lilithcat

           I was certainly rooting for Ven, who clearly had both the skill set and the clarity of vision going for him.  

          People like that never get far on PR.  Not enough drama, for one thing, but their other problem is that often they cannot step outside their comfort zone for the crazier challenges.  That was Bert’s problem.  Beautiful work, but not enough tolerance for the crazy.

          •  Yeah, we’ll see how Ven fares on the first really insane challenge.

          • siriuslover

            I don’t know. He may surprise us and produce an awesome lemon drop summer gown!

          •  I would love to see him fool them all and be able to step up to the plate, no matter what the challenge is.

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            I’m on Team Ven. We need to work on our cheer.

          • I’m with you on that. Lemme think on this a while,…

          • BuffaloBarbara

             I’m Team Ven totally for the lack of drama.  His clothes are great and so beautifully executed, but I feel like I’ve seen them before, even if I haven’t.

            On  the other hand, the prospect of someone who looks at the rest of the attention-whores like he’s (kind of) tolerating a room full of hyperactive kindergartners on a sugar high?  That’s gold.

          • Since the winner of the first show of the season usually does not win the competition, Ven should have been happy he lost. Yes, he was robbed and I’m hoping he is able to make it through the unconventional challenges. I’d love to see him at Fashion Week.

          • Snailstsichr

             And, unless I missed something, there was no immunity or any other perk for winning (other than winning, that is).

          • I also waited for the immunity line, but it never came. I hope he enjoyed his moment of triumph. It certainly was undeserved.

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            When Christopher/costello-lite was all excited about winning, I thought to myself, honey, enjoy it but don’t think it means diddly on this show.

          •  I’d be psyched with a win too.  Because you only have a 1 in 16 chance at winning, and a 3 in 16 at even making the finals.  You have to shoot for some kind of validation and not being the first to go.  If you lose, well, you’re in good company, so did 15 other people.  But with a win, you can at least tell yourself that you weren’t a total flop.

          • MoHub

             Bert redux. I so miss Bert, so smart and classy.

        • GillianHolroyd

          See, I think it’s going to be a VenFest with Costello Lite auffing out midway through so they don’t want Ven to peak too soon.

          •  A great deal will depend on how Ven can do with the unusual challenges, like this coming weeks candy challenge.  We have seen how he stacks up with the tasteful, gracious thing, and his sewing skills are terrific.  But how is he with a glue gun and lots of sticky candy?

      • muzan-e

        Kudos also to whoever added the term ‘doucherocket’. 

      • snarkmeister

        And didn’t HRH Kors proclaim that Weepy Gay’s dresses were “fitted perfectly”??  What hallucinogenic was he on?  When I saw that LBD come out on the runway I thought for sure Weepy Gay was going home.  (Although, to be fair, both of the generic longhaired women put out disastrous clothing too, so I can’t really complain about the auf.)  But to crown WG the WINNER of this challenge?  That’s heinous.

        • That LBD was a disaster. 

          The judges were quite clear about using all black fabric. It will be interesting to see if the contestants heeded the advice.

          • Celandine1

            They won’t since the judges keep telling people to use more color but the then continue to award the wins to black cocktail dresses.

      • FloridaLlamaLover

        ok, my brain isn’t functioning properly right now…what does GHB3 stand for? 

        • Introspective

          why, its Gunnar Harlequin Bitchface III my dear.

          no worries about the brain fart. i get it. its a dreary day in nyc and im feeling pretty out of it myself.

    • I don’t know if my small insight will sound believable or not, but Gunnar used to manage a vintage and new fashion shop here in Louisville. I chatted him up one morning when season 9 was close to ending. He told me Josh was just as horrible in person as he appeared on camera, and he was happy to hear that Anthony Ryan was doing well because he was a really great guy. Gunnar said he wasn’t even watching the season because he was so disappointed in getting cut for a commissioned dress he didn’t even design, but he planned to audition again. I haven’t watched last night’s episode yet, and I believe what everyone is saying, but I feel like it must be the fish-bowl effect or something. It doesn’t sound like Gunnar is being himself. Whether he’s doing it on purpose or not, who knows.

      •  I would imagine that this kind of pressure brings out both the best, and the worst in people. We shall see if he calms down.

        • I’m sure they get a ton of pressure to be more “interesting” for the camera, and a lot of positive reinforcement from the producers for behavior that viewers will find controversial.  Regardless of whether it’s his actual personality or he’s succumbed to the producers’ wishes, it’s super annoying.  Also, I seem to have missed whatever happened between him and Costello Lite.

          • Not a specific incident, but every time Christopher would engage him at all, Gunnar would snarl, be catty, or rudely dismissive.

          • Sorry — I wasn’t clear: I caught Gunnar’s behavior.  What I missed was whatever Costello Lite did to him that “justified” it.  It seems like Gunnar just started out not liking Christopher; at least, I didn’t see any real evidence of anything on Christopher’s part that would have justified Gunnar’s bitchiness.  My theory?  Gunnar made a failed pass at Christopher.

          • Oh, I’m willing to take your read on it. Christopher hadn’t done anything particular to justify Gunnar’s continued bitchiness. Perhaps it really does come down to what Gunnar himself said. “there’s only room enough for one star in the sky”. But I do like the failed pass idea.

          • Cathy S

             I enjoyed Christopher’s WTF? look every time Gunnar said something to him. Really, what was THAT all about?

          • Drama is this show’s middle name.  With all of the omnipresent cameras and the attendant lack of personal space and privacy, is there any chance that a completed pass could lead to anything more?

          •  There was actually a couple that met on PR.  Wesley and… I can’t remember the other guy’s name.  But they were together quite a while, though I think I heard they split up.

          • I have a fantasy theory that both Gunnar and Christopher have cooked up the whole rivalry thing.

          •  Oh, that’s brilliant!  I’m totally going to have to remember that for my eventual PR stint — pair up with someone in the cast for a pretend-hatefest.  It’ll guarantee us both longevity!

      • formerlyAnon


        While I deeply distrust the editing of the Gunnar-Christopher interactions, in a couple of the earliest-shown Gunnar bitcheries, he seemed very uncomfortable and once I swear I think he blushed from his forehead all the way down to the tip of his v-neck. I got the impression he was acting & was not comfortable doing so, extemporaneously and when it required him to be outrageously rude to someone who hadn’t yet [been shown] being snippy with him. (as opposed to being rude in the confessionals, which he seemed quite comfy with.)

    • KathKo

      That’s what I thought about him the whole time.
      To think he seemed so sweet, tacky and clueless last season and now, he’s still tacky and clueless but more of that obnoxious.
      Go away from the show, kid, you don’t deserve your pretty fabulous name.
      To think of all the delicious jokes that would have been happily made but now, I don’t have the taste nor the patience for that.
      You just ruined the wannabee reputation you might have had.

  • I think the cocktail dress was the dress he brought with him and the gown was the one he made in a day.  Which is why he was wearing the fabric he made the gown out of around his neck as a noose.  

    • Kathy Lewinski

      Yeah, I thought so too, which is what really made the gown impressive. That was a a lot of work for 1 day.

      • siriuslover

        really? I thought it was the other way around and that’s why the black dress was in pieces when he fitted the model. I’ll have to watch again.

        • melizer

          I’m so confused and watching more than a week later, so this comment will surely go unseen, but why did he say his fabric was tacky and he hated it?  Why did he have that fabric with him?  I’m so lost!

    • I didn’t watch (much prefer TLo’s recaps to the real thing – more entertaining, more talent behind them, and much less time investment!) but I do notice that the gown is falling apart in the cooch area, and the cocktail dress has threads hanging off it.

      I love Tlo’s binary division of the winners into the seasons when “everyone loved the show” and those we “suffered through.” But I still love Leann’s final collection – one of my favorites from the series. 

      • MoHub

         Unfortunately, the picture display did not evenly divide between Bravo and Lifetime, or Leanne would have been there to the left of Christian.

      • I gave up on PR after Mondo-gate.  Reading TLo’s recaps is sooo much better for my blood pressure anyway, and my TV is thankful I’ve stopped sputtering at it.

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          Seth Aaron had talent, so I don’t know that Leanne’s win was the last time that genuine talent was recognized.

    • Spicytomato1

      No I distinctly remember the gown being on his mannequin at his workstation. The cocktail dress was his new one, which he ripped apart and seemed to re-start numerous times.

    • Nope. It was a bit confusing the way it was presented, but the gown was on the dress form behind him as he discussed his strapless cocktail dress design with Tim.

      •  Well, then I’m confused.  Why did he choose a fabric that he hated to work with if it wasn’t because of time/budget problems at Mood?

        • Spicytomato1

          I assumed it was because he wanted to showcase how he could take something ugly and make it beautiful. A risky move for sure, but also attention-getting.

          •  That’s stupid — all that tells me is that you have shitty taste in materials to begin with.  Now I’m very annoyed and confused by him.

        • formerlyAnon

           I thought he didn’t really have a problem with the fabric but was sycophantically saying what he thought agreed with the judges’ opinions.

          Of course, that pre-supposes that the comments occurred in the order we saw them.

      • I’m going to have to re-watch — isn’t there a moment when he’s taken the black dress apart because the model is too small, and he wonders how he did it?  I took that to mean the black dress is the one he brought with him (though he did show it second).  The truth is I was half-watching the show, half-watching Twitter.  So it’s possible I missed some details.

      • MoHub

         The chyrons were off too. New production team needed, stat.

        • formerlyAnon

           I noticed that as well.
          But it wasn’t nearly as annoying as the time (can’t remember which garment) that the box superimposed on the screen blocked the only rear view of a garment.

    • Sobaika

      Wait really?? Because for one day’s work that’s really impressive, bodice-issues aside.

      EDIT: Just kidding then. I know he probably didn’t have his model’s measurements beforehand, but the bodice seemed made for a child.

    • He definitely made the cocktail dress for the challenge. 

      • AthenaJ

        A hoochie looking cocktail dress at that. Nothing flattering about it at all. 

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          Thank you. The shortness of the skirt moved it from saucy/sexy to skankland.

    • I thought so too, which makes me much less forgiving of how unfinished the gown looked.


      Nope, the LBD was the 1 day challenge dress.  And he STRUGGLED with that.  That bodice and zipper were WHACK!

    • CozyCat

      The black dress is the challenge dress.  Remember the scene where he shows Tim that he put the bodice in the serger (sp?) and it tore.

      I think he brought a sample of the ugly fabric to show the judges.

    • Celandine1

       The brown dress was the design done at home. He made the ill fitting black cocktail dress for the one day companion piece challenge. He had to take it apart during the model fitting and sew a lot of the pieces back together, which is possible why it was so ill fitting. 

  • MinkaL

    Josh-lite’s voice is like nails on a chalkboard to me. Seriously, it got to the point where I was hitting fast forward every time he started to speak and just making up what he was saying based on how intense his “self-absorbed, faux-confident, bitchy queen” face was. I don’t think I was far off.

    I kind of like Dumpster Hipster as a person. He reminds me of my old Anthropology TA.

    •  Agreed.  Just AWFUL.  I began to suspect he was actually a rightwing nutjob trying to slander all gay men.  Made Austin Scarlet look like Paul Bunyan.

      • formerlyAnon

        “Made Austin Scarlet look like Paul Bunyan.”

        Sweet Jesus I’m gonna have to quit reading this at work, these stealth remarks that just crack me up are causing awkward moments!

        • Celandine1

          Makes me really want to see what Austin would do with a red plaid shirt and suspenders! And now for some odd reason I keep visualizing him in a pith helmet swathed dramatically with mosquito netting or tulle … which all has nothing to do with Paul Bunyan.

          • formerlyAnon

             Oh no, a pith helmet swathed dramatically with netting is EXACTLY right for an Austin Scarlet Paul Bunyan!

      • AthenaJ

        Ok, now I’m imagining Austin flitting around the forest with an axe, chopping down trees and singing showtunes.

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          He’s a lumberjack and he’s OK…..

          • AthenaJ

            “I cut down trees, I skip and jump. I like to press wild flowers. I put on women’s clothing, and hang arooouuund in bars!”

            Oh, he’s a lumberjack and he’s ok,
            He sleeps all night and he sews all day!

          • MoHub

             I wish I was a girly, just like my dear Mama

      • MinkaL

         Ha! Love it. it was just soooo put on, ‘I thus crown myself “princess sassy baby gay” aren’t I precious, hands under chin and beam,’ I COULD NOT DEAL. I had such major rage face every time he was on the screen that it became immediately clear that as long as he was on the show I would not be able to watch this show in the physical presence of another human being for their own safety.

  • michaelcostellolite

    and all is right with the world ….. love you, tlo!

    • Celandine1

      Toddlers & Tiaras FTW

  • idgiepug

    It seemed that the windy runway played up the movement on Costello-lite’s dress, and that may have secured him the win.  If he’d had to show that dress on the usual PR runway, it might not have looked so fab.  I was impressed with this group overall, but disappointed that the judges seemed to focus more heavily on the garments the contestants brought as opposed to the ones they made.

    I LOVED watching the judges flounder as they tried to discuss Frokemon’s work!  None of them seem to know what to do with him, do they?   

    • Introspective

      I know!!! A win should not be weather related. cause that fabric was hiddy. and the dress, while well-done wasnt out of this world or something I hadnt seen before. And I personally thought it was too short for his model…

  • You are dead on with Costello-lite.  I was bending my brain all episode long to figure out who he reminded me of.  You guys are geniuses (or is it geniui?).

    • greyhoundgirl

      Geniuses AND genies!

    • MoHub

       When they showed the crowd in Times Square, I though he was Costello, invited as a guest alumnus. Took me a minute there to realize it wasn’t Michael.

  • Awesome as always, y’all. Poor little Josh 2.0 =smh=

  • michaelcostellolite

    whose voice is it? quentin w. sweetcrackers or kourtney kardashian?  honestly, close your eyes and try to tell the difference – UGH
    (and how embarrassed am i that i know what kk’s voice sounds like??!!)

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      We all have our guilty pleasures-no need to be embarrassed!

  • bethannstamps

    please let python bib on old crappy from the trash dress girl go next, the comment that she was a stylist not a designer was perfect

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      I thought Pat Field’s assessment of Lantie was dead on.  I also like her comment about Frokemon’s fabric choice for his companion piece. 

      • MoHub

         I am in love with Pat Field. She should be there every week.

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          I enjoy her voice-rather like unfiltered Gaulois with a chaser of single malt Scotch.

          • Lantie looks like Chelsea Handler after a three-day bender, rode hard and put away wet. Lantie, you are not as cute as you think you are.

          • Sweetbetty

             Isn’t she the one who made the comment about the “pretty girls”; that they could all form their own little group?  Then they showed a pic of her as a child and God bless her but was she homely.  That may have been on the pre-show but it put me off her right away.

          • Yep, that’s the one. She reminds me of Season 9’s Laura Kathleen who also was not as beautiful as she announced herself to be.

          •  I have no shortage of vanity and ego — I actually quit smoking once because I got a wrinkle that I was the only person who could see it.  But I can’t imagine ever declaring myself to be one of the “pretty girls” on national freaking television. 

            For one thing, unless I’m planning to screw someone or hang them on a wall, I really don’t care how pretty they are.  For another, it just invites people on the internet to point out that YOU AREN’T THAT PRETTY!

          • formerlyAnon

             She is looking 50 in the face and not handling it well. That is all.

          • Ugh, no – her voice sounded like cigarettes all right – about 50 cases just smoked.  Sounded like lung cancer to me!

    • MoHub

       I was sure Lantie was going to get the big Auf. I was definitely surprised by the actual decision.

      • Spicytomato1

        Two words: editing hijinks! They definitely made it seem like they wanted to give knitwear lady another chance and ditch Lantie. More drama that way, I suppose.

  • Spicytomato1

    OK, I’ll admit it, I enjoyed the show. (And the only thing I was imbibing was iced tea.) I completely agree with your assessment of the personalities…Costello-Lite is such a perfect moniker. 

    The only thing I disagree with is your take on Frokemon (also genius name!)…to me he definitely seems to be playing to the cameras. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised to hear him speak perfect English off-camera to his SO.

    Loved the preview of Kors using every derogatory adjective he’s ever used in one long string…starting with “Disco.” Of course.

    • stardust462

      My DVR cut off in the middle of Kors’ adjective string. I was pretty bummed.

    • I enjoyed it too. I only rolled my eyes in disgust when Tim was made to say “in Project Runway history.” When I am PotUS, I will outlaw the use of that phrase, as well as “Project Runway first,” and all variations of it.

    •  Ooo, a Long Island Iced Tea would go perfectly with PR!  Sorry, the mention of tea distracted me…

  • ccinnc

    I wondered if I inadvertently walked out of the room when the judges were discussing that craptacular zipper on Christopher’s dress. Because I can’t believe it never came up in conversation.

    But I howled at the Toddlers & Tiaras comment.  Perfection.

  • Thank goodness for the characters!

  • DinaSews

    So happy to have the bitchery back.  It was a horrid show, but the morning after laugh I get with this blog is worth it.

  • kikisayshi

    “Costello-lite” – YES!!!

  • Well, at least they ditched the girl who can’t sew *now* instead of handing her the win!

  • mjude

    i had a good time watching the opening of PR 10 even though i was irritated by Mr. Sweetcrackers in the first 5 minutes, let the games begin.  as always Tim Gunn just kills me.

  • sdtripper

    Dumpster Hipster and Frokemon.  TLo, you guys rule.

  • Scoobydrew

    I don’t care how crappy it is, thank TLO that PR is back! 

  • Oh, TLo we’ve missed your Royal PR-ness!  Thank God you’re back doing what only you can do to help us through another season!

    But honestly, one of the funniest moments came in the workroom when Tim tried to mentor Frokemon and stood there struggling to find something constructive (or even relevant! or coherent!) to say. For however long lil ol’ Froke is there, I think Tim’s moments with him (her? it?) are going to be some of the most amusing.

    And meanwhile I am seriously praying that Josh II shoots his mouth off to the judges once too often and gets an early-auf.

    He’s like fingernails on a blackboard.  SCREEEECH!  SCREEEECH!!!  SCREEEEEEEEEECCCCCCHHHHHH!!!

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      Tim Gunn’s suit was perfection-I can’t help loving that man.  His interactions with Frokemon are going to be priceless, I think.  Frokemon is in his own little world, with Harajuku girls, cos-play and Hello Kitty, bless his unique little self!

    • I agree with you. But you might want to keep in mind that saying “him (her? it?)” is pretty offensive.

    • Yes, I have been waiting for another wooly balls moment and I think it may happen with Kooan.

  • Shoelover1512

    I think I would have like Costello-lite’s dress better if it didn’t have the cut outs on the side.

  • Jangle57

    Actually the thing that annoyed me the most about last night’s show was Lauren Graham.  What a bunch of nonsensical crap coming out of her mouth!  I had taped the show so I just started fast forwarding whenever she opened her mouth which annoyed me because then I would miss what Pat Fields said.  Thank god she’s just a one show pony….

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      Lauren Graham added nothing. Maybe she and Heidi are buds and Heidi promised her a judging spot?

    • AthenaJ

      I cannot believe they put Lauren in the first episode. She seems like a nice person, but judging-wise she had nothing valuable or constructive to say. There was one moment when they were discussing the designer who was later auf’ed, and the Klumster totally shut Lauren down when she tried to come up with something positive about the designer. I actually felt sorry for her then.

    • I, too, have seen every show. Can I judge next season?

  • I fell asleep watching PR last night, so when I woke up early and had a decision between sleeping in or watching PR, I watched PR JUST because I knew that the recap would be up!

    You did not disappoint, Tom & Lorenzo.

    I am looking forward to next week’s episode, where it appears everyone will be sobbing. There is NOTHING I love more than the sweet nectar that is the tears of shattered reality show dreams.

  • Sobaika


    Frokemon is my new favorite ever.

    • siriuslover

      I wonder how long he’s going to go before he has to shave his fro. I thought he was on the verge of a nervous heat-induced shave last night.

      • I kept thinking his fro was a hat during the judging portion. I blame the headband. And those eyeballs hanging off it.

        • AthenaJ

          I love Frokemon, but I was disturbed by the eyeballs. I’m worried he might have plucked them from some poor, innocent muppet.

      • Kimbolina

        I was so hoping he would shave it during last night’s episode cause he would have made it hilarious.

    • HM3

      I find him massively fake and irritating, though strangely, I think he has the talent to distinguish himself as a “serious” designer, if he himself behaved a bit more…seriously.
      I will admit, however, that one of my favorite moments on the show is when he started screaming that it was “SOO HOT” in the workroom, and that he was dying to shave off the ‘fro. He looked genuinely fed up by his own poserism (for lack of a better term),and I found that hilarious.

    • TheOriginalLulu

      My favorite was when he rambled unintelligibly about why people design clothing and then he declared…I make clothes for love! I like to make lots of looove!! Or something along those lines. He’s kind of awesome. 

  • I didn’t watch, but Frokemon appeals to me…he was the one cast member that caught my eye. Maybe I’ll watch a bit of the episode today.

    • MoHub

       Did anyone besides me think he was left on the runway because he was in the top 3? I was surprised to see he was in the bottom. I thought Melissa—is that her name?—was in the bottom.

  • Scarlet39

    I guess maybe I still expect too much from the show.  I would rather hear the designers talk about who they are, their background, their aesthetic, then the constant “no one wants to go home first” and “i don’t know how I’ll finish’ soundbites that seemed to be on a loop last night.  And Gunnar, he’s everything that is wrong with this show since it moved to Lifetime.  

  • bitchybitchybitchy

    After five minutes of watching Costello-lite and Quentin snap at each other I cast them as leads in my new fantasy movie, “Bitchfight at the OK Corral”. Sample dialogue: I’m pretty and talented! NO (stamps feet) I”m prettier and more talented than you!!!!!!”  After a climactic slapfest they sob, embrace and go for Appletinis and tapa-tizers.

    •  I think what REALLY is pissing our poor little Josh 2.0 off is that Costello-lite and he are both pretty young gay boys with similar hair.  He REALLY wanted to be the prettiest gay boy in the room.  (Bet he is FUMING that he didn’t win, while Christopher did)

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        Exactly. Josh 2.0 thought he had that slot all to himself and now he has to share. Christopher’s win had to stick in his craw, for sure.

        • siriuslover

          Costello-lite’s beard is far better groomed than Quentin Sweetcrackers’, so he gets the edge.

        •  A fact which Bunim-Murray will milk dry, you can be sure.

          • Lilithcat

            No shit.  They are setting up a Gunnar-Christopher bitch fight, which means they a) will be partnered in a team challenge, and b) are likely to both end up as finalists.

          •  Meanwhile, behind closed doors, they are secretly besties and do each others hair, like, all the time, and stuff.

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            I’m also seeing Gunnar and Chris as Lazarus and Anti-Lazarus from Star Trek-wrestling for eternity in their own reality TV bubble.

          • Oh that is Per Feck Shun!!!!!!

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            Can’t you just see those two bitchslapping each other through eternity?

          • And them alternating saying” my face, you slapped my beautiful face!”

      • muzan-e

        This. x1000.

  • I think Costello-lite deserved the win based solely on his Toddlers and Tiaras quote. I also very much enjoyed the silliness that preceded it with little Hello Kitty guy mocking Deatherage. That was one of the funniest scenes I’ve seen on PR in a long time. Right up there with Santino and Red Lobster. Where was Frokeman last year when Josh was strutting around bullying everyone?

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      That Toddlers and Tiaras quote was pure gold…Costello-lite gets bonus points for that.

  • I shall giggle about “Frokemon” all day.  I think that’s now my favorite nickname.  Not only could Beatrice not sew, she was at a loss to describe her garments.  She seemed to be lacking even the vocabulary to talk about the fabric and construction.  “I made…this…from…fabric…”  I do hope Buffi turns out to be better than she appeared last night, I need her energy to annoy Comrade Snape.

    • formerlyAnon

      “Comrade Snape” love!

      • So. Freaking. Awesome! sixgables, I bow to you.

      • siriuslover

        hahahahahaha! Comrade Snape! But he’s more like Snape from Harry Potter Puppets. If you don’t know it, go to you tube, search Harry Potter Puppets and watch Snape’s diary. Seriously, like now. From now on Vladimir is Comrade Snape.

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      Oh, Comrade Snape is brilliant!  I’m envisioning him crouching over the fireplace waiting for his “Dark Lord” to appear in the flames with new design tips.

    • BuffaloBarbara

       Yes–I felt like I was watching some weird Harry Potter fanfic, where Tonks and Snape were undercover in an American reality show!

      • formerlyAnon

        Ooooh, a room full of verbal friends, three drinks each, PR with the sound off and this premise = the perfect “dub your own dialog” party.

  • flamingjune

    Someone help me out here…

    Wasn’t Beatrice one of Mondo’s “Top 3 Designers to Watch” from that horrible pre-show?  I’ve already deleted it from my dvr. 

    • HM3

      Yes! I didn’t get that at all.

    • formerlyAnon

      Mondo, or PR producer inserting dialog?

      • flamingjune

        Ah, that’s a good point. 

  • HM3

    GOD I missed this segment of the blog.

    I thought Costello-lite’s badly-sewn, zipper-bulging, ill-fitting cocktail dress looked like a ripoff of a discount item at Caché. As Kors pointed out, the styling didn’t help. I was also baffled that they bothered forcing the designers to go through a first challenge at all, since the majority of the judging was conducted on the designers’ “exemplary” pieces, constructed prior to the start of the show. Additionally, I cringed at the few sneak-peak blurbs of obnoxiousness to come, this season: a challenge inspired by the Rockettes? A candy store unconventional materials challenge? Bleh. TLo, I fell over laughing at your “Tapa-tizers” intro and couldn’t agree more about the absurd Times Square spectacle, but I hesitate at the “terrorist attack” descriptor, especially after last night’s horror in Colorado. Yeah, the two events have NOTHING in common, but–too soon.

    Finally, on the plus side and despite all my complaining, I actually found the work presented during this first episode to be RELATIVELY better in quality and thoughtfulness than previous first-episode “I-don’t-care-how-the-judges-see-me-I’m-an-arTEEST” entries. There are some obvious drama queens and characters on the show, but also (what SEEM to be) some truly decent designers, with Ven, Elena, Dmitry, and Alicia in the mix. Four out of sixteen isn’t bad, is it…?

    • fatima_bird

       I definitely agree that the work of most of these designers is far improved from last season. I also thought it was interesting that many of them have unusual, alternative styles from goth to japanese street to dumpster to however-Buffi-is-described. There’s usually one or two weirdos in terms of actual aesthetics, but this season we’re seeing a lot more of that. I hesitate to say its because of something bigger going on in fashion- it might just be that Mondo’s aesthetic is a bit weirder than most and given his popularity, the producers thought they might bank on sending little Mondos into the workroom.

  • funkypeanut

    Gunnar McBitchypants and Frokemon (great name!) need to go now. There’s a true lack of taste here. Michael Kors complaining about too much black? I know who’s getting a mirror for his birthday!

    • HM3

      Melissa’s aesthetic brings me back to that of April Johnston–unfortunately, this girl seems WAY more high-strung, and takes herself far too seriously to match April’s integrity (read: “The Universe has spoken”). You can’t distinguish yourself as an original designer if your “unique perspective” simply involves the color black.

  • ChaquitaPhilly

    Though I totally understand why some people refuse to watch PR, I still think it’s one of the very few reality shows I really enjoy, and you guys just add to the insane pleasure of it all. You and Tim. The designers? As usual some are rotten, some are not so bad,
    and most are really amusing. Maybe not Python-Bib, but “Frokemon”? WOW!
    On with the show…

  • formerlyAnon

    “You’ll see a lot of bartending.”

    These quiet, deadpan but deadly comments are why I love this blog.

  • nannypoo

    The Queen of Knits was bad, but Python Lady was infinitely worse. So far this seems to be the craziest, most annoying group ever assembled. What a great show.

    • Introspective

      Python lady’s outta here. Im telling you she’s the one that melts down and runs off in the cover of night. Prepare yourself for the cray that is to come from her end, cause I think its colossal.

      • Yes I agree. She’s definitely the escapee. I had guessed the 58 year old (same age as me), but she’s way more together than I thought.

        • Mefein

           The 58-year old (Andrea?) does seem very together, and I think the youngsters are bringing out her professorial side, which is kind of sweet.  I hope she’s around for awhile.  At least for her age no one can accuse her of designing for Middleburg, Va. socialites or Ladies who Lunch!

          • Cathy S

             I love her. I hope she stays for a while.

          • SewingSiren

            She is my favorite too.

          • Snailstsichr

             I really want to like her, but wasn’t crazy about what she designed. Maybe she is getting the weird shapes out of her system before things get serious.

          • formerlyAnon

            Yes. I was not prepared to like or respect her because PR doesn’t tend to bring in – or at least to edit – easy-to-like women in their 40s and up. [It even took a while for me to respect the sainted Laura (yes, I know she’s younger than Andrea) because in the first episode the editing made it easy to suspect her of having more money than ability.]

            But she came off extremely well this week.

          •  I think women of a certain age tend not to play terribly well on reality TV in general.  Probably because they have lost any urge to make nice that they had in their younger days — and that’s not a dig.  I know a woman who has seriously called people into her office because two of her employees had a personal disagreement.  Sorry, but once you’re out of high school, you shouldn’t need to make everyone be friends. 

      • I thought it would be Girl with the Dragon Tattoo that runs away. The season clip compilation seemed to show her freaking out a lot.

        • melizer

          That’s my nickname for her until i learn too!  And I call Buffi “Lady GaGa”

      • Kimbolina

        She has to be the one who runs off in the middle of the night.  I wonder which guy is the one who left after they brought in the psychologist??

    • I spent the whole show trying to guess who left. Surprised that TLo didn’t mention it. Can’t wait to find out who it was.

  • You go, Kors, and throw in all you use in critiques… Disco bridesmaid ice skating old lady, as seen in the season clip at the end of the episode. But you forgot to add in “matronly.” Matronly disco bridesmaid ice skater would have sounded better. Yes.

    I was upset that the judges were down on Kooan’s attitude. I had to wonder if they do not understand people from other cultures. To question if he was acting that way in order to get attention… Hello! It’s a reality show! They should be used to people acting as characters by now. Jeez.

    • I know,right? “he’s acting that way to get attention” !? Of course after last season, judgement of character is not going on any of the judge’s resumes’ as far as I’m concerned. 

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      There were some insane crotches prancing down the runway last night but Kors didn’t throw that one in any of his critiques…or did I doze off and miss it?

      • Someone should get up a girl band and name it the “Insane Crotches”

  • Geoff Dankert

    OK, having read the recap, I do not regret my decision to break up with PR. “Sorry ’bout it, Bunim/Murray. It’s not me. It’s you.”

    But I’m NEVER breaking up with TLo or the PUFs. 

  • LP

    I have that gray rug in the apartment because it’s the same color as my dog.  It’s $20 from Ikea.  Spare no expense, Lifetime.

    • I love that you decorate to match your dog. I’ve never been able to get it right. I had a shedding Golden with a chocolate brown carpet followed by a black Lab who shed all over a beige carpet. 

  • siriuslover

    Ahh, Frokemon! I read that comment on your twitter feed last night and spit my water all over the screen. Such an apt nickname. In fact, I’m on board with all of your nicknames so far. And Costello-lite’s first dress was nice, but I wasn’t sure it deserved the win standing next to the disaster of his LBD.  I wanted Lantie (crazy mean girl blondie) to go home based on her pre show comments, but I was OK with the one who couldn’t sew. When she was complaining about how long it would take her to sew something, I was like WTF? AGAIN?

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      I heard Beatrice and had the same reaction-WTF?  Unfortunately for Beatrice she didn’t appear to have Anya’s charm or beauty pageant honed instincts for playing the game.

    •  I almost threw a shoe at my tv when I heard her say “Sewing is a lot harder than I thought.  I’m not sure I even closed my top.”  WHY ARE YOU THERE?!?  Honestly, you know sewing is part of the show and you can’t have a naked model carry your sketches down the runway, so why would you even apply if you didn’t get the sewing part?

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        And, like, sleeves are soooo hard…..

        •  Which always boggles — how do you not understand how an arm functions?!?  Everyone on PR has two of them, for God’s sake!  Once you know how an arm works, a sleeve should not be that difficult.

  • They definitely went for the cray cray this season. 

  • jennmarie19

    I’ve said it before, and I will say it again, my darling TLo. You are the ONLY reason I watch this show anymore. Delicious commentary as always. Goth Mary-Kate, Costello-lite, FROKEMON!!!! Nailed it!

    And I take comfort in the fact that even you two serious scholars of reality entertainment also guzzle wine during the show. Cheers!

  • mom2ajs5

    So confusing because, like TLo said in the post, why did the judging
    come down to the first dress? Shouldn’t they all have been judged
    consistently on the dress they made in the workroom and the cohesion of
    the two together? I hated the fabric on Christopher’s dress, reminded me of a
    cicada shell or some beetle thing. Ugh…

  • michelle shields

    You guys are the best!
    Frokemon? Yeah I have a feeling he’s playing. But love the name!
    Ven for winning the whole shebang.
     But I read an article Heidi did for HuffPost TV and she said “We have someone right now, for example, but I can’t really say his name. But there’s one guy, great designer, but then he really couldn’t make it work that one challenge so he had to go. It was only fair.”

    • formerlyAnon

       “fair”! From Ms. Klum! Hahahahaha.

      Inventing new criteria, are they?

      • michelle shields

        yep! PR and “fair” in the same sentence? I die laughing everytime!

  • dress_up_doll

    I cannot for the life of me figure out why Lauren Graham was a guest judge WITH Pat Fields. What a mess. I know that she said she’s a huge fan of the show, but is that the criterion for being a guest judge ’cause I could be a guest judge as well. All I recollect her saying is that certain garments were either “happy” or “not happy.” I think she would’ve made a more interesting judge if she went into Lorelai Gilmore speak rather than her nautual self. Girl’s got a seriously limited vocabulary.

  • SF_Gal

    Couple things:
    1. Do we know who left the show in the dark of night and who left for “medical” reasons? 
    2. Does anyone recall the judges being SO mean to anyone like how they were to whatshername, Blond Lady?  I think she’s the one who skipped out.

    • HM3

      I don’t know. She’s far too egocentric and delusional to skip out. My guess is Raul. He seems far too delicate under pressure.

      And yeah, I have seen them behave that condescendingly. 

  • GorgeousThings

    Quentin LaDouche really was trying to be Josh all over again, wasn’t he? 

    I was pretty bored by all the looks I saw, but I was surprised that Miss Knits went home before Madame Throw-some-crap-on-the-sternum. Maybe the producers listened to the maddened crowd after Anya stole the election won last season.

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      My cynical self says that Miss Knits was aufed in an attempt to give some credibility to the judging after she who must not be named won season 9.

      • You two are so optimistic — I suspected she went home because her “I can’t sew” schtick was too close to Anya’s, as well, but not because producers listened or cared.  Nope, I figured they just didn’t want to feature the SAME “miracle talent” story two seasons in a row.  This season they need a DIFFERENT personal drama to give the win to undeservedly.

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          That’s a good point.  The show does need a different plot line this season.
          BTW- I missed most of TLo lounge lastnight-congratulations on the new man in your life, Jackson Marshall!

        • MilaXX

          this and the fact that she wasn’t beauty queen pretty with a sex tape to make for an even bigger sound bite.

          • Kimbolina

            She also never mentioned any dead relatives.

    • MilaXX

      You mean was given showed the most growth?

  • AdamBR

    Thoughts on last night’s ep:
    1. I laughed when they got all excited at being able to show at Times Square—to a crowd that would do nothing for their careers.
    2. When WhatsHisName McBitchyPants did the “Zip it, I’m done with this” in the confessional, I almost punched my TV.
    3. Wow. That was such an obvious Winner’s Edit for Costello-lite.
    4. I suffered through Season 5, but cheered when Leanne won. You’re right though, top-row seasons where when the show started going downhill. I need to see the whole thing—wonder where Gretchen’s season is placed?
    5. Seeing Frokemon made me remember Ping Wu. Good-to-great designers that will never be able to produce the type of thing that would win Project Runway.

    •  I’d swap S5 for S7.  I genuinely enjoyed that one.

      • AdamBR

        Hm. I actually agree. Seasons 6 and 7 were massively forgettable (I did applaud Seth Aaron’s win though). Seasons 8 and 9 were memorable for the wrong reasons. At least S5 still had the Bravo touch (and the Drag Queens episode was fun).

  • Meg McD

    Guys, I have to take issue with your comment about Christopher’s fabric, from Mood, being “flat-out hideous.” That is one gorgeous silk jacquard in person, and a really beautiful color. But I agree 100 percent with everything else you say, as always.

  • Kayceed

    Well, it was pretty entertaining. Thought they should have been judged solely on what was made that day, but whatev. Would have given the win to Ven. The black cocktail dress by Costello-lite was fairly disastrous. Felt sorry for Miss Knit. Was thinking about companies like Peruvian Connection, who do beautiful, rather high-end knit pieces – and of course Miss Gordana. She perhaps needs a bit more time to work our her aesthetic – but probably for naught. I don’t think PR sees knitwear as fashion.

    • Lilithcat

      <iI don't think PR sees knitwear as fashion.

      Gordana got pretty far, and Jillian Lewis, who did a lot of knitwear, made it to the finals.

      I think the difficulty with many of the knitwear people who have been on PR is that they can’t think (or, sometimes, work) outside that box, so they go down in a challenge in which they cannot make knitwear work.

      • Kayceed

        You are so right – I had forgotton about Jillian Lewis’ work. And yes, they definitely need to be versatile outside of the knitwear.

      • Anathema_Device

         I agree. Beatrice spoke of no design aesthetic or aspirations beyond, “I like working with knits.” The designers you named had specific, identifiable aesthetics into which knits fell pretty nicely. Beatrice seemed like a So Cal beach girl who liked comfy clothes.

      • MilaXX

        The thing is both Gordana & Jillian used their knitwear as accents. Whe they did make garments with knitwear, they had actual shape and design besides oversized t shirt. They were still able to make garments to meet the challenges. The only thing Beatrice brought to the arty was 2 rather tepid knitwear garments. I agree with TLo on this one; I have no idea how she was cast in the first place.

        •  My guess would be that producers looked at her and saw a young, pretty woman who said she didn’t know how to sew, and decided that she would make a nice sacrificial lamb to the fans who were upset by Anya.  I think they cast her and cut her right away in an attempt to give us all visceral satisfaction so we’ll tolerate their nonsense longer.

          God, I am growing cynical as I age…

          • If I remember correctly, the sewing thing didn’t come up until she was in the workroom. I don’t remember it during her audition.

  • Dhammadina

    I think there’s a lot of talent in this group. Some of the judges’ comments were already great. Python bib.  I have hope. 

    But TLo, can there be another name for Christopher Palu besides Costello-lite? Though I fear it is too late. I think  Palu is already much more interesting –for his clothing, the way he takes chances, and his ability to zing them– than Michael Costello ever was. It’s unfortunate he is now stuck with this nickname. Though perhaps he semi deserves it for the hair.

  • crash1212

    Only thing I could think of when Frokemon was on screen was the Japanese TV host in ‘Lost in Translation’ – hilarious. This season is going to be interesting. The judging was confusing. There’s the requisite bitchy-queen. So…much of the same, but with more nervous breakdowns. 

  • Susan Collier

    Oy. The producers go to the characters, don’t they?
    Goth Ashley-Kate when she talked about how much she liked black made me think of April-lite.
    Michael C-lite, Josh-lite.
    And Frokemon reminded me of that Spanish dude from last season, in only that I couldn’t understand a word he said.
    I fear that Buffi is Blayne-lite.

    • Introspective

      ooh. blayne lite is never a good thing, given how “lite” on talent blayne was in the first place. but i hear you. i see buffi as going down pretty soon. because once la nina starts to worry about her taste level (and Im already worried about it so im sure she is too), its all over from there…

  • PastryGoddess

    I’ll admit that there is a tiny little part of me that is soooooooo excited to see Uncle T and Lo bring ragging on Quentin W. Sweetcrackers for the rest of the season. 

    ok maybe not so tiny

  • ballerinawithagun

    He shouldn’t even be in the top 3!!! That zipper was egregious. If they would have been in a color, it would just be David’s Bridal & Forever 21.

  • greyhoundgirl

    I thought Pat Fields was a great judge, astute, knew how to critique in a specific way without defaulting to “I would totally wear this.” and “I really like it.”

    • Lilithcat

      That’s the difference between having a design person judge and having an actress judge (though I will say there have been a few of the latter who did some incisive judging).  I’d like it if they’d have more industry people, but that’s wishful thinking, since even PR audiences tend to be drawn by celebrity more than credentials.

  • Lilithcat

    Random comments:

    But come on. This was a disaster.Come on, yourselves!  It was short, tight, and shiny.  Heidi would wear that.I didn’t mind the top on Beatrice’s second outfit, but, oy, that skirt!  Mullets do not belong on skirts any more than they belong on people’s heads. That looked as though she forgot to cut and hem the back.   I like the short dress, though.  Hadn’t noticed the sheer panels when I watched the show last night.  I can’t think why she covered it up with that .   .  .  that thing.Cannot wait for the inevitable moment when Gunnar and Christopher are partnered in a team challenge.

    Ven’s clothes are gorgeous.  MK is jealous.

  • greyhoundgirl

    Also–somehow I found the huge glitter scissors and the image of Heidi laying down on top of a whole hell of a lot of scissors hilarious.  And a little cringe-worthy.  Craft project meets trying-too-hard-to-be-cool-and-edgy.

  • was I suppose to howl laughing at Lauren Graham? And MK, could you BE more orange

    • Introspective

      oh HE can. I remember watching and thinking, oh he’s laying off the tanner this week a smidge. wait till next week though, he’ll be positively radioactive…

  • muzan-e

    Goth Ashley-Kate keeps reminding me of ANTM’s Allison Harvard: the soft blondness, the huge eyes. But this is mostly just wishful thinking. I love me some Creepy-chan and keep hoping for nosebleeds… 

    •  Ahhhh, thank you.  could NOT think of who she reminded me of.  I kept thinking “cartoon character,” but Allison is not far off.

  • Anathema_Device

    Drink as many bottles as you need in order to keep putting out posts as perfect as this one, darlings. You guys are in top form!!!

    Yes, we are back to the predictable judging: If the editing makes it seem there is a clear winner, then whomever we made it seem is in second place will be the actual winner.

    My daughter and I rewound and replayed about three times Frokemon’s exhale upon learning he was safe.

    Pissy little Sweetcrackers is a ridiculous fame whore. So obvious and stupid.

  • “Costello-Lite” I LOVE IT! Mainly because I would walk out of the room & swear Michael was talking. It’s going to get grating by the end of the season. That is, if I continue to watch and not rely on you two for my PR fix. That black dress was absolutely appalling next to Van(right?)’s “perfectly tailored” pink dress. It doesn’t help that Costello-Lite’s model in the brown dress couldn’t walk to save her life, although I’m pretty sure his model in the black dress was also having difficulty walking since every time she moved the zipper bunched up more. But I digress. Actually, I can’t remember what else I wanted to say….. 

    I’ll give it one more week. Maybe with more wine. I feel that enough wine would make anything tolerable. Even the Louisville TradgiQueen. 

  • I wasn’t particularly impressed with Ven’s looks, actually.  They were wonderfully executed, but they didn’t really seem all that new from a design perspective.  I liked them, I just didn’t think they showed a lot of vision.  


      I kind of agree!  The bustier was very pretty, but the pants…nope!  did not like.  And the zipper was poking out weirdly.  Distracting. I do think he has some mad skills though.  It will be interesting to see what he comes up with next.

    • BuffaloBarbara

       That was what I thought–glad I wasn’t the only one.  Pretty, and great career wear (on the pantsuit), but not a real wow moment in terms of vision.

      •  On a lot of challenges, I’d give him a pass on that, but the whole thing with this was that they were supposed to send one outfit ahead of time that represented them as a designer, with the second as a companion look.  I really don’t see Ven’s pieces as doing that.  If that’s supposed to tell me who he is as a designer, then I have to assume he’s more suited to a department store line — a good department store, but not really FASHION. 

      • boomchicabowwow

        In his defense, he acknowledged that with his “at the end of the day, you need to sell” comment.

        • BuffaloBarbara

           Yeah, I don’t necessarily hold it against him as a person or a designer.  He seems to have his head squarely on his shoulders, and knowing that you have to sell, to my mind, makes him a more likely success.  But thinking in terms of the game, it may not get him the challenge wins.

  • l_c_ann

    Is anyone keeping track of ‘cards’ played?
    A check list for dead parents and or acquaintances.
    Who hasn’t cried yet (the previews had to have been a composite,  I was tired but I think I counted at least six criers.)

    •  We need PR bingo cards.  “Talks to boy/girl friend on phone”  “doesn’t know how this will get finished”  “Is sure another contestant is copying design”  “talks back to Tim”  “MK uses ‘disco-‘ to describe design” and so on…

      • formerlyAnon

         This is brilliant.

        Party games at home!

      • mom2ajs5

         Take a drink every time you get one! Of course, 20 minutes in and we’d all be sloshed.

  • MilaXX

    I think I have found my way to peace with PR. it may be the vodka I drank while watching, but other than a bit of instant hate for Gunnar, I didn’t care. I knew immediately when Costello lite won, it was for his re-show gown and the fact that the judges want to see more from him than that hot mess of a black dress he made.
    Project runway Season 10: season of low expectations.

  • Karen Tully

    Kooan does Harajuku Chic.  I don’t really expect it to translate well to Manhattan.  But for his target audience his stuff is pretty fab.

    • I can’t understand how the judges can say they don’t “get” Kooan’s designs. At least Nina and Kors should be aware of the Harajuku scene. If they don’t like it then they should just say so, but being in the fashion business they should have an awareness of that style.

      •  I don’t get his work.  And I’m quite familiar with Harajuku.  I know what it is, I know its market, I just don’t understand it — I don’t get why anyone finds it appealing.  I also don’t get the whole hipster “I’m wearing this ironically” thing. 

        I think that’s what the judges meant — that they don’t understand the purpose and motivation behind the work, not that they weren’t familiar with Harajuku.  Like they don’t get the “why” of it, rather than that they don’t get the fact of it.

  • MilaXX

     I think I tweeted that his clothes looked like Micheal’s when they came down the runway.

  • MilaXX

     I like that she seemed to be the only one who “got” Frokemon

  • Mb

    Love your comments!  Much more fun to read this than watch the show, which I DVR and skip through to get to the good parts (Tim Gunn’s critiques and the runway show).  Ven should have won this.  

    If they were going to let the designers sew something in advance from home, I would have liked a challenge where they send every designer 5 yards of the same fabric and a bag of notions and have them make something out of that which reflects their style.   This challenge was boring.  I have a feeling they’ve run out of good ideas after 10 years. 

    • Susan Crawford

      I feel the same as you, Mb, about the producers running out of challenge ideas. And this in a city that is BURSTING with creativity on every street corner, packed with inspiring architecture, art, and treasures of all kinds. Not to mention the diversity of neighborhoods, ethnicities, cultures and so on swirling around. Come ON, folks – we can do better than a candy store challenge, can’t we? And how about at least two or three two-day challenges so we can actually see some serious workmanship?

      • Mb

        I groaned when I saw there was going to be another candy store challenge.  And the Rockettes?  yawn.  I think the PR viewers could come up with way better challenge ideas, they should take suggestions.

  • I was calling Christopher “Mellow Costello” and Elena “Dragon Tattoo”.  

    • siriuslover

      dragon tattoo…nice one!

  • CQAussie

    Missed it, love your recaps as usual.  May start watching because of Frokemon alone.

  • Susan Crawford

    Let the bitches out of the bag right up front, and let slip the dogs of design war – Project Runway is Ba-a-a-a-ack! Gunnar is Josh to the (TJ) Max(x). Oh, honey, calm down with the neck rolling, or you’ll be designing in the chiropractor’s waiting room. Frokemon = T & Lo, THIS is why we love you. FROKEMON! He is the ornamental purse-mascot zipper pull of the runway.

    Beatrice –  buh-bye. Hideous design/
    Costello-Lite – the long gown moved beautifully, but was NOT executed to the point of swoonsville, despite MK’s orgasmic praise, and that black dress was a disaster. Lumpy back zipper that caused the dreaded double heinie effect; crumpled and rumpled fabric maneuvered into tortured details that nobody can see is NOT design. But he won because he gave good drama queen face.

    Can’t wait for the Kors psychological pep-talk next week, and for the solution to The Mystery of the Atlas Empty Bed. Sigh. As ridonkulous as it all is, I’m on board once again for the PR10 cray-cray. Pass me a tumbler of scotch and keep those posts and tweets coming, T and Lo.

  • Judy_J

    As soon as Knit Girl showed that awful cape, I knew it was curtains for her.  And Costello Lite’s LBD was beyond hiddy.  How he won is a mystery to me.

  • prairiefan

    Is is just me or does Buffie (Buffy?) remind you of the woman who played Hugh Grants sister in Notting Hill?  The one who described herself as “googley eyed”. 

  • sdtripper

    I have not read all the comments, so maybe someone pointed this out already, but the blogger for PR on Lifetime says we will be very surprised when we find out the identity of the bolters.  So I’m guessing Ven and the Hipster Dumpster.

    • Lilithcat

      Can’t be both, because we know one of them is a woman.  We also know that that woman lives in NYC in a doorman building.

      • BrooklynBomber

        And there was something that said she was upset by being in the bottom three. If that’s true, we know who it is.

        • Lattis

          Shoot – I hope the woman named Katz isn’t the one who leaves. Doesn’t she live in NYC? I loved her style. And, I’ve always envied the name Katz. I would love to have that name.

        • Lilithcat

          Only if the person left after the first challenge.  And we don’t know that, do we?

  • I was at the Times Square runway show, standing right by where the models were lined up and I honestly didn’t even remember Christopher’s dresses at first.  I still don’t remember the first one but I do remember thinking that the construction on the little black dress was terrible.  I spent a lot of time looking at Vin’s since his model was first in the line-up and it really was impressive.

  • “Its like a diarrhea.” (said by the Russian guy about the crazy chick with the accent.)

    “Richard Simmons-san” was my clever “he’s a Japanese Richard Simmons” take on the Frokemon guy (but of course I knew you’d come up with something better!)

    How cool was that ‘black room’ at Mood? I don’t remember ever seeing that before.

    I thought for sure the snakeskin bib girl would be the one to go. 

    What a fun assortment of crazies! 

    • My husband also commented on that room at Mood we’ve never seen before! Who has been there? Is it all like men’s suiting or something? Very curious.

  • judybrowni

    A serape paired with a dress made from long johns, yeah I knew that bitch was leaving.

    But the hideousity from Princess Take Apart Bad Vintage and Make It Worse also deserved the auf.

    And I thought the point of the show was to judge what they made on the show, not what they brought from home.

    Silly me.

  •  My favorite part was after a commercial break they cut to an interview with Nathan McDonald. My friend and I both, said, “where the hell did that guy come from!!!” He may have been in the walking-down-the-street montage but I swear he wasn’t in any of the prior scenes!

  • MoHub

    Ben should have won this one.

  • judybrowni

    Wonder why Lauren Graham was a judge?

    She had/has (has it been cancelled already?) a new show on ABC Family.

    But as her incoherent comments reveal, Lauren shouldn’t be allowed out in public without  Amy Sherman-Palladino as her ventriliquist.

  • “The bottom row represents that period when everyone loved the show. The top row represents all the seasons you suffered through.”
    You took the words right out of my mouth, T-Lo.

  • BrooklynBomber

    Great post. 

  • I saw many horrifying looks on the runway. No, they don’t include Mr. Bathroom’s pieces. He is, believe it or not, one of the best designers in this group. His work is loud, cartoon-like, and ludicrous. It is also well made. I saw no execution flaws in either look. These looks are satirical. I like them, and I like him. He’s a boisterous thing, and he’s talented. I’d rather cheer for him than for one of the blond gals (I can’t tell who is who; they all like alike.)

    The sent-packing blond: Her looks were lacking in design and skill. She herself admitted as much. I got the impression that it took her a lot of time to execute a simple piece. She can’t sew (all that well). She doesn’t have the crazy hair. She doesn’t have the sex tape. She’s OUT.

    Thing is, there were SIX other people I’d have sent packing in lieu of her:
    1. lesbian girl (Tomboy aesthetic is fine as is the distressed/semi-deconstructed sensibility, but there’s a difference between deliberately graceless clothing and badly taped-and-tacked-panels type clothing. Hers fall in the latter camp.)
    2. brass-balls old lady (tacky balls & balloons)
    3. Buffer (Nope, nope, nope)
    4. other blond chic on bottom (snakes & flowers… please. Badly made, literal-minded stuff)
    5. bespectacled black guy (cheap, badly draped curtains)
    6. phallic-sword-hair guy (cheap, crafts project suit)

    I didn’t like the winning looks. He’s one of the better designers, though (there are precious few). His 1st look exhibits some nice gradated detailing. He attributed structure to a flimsy-looking fabric. The structuring, while above average, is not impeccable. Look close.

    I think the best designer is that crazy Ukrainian gal. She’s got this well-wrought, highly architectural, edgy, futuristic aesthetic. The detailing is ASTONISHING! She should have won this challenge.

  • That winning dress is gaggable.  I guess I’ll have to watch the show to show what other cr*ppe walked the runway, that that craft project got the win.  Or maybe he won on the weight of his dissing of Sweetcrackers.

  • minnye

    You guys are in top form, hurrah for new PR.  I love the crazy hairdos, especially that ‘fro!!

  • EverybodysStarling

    So. Many. Disturbing. Pictures.

    Wasn’t the Gunnar from last season a shy, sweet guy? I am not gonna write more about him – but can’t wait for TLO to destroy him. That is something I am very happily looking forward to.

    But there was so much more weirdness going on.

    Am I really the only one looking at Pikachu’s clothes and thinking, that this is hideous? Really? Then I don’t know anything about fashion – beside that it looked like out of a Manga – and not even the porn ones. 

    That thing that Andrea Katz sent down the runway, you know, the one where she put one of those paper-ikea-bowl-lamps under the actual garment. Yeah, would love to have her teach me some design.

    Severus Snape, who is like a badmooded Mila (oxymoron intended) has had quite some bitchin going on, too. But coming out of Ballroomdancing it is perfectly normal, I guess. But yes, I quite expect him to get out that wand sooner or later and give Gunnar some Deathrage. 

    I kinda like Buffi (which I would never have thought), even though her taste is questionable and I really liked Fabio. Ven and Christopher seem to have great potential, too, but that LBD from Chris was terrible in fit.

    As one last thought: Am I the only one thinking that some of the models are sooooo thin, that the clothes look really bad on them (i.e. Christopher’s model with the gown). 

    Sorry for any mistakes, still not a native speaker, but I just had to spill this thoughts out 😀

    •  Hey, your post was still more articulate than some English majors on the internet 🙂

      • EverybodysStarling

        Thank you, that’s nice to hear (read). 🙂

  • BuffaloBarbara

    I think Frokemon may be a divisive figure here, judging by the comments.  Me, I’m pro-Fro.  Yes, he’s an attention-whore, but I get the feeling that’s just how he rolls, with or without the cameras.  His clothes are bizarre and not very attractive, but I will admit, I hadn’t seen them before someone on TLounge mentioned “Harajuku” and I googled it, and I can see where he’s trying to fit in.  It’s not going to work for Nina and Michael.

    I’m going to give Quentin a couple of episodes before I call it.  I feel like we missed something in the editing that caused the initial snit, and like he was really nervous.  Maybe the pressures of the show will make it too tiring to keep playing Clinique Counter 2.0, and a more normal personality will come out.

    Loser: Could have been either Beatrice or Lantie.  I’d have gone with Lantie, but I can’t pronounce myself deeply wounded by the call.

    Winner: I’m also not totally on board.  They must have seen something really spectacular that the cameras didn’t pick up.  I’d guess the reason they were weighting both outfits equally (or in this case, the home outfit more) was because they were both for the challenge of showing who the person is as a designer, to see if the judges (and producers) want to see more.  But the fact that Costello-lite (too long, I shall call him Cozzy) couldn’t reproduce his style for little sour apples in challenge-time doesn’t bode well for a long reign, unless he’s a favorite of the producers.

  • Judy_S

    Surprisingly, I am looking forward to this season. I thought the designers were better than the last crop, anyway, and TLo’s comments above make it all worth watching! I hope Mr. Deathrage survives a while just for the sake of providing great fodder for the uncles.

  • Taurwen

    I didn’t know that Tony Clifton won season 3 of PR.

    • Ha Ha! I thought that picture was a joke until I remembered Jeffrey. And I thought of Tony Clifton immediately. He looks terrible!

      • Taurwen

        IKR? That mustache is not doing him any favors.

  • voter1

    TLO – thank you so much for making me cry from laughter on a particularly stressful morning.  Your incite is always appreciated.  How about a Philadelphia meet up for all your Philly area fans?

  • Cathy S

    I was happy to see Gunnar, just for the Deatherage, but then he opened his mouth and wouldn’t shut it, and Oh. My. God. make him stop. I was glad Christopher won just as a slap in the face to Gunnar though.

  • (yikes, you might wanna change that one line about hostages n whatnot in light of what happened last night in colorado. :c)

  • TxMom2011

    “This bitch. Oh, Quentin W. Sweetcrackers. You done fucked this one up.”

    I love you guys.

  • It dawned on me the other day, who Josh McKinley always reminded me of: Terry from Reno! 911. They are the same person.

  • Lattis

    Frokemon Frokemon Frokemon!!!!!!!

    I love you guys. I’ll remember that nickname forever. On my deathbed, I’ll remember that nickname and laugh.

    Also, I like Frokemon’s work – the outfit he brought was ingenious. 

    My son’s theory is that Beatrice was doomed because she’d been brought on the show to be the Anti-Anya. The judges wanted to show their chops and redeem themselves with the viewers by aufing the non-sewer right off the bat.

  • SewingSiren

    I’m on board with the auf’ both outfits were bad. You couldn’t tell the original from the challenge garment in the sense that the original looked like it was made within the limitations of the challenge as well.
    I am not on board with the win. The original is was just okay. Why did he spend so much time working a fabric so cheap and ugly to begin with?. The results were somewhat impressive, but the slit in the front is still too high. The challenge dress is so poorly fit it is hard to say what he intended. The way he worked the fabric is similar to the other dress, But the patterning making is unbearably bad. I wouldn’t have even put him in the top three.

    • Kathleen Gillies

       I thought he had taste issues for the same reasons.   The mini was too short too or worse, was riding up or was just too stiff– as I said in the Lounge — could have walked the runway all by itself.

  • TxMom2011

    I thought he had to cut the black dress down to fit the model…. but then again I was sleepy last nite.

  • Indovina

    The show has undoubtedly reached the stage where it must be enjoyed semi-ironically, at least.

    But I did, in fact, enjoy it.

    Let’s quickly review some of the people I will automatically root for in a competition reality show:
    Middle Easterners

    We may or may not be back to that later in the comment.

    I agree about Kooan: I know he’s going to drive some people crazy with his antics, but he didn’t bother me, and I don’t think he’s being calculated at all (I think there are also cultural differences at play). I do even appreciate his aesthetic (though it is not my taste) – and was pleasantly surprised by how thoughtful the judges’ critiques on that subject were. But he will not last.

    I was not so fond, to say the very least, of the whole Gunnar-Christopher thing. Also, in the Road to the Runway, why was Gunnar dressed like Mr. Rogers?

    I strongly disliked Christopher’s second dress, but did like his first one. I probably would have given the win to Ven, but I know he’s going to be criticized for not being “fashion forward” enough (which will be both a legitimate criticism and absolute naïveté about the show on the part of the judges).

    I would have sent Lantie home over Beatrice: if only for her deciding to play the role of Laura from last season (the cursed last season, the hated last season) in the Road to the Runway. Except, of course, that she’s 48 and Laura was only 25 – and still too old to be acting like that.

    •  So you’re rooting for Buffi, then?  Dubai counts as Middle East right?  (That’s a legitimate question — ask anyone of Asian descent what constitutes “Asians” and they’ll give you different answers.  My husband, who is Chinese by way of Chicago, will tell you with complete seriousness that India isn’t “Asian”.  Clearly, geography was not his strong suit.)

      • Indovina

        Funnily enough, outside of the US and Canada, Asian often means South Asian (so, Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, etc.). And the Middle East is mostly or entirely (depending on definition) in Asia, but no on really uses the term Asian to refer to, say, a Lebanese person, either.

        I’d say Dubai is definitely Middle Eastern (now, Turkey or Egypt and there’d be a whole debate). Only the hand, if we said Near Eastern, there could also be a whole debate.

        But, anyway, here’s my quandary: she’s from the Middle East, but not of the Middle East – or rather, grew up in the Middle East, but is neither technically from nor of it. She is, as a matter of fact, Indian (and “Australian” – but born in Britain). So, does that count for purposes of my wholly arbitrary reality TV viewing standards? I don’t know. I quite like her, though. There’s even some sick part of me that enjoys her work.

        On the other hand, Alicia is a lesbian, and presumably without any debate, so she wins on that front. Even though, of course, per the LGBT Unity Treaty of 1971, lesbians aren’t supposed to be fashion designers and gay men aren’t supposed to be folk musicians – but that hardly seems relevant.

        Neither contestant will last, however. Because neither does work suited to the show and also because anyone I root for loses (with the exception of Project Runway Korea Season 1).

        •  In the absence of a true Middle Eastern, I would say yes, for your purposes she counts.  Particularly since you can choose 3 to root for into the finals, and even with Alicia’s lesbianism and Buffi’s Middle Eastern connection, you still have one slot left. 

          If you get too narrow in your definitions, how will you manage to ever find anyone to get behind arbitrarily?  Imagine how exhausting it would be to pick all three for really compelling reasons — that’s more work than anyone should invest in this show at this point 😛

          • Indovina

            I am not above liking someone for their ethnic and cultural background or sexual orientation, but I refuse to be so shallow as to like someone for their actual work.

          • Lilithcat

            I refuse to be so shallow as to like someone for their actual work.

            In that case, you are the perfect PR judge.  😉

          • You really at least one more criteria though — otherwise any riffraff could take that 3rd spot.

          • HelenNPN

             “…according to the LGTB unity treaty of 1971 lesbians aren’t supposed to be fashion designers and gay men are not supposed to be folk-singers…”

            As a hard core lurker, I logged in to say that this is probably the funniest thing I’ve read all year, anywhere.

          • Indovina

            Thank you very much! I’m flattered.

      • I’m Chinese-American like your husband. I didn’t consider east Indians “asians” in the “true” sense of the word until rather recently.  I considered east indians a category unto themselves, kind of near-asian but too distinctive to be included in the Japanese/Chinese/Korean/Vietnamese/Thai grouping.  Just ethnocentricity from a person of east-asian background.  Anyway, many Chinese get kind of weird about being “pure” Chinese, and if they’re not, they sometimes don’t talk about it.  At least in our family, where there are secret admixtures.

  • Tawreos

    Good to see that PR is back to usual form, nonsensical judging, out of the blue bitchiness, general weird characters, drama and correct me if I am wrong but I think someone sewed something last night.  I gave up years ago trying to guess the winners and losers, mostly because I have only ever been right in reruns. 

    Does anyone know why they no longer show the audition process to start off the season?  In the early days the would start off the season with a look at the auditions and now nothing.  I wonder what changed about it that we are not allowed to see it, other than that designers who said they just learned how to sew would be gone at that point.  Maybe if they still showed those auditions the show would have to go back to being about fashion and the drama would come from the insane schedule and not preselected drama queens who demand their 15 minutes.  Just my thoughts.

    • Lilithcat

      Does anyone know why they no longer show the audition process to start off the season?

      Didn’t you watch Road to the Runway immediately preceding the show?

      • Lattis

        You know, I had forgotten that PR was even starting again and if my DVR hadn’t still been set to record new Project Runways, I’d have missed the whole shebang. 

        BTW – I read through the some of the lounge comments last night and was struck by how many in this community are going through chemo therapy and various health challenges. I know that I don’t really “know” you all, but I know you enough from comments to care about you. I’m writing this in response to your post, Lilithcat, because you were one of the people identifying yourself as having cancer. Just want to say that I value all your voices here (in TLo’s community). I am pulling for you all.

        Lilithcat – I have long appreciated your acerbic wit. 🙂 Thanks for your voice – I wish you all the best. 

        • Lilithcat

          Thank you so much for those kind words, Lattis!  You know, often it’s difficult to decide how much to say about situations like this on internet forums where we may feel we don’t know the other people.  But we do know each other!  In some ways, we’re like a big family here, which makes it comfortable.

  • Burkyquirky

    I agree totally with cape-girl’s auffing, but you know — I’d totally wear that gray knit dress in a hot New Mexico summer. I’d even pay as much as, oh, 5.97 for it at Wal Mart.


  • Gunnar needs a bullet put in him.

    • greyhoundgirl

      Given today’s news–not a good comment.

      • dress_up_doll

        My thoughts exactly. Actually, my initial thought was, WTF.

      • Not sure exactly what you meant by ‘today’s news’.  If you mean gay-suicide, no, please don’t twist what I said in that way.  

        He’s annoying as hell, my comment was kind of playing off on his name and not because he’s gay.  Surely you don’t read these comments as literal, do you?  I’m not saying all my comments are winners but c’mon, seriously?  

        It’s like saying all the negative comments towards Gunnar are harassment and considering ‘today’s news’ about bullying, they aren’t very tasteful.

        Good grief.

        • There was a mass shooting in Colorado at the midnight opening of Batman. 14 people were killed. They literally do mean today’s news.

          • Fine whatever, yes, I meant to correlate the two.  Read my mind e-x-a-c-t-l-y!  

          • What? No one said you meant to refer to that. It’s just a pretty insensitive comment right now. No need to be like that about it.

          • Lilithcat

            Y’know, I get where you’re coming from, but people get shot every damn day in this country.  In my city, it’s generally  near double digit gun deaths, 30-40 wounded every weekend.  I don’t think anyone should ever joke about shooting another person.  It’s always an insensitive comment, not just “right now”.

          • Oh I agree that no one should make comments like that. It’s a horrible thing to say at the best of times. Honestly I’m in England where gun crime is pretty non-existent and I probably wouldn’t even have given that comment much thought, but I was just trying to explain why the other commenters up there thought it was an unfortunate thing to say because of ‘today’s news’. But apparently this person thinks news of a mass murder is all about them.

          • Lilithcat

            Ah, I didn’t realize that you were from “across the pond”, so it’s understandable that you wouldn’t be aware of the carnage that guns cause in our cities all the time.  I wish we were as sensible about guns here as you folks are in England.

      • Kathleen Gillies

        Okay.  Gunnar needs a house to land on him.

        • I like that one better — it’s more interesting.  I’d hate to see someone put that kind of work into being spectacularly irritating just to end so blandly.

        • formerlyAnon

          But are his shoes & socks up to it? No point dying with only your feet protruding if your footwear is dull & anonymous.

  • I was cracking up over Jeffrey Sebelia’s portrait–total 70’s pornstache.

  • nancylee61

    I didn’t even know it started. Dont know if I will watch, but I will definitely read you guys!

  • Monabel

    That zipper!! Horror!

  • sashaychante

    OMG  They are starting out with a BANG on the cracktastic judging.  The dress that won is hideous, and doesn’t fit the model very well, but that black dress!  That black dress looks like a first try at a home sewn prom/street walkin’ dress.  

  • TLo, I just want to say that I really appreciate that you guys have added in a little recap section to explain what the challenge was. It’s like you know a lot of us aren’t watching the show anymore!

  • Oh, ye gods . . . Frokemon!  I had to get up to pee, I was laughing so hard!

  • I fell asleep….I watched the re-peat and wished I went to sleep. The show seemed all about hair dos. I miss Bravo and I feel sorry for Tim….but I will watch for a while…with wine.

  • notdorothygale

    Brilliant writing as usual, TLo. The “Wall O’Winners” made me miss The Good Olde Days of raw talent (or not) taking precedence over contrived drama. Thanks for approaching season 10 with the same snark and wisdom as season 1.

  • kaydenpat

    I agree that Christopher shouldn’t have won.  I loved Ven’s designs and hope he does well this season.

    • snich11

      I think Ven may be a ‘one note’ guy (red and white with swirly flower thingies), striking at first but might get boring over time…thoughts?

  • Emily Myers

    My thoughts exactly when I saw the wall of alums.  Inner thought: how DARE they place Anya above Christian!  

  • sockandaphone

    Im sorry but I cant be the only one that had to laugh for straight up five minutes after reading “frokemon.” TLo, you guys are geniuses. 

  • Spr

    Frokemon. I am dying of laughter.

  • Qdahling

    After the last 2 seasons I am finally done watching Project Runway.

    However, who needs to with these reviews! Cheeky and fabulous as always! Can’t wait for more

  • miatamam

    Having sworn off the show after Anya-Pocolypse, I was teetering on the edge OF watching the first episode.  After viewing the pics of the winning clothes I’m pretty sure I can resist.  Don’t think I can return to the show until superior garments do, too.

  • Srw27

    “And frankly, anyone who shows up for SEASON TEN of this show complaining that they don’t know how to sew should be sent home immediately. Then again, look who won Season 9.”

    Preach it, T and Lo!!!!

  • Hollypainyo

    Maybe I’m setting fairly high standards for PR these days, but frankly I’m even bothered by people who don’t know how to deal with a sewing machine when it acts up. A good workman knows their tools, kids. 

  • holdmewhileimnaked

    the reason you dont get laura bennett or, particularly, jay mccarroll clones on this show is that you dont get em anywhere. there is just not enough talent to go around–theres less than there used to be, no matter how much more ranting about brilliance or creativity or whatever hooha there is–theres less actual talent cos talent, just like genius, just like true brilliance, is not valued. look who keeps winning these things. & why. even when mondo won, he didnt win it cos of talent. he won so the brand identity could be held up for further seasons as something in which it was worth investing one’s time & money. thats all it is. i do not like the postpostpostpostpostetcectmodern world.

    i have also been incredibly ill. i thought the bone infection in my face was done but it came back. on the other side. in two days. this is not joymaking. it’s exhausting. i cant do any physical work & all the work i have that pays well enough is physical. photography doesnt seem physical, nor does selling clothes, but it is. if anyone has any work i can do sitting, boy oh boy would i appreciate it. i wish i were joking. ah well.

    • formerlyAnon

      I was wondering if you were unwell (hoping that was not why you had not been commenting).  

      Nothing useful to offer, just well wishes and the hope that you will be stronger and more comfortable every day.

      (edited for clarity)

    • BrooklynBomber

      Very sorry to hear you’re not well. I wish you a truly speedy and complete recovery.

      • holdmewhileimnaked

        i am grateful to both of you. i’m just so horribly sick i may only be able to write a single thank you. it’s amazing how sick i got. i dont know what to do. back to the dentist–it came from my teeth–but i thought it was over w/ last time. no dice, not a single die. maybe. damn.

  • Truly_Outrageous

    I didnt even realize Project Runway already started. I guess thats how blase I am about the show now (thanks to the last few seasons). I guess I’ll try and watch the first episode soon and then I’ll go back to this post and actually read it (by the way I scrolled down fast to the comment section just to make a comment about this. I want to watch the first episode before I read this post. Im sure Im gonna be nodding my head and doing neck rolls and eye rolls and saying “damn right T Lo!” while I read this. I cant wait)

  • fatima_bird

    Although the Costello-lite moniker is HI-larious, I have more faith in him than the original Costello, both in terms of not being a doormat and his aesthetic. He didn’t deserve the win, but his aesthetic is much more interesting than Michael’s, thank god. And when Quentin showed his claws, I think CLite’s reaction was perfect- not victimizing himself, not trying to rally people to his side but just a look that said, OMG you are batshit crazy, not me. This is not normal, not even on reality tv.

    • Dhammadina

      I’m for finding another nickname for Christopher Palu besides Costello lite/Clite. I believe, as your response shows, Palu has range and is interesting in a way that is quite different from Michael Costello. Palu might be a worrier, but he’s not the same kind of whiner, and I think he deserves to be separated out from Costello the relentless draper. 

  • BigWhiteGrannyPanties

    I just HATE that chick with the Python Snake meets Gramma’s Closet theme.  And wasn’t she the one who was talking about being all attractive and wanting to hang out with the other “girls” who were bitchy and attractive?  C’mon, she’s 48 fucking years old.  Get a grip.   I like the old broad the best.  She’s smart and she can sew and she doesn’t give a fuck about the rest of it.   And Ven too, even though he’s pretty self satisfied.  But at least he can sew beautiful beautiful things.

  • mom2ab

    Maybe its just the straight old white lady in me talking but am I the only one who thinks Quentin and Costello are going to be making the beast with 2 backs before this is all over?

  • Glenn Gore

    How they found someone more annoying, more “A-List New York, mean-girl, nelly-assed, fly right out of here, queen” than Josh I will never know, but they did.  This “girl-with-a-****” is just a sad excuse for a gay man, and just ruins the whole thing for me.   I’m sorry, if your entire purpose in life is to be mean to other people, you don’t deserve to be on a show like this. 

    • holdmewhileimnaked

      oh, but sadly that’s probably exactly how he got himself put back on the show. it may not have been his original personality but he molded it to what he thought they wanted & the outcome, sadly redux, proves that he was right. at least for a little while but possibly for longer. look how long josh lasted. look how much reason was behind that.

  • Glenn Gore

    On a more pleasant note, a fresh season of Project Runway means a few more glimpses of that dreamy-hunky leather daddy at the L’Oreal Paris makeup room. Hubba hubba!!!!!!!!  Bet he gets some fun ribbing from his buddies at the local leather watering hole for having to deal with some of these people.    

  • Amy

    Costello-lite doesn’t just sound like but even LOOKS like the original Costello! I wonder if they are long lost brothers…

    I will keep watching just for this kind of commentary. Thank you both for suffering through what looks like it will be a funny but exhausting season. And speaking of posers, I find myself rather confused by the Belarusian who seems to be channeling the stereotypical Russian movie villain or Buffy who I could swear I saw starring as the quirky gal pal in Notting Hill:

  • And all I could think of when I was watching and got a load of Japanese Afro kid was “what the hell kind of nickname will TLo come up with for THAT crackpot????”
    I’m still here boys!! XXOO

  • frannyprof

    My nickname for Gunnar is Josh.0. He is going to get really old, really fast.

  • Call me Bee

    I was so excited to see that they aufed the totally correct person.  And (I don’t want to sound cruel or heartless…) she’s one with a deceased parent. 
    Could this be the season that the judges actually go back to judging the clothes and not cow-towing to the producers about keeping designers becasue of thier drama quotient or tear-inducing backgrounds…??    Nah…probably not, but this was a good start.

  • Come on.  You know they would have given the WIN to Ven, but they know he’s going to be there til the end, so this was their time to throw Christopher a bone.  And yes, I loved it that Gunnar DEATHridge was gnashing his teeth. 🙂


  • PeaceBang

    HA HA HA HA HA!!!! I didn’t have to waste my time watching the show — I could just ROFL at this marvelously bitchy post. Bravo, boys!!

  • I hear ya!! More wine please. It’s going to be a long season.

  • TLo you’ll start off with good wine but as the season wears on and you become more dependent and in need of higher volumes, you’ll have a box with a tap on the coffee table.

  • bitterk

    My God I am glad this show is back for one reason only – these posts.  Frokemon?  Tootie?   I nearly cried the whole time.  I love you guys.  Is it me or in NIna and Michael even crankier than ever?   I couldn’t be happier.  Time to smack these bitched down a notch!