In or Out: Marion Cotillard in Christian Dior Couture

Posted on July 19, 2012

After her rather silly-looking previous attempt on the RC, we found ourselves gay-gasping over this look.

Marion Cotillard attends London premiere of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ at Odeon Leicester Square in a Christian Dior couture dress. Bag and shoes by Christian Dior. Jewelry by Chopard.

Christian Dior Fall 2012 Couture Collection

It’s just so … French; isn’t it? So damn Dior. The semi-sloppy hair and strong lip are singing the Marseilles, or perhaps Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien. We love that she dresses the part of a French film star. She knows what she’s doing. Then again, it’s kinda hard not to look like what everyone thinks a French film star should look like when you’re the face of Dior.

We really love the color combo of orange, black and white, with red accents. For once, we kinda dig the fact that she went light on the jewelry. Love the metal belt. The only complaints we have are the low hem and the rather low bustline. We can’t imagine she didn’t spent the evening yanking her tits up. Still, we also can’t imagine y’all won’t vote this an IN, but then again, the Precious Unborn Fawns have been known to surprise us.



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IN! I’m sorry to be so predictable, T Lo.


OUT! Surprise! Irrational HATRED!


Freida Pinto’s “Have a Holly, July Christmas” dress was declared OUT by the PUFs.


[Photo Credit: Ian Gavan/Getty Images, Landmark/PR Photos,]

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  • MilaXX

    IN! Better than the model and I am happy she didn’t wear that stupid choker.

    • Jill_3

       Absolutement. Her waist-bust-hips are absoutely GORGEOUS.

      However, as a diehard francophile, I must point out it is NOT the Marseille, but La Marseillaise.

      • kimmeister

        I immediately thought of La Marseillaise too, but didn’t want to be the nit-picker!  😀

        • Jill_3

           I have no qualms about being a nitpicker. 😉

          • but I would wear the shit out of this outfit. Classic and lovely, Madame Cotillard, can’t wait to see your movie tomorrow!

      • Je suis d’accord!

    • Carla Axtman

       Honestly, I gasped when I saw that model.  She’s a skeleton in a blonde wig. It’s freaky.

  • I wish that the orange top contrasted a bit more with her skin tone but I love the outfit otherwise. IN from me 🙂

  • Ah! Perfection. Unexpected and so chic.

    • EveEve

      WERQing overtime

  • PinkLemon

    !!!!! LOVE. In.

  • IN. Seriously who else could have pulled off this dress? I love it that she’s curvy and STILL rocking the hell out of this.

    I now totally want a pair of red pumps. 

    • You say that like curves = never looking good, ever?

      •  Heck no – I’m a curvy girl! But usually the models on the runway have very little curves, so difficult-to-wear dresses look fine on them – and then on the RC, they don’t work. I think this dress is VERY difficult to pull off, but it looks perfect on her.

        But then again – she rocks. I shouldn’t be surprised she can pull this off!

    • Sobaika

      I’m laughing at the description of Marion Cotillard as curvy.

      • Sartorial_She

        But she is! Curvy does not have to be a euphemism for ‘not uber (just imagine the umlaut) thin’. I have a friend who is 5′ 3″, weighs <100 lbs, and she is honest-to-goodness curvy. Tiny waist, noticeable hips, enviable rack. Marion is thin AND curvy.

        • Sobaika

          You can be thin and curvy just like you can be a bigger girl and curvy. I just don’t think it’s the word for Marion. She’s not straight up and down but neither are most people. And she’s got a beautiful figure. But curvy implies more exaggerated proportions, like Eva Green. The dress is going the exaggerating for Marion here, as it is for the model.

  • gabbilevy

    IN! I am neither French, nor a film star, but I would wear the shit out of this outfit. Classic and lovely, Madame Cotillard, can’t wait to see your movie tomorrow!

  • random_poster

    IN! Perfect look for her.

  • karinlee

    IN. Work it, Marion.

  • IN. But it annoys me that the clutch is a different red than the shoes. The shoes are more orange to me.

    • Introspective

      And then the orangey red of the lip also throws things off as thats a 3rd different color in the mix of reds here. But somehow she still pulls it all off and looks like a tall drink of French water (Evian anyone?). Such an IN.

  • I love this! It’s definitely an in from me, but I also agree that it does sit a little low on the bust. Otherwise, she looks gorge!

  • She has the tiniest waist! It’s an IN for me, but I don’t like the low bust line either. I really like the red shoes and clutch.

    • kimmeister

      I am marvelling at her waist too!

  • To me, the ridiculously low bust and the low hem are serious dealbreakers. Nothing can compensate for that!


    • Sobaika

      I thought I was the only one. I have to confess, I’m not as enamored with Marion as TLo and many of the BKs are (she’s fine, I just don’t j’adore and it could be because I haven’t seen her as Piaf yet). This seems like a mildly good outfit brought down by poor fit.

      • SassieCassy

        Watch her in la vie en rose. You might not fall in love with her like the bks but its worth the watch. she is great.

    • Judy_J

      I should have read your post before posting my opinion.  That is my opinion exactly.

  • In! LOVE IT.

  • OUT…A fall/winter skirt in summer. Please save me the discussion of cool temp in Euro-land. Her top looks like it slipped down.

    • Corsetmaker

      Ah, so the rest of the world has to dress for the temperatures in a bit of it does it? Off to get my parka, think I’ll dress for the Artic this week.

      • Jill_3

         Hey, it’s winter in Australia! Does that count?

        • Corsetmaker


          For goodness sake Marion, put a coat on, it’s freezing in Sydney! 


  • Out. Not liking the orange, OR the “just rolled out of bed” hair.

    And yes, I’m harder on her than I am on a lot of others, because she’s got it in her, dammit. I WILL TAKE NOTHING LESS THAN THE BEST!

  • AmeliaEve

    IN. I even like the skirt length. Totally Natacha Fatale.

    • kimmeister

      Agree on the skirt length.  It works here.  IN.

  • J’regret. I must concur. Though I will diverge insofar as to say that the skirt length is just fine by me!

  • ChaCha_70

    Love the outfit! Love her! So chic. Big time IN.

  • What? She looks awful! Her hair and make up are atrocious and I wish she would pull up the top some. Maybe that would shorten the hem, too, which would also be beneficial.

  • AlexisPayne

    LOVE, In 

  • I feel for her because I have the exact same issue: most strapless dresses fall way too low on me.

    Oh, wait. I don’t feel for her. She’s an actress who gets free clothes thrown at her. Also it’s just so…severe…that I can’t sign off on it. OUT.

  • filmcricket

    Suspect I’m going to be in the minority here, but I hate it, pretty much from head to toe. The bodice colour doesn’t work with her skin tone, the hem length is super-unflattering, the clutch and the shoes clash, the skirt negates her shape from the back, and the whole thing has a bizarrely tweedy vibe, although that does disappear the closer you get to the fabric.

    What is up with the Batman women? You’re in what’s likely to be the biggest film of the year – step it up! I can’t believe I’m saying this, but maybe Elizabeth Banks needs to give some lessons to Mlles Hathaway and Cotillard.

  • Bethany Loftin

    SO IN!

  • Anathema_Device

    In!! I pinned this look from the runway pics a week or so ago. Love it and I love it on her. Somehow, that midcalf length isn’t throwing off the proportions.

    • Right there with ya, Ms Device.
      And as for the bodice being low, it’s in precisely same place on the model’s torso. I think she looks smashing.

      • Sobaika

        Yes, but the model has less in the way of mammary glands. Cotillard has just enough going on in the bust to throw it off and make it seem droopy.

  • I like it in general, but it looks like it was sized for someone much taller than Ms. Cotilliard.

    • kimmeister

      Any longer of a torso, and it would be a full on nipple show.

  • BazoDee

    Ohhh -close call – I want to love it -I really do -but that orange just doesn’t look good on her skin. The low bust line isn’t great either. I think I’m still going with IN because it is more in than out. 

    • Judy_S

       This is my feeling exactly. If the color were just a bit different on the top it would be a strong IN from me, but as it is she gets a really weak one.

  • j_anson

    I’m not crazy about this overall. But I guess I’m not not-crazy enough about it to give it an OUT. So a small in, I guess.

    • AudreysMom

       ditto. Maybe a bigger than small IN, like an IN -minus. The low hem and bust don’t seem to work but she looks divine!

  • I don’t love the top but she looks amazing. IN

  • altalinda

    In, but between the size and color of the shoes, plus the low hem, my eyes keep gravitating to her feet.

  • Eva_baby

    That is so muthafuckin’ IN it is not funny!

  • formerlyAnon

    Conflicted “in.”  It seems unbalanced – either the top should have come an inch or tow higher up or she needed a significant necklace.  But it’s a small thing, in the scheme of things, so in. But a small thing that seriously bugs.

  • MissAnnieRN

    Yup. IN all the way. The non-matchy accessories were a surprise Ina good way. I wouldn’t have done that instinctually but that’s why I’m not a stylist.

  • jw_ny


    too french costume-y…all she needs is a cigarette and a lamp post to lean on.  😉  Dislike the hem length, dislike the low bust, dislike the lip color, think her feet look ginormous.  Her forced smile bugs me. 

    I do like the 2 fabrics/patterns together as well as the belt. 

  • plinkiedoodle

    OUT!  That low bust looks uncomfortable and downright odd.  Is the orange supposed to be a pop of color with the black and white skirt?  And yes, the orange is too pale for her skin tone.  Love the shoes.  Lipstick is garish.  Hair looks DIY.  She’s a beautiful woman.  This getup does not do her justice.  

  • AC

    I love the dress! I hate the red accents! Her lips, bag and shoes are 3 different shades of red and it feels like there’s just too much going on. I can’t vote her out though because overall i think she looks cute. IN, under protest.

  • marilyn

    Out.  Hair-lipstick-puse matchy.  Just a bunch of unrelated items put together.  

  • IN, although I agree about the neckline/hemline. A couple inches up would have made this perfect.

  • Jillaine13


  • Marian Humin

    In. Almost perfection. You would think though, with Dior couture that the pattern of the skirt would match up at the side seam. That really bothers me.

    • Corsetmaker

      It’s not a straight seam though, the skirt is narrower at the bottom so the checks are always going to hit each other at an angle.

  • SpcilK

    IN! Love everything about this look on her.

  • In! 

    My only complaint has nothing to do with her clothes, but rather that she doesn’t bring Guillaume Canet along to at least some of these things. I mean, I respect her right to privacy of course, but he’s so gorgeous. 🙂

  • call_me_schmeg

    IN by the look on her face in the last picture alone. “i’m french and fabulous, so eat it!”

  • Carina Yariv

    The fabric is heavy for summer, but she looks stunning. Definitely IN.

  • SewingSiren

    Love. Sorry to be so predictable. I do agree about the bodice neckline being too low. I , however think the skirt length is very chic.

  • butterflysunita

    IN!  Though the bodice does look like a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen. 

  • In. Best she’s ever looked (if we’re not counting sexy, slinky mermaid dresses). Love her. I saw The Dark Knight Rises last night and she really shines, even with a small part. 

  • GillianHolroyd

    In, but the low bodice bothers me as well. And the shoes. They look like they fit her so she just must have big feet.

  • VioletFem

    IN. This would have been a WERQ for me had the bust and the hem line had been a bit higher. But overall it is a very chic look. It is somewhat retro, but the modern colors update this look. 

  • IN!!! IN!!! IN!!! *faints from all the fabulousness*

  • Pannyx

    I’m gonna have to go with an Out. A close one, but I can’t stand that orange on her. It just doesn’t go with her skin tone. The fit and hair aren’t helping either.

  • Cathy S


  • Larkin21

    I like a strong lip but not that shade. Also don’t think the color of the top looks good with her skin tone. Add the other negatives TLo pointed out, I give her an OUT. Still love her, though.

  • leave_Blake_alone


  • tereliz

    Dudes, I’m straight-girl gasping at this. She looks like a million Euros. (That’s a lot, right? Not like those pesky lire used to be?)

  • TheOriginalLulu

    Definitely gets an IN. The mismatched reds are making my eye twitch a little, but she looks drop-dead gorgeous.

  • In definitely IN

  • mjude


  • BrooklynBomber

    wrong shoes but no question: IN

  • Jangle57

    Hike up the bustline and there would be no doubts – but even with the low bustline, it’s still an IN

  • AthenaJ

    Lowercase ‘in’. Wish the bodice and hem were a bit higher, but she just looks so French and sexy. I’m also digging the shoes!

  • Out. I hate the hem length, hate how heavy the skirt looks and how close the top is to her skin tone (even with the orange).

  • another_laura

    It’s in, but lowercase because of the same reservations – low bust, too-low hem – and I also think some jewelry up top would not have been amiss.

  • fungstyle

    Just for fun, I’m giving this an IN overall but an OUT on the shoes. Those things make her feet look huge and they take this into sexy secretary territory. IRRATIONAL HATRED OF POINTY TOED SHOES RAAAAAWR

    • Corsetmaker

      I will always stand up for point toed shoes! When round toes are in I can never get anything because I have pointy feet. I LOVE pointy toed shoes! :b

  • if the top had been a bright white i think i’d like this a bit more; the orange is the same value as her skintone. still, an IN, because like you wouldn’t bow the fuck down if you came across her like this in person.

  • In, thought the proportions on bottom are a little off.

  • mmc2315

    IN!  Needs jewelry at neck, but glad she didn’t wear the model’s choker.

  • aristida_girl

    IN, love her, love Dior, match made in heaven 🙂

  • afabulous50

    The women behing the barricade look less than impressed!  Yes – she looks very French…not sure that’s a good thing.

  • Is the skirt perhaps green with silver and not black? (And that’s why it’s styled with green shoes on the model?) Of course, I wish the bodice were higher. It looks high fashion, but in a bad way. 

  • la_lala

    I actually hate the dress but love it on her, so she gets an IN from me.

    On a tangentially related note, I was in a wedding last weekend where the bridesmaids’ dresses were strapless and cut at kind of a downward angle in the back like this one. All of us were yanking them up all night because we all had little bits of back fat hanging over the back of the dress, despite the fact that I was by far the largest bridesmaid at a size 8. I noticed that Marion’s got an ever-so-slight overflow in that area in the last photo and it makes me feel better somehow, yet irritated that even someone as slim as she is has that problem and I was expected to pull it off. :/ Dear brides: Stop with the strapless. We all hate it.

    End rant.

  • Charmella…a DIVA at large!

     IN…and I’m in NYC this week, so I’m off to MOOD to see if I can find fabrics to copy this look! Merci Dior!

    • OMG.  I had never heard of MOOD.  I am totally going to hit that up next time I’m in NYC!!

  • Jill Roberts

    IN.  I don’t think it’s perfect (I don’t love strapless bodices either), but she looks pretty damned amazing.

  • Judy_J

    I too am having problems with the low riding bodice and the length of the skirt.  So much so that I’m going with an OUT on this one.

  • Joyce VG

    I’m actually not crazy about this. A la Fug Girls I think the patterns clash and fight each other.  But she’s French and Fabulous so IN.

  • IN, although I didn’t truly love it for the very reasons you stated.  Still, undeniably chic.

  • stagmania


  • Beardslee

    IN, though I agree the bodice should be a smidge higher.

  • IN.

  • kikisayshi

    The proportion looks weird to me, even on the model. I love the shoes and the color combo, but that bust is just not working for her. OUT. 

  • Imasewsure

    I also would give it a qualified IN for it’s amazing frenchness…. don’t like the low-hanging top and the color combo is a bit off but I still like it (change the top and I would love it!) 

  • Eclectic Mayhem


  • In in in!

  • Caaro3

    In, definitely, In.

  • Sara__B

    In, but without capital letters since the bodice sits too low for a woman with actual breasts — she’s one deep breath away from double exposure — and those shoes make her feet look huge.

  • Lilithcat


    The top is falling off, the skirt is way too long, and the shoes wandered in from god-knows-where.

  • ChelseaNH

    Irrationally, I don’t care for the color of the bodice.  Orange is fine, but it’s diluted by the mesh pattern.  My color-singed retinas refuse to accept anything watered down today.  Also, it seems to be riding a little low.  So it’s an out, but only because of the bodice.

  • Oh, dear. I call “OUT”.  For me, the dress is too long and looks WAY too heavy, as if it’s dragging her down – and the contrast between that wool-rug-wrapped-around-her and the barely-there top makes it look like she forgot to finish dressing. I’m not wild about the color combinations, either. I can see the vintage-French aspect to the look, but it still doesn’t cut it for me.

    But now “La Marseillaise” is running through my head, drat it. Maybe I’ll watch “Casablanca” again…GoryDetails

  • Absolutely IN, but I agree with TLO about the hem and bustline being too low. A few minor adjustments and I could see this as a WERQ.

  • greyhoundgirl

    In.  But the top bugs me–reminds me of a basket or the plastic netting for a craft project to sew yarn through the holes.

  • l_c_ann

    In because they didn’t photograph her tugging the top upwards

  • kingderella

    it borders on cliché, but its a cute look.
    agree on the too low bustline, disagree on the hem, which i think is unusual in a chic way.
    overall: IN!

  • demidaemon

    I am not fond of the neckline, but the skirt and the shoes are pretty fabulous. IN.

  • OUT. Why do her shoes look so huge??

  • AngelaGreen

    Yep, gay daddies are exactly right.  This is gorgeous except the low neckline and too low hem.

  • frannyprof

    In to the power of INfinity

  • cleep1000


  • redgauntlet

    I don’t like that look and, from her expression, neither does she.


  • A little low on the bust but she’s pulling it off. IN! Chic as hell.

  • Love. Hate the hem.  

  • msdamselfly

    IN  I also gasped

  • pookiesmom

    Definite IN from me, but that belt looks like a torture device. I don’t see how it would be physically possible for her to avoid getting torso-sliced when (if?) she sits down in that thing. Super flattering, though.

  • elirt

    IN! I actually like the awkwardly long hem on her.

  • BigWhiteGrannyPanties

    IN but I wish the neckline were higher.  That is distracting.  I love her hair and her outrageous lipstick.  

  • lesmaha

    In. Love it!

  • IN! Love, love, love. Not sure about the clutch though, but everything else is kick ass.

  • teensmom99

    OUT–I cannot condone such a poor fit on the top.

  • Structural Reform

    OUT. It’s an out on the model, too. The top color doesn’t contrast with her skin enough, the hem is WAAAAAY to long. I’m not enamored of the red/peach/black/white combo, either. No, no love here.

  • Coralie Legister

    IN! IN! IN!

  • LinXGUA

    I’m confused. I love the colours, but the hemming and the low bustline are killing it for me.
    I can feel the french vibes in that photo of her back; I can almost hear an accordion. That back is a werk.
    But again, I don’t get it. To me, the look is a chic collage of magazines. Something’s missing and i don’t know what it is.
    I don’t seeing it guys, sorry.

  • Laylalola

    One of the most beautiful women in the world.

  • crash1212

    To be honest, I really don’t like this dress – but – this is a big old IN on just about every level. Girl looks amazing.

  • LP


  • ThaliaMenninger

    IN. Or, you know, en.


    I fucking love her and I think she looks so gorgeous. Don’t know what the rest of the attendees dressed like, but I’m sure she was a stand-out. But…different clutch, please. Thanks. Love you.

  • Out. The hem is far too long, far too long! And the color of the bodice is worse than orange sherbet.

  • mom2ab

    Argggh I just want to grab the bodice and yank it up to cover her boobs and adjust the hem to a more flaterring length.  This is Dior fer chrissakes- you can do better.  OUT

  • ballerinawithagun

    In! I would wear this whole look. The bustline should have been higher but it looks stable enough that it will stay in place.

  • RedRaven617

    Out. I have an irrational hatred of skirts/dresses of that length.

  • Oh, c’mon, it´s Marion in Dior. INNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN

  • Corsetmaker

    IN love the colours, and like the skirt length. It’s a very vintage, elegant length. I’d agree the bodice could be a little higher.

  • Warrior89

    In.  But the dress fits too low and the shoes make her feet look ginormous.  That being said, she’s just so chic and beautiful!

  • trisker

    OuT.  Very strange proportions — for both her and the model.  The bodice looks too short and the skirt too long. Wrong lipstick color applied WAY outside the lipline.  Red pumps are cute.

  • IN – very pretty

  • guest2visits

    She IS very striking in this; and very French.  But it’s a bandeau top, and bandeaus are such a bad idea.
    This one looks especially precarious.  I suppose since it’s for making an appearance to a premiere; it’s IN.

  • I don’t like it. No particular reason, but a lot of off points for me. Skirt too long, top a weird color, hair oddly messy, lipstick smudged, shoes and purse clash, but not enough. OUT.

  • SophieCollier

    Oh, she looks divine!  IN IN IN!!!

  • onyxkatze

    That color almost makes her look topless, but otherwise she’s fresh and fab-tastic. IN.

  • granddelusion

    So out. Hate the top; looks like shes topless. And the shoes don’t fit.

  • PastryGoddess

    IN IN IN!

  • quiltrx

    IN.  The bodice sits low on the model too, so unfortunately I think that was the plan.  I LOVE the skirt (or skirt portion, is this one piece?), and she looks like a million bucks.  Or francs.  Or Euros.

  • Aly Light


  • IN. love. 

  • Mirakel9

    What, really??? No, OUT. There is nothing that I like about it. Top and skirt don’t go, skirt is too long, lips/shoes….really? with ORANGE and that skirt pattern?? NO!

  • Is there a meh? I guess this is an OUT. It’s not revolting but come on, she could have brought it more.

  • Linderella

    So IN she went all the way through, ran out the back door, circled the block, and came IN again.  Gorgeously IN!

  • Bozhi

    In.  She looks sexy, can’t beat that.

  • frankystein123

    I just can’t get behind the length of that skirt. OUT.

  • PeaceBang

    IN! Mais oui! And a big IN to the hot, bald photographer sprouting out of her left shoulder in the first photo.

  • Ksagun13

    She’s so damn French. Even if I was as beautiful as her, I’d never look that good.  I love how she looks a little retro-1940s with the shoes, the bold lip color, and the skirt length, yet very current.  IN.  

  • Pennymac

    Predictably IN!

  • Kirsten Kirsten

    yeah the bustline looks a little low, and i would have liked to see some earings, but this is definitely an IN for me. WERQing that Parisian chic.

  • IN! So very IN!

  • Isana Leshchinskaya

    wtf tlo? where’s the WERQ this obvi deserves?? IN IN IN IN IN.

  • unbornfawn

    When I first glanced at the picture I thought the bodice was a flesh tube top. The neck up – gorgeous! The waist down – gorgeous! I just can’t with that bodice. OUT.

  • IN. J’adore.

  • DCSheehan

    Nope. Ew. Out.

  • LambeeBaby


  • tvmovielover

    I too think the skirt could have been a bit shorter but this is an IN.

  • SapphoPoet

    J’adore! IN!

  • IN!

  • SF_Gal

    In, BUT…this is couture.  Those side seams on the skirt are no good.

  • sagecreek

    Definitely in. Although I don’t love the lipstick.

  • HobbitGirl

    I don’t like the combo of patterns, but her body looks SLAMMIN’, so I give her an In. That waist! Those hips! Many a starlet would kill to look like that, and the best part of this look is that she looks like she didn’t try at all. “Oh, this, cherie? It was simply at the back of my closet.”

  • Aurumgirl

    I love the length of the skirt–to me, that’s classic Dior.  The uproar over the length is the same one that accompanied his clothing lines when they first came out too, so maybe it’s fitting.  Besides, if the skirt were knee length or shorter, the dress would have an entirely different effect (the old “bathtowel” look worn to death by people like Jennifer Anniston).  That hot persimmon colour in the shoes makes the look. 

  • IN!  A certain je ne sais quoi!

  • TieDye64

    If only the hem wasn’t quite so long and the bust wasn’t so low. Still, she looks absolutely gorgeous. IN.

  • piecesofconfetti

    So IN. (though I wish she’d yank up the bust a little bit)

  • Warmheartedgirl Seattle


  • SannyDee

    Soooo in

  • In! And look, none of the reds match, but they harmonize!

  • IN! I have a huuuuuge girl-crush on her. Forget Angelina, she’s my fence jumper!

  • StrandedFashionista

    IN. So very in. I’m thrilled to see Raf’s clothes already on the RC. 

  • CatherineRhodes


  • oohsparkley!

    In. Smoking hot retro vibe.

  • librarygrrl64

    IN x1000!!!

  • IN, IN ,IN! Love what Raf Simons is doing at DIOR! He will make the rest of those smug Paris designers (Karl, Marc, Aber) get back to work and stop sending JOKES down the runway! Love it! MEOW!!

  • INININ.  take that lipstick down and notch and she’d be perfect.

  • ccm800

    IN as all hell.