In or Out: Anne Hathaway in Givenchy

Posted on July 09, 2012

We think we’re fairly well-versed in the world of the celebrity. Not that we spend our time poring over the details too much; just that, due to what we wound up doing for a living, we’ve been exposed to high levels of celebrity over the past several years; much more than the average human can handle without medical complications occurring, like dizziness, nausea, and oily discharge. But we’re completely flummoxed on the question that presents itself with these pictures. Namely:

Anne Hathaway attends Christopher Nolan’s Hand and Footprint Ceremony at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood in a Givenchy sleeveless peplum dress.

Givenchy Spring 2012 Collection/Model: Emily Baker (VIVA)

What is the etiquette on showing up for someone else’s footprint ceremony dressed like you’re here for your own?

Because we don’t care what she’d say in her defense; low-key makeup, little-to-no jewelry, none of it matters. Girl is clearly there to be noticed. And hey, maybe her coworkers quietly disapproved, but as attention-grabbing stunts go, we can only shout “BRAVA” to this one, for being subtle and stylish but getting the job done. “What, this little old thing?”

To be fair, it’s not a dress that travels well, clearly. And it probably shouldn’t be photographed in daylight. But that’s the risk you take when you decide you’re going for broke in the attention-whoring sweepstakes.

The Fantine hair is starting to grow on us, pun completely and utterly intended.


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IN! A star always makes everything about herself!


OUT! THAT sad, wrinkled thing is supposed to get her attention?

The kittens were quite torn over Marisa Tomei’s oddly unbalanced outfit, giving it a tepid IN.


[Photo Credit: Andrew Evans/PR Photos, Getty,]

    • Lilithcat

      Y’know, it used to be that I’d actually heard of the people who had their prints at Grauman’s.  They were actual stars.

      Oh, her dress.  I love it and I want it now.  And her hair is adorable.


      • gabbilevy

        Oh, I dunno. I think Chris Nolan counts. He’s directed some of the biggest hits of recent years.

      • Aly Light

         You haven’t heard of the director of the newest Batman series, Inception, The Prestige, and Memento, and think that he doesn’t deserve a star…?

        (Also, Anne’s IN.)

        • Lilithcat

          Batman movies?  No wonder I never heard of him.  I have never been, nor will I ever be, an adolescent boy.

          • Squarah

            Wow, snob much? I’m one of many grown ass women who love the character and the comics. Get over yourself.

            • mellbell

              Right? I had no idea that liking the Batman movies shaved a decade off my age and changed my gender. Learn something new every day!

            • Ann M. Erickson

              I would never want to be an adolescent again, but I am sure that being a male must be easier…

            • jimmack

              It is dear. It is. We don’t have to carry around giant purses to look fashionable or try to walk in those shoes.

            • Julie Chase

              Seriously. Inception and Memento alone are gorgeous intricate movies and his Batman series is  widely heralded as not just great comic book adaptations but also smart and clever films. And I’m a 32 year-old woman. I didn’t have to leave my gender at the door to admire them. 

              And Anne is in. That’s a fantastic outfit.

            • Bridget Smith

              Now, guys, be nice: that 7 years of solitary confinement can’t have been easy. Let’s reintroduce her to the largest trends of pop culture gradually, so it doesn’t hurt as much.

            • Bridget Smith

              Now, guys, be nice: that 7 years of solitary confinement can’t have been easy. Let’s reintroduce her to the largest trends of pop culture gradually, so it doesn’t hurt as much.

          •ía-Gavello/1253586868 Lucía Gavello

            Well, Inception and especially Memento are hardly “adolescent boy” movies, he is quite remarkable as a director and he is still very young. You can skip the Batman trilogy but you should check out those movies, they are very good.

          • Ann M. Erickson

            Nolan’s Batman movies have been awesome. And I am a mid-twenties, artsy, grown-ass woman with taste.

            • bitchybitchybitchy

              I thoroughly enjoyed Nolan’s first Batman movie-and I’m a sixtyish female who counts Cocteau’s “La Belle et Le Bete” as one of her favorite movies….and who also laughs like a fool at “Animal House” and “Bridesmaids”….eclectic, no?

            • Ann M. Erickson

              You sound like good people!!!! We’d get along fabulously. Bridesmaids made me laugh and then call my BFF and tell her I loved her.

            • bitchybitchybitchy

              I think we need a TLo-Con so that the Bitter Kittens and Unborn Fawns and Stoneys can hang out together!

            • aristida_girl

              Yea! That would be so fun :)

            • Catiline

              Really, it’s such an odd cultural assumption that “nerdy” pursuits are the domain of teenage boys.  One of my favorite factoids is that the earliest Star Trek conventions were absolutely dominated by female fans, and that it was a female fan named Bjo Trimble who played a key role in the letter-writing campaign to get Trek its third season on air.  

            • Eclectic Mayhem

              You called?

              Oh, ‘eclectic’ not Eclectic… ;)

              With you on all the movies you mentioned plus Airplane which makes me laugh like a drain every. time. I. see. it…

            • bitchybitchybitchy

              I still remember the first time my husband and I saw “Airplane” -I’d never heard him laugh so loud and so long!

          • Catiline

            Didn’t realize the Academy was populated by so many adolescent boys who voted to give Heath Ledger the Oscar for his performance in The Dark Knight…

          • Clifford Chiu

            clearly too good for good filmmaking.

          • Ali

             Didn’t realize my love of comic books came with a free set of testicles.

            • AnaRoW

               They did? I wish I’d known that before I bought my new car. I might’ve saved some money.

          • Yoko Ritona

             Wow, this is some old-school snobbery right here. Given how geek culture is currently dominating the pop culture landscape, I thought as a whole people were done with the whole “You like comics/gaming/insert geek pursuit here? LOL NERRRRRRRD!” nonsense. Get with the times, please.

          • snarkykitten

             *looks down* huh, I was wondering where that penis came from

          • ChiliP

            I want to take a moment to defend the “Batman movies.” These are not merely comic book movies- Nolan’s Batman films are socially conscious, masterfully realized, superbly acted, dark, thrilling films that stand on their own. They transcend the genre they are derived from (not that there is anything wrong with the genre). I saw the X-Men and Avenger movies, thought they were good fun, and left the theater not thinking about them again. I saw The Dark Knight three times in theaters because I couldn’t stop thinking about it or Heath Ledger’s performance.  Incidentally, the last movie I saw multiple times in theaters was Inception, also a Nolan film. And Memento is one of the most hauntingly thought-provoking movies I have ever seen. The man is an incredible director, and I’m glad that he has such wide-spread appeal as his films actually challenge the audience.

            If you end up seeing Nolan’s Batman films and don’t like them, then your opinion is justified. But you are doing yourself a disservice by dismissing them simply because of the genre.

            • lovelyivy

               This whole thread of responses is the reason I heart T & Lo. What other fashion blog also has a population of passionate unashamed nerds on deck? I LOVE it.

            • Ann M. Erickson

              I just wanted to add that I felt the same about The Dark Knight and that using Chicago’s gorgeous city as a backdrop was also really inspired, they managed to take the best parts of the city and use them perfectly. Great great movie.

            • Catiline

              Heath Ledger deserved every accolade and award he got for The Dark Knight, but I actually found the performance I couldn’t stop thinking about was Aaron Eckhart’s.  Harvey Dent was the heart and the tragic figure of the movie, and Eckhart just nailed it.  I’d really like to see him work with Nolan again.

          • Jennifer Ford

            The camera’s over there, Ms. Desmond.

        • Rrroza

          Wow!  I forgot he did The Prestige too. Thanks, I just realized he’s one of my favorite directors!

        • ampg

          Don’t forget Insomnia – it got less attention, but it’s actually my favorite Nolan movie.

      • Anathema_Device

        Nolan is a director: Inception, Memento, Batman: Dark Knight.

      • Feathers McGraw

        Mr Nolan single-handedly rescued the Batman franchise and ended up making one of the highest grossing movies ever (also, one of the best movies in recent memory, “Memento”) So yeah, he deserves a star.

        • Lilithcat

          Rescuing a Batman franchise is nothing to brag about.  

          • j_anson

            Uh, look, you’re mostly making yourself look out of touch, here. Inception, Memento, and The Prestige were all complex, critically acclaimed movies that also did well at the box office. Nolan is pretty much the definition of a rising-star director, at all levels.

          • Brittany Bathie

            I’m going to go ahead and say that directing a critically acclaimed movie that grossed over $500 million in the US alone is probably something worth bragging about.

          • ChiliP

            Oh honey. That’s fine, you stay at home with your nose in the air. One less person in line when The Dark Knight Rises opens.

          • eight_of_nine

            Jeez, did Batman throw your loved ones off a roof or something?  Or are you just a die-hard Marvel fan?  Cool your jets.

          • Kimberly Cox

            You are truly the epitome of a ‘Bitter Kitten.’

    • trisker

      IN.  I think the dress is just weird enough and hair, makeup etc. very understated.  Maybe she should have gone for those jelly sandals just to stay low-key but slightly strange?

    • Beth G

      Out.  It looks heavy and poleyestery.

    • Susan Crawford

      I’m giving her an IN on this. She is rocking a complex and challenging design in the unforgiving Southern Cal sunshine – give her some props there! And I give respect to her hair person for making the growing-out Fantine cut look polished and chic. And best of all – T and Lo’s comment that she managed to steal thunder from Nolan on HIS day. Heeheehee! The LBD strikes again, with a neat little reference to her black catsuited self. Go, Annie, baby!

    • Sarah

      So very, very in.

    • rissa42210

      In.  It’s striking, and isn’t that the point?

    • MissAnnieRN

      IN.  Normally, peplums produce twitches, tics, overuse of the letter z, the exclamation point and the number 1, but I actually like this, and she is rocking the hair in a way I never could.

    • MoHub

      The recent plethora of bunched and tucked clothing just looks like so many ladies’ room malfunctions to me.

    • Goldie

      Nolan is the director who’s been the driving force behind the new Batman movies and Inception among others.  

    • sockandaphone

      IN. its a weird dress but she looks adorable in it.

      • AudreysMom

         Right. Her radiant face and smile (promoted by the extra short do and perfect make up) is what draws attention. The dress could be a standard Diane Von Furstenberg wrap for all the work it’s doing here.

    • Katherine Pavlica

      Love the dress, hate the color. None of the details pop, and that is what makes it work.

      • 3boysful

         You’re so right.  You can really see the detailing in the white on the model.

    • marlie

      It’s a marginal in, because the front of the dress looks a little limp. Otherwise, it’s rather pretty.

      Agree that it doesn’t photograph well. The only reason why I don’t think that it’s too much for Nolan’s ceremony is that it’s a simple kind of chic. It’s not flashy and loud, in which case, it would be obvious that she was trying to overshadow Christopher Nolan.

    • Lindsey Romain

      She looks beautiful and I love her hair, but her skinniness is painful to look at. Not that I condemn skinny actresses – many women are naturally thin, and their bodies are their own to do what they will. But because I know that this isn’t her natural body register, it’s semi heartbreaking to see how, even with filming complete on her recent uber-thin-for-the-sake-of-the-role movies (Batman and Les Mis), she’s still a stick. Look at her next to Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who is himself a very small guy. Some noms will do you good, Annie! 

      • marlie

         Not that I want to hijack this thread, but I disagree about her skinniness. She looks exceedingly normal to me, and she doesn’t look all that different from how she’s looked in the past.

    • 3boysful

      I like the penultimate photo, where it looks like Batman is preparing to nuzzle Anne’s neck.

      • kimmeister

        Hee hee!

    • Anathema_Device

      Well, if it were a Grauman’s shindig for another actor, I’d think she is over dresssed, but it is for a director, so she should look like one of his stars. Right? Am I reading too much into it?

      Dig the dress. As much as I love short hair and have a ‘do pretty close to hers here, I’m not sure she has the face for a cut quite that short. She needs some softness. (I understand it is for a role.)

      ETA: In.

      • Eclectic Mayhem

        I like your reasoning Anathema.

      • stardust462

        That’s a brilliant observation.

      • ampg

        I couldn’t put it into words, but that’s OK, because you did. Anyway, IN.

    • teensmom99

      IN IN IN.  better make up and jewelry would make this a WERQ.

    • elemspbee

      she looks terrific. This is definitely IN. Not quite understanding the critique here: she’s dressed inappropriately because this is not her event and her fabulous looks take away from the supposed center of attention. Not sure it can be helped.

    • sylverlight

      Out. Definitely out.
      However, her outfit is far less tragic than the fact that Chris (friggin) Nolan now has prints at Grauman’s.

      • Kristen Kirk

        And what’s wrong with Christopher Nolan? Hell, Kristen Stewart and Alvin & the Chipmunks are included at Grauman’s. A director like Nolan is hardly undeserving.

    • elleg929

      The dress looks sad to me – OUT.

    • msdamselfly

      IN   Very flattering to her figure

    • Little_Olive

      I hope she grows out of that pixie, because after Michelle, Ginniffer and Carey I cannot look at another one. 

      I dunno, she can definitely wear the dress but it’s too black for a bright day with her complexion IMO. She’s adorable but this is not her best look.  

    • kimmeister

      In.  I don’t find it overly flashy at all.  And at least it’s not half sheer like the white version on the model.

    • Joyce VG

      OUT.  “that sad, wrinkled thing is supposed to get her attention?” Indeed not.  She better be great as Fantine. 

    • Erin

      My first thought was, “Is she playing Peter Pan soon?”  That hair could work under the right circumstances, but paired with a bare-face look it makes her head too boyish for her outfit. OUT.

      • Ali

         She chopped her hair for Les Mis.

    • momogus


    • Jangle57

      I don’t know; I think if she was looking for attention, she’d be wearing red or bright yellow or silver or sequins – something more flashy than a LBD.  While I’m not wild about the dress, I do like her and will cut her more slack than I might some other star.  IN

    • sashaychante

      OUT  In daylight, this dress looks “inexpensive”, which I’m sure it’s not.  

    • VicksieDo

      IN. She looks understated but great

    • Judy_S

      IN. I must admit, I was looking at the dress to see what would happen when she knelt down. I assumed Christopher Nolan was directing her ceremony.

    • TomBord

      forget her (b+), what’s up w/ the bookends? really boys? 

      • Catiline

        Wow, no kidding.

    • Danielle

      IN.  I think she looks great.  She’s a movie star at an event in Hollywood with press and photographers.   Why shouldn’t she want to look fabulous?

    • Deborah Lipp

      Love. Looking that good is its own reward. IN.

    • MzzPants

      IN, In, Double IN!  She is radiant.

    • VioletFem

      IN. Although this dress looks better suited for an evening out, she still looks pretty and fresh faced. 

    • Sara__B

      Out. Wrong dress for the venue and time of day. Wrong styling for the dress.

    • unbornfawn

      IN, she is wearing the hell out of that dress!  Don’t like the pixie cut, can’t wait for her to grow it out.

    • phrenk

      She looks great: IN.

    • MinAgain

      It’s an event.  She dressde for it as such. Good for her.  IN.

    • ChaquitaPhilly

      Oh what the heck IN! SHE looks wonderful. The poor dress? Not so much. 

    • alyce1213

      Very OUT.  Normally, I like Givenchy, but this is one ugly dress, and totally inappropriate for an outdoor, daytime function or anything for that matter . . . except maybe Mistress-at-the-Funeral.

      Not loving the pixie cut on her, either.  She needs more hair, her teeth look enormous.

      I guess I just don’t like her much.

    • BazoDee

      IN – I’m going to assume she was a guest of Mr. Nolan. 

    • Catiline

      When a diehard ruffle-hater like me thinks this is cute and sassy, it’s an IN.

      • formerlyAnon


    • Bozhi

      She looks great. IN

    • Basket

      I wonder if she is purposely staying tan-less.  With that dark hair I know she will tan in seconds.  California sun is no joke.   One tans, if not covered up as they walk to their car. 

      • alyce1213

        She wouldn’t tan, she”d BURN with skin that fair (it’s NOT the hair color, it’s the skin color). 
        I have no doubt she’s smart enough to be covered in sunscreen (as everyone — even people who are able to tan — should be), and that she’s purposefully staying tan-less. She’s saving her face from premature aging and cancer. 
        Melanoma is no joke — the statistics are frightening even though the disease is preventable.
        For many of us who choose to or must eschew sun exposure, pale is healthy, pale is pretty. 

      • Ali

         I have dark hair and fair skin, very similar to Anne. Trust me, there is no tanning in seconds, minutes, or hours. With skin that fair, it’s more like burning or perhaps freckling. Hair color has absolutely nothing to do with tanning.

        • SkipperJane

          Couldn’t have said it better myself.  I’ve got the same complexion as well – except I don’t just freckle, I mole! Hence, I stay out of the sun at this point.  

      • Basket

         Having freckles myself, I have been insulted more than once by very pale people who turn up their noses to freckles and who brag about never getting a freckle and acting as if freckles equal death.

        • Ali

           No one here is turning up their nose at freckles (I have my fair share). We’re simply pointing out that dark hair doesn’t equal automatic tanning.

    • DaveUWSNYC

      It looks bad in direct sunlight. Out.

    • demidaemon

      OUT. This dress is a mess, but her hair is cute. That is all.

    • Sarah Winningham

      In. JGL, on the other hand, looks like he’s a baby Mormon on his mission.

    • j_anson

      IN. I don’t think it’s THAT attention-getting. And also I suspect the social dynamics are a bit different if you’re opposite Christopher Nolan and you’re Anne Hathaway – the camera is just ALWAYS going to love you more than it does the actual honoree. Not that Nolan’s terrible-looking, or anything. But he’s no Anne Hathaway.

    • ringthing

      Tepid IN. I’m not good with the hair yet; AH is no Tilda Swinton. The dress is ok, I guess.

    • BigWhiteGrannyPanties

      In In a thousand times in.

    • Jessica Goldstein

      I vote IN. It’s chic and understated, and also interesting. Girl can’t help that she’s gorgeous and wears it better than the model. Etiquette wise, since the honor recipient is someone who works behind the camera, I think she’s OK. Had it been another actress, we might have a quibble.

    • theblondette

      Does anyone think she looks a little bit unwell? Like… I don’t want to talk about her eating habits, because stars get scrutinised way too much on that score, but the last time I saw someone with that pallor (I know she’s pale, but this is a kind of… sub-skin chalkiness) and thin there was something disordered going on there. I don’t know. Something about these pics makes me feel a bit uncomfortable on her behalf, despite her big smiles.

      • Ali

         She’s said in interviews that she had to really get in shape for the catsuit and then she also dropped weight to play consumptive Fantine. She said she was mostly eating vegetables and not much at all and how terrible it was, so it’s no surprise she doesn’t look as great as she usually does.

        • theblondette

           Oh, I hope it’s just a post-Les Mis skinniness rather than anything else. Fingers crossed!

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      Ah, the pole dancing for the next Batman movie is in full force, I see. The dress is soo busy with the peplum and foofiness. OUt.

    • guest2visits

      I like the haircut on her, suits her alot. It will be interesting to see how she grows it out.
      I don’t like the dress; could be like you said, it’s not looking very good in the daylight; almost looks like inexpensive jersey.
      Although I think you want the stars (particularly the pretty lady stars) to bring it; if they’re showing up on your behalf.
      Everyone else sure expects them to be looking their best.

    • AlexisPayne

      I’m still torn on the hair, the dress however, works for me. A tepid in.

    • Fifi LaRoux

      IN. She looks great.

    • gsk241

      I don’t care for the dress, but Anne looks great so she gets an IN from me.  My only quibble is the hair, which I don’t find flattering at all.  She should leave that style to Morena Baccarin who can actually pull it off.

    • mom2ab

      Oh boys- I think someone is a little cranky because vacation is over.  She looks chic and adorable and completely appropriate.  IN

    • marilyn

      OUT.  She is too pale and too thin.  The black does not help.  Eat a sandwich and get a (faux) tan, or at least a blood transfusion!  She needs help.

    • Paola Thomas

      OUT. The hair really draws attention to her teeth, the black of the dress is all wrong for the weather and makes her look pasty rather than intriguingly pale, the black shoes make her legs look blindingly white. The cream version of this dress would have looked so much better. 

      I’m guessing she was invited by Nolan to ensure that some press attention was given to his ceremony…

    • Ali

      She’s an IN here, but every time I see her, I think oh her lovely hair. I don’t think the short hair looks bad, but I miss her long beautiful locks. I’d feel the same if Cathy Cambridge chopped them off.

    • EEKstl

      IN, simply because she’s not OUT.  What I mean by that bit of TLo Zen is that while I really don’t love this, there’s nothing sufficiently egregious to earn her an OUT.  I guess this is all otherwise known as a MEH.

    • Snailstsichr

      I’m giving her an IN because she could have taken that dress tacky places if the panels were sheer and she hadn’t worn proper undergarments. Perhaps not the perfect dress for the occasion, but not objectionable or flashy enough to be overtly focus-stealing.

    • Eva_baby

      Reluctant OUT.  The fabric looks oddly heavy & quite frankly a leetle cheap.  I like the version on the model much better.  Also, I think the haircut makes her head look too small for her body.

    • IMNAngryLiberal

      IN — although I like the dress better in white.  Anne looks great here and I love her pixie cut.  (AND have you ever been to Hollywood and SEEN the foot and hand prints at Grauman’s?  Not really stars many of them.) Christopher Nolan is one of my favorite directors — Memento and Inception were both mind-blowing.  I can take or leave the Nolan Batman movies, but he certainly rescued the franchise from the debacle left in the wake of the Joel Schumacher versions….and doing a few big bucks franchise movies will hopefully give him the clout to get the kind of risky, quirky movies at which he excels bankrolled.

    • AmeliaEve

      Insouciantly IN. She looks so comfortable with herself. That is what carries it.

    • MilaXX

      IN It’s not like she wasn’t going to get photgraphed so it was smart of her to look halfway decent.

      • WordyDoodles

         IN. Totally agree that it’s pragmatic of her to dress this way. And the hair is exactly right on her– gotta get out of the way of those eyes and big smile.

    • mjude

      love her….IN

    • piecesofconfetti

      Very pretty, IN

    • Violina23

      I can’t fault her for anything here. In

    • Pants_are_a_must

      Girl is Catwoman. I’d flaunt it too if I were in her position. IN for Catwomaning.

      ETA: And have you seen the rest of them in that ceremony? Bad hems and derpy looks all around. She should get an “IN” just for classing up the joint.

    • TSkot

      Adorable, head to toe.  IN

    • nannypoo

      I don’t like all the crap hanging off the front of the dress, but I love her hair this way. I don’t like it on those dainty little people with perfectly round heads (Michelle and Ginnifer come to mind, ooh and don’t forget Carey), but on her it’s perfect.

    • Ass Kicking Adviser

      IN. She took it from the pile of rejects for the press tour. Probably because it wrinkled too easily. It looks nothing like the one on the model. In fact, it looks rather like a sleeveless jersey summer dress. An overcomplicated one but it doesn’t look ‘dressy.’ And I love her hair.

    • Judy_J

      IN. And I didn’t notice any wrinkles.

    • n a

      i think her features– eyes, teeth, lips are all just to big for short hair.  The cut is really cute- but it doesn’t really suit her.  Also, just a detail, but don’t you ‘pour’ over something vs pore??  Or am I missing a double entendre? 

      • moppet

         No, it’s “pore.”  As in “Be absorbed in the reading or study of: “hours poring over cookbooks”.”

    • crash1212

      IN. Adorable. Love how she’s working the hair and LOVE the shoes…dress is interesting and styled in a low-key manner – she’s pulling it all off – and Annie has a KILLER smile!

    • Pop Tarts Jen

      IN! That dress is very cute, and HER HAIR! I wear my hair super-short and I love it when the ladystars do too, especially when they look as fab as Miss Anne here.

    •!/Space_Kitty Space Kitty

      IN.  Sly move.  I love it.

    • Elleachaudaucul

      Out. The ascetic styling just makes the whole thing look funereal in the day time. And from some angles the dress looks dowdy — definitely does not photo as well in black as in white.

    • formerlyAnon

      In. She is adorable. Her hair suits her beautifully. The dress flatters her.

      Also, I don’t think this counts as attention-grabbing given that the honoree is a man. She dressed up for the occasion. (Well, yeah, the shoes are a bit much for daytime & outdoors, but only just barely in Hollywood.)  it’s Not HER Fault if the guys chose to dress down. Just like some of them do on EVERY red carpet. (Who wears JEANS to an event *honoring* someone? Why wear a tie if you’re going to let your shirt tails hang out.)

    • PeaceBang

      Out. Just plain OUT. And I’m sick about the hair, which I hadn’t seen until now. She looks like Peter Pan dressed in Grandmama’s chic little dinner dress. 

    • meridian5


    • Nancy Karpen

      In.  It’s certainly better than the runway version and I think it suits hers.  

    • Maya


    • Shawn EH

      In! Star! Doesn’t she get a pass just for being the girl around all those XY genes? And jeans?

    • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

      IN.  She looks cute.  That’s an interesting dress, and I love the short hair.

    • Barbora


    • Wellworn

      IN.  Lived in LA for 47 years and the only time I ever went to Grauman’s Chinese theater was about 10 years ago when my mother in law came to visit and wanted to see the “Hollywood” stuff.  It was pretty crowded then.  What do they do when they run out of space?  Do the remove lesser known celebs to make room?  Who would be on the removal list?

      • IMNAngryLiberal

        Actually, yes they do.  If you noticed, most of the hand and footprints are on removable “tiles” and they swap out the chunks all of the time (because really, how long do you think the hand and foot prints of the Twilight kids are going to keep pulling in tourists).

        • Wellworn

          Thanks for the info.  I guess Lucy and Ethel would have a much easier time stealing one if they were around now.

    • TieDye64

      In, even though the dress is a bit odd.

    • Sweetvegan

      She looks fantastic! Doesn’t look like she’s trying to upstage anyone. Not inappropriate at all.

    • Ashley

      Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.  Out.

    • turtleemily

      Out. Mainly because I hate her and love that she looks so bad with that haircut.

      Christian Bale’s looking pretty hot up there, though.

    • lalahartma


    • Kathleen Gillies

      I don’t know.. The dress is ok.  The hair just doesn’t seem right.  It kind of makes her look gawky.  I agree what someone said about her teeth and features maybe not suited for pixie cuts… kind of unbalanced but not in a good way.  Some little gold earrings or something could have helped.  However, she looks happy and confident.  I give her a Meh.  

    • LambeeBaby

      In! She looks happy and beautiful. The dress has a lovely flow, but I would have preferred it in a color. Shoes are great too. She is working the hair. Brava happy girl!

    • Summer Born

      IN. She looks great, and also, I like the sleeveless version.

    • andreawey

      batman looking over her shoulder is creepy…..

    • Haley Buchanan

      IN.  She’s super adorable.

    • bellafigura1

      She’s just great looking, she really is.  But I’m so not feeling an uptown black dress at the moment. 

    • Patrick Cleary

      She looks great, but I kind of love the polka-dot suspenders and horizontal-striped t-shirt nerdy guy in the background in the first pic more.

    • Cassie

      IN for Annie, I say. She looks great. (And the hair is growing on me too, against all odds.)

    • Eovaai

      IN. She looks chic and fabulous.

    • glennethph

      That dress looks sad.  Also, it also looks like one of Audreybot’s rejects.

    • elzatelzabelz

      IN- The dress is super cool and she went low key with the rest of the look. 

    • VicD

      IN – she wears that funkfest of a dress as well as it can be worn.  And the hair really is starting to look great.

    • Louise Bryan

      IN.  A happy, pretty woman in a striking dress.  Yep, IN!

    • Renaissance_Man_ATL

      IN!  She looks fab while not being as casual as her co-stars.

    • ccm800

      in. Y’all are crazy. She should have wore a sherpa? 

    • mrspotts66

      i think anne hathaway is one of those people who is an attention getter, intended or not.

    • quiltrx

      I can’t even see her in that one pic for those two adorable fellas on either side!

      • Sara Munoz Munoz

        Seriously. She gets an automatic IN for those accessories. :)

    • Dhammadina

      In. What skin.

    • BuffaloBarbara

      The Fantine ‘do has still not grown enough on me.  I mean, it’s good for the part, with her hitting rock bottom and selling her hair and her locket and herself and all, but for the post-camera-rolling, it’s… still looking like she’s down and out at rock bottom, but incongruously dressed up in designer togs.

    • Kirsten Kirsten

      Oh, OUT. No doubt. The big ruffle down the front looks heavy and sad and the hems puckered.The entire dress looks cheap, hot and scratchy.

    • RzYoung

      I go IN, it’s subtle but kickass and she’s owning that hair too! I really do like it AND her massive eye brows are great.

    • Warrior89

      Out.  She annoys me…for no good reason other than she’s annoying?

    • jimmack

      Love her with short hair. The dress…hmm, looks like an entry from the firt designed booted off of Project Runway. I think a lot was lost in the transition to black.

    • SophieCollier

      Maybe she gave a little speech for him or something?  I say she’s IN for sure, because she looks fabulous.  Until she gets some more hair and a couple more pounds on, she’s going to look boyish in anything less frilly and curve-making.  So I see why she went with this.  

    • up with pod people

      In because I love her and Nolan can jump in a lake.

    • L.

      IN!!  She’s fierce, appropriate and comfortable.  What’s not to love.

    • lesmaha


    • CatherineRhodes


    • aristida_girl

      Out, even though it shouldn’t be, that is a fab dress on the model…also, who keeps chopping her hair off? she is so pretty and she does not need to look like a boy…whew, i’m glad i could get that off my chest…

    • altalinda

      out.  Black sack.

    • Candigirl1968