Sigerson Morrison Resort 2013 Shoes

Posted on June 27, 2012

Ladies, remember when ladyshoes were elegant? Remember when it wasn’t considered attractive to wear shoes that make your feet look like hooves? Or wildly out of proportion to your body, like Minnie Mouse? Or so ridiculously complicated that one fears one needs an engineering degree just to properly secure the shoe to one’s foot?

This is why we’re totally digging this collection. It looks chic and modern, but also classic and elegant in a very old-school way. Come on now, young ladies. Don’t you sometimes get exhausted lifting ten pounds of shoe every time you take a step?

And just for the hell of it, let’s play pretend-stylist with the following selection. We can’t look at shoes without doing this anymore. Remember: just shout out the first celeb name that comes to mind when you see a shoe:

Cool Corista Pump

Lea Michele

Cam Sandal

Viola Davis

Metallic Corista Pump

Elizabeth Banks


Blue Brielle2 Pointed Pump

Emma Stone

Madisona Pointed Pump

Michelle Obama

Paisley Patent Loafer Pump

Jessica Chastain

Blue Jacker Pump

Chloe Moretz

Metallic Jacker Pump

Selena Gomez

Nude Madisona Pump

Freida Pinto

Warm Corista Pump

Solange Knowles

Monte Slingback Pump


Christina Hendricks



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    • tereliz

      OMG, the slingback pump!  MUST. HAVE. SLIGHTLY. AFFORDABLE. SHOE!

      • Terence Ng

        I kind of gasped at those, too. Just so classic a look…

      • MilaXX

         and heels that can be worn by us regular folks

    • G

      Are some of those heels acrylic and leather?  How fab… they sort of look like you’re wearing stilettos, but you’re not risking the inherent danger… very cool.

      •ía-Gavello/1253586868 Lucía Gavello

        That was my first thought too, shoes I can actually walk in! There must be a mistake!

    • SpcilK

      Daum, spot on for shoe styling and celebrity pairing TLO! I love this collection it’s not contrived and works for real women.

    • Rina

      Me for all of them, cheers.

    • Judy_J

      I love all these shoes.  I just shouted out “ME!” at each pair!

      • Ass Kicking Adviser

         ha, ha, ha!!  I did the same thing!

    • mshesterp

      Ooh, both versions of the Madisona pump with the ankle strap are so lovely, especially the black ones.  I wish I could find a pair (of black pumps, not Sigerson Morrison $450 babies) that didn’t make me want to chop my feet off.

      …although maybe that’s the thing?  You have to spend a crapload of money for high, sexy shoes to be wearable, well made and somewhat comfortable?  I don’t know, I’ve never spent that much on a  pair of shoes!  Maybe I’m just buying the wrong ones…

      • Rina

        I hear you! I trot around in cheap shoes that make my feet cry, and just wonder if the lovelies in the shop windows are as comfortable as they are pricey.

      • Cindi Williams

        The most I’ve ever spent on shoes is $499 for a pair of Gucci black patent heels. In this case, the money was completely worth it. I can be 4 inches taller without killing myself.

      • MilaXX

         Honestly the better made shoes do have built in supports that make wearing and walking a lot easier. Just haunt the discount stores for them. Online there’s 6pm and a variety of places in store there’s Nordstroms Rack, Off 5th,  Marshalls & Ross to name a few.

    • RzYoung

      I love it when you guys play the Rorschach Shoe Test :) I can totally see all those ladies in all those exact shoes you mention

    • kimmeister

      I’ll take the blue jacker pump and that last slingback, please.

    • twocee

      Want. All. Of. Them.

      Of course, I wear heels like twice a year, and my feet pay for it for a week, but those are some really fabulous shoes.

    • StelledelMare

      Thank goodness, not a platform in sight and heels that most of us can actually walk in.

    • TheOriginalLulu

      Madisona, Slingback and Corista are my faves. I’ll take one of each, please.

    • Deborah Lipp


    • vanjar

      The Madisona pointed pumps and the Monte Slingback Pump are screaming my name and they are very welcome in my closet.

    • afabulous50

      I’ll take them all – but alas recent back surgery and high heels do not mix.

    • pattyw

      These are lovely and I applaud the effort at the lower, sturdy heel. As a fan of platforms, I can only say in their defense, try walking a couple of miles to a train station in stilettos and the appeal of “hooves” becomes readily apparent. I’m 5’1″ and appreciate the extra height without feeling like my ankle’s going to snap. 

    • Saucysusan

      Pretty shoes! How refreshing.

    • CQAussie

      WOW.  I am in love.

    • Lilithcat

      Very nice, indeed.

    • MandyJane

      I have never in my life been able to wear heels. I was cursed with flat square feet, like a duck!  I always look at these pretty shoes with sooooo much envy. 

    • Samuel Joesph Donovan

      Dowdy :/

    • Pants_are_a_must

      No way, Hendricks always wears a low or medium heel. Her shoe is should be given to Jolie.

    •ía-Gavello/1253586868 Lucía Gavello

      What’s that spammer? You want me to get a job? AS A SPAMMER?

    • PastryGoddess

      Down with the platforms!  It’s so nice to see fierce ladylike shoes that don’t have a ginormous 10in platform attached to them.

      I’ll take one in each color please

    • UrsNY

      Eh, these kind of bore me. Not bad, but not striking.

      But then I’m someone who LOVES heavy platforms, the weirder the better. Sadly, I suffered a tragic case of platform-knee in ’99, so my collection sits on the walls mocking me.

    • Qitkat

      Love the Blue Jacker Pump. Alas and alack. It does not matter one bit that they are too pricey for my budget. My poor beleaguered feet would not stand, or even sit for them. Don’t get me started. But when I come back as a svelte, tall, high-arched woman, these shall be mine, I say. Mine!

    • KaileeM

      I love the “Chloe Moretz” shoe! So cute!

    • Sarah Winningham

      Except Lea wouldn’t wear a heel that low and FLOTUS wouldn’t wear a heel that high.

    • EEKstl

      Good pairings, pun intended.  Tho I first thought “Charlize Theron” with the Emma Stone shoes…

    • sweet_potato

      I want every. single. one.

    • Ass Kicking Adviser

      I totally failed the quiz but agree with you that these shoes are delicious. Love them all and more importantly, I could actually wear them all. 

    • andy

      Lucite stripper heels? Not cool.

    • MilaXX

      Charlize Theron
      Salma Hyeck
      Emma Stone
      Denise Richards
      Helen Miren
      Michelle Obama
      Dakota Fanning
      Jessica Chastain
      Sonage Knowles

    • lilibetp

      Except a lot of times they choose the biggest size to photograph so detail shows better.  That means that the heels are higher than they look in the photo.  I’m longing for the day when office workers didn’t wear the same shoes as strippers.

    • BigWhiteGrannyPanties

      I love each and every one of these shoes.  They look like beautiful little elegant sculptures that ARE ALSO REAL SHOES.  Understated. Functional.  I love them.  If I don’t get the Michelle Obama shoe, I am going to dissolve into a pile of middle aged lady tears.  

    • NC_Meg

      Funny you put the first shoe on Lea Michele…I can imagine Emma Pillsbury wearing it.

    • emcat8

      OMG ALL of these are going up on my shoe blog.

    • granddelusion

      That is one ugly bunch of shoes. Are we heading back to goldfish in the lucite heel?

    • YoungSally

      To think I spent my entire college engineering career shooting lasers at stuff….I could have been engineering shoes

    • guest2visits

      Some look very nice; some are very frumpy.

    • Aurumgirl

      I love all of these, and the only name I can think about when I look at each shoe is my own.  

    • michelle shields

      love every single one!

    • sashaychante

      The Jacker Pump in the blue tones is just lovely.  I am SOOOOO happy to see shoes that aren’t reminiscent of Herman Munster.  YAY for feminine shoes!

    • sleah_in_norcal

      love love love them all.  especially those with multiple colors and that hot half-acrylic heel.  now i just need someone else’s feet to wear them for me.

    • Rebecca Jay

      Viola’s shoe and Emma’s shoe.  I have to.

    • Call me Bee

      Oh my stars.  That darling blue Jacker pump looks like I may even be able to wear it!  So darn cute. 

    • peachy16

      I thought Jessica’s shoe should go to Queen Liz.

    • MajorBedhead

      I would kill for that black & white Madisona pointed pump. That’s gorgeous. They’re all nice, though. Nice, non-freakish-looking shoes.