Magic Mike Premiere Red Carpet

Posted on June 25, 2012

That’s right, kittens. The movie event of the decade (for gay men and lusty straight women) has finally ARRIVED. Hit it, boys (except for Channing, who will receive our love attention later today, so don’t start shrieking “YOU FORGOT CHANNING!!!!!” fangurls)!

No, really. Hit it.


Adam Rodriguez

The suit’s a bit shiny, the jacket’s a bit snug, and we hate how the tie provides no contrast at all, but aside from the nitpicks, he looks pretty damn good.


Alex Pettyfer

Standard. A little sloppy. Could’ve used an undershirt and about an inch off the pants hem.


Joe Manganiello

Is he wearing blue shoes? Because that’s kind of awesome, even if he did match them to his tie. This suit is also a little on the shiny side, but everything here is giving us life.


Matt Bomer


Our only complaint about the way he dresses is that it sometimes looks a bit too business-like.


Matthew McConaughey (w/ Camila McConaughey in Emilio Pucci)

He looks fine – she does too – but a tux for a standard movie premiere is a bit on the grandiose side of things.


[Photo Credit: Getty]

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  • G

    Matthew McConaughey is just annoying in general.

    • He’s so schmucky looking

    • atticus229

       I agree and the Vitalis/Brylcream hair is so tired.

      • lifetime_student

        Agreed. He has been kinda borderline douche for a while, but that hair puts him in Matthew Morrison territory.

        • golspie

          ‘Borderline’? He crossed the border years again and is now deep in douchecountry.

          •  I laughed pretty hard at the term “douchecountry”. I immediately imagined an old style Marlboro ad with MM on a horse with a douchey smirk on his face.

      • Geoff Dankert

        Right? Just like Camila always said, “Herr iss impurdandt.” Or something.

    • CozyCat

      Yeah, I never got why he’s considered such a sex symbol.  To me he’s just kink of blah…

      • butterflysunita

        I know it’s a typo, but I like the description “kink of blah”!

        • CozyCat

          Another one of those Freudian typos….

    • librarygrrl64

      Always D-O-U to the C-H-E.

  • They all look very handsome, which is their job, of course, but I REALLY WISH shiny suits would go somewhere quiet and die.

    • quiltrx

      All the shiny suits remind me of 80’s NBA coaches…Pat Riley, Daly et al. always looked like a bunch of gangsters.

      •  Plus, unless the tailoring is absolute perfection, (looking at YOU Mr Manganiello) every last subtle flaw gets magnified.

        • Call me Bee

          Yeah?  I thought his, in particular, looks way too small–like it shrunk! 

    • librarygrrl64

      From your lips to designers’ ears, K. 

      •  Everything about shiny suits sez, “I’m a self absorbed tool, with an overly inflated opinion of myself”

    • formerlyAnon

       I confess to a weak spot for a slightly shiny sport jacket, as seen on Vegas gangsters in some film that was obviously overly influential in my development.  But I should not be wondering if I can actually see my reflection, and pretty much no-one can wear a shiny suit. For the “every last subtle flaw gets magnified” reason you state.

    • They should take off their shiny suits.  As soon and as publicly as possible.

      •  That’s what this movie is about, no?

        • Ha!  Touche.

          •  Perhaps this is some clever ploy to get us to think even more than we already may, about these studs with nothing on.

          • Honestly, I’m bracing myself for the likely reality that we’ve already seen as much skin as we’re going to see in the teasers and it’s going to try to Be About Something.

          •  It better be about T+A or a lot of people are gonna be mad!!!!

          • I personally will spend the whole time shouting at the screen “Shaddup and show us yer tits!”

          •  “Butt shots, butt shots, Butt Shots!!!”

          • Vodeeodoe

             Oh, you’ll be happy all right.

  • Lina_bee

    Bomer looks as lovely as usual, but Manganiello’s pushed way over into tin-man territory. And yes, there is an oil can joke built into that. Friend of Dorothy one, too, which makes me suspect it’s intentional. But silver is not his color.

    •  He’s got a little too much crotch action going on there- that’s OK in casual wear but a suit isn’t supposed to show the goods that much.

      • “He’s got a little too much crotch action going on there”

        No. Such. Thing.

        •  Oil… crotch action…Manganiello… Well that about wraps things up for me here.

        • Liked and unliked so I could like this twice.

      •  Does it look to anyone else like Mr. McConaughey dresses left?  Or is that just a shadow?

        •  SD, you are GOOD. I missed that.

          • Perfectly understandable.  As you are a kilt wearer (traditional, I assume?), this is something you never deal with.

    • jw_ny

      The Tin Man…perfect analogy.

      He looks ridiculous…per usual. 

      • He’s just too cave man for me. Reminds me of those guys in the insurance commercials.

  • Two questions/quibbles:
    1. Is Joe auditioning for a “Casino” sequel? I feel like everything he’s in screams ’60s Vegas gangster. Also, please explain the stacked pocket on the right side of the jacket. I must be very behind the times.
    2. I feel like Matt B. would be 110% perfect if the tie knot was a little thicker. I want to say that’s a single Windsor, and he should have gone with the double. I have been known to be wrong about my knots before, though.

    • Eclectic Mayhem

      Not too sure about Mr Manganiello & Casino but I’ve just finished reading Neil Gaiman’s American Gods and I couldn’t help but picture him as the character Shadow.  Apparently HBO has just optioned the story and he already has a history with the ‘not tv’ channel through TrueBlood so you never know…

      • Verascity

        I’m pretty sure Shadow is actually meant to be of mixed race.

        To keep this on topic, Matt Bomer is not of mixed race, but he sure is pretty.

        • Eclectic Mayhem

          Oh yes – ‘on topic’

          Shiny suits – gah!  Reminds me of the late 80s in the UK when all the boys wore shiny trousers with bits of tweedy rough weave/ or sparkly colours woven in.  Ghastly.

          UK/US culture clash question: in the UK I think it’s a sartorial rule that one (ie men) shouldn’t wear brown shoes after a certain time of day.  Is that not a thing here?

          ‘off topic’

          Yeah, I realise Shadow should look more mixed than Mr M does but I just couldn’t help but see him while reading the story.  He has the physique and powerful presence in bucket loads!  I like to play casting director the same way T & Lo like to play stylist so I’m just spitballing really.

          • librarygrrl64

            Not sure about the after-hours rule, but I was always told that black shoes with a blue suit was a no-no.

          • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

            Me too!  I hate the brown shoes with a blue suit – looks sloppy to me.

          • formerlyAnon

             I always heard that brown shoes with a black, dark blue or grey suit were wrong, wrong, wrong – and that if you only had one pair of dress shoes they should be black. Further, that *some* shades of blue could be worn with *some* shades of brown shoe. [implication being that this matching was best left to an expert]

            But I don’t know the menswear ‘rules’ as well as the women’s.

            And I think that casting Shadow will just disappoint me because I know what he looks like in *my* mind’s eye, and it’s not standard movie actor.

    • jw_ny

       I agree about Bomer’s tie knot..shoulda been thicker/wider.  Other than that, perfect. 

    • Alisa Rivera

      I literally burst into laughter when I saw Joe because he looked like an extra in Married to the Mob. I think TLo must be blinded by lust to give him a thumbs up.

    • I was thinking the same thing about Matt’s tie, but it may just be the collar spread.  BTW Matt always dresses like his momma’s watching.

    • alyce1213

      Single, definitely.  The double’s much wider.

  • schadenfreudelicious

    Matthew always looks a bit greasy and in need of a shower to me…..

  • Reinforcing my belief that Matt Bomer is actually Dick Grayson. GodDAMN.

    McConaughey never looks fine.

  • I’m enjoying Bomer’s classic brown wingtips paired with a blue suit- YES YES YES!!!

    • The shoes, I agree, are supremely covetable.  Especially love the tone-on-tone natural leather.  But like others here, I’m not sure how well they’re playing with the blue….  Staring at them for so long has, however, caused me to notice that rarest of sartorial sins, a pants hem that’s actually a trifle too short.

      But back to the shoes.  Me want.  Can’t you see them with a great pair of jeans?  Sublime….

      Oh, and outside of a tuxedo, a pocket square should never be white.  That’s just a hanky.

  • Alex actually looks the best to me. I mean, for god’s sake, he’s at a movie premiere for a stripper movie. His job was to look fuckable, so…job well done.

  • 1.  I never thought much of Joe Manganiello until I saw him on The Soup recently.  He was a riot.
    2.  Am I the only one that reads Matt Bomer’s name as Matt BoNer every single time (quite by accident and then I have to read it again) and then I giggle like a school girl.
    3.  Matthew McConaughey has crossed the border into greasy creep land and she looks strung-the-fuck-OUT!

    • MilaXX

      he was funny on The Soup, but he till looks like he smells.

      • MilaXX speaks the truth!

      •  Manganiello usually looks like the guy on the street who makes you think “He’d clean up well”- but he seldom does.

      • I don’t know what The Soup is but I like Mr. Manganiello, if only because he reminded me about this blog.  Well, his existence, not him personally.  A gigantic man with facial fur and some dry cleaning was crossing the street opposite of me and I thought to myself, “That looks like one of the hot guys TLo blogs about. Boy he’s tall.”  I didn’t remember which one he was so when I got home I came here to figure out who he was and remembered how much I love this blog.  He did not smell when I passed him, if it’s any comfort.

    • alyce1213

      I see BoNer too.  I embarrass myself.

    • Vitantonio D’Ambrosio

      Definitely not the only one on 2. Actually that’s just how I call him, because, well… that’s just what happens whenever i see him… ^///^

  • kikisayshi

    I don’t like anything about Joe M’s look here. But Matt Bomer? Helloooo nurse!

  • JulieTy

    Lends new meaning to the term, “pole dance.” 😉

  • Pennymac

    Who is this Alex Pettyfer? The boy is way too young, but Dayam, he’s just sooooo pretty! My inner cougar just sat up and took notice.

    I wish shaving would come back in style, though. See? I am too old!

    • AudreysMom

      He’s a new English hottie, according to IMDB he had a few films with biggish names in the last couple years so he’s on his way. My own inner cougar is tamed by those ears, though.

  • Vlasta Bubinka

    Were men’s wear designers having a shiny moment recently to churn out so many shiny suits? Why does McConaughey look sickly? And the big question du jour:  Why did these men even bother with clothes?

  • Kind of OT, but saying Camila McConaughey really fast is difficult.  It turns into Magilla Gorilla (no offense meant).

    • MilaXX

       So we talk like her?

    • EditKitten

      I thought the EXACT SAME THING.

  • Lilithcat

    Rodriguez and Manganiello have obviously joined the Heidi Klum school of dressing.  They’ve got the tight and shiny part down pat.  And they look just as atrocious.

    Honest to go, I miss the days when movie stars were actually attractive, and made an effort.  Where are the Gregory Pecks?  The Cary Grants?  Now they dress like slobs and they never shave.  It’s very, very sad.

    • BuffaloBarbara

       They’ve got the tight and shiny part down pat.

      Dear God, don’t let them start in on short.  I couldn’t take it if men started wearing–what would be the male equivalent of gyno skirts?–on the RC.

      There is Matt Bomer to counter the sloppiness, though it would be nice, as mentioned above, if some nice charity would donate razors to these poor celebrities, or maybe offer a barber before they get into their limos.

      • alyce1213

        “what would be the male equivalent of gyno skirts?–on the RC”

        Pouch pants? Package slacks? (see Joe Mananiello for a rough idea).

      • cmb92191

        Male equivalent of gyno skirts-  the “socks” a la Red Hot Chili Peppers album cover…   If we ever just see socks (and only socks) on the RC– I swear I will either die of disgust or  from ovary explosion!

        • formerlyAnon

           I’m pretty certain that I’ll die laughing. Especially if they’re tube socks.

    • EditKitten

      Manganiello just screams “douche” to me all the time. He doesn’t do it for me, mostly because of that barely suppressed smirk he’s got on and, like you said, tight ‘n’ shiny.

    • Matt Bomer always looks perfectly turned out in public.  But then again, I can’t imagine him looking anything but perfect in anything he chooses to wear.  *sighs and fans self wistfully*

      •  In a recent interview he said that he doesn’t have a stylist, it’s all him. He really does well for himself!

  • shirab

    Joe has an established beard, but from what I can tell not one of the other guys went clean-shaven for this event. What’s that about?

    •  Perhaps RPatz made facial fungus fashionable?

      • EditKitten


    • Matt also wears the stubble as his character on “White Collar”.  It drives me nuts.

  • bloggertobenamedlater

    They could have saved us all the trouble and just arrived in boxers and shirtless. 

  • When you say Joe M is “giving [you] life”, I assume “life” is a euphemism?

  • alyce1213

    I’m sorry. Joe Manganiello looks like he’s wrapped in duct tape.
    McConaughey looks weird and tired and I can’t stand him, but his tuxedo is gorgeous. (I just noticed he’s wearing a wedding band on his right hand.)

    EVERYONE needs a shave.

  • TomBord

    Banker Bomer Bores………why are theses dudes dressed to the 8’s? This IS a stripper movie , right????

    • MilaXX

       I’ll take this over looking like they made a pit stop on the way to Home Depot.

  • nannypoo

    Joe M. has come dressed as a robot. Or maybe the Tin Man.

  • BuffaloBarbara

    I doubt I’ll see the movie, which looks fairly horrible for the price of movies these days, but dang, will I enjoy seeing the pictures of events.  It’s too bad all of them seem to have discovered that their razors were dull that morning, but I just can’t bring myself to care about it too much in the midst of all the pretty.

  • I want to see this movie ASAP and am having the hardest time finding somebody to go with me.

    Also, Alex Pettyfer looks like such a douchecanoe I just want to punch him in the face.

    • Ogden1990

      No problem convincing my whole book group to join me. We expect to be surrounded by gays and similarly “squee”ing middle aged women at the theater.

    • BazoDee

      I find myself in a similar situation….

  • PaulaBerman

    I did not know who Alex Pettyfer was before this post, somehow, but wow. That is a beautiful face.

    • BazoDee

      He is very very very pretty -and not just his face. He has a bad rep for being a bit of a douche. 

  • Le_Sigh

    Oh my. 

    Thank you TLo, for my cup of boy along with my cup of morning coffee. 

  • MilaXX

    Happy to see these guys put in the effort. I ave nothing but minor quibbles; I hate Adam’s tie and Mathew is over dressed. I still don’t get the Joe love, he always looks  like he smells to me. Then again, I’m not a True Blood fan, so maybe that’s it.

  • GillianHolroyd

    I so liked Matthew McC in Time to Kill but (looking it up) that was 15 years ago so age catches up with everyone. I guess he opted for body over face, per Kathleen Turner’s dictum. Pity.

  • j_anson

    God, an entire lineup of boys with chin mold. Seriously, if I can shave nearly half my body, y’all can manage your chins.

  • DaveUWSNYC

    Wait, what? Sorry couldn’t get past their necks.

  • Little_Olive

    Either too shiny or too businesslike: The first guy couldn’t decide between totally causal and overdone, with a meh -shave that scruff-result. Joe went a bit overboard and he looks like he closed that jacket with fishing line… I’m really not loving it. 

    Matthew looks like he’s going to his junior prom at adult school. 

    • librarygrrl64

      “Matthew looks like he’s going to his junior prom at adult school.”

  • Maybe it’s a tear-away tux!

  • lifetime_student

    I agree with my Facebook friends who have commented that this movie was a perfect candidate for IMAX 3-D.

  • Matt does seem to like brown shoes, doesn’t he?

    • BazoDee

      I noticed that too. Seems an odd choice -but he’s so particular about his look it can’t be accidental. 

  • lordandtaylor

    Hands down…Matt Bomer wins big time. Hot.
    Joe just looks so uncomfortable in that suit. We’d rather see him in jeans, sans shirt anyway.
    Adam: Please shave. Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh.

  • TheOriginalLulu

    That Matt Bomer is a gorgeous, gorgeous man, holy crap. Jesus take the freaking wheel already.

  • BazoDee

    Swoon! Matt Bomer to start my week. Those baby blues are amazing. He manages to wear clothes so well despite being so buff without them -tricky to pull off.
    And congrats to him and his partner -I must have missed the announcement.

  • cmb92191

    Adam Rodgriguez is wearing the same tie my 7th grade science teacher wore (in 1983).   I’m sure I was the only one who said “Hey, he’s got Mr. Bratty’s tie!”

  • golspie

    It’s the Grand Parade of Douchebaggery!

    (Also – never, never, never, never brown shoes with black/blue/grey suit).

    • anotherEloise

      You wear brown shoes, you better be wearing a brown tweed suit, English-gentleman-in-the-country style.

  • Joe looks better in fewer clothes. But that’s just my opinion.
    Alex, put on a damn tie. You look like an ass.
    Matt Bomer is perfection.
    I burst out laughing at McConaughey. There’s no middle ground with him. He’s either over or under-dressed. At least he wore a shirt.

  • librarygrrl64

    “This suit is also a little on the shiny side, but everything here is giving us life.”Really? He looks like he’s about to bust out of that thing. Oh. Maybe that’s what you meant about giving you life. 😉

  • “My name is Joe Manganiello. I am wearing a shiny suit. Prepare to die.”
    Matt is melty adorable, as always.

  • Tamara Hogan

    Mr. ManJello, what’s up with that fly? 

  • Call me Bee

    Everyone looks wonderful, save for Joe M.  His suit looks like it was washed and dried and shrunk like a cashmere sweater.  Or he’s a 12-year old boy who grew out of his First Communion suit.  Not a good look. 

  • theblondette

    I said “argh!” aloud to Joe’s suit. That shiny fabric is a no-no. Don’t let yourselves all forgive him because of his good looks! Yuck.

    I like how Matt Bomer always makes an effort, like he considers this to be a job for which he should dress appropriately. I give him an A. I know he will value this.

  • Really wish that Pettyfer had put on a belt. That little crinkle in the tab of his trousers is staring at me in every pic. 

  • jessieroset

    Matt B. always looks genuinely happy.  He’s a recent find of mine and I just love him.  Can’t wait for the start of White Collar!

  • clairellis

    Oh my I’m all tingly in my special place. Thank you for posting this for us BK’s we love you!!

  • Sally Brownson

    Everyone else looks like men usually look on the red carpet, but Joe Manganiello is getting me hot. The tight pants and blue shoes combo is just to die for.

  • formerlyAnon

    Pettyfer needs a belt, Manganiello’s suit is over the line, Bomer’s shoes look awfully brown (though that’s a quibble and could be an outdated convention, for all I know), McConaughey bugs me because he’s got the bones & face to be ‘my type’ but he somehow manages to ruin it.

    And they ALL would look both better and far more appropriate, if they shaved.  Except Mrs. McC. who appears to have shaved/waxed to the standard culturally-expected degree, based on as much of her as we can see. Take a note, gentlemen.

  • Hetha Innis

    Every single one of those guys needs a shave! WTF?

  • granddelusion

    Hands. Out. Of. Pockets. And SHAVE! You’re on an effing red carpet for fuck sake.

  • Pretty sure Matt stole that suit from the set of White Collar. Also, is it me or does Joe looks like he’s kinda suffocating?

  • The Stepford Strippers

  • A little on the shiny side??? I just parted my hair in the reflection of the picture of the suit. Liberace’s outfits were a “little on the shiny” side. It’s a good thing there were no airplanes landing.

  • Vodeeodoe

    Just saw a screening of it and it was AWESOME. Matt McConaughey was hilarious. He did an impression of himself x1000. Personally, I could have used just a little more ManGuniello. Woof!

  • Matt Bomer, while drool worthy and amazing and in style, needs a new color of suit.  Or a new style of suit.  Once he does that, I’ll probably stop thinking of him as Neal Caffrey and more as Matt Bomer.  

    His tie is very nice though.  🙂

  • Prettyfer, I mean, Pettyfer needs to take about an inch and a half off of his sideburns. Right now they are fighting with his AMAZING cheekbones. If they stopped right at the top of the cheekbone, it would create a beautiful line.

    Yes. That was my takeaway from this whole post. (Well that and shiny suits are just NOT GOOD.) And now you can’t stop seeing it either, I bet.

  • guest2visits

    Adam R: an unusual suit that he’s just managing to carry off with a great smile. I think the the shoes needed to be dark grey and sleek.
    Joe M: another shiny suit that would probably look a little better if it were less snug. Or would it? Good shoe choice.
    Alex P: like the suit, love the shoe choice. Wish the shirt were more fitted.
    Matt B: love his suit, needs to borrow Alex’s shoes.  Such a gorgeous, chiseled face!
    Matt M: definately should’ve chosen Alex’s or Matt’s suit. Needs to find other options for hair style.
    I don’t mind the occasional shiny suit for these Hollywood types; They’re kind of retro, and kind of cool, depending alot on the
    colors and how well the guy pulls off the whole look. I don’t think that they translate off the the RW; unless it’s for HS prom.

  • Liz

    Joe Manganiello in a suit always looks so awkward to me, like he is trying so hard not to hulk out.

  • I feel like they all knew they had to dress well (at least as best as they each could) because Matt Bomer is known for always bringing it…

  • nicole seligman

    joe looks like the tin man.