Pairs Division: Streep and Davis in Max Mara

Posted on June 13, 2012

A couple of kickass acting broads, hanging out.


Meryl Streep and Viola Davis attend the Women In Film’s 2012 Crystal + Lucy Awards event.


Mery Streep
 Max Mara Elegante nude long sleeve dress


Viola Davis
 Max Mara black strapless dress with bow

 Combined Score: 10/10. Just because they’re fabulous.


And really, Mary Louise did okay, given her history.


[Photo Credit: Andrew Evans/PR Photos]

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  • MilaXX

    I think Meryl did okay but wish she had worn a better she. Love Viola but I think the dress is sitting a tiny bit low on her boobs. Nevertheless love them both and would never disagree with their score.

    • Jessica O’Connell

      Seriously, when I saw the top of the first pic along with TLo’s comment of them “hanging out,” I was sure that they were going to have that refer both to these kickass actresses and to Viola’s boobs…

      • Agree! One good sneeze and she’s showing off her bonbons.

    • BazoDee

      Exactly THIS! 

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      Given Meryl’s RC history, I’m all in for giving her a good score for this look; yes, Viola’s dress is riding a bit low, but they are both such fabulous actresses, they’re getting bonus points for that alone.

  • They both look great. But Viola’s dress worries me. I wish she’d yanked it up a little.

  • Is it my computer or is that a nip slip on Her Majesty Davis? Either way, that dress is riding REALLY low….

    • Lori

       If it’s your computer, it’s not just your computer because I saw it too.

    • Lisa Dugan

      Our computers must have a virus because I see it too.  Whoops…maybe?

      • Lisa_Cop

        Me too.

    • I don’t think it’s her nip though the shading is definitely off from the rest of her skin. But if what I see is what you’re referring to, it’s too high to be nip even if her boobs are propped up. The dress is way too low though and would look much nicer tugged but an inch or two.

  • schadenfreudelicious

    they are indeed fabulous, but the bodice on Viola’s dress is making me nervous that we may soon be privy to just how fabulous they are 🙂

  • Le_Sigh

    LOVE THEM with the fire of a thousand suns.  How badass they are!

  • Deedles

    Gosh darn it, why can’t Ms. Davis ever wear a strapless dress that fits? She is so lovely and has the body to pull-off many styles, but she always goes for these strapless pending-wardrobe- malfunction dresses. 🙁

    • Amy Ellinger

       Exactly what I was thinking. Every. Single. Time. oy vey, go for a halter or little strappies.

  • Judy_J

    Viola’s ample bosom needs a bit more support than that tiny dress has to offer.

    • kimmeister

      Not to mention the titscrepancy it is giving her.

  • dsco3031

    Ok, where can I get Meryl’s dress? Maybe not in that shade– to matchy to my particular skin color. Love it, anyway.

  • lrhoff

    Viola better watch the girls….they’re ready to spring!

  • another_laura

    oh, they’re badass acting ladies, for sure, and why not give them 10/10, but….

    This PUF thinks MS should not wear that color, ever, and VD’s bodice is sitting too darned low.

  • You are sweethearts. xoxoxo

  • mhleta

    Meryl Streep’s face and perpetually dewey skin is a wonder of nature. She never seems to age and has clearly eschewed the realm of shot-up lips and labial folds that the rest of Hollywood seems to have mistaken as a sign of youthfulness. I’m not a fan of nude-colored fabric, however. I think it always looks like deflated skin. I wish she’d chosen this dress in a more flattering color, but otherwise, she looks lovely. Viola’s a tad precarious. If the cleavage is so present that you have to struggle to look the person in the eye, then it’s too much. 

  • Beige is not Meryl’s best friend.  And Viola looks about a millimeter away from a wardrobe malfunction.

  • Beige on light skin and black on brown skin… they should switch colors! 

  • Scarlet39

    One dress is too big, and the other is too small.

  • littlemac8

    That first picture with those two fabulous smiles is the be-all and the end-all!

  • mjude

    love them

  • Meryl looks like a Jedi. 

    • MilaXX

       And now all I see is Liam Neilson

  • TheOriginalLulu

    Love them and they both look really good but Miss Vi’s breastesses look as if they’re about to make a run for it.

  • Lilithcat

    Davis is about to complete hang out, literally.  Pull that dress up.

  • Sara__B

    Perfect 10s for their acting talent but not for their outfits. Almost no one looks good in oatmeal, including the fabulous Meryl Streep, and there’s way too much of Viola Davis’ assets on display. These lovely ladies could do better.

  • You’re grading on a curve here for sure, but I can’t complain.

    • makeityourself

      I have called this to TLo’s attention in the past, but it’s just their goodheartedness that makes them grade on a curve. Seriously, if anyone other than Meryl wore a dress that color with DIY hair and makeup she would be torched.

  • lordandtaylor

    10/10? Seriously. Meryl looks like she is wearing one of those gowns they give you at a salon.

    Next topic; Dis you see the guy in the “Mormon’s Secret” banner ad at the top of the page. Now he deserves some discussion. Seriously, go look. Or keep refreshing your page until he pops up.

    • formerlyAnon

      Must say, the first time the “Mormon’s Secret” ad really registered with me, I laughed. Out loud. For a while. 

  • Lina_bee

    Ahahaha, oh dear. Yes, the power of their sheer combined awesome is positively BLINDING, but Ms. Davis’ dress doesn’t even come close to fitting her bodice and Ms. Streep appears to have belted a colorless nylon sack around herself. Disappointing.

    But what I really want to know is when do we get the movie with the two of them being awesome together?  Or the movie where one of them is Batman?  Ms. Davis would make an incredible Batman. ♥

    • Lisa_Cop

      Lately Max Mara dresses look very cheap IMO. They constantly change designers; I don’t like this current one.

  • nancylee61

    Meryl Streep really doesn’t seem to try all that hard – it does not seem to be an interest of her’s, so she looks fine.

    Viola, however – talk about a serious titscrepancy, and a dangerous moment for America??? She is about to fall out of that dress!! She wears clothes like this a lot, and I think they are extremely tacky on her, and not where she should be going. She gets a 1 out of 10 from me.

  • Maria Rosenfire

    Oh, how I would love to be at that after-party. The fabulosity would be off the charts.

  • Meryl needs a hair brush and Viola needs to hike that baby up but I love them both.

  • EditKitten

    They’re both still badass, but … I’m not thrilled with either’s choices this time.

  • Love them both!

  • BrooklynBomber

    Look to the cookie!

  • MzzPants

    Viola Davis is hanging out all right.  

  • clairellis

    Absolutely fabulous. Although I’m afraid one wrong move and Viola is gonna gave a nip slip.

  • SapphoPoet

    They are fabulous, of course, and totally deserving of that score. But I’m worried about Viola’s dress; it seems to be riding a bit low. 

  • Catiline

    LOVE THE SCORE.  That is all.

  • deathandthestrawberry

    I want to go for a drink with them.

    Viola’s girls look ripe for an escape, but otherwise both Streep and Davis look great. Love Meryl’s glasses.

    •  love “ripe for the escape.” Perfect description. LOL.

  • BigWhiteGrannyPanties

    I love Streep but the colors are wrong on both.. oh wait – someone already said it below.  Never mind.

  • 3rdsister

    Now now my uncles — for all the times you accuse the BKs of voting with our loins, I think in this case you’re wearing some strange goggles that are blocking you from really seeing these ladies.

    I stand second to no one in admiration for their acting talent.  10 all around for that. Heck I’d give them 100.

    But these outfits are a mess from head to toe.  Matchy, messy, ill-fitted — I could go on but you get my drift.


  • guest2visits

    I think they both look pretty good. Meryl’s choice looks much better than some recent ones. Viola’s top is doing what bandeaus do.

  • They are both so damn radiant right? Their looks here are not their best but you are right, they’re ok. The dress fits Meryl just doesn’t do much for her esp. in the color category. I don’t like Viola’s hair or how the dress sits on her. It looks like she had sex in the limo on the way over. Maybe that’s why she looks so radiant? hmmm….

  • PeaceBang

    “Hanging out” is right! Miss Davis, wrangle those puppies! 

  • greyhoundgirl

    Agreed abt. Viola’s dress–needs better boob coverage.  Meryl is frumpy but not as much as she sometimes is.  Isn’t it interesting how much of a pass we can give when looking at 2 of the best actresses in the world?  And when their faces radiate like that?

  • EEKstl

    Okay, I could quibble, of course I could – but why would I?  Who cares?  They’re FABULOUS and I love them both.

  • They should’ve switched dresses.  The color’s bad on Mary Louise, and the fit’s bad on Viola.

  • egl48

    These kickass broads need to make an action movie together.

  • nannypoo

    Meryl looks better than usual, but Viola does not deserve a pass for this. We all know she can do a lot better.

  • Tatiana Luján

    Viola’s boobs are going to jump out of her dress

  • formerlyAnon

    I just can’t give that much of  a curve.

    Even WITH a fabulosity curve: Ms. Davis, 9.5/10 – the dress sits too low on her breasts. I should look at her and think “fabulous!” Or even “Va-va-va-voom!” But no 10 for *mentally begins to imagine the breasts and dress sliding in opposite directions should she lift her arms to wave across the room.*

    Ms. Streep, 9/10: She dresses like I would, were I her. She cares, but not really all that much if it means too much time and fuss. Nothing wrong with that, IMO. But it’s not a 10, even though SHE’s a 10.

    9.25/10, combined score.

  • I love Viola’s dress, just way too small for those girls. And Meryl, well, I love Meryl.

  • PaulaBerman

    Viola! The latest victim of the Hike That Shit Up 3″ trend! I swear, what is going on?!? Why are so many strapless dresses riding so low that they verge on nip slip territory? I expect better from Viola.

  • ASK26

    MS makes me think of Hillary Clinton is a Dayton dress version of her pantsuits. VD. Oh …bless her heart…how make large breasts beyond not sexy..more like t lbs of sausage in
    2 lbs of casing

  • Dearest Aunt Vi,

    Please stop wearing wigs on the red carpet. Your TWA is exponentially more fabulous. 

    With love,
    Little Black girls everywhere

    • formerlyAnon

      So true. Letting us see how great she looks in her own hair was a tactical error. Now we KNOW she has the hair to ditch the wigs, at least some of the time.

  • Bozhi

    Don’t like either look.
    Streep looks like she is going shopping at Walmart.
    Davis, get a dress that fits the girls.  Didn’t they have your size?

  • Seriously? 10/10? They look good, don’t get me wrong, but Viola looks like a malfunction waiting to happen, and on that basis alone I’d have pushed it back to an 8.

  • ChaquitaPhilly

    Agreed that they ARE fabulous but they really don’t LOOK fabulous in those outfits. 
    But… they’re still and will always be fabulous. 

  • Susan Crawford

    I am on record as being a MAJAH Max Mara fan, and I love both these dresses. Wish Meryl had chosen her dress in another color, or even a bright white, because the nude washes her out a little. And I sort of want to get behind Miss Viola and pull up her dress a skosh – not that she isn’t rockin’ her girls, mind you!

    And I’m giving them 10/10 just because that’s what you do with insanely brilliant film goddesses.

    I re-watched “Defending Your life” with Meryl a couple nights ago, and she was absolutely incandescent. I laughed, I cried, I wallowed.

  • granddelusion

    Davis is hanging out, all right.

  • kikisayshi

    Surprisingly I love Meryl’s dress, even though it’s nude. It sort of compliments her skin tone which makes it work.

  • PastryGoddess

    when I grow up I want Viola Davis’….everything.  Seriously gurl looks fiiiiiiine

  • ccm800

    that dress is doing terrible things to her Bert and Ernie. 

  • No rules apply to royalty. Bow down, bitches.