Marion Cotillard for Vogue Magazine

Posted on July 16, 2012

Precious Unborn Fawns, are you, like us, craving an oasis of simple elegance in this frothing sea of attention-whoring known as Comic-Con? As you gaze at the endless shots of shiny women in painful shoes or smirking guys who need a shave, don’t you find yourself longing for a beautiful French actress to serve up some Vogue in your face right now?

Done and done, kittens. Because there’s more Comic-Con on the way and you’re gonna need your bouches amused until then.

Mario Cotillard is featured in the August 2012 issue of Vogue magazine photographed by Peter Lindbergh and styled by Tonne Goodman. Hair: Orlando Pita for Orlo Salon. Makeup: Stéphane Marais.

Ralph Lauren Fall 2012 Collection

Ralph Lauren Collection velvet jacket, vest, and trousers. Marni platform heels.

Ralph Lauren Fall 2012 Collection

McQ Alexander McQueen velvet embroidered tulle bustier dress, bodysuit, and ankle-strap heels. Albertus Swanepoel beret.

McQ Alexander McQueen Fall 2012 Collection

Burberry Prorsum quilted velvet coat. Balmain belt. Ralph Lauren Collection heels with gold accents.

Burberry Prorsum Fall 2012 Collection



[Photo Credit: eter Lindbergh for,]

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  • Fifi LaRoux

    Stunning. I am in love with these photos.

  • Lily

    Good Lord. This is a feast for the eyes.

  • nannypoo

    She is just spectacularly beautiful.

    • rougeort

      Agreed. Her look is effortless and fresh and it’s so gorgeous to see.

    • Jane Donuts

      That’s what I was thinking. She’s like a french Christy Turlington. What a face.

  • Trotter Roller

    I would cut a bitch for that Burberry Prorsum coat.

    • MajorBedhead

       You and me both, but in the aubergine rather than blue. That’s seriously gorgeous.

      I’m also lusting after the Alexander McQueen dress. Wow.

    • Rachel

      I would cut six.

    • Introspective

      Amen to that!!! I saw that coat and have since been hatching a plan to ambush a Burberry store’s back entrance when the next delivery was scheduled.

      • Marquita P. Evans

        Her look is effortless and fresh and it’s so gorgeous to

  • Vanja

    I don’t like velvet at all, but I want that Burberry coat. Gorgeous pictures of Marion and also of the the clothes.

    • Jill Roberts

      Yeah, the fact that she can make velvet look sooooo good proves her divinity.  And that BP coat would be hard for me to pull off (I’m too short), but it’s pretty gorge.

  • Carla Axtman

    GODDESS. All of it.  But the McQueen dress–that is genius.

    • kimmeister

      I’m glad they didn’t give her the model’s mushroom head.

  • carolynmo

    Thank you. Now I want to watch Amelie. I shall pretend I’m wearing beautiful clothes, strolling in Paris.

  • Amy Schuepfer Berra

    Oh my goodness is she lovely. AND THAT MCQUEEN DRESS PEOPLE.

  • Rand Ortega

    The perfect palette cleanser. So clean, clear & refined. Ahhhh…

  • jmorino08

    That black dress is to die for!!!

  • Emily Giovanni

    Wait a tick. Is that a tiny “imperfection” on her forehead that somehow escaped the airbrushing pen? Making her look like she might be a *gasp* person?

    • bookish

      I had to move the photo on my monitor to make sure it wasn’t just a spot on my screen. (And I don’t mean that in a rude way, it was just unexpected.)

    • Amy Ellinger

      Yep!  She has a flesh-colored mole type thing smack dab in the middle of her forehead, and somehow it makes her even more perfect- a la Marilyn and the beauty spot. Yay for them not photoshopping it out.

      • LaylaSV

        They never photoshop things like that out; if the actress / model is famous enough it is considered a “signature” flaw and becomes sacrosanct á la Cindy Crawford. Would that the good people at Vogue had been as light handed when removing every other wrinkle and line from her face. That cover photo bares an improbable resemblance to Emma Stone.

  • formerlyAnon

    Velvet three piece pants suit. Be still my heart.

    And she looks as wonderful in it as I only imagined I looked in mine, all those years ago.

    Dress is fine, quilted coat is STUNNING.

  • Charles Purdy

    OK, mademoiselle is looking damn pretty. Love every shot.

  • formerlyAnon

    Velvet three piece pants suit. Be still my heart.

    And she looks as good in it as I only imagined I looked in mine, all those years ago.

    Dress is fine, but that coat is STUNNING.

  • E_bee

    If I were to get a nose job, I would get hers.

  • another_laura

    Isn’t she lovely?  Oh my oh my do I need that coat!

  • PaulaBerman

    Love her, she is gorgeous, but the pants in the first picture need to be one size bigger.

  • abfidy

    It’s almost a shame her face is so unbelievably gorgeous, because it draws attention away from how well she wears clothes. Seriously, sometimes I think she’s too perfect to actually exist. For reals. She’s making a VELVET PANTSUIT work better on her than the model. Who does that?

  • Dorothy & Michael n/a

    The cool blueness of her eyes coupled with the long sleeved coats almost makes me fee like it’s autumn outside my window, and not 90+ degrees in stifling Ohio.

  • Jen Hughes

    Pretty, but I am not even close to ready for velvet to come back into style. I’m sweating just looking at it. Also, it just reminds me of the 90s too much. 

    • Sobaika

      Yes, thank you. I HATE VELVET. 

      Corduroy too.

  • filmcricket

    Love all the velvet! Although it must be said that that Ralph Lauren suit does not work on her – you really need to have a boy body to pull that off. And I liked her more when she looked less like every other Hollywood star. However, she is undoubtedly beautiful and wears clothes well, and I want every item in that last shot.

  • mjude

    overlooking the velvet today in the heat but i LOVE photos

  • unbornfawn

    Monday pretty. I needed that! Thanks TLo.

  • Vaniljekjeks

    Flawless… the McQueen made me gasp.

  • Ana R.


  • crash1212

    Spectacularly, stunningly beautiful. I want that quilted coat.

  • AC

    She is ferocious!

  • Judy_S

    It took me a moment to figure out what TLo mean by “painful shoes.” To the viewer, not the wearer…
    Mme. Cotillard is certainly the antidote to all pain.

  • Susi R

    I’ll take one of each please.. : )

  • emily

    can we please WERQ and snap the hell up at these pictures. Daily. Please and thank you.

  • ThaliaMenninger

    Can I be her, please?

  • SpcilK

    J’adore her in the Ralph Lauren suit. 

  • alyce1213

    Exquisite, all of it.  Merci beaucoup.

  • Kiltdntiltd

    Clearly, Velvet is BACK. (hooray!)

    • formerlyAnon

      Thereby justifying fully half of all the cardio I’ve done in the last five years.

      I’ll never wear velvet pants again, but a blazer, that’s DEFinitely happening.

      • Kiltdntiltd

         Ya see, living in San Francisco, where the weather is frequently fairly cool it seems just fine to embrace velvet.  I know a lot of women avoid it since they think it makes you look heavier, but that is entirely a matter of how something is cut and fitted.  Enjoy the velvet.  Its luxe, it can be very sexy, and people LOVE to touch it.

        • MissAnnieRN

          “I want to be ensconced in velvet” – George Costanza.  Yes, I am in love with velvet, always have been.

  • Louise Bryan

    What a gorgeous woman.

  • Ass Kicking Adviser

    Oh I needed that. So pretty and moody. 

  • SewingSiren

    I love velvet. Especially blue velvet. 

  • piecesofconfetti

    That Burberry coat needs to be mine.

    Also, Marion looks brilliant as always.

  • greymain

    merci, merci….Marion est vraiment FORM-I-DABLE!!!!!!

    • Sierra Delta

      Exactement!  Et aussi, incroyable.


    She is so perfect I want to punch her. In the best way possible.

  • marlie

    She’s not a favorite of mine, but MON DIEU, the woman can work a camera!

    I hate the red suit in the second photo, but I love the photo itself! It captures her elegance, sensuality, and a little bit of whimsy at the same time.

  • marilyn

    She is very pretty, but is it the shoes or her?:  Her feet look REALLY BIG.

  • VicksieDo

    Gorgeous, she  looks like a classic heroine with a secret~~~~!

  • CassieLee22

    absolutely gorgeous in every way

  • ChaCha_70

    Girl crush alert!

  • poggi

    These are fabulous. I love the last one where she is wearing my coat (or at least the coat I imagine myself wearing). Although I do have the urge to shout out a warning to Marion about the broken bricks. I suspect that if she started to wobble magical bluebirds or superheroes or at least some paid assistants would catch her or throw their bodies in the way to pad her fall.

  • EEKstl

    She is so gorgeous.  She is a dream in the Burberry shot.

  • bitchybitchybitchy

    That photo of Cotillard in the pants suit is simply divine.  My bouche is most definitely amused.

  • MilaXX

    Pretty, but I darn near passed out even looking at velvet in this heat.

    • MinasAunt


  • Jason M. Galloway

     She’s giving pure Ann Reinking in that Ralph Lauren and I LOVE it!

    • Tom and Lorenzo

      You GAY.

      • Jason M. Galloway

         You KNOW I am 😉

  • aimee_parrott

    Oh, THANK YOU, TLo.  Gorgeous.

  • granddelusion

    Bondage shoes.

  • IAmJ

    She is AWESOME.

  • AudreysMom

    KStew? We’ve mentioned this before, but please sit down. M. Cotillard is about to show you how it’s done. Shhh… no interruptions. We don’t care that you don’t care and that you’re being paid gazillions just to show up. You need to take lessons and see what effortless, European glamour looks like. You should be so interesting in print.

  •árez/100002964685796 Josefina Madariaga Suárez

    She’s wearing a red velvet suit and WERQ-ing it… I think I hate her a little bit.

  • GTrain

    Beautiful photography and she’s perfect in everything.

  • msdamselfly

    That’s how it’s done

  • LittleKarnak

    I just freakin’ love her.

  • Amy

    A class act! That’s the kind of woman I want to be: elegant, graceful and able to rock in red velvet suite the way she does!

  • ccm800

    She is officially my favorite celeb model

  • Ganell Dunn

    As a card-carrying member of “The-Higher-the-Heel-the-Better Club” I cringe at wht those cobblestones might do to those gorgeous Lauren shoes. Therefore, Mlle. Cotillard may take them off and hand them over to me for wearing… errr safe-keeping

  • guest2visits

    She looks pretty wonderful in velvet. Not that there’s any place in the world to wear a three piece velvet pantsuit.
    I love the RL heels; I wonder if they are velvet too.

  • LesYeuxHiboux

    Oh. My. GAWD. I love her, I love velvet, I love three piece suits for ladies. Heaven…I’m in heaven. 

  • quiltrx

    She’s a really good model, isn’t she?  And sigh, that last coat is divine.

  • Aurumgirl

    All of it, gorgeous.
    Ralph Lauren’s getting a lot of heat right now for outsourcing whatever he makes, but the clothes he sends down the runways are classically beautiful.  Wish he’d find a happy medium.

  • frankystein123

    French women represent.

  • K

    Every time I see her I’m just taken away by her unique and overwhelming beauty… 

  • kikisayshi

    I loathe velvet, but adore the photo of her on the street in the Burberry coat. Divine.

  • Sau-Chih Feng

    God, what is with velvet pantsuits? I can’t support those.

  • RzYoung

    Lovely rich colours and velvet! But I’m not ready for autumn,  summer has yet to arrive in the UK

  • Victoria Pavlova

    Burberry coat: yes, please.

  • Bob Sponge

    She’s so beautiful. But the Ralph Lauren velvet suits are really unflattering.

  • MissAnnieRN

    I want someplace to wear one of those velvet 3 piece suits. And that Burberry coat will surely grace Cathy Cambridge’s body at some point this winter.  100% her style.

  • Isabel

    Was the Ralph Lauren made in the USA?

  • Lisa

    So incredibly gorgeous and chic!

  • chelwi

    So velvet is definitely going to be a thing this year, isn’t it?

  • enchanted216

    I would love to see the Alexander McQueen dress on Michelle Obama.  I love all of this:)

  • Diego!

    She looks amazing in every picture. Love it :)

  • Paige Boerman

    I want to be Marion when I grow up.