Mulberry Fall 2012 Ad Campaign

Posted on June 26, 2012

No, no, no, darlings. Don’t look at this post yet. Instead, save it for just before you go to bed. We promise you sweet dreams will follow.


The Mulberry Fall 2012 Ad Campaign featuring model Lindsey Wixson photographed by Tim Walker and styled by Jane How.

Unless you were the kind of kid who thought Where the Wild Things Are was terrifying, in which case, you might want to skip it. We, for our parts, think it’s so adorable that we’ll be peeing sunshine for the next 48 hours. Enjoy, kittens.



[Photo Credit: Tim Walker via]

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  • Saucysusan

    Thanks! I needed that. I love all but the 1st one cause I like my bra under my clothes. Sorry I couldn’t wait for bed.

    •  Goodnight!

      • Isadora Paiva

        Aww, you guys are too cute! And even though I am exactly the kind of kid who thought Where the Wild Things Are was terrifying (especially the movie!), I liked this editorial, it feels very fluffy and warm and, well, dreamlike!

        • It feels strange to see a girl who looks very much 13-14 years old like

  • deathandthestrawberry

    I’d like it better if the images didn’t look so photoshopped. Still, that last pic is downright adorable. It helps that the model actually looks her age. I’m guessing 14.

    • A. W.

      It’s cute but also creepy. I know that most models we see are barely teenagers, but they don’t look it. It feels strange to see a girl who looks very much 13-14 years old like this.

      • Alisa Rivera

        Age + the sexy mouth poses + furries = creeping me the fuck out. The clothes are lovely but I just can’t with this campaign.

    • That’s Lindsey Wixson, she’s 18…

    • lovelyivy

       Also a bit creeped out by this. She looks like a little kid who just drank a glass of kool-aid (or similarly red artificially sweetened and colored beverage). The couture meets kindergarten thing is jarring.

    • Rebecca Stice

      Tim Walker doesn’t photoshop–so the “wild things” are real replicas used on this set (and the ‘set’ was Blackheath Forest). Of course, I’m sure the Lindsey Wixson was touched-up some…

    • NCDFan

      She’s 18

    • birkatbaby

      She’s actually 18. She’s my absolute favorite model, I had the opportunity to work with her a few times at various internships of mine.  Personality and being nice can actually work wonders in terms of how everyone else treats you.  While other models were bitching and complaining, she was smiles and conversational. 

    • tereliz

      I don’t think they look composited at all. And I do that sort of thing for a living. This is one of my favorite of recent ad campaigns, totally fell in love when I saw it on the Cut last week. Love the Wild Things and the great setting. And the clothes aren’t half bad, either, lol. 

      I actually love Lindsey Wixson, too. I think she can do glam just as well as she can do this “little-girl-lost” sort of look. And she wears the hell out of clothes. 

  • NC_Meg

    I love the first dress! The bra on the outside doesn’t bother me as much as it should. And can I make a confession? I don’t remember a single thing from that book. I’m sure I read it as a kid because I remember seeing it at school but I don’t remember it and so it must not have been that special to me. Whew. I’ve been holding that in for about 20 years.

    Edit: second dress. The orange one.

    • twocee

       You aren’t the only one.  I remember several books from my childhood, but WTWTA isn’t one of them.

      Photos are still cute though.  Especially that last one.

      • WHAT???  Not remembering a Maurice Sendak book as a staple of one’s childhood is like a form of child abuse.  For serious. (Or maybe that’s just true in my crazy over-imaginative family….)

        • NC_Meg

          I was SO into Dr. Seuss and Shel Silverstein that I don’t think my tiny brain could handle anyone else.

  • That’s so awesome! (love the purses too) 

  • j_anson

    D’aww. I had no idea that I’d been waiting all my life for a Maurice Sendak tribute fashion shoot! 

    • TieDye64

      I know. Love it.

  • scrappy1

    Slightly creeped out by the juxtaposition of children’s book/sexy-infantile pose in the first one.

  • michelle shields

    lol at peeing in the sunshine!

    • YoungSally

      So let me see if I can recall fifth grade science….when one pees sunshine… there a rainbow?

  • joe_tey83

     I like this – even though most of the clothes really has nothing to do with the theme.

  • SpcilK

    Plesant seams! I hope that is fake fur.

  • Eclectic Mayhem

    Needs more wild rumpus but aside from that – lovely!

  • ringthing

    Love the bags. Let the wild rumpus start!

  • texashistorian

    That’s so sad that she had to skin one of the monsters for the jacket in photo #5. 🙁

    I love monsters.

  • Bozhi

    I hate that orange top, but everything else looks good.  Love the boots.

  • hughman

    “I’ll eat you up, I love you so.”

  • LesYeuxHiboux

    The shot with the model in that hairy brown coat is too cute. I actually giggled. 

  • Mary Baumer

    look, in the wild…a model smiles vs pouts…

  • Photog: “Okay, for this pose, we’d like you to spread your legs.  Good.  Now for the next pose, we’d like you to spread your legs.  Right.  Ya know what?  Just go ahead and spread your legs for all of the shots.  Pretty.”

    • Sartorial_She

       Maybe she just has a wide stance…

  • Lina_bee

    This is BRILLIANT. It’s great commentary on fairy tale girls, the whole typical fairytale girl-woman transition, the creepy persistent use of very young teenagers to portray adult women in the fashion industry, and the abiding general desire to flirt safely with not-actually-dangerous scary monsters. Super-Smart Creative Team FOR THE WIN!!! o/

  • Tim Walker is love. That is all.

  • MilaXX

    I dunno guys, this gives me weird vibes. The poses are read vaguely porno to me, like one of those bad fan fic cross overs between WTWTA and ANTM.

  • I kind of love this. Very different!

  • quiltrx

    Cute.  And the bags are great.

  • Joyce VG

    This is fantastic!

  • guest2visits

    Kinda cute. Not scary; warm and fuzzy.  I LOVE that last bag.

  • norseofcourse

    I’m sure the clothes are cute, but I can’t see them because I’m utterly enchanted by those gigantic, adorable paws!

    • Pennymac


  • donkeygospel6

    Where the WHITE things are.

  • DCSheehan

    What the fuck is that Chewbacca coat thing she’s wearing? That hair vest is almost as bad, like the fake chest hair worn on SNL sketches about the Bee Gees.

  • Rand Ortega

    Aww! Love this. Love Mulberry bags & shoes. Love Max, always wanted to be him when I was a kid. WTWTA was the 1st book I ever owned. RIP Maurice Sendak.

  • It’s a bedtime story!

    Quirky model happens upon monsters pleasuring themselves on trees in the woods. Looks away in disgust.

    She is attacked by a monster (if you are going to wear Danger Orange you are going to get attacked because Danger Orange startles monsters) and…

    Then she falls in love (their color story meshes -thank you Janie Bryant) and…

    Then, not forgetting their past transgressions, Quirky Model lures the monster to it’s death by pretending to be ‘one of them” (black furry vest) and then she kills the monster and wears its pelts (only explanation for ugly, ‘old rug’ coat – seriously…who would wear that?).

    The whole thing ends with her very intentional ‘Mad Max’ look of leather coat and pants signaling to other monsters: don’t f#$% with me I will kill you and wear you.

    And she lived happily ever after. Nighty-night!

    • boweryboy


  • Lilak

    Just the sort of thing that would incite a typically acerbic comment from the very dear departed Mr. Sendak. 
    And I’ve never understood Miss Wixson’s appeal.
    So I guess I’m kind of blocked on this one.

    • Susan Crawford

      Wixson is a mystery to me, too. She is actually perfect for this set of photos, because – frankly – she is so odd-looking that she could almost be some kind of fantasy-creature herself. And not like the twee little elfin forest creatures – more like a morphing, possibly alien life form. Otherworldly and a bit disturbing. Which I suppose is exactly why she is having a moment. Ah, the eternal carousel of fashion!

      One day you’re IN and one day you’re Wixson in Wonderland.

  • i love where the wild things are and thought the movie was great however that was NOT a kids movie because it was SCARY!

  • Love me some wild things! The 12 year old model looks silly in mature clothes. I like the one suit.

  • boweryboy

    I was one of the kids who thought Where the Wild Things Are was terrifying.  I have zero nostalgia for it but the photo shoot is pretty cool.

  • Monster Inc. Boo Grew up!

  • theslattern

    Aw. RIP Maurice Sendak.

  • MemHey

    Oddly enough, this IS what I check last before going to bed. Thanks for many a happy wind-down!

  • formerlyAnon

    Love this ad campaign! (Way more than the clothes . . .)

  • Matt Bailer

    Now THESE are the types of photographs that give a reader paws.

  • granddelusion

    I love the wild things! Were there clothes in there somewhere, too?

  • Susan Crawford

    This made me teary-eyed, remembering how wonderful the late Maurice Sendak was.

    And those rust-colored booties? Too fab for words. Loved the black leather pants, the bags and . . . everything. Great editorial!!

  • kingderella

    its beautiful, but it has a certain “why now?” factor.
    but i guess if it came out in 2009, i probably would have thought it was too on the nose.
    the imagery is just that specific.

  • Call me Bee

    Well–good morning!
    Love the set–it was my children who were creeped out by The Wild Things–I always thought they were cute.  The clothes are cute and wearable, though the orange bra dress would be so much cuter with no bra.  And–I want every single bag.  All of them.

  • afabulous50

    It would be nicer if the first couple of models didn’t have their “sex” faces on!  Lighten up girls!

  • sherrietee

    oh my goodness! That’s just cuter than a puppy in a lil red wagon!

  • save_the_hobbit

    *was the kid that thought Where the Wild Things Are was terrifying*

  • Love it.

  • AlinaValero

    adorable! but i wish the model would shut her mouth… the last one where she’s smiling is definitely the best.

  • Marian Humin

    I love it all…the clothing, the bags and shoes, the models…everything!

  • snarkykitten

    the giant fuzzy things are so cute! but the vacant, porn star stare from the model detracts from the whole thing

  • littlemac8

    I adore this!  

  • amywinns

    Hey I’m the first to decry excessive oversexualizing, but seriously, this is not porny. She’s wearing a LOT of clothes. She’s not sticking her butt or chest out provocatively. She isn’t fellating her finger. Her stance is wide probably because it makes for more interesting lines. She’s actually showing a *variety* of expressions, god love her. Sure, some read more “available” than others, but taken as a group, I truly don’t see these as creepy.
    I also don’t anticipate buying shaggy/furry clothes anytime soon, but I love them exploding the effect by using the awesome monsters as scenery.
    I like the horizontal-striped suit best for “real world ” wear.

  • AthenaJ

    I’d love this for its creativity if the model didn’t look so overly damn pose-y. Did she learn all of her movements and expressions from watching America’s Next Top Model?? I understand this is about selling clothes and bags, but she looks completely photoshopped in. A shame, because this was a great idea…

  • My six year old was hiding behind our mailbox yesterday and looked just like these monsters behind the trees.  Absolutely adorable. 

  • aristida_girl


  • I could do without the fur vest and coat, but I’ll take one of everything else!