PR: Candy on the Street, There’s Nothing Better

Posted on July 27, 2012

Darlings, it was the unconventional materials challenge! And everyone from Tim to Heidi was there to remind the designers “THIS IS OUR FAVORITE CHALLENGE EVER!” “WE’VE BEEN DOING THIS FOR TEN SEASONS!!!!” “FUN! AREN’T YOU HAVING FUN?!?” “THE JOY OF CANDY!!!!!!”


We think they might have been over-selling it just a tad.


But hey, maybe their excitement was understandable, since this is apparently the SPARKLIEST candy store ever.



The designers were given, through the power of discounts, roughly $500 worth of candy and that’s both a little gross and a bit of overkill. Unconventional materials challenges are better when restrictions are put on them. Handing the designers 5oo bucks and setting them loose in a high-end candy emporium garnered less creative results than if they’d been handed a third of that money and set loose in a candy store that didn’t have every single color of the rainbow lined up in bins and ready to go. Even Mood doesn’t make it that easy for the designers.


Besides, we were a little grossed out by all the handsy bin-diving.


And we were REALLY disappointed that Frokemon didn’t blast off in a sugar rush. Poor little Hello Kitty seemed overwhelmed.

Oh sure, he got his camera time, and he was appropriately bizarre and hard to understand sometimes. Not because his English is lacking. It’s perfectly fine. But he may be the first human being able to communicate entirely in cartoon sound effects.

Anyway, there was minor drama to be had last night.


Actually, this has happened plenty of times in the history of PR. It’s just that no one was a big enough drama queen that they needed EMTs to come in and — what? Hold her ice bag for her? Pfft. Martha Stewart laughs at your pussy hands. That woman’s got enough hot glue burns to earn her a Purple Heart of Crafting. Sack up, girl.


Also: self-doubt. We thought she was a goner, but she pulled it together. Well. She pulled something together, but we’ll get to that later. It was refreshing to see a designer actually take Tim’s critique to heart and see him as the educator he always has been.

And finally…

Two hissing mirror-image queens who desperately need to fuck so they can shut up about hating each other. It’s a tale as old as time, which is why it’s so ridiculous. You bitches need to stop checking each other out and get back to work. Still, it’s hard to ignore Quentin, who has a laugh that makes Kenley’s sound coquettish.


Ven Budhu
Materials: Black licorice, crushed rock candy

But congratulations to Ven! The judges made the right choice but we were a little bored by this entry, to be honest.

It doesn’t help that Ven is apparently an android and utterly devoid of human emotions. Seriously, we thought Rami was a bit of a stick in the mud and occasionally had bouts of self-importance, but this guy makes Rami look like, well, Frokemon in comparison. Lighten up, buddy. You’re on a game show making dresses out of candy.


The use of black licorice to define each color “panel” was a very wise design decision. If he hadn’t done that, this dress would have just been a mass of pastel colors.


Technically, it’s amazingly well done. As Nina commented, the colors are on trend. And it managed to do that thing that the judges absolutely love for unconventional materials challenges: it looks like a real dress that can be worn in a real setting.

Our only problem with it is one of tone. It’s very elegant and lady-like and we think this challenge called for more exuberance. Even the judges said so – when they were criticizing an outfit they didn’t like. Certainly, we wouldn’t have taken points off for elegance and we absolutely agree with the win, but on some small level, this entry left us a little flat. Pretty, but it seemed to miss the point of making a dress out of candy.


Lantie FosterMaterials: Umbrellas, rain boots, hard candy

And right on schedule, it’s Auf Wiedersehen to Lantie. We all saw this coming last week, didn’t we? She had a big ol’ red X drawn on her face to anyone who pays attention. We think she knew it, too.

She seemed to be struggling for no good reason other than her own self-doubts. And at the end, she took the worst route out of the land of self-doubt: she headed straight to I-Don’t-Give-A-Fuckville. Kittens, that’s never a good idea on this show. To be honest, she was so defensive by the end that we think she realized she was in way over her head.

What is there to say? It’s a poor concept that barely meets the dictates of the challenge and it’s badly made, to boot.


She just grabbed a bunch of highly conventional materials and made something that was only slightly embellished with unconventional materials. Anyone who knows anything about the history of this show could have told she was going home for that. It didn’t help that everything was ugly and badly made.


And man, you do NOT bitch to the Duchess about time constraints. She will flip open her fan and cut you down before you’ve even had a chance to finish your sentence. Kors don’t play that shit, honey.



[Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke for – Stills:]

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  • I admit I was amazed at Ven slamming this challenge. I was pegging him for having trouble.  He just jumped up in my estimation.  Did anyone else notice the appearance, again, of a rose motif in his work?   And Lantie?  Can I say I am relieved to have that whiner out of the way?  I can?  Great. I’m glad that whiner is out of the way.  I feel better now.

    • rougeort

      I thought I was the only one who saw that rose again! The judges will slam him for repetitivity soon enough if it continues. Also, I’m in total agreement about Lantie. Her name sounds like a toilet paper company, another thing I need to get out of my system. I think she realized she was going down by the time her dress hit the runway and was just going for camera time at the end of it.

      • H3ff

        I don’t think she realised that at all. She doesn’t exactly strike me as the sharpest tool in the box, but she seemed to think she would get through on that shoddy attempt.

        And Ven has shown ZERO personality so far, other than arrogance. He’s like those people who come top of your class but never seem to enjoy what they’re doing.

        • JosephLamour

          Okay, they mentioned all the awards he got in school, how he’s amazing and made of sparkles and whatever, but he’s not a successful designer. I think it might be because he’s a robot. Its like… he nows how to execute beautiful design but he doesn’t know how to feel beautiful design. Can we call him Design-Bot 2000?

      •  That was the most amazing toilet pun I’ve ever seen. Massive kudos if it was intentional.

    • mjude

      Darling, mimosa?

      •  Perfect!  Shall we brunch later?

        • mjude

          but of course!

          •  I love it.  Paris?  or Tokyo this time?

          • mjude

            hmmmm, i think tokyo sounds marvelous

          •  Meet you in the Shinjouku!

          • mjude

            until then!

          • I never thought about this before, but if I had to pick the city I would least associate with “brunch,” it would be Tokyo.  (Well, Pyongyang, but I assume we’re playing with cities we can actually go to — and return from.)

          • Yeah, Asia isn’t the place to go for breakfast or breakfast-adjacent foods.

          • Dim sum might be the exception that proves the rule there, but I was thing of the energy of the city. I’ve never been to Tokyo, but my impression is that it’s all about the hustle and bustle.

          •  The thing is, dim sum isn’t really breakfast-y in the Western sense.  It’s more like appetizers than breakfast according to the American palette. 

          • “Chinese tapas” is how it was (unhelpfully) described to me before I know what either dim sum or tapas were.

          •  No waaaay, SUSHI FOR BREAKFAST (or an early lunch) is AMAZING. In Paris. And Prague. And Sydney. Seriously, everywhere. Quite possibly in Tokyo too.

          • Well, I just returned from Seoul two weeks ago, and breakfast definitely isn’t their strongsuit in that part of Asia either.  Seaweed soup and rice aren’t my typical breakfast fare.

          • Jarethee

             Mm. Lived in Korea for the last few years, and you’re preaching to the choir. They also do fermented soy bean stew and kimchi for breakfast which makes me cry when I think of how much I miss Denny’s. >_< CHINA on the other hand, does amazing breakfast  burrito things in street vendors (flat bread filled with meat and veggies and eggs and chili sauce) which are to die for.

          • kimmeister

            Unfortunately, I don’t think Pyongyang can be associated with meals in general.

    • batshitmomma

      Yep, I noticed the rose again and briefly wondered if it’s going to be a whole bouquet this season. Did you notice how, um, excited he was that he won? I’ve shown more enthusiasm at the grocery store.

      •  Yeah, he’s going to need to show a bit more personality, if he wants to stay in this.  Its not all about the work, even though it really should be.

        • siriuslover

          I think we should come up with a nickname for him now. Only I’m not witty enough to come up with one. Maybe Vendroid?

          •  Ven the Vulcan?

          • siriuslover

            you know, yeah, that kinda works.

          •  Vulcan Ven scans better though

          • StellaZafella

             Which means we don’t want to see him get realllyyy mad…

            or maybe we DO! hee, hee

          • BuffaloBarbara

             As long as we don’t see pon farr.

          • Excellence_and_Elegance

            I don’t know about that. It certainly might get Ven to show some emotion other than disaffectation.

          • I’ve taken to calling him Sartoribot, though that doesn’t actually include his name.

          • JosephLamour

            Aww, I missed this thread. My vote is for “Design-Bot 2000”. 

      • I think EVERYBODY probably noticed that rose, including the judges, but they didn’t comment on it. C’mon! And I agree with TLo, that dress was nice, but not very exciting. That Ven is, in my art-school graduate estimation, an “excellent student.” He will always put a good product out there, but where’s the passion? I kind of wanted the blue sharks to win, event though the dress was kinda wonky to my eyes. Better use of candy.

        •  Sangie’s pale blue and white effort was delightful to look at and spot on for the challenge. I would have been happier with her as the winner, over Ven.  She created a totally new shape and built interesting and changing textures onto it.  Ven took a very simple, basic strapless sheath shape and applied a pattern onto it.

          • Yes, what you said. When I said “wonky” I meant that I sometimes wish they would stand still and rotate, so that I could get a GOOD LOOK. There was a lot going on, shapewise, and I wanted to SEE it.

          • Spicytomato1

            Agree 100%. Hers showed far more inspiration and innovation and whimsy. Plus the cynical side of me was thinking that Ven is likely to have more wins in his future so why not give this to Sangie.

          • VivianAdvanced

            I thought Sangie’s was more of a creative fete too. I liked a lot of the stuff she had in her audition collection. I would have liked her efforts in last week’s challenge better had she used better colors. I don’t like lime green/chartreuse or animal prints. I really liked Dimitri’s and was surprised his didn’t make the top 3. The swinging beads looked really cool and I liked his color scheme. Ven’s roses are going to wilt pretty soon. The judges should call him out on it if he continues to bloom.

          • I loved Dimitri’s as well. I think the only issue with his is that he used solely fabric for the top. I feel like he has a real design aesthetic and that will show soon enough. Ven bores me. He is obviously talented, but I can tell i’ll stop caring real fast. Kind of like Kara Saun or Chloe Dao. 

        • Celandine1

          I LOVED those sharks. That was so cool. I was actually watching the show with my redneck best friend and even he like the dress. The colors made him think aquarium rocks and he did at one point say “mermaid flight attendant” but also thought it was whimsical and fun. I was howling with laughter at his comments. The sharks though, when we saw those they really sold that dress for us.

      • muzan-e

        It’s too early in the season for me to be anthropomorphising the designers, but:

        Ven was relatively muted because he knew he was going to win, and it was a disappointing win. He’s got this terribly gorgeous design. It’s going to kill everything else in the room, and he 100% has the skills to execute it flawlessly and describe it impeccably for a panel of judges. It’s going to be stained-glass and it’s going to be glorious, and I truly in my heart don’t think he realised before he’d begun at it, that smashing rock candy clouds its colours. 

        It’s a gorgeous, gorgeous dress, and the effect is actually very lovely.  But I’d put money down that he expected rich, vivid, glittery colour, and took a quiet breath when he saw he was getting blotchy pastels.

        • spititout

          We are going to have to see what Ven can do when he is not pulling something out of the bag of tricks he came to PR with.  Ven probably had the design for the unconventional materials challenge planned since season nine when designers were using aquarium rocks. There will always be something that can be used for a “stained glass” effect. 

          • formerlyAnon

             Yeah, but the bag of tricks may be deep – really SHOULD be deep for anyone on the shoe in season 10. Most of them should have analyzed the previous challenges and worked out what they would/could do .

        • formerlyAnon

          “and took a quiet breath when he saw he was getting blotchy pastels.”

          And THAT’s why he may not win, no matter how well he does. T.V. does not choose those whose expression of disappointment and frustration is “a quite breath.”

          • muzan-e

            Which guts me every time; it’s exactly why I don’t watch reality TV. I adore quiet brilliance just as much as I love the sort of fierce, colourful genius that you see from someone like Siriano.  …  then again, I’ll admit to being willing to watch The Frokemon Show, if someone would give him one. *g*

            But I agree: I strongly suspect that he won’t win, and I’m comfortable with that. He’s clearly excellent, and right now he’s a recent graduate showing off his chops for a national audience. Whether or not he walks away with the money, he’s going to enjoy a great future – where quiet diligence will probably serve him very well.

          • Carolyn Posner

            You should watch Japanese variety shows…they’re almost exactly what you’re probably imagining the Frokemon show would be…

    • My only complaint about Ven’s dress is that, if it weren’t made of candy, it would be a pretty standard dress. That is, pretty, but standard. He deserved the win here, because it’s amazing work, and it is pretty. But I’m thinking he’s gotta go a little more cutting edge if he wants to go all the way. In particularly, the inevitable “avant garde” challenge will be interesting to watch.

      •  I agree with you completely.  I would have gone with Dmitri, or Sangie (sp) for the win, over him, because both their efforts were so much more playful and exuberant.

        • YoungSally

          Agreed on Dmitry — I was surprised he didn’t pull for top three — but maybe that was BM at work…Gunnar needed more screen time.

          •  Oh Lordy, Gunnar SO does not need more screen time. If I am forced to hear that incredibly annoying laugh all season I may do myself an injury.

          • YoungSally

            Unfortunately — his screen time is not in our hands.  But perhaps Frokemon can help you with your self-injury.

          •  I loves me some Frokemon.  He may be my savior.  Listening to him is a delight.

          • Honestly?  I’m not 100% on Team Frokemon just yet.  So far, it’s shtick and weird outfits.  He’s not as unbearable as Psychobitch Gunnar, but then, neither am I, so that’s not saying much.

          • I would say I’m a fan of Frokemon, not on the team yet.

          • Kimbolina

            That laugh is the devil, but one of my favorite parts of this episode was when Christopher imitated it.

          • I have been waiting for someone to call Gunnar “Cruella DeVil”. The hair, the laugh and just…him

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            When TLo characterizes a laugh as making Kenley’s sound better, that’s not a good thing.

          •  I WILL not have it, Bert!

          • siriuslover

            HE was surprised he didn’t pull for top three.

          • YoungSally

            And don’t you forget it or he will attack you with ice skates and a latin ballroom dance costume.

          • amywinns

             Beautiful design, very clever skirt, but all-fabric top. It was too pretty to be criticized for that in bottom 3, but too conventional to be highlighted at the top. Hence, uncommented middle.

        • MoHub

           Sonjia. And she was my pick for the win. I mean, gummi sharks? That did it for me.

          • Terrie_S

            Agreed. Of course, turquoise is also a favorite color of mine, so I might be a touch biased.

          • siriuslover

            And they were so beautiful. I couldn’t tell from a distance that they were gummi sharks. But she also created this look that mimicked (sp?) flowing water around that neckline.

          • TheDivineMissAnn

             I noticed that flowing water effect also and loved it!  How creative is that?!  She could have easily just lined up those sharks like little soldiers, but she gave the illusion that there was a school of them swimming.  I am definitely on team Sonjai (sp).  I like Ven too, partly because he seems so professional and *gasp* mature!

        • formerlyAnon

           I think it was the candy/fabric ratio that kept Dmitri out of top three. Heck, out of the win.

          • Celandine1

            That’s what I thought too, the bodice of the dress especially. The movement on his dress was wonderful though. If you didn’t already know it was hard to tell the fringe and beading was candy, that might also have hurt him.

      • I disagree that this would have been standard if it weren’t made of candy. Imagine if each he used four different colors of fabric to make those panels, or even just two. It would be Art Deco gorgeousness.

        • Don’t get me wrong — it would be very pretty in real fabric.  But I don’t think there’s anything super unusual about the shape or the silhouette of the dress.  It’s a pretty dress, and for one made of candy, well-executed.  But at the level of design itself, not that far from anything we’ve already seen.

    • VanessaDK

       Yes, he is going to have to draw from a new well if he is to make it all the way through to the finals.  Perhaps he was needed to get a win for his rose creations, and then he can move on to lilies, or snapdragons for the next abstracted-flower-art-shape.

      •  I am indeed seeing this as a potential Achilles heel for him. He needs to show something new in terms of his choice of motif to stay the course.  You can bet the judges have already noted it privately.

        • siriuslover

          he’s going to bore Nina, I think. No matter how beautiful it is, at some point, Nina is going to ask him, what ELSE can he do?

          •  And you never, NEVER want to bore Nina.

    • EveEve

      Some contestants must have come with designs already sketched out (at least in their heads) for various potential scenarios.   Plug in the design best suited for adapting to whatever the contest is and be good-to-go.  Ven’s dress for the candy competition is a perfect example.  The geometric pattern of the embellishment, the overall design of the dress, and the execution in such a short time is too perfect to have been done on-the-fly.  He seems very smart about how the show works, and very calculating (in a good way) about what to put down the runway.  Lantie was the opposite – nothing pre-planned, no idea what to do when she got there, and unable to execute. She auf’d herself.  There is a big difference between creating a garment *of* candy and a garment *with* candy.  The judges went for the former and either ignored or disdained the latter.

      •  It would seem the wisest thing to do, to have a bucket full of potential stuff, sitting in your noodle waiting to be released.  Anyone going into this totally unprepared, in the way that Lantie clearly was, deserves to be auffed.

        • Contestants like Lantie always surprise me.  How do you go on Amazing Race if you’re afraid of heights?  Why are you on Chopped if you haven’t at least tried a few unusual fruits and proteins?  And why on earth are you on Project Runway if you can’t wrap your head around making a dress from candy?

          But now, having said that, that is exactly why I would cast such people if I were a producer.  How boring would it be if they all had an idea for the candy challenge coming in?

          •  But the problem is it WOULDN’T be boring!  Having people on top of their game all working furiously for a prize. Well, we call that the Olympics, don’t we?

          • See my reply to Violina23, below.  And it’s funny you should bring up the Olympics in this context because, while I am a huge sucker for the pomp and pathos of the Olympics, it’s not actually the “world’s best athletes.”  It’s the best athletes in a given sport from each country — some countries are great at some (or many) sports, and other countries suck.  So it happens that some world-class athletes stay home, and other athletes who wouldn’t even get past a qualifying round get to go.  I’ve often thought that I should try to get citizenship in some country that’s really bad at something I can do marginally well — so I can go to the Olympics, compete (and lose) and then hang out in the Olympic village.  And see if those stories about Grindr are true!

          • Oh, ya know I hadn’t considered that at all. So the Olympics are just a really Huge reality show then? Sigh
            I want all the dish when you get back from Olympic Village, though.

          • You’ll be able to see the pics and videos on my pay-per-view site.  Because I like you, I’ll give you a discount.  ;o)

          • Sweet!!!!

          • formerlyAnon

             It’s kind of a shame that your plan works best if you are competing as a citizen of another country. Because your brand of efficient, entrepreneurial fun+profit is the stuff that makes America strong!

          • Ha!  Really, it’s just outsourcing myself, which is the new American dream.

          • Violina23

            But was watching Lantie complain and fail to make anything good actually ENTERTAINING?  People were making some pretty cool stuff, and those with over-ambitious ideas that just plain didn’t work (Andrea, Frokemon) were plenty entertaining enough. Not to mention the personal drama of someone like Gunnar.   Lantie being essentially a fasion deer-in-headlights was painful, and I’m glad we don’t have another week of it…

          • There’s entertaining, and then there’s “entertaining.”  Reality show producers, I suspect, are aiming for the latter — that is, something that keeps the show moving forward without shooting its wad too soon, and gets people talking.  It’s gotten us to engage with the show, and allowed her to act as cannon fodder, preserving the more talented contestants.  And, yeah, I suspect there is a segment of the viewing public that’s in it for the schadenfreude.

    • MissAnnieRN

      I was at work and didn’t watch last night but just read the recap anyway (because at this point that’s all it deserves sometimes). The only thing that stood out to me about Ven’s dress was the repetition of the rose motif.

      That being said, the only unconventional materials dress that has stuck un my memory is that awesome licorice dress Jillian made. That was genius. Ven on the other hand glued sugar to muslin.

      • Spicytomato1

        “Ven on the other hand glued sugar to muslin.”
        Yeah, I was thinking the exact same thing. In previous seasons that would have been considered a cop-out. Letting them do that takes the most of the “challenge” out of the equation.

        • EveEve

          I thought the candy sharks were the single best embellishment of anything to come down that runway.  It ended up being a choice between “candy couture” and “candy creative.”  Couture won…if you can call it that.

          • tignor

             Wasn’t “Candy Couture” a porn star in the ’70s?

          • Terrie_S

            No, she’s a drag queen. Seriously. 

          • Susan Crawford

            Yes: she used to appear with Hot Glueburn, who played the Candygram delivery boy.

      • Eclectic Mayhem

        And yet, as is so often the case with memorable pieces from the unconventional materials challenge, Jillian did not win – Rami won with his gladiatorial candy wrapper creation.  

        • formerlyAnon

           Point worth remembering.

    • SRQkitten

      I was somewhat SHOCKED last night at the results, first time in a loooong while with BM I’ve agreed with the judges for both the winner and the auffer. Of course I had been rooting last week for a double aufing, just to see the last of Lantie. Now if they’d just send quentin packing I could fantasize we’re back in the good ol’ days of PR.

      But, as others have noted, thought Dmitri should have been in top three! I wanted a closer look at his dress!


      •  AGreed.  I’m assuming that once I see the stills, I’ll know why it wasn’t at least in the top 3.  Even my KIDS liked that one best.  I did really like Ven’s and thought it was the best of the mosaic dresses.  I really thought Sanjia’s was just a mosaic dress, too, even though the sharks were GENIUS.  The rest of it was just candy glued down.  I always prefer a bit of manipulation, at least.

      • NDC_IPCentral

         SRQ – good to “see” you!

        • SRQkitten

          Hi NDC! Back atcha!

          • SRQkitten

            And glad to hear you’re about at the end of the chemo trail too! Bitter kittens, a tough lot we are!


    • Sobaika

      I assumed he’d have trouble too, and would whinge about how he was above unconventional materials. I’m pleasantly surprised.

      I’m half upset that he’s not offering up more in the personality department and half pleased. There’s something to be said about a contestant who doesn’t trifle.

      • Sad thing is, though some designers who are drama free, and fairly quiet have made final 3 status, the bigger personalities always win out.

        • Yes, there is one guy in there that was talking to Ven int he work room and I was like…who is he???  I didn’t even remember him, but he made the skirt the model had to hold up on the runway. 

          •  That’s Nathan.  He seems sweet, and likeable. It remains to be seen if he can really bring it.

          • Susan Crawford

            I felt bad for The poor model who had to lug that lampshade down the runway. One must pick one’s candy carefully – try to go for the medium-weight stuff and stay away from the solid chocolate stuff, no matter how colorful the foil wrappers might be. (Interesting that nobody really got into using some of the wrappers as trim – that works in moderation.)

          • siriuslover

            didn’t Christian make a dress out of Reese’s peanut butter cup cups? I was kind of surprised people didn’t go that kind of route as well.

          • He made it out of the cup wrappers.  Oh how I miss him. 

    • Call me Bee

      Oh yes–caught that rose motif right away. 

    • joe_tey83

      I smell a one note in Ven. Rose motif is to Ven like draping is to Rami.

      And when called to defend it, he will probably justify it by saying something irrelevant and self-important like how much he likes it and that it’s his Thing, instead of how good or bad or appropriate or whatever the dress actually looks. It’s as though simply by he liking it, it instantly becomes Great.

    • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

      I love that Ven just puts his head down and works.  I don’t care that he’s boring.  He seems like a decent sort of guy, and I am liking his designs quite a bit.  Such a breath of fresh air after last season’s disaster.  I could live without drama ’til the cows come home.  As for Lantie, she was obviously cannon fodder and in waaaaay over her head.

    • SewingSiren

      Maybe he fancies himself a modern day Paul Poriet.

      • Bless you for remembering Mr Poiret!   And roses by Paul Iribe, that became connected with his house and work.

  • Lantie’s rain boots into shoes(?) look like an accident with a toddler and a pair of dull scissors. I was so ready for her to go.

    As usual, T-Lo is on target about Ven’s. It’s beautiful but it’s not full of joy. I think  that’s why I loved Dmitri’s, it looked like such a happy fun dress, a dress in which to tango, even though it was mainly black.

    Thanks for being up so early, boys. This Bitter Kitten is practically chomping at the bit for your PR recaps.

    • rougeort

      I loved Dmitri’s entry too! Totally was not anticipating a successful Snape.

    •  I was rooting for Dmitri, myself. I thought his was awesome. elegant, fun, and sexy.

      • AJ

         If he’d been able to pull off the top of that dress in something candy instead of t-shirt, I think he’d have been in the top. Ven’s isn’t as much fun, but there’s no denying that his entire dress is covered in candy,

        •  What really sold me on Dmitri, was the movement of his dress. he was absolutely correct in his thinking about it.  It elevated his work away from being merely a canvas upon which candy had been lavished to something integral to the work.

          • AJ

             Oh, I totally agree. The beaded fringe at the bottom was really well done. His was definitely among my favorites because of the movement aspect. Ven’s was so stiff. Pretty, and clearly that was just the nature of what happens when you glue a ton of crushed rock candy onto muslin, but still. Stiff. I just know that black fabric top didn’t cut it with the judges for a candy challenge. Pity.

      • Re: all the comments about Dmitri’s: they showed his look of surprise for not being the top 3. I shared that surprise. I am hoping that TLo’s snapshots may show us that the dress wasn’t as impressive as the brief shots we saw on TV – I know my  initial impression was that I liked it better than Gunnar’s dress.

        •  I thought Quentin’s dress, failed because of the horrible peplum. It was way out of proportion, and looked like it was on backwards.

          • rougeort

            Agreed. For all the complaining about how heavy Eliana’s dress looked, Gunnar’s was so. Much. Worse.

          •  For me her big fail was the choice of beige.  BEIGE? for a Candy Challenge?

          • tignor

            You mean Gunnar, right? I hated that thing. Looked like her dinner napkin got stuck in her waistband.

          • Susan Crawford

            Why is it that so often PR designers fall back to the peplum design? They NEVER get the proportion right, and frankly, not many designs are EVER enhanced by a curly band of extra fabric over the hipline. And when it’s made of stiff, solid-looking black licorice and other candy – no. Just – no.

          •  The point of a well executed peplum is to diminish apparent waist size by creating a strong diagonal  making the body look like two cones placed point to point. This was a tragic mess.

          • I’m trying to wrap my little mind around that. It’s a good thing I’m not a designer. I think the only peplums I’ve ever seen look fab have been on Dita Von Teese, though she doesn’t need much help in the diminishing waist line department.

          • Look at a lot of fashion from the 40s and 50s, and you’ll see what I mean.

          • Eclectic Mayhem

            I’m thinking of Lauren Bacall’s fabulous houndstooth jacket and skirt in To Have And Have Not, now there’s a peplum that works!

          • YoungSally

            Peplums are back in style — not that it makes them okay.

          • ampg

            Right, but as we’ve seen (*cough*Gretchen*cough*), the judges award way too many bonus points for being “on trend.” I really think that’s why he made top 3, because I thought his dress wasn’t all that interesting.

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            And in my humble opinion, some trends, such as the horrid granny panties that Gretchen made, should be beaten with sticks and consigned to the dustbin.  But, that’s just me!

          • Celandine1

             Oi that peplum, and the top was stiff and moved weird when the model was walking down the runway!

        • siriuslover

          I wonder if it’s because the top had so much conventional material (i.e. the black cloth) so that even if it was beautiful, it didn’t fully address the challenge. I need to see it again in TLo closeups.

          • ampg

            I think that’s exactly what happened: beautiful dress + not enough candy = middling scores.

    • Violina23

      I didn’t even notice the awful shoe craft project until they zoomed in. Oh dear lord. My 2.5 year old could do better…

    • ccinnc

       I love Dmitri’s too and was shocked (as was he) that his cute dress wasn’t in the top 3.  Loved its movement and sass.

    • Susan Collier

      Yes, Lantie suffered from many things, but giving too much thought to the boots and none to the actual outfit was a problem. Reminded me of Jerry’s bad shower curtain raincoat many seasons ago. He put more thought into accessories than the “fashion”.

    • muzan-e

      Irony: my toddler wants those shoes – 

      for his older sister, who thinks they’re tacky. Hah.

      • The more I look at the them, the more awful they become. Different color ribbons holding them on, choppy edges, clear, possibly pointless, straps? I think no matter what that woman creates there will be “taste issues” if she thought those were vaguely cool.

        Oh, how about a toddler challenge for your next kiddie party? Give them a bunch of cheap rain boots, ribbon, glitter and candy and Elmer’s Glue. I’d do it, but somehow my toddler is nearly 18 and will be no doubt be attending some money pit of a college next year, if she gets her way. Anyway, I bet you’d get better efforts than Lantie’s. 

        • muzan-e

          Oh, for sure. Watching it last night I was actually delighted by the idea of working with the boots: it’d all be irrelevant to the actual challenge, but she was a goner anyway, so why not?  Maybe something quirky and fun would happen. It wasn’t until I saw TLo’s screencap this morning that I realised how pointlessly sloppy all the chopping was. She hasn’t added any actual interest to them at all.

          I think I’ll take you up on that suggestion, though! My baseline standard for the these challenges has always been: is the designer using candy in ways my kids would never have thought of? Because otherwise it’s just an arts’n’crafts project.  …  but a potentially fabulous arts’n’crafts project! Made even better by imagining the staring eyes of their parents when they come to pick them up afterwards. Horrified. Delighted. Both. *g*  Must do this – 

          And good luck with that money pit. My eldest is ten, and every now and then we wake up at night whispering: Ohmygod there’s only eight more ears….  

          • TheDivineMissAnn

             May I interject?  My youngest starts college next month, which will give us two in college at the same time.  Hubby and I will be eating rice and beans for the foreseeable future.

            Re:  the chopped up boots – did you notice the model had trouble walking in them?

          • muzan-e

            Please do! *g*  Except I couldn’t see her walk; my eyes were still blinded from that other one’s pink handkerchief skirt. *cough*  I imagine there was a lot of pricking at the ankles, though; looking at the screencap today those edges look awfully jagged.

            My husband recommends interspersing an occasional dish of yakisoba into the rice-and-beans menu. Sure, it’s just ramen. But it’s got uh…  flecks of dried cabbage, yeah?  Okay, no, this is not helping with my dread of the future…   *g*

          • formerlyAnon

             I feel strongly that my kids finally both leaving the nest (to college) frees me ! : to work as I haven’t been able to since I was childless, so I can send the money to their respective schools . . .

            It’s not a problem, since it’s very much a choice. But if I’d realized the child rearing years were also my retirement, we’d have traveled more.

          • muzan-e

            LOL! I had a similar realisation when my youngest headed off to kindergarten – except that being young and naive (well. naive, anyway) I’d thought I was just working towards interesting family vacations. Little did I know….  *g*  Our second plan was to save money to pay her non-college expenses; housing and feeding her while she handles the actual study costs herself. But while that’s still my preference – it’s easier to value the units you pick if you’re paying for them yourself – I’m just not sure it’s practical these days.

          • I’m planning to tell mine they have to do an associate’s at a community college first, just to save the money.

          • muzan-e

            Oh, heck yes. And it took me ages to understand that  – I’ve been here long enough that you’d think I’d have figured out how college works in the US, but apparently not (*).  But the husband explained the wisdom of having her knock out at least the first year of general studies in a community college – if not more, and we have fingers crossed that they’ll keep expanding the AP program as well. I totally agree that some local study is a very, very good idea.

            * –  or health insurance, for that matter. But apparently that’s a universal complaint.  *g*

          •  She can do CLEP tests if her school will accept them.  Tell her to ask about CLEP for whichever school will be granting her lowest college degree — so if she’s doing community to get an AA or AS, she should ask them, otherwise wherever she’s doing her BA or BS.  A lot of community colleges have very liberal CLEP policies, and she may be able to do up to 30 or 40 hours that way.  Basically it’s AP tests without the class.

          • formerlyAnon

             It’ll never happen – too “socialistic” (term used VERY loosely) for the U.S. – but I wish that instead of going straight to college – which, at least for the first semester or year, and for the majority of kids, is mostly about doing a bit of growing up out of their parents’ sight – there should be a mandatory 6-12 months of service & training, being in most cases, a dorm-like residential program. Plus it could include kids not going to college.

            It could be really flexible – options for kids who aren’t ever college-bound, for kids who think they’re enlisting in the military etc.  Only hard & fast rules: a 40 – 50 hour a week service/training/study commitment & you can’t live with your family except for documented special needs or circumstances. Half time work (which could be community service geared to teach them a few practical skills) and half time training either vocational or academic – or full time service work, kids’ choice.

            The kid would come out the other end with some coursework and/or a few practical skills under their belt – and more importantly, having gotten the hurdles of “getting one’s own ass out of bed on time,” “negotiating reasonable behavior with roommate,” “allocating budget between beer, food, shoes and music,” etc. out of the way before anyone’s paying tens of thousands of dollars a semester for the development of these life skills.

          •  It took a semester for me to learn that I had to schedule work BEFORE classes — I’d never blow off the alarm if I had to be at work, but an irritating ring at 7 am for a photography class was really easy to ignore.

  • mjude

    TLO says: “And man, you do NOT bitch to the Duchess about time constraints. She will flip open her fan and cut you down before you’ve even had a chance to finish your sentence. Kors don’t play that shit, honey.” 

    LMFAO!  way to start my Friday! 

    • VanessaDK

       And I love how all the designers who exit under pressure say that the competition just “doesn’t show who they are as designers”….

  • mozzer0906

    Ven’s dress is absolutely stunning and a technical marvel.  Sure it isn’t fun or over the top, but it certainly blew me away.

  • Ven is very talented, but I can’t get behind rooting for him because he’s so friggin’ arrogant.   He couldn’t even feign flattery when he was being complimented by the judges.  He might as well have said, “Yeah, I know this dress is great. It’s about time you told me how awesome I am.”

    • Kimbolina

      I totally agree.  He is obviously very talented but his personality is really starting to grate on me.

  • I just can’t with that Gunner person. Strong, showy personalities are nothing new on the show, but he is just nasty and mean for no reason (other than to be the “villain” and get more facetime, I guess. Really turns me off from the show. 

    • UsedtobeEP

      I seem to remember the last person to walk around and offer comments unsolicited like that was Kenley. And we know how that turned out.

    • MotherEntertainerPerson

        I love the name”Gunner Person” for him. It’s just dismissive enough for me to feel comfortable using it to refer to him.

  • I know we’ll get to Gunnar in due time, but I remember thinking at the moment he made the face pictured above “This queen might literally be insane.”

    • Billie_Dawn

      That laughing fit was utterly terrifying. I managed to pause the show at the exact moment as the screencap above, and I swear that my blood ran just a little bit colder.

  • Sobaika

    Ven nailed it, which I wasn’t really expecting. The more sophisticated/trained designers always end up floundering. His dress looks delish, in more ways than one.

    •  I don’t know about that. I still remember Rami’s candy wrapper dress fondly. And Austin Scarlett showed the bitches how it was done.

      • VanessaDK

         I thought it was interesting that each season has a sort of operational motif in teh unconventional materials challenge.  That year there were several dresses that incorporated wrappers.  In some hardware store challenges everybody goes for shower curtains, etc.

      • Sobaika

        I wouldn’t put Austin Scarlett in the same category. He is far more whimsical.

      •  Chris March’s candy wrapper dress was gorgeous. (I think Jillian’s Twizzler dress won that year?)

        It was a tough challenge to watch because the Dylan’s in my mall recently closed. And now I crave Tutti Frutti Jelly Belly beans. Guys, when you actually shop there, you don’t use your hands. There are some dispensers that pour out directly into bags and other dispensers have scoops.

        • Susan Collier

          I believe that Rami won. There were lots of good entries that season: Jillian, Chris March. That loud blonde designer also made a great dress with a studded Rolo belt..

          • MoHub

             Rami did indeed win that challenge, although I liked Chris’s better. Chris managed to make the logos on the pieces he used look like edgy avant garde designs, disguising the lettering. Rami’s was a bit overwrought for my taste.

        • siriuslover

          But these guys used their hands, which means that the staff at the store would have to waste all that candy to dump it and fill it with clean candy if they were considered about people’s germs.

          •  They should have given them all plastic gloves — then they could have handled away with no problems. 

    • Not always.  Didn’t Rami win the candy store challenge for his season?

      • Sobaika

        He either won or came in the top 3, can’t remember. But I do remember the dress: it was primarily candy wrapper and it looked like candy wrapper. Great dress, but I wouldn’t name it alongside the Corn Husk dress or maybe even what Ven put forth here.

        • Susan Collier

          I would. Rami’s candy dress was origami perfection.

          • Sobaika

            Has anyone seen Rami’s dress for Papyrus? It was one of those promotional tie-in synergy things. But the dress itself was breathtaking.

  • I tweeted the same sentiment about Gunnar and Christopher during last night’s ep; namely, “Just FUCK already, Christopher and Gunnar, and shut the hell up.”

    •  “They walk alike, they dress alike, at times they even talk alike, you could lose your mind, when boy-queens, are two of a kind!!!!!!”

      • carolclark12

         Thanks.  I found myself singing along.  It’s been years.

      • TheDivineMissAnn

         “What a crazy pair.”

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          I’m waiting for the time when one of them looks into the camera and the second comes in profile, ala Bergman’s “Persona”, when Gunnar and Christopher merge into one meta-queen.

  • CassandraMortmain

    Lantie’s dog’s dinner of a dress and the hideous cut-up wellies will go down as some of the ugliest things ever “created” on this show.  She was way out of her depth, which may explain why her affect always seemed off. Then again maybe not.

    Ven’s dress was stunning and I’m glad he got the win.  But there’s a lot of similarity in the design between this and his entry last week, the pink dress.  His work is elegant and polished but not very exciting.  I did love Sontje’s (sp?) exuberant aqua dress.  The shark detailing was brilliant!  I would have been happy to see her win as well.

    • l_c_ann

      When she added the silly flat hat, I think that cost her the win.  Failure to edit counts among the judges more often than the BM edit of the show lets on. (IMO)

      • Spicytomato1

        I agree. When the judges dinged it, I thought she should have reached up and taken it off her model’s head. Then maybe the judges might have been more willing to give her the win.

  • VicksieDo

    Dmitri’s was the clear winner for me.  I actually gasped when I saw how it moved on the runway.  Venn’s was my second favorite, and the turquoise one was third, but only because it had maybe one or two too many design elements in one garment.  But I loved the color and the overall look of that one.  Lantie was the clear loser, but the horrible pina colada thing was just as revolting. Whining makes me cringe on this show, you have to know what you’re getting into here…no sleep, annoying people to work around, inconsistent judging, etc.

    • sdtripper

      I agree about Dmitri.  I thought he was so smart to make sure his dress moved.  At the time I thought he should have won, but seeing Venn’s dress in pictures, it takes my breath away.  Still, I love roses, but I don’t want to see one every week from him.  On the other hand, wouldn’t it be great to hear one of the judges call him a one-note for the roses and see how Venn handled the critique?

      • VicksieDo

        Good point.  Venn seems like someone who sees fashion as a career, not an artistic expression vomiting all over the place.  He has developed skills, and personally, I appreciate that. Dmitri has a terrible personality, at least what we’ve seen so far, and he srsly needs to work on that to succeed.

    • LC3203

      I thought for sure Dimitri was going to win. His dress was amazing.

      • Susan Crawford

        I certainly think he belonged in the top three – that dress had MOVEMENT, which precious few of the others did. I think it was the dark palette that got Dimitri into the safe zone instead of the top three.

        • formerlyAnon

           I don’t think it was the darkness of the palette – I think it was the vast expanses of fabric with no candy on them. They seemed to lean toward garments  with a higher ratio of visible candy to visible fabric.

          • Susan Crawford

            Yes, I’m sure that was also a factor. He DID use more visible fabric than many of the others. But then again . . . he really did make something very interesting, and I felt bad that he didn’t get a top three nod over Miss Clinique-squared. Just because of Miss C-2’s hiddy cackling laughter which will haunt my nightmares for a long time. Give me Silent Snape any day over that skunk-haired screamer – perhaps Snape can throw the Cloak of Invisibility over Gunnar? Please?

    •  I’m always amazed by the lack of medication on this show.  I’ll tell you, I’d be taking a 4 hour ambien every time I left the work room — crash immediately and it wears off after only 4 hours in.  Of course, that may be because I’ve spent a LOT of time in a shrink’s and know just how many issues you can curb with the proper application of a handful of drugs 😛

      • formerlyAnon

         OTOH, I feel like there’s a lot that remains untold – if your co-contestants aren’t gossiping about it and it’s not part of a “story arc” there’s a lot of film that never gets seen and it’s probably not all footage of people working. I’d bet good money there’s a lot of adderall & similar – so many people have legit (or semi-legit) prescriptions. Maybe even the ambien as well – though when so many don’t even get experience on the sewing machines they know they’ll be using, maybe I’m over-estimating folks’ strategic thinking.

        •  Oh, I never even considered adderall, because I have no problem staying awake and alert.  I have the opposite, which is how I know I’d be taking meds.

  • VanessaDK

    This was a good challenge for Dmitri–his costume-y entries in Challenge 1 were a little uber-exuberant, but his style was just right for the candy challenge.  Unfortunately, the T-shirt was probably too present for him to be in the top.

  • VanessaDK

    I really liked the way Ven blended the color panels within the dress, so they had some shading and texture to them.  I think that elevated it from a simple color block design to a very beautiful and artistic outfit.

  • Violina23

    Eh, as much as Chris doesn’t like Gunnar, he’s trying to not engage and be mature about it.  Which means the producers are cursing his name and working on a way to fix one of the next 3-4 challenges so that they are on a team together… 

    I loved Ven’s dress, I can’t help but think if he did anything more than what he did, it would come accross as too much /  too busy / too much dress.  I find it funny that this week’s entry was MUCH more flattering to a woman’s body than last week’s well-executed-but-made-the-model-look-4-feet-wide offering. That being said, I wonder if he can do anything without a big rose on it.

    And finally, I think Andrea’s was FAR worse than Buffi’s. Yes, Buffi had non-candy paper-skirt thing, as well as styling/color/taste issues, but Andrea made a CANDY DOT APRON PUKING FABRIC IN THE BACK.   She was arguably MORE guilty of not utilizing the candy because she essentially just sewed up paper that already had the candy glued on it, and filled in the back, POORLY, with fabric. At least Buffi tried to create texture in the bodice, and her paper skirt actually RESEMBLED an actual skirt.

    • Spicytomato1

      I agree that Andrea’s was worse than Buffi’s. It was insane, including the styling. And at least Buffi actually “wove” her candy into actual “fabric,” which she should have gotten way more credit for.

      • SassieCassy

        I liked the weaving detail too

    • MoHub

       I too would have had Andrea in the bottom three, but in place of Elena rather than Buffi. Elena’s was unfortunate in that the candy was falling off it, but I think it did more to embrace the challenge more than Andrea’s. Besides, Elena will be able to make only so many boxy dresses before she’s shown the door.

    • l v

      Oh my god, Andrea’s attitude actually made me angry last night. She was so confident about an APRON? Made out of paper with candy dots on it? Seriously? And this woman teaches fashion? Scary.

  • This is what I said about Lantie last night on Twitter: “If I was this lady, I wouldn’t have even talked. I just would’ve DQ’d myself and walked off the stage.” And there you have it.

    Meanwhile, I want Ven’s dress in on my size 18 frame immediately. Please and thank you. I can tolerate his pompous attitude because his work, so far, has backed up his talk. 

    • TropiCarla

      Lantie’s deterioration was such the quiet spectacle last night. She was so bitter up there on that runway, glaring daggers at the judges. Hubby decided to sit down for a while and participate in some heckling fun right before the runway show – when he saw the way Lantie was looking at Heidi, he said, “Damn she’s mad. She looks like she’s going to smack Heidi! How funny would that be?” We both spent the next minute laughing our asses off.

      Nothin’ like PR for a fun Thursday night.

    • Spicytomato1

      I was thinking that if I were Lantie, I would have DQd myself before the runway and not even presented anything. Just beat a hasty exit. I always half expect someone to do that but it never seems to happen.

  • sdtripper

    Can I just say that the models were such a sour bunch last night.  (Maybe they were coming down off their sugar high from munching the unconventional materials.)  When Buffi or Bunni or Puffi or whatever her name is, when her model tripped down the runway with a smile on her face, it was so refreshing that I barely even noticed the hideosity of her outfit.

    I thought Ven’s dress was kinda pale.  But when I saw still pictures, it was undeniably stunning. 

    I knew Elena wasn’t leaving because we saw her in previews.  But I still yelled at the TV when she got sent to safety.  It ranks right up there with Mitchell being safe after sending a naked model down the runway.  She should have at least been bottom two.

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      Mitchell remains in his own little category of awfulness in my personal PR archive.  

  • VanessaDK

    Frokemon – the only contestant to speak all in cartoon sound effects!  Fabulous TLo!

    I’m old enough though to think he reminds me of a Richard Simmons/Hello Kitty love child (which is not entirely unlikely when you think of it).

    • I don’t know if it gets better than Tim interacting with him.  Tim’s face, had me cracking up. 

  • sdtripper

    One more thing.  Dylan Lauren as a judge.  She thought it was about showcasing her candy.  Silly.

    • Spicytomato1

      Yeah, for someone with a major fashion designer as a father, she seemed to have very little knowledge of fashion. I was embarrassed for her. (Wonder how Ralph felt?)

      • cclaussen3

        Featuring rich daughter’s fancy candy shop was appalling. I wish every thing did not have to be sponsorship and product placement. How about featuring a small business that would benefit more from being featured. I’m sure Dylan’s already has ample resources for publicity. Look at Gristedes from season 1. They must have benefited from the exposure.

        • formerlyAnon

           I feel like in the competition to attain the nirvana of “Paying ALL project expenses BEFORE selling one SECOND of commercial time,” PR has got to be in the top 10 shows. Probably top 5. And, inching closer every darn season.

          I keep expecting Heidi to come out plastered with logos like a race car.

          • cclaussen3

            Heidi dressed as a race car covered in promotional logos should be her next Halloween costume

      • UsedtobeEP

        If she asked why they didn’t use more kinds of candy one more time…

    • Susan Collier

      I didn’t even realize that!

  • Congrats Ven but…the swirly rose better not show up next time. 

    • LC3203

      THANK you!!! I’m so glad I’m not the only one who noticed that.

    • MilaXX

       He does seem a bit fixated on rose designs in his clothes.

      • TheDivineMissAnn

         Kinda like what’s-her-name and the Holly Hobby rosettes during Laura Bennett’s season.

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          Ah, Angela and her fleurchons!

          •  She annoyed me more than Josh and Gunnar rolled into one — the poor victim routine drove me crazy and the complete lack of self-awareness (“People mistake my designs for YSL”  Yeah, IN NOWHERE OHIO!  I’ve lived in nowhere, and as a rule designer fashion isn’t something widely known there) made me want to shake her.

      •  And they always remind me of the rose from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast — it’s more like the way the rose was done in the animation (first one looked like the rose in the jar, this once looked like the rose in the illuminations for the manuscript story at the beginning) than an actual rose.

        • formerlyAnon

          damn. but your eye & memory are connected! You have to compete on this show.

  • YoungSally

    In just two challenges Lantie was just “so over it.”  She was aufed for bad design, but honestly, if she’d gotten the producer boot for being…..well arrogant…..not fun…..etc….I have no problem with that sort of producer intervention.

    Gunnar and Christopher just need to find a room and get it over with.

    Still have Elena for the meltdown exit.  She didn’t have a full EMT call — those were just the onsite medics…EMTs would have had her hooked up to an EKG.

    Oh, the discount….$500 worth of stuff at Dylan’s is $250 full retail elsewhere….but I still love the place when I need a gummy bear fix….although we have down-market versions of these stores all over NYC.

    • VanessaDK

      I thought the “Medic” was just an actor imported from the Law & Order/CSI set down the street.

  • Sam

    I knew as soon as Lantie went for the umbrellas she was in trouble. That was the same reason why they got rid of last years unconventional challenge loser!

  • I loathe Gunnar and yet I would rather have had him win over Vainglorious Ven. Looking at the dresses, I thought Sonjia or Gunnar should have won. They used the candy as integral parts of the garment instead of bedazzling a muslin dress with rock candy and licorice. The woven candy on Gunnar’s dress was beautifully done and it fit the model instead of boxing her in. Even the silly accessories were clever uses of the candy. And Sonjia had an inspired use of color and texture with the use of her materials. She has flown in under the radar and become my favorite.

    • NCDFan

      Gunnar’s dress wasn’t woven, it was short pieces glued in a checkerboard pattern. All the best entries including some in the middle were candy glued on muslin. The only entry with woven candy was Buffy’s and she was in the bottom 3.

      • Susan Collier

        To be fair, Frokemon had some woven licorice near the neck.

        • YoungSally

          Loved it when he was trying to make the twizzlers longer by gluing them end to end….They might actually have sewn together pretty well.

      • Thanks, I missed that. However, I still feel that it was a better use of candy than Ven’s. In the workroom, it looked like you could see Ven’s dress already on the form even before he started applying candy to it. Again, it looked as if the muslin dress was made and then embellished. Sonic Scream Gunnar and Sonjia’s dresses didn’t show the support muslin as readily. Just my .02.

        • Spicytomato1

          Sonic Scream Gunnar. *snort!* 

        • Lilithcat

          Sonic Scream Gunnar and Sonjia’s dresses didn’t show the support muslin as readily. Just my .02.

          Take a look at the photos of Sonjia’s dress.  You can see the unembellished muslin very clearly.

          • Shoot me now. I just took a really close look at Sonic’s dress and up close it is worse. And I swear I was wearing my glasses last night and drinking hot tea with nothing but lemon in it. 

            As for the muslin issue, I am not expressing myself well. It isn’t the fact that you can see the muslin or that you know it is there as support. I know that. I feel that Ven made a dress. And then glued sugar crystals and licorice on it. Sonjia and even batshit crazy Sonic were more involved in using the candy as design items. It is the unconventional materials challenge and Ven’s dress looked very conventional to me. 

            Austin’s dress was very evidently corn stalks but amazingly beautiful none the less so you saw the materials used. That is what I don’t see in Ven’s. 

          • Anne Noise

            Emphasizing the “unconventional” part is what makes for a good winner in this challenge.  Ven’s dress was pretty, but like you say, is a dress first, and a candy construction second.  Sonjia, I think, fit the challenge the best and came out with the second best looking outfit, and thus should have won.

  • My 10-year old always has a nose for bullshit. She said this morning, “I have a tag for Project Runway. PROJECT RUNWAY SEASON 10: The Best Season Ever!!!…since Project Runway Season 9”.

    Yep, Heidi and Tim were a little hyperbolic about the magic of Candy.

    • Spicytomato1

      I know, I was ready for Heidi or Michael to run out to the runway and take a bite out of someone’s garment, they seemed so fixated. Producers should have given them some sugary treats before judging.

      • Snailstsichr

         I’m thinking they did!

  • Hermione_Granger

    If Ven had used brighter colors of candy, it would have been a lot more playful. The design, though, was lovely.

  • Ven is good but he will not win the competition unless he ups his camera time and gets a dose of personality but FAST. There is a reason he is not the fan favorite. I would have given the win to the whimsical “dolphin” dress. 
    On the other hand, we again have two bitchy queen boys trying to grab the most screen time. A common ploy by the producers for the past seasons.
    The guest judge was fun and stylish.

    • EveEve

      It’s not the queens trying to grab screen time, it’s the producers giving them the most screen time in the editing booth.

  • Cautiously Pessimistic

    I didn’t watch, so I don’t know how significant the hot glue burn was, but I once landed my palm in freshly-dispensed hot glue out of the old-fashioned high-temp kind of gun.  I’d burned myself on the gun plenty of times, but actually coming in contact with a significant amount of the glue is a whole different world of pain.  I kind of wanted to call EMTs.  (I didn’t, of course.  I just held my hand under cold running water for several minutes.  But it seriously hurt.)

    • Susan Crawford

      As a hot glue gun fanatic, I’ve had my share of burns – depending on the model of the gun, you can really end up with some blisters: some models tend to get uber-hot, I’ve found. (My worst? The glue got under my fingernail – don’t ask – and even ice-water wouldn’t cool it down.) But the EMT scene? Gurrrl, you better toughen up, wear long pants, and cut the shameless bid for camera time. Or not, because it was kinda fabulous reality TV.

      • siriuslover

        what did Christopher say? “Stop wearing Hoochie pants in the workroom”? That was a full on LOL moment for me.

        • Susan Crawford

          Yes – because you KNOW he has a few pairs of hoochie pants in his OWN wardrobe, no? And is biting his tongue because after that crack, he won’t be able to wear them on set!

          • YoungSally

            And his are gold!!!  He’s saving them for the olympics challenge.

          • Susan Crawford

            LOLZ! So true, dahling. And I sense an off-the-shoulder sequinned tee-shirt lurking on a hangar near those gold hootchies!

  • Judy_J

    I thought Ven’s dress was beautiful, and had almost a cartoonish look, which I thought made it perfect for a candy challenge.  He is not Mr. Personality, though, is he?  I understand why Lantie got the auf, but that bland pina colada twizzler dress was pretty awful as well.  But at least it met the guidelines of the challenge, so I can see why that designer (whose name escapes me) got to stay.

    • Spicytomato1

      Agree about Ven’s demeanor but with so many colorful characters fighting for attention, having no personality is almost refreshing. And its own kind of personality in and of itself. The anti-personality?

      • Judy_J

        I’m with you…he stands out because he’s not acting out.

      • Anne Noise

        Yeah, everyone keeps saying he needs “more” personality to win, but if anything, he’s a refreshing change from the stale PR archetypes.  He’s just acting like a normal human being, not a reality show contestant.  Even his interviews feel honest and somehow not prodded out of him by producers.

  • My favorite (about the glue gun accident)…’Who wears hoochie shorts in the work room?!?’ Indeed.

    • MilaXX

       It was funny, but plenty of designers have worn shorts in the workroom. Especially when they film in the summer and don’t run the AC because it messes up the sound recording.

      • Also, they decided their outfits before knowing they’d be using glue guns this challenge so I don’t think it was a fair comment from Christopher. 

        • siriuslover

          but it was funny. 

        • alyce1213

          Not fair?  It wasn’t mean, it wasn’t a personal attack. It was just a funny outburst, in a general kind of way.

        • muzan-e

          Oh, I don’t think he was trying to be mean. It felt like a very casual, offhand comment to me, and that’s precisely why I despised it.  A woman? Wearing shorts? In a crowded sewing room? In summer? Ew, hoochie!

          It’s not mean-spirited. It’s just being an asshole.

      • Spicytomato1

        Oh, so that’s why they don’t run the a/c! I’ve always wondered about why people get so literally hot and bothered…but I figured the sweating came when they’re working after hours and the building has shut it down for the night. Who knew?

        • MilaXX

          yep, Top Chef does it too, which is why we get way more sitings of Chefs all but sweating into their food than one would ever want to see.

    • alyce1213

      Did he say hoochie or cootchie?  Whatever, It was one of my favorite lines, along with Nina’s “At least it’s not atrocious.”

  • AJ

    At one point Lantie said, while looking at her hideous garment, “I’ve never seen anything like it.” Really, Lantie? I have, because I’ve seen umbrellas. She didn’t even really take the fabric panels apart from what I could see. I do more with an umbrella when I’m making a Halloween costume and you don’t see me calling that high fashion.

    • janetjb

      I thought she was going to use the umbrella ribs for structure under her dress, but that never materialized.

    • Spicytomato1

      I know, I laughed when she said that, too. Girl was/is delusional. And I agree with MilaXX below (above?), who commented that her fixation on the boots got in her way. Although boots or no boots, she didn’t strike me as someone with the constitution (or skills) needed to be in it for the long haul.

    • Sweetbetty

       And why did she have to hammer the poor umbrella to death?  There’s just a few stitches holding the fabric to the frame that could have easily been snipped with a pair of small, sharp scissors.  Then again, I haven’t bought a new umbrella in a long time so maybe they’re making them differently these days, with the fabric actually fused on to the metal or something.

  • janetjb

    Maybe if Lantie weren’t so excited about reworking the boots she could have come up with…. Never mind she was a goner from the moment she picked up the umbrella.

    Congratulations to Ven.  The rose motif may get in his way eventually, but here it worked very well.

    • MilaXX

       THIS! She seemed a bit OCD about those rainboots & ot felt like she was trying to shoehorn her dress into something that matched the boots.

      • janetjb

        Tim tried to warn her off the boots in the store, but she really was set on using them.  I’m not sure how she thought the umbrella and boots were unconventional materials.

  • Scarlet39

    When you  mentioned Kors flipping open his fan, I started to think what it would be like having Karl Lagerfeld as a judge.  It made me completely lose my train of thought about the challenge!

    • Susan Crawford

      OMFG, how insane would THAT be??? Unkle Karl casting his jaded eyes on Clinique2 and Costello-Lite and vaporising them right there on the runway – “Another Project Runway First . . . “

    • Anne Noise

      Oh man, Team Tangerine would rip the entire Project to shreds.  A real divide by zero moment.

  • So, with Lantie auf’ed, it’s pretty clear the designer who pulls a Papillion is going to be Andrea, right? Since the article about the fleeing designer said the producers went to the person’s apartment and were turned away by the doorman, it means the designer must live in NYC. She and Lantie were the only two female designers from NYC.

    • EveEve

      Buffi was living in NYC with friends too at the time.

      • Buffi seems too strong to flee in the night. I feel badly for Andrea, but hell by this advanced season, how do you not know what you’re getting into?

        • I feel bad for her, too.  Thanks to Bert, I now immediately start rooting for the older contestants, as Bert was one of the best (only) good things about season 9, but Andrea comes across with that particular kind of high-strung personality that I associate with older women in NYC who have the financial stability to pursue their artistic ambitions without struggling over daily living needs.  And in this case, her work was lazy- an apron made out of large pieces of paper with the candy already glued on it for her.  And she couldn’t even get the seams straight.

          That said, it’s reality television, so I’m aware she may be nothing like she comes across.  For all I know, she actually lives in a tiny five-floor walkup and the producers were too embarrassed to admit they were too lazy to walk up all those stairs so they invented a “doorman story.” 😉

          • YoungSally

            I liked the victorian thing she was going for….kind of Vivienne Westwood meets Tim Burton in Technicolor…..I think the styling got her the pass…..It’s her silhouettes that differentiate her from the kiddies.

            PS — She could be in some sort of academic housing…or she’s saved some money over the years…and bought in the late 80s or mid-90s.  As I recall, the apartment looked too up-to-date/new construction to be rent-controlled.  My sister bought her large studio in the West Village in 94 for $68K….

      • Do you think it’s a doorman building, though?

  • cclaussen3

    So everyone made almost the same muslin based mini dress with a ton of candy glued on. Very reminiscent of season 9’s unconventional challenge at the pet supply store.

    This candy store was different from the Hershey’s challenge in that there were not many fabric type materials available. I would love to see them repeat the “Tear apart your own apartment and sleep in the wreckage for one night” challenge. That was entertaining. At least when there is some fabric available the dresses are more fully realized. And yes, the designers may fall in the trap of using too much standard fabric, but at least there are more base materials to start with. I think with the candy, people quickly resort to the obvious choice of gluing stuff to fabric.

    • cclaussen3

      I went back to posts on season 9 and see a lot of similarity. Joshua made a top bedazzled with aquarium rocks that is very similar to Ven’s idea.

      Post from season 9:

    • EveEve

      The Hershey challenge only gave them five minutes to go in and grab everything they could. 

      • Laylalola

        Is that the one where Casanova skinned the Plush Puppies? (I don’t know why visions of that just came back to me out of nowhere.)

    • MilaXX

       Yes I LOVED the tear apart the apartment challenge

      • Kayceed

        That was a good one, but boy, for thinking out of the box – the car part challenge was crazy and fabulous.

        • MilaXX

          mainly because of Korto’s fabulous dress. If fact my favs out of all the unconventional challenges have to be Austin’s cor husk dress, Laura, chandelier coat & Korto’s car parts dress.

  • I was really hoping Sonjia was going to take it, hers was a true use of unconventional materials…and the shark gummys, it was really great.  I knew Ven would win after The Duchess fell all over himself.

    Side Note: Duchess, work on that orange tan on your face.  You have lines hunny.  

  • Jangle57

    I knew Lantie was a goner the minute she started using that umbrella fabric.  Do some of these people NOT watch the show prior to being on it?  Because I’m sure everyone watching knew that move was the kiss of death; how could she not?  Ven’s dress was beautiful but it was not fun like Sonjia’s.  However, I don’t object to his winning; it sort of makes up for being robbed the week before. 

    • MilaXX

       yep because that’s essentially using fabric as fabric, a definite no-o in the unconventional challenge.
      I think Sonjia sot herself in the foot with the hat.

  • Susan Collier

    Oy. I hated how the candy shop footage was edited with the sparkles and the waa-waa camera work. I think the Lifetime editing bay is now filled with ex-My Super-Sweet 16 folks.

    Ven’s was good, not exciting. I’m just happy that New-Josh’s giant peplum didn’t win. Can someone show me a post-1950s peplum that actually looks good? Perhaps Betsey Johnson? Any other examples? In general, I just hate the things.

    • alyce1213

      I like the Lanvin peplums posted 7/20.  Controversial.   I sure don’t like Gunnar’s, though.

  • Bozhi

    I agree with the win.  Ven appears to be a well-mannered introvert, but he makes beautiful dresses.  He also knows about styling.  I thought the top two were very close, but Sonjia blew the win (for me) by adding that ugly headpiece. 

    I thought Gunner was the only one who made candy accessories that looked really good. 

  • Sanjay’s was my favorite and I really liked Dimitri’s. I wasn’t sure if Ven was in the top or bottom when they called names. Ditto with Gunnar. I do not get the Ven dress love. I thought his dress was boring. I think he’s talented and all, but that dress and the pieces last week were not that interesting to me. I’m very relieved Gunnar didn’t win. His dress was drab for this challenge,and I was afraid they were going to start a Josh type roll for him last night. 

    • I can’t believe they didn’t at least put Dimitry in the top, I LOVED that dress. It was definitely good. 

      • MilaXX

         it was pretty but his candy to fabric ratio was probably too low to do anything other than keep him safe.

        • Laylalola

          I know that’s the conventional wisdom. But all the top entries were candy glued onto muslin or cloth, I really think he deserved to be in the top with his execution of that same theme.

          • MilaXX

            I agree his was very ice. IIRC my top 3 were Ven, Sanjia & Dmitry, but i think the judges reasoning was that the oes they choose as top choices completely covered the muslin & it appears as if Dmytry didn’t.

    • MilaXX

       I think if Ven doesn’t get out of his elegant and refined box he’s going to hit a wall. His clothes are very ladies who lunch

      • formerlyAnon

         And that particular sub-genre doesn’t usually fare well with the judges. 

  • greyhoundgirl

    Lantie was sad–the ennui and desperation came through.  Loved how Sonjia created a sense of swirling movement around the neckline with those transparent sharks.  Who would have thought someone could make something so beautiful from shark candy?

    • BrooklynBomber

      I agree. She seemed fragile from the start, so I can’t be too hard on her. And TLo are absolutely right: she gave up. All she had to do was look around the workroom and see what others were doing to know her “effort” wouldn’t make it.  She says she didn’t expect to be cut so soon, but I think she was ready to go home. I understand any designer wanting the opportunity to show what they can do at their best, but if they’re not willing or able to jump through a of crazy hoops, PR isn’t the venue for them. 

      That’s why i have to give Ven credit. Warm and cuddly he ain’t, but he adapted his esthetic (esTHetic, Michael Kors!!) to the challenge, and the challenge to his esthetic, and the result is pretty damn impressive.

    • Call me Bee

      I just loved Tim Gunn saying, “gummy sharks” all the time.  Words that, I’m sure, have never graced his lips in the past.  Much like “wooly balls.” 

  • Spicytomato1

    Sublime recap, this is the most laughing I’ve done in a while. I was SO grossed out by all the hands in the candy bins. I wonder if Dylan was prepared to scrap even the candy that remained and restock her entire inventory from scratch because so much of it had probably been pawed through. I think I would. Also, I felt bad that they has to load up their materials into those tiny plastic bags, couldn’t the show have provided bigger ones?

    Anyway, I’m with the folks who think Snape was robbed. Also, I think Raul’s dress should have been a contender, especially in comparison Gunnar’s. His was kind of a downer to me, color-wise, and I don’t get all the praise he got for his candy accessories. Stringing gumballs for a bracelet? Slapping a Dylan’s sticker on a shoe? Hardly the pinnacle of innovation or creativity, imo.

    I also think there were way too many potential bottom 3 possibilities to even count. Andrea’s, for example. Insane. And Frokemon’s! His looked like he gobbled up all the candy in the store and then vomited it onto his dress form. I find him as entertaining and endearing as everyone else but that was a very uninspired look. Somehow I expected more from him.

  • Susan Crawford

    Well, if anything could put a bitch off her candy jones, this episode would do it – I can never look a Twizzler in the eye again. Yikes.

    Ven has definitely got some real understanding of his own POV, and gets a woman’s shape – I really admired his dress for its precision and shape, and that the model could move with some ease and naturalness in it. (As opposed to the poor model in that lampshade dress that she had to literally hold up as she walked, amirite?) I didn’t think the dress itself was awfully original, but it was a clear reflection of his folded rose theme. Which he had better ditch ASAP before Kors and Garcia call him on it. What they love one week, they will tear to bits the next.

    Lantie, Lantie, Lantie. Back AWAY from the umbrella fabric. But no-o-o-o. She went straight into the self-sabotage mode and ended up with an ugly dress with random candy elements. The only good thing was that she had made those orthopedic-type booties, so at least after she shot herself in the foot, she could hobble off to the workroom to clean up her space.

    I was actually rooting for Sonjia’s look – it was so fun and fresh and witty, and if this is her general style and craft level, she has a good chance of nailing this, IMOH.

    Well, where the hell was the freak-out and the Atlas escapee, Kittens and Fawns? Once again, Lifetime and Bunim/Murray trumpets a “plot twist” that doesn’t materialize – aaaaarrrrrggghh! I hate when that happens, folks. I should be used to it, but it always manages to snag me into the madness.

    • I think the plot twist was part of the “This season on project runway”…not necessarily the next episode. 

      • Susan Crawford

        Sigh. You’re right. Let’s spin out that manufactured drama as lo-o-o-ong as we can. But they still manage to make me cray-cray with the endless promos, false “clues” and general madness. I know: it’s ME and my silly clinging to an orderly plot with weekly developments. After 10 seasons, I should know better, but I’ve drunk far too much Lifetime-flavored Kool-Aid.

    • flamingjune

      “it was a clear reflection of his folded rose theme”

      Sing it, sister!  If he turns the model into a flower/rose every week, soon I’m going to be screaming for an Auf.  A bit old-fashioned, no? 

      • Susan Crawford

        Yes, it’s a somewhat demure theme. But it could also be a tad strategic, since Lord & Taylor’s classic logo is – yep – an American Beauty rose. Pandering a bit to this year’s corporate fashion house? Could be! Also, Ven’s overall sedate approach to fashion does fit much of L&T’s in-house “style” – the stores have always been the home of classic, clean American style that doesn’t ever go far outside the boundaries of good, solid wearable design.

        • formerlyAnon

           And if he IS pandering, good for him.  So long as he figures out a way to pander that the judges will recognize as different and desirable.

    • Call me Bee

      That’s funny, because watching especially the models eat the gummy candy really made we want some!  Even the The Hubs exclaimed, “a model eating candy!  When does that ever happen!!?” 

      • Spicytomato1

        When I saw the models eating the candy I figured it was probably early and they’d count it as their meal (singular) for the day.

        • Susan Crawford

          One Twizzler, a cucumber round and a couple ciggies – yep, just about right for a day of modeling!

  • NCDFan

    Ven’s dress is much more vivid when not under the runway lights. I really liked the interesting shape and thought the stained glass idea was well executed. But even more, the back of the dress is just as pretty as the front! Sonjie’s dress had pretty colors and an interesting shape but verged into costume territory for me. Gunnar had good execution on his dress but I didn’t like the back. I also like Dmitry’s dress alot.

    • Spicytomato1

      You’re right about Sonjie’s. It looked like one of those outfits the cigarette-tray carrying girls wore in the 50s. Especially with the hat.

  • siriuslover

    I liked Ven’s, but didn’t think it deserved the win. And I appreciate his professionalism on one hand, but on the other, I’m a bit tired of hearing him recite his CV every time he’s in the confessional. And Lantie, good riddance. That woman bugs me. I loved what Kors had to say to her.EVERYONE ELSE had exactly the same time constraints.  It’s like when I assign a 4-page essay and a student submits 7 pages and expects an A, arguing that 4 pages wasn’t enough space.  Everyone else in the class was able to write an effective paper in 4, so why do they get special treatment? It just means that they can’t work within predefined constraints.  Buh-bye miss “I’ve always been so pretty.”

  • GorgeousThings

    I thought the win and the auf were spot on. At one point, during the Queen-vs-Queen mini drama, I turned to my husband and said, “You just know they are going to end up in bed together.” I’m guessing somewhere around week 7.

    • I see them as Matter and Anti-Matter.  If they ever get together they will both explode into nothingness.

      • AthenaJ

        Works for me.

    • formerlyAnon

       But god, I don’t want it to be True Love. I won’t be able to stand that on camera (though I’m all for it in anyone’s private life!)

      Hopefully it will be Lust, Slaked & Moved on From.  Or at least it won’t be part of the televised story, they’ll just suddenly get a lot less screen time and Queen 1 will occasionally be heard deploying That Laugh in appreciation of Queen 2’s bon mots.

  • nannypoo

    Dimitri was robbed here in my opinion, but Ven was a good choice and Sanjia also made a beautiful dress. Most of the others should just hang their heads in shame. Lantie was so unpleasant and such a poor sport that I have been hoping since last week that we would be seeing the last of her. Poor thing, didn’t have time blah blah blah – that is always a tiresome and pathetic defense and she proved to be a master of it. Was there a wrinkle in the space/time continuum that allowed everyone else to have extra hours or even days to complete attractive and detailed garments? Give us all a break and go home, you Big Fat Whiner. The next two to go are already obvious: the burn lady who should have put more glue on her dress and less on her body, and Buffi, whose braying laugh seems to be wearing on everyone and whose taste and execution are both awful. And Apron Woman, OMG, what is up with her? God, I love this show.

  • Terrie_S

     When she started defending herself with “This is not my style” and “time constraints!” I knew she was gone. Had she not watched the show before?

  • Laylalola

    I thought Ven’s dress was lovely — but there seemed to be so many more dresses this year that were, if not Wow-factor dresses, numbers that had me back at a place seriously appreciating and enjoying what designers on PR can whip up. And weirdly, most of them were in the middle bunch.

  • muzan-e

    Oh, you nailed it: the torrid would-be love affair between Clinique2 and Costello2. It’s hot because it’s vicious. It’s hot because they’re practically twins. I’m going to write it myself for some smutty fanfiction site; I’ll call it – I don’t know. Fifty Shades of Suede?

    • formerlyAnon

       Yeah, I lean towards: It’s hot because we’re strangers. It’s hot because the cameras are rolling. It’s over in three days or the cameras disappear, whichever comes first.

    • fashionzombie

      In Fifty Shades of Suede, do they refer to themselves in the third person and reference their dead relatives? I ask for a friend of mine.

  • In my mind, Lantie was already gone, so I’m not surprised.  Also, Ven and Sonjia are my faves, so it was great to see them coming in at 1 and 2.  Woo hoo!

  • Anna Maria Diamanti

    I love the unconventional materials challenges, but I did not love this one. There didn’t seem to be many options for materials besides candy (and it seems there was an unwritten rule that they were required to use candy and lots of it), which means it inevitably became a “who’s better at gluing stuff onto muslin” challenge. Those types of entries are to me the most boring of the unconventional materials challenge. There were some really pretty entries, but nothing I could get really excited about.

    • fashionzombie

      Exactly! I always wish they would spell the rules out for us (I hope they do it for the designers, but I bet they don’t). The scorecards for this challenge seem to have had a section for: was the item made entirely out of candy? — Y / N. But if Y, the challenge can’t be anything BUT Glue-Crap-to-Muslin: Who Did it Best?

      They won’t just come out and admit it. DAMN THEM.

  • mhleta

    Gunnar in the top three and not Dmitri? Aesthetically, Gunnars blocky frock wasn’t even close to Dmitri’s dynamic, colorful, flirty but badass dress. Gunnar’s had no movement, the colors were dreary and it was falling apart. Dmitri’s was FABULOUS! The colors, the movement, all of it. Way more exciting than Ven’s for that matter. Ven’s evoked a stained glass window, but not a good one. More like something you’d see in a strip mall church in Dallas. I could almost hear the cheesy organ music.

  • Stubenville

    Ven needs to drop the abstract rosebud motif or Nina will shred him in a coming episode.

    The less said about Lentil, the better.

    Cant wait to dish about some of the other sugarcoated messes… piña coladaTwizzlers, anyone?

    • The judges review of that dress was almost as funny as when it came back out on the runway and half the twizzlers were missing. “Mad Max Rigitoni”…ah Duchess, you always deliver. 

  • I’m a bit surprised that no one seemed all that experienced with candy.  I’m not surprised that they don’t know how to make clothes out of it, but that they didn’t seem to know how to manipulate it.  Personally, I’d be hoping for a food challenge in the UM challenge — I can make a 3D pirate ship out of cake, a sparkly winged Tinkerbell and s’mores cupcakes that actually look like campfires.  Food I could handle.

  • I no longer watch this show, but your “hissing mirror image queens” comments only reinforce to me that it is much more fun (and time-efficient) to read TLo recaps than to take up 90 minutes of my day watching the show!     

  • bethannstamps

    i didn’t get to see the show becuz of the power outage here in the sticks. hopefully it will get on demand asap. knowing the winner doesn’t take away any of the fun of the early shows for me. glad litte python bib girl got auf
    ‘ed. this was baaaad. love Van’s dress, i would so wear that and i’m not a thin young thing anymore.

  • SteveKl

    The appropriate response to “Auf wiedersehen” is not “Don’t worry about it.” That must be her catch phrase, because she said it to Tim, too, when he wished her well in the send-off. Did you catch his reaction?? Priceless.

    • Spicytomato1

      She was awful, what a stupid thing to say. And for a minute I thought she wasn’t going to give Heidi the traditional double kiss either. You could tell Tim was like “good riddance.” It’s so funny how you can gauge his true feelings about a contestant so easily by his body language.

  • I liked Dimitri’s fringy dress the best. Is that wrong?

    Ven is boring. I am bored. He will do the same boring really well executed to polite applause dress every week now.

    Hot glue burns, HELL yes, been there too many times, and just kept gluing (after some swearing). She’s weak.

    Loved the Victorian apron dress just for its WTFness. At least it was thought out (?) and sincere and it had a POV.

    Why did they put Lantie in the group to begin with? Just to have someone easy to auf?

  • Anathema_Device

    Yeah, I think the burn girl was just fried and the glue burn sent her over the edge. I mean, everyone was getting burned, right? Then again, this is coming from me, and my family refers to me as having hot-pad hands. I even turn things on the bbq using bare hands. Not because I’m badass, but because I’m a lazy idiot who won’t bother to walk into the house to get the proper tools to use.

    Anyway, back to the winner & loser: I loved Ven’s dress. I think that he made something restrained out of colorful candy was to his credit. I think it is far too easy to go over the top in this kind of challenge (see: Pat Fields wanna-be chick).

    Lantie was in WAY over her head. This felt like a mercy auf’ing.

    • Spicytomato1

      Haha, I have hot pad hands, too. Granted they always seem to be covered with blisters and burn marks but such is the price we pay for our efficiency (not laziness!) and daring (not idiocy!).

  • marilyn

    I liked Ven’s dress.  It was interesting because he used a new concept with the candy:  Smashing it to powder and gluing it down.   This not only makes it easy to work with, but it is new. It must have been very easy to put down a layer of glue, then sprinkle the powdered candy on it.  Nothing to fall off on the runway.  I give him the win for that alone.  Just watch:  In the future, everybody will pulverize their candy and glue it on the dress.   

  • NDC_IPCentral

    I wound up watching the re-run after the first airing, and both times I did NOT hear instructions given to the designers that they “had to make a candy fabric” garment.  There may have been rules to which we were not privy, but based on the incomplete – and it’s always incomplete – information we have, I think that the emphasis on “CANDY” as opposed to unconventional materials found in the (blatant cross-marketing, as I said in the Lounge last night) Dylan’s Candy Store, is not balanced.

    My recollection, dim albeit, of the Hershey’s challenge is that the designers scooped up a heap of stuff there, and they were not limited to using candy as the primary/sole component of the garment each designed.  While there were some very appealing offerings last night (Sonja, Dimitri, Ven, even (urk) Gunnar), I seen to remember more whimsy and eye-widening imagination back in S4’s{was it 4?}  counterpart.

  • kikisayshi

    I don’t think Lantie even cut the umbrella fabric. It looks like she just wrapped it around and fastened it in the back. I liked Ven’s dress, but thought Sonjia used the candy in the most creative way. Regardless, they are weeding out the fillers so we can get to the GOOD STUFF to come, so I can’t complain about the outcome.

  • “Two hissing mirror-image queens who desperately need to fuck so they can shut up about hating each other.”

    Seriously, how long before we here about their clandestine affair off camera? Episode 6 or 7?

  • Call me Bee

    I totally agree with the win.  When I saw Vendroid’s on the dress-form, I knew.  It was perfectly done and of beautiful colors. A good contrast to all the circus colors around. Yeah–it wasn’t the most whimsical, but I think they gave it to him because he didn’t use the candy as is–he crushed it so it looked like glass.  It was a really smart idea. 
    Lentil’s dress (I just never remember her name, so it’s “Lentil” for me…) was not awful–but we all know she’d be aufed for not using actually candy.  So–good riddance.   She was way too “delicate” for this competition.

  • formerlyAnon

    Didn’t expect something THIS good from Ven, Lantie was worse than I’d thought.

    Hope since filming ended she’s had time for a nice, productive personal crisis about being 48 and undervalued and booted from PR and is in a better place from which to go forward.

  • guest2visits

    I’m never thrilled with the odd materials challenges (I know; party-pooper); I just want the ‘real clothes’ from real fabrics, please.
    Still, – I’m always surprised by some of the stuff they think up; and there were lots of fun and interesting results from this one.
    I agree with the panel this time, Vin for the win. Sanija’s entry was a pretty color story (as was Vin’s), and the gummy sharks were
    incredibly endearing; but the flaps she installed for walk-ability, I suppose; were awkward and unattractive.
    I think that was a design element that pulled it into second place.
    Dimitri’s was a very attractive entry (I find myself calling them entries instead of dresses; as if they were pies or art projects);
    but I think the candy-to-fabric ratio, along with Fabio’s and others using fabrics; had to be placed in a different level for ranking.
    At least, thats my reasoning.
    Can’t believe Andrea managed to make something artful and fluid out of the original mess she had built.
    And I can’t believe Alicia decided to use the bucket-bottom diaper design that she’s obviously attached to; for the candy challenge.
    It’s either kind of cute or kind of crappy; I haven’t decided. And Elena was just flat out lucky.
    Also; I have the impression that Frokimon is designing outfits for dolls or toys to wear; not people.


    • fashionzombie

      “as if they were pies or art projects” HAHA! Love it!

  • Congrats, V.! Kudos for using licorice as piping to delineate the rosette and for crushing the candy. The designers who performed best were those who knew how to work and transform the candy and not those who simply glued it on the muslin or fabric/fabric substitute infrastructure; they were the ones who applied candy to simulate actual fabric & embellishments and not those who slapped all they could to see what sticks.

  • Pupioso

    There’s something about Ven that creeps me out. Not sure. His affect is just flat. He’s odd. Even when he talks about his accomplishments at FIT he’s flat. I liked Ven’s but I liked Sonji’s better. Lantie deserved the auf but any of those 3 could have gone

    • Spicytomato1

      I don’t know. Some people are just not animated talkers…or maybe he’s really not very comfortable talking about himself. I could see how you could come off as flat if you’re nervous or uncomfortable.

  • Lilithcat

    Love the Mackintosh rose!

  • Lisa_Cop

    Did you see Kors sarcastic tweet about Elena last night? After reading it I realized Elena will not last too long in the competition.

  • BuffaloBarbara

    I thought Ven did a great job and deserved his win, but next year, can they please take the muslin away?  Gluing crap to muslin doesn’t show creative chops the way other unconventional materials uses would.  So take away the crutch, then give them time to figure out a response.

    Lantie, yes. It was time to say b’bye.

    • Citric

      I want something like PR Aus’ produce market challenge. The closest they got to muslin was the grocery bags, and everyone who did the “glue crap to a bag” tactic was in the bottom. They’ve taken challenges from PR Aus before, they should comb through that series and take a few more.

  • sashaychante

    I hope this doesn’t offend anyone…BUT…Quentin is SOOOOO unappealing.  I have to fast forward through his snarkiness and self involvement.

    • LambeeBaby

       When he threw his head back and started laughing maniacally he reminded me of one of those spitting lizards.

  • PhillipWilde

    Does Ven remind anyone else of Lord Varys from Game of Thrones?  That’s just where my mind goes every time I see him.

  • sockandaphone

    lantie was such an…odd person. like im sure she has talent but the reality tv setting was killing her. 

  • GTrain

    I’m really glad Ven won. Loved his piece. Like many others I pegged Lantie as the judges safety Auf after lat week and she did nothing this week to impress. She is a shining example of people who think because they have a sketchpad and a couple of ideas that makes them a designer. Delusional. Good riddance.

  • dear_sweetlings

    I’m so glad Lantie is gone. Also, probably a little nitpicky, but I found it really annoying how she kept saying ‘don’t worry about it’ to everyone at the end.
    Heidi: Auf Wiedersen
    Lantie: Don’t worry about it.

    Tim: Come here for a hug.
    Lantie: Don’t worry about it.

    Nobody was worrying about it, not even one tiny bit. 

  • joe_tey83

    They should just ban the hot glue gun altogether. It just basically becomes some kind gluing competition whereby you recreate a design from your existing portfolio and stick crap all over it.

    Unconventional materials should give the designers HELL – Or as least really push them to their limits. That’s the whole point of it. Now it just looks stupid.

  • Lauren Davies

    PURPLE HEART OF CRAFTING. Oh my god, you are my heroes.

  • mom2ab

    I am guessing that Ven’s rose will be jazzed up with some heartwrenching story at some point…representing a mother/grandmother/country lost to some tragic fate/disease/natural disaster.

    • Citric

      It’s Ven though. “My manufacturer, I mean mother, loved roses, and I have been told humans feel connected to their manufacturers, or mothers, in some way. I use the rose in an attempt to replicate this human practice.”

  • mom2ab

    All I could think of was his dress- so gorgeous and wearable-

  • Tamara Hogan

    Ven’s got some SERIOUS skillz. 

  • Indovina

    In the workroom scenes, I was impressed with the creative directions people seemed to be going. I’m not sure what happened, because that didn’t seem to be the case so much with the runway show itself.

    I’m moderately okay with Ven winning this challenge – mainly because I’m not really sure who else if not him should have. There are problems with his look, to me, however. Firstly, it is the ever popular “glue things to muslin” approach to the unconventional materials challenge and while that can produce something lovely (as, say, Chloe’s dress in S2) – and does here – it lacks creativity (compare to, say, Daniel or Kara’s dresses in S2). I do, however, give him credit for smashing the candies to change their appearance. Secondly, the shape and structure of the dress, while pretty, is not – in any material – particularly creative. I’m mostly fine with that. It seems to be his style, more classic and beautiful than stunningly creative and innovative. There’s always a place for classic and beautiful. All things considered, I’m not distraught by him winning this challenge. Apparently unlike Ven, however, I am capable of being distraught or otherwise experiencing human emotions.

    Lantie was in way over her head. I felt bad for her, actually. Nevertheless, if the judging had gone any other way, it would have been ridiculous. She should have gone home last week – she’s just not suited to the show.

  • Some people have commented on Lantie’s having said, “Don’t worry about it” to Heidi and Tim as another example of her… arrogance? Isn’t “Don’t worry about it” the linguistic equivalent of “Fuggedaboutit”? What’s wrong with, “Don’t worry about it”? Or is is just a reflection of the general distaste for Lantie, who got off on the wrong foot by proclaiming herself pretty?

    • formerlyAnon

      Yeah, I took it as the kind of verbal non sequitur some of us fall into under public stress, when the only thing in our heads is “gotta get out of here without doing anything stupid or embarassing.”

      Didn’t bother me.

  • Linderella

    Biggest consistent laugh last night:  every time they referred to Dylan Lauren as “Founder and CEO of Dylan’s Candy Bar.”
    Um…chick owns a candy store.

    • formerlyAnon

      Well, to be fair (as much as it hurts!) it is a CHAIN of candy stores. All boutique-y and overpriced.

      So she may really be referred to as CEO.

      • Linderella

        Ah, okay–I do stand corrected.  I had no idea.  The way they introduced it, I truly thought it was just the one store.  Doesn’t take away the fact that I laughed every time they said it!  Thanks, f-A.

  • Yes, we noticed the CEO comment too. Sometimes I despair of the low opinion some elements of PR have for their viewers.

  • SewingSiren

    I was totally on board with Lantie going home, she stayed one week too long in my opinion.
    I sn’t so convinced with Ven. The dress is very pretty and I like what
    he did with the candy. The shape is a bore, though. The rose must be his signature, maybe he fancies himself a 21st century Paul Poriet .  The rose does look a bit like the rose that George Lepape designed for Poriet’s logo.

    • holdmewhileimnaked

      i wonder if he knows who paul poiret is.
      i hope so.

      i kind of like his dress. i like the cartoony black outlines. they remind me of a very specific company that’s currently making cartoon bags [i really want one, but i’ve been so sick so long i had to have my friend pay my rent. no money for anything, oh heavens, it’s been bad. at least i’m a bit better now]. anyway, these people:

      i also like the pastel of it. it’s nothing i’m crazy about [i’m probably the only person who likes fro’s better, & i truly do, flaws & all] but ven’s is a pretty good entry, i think. i was gonna say i barely remember the other one featured above but, nope, no luck. it’s like a kids dress made by a kid [approximately age 7-1/2] w/ a bunch of either candy or plastic toys, once sucked upon, now stuck to it w/ saliva. yep.

      • SewingSiren

        Ven has a degree from FIT and lives in NY where the Metropolitan Museum Fashion Institute had a major exhibit called “Paul Poriet: King of Fashion ” in 2008 (or so). I would be very very surprised (and disappointed ) if he did’t know who Poriet was. I do not think that he is copying Poriet, but I do think he is influenced and inspired by him. Which I think is the reason that designers should study  fashion history .

  • Wow. Ven really needs to get a handle on his emotions. His exuberance is somewhat off putting… Anyway, one more  rose motif (not to mention basically in the same location and even with the same symmetry as before) and the question of a one trick pony may come into question. 

    Oh, and by the look Kors gave Lantie when she pissed and moaned about the time constraints (because how can anybody- other than all the other designers- put something so unconventional together in a day?!?) I thought she would spontaneously burst into flame, then she’d really have something to whine about.  

    Lantie, would you like some cheese with your whine?

    Bah! This bitter kitten is feeling particularly bitchy today.

  • Sweetpea176

    I’m  bored with this kind of unconventional materials challenge — which ends up being mostly a challenge about gluing stuff on muslin dresses, and not so much about actually constructing things with unconventional materials.  C’mon, PR, where’s the newspaper?  Where are the car parts?

    • holdmewhileimnaked

      they dont have the backing of ralph lauren’s daughter; in fact, w/ something like newspaper it’s likely no revenue is generated from the PR exposure to the unconventional material purveyor nor is any given from the unconventional material purveyor to the show. so why bother, eh? it’s not that i dont agree w/ you, btw.

      • Sweetpea176

        Yeah, I hadn’t really thought about it that way. But I don’t know — Marie Claire mags, Women’s Wear Daily? 1-800-Got Junk?

  • Someone please explain to me how Frokemon’s effort could have been one of the great unwashed middle. I disagreed with the judges last week. His jumper was clearly Japanese street style. But this…this was just ugly, tasteless, lacking in vision, just wrong. He just threw everything he could find on the dress form. There was no plan, no pattern. How could it have been in the middle? Someone, Please: explain this to me.

    • Tawreos

       He  makes good TV!

    • malvernite

      there is a pattern. look at it again, on the front, the graphic elements and symmetry are obvious. the back is another story, a missed attempt to recover from dead cotton candy.

  • I was thinking that the win would be given to Sonjia so that Ven would continually get strung along, top three while never winning, always the bridesmaid and never the bride, until he got so fed up that he up and left.

    That is one scary pic of Gunnar.

  • DCSheehan

    For me Ven is the best eye candy this show has ever served up. Long may he last.

    What? Oh come on, watching people make clothes only goes so far…

  • My all time favorite Unconventional Materials moment – Tim Gunn getting all giggly over the ‘wooly balls’.

  • You guys made my day…I’m sitting here laughing and agreeing w/you

  • who cares about personality?! i mean yeah i know its a tv show blah blahs tv, but Ven has talent, real talent, I don’t think he should even be in this show, he really deserves to be a real well acknowledged designer already. incredible work! clearly he is my favorite, but I would have given the win to blue hair girl only because it is a tv show and hers was more fun..not more fuckin perfect though.

  • “Tlo said: The designers were given, through the power of discounts, roughly $500 worth of candy and that’s both a little gross and a bit of overkill.”

    Someone may have already mentioned this but $500 at Dylan’s Candy Bar isn’t really all that much. It is the most ridiculously over-priced candy store you’ll ever see. If her daddy wasn’t Ralph Lauren, she wouldn’t be in business with those prices.


  • I didn’t think $500 was that much for Dylan’s Candy Bar.  I was worried they’d each get a bag of licorice and have a dime left.

  • Loved Ven’s dress. It was gorgeous and clearly beautifully made. Was really creeped out by Ven’s lack of facial affect.  His words said he was excited and his heart was racing, etc.  His facial expression and vocal pitch were absolutely flat.  Could he have a physical or psychological issue?  

  • bitterk

    Lantie was delusional.  Pure and simple.

  • This one’s for you, boys. Keep being amazing.

  • I don’t know if anyone reads these old posts anymore and I just started reading your posts (which are awesome!) but my husband and I were re-watching season 10 and are pretty convinced now that Ven has aspbergers or something. When put too far outside his comfort zone he would react in way that almost seemed like he didn’t know what to do and had not clue how to stop himself and was unable to relate to others. He didn’t make much eye contact either. My son has autism and we spend a lot of time with other on the spectrum of all ages and I’m not condoning his behavior, it was… yeah.. very robot like: good description. 🙂