Young Hollywood Awards Red Carpet

Posted on June 15, 2012

Darlings, it was the 14th Annual Young Hollywood Awards, where there is no red carpet; merely a photo booth into which the stars are shoved for extremely tense-looking pictures taken from incredibly unflattering angles!

It is so ON!

Alex Pettyfer

We feel that we cannot properly judge the merits of this outfit because it’s so wildly distorted, giving him Easter Island head and a body that looks like it’s about 11 feet long. At any rate, the jacket looks nice. His shirt needed pressing, though.


Aubrey Plaza

 Cute, but she desperately needs jewelry.


Bella Thorne in Maria Lucia Hohan

 Very cute.


Cody Horn in Marios Schwab

 Not bad. Who would’ve thought something called the Young Hollywood Awards would have a relatively polished red carpet?


Cody Kennedy

 That dress is adorable but that purse is out of proportion.


Cymphonique Miller

 Shoes all wrong, needed more jewelry.


Ginnifer Goodwin (in Monique Lhuillier) and Josh Dallas

They look like they’re stopping by on the way to their wedding. Which speaks to how put together they are, we guess. But Sweet Jesus on a Breadstick, these two are the very definition of “bland.”


James Van Der Beek



Jamie Hyder

 Not bad, but not great, either. Kinda dull, actually.


Jayme Dee

Well, at least it’s not dull. The dress looks like cheap curtains and the shoes look like bedroom slippers. Thank you, Jayme Dee, for giving us something to work with.


Madisen Beaty in Ted Baker

 Pretty dress, maybe a but too fancy for the event. Hate the shoes.


Miranda Cosgrove in Versus

 Cute, but (say it with us now) HATE THE SHOES.


Nick Krause

 Okay, we don’t care how weirdly distorted things look in the Photo Booth of Distortion, that shit doesn’t fit him at all.


Sierra McCormick

Cute. Like a chorus girl in a ’30s musical. She needs a hat shaped like a dollar sign.


Whitney Cummings

 A little too Grande Dame for the event. And too brown.


[Photo Credit: Getty]

    • halleygee

      HATE THE SHOES – love it!

    • Allison Haselwander

      What is with the camera angle in all of these? I guess there was not enough room for a whole red carpet?! Just a three foot square they shoved all these starlets in?! I can hardly look at them they are all so distorted

      • MissAnnieRN

        It’s like the phoographer had his/her fun house lens on. So bizarre.

      • out for a walk

        Yeah, and even more than James “GIANT HEAD!” Van Der Beek, I find Madisen Beaty and Sierra McCormick’s bobble heads extremely frightening.

        • gabbilevy

          I read this as “James and the Giant Van Der Beek,” which made me very happy.

      • kingderella

        my guess is that they didnt have enough “sponsor background”… but why?

      • BerlinerNYC

        Totally. Made me wonder how TLo could even register an opinion about the proportions of a clutch being off, since all the proportions are so skewed. I was mostly reminded of that world map projection that results in the distortion of Greenland being nearly the size of South America (cartography nerds, can I get a what-what?).

    • MoHub

      Someone needs to kill the photographer.

    • Alex McGeagh

      Agreed on all the bad shoes.

      I will never like booties. Never. Show me a bootie and I will show you a shoe I hate.

      • lovelyivy

         They flatter almost no one, and make actual tall skinny people look stumpy as hell. They are worthy of your hate.

    • j_anson

      I had that exact dress on Jamie Hyder in high school in the late 90s. :

    • ChiliP

      Ginnifer Goodwin and Victoria Beckham need to get in a pose off, Zoolander style. My money’s on Vicki Beckham.

      ETA: Victoria Bechkam, not Posh. Although as a child growing up in the 90s, she will always be Posh to me.

      • MarinaB

        Posh SELLS the pose, GG looks ridiculous.  Her FACES always make her look like a jackass. 

        • ChiliP

          Frankly I think Harper Beckham could out pose GG, but she’s so earnest that I want to give her a fighting chance.

        • kimmeister

          GG’s head is tilted so far back, I think only her man’s arm is keeping her from toppling over.

          • Nancy Abrams

            She seems to be standing on her tippy toes while trying to keep her balance.

        • lamamu

           GG’s face and poses are so TRAGIC HEROINE…oh, girl.

    • Ashley

      I thought this was “young hollywood”??  Some of these people are wicked old.  AND, “Sweet Jesus on a Bread Stick”!?!? LOLLL.

      • wisenhar

        I was going to say, James Van Der Beek hasn’t been “young” in about ten years.  (I’m allowed to say that because I’m about the same age.  :-) )

        • Nancy Abrams

          He’s 35.

          • mshesterp

            And dead sexy. He’s so hot to me now, I have no idea why. Not my thing back in the Creek days!

          • adnama79

            Not young for Hollywood.  I’m 32 and would be irritated if invited to an event for “Young .”

            Assuming not all guests must be young, just as not all VMA attendees are musicians…

    • deathandthestrawberry

      Ha! It’s so odd to see Aubrey Plaza with a smile. I’m so used to seeing her as a glum intern.

      • VicD

         And she ROCKS two-toned braid

        • deathandthestrawberry

          I agree. She looks really pretty.

      • adnama79

        I thought the same – it went like this in my head: 

        Cool to see her smile/she’s so pretty/she’s too thin/OMG she’s way too thin because her head is way too big for her body/maybe it’s the angle/her legs are thin/she’s too thin/well she’s smiling so she must not be too hungry.

    • jilly_d

      Is this the result of too many photographers at the event, so they all try to squeeze to the front, making the use of a 10mm lens necessary?  BACK UP PHOTOGRAPHERS!  STOP MUTILATING THE POOR PRETTY PEOPLE!

    • colleenjanel

      To be honest, I’m rather pleasantly surprised. I saw the name of the event and assumed the worst. Yeah, there were a few minor stumbles, but overall, pretty well done.

    • LuqeMann

      Is the dress Miranda Cosgrove is wearing is the same dress Diane wore to the Cannes? Can’t really see it though but I would LOVE to see the back (if it IS the same dress Diane wore to the Cannes).

    • MrsKrause

      Young Hollywood, Old Cincinnati can recognize exactly two of you.  

    • MilaXX

      With the exception of Jayme Dee  and Nick Krause, this is not a bad RC.  Also I love Aubrey Plaza and HATE Whitney Cummings and her unfunny show.

      • Sobaika

        Seriously – how did that thing get picked up for another season?

        • Little_Olive

          They are both bad, but which of the two series are you referring to? (2BG or Whitney?)

          • kimmeister

            I saw one episode of 2BG and was completely appalled.  Even if you can ignore the blatantly racist stereotypes, the show is just flat-out not funny.

          • Sobaika

            I was referring to Whitney because I wasn’t aware she had anything to do with 2BG. Makes sense, because it’s just as awful.

            • BerlinerNYC

              It’s true, they’re both terrible, but with little nuggets of occasional humor that give me the horrible suspicion that Whitney is actually funny and talented as hell and is 100% aware of exactly how lowbrow to pitch the jokes to get some of those morons who watch 2.5 Men. Any given episode of either of her shows could be edited down to a good two minutes of actual hilarity. In any case, she looks pretty damn chic here, like she’s on her way to 54 or Xenon, circa 1981.

              Oddly enough, she’s the one person whose face that crazy funhouse-mirror angle actually flattered. Well played, Whitney.

        • MilaXX

          Can’t stand Whitney or 2BGs. I swear she must have blackmail pics of TPTB because she is the very opposite of funny.

      • reebism

        How the hell is Whitney Cummings considered “young Hollywood”? Ugh.

    • Little_Olive

      Whitney Cummings is like the teacher in charge of the field trip. 

      I have to say, when I read “young hollywood” I was kinda scared. Now I’m disappointed at how un-scary it was. Not such a bad bunch. 

      EXCEPT for Ginnifer -can we pair her with Matthew Morrisson (GG and MM sounds nice) so they outpose each other to implosion? 

    • Call me Bee

      I knew the moment I opened this article that I would not know any of these people. At least I recognize Van der Beek & Whitney. Anyway, they are all poorly dressed.

    • LondonMarriott

      Why did they put all those babies in the corner?

    • Erika Schultze

      Maybe next time they could just go ahead and use the fisheye lens for all the pictures.

    • MinAgain

      What does Young Hollywood have against jewelry?

      • amf0001

        old hollywood isn’t sharing nicely…

    • AWS

      I knew or had seen THREE of these people featured before in my life.  What the hell was Whitney Cummings doing there??

    • Lina_bee

      Yipe. Was the photographer literally four feet away from them, or was s/he shooting with a fisheye lens?  These shots are all TERRIBLE. Apart from that, the Ginny and Josh show continues to make me laugh. She seems ready to launch herself into space; he seems intent on pretending he’s at home watching a game.

      • kimmeister

        Josh looks like he has a little bit of her lip color on.

    • Jason M. Galloway

      I think Gennifer Goodwin is adorable.  I also think she is Sherilyn Fenn.

    • jmorino08

      What is with Ginnifer Goodwin’s RC posing?!?! And why is Whitney Cummings even there?

    • Dot

      Ginnifer Goodwin seems to have a terminal case of posey bitch face.

    • VioletFem

      Whitney Cummings dress may be wrong for the event but it is a very pretty dress. The outfit would have looked better with some green and gold accessories.

    • April

      Why do they all look like bobbleheads? 

      • UglyCasanova

        I’m starting to think the photographer was miffed at having to cover this event and thus the outcome, may as well make it amusing for him/herself.  I imagine him/her now having a long hysterical laughing fit.

    • LP

      All these ladies’ heads look huge at that angle.  Based on having watched every single episode of Parks & Rec at least 3 times (sad) I can attest that Aubrey Plaza’s head is normally an appropriate size for her body.

    • UglyCasanova

      Apparently “young” photographer as well, WTF?

      • TieDye64

        I know. As my mom-in-law would say rather dramatically in her heavy NY accent; Ooooo, that’s dreadful.

    • YoungSally

      Why are they all in a corner?  Have there been so many events that the world has actually run out of red carpet?…Or is it just so low rent they decided to get 9 carpet tiles from FLOR and call it a day.

    • Ken Peterson

      Well Whitney Cummings was sort of the Grand Dame of the event eh 😉

    • SRQkitten

      Why no picture of Kiernan Shipka? She was, as always, the age appropriate fashionista.


    • TieDye64

      Ginnifer Goodwin’s combination of blandness, inability to wear attractive clothes and ridiculous RC posing really sets off the eye twitching. Though I will say she looks relatively decent here. By “she” I mean the dress. Chin down honey. Seriously.

      ETA: The photographer should be taken out back and shot.

    • lordandtaylor

      “Easter Island Head” LOL How do you guys come up with this stuff? Who set up the camera angles to make everyone look bad. Mr Krause look slike he borrowed his big brothers clothes.

    • kingderella

      “Cymphonique”? hahaha america you never fail to make me laugh!

      is it misogynistic of me to say that jaime dee’s face looks skanky? maybe its because she reminds me ever so slightly of courtney love?

      couple of cute boys in this set ^^

      • kimmeister

        Jayme Dee’s face reminds me of a horse for some reason.

    • MandyJane

      Fun house camera? Those are really weird looking pictures. 

    • Libby Larson

      I looked at Cody’s purse and thought “Trapper Keeper”

    • thesixthbeatle

      ‘Easter Island head’ made me laugh out loud.

    • alyce1213

      I found the some of the names entertaining and predictably trendy.

      Aubrey CodyCody JamieJayme Madisen Sierra and 

      . . . Cymphonique. I know it’s not nice to make fun of names, but I’m weeping from Cymphonique.  

      Are you sure you guys didn’t make it up?

      • John Hodgins

        And here I thought my name — John — was unique and crazy.  But Cymphonique?!?!

    • Tess Danesi

      Ginnifer Goodwin’s haughty posing is rapidly shifting her to my not so irrational celebrity dislike list. 

      James Van Der Beek is terrifying. That photog needs to be taken out back, beaten and never allowed to pick up a camera again.

    • nomoreprinces

      They’re putting all the babies in a corner… why?

    • VicD

      Aubrey, Cody Horn and Whitney Cummings … Win, place and show.  Miranda Cosgrove was in the race, but her hooves got in the way.

    • Sara__B

      Ginnifer Goodwin was given the “Style Icon” award at this event. Groan.

      • nancylee61

        What bugs me about those awards are they always seem to be given to people who really are bad dressers!! I can’t think of specifics, but I remember a number of times an award like this was given out, and I was like, “HUH?????:

    • NurseEllen

      Whitney & Ginnifer and a few others are too old to be at the Young Hollywood Awards, imho.  Bella for the win!

    • Susan Crawford

      Wait: CYMPHONIQUE?? I need a vodka and tonique ASAP.

      • kingderella

         can i joyn you phor the coquetail?

        • Susan Crawford

          But of course! Shall we invite the Codys to make it a phorsome? I feel a strange cympathy phor Young Hollywood – drinques may do us all good.

    • suzq

      Cody’s purse is the perfect size for an iPad.  Which reminds me….  Have you ever seen anyone take a picture with an iPad?  Can you imagine how stupid that looks?

      Pursemakers, please to make something chic in which to carry an iPad.

      • Don’t give a fuck

        I actually think Cody’s purse looks great with the outfit. It’s a nice pop of color, and the size works as a statement piece. Very fashionable and super cute! 

    • Sarah

      Aw hell, I think I own Jayme Dee’s shoes. They’re cute in black! And they look good with jeans! I swear!

    • cleep1000

      Good God. Aubrey has a lollipop head. She’s rocking that dress, though.

    • TheDivineMissAnn

      Yikes!  Photo Booth of Distortion for sure! The heads on some of these people look 3 sizes too big – pretty hysterical, actually.

      • LambeeBaby

        They are like the balloons at the Thanksgiving Day Parade.

        • UglyCasanova

          They are the balloons at the Thanksgiving Day Parade. 😀

    • guest2visits

      Ginnifer and Josh look pretty good; along with Cody Horn.

    • quiltrx

      This photographer DOES put Baby in a corner.  And then takes a horrifyingly distorted picture of her.

    • LittleKarnak

      How are Cumming and The Beek considered “Young” Hollywood?

    • Renaissance_Man_ATL

      I disagree about Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas.  I think they look FAB!  I agree on the others.

    • Lauren Lynch Fox

      GIANT HEAD….love that! HA

    • sononagal

      ummmmmmmm…am I the only one who doesn’t know a single one of these young stars and starlets???

      • Charmella

        …or that they are a totally unmemorable bunch???

    • Pop Tarts Jen

      I want to love Ginnifer Goodwin, because she has an adorable haircut, but she just never brings it on the red carpet.

      C’mon girl! Get some sass in your outfits!

    • carpediva

      How are there TWO girls named “Cody” at this obscure event?

    • Linderella

      Capping off Jayme Dee’s horrific look (literally) is her outdated hair.  70s hair is so 2008.
      Worst of all…I have no idea who 2/3 of these people are.

    • LinXGUA

      Ginnifer’s pose looks hurtful.
      I think I already saw Miranda Cosgrove in that attire.

    • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

      “Cymphonique”?  Really???  Hahahahaha! 

    • dbmcd

      re: Big Head! Someone I know once said that, to be a successful screen or tv actor, you have to be slender, good looking, and have a disproportionately large head…

    • mshesterp

      Don’t encourage her! She’s a terrible dresser!

    • Martin C

      Ginnifer has this Peggy Olson vibe, no?

    • Sau-Chih Feng

      I laughed so hard at the James Van Der Beek comment, but seriously, how is it all these pictures have GIANT HEADS?!

      LOVE Bella Thorn’s dress, and Cody Horn’s shoes are KILLER.

    • Karen Stephens Bassett

      Young Hollywood?  Really?  Some of these people have got to be in their 40’s.

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      Someone really named their child Cymphonique?  For some reason, that just amazes me…probably reflects my status as a doddering old person….

    • drdirection

      i seriously cannot stop laughing when I look at VanDerBeek and Nick Krause.  It’s looks like a veiw from a fun-house mirror.   

      That dude with Ginnifer (it pains me to type that spelling of that name) looks like a young Tom Hulce, but not as cute.

    • Alessandra Galletto

      Why every freaking one has a huge head like a lollipop on these photos? >.> Fix the camera angle duuuuuuuuude

    • megohd

      Apparently Cody is a big name in young Hollywood?

      Was Whitney Cummings the chaperone?