PR: The Vast, Unnamed Middle

Posted on July 22, 2012

Surprise, darlings! We’re spitting out content on a Sunday because we just can’t stay away from ripping those PR bitches. Of course, in all likelihood, you spent your Sunday out in the sun, like regular people, and are reading this days later while you’re trying to look busy in work or while your shrieking offspring have given you a moment’s respite and you’re taking it with a cup of spiked coffee and some gay bitchery to go.

We know you, darlings. We see you right through the screen. Boo.

Hit it, hos.


Andrea Katz

As a reminder, Andrea is Professor Cat Lady, the “mature” one. We kept predicting that she was going to be trouble (and truth be told, we still firmly believe that), but she was fun and easy to get along with this episode. As for her work, we like it, but it remains to be seen if she can keep producing relatively straightforward looks like the above or whether she’s going to give into her more artistic, less marketable impulses.

We like the idea of the layered skirts, but the one on top is a little full and the one on the bottom is a little limp and clingy.

This is remarkably well executed considering she had a day to do it. We made the mistake on Friday of complimenting Ven for the execution on his companion piece without adding the all-important “considering he only had a day,” and the kittens bared their teeth and claws at us. Pro Tip: When we say something is well-executed on PR, we almost always mean, “considering how much time they had.”

Anyway, this is cute. A perfect companion piece. She obviously likes to play around with shape. She’s kept that impulse fairly controlled here, but like we said, it remains to be seen if she’s going to continue to play by the rules.


Buffi Jashanmal

Perhaps we’re feeling kind and magnanimous (as we usually do at the start of a PR season; check back in 6 weeks), but we think Buffi the Taste Slayer is the real deal. Sure, she’s playing to the cameras for all its worth and that’s definitely irritating, but otherwise, we think she is as she presents herself: a loud, multi-culti, world-traveling goofball with a strong personal style.

This is just okay. For all her talk about how wild she is, it seems to extend only to color and fabric choices. Because everything else is pretty standard here.

And this is so standard, it’s downright boring.


Dmitry Sholokhov

The only thing we remembered about Dmitry is that he sounded like a Bond villain who’s obsessed with dress-making; all Russian smack talk and eye-rolling. And while this is technically just fine, it’s quite tacky to our eyes.

Maybe he realized that or maybe he just didn’t give a shit. Whatever the reason, Dmitry decided he didn’t need to follow the dictates of the challenge and simply made another piece; one that had nothing to do with the original piece. He’s smart (or lucky) to have figured out that this is the part in the competition where you can break the rules and get away with it. The judges don’t have time to call him on it now. Try this again when there are less than ten designers left and you can expect Heidi to get all German dominatrix on your ass.

Anway, this is fine (still a little tacky), but we think the proportions are off. Too much bulk in the sleeve and neckline.


Nathan Paul

Nathan was the earnest dude in the nerd glasses, in case you need reminding. This shows promise, but there’s too many elements in one dress. He clearly has editing issues.

Then again, maybe he doesn’t. Because this works as an edited version of the original. We question his color sense, pairing those shoes with it, though.


Fabio Costa

Dumpster Hipster’s got a lot of ideas, but so far, he’s managed not to come across pretentious or annoying, even when he talks about his freegan lifestyle.

This is kind of a big nothing, though.

This, on the other hand, is surprisingly interesting. We’re close to loving it, although we don’t really like the fabric choice for the skirt. Still, like we said, he’s got some interesting ideas and you can see evidence of that in his second look. We wonder if he’s one of those designers who blossom under the constraints of the competition and the guidance of the judges and Tim.


[Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke for – Stills:]

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  • AJ

    Pfft, I’m spending my Sunday morning waiting to take my antibiotics, so bring on the dresses!

  • solastalgia

    Buffi’s outfits are so very Dubai nightlife. I’m excited to see what else she does, if only because I’ve been dying for designers to be adventurous with color on this show.

    Also, I spotted this in the Project Meltdown post: “The source said she disappeared from the Atlas building in Midtown West, the show’s official accommodations for designers. We’re told the woman was “paranoid” after being placed with the bottom contestants following the last challenge.” Does this mean Lantie is the contestant that ran away?

    • Lilithcat

      Not necessarily.  That was in the New York Post awhile back, and we don’t know which challenge they meant by “the last challenge”.  We do know the woman lives in NYC in a doorman building.

      • siriuslover

        so that narrows it down to Lantie and Professor Lady, right? I’m trying to remember which other women live in NYC.

        • Lilithcat

          I think so.  Personally, I hope it is Lantie, because I like Andrea a lot.  And she seems far too put together to freak out like that.

          • siriuslover

            yes, you can see the crazy in Lantie’s eyes. And I’m not being funny.

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            Lantie looked very stressed throughout the first episode, so I can see her makind a quick decision to get out before she found herself getting more harsh critiques.

          • I think it’s Andrea for the simple fact that when they showed the homes of teh designers on the Road to the Runway, andrea’s building was the only one that looked like it had a doorman

          • MilaXX

             watching the casting special my vote for runners are: Lante, Nathan & maybe Andrea

          • Celandine1

            I hope it’s not Andrea. I enjoyed the cat lady plus I really liked that dress she made for the one day challenge. She seems like a contestant that for once really understands what avant-garde is and I am looking forward to she what she can design.

        • Sobaika

          My money’s on Lantie. You can practically smell the crazy from her.

          • MilaXX

             Nathan sounds a little crazy too. Is he the first to flat out say he’s playing the game?

        • but the professor was firmly in the middle. beatrice and lantie were the only women in the bottom three.

          • siriuslover

            assuming that the flight from Atlas takes place in the next episode. If it takes place week 4, we don’t know who it might be. But my bets are on Lantie nevertheless.

          • Lisa_Cop

            Since Melissa heard the woman leave in the night (and Lantie is in a different apartment) I think it was cat lady who left abruptly.

          • Lilithcat

            Again, though, it depends on the timing of her departure.   As contestants are eliminated, the remaining ones are often moved to other apartments.  So if this happens late in the season  .  .  .

            Oh, never mind.  Lantie couldn’t possibly last that long.   Could she?  

          • formerlyAnon

            I shudder to think so.

        • CozyCat

          Professor Lady seems to have too much life experience to be freaked out by possible reality tv games.

          And feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t Lantie the one who told the story about how her father wouldn’t pay for art school?  And isn’t she 48?  Anyone who’s still holding a grudge about going to college 25 years later is capable of being obsessive and going crazy.  ( unless, of course, she’s still paying off her student loans…)

          •  We only have the producers’ word that the runaway was freaked or paranoid — maybe she just went, “this sucks, I’m done.”  I mean, would any of us thought that Burt or Victor was paranoid if they’d just gone, “Fuck this, I have no hope at winning this — CLEARLY — and I don’t really want to watch judges fawn all over this talentless, skill-less bimbo.”?  ‘Cause I’m not overly inclined to take the producers at their word here.

          • Lisa_Cop

            But leaving in the middle of the night rather than telling Tim and the judges and then going seems mighty strange to me.

          • See, that makes sense to me.  No one trying to talk you out of it or wanting statements on camera.  Especially if you have a doorman who will make sure they can’t bug you at home.

          • formerlyAnon

            I agree. Because I’m sure you’ve signed a contract saying that even if you quit (barring act-of-god-family/medical-emergency) you still have to be sequestered just like the eliminated contestants. [I’m not making this up, right? I’m sure I remember that the eliminated contestants just move somewhere else, they don’t get to go home till the final group is chosen?]

          • The eliminated contestants are sequestered but I’m not sure that’s true of those who walk out.  Like when Maya quit, she didn’t show with the others who were eliminated. 

          • altalinda

            I like your exception for if she’s still paying those loans, because as someone who’s still doing that years later I feel a little crazy coming on too!

          • ASK26

            I think the crazy starts earlier – like when you take the loans out 😮   I went to the local commuter college (university) – granted even that has gone up a lot since when I went, but I had no intention of starting out in deep (or any) debt.  

          • CozyCat

            Oh, as someone who is still paying off grad school loans, I COMPLETELY understand the  SL crazies!  I’m betting Sallie Mae is going to be checking me out in the coffin to make sure I’m not taking any valuable jewelry to my grave.

    • Sobaika

      I’m excited by Buffi too. I like Dmitry too, and would love his original piece if it didn’t have that incongruous spiderweb netting thing along the midriff.

      • fatima_bird

         I’ll reserve my judgement on Dmitri but I think he lied when he said he doesnt design dance costumes.

        • I had a good laugh when he said he was a competitive ballroom dancer since I pegged him as an ice dancer when the new cast was posted here.

    • i guess i’ve been misreading this, because i took it to mean that someone who was not in the bottom got paranoid after being placed with the bottom contestants (like in a group challenge?) from the previous challenge. i think the wording of ‘following the last challenge’ is throwing me off.

  • michelle shields

    I’m going to call Nathan AnthonyW 2.0. He is from my hometown and I used to know his mother. Very nice lady.
    I think Dmitry is talented but he acts like his shit doesn’t stink.
    I actually like Crazy Cat Lady’s second dress. Very cute!

    • MilaXX

       Nathan lost me when he said he’s going to play the game. Besides he lack the wit and charm of Anthony.

  • solastalgia

    Also, thanks for reminding us who Nathan is. When he popped up on the screen mid-episode all I thought was “Who is this? Where did he come from?”

  • Vanja

    I wasn’t planning on watching this season, because of last season’s debacle, but  I caved. Seriously though, why would you want to participate in PR if you “like to design, but can’t sow”. *and I’m off to the garden again, to soak up some well needed sunlight*

  • Pennymac

    Since my shrieking offspring have all left the nest and I will be vacationing all next week, I am responding today. If you can see me thru the screen I apologize for my yoga-hair-stretchy-pants-wearing appearance.

    Now, where were we? Oh yes, the Vast, Unnamed Middle. High hopes for Andrea (Mature), Nathan, and Dmitry. Not that I like Dmitrys’ designs so far, but BECAUSE he talks like a Bond Villain and apparently, dresses his models accordingly. Also, my boss is Russian, and I always suspected she was, in fact, a Bond Villain’s girl. I’m waiting for the dreaded family call to confirm this.

    Thanks for the Sunday post, gentleman! I’ll see you when I get back from Cancun!

    • MilaXX

       have fun on vacation!

    •  I’m not apologizing at all — if you go peeping through monitors, you deserve the eye horror:P

      • BrooklynBomber

        I was just about to change the way I’m sitting (on the bed, not in a chair), but after reading that I changed my mind!

  • Super_Red

    Overall, I was pretty pleased with the talent displayed in the first episode. Lots of promise if not lots of wow. Normally I”m screaming tacky where others choose not to, but I really loved Dmitry’s first dress, and the idea of the neckline in the second. if he’d toned down the bulk in the sleeve, I would have adored the second dress- even with that awful skin on the side. Normally I hate dresses that do that, but for some reason I responded favorably to our little Bond villain.

    I’m calling team andrea right now… not that I think she’ll make it all the way, but she seems fun. Im a fan.

    PS THANK YOU for posting on a sunday for all of us lame-o’s (no offense)  who are thrilled to have the day off and want to do nothing but bask in the warm glow of the computer screen.

    • fashionzombie

      Hey, I work Sundays, and I was thrilled to have a new post!

  • SteveKl

    Thank you! All I had going on this morning was brunch, and none of the places that serve alcohol are open yet. This is exactly what I need.

    • mom2ajs5

      Brunch without alcohol, I didn’t know there was such a thing! 😉

  • My kids are leaving for Memphis soon to see pandas, and I’m about to head out for DarKnight. I think I had forgotten all these looks. That’s why I love vast middle posts. Thanks, TLo!

  • Oh Em Gee Sunday Ripping!! Awesometastic. I think Dmitry just decided on the second look to design something for Heidi.

  • jilly_d

    What a wonderful surprise TLo!  I’m a public school teacher and sometimes in the summer when I’m not working, I lose track of the days.  When your post popped up on Facebook, I was like, wait, what day is it?  Is it a weekday?  Great breakdown, as always.  I don’t even remember some of these; some were so utterly forgettable *cough*Fabio*cough*

  • MilaXX

    Sunday means sleeping in as much as possible, including spending the day n bed with the laptop.
    I liked Andrea’s work, especially the 2nd piece.  Like Koonan I worry she won’t be able to make more conventional pieces. Then again I have her pegged as one of the ones who leaves so that may be a moot point.
     think Buffy may be Blane 2.0. Lots of color, but no real design.
    Dymitry was a contestant on 24 Hr catwalk. Christopher may look like Michael Costello, but Dymitry designs like him. Tacky.
    I can not remember Nathan for the life of me. Not impressed with these dresses.
    Despite the feeling that Fabio doesn’t play for my team, I find him kind of cute. I also just realized he looks like my prom date, which explains soooo much. Not crazy about his first look, but I really like his second one.

  • Anyone else think they purposely cast some “cannon fodder”? You know- people who they know suck and they can easily eliminate the first week or 2 until we “get to know” the people they really think are talented? I definitely do- this weeks elimination would be CF #1, My money is on Dmitry for CF #2.

    • MilaXX

       I think there is cannon fodder every season. Beatrice and Lante both strike me as being cast for that sole purpose.

  • thanks for a Sunday dose of relatively tame bitchery!

  • HM3

    Dislike Nathan’s looks. I see what he was going for as a self-proclaimed “social event designer” (though the term could apply to any and all articles of clothing ever made), but I was bored by both his looks. I forgot them completely, until this post came up.

    And THANK YOU, by the way, for the post. I live in an apartment building with neighbors who set their shrieking kids loose in the hallways. No offense to other parents of shrieking kids, but Lord, did I need a distraction.

  • Frank_821

    Yes seeing the vast middle shows this is not a bad bunch of designers. Maybe they will implode as contestant but most of these people have some level of talent and vision

    I echo your thought as about Dmitry

  • And re: cat lady’s clothes? Who really wants to look like a Weeble? 

    • LOL! I thought the second one looked liek a Bumble Bee costume

    • Spicytomato1

      I know, I was waiting for Kors to rip it to shreds for that reason and was surprised when he didn’t. Mostly, though, I like her aesthetic. Reminds me a bit of Laura Bennett for some reason.

  • Mb

    Andrea designs (or maybe “designed”, past tense) patterns for Vogue Patterns, and the top of her companion dress is exactly like pattern V1102. (Google it.)  The skirt part is different.  I’m making that dress now (without the bow) and it fits very well and is quite flattering, I think.  The designers on PR who know what they’re doing can always dip into their little bag of tricks and come up with a design in a short period of time because they’ve done it before.  I was on Ven’s website yesterday and noticed that one of his dress designs had a similar skirt to what he made for his companion piece.  I don’t fault them for doing this at all, it’s just that they can.  The less experienced designers are the ones who have more trouble with the challenges.  I like Andrea’s architectural style and hope she gets far enough that we can see more of it.    

  • Yay, Sunday post! It’s already too hot to go outside, anyway.

    I like Buffi’s personality, not too crazy about her style. Dmitry is annoying, and unimpressive. I like the cat lady, so far, and she seems to have some genuine talent. I’m having a hard time remembering Nathan. I almost instantly liked Fabio for some reason. 

  • Did I hear right that BtTS was presented as being half Indian and Australian by way of Dubai?  Because that was a bog-standard London accent if ever I heard one…

    • lchopalong

       I wouldn’t be at all surprised that her accent sounds Londonish because they teach British English in the UAE and India. The parent who is from India would speak English with more of a British accent and so would English speakers taught in UAE. Maybe her Indian parent even came from the UK and is Indian by ethnicity rather than origination? Those things would influence her own accent.

      • siriuslover

        and I think she said she grew up in England and then went to Dubai.

      • No, it’s not a ‘Londonish’ accent, it’s a very definite London accent. Not the sort of generic British Asian accent friends of mine who’ve grown up in India or the UAE have. I’d go so far to place it in South London.  (I’m a Londoner myself, so it stood out a mile).  I don’t remember her saying that she spent any time in London  – I was waiting for her to explain that as I was going to support her as a fellow Brit but unless I missed it she didn’t mention it. Maybe London doesn’t sound as glamorous.

        •  I seem to remember her story including being born in London (for the great UK passport?), and her bio page on the Lifetime site mentions both ‘boarding school from age 10’ and 2 summer courses at London College of Fashion. If she has a full-on London accent, though, I wouldn’t be surprised if the globe-trotting part of her back story is at least a bit exaggerated.

          Her look kind of feels like a cross between Amanda Palmer and Jem and the Holograms to me, but I love it a little bit anyway. It’s at least fun, unlike some of the scoops of blah that were sent down the runway.

          • Eh, could still be legit.  I was born in the midwest, and no matter where I go or for how long, I still have the same flat midwestern accent.  Some people just have a tin ear, and they never pick up new accents.  If she started out with a London accent, she maybe just never changed.

          • lchopalong

            I’m the opposite. I pick up accents when I move to new places. Maybe not full on, but they have a way of integrating themselves in my speech.

            Which terrifies me. I’m moving from Michigan to Alabama in a week. (No offense meant to southern kittens, it’s just we northerners have unfair opinions on strong southern accents.)

          •  I’d happily trade you — my husband speaks 3 languages fluently and picks up others ridiculously easily.  I can’t learn a damn thing.  The only one I’ve ever had any luck with is Latin, because there is no accent to deal with.

          • Aziyade Raqs

            I do the same thing, and it took me a while to convince my friend’s husband (who’s a Kiwi with a strong Kiwi accent) that I wasn’t making fun of him. I don’t do it on purpose. It just happens.

      • MoHub

         Reference Aarti Sequeira on Food Network. Born in India, grew up in Dubai, talks like a Londoner.

  • DebbieLovesShoes

    Yay, TLo!  You’re here on a Sunday!  And no…. I couldn’t wait to read ’til I was faux-working…. or escaping screaming offspring (which I don’t have, but if I did, Tom and Lorenzo would be my drug of choice)

    • No, wine or very strong pain medications work better, should you ever be confronted with noisy hobbits….

  • VestigialMe

    Buffi may not have great taste in terms of clothing, but I can’t hate on anyone who lists Barbarella as an influence.

  • siriuslover

    I’m just doing laundry, so I am so happy to see your post {waves through the screen at TLo}. I like Snape’s disdain for the worldly workroom (“why must they talk? I need a dark candlelit attic to complete my work), but the second look of his dresses leaves me less than impressed. I’m glad dumpster hipster took Tim’s advice on the skirt. The color on it adds some interest that wasn’t there when he talked with Tim. I hope he and Nathan refine their skills on the show and push forward.

    • formerlyAnon

      “why must they talk? I need a dark candlelit attic to complete my work”
      love you!

    • BuffaloBarbara

      “I need a dark candlelit attic to complete my work”
      Or a torch-lit dungeon.  And yes, that amused me, too.  I wonder if he’s like that, or if he realized that he’d be Snape for the fandom anyway, and decided to just jump in and play the part. ;p

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        Clearly Comrade Snape’s design wand wasn’t at full strength for the first episode!

        • JimiG

          Comrade Snape–perfect moniker!

          • Comrade Snape.  I dig it.

          • snarkykitten

              and so he shall be known to the pr fans as Comrade Snape

    • Lisa_Cop

      When they the “coming up on this season” part of the show, it was Nathan having the meltdown in the workroom. I think he is the other designer who left abruply.

    • BigWhiteGrannyPanties

      OMG SNAPE!  LOVE!  Now I can see him as nothing else.  I am most interested in Cat Lady at this point.

      • siriuslover

        In the interest of full disclosure, I have to admit that I didn’t coin the nickname. Another bitter kitten did. She named him “Comrade Snape.” But I latched on like a good minion and ran full throttle with it.

  • formerlyAnon

    I am blessed with work I can parcel out throughout the entire week, allowing me to shirk on line whenever I feel like it. (& far more often than I should, does that sound familiar?)

    I don’t have the perspective to be sure – I should go back & re-watch the both early and recent seasons – but I *think* there are more decent designers this season than usual. Not sure if there are more really interesting ones, yet, there might be but I’ve been sorely disappointed before. 

    I like Andrea so far, but while her offerings this week were more interesting than average, I don’t love what I’ve seen of her work on line – I like the “clean” and I love her understated color palette, but not the various kinds of full silhouettes. This is totally based on my own body type, though. Just because short women with hips do not need to dress like this doesn’t mean no-one should. 

    Buffi seems good natured. Her work would be boring if not for the color. We’ll see.

    Dmitry amuses me (though in life I think I’d find him annoying) and I didn’t dislike either of his offerings.

    Nathan seemed likable, I want to see more of his work more than I want to see more of Buffi’s.

    I expected to find Fabio pretentious, but he seems like a nice, interesting oddball, and more to the point, I like the skirt on his 2nd look.

    Overall, I can’t tell if this is a more likable bunch than usual, or if all the negative editing was reserved for Gunnar’s turn on stage & he sucked up all the hatred in my heart. It’s really sad because he seemed like a nice, if deluded, guy last time we saw him.

    Jury’s still out on personalities & on work.

    • Spicytomato1

      I’m totally with you in thinking there are more decent, as well as more likeable, designers this season so far. A solid start…more than what I was expecting. Looking forward to the next episode…also more than what I was expecting!

  • SewingSiren

    !. I like the cat lady. And I like her dresses too. She’s another one who produced a challenge dress that was just as good as the one she brought with her. Although I didn’t think it was a winner, high middle.
    2.Both of Buffi’s look like trash bags cinched with store bought belts. Coulda’ been in the bottom as far as I’m concerned.
    3. Dmitry has two nice looks, although the second doesn’t have much to do with the first. I like his attitude.
    4. Nathan, The pink is the original? It looks like a big mess. The green is very pretty. Maybe having less time will benefit him.
    5. Fabio, both pieces bore me. Maybe that’s the common thread.

    • Lisa_Cop

      For me, cat lady’s dresses were ok but not very sophisticated or ambitious. Very “simple sundress” with the second look’s silhouette altered by some kind of panier.

      I liked some of what Dimitry brought to the audition but this sparkly long dress said “ice skating” or ” ballroom dancing” comprtition costume.

      Buffi seems nice enough but I thought both her garments look tacky. I don’t see her lasting too long. She’ll be aufed

  • formerlyAnon

    And my guess is the flees-in-the-night woman has got to be Andrea or Lantie, if the Lifetime-leak is not making up the “paranoid,” more likely Lantie. 

    Andrea hasn’t shown any tendency to get “paranoid,” but I could see her getting fed up with artificial drama and, faced with yet another night of not-enough-sleep shortened even more by whining and emoting from roommates, packing up while saying “Fuck it. T.v. land has seen my work, I’ve got a business, and I’m too old for this shit. Over & out.”

    (edited: spelling)

    • SewingSiren

      I sure do hope that it’s Lanti that leaves. Andrea seems like she could be a calming influence on the young’uns . If the little brat gets out of hand she could send him to the corner or something.

      • BrooklynBomber

        IF it’s in episode 2, it has to be Lanti because it’s someone who was in the bottom 3. If it’s not episode 2, then who knows. 

    • GillianHolroyd

      I’d be very, very sorry if it was Andrea. I really like her style. 

  • Jazzybelle2

    It seems everyone is majorly snarky this season, at least the stunt casting ones (Kooky, Bea, Lantie) are at least fun. Liked Sonjia Scarf dress.  Dmitry was really snippy at some of the woman.  Most of the designers aren’t seeming to have fun and they have major chips on their shoulders already.  You haven’t made it yet to have all the attitude.  Please bring this show back to Bravo, its missing something since its move to Lifetime.

  • BuffaloBarbara

    Oh, Freegan Fabio annoyed me pretty fast.  Maybe I have a low tolerance level, or have met one too many poseurs.  His clothes didn’t annoy me, but they didn’t interest me much, either.

    Weirdly, I kind of like those blue shoes with the green dress on Nathan’s.  The first dress wasn’t terribly attractive, but I like what the time limits forced him to do with his style–PR could be really good for him in terms of learning editing.

    Comrade Snape… eh.  I just don’t have a comment.

    The Taste Slayer is okay.  I’d have worn that stuff, and might still wear the first one.  Not bad.

    I agree about Andrea’s stuff being very well executed, but I don’t have a much better reaction to it than I did in her contestant picture.  It looks slightly crisper in black and white than it did in gray, but we’re still looking at hoop skirts that flare at a really odd place.

    • I’m just still very confused by the “freegan” thing.  More the precise logistics of it than anything else…

  • Call me Bee

    Thanks, gentlemen, for posting today.  I remember I first found your blog on a Sunday in September (I was on vacation…) 
    Anyway…when I saw Dymitry’s dresses on the runway, I loved them.  And seeing them up close, I still do!  I think I’ll be rooting for him because of the former Soviet thing.  I thought Fabio’s dresses were interesting–I disagree about the color chice.  I love that blue wth the turquise. 
    The rest of the stuff is a blur–it takes me about 3 weeks to really get all the designers straight in my head.  Except for Gunnar this year.  I already know him and that he’s a DB. 

  • Hmm. I like Andrea’s stuff, quite liked the black leather girl’s work, Dimitry’s isn’t bad (I do admit to being a sucker for that accent), and overall Ven looks to be the one to beat. I liked Frokemon’s too, actually. I caught a little of the show, enough to know that Gunnar is a camera-hogging egomaniacal asshole. A little of him goes too far.

  • Beth Reed

    Maybe this is because I saw the Avengers like 450 times, but every time I see Dmitry I just think “LOKI!”.

  • I dunno, I can totally see Dumpster Hipster’s first dress on Julianne Moore … of course, she’s not known for her great style choices (unless Tom Ford takes her in hand).

  • I’ve been so busy I completely forgot the season started. I need to get my priorities straight.

    I hoped they rerun episode 1 so I can get caught up.


    • BrooklynBomber

      I  know what you mean. I didn’t realize it was starting till I saw a commercial the day before. See you in the lounge this week – drinks on me. Oh, i think you can watch the episode on the lifetime for victims website.

    • Call me Bee

      Hey Hi Gotham!  Nice to see you again!  (…waving…) 

    • SapphoPoet

      You can watch it online on Lifetime’s website.  

  • pippitypup

    Ahh, Dmitry. Who knew Snape & Loki had a love child?

  • frannyprof

    I’m pulling for Prof. Cats. She strikes me as low drama and seems to have the qualities to be successful on this show: she’s talented & doesn’t take herself too seriously. Maybe she’ll succeed where Bert failed.

  • YoungSally

    Dmitry has to step away from the skating/ballroom costume aesthetic…then maybe we will see.  Although he does remind me of the love child of Anjelica (Snape) Huston and Marilyn Manson….

    I am rooting for Andrea, the oh SH&^ I guess I am a cat lady, feminist….she won’t take it home, but her shapes are really interesting and nice for people who don’t want to wear beaded bath towels.

    The previews made it seem like Elena was the one to disappear….but maybe she’s just the one with the meltdown.  Don’t count out Christopher with his asthma either.

    But then maybe it’s Nina who says “I can’t take it anymore.” 

    • Ksagun13

      He DOES look Marilyn Manson!!!! But without the crazy eyes.

  • When Cat Lady’s stuff came down the runway, my teenager said, “Why do old ladies love colorblocking so?”  And by “old ladies.” of course, she meant “distinguished dames roughly the age of my dear ol’ mum.”

    Buffi’s stuff…agreen with Sewing Siren, they look like belted trash bags.  I love her dedication to whimsical hair, though, so I’m giving her a pass.

    Comrade Snape made Russian Mail Order Second Wife clothes.  Blech.

    Nathan…was on the show, apparently.

    I don’t actively like Fabio the Freegan’s clothes, but I am intrigued by them.  I want to see more.

    • carolclark12

       “Nathan … was on the show, apparently.”  Best insult award winner.

  • It’s hot in Illinois — I have no urge to go out in the sun where it’s even hotter. 

    I really like Nathan’s, and I thought he could have had a top spot.  He seems to be hitting the PR sweet spot — somewhat interesting without being risky in the slightest. 

    Buffi I enjoy on a personal level, though I don’t particularly like her clothes (yet — maybe she’ll get better).  At this point, there are plenty of annoying people with ugly work, I’d rather they get culled first. 

    Andrea I have no real feelings about, Dmitri could be a great deal of fun as a character, Fabio… I’m not sure what I think of Fabio.

  • bitchybitchybitchy

    I for one will continue to think of Dmitri as Comrade Snape, as a fellow BK named him.  I actually like Cat Lady’s second look better now than I did when I first saw it on the runway.

  • miagain

    I really liked Andrea’s black and white dresses…. but then I’m a sucker for bold, geometric black and white clothing.

  • AudreysMom

    nothing to see here, moving on (taps foot waiting to see what Raul Ozorio, our man from the Twin Cities) had to offer…..

  • piperkitty

    Great to have a Sunday post from TLo. I’m confused about these middle designers,very few stand out to me. As for the fashion, thanks for posting these pictures. I really don’t remember most of them either.

  • janetjb

    Is pink “in”?

  • Samuel Donovan

    I missed you guys doing PR so much 🙂

  • Maggie Muellner

    I bet Professor Cat Lady turns out to be the one who packs her bag and sneaks out in the middle of the night after she gets put in the bottom three.

  • Scarlet39

    Andrea pleasantly surprised me.  I hate to use the word “intrigued” because Heidi uses it so often, but that’s how I feel about her as a designer.  I want to see more from her.

    Dmitry’s second dress, had it been a few inches longer, would have been so much better.  With the bare shoulder, and cut out, and thigh high length, I’m thinking taste issues. 

    Not at all interested in what Buffi has to offer.  From what I’ve seen, she’s straight out of Forever 21 or Wet Seal. 

  • I can’t watch PR anymore.  I have too many books to read to waste time on a program that isn’t teaching me anything at all useful.

    I will, however, faithfully read TLo’s comments because they’re elegant, witty, insightful, and bitchy without being cruel.  Dear Uncles, I think of you as contemporary gay Jane Austens, and I adore you with platonic ardor from this side of my screen.  (But I’m painting a dresser today, so please don’t peer too closely…)

    Maybe the looks were better in person or on TV, but a lot of them seem sloppily sewn, which is not what I’d expect from those who tout themselves as professional or wannabe designers.

  • I surprisingly liked Buffi as a person. So long as she does not get nasty or full of herself in future episodes, hurrah.

    Oh, and Dmitry being tacky? Well he does have a ballroom dance background, so his ideas of fashion are probably a little tainted.

    • Call me Bee

      Oh–I missed that.  It explains a lot….

  • Snailstsichr

    Whoot! Thanks for the Sunday post. What a treat!

    When I saw Nathan’s first dress, I squealed “Annette Benning.” I’ve been waiting for the screen shot. I still imagine her when i see the dress. I’d love to see Jennifer Aniston in the second look – though minus the one cap sleeve, please.

    I hope Andrea and Dmitry stay around. I like her dresses more in the screen shots than live, thank goodness, since I wasn’t such a fan of the live versions. I just want to hear Dmitry talk.

  • unbornfawn

    Sunday 1:00 pm on the west coast, and I’m on the internet checking in with my gay uncles. 

  • Ruffffian

    Yeahhh, I’m spending my Sunday trying to wrestle a migraine to the ground while my migraine-inducing children nap.  Some T&L bitchery and my couch go well with the handful of ibuprofen I took. Incidentally, I know *crap* about fashion.  My purse is a latex goldfish and my shoes are whatever was on sale, but PR and T&L are teaching this not-wanting-to-be-frumpy mom of two.

  • rainwood1

    Yay for the Sunday post.  It’s the only day I’ve had any time to look and comment before there were eleventy-seven thousand others and the thread was long since dead.  I just wish I had something more interesting to say than “I totally agree, T Lo.” 

    I’m watching PR only because ‘Selling NY’ is on hiatus, but I am switching back and forth between PR and ‘Selling London’ during the second half hour but missing shockingly little because PR has so many commercials.  I didn’t get a chance to say this in earlier posts, but I was surprised how inarticulate Lauren Graham wa as a judge.  I assume they showed her best lines and there wasn’t much content.  Saying all that ‘Gilmore Girls’ dialogue for years must have worn her out.    

  • Corazon Nunez

    Having established that Dmitry is Professor Snape-like, try picturing Snape In a glitzy gold sparkle jumpsuit. Go on, try. It’s either very funny or very creepy. 🙂

    • Ksagun13

      Thank you for that, best laugh I’ve had all day.  I wish someone would photoshop those two together and I’d use it as a screensaver.

  • EmilyMullasWilson

    But the skirt in the last outfit looks like she followed her designer on a dumpster-diving expedition and got stuck when she was most of the way into the can.

  • Nathan’s first model has such an “I can’t believe I’m wearing this POS…” look on her face.  I actually like the color of the dress, but otherwise it looks a bit like origami with a huge piece of fabric, and I don’t mean that in a good way.

  • patticake1601

    “Dmitry……sounded like a Bond villain who’s obsessed with dress-making; all Russian smack talk and eye-rolling.”

    LMAO!!!  You made my day!

  • fatima_bird

    Thank you TLo for your dedication! While I love your daily red carpet bitchery, after Mad Men ended I found myself really missing your reviews. At this point I watch PR just to read you, and not the other way around.

    Also, I work pretty much everyday of the week, so Sat and Sun are just sadder workdays for me without you! I still have the Bitter Kittens, though, so I came on today just to see what new comments had been launched at the first episode, and imagine my surprise!

  • toastedink

    Is it just me, or do even the models look irritated with the clothes?

    • SewingSiren

      The cat lady’s models look delighted. I think that Fokemon’s  were pretty happy too.

      • toastedink

        Good point… its just a few of them I noticed that had the “stank eye” going on… 

      • Lilithcat

        Andrea’s models had actual smiles on their faces.  I’m surprised the runway didn’t collapse.

      • Laylalola

        Cat Lady did that awful thing where she insisted her models SMILE. Then did that fake SMILE herself with clenched teeth to show them that she meant it (I think it was in makeup.) Of course they’re going to walk that runway with SMILES or she’s going to ramrod them.

    • I remember one designer told her models to look badass and tough going down the runway. Maybe all the other models decided to do it too. And don’t actually know how to look badass without looking irritated.

  • Judy_J

    Surprise, indeed! And a very pleasant one at that! I’m so glad you recap middle of the roaders, because they all tend to run together in my mind at this point. I tend to pay more attention when the chaff is separated from the wheat.

  • GillianHolroyd

    It looks like I’m the only one who likes the long pink gown (hated the 2nd short one). I liked that it had short sleeves–how many times do you see that? 

    When I watched the show, the color looked more like a warm pink and that, the cowl neck, the volume of the skirt made it look like a hostess gown from the 50s. I really like that.

    Andrea, I like her style a lot. I loved the sketch that she showed Tim. The bow was huge. Not sure if that was typical fashion illustration exaggeration or she ran out of fabric (seems unlikely with her experience). I hope she is not the absconding contestant because PR needs all the true talents they can get to counteract the reality show chum.

    This was an good challenge because at least we got to see a sample of their bona-fide design skills (or lack of them) before the crazy candy competition. 

    And golf. It will break your heart.

  • MilaXX

     She said she was born in London

  • MilaXX

     I hope she does too. She works my nerves almost as much as Gunnar & we know we’re stuck with him for a while.

  • nannypoo

    Well, this is a whole lot of dreck. I watched the show, and I don’t remember any of this. Did I fall asleep, or am I repressing bad memories? The model in Nathan Paul’s pathetic pink dress is hilarious.  Her face says it all.

  • Ruffffian

    Anyone else hoping someone will deface the Brady Bunch Boxes o’ Past Winners?  It would make the season for me if someone drew sleeves on Anya.

    • i say mustaches for all of them.

      • Ruffffian

        Gretchen would look good with a Snidely Whiplash.

  • flamingjune

    Dmitry was on an episode of 24 Hour Catwalk.  I think he won.  Way to score a role on 2 Lifetime shows, dude. 

  • ASK26

    ARGGH.   I had people tell me “remember, you live in a apartment”.. to which my answer is “and that is why I am quiet so as to be considerate of the neighbors”

  • aristida_girl

    Yea boys! Thank you for posting on sunday, that’s another reason why I love you guys, always thinking of us kittens..
    I am having fun with the new PR and love buffi, ven, dimitri, the lesbian girl, the japanese boy, and so many other fun characters! The Times Square walk was awesome! well, I guess i’m all kittens and rainbows now, we will see what happens later on 🙂

  • Andrea: I did not like the 2nd look on TV. It conjured up maternity-wear when the model turned sideways, and no woman wants to look pregnant when she’s not. Then I thought of beach balls. I look at it now, and I kind of like it.  It’s zesty, and it’s truly a complementary piece to the original look. She clearly likes to experiment with linearity, configurations, and proportion. I appreciate that.

    Buffer: The looks are not as bad as I thought. I give her credit for executing those embellished leathery pants. I can’t get behind that particular shade of purple or her party-girl, disco-inflected aesthetic, for that matter; but she makes deliberately gaudy clothing. That’s better than someone turning out something tacky and thinking it’s classy. She likes showy and mindfully pursues such a sensibility, and I can appreciate that.

    Nathan: Now that’s someone whose clothes I think are tacky, and he lacks the self-awareness to present said clothes as such. I bet he thinks those pieces are sophisticated-looking and they are anything but that (to me). It’s evident he likes drapery, cowls, folds, and gathers. That’s fine; but if you want to do draped dresses, the draping had better look organic and effortless. The draping looks tortured and unresolved in the 1st look. The garment he did on the show is a definite improvement, but it’s still not fully working for me. The colors (in both garments) look cheap & flimsy to me. The draping is either incompetent or frantic (in the 1st look specifically). I would have sent him home, but upon a closer look, I say keep him. Keep him because he may get better. His draping may become more fluid. The 2nd look certainly shows some promise.

    Dmitry: I do not respond to sequins. I think sequins are a metonymy for “tacky”; however, I like the striations in the 1st look. They’re beautifully rendered and provide some relief from the sequins.  The sequins, too, are not as tacky as they could have been: they’re darker/richer and more clustered than one would expect. The 2nd look is definitely not bad, but I don’t like the bulky sleeve. A slimmer sleeve would have served him better.

    Fabio: (Which one is Fabio and which one is Raul?) Yes, one of them is the Freegan guy, but I can’t discern him from Raul or even Nathan simply because his clothes are unremarkable. I don’t hate either look, but there’s not much technique at display. His 2nd look is the better of the two. Did he create the ombre or did he select a pre-dyed fabric? Either way, I like the effect. I like the leaf-edge cut of the skirt, too. I like how he utilized the stripes for the top. It’s not a bad look at all. There’s not a whole lot of design to either look, but both garments have some style to them.

  • Judy_S

    I am enjoying the show so far–which is not always the case with first-show blitzes, when it may be difficult to sort who’s who. The little preview hour really helped, plus the fact that they didn’t dump 4 people right away. I too am feeling kind towards this group and I’m interested in seeing what more they can do.

  • kimmeister

    I really like Nathan’s second dress (perhaps because I have one similar to it!) and like the combination of aqua and royal blue.

  • Indovina

    I rather like Andrea. I fear for her future on the show, but I like her (she did, after all, describe herself as a radical feminist). And her aesthetic is, at the very least, different from the standard PR pretty dressing making.

    In a previous comment, I said that I quite liked Buffi – and I do. There is even a bizarre fondness for her style somewhere in me. But these are actually quite tame compared to, for example, how she was dressed in the promo photos.

    Dmitry has “passion for fashion” – to which, I must remind him that he is on the American version of the show. No, wait, that was “passion in your fashion” – nevermind. I concur with our esteemed hosts, otherwise, on the subject of Dmitry.Nathan’s clothes are something of a nothing so far for me. He was also barely in this episode at all.I’m reserving judgement on his work for the time being (I do want to see more of it), but, you’re right, Fabio has managed to come across as non-pretentious: empty picture frames in the home tour not withstanding.

    • Her patterns for Vogue are really REALLY ugly.

    • i hope andrea can get out of the black and white box.  i’m as tired of that as i am of all black.  wake me when it’s over.

  • baxterbaby

    Re: Dmitry, instead of a Bond villain, I was reminded of a line from the old “Murphy Brown” show;
    Murphy to Russian journalist, “You sound like you should be plotting big trouble for moose and squirrel!”

  • MoHub

    The question is: Will we get a Belarus versus Ukraine showdown between Dmitry and Elena? Perhaps irina Shebayeva can be called in to mediate.

  • How do you know us so well… Pretending to do work… ugh

    And yes, you are so right about everything- can you come do my job? 

  • guest2visits

    I thought Buffi’s was completely unoriginal 80s; tacky disco glam.  I thought the fabric came off very cheaply;
    which I felt was the case for Fabio’s second look.  I also thought his second design looked like a home-ec sewing project.

  • save_the_hobbit

    I am in love with Buffi. I want to marry her and have her gaybies and pet her hair. I hope she never goes home.

  • Dagney


  • bitterk

    Love Fabio’s personality but I am hoping his looks improve.  SO far I am more impressed with his personality than the clothes.  I agree hat Buffi is being Buffi.  Her clothes unfortunately are a hot mess.