Comic-Con 2012 Red Carpet – The Ladies, Part 1

Posted on July 16, 2012

Let’s get this party started, right? We’ve been dancing around the margins of it, but Comic-Con exploded over the weekend, with enough stars to justify Oscar-level coverage. No, really. We’ve got a ton of poorly thought-out celebrity looks to get to, so we’re gonna have to do it the patented T Lo Quick n’ Bitchy style.

T Lo’s Quick n’ Bitchy Pancake Mix will be hitting supermarket shelves Fourth Quarter 2012. Look for it! We couldn’t get a fragrance deal.

Also, remember: The rules here – if it can even be said that there are any rules – hold that you shouldn’t try too hard or look too polished for this crowd.


Alison Brie

Very cute, but a bit too business-like. She could have mitigated that by not choosing pointy-toed pumps. A wedge or something like that could have brought this down a little. Great color on her, though.


Anna Kendrick

That’s about right. A bit colorless, though.


Betsy Brandt

Enh. Everyone at the Breaking Bad event was fairly dressed up, so we can’t really single her out, but still. This is kind of bland.


Danai Gurira

There’s a girl who knows how to dress for this scene. She looks cute.


Jaime King

She looks a little crazy, which, oddly enough, is also quite appropriate for Comic-Con.


Jessica Biel in Mugler and Joe’s Jeans

Too dressed up.


Karen Gillan in 3.1 Phillip Lim

Oh, Amelia Pond, BLESS YOU. Why are we not surprised that you showed up in the perfect nerdy-girl chic getup? Adorable.


Kate Beckinsale in Rag & Bone

She has a long history of giving fanboys wood. The lady knows what she’s doing here.


Kerry Washington in J. Mendel

That skirt is gorgeous – and too showy for Comic-Con. Also, the top really doesn’t go with it.


Lauren Cohan

As we said, the Breaking Bad event was unusually dressy, but this strikes a perfect balance. A little bland. though. Hate the shoes.


Lea Michelle in  Stella & Jamie 

She looks like a very eager job applicant.



Milla Jovovich

Just last week we said she can back and forth from “stoner mom” to “fierce as shit.” Guess which one she chose today? She’s Con-ready, but we can’t say this is all that cute. She looks a little frumpy, to be honest.


Nina Dobrev in Katharine Kidd

She looks comfortable and dressed appropriately for the sometimes sweaty climate inside the convention center. That she is also likely to whip the fanboys into a frenzy makes a nice bonus.


Rachael Taylor in Jenni Kayne and Suno

Star Trek shirt, pajama bottoms, and Aladdin shoes. Honey, the nerds just might crown you their queen.


Rebecca Romijn

“HAHA! It’s hot and so am I, fanboys! I don’t need to dress up! Suck it!”


Summer Glau

Perhaps a bit on the showy side, but she looks pretty.


[Photo Credit: Getty]

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  • In_Stitches

    What the hell is Rebecca Romijin wearing on her feet?

    • I owned something similar in the early 90s.

      • T-strap strappy (jelly?) flats? I am a weird enough dresser to abide a lot, but that looks like it would chafe the foot something awful. 

    • They look like Jellies with security straps.

  • Lea Michelle “looks like a very eager job applicant” who’s willing to show cooch if necessary to snag that assistant position.

    • My thoughts exactly. But see also: eager job applicant who thinks she can get away with a tank top under a suit. Tanks under suits require less businessy suits. 

  • Sobaika

    is Biel’s skirt pleather???

  • I knew Karen Gillian would rock it! 
    And Summer Glau gets a pass on the “showy” from me because the 10th Anniversary Firefly panel was being filmed for a TV special later on this year.

    • julnyes

      The moment I saw Karen’s outfit this weekend I thought “TLo are going to love her look!” and then I wondered when they invaded my brain…

    • I agree with you. She’s not usually so dressed up for these events. 

    • And she’s pretty much the queen of comic con, she can wear whatever she wants.

  • ballerinawithagun

    What is going on with Milla’s feet???

    • I thought the same thing! It looks like extra toes or something

      • Beardslee

        ouch ouch ouch!

      • quiltrx

        I think the toe area of the shoe is WAY too small…so it’s pushing her toes out to freedom.  Like those Louboutins we all hate, except without the clear plastic to keep toes at bay.

    • I think it’s a peeping tattoo.

    • janetjb

      She should have worn her own shoes! The loaners are way too small.  

  • joancarol

    I’m sorry, but Jessica Biel looks like an a-hole.

    • schadenfreudelicious

      i have never understood her appeal neither in looks or talent, and that hair??..good gawd what an unflattering mop!

      • kimmeister

        The terrible hair stood out to me too.

    • She was really great at the Total Recall panel, though. Extremely humble.

    • deathandthestrawberry

      She’s not interesting enough to be on my irrational hate list, but I still don’t like her. 

  • filmcricket

    Not shown: the guy with the backpack in the last photo going “Summer Glau! Be cool man, be cool, be cool,” to himself.

    In other news, if jeans exist that can do that to Milla Jovovich, they clearly need to be tried for crimes against humanity. That, and her feet look like they’re in severe pain.

    • Catiline

      Milla is wearing mom jeans :/

    • Anathema_Device

       Have seen the Big Bang Theory episode where the guys encounter her on a train and try to hit on her? Hilarious.

      • filmcricket

         That is in fact the only full episode of that show that I’ve seen!

  • Catiline

    There’s something I want to like about Rachel Taylor’s get-up, but the proportions are all wrong.  Also her hair is underwhelming.

    Danai Gurira looks perfect, I adore her shirt and earrings.

    • Danai Gurira is best in show here.

    • kimmeister

      Rachel’s shoes might be the ugliest shoes I’ve ever seen.

  • Wendi126

    What’s going on with Milla Jovovitch’s right foot? She’s either squeezed so tight in that shoe or she has two sets of small toes. Betsy Brandt must have stopped by after attending a wedding.

  • Jessica O’Connell

    I freakin’ love Amy Pond right now. If anyone needed to get in the Comic Con spirit, it was the DW crowd, so thank goodness she didn’t show up as if she was on the BAFTA red carpet or something. Well done. You win Comic Con 2012 Part 1 post. Brava!

  • Vanja

    Milla should go up a size….shoes that is. Her poor toes, all squashed up.

  • I have jeans sort of like Jaime King’s, only mine only have the paisley on the front, and the paisley is in embossed brownish-burgundy velvet. Also, my jeans are more greenish.
    Yes, I dress a little crazy on a more or less everyday basis (it evens out the staid lawyer wear).
    I desperately covet Karen Gillan’s dress.
    Also, I desperately covet being at San Diego Comic-Con. Oh well. Otakon at the end of the month, NY Comic-Con in the fall. 

  • Pants_are_a_must

    Why so many bland shirts? Most of these ladies know what the backdrop of a Comic Con photo op looks like. Why are they’re dressing to match it?

  • Amy Pond. Perfection. Also? I would KILL for her hair colour.

    Lea Michelle needs to lay off the spray tan. And what on earth is Glee doing at ComicCon?

    Summer Glau looked great when I watched the Firefly panel but that woman has nothing to say. Or maybe she really is River Tam.

    And with this comment, I have solidified the fact that I am a total nerd. 

  • Rand Ortega

    It’s definitely the year of the Mayan calendar, because I’m about to say something I never thought I would utter in my lifetime: Milla Jovovich looks like shit! Everything about that outfit is wrong! Everything!
    Karen Gilan, Rachel Taylor & Nina Dobrev are perfection. Danai Guirra & Rebecca Romijn are beachy cute, but not CCI appointed. KBeck should’ve left the jacket off the rest of the outfit is smokin’; Jaime King T-Shirt says, “I’m still better/cooler than you fans because I know who YSL is”. Everyone  else looks like they’re going to a work function be it the company picnic, cocktail party or new recruit luncheon.

  • charlotte

    Karen Gillan took the event literally. That’s what you have to do sometimes.

  • I’m still reeling from the fact that Comic-Con has a “red carpet”. 

    •  Really.  What’s next, your neighborhood gorcery store?

      • Something tells me this trend might start in LA. “Where stars go to shop”….I can see it now. 

        •  I’m shocked that LA hasn’t already gone there.

    • Like you wouldn’t kill for the TLo play-by-play commentary.

  • I’m disgusted with practically all of them. They’re rich and hot, and they could get away with ANYTHING, and this is what they choose? Not even one celeb who cosplays? BOH-RING!

    • Copying my response from The Boys, Part 1:

      Deborah Ann Wollfrom from True Blood showed up to the Rifftrax panel
      dressed as Axe Cop (a rather amusing web comic). Usually most of the
      cosplaying celebs do something with masks so they won’t get recognized.
      Adam Savage from Mythbusters dressed up as a Ringwraith from Lord of the
      Rings. ‪Lance Reddick from Fringe thought that he could just wear a hat
      and no one would notice him. He was wrong. (I was at the Fringe panel,
      and Jasika Nicole was laughing about that. Apparently she was able to
      get away with just styling her hair differently.)

  • Is Jessica Biel just going to wear all white and fluorescent shoes till she gets married? That was hiddy.  

  • BazoDee

    I love a world where these girls and their stylists-most of whom would not be caught dead with anyone that even knew what comic con was 10 years ago now try to show up looking ‘appropriately’ dressed. It gives me giggles. So outside their wheelhouse. 
    Here’s the formula, don’t dress up too much, try to find something “you”, maybe something vaguely interesting and unique, and never never look like you are trying. That last part kills Jessica B. 

  • Vainte

     Summer Glau looks pretty? Sorry, she looks starving. I am/was a big fan, she was such a natural beauty a few years ago. I honestly worry for her.

  • Guy in khaki in last picture (with backpack of course) wins for most typical fanboy outfit.

    • Catiline

      HAHA!  You’re absolutely right.

  • janetjb

    Danai, Jaime, Karen, Kate, and Rachael look fantastic.  

    Bland does not equal casual.

  • There’s a label unironically named Rag & Bone?!

    • mhleta

      Where ya been?

  • LeBarron

    Well played, Amy Pond.  Well played.

  • Kudos to Karen Gillan & Rachel Taylor showing how ComicCon should be done. The great thing about Summer Glau’s outfit – flats she could actually walk in under that dress, while the top half looked cute at the Firefly panel.

    But, guys, you missed the hot mess that was Naya Rivera, complete with overdone hair & make up, too much fake tan & clothes that didn’t fit. She was even more dressed up that Jessica Biel.

    • This is Part 1, so hopefully Naya aka hot mess will be in another.

  • PinkLemon

    I CAN’T with Beckinsale’s eye makeup.

    • Sartorial_She

       If you hold her down, I’ll scrub her face and feed her a sandwich.

  • I like Summer’s etheriel side. Miles away from being a Terminatrix.

  • Or Naugahyde? And  did Justin T. “tell” her to wear it?

  • Could someone please teach Anna Kendrick about body language? (And she’s got bra peekage.)

  • kittenwithaquip

    I should be ashamed that I’m dorky enough to point this out, but I thought Lauren Cohen was part of the “Walking Dead” cast, not “Breaking Bad”.

    • Me too.

    • Nelliebelle1197

       I took it to mean that she was at the Breaking Bad event, where everyone was overdressed, not that she was in Breaking Bad.

      • kittenwithaquip

         I realized that later, after I wrote that and looked like a pedantic, nerdy dullard. :/

  • unbornfawn

    Karen Gillian for the win! Too many of these ladies are absolutely clueless.

  • Anathema_Device

    Oh god, I love you guys. The Rachel Taylor caption killed me. In other news: I truly loathe Anna Kendrick’s shoes.

    And you can’t get a fragrance deal? Kate Fucking Walsh has a fragrance deal!!! I demand an immediate resolution to this fictional problem!

    • TheDivineMissAnn

       I put in some calls to my imaginary friends, maybe they’ll come through for TLo.

  • Judy_S

    For some reason I am enjoying this lineup more than the usual red carpet posts. More variety–and opportunity for wise sniping, I guess.

  • MilaXX

    Jessica Biel looks the worst of the lot. If this is an example of JT styling she better rehire her regular stylist quick. Even on a regular RC this is awful.
    I am a die hard Breaking Bad fan so I’m assuming Lauren Chan is a new cast member.

  • I love seeing Karen Gillan nail this, but since the celebrities are too careful about their appearances to dress up (Adam Savage excluded), I’d personally love to see T&L review some of the best cosplay outfits. “And here’s an assortment of Weeping Angels-note the attention to detail in the 3rd, and marvelous use of highlighting and lowlighting painting techniques to create a realistic stone effect”. “Leia in a Jaba’s slave ensemble-‘of course’ “


    What in Jeebus’ name is on Rebecca Romijn’s feet? And Milla, I love you but the rise on those pants looks to be a good 12″ which is totally unnecessary on a chick with a body like yours.

  • Tamara Hogan

    Whoever Rachael Taylor is, she looks great. 

  • PaulaBerman

    Summer Glau! I just rewatched Firefly and was wondering what she was up to these days. That was an amazing cast, and several of them just faded into obscurity, which is too bad.

  • guest2visits

    Anna Kendrick needs to simply put everything she’s wearing in a box and set it by the curb (except the shoes). It’s got some
    kind of anti-attractive spray all over it. Save room in the box for Milla’s top, Lauren’s top, Jaime’s top, Kerry’s skirt, and Lea
    Michelle’s entire outfit (except the shoes). Make that Jaime’s entire outfit.
    I think there are several different ways to dress for this event; and the celebs have even more choices.
    They don’t have to make such bad selections.

  • Honestly, I can’t even with high heels at comic con.Have a little pride, ladies. Everyone knows that you have watched every season of Buffy or have read the harry potter books in order in one week because it just felt right or made yourself your own superhero costume ’cause you didn’t like any of the original girl heroes. And OH PLEASE with the yves st. Laurent t shit girl. Just get out. Freakin props to kristen Stewart for the high tops in one of the other comic con posts. RESPECT.

    •  I wear heels at cons — because I wear heels all the time.  Some of us like them.  And if the heel is a stiletto, they double as a handy weapon:P

  • JaneDC

    Quick and bitchy Pancake Mix because we couldn’t get a fragrance deal is a TLo Hall of Famer!

  • i would KILL for summer glau’s dress.

  • LesYeuxHiboux

    Summer Glau looks every bit the nerd goddess she is. 

  • I have a little “Quick n’ Bitchy” game I like to play.  I scroll down enough to see the pic but not the Q n’ B comment then I try to guess what T n’ Lo will say…..I’m getting damn good at it too.

  • BigWhiteGrannyPanties

    What is going on with the pinkie toe on the right foot of Milla Jojovich?  Is it sticking out or do I need to re-do my bifocals prescription?

  • Call me Bee

    Jamie King looks like every woman I see at WalMart on Saturday morning.