Piper Perabo in NYC

Posted on July 10, 2012

Well shit. We’ve done Sirius Radio like 5 or 6 times now and no one ever waited outside the building to get a shot of us leaving.

Oh, right. We forgot. We would actually die if that ever happened. We would turn into little puddles of embarrassment right there on the sidewalk, leaving only our extraordinarily stylish outfits behind. People would leave Yankee Candles and teddy bears on the spot for years to come, we’re sure, but we’d rather stick to obscurity, thank you very much.

Anyway: Piper.

Piper Perabo leaves Sirius Radio in NYC.

First off: We love saying “Piper Perabo” out loud. It’s one of those cool names that make you wish you were friends with the person, just so you can say things like, “I was having lunch with my friend, Piper Perabo…” or “I remember that time I had to hold Piper Perabo’s hair while she was puking…” It’s also one of those names that require you say it in full. None of this “My friend, Piper” stuff. It’s always “My friend, Piper Perabo.”

Of course now that we’ve planted the image of her vomiting in your heads, the chances that we will ever be friends with Piper Perabo are pretty slim.

Anyway, this is a cute look – very “9 to 5” –  and we give her credit for getting this dressed up for a radio appearance during a New York heat wave. Then again, someone made sure cameras were parked at the exit, so we suppose it’s all been thought out. We’re digging the red and gold pairing, but we think sandals would have been much better than these heavy pumps.

One of our nieces chose a red gown for her prom this past spring and asked our advice on shoes. It took some convincing, but we steered her toward gold metallic sandals. Actually, it didn’t take that much convincing. All we had to do was tell her it was a trendy look at the moment and she was off and running.

[Photo Credit: Enrique RC/PacificCoastNews.com]

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  • blogless

    You know, I just don’t think the dress (its shape, its color, and her hair color for that matter) are all that flattering to her. She’s such a pretty girl and looks kind of average here.

    And I hope she knows that person who is trying to drag her off.

    • it’s a move I reserve for herding drunk friends around. Maybe she’s being led to somewhere with no cameras where she can puke?!..MayorMoney.blogspot.com

  • 909girl601world

    Why is that lady with the LV bag holding her by the wrist and leading her?!?!?  That’s a move I reserve for my 7 year old kid.  Oh, the celebrity life – I’ll never understand it.  Cute dress though!  Agree with your assessment of the shoes.

    • miagain

       I wondered the same thing… see above comment.

    • I also thought….does Piper Perabo still have a nanny?  

      • An overly tanned Mom?  A semi-visible, very scary bodyguard?  An inappropriately dressed for the weather handler?

        • Black linen is inappropriate for heat? Huh. 

    • out for a walk

      Yeah, that is weird. Having no kids, it’s a move I reserve for herding drunk friends around. Maybe she’s being led to somewhere with no cameras where she can puke?! 

    • lovelyivy

       Good question. As a grown-ass adult I would have a serious negative reaction to anyone who attempted to handle me in that fashion.

    • missinmass

      She has a ginger-skinned handler.

    • Corazon Nunez

      Exactly! Plus, in the third picture, Piper reaches away to brush her hair out of her face, and the Mystery Hand is, liking reaching for Piper’s hand. ??

  • DesigningWoman21

    So you really are Gay Uncles to someone! How cute!

    • Violina23

      For some reason, I know about 15 people with gay uncles. No gay brothers, gay sisters, gay aunts — all uncles.  It cracks me up sometimes.  🙂

      • YourBaloneyDontGotNoSecondName

        the gay uncle is always the favorite uncle.  always.  when my nephew was 7, i took him to see a PG RATED MOVIE and we didn’t tell his mom.  i let him get the largest size soda, and the largest bag of candy.  then we went to chuck e cheese where i kicked his ass at skee-ball and every pinball game and video game.  we were there all afternoon — unlimited supply of tokens.  when we were done he was so jacked on caffeine and sugar.  so i did the thing that makes being an uncle so damn cool — i dropped him at his grandma’s house and let her deal with him.  she called me the next day to let me know she was furious with me.  he wouldn’t take a nap, wouldn’t eat his dinner, and they couldn’t get him to bed until almost midnight.  oh, and he inherited my ridiculously huge lego collection.  AND, i introduced him to jackie chan movies. yes, there is one person in this world who thinks i am more awesome than superman, inspector gadget, and optimus prime all put together.

        • formerlyAnon

          Every kid should have at least one adult who is more about giving them attention than about raising them. Brace yourself, though. If the kid ever has a big, scarey, intractable problem, you’re probably the one they’ll talk about it with first.

          edited for clarity

          • YourBaloneyDontGotNoSecondName

            i love them but i am so glad i did not reproduce. i do not know how parents do it. trust, i have done several things concerning nieces, nephews, cousins, that i would killed my own children had they gotten into the same types of shit. if they do trust you and tell you this stuff, you can never rat them out, ever.  if it’s something that simply must be told to the parents, you have to let them know in advance that this goes back to mom, and this is exactly what you will say, and they can be there or not when you do.  thank god nothing ever happened that required the parents to ever know.  but if you are that trusted one, you can never betray that trust, because you might just be their only life vest one day.

          • formerlyAnon

            Your younger relatives are lucky. Every kid needs an adult who is trustworthy but approachable & who really cares in their lives & lots don’t have one.

            (edited so the sentence made sense)

        • Violina23

          As both a mom & an aunt, I say:  Rock on 😉

      • I don’t have any gay uncles 🙁 Only one uncle by blood, so the odds weren’t good (six aunts, meanwhile). All I have is a philandering uncle. TLo, please adopt me as a niece! I am so bereft. Emo tears.

  • Vanja a.k.a Emma a.k.a. M

    Here’s my little tip for Piper: your handler grabbing you by the wrist is not a good look. Love the red dress.

  • miagain

    Wonder who belongs to the Louis Vuittoned hand?  That is some kind of hand holding or rather man-handling.

  • PuttyGalore

    Love the dress! Hate the shoes, though.

  • I like the look a lot, but the more I stare at those shoes the worse they get. 

    • call_me_schmeg

      this heat wave has brought a strange allergic reaction to cute, strappy heels. a fever has set upon these women, with sweat-beaded brows and heavy hoofs.

  • The third picture, with the disembodied hand reaching for her… Run, Piper, run!

  • Allyson Wells

    Speaking of off season, her “handler” there is wearing a dark green plaid scarf!

    • Anathema_Device

       I often have a scarf with me, especially if I’m dressed in summer clothes but know I’ll be going someplace overly air conditioned.

      • Allyson Wells

        I agree, but i’d try to find a scarf that’s at least semi season appropriate, and even then, i’d likely take it off before walking into 90+ degree heat and a boat load of photogs.

        • Anathema_Device

           Well, she was pretty busy executing that death grip on Piper… 😉

        • lovelyivy

           Given the ridiculous heat this summer in NYC, a light scarf in a lot of these air conditioned buildings is not going to cut it. People in my office are using space heaters and wearing gloves.

    • Kay

      I’m gonna say this thing…No matter how hot it gets, I am usually in possession of a scarf, but I dread any and all unladylike perspiration and aim to conceal or subtly remove it as soon as possible.

    • littlemac8

      Ha Ha Ha!  I guess I need a better monitor – I thought the scarf were the handler’s dreadlocks!!  And don’t try to lead me around by the wrist!

  • I would LOVE to have you boys for uncles. My uncles are all PBR-drinking redneck truckers. Good country people (as Flannery O’Connor would say), but I wouldn’t trust their fashion advice.

  • crash1212

    Who is that woman grabbing and dragging my friend, Piper Perabo down the sidewalk? Also, my friend Piper Perabo looks WAY cute in that dress, but should lose the gold bricks on her feets.

  • PeaceBang

    The Pushy LV Handler needs to be admonished. Why does my friend Piper Perabo need to be dragged away as though she’s being dangerously mobbed by screaming fans? There’s just that one puzzled looking guy in the blue shirt walking by, for heaven’s sake. 

  • Aurumgirl

    She looks like she’s in trouble for something she’s done, and is now being dragged away to wait in the car.  The worried passer-by in the background and Piper’s puzzled and dazed looking face makes me think she’s going to bed without dinner.

  • MilaXX

    Dang, that handler has quite the death gripe on her. Cute look, but yes a sandal would have been better. I’ll also admit I watch her show for the cute man candy in it. USA networks k ows how to make fluffy summer shows with pretty people.

    • kimmeister

      Sendhil Ramamurthy doesn’t get enough screen time.

  • Lilithcat

    I can’t help it.  That dress makes me want to call her Piper Perabow.  

    It’s basically okay, but it’s driving me crazy that it looks like the ends of the bow are tucked into the waistband.   I keep wanting to pull them out and re-tie them.

  • joancarol

    She looks hypnotized.

    • j_anson

      Maybe that explains the handler. Piper Perabo has severe agoraphobia, so when she goes outside she needs heavy hypnosis and a handler to drag her around.

      • joancarol

        Wow! Poor girl!  

  • jmorino08

    The high neck line and bow kind of make her look bobbleheadish no?

  • G

    So out of it.  Who IS Piper Perabo?  (And I don’t like the way that  bow-thing makes her boobs look saggy.)

    • She was the star of that Coyote Ugly movie a few years back, and now she has a TV show. 

  • kimmeister

    Am I the only one who sees the color of her dress as burnt orange, rather than red?

    • Hiptobesquare

      Thank God!  I really thought the heat was affecting the color rods in my eyes.  It definitely looks orange to me.  Of course, there’s no accounting for monitors.

    • TaurusKW

       Yup, totally looks orange to me, too.

  • My friend, Piper Perabo was also doing some TV, as I saw my friend Piper Perabo yesterday on NYLive (LX.TV) wearing said red dress.


    (I do enjoy writing her name, Piper Perabo, as I can never recall how to properly pronounce it: Pear-a-boo, per-a-bow, per-a-bo???)

  • BazoDee

    Gold sandals would have been perfect. This is not her dress though. And the handler + the semi-vapid look in her eyes is giving me the creeps. 

  • SapphoPoet

    I can’t comment on the dress because I’m too distracted by how that person is dragging her along. I do that to my three-year old, but it’s a little aggressive for an adult. 

  • formerlyAnon

    The niece story is perfect! Children need non-parent adults to tell them the things they don’t believe when their parents tell them. And so nice to know she’s smart enough to trust your expertise.

    I like that “secretary” can have some play along side “cocktail waitress” and “stripper” in the game of “for which profession is this celebrity dressed?” Nice dress, agree about the shoes.

  • L.

    what’s with her in the clutch of an orange?

  • I love it! It’s a chic little 9-to-5 look, though I agree that lighter shoes would have been perfect.

    Also, I don’t know why I’m so amused by the death grip that her handler has on PP’s wrist, but it makes me giggle. 

  • You have actual nieces?  They are lucky girls!  

  • Violina23

    I think the name “Picabo Street” is similarly fun to say 🙂

    I think this looks cute, although if I was nearby, I’d be asking the person next to me “Who is that?” I know she’s been in stuff, but I can’t place her at all.  Off to IMDB…

    Some Trivia: They filmed the lobby shots of “The Devil Wears Prada” in that building, where my husband happens to work.  He sometimes forgets about Sirius being in the same building until he gets pushed out of an elevator by big burly security men because Howard Stern is riding in it 😉

  • HM3

    TLo! If I could get my butt to New York, I would probably stalk you every time you left Sirius Radio. Or Starbucks. Or your apartment…just kidding. Sort of.

    *Warning: highly-personal question to follow (as if my Rear-Window-esque commentary didn’t scare you enough): I have always wondered……though many of us dream of reaching that level of recognition where we’re spending our Octobers with Clooney and his Arm-Candy-of-the-Moment at Lake Como, it seems you two have at least enough of a following (between the blog, your published works, prior experience elbow-rubbing with stars, and an upcoming book) to “be noticed” (for lack of a better term) outdoors. However, as budding celebrities whose fame bubbled from your work–namely, commending or critiquing other celebrities’ style choices–it seems your increasing popularity places you in a unique position. How do you reconcile your work–namely, commending and critiquing the style choices of celebrities–with your own discomfort with being photographed, as style/fashion-writer-celebs? Your “opinionated” posts, bitchy though they may be, have always maintained some level of (admittedly, sometimes thinly-veiled) respect for your subjects as, ultimately, human beings…are you concerned others won’t be as kind? Would you *really* melt into a puddle of embarrassment?

    Edited to add: I agree with you on Piper Perabo’s smart red and gold pairing, but dislike her hair. A loose updo, or perhaps a little more volume, would have helped.

  • I think gold and red go well together, but I think that those shoes are the wrong type of gold. Too pale and yellowy…

  • kittenwithaquip

    OMB, “People would leave Yankee Candles and teddy bears on the spot for years to come…” Classic.

    I love how none of us can really see Piper Perabo because ol’ Ms. GrabbyHands. Piper Perabo, ditch your orange nanny! She’s killing your future as a style star. Worst. Accessory. Ever, Piper Perabo.

  • PinkLemon

    TLO, just know that probably 90% of the commentariat here is planning on requesting you as stylists when they get famous. At least, that’s how I feel. AMIRIGHT, FAWNZ?

    • Violina23

      I love how you say “when”, not “if” 😉

      • PinkLemon

        haha YES. WHEN.

    • formerlyAnon

       I’ll never be THAT famous. But if I am unexpectedly wealthy, I’ll request a consult for ground rules & tips on finding an occasional stylist suited to my station.

      • PinkLemon

        hahaha yes!!

  • Anathema_Device

    This is a great look. Love it.

    I cracked up at the mention of having to say her full name. I have a few friends who fall into that category, and I have never figured out why.

  • CatherineRhodes

    That handler sure has a mean grip on her wrist. As if what? she’d wander off and get lost in the crowd, while wearing that bright red dress? Honestly, I love it. And oddly, because I’m so not that person, but I love the modesty of it. So sick of starlets in shiny bath towels.

  • I do not love this dress. The neck bow is making me claustrophobic, especially in the heat, and I feel myself clawing at my throat to untie that bitch. The dress, while a great color which looks super on her, just kind of hangs there. And the shoes…celebrities, what is with your sudden aversion to strappy, pretty sandals in the freaking summer? Please let us kill off the platform pump trend, at least for the sweltering months of July and August.

  • as to the ‘who is’ wasn’t she in one of the great guilty pleasure movies of all time Coyote Ugly (now see if you can get “Can’t stop the moonlight” out of your heads bitches!

  • alyce1213

    I was similarly obsessed with the name Pikabo Street (’94 Olympic skier), another name so unique and delightful it must be said as a whole, but that’s beside the point.

    She looks cheerful and certainly does need sandals instead of pumps.

  • TVKimmy

    I wish I was a niece so I could call the two most fabulous bitches I know for fashion advice!

  • Lauren Bradshaw

    She was also on the Chew today in this outfit

  • Pretty! I like the shoes, but agree that sandals would have been better..

  • quiltrx

    I’m glad she has a handler with a giant LV “diaper bag” who drags her by the wrist like I used to my little sister LMAO!

  • EEKstl

    I agree on the sandals but those shoes are cute.  I’d say more, but I’m still transfixed by that tanned arm with the Louis Vuitton bag grabbing our little Piper Perabu by the wrist as if she were a wayward child.

  • I want to be your fierce black niece. Adopt me.

  • Magatha

    Like the color. I’d have preferred something a little floatier and summery, plus sandals, but she’s lovely. Piper Perabo is one of those people who looks perfectly fine in still shots, but really must be seen in motion to appreciate how utterly appealing she is. Also, for the first time in a long time, I’m thinking *fan fiction* and wondering whether that tanned, thumb-ringed, iron-grippy hand has inspired any.

  • guest2visits

    Yeah Piper looks good in her chic little dress – but who cares, I need to know what happens in the rest of this on the street
    action film… is there about to be an abduction, a disciplinary action, a shout-fest, what ?  Or maybe something large
    is about to hit the sidewalk and she needs to move!

  • bellafigura1

    All’s I’m askin’ is, where did she get that breeze?  I haven’t felt a breeze in Manhattan in ten days. 

  • ClevelandburbsBeth

    OMG, I am so jealous of your niece(s)! Most fabulous gay uncles EVAH!

  • didn’t we just see a picture of someone wearing this dress in blue recently? emma stone?

  • holdmewhileimnaked

    doubleplus gorgeous dress that’s too big on the person wearing it.

  • librarygrrl64

    “We’re digging the red and gold pairing, but we think sandals would have been much better than these heavy pumps.” My thoughts EXACTLY. Cute dress.