In or Out: Cat Deeley in Matthew Williamson

Posted on July 24, 2012

The Fox All-Star Party is far from a formal event. Not that we’ve ever been invited, but you can get a pretty good idea of what a party’s like by the way the people attending are dressed. We always got the impression it was a raucous, festive affair and that party dresses were de rigeur. Which makes this dress on Cat look like just about the perfect choice to us.

Cat Deeley attends Fox Summer All-Star Party in West Hollywood, CA in  a Matthew Williamson dress paired with Christian Louboutin sandals.

Because come on; how does this not fairly scream summer party dress? And it can go from respectable cocktail hour conversations to “Clear the dancefloor, bitches, I’m coming through!”-style partying. It helps that it looks so great on her. Unfortunately, we find her choice of clutch to be unremarkable and her choice of shoe to be downright unfortunate. Sweetie, this was the chance to break out some color and some cha-cha.  And one piece of showy jewelry would have been nice, too. Still, it’s a summer-cool, summer-chic kinda look overall.

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IN! ENOUGH with your quibbles, bitches. She’s rocking it.


OUT! Payless shoes are UNFORGIVABLE.

Marion Cotillard’s mega-Frenchtastic getup got a roar of approval from the Bitter Kittens, who voted it IN.



[Photo Credit: Andrew Evans/PR Photos]

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  • IN. I really like it. The shoes aren’t that tragic.

    • VanessaDK

       NOW I finally understand all the plain single color dresses!  I love the dress but against that horribly busy FOX background it is hard to appreciate it.

  • alyce1213

    IN. Flawless, that dress is fabulous. And I think the shoes are not a problem in the least

    • Sobaika

      Yes. She is perfection (I have a Deeley crush)

      • merciblahblah

         I concur. She’s my Number One Girl Crush and has been since I started watching SYTYCD. I admit, I’m biased when it comes to Cat – there’s not much she can do that I don’t love. I love that she styles herself, that she loves vintage and isn’t afraid to be a little kooky sometimes. Cat? Call me….

  • HomeOfficeGirl

    Wish the swag in the front had the print as well… reserved in.

    • kimmeister

      That’s my main beef too, it just looks like a white garland for her hooha.

      • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

        To me, it looked like a white kangaroo pouch in the middle of a perfectly lovely dress.  Still, she’s an IN as far as I’m concerned.  Love her!

        • My first thought was, why did she leave the house with her Depends showing?

          • ballerinawithagun

            Agree to all of the above, that white patch is horrible.

  • call_me_schmeg

    summertime sunkissed blonde actress perfection. i can nearly smell the california rolling off her. IN

  • I’ll give her an IN with qualifications. Shoes? Strappy red, heeled sandals. Bag? Maybe something in straw to give it a really kicked back vibe.

    • VanessaDK

       Straw clutch – yes.

      Shoes–Strappy? yes, but I’d go for purple.  I always think red is too distracting with a sophisticated print like this.

      • I can see purple with this too. Good call!

        • Snailstsichr

           IN from me, but with a little sad that she didn’t wear purple shoes.

      • bellafigura1

        Needs a vintage black lacquered straw clutch by Rodo with a gold clasp.  I covet!

    • I gave her an IN, but I like your suggestions!

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      I like your choice of shoe for this dress-definitely would have kicked it up a few notches.

  • I adore it! In fact, I think I want it. What is the brand/designer, do you know?

  • Vanja

    IN! And after looking at the photo’s I still stand behind my vote. Love the colours and the print, it’s very summery. 

  • In – she’s rocking this looks AND the Payless shoes!

  • GillianHolroyd

    In. I even like the backdrop.

  • In! The shoes and clutch are uninspiring, but not offensive. She looks great!

  • sleepycat

    OUT, the print is too busy for me. Although the design is nice.

  • jmorino08

    In! So so in!!

  • pookiesmom

    IN. But I may be biased because I absolutely adooooore her. So You Think You Can Dance seems to be the one reality show that never gets old, thanks in large part to her and the judges. Now, if only I could find a place to watch episodes online without having to wait a month after each episode airs (/rant).

  • IN. Those shoes should be burned, though.

  • Patricia Gillett

    IN, she looks great. The shoes are passable.  We’ve certainly seen worse this year.

  • Jessi03


  • teensmom99

    IN.  I think this might be a case where you can excuse a safe shoe choice.

  • In, I can pretend the shoes don’t exist. 

  • SummerSquash

    In. It actually looks like SUMMER!

  • RzYoung

    IN i’m a sucker for a tropical print

    • Introspective

      Me too! Love anything that screams cocktails with umbrellas in them, preferably on a beachfront. She looks fab. Snaps! oh so IN.

  • I love the dress. I think the shoes would look better on a lighter skin tone. Cat is too tan for these shoes.

  • mjude

    IN but who is this Cat?

    • DinaSews

      She is the host of ‘So You Think You Can Dance’.

      • mjude

        thank you!

      • pookiesmom

        AKA reality tv’s best and most genuinely likable host since, maybe, ever.

  • Scarlet39


  • RebeccaKW

    In.  I’m happy to see season-appropriate shoes, and while the clutch is boring, it’s inoffensive.  The dress is cute, hair and makeup are cute, she’s cute.

  • petalfrog

    IN. I adore that dress. 

  • estella_nyc

    IN.  Love my Cat Deeley!

  • Eubbie

    Love the dress. But really, Fox. Could you not paint those braces on the backdrop some other color than pure white? 

    • formerlyAnon

      In my universe, they shoulda been covered to minimize the tripping hazard. Even if it meant a carpet over the carpet.

      But then, I was trained by the borderline OCD.

  • Love that dress on Queen Cat. Super summery and fun… IN!

  • DinaSews

    IN.  Looks like summer and I love the print.

  • IN. She looks cute and I can ignore the shoes.

    She seems to almost always look cute AND age-appropriate – ie she dresses like a grown woman, not a teenager, but still manages to pull off the cute look.

  • Aly Light


  • SapphoPoet

    IN. I love the dress so can’t be bothered to look at the shoes or clutch. 🙂

  • Bozhi

    In.  I love the dress and shoes. 

  • Cathy S

    I like it! IN.

  • iCouture


    So cute, summery, and there is definitely enough color in the dress that she didnt need it in the shoes!

    Love Cat though, she is so sweet!

  • BrianDC

    IN.  This is fantastic.

  • fursa_saida

    I agree with all the quibbles, but I’m still saying IN. She just looks good, I can’t do anything about it.

  • jenno1013

    In.  A bright lucite bangle would have been nice.

  • fungstyle

    OUT on the grounds that she is a well paid celebrity and this is an outfit even my entry level marketing professional self could have put together – FOR WORK. (Though obviously with a jacket over top for the office). Better shoes and jewelry would have really kicked this up.

  • BazoDee

    IN. The quibbles are really minor. She looks fresh and summery  -a seemingly rare occurrence these days. 

  • IN (but by all thats holy can we get a less horrific back drop?? I imagine there were a lot of looks that looked bad against that eye-barrage)

  • kikisayshi

    Oohhh, so close! It’s a super cute, fun dress, all but the crotch basket. That drapey thing just isn’t doing anything for the dress. OUT.

  • VicksieDo

    IN, gorgeous as usual~!

  • ringthing

    IN, could have used better shoes but they’re not terrible

  • Larkin21

    Agree on the shoes but I actually like the clutch. Great dress for the event that looks great on her. IN!

  • Lisa Dugan

    In!  Love the gathering on the side and she looks fabulous.

  • IN

  • Kayceed

    In! Also, she usually looks great on her show. Like her style.

  • aimee_parrott

    IN.  She looks wonderful, happy and ready to party.  Love it.

  • IN. Cat can do no wrong in my eyes.

  • Judy_J

    IN.  And y’all may think her earrings are too matchy, but I love them.

  • marilyn

    In.  The problems with the shoes and purse are minor, because they do not compete with the dress.  They may be blah, but they do not take away from it.  She looks great!

  • AngelaGreen

    IN!  And also, who must I murder to get hair that gorgeous and shiny?

  • Out! She seems nice, but that blonde/flowery/white thing isn’t working for me. She’s wearing a tablecloth.

  • In, she’s so smiley and summery. Gorgeous all around.

  • Little_Olive

    The marsupium there is holding me from an In. why give it a pass here while we complain about stupid design ideas in other dresses? 
    Maybe if it’d been pumped up by accessories… but no. 

  • out gross.

  • For me, Cat is ALWAYS in. Except when she isn’t. I almost wish you would do a weekly feature on her So You Think You Can Dance outfits. Not the show or anything else, just, “What was Cat Deely wearing?”  Half the time she’s totally cracked, and the other half she looks stunning, and then there are rare times when it’s both.

    • MilaXX

       I like Cat & think she gets it right more often than wrong.

  • AlexisPayne

    She looks fabulous, IN.

  • IN! Love!

  • SpcilK

    IN – I like her.

  • In. I love Cat Deeley and honestly, she’s capable of much better, but this is fine.

  • MilaXX

    IN! That dress is fab. I guess she thought big earrings were enough, but I think a ring or a bracelet would have been okay.

  • sagecreek


  • IN. She looks hot.

  • janetjb

    IN! Cat looks fantastic!

    I try not to bother with shoes anymore, 90% are hideous.

  • Love her, love the dress, don’t even hate the accessories. IN.

  • j_anson

    Oh, definitely in. The dress is awesome enough even without perfect accessorizing.

  • belfebe

    Meh.  It’s kind of bland. Out.

  • Joyce VG

    I ADORE HER!  IN!  She is always rocking her clothes.

  • kmk05

    IN! Shoes are not that bad, and the dress is perfectly summery. The makeup makes her look fresh-faced . I just wish her earrings weren’t the same colour as her hair 🙁 

  • unbornfawn

    That backround isn’t doing the dress any favors either. The dress is cute. She really needed some fun shoes. I’ll give her a pass. IN

  • The way she’s standing in the first picture, she looks deformed.  Small body and huge head

  • Call me Bee

    I  like it, too!  IN!

  • TheOriginalLulu

    IN. The dress is reminiscent of “Hawaiian” shirts, and no matter how goofy and tacky they may be, there’s something about them that always makes me smile.

  • another_laura

    I think this would have looked better without the Wilma.  A criss-crossing v-necked bodice, maybe?  (okay, shoot me, I don’t know the technical terms)  And geez, would it have killed her to slip on some brightly colored sandals and tone the spray tan down a notch?

    Maybe I’m just in a bitchy mood, but I’m giving her an out.

  • mom2ab

    This would have been the perfect dress for those ugly purple pumps we keep seeing.  A tepid in- at least its appropriate to the season.

  • NurseEllen

    The waitress pouch in the front is weird, and the shoes are Payless awful, but the overall look is perfect for the venue and the season so I say IN. Can’t you just hear the Beach Boys and “California Girls” with this?

  • Hate the shoes, should of have a ponytail but this is a definite in. I’ve seen other outs– this one is an IN.

  • ChelseaNH

    The dress is urging me to vote in, but I just can’t with those shoes.  OUT.  (Sorry, fabulous dress.)

  • Sara__B

    IN. (Her dazzling smile makes up for her imperfect accessory choices.)

  • JMansm

    IN. The girl who can do no wrong in my eyes. And that print is fierce. 

  • OUT. Is that an apron across the front? Is she a waitress at a tpancake house.
    What is wrong with this person that she does not know how to smile.
    Dear fellow readers: please tell me who this is. I have no idea. Thank you for being kind.

    • formerlyAnon

       Primarily, host of the t.v. show “So You Think You Can Dance.”

  • I say IN

  • Sweetvegan

    In! The shoes & clutch are not so bad.

  • Jangle57

    I agree the shoes suck, but the dress is so lovely and summery, I’m willing to overlook them.  IN

  • Scott Hester-Johnson

    She can do no wrong.

  • Kyle Crawford

    She looks great, but that is the worst back ground ever!

  • IN. The shoes and the clutch are boring, but they don’t mar the rest out of the outfit– in love with the dress.

  • sashaychante

    IN..and this is why:   She is pulling off a floral dress that on most would just look dowdy.  It does help that she’s about 6 ft tall.  Earrings are pretty, but shoes and bag could use some work.

  • LesYeuxHiboux

    IN. She is the tall drink of water with the sunny personality necessary to rock this dress. She is also a darling human being and I love her.

  • guest2visits

    She looks very pretty; I really like the painted-print material. But I’m not sure if the swag across the front is working as well as
    it should because the missing print creates a strangly placed void. Picky. It would bother me.

  • Caaro3


  • IN for me, I look at the accessories as not trying to fight with that awesome dress and she looks like she feels really good in that dress and is ready to party!

  • I vote her IN. Those shoes are fine: light brown is a perfectly good color for summery strappy sandals, at least to me. I’m really thankful that Cat has better taste than the many starlets who’ve been pairing summer dresses with suede booties!!!

  • HM3

    OUT. I own Payless shoes (don’t. Just–don’t), but these are particularly unforgivable with such a fabulous dress. A red heel would’ve done it.

  • aristida_girl

    In! I love that dress so much the rest doesn’t matter, she looks great 🙂

  • SophieCollier

    It’s all about the dress.  No need for competitive shoes. 😀  IN

  • demidaemon

    IN. She looks great, and knows how to ress appopriately for the season!

  • Vickiefantastico

    I love it, except for the white fanny pack at the waist. Overall, IN.

  • formerlyAnon

    In. Shoes are a missed opportunity, but if you’re gonna be kicking ’em off to get down on the dance floor, you don’t bring your A+ pair. Lest only one be found, at the end of the evening.


    I find her to be a bit less stylish than much of the internet peanut gallery does (I just think she makes poor, amateur-ish choices), but this is pretty cute. Quibbles, but cute. IN.

  • up with pod people

    Demanded vermilion shoes! But it’s really pretty and I love prints, so in.

  • She’s a fresh, summery IN. Actually, this is the style that works better for her. 

  • ChristinaRi

    Cat Deeley is a goddess.    

    TLo should have a segment devoted just to her on So You think You can Dance.  They’d only have to watch the opening part of the show.   Then the rest of us could rip on her outfits or drool in envy.

  • I love Cat Deeley, but she doesn’t always dress in the most flattering styles, and has some oddball choices thrown in the mix.  But this?  This is fabulous!  She looks so pretty and happy! Definite IN.  

  • TieDye64

    Definitely IN. She’s rocking that dress. Can barely tolerate the shoes, but at least they’re not platform pumps. 

  • butterflysunita

    IN for actually wearing a summer dress in July!

  • Snarky_Amber

    I love it, but I have a huge bias because I think she’s the most adorable thing ever.

  • IN – really pretty

  • MattCooper27

    Pretty, but I don’t like the reverse fanny pack/kangaroo/cootchie pouch on the front.

  • Amy Ellinger

    IN!  Cat-tastic 🙂

  • BrooklynBomber

    The clutch and shoes don’t bother me – maybe that’s just the mood she was in.
    But points off for failing to hit her mark.*

    * not really. IN

  • I’m so distracted by crumb-catcher crotch that I can’t decide.  No.  No, I can’t get behind crumb-catcher crotch, literally or figuratively.  Out.

  • chitowndg

    In, she looks great and non-fussy.

  • IN. It’s summer. She’s wearing sandal-colored sandals. What’s the problem?

  • Allison Woods

    I cannot abide by the below the waist frippery. OWT.

  • littlemac8

    IN!  Her likeability quotient is sky high.  She looks summery and happy.  KUDOS!

  • librarygrrl64

    IN. Great outfit, plus she always looks like she’d be fun to hang out with. She isn’t all “up herself,” as the Brits would say. 😉

  • Candigirl1968

    IN.  Showy jewelry would have been to much.  She looks great!

  • oohsparkley!

    In. Those sandals would have been fab in a teal or bronze-y metallic.

  • random_poster

    IN.  Only thing I don’t care for is the purse. She’s fabulous otherwise.

  • Cousin_Rose

    In.  Gotta disagree on the accessories.  The purse looks like it would reflect the colors of the dress rather nicely and the dress has enough color and pattern to carry the whole outfit.  Love the shoes. A couple of bangles might have been a nice addiction, but she looks great just as she is.

  • butter nut

    IN.  the dress is downright perfect on her, but those shoes need to be the last pair of beige shoes ever worn on a red carpet.  NO MORE BEIGE SHOES!  

  • CatherineRhodes


  • IN. Really cute!

  • Judih1

    Her hair has as many colors in it as the dress does. From the neck to ankles she is IN. Shoes and hair out!!

  • lucasuk82

    In.  I don’t mind the Judy Jetson clutch and really love the pattern and colors of the dress.  The  Ace bandage shoes are tragic, but aren’t bad enough to outweigh the rest.  A pair of sandals in the rusty red from the dress would have taken this to a WERQ for me.

  • L.


  • R. L.

    IN.  She’s fab and when I see her in this dress I don’t even see the shoes.

  • IN! ENOUGH with your quibbles, bitches. She’s rocking it.

    Love the earrings, which you didn’t even mention. Her hair and makeup are lovely, too.

  • greyhoundgirl

    In–she looks great–fresh and summery.

  • Samantha Irene

    IN. I’ll overlook the shoes for now – but she should consider this a warning.

  • HobbitGirl

    OUT, because I don’t understand why she has to hunch in every single photo.

  • IN. And just out of curiosity, what kind of shoes should she have worn? Seems to me like any color from the dress would have been matchy matchy, and any other color would have looked off. Except MAYBE black?

  • BigWhiteGrannyPanties

    in.  cute and summer-y and NO TIGHTS and no christmas dresses and did I say no tights?  

  • GorgeousThings

    I can’t be impartial because I love Cat Deely. I think she looks fab. IN!

  • melanie0866

    IN! ENOUGH with your quibbles, bitches. She’s rocking it.

  • In! love the dress!

  • IN. I would have worn the dress with red or purple strappy sandals, though.

  • EEKstl

    IN.  Don’t judge me, but I kinda like the shoes (**ducking and covering**).

  • pookiesmom

    OMG I THINK I LOVE YOU. How it took me 6 days to realize you’d posted this miraculous comment, I don’t know. Goodbye, productivity!

  • ccm800

    Out and that backdrop is full on ghetto