PR: Candy Girl, You Are My World

Posted on July 27, 2012

Tops and bottoms, kittens! Hit it, hos!


Sonjia Williams
Materials: Gummy sharks, jelly beans, gumballs

For our money, Tootie’s was the one that truly fulfilled the spirit of the challenge. The judges kept going on about “the joy of candy” and we think this look nails that feeling. It’s whimsical and demonstrates impressive design skill.


It was not without its problems, however; namely, that it’s overdesigned to a fault. She seriously needed to edit here. Too many design elements for one look and WAY too many in the skirt alone.  But that fascinator may have been the deciding factor in tipping the decision over to Ven.

Still, it’s striking and creative as hell. We didn’t have a feeling about her either way last week, but it’s looking like Ven’s assessment of her was correct: she’s competition.


Gunnar Deatherage
Materials: Licorice, candy foil

Oh, whatever, Quentin.

Fine. We were surprised at how well done this was. It’s extraordinarily stiff and heavy-looking, but almost all the designers had that problem last night. The design was smart and had real style to it. But it seems to us that no matter how much you like the design, if the dress is literally FALLING APART ON THE RUNWAY, it probably shouldn’t be in the Top 3. Look at Ven’s and Sonjia’s. Not a piece of candy out of place. There was one other look that really should have been here in its place, but we’ll get to that later (and besides, you all know who we’re talking about).


Elena Slivnyak
Material: Piña colada licorice

Elena’s dress had its problems, but we don’t really think it belonged in the bottom. The main objection from the judges seems to have been the lack of bright colors. Funny how that didn’t prevent Gunnar’s from winding in the Top 3.

Although the fact that her dress fell almost completely apart is reason enough to put her there, we suppose. But it looked like she was voted into the Top 3 before that happened, so we’ll have to stick with the judges’ arbitrary problems with color and their issues with the silhouette, which also struck as arbitrary. Their critique of the latter didn’t seem to amount to anything more than “I don’t like it.” Kors said he understood her love of an “aggressive silhouette,” but he still seemed to hold it against her.

We’re not arguing that this was great or anything; just that we’re not comfortable with its place in the Bottom 3 just because the judges don’t like the style. Yes, it was stiff and boxy. So were 80% of the runway offerings.


Buffi Jashanmal
Materials: Sour strips, tissue paper, cotton candy

Buffi’s damn lucky Lanti pretty much decided to throw in the towel because under virtually any other circumstances, this would have been a clear Auf.

First, there are the dreaded “taste issues.” If she keeps sending this kind of “Betsey Johnson on acid” aesthetic down the runway, the judges are going to get bored and question her taste. Actually, they already have, which means you in danger, girl.

Second is that bodice, which sounded like a great idea but should have been obvious to her wasn’t going to work because of the weight of the candy. She needed to edit and course-correct and she didn’t do either.

And finally – this goes hand-in-hand with the taste issue – her styling skills are appalling. That necklace is so wrong with this dress it makes our eyes water. And that thing on her head looks like something a 5-year-old threw up after getting off the Cups n’ Saucer’s ride.


[Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke for – Stills:]

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  • Hermione_Granger

    I would have put Andrea in the bottom three over Buffi or Elena.

    • i think i’m in the minority, because i actually liked andrea’s outfit. it wasn’t in the top half, by any means, but i can see exactly what she was going for. it looked just like an old-timey counter clerk. i loved the umbrella bustle in the back (but i’m a sucker for a bustle).

      • MoHub

         But that’s kind of the point. Andrea took a very literal approach—Victorian candy store clerk—instead of making fashion. Much of the idea was to lose the idea of the candy store and rise to another plane. I’d definitely have put her in the bottom three in Elena’s place.

      •  COSTUMEY.  That word should have come into her head.

    • BuffaloBarbara

       Me, too.  Buffi had taste issues, that’s for sure, but she used the candy for the bodice as the actual material, while Andrea just sewed some lines of candy onto still-visible muslin.

      • Actually, Andrea’s was kind of a cheat too.  That wasn’t the muslin showing, I don’t think.  The candy dots were attached to sheets of paper that she just sewed together.  To me, that was just as bad as using fabric from umbrellas or pillows or any of the other non-candy items people grabbed.

    • Cathy S

       I was worried about Elena being aufed. I’d like to see her stick around a while. I like Buffi–I don’t know if she can design clothes but personality-wise she’s fun. Lantie couldn’t be aufed fast enough for me.

      • Lisa_Cop

        Strangely, Michael Kors singled out Elena, last night, for a gratuitously nasty tweet. I wonder how long she’ll last, given that.

        Meanwhile, on the Lifetime site’s videos, the designers seemed to think Sonjia was the best and worried Buffi might go home because of all the paper she used. And in the extended judging Gunnar ( aka Quentin) surprisingly came off as very sweet. That bitchiness we keep seeing seems to be an act he’s putting on to keep him in the game.

        •  What did he tweet/twat at her? I don’t have a twitter so I don’t know how to keep up with that kind of stuff!

          • Lisa_Cop

            Kors tweeted about Elena something like “the more I looked at her dress, the uglier it got. And it self-destructed to boot. But she is such a talent!”. Boy, that last sentence is dripping with sarcasm. I don’t know what Elena did to piss off the Duchess so much.

          • Melissa Brogan

             I was just re-watching the ep. He seems really pissed about her “arrogance” for sticking to her aesthetic. (Don’t get me wrong, she’s starting to look like a costume-y one-trick pony, but the Duchess took an awful lot of offense when she stuck up for herself.)

    • Jarethee

       THANK YOU. Ugh, Andrea’s made me feel angry and stabby and she didn’t even take Tim’s crticism’s to heart and yet she STILL got away with it. I was really hoping someone would call her out on it.

      I…kinda liked Buffi’s. Yes, it had problems, but it was fun, and I liked the bodice designs (it looked like bacon! But in a cute fun way), and I also just really hope Buffi sticks around for awhile because she’s adorable and fun and I like her kooky designs so far.

  • ccinnc

    All I can hear in my head when I see Buffy’s dress is Girls Just Wanna Have Fun … and that’s not a good thing.  And thanks for making me laugh with your #3 picture of Elena’s dress compared to the #4, #5 and #6.  Where DID that candy go? 🙂

    • I dunno but you could still see a lot of it on the runway when judging.  It must have been molting the whole time. 

    • BuffaloBarbara

      Cyndi Lauper is *always* a good thing. ;p

    • formerlyAnon

      I was more impressed with what she did with the bodice than most people seem to be, because she did manage to make a garment out of the candy itself. Not that it redeemed the outfit as a whole.

        I like her personality and see the market for her aesthetic – & it is kinda “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” & in my mind that’s a good niche – but nothing she’s done yet has looked really well finished, it’s all kind of discount store or do it yourself.  Though this challenge is maybe not the best with which to measure ability to present a ‘finish.’

  • The Duchess said he was seeing “An old man’s eyes” (on her chest), then “something something” on her crotch, and I missed it. Did anyone else catch that?

    The second one is like a walking migraine. 

    • Sara__B

       I think he said something about a mustache on her crotch.

      • GenXcellent

        Yup, and now I can’t look at that dress and see anything else. It kind of freaks me out, b/c the crotch mustache almost looks like it’s smiling. 

    • some1bodyelse

      A mustache on her crotch.

      • I think you can buy mustaches for your crotch at Claire’s.

        • Janie Rainwater

          That’s called a merkin by the way. 

          • YoungSally

            Isn’t a merkin more of a toupee?  I would consider a crotch-stache to be something different.  How does one say merkin in Portuguese/Brazilian?

          • Lilithcat

            A merkin is a wig for the pubic area.

          • YoungSally

            That part I knew….it was more that a stache is more styled than a toupee.

    • I meant the third one, the pink mess.

  • TomBord

    zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz………tired challenge……….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 

  • The only issue I have with Sonjia’s is that the bottom part looks like some sort of weird mermaid toilet flap. 

    • Vickiefantastico

      Yeah, I loved the top, but the flaps were off putting.

    • Introspective

      That was my problem too. The dress was fun but the flaps seemed pointless and added nothing but a layer of stiffness.

      Had the skirt underneath been a left as a pencil skirt adorned with the smashed rock candy, which would have stood out but also let the gumball peplum shine a bit more rather than the flaps which compete- and had she ditched the fascinator- i think she would have taken it…

      Sonijas problem is definitely editing. But she has some talent. One to watch.

      • Lisa_Cop

        I liked Sonjia’s look this week (though I much preferred Ven’s) but thought her looks for last week were very meh. I think it ‘s really hard to decide how well a designer will do in the long run based on this unconventional challenge.

        As for Buffi, I think she’s really fun, sweet and a little kooky (always a BM plus) but her taste is really garish and tacky. I think her longevity will rest more on her personality than skills or talent.

  • Why would she keep the fascinator after all the cotton candy melted off it, why? The only thing I didn’t like about Tootie’s dress was the way the back panel of the skirt flapped around like a loincloth.

    • Call me Bee

      She did make a new fascinator in the morning when the models were in hair and make-up, but remember those models stand around for *hours* before the final judging, so chances are it just melted away again.

      • ampg

        I felt so bad for that model, having to pick melted cotton candy out of her hair after the show.

      • sk8tfan

        That poor model must have been desperate to get home and wash that gooey crap out of her hair.

      •  The big question for me is why didn’t she realize it would melt again. Talk about a short shelf life.

        I can’t decide if this get-up is a complete mess or if it’s just fun and a little crazy. I’m of the same mind about Buffi, too.

    • Spicytomato1

      I know, I thought it was such a blessing that the thing melted overnight — a divine intervention of sorts — and couldn’t believe when she went ahead and recreated it!

  • I want that gummy fish bib necklace thingy!!

    • Vickiefantastico

      I know! I love what she did with the fish, or were they sharks?

      • MoHub

         Sharks. Gummi sharks.

        • Pam Winters

          We were raving about how they were arranged; they looked like they were swimming around.

          I had serious doubts about this dress at first, but I came away a believer and would probably have given it the win. I loved Ven’s dress as well, but I have a sinking feeling he’s going to use that rose pattern one time too many.

  • Maria Rosenfire

    I agree with you about Elena’s dress, but I don’t know if she can do anything but what she does (large-shouldered, hard-line androgyny). That could become an issue in the very near future.

    I don’t get Buffi’s appeal. At least Frokemon is pretty clearly referencing something, even if that reference is guano-crazy (obscure Japanese street style), whereas the taste slayer just seems to vomit concentrated ’80s onto a dress from.

    Sonjia’s was pretty, but the ass-flap was appalling.

    • ampg

      I suspect that was the issue for Elena – she basically remade her dress from the first challenge and covered it in candy.

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        Boring candy, to boot-a bit of color might have helped.

    • Lisa_Cop

      Buffi’s appeal IMO is her personality not her design skill (which are awful). You never know how long BM will want a personality around. I predict she gets auf’d midway through the season.

  • Sobaika

    The turquoise number didn’t look too cray on television, but in images you can really see the need for editing. It looks almost cumbersome.

  • siriuslover

    I think Sonjia should have beat Ven for the win this week because of the whimsy and use of candy. As I said in your first post this morning, I love the sense of moving water with the placement of the shark candies. The only think I didn’t like was that the skirt looked like a bib over her lady area.  I liked the IDEA of Buffi’s bodice, but the execution fell apart (or rather down). And Gunnar should NOT have been in the top 3. That silhouette was hideous.

    • littlemac8

      have beaten, you’re welcome.  

      • siriuslover

        Thanks, I knew that really, but you know when you write something one way and you know it should be the other way, but then you start second guessing yourself? Yeah, that was what I did above. I’m getting like that with spelling too.

        • littlemac8

          It’s sad, isn’t it.  I’m getting bad with apostrophes!  Something I’ve always known!

  • Am I the only person who sees her name as Buffi Bechamel?

    I loved Sonjia’s dress, especially the use of the sharks, but the fascinator/hat thing was a bit much. As for Gunnar, pfft, whatevs. I thought it was dull and the peplum is hideous. 

    • Vickiefantastico

      Is that the strange thing in her midsection? Yes, that was odd.

    • yeah, that peplum is gross.  it looks just barely tacked on above her waist and like it’s about to fall off any minute.  ugly, ugly, ugly.

      • Introspective

        Hated his whole outfit but the peplum was especially beyond the pale. Nothing redeeming about it.

        Between the judges’ fawning over costello lite’s look last wk and forgetting to mention the wonky ass zipper action, and this weeks fawning over quentin without mentioning the fug of that peplum i call bunim- murray shenanigans. They are fanning the flames of a costello-quentin showdown.

        I say they lip synch for their lives than sew to determine whos the prettiest fairy of them all.

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          B-M’s editing gremlins are licking their lips over those two.

  • Tootie’s was definitely my favorite! But I was leaning towards Quentin for the win since I thought it might add some extra heated chemistry between him and Costello-Lite!

    • Spicytomato1

      His was so not worthy of a win, even for the drama factor. As TLo said, why didn’t he get dinged for using a drab color pallette? I saw no “joy of candy” in his clunky design. 

    • spititout

      Please don’t hope for more drama or chemistry between the twins, the bad half of tweedledum and tweedledee needs to go away soon.  I sit very still and quiet when one of them is on screen, pretending I am invisible so Lifetime does not notice my intense irritation and decide to keep them on through the finals, like Josh last season.  If we all pretend not to notice him, maybe he will just go away…ok?…ssshhh…

  • If the challenge was to create a “wearable” dress with candy, then Ven wins over Sonjia — Sonjia’s dress is a little too over-the-top to be a candied version of a “real” dress.  If the challenge was to take the spirit of a candy store, and make a dress out of it, then Sonjia wins over Ven — her dress is more outlandish and “fun” than his.  We’ll never know, because the judges change the spirit of the challenge as it suits them.  But in any case, I love the gummy shark detail — it’s a really creative use of the material — and that suggests she’s got what it takes to outlast the cannon fodder.

    Gunnar’s dress was just meh, and IMHO took Dmitry’s place in the top three.  I’ll save my thoughts on Dmitry dress for his post, but I thought Gunnar’s peplum was all kinds of wonky (and it’s a peplum for heaven’s sake — since when is that fashion-forward).  Gunnar’s personality makes it hard for me to like what he does, so it will be interesting to see how amazing his dresses have to be before I like them.

    I didn’t think the fettucine linebacker dress was all that awful (at least not until it started shedding — also, piña colada Twizzlers?  Really? I never knew there was such a thing).  Not every outfit has to be Full! Of! Color!

    • jacklaudia

      How can you call Ven’s dress “wearable”? Did you not hear his instructions to his model…don’t sit, don’t bump into anything, don’t stand too close to anyone… His appeared wearable from a distance, but up close it certainly wasn’t.

      • Wearable on a relative scale, obviously: the basic idea of Ven’s dress — its silhouette, its colors, those things — if translated to real fabric, would be more wearable than Sonjia’s dress in the sense.  Sonjia’s dress, if translated to real fabric, would be a little strange and overdone.

        • Lisa_Cop

          I thought Ven’s dress was gorgeous and fit the challenge (If it was create a dress but using candy). In the extended g judging on the a lifetime site, Heidi asked him to make her one with fabric (joking he could do it in his spare time). If that dress had crystals not candy, I would love to buy it if I could afford it:

        • Melissa Brogan

           They are totally inconsistent one contestant to the next (and one challenge to the next) on whether the dresses should be “wearable, real fashion” or “costume.” They loved that Sonjia’s looked like a great costume in one breath and praised Ven for making real fashion in the next.

    • I love pina colada Twizzlers. You simply must order some online. You will thank me once you taste them.

      • Spicytomato1

        I can imagine, though, why Elena would never be want to near one again. I’m sure her model feels the same way. Too much of a good thing.

    • Cathy S

       Dmitry’s model was the only one who could move and not be afraid of falling into pieces or looking like a rusted robot.

  • Is this going to be the “season of the fascinator”?  I really really hope not- honestly only my 9 year old tap dancers don’t look ridiculous wearing them….

    • “The Season of the Fascinator” sounds like a very gay slasher movie.  Like one that starred Gunnar.

      • BuffaloBarbara

         And it MUST BE MADE.  The killer (Quentin, naturally) is stuck in an unconventional challenge mindset, but, in revenge for being driven over the edge, his unconventional material is… the other contestants!  AAAAGH! ;p

        • “You know what they say in fashion: one day you’re in, and the next day … YOU’RE DEAD!”

        • fashionzombie

          But for some reason, the director/producter of “The Season of the Fascinator” has submitted it to both Sundance and Cannes. Delusional.

    • fashionzombie

      I don’t understand why contestants continue to try with the headgear — look where it got Mondo, people. THE JUDGES DON’T LIKE IT.

  • Toto Maya

    Did anyone else kind of laugh at the daughter of Ralph Lauren just HAPPENING to own a gigantic expensive candy store in New York? Maybe I am being super mean and judgy, but I keep imagining a conversation going something like this…

    Ralph Lauren: Sweetie, I want to get you a present. How about a pretty pony? Girls like ponies, right?
    Dylan: Uh, no thanks.
    Ralph Lauren: Well how about I take you to Disneyland? So many pretty princesses?
    Dylan: Dad, I’m 45 years old.
    Ralph Lauren: I know! A candy store! I will make you a candy store with tons and tons of delicious sparkly pretty candy!
    Dylan: ……. can you get me on TV, too?

    • i actually thought that too, but it seems that dylan’s candy store has been open for quite a while now. i’ve seen interviews where she really does seem to have some business sense, and a love of what she’s selling. i’ve been to the bigger candy chain it’s sugar, and friends have said that dylan’s is better than that, really something special and uniquily fun. so, i give her a bit of credit for actually running a successful business.

      • Toto Maya

         That’s good to hear. I hoped that was the case, but the thought of it being otherwise was too funny to pass up.

        • oh, i agree. when i first heard about it, i had a case of the eyerolls. but she seems to know her stuff.

      •  I just wish that the producers would be more mindful of the fact that they could really help a small, struggling, maybe ‘mom and pop store’ out with these kinds of episodes.
        Dylan Lauren is one of the last people who needed the “extra” revenue that comes from the tv exposure of a PR episode.
        I really wish the producers had been more mindful of that.

        •  Project Runway is not out to give exposure to mom & pop stores.  The show is about fashion design, and it makes sense that the producers would do promotional deals with a top designer and his daughter.

          • alyce1213

            That’s not exactly true. They did an unconventional challenge at a 99 cent store, which is about as Mom and Pop as you can get.

      • Lisa_Cop

        She’s had her store for at least 15 years. I used to read she was the only Lauren offspring destined to run his business once he retires.

    • Call me Bee

      The funny thing is–there are stores like that in every mall in the country.  So…is she a franchise owner?  Does she own all of them?  Weird.

      • formerlyAnon

        She owns the “Dylan’s Candy Bar” franchise – but I think there are only a handful of stores in NY, Houston and ? maybe L.A.?. Supposedly (I read an article about her a while back) the company wholesales their [insert fancy descriptors for exciting, unique, overpriced] stock to other stores which they do not run.

    • GenXcellent

      I didn’t realize that Dylan was RL’s daughter until last night, but it all made sense once I figured it out.  I’ve been so confused about why people are so obsessed with Dylan’s Candy Bar…it’s a candy store.  Not a new concept. But probably a bigger marketing/PR budget than any other candy store in history? 

  • NDC_IPCentral

    I agree with your assessment, gentlemen, of Sonjia’s entry.  Lots of imagination, but overwrought/over-thought.  If the skirt had been less complicated and the fascinator eliminated, it would have been less a costume and more dress-like.

    Gunnar – the peplum should have been sized better, but I have to say that the checkerboard pattern is pretty good.  Don’t like the lad’s personality at all.  I wonder if the contestants look at the footage when it’s aired, cringe/get wide-eyed and then have more than a few moments of self-revelation.   That would make some of this sort of worthwhile.  ‘Cause his persona is supremely irritating.

    If Elena had interspersed some color/contrast, and had better gluing skills, she wouldn’t have been on the hot seat.  That dress does look pretty robotic, but it does present a genuine “look.”

    Buffi – I think she’s a breath of fresh, sassy air.  I got a sense last night that she’s a lot of fun, but her style is not very stylish.  She may not be long for Atlas and Parsons…. 

    • Oh yea the contestant’s see it, when we do.  Thus why on the reunion show there is major bitchery when they all find out what people were saying in the confessional. 

    • ampg

      I think Gunnar knows exactly what he’s doing – he’s clearly in full Reality Show Contestant mode.  I suspect he’ll be delighted at the amount of camera time he managed to score.

    • NDC_IPCentral

       Well, yes, but do they “SEE” it from a bit of perspective – that they come off as… foolish, conniving, shallow, or kind, amusing, mature?  Adjectives applying as appropriate.  The reunion shows, which aren’t very interesting any more, are after-the-fact viewing. 

      Not that it is worth a moment’s consideration, but I wonder what either Chris or Gunnar thought of themselves as they appeared on-screen for thousands of strangers to view and evaluate.  “Oh, he’s …. X” and what would that adjective be?  If it were “flaming douche,” man, that would make me ashamed of myself.  But then again, I’m old enough to be either of those fellow’s mother or grandmother, and I’ve lived long enough to, at least most of the time, learn from my mistakes, and there’ve been plenty.  They just haven’t been broadcast on national television.

  • I think the hair and the hat were all that kept Tootie from the win. Nina’s even more serious about styling this year than ever. That look needed a simple, stylish up-do. But man was Dylan Lauren overjoyed that she used several different types of (blue) candy!

    Also, what happened to Elena’s dress over the day of judging? Did the model try to sit down?

    • I’m figuring after her mortal wounds via glue gun she was terrified afterwards and didn’t use enough glue. 

    • For some reason, it take hours and hours to fill the runway portion of the show. They don’t just walk out of the sewing room and onto the runway. According to Chris March…everyone just has to stand around all day. What you see as 15 minutes of airplay really took most of the day. Several peple have fainted in the process. Th judges are taped over and over until something witty comes out of their months. I think the show would be more interesting if it was “LIVE (on tape).”

      • Spicytomato1

        Wow. I can imagine after the frenzy to make the deadline that coming to a screeching halt for hours would be brutal. And I had no idea the judges’ tidbits were culled from that many hours of material. Sounds beyond exhausting.

  • I can empathize with how difficult this challenge is. I’m getting married in 8 days (squee!), and my hunny and I are doing a candy-themed wedding. Finding the balance between whimsical and tasteful is downright challenging, my friends! Our barometer is, if the decoration looks like it belongs at a five-year olds birthday party, it’s out. 

    • Didn’t David Tutera do a candy themed wedding? Whatever he does, it works, but I think your barometer sounds right

    • TheDivineMissAnn

      Congrats on your upcoming nuptials! 

    • Pam Winters

      It’d be great to see photos somehow. Congratulations!

  • Scarlet39

    Elena’s has kind of a Balmain feel to it. 

    Yes Gunnar, nothing’s better than a peplum just for the sake of adding one more crap element to your design.  Well played.

  • I can’t wait to see the pics of Dimitri’s look. I was shocked it didn’t make top 3.

  • Call me Bee

    Loved Sonja’s dress and to me, it was a toss-up between this and Ven’s.  I think she didn’t get the win because Ven actually transformed the candy into glassy shards, whereas she just glued it on.  But it’s beautifully done and nothing fell off! 
    Gunnar’s was interesting–but yes–sometimes the judges drive me nuts with their inconsistancy.  This was top three–with no color!  Cute design, but the neckline was boxy and awful–and not one of the judges mentioned that.   Then they pick on Elena for the same things. 
    I was very disappointed that Buffi’s dress turned out so wacko-looking.  I had to laugh when Kors said there’s a difference between fun and insane.  Cleary, Buffi does not know that difference!   I thought the candy weaving was a great idea, a la Daniel V’s leaf dress, but she just didn’t use the idea well.  I’m glad she’s still around, for as goofy she looks, she seems to be really self-aware and done-to-earth.

    • But are shards of candy, still candy. If that is the case, I would just melt Brach’s mints in the microwave and “paint” the underfabric. 

      •  See, if at all possible, I would have melted down gummy penguins (which are delicious — any extra could have been eaten while I was working:) to get gray and then cooled them into strips like fruit roll-ups.  Sew them together (over muslin so that the heat from the body wouldn’t mess with them too much) for leather-ish pants.  Then I would have heated the pink hard candy that Ven used and made little squares to make a top — hole in the top and sew them on like sequins so they hang and move.  It have a nice metal-like texture.

        • oohsparkley!

          I want you to try this!  I’m curious if gummy anythings can be melted and re-firmed (for lack of a better word). Plus I think sewing them would just cut them.  Your idea for the top was genius.  I really like the candy sequin idea –  Necco wafers could make some sweet (see what I did there?) sequins or more acurately  paillettes.

          •  They can, indeed, be melted and refirmed but I’d need the right facilities and equipment.  Nothing that odd, but a fridge and some cooking item (stove, microwave, oven… hell, even a hot plate.  Though I could probably improvise if necessary) along with a sheet to pour it on, like a jelly roll pan.  The advantage of the melted hard candy is that you’d get a shine that Necco wouldn’t have. 

            The other option would be to roll out taffy until it’s really flat, but you’d have to deal with color choice then.

          • oohsparkley!

            I wasn’t suggesting that you use the Necco wafers in your creation.  I was just running through some potential ideas for my own candy creation.  I think your melted hard candy pieces could be really cool, I can see a cool glass tile effect or an armoured effect depending on how you put them together.

        • Spicytomato1

          Cool ideas. Interesting that no one thought to melt the candy.

          •  And where would they have done it? I doubt there’s anything more than a microwave in that workroom- and melting sugar and/or gum is a mess- and has a distinct burning risk.

          •  Honestly, if you do that kind of thing a lot, it shouldn’t be a problem.  Even a microwave would work.  And with hard candies — they melt really easily — you could just use a blowdryer. 

            My guess is that most of them simply haven’t worked with candies much.  I do a lot of that kind of thing (I only have one girl and the boys aren’t impressed by clothing, so I make them food:) which is why I know what I’d do.  The car part UM challenge would have totally stumped me, but food I’m good with.

          • I think Fabio did (the other turquoise dress).  The skirt looks like muslin that’s been painted with melted candy.

        • Pam Winters

          Yeah, I wondered whether they had any capability of melting candies, because that was where my mind went. Did no one think of it, did it just not work out, or did they have no access to a microwave?

  • I love Sonjia’s creativity, style, and skill.  Buffi is just cray cray.

  • Judy_S

    You know what? I think Ven is right. He should have won the first one, and Sonjia should have won this one. He’s arrogant but it’s the first time I’ve felt that there was someone with good judgment (as in being a judge) in the workroom.
    Thanks for saying neither Gunnar nor Elena belonged where they were put. I admired Elena’s, even if the licorice didn’t stick. As a person she’s a bit tedious, but she achieved something here.

  • Janie Rainwater

  • Oh, Buffi, please step it up girl! (And dye that bit of shaved hair one color…)

    • I laughed when she went back and said “no more pink pants”…and I thought…oh dear, the pink pants are the least of your problems. 

      • janetjb

        Me too.  I thought she should ditch the boots and keep the pants.

    • She is getting the fish out of water edit right now, I predict a turnaround in 2-3 episodes.

    • Her hair is awesome!  My whole family thought it was cool.

  • Shoelover1512

    I loved Sonjia’s shark bib. It was the best feature of that dress. The little flap on the butt was driving me crazy. Did not understand AT ALL why Gunnar was in the top 3. When it first came out and he was running his mouth about how great it was I literally shouted at the TV how ugly it was.

  • I think Buffy started out right…had that bodice been clean and the right length it would have been far better.  But then she went and shit her “style” all over it. 

    Tootie had it for me, even with the ass flap & hat.  I just felt hers was more what the challenge was about.  As most people said, Ven glued licorice and smashed candy on muslin.  

    Gunnar thought he recreated the world “by using his hands to smash the licorice for the peplum”….ugh. I didn’t want him to win just so I didn’t have to hear him talk anymore.  There’s a reason his hair closely resembles Cruella de Ville’s.

    I laughed out loud when Elena’s came back out half missing.  She better get out of her box-literally-or the judges are going to Auf her for her “vision”.  

  • BrooklynBomber

    Sorry to say it, but Buffi’s there for personality. Her audition offerings didn’t merit a spot on the show. Plus, maybe the Anya-esque hairstyle and Brit-sy accent.

  • TropiCarla

    I will forever love Elena for prompting Kors to say “Rigatoni Mad Max.” I seriously LMAO at that one. 
    I love me some Ven, but Sonjia could and should have taken this win if she would have edited out the skirt-bib in the back. A clean straight finish would have been HOT and reduced the ‘over-designed’ factor.

    • BrooklynBomber

      Yeah, I agree… just posted similarly about the “butt bib,” and if she’s only made a straight skirt. 

  • BrooklynBomber

    I liked Sonjia on Road to the Runway. Cute, wearable (if not earth shaking) designs, and, as I posted before, she seems to be sane and likeable.  This design was great on top, but I hate the apron flap in front and butt flap in back; if she’d covered the entire skirt in candy she’d have given Ven a run for his money (though I agree with his win).

    •  Agreed.  Her stuff on the audition tape was sensible enough.  But this dress had WAY too much.  The bodice was fantastic (cannot get over the sharks.  Who’d have thought gummi sharks were fashion genius?), but the skirt is just awful.  I don’t like the length, the weight, or the design.  Those mudflaps are just bad.

      Princess Deathrage’s peplum was too high.  The silhouette was off.  Also?  Shut. up.

      • BrooklynBomber

        Haha. yeah, Gunnar’s looks well put-together but is kind of a yawn, and I don’t really understand the peplum.

      • l_c_ann

        Gummi SHARKS?  Thank you so much.  I just kept seeing (really) creepy deep blue chopped off fingers with hideous long blue fingernails at the end (where the tail fin is). 

        That explains the judges gushing about the theme…(That I thought creepy blue fingers didn’t fit into)

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        Princess Deatherage-now that’s genius!  and,yes, he should shut up.

    • I think viewers with fall in love with Sonjia…a “normal” person with a big smile. Bon Bon (von) is season ten’s wendy pepper (season one).

  • janetjb

    Is Elena’s aesthetic strong shoulders and boring colors?  She must have been so happy to see the least colorful candy in the shop, pina colada licorice. I didn’t mind her dress shape as much as I hated (yes, hated) the color.  

    Sonjia’s dress was full of candy happiness, maybe a bit too much, but I liked it.

    My husband says Buffi is Jo Jackson in Starstruck.  

  • dickylarue

    I would die of happiness if I ever went into a restaurant that offered a plate of Rigatoni Mad Max! Someone get on that stat!

  • Susan Collier

    How heavy do you think Buffi’s bodice was? It must have felt like a lead X-ray blanket. While I liked the weaving and thought it looked good laid out, the material would have made for a better sweater (though it would keep stretching down I guess). Should’ve used taffy I guess.

    I didn’t see Gunnar’s falling apart like that! Also, HATE that peplum. It’s like an IKEA lampshade.

    Liked Soinja’s but it resembled a mosaic fountain to me. I would have been fine with it winning though.

    • Stubenville

      Ikea lampshades are offended by your comment.  =)

  •  Is that real chocolate some of the designers used? How were they able to hot glue it to the dress without it melting?

    • Lord only knows what the chocolate balls  did when challenged by body heat and stage lights.

  • Joyce VG

    Sonjia got robbed.  What is up with Quentin?  It’s so gross.  

  • Stefanos Mantyla

    Funny that Nina praised that same styling season 9, when Josh did it on his “avant-garde” piece. Except it looks much better here then there. Maybe producers decided to lay off this season and stop putting words in Nina’s mouth?

  • Stubenville

    Sonja’s was passable, but ruined by that blue pancake tied to the side of the model’s head. 
    Quentin is working my last nerve and we’re only on episode two. But as this season’s Drama Vortex, he’s practically guaranteed a spot until the final four (or beyond.)

    The expression of Elena’s model in the second picture says it all. It looks like conceptual art gone bad,

    And Buffy, the official “kooky” girl, needs to start reaching a higher taste level, or she’ll soon be gone. Okay, she’s from UAE or something, but has she NEVER seen the show before?

  • Lilithcat

    I thought Sonja’s was a solid second, but there was too much going on.  However, her gummi shark neckpiece may have been my single favorite element of the entire episode. 

    • meowing

      Gummi shark neckpiece was well designed, and her color selections lovely, but the skirt flaps were one bit too much, IMHO.

  • DinahR

    NEVER use a hankerchief hem on the unconventional materials challenge, or … any challenge, really.  The judges always hate it for laziness, and rightly so.   When I saw that skirt I thought she’d be going home.  

    Andrea’s apron didn’t bother me after her edits, but before?  It was a horrid unorganized mess.  I’m annoyed she doesn’t credit Tim’s critique with saving her from the bottom three.  He gave her much needed course-correction.    

  • mjude

    i did think tootie was going to win.  i dont know why but during the critique of elena’s dress it just grossed me out that it was falling apart, mini horror movie to me.

  • MissAnnieRN

    What in the fuckity FUCK is going on with Gunnar’s peplum???!!!  As I noted on the other PR post today, I didn’t watch, which means I am seeing this with fresh eyes.  So what in the NAME OF ALL THAT IS HOLY is that peplum made out of?

    And just because PEPLUMZ!!!!!!!!!!!!111111!!!!!!!!!111one

    • He made the comment that “he smooshed licorice with his hand”…or something to that effect.  I was too busy rolling my eyes. 

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        Hand-smashed licorice sounds as if it should be an add-in at Cold Stone Creamery.

  • sashaychante

    Overall, using candy for the unconventional challenge is boring.  Everyone ends up gluing candy to a muslin dress.  They all pretty much just come up with a pattern for the fabric by gluing candy on the dress.  So if they do the make your own fabric this season too, it’s really boring.  Other seasons have featured unconventional challenges that are much more fun…like the automotive parts challenge.  There were some creative ideas coming out of that one.

    I was struck by the judges catty remarks about Elena sticking to her guns on her point of view.  They were really dishing it up on her arrogance, but to me, she just sounded like someone standing behind her design.  She did admit it had it’s problems, but her esthetic is clear, and she defended it.  In the past, the judges have criticized designers for NOT defending their garment.  In terms of arrogance, do they not recall Santino yelling at Heidi to get his point of view across?  This wasn’t arrogance?  Whatevs…I don’t get the judging silliness sometimes. 

    • BethR52

      I agree.  PR is getting pretty predictable in its “unconventional” challenge.  Aspring contestants, start practicing your candy-gluing skills now. 

      • meowing

        Why couldn’t someone melt the candy in the lounge’s microwave–would create (briefly, until it cools) a “paint” for the muslin, or another way to do the stain-glass design.

  • nannypoo

    I’m pretty sure Elena will be leaving us soon. She was argumentative, defensive and arrogant, and once her dress began to shed Twizzlers it was pretty hard to find anything to like. There’s no way this fiasco will be forgotten by the next challenge. I loved the sharks.

  • I think the selection of models used in season 10 pale in comparison to previous seasons. Where’s the girl with the great walk? Or the one that always looks a little zombie like? Or miss red hair with pale skin? I wish they would go back to the “grab bag” assignment of models. By the way, who wants to wager on when PR will do the “design for a real woman show”?

  • Son: gorgeous aquatic tones, beautiful textures, great dimension to the garment. I like how she utilized the gummy sharks to mimic a ruffled embellishment. She somehow managed to cohere these disparate elements to form a well-wrought and whimsical look.

    Gun: competently made. I responded to the checkerboard pattern and surprisingly to the peplum too as a means of demarcating top & bottom/breaking up the continuity of the pattern (which would have been very monotonous had it not been for the peplum). I like the accessories he fashioned out of candy (they were conservative and thus did not detract from the outfit how Buffer’s flamboyant accessories did.) Nice piece, this. Not my favorite (I liked Dmitry’s, Melissa’s, Alicia’s, and Fabio’s better, and possibly Christopher’s).

    Elena: Urgh, I recall noting in the previous episode that this gal’s got mad technical skills and that she can deliver a lot in the time allotted. I expressed confidence that she could win this whole thing. I expressed conviction that she SHOULD win this whole thing. Well… scratch all that. She should’ve gone home at the end of this challenge. The judges blathered about the absence of color, the exaggerated silhouette, the parochial range within which she works… and NO ONE commented on the fact that more than 1/2 the garment collapsed on the runway. WTF??? She failed to complete the challenge. She liked the linearity of those licorice things and had no clue how to manipulate them. You can’t glue something on and pray it sticks. Work those things! They’ve got pliability.

  • BuffaloBarbara

    I cannot unsee the boob eyes on Elena’s.  Thank you, Duchess.  The dress is now staring at me.

  • Bozhi

    Ven and Gunnar are good at styling.  Gunnar was the only one to attempt candy accessories that were not a disaster.  That hat Sonjia made took the whole look to craft project.  Gunnar has not made a good garment yet.  This dress is ugly, the last two were boring.

  • TxMom2011

    Did anyone else notice….Gunnar’s model looks like one of Ru’s lady-boys!?!   Those Shoulders… those HANDS!!!…. jussayin

    • White Rabbit

       Um, not really.

  • flamingjune

    Wasn’t another problem with Elena’s that it was basically a candy version of the fabric dress she sent in for the first challenge?  If she’s just going to make the same thing every week, she’s not going to last long anyway…

  • Qitkat

    I realized last night, after watching a late repeat of this show I had forgotten about, out of town last week and did not miss it, why I’m just no longer into it. Bored.

    Too many reinventions of the designer basic tropes, although this season is already a winner for weird hair people; seriously, TATTOOS, people, of leopard spots on your shaved head?

    And friggin’ judges, forever on the nose candy, or the sauce, or the spraytan, or whateveh. Even with the awful *fascinator* (Philip whatshisname is turning 6 shades of purple), Sonjia’s ought to have won.

    Shoulda kicked off this loser one AND the anemic licorice stick glue gun disaster. Now only if the model had tripped over her own candy on the runway. Then we would have been entertained. Like slipping on a banana peel. And WTF with Tim and his plaid suits, has he lost 20 pounds too? Guy ain’t looking so good.

    Man, am I cranky. The last few months have been tough personally and medically. Not as rough as some of ya’ll, whom my heart goes out to (you know who you are.) This BitterKitten has reached her limit. Sorry guys, my break from fashion will continue. Maybe see you all back in the fall when Revenge and Doctor Who return. Them I miss.

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      Sometimes you need a break to cleanse your mental palate, so to speak.  TAke care, dear.

    • Lisa_Cop

      Philip Treacy, British milliner?

    • formerlyAnon

      Time is valuable, no point squandering it on what no longer amuses. Will be glad to see you on the site when something catches your interest. Best wishes!

  • sk8tfan

    I didn’t mind the monochrome effect so much as the fact that it looked like pasta glued on paper plates, and the shape was the same as her effort from last week. All red or even all black would have looked better.

  • sk8tfan

    I thought from the waist up, Sonjiia’s outfit was beautiful, and the gummi shark bib was genius. I liked how she did the peplum and the upper back, too. She lost it with the bizarre skirt with pointless flaps, and the fascinator was one design feature too many. She has great ideas though; I think she’ll stick around and I’ll be interested to see what else she does.

  • TheDivineMissAnn

    Now that I have seen the stills of Elena’s dress, it isn’t as bad as my initial impression last night.  There’s more detail than I realized. The variations in placement and size of the licorice strips was quite creative.  But if she was going to go with a solid color, I think she should have chosen a more vibrant shade.

  • TheDivineMissAnn

    Anybody else notice you can wear Sonjia’s dress backwards?

  • guest2visits

    I was surprised how well Gunnar’s design turned out.  Probably because he’s so unlikable.
    And how badly Elena needs to move past this one design element; I don’t dislike it – but it shouldn’t be part of every outfit someone
    decides to wear; and she seems completely unaware of that. Maybe she froze in the candy store. But you know; I thought I saw
    a bigger variety in her closet and her sketch books.
     Buffi seems a nice enough person; I just hate her design aesthetic – thoroughly.

  • BuffaloBarbara

    I’m going to not go with the majority here–I don’t think Sonjia’s deserved the win.  The shark bib was great, but the rest of it wasn’t all that, and the butt flap wasn’t attractive.  It was a great entry, but not the winner.

    I did think Gunnar deserved top three as well.  His personality is grating and he annoyed me, but the entry was top three worthy.  I’m waiting to see Comrade Snape’s up close before I make a permanent judgment, though–I could go with either one, but I’m not sure I’m remembering Snape’s that well.  I thought he’d done some serious candy work on the bodice, but other posters say it was more tee-shirt, so…

    I thought Elena’s richly deserved to be in the bottom, even more than Buffi’s (though I thought Andrea’s was worse–my bottom three would have been Elena, Andrea, Lantie).  The design wasn’t all that attractive last week, and she makes it so often she should be able to make it in her sleep and just slap the candy on, if that’s what she meant to do.

    • Comrade Snape!  *snort*  Absolutely perfect nickname!

      • BuffaloBarbara

         I don’t know who started that one, but it just fits, doesn’t it?

    • Lisa_Cop

      But Andrea’s silhouette from home was very similar to what she was doing with the candy (although with the candy she added a hideous bustle made of umbrella fabric). But never mind; since she and Lantie are the only women who live in NYC, and Lantie’s out, we know Andrea is the middle of the night escapee. I would imagine that happens pretty soon since Buffi is still there when it happens (and God knows Buffi won’t last longer than mid-season at best).

  • Does anyone know what kind of facilities they have access to?  ‘Cause you could do a lot more if you could melt the candy.

    • holdmewhileimnaked

      how is yr head, btw? are you any better?
      i’ve been very sick w/ this stuff, myself. eventually i found out that, on top of it all, i have had a bone infection for, oh heavens knows, on & off for maybe, i dunno, eight months? a year? i was just ignoring it cos i was used to head pain & sometimes it would go dormant. i am such a fool. i hope you are not going through some similar. i remember you have TN problems too.

  • Am I the only one that’s getting a little tired of designers hot-gluing a bunch of shit to fabric and calling it ground-breaking? It just seems like the easiest way to go about this challenge. Buffi (even though the look was atrocious) did at least create something out of the candy rather than just gluing it on to existing fabric.

    • Laylalola

      Yes — and I think that given that all the top three dresses were just examples of how prettily someone could glue candy onto muslin, that it’s a non-issue that Demitry didn’t cover up the whole top of his dress in candy. Also, wasn’t there someone several seasons ago who was reamed for making a dress out of coffee filters? Not coffee filters glued onto muslin (I think Goth Girl glued black candy wrappers onto mulsin for her skirt last night) but coffee filters as the material for a kicky, flirty dresss.

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        Mychael Knight did design a kicky, flirty coffee filter dress for the first challenge in Season 3, I believe. It was absolutely charming.

        • Carrieanno

          And didn’t Christian Siriano do one entirely of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups cups?

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            I believe you’re right-he used the wrappers from the peanut butter cups for his design.

  • redgauntlet

    My god, next week’s challenge! Making a dress for Kenley! That could be a whole series in itself! Bloodier and sexier than Game of Thrones!

    • Laylalola

      You forgot to mention scarier, too.

      • redgauntlet

        “She’s coming in for a fitting! Hide the cat!”

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      Is it time to cue the music from “Psycho”?

    • Lisa_Cop

      Ven and Fabio are paired up with Kenley. Thank goodness Ven has immunity.

      • redgauntlet

        If this challenge goes as well as I hope – by which I mean as badly as I hope – it could be the making of the whole season.

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          Perhaps this is when we will the previously mild mannered Vendroid shoot stunning lasers from his eyes when Kenley becomes super annoying?

  • snarkykitten

    Really liked Smurffette’s look over Venn Diagram. I love the top part

  • GTrain

    I am so over tacky Buffy. She and her designs are a hot mess.

    I wasn’t as delighted by Sonji’s as the judges were. The shark treatment was creative but I didn’t like the cut of the dress and the whole thing just felt overwrought. She should have skipped the headpiece; I think maybe she thought since Buffy did one…

  • I liked the black dress with the red beaded flapper hem. It had style and movement. Gunnar’s peplum was flat at the back. Peplums are circular, which means that it should flare around the entire waistline. A flat back means something is wrong.

    I loved the bodice of Tootie’s dress, too, but the skirt was too much, especially the flaps. She was definitely a contender for the win, but I support Ven as the winner. His dress was beautiful.

  • Cathy S

    Sanjia should have won. Ven’s was lovely but her dress was more interesting and more in line with the challenge. Dmitry should have had Gunnar’s spot in the top–his dress was the only one with movement and the only one that the model could actually move in without fear of falling apart. Was it because the top was fabric? Gunnar’s peplum was so horrible. Words cannot describe how I feel about it.

  • I know it’s probably because embellishing muslin with candy is very time consuming, but it seemed that Elena and Sonjia’s skirts were just too short to look proportionally ‘right.’  That’s the thing about Ven’s that probably put it over the edge–it looked more elegant than Sonjia’s because it was proportionally right.  Sonjia’s would have won if it’d been a knee length skirt, I think.  Elena’s would have looked more balanced if it had also been knee-length.  I hated Gunnar’s dress.  I just thought it was an ugly color scheme and it looked clumsy as all hell.

  • Susan Crawford

    I am officially in Sanjia’s camp after this challenge – I love her commitment and her sense of fun and her color sense. Her design told a story, nd she had a very clear vision of her “girl”: a young, kicky summer-resort girl willing to bring some humor to her look, yet stay impeccably tailored – even while wearing gummi-sharks!
    Mr. Clinique-squared turned out a rather heavy, costumey peplum outfit that ended up with many bare spots as his licorice bits melted off the backing. Add a pair of Minnie Mouse ears, white gloves and big platforms and you have a Disney-chaacter look.
    Elena stuck to her aesthetic and got reamed out for it. And for her snooty, snippy attitude. Honey, you start giving La Ninah and Prince Orangina sass this early in the season and you will be tidying up your workspace in NO time. Plus, in that entire store, the candy – the ONE candy – you fixate on is . . . beige? Whu-u-t? I mean, you don’t need to be a circus clown but surely adding ONE nice punchy color wouldn’t have killed? Oh, but I forgot. It’s her aesthetic. And her aesthetic wound up littering the runway. Her overall concept was fine, but the fit was dreadful, and the shoulders were Mommie Dearest in Wonka’s Factory.

    Buffi’s Sex and the City homage was just insa-a-a-a-ane! A cracked-out toddler on a terminal sugar high. But I like her anyway – she’s loud, she’s brash, she’s a colorful cornucopia of clattering, clinking, caliginous junk . . . but I like her. Let’s keep her for a  few more episodes, just for shitz and gigglez, okay? Okay.


  • SapphoPoet

    “Betsey Johnson on acid”–hah. Didn’t think that was possible. 

    In general, I was surprised by how much I liked everyone’s outfit. Much better than last season. Although with the amount of candy that fell off, they surely had to sweep the floor between the models. 

    I really liked the shark dress–it was cohesive and had a great look. 

    Glad Laintie went home–she seemed in over her head and just generally dour. If we can just get rid of Gunnar, then we’ll have a fun group to watch. 

    • holdmewhileimnaked

      it’s even funnier cos betsey johnson’s stuff that looks like that already looks like betsey johnson on acid. this is not even quite like betsey johnson on bad acid it’s more like somebody in junior high c1984 using a betsey johnson pattern while pretending to be on acid. something like that.

  • bitchybitchybitchy

    Sonjia did have a few too many elements in her look, but I do love her color choices, and it’s a very fun look.  Elena’s just looked fug to me-a totally bland color, and when your garment is visibly falling apart you’ve messed up.

  • Corazon Nunez

    Am I the only person that thinks that Elena’s look almost exactly the same as last week, except cream colored and made with licorice?

  • marilyn

    First off, this has nothing to do with the designers or their clothes, but I have never seen so many commercials in one show.  The  produceers did not actually add more show time when they took the show to 1 1/2 hours from 1 hour.  They added a half hour of commercials.  There was enough time to do the dishes, or take out the garbage in a leisurely way, and not miss any of the show itself.  That being said:

    I thought that Sonjia’s outfit was too busy.  Okay, she found lots of candy in the same color group.  It looked like a French maid’s outfit with a little chapeau. 

    Buffy managed to make a candy dress into a hoochie mama get-up.  I know Toddlers & Tiaras heads in this direction, but MK’s comment about this being in the Toddlers & Tiuara’s genre to be rather off.  That get-up is way beyond Toddlers & Tiaras. 

    Eleyna has established herself as the resident bitch.  It would be a valid persona if she were a better designer.  She apparently keeps doing the same dress over and over.  The judges caught onto that right away.  So, they are either going to eliminate her or nag her each week.  If she is entertaining enough, they may let her stay.  I questioned the silhouette of her black and white dress on the last challenge as being very literal.  Yes, women have boobs.  We get it.  But this week, she did the same shape of a dress and was rather combative when questioned about it.  It is too early in the season for her to be so hostile.  I was surprised when she then got hysterical over a little burn from the hot glue gun (another designer commented that she should have been wearing long pants and shoes that covered her feet).  So, is she the battledroid woman or the hystericasl complainer?  She will be a wild card. 

    So, it is shaping up to be another season of PR, just like the previous ones. 

    • holdmewhileimnaked

      i always go back to this:

      elena’s black & white number from last week? it’s stella mccartney’s recent signature dress–the one that was worn by all the celebrities–w/ weird sleeves. one of the biggest & most obvious rips i’ve yet seen of very recent design.

      i’m sure there are plenty of images of it if you search this site.
      to be easy, though, here’s one version of it worn by two people from some site i’ve never heard of:

  • j_anson

    Granted, I didn’t see any of this on the runway because I’ve given up on the show, but what? That Elena dress is self-evidently awful. It looks like she’s dressed in plain, cooked spaghetti! The whole point of the “weird materials” challenge is to take the weird material and make it look magically like chic clothing. This look took candy (I gather?) and made it look magically like undressed pasta draped over a pretty model. Totally bottom-worthy.

  • nolaabeille

    Maybe someone has already mentioned this and I didn’t see it, but I have finally realized who Buffi reminds me of: a slightly more confident version of Honey, Hugh Grant’s sister in Notting Hill (even the voice).

  • Elias Pineda

    as much as i will love to support ur hate against 
    Gunnar     i had notice that the dress start to fall apart after the judges score the designs.  

  • Tatiana Luján

    Buffy’s work reminds me of  A.J. Thouvenot from season 8. I like her, I hate her work and taste. 

    • cam_lo

      oh, man. gunnar reminds me a lot of A.J. I feel like they have that same, wannabe-Christian-Siriano vibe but it just feels so forced. with gunnar, especially, i just feel like he’s so forced and disingenuous. it’s like he studied tape of josh  and is trying to be that, except he can’t pull it off.

      • Tatiana Luján

        Yes, so just in case he isn’t up to the game, the judges will let him stay in the show because of the rating.

  • Indovina

    Sonjia – I feel about hers largely as I feel about Ven’s – namely that it’s not particularly creative in its use of materials. She does use a greater variety of materials and I think the colours are probably more successful than Ven’s, but it’s also overdesigned without being especially interesting in design. Nonetheless, in my estimation, she’s moved from “also there” to a potential future front-runner. Which means she probably won’t last long.

    Gunnar – It’s a dress. With a peplum.

    Elena – She’s going to be drama for however long she lasts – and I don’t think the show is going to be good for or to her particularly. It’s kind of a delicate situation, in some ways, because I think she has talent, but desperately needs criticism that she doesn’t seem prepared or equipped to handle. It seems to me she may be the sort who sees fashion as an art form done for its own sake, so it will be interesting to see if she can approach fashion from a business standpoint or with consideration for who will be buying her clothing. We’ll see how things change over the course of the season, but I do not hold out much hope for her on the show – which both is and isn’t a shame.

    Buffi – I think the judges (and our hosts, as well as a large percentage of the comments here) overstate how bad this is. Which is not to say that it’s good, exactly, but it shows some creativity and promise. The construction of the bodice, for instance, I don’t fault as TLo (or the judges) did – I’m taken by the fact that she actually constructed it from candy, rather than just glued candy to a muslin bodice. I’m bothered more by Buffi’s trite choice of inspirations than anything.

    But it was sweet that the other designers, while expecting her to be in the bottom, all seemed to be pulling for her and were thrilled when she wasn’t sent home. She’ll never win, and probably shouldn’t, but I quite like her and so apparently do her fellow contestants.

  • Carrieanno

    I don’t recall Jillian’s Twizzler dress from way back when ever losing a single Twiz.  Sure, she sewed them on a skirt, but didn’t she glue them on the bodice?  She found a way to make it work.

  • Megan Patterson

    You are missing something in that “Betsey Johnson on acid” critique and it is one word: cheap. Buffi seems like a cool chick but everything she touches just does not look expensive. Also I totally agree that Elena shouldn’t have been in the bottom.
    And we’re talking about Dmitri for top three right? Because I was kind of shocked about that one. Gunnar’s was middle of the road, through and through.
    I am a little disappointed in Frokemon. I thought he would have aced this one. I think he would have if his original idea had been feasible. 

  • Lisa_Cop

    Something like “the more I looked at Elena’s dress, the uglier it got. And it self-destructed to boot. But she is such a great talent!”. The comment, especially the last sentence, just dripping in sarcasm. And on the show he said he thought Elena was arrogant not confidant.

  • cam_lo

    Who’s the person who should’ve been in the top? Is it Dmitri? His dress, to my eye, was maybe the best, because as he said, it had movement. Though he probably got dinged because the entire top was fabric. 

    Also, I don’t know how much longer I can stand two things: 1) the sound of Gunnar’s voice, and 2) being reminded every time someone enters the room that Anya won this useless show because her picture will be directly over his/her left shoulder. And then they had to bring her back for next week, too. Sigh. 

    • holdmewhileimnaked

      Is it Dmitri?


      there is no way on earth i will watch next week’s. i would like to strangle her w/ somebody else’s sleeves.

      • formerlyAnon

        Brilliant idea & setting for a based-on-“real”-t.v.-show murder mystery novel. This damn show is over-packed with 2-dimensional stock characters upon which one could plausibly pin any sort of behavior.

        Only problem, who would be the amateur detective? Mr. Gunn, though he might have to be made more eccentric, Heidi would be a natural except (hey, it’s my speculation) I don’t find her likable enough, & Nina’s personality behind her practiced professional facade is not enough known, to me to keep her fresh through a couple of sequels – I’d have to make it up from whole cloth. 
        NO – after thinking, Mama Kors! She’d be the brains behind the mystery solving – the 3 judges & Mr.Gunn would be her junior partners.

        As an indifferently-written and unoriginally but interestingly plotted series, I be you could sell at least 6 paperbacks in the series. Perfect for airports.

        Anybody out there who writes genre fiction & can get the needed rights/permissions?

        (edited to correct errors)

    • fashionzombie

      I have been focusing desperately on Christian’s image whenever they show that backdrop. I won’t even look at Tim, because then I will see more of Anya with my peripheral vision than I do when I look at PPS. I want someone to peel her face off the wall.

  • Linderella

    My biggest issue with Gunnar (aside from his being a complete and utter dick) is the producers’ constantly shoving him at us.  He is always the first contestant they cut to, he gets the most face time talking directly to the camera, and, while he I don’t accuse him of having one iota of modesty, he is almost certainly being told what to say about half the time.  Ugh.  Hate him, but hate THEM even more for giving us him.

  • SewingSiren

    I like Sonjia’s better than Ven’s too. But maybe Snape’s was even better.
    Sweetcracker’s was better than expected, but top three, by a long shot.
    I did not think Elena deserved to be in the bottom , simply because you can tell it is her work (after only one challenge!) that’s something.
    Buffi got spanked for using fabric on the bottom, but a lot did that. It is tasteless, but that style is what got her on the show. It’s her thing and of course that’s what she is going to do. Her bodice is a little soggy, but the technique she used requires more skill than what Sweetcracker’s did.

  • Lisa_Cop

    Dimitry mot being in the top 3 may be because he uused an unembellished black cloth (like a t shirt) as a kind of halter top for the dress. Had he made ANY effort to put candy there, I’m pretty sure he would have made top 3. Then again, in extended judging video of Quentin on the Lifetime site, they fawn all over him and he adopts a sweet cutesy tone (very unlike the bitchiness we’ve been seeing).

    • fashionzombie

      Yes, he certainly has a “talking to the judges” voice that differs from his other Lifetime (TM) voices.

  • elikit

    Elena, blah. Boring colour. Exact same dress as last week, but with creepy macaroni-looking material. And ridiculously boxy. Which, yes, everyone had a problem with, but her girl did look like a linebacker.

    Ven, tasteful and lovely, but he, too, was jacking his own style by doing another twisty rose design element.

    I’m glad Lantie’s gone. She seemed way too fragile and made me nervous.

  • holdmewhileimnaked

    okay, first, i cant take any of this seriously any more. i dont care about the judges’ critiques, theyre just saying whatever fits whichever conclusion to which theyve long ago adhered. better than the candy, that adherence, if not the commentary. the commentary, eh feh, one is the wrong color so it loses while another is the same wrong color so it wins. too much of that would put anyone off his or her videofeed.

    otoh, i actually do think they did something i hadnt anticipated this season. i think they understood & paid attention to enough of the extraordinary backlash over the last two years to have actually cast people, for their supposed design competition, who can actually & almost unbelievably, design. i’d love to think that they realized the depth of the pit that was the nadir known as PRS9–but they probably dont. they do, though, likely recognize that an overbleed of viewers will eventually=the same in revenue so they didnt cast only for personality. not to mention pockets & stereotypes. not that none of this is there but at least the work is better.

    as for this:
    i love sonja’s hair & i’d probably like her as a person but i am surprised everyone likes this dress so much. the half circular diaper flap just makes me nuts. i like the sharks, though. i’d like them better if the whole outfit cohered around them as more creature than color but, you know, one cant have everything. especially not here, not made from half a thousand bucks worth of sugar, & not in two days. also the top part, the part that kinda looks like a sleeveless jacket? i like that too.

    the rest of this stuff, these? eh feh redux, theres not much going on. i wonder if, in all their pretense, they may have possibly at least pretended to say that the reason they didnt like the one from which the vanilla licorice falls is cos it looks almost exactly like the inverse of last week’s dress? somewhere amid the extended critique did they bother? cos that would make sense. their stereotype  in the flock o’ seagulls hair, there, did make a better dress but not by a million miles–obviously that’s not why he’s top three, it’s got nothing to do w/ it. we all know who shoulda been there instead but it’s not their story arc.

    otoh, i wonder what he’s going to do about reappropriating his own personality once this has all come & gone. in the same line, i wonder how much, & when it cometh in, any of the contestants knows about the fix. cos of all these people, at least this time, this one really seems like he was coached. did he really go for the josh on his own? would anybody? anyway.

    after two root canals a couple days ago my infection has backed down a bit. it’s a weird sort of submission, this, in order to save what is left of my weary life. i would think if it didnt hurt so incredibly much–just incredibly much–it might be worth instead to toss the everlovin towel. but nobody could, not w/ this, it’s not standable. so here we are.

    • formerlyAnon

      I agree they cast more capable designers this season. I like this.
      I also agree Gunnar is acting, and not well. And I wonder if/when the strain will show, even more. And what his clients ‘back home’ think of this & when he ends up back there how it’ll affect his business? Because IMO, he’s not special enough for anyone to want to hire the portrayed personality & he’s not good enough to make a solid business in the big city with ‘just’ 100K and some very short term Marie Clare/Lord & Taylor support.

      Hope you feel better. You know to take care of yourself (rest, eat right, etc.), hope you can bring yourself to do so.

  • Well, for our Project Runway Lifetime Murder Mystery Lite – the first weapon would HAVE to be sewing shears. We could call it Shear Murder. 

  • SophieCollier

    I get the feeling Buffi would be very popular on Etsy.

  • Presumptuous Insect

    “There was one other look that really should have been here in its place, but we’ll get to that later (and besides, you all know who we’re talking about).”

    I hope you are talking about Dimitri’s, because I loved his. Both his and the 2nd place blue and white one really made wonderful use of the shape and shininess and color of those candies. They made this episode one of the best I’ve seen in a long time.

  • Gunnar did NOT deserve a top three spot. His madel looked like she was trying to hide a big baby bump with something very ugly and badly made.
    I want a gummi shark bib.

    From the look of Dragon Tattoo in some of the confessional scenes, the ones where she is wearing nothing special and hardly made-up, I still think she may be the runner. One of them.

    Buffi, don’t leave me!

  • Tiara Dubb

    TLo FTW due to the use of Sonjia’s hometown boy band New Edition! Thanks for getting one of my favorite songs of my youth stuck in my head again, TLo!

  • Jarethee

    Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee’vry time Gunnar gets a spot on the TV and opens his mouth without even thinking I scream “SHUT UP!” at my television. They also for some reason cut to Christopher every time Gunnar says something, or vice versa. They really want to play up this rivalry and them rolling their eyes at each other’s creations.

  • I almost fell on the floor during Elena’s critique when Michael Kors started talking about seeing old man eyebrows and a moustache on the dress ~ haven’t heard bon mots like that in a while!!

  • Tatiana Luján

    Gunnar’s peplum looks like a trash bag.