Jennifer Aniston in Burberry

Posted on June 08, 2012

Hey, Jen.

Jennifer Aniston attends the 40th AFI Life Achievement Award honoring Shirley MacLaine in a Burberry gown paired with Tabitha Simmons sandals and a Valentino clutch.

Tabitha Simmons Flossie Ayers

Valentino VaVa-Voom Flap Bag

Stop pursing your lips at us. We know we haven’t given you any reason to want to listen to us, but we just wanted to say you look really pretty here, even if it is a typically safe choice for you. The bag’s all wrong and you could’ve used some jewelry and we wish your hair was more styled than that, but we’re trying to remain positive here, so stop giving us attitude.


[Photo Credit: Christopher Polk/Getty Images,,]

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    • Jessica Ballinger

      Her boobs look sad and her highlights are blinding.

      • giiiirrrr

        It’s like a poorly fitting demi-bra – you can take the most amazing breasts (and hers are lovely) and just make them look weird if you squash them across the middle.

      • giiiirrrr

        It’s like a poorly fitting demi-bra – you can take the most amazing breasts (and hers are lovely) and just make them look weird if you squash them across the middle.

        • Cathy S

           Yeah, the boobage is looking pretty terrible here, which is a shame, because otherwise she looks really good.

      • Ajuna Ariel Fenty

         If they were surgically enhanced and pointy, you would bitch about how she is trying to be young and how pathetic she is for trying to recapture her youth. Some people just can’t win with some of you smh

    • Willis Cramer Kliefoth

      wow, that purse is off the mark. 

    • Judy_J

      The clutch is so horribly wrong for this dress!  And I’m so tired of her boring hairdo.  Put a little effort into it, please, Jen?

      • Yuju Ti

        I heard she hated it when her “Rachel Green” haircut was popular. She doesn’t want to be remembered as a sweet heart who has cute haircut. So I guess she keeps her hair flat for decade because she’d rather want to be remembered as a sweet heart who loves boring hairdo.

    • Nancy K.

      Is it possible to be va-voom and dishwater dull at the same time? Well then, congrats Jen!

    • schadenfreudelicious

      is she heading back to the office later cause that “clutch” could almost double as a briefcase…..

    • rumcg66

      Like a sleeping pill.

    • SpcilK

      Same ol, same ol. Move along folks nothing New to see here!

    • Veronica1022

      I remember a pictorial where she had her hair in the short 60’s Barbra style. It was so fresh & striking on her I wish she would give it a shot

    • SayWTH

      I’m excited – only because even I knew that “clutch” was all wrong! Most of the time I see what people are carrying as clutches and say “WTH could they possibly fit in there it is so small?” This one says “I’m pretty much packed for the weekend, any takers?”

    • butterflysunita

      Maybe I’m in the minority here, but I think she looks beautiful.  Her hair looks good and she looks great in that dress–and it’s not a shiny, tight and short bath towel.  Bravo!  

      • dharmabum8

        I think she looks really pretty, too. Maybe I’m just relieved that she doesn’t have that creepy botox look about her like so many actresses her age. Raise the straps a bit to yank up the girls, change the clutch, and that’s pretty damn good.

      • CozyCat

        I agree.  She looks so much better than the micro mini “bath towel” dresses you mention.  But she still gets to show off that she’s in great shape!

        As for the styling:  yeah, the clutch is wrong.  But I give her a pass on the rest.  She’s always been the prototypical California girl, so she’s never going to glam it up on the red carpet.  I kind of like the fact that she is who she is, and no stylist is going to make her look like anyone else.

    • BrooklynBomber

      I have whiplash. With that dress she went straight from I-can-still-rock-a-bath-towel to “mature.”

    • marilyn


    • marilyn


    • MilaXX

      Agreed on all points.  A better bag and jewelry would have really helped this look.

    • MilaXX

      Agreed on all points.  A better bag and jewelry would have really helped this look.

    • Dani Colman

      Lovely, simple, elegant dress ruined by bad clutch and sad boobs.  Jen’s boobs have no reason to be sad.  They’re in great shape.  Cheer up!

    • Dani Colman

      Lovely, simple, elegant dress ruined by bad clutch and sad boobs.  Jen’s boobs have no reason to be sad.  They’re in great shape.  Cheer up!

    • SapphoPoet

      Seriously, did “The Rachel” traumatize her that much? Girl has had the same hair style now for fifteen years. More than time to change it up. 

      • sweetestsith

         Hey now, she cut it to the shoulder for five seconds! That counts as change, right?

        I don’t get the never changing hair thing either, if I had her money I’d have a new style every two months. I guess she just loves her hair? It is nice, not mind blowing, but nice.

    • Tracy_Flick

      Eh. She looks like a Real Housewife of Somewhere. 

    • jw_ny

      nice shoes. 


    • IMNAngryLiberal

      Just love those shoes … and I can rarely say that about red carpet looks lately.  Most of the shoes are either boring or ugly.  These are smashing.

      • jenno1013

        Yes!  Shoes like these are what turn an LBD (or LWD in this case) into a look instead of a garment.  Pay heed, you red carpet wearers of black platform pumps!

    • Lina_bee

      Cute shoes. Wish the bodice of the dress fit.

    • snich11

      No she doesn’t (look pretty here.). She needs do something else with the hair–she’s way too old for this look.

      • Candigirl1968

        She’s our Goldie Hawn.  We’ll be rolling our eyes at this hair when Jen is in her 60’s. 

        • jblaked

          Lol – you are so sadly on the money.

      • Scarlet39

        I don’t mind the length on her, it’s the color that’s all wrong.  This bright blonde does nothing for her. 

    • Anathema_Device

      She needs to shorten those straps about a half inch or so. she looks like she’s falling out of the dress.

    • Pupioso

      She looks disheveled to me. The hair needs to be fixed. She needs a necklace at the very least. 

    • dickylarue

      Outside of the pocketbook from Gimbel’s, she looks like Southern California sex.  

    • Marian Humin

      She always looks so vanilla. Cute girl but she bores me.

    • Nonnah

      It’s like she’s “pulling a jolie”.

      • Ellen

        But in a more subtle, natural way.

    • CatherineRhodes

      Her boobs look like they hurt.

    • ASK26

      NNot sure if I am spelling this correctu but she looks like Cassidy depavia .

    • amyfromnj

      The Jolie in negative.

    • donkeygospel6

      She’s still got nothing on Angie. 

      • dharmabum8

        Fashion sense wise, maybe. But Jen has aged much better. Angie looks like odd and skeletal these days.

        • emilie o’brien

           That’s your opinion, but Angelina is gorgeous. She is thin, not skeletal. She has a healthy bust and hips.
           I hate when people are called skeletal or told to eat a cheeseburger. It is rude.

          Angelina is also aging just fine, with perfect skin and a beautiful face.

    • Candigirl1968

      Aaagh! Boo! Zzzzzzz.

    • rebecca

      She even looks bored with herself in these photos.

    • Spreecord

       At some point you’re going to have to admit you’re not 29 anymore, Jen. I just hope you do before you’re 60.

    •!/Space_Kitty Space Kitty

      All I wanna do is kidnap her, strap her into full Nicki Minaj drag, drop her into a crowd of photographers and watch what develops.

    • Erin

      Y’all are nicer than I am.  I think she looks like she’s about to jump a pool boy.

    • Lisa Dugan

      I’d like to hike her dress up a few inches but otherwise she looks very pretty.

    • AnnieN

      She looks quite a bit like Julianne Hough in that first picture, no?  Not sure that’s a good thing, for either of them.

    • quiltrx

      I hate her and this is so boring and expected.  I guess her sparkly bath towel was at the cleaners.

    • cleep1000

      The shoes are awesome!

    • formerlyAnon

      Strangely fitting bodice can’t ruin the fact she looks good. Like the shoes a lot.

    • DeTrop

      Love the shoes.  Nice to see appropriate footwear with a gown.  Nicely done Jen.

    • texashistorian

      Ummm…. I think the ‘it’ has left this girl for good. Sometimes, I get sad when I see the 90s staring at me.

    • Bob Sponge

      I always hate her choice of shoes. Those shoes scream cougar.

    • TieDye64

      She looks pretty enough, but damn, that bag should never have met that dress.

    • charlotte

      I thought this would be an “of course” post. Plus it’s pretty sad that she’s (almost) channeling Angelina.

      • alyce1213

        I know the this year’s Oscars was Angela’s big leg moment, but let’s face it — Angie was not the first woman to wear a dress like this and stick her leg out of the slit; it’s been done forever, without much ado. And Jen’s legs are MUCH better than Angie’s, so good for her.

    • Taija HU!

      I love this dress on here. It could have been spectacular with a little bit more volume in the hair, and some colourful accessories, and most importantly – A GOOD BRA. Honey, take care of your babies!

    • spooki C

      That clutch is bigger than my shoulder bag lol!

    • ErinnF

      I like the shoes! 😀

    • MinAgain

      The dress is boring, the bodice hangs too low off her boobs, the skirt needs hemming, and the bag doesn’t work.  I do like the shoes, though.

    • bluefish

      She looks pretty damn great — She’s always going to be JA and in a sense she’s still riffing off the Angelina even though her hologram was born earlier.  I give her props.  Bosoms that sag a bit in maturity are still great looking and there’s no real reason for her to be having to hoist them up to the rafters.  Not crazy about the shoe but oh well.  I should be so lucky.

    • Hilary Sain


    • boomchicabowwow


    • suzq

      The outfit is lovely…but the purse…it is too much purse for no good reason.  It folds up, so you know it has no good cargo space.  It is really wide, so it will induce hand and wrist strain from holding it too long.  Worst of all, it’s really ugly, so it adds nothing to the outfit. What a shame, because that dress is gorgeous!

    • Susan Crawford

      No. Sorry. She needs more support, boobage-wise. And that clutch is lovely but WAY too big and clunky for this dress. Oh – and if she planned to try the Jolie-Leg, I hope she restrained herself. She has a great figure, marvelous complexion, but I just wish she would break out a little and work some new looks.

    • fashionzombie

      Finally, she got the shoes right. I know she loves thin & strappy, but her feet are just too veiny for the naked shoes. These looked good, and they also looked like her.

    • golspie

      What delicious looking tits.

      • PeaceBang

        Ew. What a creepy comment. 

    • nancylee61

      She looks like she has old lady boobs. Very saggy. I don’t like this on her at all.

    • Ass Kicking Adviser

      A bad picture of a pretty girl. I agree that the choice is safe but I guess it’s where she is going; she’s the new Goldie Hawn. An excellent comic actress who doesn’t seem to terribly interested in stretching and who has found a look and plans on taking it to the grave. That’s ok. There’s worse things yes?

    • PeaceBang

      Frozen in time. But the highlights are really bad. And she looks miserable. Boobs need a lift. I just can’t give this a thumbs up.

    • Michele

      I do like the shoes.

    • soxonthebeach

      Mark my words:  Jen will be wearing the same outfit 10, 20 years from now.

      She is her generation’s Goldie Hawn.

    • RzYoung


    • TomBord

      Nothing says high maintenance like a snake skin shoe. Bleeeeeeeck. 

      She gets my vote for best underworked-looking overworked face. 

    • TheOriginalLulu

      This woman is dull as dishwater. I never have understood why she’s famous.
      In any case, yeah, she looks pretty here. At least it’s a change from the sparkly strapless short dresses that she must own in every shade between white and beige.
      She’s never going to change that hair, is she? That 4-inch trim is going to be as close as we’re going to get to a style change, isn’t it?
      Sorry to kvetch so much on a Monday morning, but she just puts me in a bad mood.

    • GTrain

      Bores me to tears, this woman.

    • kikisayshi

      She always has the same hairstyle. But I think she looks great anyway. 

    • lordandtaylor

      I just pray that some day she gets the hair thing right. Always the wrong shade. Always a sad style….like she goes to the Hairy Cuttery for an $18 job. But after have said all that: I think she is still a cutie pie.

    • Vesper Beauty

      Wrong shoes. She’s wearing a T-strap and those are more like a V on the front of the foot. Hers also don’t have that strap across the instep.

    • BigWhiteGrannyPanties

      hmmm.  her boobs are – not covered enough.  i wish she’s do something with her hair.  is she ALWAYS tan?