Katie Holmes in New York City

Posted on July 05, 2012

With nothing going on in her life at the moment, Katie took this opportunity to take a leisurely stroll, knowing that no one would be paying attention to her and she could have some lovely “me” time.

Katie Holmes tapes an appearance for “Project Runway: All Stars” at the Parson’s School of Design in NYC in a dress from the Holmes & Yang Fall 2012 collection paired with Roger Vivier sandals.

Roger Vivier Rock ‘n’ Rose Sandal


We’ve recently become quite obsessed with the idea of strategic dressing in celebrities. Well. That’s not quite true. We’ve always been focused on the idea, since you could say that the entire thrust of our red carpet commentary arises from it, but lately we’ve been working on chapters for our book (they said nonchalantly) that deal with the topic and we’ve had to really spell out and expand on the idea. We’ve had to articulate it in a way we never really bothered to for our blog posts because who has time to read a chapter-long blog post, kittens?

Anyway, we’ve always been firmly committed to our thesis that truly A-list stars are required to dress on a level most other human beings would never even attempt or even be able to conceptualize. This is true mostly because of the deployment of stylists, whose influence has spread through the whole celebrity sphere to a point that even stars who don’t use stylists that often know the basic tenets behind the idea. Clothes send a message and when your pictures are likely to be shot through an internet cannon and spread throughout the world within minutes of their being taken, then even a walk down the street has to be planned down to the shoes in order to stay on message.

And of course, this outfit has to work on two levels, because, in what is sure to be one of the franchise’s highest-rated episodes yet, the soon-to-be ex-Mrs. Cruise is on the way to shoot her Project Runway All-Stars appearance. So first, she has to look stylish and she has to wear something from her own line, because she has to look like she knows what she’s talking about when she says things like, “I would wear this!” Because it’s somewhat low-key, and because someone wisely remembered that the one thing you notice first on a seated female PR judge is her shoes, it’s sassy’d up with a pair of colorful shoes.

But she’s also smack in the middle of what will probably turn out to be the most media-heavy period of her life (which is really saying something when you consider the last 5 years) and someone in her sphere also wisely realized that she couldn’t hit the streets in a sexy cocktail dress just yet. This outfit is Little Miss Serious from head to… ankle. The makeup, jewelry and dress couldn’t possibly be any more low-key without looking like stuff you order from a religious cult website (and even then, it’s veering awfully close). But again, those shoes provide the perfect punctuation to the look. It’s like the outfit is a firm, declarative sentence that says “I’m in a really serious period in my life but I can’t wait till I can go out dancing again.”

But yeah; that’s a drab little frock.


[Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews, rogervivier.com]

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  • Sobaika

    I think I’m the only one on planet Earth who doesn’t give a shit about this divorce.

    Great shoes.

    • MilaXX

       no, you’re not.

      • I care about as much as I cared about the marriage...MayorMoney.blogspot.com

    • ChiliP

       Nope, I’m already sick of hearing about it. And Scientology.

      • Carolyn Broughton

        “I am mourning the end of a once great love affair,” but the shoes say “Woo-hoo, I’m finally the eff outta here!..DemoforFrank.blogspot.com

      • I agree with you all.  It’s none of our business, and there are so many more important things going on in our country and our world right now that it’s just sad that this story will crowd out other worthier ones in the news cycle.

        Going back to analyzing Cathy C.’s outfit now.

        • ChiliP

          I agree. I don’t want to come across as “above-it-all”- I’m writing this comment on a website devoted to fashion and celebrity fashion, so obviously I’m not completely disinterested in pop culture- but the level of speculation with this marriage/divorce is troubling.  Anything being discussed in the media is pure conjecture and speculation, yet people are running away with it.

          One of my favorite parts in the movie “Doubt” was Father Flynn’s depiction of gossip.  The idea is that a woman goes to her rooftop and rips a pillow open, then watches as all the feathers float all over the city.  When she is later asked to retrieve all the feathers, she says she is unable to because they were carried off in the wind and she does not know where the went. Essentially, that’s the nature of gossip- once the speculation begins, it’s impossible to completely undo the damage because the origins of the speculation become untraceable, and ultimately obsolete.

          I don’t know a thing personally about either Tom Cruise or Katie Holmes. I only know their public personas, and that they are both adults, and that they are one of the many celebrity couples to separate. I hope for the sake of their young daughter that this remains civil and they will not make headlines each time one of them so much as steps outside their homes. Judging from the way things are currently going, that seems very unlikely. Really though, I just want to stop hearing about them altogether.

          Thus ends my rant about something I professed to already be sick of.  I’ll join you in analyzing Miss Cathy.

    • NurseEllen

       Take comfort in the assurance that you most definitely are not alone on this.

    • julnyes

       I care about as much as I cared about the marriage.

      (so that means I don’t care at all)

      • JosephLamour

        I think I care more about the divorce (somewhat) than the marriage (not even a little bit) because I love it when seemingly terrible people (like Tom seems to me) trip on the celebrity treadmill and get drug round and round and round like a smashed publicist pancake.

        • Nelliebelle1197

           I knew I loved you.

    • snarkykitten

      I only care because from all reports, Tommy [anyone get that?] sounds like a creepy, controlling, fuckwit. Whenever those types are shut down, it fills me with schadenfreude.

      • SassieCassy

        I get schadenfreude. But (and it’s not like I’ve paid attention to reports so what do I know) he could be a nice guy. He could also be an awful guy. We don’t know. And scientology is super weird but there is just too much harping on it for my liking. Replace Scientology with orthodox interpretations of Christianity or Judaism and I guarantee there wouldn’t be half as much scoffing. 

        I just dont get the visceral reaction Tom cruise incites. He may be totally craycray, but it’s not like he has physically hurt anyone or is a known anti-semitic (Chris Brown, Sean Penn, Mel Gibson, etc.) that we know of. And this is a divorce which is sad and theres a kid involved. Its just all very distasteful.

        But then again Katie totally bought into it and was a part of the whole spectacle so maybe its all in fair game. Celebreality is confusing you guys.

        • pippitypup

           I’m pretty sure neither Christianity nor Judaism were created by a D-List science fiction writer as a way to make a buck.

          • SassieCassy

            What if he were mormon. The roots of mormonism are (sorry to offend) absolutely bonkers. I dont think even then people would be as likely to point and make fun. All I’m saying is that people have a rather large amount of dislike for him and I don’t always get why. To me the worst thing he’s ever done is make those comments about mental health and post-partum (GLIB and all that) but even then its disproportionate.

          • formerlyAnon

             I can only speak for myself. He reads “off” to me. In a “back off, not someone you want much to do with way.”   It’s visceral and probably entirely unfair, since it’s based solely on seeing him in interviews & reading about him.

            A friend who was a public prosecutor for many years, mostly in family court & in child abuse cases, and who worked tirelessly for many voluntary child welfare causes once told our daughters: “If your gut is telling you something about someone, LISTEN. Human beings gather data about each other in subliminal ways & its a survival trait. Even if it’s only right 10% of the time, you may have saved yourself serious grief.”

          • pippitypup

             Even the Mormons don’t charge eleventy-thousand dollars to learn their beliefs. You have to pay thousands of $$$ to Co$ to even start ‘auditing’.

          • Alisa Rivera

            Devout Mormons are required to tithe 10% of their income in order to maintain their standing in the church. Not that different. 

          • TheAutisticStepmom

             Untrue.  Tithing is completely voluntary.

          • Alisa Rivera

            Maybe, but more than 90 percent of practicing Mormons tithe, according to a study conducted by the University of Pennsylvania. So if it’s not required, it sure is heavily encouraged. 

          • bookish

            In an LDS temple recommend interview one of the questions is whether or not you are paying a full and honest tithe. And you must have that recommend if you want to participate fully in their church, including attending the marriage ceremony of family members. So no, I would not call tithing completely voluntary.

          • Would you be so critical of tithing- which IS voluntary, if you knew that it is used to help run food banks across the world?  Food banks that anyone, regardless of faith, may use?  Tithe is also used to help care for members who are facing difficult times, such as medical bills they cannot pay, utilities & rent in some cases.  Mormon clergy is NOT paid, it is strictly voluntary, so the money goes to charitable causes- not to pay a minister. Most churches pass around a collection plate at services- do you have a problem with that also, or just with Mormons in particular?

          • Rand Ortega

            I dunno…
            We’re talking 2K+ years ago…

          • No, but many bible stories sure sound like they were written by science fiction writers. When you start arguing against the validity of someone else’s religion, you open up the same type of argument against your own. There is no organized religion whose hands are clean. They are all about control.


          • drdarke

            Scientology and Mormonism are not religions – they’re cults , which don’t deserve our respect.

            And that’s an end to it.

          •  In a cult, there is a person at the very top who knows it’s all a lie.

            In a religion, that person is dead.

        • snarkykitten

           Based on what I read [which could be utter bullshit] he told his wife her name is now Kate, because Katie is a child’s name, and she is a “child bearing woman now”

          That throws up red flags for me and makes me doubt that he’s a nice person.

          • theblondette

             Yeah, everything about their marriage gives me heebie-jeebies – he seems to have been ENORMOUSLY controlling. Katie apparently had a big crush on him as a teenager, so when he wooed her I’m sure she was overwhelmed and flattered, but it seems like he then decided to control every aspect of her life, based on various reports. And yes, media lies, but so many sources suggesting the same thing? hmmmm.

          • JosephLamour

            She never changed it though, so maybe she never really listened to him. So good for her.

        • Individual sects of Christianity may have some serious problems, but Scientology across the board as an institution is insane.  Even at its most basic levels, it preys on people to pay for spiritual upgrades until they’re broke.  The United States gets most of its Scientology in the from of weird-but-not-hateful celebrities jumping on couches and quitting cartoon shows, and this was planned.  Hubbard wanted to indoctrinate celebrities to make the religion more attractive and normalized.  The reason Scientology is disputed (and litigated) as a religion across the world is because it’s a predatory institution.Members are often pressed into what amounts to slavery for the Orgs.  Those who leave The Church are stalked, harassed, threatened and intimidated.  One of theorized reasons Katie is leaving the marriage now is that Suir has reached the age where she can start being “sec checked”, an interrogative process of questioning used to condition children.Scientology gets the attitude it does because it dresses up traditional brainwashing and exploitative techniques as a religion.  Individual Scientologists may be fine, but the organization is a Problem.

          • Glammie

            Yep.  I don’t care about the whack-a-doodle beliefs.  It’s the reports about the money abuse, the harassment and blackmail of people who try to leave that concern me.  Also don’t like the way the kids are deliberately uneducated and the anti-gay stance of the group–i.e. the New Yorker article on Paul Haggis went into this.

            The divorce *does* interest me just because Holmes has clearly come out with all guns blazing on the custody issue.  She’s signaled that she’s up for a fight–I assume the solo-custody demand is because of what happened with Nicole Kidman and her kids with Tom Cruise–they had joint custody, but after a few years, she was pretty much cut off from them.  

            Anyway, if the workings of the “Church” of Scientology are blown open, I’m all for it.  I think a lot of the issues stem from David Miskavage, the current leader–under him, I think Scientology’s gone from  quirky and out-there to scary cult.

          • Alisa Rivera

            Individual Scientologists may be fine, but the organization is a Problem.

            You can also say this about Catholicism. And I’m saying this as someone who was raised Catholic.

          • Rand Ortega

             Still not as bad as raping kids, pretending it didn’t happen & allowing those rapists to remain in the church for far too long. Or advocating the oppression of gays while have gay relationships yourself. Just sayin’…

          • lchopalong

            There have been reports of the sexual abuse of children at the hands of Scientologist leaders, and the children are often told they can’t report it because it would be against their religion. They’re supposed to be completely obedient.

    • I’m still not completely clear on who Katie Holmes is, exactly.  I mean, obviously I know she’s married to Miss Tommy.  I gather she was on TV once…?  Or something?

      • Alisa Rivera

        Dawson’s Creek. That’s it.

      • JohannaEG

        Watch the movie Pieces of April.

        • Sobaika

          I remember hearing that was really good. She was in the first Batman, and I liked Thank You For Smoking although her character was merely a plot device.

          Hard to believe Katie Holmes, Michelle Williams, Joshua Jackson, and James Van Der Beek all got the same start. I don’t think you could find four more varied careers.

          • Rand Ortega

             Highly recommend that movie. The entire cast is fantastic (Patricia Clarkson & Oliver Platt play her parents, Derek Luke plays her boyfriend). It’s Katie’s best work. She plays a rebel girl who is hosting her family (Mom’s dying from cancer) for Thanksgiving after an estrangement. Everything goes wrong.

        • Alisa Rivera

           I wasn’t impressed with Pieces of April. It was alright. She isn’t on the same level as Michelle Williams (to unfairly compare her with a former costar).

          • Spicytomato1

            I agree, she seemed to be trying too hard and the quirkiness felt contrived to me.

          • That’s the movie, in a nutshell.

          • megohd

            Funny … that’s just how I think of Michelle Williams. 

      • kcarb1025

        You’re gay, and you don’t know about Dawson’s Creek? Just out of curiosity, how old are you? 

    • formerlyAnon

      I can trump  you. I didn’t KNOW about the divorce until your comment. Even though I spend easily an average of 2 hours a day on line looking at celebrities in clothing and headline news.

      Yes. I AM oblivious.

      (I only WISH two hours a day was an exaggeration. I tracked it once, & 10 minutes here & 30 minutes there adds up.)

      • SassieCassy

        Really??? The divorce stuff has been everywhere. That’s just inefficient use of internet time.

        • formerlyAnon

          Yeah, it really does indicate extreme tunnel vision! In my only defense, I spend most of my time looking at sites are pre-filtered for my interests, in one way or another.

          Yeah, weak defense.

    • Alisa Rivera

      I, unfortunately, do care about the divorce, mostly because I know several former Scientologists in LA and it’s interesting to see how this whole thing will play out with the church. This is what they call a PR Flap, and the church doesn’t generally handle these very well…

    • Louise Bryan

      No.  Sometimes these things seem almost inevitable.  I’m more fascinated by the celeb marriages that endure.

  • cam_lo

    wait. they’re doing another PR All Stars already? did i miss this? 

    • MilaXX

       yeah TLo mentioned it last week.  But it was kinda kept under wraps until people started following Katy because of the divorce announcement & since she’s filming a guest judge spot, the info came out.

      • kimmeister

        Really?  I haven’t skipped reading any posts other than the ones for TV shows I don’t watch.  How did I miss that?  Or was it a tweet?

        • MilaXX

          It may have been on facebook

    • That was my first reaction too. (But I like the dress.)

      • cam_lo

        Are there any casting spoilers yet? 

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          I suppose the possibility of exposure for their clothing lines is reason enough for former contestants to take another plunge into PR, but this announcement doesn’t excite me in the slightests.

  • Spicytomato1

    The dress says “I am mourning the end of a once great love affair,” but the shoes say “Woo-hoo, I’m outta here!”

    • Much like Nicole Kidman did on David Letterman after her divorce!

      • schadenfreudelicious

        and just like Nicole she can wear high heels whenever the urge strikes now 🙂

        • Except that Nicole turned around and married another short man.

          • schadenfreudelicious

            that she did, though if forced to choose between short men (i am the same height as Nicole :), methinks i would take Mr Urban over Mr Cruise in a heartbeat.

        • But she did wear heels when she was married to Tom Cruise (as many photos indicate). 

    • MissMariRose

       Nothing says, “I’m thrilled to be leaving Tom Cruise” quite like 4 inch heels.

  • A. W.

    A book! On an unrelated note gentlemen, I had a dream involving you. I dreamed that you had twin daughters, age 12, and it was their birthday party. I was trying to attend but I kept getting turned away from the door as all my favorite designers walked in! It was a nightmare, tbh!

    • Oh cute! Did the dream TLo kittens look like our favourite gay uncles?

    • Countess_Emma_Von_Stonevski

      Yes, who cares about Tom and Katie…A BOOK! Now there is some exciting news!

    • MissAnnieRN

      Yeah, I was like, WHOA, you guys are writing a book???  That’s what I really care about!!!  (though I fully admit to being 100% wrapped up in the Katie/Tom Drama Divorce of the Century, but I only read Lainey’s posts on the subject.  There is something about mindless entertainment and other people’s problems that is satisfying to me after a long day at work.  I find her bad-ass-ness compelling.  She is showing us that she isn’t what we thought she was.  But she still can’t dress, and that’s tragic because she is a really striking looking woman…)

      • mousetomato

        Wait, who’s Lainey?

  • Coralie Legister

    Maybe it’s down to the sleeves but I feel like the dress is a size too big for her.

    • She looks like she’s lost huge amounts of weight (like even for her), so maybe it fit her at one point!

    • 3boysful

       That’s funny–to my eyes, it looks too small, like the torso of the dress isn’t long enough for her.  Maybe the top is too much fabric?  The shoulder seams seem to be sitting correctly.

    • The dress is too short waisted on her and desperately needs a belt.

      Why would anyone buy her clothes? She is one of the worst dressers in celebritydom.

      Her facial expressions need some captions.

  • abfidy

    Meh. She’s taking down the Church Of Scientology single handedly. I don’t care that she’s looking a bit sister-wife here. I just want her to crush him and keep the kid.

    • AnaRoW

       Are you sure about that?  We are talking about an organization that managed to bully the IRS into giving them tax-exempt status. The FBI’s been investigating them for years over accusations of slavery and have barely made headway.  The best Katie can hope for is to get sole custody of her kid.

      • formerlyAnon

         & she’ll be lucky to get that. I wrote a white paper about the Church of Scientology, free speech & the media once. Money and hot & cold running lawyers and more money and money. If The Church of S. backs him, she’s going to be working her ass off for the rest of her life to pay off her lawyers.

        • muzan-e

          It would seem, though, that Rupert fuck-you-I’m-rich Murdoch is weighing in publicly against the church. If I remember correctly, the word ‘evil’ was used.   Given the history with his son, she might have some very powerful allies backing her.

          • formerlyAnon

             Very much “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” territory there!  Easy to see why a media mogul of his stamp would want to take them on, though.

          • abfidy

            The best part though is Murdoch isnt a Katie person; he’s an old Nicole Kidman ally. Kidman is his grandson’s godmother. And there is no love lost with Cruise, considering Cruise tried to pull his son into Scientology. This is ten years of revenge from one of the most powerful men in the world who has just been waiting for an opportunity.

        • lchopalong

           The problem is that with the Scientologist community, when someone defects from the religion, those they knew before (including family members) are supposed to shun them. If they have joint custody and Suri is heavily indoctrinated, she would probably turn her back on her mother

      • abfidy

        The bad press that is coming and has already come from this divorce is going to cost them millions, maybe hundreds of millions, in donations and new members. Rupert Murdoch just declared open season on Scientology for the press. And the more they fight, the more they stand to lose. 

      • Alisa Rivera

        The church has weakened quite a bit in recent years. Lots of high-level defections. They aren’t the juggernaut they used to be. 

  • Add a leopard belt and it would make the entire thing more tied-together and fresh.

  • RzYoung

    Actually TLo, I can’t WAIT to read a chapter long blog post by you! Bring on the book! 😀

    • Sobaika

      Is it really happening?? I thought they weren’t serious. OMG yes! Books by TLo!

  • Nicole Kidman must be LOVING this right now!

    • littlemac8

      It’s probably aggravated her PTSD and has given her flashbacks!!!

  • FlamingJune1967

    The first thing I thought is that it gives the impression she is child-like and innocent.  The victim.  GREAT strategy!

  • Lady_Scaper

    Awesome analysis. 😀

  • Catiline

    Not a big fan of where and how that frock hits her midsection, but I like the f-you shoes.

  • RedRaven617

    Not sure if anyone else, but she looks a prisinor bring taken to the gallows. People will mor focused on the cute, instead of the macabre look of an execution. I’m just saying….

  • spooki C

    that sack she’s wearing needs to be burned. what is going on with that sad waistband? 

  • MilaXX

    Heh, you nailed it. The dress and shoes are saying two different things. The shoes are sexy & fun, but the dress is all serious working mom. Those shoes with a cute cocktail dress would be fab. In fact one of her friend Victoria Beckham’s dresses would go really nicely.

  • Judy_J

    In addition to being drab, the fit is off on those oddly wrinkled shoulders.  But yeah, the shoes are killer.

    • Sweetbetty

       Those wrinkled shoulders are the first thing I noticed.  It can be a difficult area to press but doesn’t she have professionals for that?  And haven’t they been having a heat wave in NYC?  A dark colored long-sleeved dress on a 90+ degree day doesn’t make much sense.

  • Kyle Crawford

    very cool, if it comes in orange lady prisoners can be somewhat fashion forward…..

  • Leslie Sokolow

    She looks so uncomfortable, like she’d prefer to be hiding somewhere.

  • gabbilevy


    (I don’t give a lick about Katie but this divorce has me rooting for her. That dress is sad.)

    • NC_Meg

      It really is the best news ever! Congrats and I’m so excited, guys.

  • sue_from_philly

    Book?  You guys aren’t serious, are you??

  • I hate those shoes! They are franken-shoes! Am I the only one?

    •  not by a long shot.  I think they’re hideous.

      • ballerinawithagun

        I so agree about the shoes! Ugly DIY ball of leopard fabric. What a waste of beautiful fabric.

        •  It is rare indeed that I find shoes with things jutting out of them, or tacked onto them attractive. And these are no exception. I want to run up to her and rip those wads of fabric off.

        • kimmeister

          The shoes would be tolerable if the leopard print rosette were like 1/3 of the size that it is.

          • Or if it didn’t exist at all! Then, even the world would be a better place!

    • I almost like them in the shoe photo but on her feet they look like huge leopard tumors. Like the idea of a simple dress with kick ass shoes but those are not the ones I’d have chosen.

  • StelledelMare

    That dress is absolutely hideous. I’d like the shoes so much better if they didn’t have that poofy thing on top

  • janetjb

    Katie’s serious dress could use an interesting belt to go along with those fun shoes, but I understand the reasoning behind keeping things a bit low key.

  • bluefish

    I like the little dress and love those sandals.   I can’t even begin to imagine what must be going on there … ugh.  Makes me very grateful for my boring life.

  • sylverlight

    The dress is horrid (could have at least used a belt!!), she *desperately* needs a cheeseburger, and frankly, I hate the shoes – but I love the *idea* of kick-ass shoes… Just think those are really the wrong ones.
    And I couldn’t care less that they’re getting divorced – the countdown clock was ticking from the moment they got engaged… did anyone actually think that one was going to last??

    • Aurumgirl

       Kick-ass shoes would have done a lot of talking for Katie here–but these shoes are ugly, not kick-ass.  What these shoes are saying is “I’m desperately trying to look like I’m having fun”. 

  • deathandthestrawberry

    I’d like the dress a helleva lot better if it had a belt. I actually love shirt dresses as a rule. There’s is a certain classic 70s ease to them that I adore. But I can’t get on board with this one. I want to roll up the sleeves (it’s July!), and I hate blue/black as a color combo. I think her expression on her face says it all.

  • TLo Book?? Yay!!!!

  • Jessica O’Connell

    Definitely not a big fan of the dress, which also falls in such a way that it lends credence to the rumors that she’s pregnant. I also feel like the shoes are screaming, “I don’t have to slouch or wear flats anymore, bitches! No more tiny men for me!”

    • Was the dress chosen to emphasize her comparative youth?  It’s kind of shapeless in that grade-school-age-little-girls way, and the colors are reminiscent of (Katie’s Catholic high school?) uniforms.  The sleek pony, minimal makeup, and barely there jewelry all play into that very young girl look, too.

      Tom and Team Cruise will look very mean picking on such a cute little kid.

  • A belt would do wonders.

  • Elizabeth Wiggs Maas

    YAAAAAAY WRITING A BOOK! I published my first last year and lemme tell you, it is a mountain of work that is so completely wonderful to climb. Congratulations!!!! Tell us when we can pre-order! (But check with your agent that it won’t affect your bestseller list placement if people place orders before the book actually comes out.)

  • Exposed elastic gatherings are a sorry excuse for a waistline. A belt would have helped a lot.

    • littlemac8

      Where is she going to put the belt seeing as the dress is high waisted?  Dress is unredeemable (if that’s a word)!

  • chelwi

    She’s just going to fade into the background on the judging panel in that dress!

  • Jennifer Coleman

    BOOK? Really!!? All I need is release date and I’m On. It.

    I’m not all hot & bothered by the whole split, but I have to admit this beyotch is a genius, simply for the fact that she dressed her kid in couture all these years not to be an asshat as I assumed, but to establish the monetary baseline for the “life that she is accustomed to”. She played Tom like a fiddle. I bow to you, good lady.

    But I do have concerns about how that neckline is going to look in the judge headshots on PR.

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      Wow-I never thought of the financial implications of Suri being dressed in couture. Unless their lawyers come to a quick settlement the tabloid press will be churning up the dirt for ages.

  • crash1212

    You roll up those sleeves, and that’s a loose, kicky, easy to wear dress for a summery day. Or, leave them down, put on a pair of tights and killer boots and you have a lovely wintery look. Either way, you need a bit more jewelry. Love the pony on Katie – and those shoes are killer. I’ve been through a divorce and it was hell in my little non-celebrity life…can’t imagine what she’s going through.

  • YAY! Another All-Stars season. 🙂

    • Sweetbetty

       YAY!  I wonder who the predetermined winner is 🙂

      • UsedtobeEP

        I don’t know that there is one this time. They don’t “owe” anyone who shoulda won, now, do they? 

  • Lizzyisi

    I think it’s the best she’s looked out in public in ages, even if she is swimming in all that fabric. Everything matches; nothing looks like an over-indulged toddler picked it out; it’s a pretty color and a flattering shape (the elbow patches are weird); one piece dressing is perfect for the summer. It’s a bit “all covered” for the heat-wave, but then I’m wearing a sweater, tights and fingerless gloves in my office where the air conditioning is trying to kill me, so I’m sympathetic to the sleeves-in-summer-thing.

  • She wears a lot of drab. I don’t think she’s got particularly good fashion sense…

    • twocee

       Which is sad, considering she purports to be a clothing designer.

  • elleg929

    The dress looks like a bad Project Runway challenge.

  • TieDye64

    Sad sack of a dress, killer shoes. 

    A book you say? Can’t wait.

  • Holmes has a line. Does everyone have a fashion line but me. I must get to work on that. Anyway, dull little dress that looks like it is made from bargain bin fabric. The kind of dress my sister would make for her sewing class.

    Maybe it is just these photos but Katie, dear, hold your head up and walk proud.

  • I love a great shirt dress, but this one needs a little something. Maybe it should fit her better? Maybe it needs a belt? I can’t put my finger on it, but it needs… something. 

  • mozzer0906

    Those shoes are TDF.  

  • quiltrx

    This looks like a “look demure in court” dress and hair.  You know, so you’re not the evil murdering slut you’re accused of being.

    Those shoes are hiddy.  And incongruous.

    • Spicytomato1

      Haha, a whole line could come out of that. Imagine the names for the dresses…the Casey (Anthony), the Amanda (Knox). Ick.

  • EEKstl

    BOOK???????????  Your bitter kitten unborn fawn bitches need info – NOW!

    As for Katie, that dress is like something a sisterwife would wear if she wanted to be daring. The fact that it’s 2 sizes too large isn’t helping either. Cute shoes, tho.

  • cclaussen3

    The dress looks really poorly constructed as well. The waist is gathered in a way that looks unfinished.

    Oh and I read somewhere that Isaac Mitzrahi commented on judging and I was surprised to hear from him and not Kors. Is Isaac going to be a regular/frequent judge going forward?

    • suzq

      Mizrahi is the go-to guy for Project Runway All-Stars, not the regular show.  Katie was judging All-Stars.

  • MzzPants

    Screw Kate..You’re writing a BOoK??  I’ll need an autographed copy, please.  Does it come with a cocktail?  Can there be a tour?  With cocktails?

  • Laura Goldsmith Nikolas

    Isn’t it Holmes & Yang, not Katie & Holmes?

    • Yes.

      We’re tired.

      • formerlyAnon

         Naps. Followed by cocktail hour overlooking the water?  A walk in a scenic spot? Gathering of friends?

        You’ve posted enough today . . .

        • Alisa Rivera

          I read that as cocktail hour overlooking the WAITER. I’m also tired.

          • formerlyAnon

             Potentially valid alternative . . .

          • littlemac8

            Well, if the waiter’s hot, who cares!

  • Girl_With_a_Pearl

    Another PR All-Stars?  So soon?  A show where they take designers that I once adored and turn them into unlikeable kvetches giving them no time to produce anything interesting?  No thanks!!

  • NurseEllen

    I get everything you’re saying and I see the Janie Bryant reasoning used by the stylists but my opinion is that the subliminal message is not helped by that mess of a dress.  Honestly, it looks like some Home Ec sewing project with a Butterick pattern, gone bad.  Elbow patches?  Irregular waistband gathering?  Contrasting plackets/collar/cuffs?  Plain black buttons and crappy fit?  This sure doesn’t compel me to run over to the Katie + Holmes website & see their other fab creations.  The shoes, however, are from a completely different (and much better) planet.  God, they are wonderful!

    I always figured this weirdo couple would separate someday, when she got tired of his thumb print on her back 24/7.  As usual, their child will probably be the most scarred.  Peccato, as they say in Italian–“a sin”.

  • meowing

    Words, words, words [chapter for our book], words, words.  Oh, you sly devils!  🙂
    Happy writing, daddies.

  • Nancy Karpen

    It’s a boring little dress and not very flattering.  

  • nannypoo

    This is a really ugly dress and the shoes are a ridiculous choice for it. This is her big publicity extravaganza, so while she has to try to convey “sadness” and “bearing up under difficult circumstances”, surely there is nothing in the playbook that says she has to look like a nun.

  • The outfit is awful, but the shoes are everything! 

    I bet she missed wearing legitimate heels these past few years- any union that would require me to dump my shoe collection I would have to completely reject as darksided and not of God. 

  • Dave Carter

    The news that you both are writing a book makes my day. I love reading your blog posts and can not wait to see what you come up with for a longer format. I have long thought that a compilation of just the Mad Style posts (with lots of pretty pictures) would be a fabulous coffee table book, but it sounds like you guys are being more ambitious than that. Hooray! That is exciting news and not only am I ready to buy a copy or six, but I REALLY hope you go on a book tour so many of your dedicated unborn fauns get to meet you both in person. Pretty please? In any case – CONDRAGULATIONS!! You guys rock.

  • PinkLemon

    plz let the ‘book’ rumor be true you guys………

  • Is your book available for pre-order on Amazon yet? : D

  • Isn’t it 175 degrees in New York right now? All I can think is that she must be hot. Or perhaps the producers tell the guest judges to dress like it’s late October … ?

  • Rand Ortega

    Holy Crap! A BOOK! WHOOO HOO! It’s about time. Congrats cubed! Pls give your BK’s & UF’s the deets as soon as you can!

    Re: Katie, a strategic move on 2 levels– The dress says, “I’m serious mom trying to remain devoted to my little girl during this very serious time”. It also says, “I’m an actual fashion designer pushing my wares on the most popular design show on TV & this exposure is what my line needs now that I’m not going to be Mrs. Tom Cruise much longer & the scary cult he belongs to is going to try to destroy me & my career”.

    Does anyone know why she filed so abruptly? I’ve heard it’s because she’s worried about the influence Scientology is starting to have on the raising of Suri.

    • MilaXX

       it’s all gossip and speculation. I recall at the time she got married when it was speculated that she was being paid to marry Tom that she got one price for the baby and another if she made it to 5 years. Who knows what’s really true?

      • suzq

        That….is hysterical.  I do note that every one of Tom’s three (count ’em) three wives divorced him when they turned 33.  It is as if a pop up timer like they have in turkeys goes off at age 33.

        • DonnaL

           He divorced Nicole, not the other way round.  I don’t know what happened in his first marriage.

          • Rand Ortega

             TC divorced Mimi Rogers (who introduced him to Scientology) after 3 years of marriage. She was also 33 when they divorced.

    • One theory that seems damningly likely is that Suri has reached the age where the organization’s more insidious techniques can start being used to mold her fragile brain.

      The Village Voice has a piece up detailing the process of “sec checking” children called “What Katie Holmes is Saving Suri From: Scientology’s Interrogation of Children.”

  • siriuslover

    OK, I didn’t read anything past “chapters of our book.”  I am so in line for that one TLO!!!!!!

  • bellafigura1

    I love the dress, drab as it may be.  It is astute of you (and hilarious) to showcase Katie’s madonna/whore moment.  She’s got a lot to communicate on these little perp walks!  It’s a big hard job.

    Hate the shoes.

  • julesj

    I have to say, everything I have seen her wear from her line is equally unflattering. When left to her own devises (sans stylist), the girl just doesn’t have a good fashion sense. This dress is awful, as most of what she has been wearing in recent weeks. But, obviously she doesn’t care about fashion, she is escaping from TC! 

  • guest2visits

    I’m sorry she and her family are going through a divorce. That aside; this is a sorrowful, unimaginative, and unattractive design.
    That may be the something a person doesn’t want to know at a time like this; or maybe this prison-matronly dress is the result
    of personal inspirations; whatever.  The shoes can’t help it either.  She looks like she’s being walked from her cell block.

    • Your clothes can be a good indicator of your mental state. After I filed for divorce and moved to my own home, I noticed that my closet contained just three colors — black, grey and navy. I thought to myself, “These clothes must belong to a very depressed woman.” So I made a concerted effort to start buying more cheerful colors. Eleven years later, it’s still rare to see me wearing all black.

      • guest2visits

        I would agree. Possibly everyone at some point, or maybe several times in a lifetime; will re-adjust their way of
        expressing themselves, whether deliberately, or unconsciously.  Sounds like it can be a positive thing too.

  • lchopalong

    She looks like she really doesn’t want to be there. It seems like a lot of people would enjoy a media circus, but the look on her face makes me feel like she just wants it over and done with.

  • I just don’t get why she is considered a style icon.  I can count on two fingers the times that I’ve seen something on her and thought, “That looks great”.  And it kills me, because she certainly has the face and body to pull off some amazing looks.

  • SapphoPoet

    Let’s just say that I like the idea of this dress, but it seems to not fit her very well. Overall, it looks like a bad home-ec project. 
    Also, it looks heavy for July (but I guess the episode will air sometime in the fall so perhaps it will look more seasonal then). Love the shoes.

    I am strangely interested in the divorce and am rooting for her. I hope she gets custody of Suri and that she gets a couple of good modeling contracts–I seem to remember that TLo featured a couple of editorials where she looked really amazing. 

  • Judy_S

    The dress is kind of awful (it actually looks like something I might wear, but I would add a belt or something, and I think it might look better on me, a 60-year-old overweight woman, than on her). I like the way the shoes contradict the dress, though. 
    Are they shooting a little PR All-Stars (like 3 people) or another big one?

  • carolie_king

    Top is strangely pulling the bottom half up so the waistline looks askew.  Needs a belt.  She should take off those shoes before she jumps on the couch.

  • formerlyAnon

    I like it. Like shoes with it. Yes, it looks a bit oversized, don’t know if that’s intentional or not but it does send the message that she’s not menacing but being menaced.

    Drab for a celeb, maybe, but I think of it as understated in a good way. And the color works for her.

  • formerlyAnon

    In other news:  ” chapters for our book”


    Yay for you guys!  Hope your publisher will thoroughly understand how many guaranteed sales you have from this blog readership.

  • suzq

    I had to look twice.  I almost mistook for for Alexa Chung.

    If she’s selling her line on the street, it would be helpful to have a better fit on the dress. 

  • Imasewsure

    If we all care so little about the divorce, then why are so many of these posts talking about the divorce and not the boring unflattering dress and the ugly shoes that neither match nor “go” (at least in my plain little world)….

  • teensmom99

    horrible dress, BTW

  • Lisa Dugan

    Too big!  I can see it as a maternity dress but honestly, even with my big baby belly right now, I wouldn’t likely wear it.  I get the point of why she wore it but it still isn’t all that attractive.  

  • Lilithcat

     our book

    You guys!  That’s fantastic!  I’m so thrilled for you.

    As for her, is she one of the sister wives?

  • l3icest3r

    Love the shoes. 

  • bitchybitchybitchy

    A book by T and Lo? How fabulous! Does this mean that Bitter Kittens can look forward to a book signing????

  • lesmaha

    Is the dress just too big on her (avoiding all mention of marriage/divorce/scientology)?

  • mom2ab

    Oh honey- I am glad you are out of the eating Hagen Daas in the dark phase of the break up but before you leave the house you must put on a bra and wash your hair.

  • Jill Roberts

    I think she looks great.  The dress is really, really cute.  Great color and the cute contrasting trim on the color/button placket jazzes it up.  If the first picture is any indication, the silhouette is extremely flattering.  Plus the shoes say, “I’m still a fashionista and I can wear really high heels now that my shrimpy douchebag husband is out of the picture.”

  • PeaceBang

    I understand that she’s at a serious period in her life right now, but does that mean she has to wear a terrible bra? Or none? And make those weird faces? 

  • VeryClaire

    Wow, that elastic gathered waist band kills any hopes for that dress, and the hopes were slim to begin with.  The shoes don’t go with the dress at all!

  • A BOOK!  Congratulations!!!!!

  • ThaliaMenninger

    The ponytail makes her look like a contestant on America’s Next Top Model, which is pretty good for someone her age. But the frock is a sack and the shoes don’t go at all. This ain’t working for me.

  • BrightsideSusan

    That dress needs a belt – maybe she took it off?  Anyway, are they doing two PR at a time now?  I thought they were still filming the new season which starts soon?  MORE all-Stars?

    • Lilithcat

      They filmed the last season of All-Stars at the same time as the last season of PR.

  • mommyca

    The shoes are cute, but the dress is such a drab mess: wrinkly and also it looks so badly sewn to me…. It does not inspire me to check out her line, so if that was the intent, I think she failed.

  • understateddiva

    haha I love this juxtaposition.  It says, “sister-wife came to PARTY”

  • butter nut

    ok – 1st – they’re doing another PR all-stars?  has a cast list been released yet? how did i miss this?
    2nd – YOU’RE WRITING A BOOK?!?!?!
    3rd – i’m so obsessing on scientology conspiracies right now & loving it.  i hope this story goes major & brings out all kinds of dirt.

  • marilyn

    The dress is 2 shades of dark blue.  Shapeless,  covers her up.  Drab it is.  However, the shoes say “Let’s party!!!”  I realize that she is appearing on PR, so that explains the shoes.  However, the dress has nothing to do with it.  Is Tom getting her stylist in the divorce?  

  • You’re writing a book!! Hooray!!! Please say there will be a book tour. 🙂 I’d love to stop by my local B&N and stand in line for a signed copy…

  • One of the more damning theories that I heard is because this is the age where Suri can start being indoctrinated with some of the organization’s more insidious techniques.


  • Is anyone having serious problems commenting today?

    I like the dress, though it doesn’t fit her too well. It is in desperate need of a belt and she needs better posture.

  • CarolinLA

    The dress looks like the winning result of PR Challenge Cell Block 20.

  • Book!

  • joe_tey83

    1. There’s going to be a TLo book?! When is it coming out?
    2. There’s going to be another Project Runway All Stars?! Why? What? Who’s going to be on it?
    3. I hope they repeat the divorcee challenge or wedding dress challenge for Katie. Think of the DRAMA and ratings.
    4. Katie Holmes has her own line? Of clothes?
    5. The divorce is the most predictable and least shocking thing in the history and future of the entire universe.

  • God. That dress looks like something out of a women’s prison movie.

  • TomBord

    I suggest everyone catch the earlier interviews w/ her when she and her deranged husband first fell in xenu-love.. These clips are from around the same time as the Zooprah couch performance. 
    You’ll be startled by how she took on his persona, spoke (crazy) like him and even looked as though they were on the same drugs. Plus being hollyweird. everything seems very rehearsed. 

    Today, all I can say is it’s really sad that there’s a child (especially a girl!) involved in this madness. But also honey – you were warned! And frankly, is any of this a surprise to anyone? Exactly. 

    So my feeling is until Tommy-girl comes to grips w/ his many weirdo issues I say, lets  boycott cruise movies. 
    Because what goes on w/ these women is just not right.

    • Alisa Rivera

      Eh, you know, I think she walked into it with her eyes open, except that she didn’t quite understand the deathgrip the church would have on her life. She figured it would boost her career the way it did Nicole’s, but in the end she wasn’t willing to pay the price. I have some sympathy but I’m not clutching my pearls over it. I doubt there was ever any love on either side. 

      • guest2visits

        I think I’m in your neighborhood of thought about this celebrity duo. It looks to me like they’re both participants
        of a very thought-out if not elaborate contractual agreement.  That doesn’t mean she couldn’t change her mind,
        or become aware of conditions that she may not have been able to conceptualize earlier (ie: do I want to raise
        my children this way).   Still; the way they met and married seems suspect, if not completely contrived.

        And even though the C of S appears to be a huge con that operates much like any pyramid scheme; with the
        self appointed at the top; and has more than the usual share of typical cult dogma – I can’t help but believe
        that Katie can choose to wear what she likes; without anyone oppressing her.  She is developing her own line,
        after all, isn’t that so?   I think she’s a grown-up that is perfectly capable of calling the shots; including this
        incredibly unattractive prison gown from her own design. In fact; I think she’s going to do fine.  
        Though clearly; I hope she will divest herself of this ‘arrangement’ and this unhealthy cult; for herself and for
        her child.

        As for Tom; I don’t know if he’s a true believer as much as he’s someone drawn by severe neediness to be a big
        important part of ‘big important thing’ –  it feels kind of sad, he’s talented but his passion is misplaced.
        Or maybe I’m being too kind, and he’s just a crazy egomaniac.

  • sagecreek

    Oh, dear. While I am oh so proud of Katie for leaving idiot-boy, this just doesn’t work. You have to have some attitude to pull off those shoes, and from ankle up, she is droop city. Droop does not equal attitude.

    Can’t wait till you emerge happier, Katie! We’ll be waiting for you on the other side.

  • CatherineRhodes

    She looks AWFUL from head to toe. The shoes do not match the dress whatsoever — the dress is drab and dull, and c’mon, dark blue long sleeves, high neck in July! Yet the shoes are screaming Jungleland Barbie.

    No makeup, boring jewelry, not even a manicure. Talk about needing a serious fashion intervention.

  • ccm800

    the shoes are a naughty little wink

  • DCSheehan

    Wait, they’re shooting another PR AS? How did I miss news of that major happening?

    • ChaquitaPhilly

      Yeah, what about that!

  • SophieCollier

    With those shoes, she could have opted for a bright-n-sassy belt at least.  Oh well.  Maybe this is her way of getting back to the “Old Katie” style, which was sort of frumpy.

  • PaulaBerman

    That dress is just wrong on a lot of levels. She needs a supportive bra, the waist is wonky, it looks a little Sunday Meeting in color and shape. The shoes are sassy though.

  • “Katie Holmes will be wearing the dress created by the losing contestant to divorce court.”

  • cleep1000

    She looks ridiculous.

  • Susan Phillips

    Isn’t this dress too big on her in addition to being too drab and sister wife?  Also–and probably most telling about the shoes–those tall, tall shoes?  When Letterman asked Nicole Kidman about her break-up with Cruise, she smiled shyly and slyly and said, “Now I can wear heels.”  Looks to me like Katie plans on going tall.

  • TomBord

    Holy Chemise,  it’s  Nicole Kidman’s little sister after a lengthy deprogramming ‘audit’. 
     I love her ‘ oh shit, the things i’ve seen!” look. 

  • redgauntlet

    She looks bananas and, also, very like a girl I used to go out with. She was also bananas.

  • love the shoes.

  • Neverbuynewclothes

    That is one ugly and unflattering dress. Not saying she had to look like a Kardashian but this looks like what nuns wore when they were first able get out of their black-and-white habits.  I hope she’ll have time enough during the media storm to eat, though, since she looks like she could really use a few carbs.

  • I think even a school marm would call this dowdy, but of course, you’ve given the perfect explanation as to why she went that route.

    That said, I do feel sorry for her having to run the gauntlet every time she leaves her apartment. She’s living in my neighborhood and there are police barricades in front of her building. These paparazzi are out of control on any regular day nowadays and this just makes it worse — and not just for her, but also for everyone in her building.


  • I can’t say I’m above the fray. I’m pretty interested in the Katie v. Tom divorce news. The dress looks tragic on her, and while the shoes are cool, they have no place near that dress. Ship them to Katy Perry now.

  • Jen

    That dress looks like something you’d buy on the H&M clearance rack. The addition of a belt may help, slightly.

  • Things I noticed in the order I noticed them:
    1) Ugh, PR All-Stars again?  Stop.
    2) A BOOK! Yay!  I hope you include a section with tips for men and it can be required reading for every male actor out there because we’re sick of them looking so half-assed 90% of the time.
    3) Nice shoes!  We all need a pair of ridiculous heels that are so tacky they step into quirky territory.
    4) She is wearing a housecoat in public. Oh dear.  It’s an ill-fitted housecoat.  And please stop slouching.

    I am oddly concerned about the divorce.  I normally don’t give a god damn, but this strikes me as something that might have an actual impact on society.  Not because the demise of TomKat matters to the world, but because this would make a spectacular episode of South Park.  Imagine!  News Corp vs Scientology.  We all know Jesus will be back, and maybe even Santa.  Will they be interrogating Cartman or Butters?  I don’t know, but I can’t wait for this to happen.  And also, for Scientology to be torn to shreds publicly.

  • If she was trying to look as if she could care less about the divorce – she failed miserably.  That drab little dress screams Depressed!!! (I won’t even get into the hair).  No idea why she chose to wear it whilst under paparazzi review.  I do wish her luck, though.  Every other ex Ms. Tom has lost lots in the process.  Be nice to see him schooled this time.  But not in that dress, Katie girl.  You look Amish – and something tells me that’s so not the look you were going for.    

  • VultureCulture

    FEED HER!!! 

  • Allison Woods

    I know I’m in the minority here, but I love the dress and the whole look. Seem a little covered up for July, but since it’s for TV, they are probably shooting for fall or winter.

  • Desperately Seeking A Belt.

  • enchanted216

    Ugh!  It was, like, 100 degrees in NYC!  What is with the long sleeves and heavy fabric on all these people lately? And, just for good measure, I hate the shoes.

  • mrtu

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