Pairs Division: Banks and Pine

Posted on June 26, 2012

Elizabeth Banks and Chris Pine attend screening and after-party of “People Like Us” in New York City. 

Elizabeth Banks wore an Elie Saab dress paired with an Edie Parker clutch, Pierre Hardy sandals and Cartier Jewelry.

Elie Saab Fall 2012 Collection

Chris Pine wore Brunello Cucinelli.

White people!

SHE: Looks pretty great. It’s a very “My movie is opening tonight in New York” kind of dress; glittering, chic, and fabulous. Granted, that neckline looks awfully heavy and we imagine she can’t look down without bruising her chin. And maybe the hairstyle’s not our favorite in the world. This concludes the complaining portion of this assessment. Love the ring and love the shoes. Score: 9/10.

HE: Really gets points for trying, but this Thurston Howell III drag doesn’t really suit him. It’s like he borrowed something from Alan Cummings’ closet. You really need to be quite the male clothes whore to pull this off and we don’t think Chris has it in him. Fantastic side view on the PineButt, but it only reinforces our thinking that a suit cut like this requires a skinny dude to pull it off. The jacket doesn’t look like it fits him very well either. And if you’re going to skip the tie, make sure your collar and placket can stand up on their own. A collapsed placket makes T Lo sad. Also, the sleeves are too long. We kinda feel bad because he tried so hard, but that’s the thing about style: you need to know your limits. Score 5.5/10.  Advice going forward, Chris: No double-breasted jackets; no wearing dress shoes without socks for an evening event; no going tieless with a suit. You’re blond and blue-eyed with a full face and broad shoulders. A well-fitted suit in black or blue with a tie that makes your eyes pop will always be good to you. Also: shoot for “preppy” rather than “posh.”

Combined Score: 7.25/10. Chris, thank Elizabeth and tell her you’ll do better next time.


[Photo Credit: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images, Darla Khazei, Demis Maryannakis,]

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  • Sobaika

    Fantastic dress, but not particularly suited to her coloring. It would be much better in either a bronze or silver.

  • schadenfreudelicious

    nice side view on the BanksButt too!

    • kimmeister

      Which is arguably looking better here than the PineButt!

      • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

        Oh, now, I would have to disagree with you there.  Her ass is nice, but not big and round like the Pinebutt.  Totally biteable.   🙂

        • All I can see is PineWallet. Makes me sad. 🙁

        • kimmeister

          Well, I did say it was arguable.  🙂

  • I’ve never seen Chris Pine in a suit that fits.

    • turtleemily

       I’m remembering him in grey pinstripes a for one of the Star Trek premiers that he looked amazing in. It really made his eyes pop, though, so it’s possible I glazed over fit issues.

  • HM3

    I have a personal vendetta against this dress shoes-without-socks fad.

    • schadenfreudelicious

      agreed, and isn’t it about a thousand degrees in NYC??. talk about stank feet!

      • it’s the stank that slew new york!

      • j_anson

        Yes, clearly this needed a stank-loafer comment! Have to admit, I didn’t even notice the lack of socks until I read this, and I scrolled back up and was like “…seriously?”

  • Vlasta Bubinka

    His pocket square wounds.

    • kimmeister

      It’s already ugly in and of itself, but the fact that he’s wearing one when he doesn’t even have a tie on is just plain silly.

  • This is why Chris Pine should always be in a Star Trek uniform.

    •  Agreed!

    • julnyes

       In a way he should be taking tips from his Star Trek uniform – simple shapes, slim lines and colors that make his eyes pop.

    • AudreysMom

       🙂 or nothing at all

  • introspective

    definitely feel like a deeper shade would be better as this washes her out. a rosy pink would have been a knockout for instance. but that said, lizzie cuts a fab figure in this dress. and id cut her for the shoes.

  • Violina23

    She looks AWESOME. Love her look.  He is a hot guy who managed to make himself look scruffy and in need of a shower.  Certainly not the guy I pseudo-drooled over in the Star Trek movie (and hoped my husband wouldn’t notice)


  • RebeccaKW

    He’s so cute, and I’m so happy to see him making an effort.  Dear Chris, take this as constructive criticism and move toward a better look.  Please don’t slide backwards into dirty shoes and low-cut v-neck t-shirts with a sport jacket.

    • And when we say “a better look”, we mean: Ralph Lauren.  You are not an Italian-suit-with-too-skinny-pants kind of guy.  You are, however, the archetypal Ralph Lauren kind of guy.

      • RebeccaKW


  • The dress looks so much better without the belt.  And I love the shoes with the dress.  Kudos to Elizabeth. 

    Chris, here’s the thing.  Having made the decision to wear French cuffs, how could you give a tie and socks a pass? 

  • Well,he does have the Captain Kirk hair down, but no socks? His shoes will be smelly-Eech!

  • momogus

    I kind of like that he didn’t wear socks. (ducks for cover)

  • They look “off”

  • BazoDee

    Oh WORD on everything you said about Chris Pine. Don’t want to see ass like that in a suit -jeans yes..suit no!! 

  • No disagreement with the couture critiques for Pine: points for trying and all that. But damn, that boy’s best accessory are those gorgeous blue eyes.  (drool) 

  • Le_Sigh

    “white people!”  you boys slay me.  and i heart you 🙂

  • Lina_bee

    Oh Chris Pine, you are hilarious. Now please borrow EBanks’s awesome stylist for half an hour and take ALL of their advice. <3

  • Saucysusan

    Ok, here’s the really bad thing..look closely at his feet in the 1st pic. I think he IS wearing socks. Deep orange socks which makes me want to weep. Am I wrong in what I’m seeing? Also, I would like her dress much better in almost any other color, & I am SO TIRED of seeing the dark roots on all these “blonds”! What is do difficult about touch-ups?

  • Saucysusan

    PS: I hate his suit.

  • She looks great

  • Judy_J

    She looks great…granted, that neckline is a bit heavy, but that’s why she had to wear her hair up.  The shoes are dynamite!

  • LP

    I kinda like what he’s going for.  I don’t even find him attractive, either. 

  • nannypoo

    The presumably sweaty feet are bad enough, but the bryllcreem hair pushes his look over the edge for me. Ick. She looks great.

  • clairellis

    First thought: socks?! Second thought: did they tell Chris like 10 seconds prior that he was going to a screening? I mean no socks and no tie?!

    Elizabeth is rocking the shit out of that dress! Love it!!

  • god dammit TLo, stop posting pictures where I actually LIKE drab brown/tan/cream tones on someone. You’re confusing my delicate sensibilities!

    PS – shoes with no socks? that just screams low-price pimp to me. Plus I bet they smell.

    • Lilithcat

      PS – shoes with no socks?

      Hey, just like her.  Yet, oddly, people tend to bitch when women wear hosiery.  

      • kimmeister

        Well, hers are open-toed.  Open-toed shoes should never be worn with hosiery.

      • Elizabeth Norris

        Pardon my confusion, but are you suggesting that she should be wearing socks or hose with strappy sandals? In June?

      • Womens shoes and mens shoes have different construction, and often different materials. I also bitched about Michelle Williams’ full shoe with no sock thing a couple of weeks ago. People don’t get shoes cleaned as often as they wash their socks. Simple math.

  • Lilithcat

    Runway version is a ton better.

  • She looks incredibly chic. I love her whole look. She looks much better in that dress than the model.

  • Magatha

    I think she looks terrific even though that heavy collar thing makes both her and the very slender willowy model look a bit like no-neck monsters. I was trying to imagine a sheerer neck, but it would throw off the symmetry. So I guess Elizabeth needs to keep doing what she’s doing: stand up straight and for god’s sake don’t let your chin drop.

  • Presumptuous Insect

    Her shoes fit! *sputter* They FIT!

  • lordandtaylor

    She looks nice.
    He looks like he is wearing someone else’s suit. Maybe we should all chip in and buy him a nice tie..and socks, too. Wait. He makes more than all of us put together.

  • bluefish

    Thurston Howell III = perfect perfect perfect comment!   Great example of two extremely attractive folks who exude zero zero sexual allure. 

  • MilaXX

    I agree with the scores .. In fact I think Elizabeth  looks better than the model and I would have been okay with giving her a 9.5. Chris just makes me sad, but I’ll give him credit for effort.

  • formerlyAnon

    He comes off as adorkable until I get to the shoes sans socks, a HUGE pet peeve. Your advice to him is spot on. I’d add – if you’re wearing a suit, shave.  I know. It’s the style. Sigh. 5/10 because I’ve gotta be honest.

    She: 9/10. She’s got that little fillip of “zing!” going on that I require for a 9.0 or higher. It’d be higher but for the hair.

    Combined: 7/10. Feels high, but then I remember how well she did.

  • Jangle57

    The dress is pretty though I’d think I’d love it on her more if it was just above the knee rather than at the knee.  Shoes look great in profile but I hate the way they look head-on – maybe it’s her red toenails?  He – I thought he had orange socks in first pic as well but in second look, realize he is sockless – yuck.

  • janetjb

    Spot on regarding Chris.

  • EEKstl

    LOVE the way she looks – wish the dress were about an 1″ shorter but overall kudos top to toe, especially toe as those shoes are fab.  

  • Call me Bee

    Perfect assessment! 
    I like that dress on EB and she was smart to put her hair up.  If her hair were down–with that collar–she’d look like she was wearing a fur scarf.  This is perfect.  Absolutley love the shoes. 
    Chris?  Eh–doesn’t bother me.  Not great, not awful.  But then–in my book, he’s the cutest thing right now.

  • alyce1213

    This dress on EB is much better than the runway version. Look at her body — perfect (little) curves!  It really suits her and the shoes, wow.

  • SapphoPoet

    Dead on. 

    And can we hear a “Hallelujah” for summer sandals? YAY! So happy.

  • I do love Lizzie’s dress, and she’s totally carrying them both. 

  • her shoes are TO DIE. want.

  • Elizabeth is a red carpet goddess.  Whoever she hired to style her has nailed it for her.  Bravo.  

  • she looks fab, but that heavy neckline is making my headache worse.  and a few inches off the hemline would bring things into balance.  his jacket is rad, but the limp rumpled shirt blows it.  carry on, minions.

    p.s. the model looks a mess in comparison.

  • “No double-breasted jackets; no wearing dress shoes without socks for an evening event; no going tieless with a suit.”

    So funny, those were the exact 3 comments I was going to make (patting myself on the back).

  • He looks a lot like his dad here: same smile. She’s smokin’!

  • Cathy S

    She looks just fabulous. Ordinarily I think Chris Pine is very cute. But not today. Oh, no, not today.

  • TieDye64

    He’s kind of adorable, but you guys are spot on. This is so not his style.

    She’s looking pretty fabulous and it’s so refreshing to be able to say “I love those shoes”. There, I feel more centered.

  • PaulaBerman

    La Banks  looks great, though I agree with your quibble about her hair. As for Mr. Pine, his pants look too tight, and not in a good way. The pocket square bugs, as does the socklessness.

  • guest2visits

    I think they both look very good; but his shoes without socks are kind of a dorky miss for me.
    And TLo is surely all wise in the ways of the suit.  I love her Pierre Hardy sandals.

  • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

    I don’t care what he’s wearing, those eyes just are so blue and so dreamy!  He’s a real cutie pie.  I like her dress and the shoes are GORGE!  Agree on the hair. 

  • j_anson

    I’d like one photo of myself looking as fabulous as Elizabeth Banks looks in that photo second from the top. Chris Evans, on the other hand, needs to learn that sporting stubble makes him look like he’s developing a bit of a double chin.

  • kat89

    I thought she was either Hillary Duff or Julie Bowen. She doesn’t look like herself for some reason. The dress looks great though.

  • butterflysunita

    He looks cute and at least he’s trying–doesn’t look like he wandered over from Home Depot.  

  • TheOriginalLulu

    She looks gorgeous.
    Him: As a general rule, I don’t think men should wear double-breasted jackets unless they’re very tall and slim. The fit on him is horrible. Who let him out of the house like that? 

  • Nonnah

    Love the shoes!

  • BigWhiteGrannyPanties

    No socks = Douche.  Who wants his stinky feet without socks at some special event?  Eewww.

  • He’s looking rather hefty these days.  I remember him being hot.

    • turtleemily

       Me, too. I’m wondering if a) they’re still filming the Star Trek sequel and b) they had him put on some weight to get more…Shatner-y.

  • EBanks certainly knows how to dress exactly right for each occasion. When it was Hunger Games, she brought out the crazy. For this newest film, she’s chic and sexy. She’s like the ready-to-wear version of SWINTON!

  • quiltrx

    Double-breasted plus floppy collar plus no socks=double eye-twitch for me.  Geez!

    She–nice dress, nice shoes, stupid hairstyle, super-fake smile.  Call it a draw of good vs. bad.

  • turtleemily

    Did he get hit with the Melvaran mud flea vaccine again?

  • donkeygospel6

    He’s got some serious Princeton By Way of Andover Date Rapist Face. 

  • She looks fabulous. He looks like a smarmy douche.

  • Pennymac

    Whole hearted agreement here, fashionable uncles. The only thing left for me to add is that I think her shoes are positively scruptious!

  • SophieCollier

    For once the dress looks better on the starlet than the model!  Well done, Lizzie!

  • pokokpuding

    Ms Banks’ shoes are all kinds of awesome. 

  • granddelusion

    Sorry. Pine loses more points for not shaving. Add that to his list. Hes not at a kegger.

  • sleepycat

    I can’t tell if he is making gay face or posh face? I I’ll just take him with either face, although truth be told he is the guy that I want to be despite being stocky, overwieght, and brown eyed.

  • I’m assuming this was you guys . . .
    “Chris Pine’s Gay Pride Experience Involved A Trekkie Wearing Only A Sock: VIDEO”

  • Chris, where are your SOCKS?