Julianne Hough (x2)

Posted on June 11, 2012

We just don’t get this chickie at all. She’s pretty; she’s young; she’s got a great body; she’s regularly handed free clothes from the top designers. And yet she never manages to look anything but half-assed or decades older than her age.


Julianne Hough attends premiere of “Rock of Ages” in Los Angeles in a Kaufmanfranco dress.

This is a pretty great dress. We don’t like the way the strap cuts into her back and we don’t think the neon color is her best friend, but it’s dramatic and chic. What is also dramatic but is nowhere near chic is her totally crazy-lady hair and harsh makeup.

In London, she just went for full-on crazy-lady, top to bottom:

Julianne Hough attends premiere of “Rock of Ages” in London in a Valentino dress.

She looks like Daisy Duck.


[Photo Credit: Andrew Evans, Emiley Schweich, Landmark/PR Photos]

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  • KathKo

    cuter in the lemon dress than the maid’s one.

    • Lemon dress. She makes lemon look good. That is some figure. Black and White…swing and a miss.

      • She looks like (insert cartoon character)”. And, boy do I agree...DailyJobPosition3.notlong.com

    • That’s more lime than it is lemon.  And you’re right.  Much cuter.  But the rat’s nest hair has to go.

  • Considering she’s basically been dipped in highlighter in the first photo, I find it interesting that nobody in the background is even glancing her way. Dress is okay, but not for her, and her hair/makeup look they were done in the cab on the way over.

  • JosephLamour

    I think the most damning clothing critique one could get is something so succinct as “She looks like (insert cartoon character)”. And, boy do I agree.

  • First dress?  I love it till the side view.  that huge illusion netting swipe on the side is way too big. the second dress is a complete fail for her.  Wrong cut, details, and shape.

    • ballerinawithagun

      Completely agree. I was in love with that dress and then she turned…She needs a polished French Twist and matte make-up, no red lipstick with that neon.
      Channeling HBC in the second.

      •  Love the French Twist idea.  HBC would do number two, so much more effectively.  Imagine her taking that twee dress and RUNNING with it.

      • cluecat

        I disagree about the lip color.  With her complexion, a pale or soft lip color is going to make her face disappear next to that screaming yellow dress.  She needs a strong lip to anchor her face.  

        Bright, saturated colors are tricky on pale complexions (especially blondes), imagine that dress on someone with richer skin like Viola Davis – she would knock that fucker out of the park.  

        Agree that the hair is a total rat’s next, though.  It looks like something my 10 year old niece would affix to my head after 20 minutes hair-pulling of hard work.

  • Patricia Gillett

    The seaming on the highlighter gown is odd and creates some strange angles on her body. Stylist should have caught that.

    • SaoirseLee

      So right, her left bum cheek looks pointy as a result.

      • The anterior and posterior darts need some adjustments.  Not sure if they’re placed improperly or just need better pressing.

    • SignLadyB

       Yeah, Ii’m with Saoirselee and Patricia–couldn’t figure out when G-d created right angle backsides.

    • CheriCPat

       > highlighter gown <  hehehe.  love that.

  • Sara LaBatt

    That first dress in a more gold color than that neon yellow?  Or really any non-neon?  Could have been a really great look for her.  As it is, this is better than just about anything else I’ve seen her wear.  Her foundation garments are making her butt lumpy though, weird. And yes, the hair is awful and the makeup is dreadful and harsh.

    The second dress is insane.  Daisy Duck totally nailed it.  Crazy.

    • kimmeister

      I don’t see how she could possibly have on any foundation garments in the first dress . . .

      • MilaXX

         The thing is she’s young enough and in good enough shape tat she could get away with going commando. The problem is the garment isn’t ell fitted, which it would need to be if she’s not wearing undies.

    • I do belive that’s just the seaming of the dress, which is just unforgivable.  Someone should have been checking that from all angles.

  • MK03

    She needs a new team. Whoever is responsible for her look is either incompetent or just plain lazy.

    • carolynmo

      I’m voting ‘lazy.’

  • YoungSally

    Clearly she only has one good pose….over the right shoulder….otherwise she looks harsh…I don’t get her….but Ryan Seacrest sure does.  I think she’s trying to work the Aniston vibe.

  • Wendi126

    From the slutty side of the Von Trapp family

    • Yes, I was thinking “Heidi the Swiss miss has popped her buttons.”

  • lordandtaylor

    Las vegas hooker in the LA  yellow gown.

    Amish hand maiden in London.

    Bad hair all around.

    • kimmeister

      I was thinking the 2nd one was just one step away from actual lederhosen.

  • I’m almost mad at her for the first dress.  She came SO close to getting it right and blew it with the bad makeup and hair…

    The second dress, I can’t…

  • belfebe

    The lemon dress is actually great.  It’s the styling that ruins it.  The other one, we will not even mention.

  • The neon dress is the first time I have ever seen her look young (or, rather, her age). 

  • Violina23

    Oh my god, I wore the second dress (with a normalish v-neck, and the puffy sleeves were navy) to my cousins’s bar mitzvah in 1993 (I was 12). I’m not even kidding. I think I got it on Clearance at Jessica McClintock for $10.

  • LP

    I like the yellow dress and she could even save the makeup if she didn’t have her hair in gym bun.  I don’t get why someone wasn’t paid to do her hair in some kind of decent-looking updo at the very least.  It’s not THAT hard.

  • Judy_J

    That neon yellow dress is nobody’s friend.  Look at what it is doing to her bottom, for cryin’ out loud!  Her butt cheeks are pointy!  And she absolutely looks like Daisy Duck in that second dress….Daisy Duck with cleaveage.

  • deathandthestrawberry

    St. Pauli Girl! Or cheeky French maid. Just give her six steins of beer or a feather duster. Or both!

  • Lina_bee

    I shudder to think someone is getting paid to dress and style her like this.

  • call_me_schmeg

    styling/hair+face aside, her problem seems to be fit. does her stylist not work in a fitting/tailoring before she wears it on the red carpet? she’s got an amazing body, but it’s not going to translate if the proper work isn’t done. oh, why can’t we be put in charge of the world?

  • Deac82

    I think that her overall problem is that she dresses in too much Kaufmanfranco–it just doesn’t suit her.  

  • PRFan

    Maybe after years of wearing dance costumes (feathers! illusion netting! spangles!), she just doesn’t recognize what a nice dress looks like.  Same for hair and makeup – they always have their hair plastered to their heads in dance competitions and really bold, harsh makeup.  You’d think she’d have been out of the game long enough to get over that already.

    • Kayceed

      I’ve always thought this was her issue – she has two speeds: theater garb meant to be seen in the back row; and uber-casual studio gear. She can’t seem to negotiate anything in-between, and it is baffling.

  • SpcilK

    The reflective tape dress is ok, but the 80’s prom dress has to go!

  • IH

    That yellow dress is pretty but she makes it look average, i just find her to be very pedestrian and i don’t understand why she’s cast in anything. No star quality whatsoever.

    • MilaXX

       She’s sleeping or bearding  for a power player. I have no doubt her relationship with Ryan Secrest is opening a LOT of doors.

  • I think, I like her in neon. With the hair and makeup. It’s the first time in ages that she actually looked young. And fresh. 

  • Knot head in yellow.

  • Trisha26

    She appears to have a perfect body yet the neon dress doesn’t fit her – darts fore and aft are wonky. It looks very Adult Video Awards. The second dress…I almost wonder if it would have been cute worn backwards?

    • MilaXX

       the neon looks like it would have benefited from some spanx to smooth things out, but I don’t think you could wear spanx with that dress. Still it’s young and very of the moment. If she had the right hair/makeup this could have been passable. I think the bad fit is what really brings it down to porn star levels.

  • mjude

    daisy duck…LMFAO

  • Candigirl1968

    The straps are strange on the first dress and I’m not sure she can pull off that dramatic of a dress.   

    When Julianne tries to do something youthful, it’s a bad stab – like doing slumber party hair with the Kaufmanfranco dress or wearing an outfit that should be reserved for someone Chloe Moretz’s age.  When she tries to do something “grown up,” it’s Jane Fonda mature.  She doesn’t seem to get what is age appropriate for a woman who is in her early twenties.  

    Julianne seems to be a blank canvas in terms of style  (i.e., she seems not to have a strong point of view of own) and is just skipping from one random free dress to another.  It’s kind of a shame, because she is a beautiful woman who shouldn’t be terribly difficult to dress.

  • kittenwithaquip

    I’m thinking she doesn’t employ a stylist, and is relying on simply being pretty and having a good body. Which would be fine if her biggest aspiration is to be head cheerleader. Hopefully that horrid film she’s promoting dies a quick death so she can go back to DWTS and fall off my radar.

  • MilaXX

    UGH! This chic. First look needs better hair and makeup. When the dress is already screaming you don’t need a bold lip.  Second look is just cheap looking. The dress looks homemade. I’m talking Pretty in Pink levels of homemade, the makeup is horrible and the hair is best not even spoken of. As pissy as Ryan is about how he looks you’d think he wouldn’t let her out the house looking like this.
    Hot Mess/Epic Fail

  • lifetime_student

    If she though that neon yellow/green would distract everyone from putting-on-make-up hair, she was wrong, but not by much. I can see Daisy Duck in the second dress, but my first thought was “Snow White gets a job as a cocktail waitress.”

  • RebeccaKW

    Outfit 1 I like, minus the back strap which gives the illusion of back fat.  The hair and makeup are crazy.

    Outfit 2 is a total maid outfit.  All she’s missing is a feather duster.

  • SapphoPoet

    This gal really needs a “If We Were Her Gays” post. I’ve never seen her look good.

    • makeityourself

      Yes.  TLo, now that Mad Men is over for a while, could you please add these to your “Rainy Day To-Do List?”  I’m hoping for a “If We Were Her Gays” post for Missy here and Jessica Chastain.  Thank you.

  • Aurumgirl

    The yellow dress is really awful when all you see of it is that insert on the side.  Any other bold colour would have worked wonders on her–pink, red, peacock, turquoise, aubergine, plum.  But neon yellow is awful on her.  As for the black and white number, it looks like a lusty Oktoberfest barmaid’s uniform.  

  • Has the woman no gay friends???

  • ccm800

    her stylist is terrible. 

  • Louise Bryan

    She looks like Daisy Duck.”

    Actually I was going to say Heidi dressed up as a French maid….

  • she needs (new) makeup and hair people.

  •  I dont understand her hair in either of these… did she fire her hair person and get her bbf to do it or just ran out of the house with what ever she happened to throw her hair up into? I mean, I dont do a lot to my hair on a daily basis, but if I were going to movie premiers I would at least look like a hair dressed touched my hair in some way.

  • That first dress is killer. I love it. But it seriously looks like she ran out of the house and forgot to do her hair.
    The second ‘thing’ is simply tragic.

  • look #1  fabulous dress, put a bag over head and she looks chic.love that color.  look #2  could we have another pitcher of heinekens over here?

  • GorgeousThings

    I hate to say it, because my son is a competitive ballroom dancer, but that’s the ballroom influence. Batshit crazy outfits in attention getting colors. I’m surprised that first dress isn’t bedazzled to within an inch of its life.

    The second one? Oy, even I can’t explain it.

  • jmorino08

    That neon dress is tragic! There’s no way she has an ounce of back fat, but she’s flashing at big ol’ illusion-fat-roll right to the camera! She also needs to learn the difference between stage makeup and red carpet/event makeup. She looks a little like the girls at my niece’s dance recital this weekend with all that heavy lipstick and eye makeup!

  • What’s worse than illusion netting?

    Illusion netting that’s so tight it looks like you have back fat, when you don’t actually have any.

  • TieDye64

    Daisy Duck as milkmaid. 

  • EEKstl

    The neon dress is gorge but I would have preferred it without the back illusion netting, it looks like a long skating costume from the side.  The other one, well, it’s just Heidi Ho.

  • BazoDee

    Oh I live that lemon dress.

  • I know I’m alone in this, but I kind of like her first look, crazy hair and all. Maybe I like it because my hair is too thick to wear in a bun and oh how I wish I could sometimes.

  • LaylaSV

    I’m not loving the neon yellow either but, regardless, that first look is her freshest and most age-appropriate appearance yet. 

  • VicksieDo

    Daisy Duck!!!!!  ROFLMAO!!!!!   I actually like the first dress, if it was toned down.  It’s so bright you can’t even appreciate that beautiful face.  A little bit of neon goes a long way.  That second dress looks comfy, but you don’t get to be comfy on parade for your new movie.  I get to be comfy talking about you from my computer, you should suffer for beauty 😉

  • AudreysMom

    the black thing with the puffy sleeves is probably the fugliest thing I’ve seen on the runway in a while. 

  • quiltrx

    Now see, that first dress is KILLA…but how do you half-ass it from the neck up knowing you’re going to wear a NEON dress??

    And in the second, she looks like a barmaid about to get groped as she hands out the glasses of ale.

  • Veronica1022

    It feels like she’s using Chloe Sveginy’s leftover alteregos.  But no where near as successfully.  Julianne, your young, rich, thin and pretty.  Try channeling some Hitchcock blonde for awhile.

  • Congrats, TLo. You made me snort. And that is hard! High five for the Duck.

  • LesYeuxHiboux

    The phrase “naked Marge Simpson” leapt into my head and refuses to leave.

  • frankystein123

    TRAGIC hair Ms. Hough.

  • PeaceBang

    She is so adorable and talented. Can’t someone take her on and style her as beautifully as she deserves? Girl has NO idea what she’s doing. 

  • guest2visits

    I thought she looked great in the first dress, until she showed the side netting. Really think the dress would have been better
    without it.  The second quasi-frau-dirndl-disney mouse dress is so odd.  I thought the hair knot suited the first look fine.

  • She always looks like she needs a good scrubbin’!

  • Leonardo Alves

    Paraphrasing Joanna Coles: How do you wear panties with this dress?

  • Truly_Outrageous

    The side/back of that Kaufmanfranco dress is so wrong for her. Just who the hell styles this girl. Hire a different gay Hough!

  • RzYoung

    I actually LOVE the neon dress on her – I really like the fluffy messy hair too, it might’s been too severe if she’s gone too sleek. Don’t like the black dress with the Kleenex sleeves

  • Damn it, her hair really ruined that yellow dress.  She was so close there.  But I used to pull up my hair like that in high school, just waded up in a ball.  The second one, I can’t even….

  • The one thing worse than the neon dress color and the maids uniform is her hair! WTFREAK! Seems like hair stylist would be breaking down her front door to get that head of hair!

  • Candice Richardson

    That neon dress would have KILLED on Kerry Washington or Zoe Saldana.

    • Candice Richardson

       WAIT…is her hair in a scrunchie?

  • SignLadyB

    Daisy Duck with boobs.

  • JaneDC

    The seams or something on the back in the yellow dress make her butt look lumpy. Either it wasn’t fitted right or she’s twisted herself and the dress into a bad position. But it doesn’t really matter. The dress is not good.

  • Mexxoo

    “She looks like Daisy Duck.”
    OMG, hahahahahahahaha

  • She baffled me until I found out she was one of the pros on Dancing with the Stars. That nonsense will skew anyone’s fashion sense.

  • CheriCPat

    If I were in London, there is nothing that would stop me from wearing a fascinator.  Since those just aren’t worn here.  WHY wouldn’t she do a cool fascinator for her headpiece with this dress that doesn’t work on her?

  • formerlyAnon

    It’s the hair that gets me, in both dresses. The first one could have been awesome without the way the strap/top of the illusion panel cuts into her, if her head had been appropriately fabulous.

    Nothing could save the second.

  • “She looks like Daisy Duck.”


  • Liz

    I don’t hate her ass in that first dress.

  • LilyPad

    To use a favorite Project Runway term, I believe there is a “taste issue” at work here.

  • Cathy S

    That second dress has a kind of dirndl vibe, and I don’t mean that in a good way. The bright yellow dress looks good on her though.