PR: Candy Everybody Wants

Posted on July 30, 2012

Actually, it was candy nobody wanted, going by the judges’ scores, who placed all of these in the uncommented-upon middle.

Thankfully, we are here to comment on them.

Alicia Hardesty
Materials: Jelly beans, sour strips, gumballs

Hey, you guys! The Jolly Green Giant has a little sister! And SHE dresses like ass too!

Why do we get the impression that Alicia’s going to do nothing but send these weirdly shaped pieces down the runway no matter what the challenge? They’ll ask for a red carpet look and she’ll make overalls. They’ll ask for a look to wear on the cover of Marie Claire and she’ll make … overalls with one-strap. Etc., etc., ad nauseam.


Andrea Katz
Materials: Candy dots, umbrellas, tart candy

This had some merit to it, in terms of the design. Very much in the Vivienne Westwood mode. But that ruffled, bustled backside really doesn’t go with the modern and stiff-looking front. Then there’s the issue of using way too much fabric for an unconventional materials challenge. As we recall, those button-candy panels are all made from pillows. She doesn’t seem to understand what the judges are looking for in an unconventional materials challenge: masterful use of non-fabrics to make a dress that looks conventional and wearable. She too fabrics and made an avant-garde dress. This was a good enough final result that the judges didn’t feel the need to call her on it, but she’s just lucky there were people who did worse than she did.

The one thing we’ll credit her for is taking Tim’s critique very seriously, even if she didn’t change her plans over it.


Dmitry Sholokhov
Materials: Sour balls, black t-shirt

This was a spectacular entry and it’s really kind of a shame. Because we understood the second it came out that it was never going to win this challenge for one reason: too much fabric showing. They really don’t want to see conventional materials in an unconventional materials challenge.

Granted, we assumed this would be Top 3 and it should have been. There’s no way Gunnar’s dress was a better design than this. But Gunnar’s playing the sociopath this season which means, like all the past sociopaths on P.R., his work will get overpraised in order to keep him in the game.

Fabio Costa
Materials: Sour strips, crushed rock candy

Y’kn0w… Dumpster Hipster’s really got something going on. There’s something quietly thoughtful about this look. It’s not as showy as Ven’s or Sonjia’s but there are some lovely details here; on the back especially. And while we like that skirt, we question what materials he used to make it. That sure as hell ain’t no candy skirt. Still, this is a perfect middle entry: good enough to keep him in the game with enough nice touches that the judges may have started noticing him by now.


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  • Sobaika

    I just want to wear Dmitry’s sour balls dress and spin around on a dance floor.

    • Absolutely! When it first came out on the runway it immediately stood out because it had actual MOVEMENT, that’s very difficult in an unconventional challenge. The colours are dead on, and the shape is flattering too.

      • I really liked this one too and thought it should have been top three.

      • H3ff

        Also, this is random, but isn’t his voice (AND accent) almost exactly like that of Lucian from PR Canada? I cannot believe the similarity.

    • It was such a cute dress, and the only one with real movement.  But TLo are right: with that much fabric showing, it wasn’t going to win.  What I wonder is what’s up with the zippers on this show?  They always seem to have these super obvious industrial zippers.  Are the better zippers just too expensive for the budget, or are they under the mistaken impression that a zipper up the back is such an amazingly unique design feature that it must show?

      • Sobaika

        I think it has to be a budget constraint considering we’ve seen so many big ass zippers on PR. You’d think they’re at the height of chic the way the designers trot them out.

        • Rebecca Jay

          lol @ “big ass zippers.”  That cracked me up.

      • Call me Bee

        Yeah–the sad thing is they are showing up on regular clothes in the stores now.  I saw a woman at a recent wedding wearing a cute black dress with a big honking gold zipper up the back. Ick. Nancy’s Notions even has an online class on how to insert the “latest fashion”–an outside zipper (after me taking years to learn how to properly insert an invisble zipper!  Arrrgh!)

        • Spicytomato1

          Sounds like the plot of film featuring a Forrest Gump-esque character. Accidental/utilitarian design element turns into worldwide trend/sensation. Starring Hugh Grant?

      • DCSheehan

        I love me a big ass zipper showing though I question it in this particular look.

        Gotta give Dmitry props for how this dress swung. And yes, he should have covered the top in some shit. But hey, none of it fell off. Unlike a certain person in the top 3 who was only there to ramp up the drama…

        •  I’m cool with them as long as they go with the look.  I saw a girl in this delicate, girly, flirty little party dress at a wedding.  Turned around and there’s a GIANT zipper through the back!  It looked ridiculous. 

  • Andrea’s dress was made with the candy dots, so it’s made out of paper, with the candy still on it.  I think it’s a decent entry, but I don’t know that she’ll be one of the ones in the finale. 

    • mhleta

      Yes, I was going to comment on this too. It was candy, but she didn’t really do enough to alter the sheets from their original state. She basically just attached them together and made an apron. Wee. The number 1 on the front seems completely random and does nothing but evoke the image of “Thing 1” from Dr. Seuss. The Gibson Girl hair does work in harmony with the bustle, but it only serves to make the whole look somewhat ridiculous and costumey. I’d actually love to see Andrea costume the candy factory scenes in a stage production of “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” ie, the “Toot Sweets” number, but otherwise, this doesn’t thrill me. I’m actually rooting for her because I think her years of experience have earned her the right to be respected, but I want to see her work reflect that. So far, everything I’ve seen belongs in a bizarro children’s film or in a museum. 

    • MoHub

       My biggest issue was the literalness of Andrea’s interpretation. In a challenge in which one is supposed to make garments out of candy that don’t read as candy, she chose to create a Victorian candy store clerk, making an outfit that was more rather than less about the material. I begin to wonder whether she has any actual imagination. (Takes me back to Wendy Pepper’s outfit for Nancy O’Dell in terms of seeing the client in orange and only being able to dress her in  orange for the runway.)

      • I miss Wendy Pepper…now that was good TV!

      • TheDivineMissAnn

         I think Wendy won that challenge!

        • MoHub

           Yes, she did, but it was only because it was the least of four evils. And the final dress O’Dell wore was very different from what Wendy presented on the runway.

  • There were candy button pillows but I think they were a much larger scale.  I could be mistaken, but I think the candy dots used for the dress WERE actual candy.

    • They were. The candy dot pillow Christopher bought never got used, and it was a much bigger scale. it does make me wonder, also what happens to all the stuff that doesn’t get used for one reason or another. Does Bunim-Murray hold onto all that stuff?

      • BerlinerNYC

        This is not exactly an answer, but remember last season (maybe it was All-Stars?) when one of the challenges involved a box with all the leftover fabric from all of the previous challenges that season? I’m sure they hold onto stuff, probably with some fiendish agenda like making season 13 contestants use season 5’s leftovers or something.

        •  Actually, a leftovers challenge would be interesting.  Give each designer a box with random stuff from prior challenges and have them create something that must incorporate all the materials to one degree or another.

          • janetjb

            Here are Suede’s leftovers now make something!

          •  Hee hee.  What about the stuff left by that kid, oh what was his name, who was obsessed with being tan all the time?  He taught Tim to say “Hollah at ya boy.”  His stuff would be tragic to work with.

          • Spicytomato1

            Oh yeah…the guy who provoked Heidi to say “pooing fabric.” I can picture his face but cannot for the life of me remember his name.

          •  Help, fellow Kittens!  We will be driven mad without this information.

          • Spicytomato1

            Yes, otherwise his Oompa Loompa-hued visage will haunt our subconscious(es)! 🙂

          •  Spicy, you’re killin’ me here!

          • Wasn’t it Blane? Or something close to that name?

          • Spicytomato1

            YES! Ding ding ding. Thank you. Poor guy wanted so much to be the next Siriano, trying to coin a phrase, a la “Fierce,” to be remembered by. And here we could not even remember his name. 

          • I think if he had spent more time thinking about his designs instead of messing with that chick who only liked to sew “Letha” he may have been able to create something worth remembering in a good light

          • i loved the interaction between those two.  my favorite line was when stella said “blaine, honey, come here…bring your diaper…”

          • kittenwithaquip

             Yup, the self-professed tanorexic was named Blaine.

          • Yup. Dear old girlicious Blaine.

          • I thought crazy “Spitmark” Elisa was the one who had the pooing fabric dress.

          • Spicytomato1

            Heidi may have re-used it with her but I’m pretty sure Blaine provoked her to utter it for the first time. I could very well be wrong, however, my brain tends to be less reliable on these types of details the older I get.

          • aykayay

            Elisa made the beautifully cut blue dress that was “pooing fabric” for her seasons first challenge.  Blaine made a bandage-y strap thing with wads of blue and pink fabric stuffed along one side of the models body for the astrological signs team challenge. They called it a fabric tumor.

  • Elias Pineda

    dimitry is to tacky 

    • xmixiex

      aaaaare you looking at the same dress the rest of us are?

  • Karen Tully

    Dmitri’s dress was masterful in its execution.  He absolutely should have been in the top three, and I’d have been hard pressed to choose between his dress and Ven’s as the best this week.  He really worked with the materials and made them work for him–the way that skirt moved was wonderful.

    • I loved the movement!  It was truly wonderful.

    • mhleta

      I agree. Fully 80% of that dress was candy and it was spectacular. Gunnar’s blew chunks.

      • Spicytomato1

        I’m with you…on your assessment of both Dmitri’s and Gunnar’s. 

        And I don’t know why but I’m still semi-enraged that Gunnar got so much praise for making gumball jewelry and slapping a sticker on a shoe. Grr.

        • Catiline

          Because it’s what the judges did last year, carping on accessories to justify the silly rankings (see also: Josh).  Gunnar’s dress and accessories were competently made, but joyless.  Comrade Snape’s dress had fun and vivaciousness to it.

        • SayWTH

          I’m still trying to figure out why Gunnar is back this season. Seems to me if you get a shot the previous season, you should not be in the current season. Perhaps there should be a 2 season “sit out” or something before you can reapply or to give more designers a shot, once you have been on, you CAN’T reapply. Besides, his dress was nothing special, the candy was falling off and IT MATCHED HIS HAIR!!!

          Dmitri’s was a much cleaner, better executed design.

        •  They’re obsessed with accessories to the point of giving them their own show (which flopped). It’s the same ridiculous “but your styling is awful” show. I’d be interested to see the critique if they had actual stylists.

      • CozyCat

        Yes.  There was more candy on the skirt than was apparent in the brief runway shot.  I bet if he had just put a few rows of something like licorice wheels on the bodice he would have been a contender.

        • formerlyAnon

           Absolutely.  Looking at the top three, just gluing some more sugar of any sort on there would have done it.

          Or, rather, taken away their excuse for having Gunnar in the top 3.

    • I was really surprised he didn’t cover the top. He didn’t seem to be grappling with time problems, it seemed to be a conscious choice and like TLo said, it’s too much conventional fabric showing for this piece to be a standout winner. If he’d covered the top in the same classy way he did the skirt, I think he’d be in top 3 at least! They love movement in the unconventional challenge and his had the most by far!

  • kcliff

    I think Andrea’s dress was actually made out of the real candy button sheets. They are paper. There were pillows with that design, but someone else bought those. 

    • hoez

      Yeah, I’m pretty sure she mentioned sewing into the candy on accident a few times as well. 🙂

      • have to admit I was surprised how much better it looked when she sewed it all straight. I hadn’t realized how sloppy it looked until Tim pointed it out (God bless that man). That said, it was still…boring.

  • Dmitry’s was fabulous! I agree that he probably wasn’t considered because he used too much fabric. If only he’d beaded the top (or something) maybe Gunnar the creep wouldn’t have made the top 3.

    I think the criticism Andrea paid the most attention to was that hers was sloppy looking. All the candies didn’t line up the first time she sewed them. I don’t think it made the 1 on the front the first time, but I just might not have noticed. 

    • I don’t think it did either (have the 1, I mean). And while that gave it some interest as far as “look how precisely I sewed it!” it really didn’t make it anything more than a sheet of candies sewn together. the dots factory did all her work! I was shocked she made it through.

  • Catiline

    I wasn’t even mad when they cut to Dimitry looking shocked he wasn’t in the top 3.  His look was adorable, and the way the beads bounced around when she walked was just cute.

    While I can’t defend the back of it on any level, there is something about the front of Andrea’s look that appeals to me.  I wish she had gone with the clean and angular motif for the whole look.

    Dumpster Hipster’s dress gets prettier the longer I look at it. 

  • Alicia gave me a sad, big time, when this effort came out. What a mess it was.  True to her vision, but sad sad sad. 
    Andrea came really close to auffdom with this.  All she really took from Tim’s critique, which surely worked in her favor, was redoing the candy dot apron, so it looked clean and finished.  I got totally what she wanted with the bustle, since she had mentioned a worker in a Victorian candy shop, but WAY too much fabric showing for the judges
    Snape was my fave for the win, actually.  It saddened me that he was banished to the middle. his work surely deserved at least top 3 status.
    Fabio’s work I loved, from the waist up.  The skirt?  Well it just doesn’t seem to really work, completely, and I’m not sure why.

    • Vickiefantastico

      Poor Alicia. She didn’t know how to work with that heavy candy. And yes, she does seem to be stuck on a certain shape. However, I actually liked the front part of the shorts. The lines looked good. I really want to like her because I think she has a strong point of view and an obvious client in mind. But yes, that was sad.
      I agree with you completely about Andrea and Dmitri. I felt he deserved the win as well. I felt he had a real wow moment, although I knew like TLo that he wouldn’t win with all of the fabric in the top. It’s a shame.
      Fabio’s was very pretty, although I agree with you a bit about the skirt. Maybe it’s because it was painted and not made out of candy? Not sure.

      •  Yeah, i really like Alicia as well. I would love to see her slam it on the next round with something completely other than what we’ve seen thus far.  I think there are lots of ways she could retain her vibe without sending another variant on overalls down the runway. To a degree, it seemed like she copped out and took a very safe route.

      • I suspect Andrea is unused to getting such a damning critique from anyone.  And Tim was quite clear about what wasn’t working. He also said it looked “craft projecty”, which it surely did.  If she had managed to embellish the bustle on the back with lots of candy, she could have sailed into the top 3 on this one. 

        I give her lots of credit, for sucking it up and getting back to work, without giving up on her vision.  She is obviously a real pro.

    • Re: Andrea and her response to Tim’s critique: I was very intrigued by the way she responded to what he said.  We have to allow for editing shenanigans, of course, but what we heard from Tim was basically a) it looks sloppy, and b) I’m underwhelmed (i.e. I expected better from you than a candy dot apron).  I don’t really understand how she interpreted that as “destroy what you’ve already made and start over from scratch!”–but as you said, Kiltdntiltd, sewing the apron back together so that the dots lined up made a huge difference in the apron’s appearance, thus proving Tim at least a little bit right.  In short, then, the whole thing makes me wonder whether criticism will continue to throw her for a loop in the future (okay, it doesn’t make me wonder, it makes me fairly certain of it, but I’m trying to be charitable here…).

      • Catiline

        Well, Tim did phrase it pretty damningly: “I don’t have words for how underwhelmed I am,” which btw is totally something I’m going to work into my workplace conversations from now on.  I could see how even a very secure person would get thrown by that.  I was actually kind of impressed with Andrea – she let herself have her moment of stung pride, then got over it and managed to address Tim’s criticism pretty calmly.

        • Spicytomato1

          I think I could use the same phrase when my kids rush through their homework or practicing their musical instruments. Maybe it would be more effective than my usual cycling through exasperation, anger and disappointment.

          • uterute

            A bit confused – isn’t homework meant to be rushed through?   Aren’t you just supposed to get it out of the way until you’re an adult and no longer have to spend your evenings doing dull, pointless busywork for zero financial compensation?

          •  Thank you!  That was always my feeling about it as well!  “School is your job”  Yeah, well, what moron accepts a job that requires you to show up for 8 hours a day and bring stuff home every night for NO PAY?  With no more of an incentive than, “you can get into a better college with more homework that you’ll actually have to pay them for”? 

            Of course, now I’m a parent so I have to try to find a way to answer that question…

          • formerlyAnon

             Well, there’s the ever popular “school is your job until you can go out there and support yourself” response.

          • Spicytomato1

            Yes. And call me a bad parent but I think there’s something to be said for teaching them the value of putting in your best effort rather than half-assing everything. To each his own, I suppose.

          • Catiline

            As a habitual homework-rusher-througher when I was a kid, I support and applaud your efforts to break the habit!

  • nannypoo

    Dmitry’s dress was amazing. He had more fabric showing than the top 3 but less than many of the others, and the most important part was loaded with candy, none of which fell off, so I think he should’ve been a contender. It moved well and was actually wearable, with interesting details and attractive styling. He was robbed.

  • Dmitry wuz robbed from a Top 3 spot. 

  • Judy_S

    I kind of like Alicia’s overalls esthetic. I hope she doesn’t get bounced too soon. I was as disappointed in Andrea as Tim was, though the final version was a bit more polished looking than what she started with. “Candy Dots” means that she basically took small sheets of paper with candy on them and fastened them together to use as fabric. I thought it was a nast idea and contrary to the spirit of the challenge, too. It wasn’t the “stationery” challenge.
    Dmitry, yes, great design, and wonderful use of the candy. In a way I thought it was the most interesting use of the candy by anyone, because he didn’t just use it to colorblock or even add texture, but so to speak structurally as beads.
    Fabio’s skirt–isn’t it just muslin dyed with the candy? I did like his top.

    • Spicytomato1

      Hopefully two challenges is not enough to assume that Alicia will stubbornly stick to her overalls aesthetic. I’m rooting for her…and hoping she made a piece that was easy for her this time given the trickiness of the materials. We’ll see.

      • I have to admit I do hope “lesbian fashion” comes across as more than just “overalls.” There’s a lot of different aesthetics to mine there, while still staying true to her ideals and identity as a person.

    • LesYeuxHiboux

       I think using the candy to dye the muslin is one of the most creative and transformative uses of all, rather than just covering a muslin mock-up with candy.

  • SapphoPoet

    I loved Dimtry’s dress. It was elegant and fun with all the movement. Perhaps if he’d covered up the neck piece with more sourballs he would have been in the top three. It was so much better than Gunnar’s piece. 

    I think Andrea will nail the avant-garde challenge, if she’s still around at that point. I kind of got what she was going for with the Victorian apron look, but her garment looked so stiff and strange. Plus, too much fabric. Still, as you say, she took Tim’s critique seriously so props for that. 

    Fabio–I kind of liked his dress, although I didn’t see too much use of candy there. But the color was lovely and it looked like a real garment. 


    • Spicytomato1

      “Perhaps if he’d covered up the neck piece with more sourballs he would have been in the top three.”

      Perhaps. But I’m really not sure the dress would have worked as well with a bumpy bodice. Part of what made it so pretty to me was the contrast between the simple top and more elaborate skirt. I wish the judges would have recognized that fact instead of dismissing him based on the quantity of candy used as they apparently did.

      • SapphoPoet

        Yes, I liked the contrast, too. I started wondering what it would have looked like if he’d done a spaghetti strap/halter top with the same treatment as the beaded fringe. Proportions might not have worked, though. Still, a fabulous dress and he was robbed. 

  • Sam

    I’m not really sure if I could consider Andrea’s dress avant-garde. It feel more costumey than avant-garde. She was going for unusual Victorian and she played it fairly literal down to the hair and choice of shoes. Sort of like Tim Burton’s Sweeney Todd meets Willy Wonka. But that’s just my viewpoint.

    For an unconventional challenge I’m seeing a lot of conventional materials.  

    • I thought she was going for Dalek…

  • muzan-e

    The moment I saw Ven using a hammer to make stained glass I was crushed: all that time I’d been hoping he’d crush the candy into pigments and use them to stain the fabric. But then along comes Dumpster, and he did such a beautiful piece of work with it, too.  As with Sonjia, I’m adoring his eye for colour.

    Watching Dmitri at work, I had one of those little gasps, flashing right back to your commentary on Laura Bennett’s stunning, shiny beaded dress: specifically the way in which she’d used the beading to highlight the gown’s colour accents.  Dmitri’s doesn’t have Bennett’s subtlety or finesse, but then in a way it isn’t supposed to: the colours are statements, more than accents.  But I don’t think I’d have ever really noticed what he’d done with the colours if not for your comments all those years ago.

  • I just love that Snape’s main material was “sour balls.” How fitting!

    • Beaten to it! An apt description of his personality thus far.

  • Susan Collier

    Although I can’t say that I understand the number 1 on the front of Andrea’s apron dress, I kind of like its color blindness test realness. Definite middle of the pack entry.

    Dimitri’s was a knockout and the most wearable out of all the entries.

    • Kimbolina

      Maybe the 1 was a subliminal message, trying to get the judges to put her in the top 3.

  • Lilithcat

    Y’know, the more I look at Andrea’s, the more I like it.  Granted, way too much fabric, but it’s an interesting concept.

    Alicia’s looks like something you’d throw together if you were castaway on a desert island.

    Dimitry’s was a lovely look, but he also used way too much fabric.  You can’t get in the top three in a challenge like this if half your garment is plain fabric.

    Fabio is showing some nice detail, but overall, it looks boxy (and to repeat, too much fabric!), and the styling just sucks.  His model looks absolutely miserable.

    • Tatiana Luján

      I like Andrea’s dress too and I don’t know why.

      • holdmewhileimnaked

        i also like it & it’s not just cos she looks kinda sorta like my mother & created a reasonable turn on the design of my design mother [in a manner of speaking], VivW. i mean, it’s probably a lot of that but not entirely it, if i make sense. then again, i will probably feel better a bit later & write more sensibly.

      • CozyCat

        The paper dot candy was really beautiful–she just need ed to do more with it.

        Am I the only one who remembers eating that stuff as a kid?  You had to suck it off the paper, which eventually became wet and soggy and you ended up eating as much paper as candy.  I really loved that candy when I was little–lord knows why….

        • Spicytomato1

          My kids love it now, soggy paper and all being part of the charm, I believe. At least some things haven’t changed.

        • Stubenville

          I used to pick the dots off of the paper.

      • janetjb

        I’m glad Andrew took Tim’s criticism seriously and fixed the mismatched rows of candy.  I originally laughed at her dress on the runway, but now I kind of like.  I wonder if the judges knew it was “A Victorian Candy Clerk”?

      • Catiline

        I’m also in the “inexplicable like” camp with Andrea’s dress.  I think the crisp angles of the colors on the front read a little bit mod to me?

      • GillianHolroyd

        It was very well made… that bustle was masterful. OK, not the best
        interpretation of the challenge but I thought it was a cohesive look
        made with great skill and I always look forward to seeing what she will
        make vs someone like Alicia who produces mostly sad garments. 

    • SewingSiren

      The only thing I don’t like about Andrea’s is the stupid #1.

      • Snailstsichr

         I see it as joyous homage to steam punk and Victorian children’s books – all of which I love.
        I didn’t see the number one until the pictures here. I liked it better without that.

  • EverybodysStarling

    What does Andrea want to tell us with the orange 1 made out of candy dots? First one to punch Gunnar? If so, that’s fine with me, otherwise, I don’t get it. 

    Loved Snape’s dress. So thoughtful and it is flattering as hell, too.

    • Spicytomato1

      Maybe Andrea’s sending a secret signal, given the speculation that she’s going to be the one to bolt!? At first I thought the “1” might have somehow been accidental but I see it’s definitely not. So I’m going  with secret signal 🙂

      • EverybodysStarling

        I can’t believe that I actually went back to her entry from last week to see if there were any hints, too 😀

      • LesYeuxHiboux

         I thought it was a “subliminal” message to the judges to choose her design for the win.

        •  I literally went “we’re number 1! we’re number one! woo!” when I saw it.

          …can’t take the cheerleader out of the derby girl, apparently.

    • formerlyAnon

      At the University of Texas (school colors burnt orange & white) they have this tower (of 1960’s sniper Charles Whitman infamy). When a school entity does well (usually, but not always, a sports team) the tower is lit in orange that night. When they win a championship or something, it’s lit in orange & the [rooms behind the] windows are lit to form the number “1.”

      Because graduates of this school are prone to think that it is, indeed, the center of the known universe, I would be completely unsurprised if Andrea or someone dear to her is of this school and it was some kind of reference.

      I know that’s odd. But it’s immediately what I thought of.

  • lessax3

    It looks like Fabio may have used either pixie stick sugar or crushed rock candy to make a dye for the muslin. Knocked him down but an interesting use of the candy. 

    • SapphoPoet

      Oh, that makes sense. 

    • EverybodysStarling

      Yes, it was rock candy, it was shown at the very beginning of the workroom session. Actually I was waiting for a “He stole my idea” moment from Vin, but thankfully it didn’t come. 

      • Spicytomato1

        Oh man, I’m sure the producers were itching for a “he stole my idea” moment. Hee hee, I’m glad anti-drama Ven isn’t giving them any fodder to exploit and manipulate. They’ve got plenty of other drama queens to mine for material.

  • Judy_J

    Alicia’s design looks like Sheena of the Jungle, and not in a good way.  She succeeded in making that model look thick-waisted, and that took some doing.

  • Violina23

    You two are FAR more tolerant of Andrea’s mess than I am/was. The concept was interesting and had merit, but [in terms of execution] failed in nearly every way. 

  • minnye

    I’m happily curious to see what each of these designers will come up with next & find myself pulling for Fabio. I’m intrigued by his aesthetic and frankly, I think he’s way sexay. Must be those doe eyes.

  • We were thinking that Fabio’s skirt was made out of Toddler’s and Tiara’s crack. The powdered sugar that comes in tubes. Thinking he poured it over a glue base.
    And we loved Dmitry’s look – to hell with fabric ding.

  • StellaZafella

    What gets me this year…and every year for that matter: Is when a designers call having ONE LOOK a “point of view” or, shudder, “an aesthetic”…It’s one look for god’s sake – not a style. Boho Chic is a style aesthetic, overalls is, well, overalls. Military Smart can be a point of view, Fencing Togs is one uniform.
    At least Frokeman’s odd or comical or just plain weird work looks like it comes from the same designer and has the influence and markers of his aesthetic…but they don’t all look like the same damn outfit in a different fabric. I wanna see some ideas here, designers! Hold the drama until after you show me some talent!

    oops, I needs my coffee…yum!

    • formerlyAnon

      You, unlike the judges, understand the hierarchy of taxonomy. It is not fashionable, in these days of folksonomy and crowd sourcing, so perhaps they must be forgiven. But I find it difficult to do so.

  • save_the_hobbit

    Andrea’s dress was absolute shit. I was amazed when she wasn’t in the bottom three. WTF WAS THAT BEHIND HER.

  • msdamselfly

    Dmitry’s dress was very well done—should’ve wone 3rd place

  • Anathema_Device

    I agree Fabio’s dress was top-three worthy. I liked tht he used candy yo dye the skirt. That was a cool use of the candy. If Dmitry had at least covered the black fabric with black candy, he might have reviewed higher scores. I liked Andrea’s apron concept, but agree that sewing strips if paper together then tryin to salvage it with an umbrella bustle was a bad idea.

  • I know, I should totally hate Freegan but I kind of don’t? I wanted his hat wall REALLY BADLY. Like seriously guys ask what he used to make his hat wall if you ever interview him because I kind of need to know. 

    • MilaXX

       I know a freegan and while I won’t eat at his house anytime soon, he’s an okay dude. Long way home, I like Fabio too. FYI, a freegan will eat at a restaurant if you are paying. The emphasis is on FREE. They will however, clear the table packing a doggy bag. 🙂

      • Spicytomato1

        Ha, who knew my MIL is a freegan? I had her pegged as a freeloader but this distinction seems less unseemly.

        • formerlyAnon

           Until you see her stocking the fridge with expired yogurts & slightly wilted produce she got at the back of the Safeway, I think your compromise term might have to be “painfully frugal.”

          • Spicytomato1

            Yes, that sounds more precise (and diplomatic), thanks. The lady can fill her purse with the cracker and bread basket before you’ve even realized what’s happened and has an utter knack for disappearing to the ladies room when the check comes. Painfully frugal indeed.

  • Remember season 4 when they were all let loose in the Hershey’s store and half the people figured out “hey, the WRAPPER is nice and light!” and Jiollian made a weird little Twizzler dress than actually looked like a dress?  I miss that season…

    I give Dmitry more credit for such clever and well-executed integration of actual candy into his garment than Gunnar’s linoleum patterned dress.  “MOST CANDY!” shouldn’t be the biggest benchmark.

    • LesYeuxHiboux

       Oh, I miss Jillian. I loved Christian, too, but I wanted Jillian to win. How odd, to have TWO perfectly acceptable candidates for the top spot.

      • I felt the same.  I liked a lot of her work and sometimes I just wanted to punt Christian’s bony little butt across the room.

        Note that his Reese’s wrapper dress was chopped up into Melissa’s unimpressive, stiff little mini.

  • I think you guys forgot to comment on Raul’s entry?

    • Call me Bee

      I’ll bet they get to it later, as the Goth chick’s dress isn’t here either…

  • Dmitry should have glued some gummy sharks…or spiders…or anthing to cover the material. Instant top three.

    • Spicytomato1

      Yes someone mentioned licorice wheels, which would have been perfect. They’re flat so they wouldn’t have bulked up the bodice too much. Still it’s a bummer that he didn’t get more praise.

      •  Hell, all he would have needed was some black licorice trim around the neck.

  • MilaXX

    Agreed with all the critiques, especially Dmitry’s. I LOVED that dress and the way it moved going down the runway. It was in my top 3 but I realized the fabric/candy ratio was too high.

    • Spicytomato1

      Fabric/candy ratio. Sigh, just one example of the arbitrariness of the judges. Did they explicitly outline a candy/fabric ratio? I don’t think so. So then it seems unfair to dismiss someone for missing a benchmark that wasn’t even provided. The judges drive me nuts in that regard, as well as with how they sometimes judge someone based on their body of work and sometimes don’t consider past work at all. Their inconsistencies are beyond frustrating.

      Sorry to vent here…it’s not you, it’s me. 🙂

      • MilaXX

        lol, I know what it’s like to love/hate PR and their judging.

  • SewingSiren

    1. Alicia- Terrible. Ugly and badly fit. Plus there’s a whole lot of muslin showing. This would be in my bottom three , it’s worse than Elena’s in my opinion.
    2. Andrea Cats lady- I kind of love this one. Except for the #1 (which I hate). I love, love, love the styling, she looks like Miss Manners. This dress looks exactly like a Candy dress for a Victorian lady working in a candy shop. It also fits with Andrea’s aesthetic. 
    So for me it is a success.
    3. Dmitry- Should have won. I see fabric sure, BUT it came from the store. Unlike the top three who all covered muslin dress with candy. Both the winner and third place had extremely simple silhouettes that were absolutely nothing without the candy. I believe Dmitry’s could stand on it’s own without the candy. Also he was very thoughtful about the size of the candy he used. He used very small pieces around the waist, where as Sonjia used large pieces around the waist (which made the models waist look less small).
    4. Fabio- Very dull.  It also looks messy and sticky. The back looks like she sat on a cake. Me no likey.

    • Spicytomato1

      Miss Manners…funny I was thinking more like Old West Bordello Bar Wench. Either interpretation suggests a costume, however, which is not a plus.

      • Catiline

        I see a little bit of Hillary Clinton in the first picture of Andrea’s look.  Some of that is just the model’s face, but it’s freaking me out.

    • Lilithcat

       I see fabric sure, BUT it came from the store. Unlike the top three who all covered muslin dress with candy. 

      All he did was cover the muslin with a t-shirt because he didn’t have time to dye the muslin. So he covered fabric with fabric. I don’t see how that’s better than covering fabric with candy!

      • SewingSiren

        I don’t think that Dmitry used muslin at all. He didn’t have to. He bought tee shirts at the store to use as the foundation for his dress. In this way he made a dress using only items from the store. 
        I don’t think he would have dyed muslin to make the bodice of the dress  even if he had time,because muslin does not have the same properties as jersey.
        So the difference is he made the entire dress (including the foundation) of items found in the candy store. The candy is an integral part of the design, but not the only part of the design. 

        • unbornfawn

          Dimitry is also one of the few who didn’t just glue candy on muslin. The candy fringe moved beautifully and didn’t fall off. He was my choice for the win too.

          • SewingSiren

            Oh, definitely that. And furthermore, he knew when to stop with the beading. In my opinion, if he had covered the bust section with gum balls  the dress would have been less successful. So as a designer he knew when to stop with the embellishments. 

        • Lilithcat

          Watch the extended critique of him on the Tim’s Workroom video.  He says quite distinctly that he covered the muslin with the t-shirt because he wanted it black and didn’t have time to dye it.   

          • SewingSiren

            Thank you for pointing out that video. Dmitry comes across very likable and sweet. When he says “corset” I believe he is talking about the waist section in which he has used undyed muslin as a facing  to stiffen up the stretchy jersey.  I almost take him to mean that he (being a perfectionist )would have preferred to dye the muslin black so to match the jersey, however as English is his second language it is not really clear. I do not think that there is any muslin under the bust and neckline section of the bodice, which is utilizing the stretchy drapy qualities of the jersey.

          • Lilithcat

            Dmitry comes across very likable and sweet.

            He does, doesn’t he?  I truly hope that he gets a better handle on the time factor.  It was weird that he thought he could wait until after the model fitting to start his candy embellishments, when he had no idea how long of a wait that would be.   Fortunately, Tim gave him a reality check on that; I hope he remembers.

          •  It always bothers me when a designer complains about someone else being loud in the workroom — some people work better while talking or with noise.  You can’t expect them all to hamper themselves because you don’t. 

            But it’s a minor thing and he may have just complained out of frustration or with other comments attached.

          • Lilithcat

            I don’t recall that, but if he was referring to Gunnar, I wouldn’t blame him!

    • VanessaDK

      Thank you for explaining Andreas dress to me. You are so right and it fits her conceptual approach.

      I actually really liked Fabios because I loved the color but wouldnt put it on the top

      Dmitris looks even more stunning here than on the runway, especially from the back.

  • Bozhi

    I think the only thing that saved Andrea was that this garment was flawless and well styled.  I’m just not a fan of her look and do not see her in the final three.  I think Dmitry was robbed.  That dress is beautiful, and like Ven’s, looks like a “real” garment.

  • mjude

    i like andrea & her design was kinda fun.

    • Anathema_Device

       I’m guessing here, but I would imagine the fact that she had a concept in mind (old fashioned apron for someone who works in a candy store) might have helped her stay out of the bottom. At least in my mental scoring, that’s how it worked.

    • alyce1213

      I like her too, and I know we’re in the minority. It may not have followed the challenge perimeters as well as others, but it was very cheerful and fun to look at, and surprisingly well-made.

  • hoez

    She kept talking about how she was “thinking and feeling like she was #1” (iirc she felt like she could win with her concept) so I think it came from that… but honestly, that kind of thing is not for Project Runway. :/

  • janetjb

    Too bad Dmitry was so worried about fit, if he’d had time to cover the bodice he could have won.

  • Call me Bee

    Adored Dimitry’s dress and I wonder…if he had had the logos or printing showing on that T-shirt, would he have scored better?  I also think he shoulda gotten more points for using the Ts as a fabric for the gumballs instead of muslin.  I hope he can use this dress design later in the season, as it is darling.  While I don’t like the big zippers showing–this one was unexpected and and a nice touch. 

    Andrea’s turned out way better than I thought it would in the edits.  The candy strips are are well put together (after Tim mentioned the sloppiness–she listened!), and even though the bustle is kind of odd, she certainly stuck to her esthetic.   Which again drives me nuts, since Elena was called out for doing the same thing…

    Granola girl and Fabio…whatevs, though Fabio’s placement of the gumballs on the side of the bodice was very cute.  They look like big buttons.

  • Stubenville

    Alicia is lucky there was worse on the runway, because her garment is heinous. And the styling is NOT helping.

    And what’s up with the #1 on the front of Andrea’s apron / bustle? She put number one on it because the judges will immediately think “Oh, that’s the number one garment on the runway?” What, is she five years old?

  • Corazon Nunez

    Man, I looked at the front of Andrea’s dress, and I went “Love it!” Then you see the BACK, then you find out it’s all pillowcases, not candy, and you go, “huh.”

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      I just look at Andrea’s work for this challenge and it looks to me as if she smashed two entirely different dresses together, and they don’t work.

      • fashionzombie

        This is probably lame, but if Andrea’s entry had been for some regular challenge, I would have liked it a lot more. For the unconventional-materials=candy challenge, I thought it was terrible.

  • I really liked Dmitri and Fabio.  In fact, I thought Fabio was far more successful than Sonjia in terms of the color.  (I just really still don’t get the love for Sonjia’s.)  But none of my faves made it into the top this week — Christopher and Nathan really impressed me too.

  • sockandaphone

    i really liked dumpster hipster’s look. the blue shades were lovely. 

  • EEKstl

    Dmitry’s look was definitey Top 3 in my book but it was obvious that there was too much fabric showing to get him there over Psycho Bitch Gunnar, who deserved his spot far less.  I probably loved this even more as the “beadwork” reminded me of Laura’s grey gown with the yellow crystals, one my fave PR designs EVAH.

  • BuffaloBarbara

    Andrea’s was strong on design?  It reminded me of the avant garde challenge with the team that did Libra, with one side just randomly exploding fabric, and the other being boring.  If Lantie’s hadn’t been SO bad, I’d have auf’d Andrea in a second.

    Comrade Snape did a great job with the skirt, and I think it had enough candy to qualify for hte top three, now that I’m seeing it close up and long enough to look at.  I wonder if the judges didn’t see it long enough to notice how much of it was candy construction–that loss of detail on black that they’re always carping on.

    In the weirdest way, I didn’t mind Alicia’s.  I already can’t rememember Dumpster Hipster’s.

  • TheDivineMissAnn

    The first thing I thought of when I saw the back of Andrea’s dress was Santino’s ice skating outfit.  And his famous quote “Her ass looks like a baboon backside.”

  • PeaceBang

    Oh my HEAVENS, I love Dmitri’s dress!

  • baxterbaby

    You can take the boy out of the ballroom….
    Dmitry’s  dress was so Dancing with the Stars, Latin division.  Specifically Samba.  I loved it.

  • Alicia: I did not like the look on TV. I found it too loose and awkward. Looking at it now, I don’t mind it as much. She likes slouchy clothing. I give her credit for coinciding her aesthetic to the dictates of the challenge. She knew how to glue the candy well, thereby creating some panels and textures. It’s not a bad entry. There’s enough design and proportion (at least an attempt at) to advance her to the next round.

    Andrea: She managed to convey her aesthetic, which concerns linearity and volume. I don’t mind the bustle; it’s actually beautifully executed. She took too literal an approach, tho, in envisioning and designing “an apron for a Victorian candy bar clerk” (Heh).

    Dmitry: I love the meticulous beading. He knew what to do with candy. He did not glue it in clusters to create panels or patterns; he employed some artisan-like techniques as evinced by his cutting strips of fabric (or are they strips of candy?), placing the rounded candy on them, and arranging them so as to mimic fringe. There’s not a candy out of place in this outfit. You’d never know he used candy instead of beads from afar.

    Fabio: I adore this entry. He was smart to keep it monochromatic so as to allow the design elements to coalesce. I like the texture in the front, the elongated candy strips he used as trim, and the round large candy he used as buttoned closures. I believe he powdered up some candy and used the powder as dye to create the ombre effect on the skirt. That’s fabulous. It’s in keeping with his aesthetic (Didn’t he utilized a dyed effect last challenge also?). His work appears to be minimalistic with a propensity for shading and gradation. I like that.

    • Spicytomato1

      Agree with you on Alicia especially. Her garment might have been unconventional and unappealing to some people (although for me it’s a refreshing change from the standard cocktail dress), but the way she used the materials was really artful. The more I look at it, the cooler I think it is.

  • Snailstsichr

    I am just thankful that Alicia didn’t crush the chocolate candy and put it around the hem of the pants (isn’t that what she said she was going to do?) That would have been the ultimate in poo fabric.

    • Spicytomato1

      Yes, I also noticed that she scraped the “dirt” idea she mentioned. Wise choice.

    • Catiline

      Ooooh, I had forgotten all about that.  I think the green on the shorts portion already kinda looks like swamp grass, but I guess that’s kind of an upgrade.

  • Andrea:  Been making clothes for grandbabies, haven’t you?  Considering that this is a grown-up take on the backless apron dress, complete with embellished butt, I’m not impressed–I just made three different takes on this last month for my 14 month old niece–all from commercially available patterns.

  • formerlyAnon

    Of course I think Dmitry’s should have been top 3. If he was kept out of top three for too much fabric (which I choose to believe he was, rather than simply too little poor behavior), then Andrea should have moved from middle to bottom 3 for the same failing + minimal use of actual candy).

    Dumpster Fabio is best of the rest, here, IMO. Though I liked Andrea’s better, that’s personal taste & Fabio did more with his candy, at least marginally.

    I’d have been content to see Alicia go home for this one. It could just as well have been bottom three as Elena, IMO. They have a different ‘vision’ but the each stuck to it closely, gluing candy to muslin with nothing clever or appealing (shark gummy border/collar) .

  • mexirish5939

    Gaaah…the “sister-wives” hairdo on the apron ensemble is giving me traumatizing flashbacks of that “pumpkin” updo from the stilts challenge! I don’t have adequate words for the dress itself except that I want to bleach my eyes!

  • JMansm

    In my opinion, Dmitry should have still been in the running because even though he used fabric, I think the sour balls was perhaps the most innovative use of the candy. Also, if he used that beading technique in a regular challenge, he could win so I hope that that happens. 

  • KathKo

    I’m not sure the candy dots come from a pillow. We saw a lot of designer going for the candy dots pillows, but, if I’m not mistaken, Andrea was not. I remember her checking some paper panel with candy dots back in the shop. I think that’s what make it so rigid.
    I find her design weirdly interesting and full of joy.
    Severus is full of suprises : last week, his looks looked much better on the model than on the mannequin. This week, it was almost chic and stylish. I keep my eyes on this one since Kosuke-kun keeps on sending ass down the runway. Seriously, boy, you’re fun and weird, try to convey that into something more stylish, would you ?
    As for Fabio, I found that a little bleh. it’s more interesting in the close up, but something’s bothering me with the overall look. I’ll give him the benefice of doubt and put on the unconventionnal material.

    • Catiline

      Kosuke-kun!!!  I love you.

  • bitchybitchybitchy

    OK-how was Alicia’s not bottom 3? That is just fug. 
    May I add my two cents that Comrade Snape was robbed? That dress is great-love, love the way he used the candy to create movement.

  • guest2visits

    Fabio surprised me the most by using a cheery blue candy theme. And it’s a happy little dress inspite of the model’s expression.
    Perhaps a lighter shoe, like a sandal – would have been a better choice. I really thought he would have been the one picking up
    the black and beige-y twizzlers. I guess candy makes most people more optimistic.
    It was cute how carefully Dimitri attached his sour balls (and he’s got sour balls) to the fabric, since they can’t be threaded.
    I thought Andrea’s turned out well, it’s kind of pretty and it was even accessorized correctly; the shoes made the look.
    To me it made more sense than her loopy hoop skirt designs.    Alicia’s; I can’t even. Her hobo-chic rompers are just another
    distressing design affliction that I want to wish away.

  • Susan Crawford

    I had forgotten Fabio’s entry – and I agree hat there are some really good elements here. The boy can design, and even in this challenge, he shows some real ability to create a sophisticated and classic look. I think his styling sense is not where it should be, though. The hair and accessories weigh down this look. Strappy sandals, a lighter – perhaps metallic – clutch (or none at all) and a more youthful hairstyle next time?

    Diitri DID show fabric, but the design and execution of the skirt was so wonderfl that the judges SHOULD have recognized him, even if he could not win. Top three? Oh, yes, he deserved to be there over Gunnar.

    I actualy liked Andrea’s crazy Candy Lady From Hell look. I won’t say it was perfect, but she worked through some problems, and came up with an eye-catching, funky, outfit that Helena Bonham Carter might wear to a lawn party!

    Alicia’s one-shoulder overall with bandeau – excuse me a moment while I dab the blood from my eyeballs. No, Alicia, not in this world or any other will this pass muster. And the Olive Oyl hairstyle on the model? I think not.

  • LambeeBaby

    I think all of Alicia’s creations will look like they are made for a snowboarder.
    There were Dot pillows, but Andrea’s apron was made out of actual jumbo Dot candy. I remember one of them cracking as she was sewing them together.
    Dimitri deserved to be in the top 3. His work was much better than “Gunnar the Spitting Lizard’s”!

    • Sweetvegan

      Yes, I thought the same thing – one of the candies shattered when she sewed over it.

  • Kinda like the dots on the booties that Andrea used. I just noticed that on the sixth or seventh viewing. (Go slow work day, go!)

  • siriuslover

    YES! I loved Comrade Snape’s entry, but as I pointed out in the highs and lows thread, the judges would never have let it through, despite how it was technically superior to Gunnar’s. I liked Fabio’s use of Rock Candy better than Ven’s.  I thought Andrea’s was button candy, you know, the kind you peel off and they taste like smarties.

  • turtleemily

    The round thing above the bustle makes me think of Iron Man’s arc reactor. Maybe there’s rockets in those giant shoes?

    • Catiline

      Haha!!  It made me think of The Who‘s logo.

  • andrea’s front is not made out of pillows…they are candy buttons on waxy paper.

  • paulmkane2001

    Alicia’s piece is beautiful.  It was the best piece, imo.  I agree that if she turns every entry into a one shoulder overall, that will be stupid, but so will it be stupid if Ven puts a big rose design on everything he does.  What Alicia seems to have going for her, in this piece at least, is a gift for amorphous design.  It looks as though a green mass dripped over her model’s shoulder, except that the spiraling red interrupts that.   The resulting struggle between a drippy green effect and a shapey red mass brings the dress to life,   feeling rich in color, sensual, and free.   I think Alicia’s piece is daring and I think she pulls it off brilliantly.  I can’t wait to see from her ongoing work if that was a lucky accident, or a real artist at work.  PR has way too many dressmakers and not enough artists.      Dimitri’s piece is nice, but it’s a bit of a skater’s costume.  Andrea’s piece is not bad.  Her model looks like a candy-shop girl in an MGM musical.

  • Indovina

    Alicia: I don’t dislike it the way that most others here seem to. It has many flaws, to be sure: the candy is not structural, there’s too much muslin showing, and the colour scheme is unsophisticated (a problem for everyone throughout this challenge). But it is a look – it has a style to it and a style that is recognizably hers.

    Andrea: I like it more than I did initially, though I’m still not quite sold on it. Her interpretation of the challenge was literal in a strange way and that worries me – and again there is no structural use of candy. Nevertheless, once again, there is a style to it and a point-of-view, as they say.

    Dmitry: It’s beautifully made, it’s easily the most wearable dress of the challenge, and it shows that he has a meticulous eye and understanding of how to craft clothing. It also is and does all of those things in spite, not because, of the challenge. For which, I think it is profoundly overrated here. It’s a black jersey dress with beading which coincidentally happens to be made of candy. It doesn’t merely show too much fabric: more than any other dress in the challenge (save, perhaps, Lantie’s) it is fabric. The candy is untransformed embellishment and nothing more. Given, however, that so many (including the top three) resorted to the “glue it to muslin” approach, I wouldn’t have had a problem with this being in the top, or even winning. But that’s relative – in the absolute, on its own, as an implementation of the challenge, the dress is not terribly successful. I must admit, too, that I personally find it a little tacky.

    Fabio: I find it okay – suitably in the middle. I have to wonder about the skirt and how that effect was created. It certainly doesn’t appear to be candy, but, if he dyed it, I am impressed by how well he matched it, though it is still fabric and that’s a problem (and if he dyed it with candy, I’m both impressed and not sure how I feel about that).

    • I agree with your assessment.  I thought Alicia’s was one of the more interesting looks.  She used a lot of different kinds of candy and while it’s not perfectly executed, I kind of liked it and she does have a distinctive point of view.  I also agree that while Dmitry might have had the prettiest dress and certainly the only one with any movement, it was a standard dress embellished with candy.  I think it was a masterful use of candy embellishment, unlike Lantie’s ridiculous dress, but still it didn’t really embody the challenge.

      Fabio’s looks pretty good from the waist up, but I’m not sure what’s going on with the skirt and it moved very stiff down the runway.

      But I just hated Andrea’s candy apron thingy!  It looked like something Chloë Sevigny’s slutty German tourist alter, Hansi would wear for a wild night with Willie Wonka…and I don’t mean that in a good way.  I think she was lucky to avoid the bottom 3.

  • From a design standpoint, Dmitry’s was far, far better than the winner – which, while yes it was nice, look to Dynasty for my taste).


  • Citric

    Andrea – Pooping fabric is never a good thing. But I’m pretty sure you’re wrong about the button candy. Costello-lite had a similar looking pillow, but I’m pretty sure the button candy was found in sheets and the buttons are the edible component of the dress.

  • GillianHolroyd

    Andrea: It was very well made… that bustle was masterful. OK, not the best
    interpretation of the challenge but I thought it was a cohesive look
    made with great skill and I always look forward to seeing what she will

    On the other hand, I did not find Dimitri’s dress very inspiring. It moved wonderfully but I thought the colors were unsophisticated and the black too drab and heavy.

    Fabio: boxy, makes the model look fat, seriously bad styling.

  • Aki

    Dmitry’s dress was most definitely in my top three with Ven and Sonjia’s and most definitely shouldn’t have been considered a middle of the road entry.  It was stunning and I want to wear it.

  • quiltrx

    I really like the sour balls dress.  I bet it looked great moving.

  • andrea’s candy dot apron dress makes me smile because i can really see her wearing this.

    i too feel dimitry should have placed in the top three. i loved this look.  i like his eye, plus he’s droll. and even-tempered.  a trifecta of positives!  the hissy fits, the meanies and the insane guys and gals always make me want to tiptoe out of the room.  i am glad that this season, there seem to be quite a few people who are thoughtful and creative.

  • Alicia: I thought it wasn’t bad when watching the show, but the pictures make it look worse. So glad she dumped the brown dirt (poop) decoration.

    Andrea: total costume, not fashion.

    Dmitry: robbed of third place by Gunnar’s awful and boring thing.

    Dumpster hipster: I was impressed with the way he used the candy in different ways.

  • I was pretty sure that Andrea Katz used the candy buttons that came on the wax paper, that’s why it was so stiff? Am I wrong? I don’t understand why Tim and Heidi do not come out and say NO FABRIC, except maybe the base fabric, that should not show through the candy!!! They let way too many pieces walk the runway with WAY TOO MUCH FABRIC!

  • SVLynn

    I really thought Dmitry’s was one of the best, it looked like a wearable dress, and that was part of the instructions. I guess if he had glued the same candy all over the top they would have liked it more.

  • kaydenpat

    Dmitry’s dress is absolutely gorgeous.  So far, so good.