Max Mara Tribute to Chloe Moretz Red Carpet

Posted on June 12, 2012

Okay, let’s break this down. Chloe Moretz was named Women In Film’s 2012 Max Mara Face of the Future. This is the resultant party, hosted by Nicola Maramotti of Max Mara and Krista Smith of Vanity Fair, in Miss Chloe’s honor. Subsequently, everyone is wearing Max Mara, which must have pleased all the control freaks in the room.


Amandla Stenberg
Sportmax white sleeveless dress paired with Sportmax shoes

Simple, chic, and age-appropriate.


Angela Lindvall
Max Mara black chiffon dress

We like the idea behind the necklace, but we don’t think this was quite the right one to pick if you’re going for something bold.


Ariel Winter
Sportmax black leather dress with lace leather trim



Brie Larson
Max Mara black sweater paired with Max Mara fur collar and Max Mara pants

Kudos to her for picking pants. Could’ve used a pop of color, but she looks beatnik-chic.


Chloe Moretz
Max Mara teal dress dress

Gorgeous dress. This may be one of our favorite Chloe red carpet looks.


Crystal Reed
Max Mara hot pink gown

Needed jewelry – and possibly lots of it.


Daisy Betts
Max Mara polka dot dress

Really bad shoes. Cute dress, though.


Francesca Eastwood
Max Mara floral print dress

A fabulously Betty Draper-ish dress, but those shoes are AWFUL.


Jennifer Morrison
Max Mara coral strapless dress

ENOUGH. We can’t take these bad shoe choices anymore.


Kiernan Shipka
Max Mara purple sleeveless dress

See, if you’re going to go for the naked foot effect, it’s best to wear something that doesn’t distort your feet into grotesque hooves, ladies. That means no silly putty-colored platforms. Why does the pre-teen know this and so many of you don’t?

She looks perfect, by the way. And it’s eerie how, the older she gets, the more she looks like a perfect combination of Jon Hamm’s face and January Jones’ face.


Mary Elizabeth Winstead
Max Mara yellow chiffon gown

1972 prom dress.


Nina Dobrev
Max Mara white sleeveless top with ruffles paired with a Max Mara white skirt

She has a talent for wearing things that might look ridiculous on others. Our first impulse is to hate the angel wings, but she actually makes them work.


Olivia Munn
Max Mara purple dress

Nice to see that SOMEONE understands the best accessory to a simple cocktail dress is a kickass pair of shoes.


Rachel Leigh Cook
Max Mara yellow gown



[Photo Credit: Donato Sardella/Wireimage]

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  • Leslie Streeter

    Titscrepancy. Brilliant. And true. They look like when a jigsaw puzzle piece is uneven, but it’s glued that way and you can’t fix it. Maddening.

    •  They’re so different my eyes actually get confused looking at them. I think one is melting.

    • Little_Olive

      A shame, because the color and the fabric are gorge

  • Olivia Munn’s “cocktail dress” is what I like to call a swimsuit cover up.  Odd

  • Amandla Stenberg has the cutest freaking face. I hope she’s able to leverage The Hunger Games into lots more jobs.

    Actually, lots of young girls looking adorable and stylish here. Well done, girls! And I love all the bright colors.

    • AthenaJ

      Yes! She was exactly how I pictured Rue when I read the book.  

      • MilaXX

        NIce to meet someone who actually read that part of the book. She was spot on perfect for the part.

        • AthenaJ

          I was confused about people being confused why they chose her, lol. Apparently we really do have a major literacy problem in this country.

          • MilaXX

             sad, but true.

      • I squealed when I first saw the casting for Rue because of how damn perfect that girl is for the role. Fucking precious. 

        • AthenaJ

          She’s so damn cute – I don’t have kids, but I totally want to adopt her! I don’t care if she already has parents 🙂

      • julnyes

         Me too! I really don’t get the people that complained about her – the casting was spot on in this case.

    • reebism

      Her smile is so amazing, I have the impulse to hug her every time I see her. 

      I think the pre-teens kicked their elders’ asses.

    • Jennifer Coleman

      Love Amandla, but I’m not really thinking that’s age appropriate for a 13 year old. A great, put together look, but too sophisticated. When this is your barely teen look, by the time you hit 16 your veering towards Miley Cyrus land. See Emma Watson for how to do it right.

      • Beardslee

        I agree.  It’s a little too old for her.  The dress the little Kiernan girl is wearing is just right.

  • Amandla Sternberg is unbelievably pretty. And well dressed. She needs to be super-famous right about yesterday. It would be a while before I got tired of *her*.

  • Meh. Pretty lackluster showing, IMHO.

  • Kids that actually look and dress like kids. What a nice change of pace.

  • Alyson Epstein

    I thought Chloe Moretz was the worst dressed girl here. (besides all the bad shoes)  And the makeup on her face makes her look like a corpse.

    • Beardslee

      I would not have put that dress on someone her age.  It’s fine but anything I can see myself wearing is not something I’d put on someone that young. 

  • janetjb

    Mary Elizabeth Winstead – her hair and shoes are horrible.  I don’t mind the 1972 prom dress, although it should be a couple of inches longer.
    Chloe Moretz – looks fresh and sweet.
    Brie Larson – I love her look and sure that her pose/attitude can take most of the credit for it.

    The rest look surprisingly good, but the shoes make me sad.

  • Amandla Stenberg looks AMAZEBALLS. EASILY A WERQ!

  • I love Olivia Munn.  I can’t name one thing she’s been in but she was on Ellen Degeneres the other day and she was so freakin’ cute!  She has apparently been a huge Ellen fan since forever and she was like a little kid, she was so excited to be on the show.

  • Lina_bee

    Moretz & Shipka for the stylist win! They both look fantastic. Dobrev is a close 3rd, but the overlay on the bodice is just a smidge too over the top for me to sign off on. Morrison’s dress is great, but she should have kicked things up a notch.

    • AudreysMom

       Maybe it’s the mother in me, but I wanted to take a brush and an accessory to Shipka’s hair. Otherwise, adorable.

  • Angela Lindvall’s  hair is, to quote classic Joan, making me sad.
    I love Kiernan to pieces. 

  • SpcilK

    Ariel, Amandla, and Chloe look adorable.

  • No No No to the leather and lace dress on a 14 year old child (Ariel Winter).  Looks like Frederick’s of Hollywood. Love that color on Chloe.

    • I think she looks like a rock star.

      • I guess I prefer my rock stars over the age of 14. She has plenty of time to grow up and dress like a whore later in life.  I adore her on MF and hate to see her go the way of Lohan…leather and lace is a gateway to HELL!!! (unless your Stevie Nicks, of course) LOL!

        • AnaRoW

          To me, it’s not the dress so much as the makeup.  (Also, Lindsay’s problems are mostly parental-related, not clothing- or job-related.)

        • mtms2jems

          She can’t help that she is beautiful, and I am sure she is just wearing what was choosen for her!  I think all the girls looked like stars!!

    • charlotte

       This. I was like “Girl, that is not your age!”

    • AudreysMom

       Completely agree. Her stylist is trying waaay too hard to change the ‘nerdy girl’ image from MF. She doesn’t need to look like a dominatrix at 14.

  • A majority of the people pictured here look like they went to mommy’s closet to play dress up.
    Max Mara is clearly for the sophisticated older woman. Chloe Moretz, Nina, and that girl who plays Sally Draper look aged.

  • I am heavily crushing on the shoes that Olivia Munn is wearing. They are fabulous, darlings, simply fabulous!

  • newleaf1

    Interesting – the little ones got it more right than the older ones – Chloe, Kiernan, Amandla – all look much cuter than their older sisters.

  • SapphoPoet

    A squash blossom AND a fetish necklace seems a bit overkill. Also, it looks like there’s a third necklace too. (Picture seems a bit blurry, but it could just be me.) Would love to see a close up of those necklaces.

    • minnye

      She looks like she did some shopping on the plaza in Santa Fe. Like, for the first time.

      • SapphoPoet

        LOL. And then decided to wear it all at once. 

  • cam_lo

    how could you possibly not have commented on angela lindvall’s hair? that is the biggest travesty on this page. 

  • Neverbuynewclothes

    Maybe the stylists could let them use the restroom before the pix are taken next time?  Then there wouldn’t be quite as many in the “I gotta go really bad” pose.

  • alyce1213

    Note: The impeccably dressed Miss Shipka is not only wearing a lovely dress with neutral shoes the right way, she appears to be wearing the *forbidden* — sheer, neutral hosiery, which to my eye, gives a very polished look.  She’s the sweetest little thing, ain’t she?

    • kingderella

       shipka wins this round, and shes not even trying. her fabulosity scares me a little.

      • CozyCat

        She is the cutest thing EVER!  Talent AND beauty are an unbeatable combination.  (If her parents are capable of following the example of Emma Watson’s parents, this kid is going to go very, very far….)

  • Judy_J

    I like the dress Daisy Betts is wearing.  I read your comment about the shoes, then looked down at my own feet and saw I was wearing a very similar pair, only in white.  I’m so ashamed!  No, not really.  I’m wearing capris, and it’s casual day at work, so I feel OK about my footwear choice.  Could Kiernan Shipka be any more adorable?

    • alyce1213

      Those shoes with capris are probably great.  They’re a bit heavy in black with that dress.

      • Milldj

        I agree, I like the dress Daisy Betts is wearing, shoes are a bit heavy – I blame the stylists, they are Sportmax shoes, do they get to choose?

  • Lisa Dugan

    Everyone looks pretty darn adorable.

  • jilly_d

    How is Angela Lindvall a model? She has unparalleled ability to take a great face/body and make it look incredibly frumpy. She just has no……zsuzsh.

    • kimmeister

      She CAN look great, but she is looking decidedly un-model-y here.

  • Tamara Hogan

    Women In Film’s 2012 Max Mara Face of the Future. ????????????  Can someone translate? What does this even MEAN?

    • kingderella

       blah blah blah product placement blah blah career boost blah

      • blah blah publicist circle jerk blah blah

  • MilaXX

    Nice to see the youngsters representing. Love everything about Chloe’s outfit; the cut, color & acessories are spot on. Amandla, Ariel, Brie & Kiernan look better than some of the adults.

  • Not loving the baby prostitute look on Ariel Winter. And Chloe needs some color in her face. The makeup is a tad cadaver-ish. 

  • SewingSiren

    Was it extremely humid? A lot of them seem to be having hair problems. Anyway the ones I like best are the 1st one in the white. The orange red (or hot pink according to the caption) that needs jewelry and Clint Eastwood’s daughter minus the shoes.

    • Brendan Schulze

      Depending on where they are, it actually COULD be very humid. I know most parts of California, especially LA, are deadly in the summer.

  • WANT Olivia Munn’s shoes. Other than that, the girls are outshining the women.

  • Jessica O’Connell

    Amandla and Chloe both look incredibly adorable! You go young-ones!

  • marilyn

    Mara Mara makes off the rack clothes.  Nothing interesting here.

    • Lisa_Cop


  • MarinaCat

    Not a text-speak LOL, but a genuine audible one at “Titscrepancy.”

  • terekirkland

    Ugh, the nude platform hooves are the worst! Actually, the worst is the way Whassherface Eastwood is trying to set someone on fire with her eyes. Creepy.

    Love Chole, Amandla (god, she’s adorable!) and Kiernan. 

  • the_valkyrie

    What’s with Eastwood’s boobs. Her bra fit seems weird

  • TheOriginalLulu

    Amanda Whatever – I really hate those clutches that make it look as if you’re carrying around a rolled up magazine.
    Brie Larson – This clutch looks as if she’s walking home from the video store with her rented VHS movie.
    Chloe Moretz – That’s a beautiful, beautiful color on her. Hair looks very pretty.

  • So I guess the lesson we should take away from this is that more women should wear Max Mara on the red carpet? Because aside from a couple of missteps I think they look really cute.

  • BigWhiteGrannyPanties

    OH MY GOD those dresses are BUTT UGLY – with the exception of the polka dots – and this just begs the question – WHY IS THIS PERSON A DESIGNER?

  • mtms2jems

    All the girls look very pretty but We really love the fresh edgy look Ariel brought to the carpet!  She is as always Beautiful!!

  • mtms2jems

    Ariel Winter can wear so many different styles and always looks great!!

  • kimmeister

    At first glance I thought Brie Larson had some weird suspender hanging down between her legs, and then I realized it was just the big black W on the wall behind her.  I also keep thinking the WIF says “WTF.”

    • Could no one have warned her about that? Or politely asked her to step 6 inches to her right?

  • carolynmo

    I adore Kiernan Shipka; I just do. She always looks so well-dressed.

  • understateddiva

    GOOD PANTS!!! YAY!!! 

  • clairellis

    Why is it the pre-teens look better than the adults. Well and Nina but I think I like hers bc of my new obsession with Vampire Diaries. Kiernan looks adorable. And Chloe is rocking that dress.

  • LesYeuxHiboux

    Love Brie Larson’s hair and bag. Amandla Stenberg is so darling, I can’t believe the awful things people were saying when The Hunger Games came out.  That color is fantastic on Chloe.

    Rachel Leigh Cook is ne of those gals best served by a short ‘do, à la Audrey.

    • MilaXX

      I know! I got so pissed I actually got my copy out and quoted the passages where the characters were described & the pages numbers. Then I remembered idiots will always find a way to make their stupid known and simply stopped discussing the movie online with anyone I didn’t know personally.

  • granddelusion

    This is just embarrassing. And Moretz looks 35 years old in that dress. AND it’s faceS; they each have one.

  • formerlyAnon

    Wow. Mission accomplished. I am now under the impression that Max Mara makes lovely and wearable clothing. As much – or more – because the women and the dresses are well matched and the dresses are mostly worn well & adequately accessorized as because the clothes are anything special.  I *used* to think that that was the point of dressing celebrities in one’s clothes, but years of looking at everything from the lackluster to the calamitous in red carpet pics here on TLo have taught me that apparently, it’s not.

    The [really] young ones (Ms. Shipka and Ms. Stenberg) [to distinguish them from the other young ones] are particularly well served.

  • 3boysful

    Why does all the hair look bad?  Was it raining for this event?  They all look like they got drenched between the limo and the door, and then their hair dried all askew.

  • MilaXX

    Who let Clint Eastwood’s spoiled famewhore spawn in the door? 

  • alyce1213

    Francesca Eastwood frightens me.  Potential cray-cray?  We’ll see.

  • PaulaBerman

    Oddly, I do not like the Chanel on Chloe. The bands across her body look stiff and awkward, and the one across the chest makes her look boxy and shapeless.

    Kiernan Shipka, on the other hand, is understated, age appropriate perfection. Love her.

    Rachel Leigh Cook: Latest victim of You Need to Hike that Shit up 3″ Syndrome. It’s sweeping the nation.

  • nannypoo

    The life of a celebrity is just a constant treadmill of awards, isn’t it? She’s a cute little recipient, though.

  • “1972 prom dress” — in UTAH.

  • megohd

    You’re so right about Kiernan. Her smile is very like Jon’s!

  • Olivia Munn is wearing what are quite possibly my most favorite pair of women’s shoes of all time.

  • Lilak

    A Tale of Two Aubergines:  Kiernan Shipka’s well-cut shift makes Olivia Munn’s little belted toga/towel look extra silly.

  • Susan Crawford

    With only a couple of exceptions, this lineup proves that for classic clothing that women of many ages and figures can wear, you can’t beat MaxMara. And Kiernan Shipka looks SMASHING, doesn’t she? I believe I’m hearing the rustle of tissue as designers pack samples to send to the moppet who seems destined to be The Next Big Thing. Love that girl!

  • one must embrace the titscrepancy

  • guest2visits

    Amandla’s very pretty, but that clutch is way too big for her. The pointy shoes also look a touch too adult for such a cutie.
    It makes the whole outfit look like it belongs to someone alot older than she is.
    Angela’s is ok; seems she needed a better hair-do.  Ariel’s shoes are nice but the dress looks plastic, tacky and flimsy.
    Brie’s looks nice and pretty, Chloe’s is just perfect; very pretty. Crystal’s is ok, still not as nice as if it had straps. Can’t decide
    if I love the look of Francesca’s loud shiny dress, loud brassy hair and heavy black lids; or if it’s just cheesy. I do like the style
    of the dress, though. It’s sexy without being a micro mini.  Jennifer’s dress is just ok, in this pic.  Kiernan is just beautiful in this.
    Mary Elizabeth’s really needed to be shorter; it’s dated and dowdy at this length.  I disliked Nina’s frilly see through blouse; how
    could an all white outfit look so harsh.  Olivia looks like she’s growing out of her dress at both ends. Hate it.
    Rachel’s very pretty but this dress looks a bit frumpy for her.  As a whole, the kids are doing better than the grown-ups.
    And I really loved Daisy’s dress.