Anne Hathaway in Stella McCartney

Posted on July 16, 2012

Darlings, we must take a break from the Comic-Con coverage so that we can all discuss this Very Serious Issue; namely: Anne Hathaway’s frightening dress:


Anne Hathaway makes an appearance on the “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” show in NYC in a Stella McCartney dress.

Well geez, thanks a lot, Anne. Just the other day we lauded you for knowing how to dress for the TV cameras and now, here you are, looking completely ridiculous in front of TV cameras. Girl, did you even try sitting down in this thing before you walked out on that set? How could you not see what it was doing to your body? And by that we mean stretching it out to bizarre proportions and making your boobs look like they’re situated on either side of your belly button? We’re all for pushing the envelope of style a little bit, Annie, but this dress is hideous on you.

And it makes our eyes hurt.


[Photo Credit: NBC]

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  • VicksieDo

    Stella strikes again ;-/

    • Can somebody please explain to me how she manages to make a career as a fashion designer?  Seriously, her “designs” are shitastic.

      • Because her dad was a Beatle.

        • Oh, I know.  I just obviously live in the pretend world where actual talent is required to make it in the fashion (or entertainment, for the matter) industry. 

          • She can design all the ugly clothes she wants. The question is why does anyone wear them? Because they’re free? Does she engage in fashion payola and pay the stylists to use them?  

            The bottom line is that the stars actually put these clothes on and approve them. The buck stops there.

          • You speak the truth.

        • Lisa

          Which pains me all the more.  Her mom was an incredible photographer, and her father was a musical genius.  Creatively, she won the genetic lottery – so why does she keep churning out such hideous stuff?

          • Good point! I miss Linda. 🙁

      • Shitastic sums it up perfectly.

    • There is no way this is attractive on anybody. Is that illusion netting in the back? Seriously? Illusion netting + gingham? That’s like the sartorial version of lemonade and coffee. I feel ill.

    • Little_Olive

      But more importantly, how did this get past Rachel Zoe and Anne?

      I always think a good technique to consider an outfit is to describe it with words out loud.  “Diagonal black and white gingham with diagonal semi-attached black and white different size gingham bib” does not sound like something that might work AT ALL.

  • tereliz

    Naw. I knew as soon as I saw the fringe dress that it was only a matter of time before she Stella’d-up. Sorry, Anne. I still love you. 

  • RedRaven617

    Gingham should be against the law, except for picnic table covers.

    •  Actually, in the fifties, both Claire McCardell and Gilbert Adrian turned out amazing clothes in gingham checks. And other designers since have made it work to great advantage too, but Stella McC is NOT one of them.

      • Agreed on this!  Gingham, when properly deployed, can be very charming.  This, however, is not the proper deployment of gingham.

        • ballerinawithagun

          Agree. Also black with white polka dots. And if done properly the gingham & polka dots together!

      • formerlyAnon

         I had a fantasy gingham dress (fabric & all) back in the ’70s which I never made because I didn’t trust myself to alter the pattern to what I imagined & I’d have been too mad if I wasted the fabric on a not-quite. [Rhetorical question: Was the therapy later in life that enables me to identify why I didn’t ever make that dress, worth the money it cost if this is how I’m going to use it?]

        I tried very hard to sell my daughter on a version of The Dress, which would look far better on her than it ever would’ve on me, but she’s not a fan of gingham. Sigh.

        • Gingham, is like beef jerky. You either love it, or loathe it.  No gray area.

      • guest2visits

        Agree also – I ‘ve got nothing against black and white plaids/ginghams; I think they’re kind of elegant.
                          (just not in this instance)

        • I have said to clients of mine many, many times that nothing is absolutely out of the question.  It all comes down to how the textiles and colors and embellishments are handled that counts.  Anyone can wear any kind of thing, IF its cut, fitted, and proportioned correctly for them.

    • Spicytomato1

      I love gingham. It should, however, be against the law for Stella McCartney to procure it.

      • formerlyAnon

         No, no, that’s “fabric” which Stella should be barred from procuring.

        • sweetestsith

           I fear to see the creations that would result without fabric….

          • formerlyAnon

            There might be a certain fascination in figuring out how she would manage to make garments constructed from “alternative materials” unflattering AND uninteresting, not to mention completely pedestrian.

            Because I am sure she would.

          •  Since we have learned by now that she simply will NOT put down her needle and thread.

  • BazoDee

    WOW! That may be one of the least flattering dresses ever. Standing or sitting. The only thing that would make it worse is if it was red. 

  • Aurumgirl

    Comedy Gold.

  • Sue_Asponte

     I liked Stella McCartney at first, but the last year — and especially this year — she’s totally lost it.

    • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

      No, she never HAD it, with an occasional exception into somewhat decent taste.  Mostly, however, not.

  • Joyce VG

    Please won’t someone stop Stella McCartney?

    • schadenfreudelicious

      i think Stella needs a good old fashioned shunning till she smartens up, does she just pick fabric remnants up from the floor and slap them together, all the while muttering “some silly gal will wear this ugly getup cause i’m a Beetles daughter”..ugh…

    • Due to her powerful genetics, I fear there’s only one man who could possibly take her down.  Somebody get Sean Lennon on the phone and see if he’s down for a Beatle spawn death match.  He’s got Yoko genes…it could work.

      • schadenfreudelicious

        true!, it would be better if he also inherited Yoko’s “singing” voice, that could stop production of just about anything dead in it’s tracks

      • Adriana_Paula

        Oh my God, I would watch the HELL out of that if it was televised.

  • Hideous is the word.


    Sorry. SMc makes my eyes bleed and all semblance of punctuation come to a screaming halt. 

    Annie is too good for this. 

  • J D

    Stella McCartney is the worst.  How do women keep getting hoodwinked into wearing her terrible designs?

    • blogless

      This is exactly it for me. It’s like she’s popular because of this big collective “myth” or delusion that she makes great clothes and is the definition of coolness. I think on some level the celebrity must know this looks horrible, but they don’t trust their own instincts. No one does. It’s like the Emperor’s New Clothes.

      Too bad.

    • Aurumgirl

       I think she pays them.  People think, “Hell, how bad could it be?  It’s clothing.  I can remove it.  I never have to put it on again.  And I get money for it.  Money I can use to buy real clothes”.  But Anne, she just keeps going back for more kicks in the teeth.  Either she’s money hungry or her stylist is trying to kill her publicly.

  • alyce1213

    I love it when someone for whom I have irrational hatred shows up in something REALLY ugly — and a Stella McCartney (another irrational hatred) to boot!

    • xmixiex

      Stella hatred is perfectly rational.

      • formerlyAnon

         Anybody who *sells* such a high proportion of unflattering, awkward, & ugly designs should either be hated for what she does to her mesmerized customer base or idolized for the power of her marketing.

  • Well, at least she already has a bib when she gets to the lobster and corn on the cob?

  • Sobaika

    “STEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLAAAAA!” I yell in anger, as I gape at my screen in disbelief. I don’t know what happened here, but she is to blame.

    • SassieCassy

      props for the brando ref.

    • Haha! Love the Streetcar reference. Saw it on Broadway a few weeks ago and Blair Underwood makes a pretty good Stanley.

      • Sobaika

        I wanted to see it so badly! Hope it was a good show.

        Why am I so poor 🙁

  • Jessi03

    Wtf is that.  I can’t even….how would that be a good idea ever?  I just…no.  Sorry, Annie.

  • jenno1013

    She has lovely shoulders, but something about the lines of the dress, combined with the lines IN the dress, combined with her clavicles and neck tendons, is making her look….Cardassian.  Not even Garak would approve.

  • MK03

    That dress is an abomination and needs to be destroyed.

  • AnaRoW

    I would cut “on you” off of that second to last sentence to make it “…but this dress is hideous” because it wouldn’t matter who was wearing it.

  • lucyloo222

    Can someone explain Stella McCartney to me?   Almost without exception her clothes are hideous.

    • SassieCassy

      Rich dad.

      • Maggie_Mae

        Rich, famous dad….

        • alyce1213

          Ridiculously rich, world famous dad.

          • Aurumgirl

             Yes, but the lack of talent runs in their genes.  He may be rich, but left to his own devices, he’d still be selling shoes at the mall.

  • EditKitten

    That … that … I … I can’t. I’ve never seen anything so awful. For realz. Oh, Anne. 🙁

  • of COURSE its a Stella McCartney dress. Who else?

    • mshesterp

      That’s always my first thought when seeing SMc designs–“Oh, OF COURSE.”  She is the worst.  She’s as one-note a designer (if “terrible” can be one note) as Lea Michele is at giving facial expressions.  

      •  I just don’t get why she has a successful career.  Her work is so relentlessly tasteless.

        • mshesterp

          Ha, love “relentless.”  Also, “aggressively tasteless” works as well.  It’s really in-your-face how bad it is.

          •  And Annie usually can be counted on to make good choices.  Ah well.

        • formerlyAnon

           Yes. Rich, famous dad shouldn’t be able to trump seeing oneself and others in photographs wearing McCartney designs.  I suspect some very selective mind control.

          •  Yet, when Daddy has the millions to spare to set you up with your own business, who’s to stop you?

          • formerlyAnon

             But, but, they KEEP ON WEARING her designs.  She’s gotta have a ray that wipes memory of how they look in photos from their memories.

          •  She must have an “arrangement” with every stylist on earth!

  • CPK1

    no more stella mccartney. Please. Ever. Why have all these starlets drunk the kool aid. I mean, she is Anne Hathaway, a bazillion designers are willing to lend her their stuff and THIS is what she chooses?

  • BrooklynBomber

    What are you talking about? I love this dress.

    Just kidding. On the other hand, she’s not wearing putty-colored pumps or bear-traps. That’s something to be happy about.

  • I think she was supposed to detach that upper piece and make her own matching panties.  Either that or there’s a an alien on her chest that is particularly good at camouflage.

  • kimmeister

    That is a shockingly terrible misstep for Anne.  I shudder to imagine with the back of the dress looks like.

    • Maybe there was some kind of payout involved. Like, “if you wear this dress on television, we’ll donate $100K to the the Humane Society,” or something similar.

      At least – that is the only plausible explanation for this thing I can come up with.

      • Sobaika

        Maybe she lost a bet.

    • Sara__B

       I think I see illusion netting. The back may be even worse than the front!

  • Stella is the official Bitter Kitten litter box. What a wreck.

  • I would have guessed Stella even if it hadn’t been right up there in the headline. Ugh. What’s up with Rachel Zoe? Is she hitting the sauce (which I doubt because it has calories)? I can’t think of any other reason why she’d put Anne in this abomination and think it looked good. I so want to see the back of that thing, I sense illusion netting.

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      Is Rachel still Anne’s stylist?  If so, this is a misstep, one which I would not have expected from either Ms. Hathaway or Ms. Zoe.

    • Maybe she’s going for those awful ‘Skinnygirl’ cocktails. Bring me a real Tom Collins, please!

  • GillianHolroyd

    I like the *idea* of this dress– it’s a challenge to work with gingham and not look like one is fresh off the farm– but as TLo said, the proportions re the chest are out of whack.

    • dschubba

       Yes. I thought I would like this one, based on the thumbnail, because I’m usually a sucker for clashing black and white prints (actually, I have a set of curtains that looks freakishly similar to this dress–bad news for anyone who isn’t Carol Burnett or Scarlett O’Hara), but the proportion is unflattering, and it’s got that godawful nude netting on the back.

  • Ms. Schmidt

    Maybe Stella McCartney was channeling Andie Walsh?

  • curiouserandcuriousest

    WHERE are her gays?

  • charlotte

    The designer is one thing. Choosing to wear that patch apron of a dress is another. I don’t know about the business that is involved with TV- dress-wearing decisions, but there is always something better than this.

  • janetjb

    Can anyone wear this dress or is it just too hideous for a mere mortal?  

    I like the idea of gingham used on for an edgy dress.

    • EverybodysStarling

      What Seth Aaron did to gingham in Paris, that was an edgy dress. This is just fugly 😀 

      • Vlasta Bubinka

        That was Jeffrey.

        • EverybodysStarling

          Of course. I always mix those two up. Sorry. 

          • Vlasta Bubinka

            No problem… Seth Aaron certainly had (still has?) a knack for black and white. I think this dress reminds me of the barrage of table cloth dresses from ep 1 in season 5… if only Stella had festooned this with blue dog poo bags ala Suede… she coulda had a contender.

  • EverybodysStarling

    It’s like a Sado/Maso/Picnictablecloth. I don’t know if I should slap or put some noodlesalad on her. 

  • Eclectic Mayhem

    Oooh dear.  You didn’t ask but – out!

  • sagecreek

    I find it comforting that Stella McC still sucks.

    Anne, though, usually shows better judgment!

  • Stella needs to be stopped, this is one monstrosity too many. Poor Ann, her boobs look like they went for a little vacation in the South.

  • Catiline

    What the hell am I looking at.

  • The way she’s hunched over, it looks like she knows exactly how awkward this thing looks… Stella MCartney’s continued career is a complete mystery to me.

  • Vlasta Bubinka

    Smockron or smapron!

  • Pants_are_a_must

    Good god, Stella needs to get sued for foisting that dress on anyone.

  • bitchybitchybitchy

    Talk about Fug. This is major hiddy-and the make-up doesn’nt help, either. Anne, you have done so much better….please don’t hurt TLo’s eyes again!

  • Hey, look at my boobs!  They’re trying to escape!

    • AthenaJ

      LOL Boob Escape Hatch!!

  • Kate Amberg

    I watched the show and thought to myself “I can hardly wait till ‘this’ makes an appearance on T-Lo” —- the stills are so hideous.  oy vey.  

  • Katey Phillips

    i was watching this episode and i KNEW there’d be a tlo post about it. this is a pretty awful dress. 

  • bitchybitchybitchy

    After forcing myself to look at this once again, I can only conclude that had Anne worn a three quarters length coat, a Harpo Marx wig and carried a horn to use for signaling her answers to questions we could have chalked this up as a Harpo Marx tribute….

  • unbornfawn

    This kind of check pattern is dizzying to look at when it is on TV. Then it is made into a weird dress that is ugly and unflattering. Stella fails again. I expect better from Ms. Hathaway

  • Gingham should NEVER attempt to be sexy!!! Need eye bleach.

  • A bias cut, table cloth dress with DARTS?!  How sloppy looking!  Illusion mesh boobie eyebrows?  Ew!  New level of FAIL for Ms. Stella!!

  • nannypoo

    I saw the show, and really, that was just about the ugliest damn dress I have ever seen.

  • Anathema_Device

    Whoa. I cannot process what I am seeing. She is a raggedy test pattern. 

  • CassieLee22

    Stella why why why

  • Violina23

    Ummm, it’s a hideous dress, PERIOD.

  • CatherineRhodes

    I know that the kittens universally loathe Stella McCartney, but I have to wonder yet again — how can this woman claim to be a legitimate designer? This dress is not just frightening, it is downright pathetic. Isn’t there some rule about clothing design that the garment should actually be attractive?

    • alyce1213

      You’d think, but no.  This woman’s career is about pedigree and nothing else.

      • formerlyAnon

         But . . . but . . . do  you get invited to the right parties for wearing her clothes? Because eventually, everyone who gets photographed as part of how they earn their living sees themselves (and others!) in photos and HAS to see how awful they look.

  • Amy_R

    It reminds me of the ugly dress Andie made in Pretty in Pink.

    • Spicytomato1

      Totally. Except the sleeve cutouts have shifted a bit.

  • dschubba

    I love mismatched black and white prints, but she looks like she agreed to wear the winning garment in a picnic-themed “Project Runway” episode.

  • Courtney Ashe

    I’m having flashbacks to the Project Runway episode where Tim Gunn yelled at all the designers for using gingham checked tablecloths.

  • Snailstsichr

    And in the final picture we see that even Anne is sinking under the weight of this terrible abomination.

    • AthenaJ

      I never thought I’d say this about Anne Hathaway’s boobs, but they look frumpy and sad.

  • EEKstl

    Oh. My. Gawd.

  • SapphoPoet


    That’s about all I can muster. Chemo is kicking my butt this week. 🙁

    • formerlyAnon

       Hang in. I will envision it kicking all those little evil cells’ butts at a much higher rate than it is kicking down your overall physical state. May it be so.

      • SapphoPoet

        Thanks, Anon. Appreciate the cheerleading. 🙂

  • Larkin21

    Such a shame.

  • mjude

    i always wondered if their stylist gets bitched out after the “star” sees the final outcome?

  • AmandaCathleen

    Definite contender for ugliest dress of the year. Oh, Anne. You should know better!

  • 2ndhandchic

    The reminds me of something Mondo would create, although Mondo would do it better. Or maybe I just have Project Runway on the brain since every website I seem to visit is plastered in ads for the premiere. 

  • Jessica Goldstein

    It’s not much better when she’s standing up. I’m starting to develop a pretty serious hate-hate relationship with SMc designs. 

  • DaveUWSNYC

    Boob croissants on a picnic tablecloth.

  • MilaXX

    I hate boob cut outs. However I gotta love her for playing along so brilliantly with that opening skit.

  • poggi

    I will say one positive thing for Stella McCartney–she is the FASHION EQUALIZER.  Just when you start to think that celebrities always look fabulous because they ARE fabulous , along comes a Stella McCartney dress to prove that even the thin, rich, young and beautiful can look absolutely awful.

     Thank you Stella. 

  • SewingSiren

    I don’t hate this. Is she promoting a movie with a prominent picnic theme? I hope she has a little baskety purse to go with this. To bad she’s not wearing one of those wrap around silver spoon bracelets, that would have made it a WERQ (for me).

  • AthenaJ

    The boob cuts remind me of the stewardess outfits from the movie The 5th Element. They looked much more at home in a crazily awesome sci-fi pic than on Jimmy Fallon’s set.

  • jw_ny

    looks like a modesty panel that came unstitched in mid interview.   I don’t mind the plaid, nor the mix of the 2, and the dress does look much better when she is standing, but that one shot where she is viewed seated from the side..yikes!  those boobs…those cut-outs…oh my!

  • Abigail Speltz

    I could be wrong, but I think I saw the main part of that dress in the sale rack at Walmart. Maybe Stella just picked it up there and added the bib and illusion netting? 

  • I watched that ep of Jimmy Fallon, and the dress was made even more hilarious when he tried to compliment her on it and totally stumbled over the words.

    • formerlyAnon

       Ha ha!  I enjoy Jimmy Fallon more than I’ve enjoyed a late night host in a long time.

  • mhleta

    It is awful. I looked at the link TLo posted for SM’s recent line. Loathed all of it from stem to stern. This is no exception. 

  • MitchellGilburne

    That’s a bit more Harley Quinn than Catwoman, don’t you think?

  • marilyn

    Another ugly Stella McCarney dress on a woman in her late 40’s. 

  • Jellybish

    I demand that Stella be made to answer for her crimes against humanity.

  • Why are Anne’s boobs staring at me?

  • formerlyAnon

    Now THAT’s iconic Stella McCartney!

  • TomBord

    Peeekaboo GingHAM !!  So very english. 

  • You know it’s the wrong dress for Annie when it makes her look hippy*. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it definitely doesn’t apply to her.

    *aka, pear-shaped

  • another_laura

    Hideous, just hideous.  Yet another S McC ugly dress.

  • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

    Such a tacky dress.  An UGLY tacky dress.

  • MzzPants

    Oh, Lawd, No.  Boob vents are a sin against all women.  Without those and the weird bib…just strapless gingham…this might have been passable.

  • ChaquitaPhilly

    Ewww! If she can make Anne Hathaway look bad what is she doing to the rest of us?

  • That is just, so, terrible, pitiful, OH GOD, make it stop!

  • God you’re so conventional! She looks a lot better than many boring dressed starlets. To Lo are turning into old maids. Get the arsenic & the lace…

    • “Old maids” for calling out that an ugly dress is an ugly dress? The issue isn’t that the dress is unusual, or fashion forward–the issue is that the design make her look out of proportion. “Different” and “good” or “attractive” aren’t the same things. She may look different, but she doesn’t look good. And I see no reason to be snotty to T-Lo because they pointed it out. 

  • LinXGUA

    She looks so happy,
    wearing a tablecloth dress.

  • What a very strange…dress?  apron?  costume?

  • sashaychante

    Stella McCartney strikes again


    Is that…sheer netting? Guh. And the bib. Dear god.

  • Pennymac

    Gawd, I almost hope there is illusion netting between the Dorothy of Kansas Breastplate and the Lady and the Tramp Tablecloth dress. Cause it looks like her boobs are oozing up and out when she sits down. OOOF. No.

  • Candigirl1968

    What is that 0 for forty-five on Stella dresses?!?  It’s like McCartney is allergic to making anything that is attractive and/or flattering.

  • My darling goddaughter, an otherwise genteely educated young lady, had a sentence she used when passing judgment on anything in the artistic realm that met with her disapproval.  Her mother and I quite despaired when we heard it uttered — and yet it seems so appropriate here:  “That is BUTT UGLY!”

  • aimee_parrott

    Ugh… Stella.

  • bellafigura1

    I mean, if it was re-constructed it would be adorable!  And I don’t hate it standing!  But eek, with her sit-slouch, it’s just odd.

  • glennethph

    She got thin for Les Miz, right?  This makes her look like she’s on hunger strike.  Oh and fugly dress.

  • elzatelzabelz

    Love Anne, HATE the dress. Stella strikes again.

  • spititout

    Stella is branching out for a new clientele.  Here is a practical post maternity dress complete with extra room in the hips and nursing boob flaps.  Baby urp cleans up easily off bare shoulders.  Putting the dress on Anne raised the coolness factor for all those pregnant celebrities. Expect to see more of these with matching gingham diaper bags. 

  • ccm800

    Why cant Stella just be a fall down drunk trust-funder like the rest of the daughters hmmmm?

  • Dear god in heaven.  Annie, this is not the way to draw attention away from that unfortunate haircut.  And Stella McCartney? SHUT UP.

  • guest2visits

    I saw her; couldn’t bear it. Very bad.  How very un-sexy those two exposed booby-cup things were. Just the whole thing.
    I would think that if you’re going in for some kind of naughty little peek show you might try to go for attractive too.
    This was a foolish looking dress.  eesh.

  • Charmella…a DIVA at large!

    Gingham…gingham…and are those her stocking tops?  OMG! Bury that stylist in cement!

  • Wellworn

    I have yet to see anything from Stella McCartney that doesn’t suck. 

  • kikisayshi


  • RzYoung

    That is a hideous dress which would look hideous on anyone/everyone

  • Like most of the BKs, I’m no fan of the Stella, but this dress takes things to a whole new level of fug that only she can master.

  • piecesofconfetti

    I don’t hate on Stella like most, and I actually think she makes some nice garments, but this is HIDDY. 

  • TheOriginalLulu

    Wow, that’s bad. I don’t think I have ever seen Anne look so bad.

  • TieDye64

    Ooooooo, that is one bizarre dress. Leave it to Stella McC to “design” something so utterly fug and unflattering. 

  • BigWhiteGrannyPanties

    Even my husband, when we were watching Fallon hollered “I HATE THAT DRESS.”  This is from a man who once matched a multi-colored pastel sweater with tobacco corduroy pants and tried to leave the house.  Solution?  SOMEONE NEEDS TO STOP STELLA FROM MAKING ANY. MORE. CLOTHES. 

  • The more I see Stella’s clothing, the more I wonder how she is still “sought-after”. MON. DIEU.

  • Disraeli99

    Stella McCartney’s clothes are sho’ nuff ugly. S he needs an intervention.