Tibi Resort 2013 Collection

Posted on June 28, 2012


What we’ve always loved about the Tibi brand is its penchant for chic, wearable minimalism and that’s still on display here, in spades. But it’s never “minimalism” in the stereotypically fashion sense of sending a bunch of grey, white, or black shifts and pantsuits down a runway. Instead, the pieces are brightly colored with the occasional whimsical touch, like a Schiaparelli-esque lobster crawling up a bright red dress or skirt. Love all the bright colors and and the surrealist prints, as well as the surprisingly dramatic feel of the collection. These pieces may be minimalist, but they somehow manage to be head-turning at the same time.


[Photo Credit: tibi.com]

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  • PinkLemon


    • MilaXX

       I’ll fight ya for it. Also seriously want the black/chartreuse dress.

      • Easy to see some chic woman having packed these pieces for a trip somewhere warm and fabulous. ..DemoforFrank.blogspot.com

      • not loving the weird red coral/fungus/capillary pattern framing the lady bits however...FoxGetPositionWork.blogspot.com

    • jilly_d

       I thought the same words.  And those are words I never thought I would ever think.

  • M_E_S

    LOVE the bright green full skirt and the little black dress.  

    • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

      Those are my faves too – covet that skirt!  I actually love most of this collection, and would wear most of it.

  • schadenfreudelicious

    love the lobster shift and the black top/chartreuse skirt combo…not loving the weird red coral/fungus/capillary pattern framing the lady bits however…

    • kimmeister

      It’s so disturbing!!!

      • schadenfreudelicious

        reminds me of the Body Exhibition!

        • kimmeister

          Except these plasticized body parts still look like they’re dripping.  *shudders*

  • Clueless_Jock

    If were a girl, I’d wear everything here.

    • Flooby

      If I had the money I’d wear everything here.  Oh Tibi, so lovely, so out of reach.  

  • Hmm. Like some of it, but that red pattern reminds me of slasher movies. Sorry, Tibi.

  • Now THIS is a resort collection. Easy to see some chic woman having packed these pieces for a trip somewhere warm and fabulous. Everything looks easy to wear, clean, modern, and hip, without being needlessly gimmicky, obviously luxe, or cutsie.

    • Flooby

      You nailed exactly why I love Tibi so!  I’m allergic to cutesie and Tibi is so adult and modern and effortless.  

      • Clothes for smart, classy, grown up women!

        • Flooby

          Exactly!  Also, I LOVE that they don’t do overt retro.  I really like the way the red lobster hints at schiaperelli but without say little puffed sleeves or other 30s design in the mix to make it look dated.  I think of Tibi as witty, rather than overt.  

          • The words erudite, and urbane come to mind. Sly references, done with a very dry humor, and all served up in such a seemingly matter of fact way as to be refreshing.

          • Flooby

            All those characteristics are what I both hope to be and appear to be with my wardrobe!

          •  If so, then you are a most fortunate and carefully thoughtful woman. Brava!

  • golspie

    Tom and Lorenzo – you need to critique these collections, if only in one or two paragraphs, so we normos know what to think about them. Is this good or bad? Make our decisions for us.

  • This is exactly what I think of when I think “resort.” I’m still confused by the Marchesa one, so this is a breath of fresh air.

  • NurseEllen

    What a nice collection!  REALLY like the black/chartreuse dress.  (With pockets!)  And the pumps with the plastic ankle strap might make me rethink my gut hatred for shoes which are see-through in any way.

  • Totally the wrong season, but this reminds me of Love, Actually “There was more than one lobster present at the birth of Jesus? DUH”.

    • Qitkat

      I recently saw this movie for the first time. Laughed til I cried. Even though it can get really sappy.

  • vanjar

    Loving the red pant suit, the white sweater&leather skirt and white sweater&black pants.

  • MilaXX

    I like this. Minimalist sure, but the color keeps it interesting.

  • kimmeister

    More evidence that red pantsuits are being a thing again.

  • Vlasta Bubinka

    Coming next year on South Park: Terrence and Phillip in Crotches of Fire!

    • LOL!  yes, we have unfortunate combo of both crabs and flaming lady parts.  “Look at me, Phillip!  I have crabs!”  “Why, yes you do, Terrence–and my crotch is on fire!” 

      • Vlasta Bubinka

        That fart is positively couture.

  • hughman

    That lime green skirt is TDF.

  • Sarah Thomas

    I could swear I saw a skort there. Please tell me they’re not coming back.

  • michelle shields

    the only thing I like is the white sweater.
    Not digging the lobster thing. All I keep hearing in my head is a line from Revenge of the Nerds….”What the fuck are robster craws?”

  • I love it. I want it. All of it.

    LOBSTERS. Brilliant.

  • Jill Roberts

    I am so not on board with the tomato red that designers are showing this season. Almost no one looks good in it.  Did they learn nothing from the Project Runway Campbell’s Soup challenge?

    • VioletFem

      People with warm to dark skin tones tend to look quite good in tomato red.

  • Ted

    The lobster dresses. 

  • Qitkat

    It’s fascinating to read here about the original lobster dress. I especially liked learning that Salvador Dali painted the original design.

  • filmcricket

    If David Bowie grew up in Montauk…

  • LesYeuxHiboux

    January Jones should snap up the chartreuse-skirt ensemble right away. A great combo of her love for fashion-forward stuff and her body’s tendency to look great in classic shapes. That lobster shift dress is perfection.

    •  *exactly* what I thought!

  • umeboshi

    i found a tibi dress at a thrift store for $2 last month. had no idea who the designer was, just knew it was a quality, well-made garment. ecstatic to know they’re big enough for a TLo commentary 🙂 

  • Lina_bee

    Eh. Not my thing.

  • Lilithcat

    I don’t know about walking around with a giant lobster on my chest, but I love the black-and-white windowpane trousers.

  • Neon green skirt + black top = January Jones

    …But the period pants need to go.

    • gabbilevy

      I’m glad I’m not the only one that saw that.

  • It’s what Bar Harbor would look like if there were no L.L. Bean.

    I love the black/chartreuse dress, but the things with the coral do nothing for me.  And are those checked pants pegged?

    • ha! I hate the lobster kitsch but love everything else here.

  • I do wish they hadn’t photographed them on such a start white background. A lot of the pieces just bleed into it and it’s hard to tell where the shirt/dress begins and the background begins. 

  • guest2visits

    I could do without the lobsters; in fact I hate them. But I love – love the melted flames in both the red and blue hues.
    I wish there was more to see of the simple black dress; pretty.
    Like the idea of the vivid green skirt; but not with the limp top.  Casual chic.

  • Joyce VG


  • littlemac8

    TLo  or a bitter kitten called the trend, viz red pant suit!  Love the collection

  • Ms. Deschanel?  Your lobster dress is calling.  This manages to be simple, classic, and interesting all at the same time. I like, it’s fun.

  • quiltrx

    Nice!  LOVE the lime green skirt and the windowpane-check black/white pants!

  • PaulaBerman

    Sorry, but the pants with the orange dripping on the pelvis looks like she got shot in the groin and is bleeding out. Or she has the worst period in recorded history. Not attractive.

  • That neon green skirt is Made. Of. Want.

  • I can’t stop staring at the heels, they make my eyes twitch…

  • RzYoung

    I love every single item!

  • KSpence

    Love the lobster (and most everything else), but am troubled by that pattern that looks like the model’s shoulder and pelvis bones are melting into a toxic day-glo coral reef. 

  • vintagion

    COVETING chartreuse skirt.

  • What an incredible impression these clothes make. These are like, if you met a woman wearing them, you’d instantly think well of her.

  • AthenaJ

    I just can’t get behind that giant lobster print. It’s like they took a lobster bib and transposed it onto clothing. Call me a philistine if you must, because that does not equal fashion to me (at least outside of a Red Lobster).

    • AthenaJ

      Btw I do like most of the rest of the collection, aside from the flaming crotch. Lime skirt outfit is to die. The only problem is I cannot see too many curvy women wearing these… seems like it’s mostly for very thin women (even more so than usual).

  • afabulous50

    Well, when the waiter wants to take my order I can just point to my dress…or my shirt….or my skirt.  Easy.

  • YoungSally

    What is it with lobsters on dresses?  Didn’t Empress Anna wear a lobster dress to the Met Ball?

  • anotherkate

    Love those black and white window-frame print pants. LOVE them.

  • Love the lobsters! And while I don’t really care for the shoe design, I AM pleased to see a heel that isn’t skyscraper-high! Let us return to the world of reasonable heel heights an less twisted ankles!

  • TieDye64

    Niiiiice. There’s a lot to like here and I can see a “normal” woman wearing these pieces. I’m not, however, digging the lobsters. I’m probably in the minority but…no can do.

  • I love most of it, but not the drippy neon seaweed stuff.  Ugh!

  • LilyPad

    I think Diane Kruger should’ve modeled this collection. Very sharp

  • MarissaLG

    love everything

  • Is it just me or is this model evoking total Swinton?

  • DesertDweller79

    Oh dear, never thought I would love a lobster dress so much. If only the one claw wasn’t positioned so it looked like it was right at her nipple.  Maybe the lobster skirt would work better for me.  That lobster design is so sly and witty.  I love it.

    I really love most of these.  Just not the weird red fungus looking design on some of them.  The one which is in blue doesn’t seem so bad.  But still.  Everything else looks great.