Christina Hendricks in LA

Posted on July 27, 2012

Oh, CHRISTINA! We totally gay-gasped!

Christina Hendricks goes shopping in Los Angeles.

Did girlfriend get herself a stylist? Or did she finally turn to one of her sassy gay friends and say, “Okay, seriously. Tell me what I’m doing wrong?” Because this is the most flattering thing we think we’ve ever seen her wear outside of her Mad Men costumes. Can it be? Is it possible that Christina Hendricks has finally figured out how to dress her figure? Or is this some sort of outlier and she’ll be back to pleated pants and baby heads the next time we see her?

But let’s not worry about the future, darlings. The point is, this silhouette is now HER silhouette. If she doesn’t go out and buy a dozen outfits with this shape, she’s a fool. The color looks great on her, but it’s not exactly a July color. Still, that’s a minor complaint. Everything here is working like gangbusters – even the shoes, and CH has quite the bad shoe history.

We don’t know what prompted this change but darling? It is T LO-APRROVED. Snaps up. Love your shades, girl.



[Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews]

    • Kiltdntiltd

      What a breath of fresh air!!!!!!!  Halleluiah.

    • sherrietee

      she looks fabulous.  

      • Sobaika

        I feel like a proud mama!

        • SassieCassy

          Today is a good day for bitter kittens everywhere

          • call_me_schmeg

            it’s like she *knew* this would make our friday!

          • Sobaika

            Indeed it is! I hope Elizabeth Moss is next up in the Fashion Plot Twist.

            • SassieCassy

              Bahahahaha *snort*

              I love the use of ‘plot twist’

              Will Lizzie wear actual color this time??? Will the hair and makeup be aging?? stay tuned!

    • Patricia Gillett

      Everything is good here, even the the bag is awesome. More of this please, Christina, because you know we love you and your awesome figure. 

    • SuzBald

      The lady is pure glam, head to toe.  Gorgeous, as she is meant to look.  

    • Jillaine13

      SNAPS!  Indeed.

    • LeSourire

      What a flattering shape for her. Not sure I love the color with her hair color, but seriously, a million times better than her normal outfits, so I feel badly being that picky. It’s a great step in the right direction, and I hope she keeps it up, especially as we will have so long to wait until she’s back as Joanie.

    • sagecreek

      YAY Yosaffbridge!

    • annie_wonder

      Magazine editors take note – it is possible to shoot Christina Hendricks without resorting to lingerie or Mad Men costumery!

    • Deborah Lipp

      Even the hair is vastly improved. Oh, Christina, you know I love you. 

    • PeggyOC

      A-fuckin-mazing.  I’d have liked a green or a blue on her, but the cut is perfect and the baby heads are hidden away.  You go, fellow curvy, big chested girlfriend!

    • Kathy Marlow

      She either needs to go back to the store/designer and get that dress in every single color.  Or find someone to make that dress for her in every single color, let’s start with a nice shade of blue or green, shall we?  She looks FAB!

    • VioletFem

      This is definitely the best look I’ve seen her wear off the Mad Men set. I’ve also noticed that most of her “on the street” outfits, look way better than her red carpet outfits.

    • MilaXX

      Very nice! Please let it be the start of a change for the better.

    • Athenrein

      Redheads look so good in this color. I was watching X-Files and Scully has a (horrible 90s) suit in this color, and it’s really flattering on her too. The color. Not the suit, which gives her linebacker shoulders and very very short legs. But anyway. Ms. Hendricks looks lovely. Photo-ready *and* comfortable.

      • AthenaJ

        Now you’ve got me feeling all wistful… I miss that show!!

        • Athenrein

          The boyfriend and I are bingeing on it via netflix these days. Already almost halfway through – I’ll be sad when it’s over.

      • foodycatAlicia

        It’s sad how dated Scully looks when Mulder’s suits have aged well. I particularly hate her glasses. And I know EXACTLY the suit you mean!

      • Pam Winters

        I’m not a redhead (I wish), but I’m wearing that color today. I can’t figure out what it should be called. (Oxblood?) At any rate, the dress looks great on her. Simple elegance.

        • Adriana_Paula


    • RzYoung

      C’mon everyone, let’s give her a WERQ

    • JennaMarieS

      Proud of you, girlfriend!

    • gsk241

      Wow!  She does look gorgeous, doesn’t she?  I think that British Tan Coach Stewardess bag must be one of her favorites since she has been photographed with it before.  It is one of my favorites, too.

      • meowing

        Yes!  I smiled at the bag, ’cause I have several vintage ones.  Love Coach.

    • NurseEllen

      She should also buy this dress in a short sleeved version—this looks a little heavy for summer in L.A. (even though it’s a sad fact that all interiors are over air-conditioned).  But chic, streamlined, sexy without being revealing, and completely flattering–way to go!

      • LaVonne Ellis

        Actually, it’s been quite cool in SoCal this summer, unlike apparently everywhere else.

    • Jessica TallGirl Freeman

      Bravo darling.  Minor quibble….maybe a cami underneath next time, in a few shots she’s about to pop out.  Cover the girls hun. 

    • Scarlet39


    • Laylalola


    • Vaniljekjeks

      Perfection, Yo-Saf-Bridge…. perfection.  

    • mjude

      is she wearing flats?

      • alyce1213


    • janetjb

      Christina looks terrific.  Dresses like this one in other fabrics should be a staple in her wardrobe.
      Love her bag.

    • PastryGoddess

      She looks amazing!  Go Christina!

    • Pants_are_a_must

      BOMBSHELL. Love the bag too.

    • alyce1213

      Much better. Amazing that all it took was a simple, slightly structured frock to make all the difference.
      The shoes are nothing (black peep toes), but they’re okay.
      Her hair — still needs some work, but looks less unwashed than usual.
      She still has a way to go.  One decent appearance isn’t enough.

    • Susan Crawford

      Super! A terrific color for her blazing auburn hair, and the top both accentuates her hourglass figure and avoids the cleavage madness. Sexy, swingy and very flattering.  I would immediately get this design in deep emerald green, rich cobalt blue, and white for those “Marilyn-over-the-subway-moments” when Christina is in NYC.

      Love that bag as well – totally snaggable.

    • gabbilevy

      Lovely, lovely, lovely!

    • nannypoo

      Beautiful. I wonder what she bought in that white bag. Ice? Goldfish? But more importantly, I wonder if that’s an original Coach bag or part of their new/old collection. If it’s new, I’ll be buying one.

    • FashionShowAtLunch

      Those shades are to die. Wouldn’t look good on me, but she is working the hell out of them. 

    • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

      FINALLY – WERQ!!!  :)

    • MissAnnieRN

      DAY-UM!  Yes, Joanie would wear this outfit in 2012.  The only rule you will ever need, dear.  I feel like she needs Stacey and Clinton.  

      Who makes that purse?  It’s plain and practical, which means I love it.  It looks like a coach purse, and I have an outlet here in my little hamlet.  Maybe I can afford it.

      • fabulousrobots

         The good thing about Coach bags like that is that they’ve been making the same ones for YEARS and you can get vintage ones on Etsy or eBay for around $30. I thrifted one for $1 and it’s in amazing shape.

    • Kyle Crawford

      she is so beautiful.

    • Judy_J

      She looks great, and I love that shoulder bag. Yea, Christina!

    • aimee_parrott

      Praise Jeebus!  She looks great. 

    • Jason M. Galloway

      Gorgeous-despite the fact that it looks like she’s carrying a diaper.  Side note: I saw “Drive” recently…poor Christina!

    • another_laura

      What a lovely way to start my day out here in SF. Awwwwww, do we love her or what?!?!?

    • l3icest3r


    • clairellis

      I love her. And she looks great! Live the bag and the shades!

    • CassandraMortmain

      That looks like a wrap dress, and the cliche is that wrap dresses look good on everyone, no matter your size.  I’m not sure that’s entirely true but the silhouette certainly works for Christina.  Still not perfect, though.  The dress looks a little wonky in front, with one side hiked up higher than the other, and it looks rumpled in the bust area.  She needs some better, smoother support undergarments.  You don’t want your breasts to look wrinkled.  And the color, while interesting on her, is a little too autumnal for July.  Still, a vast improvement over her usual appearance.

      • funkycamper

        I’m glad to see someone else has problems with the look.  While it’s an improvement, it’s so bland, the color is not flattering, and there are fit issues, imho.  I hate the shoes and the bag.  The bag looks like the same K-Mart bag my mom has carried for years.  

        • MajorBedhead

           I believe that’s a classic Coach bag.

          • funkycamper

            I realize that but I still think it looks stiff, cheap and ugly.

    • Eva_baby

      I think she looks good.  Not amazing.  Not stupendous.  Just really nice.  She actually looks like a lot of regular every-day women do who dress nice for their skin and shape.  

    • Lisa Dugan

      The colors feel a little Fall but she looks great.

    • PinkLemon

      that thing looks like it’s pretty hot. looks like wool. which…??

    • littlemac8

      THANK YOU!  Amazing.

    • Sandra Oh

      I saw her a month or so ago in NYC and she is absolutely stunning IRL.  Words cannot describe how luminous she was.  Truly.  Glad to see her finally looking amazing in pics.

    • Wendi126

      I’m way more interested in the mystery of her shopping- In the first and last pics she’s carrying a small paper bag with obviously a new purchase. In the last pic she is clearly entering her car, having purchased whatever is in the bag. In the middle two pics, no paper bag, just a bizarre white cloth covering something. A live chicken? Family jewels? Good china? Hmm. Has she sold or traded what’s in the white cloth for what’s in the paper bag? Christina, if you’re reading this, please let us know. And you do look fab btw

      • Magatha

         Here’s my theory: we are missing the final photo in the series on account of what was under the white cloth: fulminated mercury. Girl’s got a hell of an arm, I saw that when she played Saffron on Firefly.

    • Leah Elzinga

      seriously, if you saw this girl on the street wouldn’t you immediately think “Movie Star”??  Gorgeous.

    • Jessi03

      Oh my goodness!  She learned to dress! I want to throw her a parade.

    • Brian @ PWYJudges

      LOVE the dress, LOVE the accessories!

      Also, it’s nice to see that celebrities are just like us: Christina, girlfriend, you gotta get that car washed.

    • quiltrx

      This IS flattering–for once she doesn’t look like she’s crammed into someone else’s clothes.  The color is good on her too.  Good job!

    • Heather

      She looks great and I, too, love the shades! The funny thing is that this isn’t an LA dress for ANY season – it’s just not ‘LA’ at all. But I would steal it from her and wear it to work in October.

    • Snailstsichr


    • VicksieDo

      You must be grading on a curve, because that’s the blandest, out-of-season look I’ve seen in quite awhile.  And there is something weird going on around her girls too, it’s riding up. NO, just nuh ah.

    • BazoDee

      Super fabulous dress on her!! WOW! Agree with the color -but that’s a minor quibble when we consider where we are starting from. Not loving the shoe -makes it kind of office-y though. 

    • MajorBedhead

      It’s not awesome, but it’s a hell of a lot better than she has been dressing, so I’m sort of fine with it.

      I would kill for that bag. I do love me some classic saddle leather Coach handbags. 

    • PrunellaV

      What is this weird trend of wearing fall and winter stuff in the summer?!?

    • msdamselfly

      FINALLY she looks great

    • NDC_IPCentral

      “T LO-Approved”  The mark of fabulosity.

    • AudreysMom

      odd but she looks like she’s not trying. When she tries (or listens to the wrong person, pays the wrong stylist) it doesn’t work. This looks like, “what the hell, I’ll just throw this dress* on to go to the store”  (*knowing still that I”ll be photographed).

    • Sara__B

      She CAN dress herself! (I don’t even mind that she looks like autumn and the shoes are rather matronly.)

    • Darva Sutra

      I absolutely LOVE Christina and would kill to have that body! However.  From interviews and red carpet events, it is obvious that she is drawn romantic looks, i.e. lace, ruffles.  It is so sad that she just doesn’t seem to get that covering herself with all that frou frou is the LAST thing she needs.  This is a perfect look for her!! Silhouette, line and color should be her foremost concerns.  Dress to flatter herself, not to fulfill her (wrongheaded) taste.  She is breathtaking and it saddens me to see her obscure her beauty so often.  TLo, do you ever reach out and offer your services to stars?  On a pay-basis, bien-sur!!

    • HobbitGirl
    • Alex McGeagh

      For her, this is a SUPERMEGAWERQ. 

      Girl looks good. I doubt it will last though…

    • jilly_d

      KILLER sunnies girl!

    • guest2visits

      I would like to see a more summery bag; but this all works for her and she looks great.

    • Call me Bee

      Oh yeah–perfect dress for her–and for anyone who is not a stick.  As you two, I wish it were a pretty summer color, but it’s a perfect look for her.  Well done! 

    • Rebecca

      Girl Crush Increased ^100.

    • Larkin21

      She looks amazing! Good for her!

    • amf0001

      for some reason,  in the small picture ,  it looked to me like she was holding a white rabbit.  I so wanted that to be true!

    • elirt

      Love it all! She looks fantastic. 

    • oohsparkley!

      Christina, keep up the good WERQ!

    • Fionnuala Barrett

      Does anyone know where this dress is from?  (I.e. designer or store.)

      • Flooby

        Don’t know where she got her dress but as I said above Banana Republic is a great source for this kind of dress- in jersey but still.  

    • April Goff

      I’m built just like her – and would LOVE to know if someone could source that dress. It’s remarkably difficult to find a one-piece dress that fits a figure like that. It either comes across matronly or slutty. Or sometimes, remarkably both at the same time. I’d buy that dress in every color of the rainbow though if I could get my hands on it! 

      • Flooby

        Banana republic frequently has this dress in jersey.  I got one in navy blue for work a couple years ago (longer sleeves, no swoop in the skirt but that EXACT neckline) and I’ve seen them there since. 

      • tereliz

        I hate to say it, but: I went to a designer discount store on my lunch break and saw a dress with a similar neckline and that same weird line on the bodice… it was Stella McCartney. Not sure if this is the same dress, but it is awfully similar and EXACTLY the same color. 

    • Synnamin

      Love the look, but I’m also personally chuffed that her car is dirty, too. Makes me feel less-guilty about mine!

      • Magatha

         I looked at her, then looked at her car, and then I was all, Oh please Ms. Christina, I will wash your car for you, please, I will wash it every day forever, just keep dressing fabulously.

    • ChelseaNH

      Positive reinforcement, positive reinforcement, positive reinforcement — is it working yet?  Positive reinforcement…

    • Victoria Pavlova

      LOVE this look, absolutely perfect for her. She definitely needs this dress in rich purple, green and blue. At least, that.

    • formerlyAnon

      Yup. She needs one in every color in which it’s made – and have someone make some up especially for her if she’d like a wider variety.

      But I am SO betting it’s an outlier. She’s gonna keep on breaking our hearts, I just know it.

    • Lauren Lynch Fox

      Looks great, love the classic coach!

    • j_anson


    • DourBeast

      I love her in this. And not just because I want to. Thinking back to some other casual looks, Christina still puts in more effort than January Jones who can probably choose a dress without even trying it on.

    • Corazon Nunez

      Love it all, except . . . . . Darling, your car desperately needs a wash. 

    • LambeeBaby

      Brilliant! I hope this is a new trend for her but I am not that optimistic.
      She is being very careful with that package. Is she carrying goldfish in that bag?

    • TieDye64

      Get on with your bad self! Looking fantastic.

    • aristida_girl

      Snaps all around! So proud of her….

    • Tracy Alexander

      I LOVE how the girls in the background seem totally oblivious while the guy is CLEARLY checking her out.

    • Penn Collins

      No, this doesn’t feel staged at all….

    • Magatha

      LOVE IT! I knew a narrow v-neck and 3/4 sleeves would be awesome on her. She looks beautiful and womanly.

    • DebbieLovesShoes



      Look at her! She looks great! So proud.

    • bluefish

      Not surprisingly, the dress seems to mimic a late 40’s look.   I don’t generally go nuts over bags and purses but I would love to have that one.

    • librarygrrl64

      The color story is totally autumnal, but the silhouette is great.

    • Dot

      Oh Christina, how I adore everything about you here.

    • jessiemg

      It’s from a photo shoot with the LA Times. I’m assuming this means a stylist chose it for her?×9